Lewis County News July 13, 2022

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July 13, 2022

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Toledo Cheese Days a huge success By Lynnette Hoffman trip. James Wallace is in route to returnToledo Cheese Days was a huge suc- ing Bigfoot Jr. to his home. We hope to cess! Bigfoot made it to the parade just offer Bigfoot his sanctuary city soon. in time, he was just a little tired from the See cheese Page 4

Big Cheeses Ken and Joan Norberg rolling in the Toledo Cheese Days Parade. Napavine Funtime Festival float with the 2019 court in the parade.

Napavine Funtime Festival this weekend

Winlock Dance Center showing off a routine for the parade crowd.

The Cheese Days Parade was visited by Bigfoot Jr.

By Lynnette Hoffman This is the weekend for the Napavine Funtime Festival. This coming weekend, starting on Friday evening with the coronation is just the beginning of a fun filled day. Princess Napawinah coronation will be at 7:00 p.m. in Napavine. The following day all the activities take place. 7:00 a.m. - Breakfast at the Rebekah Lodge 8:00 a.m. - Car show registration begins 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. - Parade sign ins 11:00 a.m. - Napavine Funtime Festival Parade After the parade there will be games and events in front of the Napavine Shopping Center. Some of

the highlights are the Hot Saw demonstration, corn hole tournament, concessions and an all-city garage sale. There are two princess-

es this year, Gracie and Jennifer. Spend your day in Napavine and enjoy all the festivities!

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2 - Local News • July 13, 2022 Winlock News by Lynnette Hoffman 785-3151 This column sponsored by:

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It looks like we will continue with summer weather this week, just not too hot. We like the sunshine, we just don’t like to get too hot. This is going to be a week where it will be comfortable to be outside. I see yardwork in my future! During the summer, many kids try to make an extra few dollars by selling lemon aid and other drinks. Throughout the years, this has happened in Winlock. Anyone who grew up in Winlock downtown, knows how much fun for their kids this can be. If you see a lemon aid stand, stop by and help make their day! It’s always fun going to neighboring communities for their festivals. It was great to see Angela walking in the parade, seeing Robin and her students from the Winlock Dance Center. It is always a real treat to see our local people at a different festival. Rowdy Rooster Bistro and Thrift Shop will be open July 12-16. Then they will be open Tuesday through Friday for the remainder of the month. They offer great food, great prices and local conversation. Many of the volunteers help with the food bank and with food at record costs, it is a great community who can offer assistance. Winlock-Vader Food Bank is just the place. Don’t forget to stop by Lorena’s on Saturday to pick up your tamales. She has been making them for the community for years. I had the opportunity to visit with Lorena and her husband. What a lovely couple and a big bonus for the citizens of Winlock.

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Letters to the Editor

Toledo News This column sponsored by:

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What a beautiful weekend for Toledo Cheese Days and Toledo Lavender Festival. The weather was perfect, the crowd fun and everyone had a good time like we always do! We love Cheese Days, the residents go all out to make it an event for the whole town! It was so much fun to be at the parade. I met another Wallace I did not know when she spoke to me about the article about her Uncle Ray. That's when I informed her, I too was related to Bigfoot Ray Wallace. Oh, we had a great conversation. There is something about watching the Big Cheeses come down the road. These individuals have given back to the community for decades. Congratulations to all of you! Bigfoot was in the parade being driven by James Wallace. He had recently returned from the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation with Bigfoot’s son. We hope to have his new homeland available in the near future. We all want the bigfoot family to be safe. After the parade, a few of us went over to Donna’s for a bite to eat. Nothing like hanging with family and friends in Toledo. It was fun and as always, we enjoyed our burgers. Just as we were walking in, I ran into my cousins Rosie and Mike Wallace. It was so good seeing them both! The car show was packed like usual up on the hill with all the vendors. This is a day that we, as local families, look forward to all year long. Then, we went out to the Lavender Festival. I had no idea what Amy Jerome had been doing out on her farm. Now that I have found her, I guarantee we will be a regular of her products. Lavender has relaxation tendencies, and who doesn't need to relax a bit. I also purchased some items for food. I just don’t think I have enough though.

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Vader Park Board to the rescue To the Editor, Now that the event is over, and I have had time to recover, I wanted to publicly thank the Vader Park Board and supportive community members. My family celebrated the wedding of our only daughter Saturday, June 25,2022. My daughter wanted to have the ceremony near the creek. As a child, I would take her to different locations around the Olequa and Stillwater creeks for crayfish and tadpole hunting as well as swimming. These adventures were well before the established parks as we typically had to work our way through undergrowth to access the creeks. Remembering these adventures made the creek a nostalgic choice for the ceremony. We originally had a more private location in mind rather than the now public McMurphy Park; however, due to circumstances beyond our control, the original location was not an option. The natural beauty of McMurphy Park was a wonderful alternative to the original location; however, my daughter still wanted her wedding to be private. Normally laughing children and splashing is wonderful, but not when a wedding ceremony is taking place. Nor is it calming to be bearing your soul while strangers are staring at you. The Vader Park Board came to our rescue with little time left before the wedding. We wanted the ceremony to be intimate

and tranquil. After speaking with the Board, we were approved for a special permit which allowed us to close the park for 3.5 hours to ensure the setting was perfect. Unfortunately, the forecast for the weekend continued to increase in temperature as the date got closer. It was hot!! The heat made it difficult for our family, the wedding party, the guests, and the community. We gratefully appreciate the Vader Park Board approving our permit, and we especially appreciate all the community members who respectfully left at the allotted time. We know it was hot, and we sincerely appreciate all those who left the cool surrounds of the creek so the ceremony could take place without distractions. The wedding ceremony was everything we had wished for, except the heat. Again, thank you. Sincerely, L. Horton

