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“We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun”. We are very grateful to the lovely team at Branch Designs for creating our front cover for us. Isn’t it amazing! They are also the genius behind our new website which will be up and running soon! Sometimes when you can’t do something yourself it is far better to bring in the experts. I would definitely recommend these guys.

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Suider Winkel Coffee Shop O’ways Teacafé Home brewed opinions chapter 4 The Kirstenbosch Tea Room Cookbook Introducing a new Nespresso blend to add to your collection Workplace coffee bar can assist in productivity SA Cheese Festival Step into the world of black raspberry flavour with Chambord Chewy, fudgy chocolate brownies


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Xtraordinary Women Thelema Enjoy a picnic at Spier Once in Cape Town Mamba Sandboards Book review - Eleanor & Park

COMPETITIONS Win Win Win! | Issue 10

TASTE | Issue 10


Oways Teacafe What I love most about Oways is that it’s hidden away. I love places like this because it’s up to me to explore and discover them. I had actually heard the name mentioned a few times and always in a very positive light. I was walking to Cavendish one day and decided to take a different route, all of a sudden I walk past Oways. Little did I realise it was right under my nose all this time. I had a meeting there today and I was very impressed with this place. It’s the kind of place you want to stay at for hours, not only to try all the different coffees and teas but also to sample their food and play their board games scattered all over the room. It has a very quirky yet homely feel to it.

Their website describes it best:

“O’ways Teacafé is an integration of the finest elements of nature and life, fused together into a complete whole. The potent natural energy of the earth and it’s plant gifts combine to produce delicious specialty teas, bold coffee blends and a wide range of exquisite food entrees. These elements combine with the human element of connection to create an atmosphere that is a unique emergence of the best of a teahouse, a coffeshop and a restaurant into a new blend : Teacafe. The O represents the circular energy of the universe and the aim is to, along with offering quality products, send positive energy beyond the walls of the Teacafe and into the world for positive change”. I would definitely recommend this place. Go go go! 20 Dreyer Street, Claremont By Christine Bernard | Issue 10


Suider Winkel Coffee Shop

On spending a morning at Cavendish Shopping Centre I crossed the road to visit Mungo & Jemima (a proudly South African store selling fashion and design works from local designers). Unbeknownst to me there was a little coffee shop inside and to my utter delight they served Deluxe Coffee. Suider Winkel is a happy little corner in this shop which is home to a beautiful coffee machine, tasty treat assortments and some fresh Juicebox fruit juices for your little ones.

a long week or to start your week off well). Place your order and while you wait you can browse around the shop, basking in the incredible talent that we have in South Africa.

Their address is 6 Cavendish Street, Claremont and is very easy to access from the street parking. Free wifi on offer means that this coffee shop could be your new favourite place to get some work done, or catch up with old friends. Out the back of the shop there is a gorgeous little garden in which you can sit in tranquility while enjoying a good cuppa. Suider Winkel is open from Monday to Saturday, 9.30am – 5.30pm. Mouth-watering salads, freshly baked breads and an assortment of cupcakes, brownies and cakes are all on offer at this Claremont coffee shop (much to be appreciated after

To keep in touch with what Suider Winkel is up to, you can LIKE them on Facebook at www.facebook. com/Suiderwinkel

More and more coffee shops are staying local and I just love the concept of a coffee shop that supports the community. Suider Winkel is definitely one of those coffee shops and I will most certainly be back there again soon.

By Coffey and Cake *Coffey and Cake is a blog delving into the delicious world of coffee, cafes, sweet treats and the good things in life. LIKE the Facebook page to find your next coffee fix ( or follow the blog www.coffeyandcake. | Issue 10

The most exclusive coffee in the world Full range of 100% Wild Organic Kopi Luwak.

We are now offering private and corporate Kopi Luwak hostings for small events. This includes a presentation on the coffee and the hand grind, and a cup of coffee for each guest to enjoy! * * Currently only available in Johannesburg

TASTE Home Brewed opinions: Chapter four I would like to begin by declaring my undying love • 18g coffee per 150ml water. Coffee should be for the Hario. They are simply a gem to the coffee ground to the same consistency as table salt. • Filtered water lover. • V60 dripper Hario is a Japanese glassware company who have • Filter paper been producing heat resistant glassware since • Grinder 1921. They have a arsenal of insanely cool coffee brewing equipment. I do not intend to write a Method: whole review on the company and their products. • Boil the water and let it cool to 90 degrees. • Place your filter in the V60, place it on top of your You can browse their website cup and pour hot water through the filter. This will There is one product in particular that I would like not only warm the cup, but will also ensure that to highlight, which is by far my favourite piece of there is no papery taste residing in the brew. brewing equipment. I would like to present to you • Pour out the water in the cup, and place the ground coffee in the V60. the Hario V60. • Start pouring water over the grinds in a circular The V60 dripper is a very simple and sleek piece of motion, working from the inside out. Don’t pour coffee technology whose features, combined with all the water, just enough to evenly saturate the quality coffee, result in an exceptionally clean, grinds. The coffee will bloom allowing it to degas in order for it to reach its full potential. round and delicious cup. • After about 45 seconds pour the rest of the waThe Hario V60 allows you to brew directly into your ter, again in a circular motion. cup, or a server, and its design allows it to fit on top Enjoy! of just about any size cup or server. What you will need to brew using the Hario V60:

By Carl Anthony Badenhorst

FREELANCE WR I T ER Specialising in: C offee | Culture | Creative Industr ies | Educat ion | Learning Carl Anthony Badenhorst, www.blueberryn, | Issue 10

