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40 Watt Comedy Night is back and hosted by Joe Pettis, who has appeared on “Daytime Fighting League” on Adult Swim and “Six Degrees with Mike Rowe” on Discovery+. Featured comedians are Katie Hughes, Dedrick Flynn, Ian Aber and Minori Hinds. For more information, visit 40watt.com.

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CCSD “Strongly Encourages” Masks

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Taylor-Grady House Vacant

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Happy Birthday Rabbit Hole

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Start the school year with a clean house! Call today for a quote! Adilene Valencia 706-424-9810 aecleanathens@gmail.com

artssummit August 5 & 6 2022

FRI Public Lecture with Charmaine 8/5 Minniefield Morton Theatre • Doors at 6pm Lecture at 6:30pm • FREE


PUBLISHER Pete McCommons

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SAT Arts Summit: Panel Discussions, 8/6 Workshops, and Professional

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Morton Theatre • 10am-5pm FREE with Registration

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online exclusive Health-oriented franchise Surcheros opened Aug. 1 at 700 Baxter Street, serving Tex-Mex burritos, tacos, bowls, etc. Sellers Eatery has also opened in Watkinsville doing mostly sandwiches for lunch with a salad bar. See “Surcheros Opening on Baxter Street Next Week” at flagpole. com.

hosted by ACC Arts Division A UGU S T 3, 2022· F L A GP OL E .C OM



city dope


By Blake Aued news@flagpole.com In light of another COVID-19 surge, the Clarke County School District is encouraging wearing masks inside schools as children return to classrooms this week. But because of a new state law, CCSD can’t mandate masks as it did during the previous two school years. “CCSD is aware that COVID-19 cases are once again on the rise in our area. With that in mind, we strongly encourage staff, students and visitors to wear masks/face coverings when in school settings that do not allow for social distancing. Schools will have face masks available for those who need one,” according to an announcement from the district. Gov. Brian Kemp signed a bill in March allowing parents to opt out of school districts’ mask mandates, essentially ending the ability of school districts to require masks. At the time, Clayton County was the only school district still requiring masks. CCSD dropped its mandate last February. Since then, however, new variants of the virus have led to a plateau and, it appears, another surge, with COVID-19 cases likely to spike further as University of Georgia students flood back into town. August brought an alarming rash of cases in both 2020 and 2021. This time, though, any spike will be more difficult to measure. UGA is no longer requiring students to tell the university if they test positive for COVID-19 and no longer reporting campus cases to the public. In addition, public health experts believe there are many times more cases than are now being officially reported by government agencies, which rely on tests taken at clinics and do not include at-home tests. As of the Georgia Department of Public Health’s last weekly update on July 27, Clarke County had a seven-day rolling

average of 31 new cases per day—high, but nowhere near previous surges. There is other evidence that infections are spreading rapidly, though. The Athens-Clarke County government did reinstate its mask mandate last month, based on community levels as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the CDC’s July 28 update, COVID-19 levels in Clarke County are “high,” with 213 cases per 100,000 people last week. “Wastewater levels confirm the high transmission levels for Athens-Clarke County noted by the CDC,” said UGA Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases professor Erin Lipp’s lab, which measures levels of the Sars-Cov-2 virus in local wastewater. Twelve residents were hospitalized, and two died last week. Regionally, the number of intensive care unit beds occupied fell to 54, or 63% of capacity. Thirty-nine patients, or 6.5% of all patients, were hospitalized with COVID-19. As for CCSD, it says it will continue to provide testing opportunities, is urging parents to keep their children at home if they’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, recommends that students and staff be vaccinated, and has installed ionizers in all buildings to filter the air.

income. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recommends paying no more than 30% of income for housing. Almost half—47%—of Athens residents pay more than that. Abrams blamed Gov. Brian Kemp for being slow to spend federal affordable housing funds and allowing corporate landlords to turn tenants out into the street. Abrams’ plan, announced July 27—the same day she visited Athens for a fundraiser—calls for expanding assistance to first-time homebuyers, increasing funding for the state’s affordable housing trust fund, reforming the Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ low-income housing tax credit program, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of source of income, and creating a “circuit breaker” program to help low-income homeowners facing rising property taxes due to gentrification, among other measures. She would also allow local governments to enact laws that protect tenants, require developers to build affordable

housing through inclusionary zoning (currently a voluntary program in Athens) and charge developers impact fees that can be spent on affordable housing.

Odds and Ends College Station Road reopened to westbound traffic near the Loop, as damage from a water main break last month was repaired several weeks ahead of schedule. Western Circuit District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez will hold a listening session at the ACC Library on Thursday, Aug. 11 from 6–8 p.m. to “discuss and address community and individual safety concerns facing Athens.” Ciné will screen Linnentown: Urban Renewal, White Supremacy and the University of Georgia, a 22-minute documentary by Oconee County High School graduate and Harvard University student Alex Benoit, at 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 15, followed by a panel discussion. f

Abrams Releases Housing Plan A new policy paper from Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams singles out Athens as having the least affordable housing in the state, compared to Atlanta, Macon, Savannah and Albany. According to the Abrams campaign, the median annual income in Athens is $51,000, while median housing costs are $1,842 a month, or 43% of the median

Eastcreek Photography


Weddings. Parties. Corporate Events. (706) 353-1913 info@eptingevents.com 4

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hey, bonita…

For Rent

Romance and Housing Woes

By Rebecca McCarthy news@flagpole.com

By Bonita Applebum advice@flagpole.com



verything in the Taylor-Grady House is gone. As of July 26, every piece of furniture, every vase and place setting, every painting and rug, every table, chair and settee, had been returned to its owners or put into storage for a later sale. And after more than 50 years of using and caring for the historic antebellum building, the Junior League of Athens has moved on from its headquarters on Prince Avenue.

services it provides. After much debate and discussion, Junior League officials decided not to file a letter. Had the Junior League decided to submit necessary paperwork and had it shown there was a community benefit, its annual rent would have fallen to $7,767, plus all the costs of utilities. Also, if the league received more than $3,600 from renting the facility, the county wanted 10% of those yearly earnings.



Bonita, I’m a student with a good group of friends. It’s a little weird though, because this group consists of me and two other girls, along with two guys. We’re all straight. I’ve been hooking up with one of the guys, and he’s into me, too. He and I have been texting outside of the group chat since the spring. We first hooked up one night towards the end of the semester without telling anyone, and since then we’ve been in contact every day—privately. We FaceTime and send funny texts; he even came to my hometown this summer and spent the weekend with me—it was pretty great. I want to be a true couple, but he wants to hide our relationship from his current girlfriend. He doesn’t want to hurt her, and he doesn’t want to break up our friend group (we have such a good time together, honestly). I think it’s a bunch of crap, and I am starting to

already fragile peace in which your friend group exists. Hey Bonita, I’m going into my junior year at UGA, and my parents just bought a house and moved to Athens this summer. That was a decision they made, not one I had any input on or necessarily wanted. Well I just found out—because of a mix of friend drama and money problems— that I’m going to have to move out of my apartment after this fall semester. Of course, my parents want me to move into their house. Save money, etc. It does make sense, and it’s a really good opportunity to get ahead financially while I’m trying to finish out school. BUT, they’ve already brought up that there would be some rules and guidelines. I feel like this is going to seriously impact my social life, and I don’t know if that’s how

Athens-Clarke County is looking for a new tenant for the antebellum Greek Revival mansion.

The Athens-Clarke County government has owned the house since the late 1960s, when it leased it to the Athens Junior Assembly, which later became the Junior League. Former members said they worked with the City of Athens for years to restore the Greek Revival building, even going so far as to install an elevator to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act standards. In addition to serving as a popular venue for weddings, large receptions and private events, the Taylor-Grady House has been open as a house museum, with 19th-century period pieces either lent or donated to the Junior League. Notice of a rent increase from the ACC Commission spurred the departure of the League, whose members learned in 2020 their annual leasing fee would increase from $1 to $38,834, and that the county would no longer pay $8,000 each year to help with the cost of utilities. The commission’s Government Operations Committee had looked at the amount of money charged for community organizations to use its county-owned buildings and found “there was such a disparity between what Black-run charities and white-run charities were being charged,” said Commissioner Melissa Link, a committee member. “It was clearly racism.” Link said the committee worked for months to devise an equitable rental formula, using information about market rate, the group’s income and the level of funding from the county. A nonprofit could get an 80% rent reduction if it filed a letter indicating the community benefit of the

Current and past members said all the money they raised was plowed back into the house. “We discussed it, and we looked into the finances, and we were in the red every year,” said Jordan Shoemaker, a league member on the board of directors. “We loved being there, but we had to look at what it was costing us to continue.” Commissioner Ovita Thornton said she would have preferred requiring every nonprofit to pay only $1 annually to use a county-owned building, as long as the organizations “open their doors to the community, provide a service and provide maintenance.” Gavin Hassemer, interim director of the ACC Central Services Department, which manages county-owned properties, said a request for proposals has been sent out on the Taylor-Grady House. He’s expecting a different non-profit or a business to take up residence. The Mayor and Commission will determine the amount of rent to charge. Robert Taylor, a wealthy planter and slaveholder, built the house in 1844 and sold it in 1863 to Confederate Maj. William Grady. His son Henry Woodfin Grady, a University of Georgia graduate who later edited the Atlanta Constitution, lived in the house while he was a student. Henry Grady is known for his speeches championing an industrial “New South” in the years after Reconstruction. The house changed hands two more times, and later was abandoned and vandalized in the 1950s and mid1960s before the city bought it. It is the only building in Athens listed as a National Historic Landmark. f

resent him for being so concerned with her feelings. They’d been broken up for a few months (after being together for less than a year) before we got together, and I think that’s plenty of time to move on. Me and this guy have an excellent connection, but I honestly don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be public about our relationship. Baby in the Corner Hey Baby, I’m a little confused, because you say his “current” girlfriend, then state that they’ve been broken up for a couple of months, but honestly that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that this guy wants to hide your relationship from either his ex or his current partner, and also just kind of wants to hide your relationship in general. He is trying to have his cake and eat it, too, and you and others are paying the price for his selfishness. There is a man out there who wants to honor you publicly and honestly, but you’ve got tunnel vision on this guy. Dump this chump, and go find an actual partner. It’s up to you whether you come clean about this affair after the fact—it would be the right thing to do if infidelity is at play here, but know that it will absolutely shatter the

I want to spend the end of my college years or if it’s something I’m going to regret. My parents and I get along pretty well, not perfectly, but they still treat me like a high-schooler and not an adult who has been living on their own. So I’m also worried that now we might not get along so well. Should I take the deal and move in with my parents or try to find something I can manage on my own? Anon. Hey Anon, Rooms for rent will pop up at the beginning of the semester—they always do when people unexpectedly break a lease or change their mind about a housing situation. Start saving for a deposit now, and keep your eyes peeled for listings that will work for you. I do think that you will absolutely hate having to move back in with infantilizing parents after having lived like the adult that you are, so avoid it at all costs. This is all a few months away, so you have plenty of time to come up with a solution that doesn’t involve bedtime or “no boys allowed” stipulations. f Need advice? Email advice@flagpole.com, or use our anonymous online form at flagpole.com/getadvice.

