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pub notes Signing Off Those of us who rely on WUGA-FM for our radio news have depended, for longer than any of us cares to admit, on Mary Kay Mitchell to tell us what is happening in Athens. “This is Mary Kay Mitchell, and you’re listening to WUGA FM 91.7…” Now, we’ll be listening to see (hear) who takes her place, because our longtime radio voice has retired. Of course, she is irreplaceable—all that in-depth knowledge about Athens, all those stories, all those news briefs, all those interviews, those hours at the typewriter and the computer—because she has to write it before she broadcasts it. (She doesn’t just make up all that stuff on the spot, you know.) We’re losing all that and starting over from scratch, and of course Mary Kay started from scratch, too. She was in on the very beginnings of WUGA when it first went on the air, and she has been around ever since and reflects the fortunes of the station. Mary Kay was there in those heady days when our local radio pioneers brought National Public Radio to Athens. You can’t imagine what that meant. Before WUGA, we had an hour of classical music on Sunday night. Local radio then as now was a vast wasteland of bad country music and worse gospel, sketchy news and the occasional local angle like election returns. WUGA brought all the great national stuff: “A Prairie Home Companion,” the news programs, magazine features and classical music. NPR was like an invigorating rain on a parched She has… desert, and its local affiliate had a devolved into strong commitment to local news and features. a one-woman WUGA also gradually developed news department. the staff to create what it wanted to deliver. David Bryant, Angela Elam, Rob Hilton, Melinda Weir and Steve Lickteig produced thoughtful, insightful, creative news and commentary about Athens and beyond. They were like an alternative newsmagazine of the air, teaching us again what radio could be, with a dedication to getting news right and giving it enough time to tell the story with intelligence and a fidelity to the truth on our own station, right here in Athens, Georgia, brought to us by the University of Georgia. It is impossible to imagine Athens without WUGA, though we have had to get used to a vastly reduced presence, with all that great, creative staff gone, except for Mary Kay, and now her. She has, after successive budget cuts over the years, devolved into a one-woman news department, with the ability to go out and do the interview, come back and write it up, go on the air with her report, then back to her office to write up the next news report, hosting the weekly “Athens News Matters.” Mary Kay has been like a princess once accustomed to a full staff now reduced to doing everything herself, but a noble princess, never complaining, actually taking pride in her ability to do it all, even enjoying it, despite the frustration of not being able to do more, as she could when she had a full staff of radio geniuses. One other thing, while we are eulogizing her career, that you don’t usually associate with a hard-driving newsperson: Mary Kay is kind and caring. She genuinely likes people and is interested in their stories. That may mean she would never make it as a modern-day news-shouter, but it frequently meant that she was able to make people real in her interviews and stories and make their humanity palpable through the air. She’s funny, too: not at all pretentious, and that carries across the ether. OK, the radio station is out of the university’s control now, given over to Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta, and Mary Kay has decided to hang up her headphones. Here’s hoping the station is able to hire a worthy successor; they’re trying, and they know it’s a tough hire. Thanks, Mary Kay, from all your fans, all the nameless and faceless people you had to imagine were out there listening every time you turned on your microphone. We were out there, and we were listening; we depended on you to keep us tuned in. You were there alone in the studio, but you were surrounded by people all over town counting on you to keep us up to the minute with local news. Thanks a lot, Mary Kay. We heard you. Pete McCommons

THIS WEEK’S ISSUE: News & Features City Dope . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Athens News and Views

Local Democrats and Republicans are co-sponsoring an Aug. 14 town hall meeting on redistricting.

Athens Rising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 What’s Up in New Development

A few musings on the various cycles of life in Athens-Clarke County.

Arts & Events Theatre Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Wit and Wisdom

An Ideal Husband is a very fashionable story of love, blackmail and the hell of others’ expectations.

Grub Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Summer Wrap-Up

COVER DESIGN by Kelly Ruberto featuring an illustration by David Mack

A roundup of all the openings, closings and changes that summer brought.


Music A Tale of One City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 How Athens Keeps the Hits Coming, 30 Years Going

An intro to our music scene through the lenses of a newcomer and a veteran.

How to Get Your Band in Flagpole . . . . . . . 16 Tips for Beginners

Playing music in Athens? You’ll need publicity, and this is how to get it.