The Kirstenbosch Tea Room Cookbook


Shakshuka Serves 4

Tomato sauce • 3 large onions • 60ml olive oil • 2 tins chopped Italian tomatoes • 3 Tbs tomato paste • 1 Tbs cumin • 11/2 Tbs fresh sweet paprika • 1 Tbs sugar • 2tsp salt • Chilli to taste • 3 cloves garlic Remaining ingredients: • 8 eggs • extra olive oil • parsley • Fresh crusty white bread. Directions:

I got my greedy little hands on the Kirstenbosch Tea Room Cookbook. This deliciously functional souvenir celebrates 10 years of the Tea Room and proves that at the Kirstenbosch Tea Room Restaurant, there are no secret recipes! Rather, it shares the fun and experience of Pamela ShippelGranoth’s ten-year adventure in this Kirstenbosch kitchen. The recipes in this book have all become firm favourites with both the local and overseas patrons of the restaurant. I decided to try the popular Shakshuka myself. As much as I love eating, I certainly wouldn’t classify myself as a great cook. I have my family recipes tucked away safely which I’ve now learnt by heart. Anything else, and I panic. For me, I need clear instructions. So I was pleased at how easy and delicious my meal turned out. This is one that’s going in the family book and I’m eager to try more. The book is available from the Kirstenbosch Tea Room Restaurant and online at By Christine Bernard (Devout recipe follower and Shakshuka Eater)

1. Dice the onions. 2. In a large shallow pan, fry the onions over a medium heat until glassy. Increase the temperature and allow them to turn golden. 3. Use any form of red chilli - chopped fresh chilli, chilli sauce or paste of your choice to taste. As fiery as you like! 4. Make sure the cumin and paprika is pure and very fresh. 5. Crush the garlic – use fresh garlic not bought chopped garlic 6. Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 5 minutes over low heat. Check seasoning. Set aside 6. When you are ready to eat heat the tomato sauce and crack the eggs into the sauce making a well for them with a spoon. 7. Cover and simmer gently until the eggs are just cooked. This is best eaten with soft eggs. 8. Drizzle on olive oil 9. Sprinkle on plenty chopped fresh parsley 10. Eat with fresh crusty bread. | Issue 10

TASTE | Issue 10

TASTE Introducing a new Nespresso blend to add to your collection... The Bukeela Ka Ethiopia Grand Cru Nespresso is immensely proud to unveil the Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru, a tribute to the sensory finesse of Ethiopian coffee, and a surprising and aromatic addition to the exclusive Nespresso Pure Origin range.

two, diverse coffee regions within the country for the hand-picked Arabicas that make up the pure Arabica blend of Bukeela ka Ethiopia. They are working with coffee farmers in the southern region of Sidama which is known for its fine and elegant washed Arabicas. And they are sourcing the Like the country from which the green coffee heavier, naturally processed green coffee of the beans are sourced, Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru elevated plateaus of Western Ethiopia which conis unique. Split-roasted, it has an utterly distinctive tribute wild and musky notes to the Grand Cru. aroma. Served as a Lungo, this pure Arabica blend is delicately fresh with a floral bouquet reminis- The name Bukeela is drawn from the word for cent of jasmine, white lily, bergamot and orange bean in Amharic which is the main language of blossom, lifted to sensory perfection by unexpect- economy and business in Ethiopia while the secedly wild notes. ond part of this sensuous, singsong name “ka Ethiopia” comes from the local language and means Introducing the creaminess of milk renders the “from Ethiopia”. Bukeela ka Ethiopia Grand Cru smoother and more bodied. A dash of milk brings caramel-like The copper tinted Bukeela ka Ethiopia capsule notes to the surface without detracting from this draws on the tones of the African earth. The new exceptional Grand Cru’s distinctively floral char- delicate, artistic design of the Pure Origin sleeves acter. Prepared as a Caffe Latte, the Bukeela ka sees the Acacia tree, commonly found in Africa Ethiopia Grand Cru surprises the taste buds with depicted. its lightness, touched with hints of sweet biscuit and caramel-like notes. Bukeela ka Ethiopia is now available at Nespresso boutiques worldwide including the Sandton NesIt is the first time Nespresso coffee experts have presso Boutique in Sandton City Shopping Centre looked to the rich diversity of Ethiopia to create and the Cape Town Nespresso Boutique at the V & this Grand Cru of single origin. In another first, A Waterfront and online at Bukeela ka Ethiopia is the first Lungo in the Ne- and the Nespresso Club by telephone on 0800 NEspresso Pure Origin range. It is appropriate that SPRESSO (0800 63777 3776). The recommended Nespresso looked to Ethiopia for its Pure Origin retail price of Bukeela ka Ethiopia is R68.00 per Grand Cru because it has a global reputation for sleeve of 10 capsules, R204.00 for the Bukeela exquisite and floral coffees. Trio Pack (3 sleeves) and R340.00 for the Pure Origin Sleeve assortment pack (5 sleeves) including Nespresso coffee experts targeted the coffee ter- Bukeela ka Ethiopia, Dulsâo do Brasil, Dulsâo do roirs of the fertile highlands of the African nation Brasil and Indriya from India. of Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, to create its first Pure Origin Lungo Grand Cru. They drew on Image by Nespresso | Issue 10



More South Africans are developing a taste for specialty coffee, particularly whilst at work, yet the reality is that companies whose employees have to source this from outside of their working environment face a huge loss in productivity.

go’ rather than a sit-down basis. The employees get to take a short break away from their desks and can return quickly to their workstations, mentally refreshed and not having wasted too much time away from work.”

