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COLORBEARER OF ATHENS ADOPTING NOT SHOPPING LOCALLY OWNED SINCE 1987 MAY 24, 2023 · VOL. 37 · NO. 20 · FREE The PET Issue! Shelter-Based Projects Help Dogs Find Forever Homes p. 8 Community Pet Photos pp.12–14

One of the best things about the Flagpole Pet Edition is seeing so many of Athens’s healthy, happy pets.

And at the UGA Pet Health Center, we’re committed to keeping them that way.

Our veterinary team offers annual check-ups, vaccinations, treatment for minor injuries and illnesses, minor surgeries, and more for all the dogs and cats of Athens. We’re located on UGA’s South Campus. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today! VISIT

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you to everyone who submitted photos to Flagpole’s annual pet issue! There were even more wonderful portraits than usual to choose from for print this year, and you can view the full gallery online at flagpole.com.
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The Brain Bus?


It’s not a Brain Train, but Athens could be getting a Brain Bus.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is offering Athens-Clarke County almost $600,000 to explore a partnership with Gwinnett County on regional transit and a potential bus connection to MARTA’s Doraville station.

Many Athens residents have been longing for a rail connection to Atlanta since at least the early 1990s, when the idea was floated prior to the 1996 Olympics. In the 2000s, backers rebranded it as a “Brain Train” connecting UGA to universities in Atlanta. However, it’s never come to fruition, mainly due to rural and Republican opposition to passenger rail at the state level. That’s changing, though, as in recent years GDOT and the state legislature have begun funding transit for the first time, albeit at levels dwarfed by highway construction.

The ACC Commission approved the grant unanimously at a called meeting May 16, although some commissioners expressed skepticism about the idea. “Is there any flexibility available to us?” said Commissioner Mike Hamby, who would prefer more frequent service in Athens or a route to the Caterpillar plant in Bogart. “Are there other routes that were considered for this grant within the county?”

Athens Transit doesn’t have enough staff to start offering more services, Manager Blaine Williams said, but the commission could decide to reapply to GDOT with another proposal.

As currently proposed, the grant would fund a feasibility study, then a pilot project running a bus between Athens and some point in metro Atlanta in conjunction with Gwinnett County. The application mentions four buses a day—leaving Athens at 5:45

and 7:45 a.m., and returning to Athens at 7:45 and 9:45 p.m.— but county officials emphasized that the schedule isn’t set in stone.

It’s also not set in stone that the route would end in Doraville. “The goal is to get Athens residents a connection to MARTA,” Assistant Manager Josh Edwards said.

The grant also includes $30,000 for software that would help Athens Transit count its ridership, which became very difficult when the system went fare-free in 2020. Another $30,000 would go toward hiring a consultant to help ACC and UGA Campus Transit do a better job of coordinating.

Two commissioners doubted that people would use the new bus service. “I will need to be convinced that we can market a two-hour drive just to get to MARTA, and a two-hour drive back from that workday,” Allison Wright said. She also worried that the bus connection would make it easier for Atlanta residents to come take jobs in Athens.

Tiffany Taylor brought up Megabus, a private company that once offered trips from Athens to Atlanta but no longer does. “I want us to be mindful of things we tried in the past that really didn’t work,” Taylor said.

Commissioner Carol Myers was among those who spoke in favor of the study and of regional transit, along with commissioners Jesse Houle, Patrick Davenport and Melissa Link. “People’s transportation needs don’t stop at county lines,” Myers said.

Davenport said it would alleviate traffic on Highway 316, both from Athens residents who work in Atlanta and Atlanta residents who visit Athens for football games or other reasons. About 40,000 people leave Athens for work every day, and another 40,000 come into the city, according to Mayor Kelly Girtz. In addition, about 20,000 UGA students hail from metro Atlanta, and a bus would make it easier for them to live without a car, Girtz said.

Commissioners Can’t Agree on Barber Street Bike Path

Commissioners will have no shortage of options to choose from when they vote on a long-delayed Barber Street for walkers and bikers next month.

At issue is whether the commission will prioritize safety over a handful of on-street parking spaces that rental property owners want to keep. Mayor Kelly Girtz said he will introduce a proposal instructing staff to find alternative parking for those tenants, while Commissioner Melissa Link said she will introduce her own plan that would get rid of the multi-use path between Boulevard and Prince Avenue—requiring cyclists to share the road with cars—and adding a four-way stop at Barrow Street.

Link has an unusual ally in Commissioner John Culpepper, who praised her idea because it would save $900,000 on the $8 million project. “I think we need to look at a cheaper option that keeps the on-street parking,” Culpepper said at the May 16 agenda-setting meeting.

The plan recommended by county staff to extend the multi-use path down the full length of Barber Street is supported by BikeAthens, the commission-appointed advisory group Athens in Motion and the Boulevard neighborhood association. It’s also backed by commissioners Jesse Houle and Carol Myers.

“I feel like it would be a real shame to just leave sort of an unprotected, disjointed, weird section between two large,

busy roads that are otherwise protected,” Houle said.

Myers said the commission should trust ACC transportation planners. “I know I cannot come up with safer options than what they’re putting forth. I’d like to respect staff and the time they’ve spent on this,” she said. “The one thing I know for certain is that not having protected bike lanes and putting sharrows [painted ‘share the road’ signs] in the street is more economical, it is better for landlords, but it is less safe. There’s no confusion about that.”

Manager Blaine Williams confirmed that the multi-use path is the safest option. “I think it’s been fairly well proven that separated facilities are the safest,” he said.

The Barber Street plan has been through several iterations since it was first conceived in 2018. The commission has sent it back repeatedly for revisions, most recently voting to table the controversial Prince-toBoulevard portion because the District 2 commission seat was vacant. (Link won a special election to fill the seat in March.)

Myers served on the precursor to Athens in Motion and said the Boulevard-to-Prince stretch has always been a political minefield. “The reason [it was split into two projects] was, the consultant thought there would be a lot of political difficulty in dealing with the section from Boulevard to Prince Avenue,” she said. “I’m going to put forth that we are having the political discussion now.”

Or will the commission have it? Commissioner Allison Wright said she is inclined to table the issue again. And Commissioner Mike Hamby—who previously tried to divert SPLOST funds earmarked for Barber to Timothy Road in his district—now says he wants to scrap it entirely and put the money toward Milledge Avenue.

If and when it’s built, the Barber path will provide a key bike/pedestrian connection between downtown and Boulevard and the growing Chase Street/Newton Bridge Road area north of the Loop. Eventually it would link up to Sandy Creek Nature Center and the North Oconee River Greenway, pro➤ continued on p. 7

5 MAY 24, 2023· FLAGPOLE.COM
A current cross section of Barber Street versus what is recommended by Athens-Clarke County staff.
6 FLAGPOLE.COM · MAY 24, 2023

viding a connection to campus, the Eastside and Winterville via the Firefly Trail.

Woman Pleads Guilty to Dem HQ Bomb Threat

An Elberton woman who worked as a security contractor for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday to threatening to bomb Democrats’ Athens election headquarters.

Jessica Diane Higginbotham, 35— also known as Jessica Harriod or Jessica Jones—faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine when she is sentenced on Sept. 7.

“The bomb threat was leveled by an employee for a political organization days before a federal election in Georgia; this incident was a targeted effort to disturb the peace and disrupt the democratic process,” Peter D. Leary, the U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, said in a news release. “The immediate response and seamless collaboration by all levels of law enforcement safeguarded the community and helped bring the defendant to justice.”

Higginbotham staged a break-in and stole a laptop from Democratic headquarters in a Sunset Drive office park on Nov. 27, Leary’s office said.

On Dec. 3, Higginbotham sent a text message to a DSCC employee saying: “Hello, I am writing this message to you to let you know that I am coming by either tonight or in the morning to set a bomb up. So I can blow all the Democrats up. I have other people going to other offices also. If I can’t stop you by breaking in and destroying the property then I will blow every one up. So be ready to be blown up. This is going to either happen tonight or in the morning. Hope you like being on the wrong team.”

The message was sent the day before Sens. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff were scheduled to appear in Athens, and just three days before voters would re-elect Warnock in a runoff.

FBI agents and the U.S. Capitol Police both independently confirmed that the message was sent from Higginbotham’s cellphone, according to the news release.

FBI agents located her in an Athens coffee shop, where, according to Leary’s office, she vomited when she saw the agents approaching. Initially Higginbotham denied sending the text message, but a search warrant on her phone linked her email account to the threat. Investigators also found the stolen laptop among Higginbotham’s personal belongings.

In addition to the FBI and Capitol Police, the Athens-Clarke County Police Department and the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office also participated in the investigation.

New Dorm for UGA

The University System Board of Regents approved construction last week of a new dormitory at UGA. The 125,000 square-foot building on what is currently a parking lot at the corner of South Lumpkin and Wray streets will include 565 student beds, as well as a dining hall, a health clinic and six to eight classrooms.

UGA has been criticized for contributing to Athens’ housing crisis by not

building enough on-campus housing to accommodate growing enrollment. Last year’s freshman class was the largest ever at 6,250 students, and total enrollment could hit 50,000 within the next decade.

Last year UGA offered upperclassmen dorm residents $3,500 to move off-campus to make room for incoming freshmen, who are required to live on-campus. The on-campus housing crunch came in spite of the opening of Black-Diallo-Miller Hall, UGA’s first new dorm since it demolished and rebuilt Rutherford Hall in 2013, adding a net of 60 new beds. As the university grows, accommodating non-freshmen has mostly fallen to the private market, leading to a spate of much-maligned luxury student apartment developments downtown and putting upward pressure on rents in neighborhoods near campus.

Construction is scheduled to start in 2024, with the new dorm opening in fall 2026.

Pet Registration Proposed

Athens-Clarke County commissioners are considering a law requiring local residents to register their pets, making it easier to return them if they get lost or run away.

Often when someone turns in a lost pet that’s missing a collar or tag, there is no way for animal control officers to contact the owner, according to Kristall Barber, director of the Athens-Clarke County Animal Services Department. Even if the pet has a microchip, the information on it is often outdated.

The proposed ordinance would require pet owners to register their pet with an outside vendor when they get a rabies vaccine from their veterinarian. The registration information would be linked to the rabies tag, and cost an additional $4 for a one-year shot or $8 for three years.

“With the county tag, there will be a database that anybody—even if a citizen picks up your dog in the middle of the night, they’ll be able to go on a website and put in the ID number, and have your contact information to call you,” Barber told a group of commissioners last week.

At a meeting of the commission’s Legislative Review Committee on May 17, Commissioner Allison Wright questioned how many people would comply with such an ordinance. Some won’t, Barber said, but many will, especially if their vet’s office sells the registration tag. The ordinance would not be enforced in a heavy-handed way, Barber said.

“You just never know when it will come in handy. Hopefully that peace of mind will make some residents want to do it,” she said. “Obviously there will be some people who will never comply.”

The ability to return pets to their owners more quickly would also free up space at the animal shelter, which is frequently full. When the shelter is full, rescue groups jump in to help, but at times the shelter has to resort to euthanizing the animals that have been there the longest.

The ordinance is based on similar laws in Fulton and DeKalb counties. The LRC is not likely to vote on it until August because ACC Assistant Manager Niki Jones said a survey is not yet ready to go out to local residents. Barber is also contacting veterinarians about the proposal.

Once the five-member LRC makes a recommendation, it will go to the full commission for a final decision. f

Pride Before a Fall


“Now you don’t talk so loud/ Now you don’t seem so proud,” sang Bob Dylan in 1965. His line from nearly 60 years ago was appropriate for the present day on May 4, when four members of the far-right Proud Boys—including leader Enrique Torrio— were found guilty of seditious conspiracy for their roles in the Capitol Hill insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.

Now that their federal trial in Washington is over, the “street fighting men” of the Proud Boys cabal face prison terms of 20 years or more when they are sentenced, probably in August. When their sentencing day finally arrives, the Proud Boys might recall the Biblical admonition that, “Pride

to attack police during the Jan. 6 melee. A retired New York cop named Thomas Webster has received a 10-year sentence for assaulting an active-duty officer during the Capitol Hill insurrection, the longest Jan. 6-related prison term so far but one that may soon be eclipsed by sentences for the Proud Boys and the Oath keepers.

Republican politicians like Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene and Athens-area congressman Andrew Clyde have attempted to minimize the MAGA mob that brought domestic terrorism to this nation’s capital in an effort to thwart the peaceful transfer of presidential power after Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

A May 4 press release from the U.S. Department of Justice said the Proud Boys call their group a “pro-Western fraternal organization for men who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world, aka Western chauvinists.” The DOJ statement reminded Americans, “In September 2020, former President Donald J. Trump, during a nationally televised debate, told the Proud Boys to ‘stand back and stand by.’ Thereafter, membership in the group increased dramatically.”