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calendar picks


Athens Word of Mouth The Globe • 7–9 p.m. • FREE!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been sitting on a pile of uninspired work generated since the pandemic. If it seems like the well of experiences you’ve been able to draw from has begun to evaporate, you may find a great replenishing source in others. That’s right, Word of Mouth, The Globe’s monthly poetry open mic, is back. Sign-ups begin on Aug. 3 at 6 p.m., where you’ll first be treated to the work of featured reader Ciera Durden. Durden is a poet and first-year student in the mental health counseling program at UGA. From then on, attendees will approach the stage in the order of sign-up, subtly and deftly espousing their versions of truth. Rhyming optional, I would imagine. This will mark the first iteration of the DELENE PORTER

Killick Hinds

open mic since before the pandemic started, and hopefully the attendance will reflect that fact. So go out, learn, share and mouth off. [Patrick Barry] MUSIC | THU, AUG. 4

Killick Hinds and Martin Howth

ATHICA • 7 p.m. • Donations accepted

Two musicians of staggering talent are set to play at ATHICA next week. The first is local Killick Hinds, a true musical chameleon, blending styles on a whim. He will take a minute of avant-garde jazz, something which may seem like noise, and then casually interlace the most well-articulated classical passage, before going right back to some wonderful atonal thing. The ever-changing soundscapes of his music clearly show a mastery of the instrument. And by instrument, I don’t mean guitar, but simply whatever instrument he happens to be squeezing mind-bending sounds out of at the moment. That frequently leans towards the guitar world, or some strange


space between guitars and alien instruments, but it seems as if Hinds could pick up a tin can and write a symphony, and probably has. Next comes Martin Howth, the solo looping project of jazz vocalist Audra Mariel. Inside her humble blue briefcase lies the secret to her magic; a looping station. Using only her voice and no digital effects, she builds wonderful songs from the ground up live on stage. It really is amazing to watch. To see it in person, or for the skeptical, come out to the free show! [PB] EVENT | AUG. 5–6

Art Summit 2022

Morton Theatre • 6 p.m. (Fri), 10 a.m.–5 p.m. (Sat) • FREE!

The Athens Arts Division will hold a new Arts Summit at the Morton Theatre. The Arts Summit is designed to assist local artists and creative professionals with career development skills, as well as tips and tricks for surviving and thriving in the modern art world. The two-day event kicks off with a presentation from keynote speaker Charmaine Minniefield, an Atlanta-based artist and activist creating community-based works which remember African-American women-led resistance, spirituality and power. Through her “Praise House Project,” she constructed multiple physical structures in communities with deep AfricanAmerican history which honor the struggles and endurance of tradition. The summit will also feature panels with speakers from grant agencies and entertainment professionals, with topics including “Finding Funding,” “Licensing Your Art for Film and TV” and “ACC Public Art Proposals.” Register online at accgov. com/10471/Arts-Summit-2022. [PB] MUSIC | SAT, AUG. 6

Thayer Sarrano Ciné • 9 p.m. • $10

Former Athenian and ethereal songwriter Thayer Sarrano is set to grace the stage of Ciné this week. Since 2009, Serrano has released three LPs, a live EP with strings and multiple singles. This show will mark 10 years since the release of her first album, Lift Your Eyes to The Hills, as well as the forthcoming release of her new LP, Bells. Sarrano’s music is oftentimes inextricable from her visual work, quiet reflections on light and decay. They serve her music well, and will be featured as part of the show. Accompanying Sarrano will be Calvert Fountain, a musical collective drawing from seemingly disparate styles to create a body of work that is both rooted in deep tradition and forward looking. [PB] f

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food & drink

good growing


By Erin France news@flagpole.com The temps are up, and the bugs are out! Holes in your backyard goodies might make you want to kill all the bugs, but hold that spray—most nonchemical solutions are simple. I pluck off, squish and hose down most of my plants when I see the beginnings of an infestation. There are times when a pesticide might be the best solution, but too often, people reach for pesticides first. Here’s how I handle a few of these pesky critters in my garden:

that feed on aphids in their various forms include lady beetles, green lace wings and parasitic wasps. WHITEFLIES: Like aphids, whiteflies do more damage than the tiny holes they leave in leaves. They also appear on the undersides of leaves, sucking sap from plants. Whiteflies also transmit diseases, but I’ve found the accompanying fungus more troublesome than the pests themselves. Whiteflies excrete a sugary liquid poop called honeydew. This honeydew coats a plant’s leaves and sets up perfect conditions for sooty mold. The mold coats leaves, spreading a dark, ashy appearance, slowing growth because it reduces a plant’s ability to photosynthesize. Whitefly populations exploded on my farm last year. Clouds of whiteflies swarmed invasive Chinese privets and my precious

CATERPILLARS: My most-wanted caterpillar criminal in the summer is the tobacco hornworm, cousin to the tomato hornworm. Hornworms start off small but quickly become a bulldozer of a pest, chomping through mature tomato plants until they’re a collection of green sticks. These guys will eat the fruit, leaves, blooms and tender stems, leaving only the thickest stems. Tomato hornworms sport a black “horn” on the rear, while tobacco hornworms waggle a red horn. The worms’ horns don’t contain any venom; it’s a trick to dissuade predators. The horn even works on me! I know it’s not poisonous, and I still don’t want to touch it. I check for hornworms every other day. They’re easiest to find in the morning or the evening, near the top of tomato and pepper plants. I look Predators like this wasp are your best friends when it comes to protectfor chewed-off leaves ing your garden. or frass (insect poop). Hornworms’ frass small citrus trees. The Meyer lemon tree resemble tiny grenades. I find the frass and didn’t even have enough energy to flower, look directly at the stems and leaves above much less produce the softball-sized fruit it it. It’s like a “Where’s Waldo?” except helphas grown in the past. ful for the garden. Noticing the whiteflies’ preferred habI clip the stem or leaf under the hornitats, I chainsawed several large privets in worm and stuff them in a bucket before the winter and fed them to the goats. This feeding the whole thing to my chickens. spring, I made sure to spray the backsides Chickens love hornworms and cluck for of leaves when watering the citrus trees more after chowing down on the latest harto knock off any eggs, larvae or mating vest. No chickens? Leave the hornworms adults. I added an extra layer of compost near your birdbath or bird feeder. The birds will take care of those little boogers for you. to the citrus trees for additional nutrients. My partner, Jacob, moved several of our APHIDS: I often find curled or yellowing favorite spiders (spiny orb-weaver, marbled leaves before they can damage the fruit. orb-weaver and zipper spider) to the citrus Aphids pierce the plant and suck out noursaplings as a small defensive predator ready ishment. They congregate together, often to strike unsuspecting flies. on the undersides of leaves or near growth All of these tactics combined made a points on plants. Most aphid damage marked decrease in the whitefly population comes from the diseases they can pass on to this year. The pests again tried to camp out plants. I try to knock them down as soon as on the Meyer lemon tree, but left after a I find them. few weeks of being eaten by spiders and I squish aphids, rinse them off with a blasted by water. spray of water and squish again. If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll just hose down affected plants Hopefully, this story makes you think and neighbors. Aphids even fall off during a about the ecosystems outside your home. heavy rainstorm. What kinds of pests do you deal with? What Keeping weeds down will help deter mechanical or environmental controls could aphids and make their appearance more you put in place to reduce their populanoticeable when they do come. Beneficials tions? f


arts & culture

Back to School Sale Bring this ad to the store between 8/3 and 8/10 for

20% off topicals, Franny's Farmacy CBD edibles, and Classic City Healthcare bags! The Back to School Sale for parents and teachers! Only while supplies last. Not valid with other offers. Exclusions may apply. See an associate for details.