Research in the US conducted by Keurig Office Morale Research found that more than 75% of adults buy coffee or tea outside of their office, with an average of 40 hours of office time lost per employee each year due to coffee purchases.

Speaking from the employees’ perspective, Brown believes that providing a pleasant working environment talks to overall employee benefits at the end of the day. “There are many South Africans at work looking for good coffee and if it’s provided or accessible, it makes being at work a more pleasurable place to be. Your employees might see it as another benefit, like an increased holiday allowance, or medical aid. Sometimes, it's the small things that seem to count the most.”

According to Chris Brown, Director at The Daily Buzz, a Johannesburg-based chain of corporate workplace coffee bars, the availability of a workplace coffee bar not only has the benefit of improving the productivity of employees but also has a number of other positive benefits for both employ- Brown says that there are arguably health benefits ees as well as employers. to drinking coffee as well. “Obviously it has to be said that everything should be consumed in mod“The palates of the country’s office workers are eration and this goes for coffee as well. We could turning increasingly from instant coffee to prefer- look at moderation as being say two to four cups ring ‘real’ coffee such as filter or espresso-based per day, depending also on a person’s metabolism coffees. Instead of going off-site to buy good cof- and state of health, and perhaps not drinking caffee from a coffee franchise close to their work, em- feine at all in the case of pregnant women.” ployees can enjoy the same quality coffee at work, if it’s provided by a supplier with the right exper- Given these provisos, says Brown, there is evidence tise and coffee qualifications.” to support such statements as: From the employer’s perspective, says Brown, there are a number of studies which also seem to prove that happy employees are more productive. “It appears that making your employees happier is not just a simple matter of paying them more. Providing benefits that are important to employees can make them happier and, in the long term, more productive to the company itself.”

• Many controlled trials have examined the effects of caffeine on the brain, demonstrating that caffeine can improve mood, reaction time, memory, vigilance and general cognitive function • Two cups of coffee per day can apparently lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, according to a 2005 study presented at the Radiological Society of North America.

“Workplace coffee bars can also be structured in such a way that they mostly work on a ‘grab and • Women who drank two to three cups of daily | Issue 10

TASTE fee were 15 percent less likely to develop depres- The watch word, of course, is everything in modsion, according to a 2011 report in the ‘Archives of eration.” Internal Medicine’. • Caffeine in your morning coffee has also been About The Daily Buzz: linked to boosting the metabolism. The Daily Buzz is South Africa’s speciality coffee • Coffee increases energy before a workout, and bar service provider for the corporate industry. As apparently also strengthens endurance as well, a family-established business that started in 2006, The Daily Buzz currently provides the ultimate inhelping with athletic performance. house coffee experience to a number of blue chip • A study reported by the Journal of the American corporates. Medical Association found that drinking up to 3 cups of the brewed stuff is linked to lowering the The Daily Buzz offers premium coffee, scrumptious food and exceptional levels of service in a location risk of Parkinson’s Disease by 25 percent. that’s close enough for staff to grab a great coffee Brown concludes, “Overall, it seems fair to con- and a muffin and be back at their desks in a minute. clude that coffee can help employees to function better at the workplace by, among others, improv- For further information on The Daily Buzz, please ing alertness and encouraging creativity, which visit their website would argue for increasing overall productivity. | Issue 10



• A Turophile is a person that loves cheese • It takes about 10 litres of milk to produce 1kg Develeped by Arina du Plessis, Landbouweekblad Cheddar cheese. • The Americans serve cheese as a starter, the food editor French just before desert and the English as a grande finale. • 250ml finely grated Cheddar or Gouda • 50g blue cheese, finely crumbled • 60ml finely grated Parmesan or Gruyere • 100g feta cheese, finely crumbled • 125ml finely grated mozzarella or Emmenthal In the middle of the Great Karoo, where you'd ex• 80ml chopped fresh parsley pect to find nothing but sheep, Langbaken has tak• 50g pecan nuts, toasted and finely chopped en a giant leap, and against all the odds, is making • 100g cream cheese (plain or blue cheese flavour) exceptional handcrafted cheese from a small heard of Jersey cows. Mix the first 5 cheeses together in a bowl. Add parsley and nuts and mix well. Add the cream cheese Two years ago Francy and her husband Peter, and beat until thoroughly mixed. Shape into a log decided to pursue their dream, and move to Peor square and tightly wrap in wax paper. Refrigerate ter's family farm in the Williston area. "We had a until ready to use. Remove from the fridge about longing to get back to basics, and live wholesome 20 minutes before serving. Serve with crostini or lives in a pristine environment". Although Karoo crackers and jam or preserves. Serves 10. lamb is their main business, the cheese and other dairy products form a very important sideline. The neighbours thought they were crazy when they brought along with them 12 Jersey heifers to start • You’ll find in the region of 35 tons of cheese at a dairy. These original cows are the only source of milk used to make their cheese, which won a Slow the annual SA Cheese Festival.