The DOJ touted its record of successful prosecutions of Capitol Hill rioters, saying, “In the 27 months since Jan. 6, 2021, more than 1,000 individuals have been arrested in nearly all 50 states for crimes related to the breach of the U.S. Capitol, including more than 320 individuals charged with assaulting or impeding law enforcement.” In an earlier federal trial in Washington, nine members of the right-wing Oath Keepers militia also were convicted of seditious conspiracy charges for their crimes on Capitol Hill during the insurrection. Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes is to be sentenced on May 25. Like the Proud Boys, Rhodes and his co-conspirators face long prison terms.

The Oath Keepers try to recruit members with experience in the military or law enforcement, just as the Ku Klux Klan did during the Jim Crow era. Federal authorities recently arrested a former FBI agent, Jared Wise, for inciting the MAGA mob

Proud Boys member Joe Biggs showed the truth about the insurrection in a video he made during the Capitol Hill criminality in 2021. Gloating with a grinning gaggle of MAGA mobsters outside the Capitol on Jan. 6, Biggs said, “So we just stormed the fucking Capitol, took the motherfucking place back! So much fun! January 6 will be a day in infamy!”

Biggs seemed to be trying to allude to President Franklin Roosevelt calling the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 “a date which will live in infamy.” On that date in 1941, America entered a war against fascism. On Jan. 6, 2021, homegrown fascists fought a war against America. Biggs may think that “infamy” is somehow cool, but the true definition of the word certainly applies to him and his ilk: evil fame or reputation. The Trump troops who stormed the Capitol can certainly be described as infamous: having an exceedingly bad reputation, notorious, causing or deserving infamy.

The Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers may soon be locked away, but fascism marches on in America. When a gunman was killed for shooting shoppers at a mall in Texas recently, he was found to have proNazi tattoos and an insignia patch saying RWDS: Right-Wing Death Squad. Proud Boys have been seen wearing the same patch. They show what martyred Chilean dissident poet Victor Jara meant when he wrote, “How terrifying is the face of fascism. For them, blood is a medal, carnage is a heroic gesture.” f

7 MAY 24, 2023· FLAGPOLE.COM
City Dope continued from p. 5 street scribe
Proud Boys confront counterprotesters during a march on Washington in 2020. GEOFF LIVINGSTON / FLICKR

Betty White Memorial Bark Park


Beloved actress and pop icon Betty White is still remembered fondly a year and a half after her death, and her activism and love for animals has continued to inspire and carry on a lasting impact—even in the Athens community.

The Athens Area Humane Society held a “Betty White Day” on Jan. 17, the actress’ birthday, earlier this year, and announced its plans to open its first canine agility course, the Betty White Memorial Bark Park. AAHS CEO Cheryl McCormick explains the idea was sparked by the desire to create something in honor of White’s legacy, beyond a one-day celebration, that would continue giving back year-round and ultimately impact the rest of these dogs’ lives. The Bark Park recently celebrated its official ribbon cutting on May 4.

Traditionally, animal shelters don’t have agility courses, but the addition of enrichment opportunities is a step toward breaking the stigma of visualizing the animal shelter as a sterile and sad facility that might dissuade potential adopters from visiting. Madison-Oglethorpe Animal Shelter

feature Project Homebound


ities. It’s easy to dismiss a dog that shows negative characteristics, but it may only be doing so because of its unfamiliar and uncomfortable environment.

“We’re already seeing an immediate difference in the dogs,” says McCormick, who recalls the success story of Toby without skipping a beat. Toby has been at the shelter for quite some time, and previously had a skittish and shy personality, which sadly is often a barrier in finding a forever home. After a short time of training on the agility course with his handlers, Toby is exhibiting exactly the kind of confidence and improvement the program boasts.

The AAHS team of trainers is composed of professionals and volunteers. Each team member works one-on-one with the shelter dogs, developing and following a regimen specific to each animal based on its needs and goals. The space is suitable for any dog, with a variety of equipment, including an A-frame, tire jump, weave poles, bar jumps and more. Just as any dog can benefit from the course, any human interested in working with the dogs or learning more is happily invited to volunteer.

Allacross the country, dog training programs are beginning to spring up at prisons and correctional facilities as initiatives designed to rehabilitate both at-risk dogs and low-risk inmates alike. These programs not only alleviate some of the burden carried by crowded shelters, but provide devoted, consistent training that makes dogs more desirable for adoption. In return, handlers can develop new skills, find a sense of purpose and experience an uplifting, comforting improvement to their mental health.

Launched in September of 2022 after several years of planning, the Project Homebound Dog Training Program is a new partnership between Athens-Clarke County Animal Services, the Athens-Clarke County Department of Corrections and nonprofit Athenspets. Dogs from the animal shelter are brought to the prison, where they live in a specialized enclosure of indoor/ outdoor, climate-controlled kennels with a total of 10 runs. There, they are socialized and trained by incarcerated individuals under the supervision of Tricia Hall of Bone-A-Fide Dog Training.

Prior to getting Project Homebound off the ground, Hall served as a trainer with a similar program called Operation Second Chance Jail Dogs at the Gwinnett County Jail from 2010–2019. The program was featured on the season finale of the TV series “Pit Bulls & Parolees” on Animal Planet, and was also the subject of a documentary by Shanté Paige called Jail Dogs that aired on NBC. Since its founding, Jail Dogs has saved the lives of over 1,300 dogs.

“They learn they are important, and they do matter. We are all a part of a team, and some of these guys never had that camaraderie or feeling of belonging. When a dog gets adopted, they see the results of their efforts, and it’s bittersweet but so rewarding. We have received pictures from the adopters of our dogs in their new homes, and it brings a sense of pride and smiles all around.”

Before participating in Project Homebound, each dog is carefully evaluated by Hall, who looks for friendliness towards people and other dogs, as well as general intelligence and an eagerness to learn. Throughout the program, dogs receive positive reinforcement obedience training

has reported that after adding its catio to the front of the facility, cat adoption rates have improved, and they are finding better fit forever homes. The agility course delivers many benefits from the dogs building new skills, gaining confidence, and improving their physical and mental health to visitors being able to see and interact with the dogs in a more natural environment.

“The goal of the agility course is not just to have something for the dogs to run around in and burn some energy,” McCormick says. “It’s really a means of building trust and confidence in dogs who are perhaps anxious or fearful.”

One of the challenges of finding forever home fits—or adoption success, period—is that the traditional environment of a shelter isn’t conducive to many animals being comfortable displaying their true personal-

However, the Bark Park is not just a resource for AAHS, it is open to the public. Anyone who adopts a dog from AAHS is welcome to return to the agility course to continue working with their new best friend for even better long-term results. The general public is also encouraged to use the facilities to build better relationships and skills with their pets. Use of the Bark Park requires a reservation and a $5 fee per hour for exclusive and private use of the course. For anyone seeking instruction or unsure of where to start, the training staff is available to help and provide advice.

The new addition to the AAHS facility has just opened and is already making a measurable and positive impact on the current shelter dogs, so McCormick is eager to see the work continue and to create a brighter future for these furry friends. f

“Project Homebound is just getting started, but the similarities are the same,” says Hall. “There is unconditional love from the dogs, making the guys feel important, and the guys are taught skills and purpose that will give them a second chance once released.”

Training programs such as Project Homebound can have profound impacts on inmates. Canine companionship and the joy of receiving unconditional love can improve mental health and create a sense of purpose during what may otherwise feel like a very isolating time living away from family, friends and loved ones. These programs can lead to a decrease in incidence of behavioral issues, as well as a reduction in the recidivism rate. Participants can apply skills such as communication, self-discipline and empathy towards future employment opportunities as they transition back into larger society.

“The handlers learn how to train and care for dogs, but I told them the most profound thing they will learn in this program is something about themselves,” says Hall.

and focus on refining their manners. Hall says that they often play games like Red Light Green Light, calling out cues like “sit,” “down” and “stay.” On rainy days, the dogs might play Treasure Hunt, a mental enrichment activity where they search for treats hidden around the covered outdoor pen. Dogs typically become fully trained within eight weeks, but remain at the facility until they are adopted.

“To think these dogs originally started in a shelter, lost and unwanted, then end up in this program, it’s a beautiful transformation to see,” says Hall. “The dogs thrive on learning and all the love and attention they receive. They get human companionship for countless hours throughout the day, and this makes for them being well-rounded, adoptable dogs. The more dogs we train and get adopted, the more dogs we can save.”

So far, a total of 15 dogs have participated in the program, with five successfully finding their forever homes. All Project Homebound dogs receive microchipping, deworming and vaccinations for DHPP, rabies and bordetella; are spayed or neutered if necessary; and have tested negative or been treated for heartworms—making their $150 adoption fee a pretty great deal. Available dogs are listed on the ACCAS website, accgov.com/9482/Dogs, where applications can be filled out to schedule a meet-and-greet. f

8 FLAGPOLE.COM · MAY 24, 2023 feature
Tricia Hall M c

threats & promises

The Ride Out with Out On The Eaves


THERE’LL BE NO TEARS TONIGHT: A very special show happens Tuesday, May 30 at Buvez. Greensboro, NC’s legendary songwriter/ guitarist/banjoist/rabble rouser/collaborator Eugene Chadbourne will perform with former Athenian (and Greensboro native) Jim McHugh (Dark Meat, Sunwatchers). Indeed, the pair released an explosive album, Bad Scene, last year courtesy of Los Angeles label Post Present Medium. Chadbourne has been releasing music collaboratively and solo since 1976, and it is thought that he appears on over 350 releases. Importantly, Chadbourne is entertaining, but he is not particularly comfortable. This isn’t easy listening by any stretch, but neither is it an in-your-face challenge. At one time, circa the early 1990s, Chadbourne regularly played Athens, mostly at The Downstairs. Also on the bill this night are Shane Parish and the 2/3 Consensus (feat. Danny Piechocki of Ahleuchatistas) and Kemp Stroble’s new all-star group Real Wow (featuring Stroble, Mat Lewis, Charlie Estes and Kris Deason). I have absolutely zero idea how much this will cost you so, I don’t know, take 20 bucks and hope for some change.

ONE DOOR CLOSES, ANOTHER DOOR OPENS: Just as the final touches were closing on the most recent season of UGA Presents performances, the 2023-2024 season is announced. It’s another meticulously curated series and runs from Sept. 8, 2023–May 17, 2024. The scoop on tickets is that current subscribers to the series are able to renew beginning May 31, new subscribers can get on board with as few as three performances beginning June 12, group sales start July 5, and individual tickets to specific performances go on sale Aug. 1. The sole exception to this information is the individual tickets for Nickel Creek, for whom tickets go on sale July 10 for the group’s Sept. 8 show. There’s too much good info about this series to delve into here, but check this assortment of shows I’ve selected to highlight: Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Indigo Girls, Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernández, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Patty Griffin and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chamber Chorus. And that’s just a handful! Please see pac.uga.edu for all other information, including how to purchase. Also, please note that a substantial number of these performances will sell out, so stay alert and grab some tickets.

FASCINATION STREET: For a long time, you couldn’t turn a corner in downtown Athens without running into musician Patrick

Carey. Now, he’s located in Memphis where he co-founded the new record label Red Curtain Records with engineer Scott McEwen (Elvis Costello, Memphis Magnetic Recording Co.). At first, the label was to be simply a vehicle for Carey’s own music, but it has grown quickly to include planned releases from other artists. Carey’s newest project, Out On The Eaves, and its debut album, The Ride Out, is the label’s inaugural release and available as we speak. His first collaborator on this was pedal steel player Matt “Pistol” Stoessel (Faye Webster, T. Hardy Morris, et al), and then others came onboard. The album was mixed by Carey and the aforementioned McEwen. These songs are distinguished by Carey’s soft-as-air vocals which occasionally give way to a smoky huskiness, but not often. Musically speaking, The Ride Out is structurally quite similar to The Cure, albeit in a folky-Americana flavor. This is most apparent on tracks like “Opium Pudding,” “Shore Up Your Roof” and “Complete Circuits.” The album runs a decent eight tracks and can be found on all streaming services. The vinyl LP is available, too, as of May 27 at redcurtainrecords.com.

ONE HAND WASHES THE OTHER: For a good portion of the recent past, Rachel Evans has switched up her longtime project Motion Sickness of Time Travel toward, relatively speaking, what might be considered somewhat traditional pop structures. On her newest release, No Domino, she returns to the intensely deliberate ambient longform compositions for which she is known. This two-track album begins with “Before Dawn” which glides in apparent effortlessness along a sonic cloud, but is quickly punctuated by electronic pulses and ’80sish electronic drum moments. The second track, “After Dark,” is the less aggressive of the pair which can be difficult to discern with music such as this, but that’s my take on it. While it’s as fully rich as its partner, it doesn’t reach for any certain sense of urgency but, rather, is very comfortable in its own space and allows this comfort for the listener, too. Find this at hookervision. bandcamp.com, and keep up via facebook. com/hookervision.