To Do List: 1. Pick up school s supplies for the kid 2. Go to Franny's 3. Relax


2361 W. Broad St.

LIFELONG LEARNING FAIR THURSDAY, AUGUST 11, 1-3PM VFW CLUB, 835 SUNSET DRIVE, ATHENS Discover what OLLI@UGA has to offer adults 50+ 250+ Classes Lunch & Learns Travel Adventures

Shared Interest Groups Social Events UGA benefits

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OLLI@UGA River’s Crossing 850 College Station Road Athens, GA, 30602


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Downtown Watkinsville Open Tue-Sun 11-2pm & 5-9pm Weekend Brunch


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Dog Spa

By Gordon Lamb threatsandpromises@flagpole.com HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Rabbit Hole Studios is now five years old, and a hearty congratulation goes out to all concerned. The artist performance and community space will host a free night of karaoke and skating— roller, inline, hoverboards and scooters are specifically mentioned as items that can be accommodated—on Saturday, Aug. 13. Equipment may also be rented from Rabbit Hole for $10. This event runs from 7 p.m.–12 a.m. Food and beverages are to be provided, and the space will also hold a free raffle for 30 hours of rehearsal and recording space time as a way of saying thanks to musicians who have supported it over the years. Speaking of support, if you enjoy the things Rabbit Hole does and appreciate its commitment to service, you might consider throwing some weight behind your words with a membership to the space. There are multiple price points for patronage, each with a particular set of benefits, and they range from a mere five bucks a month to

no good to mention something only to have folks forget it in a few days. That said, tickets are moving so quickly for Kenosha Kid’s much anticipated release show for its triple LP October Book that a second show is now booked. The first show is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 2 at The Lewis Room at Tweed Recording with openers Night Palace and Cicada Rhythm. Chances are good this one will be totally sold out by the time you read this. The newly added show happens the next night at the same place, but with opener Adron instead of Night Palace. Advance tickets are $20 and may be acquired via kenoshakid.com/ adron-kid-rhythm.


OLD, SWEET SONGS: The Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library and The Richard B. Russell Jr. Special Collections Libraries Building (Whew! What a mouthful…) will host an opening for the exhibit “Georgia on My Mind: Finding Belonging In Music History” Thursday, Aug. 18 at 6 p.m. The exhibit “explores some of the genres, spaces, and performers that have helped to define music in the state over time.” To this end, featured artists include R.E.M., Ray Charles, Outkast, Bill Anderson and many others. Attendees are invited to dress in band merchandise if The drum kit played by Widespread Panic’s Todd Nance from the exhibit desired. Live music “Georgia on My Mind: Finding Belonging in Music History.” will happen courtesy of jazz pianist James “OK, rich folks, pony up!” levels. Find out Weidman, guitarists Skip Taylor and more about Rabbit Hole Studios via faceJohn Culwell and the perpetually combook.com/whiterabbitproductionsllc and pelling and talented hip-hop artist Cassie rabbitholestudios.org. That second URL Chantel. Please note that this event is features everything you need to know about free and open to the public, but RSVPs Rabbit Hole, and also info on becoming a are required, and I’ve zero idea what the member. capacity of this building is, even though it’s quite large, so you may want to jump on MR. AND MS. PAC MAN AND THEIR INVITED GUESTS: this. Please send RSVP requests to Leandra Echo Bass Records turned up the heat Nessel via LNessel@uga.edu or by calling again this week with a new release from 706-542-3879. Killa Cabbi. It’s titled Pixelated Reminder QUIET OBSERVER: So there’s this guy named and runs eight tracks long. This release is Simon Hunt whom I know absolutely zero unique for both Cabbi and Echo Bass in about except he did one short album 11 that it’s entirely instrumental and composed of chip tunes/eight-bit compositions. years ago and only just this month released some new material that just came across Basically, old video game technology that my desk. He does, however, mention that we’ve previously seen only a few other local these newly released tracks “were developed artists explore, and none in recent history. sporadically over the last 10 years.” At any The undeniably buoyancy of this style carries the tunes along just fine, if albeit some- rate, the new set is titled The Hiatus, which seems appropriate. Hunt’s music is evocwhat faceless. The record takes a temporary ative of a whole slew of nearly-New Age darker turn on “Aboleth Battle” and “Stelth composers, but with a decidedly pop edge. Bomber” (sic) but picks back up at its end. The whole record is thoroughly enjoyable, Check this out over at echobassrecords. cleverly constructed and sequenced, and— bandcamp.com. for my money—absolutely shines on tracks CALENDAR TIME: Normally I try to avoid like “browsing,” the main riff of which is mentioning upcoming shows until they’re repeated on “Albie on a good day.” Find this right on top of us, because it generally does and enjoy at simonhunt.bandcamp.com. f

... just listen WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3RD







We’re up to date on current doodle style and several groomers have completed an extra doodle styling course!

1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy • (706)-353-1065






237 prince ave. • 706.353.3050

Volumes' 5 Year Anniversary

Aug. 11 - Akademia Brewing Co. Comedy • Hip Hop • Dance Party Aug. 12 - Creature Comforts

Cassie Chantel • Kxng Blanco • Toni Hunlo BlackNerdNinja • Sajaad • Farin

Aug. 13 - Southern Brewing Co.

Comedy • Vendors • Food Trvy & The Enemy • Squallé • Tyl3r Davis Shameless James • Hollowbody • Tears for the Dying

Aug. 14 - Athentic Brewing Co. Industry Mixer • DJs • Food


A UGU S T 3, 2022· F L A GP OL E .C OM







By Sam Lipkin editorial@flagpole.com


irst impressions of rising local band Heffner draw attention to a sound and image familiar in the modern indierock circuit, but a deeper dive reveals the members’ varied influences. Genres ranging from power pop to dreamy R&B shine through. This depth is made clearer in Heffner’s sophomore album, Perfect Heaven, to be released on Aug. 5. The up-and-coming five piece has been on a journey of finding and tuning its sound, which is evident from giving the first self-titled album a listen before exploring the new release. You won’t find the same sounds simply regurgitated in a different way. It’s what you would hope for from a band that has turned the corner on three years together, and if you do the math, that puts the group at forming right before the pandemic. Taylor Cotton (guitar, songwriting), Reagan Byrd (lead vocals), McKendrick Bearden (bass), Will Hefner (drums) and Lars Hefner (guitar) came together ready to leap to the top. “We were so confident going into our first ever show at World Famous in 2019 that we were going to take the scene by storm. We were so nervous we played everything twice as fast as we rehearsed, and Lars sliced his finger open on his guitar, and I forgot a capo, and basically we had this massive ego check. The pandemic gave us time to actually spend time in our rehearsal space learning each other as musicians and writing and recording what would become our first record, and then turn around and do the same for Perfect Heaven,” says Cotton. During COVID, Heffner became a main focus for the five members, Cotton explains, and the slowdown provided an opportunity to remember what it’s like to hang out and play music as a fun outlet. Out of this came the first album, which in reflection was an exploration of the dynamics of the band and a continued exercise in the members becoming more comfortable with one another. The making of the second album came swiftly on the heels of the first release. “I think we gave ourselves more room to experiment, and we definitely tried to push ourselves to make the best record we could. Nate Nelson engineered, mixed and produced with us all of Perfect Heaven, and it felt good to solidify our relationship with Nate and adopt him as our sixth member of the band,” says Lars. The band adopted some new stylistic choices in the making of this album, too, which set it apart from the first

release. Autotune and ad libs appear in a way that builds the aesthetic of the tracks, and Cotton’s voice features more prominently in addition to Byrd’s. “[Heffner] was the first time I had sung in a project other than some harmonies here and there, and it took a lot of getting comfortable in my own lane. Our self-titled is something we are really proud of, but is also a good reminder of the step forward we’ve taken as a band since. I feel like I’ve found my lane, and with this second record, been able to explore it in ways maybe I would have been uncomfortable with in the first go around,” says Byrd. Each member brings distinctive genre influences that meld together and have woven themselves into the fabric of the band. From post-punk bands like Killing Joke and Siouxsie and the Banshees to English rock expertise, and Toro y Moi-style bedroom pop to Wilco-style rock, the musical inspirations behind Heffner can be picked out as elements contributing to the larger soundscape rather than whole replication. However, before even making it to the first track on the new album, the listener’s attention might first get caught on the incongruity of the name “Perfect Heaven” paired with a trashy album cover—the cover literally features the band members strewn atop a pile of trash bags and other debris. Byrd explains that the album title preceded the artistic visual choice, but the two ideas came together organically. “Taylor and I were on Bird scooters in West Atlanta while Lars dealt with his car totalling itself with a broken belt before a show. I kept calling a nearby brewery Perfect Heaven, which wasn’t its name, but we all thought it sounded good. From there, we started thinking about what it was we found so interesting about the record. You could say it’s a statement on the ability to take the garbage in your vicinity and celebrate it as things that make you you, and finding the idyllic qualities in something that other people would think is trash. Or maybe we just think trash is a funny aesthetic for a full-length record,” says Byrd. For the album photoshoot, the band filled up trash bags with an assortment of recycling, insulation and pine

straw then placed things that referenced the lyrics from certain songs on top of the pile of bags. Friend of the band Stephen Payne helped them capture their ambiguous idea on camera, which included bringing in referential elements from renaissance paintings. The mirror in the middle of the album cover photo catches the reflection of the drone that took the picture—a nod to artists who would paint themselves into royal portraits. It only makes sense that Heffner’s album release show is named “Trashfest.” “For as seriously as we take this band, we can be a self-deprecating bunch. It felt kind of hilarious to name this event that we spent so much time and energy on Trashfest. We wanted it to feel like Athens Face-Off where there is music happening nonstop on multiple stages, and it’s chaotic,” says Cotton. Taking place at the 40 Watt Club, there will be seven bands performing split between two stages. The goal is to make Trashfest an annual event curated by Heffner every August in celebration of friendships, fellow artists and Athens as a whole. Hopefully next year’s Trashfest will coincide with another record release. But for now, there is time to get acquainted with Perfect Heaven before dumpster diving from the stage at Trashfest. f

WHO: Heffner, Heat, Basically Nancy, The Echolocations, Klark Sound and Zoo Culture WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 13, 7 p.m. WHERE: 40 Watt Club HOW MUCH: $15 (adv.), $20


REAL ESTATE TEAM Jarrett Martin, REALTOR ® 229-869-5734

Haley Paulk, REALTOR ® 706-201-7047

follow us on instagram @jarrettmartingroup


F L A GP OL E .C OM · A UGU S T 3, 2022


live music calendar Wednesday 3

Thursday 4 Athens Institute for Contemporary Art: ATHICA 7 p.m. Donations accepted. www. athica.org KILLICK Freeform “Appalachian Trance Metal” musician Killick Hinds coaxes mesmerizing sounds from unconventional instruments. MARTIN HOWTH Jazz vocalist Audra Mariel’s solo looping project is ethereal, meditative and thoughtful. Athentic Brewing Co. Boom Magazine Meet-​Up. 5:30– 7:30 p.m. www.athenticbrewing. com RANDY GADDO OF BOOMERANG MUSIC Playing tunes that keep coming back. Flicker Theatre & Bar 8 p.m. (doors), 9 p.m. (show). $10. www.flickertheatreandbar.com

LIGHTHEARTED Local alternative band anchored by twin sisters Eliza Lemmon and Gracie Huffman. WELL KEPT Emo-​influenced alt-​rock group led by songwriter Tommy Trautwein. PRETTY EMBERS Indie rock band.