TASTE Food award in 2011. “Our cows are all named after takes cheese lovers on an unrivalled culinary expethe women in our family, and we treat them like dition of cheeses and other mouth-watering prodfamily!" ucts brought together in celebration of the good life. A lifetime wouldn’t be enough to explore all “Our goal is to produce a whole cheese platter. of cheese’s possibilities but we’ll undoubtedly imHence we make soft fresh cheeses such as From- press you with the widest variety, a packed proage frais; Camembert and for something a little gramme of demos by food personalities and all different, the Ashed Camembert. We also make sorts of fun in beautiful surroundings. hard aged cheese like the Karoo Crumble, and the The Cheese Festival offers so much more. More of Karoobossie, and to complete our range, we make your favourite cheeses – more to learn – more to the superb Karoo Blue.” Taste their sumptuous taste – more to experience and more to broaden your culinary expertise in an informing environcheeses at this year’s Cheese Festival. ment. The commitment to an innovative approach keeps cheese lovers coming back for more. The 2014 exhibitors will wow you with their delightful wares.


Tickets @ R130 from Computicket (no tickets at the For a magnitude of cheese, look no further than gates). the popular SA Cheese Festival taking place from Saturday 26 to Tuesday 29 April at Sandringham WIN WIN WIN - Two double tickets up for grabs. outside Stellenbosch. This Cape foodie highlight See our competition page for more details!


STEP INTO THE WORLD OF BLACK RASPBERRY FLAVOUR WITH CHAMBORD Chambord is the world-renowned black raspberry liqueur, recognised for its rich French heritage dating back to the late 17th century. Chambord is produced in the “Garden of France”, the ideal home for infusing only the finest ingredients and a traditional hand-crafted method to produce a high quality product with a distinct flavour, giving the liqueur a royal finish unrivalled by any other in the world. According to the legend, in 1685 King Louis XIV visited Chȃteau Chambord, where he enjoyed a marvellous liqueur made from wild raspberries. The black raspberry liqueur is best enjoyed as a cocktail, adding a fresh twist to classics such as Martinis and Liqueur Royals. "Chambord uses a unique three-step process that unites natural ingredients to produce a liqueur possessing an unprecedented level of high-quality ingredients, complexities, flavours and aromas. We infuse our distillate with the fruit mixture only twice to create the smooth, balanced flavours of France's crown jewel liqueur," Michel Gayraud, Chambord Liqueur Royale de France. While the classic heritage and flavour of Chambord remains the same, the newly designed contemporary bottle contains chic details that perfectly complement the French liqueur, inviting consumers to enjoy and experience Chambord with elegance. | Issue 10


CHAMBORD FRENCH MARTINI CHAMBORD & CHAMPAGNE The French Martini is a traditional cocktail enjoyed Ingredients: by many across the world. With a modern twist to • 8ml Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur this cocktail, you can end your day in an elegant • Top Champagne way. Method: Ingredients: Add Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur to the bot• 15ml Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur tom of a flute and top with Champagne. • 50ml Finlandia® Vodka Garnish with a raspberry. • 100ml Pineapple Juice Method: Shake ingredients with ice and strain into martini glass. Garnish with raspberry.


Chewy, Fudgy Chocolate Brownies Do you see the dense, fudgy base? The crackled top? The oozing chocolate on the side? This, my friends, is brownie heaven. Perhaps even more important than that, these are the brownies that convinced my now-husband that dating me would be a very good idea. After a few months of ‘unofficial’ nonsense, the smell of these com-

ing out of the oven convinced my lovely man to take the plunge into girlfriend-boyfriend territory. That was almost four years ago. Dating, an engagement, a wedding and now, almost an anniversary later. I tell you, these brownies have magical powers. | Issue 10

TASTE and microwave for 15 seconds at a time until mostly melted. Stir to melt completely. Allow to cool slightly on a counter top.

Ingredients: • 125g butter

Place the eggs, sugar, vanilla and salt in a bowl and beat until pale and thick - either with an electric mixer or with a whisk and some elbow grease. Add the melted chocolate / butter mix, the flour and stir in the chocolate chunks and nuts, if using.

• 200g chocolate • 2 eggs • Pinch of salt • 1 cup brown sugar • 1 tsp vanilla extract • 1/2 cup flour • 200g chocolate, chopped into chunks • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts or pecans (optional)


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees C. Butter and flour a non-stick, square 20cm baking tin. Place 200g of the chocolate and the butter in a bowl

Pour into your baking tin and bake for 20-25 minutes or until the edges of the tin are set, but the middle is still quite squidgy. Allow to rest in the tin for 10 minutes. Remove from tin and enjoy warm with ice cream, or allow to cool in the fridge if you like them extra chewy and fudgy. By The Gorgeous Gourmet Twitter: @GorgeousBlog

021 286 0025 / / | Issue 10


The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears. Dan Stevens | Issue 10

TASTE | Issue 10


Blogging 101 Choosing the right platform In the previous issue we considered what you had to think of before starting a blog. If you’ve read that article and decided that you want to continue and start up a blog then this article is for you. Today we get to the more technical aspect that you have to look at when starting a blog. Choosing the right platform.

When I first started off lovilee I used the free Blogger platform, it was super easy to set up and get the blog posts rolling. It is a great tool for anyone who has no coding experience whatsoever and you can get your blog set up and looking ‘ok’ within a short space of time. Over time I wanted to make some changed to the blog and started looking for ‘add-ins’ or ‘plug-ins’ to assist.