I CAN SMELL YOUR HOUSE FROM HERE: Phelan La Velle (Shade, Crunchy) has a smokin’ hot lineup for her Classic Shitty Bruisefest 2023: A Celebration of Skronk & The Chaotic Beyond. It happens Saturday, May 27 at the 40 Watt Club, costs $15, and features (in no specific order) La Velle’s own Pervert, Weaponized Flesh, Atlanta’s No Head, Nihilist Cheerleader, and NYC Latin ska-punk group The Ladrones. For advance tickets, please see 40watt.com. f


The Woggles

Flicker Theatre and Bar • 8 p.m. (doors) • $10

Cult garage-rock band The Woggles is returning to Flicker for a ripping set featuring local band Curbside Pickups and DJ Kurt Wood. The Woggles was formed in 1987 by lead singer Mighty Manfred, before being joined by the late guitar player George Montague Holton III, bass player Buzz Hagstrom and Dan Electro on drums. The Woggles’ energetic live shows, fusing garage rock, surf music, rockabilly and vintage R&B, led to it sharing bills with Johnny Cash, Link Wray and The Zombies. Tonight’s performance is a special two-guitar touring version of The Woggles featuring Shane Pringle (Bad Spell, Tiger! Tiger!) and Graham Day (The Prisoners, Solarflares). [Patrick


Operation: Transformation!

40 Watt Club • 9 p.m. (doors) • $25, $50 (VIP)

Presented by the Athens Pride and Queer Collective (APQC), “Operation: Transformation!” is a drag show to raise money for the nonprofit’s new Trans Surgery Scholarship. The APQC is a local organization dedicated to the advancement of affirmation, diversity and wellness of queer populations in the greater Athens area by working with historically marginalized communities through outreach, social connection, education and events. “Operation: Transformation!” will feature performances by Cola, Karmella, Diamond Dupree Sanchez, Tucker Bleu and Jaybella Banks. [PB]



40 Watt Club • 8 p.m. (doors) • $15

The first annual Bruisefest is officially “A Celebration of Skronk and The Chaotic Beyond.” Including many of the heavy hitters of the local punk and thrash scene, Bruisefest is poised to be a chaotic night. Somehow squeezing six bands on two stages in the 40 Watt, Bruisefest features bands like Ladrones, a garage punk outfit with members hailing from Puerto Rico by way of Atlanta. Also playing will be local bands Monsoon, Pervert, Nihilist Cheerleader and Weaponized Flesh, as well as Atlanta’s No Head. [PB]


Athens Surf Stomp

Southern Brewing Co. • 1 p.m. (doors), 2–9 p.m. (show) • $7 (adv.), $10

The Athens surf scene is apparently alive and well, and it’s ready to deliver some lightning fast riffs straight to the dome on the Southern Brewing Co. stage. Athens Surf Stomp, an all ages, outdoor festival,

features eight regional surf bands and two DJs, Kurt Wood and DJ Nate, spinning all-vinyl sets. The lineup includes The Spectre of Surf, The Creature Preachers, Kinky Waikiki, Outersea, The Rumtones, The Mystery Men?, Genki Genki Panic, Frigidaires and Current Rage. [PB]


Athens Chautauqua Society’s Festival of Freedom

Multiple Locations • 6 p.m. • FREE!

Although Chautauqua may be a relatively obscure term now, the Iroquois term was once labeled by president Theodore Roosevelt as “The most American thing in America.” Named after the banks of the lake on which it was established, the phenomenon of the Chautauqua presented

a communal and open space for artists, writers, teachers and entertainers to spread their work with everyday people. Now, the Chautauqua is seeing a resurgence in places like Athens, where the three-day Festival of Freedom is being held. Starring worldclass scholar Sonny Kelly, the festival will include storytelling, poetry and dramatic interpretation to illustrate lessons of overcoming oppression. “The Talk” will be held at the ACC Library on Tuesday, May 30, and “Indivisible” will follow at the Clarke County School District’s Headquarters on Prince Avenue on Wednesday, May 31. “The Colored Soldier,” a one-man performance of a Black Civil War soldier, will close out the festival at the Morton Theatre on Thursday, June 1. [PB] f

9 MAY 24, 2023· FLAGPOLE.COM
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Sonny Kelly The Woggles

live music calendar

Tuesday 23

40 Watt Club

7:30 p.m. $15. www.40watt.com

PEARL & THE OYSTERS Breezy synth-pop duo influenced by Japanese city pop and alternative hip hop.

NIGHT PALACE Athens’ very own Avery Leigh Draut leads this dreamy outfit.


No Phone Party. 7 p.m. www.hendershotsathens.com

KENOSHA KID Instrumental adventure-jazz group centered around the rollicking compositions of Dan Nettles and featuring Luca Lombardi, Seth Hendershot and various guests. The May residency shows coincide with Hendershot’s No Phone Parties.

Wednesday 24

Athentic Brewing Co.

7–9:30 p.m. FREE! www.athentic brewing.com


Choose from a catalog of over 51,000 songs ranging from pop, rock, musical theater and more.

Creature Comforts


Athens Farmers Market. 5–8 p.m. FREE! www.athensfarmersmarket.net



Local bluesy, alt-country singersongwriter.

Flicker Theatre & Bar

9 p.m. FREE! www.flickertheatreand bar.com

DR. FRED’S KARAOKE Featuring a large assortment of pop, rock, indie and more.


8 p.m. www.hendershotsathens.com

NEW FACES NIGHT Hear musicians try out new material, or come share your own.

Porterhouse Grill

6–8:30 p.m. www.porterhousegrill athens.com

JAZZ NIGHT Longest running jazz gig in Athens captained by drummer extraordinaire Mason Davis and featuring a rotating cast of familiar faces. The trio sails nimbly through choice selections of the American songbook, bossa nova classics and crossover hits.

Thursday 25

Flicker Theatre & Bar

8 p.m. (doors). $10. www.flicker theatreandbar.com

OUTERSEA Moody space invader surf rock for the lonely and landlocked.

SYSTEM EXCLUSIVE Pasadenabased duo bearing an armful of mini synths, making heart-throbbing capital P pop cut with more than a hint of post-punk.

BLUNT BANGS Local indie-pop band featuring Black Kids frontman Reggie Youngblood.


8 p.m. $10. www.hendershotsathens. com

BIG BAND ATHENS This 18member community band performs selections spanning from big band music of the ’40s to dance tunes of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.

Hotel Indigo Live After Five Series. 5:30 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/Aubrey


JIM COOK High-energy solo blues, classic rock and roots music.

Nowhere Bar

8:30 p.m. $10. www.facebook.com/ nowherebarathens

BLUES JAM Bring an instrument and join host Big C and The Moonshynes for an open blues jam. The house band includes Scott Nicholson, Derek Warren, Brent Davenport and Bo Hembree.

Southern Brewing Co.

6–10 p.m. www.sobrewco.com

KARAOKE NIGHT Every Thursday evening.

Hendershot’s www.hendershotsathens.com


An all-star group of local veteran musicians perform danceable, soulful covers and originals.

SQUALLS 22 Experience ’80s

Athens magic as original Squalls members Bob Hay and Diana Torell perform backed by the Wild Jordan Tonk-Cats.

International Grill & Bar

7 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/IGB


THE SPLITZ BAND A mixed drink of the classic Motown sound, part 1970s funk and disco flavor with dashes of the old-school and contemporary R&B.

Athentic Brewing Co.

5 p.m. www.athenticbrewing.com

PRETTY COLORS Soft and dreamy psych-tinged indie rock.

DJ DE LA LUNA Sebastian Granados provides a dance mix.

Bishop Park

Athens Farmers Market. 8 a.m.–12 p.m. FREE! www.athensfarmers market.net

ALYS WILLMAN Athens singersongwriter. (8 a.m.)

ACOUSTIC JAM Bring an acoustic instrument and join in on the jam. (10 a.m.)


9 p.m. (doors), 9:30 p.m. (music). Donations encouraged. www.athens cine.com

International Grill & Bar

7 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/IGB


SWING THEORY Jazz collective performing your favorite classics.

No. 3 Railroad Street

7 p.m. www.3railroad.org

MARION MONTGOMERY & GLYN DENHAM Bluesy local acoustic folk duo.

Red Line Athens

ANARCHY FOR ASSHOLES OG crusty punks from Oklahoma City playing low and slow Oi.

EAR ATTIC Local punks with evocative, poetic songwriting.

BEAT UP Local punks resisting the darkest timeline.

The Root

9 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/


GREEN EGGS AND PAM Rock, pop and dance tracks from the ’70s–’90s.

Sunday 28

Creature Comforts Brewery

3–5 p.m. www.creaturecomfortsbeer. com

LIVE JAZZ Every Sunday afternoon. Southern Brewing Co. Athens Surf Stomp. 1 p.m. (doors), 2–9 p.m. (music). bit.ly/Athens


CURRENT RAGE Post-punk band originally active from ’79–’83 that has been recently revived.

FRIGIDAIRES Altanta-based surf and hot rod combo performing vocal and instrumental hits plus originals.

GENKI GENKI PANIC Instrumental horror-surf group from Atlanta. THE MYSTERY MEN? Enigmatic members of the instrumental surf movement.

THE RUMTONES Original instrumental surf tunes from Savannah.


Elephant 6 stalwart and multi-instrumentalist works his improvisational magic on the clarinet and loop pedal.

Tuesday 30


8 p.m. www.facebook.com/buvez athens


MCHUGH McHugh (Dark Meat, Sunwatchers) joins Greensboro, NC-based improvisor, songwriter and protest singer Chadbourne for a set of country/noise brilliance.


2/3 CONSENSUS Master guitarist Shane Parish is joined by Ahleuchatistas bandmate Danny Piechocki.

REAL WOW Weirdo indie/art/ noise rock blasted from the past to the future.


8 p.m. FREE! www.athenscine.com

KARAOKE WITH THE KING Show off your pipes to the world. Every Tuesday.

Hendershot’s No Phone Party. 7 p.m. www.hendershotsathens.com

KENOSHA KID Instrumental adventure-jazz group centered around the rollicking compositions of Dan Nettles and featuring Luca Lombardi, Seth Hendershot and various guests. The May residency shows coincide with Hendershot’s No Phone Parties.

Wednesday 31

Creature Comforts Brewery

Athens Farmers Market. 5–8 p.m. FREE! www.athensfarmersmarket.net

The World Famous 10 p.m. $5 suggested donation. www. facebook.com/theworldfamous athens

BROKEN STRING BAND Alluring, hard-hitting lyricism and iconic harmonies combine with thrashing banjo, stand-up bass, fiddle, drums and the occasional accordion or flute.

CLAWDAD Folk trio with a reputation as “Atlanta’s loudest stringband.”

Friday 26

Athentic Brewing Co.

6–8 p.m. www.athenticbrewing.com

JIM COOK High-energy solo blues, classic rock and roots music.

Creature Comforts Brewery

7 p.m. www.creaturecomfortsbeer.com

SARAH MOOTZ Indie pop and rock artist with a lot of soul.

Flicker Theatre & Bar 8 p.m. (doors). $10. www.flicker theatreandbar.com

THE WOGGLES Legendary garage rock band from Atlanta.

CURBSIDE PICKUPS Classic City ska quintet taking influence from traditional and Two-Tone era sounds.

DJ KURT WOOD DJing ’50s and ’60s soul and garage and ’70s and ’80s punk and new wave.

Nowhere Bar

9:30 p.m. www.facebook.com/


THE IDES OF JUNE Atlanta-based blues, jam and rock group.

Rabbit Hole Studios

7–11 p.m. FREE! (karaoke), $5 (headphones).


DANCE PARTY Sing a song or dance to songs with headphones.

VFW Post 2872

8 p.m. $10. www.facebook.com/vfw post2872

COUNTRY RIVER BAND Classic country rock band.

Saturday 27

40 Watt Club

Bruisefest. 7 p.m. (doors), 8 p.m. (show). $15. www.40watt.com

PERVERT Brilliantly wrecked, inner core-heavy rock.

NIHILIST CHEERLEADER Athens/ Atlanta band with raucous dance punk anthems.

MONSOON Melodic and energetic two-piece band weaving together unorthodox styles.

NO HEAD New post-punk band from Atlanta.

WEAPONIZED FLESH Athens thrash metal.

LADRONES Screaming blast of garagey punk and roll hailing from Puerto Rico by way of Atlanta.