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July 13, 2022 • Local News - 3


Please vote for your voice to be heard Big win for Winlock

By Lynnette Hoffman The Lewis County Republican Party Precinct Committee Officers will be on your primary ballot. A Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) is your representative to the Republican Party in Lewis County. Lewis County has been a red county for many years, but it has not always been that way, and there are many PCOs who have worked for decades to make sure Republicans are elected here. There is currently a group of individuals who have wanted to change the direction of the Lewis County Republican Party using aggression and contempt against all who disagree. They tried to take over the Washington State Young Republicans and were removed by the group for calling names, bullying, and undermining the efforts of that organization. Now, those same aggressive and combative individuals would like to take over the Lewis County Republican Party, not giving you a voice. These extremist individuals have been seen shouting down and excluding all other candidates in favor of their own. They don’t want you to have a choice about who to vote for. They refuse to allow any other Republicans to participate in their events or to appear as a part of their group in parades. They only

want to tell you who you can vote for, and that is not a fair election. Therefore, if you are a Republican or a Democrat and want your voice considered to be important, we recommend the following PCO’s in the south end of Lewis County. The individuals the Lewis County News are endorsing are those who have given back to their community in so many ways. They are business owners, county employees or longtime family residents. They are not new to politics, and they have been involved in many ways, making phone calls, telling their communities about the current issues, putting up signs for candidates, holding candidate forums, etc. They are also committed to providing a forum for all Republican candidates, not just the chosen few. We believe in giving the citizens of Lewis County the choice to vote for the best candidate. Far right or far left extremism is hurting our parties, and it’s the last thing Lewis County needs. Therefore these are the recommended PCO’s: Winlock Ross Nielsen - Ferrier Precinct (and assessor candidate) Kathy Chastain - Prescott (involved in Winlock and raised her kids here) Brad Neuman - Veness (involved in the community) Toledo Dale Merten - Cowlitz

(Dale and Tina Merten have given their time and money to Toledo and the surrounding communities) James Wallace - Salmon Creek (Jim has given his time and money to the community) Dave Germain - Drews Prairie (Dave has been a member of the party and has raised his kids in the community, he is also a retired fire department/ EMT employee) Dan Gorton - Toledo (Dan gives to the community through Bonanza BBQ, the Gorton’s have helped residents in Toledo for years!) Evaline Mike Peterson - Evaline West (Mike has been involved in the Republican Party for years) Vader Trent Elms - Vader (the Elms and Parson’s family is involved in the community) Napavine Eileen Owen - Emery (Eileen has been giving back to her community for years) Penny Mauel - Newaukum (Penny Hamilton Mauel is a business owner and long standing member and former Chairwoman of the Republican Party.) Jeanne Hall - Ethel (current treasurer of the LC Republican Party) County Logan Ferrier - Berwick

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County Commissioner Race: The Lewis County News supports those who have lived in the 3rd Congressional District for years and understands East County and the Toledo area, Therefore, the following individuals are recommended Pat Saldana (from Morton and Morton School Board President) Joderly (Jody) Goble (lives in Toledo and family is from East County) Both of these individuals live in the area, understand the unique challenges to East County and are not a part of the group that does not want your voice heard. One of the candidates is being managed by the expelled Lewis County Young Republicans who refuse to let anyone’s voice be heard, therefore we are endorsing the above in this primary.

Lewis County Superior Court Judge Andrew Toynbee recently rejected the claim of relatives of Gilbert and Evelyn Miller against Evelyn’s estate. Unless the relatives successfully appeal, the decision will end years of litigation and add nearly $500K to the trust Evelyn established for the benefit of Winlock. The Millers were longtime residents and boosters of Winlock. Evelyn established the trust when the Millers only daughter, Leah, predeceased her leaving no children. If the recent decision stands, Evelyn’s trust will hold in excess of one million dollars available for a wide range of purposes related to making Winlock a better place to live and work. The Miller Trust Fund has paid for many things throughout the year. They have paid for city buildings to be painted, flowers, new business support and many more uses. The funds can only be used within the parameters of the trust. Winlock definitely scored with this win.

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4 - Local News • July 13, 2022

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The crowds gathered outside Donna's Place in the evenings to Randy Pennington and wife Carrie during the parade. Randy listen to live music during Cheese Days. Pennington is now retired from the Toledo Police Department.

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The crowd at the parade is always the largest in South Lewis County and it is easy to see why. They pull out all the stops, all the organizations in the community get together to make this an incredible day for everyone. Thank you to the Lions Club and the City of Toledo for making Cheese days the best event in our end of the county. The Lavender Festival was also a hit, there were quite a few there along with vendors. This will be added to my annual Toledo event days.

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