I must again re-iterate that I am not an expert in the field. What I share here is based on my own Add-ins are essentially little pieces of code created by yourself or others that you just plug into your personal research and experience. blog to make something happen. E.g instead of What is a blog platform? A blog platform is soft- programming a calendar into your blog or website ware that facilitates the process of creating and you can just download, drag and drop it into yours maintaining a blog. Essentially this means that it with 2 or 3 clicks. is a tool that you use to create a blog or even in some cases a website instead of having to pro- As I started searching for plug-ins on Google the gram it from scratch. Some of the major blog plat- word ‘WordPress‘ seemed to come up very often… forms are WordPress, Joomla, Blogger (free from I decided to create another test site on the free WordPress platform and after playing around deGoogle) and Typepad. cided that this was the option I wanted to switch to. There were nifty options that allowed me to import all my content from Blogger directly to WordPress with a click of a button, so the transition was really easy. Essentially you will have to make your own choice when it comes to the platform option you choose. I am obviously a HUGE WordPress fan, as it is very, very easy to use, has great functionality and there are soooo many resources on the web to assist with regards to queries and questions you have. Still need convincing? Read this great article that was recently published by my number one go-to site And I am not the only person it seems to think that WordPress is ‘THE | Issue 10

CREATE PLATFORM’, here with some recent usage stats by By Kari Web Technology Surveys. Kari is a creative at heart who loves being surrounded by lovilee things. She is a wife, a mom and an on-line shopping addict that loves the colour purple. She believes that you should do what you love and love what you do!

How to read the diagram: 64.6% of the websites use none of the content management systems that Web Technology Surveys monitor. WordPress is used by 21.3% of all the websites Which platform do you or will you decide to use? | Issue 10




Spending money on good photographic equipment is definitely a priority, especially when you are starting out but it does not mean you have to break the bank! Start with the basics but get it right, I chose Nikon D40x but like most gadgets it comes down to your personal preference. Once you have invested in a good camera body you can add to it and build up your kit. It is great to have a few lenses in your kit, which one you use most often is usually determined the type of photography you pursue. I have a kit lens, which came with my Nikon when I purchased it, I also have a 55-200mm zoom lens but the lens I use most often is my prime lens, 35mm f/1:18.G.(which is great for low-light or indoor shots). The prime lens was fairly inexpensive but takes the most awesome shots of food and close-ups of products, with great Bokeh effects – perfect for my blog reviews and features. Which lenses you buy is greatly determined by the type of photography you choose to do, get some professional advice if you are unsure.

Most people who own a digital camera never take it off auto function but do not be afraid, take your camera off auto function and experiment. Doing a camera course would probably be the best way to learn but as a busy mom, I have found time is on short supply for me, so most of what I have learnt is self taught or Googled. It is always handy to have the camera manual on hand when trying the different functions out. The main thing is to try, you may have to take 100 shots to get the perfect one but that is the joy of digital photography, you can merely delete the photographs you do not want. A website that I have also found useful for photographic tips has been, see the post on Photography Rules Are Made to be Broken. I have also included this “cheat-sheet” from Pretty Presets, another great website, which you can download at: blogs/pretty-presets-blog/7407832-free-download-manual-mode-cheat-sheet.

There are many tools that can assist you in creating | Issue 10

CREATE the best enviroment for taking your photographs, especially when it comes to lighting but in my opinion nothing beats natural light. Learn how to use natural light to your advantage, particulary when it comes to food photography – use light streaming in through a window to capture a more natural shot of your subject. Something I have also learnt is to play with colour, use it to enhance your shot and create depth in your image. I found a wonderful post on Food Photography and Styling by Samantha Linsell (, which has been very helpful to me, especially with my new foodie website “a beautiful life” (

there. Much like makeup – sometimes you may not need much or any at all but other times just a touch makes all the difference! Some of the editing software that I have found useful is Photoshop Elements, Faststone Editing Software (www.faststone. org/FSViewerDetail.htm) and Picmonkey (www. Software such as Photoshop you will need to purchase, which means an initial cash outlay or you can use something like Faststone, which is open-source and free, all you will need is a PC to download it. Another website I can across recently is Pretty Presets (www.lightroompresets. com), which also has helpful editing trips and Lightroom presets to download. Most importantly remember to have fun, photography is an art form and art should be fun!

Above is an example of a photograph edited using Picmonkey, which changes the mood of the image and gives it a completely different feel from the original. As I said earlier have fun with it! By Fiona Rossiter Author of Top SA Lifestyle Blog Inspired Living SA a Editing software is one of those fairly controver- South African Blog based in Cape Town. sial topics and I know that some people take Pho- toshop a bit too far but I feel that editing software definitely has its place in the industry. I am not saying that you should take photographs and then edit them to within an inch of their life. Instead use these tools to enhance what is already | Issue 10 | Issue 10


When I first moved to Cape Town and started my company I searched around for a networking group to join. I was incredibly nervous as I knew nobody and standing up to talk has never been my strong point. Someone suggested I try Xtraordinary Women in Business, especially since one of their meetings is held in Constantia, not too far from my home in Rondebosch. Since then I have been back almost every month. I have met the most incredible group of women who completely welcomed me and made me feel at home. This is a wonderful networking of ladies (and men at times!).

ure. I knew that I wanted to create a company that provided inspiration and support to women that wanted to live their lives with purpose, but with this kind of turnout, I was doubting that Xtraordinary Women was indeed, my purpose. We were all sitting around the table chatting when one of the ladies asked if she could share her personal story with us, which she proceeded to do. Each lady in turn, shared their story. Each story touched my heart and I was moved to tears. All the ladies that attended, left inspired and empowered. I realised that each and every one of us, have a story to tell, that serves to inspire others. I left the event, feeling Xtraordinary Women is a platform to help Lead, so uplifted and motivated to continue living out my Inspire, Support and Recognise Women Entrepre- purpose - Xtraordinary Women and The Success in neurs in South Africa. It takes a community to build High Heels Cocktail evening concept was born! a business, and Xtraordinary Women is that community. We chat to founder, Gwen Kloppers:

The Start

The Growth

Since then, we have hosted 9 Success in High Heels Cocktail Evenings with over 120 women in attendXtraordinary Women was founded in 2007 in Cape ance. We also hosted a record 41 business netTown. working events last year.