AthFactor-Liberty Entertainment presents a poetry and hip-hop event featuring spoken word by Life the Griot, The Arsonist and Maxim Debonair, plus music by Son Zoo, Nony1, LB, Farin and Ant Da Ripper. A pre-show set will feature DJ Chief Rocka and drummer Scott Sutton. Proceeds will support hip-hop artist Travis Williams’ trip to South Sudan to teach Divinity classes.

Flicker Theatre & Bar

8 p.m. (doors). $5. www.flicker theatreandbar.com

BAT FACTORY Band composed of Tim Adams, Alan Flurry, Kathy Kirbo and Ben Hesse.

DIM WATTS Local group led by Jim Willingham.


8 p.m. www.hendershotsathens.com

CHECK THE SIGNS Uplifting local family band with a talent for melody, harmony and hooks.

SARAH ZÚÑIGA EcuadorianNicaraguan, New York born singersongwriter and guitarist who has made Athens her home.



6 p.m. (doors), 7 p.m. (show). $25. www.innovationamphitheater.com

NASHVILLE IN GEORGIA Singers and songwriters alike take the stage to play original pieces and share the stories behind the music.

OUTERSEA Moody space invader surf rock for the lonely and landlocked.

KINKY WAIKIKI Relaxing, steel guitar-driven band following the traditions of Hawaiian music.


Creepy surf rock from the darkest depths of the Georgia swamps.

THE SPECTRE OF SURF Instrumental surf rock band playing covers and originals.

DJ KURT WOOD DJing ’50s and ’60s soul and garage and ’70s and ’80s punk and new wave.

DJ NATE Spinning rare and classic soul/R&B/garage/British Invasion and other tasty ’60s sounds.

The World Famous

8:30 p.m. $5 suggested donation. www.facebook.com/theworld famousathens

T.A.C.K. Equal parts art punk and cow punk from New Orleans.

INSTANT SMILE Heavy pop duo from Athens.

COWBOY KEROUAC Athens queer anarcho country.

Monday 29

Wuxtry Records

5 p.m. FREE! www.wuxtryrecords.com

TELEMARKET Driving, angular indie-rock band from Athens. The band will play through its upcoming debut album, Ad Nauseam, and have advance copies available for sale.

DIXIELAND FIVE Five-piece Dixieland jazz band.

Flicker Theatre & Bar

9 p.m. FREE! www.flickertheatreand bar.com

DR. FRED’S KARAOKE Featuring a large assortment of pop, rock, indie and more.

Georgia Theatre


7:30 p.m. (doors), 8:30 p.m. (show). $12. www.georgiatheatre.com

PRETTY EMBERS Nashville indie rock band of three lifelong friends. JACK AND JEALOUS Local duo of brothers playing indie rock. LIAM BAUMAN Indie folk singersongwriter from Nashville. Porterhouse Grill

6–8:30 p.m. www.porterhousegrill athens.com

JAZZ NIGHT Longest running jazz gig in Athens captained by drummer extraordinaire Mason Davis and featuring a rotating cast of familiar faces. The trio sails nimbly through choice selections of the American songbook, bossa nova classics and crossover hits.

Down the Line

6/01 Rick Fowler Acoustic Band (Athentic Brewing Co.)

6/01 Karaoke Night (Southern Brewing Co.)

6/02 Chi-Town Transit Authority (Marigold Auditorium for Arts and Culture) f

10 FLAGPOLE.COM · MAY 24, 2023
County River Band will perform at VFW Post 2872 on May 26.

Summertime Vacation Blues


Hey Bonita, I’m bracing for impact for the summer blues. I’m starting grad school in the fall, and since high school the summertime has always been a bummer for me. I see all my friends and people I know going on fun trips, hanging out all the time, doing all the fun summer things— and I’m always stuck either at home or working. I don’t have the money, or the time now, to keep up with all of that, and I don’t understand how a lot of these people do either. Like I know them, and the finances just don’t track. What am I doing wrong? I feel like I’ve wasted my college summers, and it’s hitting harder than ever this year.

Your Blue Friend

It’s not an issue of fairness, but preparedness. What my cousin knew long before me was that you can book hotels, flights and certain attractions way before you go on your trip, and that’s what she does several times a year. She takes advantage of cruise packages and resort promotions, or if she wants something less structured, she’ll just book an Airbnb and start Googling fun local events. She does this months in advance of her vacations so that she can save as much as possible, and when she touches down, she balls.

Hey there Blue,

What you’re not seeing is that there is a lot of planning and saving that goes on for us blue-collar folks when we take a vacation. I just got back from a very “coastal elite” location, and this trip had been in the works for years. And I mean that—I was thumbing through my journal the other day and found an entry from 2019 lamenting the fact that I’d never get to go to the exact place I just got back from. We’d had to cancel the trip back then when funds didn’t work out, and it was like a gut punch to me. I remember thinking that I was aiming too high and trying to do “too much,” which really spoke to my deepseated fears that I was a bum who wasn’t allowed to experience decadence.

So that’s what I did for my coastal elite vacation. I bought my plane ticket almost a full year before the trip, and we booked our rental car and Airbnb in October of last year. All I had to do between then and May was save my pennies, and I had enough time to save way more than I ended up needing. I didn’t deny myself a single meal, attraction or luxury in which I wanted to indulge. I am the lowest paid person in my workplace, and some of my coworkers have salaries that allow them to jetset all over, but my money spends just like theirs does. If they can make a vacation happen, then so can I.

Don’t take it personally that your broke friends are traveling. They just know how to plan and save. Just ask them how they are making these vacations happen, and plan one for yourself and a friend so you can split some of the costs.

Participants Needed!

Would you like to participate in a research study examining how people interpret footage from police body-worn cameras?

• Purpose: Study investigates how your body responds to videos of police-citizen interactions

That my lot in life was to slave away at jobs that barely met my needs, and that the best vacation I could look forward to was visiting my parents two states over. I figured that the vacation didn’t happen because I wasn’t meant to exist in the same space as an affluent person—I’m not allowed, that’s not something that I’m meant to do, so obviously the universe firebombed my finances to keep me stuck in Athens. I have cousins who do nails for a living but can still take their kids to Cozumel and Destin every year—how is that fair?

lines from four years. I was the cost of this trip over 12 months, and I think that’s going to be your easiest path to taking a trip of your own. Buy the plane ticket way ahead of time when they’re cheap, and if you’re going somewhere super touristy or expensive during the summer, try to show up just slightly ahead of tourist season for less crowds and lower prices. Have fun! f Need advice? Email advice@flagpole.com, or use our anonymous online form at flagpole.com/getadvice.

• Task: Your physiological activity will be recorded while viewing the footage

• Duration: One laboratory session lasting less than 1 hour

• Pay: $40 electronic Amazon gift card for the session

• Eligibility: 18 yrs. or older, able to read English language

Note that the videos you watch during the study contain footage of interactions resulting in citizen fatalities.

If you are interested contact: bbandmlab@gmail.com

11 MAY 24, 2023· FLAGPOLE.COM
w Alps Nutrition Center 706-369-0700 • www.alpsnutrition.com Locally owned since 1996 Get $5 off when you spend $25 or more hendershotsathens.com 237 prince ave. • 706.353.3050 ATHENS’ INTIMATE LIVE MUSIC VENUE ... just listen TUESDAY, MAY 23RD NO PHONE PARTY W/ KENOSHA KID WEDNESDAY, MAY 24TH NEW FACES NIGHT THURSDAY, MAY 25TH BIG BAND ATHENS FRIDAY, MAY 26TH WILDJORDAN TONKCATS SQUALLS 22 SATURDAY, MAY 27TH CHECK THE SIGNS SARAH ZÚÑIGA SUNDAY, MAY 28TH CLOSED FOR PRIVATE EVENT PupPaccinos Always Available! Great for multi-pet households, pets who don’t travel well, housebound pet owners & hectic lifestyles. We also offer Hospice/End of Life Care and Home Euthanasia. 706-870-7111 vettopet@yahoo.com
Paula Loniak WE’LL COME TO YOU! HOUSECALLS FOR CATS AND DOGS BY APPOINTMENT The Flagpole office will be closed on Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day! The classified ad deadline for the May 31st issue is 11AM on
12 FLAGPOLE.COM · MAY 24, 2023 photo gallery pets
Bailey Alabama Worley Charles Darling Capt. Jack Sparrow Dusty Donovan Banjo Chloe Fritsi Biscuit Cleo Colston
13 MAY 24, 2023· FLAGPOLE.COM
Jorge Lupin Leo Jamaica Olive Noodles Kali Meeka Orwell Kona
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Mercedes Garbo
14 FLAGPOLE.COM · MAY 24, 2023 photo gallery continued pets
Rocky Spooky and BoBo Slimmy SlimSlim Steve Scooter Sprout Tama Scout Squirrel Yukon Ozzy Rex

event calendar

Tuesday 23

EVENTS: No Phone Party (Hendershot’s) Disconnect to connect with a phone-free, laptop-free happy hour. Every Tuesday, 6–9 p.m. www.hendershotsathens.com

EVENTS: Teen Fashion Show (Lyndon House Arts Center) Celebrate the work of members in the Teen Fashion Design & Sewing Club at this second annual runway show. 6 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/ LyndonHouseArts

GAMES: Lunch and Learn New Games (Tyche’s Games) Come down with your lunch and try out some new games. 12 p.m. FREE! www.tychesgames.com

GAMES: Classic City Trivia (Akademia Brewing Co.) Test your trivia knowledge with host Garrett Lennox. 7 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/


GAMES: Bad Dog Trivia (Amici Athens) Test your trivia knowledge with host TJ Wayt. Tuesdays, 7 p.m. www.facebook.com/baddogathens

KIDSTUFF: Toddler Tuesday: Flower Crowns (Georgia Museum of Art) Enjoy art and storytime together in the galleries, then complete an art activity. Ages 18 months to 3 years. RSVP by email. 10 a.m. FREE! gmoa-tours@uga.edu

LECTURES & LIT: Mystery Book Club (Bogart Library) Penny Mills leads a conversation about this month’s book, David Grann’s Killers of the Flower Moon. 5:30–6:30 p.m. FREE! www.athenslibrary.org/ bogart

PERFORMANCE: Rabbit Box Storytelling: Gone but Not Forgotten (VFW Post 2872) This month’s storytelling theme is “Gone but Not Forgotten” with stories about people, places and things now gone. 7–9:30 p.m. $10. www. rabbitbox.org

SPORTS: Classic City Pétanque Club (Lay Park) New players welcome. Scheduled days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. www.athenspetanque.org

Wednesday 24

ART: Tour at Two (Georgia Museum of Art) These drop-in public tours feature highlights of the permanent collection and are led by museum docents. 2 p.m. FREE! www.georgiamuseum.org

CLASSES: Pavlova “Clouds from Heaven” (Athens Cooks) Sous Chef Kelly Sanders will lead a hands-on session on making big and small Pavlova. Registration required. 5:30 p.m. $75. www. athenscooks.com

COMEDY: Gorgeous George’s Improv League (Buvez) Homegrown townie improv that invites you to bring some interesting suggestions to help create improv magic on the spot. Every Wednesday, 7 p.m. $5 suggested donation. www.flyingsquidcomedy.com

EVENTS: Athens Farmers Market (Creature Comforts Brewery) Markets offer fresh produce, flowers, eggs, meats, prepared foods and a variety of arts and crafts. Live music begins at 6 p.m. AFM doubles SNAP dollars spent at the market. Every Wednesday, 5–8 p.m. www. athensfarmersmarket.net

FILM: Summer School (Flicker Theatre & Bar) Screening of the 1987 film about a high school gym teacher who has to teach summer remedial English if he wants tenure. 7 p.m. FREE! www.flickertheatreandbar.com

GAMES: Shadowfist Power Lunch (Tyche’s Games) Come down with your lunch and play Shadowfist. New players welcome. 12 p.m. FREE! www.tychesgames.com

GAMES: Classic City Trivia (The Local 706) Test your trivia knowledge with host Garrett Lennox. 7 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/


KIDSTUFF: Busy Bee Toddler Time (Bogart Library) Join Ms. Donna for rhymes, songs, puppets and a simple story. 10 a.m. & 11 a.m. FREE! www.athenslibrary.org/bogart

KIDSTUFF: Carnival of Animals (Bogart Library) Watch a puppet show, then enjoy puppet play and crafts. 10:30–11:30 a.m. FREE! www.athenslibrary.org/bogart

KIDSTUFF: Lego Builders Club (Bogart Library) Lego lovers of all ages are invited; blocks will be available for younger builders under the age of 7. 3:30 p.m. FREE! www. athenslibrary.org/bogart

Thursday 25

CLASSES: Tikka Masala (Athens Cooks) Chef Lipi will lead an introductory class on Indian foods and spices. Registration required. 6 p.m. $100. www.athenscooks.com

CLASSES: Tarot & Tea (Indie South) Get together to explore, learn and practice with tarot cards. Attendees encouraged to bring a deck and materials. Last Thursdays, 6–8 p.m. $10. www.theindiesouth. com

CLASSES: Line Dancing Lessons (Boutier Winery & Inn) Line dance lessons with instructor Amy. Last Thursdays, 7 p.m. $5. www.boutierwinery.com

COMEDY: Athentic Comedy Showcase (Athentic Brewing Co.)