Creature Comforts Brewery Athens Farmers Market. 5–8 p.m. FREE! www.athensfarmersmarket. net CHRIS PADGETT Local guitar virtuoso and songwriter. (6 p.m.) Flicker Theatre & Bar 9 p.m. FREE! www.flickertheatreandbar.com DR. FRED’S KARAOKE Featuring a large assortment of pop, rock, indie and more. Hendershot’s Coffee 7:30–10 p.m. www.hendershotsathens.com OPEN MIC NIGHT Lizzy Farrell hosts an open mic the first Wednesday of every month. Sign-​ ups go live on Mondays at noon on the Hendershot’s Open Mic Facebook page. International Grill & Bar 7–9:30 p.m. FREE! www.facebook. com/IGBAthensGA THE BACUPS Cover band playing the best of pop, rock and roll, R&B, Motown and country. Porterhouse Grill 6–9 p.m. www.porterhouseathens. com/jazz JAZZ NIGHT Enjoy standards, improv and originals by a live jazz trio every Wednesday night.

NORMALTOWN SOUND JEREMY KIRAN FERNANDES Full MACHINE Featuring members of band songs inspired by the Tuareg Ceiling Fan, Salt Flats and Still, music of Sub-​Saharan Africa. Small Voice & the Joyful Noise, JOHN KIRAN FERNANDES Local NSM’s asymmetrical compositions musician playing ambient looped are bracing yet melodic, drawing clarinet inspired by birdsong and inspiration from LCD SoundsysBrian Eno. GEORGE KOTLER-​WALLACE Electric fingerstyle guitar at the crossroads of psychedelic country-​jazz and off-​world folk. Hendershot’s Coffee 8 p.m. $10. www. hendershotsathens.com BICHOS VIVOS Local band playing forró, accordion and triangle-​driven country music from Brazil, every first Thursday of the month. The Sound Track 9:30 p.m. $5 (ladies free until 10 p.m.). INDUSTRY NIGHT THURSDAYS Athens Hip Hop Awards presents a ladies mic night edition with Sandra “Candy” Fortezza plays at the 40 Watt on Saturday, Aug. 6. Morgan, L.B., tem, Herbie Hancock, ESG and Jaycee, Mack2Tone, Dmb Baby, Stereolab. Charlie Beatz, Mizz PrettyPink, Don Athentic Brewing Co. Poppi and Shak3sum. Hosted by 5 p.m. FREE! www.athenticbrewing. Pauldoe Waldo with music by DJ com Slim and a special performance LEAH BELLE FASER Pop country by Parys. Southern Brewing Co. songwriter from Atlanta. 6–10 p.m. www.sobrewco.com Flicker Theatre & Bar 8 p.m. $10. www.flickertheatreandKARAOKE NIGHT Every Thursday bar.com evening. Southern Brewing Co., KIRAN FERNANDES Member of Monroe local band Immaterial Possession. 6 p.m. www.sobrewco.com PETITE GARÇON Colorado pop CONNOR LAWLEY Classic rock act making beautiful music for an and country artist. alternate reality “Adventure Time” soundtrack. BED BITS LA-​based artist making bedroom-​y surf rock. WET MEADOWS Folky “botanical 40 Watt Club rock” band from Athens. 7 p.m. $10. www.40watt.com Georgia Theatre DAVE MARR Local singer-​songRooftop writer and former frontman of alt-​ 8:30 p.m. $12 (adv.), $15. www. country band The Star Room Boys. georgiatheatre.com

Friday 5

The Sound Track 9 p.m. $10. 678-​740-​3884 AFRO CARIBBEAN 1ST FRIDAYS Dance to a mix of reggae, afro-​beat, hip hop, dancehall and salsa with DJ Charger and DJ Nate. Free entry for leos and ladies until 10:30 p.m. with RSVP.

Saturday 6

Hendershot’s Coffee 7 p.m. (doors), 8 p.m. (show). $10 (adv.), $15. www.facebook.com/ AubreyEntertainment AthensGA FRONT PORCH SONGS A tribute to the music of Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett, performed in the round by Todd Cowart, Bo Hembree, Curt Spell, Joshua Walker, Brodye Brooks and Casey King. Innovation Amphitheater 6:30 p.m. (doors), 7:30 p.m. (show). $25. www.innovationamphitheatre.com SKYNFOLKS Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band. International Grill & Bar 7 p.m. FREE! www.face book.com/ IGBAthensGA TERRAPLANE BLUE Three-​piece local band that performs original songs as well as blues, rock and country numbers.

40 Watt Club 8 p.m. $10. www.40watt.com SHEHEHE Local band that draws from old-​school punk and arena rock to create a fist-​pumping atmosphere. FIVE EIGHT Legendary Athens band known for its boisterous, thoughtful rock and roll. FORTEZZA Avant-​garage punk trio from Asheville, NC. Athentic Brewing Co. 6 p.m. FREE! www.athenticbrewing. com WET MEADOWS Folky “botanical rock” band from Athens. Bishop Park Athens Farmers Market. 8 a.m.–12 p.m. FREE! www.athensfarmersmarket.net JAKE WASSERMAN Young local artist. (8 a.m.) SWING THEORY Big band jazz and swing. (10 a.m.) Ciné 9 p.m. $10. www.athenscine.com THAYER SARRANO Genre-​bending musician and former Athenian celebrating the 10th anniversary of the album Lift Your Eyes to The Hills, as well as a new LP, Bells, to be released later this year. CALVERT FOUNTAIN Band pulling talent from across the state to craft well-​informed and diverse music. Hendershot’s Coffee 8 p.m. www.hendershotsathens.com STEPHANIE ASTALOS-​JONES Longtime actor and writer bringing her travelling poetry show into town. TINY JAZZ ARKESTRA Southern punk jazz band comprised of local musicians. Innovation Amphitheater 6 p.m. (doors), 7 p.m. (show). $55. www.innovationamphitheatre.com LITTLE RIVER BAND Australian band responsible for hits like “Reminiscing” and “Cool Change”. International Grill & Bar 7 p.m. www.facebook.com/

IGBAthensGA HENDERSON/WILLIAMS An often bluegrass band that plays music from many generations and genres, too. No. 3 Railroad Street 7 p.m. $10 suggested donation. www.3railroad.org ANGELA EASTERLING Award-​ winning roots songwriter.

Sunday 7 ACC Library Live at the Library. 3 p.m. FREE! www.athenslibrary.org OUTERSEA Moody space invader surf rock for the lonely and landlocked. Sounds like the ship is going down and you don’t mind. Creature Comforts Brewery 3–5 p.m. www.creaturecomfortsbeer.com LIVE JAZZ Every Sunday afternoon. The Globe 9 p.m. $10. linktr.ee/globeupstairs COMMÜNE New local femme punk shouting anthems of angst and social regret. INSTANT SMILE Recent Philly transplants playing smart, heavy pop. No. 3 Railroad Street 4 p.m. www.3railroad.org OPEN MIC Held the first Sunday of every month. Picnics, chairs, dogs and children are welcome.

Wednesday 10 Creature Comforts Brewery Athens Farmers Market. 5–8 p.m. FREE! www.athensfarmersmarket. net THE HUMDINGERS Acoustic interpretations of pop and soul. (6 p.m.) Flicker Theatre & Bar 9 p.m. FREE! www.flickertheatreandbar.com DR. FRED’S KARAOKE Featuring a large assortment of pop, rock, indie and more. Porterhouse Grill 6–9 p.m. www.porterhouseathens. com/jazz JAZZ NIGHT Enjoy standards, improv and originals by a live jazz trio every Wednesday night over dinner.

A UGU S T 3, 2022· F L A GP OL E .C OM


bulletin board Deadline for getting listed in Bulletin Board is every THURSDAY at 5 p.m. for the print issue that comes out the following Wednesday. Online listings are updated daily. Email calendar@flagpole.com.