The First Meeting

The Mission Statement

Our very first evening event took place in Novem- Xtraordinary Women is a platform that Leads, Inber 2007, only 9 ladies arrived. I felt like such a fail- spires, Supports & Recognises Women | Issue 10

DISCOVER neurs in South Africa. We believe that it takes a our regular supporters that suggested we start a community to build a business and Xtraordinary Membership Structure as they felt they wanted a Women is that community. sense of belonging. We welcome all to attend our events, however, should they wish to take advantage of the wonderful benefits, they are more than welcome to join. Currently we have close to 100 members.

The Personal Story

Two years prior to that "fateful first meeting" I had been searching for my purpose. I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the community and I knew it would be through events, but I did not know how it would all come together. I had invested so much money in different business ventures and it was just not working out. I was feeling like such a failure. In the Corporate World, I "knew my stuff" but as an entrepreneur I was struggling to find my identity and purpose. Why would people want to come to my events? Who was Gwen Kloppers, if she was not defined by a big salary and fancy job title? I felt it difficult to navigate the murky waters of entrepreneurship, on my own. I was used to having a team around me but as a solo entrepreneur, I felt very lonely and I did not know where to turn for advice. Most of the things I attempted was by trial and error. It was through all these struggles and frustrations that Xtraordinary Women was born. We realise how difficult it is to "do it on your own" so Xtraordinary Women offers the support, inspiration and guidance to fellow entrepreneurs so they don't have to navigate the waters on their own.

The P lans We are expanding our national footprint to Gauteng during 2014. We are also launching our Xtraordinary Women Golf Team, which will be used as a vehicle to raise funds for our Caterpillar fund, which is fund to support Women in Business.

The Men vs Women Debate Businessmen are more than welcome to attend our Southern Suburbs Networking Events and cocktail evenings as we all need inspiration and support, no matter what your gender.

The Members Xtraordinary Women is not an organisation that drives membership. It is not our main focus. It was | Issue 10



One of the things I enjoy most about Thelema, is the opportunity to share their Elgin range of wines with my tour guests. A typical Winelands day out includes Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, by stopping here (and for many other great reasons!) I can include a third region and expand the wine experience for our visitors. This Sutherland range includes a Syrah of which I am particularly fond, full of concentrated ripe black berries and white spice, evocative of the higher altitude and cooler climate of the Elgin region. Thelema takes its name after the idealised community of a Renaissance monk, while the estate crest of the Phoenix comes from the owner's family history and also its symbol of rebirth. The property was bought in the late 80's, a dilapidated fruit farm with the potential to make great wines. It takes 3 years for a vine to produce grapes for wine, and only a couple of years after that Thelema was producing news-worthy wines that reected the essence of the grape and the terroir. Awards soon followed and within a decade wines were selling out a month after release. Thelema was ďŹ rmly on the wine map (so to speak)! As you enter the modern, open and airy tasting room, large circular internal windows reveal the stainless steel tanks and oak barrels below. One's immediate thought is 'Just look at at all that lovely wine that needs drinking!' (well, that's where my head goes I suppose). The long tasting counter is usually manned by staff local to the area - American visitors have told me they love their warmth and wine knowledge, and are especially charmed by their local accents! The tasting room deck overlooks a large vineyard, backed by mature oak trees, then backdropped against the Drakenstein Mountains. Thelema is situated off the spectacular Helshoogte Pass, vineyards clinging to steep slopes and characterised by higher-lying sites, with some vineyards at almost 500m. This cooler climate is represented in the wines with mint and berries, most notably 'The Mint' Cabernet. Yes, you heard it, mint! And that truly is the undeniable overriding note when you ďŹ rst swirl and sniff it. Even more wonderful is that it follows through on the palate, adding an element to the Cabernet style that just works. Think whiffs of mint dark chocolate and you're getting the | Issue 10

DISCOVER ture. The row of Eucalyptus trees alongside the vineyard affects the wine, first, by having the winds blow the oils onto the grapes where the waxy layer absorbs them. And secondly, these aromatic oils are transferred during the wine-making process of punch-downs and pump-overs. Then there is the Rabelais, a Bordeaux blend with 80% Cabernet, some Petit Verdot and a soupçon of Merlot giving you luscious dark berries and cherries. Their Sauvignon Blanc is consistently a favourite with wine enthusiasts, local and international. Speaking of international, one of my favourite parts of the Thelema experience? They stock a range of styrofoam wine boxes at a very reasonable price. I've had guests buy a 12 case or 2 (24 bottles is the weight of 1 piece of checked luggage), fill it up and check it as luggage back to the US. Customs on that side have said that a 24 case is $20 in duty, not worth the paperwork! So your wine is waived on through the red channel after you've declared it. So there's a little insider tip if you have overseas guests who would like to keep some wonderful wines and spread the word to their friends back home of the quality, diversity and spectaculourness (is that a word?) of our fantabulous (yes, definitely a word!) Cape Winelands. Be it yourself, local or international guests, Thelema is a recommended tasting experience and firmly on my agenda when I have anyone to introduce to our Cape wines. Written by: Cathy Grimes is a Digital Marketing specialist focussing on social media coaching and digital marketing strategy for the wine and travel industries - helping businesses grow through using social media and a strong web presence. She is WSET certified - the Wine and Spirit Education Trust is recognised as the global leader in wine education. She is also a registered tour guide for the Western Cape and loves showing guests around the Winelands, sharing her local and international wine knowledge while evangelising wine tourism destinations (and yes, she likes using big words sometimes!). Email her at with any website, social media or wine tour questions. Follow @nomadicwine for tweets on wine country, social media tips and digital marketing to do’s. | Issue 10