Monthly comedy show hosted by Owen Hunt featuring national headliners and featured guests. This month’s headliner is Matt Blevins. Last Thursdays, 7–10 p.m. $10 (adv.), $15. www.athenticbrewing. com

EVENTS: Diamond Hill Farm Stand (Athentic Brewing Co.) Vegetables and fresh flowers are available on hand and pre-ordered. Every Thursday, 4–6 p.m. www.diamondhillfarmathens.com

EVENTS: Boulevard Brass Band (595 Nanthahala Ave.) Bring your instrument, meet outdoors and rehearse songs for beginners and advanced musicians. Every Thursday, 7–8 p.m. FREE! calclements@ gmail.com

GAMES: Thursday Trivia (Johnny’s New York Style Pizza) Test your trivia knowledge with host Jon Head. 7–9 p.m. www.johnnyspizza. com

KIDSTUFF: Cirque du Suitcase

Puppet Show (Bogart Library) Lee Bryan puts on a funny family puppet show with silly circus acts emerging from a clown’s suitcase. Best for ages 2–9. 3–4 p.m. FREE! www. athenslibrary.org/bogart

MEETINGS: KnitLits Knitting Group (Bogart Library) Knitters of all levels

are invited to have fun, share craft ideas and knit to their hearts’ content. Every Thursday, 6 p.m. FREE! www.athenslibrary.org/bogart

SPORTS: Classic City Pétanque Club (Lay Park) New players welcome. Scheduled days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. www.athenspetanque.org

Friday 26

COMEDY: small talk, BIG SHOW (Work.Shop) An irreverent talk show/variety show hosted by Matt House featuring comedian Kelly Petronis and the musical stylings of libbaloops with special guest Glen Kyle. 8–9:30 p.m. $5. www. flyingsquidcomedy.com

Bleu and Jaybella Banks. 9 p.m. (doors), 10 p.m. (show). $25–50. www.40watt.com

Saturday 27

CLASSES: Forge A Throwing

Tomahawk (Greenhow Handmade Ironworks) In this class, students will forge a throwing tomahawk with a forge-welded, high-carbon cutting bit. 10–5 p.m. $175. www.greenhowhandmade.com

EVENTS: Neighborhood Books

Local Author Market (Historic Athens) Meet independent and small press authors local to the Athens area, browse over 100 books and hear readings of fiction and poetry by local talent. 11

amateur comics alike. Every Sunday, 7 p.m. (show). FREE! www. facebook.com/buvezathens

GAMES: Sunday Trivia with Solo Entertainment (Southern Brewing Co.) Test your trivia knowledge. 4–6 p.m. FREE! www.sobrewco.com

GAMES: Bad Dog Trivia (The Foundry) Test your trivia knowledge with host TJ Wayt. Sundays, 7 p.m. www.facebook.com/baddogathens

SPORTS: Classic City Pétanque Club (Lay Park) New players welcome. Scheduled days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. www.athenspetanque.org

Monday 29

CLASSES: Gentle Hatha Yoga (Athens Community Council on Aging) McKenzie Raymond from Feel Free Yoga leads this class. All skill levels welcome. Every Monday, 1–2 p.m. $5 (CAL members), $10 (non-members). abarefoot@ accaging.org

EVENTS: The Buddhist Yogas of Dream and Awakening (Sandy Creek Park) As introduction to Vajrayana Buddhism, teachings will be shared with time for discussion afterwards. 1–3 p.m. FREE! www. tantricsorcery.com

GAMES: Game Night (Rabbit Hole Studios) Play board games like chess and Catan, systems like Wii and PlayStation, and outdoor sports. Every Monday, 7–11 p.m. FREE! www.rabbitholestudios.org

GAMES: Classic City Trivia (Dooley’s Bar and Grill) Test your trivia knowledge with host Garrett Lennox. 7 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/


GAMES: Monday Trivia with Erin (Athentic Brewing Co.) Test your trivia knowledge with host Erin. 7–9 p.m. FREE! www.athenticbrewing. com

KIDSTUFF: Monday Funday Story Time (Bogart Library) Join Ms. Donna for movement, songs, crafts and learning fun. Ages 3–5 years. Registration suggested. 10 a.m. FREE! www.athenslibrary.org/bogart

SPORTS: Classic City Pétanque Club (Lay Park) New players welcome. Scheduled days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. www.athenspetanque.org

Wednesday 31

ART: Tour at Two (Georgia Museum of Art) These drop-in public tours feature highlights of the permanent collection and are led by museum docents. 2 p.m. FREE! www.georgiamuseum.org

CLASSES: Knives Out (Athens Cooks) Hone your knife techniques and learn fundamental cuts with Executive Chef Hunter White. 3 p.m. $50. www.athenscooks.com

COMEDY: Gorgeous George’s Improv League (Buvez) Homegrown townie improv that invites you to bring some interesting suggestions to help create improv magic on the spot. Every Wednesday, 7 p.m. $5 suggested donation. www.flyingsquidcomedy.com

EVENTS: Athens Farmers Market (Creature Comforts Brewery) Markets offer fresh produce, flowers, eggs, meats, prepared foods and a variety of arts and crafts. Live music begins at 6 p.m. AFM doubles SNAP dollars spent at the market. Every Wednesday, 5–8 p.m. www. athensfarmersmarket.net

FILM: The House on Sorority Row (Flicker Theatre & Bar) Screening of the 1982 film about an innocent prank that goes wrong as sorority sisters are stalked and murdered during a graduation party. 7 p.m. FREE! www.flickertheatreandbar. com

GAMES: Classic City Trivia (The Local 706) Test your trivia knowledge with host Garrett Lennox. 7 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/ ClassicCityTriviaCo

GAMES: Music Bingo (Athentic Brewing Co.) Win prizes at this music bingo night with host Mari. 7–9:30 p.m. FREE! www.athentic brewing.com

EVENTS: Lynching Remembrance Vigil (Veterans Memorial Plaza) For Memorial Day weekend, 10 African-American WWII veterans who were lynched in Georgia will be honored. 12 p.m. FREE! john vodicka@comcast.net

GAMES: Friday Night Initiative (Online: Tyche’s Games) Learn how to play a new RPG game with others on Discord. New players welcome. 7 p.m. FREE! www.tychesgames. com

KIDSTUFF: Meet & Play (Bogart Library) Drop in for facilitated open play with age-appropriate toys. Best for ages 6 & under. Every Friday, 10:30 a.m. FREE! www.athenslibrary.org/bogart

MEETINGS: Lunch & Learn (Bogart Library) Cynthia Jameson will lead a demonstration of the traditional White Table Military Memorial Ceremony. Open to teenagers and adults. 12 p.m. FREE! www.athenslibrary.org/bogart

PERFORMANCE: Operation Transformation (40 Watt Club) This fundraising drag show for Athens Pride & Queer Collective’s trans surgery scholarship will feature performances by Cola, Karmella, Diamond Dupree Sanchez, Tucker

a.m.–5 p.m. FREE! www.neighborhoodbooks.com

EVENTS: Learn Basic Miniature Painting (Tyche’s Games) Attendees can bring their primed miniatures and learn the basics of painting them. 1 p.m. $5. www. tychesgames.com

FILM: Big Magnum Kuroiwa Sensei (Flicker Theatre & Bar) Screening of the 1985 film about a high school teacher who carries a big gun sent to reform a violent school. 7 p.m. FREE! www.flickertheatreandbar.com

GAMES: Day of Board Game

Demonstrations (Tyche’s Games) Bring your pals and try some new games. 12 p.m. FREE! www.tychesgames.com

Sunday 28

CLASSES: Re-Potted Workshop (Athentic Brewing Co.) Potted Athens will supply soil and instruction for re-potting. Bring your own plants and pots. 2–5 p.m. $5–20. www.athenticbrewing.com

COMEDY: Blaugez Open Mic (Buvez) This show-up/go-up open mic is open to professional and

Tuesday 30

CLASSES: A Baker’s Dream Machine Happy Hour (Athens Cooks) Ankarsrum representative Ashley McCord will lead a demonstration on how to use its mixer with wine and treats provided. 3 p.m. $50. www.athenscooks.com

EVENTS: No Phone Party (Hendershot’s) Disconnect to connect with a phone-free, laptop-free happy hour. Every Tuesday, 6–9 p.m. www.hendershotsathens.com

GAMES: Classic City Trivia (Akademia Brewing Co.) Test your trivia knowledge with host Garrett Lennox. 7 p.m. FREE! www.facebook.com/


GAMES: Bad Dog Trivia (Amici Athens) Test your trivia knowledge with host TJ Wayt. Tuesdays, 7 p.m. www.facebook.com/baddogathens

PERFORMANCE: Athens Chautauqua Society Festival of Freedom (ACC Library) Award-winning teacher, performer and researcher Sonny Kelly will present “The Talk” sharing timeless and vital lessons from American history. 6–8 p.m. FREE! www.athenschq.org

KIDSTUFF: Busy Bee Toddler Time (Bogart Library) Join Ms. Donna for rhymes, songs, puppets and a simple story. 10 a.m. & 11 a.m. FREE! www.athenslibrary.org/bogart

KIDSTUFF: Lego Builders Club (Bogart Library) Lego lovers of all ages are invited; blocks will be available for younger builders under the age of 7. 3:30 p.m. FREE! www. athenslibrary.org/bogart

PERFORMANCE: Athens Chautauqua Society Festival of Freedom (Clarke County School District) Award-winning teacher, performer and researcher Sonny Kelly will present “Indivisible” sharing timeless and vital lessons from American history. 6–8 p.m. FREE! www. athenschq.org

Down the Line

6/01 Classic City Pétanque Club (Lay Park)

6/01 Diamond Hill Farm Stand (Athentic Brewing Co.)

6/01 KnitLits Knitting Group (Bogart Library)

6/01 Athens Chautauqua Society Festival of Freedom (Morton Theatre)

6/01 Thursday Trivia (Johnny’s New York Style Pizza) f

15 MAY 24, 2023· FLAGPOLE.COM
Owen Hunt hosts the Athentic Comedy Showcase, featuring national headliners and local guests, on the last Thursday of every month from 7–10 p.m.

bulletin board


Deadline for getting listed in Bulletin Board is every THURSDAY at 5 p.m. for the print issue that comes out the following Wednesday. Online listings are updated daily. Email calendar@flagpole.com.

ArtANNUAL CALL FOR ARTISTS (Athens Institute for Contemporary Art: ATHICA) Seeking artists working in any media with cohesive bodies of work to apply for exhibitions at ATHICA or ATHICA@Ciné. Proposals from curators and curatorial teams are also welcome. Deadline June 30. athica.org/updates/soloduo-trio-call

ATHENS CREATIVE DIRECTORY (Athens, GA) The ACD is a platform to connect creatives with patrons. Visual artists, musicians, actors, writers and other creatives are encouraged to create a free listing. athenscreatives@gmail.com, www. athenscreatives.directory

CALL FOR ART (Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation) Artists can submit up to three works of art for inclusion in the exhibition “Myth, Magic and Mystery.” All media will be considered. Find the submission form online. Deadline May 24. Exhibition opens June 23. $25–30 submission fee. www.ocaf.com

CALL FOR ART (Winterville Community Center) Seeking artists for an upcoming exhibition. Artists and poets can submit up to three JPEG or .doc files by email. Deadline June 7. wacartshows@abby-kacen

CALL FOR ARTISTS (Lyndon House Arts Center) The upcoming exhibition “Rescue: Waste and Redemption” seeks artists who transform industrial byproducts into artworks or craft objects. Artists whose practice involves the use of environmentally conscious processes or materials are encouraged to apply. Fill out online form. Deadline Sept. 20. Exhibition runs Apr. 6–June 1, 2024. www.accgov.com/7345/



Artists, artist groups and curators can submit proposals for original exhibition ideas. Artists can also submit images of their work for consideration in larger group or themed shows organized by the center. Proposals will be reviewed Sept. 20, 11:59 p.m. www.accgov. com/6657/Exhibition-ProposalForm

JOKERJOKERTV CALL FOR ARTISTS (Online) JOKERJOKERtv is open to ideas and actively accepting proposals for collaboration from visual/musical/video artists and curators living in Athens. Artists worldwide can also submit music videos, short films, skits and ideas to share with a weekly livestream audience. www.jokerjokertv.com/


MUSEUM MADNESS (Georgia Museum of Art) As part of the museum’s 75th anniversary celebration, an art competition pits 64 works from its collection against one another to see which will emerge as the people’s favorite. Voting runs weekly on Instagram (@georgiamuseum) until July 11, when voting for the top eight will shift to in-person. Winner announced Aug. 26. www.georgia museum.org

ONLINE POTTERY AUCTION (Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation)

Choose from selections from the private collection of Bob and Yukiko Marable. Featured artists include Ron Meyers, Michael Pitts, Michael Simon and Alice Woodruff. The auction is currently running through June 2, 11:55 p.m. givebutter.com/


OPEN STUDIOS (Lyndon House Arts Center) Studio members have access to spaces for painting, print-

art around town

ARTWALL@HOTEL INDIGO ATHENS (500 College Ave.) Nancy Everett’s solo show “Classic Inspirations” includes paintings that celebrate Athens and the Southeast. Through July.