Art ATHENS CREATIVE DIRECTORY (Athens, GA) The ACD is a platform to connect creatives with patrons. Visual artists, musicians, actors, writers and other creatives are encouraged to create a free listing. athenscreatives@gmail.com, www. athenscreatives.directory CALLS FOR ART ON THE GREENWAY (Oconee Rivers Greenway) The Athens Cultural Affairs Commission is seeking professional artists to submit public art proposals for two sites on the trail: a mural at the East Campus Connector and a multi-​media mural for N. Oconee Access Road. Fill out online form. Deadline Aug. 28 at 11:59 p.m. tatiana.veneruso@accgov.com, www.accgov.com/acac CALL FOR ARTISTS AND CURATORS (Lyndon House Arts Center) LHAC invites area artists, artist groups and curators to submit original exhibition proposals. Artists are also invited to submit images of their work for consideration for larger group or themed shows. Exhibitions may be scheduled as far out as three years. Submit an online proposal form. Deadline Sept. 20. beth.sale@accgov.com, accgov. com/lyndonhouse CALL FOR ENTRIES: MOOD (Athens Institute for Contemporary Art: ATHICA) This year’s juried exhibition, “Mood,” seeks submissions of contemporary art in all media that explores or references mood. Juried by Liz Andrews, executive director of the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art. Deadline Aug. 31, 11:59 p.m. Exhibition runs Oct. 15–Nov. 20. Pay-​what-​you-​will entry fee. athica.org/calls JOKERJOKERTV CALL FOR ARTISTS (Online) JOKERJOKERtv is open to ideas and actively accepting proposals for collaboration from visual/musical/video artists and curators living in Athens. Artists worldwide can also submit music videos, short films, skits and ideas to share with a weekly livestream audience. www.jokerjokertv.com/ submit OPEN STUDIOS (Lyndon House Arts Center) Studio members have access to spaces for painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, jewelry, fiber and woodworking. Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. $65/month. www. accgov.com/7350/Open-​Studio-​ Membership SEEKING BOARD MEMBERS (Athens Institute for Contemporary Art: ATHICA) ATHICA is seeking new board members to help support and share the creative spirit of Athens. Complete the online application. bit.ly/athicaboard, www.athica.org

Auditions JEKYLL & HYDE THE MUSICAL (Quinn Hall, Memorial Park) Athens Creative Theatre hosts auditions for its fall main stage musical production. Email or call to schedule an


audition. Auditions held Aug. 8-​9. Show dates run Nov. 10–13 at the Morton Theatre. 706-​613-​3628, act@accgov.com, www.accgov. com/act

Classes ACTING FOR CAMERA AND STAGE (work.shop) Learn how to act with professional actor and coach Jayson Warner Smith (“The Walking Dead,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Outer Banks”). Mondays, 10 a.m.–1 p.m. $400/12 sessions. jwsclassinquiry@jaysonsmith.com, www.jaysonsmith.com/teacher AQUA AEROBICS (Memorial Park Pool) Try out a variety of stretching, limbering and weight routines set to music in the pool. Tuesdays–Thursdays, 6–7 p.m. Saturdays, 10–11 a.m. $5/class. 706-​613-​3580 ARTS AND DRAFTS: A MODERN CALLIGRAPHY WORKSHOP SERIES (Southern Brewing Co.) K.A. Artist Shop hosts a workshop series covering various calligraphy tools and methods, then practice your lettering and develop your own style. Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 16, 6:30–8 p.m. $35 (includes one drink). www.kaartist.com CHAIR YOGA (Sangha Yoga Studio) This class is helpful for flexibility, strength, balance and increasing circulation and energy. All levels welcome. Every Thursday, 12–1 p.m. $16 (drop-​in), $72 (six weeks). 706-​613-​1143 CHAIR YOGA AND MINDFULNESS (Winterville Center for Community and Culture) Nicole Bechill teaches a well-​rounded, gentle and accessible chair yoga class to promote breathing, mindfulness and inward listening. Every Monday, 9 a.m. $10. www.wintervillecenter.com CLAY CLASSES (Good Dirt) Registration opens on the 15th of every month for the following month’s classes and workshop. Classes range from wheel, unique handles, hand building sculpture and more. Studio membership is included in class price. www.gooddirt.net COMMUNITY MEDITATION (Rabbit Hole Studios) Jasey Jones leads a guided meditation suitable for all levels that incorporates music, gentle movement and silence. Wednesdays, 6–7 p.m. jaseyjones@gmail. com DEDICATED MINDFULNESS PRACTITIONERS (Online) Weekly Zoom meditations are offered every Saturday at 8:30–9:30 a.m. Email for details. richardshoe@gmail.com FALL SEMESTER COURSES (Athens Institute of Allied Health) Now registering for courses in phlebotomy, clinical nursing assistance and other patient care technician courses. www.athensinstitute.com LINE DANCE LESSONS (International Grill & Bar) All experience levels welcome. Open dancing follows an intro class. Every first and third Tuesday, 6–9 p.m. $10. thatotherruthgirl@gmail.com MINDFULNESS PRACTICE EVENINGS (Online) Discuss and practice how to change your rela-

F L A GP OL E .C OM · A UGU S T 3, 2022

on Saturdays at 10:45 a.m. www. revolutiontherapyandyoga.com ZOOM YOGA (Online) Rev. Elizabeth Alder offers “Off the Floor Yoga” (chair and standing) on Mondays at 1:30 p.m. and “Easy on the Mat” yoga classes on Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. Ongoing classes are $5/class or $18/month. 706-​612-​8077, ommmever@yahoo.com

ARTS SUMMIT (Morton Theatre) ACC Arts Division hosts a two-​day summit. Keynote speaker Charmaine Minniefield will give a presentation Aug. 5, 6 p.m. Panel discussions, workshops and lectures designed to educate and encourage professional advancement in the creative arts field will be held Aug. 6, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. FREE! accgov.com THE ARTIST’S WAY STUDY GROUP (24th Street Clubhouse, 150 Collins Industrial Blvd.) A gathering of artists, musicians, writers and creatives meet to discuss the book The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. Every Sunday, 6:30 p.m. Donations welcome. beth@ beththompsonphotography.com, www.24thstreetathens.com ATHENS FARMERS MARKET (Multiple Locations) Shop fresh produce, flowers, eggs, meats, prepared foods, a variety of arts and crafts, and live music. Additionally, AFM doubles SNAP dollars spent at the market. Every Saturday at Bishop Park, 8 a.m.–12 p.m. Every Wednesday at Creature Comforts Brewing Co., 5–8 p.m. www.athens farmersmarket.net ATHENS SHOWGIRL CABARET (Multiple Locations) An all-​ages Drag For All show is held at Hendershot’s Coffee Aug. 20, 8 p.m.

tionship with difficult thoughts and emotions. Email for the Zoom link. Second Friday of the month, 6–7 p.m. FREE! mfhealy@bellsouth.net OPEN/COMMUNITY MEDITATION (Sangha Yoga Studio at Healing Arts Centre) Uma Rose leads a meditation designed to guide participants AADM EVENTS (Athens Anti-​Disinto stillness and silence. Mondays, crimination Movement Justice 4–5 p.m. Donations encouraged. Center & Bookstore) “Art for Justice www.healingartscentre.net Saturdays” are an opportunity to PAINTING CLASSES (Private Studio paint to soothing music and discuss on Athens Eastside) One-​on-​one local issues. Supplies provided. or small group adult classes are All skill levels welcome. Saturdays, offered in acrylic and watercolor 3–5 p.m. Donations accepted. painting. Choose day workshops, www.aadmovement.org ongoing weekly classes or feedback ART EVENTS (Georgia Museum of sessions. laurenadamsartist@ Art) “Tour at Two” is held Aug. 3 & icloud.com Aug. 10 at 2 p.m. “Reading in the POTTERY WORKSHOP (Oconee Galleries” is held Aug. 4 at 6:15 Cultural Arts Foundation) Lora Rust will share her unique process in “Pushing the Surface of Clay,” a workshop covering surface design, glazing and firing methods. Aug. 27–28, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $175–225. 706-​769-​4565, www. ocaf.com PUBLIC DANCE (The Studio Athens) Beginner Rumba lessons followed by DJ’d waltz, swing, salsa, tango etc. Every fourth Saturday. 7:30–10 p.m. $5 (students), $10 (non-​students). www. gmdance.com SPANISH CLASSES (Athens, GA) For adults, couples and children. Learn from experts with years of professional experience. Contact for details. 706-​372-​ Paintings by Mary Porter are currently on view in the exhibition “Bon Appétit!” at White 4349, marinabilbao Tiger through Oct. 1. 75@gmail.com, www.marina-​spain-​ p.m. “The 11th Henry D. Green FREE! Fabulous Friday is held at 2020.squarespace.com Symposium of the Decorative Arts” Sound Track on Aug. 26, 8:30 p.m. UNLIMITED YOGA (Shakti Yoga is held Aug. 5–6. “Toddler TuesFREE! www.athensshowgirlcabaret. Athens) First-​timers can enjoy one com day:Mud Pies” is held Aug. 9, 10 month of unlimited in-​studio yoga. ATHENS WATER FESTIVAL (Sandy a.m. “Museum Mix” is held Aug. Offer available through September. Creek Park) Have a dino-​mite time 11, 8–11 p.m. “Sunday Spotlight $40. www.shaktiyogaathens.com with dinosaur-​themed activities, Tour” is held Aug. 14 at 3 p.m. YOGA (Elixir Movement Arts, Merswimming in Lake Chapman, live “Friends Annual Meeting” is held cury A.I.R.) Build a yoga practice, animal encounters, water trucks and Aug. 16 at 6 p.m. “Artful Conversadeepen connections to yourself more. Sept. 10, 10 a.m.–2 p.m. $2. tion: Rocio Rodriguez” is held Aug. and others, and learn to use yoga www.athenswaterfestival.com 17 at 2 p.m. “Yoga in the Galleries” in everyday life. “Vinyasa Flow” is ATHENTIC EVENTS (Athentic Brewis held Aug. 18 at 6 p.m. “Friends also offered Mondays and Wednesing Co.) Classic City Terminus Appreciation Month Kick-​Off” is days, 10 a.m. $10/class. shelley Legion Watch Party for ATL United held Aug. 20 from 10 a.m.–1 p.m. downsyoga@gmail.com, www. Soccer versus Cincinnati is held “Drawing in the Galleries” is held shelleydownsyoga.offeringtree.com Aug. 13, 7 p.m. “TableTop WorkAug. 21 from 2–4 p.m. “Faculty YOGA CLASSES (Feel Free Yoga + shop: Session Zero (Basic Character Perspectives: Janice Simon” is Wellness) The new studio offers Creation)” is a workshop on creating held Aug. 24 at 2 p.m. “Morning various class times and styles Moncharacters for D&D or other tabletop Mindfulness” is held Aug. 26 at days–Saturdays. A 45-​minute class games. Aug. 22, 7–9 p.m. FREE! 9:30 a.m. “Family Day: Geometric is offered Tuesdays at 8 a.m. on “Open Mic Comedy with Owen Sculpture” is held Aug. 27 at 10 the patio of Molly’s Coffee. www. Hunt” features professional and a.m. “Artist Talk: Charles Pinckney” feelfreeyogawellness.com amateur comedians from around the is held Aug. 31 at 3 p.m. www. YOGA CLASSES AND EVENTS southeast. Aug. 25, 6:30 p.m. FREE! georgiamuseum.org (Revolution Therapy and Yoga) www.athenticbrewing.com ARTS AND CRAFT BAZAAR AND “Yoga Flow and Restore with AUTHOR TALK (Zoom) Avid BookBOOK SALE (#3 Railroad St., Nicole Bechill” is held Thursdays shop and Books & Books/Miami Arnoldsville) Friends of Oglethorpe at 5:30 p.m. Online classes include Book Fair present Mohsin Hamid, Co. Library host a handmade market “Trauma Conscious Yoga with Crysauthor of The Last White Man, in and book sale. Aug. 6, 10 a.m.–3 tal” Thursdays at 6 p.m. and “Yoga conversation with Mark Kurlansky. p.m. www.oglethorpefol.org for Wellbeing with Nicole Bechill”