Enjoy a picnic at Spier I was lucky enough to experience a picnic at Spier for Valentine’s Day, setting the bar so high that next year will be impossible to top. It was my first time at Spier and I was blown away by this beautiful venue, the friendly staff, and the incredible food. With that in mind, I thought I’d let you know a little bit more about the incredible picnic experiences that Spier offers: The food experiences at Spier aim to draw guests back to the magic of the farm and the table. The focus is on fresh, wholesome and delicious food, with an accent on the natural flavour in dishes that are seasonal, uncomplicated and creative. The produce is either grown on the farm or sourced from nearby farmers. Lorianne (Lolli) Heyns, also known as The Diva of Delicious, is the chef behind the menus in Spier’s eating experiences including Eight restaurant, Eight To Go and the restaurant and wine bar at the Spier Hotel. Eight to Go offers pre-booked picnics and ready-to-eat food lovingly prepared according to the same principles as Spier’s acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant, Eight. Wholesome picnics and sandwiches are available to be enjoyed with a bottle of award-winning Spier wine on the lawns of the farm. There is a choice of four pre-booked picnics: • Gourmet includes treats such as charcuterie, home-baked breads, pates, Franschhoek smoked trout with red onion salsa and fennel baby potatoes, farm cheeses and sumptuous salads such as rosa tomatos with basil and bocconcini • Relaxed picnics include wholesome fare such as home-baked breads, charcuterie, farm cheeses, fruit and olives • Vegetarian includes farm cheeses, caramalised onion tarts with dried olives, and creative salads such as lentil, tomato and gorgonzola and marinated mushrooms with walnut and tahini yoghurt • Raw picnics include only raw foods, such as dehydrated crackers with cashew nut humus, avo fennel and papaya salad with fresh mint, offering a super-healthy option Special picnics for children are available, offering favourites such as cheese and tomato on homemade rolls, chicken drumsticks and fruit juice smoothies. The picnics need to be booked 48 hours in advance either by calling 021 - 809 1100 or visiting Eight To Go also sells produce from the farm, including chickens, lamb, eggs, and vegetables. | Issue 10


Once in CT

I’ve been to a lot of backpackers in my life, and stayed at a lot of hotels. Obviously I’d always choose a hotel first, but sometimes it’s just not possible without breaking the bank. I remember a backpackers I stayed in once in Austria. It was so run down it looked almost haunted. I often have that place in mind when I hear the word ‘backpackers’ now. Then I spent a night at Once in Cape Town and my entire mindset changed.


Situated on the very vibey Kloof Street was definitely an added bonus. We made our way up and down the street throughout the night trying out various pubs and restaurants, after which we were only too happy to lay our head down on our comfortable beds.

I have to make mention of the staff, who were very friendly and eager to make sure we were happy. You don’t see that sort of customer service anyOnce in Cape Town was founded in 2013 by five en- more so it was a welcome change. trepreneurs who love the spirit of adventure and travel. They have created an incredible space for A lot of thought has gone into this place, and you like-minded individuals to stay when visiting Cape immediately feel at home. It has a very fun and Town. The rooms include a Breakfast on the Go creative vibe and they make sure that you have an from Yours Truly café, free fast internet, access to a ‘experience’ rather than just a place to put your head. A wall at reception has been dedicated to acself-catering kitchen and 24 hour reception. tivities, some of which you can sign up for. The first floor is the shared space hostel. Here you will share the room with three others. Each shared I will definitely be recommending this to my overroom has a private bathroom. The second floor has seas friends and family when they visit, but to be budget hotel rooms similar to 3 star hotels, with honest I would also urge the locals to give it a try. private bathroom, TV, safe and all linen. The third This is the kind of backpackers I could get used to. floor houses the long time guests who are staying By Christine Bernard for longer than one month. | Issue 10


mamba sandboards It was the hottest day we’ve experienced in Cape Town this year and off I went, in my non air-conditioned car, to partake in a day of sandboarding with my husband and some friends. As we arrived we lathered on as much sunscreen as we possibly could, put on our caps and made our way towards the group of newcomers like ourselves. Mamba Sandboarding offers sandboarding at Atlantis Dunes and Betty’s Bay. Atlantis Dunes, where we were, is more for beginners. So I’d definitely recommend starting here. Instructions were given, demonstrations were shown, and then it was our turn to give it a try. Now I’m not the most coordinated person, and I’ve never been snowboarding or surfing before so I know my sense of balance is not the best. The girl next to me was muttering ‘I’m so scared’, so I suggested we try go down at the same time. We positioned ourselves as we were told and soon I was gliding down the dunes, my legs shaking and small girl-like screams coming out my mouth. I got to the bottom in one piece. So did the girl next to me. We both looked at each other and laughed. ‘I want to try again’, I declared with triumph and walked back up. The heat was all but forgotten and I can honestly say that this was the most fun I have ever had! The two hours went by so fast and all of us left with declarations that we’d be back again. Quite honestly I’d go every weekend if I could.