ATHICA@CINÉ GALLERY (234 W. Hancock Ave.) “Inner Forms: Paintings by Joe Leone” reflects the artist’s love for nature and organic process of blending colors and textures directly on the canvas. Through June 25.

CARTER-COILE COUNTRY DOCTORS MUSEUM (111 Marigold Lane, Winterville) The Charles and Kim Burch Medicine Garden contains 19 non-toxic plants which were cultivated for medicinal use in Georgia between 1870–1940. The inaugural rotating exhibit “I’m Not a Doctor But I Play One on TV” takes a look at the most famous country doctor roles from TV, film and print media through artifacts and archival material. Through July 15.

CLASSIC CENTER (300 N. Thomas St.) Classic Gallery 1 shares “Flourish,” an exhibition of artists inspired by the botanical world including Dallis Foshee, Mary Mason Sams, Marisa Mustard and Zahria Cook. Classic Gallery 2 shares “Works by Bess Carter,” a series of brightly painted interior spaces.

CHOCO PRONTO (700 Baxter St., Suite 400) “Slaying the Badger” by artist and cyclist Rusty Wallace was created in celebration of Athens Twilight. Three mixed media collages on panels and a circular work were directly inspired by the ’84–’86 Tour de France history. Through May 25.

EARTH FARE (1689 S. Lumpkin St.) “THIS and THAT” features collages and found object assemblages by Lisa Freeman.

FLICKER THEATRE & BAR (263 W. Washington St.) Artwork by Annelie Klein. Through May 27. • Artwork by Gary Autry. May 29–June.

GEORGIA MUSEUM OF ART (90 Carlton St.) “In Dialogue: Henry Ossawa Tanner, Mentor and Muse.” Through June 18. • “Art is a form of freedom” is a collaborative project through which incarcerated women at the

making, photography, ceramics, jewelry, fiber and woodworking. Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. $65/month. www. accgov.com/7350/Open-StudioMembership


ARTIFICE (Elberton Arts Center, Elberton) Encore Productions hosts auditions for adults to participate in a comedy production. The audition consists of reading excerpts from the script. Drop-in auditions held June 12–13, 6–8 p.m. Performances held Aug. 25–27 and Sept. 1–3. tking@cityofelberton.net


BLACKSMITHING CLASSES (Greenhow Handmade Ironworks, Washington) “Forge a Bottle Opener” will cover making open face and church key style bottle openers. May 27, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $150. “Forge a Throwing Tomahawk” is for experienced students. May 27 or June 10, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $175. In “Basic Blacksmithing: First Time at the Forge,” students will forge and assemble a wall mount rack with three hooks. June 3, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $150. “Forge an Iron Age Battle Spear.” June 17, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $175. “Forge a Fire Poker” covers tapering, bending and scrolling, forge welding, cutting with a chisel and more. June 24, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $150. greenhowhand made@gmail.com

COMMUNITY DANCE IMPROV (work.shop) No experience necessary. Vaccines and boosters required. Sundays, 11 a.m.–12 p.m. Donations accepted. lisay-

DEDICATED MINDFULNESS PRACTITIONERS (Online) Weekly Zoom meditations are offered every Saturday at 8:30–9:30 a.m. Email for details. richardshoe@gmail. com

HOMEBUYER EDUCATION WORKSHOP (Zoom) Athens Land Trust presents an eight-hour, HUDcertified course for first-time homeowners that covers the homebuying process in Georgia. Pre-registration required. June 17, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. $10. www.athensl andtrust.org

MINDFULNESS PRACTICE EVENINGS (Online) Discuss and practice how to change your relationship with difficult thoughts and emotions. Email for the Zoom link. Second Friday of the month, 6–7 p.m. FREE! mfhealy@bellsouth.net

OPEN/COMMUNITY MEDITATION (Sangha Yoga Studio at Healing Arts Centre) Uma Rose leads a meditation designed to guide participants into stillness and silence. Mondays, 4–5 p.m. Donations encouraged. www.healingarts centre.net

PANTOMIME (Winterville Cultural Center) Learn the art of pantomime in this five-session course. Mondays, June 19–July 17, 9–11 a.m. $20/class. www.wintervillecenter. com

PLEIN AIR PEN & PENCIL (Winterville Cultural Center) Jack Burk leads a five-session class in drawing at various locations in and around Winterville. Wednesdays and Fridays, June 21–July 5, 9–11:30 a.m. $100. www.wintervillecenter.com

Whitworth Women’s Facility selected works for an exhibition and wrote prose and poetry in response to the pieces. Through July 2. • “Decade of Tradition: Highlights from the Larry D. and Brenda A. Thompson Collection.” Through July 3.

GLASSCUBE@INDIGO (500 College Ave.) Zane Cochran presents “Aurora,” a sculptural interpretation of the aurora borealis using 3D geometric figures and lights.

JITTERY JOE’S FIVE POINTS (1230 S. Milledge Ave.) Stuart Libby shares a variety of oils on paper, photography and watercolors. Through May.

JUST PHO… AND MORE (1063 Baxter St.) Susan Pelham’s collages are influenced by Magic Realism, Surrealism, fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Through May.

LYNDON HOUSE ARTS CENTER (211 Hoyt St.) “Resilient Civic and Musical Life: Ware-Lyndon House Enslaved and Descendant Stories” includes a film; reading room of books relevant to the African-American experience in art, music and heritage; and a visual timeline relating a fuller and more truthful story of the property and its inhabitants. On view Thursdays–Saturdays. • “Breathing Room” presents artwork by 16 past and present employees of R. Wood Studio, such as Amanda Burk, Kristen Bach, Rinne Allen, David Barnes, Michele Dross and Lou Kregel. Through June 8. • Collections from our Community presents typewriters from Mike Kilpatrick, Tatiana Veneruso, Mike Landers and Lauren Fancher. Through July 1. • “Love.Craft Athens” is a two-part exhibition of artworks created by the crew of Love.Craft Athens, a nonprofit organization that serves adults with developmental disabilities. Reception June 15, 6 p.m. Paintings and ceramics are currently on view June 20. Ceramics are on view June 17–Oct. 7.


“Obsessive Compulsive Drawing” is a collection of work by Amandine Drouet and Richard Sudden. Through mid-June.


Visiting artist Leah Macdonald presents “Wax Flowers,” a series of floral

PUBLIC DANCE (The Studio Athens)

Beginner Rumba lessons followed by DJ’d waltz, swing, salsa, tango etc. Every fourth Saturday. 7:30–10 p.m. $5 (students), $10 (non-students). www.gmdance.com

SALSA DANCE CLASSES (Starland Lounge & Lanes) Join SALSAthens for Cuban style salsa dance classes. No partner necessary. Beginners welcome. Every Wednesday, 7:30–8:30 p.m. $10. gwyneth. moody@gmail.com

SUMMER POETRY WORKSHOP (Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation)

Heidi Lynn Nilsson leads a creative writing course. Mondays, June 19–July 17, 9 a.m.–12 p.m. $165–215. www.ocaf.com


CLASSES (Live Oak Martial Arts)

Traditional and modern-style Taekwondo, self-defense, grappling and weapons classes are offered for all ages. Classes in Jodo, the art of the Japanese staff and sword, are held Mondays, Wednesdays

and Fridays at 7 p.m. Visit the website for a full schedule. liveoak martialarts@gmail.com, www.live oakmartialarts.com

YOGA AND MORE (Revolution Therapy and Yoga) Revolution is a multipurpose mind-body wellness studio offering yoga and therapy with an emphasis on traumainformed practices. Check website for upcoming classes and programs. www.revolutiontherapyand yoga.com

YOGA CLASSES (Let It Be Yoga Studio, Watkinsville) Classes are offered in Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, beginner, gentle and other styles. Check online calendar for weekly offerings. www.letitbeyoga.org

ZOOM YOGA (Online) Rev. Elizabeth Alder offers “Off the Floor Yoga” (chair and standing) on Mondays at 1:30 p.m. and “Easy on the Mat” yoga classes on Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. Ongoing classes are $5/class or $18/month. 706-612-8077, ommmever@yahoo.com

photo encaustic works. Through June 2. • “Bob Marable: Artist, Collector, Benefactor” features 35 paintings and drawings by one of OCAF’s founding members. Through June 2. • The 28th annual “SouthWorks National Juried Exhibition” includes 86 works of art by 83 artists selected by Erin Dunn, curator of modern and contemporary art at the Telfair Museum in Savannah. Through June 2.

ODUM SCHOOL OF ECOLOGY GALLERY (140 E. Green St.) Natural science illustrator C Olivia Carlisle shares insect, botanical and ecosystems illustrations using graphite, carbon pencil, watercolor, acrylic, ink, color pencils and Adobe Photoshop. Through May.

THE ROOK & PAWN (294 W. Washington St.) “Comic Relief” features 22 Athens artists including Sierra Kirsche, Nyala Honda, Kendall Rogers, Mike Groves, Milk Tooth and A.M. Rodriguez. Through June 10.

UGA SPECIAL COLLECTIONS LIBRARIES (300 S. Hull St.) “Unequal by Design: Housing in Georgia and America” draws upon historic government documents, photographs, historic newspapers and other records to trace the evolution of housing policy, tackling issues such as zoning, gentrification and suburbanization. Through May 26. • “A Chance to Play: Title IX and Women’s Athletics at UGA” celebrates 50 years of women’s sports at UGA. Through May. • “Freemasonry in Georgia: Ideals, Imagery and Impact” presents items that demonstrate the ambitions and tensions that existed within the secret society. Through July 7.


On view in the Claire and Robert Clements Gallery, “Resonations: Marriage of Photography and Poetry” is a collaborative exhibition that pairs photographs by Lee Reed with poems by Clela Reed. Open Sunday mornings or by appointment at 706-546-7914 through June 25.

WINTERVILLE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY AND CULTURE (371 N. Church St., Winterville) “The Marigold Festival Poster Contest Exhibit” shares artwork by local artists alongside this year’s featured artist, Miranda Bellah. Through June 16.

16 FLAGPOLE.COM · MAY 24, 2023
“Question Authority” by Lisa Freeman is currently on view in “SouthWorks National Juried Exhibition” at the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation through June 2.

Help Out

THE ARK’S ADOPT-A-MOM (Athens, GA) Donations will help send flowers and cards to single mothers served by The Ark and residents in local nursing homes and hospices. Visit the website to register and choose a mom. Proceeds benefit

The Ark’s Single Working Mothers Fund, helping single moms avoid eviction and disconnections when they experience a loss of income. Through May. $25. www.athensark. org/adoptamom

MULTIPLE CHOICES BOARD MEMBERS (Athens, GA) Seeking a new board member for Multiple Choices Center for Independent Living, a nonprofit agency of disability advocates serving individuals throughout a 10-county area of Northeastern Georgia. Call for information. 706850-4025

SCNC BOARD MEMBERS (Sandy Creek Nature Center) Sandy Creek Nature Center, Inc., the founding support organization for SCNC, is seeking new members for its board of directors. Experience in accounting, social media or retail preferred. Apply online. scncinc@gmail.com, www.sandycreeknaturecenterinc. org/board-members


The Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement’s End School to Prison Pipeline Program seeks community members to support and mentor students who are experiencing bullying, have been suspended/ expelled, or need to complete court-ordered service hours. www. aadmovement.org


ART CLUBS (K.A. Artist Shop) Draw, paint, collage and create during weekly Art Card Club meet-ups. Fridays, 4:30–6 p.m. (pre-teens), 6:30–8 p.m. (teens). Drawing Club for Teens, taught by local artist James Greer, is held Wednesdays, 5–6:30 p.m. $25/drop-in, $180 (10-session pass). www.kaartist. com


CAMP (Contact for Location) Ages 3–12 can partake in field trips and fun activities. June 5–July 21, 9 a.m.–3 p.m. 706-540-3397


Woods and Farm) “Farmyard to Backyard Summer Camp” runs June 5–9. “The Nature of Stories Summer Camp” runs June 12–16. Camps run 8:30–12 p.m. for halfday participants ($145) and 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m. for full-day participants ($245). foxfirewoodsandfarm@ gmail.com, www.foxfirewoodsand farm.com

OCEAN DISCOVERY CAMP AT UGA (Georgia Center) Campers will brainstorm creative ways to address real world issues in the ocean ecosystems. Day-only or residential overnight options are available. Weekly sessions run June 5–July 17. Check website for dates and to register. $350/day, $1000/residential. www.georgia center.uga.edu

READ MAKE PLAY (’Brella Studio)

Various art activities for ages 0–5 are offered weekday mornings at 9 a.m. Check website for upcoming programs. Story time is also held every Friday at 10 a.m. www.brella studio.com

REPORT CARDS REWARDS PROGRAM (Athens, GA) Students in Kindergarten through 12th grade who reside in Athens-Clarke County can take a copy of their final report cards to a Leisure Services pool or splash pad during aquatics season for rewards. All A’s or E’s guarantees a free summer pool pass. All A’s and B’s or E’s and M’s is good for 10 free swims.