Aug. 6, 7 p.m. www.avidbookshop. com BOOM MAGAZINE ATHENS MIXER (Athentic Brewing Co.) Mingle and listen to live music by Randy Gaddo of Boomerang Music. Aug. 4, 5:30–7:30 p.m. FREE! www. athenticbrewing.com BOUTIER WINERY EVENTS (Boutier Winery & Inn, Danielsville) Wine Tastings are held Fridays and Saturdays, 11 a.m.–5 p.m. and Sundays, 12:30–5 p.m. $6/glass of wine, $14/six wine tastings. www. boutierwinery.com CLASSIC CITY PETANQUE CLUB (Lay Park) New players welcome. Scheduled play days are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m. and Sundays at 4 p.m. vicepresident@ athenspetanque.org COMMUNITY SAFETY LISTENING SESSION (ACC Library) Western Circuit District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez will hold a listening session to “discuss and address community and individual safety concerns facing Athens.” Aug. 11, 6–8 p.m. www.athenslibrary.org THE FABULOUS 50S (Marigold Auditorium for Arts and Culture, Winterville) Athens Choral Society presents a summer show, “The Fabulous 50s,” as part of its 50th anniversary celebration. Aug. 19–20, 7:30 p.m. Aug. 20, 2:30 p.m. $15. www.athenschoral society.com FIREFLY DISCOVERY RIDE (Firefly Trail) Pump up your tires and join a six-​mile round trip tour to learn about the history of the trail and its future plans. Aug. 12, 6 p.m. 706-​ 613-​3620 GORGEOUS GEORGE’S IMPROV LEAGUE (Buvez) Come out for some home-​grown townie improv. Bring some interesting suggestions and a loose funny bone to help create some improv magic on the spot. Every Wednesday, 7 p.m. $5 suggested donation. www.flying squidcomedy.com HENDERSHOT’S EVENTS (Hendershot’s Coffee) Disconnect to connect during No Phone Parties with a phone-​free, laptop-​free happy hour featuring drink specials, snacks, games and a record player. Every Tuesday, 6–9 p.m. www.hendershotsathens.com HOPE GALA (Rialto Room at Hotel Indigo) The Ashton Hope Keegan Foundation and Athens Technical College present this year’s Hope Gala, “Puttin’ On the Ritz.” Highlights include a silent auction, raffle, food and live music by the Ashley Rivera Duo. Aug. 6, 6–9 p.m. tinyurl.com/MR3VJSSC LIFELONG LEARNING FAIR (VFW Club) Discover what OLLI has to offer adults ages 50+ through classes, travel, shared interest groups, social events, UGA benefits and more. Aug. 11, 1–3 p.m. www. olli.uga.edu LINNENTOWN DOCUMENTARY SCREENING (Ciné) Linnentown: Urban Renewal, White Supremacy and the University of Georgia, a 22-minute documentary by Alex Benoit, will be screened for free followed by a panel discussion on Aug. 15, 6 p.m. www.athenscine. com MARGO METAPHYSICAL EVENTS (Margo Metaphysical) Monday Tarot Readings offered 1–5 p.m. ($6 per card). Tuesday Tarot with Davita offered 4–6 p.m. ($5 per card). Wednesday Night Sound Healing with Joey held 6–7:30 p.m. ($35). Thursday Tarot with Courtney is offered 12–5 p.m. ($10–45). Friday Henna Party with Aiyanna ($10–75). 706-​372-​1462 MERRY MEET EVERY WEEK (Rabbit Hole Studios) Meet members of

the Athens Area Pagans and discuss Pagan Pride Day. Meetings held every Saturday, 5 p.m. Donations encouraged. beth@athensarea pagans.org MOVIES BY MOONLIGHT (Dudley Park) The ACC Leisure Services Department hosts a screening of The Fifth Element on the big screen outdoors in the earthen amphitheater. Bring lawn chairs or blankets. Aug. 13, 8:30 p.m. 706-​613-​3800 OCONEE FARMERS MARKET (Oconee County Courthouse, Watkinsville) Over 20 vendors offer a variety of fresh produce, local honey, fresh-​cut flowers, unique crafts, dog treats, fresh gelato, homemade pasta, locally sourced meats and eggs, plants and more. Many vendors offer pre-​ordering options and curbside pickup. Saturdays, 9 a.m.–12 p.m. www. oconeefarmersmarket.net PERSPECTIVES (Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation: OCAF) The annual “Perspectives” exhibition and sale features dozens of regional potters. Preview night held Aug. 26, 5–8 p.m. $20. Show and sale run Aug. 27–Sept. 11. www.ocaf.com PÉTANQUE CLUB OF ATHENS (UGA Redcoat Band Practice Field) Learn to play the greatest game you’ve never heard of. RSVP. Wednesdays, 9–11:30 a.m. FREE! athenspetanqueclub@gmail.com RABBIT BOX STORYTELLING WORKSHOP (East Athens Development Corporation Offices) Rabbit Box board members Stevie King and Pat Priest lead a workshop on storytelling. Explore what makes a compelling story and learn how to create a strong opening and ending, scene setting and other details. Aug. 4, 7–8:15 p.m. FREE! rabbitboxstories@gmail.com, www. rabbitbox.org RABBIT HOLE EVENTS (Rabbit Hole Studios) Acoustic Fire Pit Jams are held every Monday, 7–11 p.m. Flow Jam Night for flow artists and LED/fire spinners is held Thursdays from 7–11 p.m. Free music theory group lessons for guitarists are held Thursdays from 7–10 p.m. White Rabbit Collective hosts a drum circle every Sunday downtown on College Ave. from 5–7 p.m., followed by an afterparty with painting, singing, games, yoga and more from 7:30–11 p.m. www.rabbithole studios.org

REALLY, REALLY FREE MARKET (Reese & Pope Park) Just like a yard sale, but everything is free. Bring what you can, take what you need. Second Saturday of every month, 12–2 p.m. reallyreallyfreemarketathens@gmail.com RIVERS ALIVE (Clean-​up Sites around Athens) Wade into local rivers, lakes and streams as part of an ongoing statewide campaign to clean and preserve over 70,000 miles of Georgia’s rivers and streams. Registration opens Sept. 1. Event held Oct. 1, 9 a.m.–11 p.m. FREE! www.accgov.com/RiversAlive SCRAPSTOCK 3 (Multiple Locations) Festival in celebration of Volumes’ five year anniversary. The kick-off party at Akademia Brewing Co. features a full comedy show followed by a dance party free to the public. Aug. 11, 7–10 p.m. Hip-hop and R&B performances, local vendors and a food truck will be at Creature Comforts free to attend. Aug. 12, 5:30–10 p.m. Comedy, music, vendors and a food truck will be at Southern Brewing Co. with advance tickets $12 or $15 at the door. Aug. 13, 3–10 p.m. Industry mixer with local DJs on the patio of Athentic Brewing Co. Aug. 14, 3–6 p.m. www.facebook.com/volumeshiphop SHOWDOWN AT THE EQUATOR (Flicker Theatre & Bar) Susanne is a black-​belt badass who must infiltrate a ruthless fight club to find her missing sister in the action-​packed and purportedly first erotic martial arts movie Firecracker. Aug. 8, 7 p.m. FREE! www.instagram.com/ ShowdownAtTheEquator SOUTHERN STAR STUDIO OPEN GALLERY (Southern Star Studio) Southern Star Studio is a working, collective ceramics studio, established by Maria Dondero in 2016. The gallery contains members’ work, primarily pottery. Every Saturday, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. www.southern starstudioathens.com THURSDAY TRIVIA (Johnny’s New York Style Pizza) Jon Head hosts trivia every Thursday. Win pitchers and gift certificates. Thursdays, 7–9 p.m. www.johnnyspizza.com TORCH SONG (UGA Cellar Theatre) In this play, a man’s journey for love leads him to steamy backrooms, the embrace of his hyper-​critical mother, and toward the formation of a non-​traditional family. His odyssey is no small

art around town ACC LIBRARY (2025 Baxter St.) “Community Views Through the Eyes of Five Artists” includes works by photographer Kidd Fielteau, fashion designer Tabitha Fielteau, painter Briderick Flanigan, multi-media artist Par Ramsey and painter Mykeisha Ross. Through Sept. 17. ATHICA@CINÉ GALLERY (234 W. Hancock Ave.) Henry McEachern’s exhibition, “Cross Sections at the Conundrum,” is an installation consisting of dozens of small and colorful assemblages. Through Aug. 25. CLASSIC CENTER (300 N. Thomas St.) “Hello, Welcome!” presents abstract worlds by Maggie Davis, Jonah Cordy, Carol MacAllister and Jason Matherly. • “Classic City” interprets the city of Athens, GA through the works of James Burns, Sydney Shores, Thompson Sewell and Allison Ward. FLICKER THEATRE & BAR (263 W. Washington St.) Artwork by Erin Cribbs. Through August. GEORGIA MUSEUM OF ART (90 Carlton St.) “Carrie Mae Weems: The Usual Suspects” implicates racial stereotypes in the deaths of Black people at the hands of police and confronts the viewer with the fact of judicial inaction. Through Aug. 7. • As a visual response to Carrie Mae Weems’ exhibition, “Call and Response” is a selection of works from the museum’s collection that considers the intersection of race and representation in the works of other African American artists. Through Aug. 7. • “In Dialogue: Views of Empire: Grand and Humble” displays two print collections that create a conversation about what it meant to be a working-class citizen in mid-19th-century Russia. Through Aug. 21. • “Jennifer Steinkamp: The Technologies of Nature.” Through Aug. 21. • “Graphic Eloquence: American Modernism on Paper from the Collection of Michael T. Ricker.” Through Sept. 4. • “Decade of Tradition: Highlights from the Larry D. and Brenda A. Thompson Collection.” Through July 3, 2023.