Fancy giving it a try? Sandboarding is suitable for all ages. So moms and dads, here’s your chance to bring your child to experience outdoor living! They have sandboards available for both adults and kids. The experience takes about two hours and the fee includes entrance, equipment and instruction. They also take photos and post to Facebook so you relive the memories even when it’s all over. By Christine Bernard Website: Facebook: | Issue 10


R300 per adult R150 for kids under 12

SPECIAL: R150 per adult and R75 per child (Price includes 2 hours on the dunes including entrances, equipment and instruction)


BOOK REVIEW Eleanor & Par k Carpe Librum: Seize the Book! Dear Bibliophiles “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest”, so said C.S. Lewis. I think the same holds for books written for the so-called Young Adult (YA) market. Think of how many adults read and enjoyed The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer (which I hated), The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins (which I enjoyed), or Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (which I love). To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (which is perfect) is categorised as YA fiction. You see where I’m going with this. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell was one of the books I read during my festive season book binge. In fact, I’d already read it twice before I went back to work on 06 January. It is THAT GOOD. Eleanor is the new kid in a small, conservative town in the 80s. She is poor, overweight, has frizzy red hair, freckles, and dresses funny (so to speak). She also has a sharp wit and a sharp tongue and a beau-

tiful brain. She’s not nice. She’s marvellous. Park is, in many ways, Eleanor’s opposite. He is good-looking and athletic, from one of the better-off families in the neighbourhood, and just non-conformist enough to be thought cool by the other kids. He’s lovely. They meet on the school bus on Eleanor’s first day at her new school. The meeting is only auspicious because it is awful. One of the things that I loved the most about this book, which makes me want to hug it to my heart and buy copies for all of my friends and family who read, is that there is no make-over. Not really anyway. When I was growing up, stories about misfit teenage girls (MTG) were very predictable. Here’s how they went: Initially everyone hates our MTG protagonist because they’re poor or weird or ugly or a combination of those attributes. Sometimes the MTG even hates herself a bit. Then the MTG gets a make-over. This most often involves one or all of the following: a new hair style, the removal of glasses, and new fashionable (read tight) clothes. Miraculously it is revealed that our MTB is not in fact ugly and/or unattractive, but rather conforms | Issue 10

DISCOVER to the narrow standard of conventional beauty after all. This superficial transformation goes some way towards making the misfit fit better. The makeover event is usually linked in some way to the most popular boy in school (TMPBIS). TMPBIS then falls in love with our former MTG turned conformist heroine who is rendered completely acceptable and legitimate by her appealing appearance and the love of a good man…boy…whatever. But, Eleanor survives the entire book without being transformed into a conventionally attractive, cheerful, teenage girl. And it is wonderful. Where Bella in the Twilight Saga is not even masquerading as a strong young female character and is constantly in need of rescue (from her boyfriend who is inches away from killing her at all times until she sacrifices her very life just to be with him because, like, obviously she can’t live without him…ahem), Eleanor refuses to apologise for herself. Eleanor saves herself.

it deals with some pretty serious issues – the kind that I wish that my 15-year-old niece didn’t have to know about. But Rowell handles gender-based violence, sexual abuse, poverty and bullying with such care and respect. On the one hand, I wish Eleanor and Park were real, because I want people like this to exist in the world. On the other hand I don’t because bad things happen to good people. Of, course there is also romance in the book, but it is not the kind that makes me gag with its sickly sweet, mushy, love is enough nonsense. And because I love words and the way that some people can make them into art, I have to share my two favourite quotes from book: “I just want to break that song into pieces,” she said, “and love them all to death.” “You can be Han Solo,” he said, kissing her throat. “And I’ll be Boba Fett. I’ll cross the sky for you.” See what I mean?

Eleanor and Park is not an easy book to read in that By Lisa Wiebesiek-Pienaar | Issue 10

Time to win some competitions! All competitions must be entered by 28 March 2014 Enter with subject line to | Issue 10

WIN WIN WIN 1 Two double tickets up for grabs for The South African Cheese Festival 26 - 29 April 2014 Sandringham Subject: Cheese

2 Win a 1 x Value Red & White Mixed Case from Wine Web – This includes 6 bottles, 3 red and 3 white and includes delivery. Subject: Wine | Issue 10



Can you find Captain Cappuccino? He’s hidden in the magazine. Let us know where he is and stand a chance of winning a R250 Gift Voucher from Cape Coffee Beans

Win a R250 gift voucher that can be used to purchase coffee beans from some of South Africa’s best Coffee Roasters - freshly roasted and delivered by courier in less than a week courtesy of By entering this competition you will be subscribed to the Cape Coffee Beans newsletter and get the latest news & special offers. You can always unsubscribe late if you change your mind. (but don’t worry.. it’s awesome!). Subject: Cape Coffee Beans

Freshly roasted coffee, delivered to your door -

4 Win a sandboarding experience for two with Mamba Sandboarding Subject: Sandboarding Prize only available on a weekend | Issue 10



Win a 1 month membership to The Sports Science Insitute of SA Including a comprehensive fitness assessment and personalised training programme. Prize value R1492. Subject: SSISA | Issue 10


Do you want to advertise with us? Email Christine on Go on.. all the cool kids are doing it. | Issue 10

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