SUMMER ART CAMPS (K.A. Artist Shop) A variety of half-day or fullday camps are available for preteens and teens. Subjects include drawing, painting, calligraphy, creative journaling, printmaking, collage and more. Weekly camps run June 1–July 17, 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. or 1:30–5:30 p.m. $250/week of half days, $450/week of full days.



Cultural Arts Foundation) Summer camps run June 5–9 and June 26–30, 10 a.m.–12 p.m. (ages 4–7) or 12:30–2:30 p.m. (ages 8–11). $150–200/week. Six oneweek camps for grades 6–8 run Mondays–Fridays in June and July, 12:30–3:30 p.m. $190–240/week.

“Pottery Summer Camp for Teens” is offered for ages 14–17 in weekly sessions running May 29–July 21.

$210–260/week. Check website for activities and grade breakdowns. www.ocaf.com

SUMMER CAMPS (Athens, GA) ACC Leisure Services is now registering for summer camps. www.accgov. com/myrec

SUMMER CAMPS (Treehouse Kid & Craft) Camps are offered a variety of themes including digital design and illustration, Halloween, apothecary and flora, glow in the dark and blacklight, food trucks, slime and more. Check website for dates and descriptions. www.treehousekidand craft.com

SUMMER ROCK CAMPS (Full Moon School of Music, Watkinsville) Camps are available for true beginners to advanced musicians. Big Rawk Camp runs June 12–25 (650), Beginner Camp runs July 10–14 ($350) and Rock Camp runs July 17–23 ($450). www.thefull moonschool.com/summer-camp

SWIM LESSONS (Athens, GA) Swim lessons for children ages 3 and older are offered at Heard Park, Lay Park, Memorial Park and Rocksprings Park pools. $33–50/ session. The ACC Leisure Services’ Kinderswim program for 5-year-old children is free. www.accgov.com/ myrec

TEEN SOCIAL JUSTICE YOUTH JOB & TRAVEL SUMMER CAMP (Athens, GA) Ages 13–16 will participate in professional development, field trips, career mentorship, activism, financial literacy, investment lessons, college preparation and more. Students will be paid $10/hour for 5–10 hours a week. Program runs June 5–July 29. www.aadmovement.org

WILD EARTH CAMP (Piedmont Preserve) Weekly adventure camps are offered June 5–July 21 in the forest for ages 4–13. Register online. www.wildearthcamp.org

WINTERVILLE CULTURAL CENTER CAMPS (Winterville Cultural Center) In “Summer Art Camp,” children will participate in a variety of activities including printmaking, theater and drama, upcycled art, public art and puppet-making. June 12–16, 1–4 p.m. $125. In “STEAM Robotics Camp,” children will learn software, firmware and hardware for robots using scratch.mit.edu and codecombat.com. Participants must have their own smartphone or iPad. For grades 4–7. July 17–21,

9 a.m.–12 p.m. $125. www.wintervillecenter.com

Support Groups

ACA ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS AND DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES (Holy Cross Lutheran Church) This support group meets weekly. Tuesdays, 6:30–7:30 p.m. annetteanelson@gmail.com

AL-ANON 12 STEP (Multiple Locations) Recovery for people affected by someone else’s drinking. Visit the website for a calendar of electronic meetings held throughout the week. www.ga-al-anon.org

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (Athens, GA) If you think you have a problem with alcohol, call the AA hotline or visit the website for a schedule of meetings in Barrow, Clarke, Jackson and Oconee Counties. 706-389-4164, www.athens aa.org

ATHENS COUNCIL OF THE BLIND (Athens, GA) Open to people of all ages with vision impairments, their families and friends. Topics include adaptive equipment, recreational and social opportunities, and advocacy. 706-424-2794, dlwahlers@ gmail.com

LGBTQIA+ VIRTUAL ALPHABET FAMILY GATHERING (Online) This is a safe space for anyone on the LGBTQIA+/TGQNB spectrum. Fourth Sunday of every month, 6–8 p.m. uuathensga.org/justice/ welcoming-congregation

MENTAL HEALTH PEER RECOVERY GROUP (Nuçi’s Space) Participants support each other through life’s challenges by sharing from their skills, experiences and proven coping mechanisms. Newcomers welcome. First Tuesday of the month, 4–6 p.m. pr@nuci.org, www.nuci.org

NEW PARENTS AND INFANT FEEDING SUPPORT GROUP (BYL Family Resource Center) Come as you are for community, snacks and feeding advice from professionals. Babies and children of all ages are welcome. Wednesdays, 10 a.m.–12 p.m. FREE! www.byyourleave.org

OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS (24th Street Clubhouse) Learn to stop eating compulsively or curb other unwanted food-related behaviors. Every Tuesday, 12 p.m. FREE! Text: 678-736-3697

PARKINSON’S SUPPORT GROUP (First Baptist Church) This group is to encourage, support and share information with fellow sojourners who manage the challenges of Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders. Second Friday of every month, 1 p.m. gpnoblet@ bellsouth.net

PROJECT SAFE (Family Protection Center) Project Safe hosts a support group for survivors of domestic violence. Mondays, 6:30–8 p.m. www. project-safe.org

RECREATE JOY (Sunny Days Therapeutics) Nuçi’s Space hosts a recreational therapy support group. Improve coping skills and self esteem while reducing depression and anxiety through adaptive yoga, games and leisure education. Sixweek sessions. Wednesdays, 5–6 p.m. tinyurl.com/rnvuhesa

RECOVERY DHARMA (Athens Addiction Recovery Center) This peer-led support group offers a Buddhist-inspired path to recovery from any addiction. Visit the website for details. Thursdays, 7 p.m. FREE! www.athensrecoverydharma. org

SEX ADDICTS ANONYMOUS (Athens, GA) Athens Downtown SAA offers a message of hope to anyone who suffers from a compulsive sexual behavior. Contact for location. athensdowntownsaa@abby-kacen


GROUP (Oconee County Library)

Created by and for socially anxious young adults. Meets every other Sunday. Contact for meeting information. Jake@avoidendsnow.org, www.avoidendsnow.org


Counseling & Personal Development) ICPD offers several support groups. “LGBTQIA+ Young Adults Group” is offered for ages 18–30.

“Survivors of Suicide Loss Group” is offered the first Wednesday of every month, 7–8 p.m. “Veterans, Dependents & Caregivers Benefits

Resource & Claim Assistance Group” is offered the first Saturday of every month, 9–10 a.m. www. integrityofjefferson.com

Word on the Street

ATHENS BEER TRAIL TROLLEY TOURS (Athens, GA) A new trolly tour will provide transportation

between six local breweries: Akademia, Athentic, Creature Comforts, Southern Brewing, Terrapin Beer and Normaltown Brewing. Tours run every Thursday and Friday from 3–9 p.m. www.athenstrolleytours.com/ beer-trolley-tour


WEEK (ACC Landfill and Various Locations) Learn more about preventing litter due to uncovered truck loads. Tarps are available at the Solid Waste Department while supplies last. Awareness week runs June 4–11. www.keepathens beautiful.org


(Margo Metaphysical) Monday Tarot Readings offered 1–5 p.m. ($6 per card). Tuesday Tarot with Davita offered 4–6 p.m. ($5 per card). Wednesday Night Sound Healing with Joey held 6–7:30 p.m. ($35). Thursday Tarot with Courtney is offered 12–5 p.m. ($10–45). Friday Henna Party with Aiyanna ($10–75). 706-372-1462

PUBLIC POOLS (Multiple Locations)

ACC Leisure Services operates four public pools at Heard Park, Lay Park, Memorial Park and Rocksprings Park. Bishop Park is closed this season for renovations. Pools are open May 27–July 30. Check website for hours. www.accgov. com/pools

RABBIT HOLE EVENTS (Rabbit Hole Studios) Weekly events include Open Mic (Tuesdays, 7–11 p.m.), Acoustic Song Circle (Thursdays, 7–11 p.m.), Seventh Generation Native American Church services and community potlucks (Sundays, 11 a.m.), and Drumming and Song Circle (Sundays, 3–5 p.m.). Wednesday Yoga (5 p.m.) is followed by Meditation and Integration (6 p.m.). Events are free or donation based. www.rabbitholestudios.org/ calendar


REUNION (Winterville First Baptist Church) People with any connect to the Winterville School, which had its last graduating class in 1956, are invited to a reunion held June 10 at 10:30 a.m. RSVP by June 2. 706-612-6934

WORK.SHOP (160 Winston Dr.) Open rehearsal and performance space for theater, comedy, dance, classes and events. $10/hour. lisayaconelli@gmail.com, www. workshopathens.com f

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Thank you Classic City for your loyalty and support. We love you and hope to see you at Athfest! 1400 N. Chase St. • 706-549-4320 • athensanimalhospital.net


2BR/1BA, 900 sq. ft. W/D, lawn care. $1700/month. 285 Savannah Ave. Athens, GA 30601. Call for more information: 678-698-7613

House, 3BR/2BA in Normaltown. Central air. Apartment, 2BR/1BA. Furnished. Washer/dryer. Wi-Fi. No smokers, pets. Calls only! 706-372-1505

Large 2BR/1BA house w/ loft across from river downtown. Creative space, $1400. Call for more information: 706-202-0533

Get Flagpole delivered to your mailbox!

It can be for you or a pal who just moved out of town. $55 for six months or $100 for one year. Call 706-549-0301 or email front desk@flagpole.com.


Athens School of Music. Now offering in-person and online instruction in guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, brass, woodwinds, strings, banjo, mandolin and more. From beginner to expert, all styles. Visit www.athens schoolofmusic.com, 706543-5800.

VOICE LESSONS : Specializing in older (50+) beginners and intermediates. Gift certificates available. Contact stacie.court@ gmail.com or 706-424-9516.


Instant cash is now being paid for good vinyl records & CDs in fine condition. Wuxtry Records, at corner of Clayton & College Dwntn. 706-369-9428.

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Plumber Pro Service & Drain. Upfront pricing. Free estimates. $30 Flagpole discount. Call 706-769-7761. Same-day service available. www.plumberproservice. com


LABOR PARTNERS: Lawn care, debris removal, gutter cleaning, painting/ carpentry, construction clean-up, furniture moving. Under The Economic Justice Coalition. Insured and bonded. Call: 706-549-1142

Woman-Run Gardening Services: We offer raised bed building, garden maintenance, invasive plant removal, personalized native & edible gardens for your home or business. Call/Text: 706-395-5321

Need old newspapers for your garden? Maybe a new puppy? Well, we have plenty here at Flagpole! Call ahead and we’ll have them ready for you. Please leave current issues on stands. 706-549-0301



Athens digital marketing agency seeks organized, detail-oriented Marketing Operations Coordinator . More info at: light markmedia.com/job

UberPrints is now hiring for multiple positions! Both full and part-time positions available. For more information and applications, go to uberprints.com/company/ jobs


Do you like driving, know your way around town and need some extra cash? Flagpole needs reliable fill-in drivers for when our regular drivers are out! Email frontdesk@flagpole.com to be included in emails about future Distribution opportunities. Own car, a bility to follow instructions, attention to detail and Tuesday availability required! Previous delivery experience preferred. No calls or walk-ins!

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Interior design firm Metal + Petal is seeking a Warehouse Associate. Must be positive, motivated, organized, honest, and kind. Must be able to lift very heavy things safely, and move furniture. Competitive pay and a great team environment. Email maggie@ metalandpetal.com

Join a diverse, inclusive workplace and get paid to type! 16–40 hours, M–F. NEVER be called in for a shift you didn’t sign up for. Must type 65+ wpm. Make your own schedule and work independently with no customer interaction.