undertaking, especially in seven-​ inch heels. Sept. 29, Oct. 1, Oct. 5–7 at 8 p.m. Oct. 2 & Oct. 9, 2:30 p.m. $8–12. www.ugatheatre.com/ torchsong TWELFTH NIGHT (Arcadia Garden at Town & Gown) A pre-​show festival features lawn games, face painting and photo opportunities, plus an appearance by the Athens Fencing Club and a guided Shakespeare conversation with retired UGA professor Fran Teague. Classic City Shakespeare presents a performance afterwards. Aug. 27, 2–6 p.m. (pre-​show), 6 p.m. (show). FREE! www.classiccityshakespeare. org WAFFLES & WATER RECLAMATION (Middle Oconee Water Reclamation Facility) Celebrate National Waffle Day and 60 years of wastewater treatment in Athens with breakfast and a tour. Aug. 24, 9 a.m. FREE! jackie.sherry@ accgov.com WEST BROAD FARMERS MARKET (West Broad Farmers Market) The West Broad Farmers Market offers fresh produce, locally raised meat and eggs, baked goods, flowers, artisan goods and more. Order online or by phone Sundays–Thursdays, then pick up on Saturdays between 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. www.wbf.locallygrown.net WORD OF MOUTH OPEN MIC POETRY (The Globe) Athens’ longest-​running spoken word event makes its return to the Globe. Open mic poetry readings are held the first Wednesday of every month. Tonight’s featured reader is Ciera Durden. Aug. 3, 7 p.m. FREE! www. facebook.com/athenswordofmouth

Help Out DIAPER DRIVE (Bogart Library) Drop off diaper donations in the library’s foyer for the Athens Area Diaper Bank. www.athensareadiaperbank. com

Kidstuff ACC LIBRARY EVENTS (ACC Library) “Open Chess Play” is held Mondays, 3–5 p.m. “Virtual Storytime” is held Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. “Virtual Bedtime Stories” is held Tuesdays at 6 p.m. “Preschool

Storytime” is held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. www.athenslibrary.org ALICE H. RICHARDS CHILDREN’S GARDEN (UGA State Botanical Garden) Every third Saturday of the month enjoy a variety of engaging shows taking place on the Theatre-​in-​the-​Woods stage. Come experience music, laughter and connection in nature. Aug. 20, Sept. 17 and Oct. 15 from 9:30–11 a.m. www.facebook.com/botgarden ART CARD CLUB (K.A. Artist Shop) Katy Lipscomb and Tyler Fisher lead weekly gatherings to create, trade and exhibit miniature masterpieces the size of playing cards. Some materials provided, but participants can bring their own as well. The club meets on Fridays, 4:30–6 p.m. (ages 10–12) and 6:30–8 p.m. (ages 13–17). www. kaartist.com CREATIVE CLASSES (Treehouse Kid & Craft) Activities range in theme and skill level. Sessions run Aug. 15–Mar. 19. Register online. www. treehousekidandcraft.com FAMILY DAY: GEORGIA MUSIC (Richard B. Russell Special Collections Libraries) Check out the exhibition “Georgia on My Mind: Finding Belonging in Music History,” enjoy music classes with Cathy Rumfelt of Allegro Athens and listen to a story time in the gallery. Aug. 13, 1–4 p.m. FREE! www. libs.uga.edu HARGRETT LIBRARY’S TODDLER TUESDAY (UGA Special Collections Library) Toddler Tuesday is a new program full of story time, music and crafts for ages 1–4. “Georgia Music” on Aug. 2, “Sports!” on Sept. 20. Events held at 9:45 a.m. FREE! RSVP: jmb18449@uga.edu MAKING DANCES (work.shop) This alternative dance class teaches improvisation and choreography techniques. For ages 10–14. Taught by Lisa Yaconelli. Tuesdays, 6:15– 7:30 p.m. $60/month, $210/14 weeks. lisayaconelli@gmail.com, www.lisayaconelli.com SUMMER ART CAMPS (‘Brella Studio) Themed camps include “Beautiful Messes” (Aug. 8–12), Camps run 9 a.m.–2 p.m. $295. www.brellastudio.com TUTORING (Online) The Athens Regional Library System is now offering free, live online tutoring via

GLASSCUBE@INDIGO (500 College Ave.) Zane Cochran presents “Aurora,” a sculptural interpretation of the aurora borealis using 3D geometric figures and lights. HEIRLOOM CAFE (815 N. Chase St.) Printmaker and book artist Taylor DiFonzo presents a collection of works. Through Aug. 29. LYNDON HOUSE ARTS CENTER (211 Hoyt St.) Cedric Smith presents a series of portraits for “Window Works,” a site-specific series that utilizes the building’s front entrance windows for outdoor art viewing. Reconfiguring playing cards of kings and queens, his portraits question the absence of Black figures in the country’s graphic history. Through Dec. 21. • “Picture This” features the artwork of 11 Georgia-based painters who focus on narratives. • “Maps, Landforms and River Rafts” is a series of art quilts by Cathy Fussell on view alongside works by her daughter, Coulter Fussell. Quilt talk Sept. 8, 6 p.m. Artist talk Sept. 9, 11 a.m. • “Robert Croker: At Random 2022” is a new suite of watercolors. • Jason Matherly’s “For Heather: New Shaped Paintings” is a collection of color-block works installed against a painted ground. • Collections from our Community presents “Winfield & McNeal’s Fleet,” a collection of vintage Tonka Trucks and ‘70s Hot Wheels. • Margo Newmark Rosenbaum presents a selection of photographs from her book, Drawing with Light, as well as a collection of bright paintings. Through Oct. 7. • Mark Johnson and Zuzka Vaclavic share a collection of wood-fired ceramics. “Artist Talk: Wod Fire Process” is held Aug. 13 at 2 p.m. Through Oct. 7. MASON-SCHARFENSTEIN MUSEUM OF ART (567 Georgia St., Demorest) A special exhibition of contemporary works from the museum’s permanent collection includes works by Howard Finster, Kenneth Woodall, Allison Spence, R.C. Gorman, Ron Meyers, Chris Aluka Berry, Bud Lee and more. Through Aug. 18. OCONEE COUNTY LIBRARY (1080 Experiment Station Rd.) Landscape photographer Chris Greer is co-host of the TV show “View Finders” and author of the books Georgia Discovered: Exploring the Best of the Peach State and

tutor.com for students K-​12, plus college students and adult learners. Daily, 2–9 p.m. www.athenslibrary. org

Support Groups ACA ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS AND DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES (Holy Cross Lutheran Church) This support group meets weekly. Tuesdays, 6:30–7:30 p.m. annetteanelson@gmail.com AL-​ANON 12 STEP (Multiple Locations) Recovery for people affected by someone else’s drinking. Visit the website for a calendar of electronic meetings held throughout the week. www.ga-​al-​anon.org ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (Athens, GA) If you think you have a problem with alcohol, call the AA hotline or visit the website for a schedule of meetings in Barrow, Clarke, Jackson and Oconee Counties. 706-​389-​4164, www. athensaa.org ATHENS COUNCIL OF THE BLIND (ACC Library) Open to people of all ages with vision impairments, their families and friends. Topics include adaptive equipment, recreational and social opportunities, and advocacy. Call if you need transportation. Fourth Saturday of every month, 11 a.m.–12:30 p.m. 706-​ 338-​3889, dlwahlers@gmail.com FAMILY CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP (ACC Library, Classroom A) Alzheimer’s Association Georgia presents a support group conducted by trained facilitators that is a safe place for those living with dementia and their caregiver to develop a support system. First Wednesday of every month, 6–7:30 p.m. 706-​ 206-​6163, www.alz.org/georgia LGBTQIA+ VIRTUAL ALPHABET FAMILY GATHERING (Online) This is a safe space for anyone on the LGBTQIA+/TGQNB spectrum. Fourth Sunday of every month, 6–8 p.m. uuathensga.org/justice/ welcoming-​congregation MENTAL HEALTH PEER RECOVERY GROUP (Nuçi’s Space) Participants support each other through life’s challenges by sharing from their skills, experiences and proven coping mechanisms. Newcomers welcome. First Tuesday of the month, 4–6 p.m. pr@nuci.org, www.nuci.org

OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS (24th Street Clubhouse) Learn to stop eating compulsively or curb other unwanted food-​related behaviors. Every Tuesday, 12 p.m. FREE! Text: 678-​736-​3697 PARKINSON’S SUPPORT GROUP (First Baptist Church) This group is to encourage, support and share information with fellow sojourners who manage the challenges of Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders. Second Friday of every month, 1 p.m. gpnoblet@ bellsouth.net RECOVERY DHARMA (Recovery Dharma) This peer-​led support group offers a Buddhist-​inspired path to recovery from any addiction. Visit the website for details. Thursdays, 7 p.m. FREE! www.athens recoverydharma.org SEX ADDICTS ANONYMOUS (Athens, GA) Athens Downtown SAA offers a message of hope to anyone who suffers from a compulsive sexual behavior. Contact for location. www.athensdowntownsaa.com

Word on the Street CORNHOLEATL (Multiple Locations) Register for the fall league at Terrapin or Southern Brewing Co. Deadline Aug. 22. Games begin Aug. 30 or Aug. 31. www.cornholeatl.com FALL REGISTRATION (Athens, GA) The Athens-​Clarke County Leisure Services Department offers a variety of activities highlighting the arts, environmental science, recreation, sports and holiday events for adults and children. Registration for the fall season opens Aug. 6 at 9 a.m. for county residents and Aug. 8 at 12 p.m. for non-​residents. Scholarships available. www.accgov. com/myrec FREE COVID-​19 VACCINES (Clarke County Health Department) Vaccines are available by appointment or walk-​in. No insurance or ID required. www.publichealthisfor everyone.com RABBIT BOX STORYTELLING (VFW on Sunset Drive) Storytelling themes for fall include “Wallflower” (Sept. 27), “Undone” (Oct. 25) and “Last Call” (Nov. 22). Pitch an eight-​minute story to share with an audience. Story coaching available. rabbitboxstories@gmail.com, www. rabbitbox.org/tell-​a-​story f

upcoming title Naturally Georgia: From the Mountains to the Coast. Through August. ODUM SCHOOL OF ECOLOGY GALLERY (140 E. Green St.) Natural science illustrator C Olivia Carlisle shares insect, botanical and ecosystems illustrations alongside “The Birdwing Butterflies of Papua New Guinea,” a display featuring specimens assembled by James W. Porter and photographs by Carolyn Crist. Through fall. STEFFEN THOMAS MUSEUM OF ART (4200 Bethany Rd., Buckhead) “Mother Tongue: The Language of Families” includes Steffen Thomas’ paintings, drawings and sculptures that were shaped by powerful prose and poetry. Spoken Word Night with Linqua Franqa, Christopher Martin and Josina Guess held on closing day, Aug. 20, 4:30 p.m. TINY ATH GALLERY (174 Cleveland Ave.) Former Athenian Sam Balling returns from the Okefenokee Swamp with “Death & BBQ,” an exhibition of new illustrations and mixed media paintings. Opening reception Aug. 2, 5–8 p.m. Open on Third Thursday, Aug. 18 from 6–9 p.m. and by appointment through August. UGA SPECIAL COLLECTIONS LIBRARIES (300 S. Hull St.) “I AM A MAN: Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement, 1960–1970” documents a historic and transformative decade through iconic images of protestors and glimpses into the daily life of the American South. Through Aug. 11. • “Georgia on my Mind: Finding Belonging in Music History” explores the genres, spaces and performers who have helped to define music in the state over time. Toddler Tuesday Aug. 2. Family Day Aug. 13. Opening reception Aug. 18 with live music by James Weidman, guitarists Skip Taylor and John Culwell, and hip-hop artist Cassie Chantel. Through Dec. 9. VIVA! ARGENTINE CUISINE (247 Prince Ave.) Susan Pelham’s collages are influenced by Magic Realism, Surrealism, fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Through August. WHITE TIGER GOURMET (217 Hiawassee Ave.) “Bon Appétit!” includes vibrant paintings of food products by Mary Porter. Through Oct. 1.

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2BR/1BA, W/D, lawn care. $1800/month. 285 Savannah Ave. Athens, GA 30601. Call for more information: 678-698-7613

MUSIC INSTRUCTION Athens School of Music. Now offering in-person and online instruction in guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, brass, woodwinds, strings, banjo, mandolin and more. From beginner to expert, all styles. Visit www.athensschoolo music.com, 706-543-5800.

VOICE LESSONS: Experienced teacher (25+ years) currently expanding studio. Ages 12–90+, all genres. Contact stacie.court@gmail. com or 706-424-9516.



Instant cash is now being paid for good vinyl records & CDs in fine condition. Wuxtry Records, at corner of Clayton & College Dwntn. 706369-9428.

Business Water Solutions offers the cleanest drinking water available through innovative bottleless water coolers and ice machines. Call 706248-6761 or visit businesswatersolutions.com to set up a consultation.

SERVICES CLEANING Peachy Green Clean Cooperative, your local friendly green cleaners! Free estimates. Call us today: 706-248-4601

HOME AND GARDEN Female-owned/operated gardening services! We can help with planning, building, soil delivery, planting, invasives removal, regular maintenance and kid-friendly instruction. Call/Text: 706-395-5321

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THERAPY/ COUNSELING White Wolf Counseling is now accepting new clients in Athens and surrounding areas. We provide individual, couples, family and teen counseling. White Wolf Counseling and Principal Counselor, Robert Black Eagle Costa brings over fifty years of counseling and pastoral experience, and a well-rounded academic background, including two undergraduate degrees in Clinical Psychology, and a Masters in Theology with emphasis on pastoral counseling. Robert Black Eagle is an ordained minister, founder and principal of the Seventh Generation Native American Church. 706340-7134 (RobertBlackEagle. com; SeventhGeneration NativeAmericanChurch.org)

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Visit www.accgov.com/257/Available-Pets to view all the cats and dogs available at the shelter

$10 per week $14 per week $16 per week $40 per 12 weeks $5 per week

*Ad enhancement prices are viewable at flagpole.com **Run-‘Til-Sold rates are for MERCHANDISE ONLY ***Available for individual rate categories only

PLACE AN AD • Call our Classifieds Dept. 706-549-0301 • Email us at class@flagpole.com

Lacey (55832)

Lacey is currently the shelter’s longest resident, which is surprising! According to her foster home, she’s crate-trained, loves playing fetch and is the perfect couch potato and cuddler.

Perla (57819)

Perla is a sweet, beautiful 10-month-old who loves being with people. She can be a bit clumsy (she’s a big pup growing into her body), but she’s all love and down for some fun!

Willow (57567)

Willow’s shy and quiet due to how noisy the shelter can be, but with time (and some treats) this girl is pure fun! She enjoys kiddie pools and chasing tennis balls the most.

These pets and many others are available for adoption at:

• Deadline to place ads is 11:00 a.m. every Monday for the following Wednesday issue • All ads must be prepaid


F L A GP OL E .C OM · A UGU S T 3, 2022

Athens-Clarke County Animal Services 125 Buddy Christian Way · 706-613-3540 Call for appointment




Edited by Margie E. Burke

1 3

Difficulty: Easy

6 5 3 8 9

2 6 1 7

8 9

10 11

8 2 5


9 3 7 2

7 4









8 9

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18 20

21 22









Each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9; 14 each column must contain the numbers 1 to169;INSEPERABLE TWIN and each set of 3 by 3 boxes must contain19 CORRECT the numbers 1 to 9. 20 MONKEY'S CREW Week of 8/1/22 - 8/7/22 21 A GIRLS BEST FRIEND


3 1 7 5 6







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Voted an Athens Favorite 2020 & 2021!

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The Weekly Crossword 1






3 1 7 32 9 37 4 42 5 47 6 8 56 2 23





4 5 2 34 8 7 6 9 1 58 3

7 3 26 4 1 6 43 8 2 50 9 5

6 8 9 538 2 3 1 51 4 7

1 227 5 7 9 448 8 3 6









Solution to 21 Sudoku:

8 9 6 33 3 1 2 5 7 57 4




17 20


by Margie E. Burke

524 6 1 439 8 7 3 2 9


9 225 4 7 335 8 2 640 544 3 1 949 7 4 6 5 59 8 1

36 41 45






2440 West Broad St., Suite 2 706-548-2188 www.alaferasalon.com











ACROSS 1 "Let There Be Rock" band 5 Wound covering 9 Specialized lingo 14 Foal's mother 15 Medic or legal starter 16 "Gone With the Wind" star 17 Clothes presser 18 Impossible to fill 20 Limb's partner 22 Cash in 23 Geyser output 24 Gas guzzler 26 Caustic criticism 28 Carry on 32 Galaxy rival 35 Picnic side dish 37 Salon service 38 Hunter's quarry 40 Soften, as lighting 41 It may be inflated 42 Christmas ball, e.g. 45 Dwell on 47 More or ___ 48 Head wreath 50 Flatware finisher 52 Send payment


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56 Waikiki welcomes 59 "Honest Abe", for one 61 Heartbroken 63 Pull one over on 64 Anoint, old-style 65 Barbie, for one 66 Tree of life site 67 Blanc et al. 68 Standards org. 69 Count (on) DOWN 1 Out of place 2 Insertion mark 3 Pilotless plane 4 Part of a peso 5 Washer cycle 6 Tropic of ____ 7 1944 film, "____ and Old Lace" 8 Call to Little Bo-Peep 9 Visitor from afar 10 Library patrons 11 Cutting remark 12 Eye flirtatiously 13 "It's us against ___" 19 A million million 21 Slim Shady

25 Cape of ____ Hope 27 Program airing 29 Nautical adverb 30 Badgers 31 Rare bills 32 One to worship 33 Fiery heap 34 Brooding mothers 36 Start, as a voyage 39 Gut feeling? 43 Parking lot covering 44 Garden State capital 46 Like most models 49 Bay windows 51 Zaps in an OR 53 Title role for Bea Arthur 54 Urge onward 55 Itsy-bitsy 56 Resident of 66-across 57 Carson's successor 58 Bakery fixture 60 451, to Caesar 62 Toothpaste tube letters

Puzzle answers are available at www.flagpole.com/puzzles






A UGU S T 3, 2022· F L A GP OL E .C OM