Starts at $13 with automatic increases. www.ctscribes. com



All Georgians ages 6 months & up are eligible for COVID vaccines, and ages 5+ are eligible for boosters! Call 706-3400996 or visit www.public healthathens.com for more information.

COVID testing available in West Athens (3500 Atlanta Hwy. Mon–Fri., 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. & Sat., 8 a.m.–12 p.m. At the old Fire Station on the corner of Atlanta Hwy. & Mitchell Bridge Rd. near Aldi and Publix.) Pre-registration is highly encouraged! Visit www. publichealthathens.com for more information.

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The Weekly Crossword Copyright 2023 by The Puzzle Syndicate ACROSS 1 800, in old Rome 55 Answers to 25 Unassuming 5 Got some problems 26 Very top shuteye 61 Musical 27 Detective Charlie 10 Butter bits ensembles 29 Look up to 14 Malta money 63 Jane's dog 30 Kitten sound 15 Sparkly 64 Filly's father 31 "Goosebumps" headpiece 65 Enraged writer 16 Newspaper bio 66 Soldier's stance, 33 Prepares to 17 Former StubHub with "at" work out owner 67 Meets, as a bet 35 Kind of church 18 Blend in 68 10th U.S. 36 Madonna's "La 20 In dire straits President ___ Bonita" 22 Specialty 69 Whole bunch 37 "___ of the 23 Affectionate D'Urbervilles" greeting DOWN 40 Debate side 24 Walloped 1 Legal title 43 Privileged group 26 Misbehave, 2 Sugar serving 45 "____ does it!" with "up" 3 Trial with a 47 Room for church 28 Emerald, for one dummy garments 32 It comes with 4 River rat 49 Alex of James kings and queens 5 Hollywood Patterson novels 34 Con artist's art sighting 50 Otherworldly 38 Nautical pole 6 Mona ___ 51 Mother-of-pearl 39 Now and again? 7 Right on the map 53 Reacts to yeast 41 Cathedral recess 8 White-collar 56 Spoken aloud 42 Salad follower worker? 57 Recently 44 They may be 9 Scot's cap deceased flared 10 Patrol vehicle 58 Computer 46 High school 11 Taken ____ operator grade 12 Churchgoer's 59 Cyrano's fam48 Swedish airline offering ous feature 49 Franc fraction 13 Trusty horse 60 Dinner in a pot 52 ___ de Triomphe 19 Laughable 62 Take a load off 54 Flinch, say 21 Breakfast staple 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 SUDOKU Edited by Margie E. Burke Copyright 2023 by The Puzzle Syndicate Difficulty: Medium Solution to Sudoku:
TO SOLVE: Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9; and each set of 3 by 3 boxes must contain the numbers 1 to 9. 8 1 2 9 4 4 3 7 2 5 7 5 1 2 4 7 4 6 8 9 9 5 8 3 1 8 5 4 1 6 7 9 3 2 7 3 1 2 5 9 6 4 8 2 6 9 8 4 3 7 5 1 1 9 3 4 7 2 5 8 6 6 7 5 3 1 8 2 9 4 4 8 2 5 9 6 1 7 3 3 4 6 7 2 5 8 1 9 9 1 7 6 8 4 3 2 5 5 2 8 9 3 1 4 6 7 Puzzle answers are available at www.flagpole.com/puzzles Residential • Office • Construction • Move In • Move Out aecleanathens@gmail.com Adilene Valencia 706-424-9810 Call today for a quote! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE GRADUATES FROM A&E CLEANING SERVICE 706-425-5099 i 298 Prince Ave. Across from The Bottleworks www.downtownathensvets.com YELP REVIEWS FROM OUR PATIENTS “With Boulevard, you’re a part of a family! Never experienced such compassion and professionalism.” LET PEIKEN HELP! Selling In-Town Athens for Over 23 Years UGA Graduate / Loving Athens since 1987 Voted one of Athens Favorite Realtors by Flagpole’s readers for 4 years!* Daniel Peiken Daniel@Athenshome.com 706 296 2941 • 5Market Realty 824 South Milledge Ave., Ste 200 *2014, ‘15, ‘16, ‘18 HOMEMADE DOG TREATS Barkday Cakes • Pawty Packs • Ice Cream for Pets We donate a portion of our profits to Athens Canine Rescue www.oscarbites.net MENTION “WOOF” AND RECEIVE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ON COLLARS, LEASHES AND PLUSHIES. WOOF!
20 FLAGPOLE.COM · MAY 24, 2023 athens’ favorite electrician @ The Jarrett Martin Group Jarrett Martin, REALTOR® 229.869.5734 Haley Paulk, REALTOR® 706.201.7047 YOUR SECOND-FAVORITE REAL ESTATE TEAM ©2021 Corcoran Group LLC. All rights reserved. Corcoran® and the Corcoran Logo are registered service marks owned by Corcoran Group LLC. Corcoran Group LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each franchise is independently owned and operated. 940 Prince Avenue Suite C | Athens, Georgia 30606 | 706.559.4520 | corcoranclassic.com jarrettmartingroup Compassionate and affordable Care for Your four-legged friends (706)353-2696 • Monthly Specials & Discount Packages • Laser Therapy & Pain Management • Surgical & Dental Care • Boarding & Grooming • Spay & Neuter • Equine, Pig, & Goat Services

Cantaritos’ Pan-Latin Brunch


CANTARITOS CAFÉ (2467 Jefferson Road, 706-850-0844, @cantaritoscafe_):

This new restaurant in Homewood Hills moved into the space that was most recently the Peruvian restaurant Mifflin House and before that was the much beloved Big Family Cafe, a California-style diner with a huge menu that satisfied a wide range of folks. Cantaritos is situated between those two in vibe, being both a breakfast and lunch place that makes delicious burritos and a pan-Latin restaurant that includes Peruvian foods among its offerings. I was accused of burying the lede by one friend when I didn’t immediately mention that, rather than chips and salsa, Cantaritos brings every diner a free bowl of soup, so here’s that information up front. There’s something more delightful about a soup because it’s out of the ordinary. The place is a bit hard to locate and doesn’t have a permanent sign yet, just a small bilingual chalkboard out front, but it’s worth seeking out. Mexican, Cali-Mex, Peruvian, Colombian, Salvadoran—there’s a little bit of each of those things on the large menu, plus brunchy stuff like crepes and French toast served all day. It’s fun to mix and match. Get an arepa with your lomo saltado or a pupusa with your burrito.

slices of chicharron, egg prepared however you want it, a pile of avocado, matchsticks of a salty queso fresco, slices of maduro, a mound of rice. The pupusas are pretty good (the curtido slaw that accompanies it is worth noting), but if you’re going to get a filled griddled corn cake, you’d do better with the arepas, which are thinner and less floppy. The reina pepiada iteration, named for a Venezuelan beauty queen, is filled with what is essentially a chicken salad, and it’s fresh and sweet. Empanadas are fine, but no one beats Cali N Tito’s on that front. There’s more, too: sandwiches, shrimp, specials on the weekends, a well-priced kids menu, a container of candies on your way out the door. What there isn’t yet is a liquor license, so you’ll have to stick with agua frescas for the moment. Cantaritos is open 7:30 a.m.–3 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m. on Sunday.

3 day festival featuring 150 bands at 3 free outdoor stages and 10 Clubs! Art market vendors • Free kids activities

Perhaps the best thing on the menu is the chilaquiles, one of the best dishes invented to reuse leftovers, available with several different salsas. You can upgrade it with chicken or steak, but neither is necessary. The tortillas are crisp around the edges but soaked with sauce, egg and crema in the middle. It’s a gorgeous combination of texture and flavor. A less good restaurant would make things soggier, because that’s what entropy does, but Cantaritos makes its range of textures broad. Another highlight is the California A.M., a grilled burrito filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo, hunks of sweet plantain, fried potatoes and cheese, moving from sweet to salty, soft things to things that meet your bite with a little resistance. Served with a side of fruit, toast or potato hash, it’s a good value, too, at $9.50 for the plate. On the lunch side of the menu is bandeja paisa, sometimes known as the national dish of Colombia, which is the kind of meal that could fuel someone for a long time: thinpounded, grilled and flavorful steak, fat

CLEAN EATZ (1791 Oconee Connector #560, near Old Navy, 706-850-6415, cleaneatz.com): This franchise started by Don and Evonne Varady, both competitive bodybuilders, focuses on healthy eating, and it’s as much a lifestyle brand as it is a restaurant. Would you wear an entire outfit from a restaurant you enjoyed, with its logo incorporated into a tattered American flag? Water bottles, beanies, fanny packs and more are all flogged in a brochure you can pick up that also advertises weekend motivational retreats run by the founders. How’s the food? It’s OK. As an American, my taste buds have been trained like most of yours to prefer fat and salt, which means that I can’t help but compare a “healthy” Philly cheesesteak to an unhealthy one. I think that’s the point of the lifestyle marketing at Clean Eatz, to reel you in and make you as excited about its wrapz, burgerz, flatbreadz and the like as you would be about a Doritos Locos taco. It’s more geared to aspiring and actual gym enthusiasts than a place like Maepole, which has a similar ethic. You can pick up any number of deep-frozen meals from the cases at one end of the space (there are discounts for ordering in volume) or you can order from the cafe menu, and they don’t completely overlap. A wrap that enfolds salmon, spinach, bacon and Green Goddess sauce ain’t bad. The macaroni and cheese is supposedly made with wholewheat pasta, but it doesn’t taste like it. The portions are reasonable sizes, which probably means many people think they’re small. Everything is labeled with the calorie count, and there are lots of gluten-free and keto choices; it tends toward lighter animal protein rather than vegetarian options. Clean Eatz is open 11 a.m.–7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m.–3 p.m. on weekends. f

enjoy your beer while exploring all 4 blocks of the festival! (must purchase a $5 drinking wristband - 21+only)

the return of our nighttime shows at 10 venues featuring 2 nights of bands for only $25!

AthFest bars and merchandise booth will accept credit or debit cards only

Music Line Up, purchase Club Crawl wristbands, plus more details all at:

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food & drink
Cantaritos Café
m u s ic & arts festival JUNE 2 3- 25 afundraiserfor EXCEPTIONAL CARE FOR EXCEPTIONAL PETS 1150 Mitchell Bridge Rd. 706-546-7879 · www.hopeamc.com Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-6pm
festival zone club crawl cashless
22 FLAGPOLE.COM · MAY 24, 2023 Here are restaurants that are open and waiting for your order! Locally Sourced Goodness Everyday LUMPKIN & CEDAR SHOALS 706-355-7087 C U B A N S A N D W I C H • T O S T O N E S • Q U E S A D I L L A S • T A C O S • B U R R I T O S • C U B A N S A N D W I C H • T O S T O N E S • Q U E S A D L L A S • T A C O S • B U R R I T O S L O M O S A L T A D O W I N G S E M P A N A D A S S H A K E S M A D U R O S CALL US TO CATER YOUR GRADUATION PARTY Empanadas, Lomo, Soups, Cheesesteaks, Cupcakes and more! Vegan, Vegetarian & GF Options • Inside & Outside Seating Delivery through Bulldawgfood.com • To go Orders 706-850-8284 247 Prince Avenue Online Ordering • Curb-side pick-up • Box catering Homemade Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, and Desserts 975 Hawthorne Ave • 706-206-9322 emskitchenathawthorne.com Need Graduation Catering? Em’s is the one to call! PIZZA • CALZONES • PASTA CRAFT BEER • WINE 254 W. WASHINGTON TEDSMOSTBEST.COM MON – THURS 11:00AM – 9:30PM FRI – SUN 11:00AM – 10:30PM HOURS HOURS HAPPY HOUR EVERY DAY • 3 TO 6PM $1 off all drafts and glasses of wine LUNCH SPECIALS EVERY DAY 11AM TO 3PM
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www.pawtropolis.com Pawtropolis Westside 130 Whitetail Way 706-227-7887 Pawtropolis Eastside 670 Olympic Drive 706-850-8744 Instead of just “kenneling” the dogs and cats in their care, Pawtropolis creates “experiences” for each pet depending on their specific needs. Whether you have a water loving lab that wants to play in the pool with his friends all day, or a pampered Pomeranian that wants a full bed, a movie to watch and a massage before bed, Pawtropolis has you covered. This individualized attention is one of the many things that makes Pawtropolis a place where owners trust leaving their pets. Doggie and Kitty Daycare · Overnight Care · Pool Rental · Kitty City Training · Dog Grooming · Pet Boutique · Self-Service Wash Stop by for a tour! A Dog’s Ultimate Playground Kitty CityIndoor Heated Saltwater Pool Convenient pick-up and drop-off hours even on Sundays! Outdoor Saltwater Pool Live Webcams Live Webcams Located in West AND East Athens Located in West AND East Athens NOW HIRING!