CITY DOPE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 CITY PAGES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 CAPITOL IMPACT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 ATHENS RISING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 MISCELLANY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 GUIDE TO ATHENS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 MOVIE DOPE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 THEATRE NOTES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 GRUB NOTES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 THREATS & PROMISES. . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

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city dope Athens News and Views Raise Your Voice: The Athens-Clarke County the Athens-Clarke County government. When Democrats and Republicans will jointly sponBryant asked him about the best one—that sor a public “town hall” meeting on redishe could benefit politically from being seen tricting this Sunday, Aug. 14 from 5:30–7:30 as a crusading conservative in the progressive p.m. The meeting is the brainchild of Regina bastion of ACC, especially as his own legislaQuick and Shaye Gambrell, the Republican tive district is being redrawn by the state and Democratic representatives, respectively, Republicans—he ignored the question. on the committee appointed by Mayor Nancy But if you really want “coy,” check out Denson to produce a county district map for Mabry’s recent Facebook posts (if he hasn’t approval by the ACC Commission. “blocked” you for asking him direct questions But as faithful readers know, the comabout them), in which he flippantly tweaks mission’s approval is not the final word in the current superdistrict commissioners about the process—far from it, in this unusual McKillip’s redrawing project, to which Mabry instance. Rep. Doug McKillip says he’s planhas now been handed the keys. And if you’re ning to attend the town hall, which means looking for “utter absurdity,” look no further he’ll have a chance to make his case to the than the spectacle of a newly Republican public for whatever plans he has for the eleclegislator, elected as a Democrat in a strongly toral map. Those, according to Blake Aued’s Democratic district, whose immediate politiAug. 7 Athens Banner-Herald article, will cal future depends on the redrawing of that include the elimination of the county’s two district specifically to erase its Democratic superdistricts—which, in the same article, majority without harming the reelection prosCommissioner Harry Sims says will not be a feature of any map that comes out of the local reapportionment committee, which he chairs. Assuming Sims is correct, that means that if McKillip intends to submit a map that eliminates superdistricts to his colleagues in the Legislature, he will in all likelihood be asking them to approve a local map not recommended by the local government— changing the local charter in the process. Though the General Assembly has Athens’ local electoral map is being redrawn, and Rep. Doug McKillip wants always had the power to big changes. do that, it’s never used— but there’s a first time for everything, right? pects of adjacent Republican representatives, McKillip hit the Athens airwaves last week insisting that his unprecedented interest in with an appearance on Tim Bryant’s news local electoral politics is purely motivated by talk show, in which he tried to allay citizens’ a heroic thirst for “fairness.” fears instilled by the “liberal media” (which apparently includes not only Flagpole, but the Again: McKillip has already disenfranchised passionately centrist Banner-Herald, as well) the Democratic voters who elected him by that he might be handling local redistrictswitching parties, is in the process of making ing by himself—then went on to explain why that disenfranchisement permanent by havhe should. And guess what: it’s to increase ing his district redrawn to favor Republicans, African-American representation on the comand would like you to believe that the only mission! He also said he only wants to propeople around here getting cheated out of vide the public with additional “options” to “fair” representation are local conservatives. the ones produced by the local government’s As Aued has pointed out on his ABH blog, normal process—options on which he and his the ACC Commission district lines do not prefellow Republicans in the Legislature will, of vent conservatives from being elected, nor course, have the final say, no matter what are all the districts currently represented by “the public” prefers. The task of drawing those ideologically like-minded liberals, as McKillip alternative maps, McKillip announced, will be disingenuously claims. His scheme isn’t to undertaken with the assistance of his consulcorrect partisan gerrymandering; it’s to create tant Robert “Bo” Mabry, whose history—like it. And the assertion that local district lines McKillip’s, as a Democrat, until recently—is need to be radically redrawn to increase local as a strategist in bare-knuckled political African-American representation—by someone campaigns. who just switched to a party whose electoral McKillip also took the opportunity of his strategy routinely includes barely disguised appearance on Bryant’s show to upbraid your attempts to suppress minority voting power— own true Dope for “coyly” suggesting (on the would be laughable if it weren’t so depressing. same show a week earlier) that there may be Doug McKillip has shown himself to be as a personal motive for his intentions regarding brazenly opportunistic a politician as can be the superdistricts—a suggestion he called imagined, and he is, right here and now, mak“utter absurdity.” Fine: strained relationing a play for increased political power—with ships with commissioners probably account Athens’ electoral self-determination as the for little to none of McKillip’s motivation in price. “It’s not personal!” he says. You’ll have all this, and it was unwise to call attention to to forgive us, Doug, if we take it that way. them when he has so many better reasons to insert himself into the redistricting process of Dave Marr

city pages Government Operations Committee to look at the problem. “I’m sure we’ll have a very spirited discussion at that session,” said Hoard. As a money-saving measure, pickups have gone from every eight weeks to every nine, Backpedalling towards an apparent compro- but sometimes they don’t even meet that mise with the Athens Economic Development schedule. “They are far behind,” Commissioner Foundation, ACC commissioners last week Alice Kinman said. “We’ve created that situagreed to continue the group’s funding if it ation ourselves, a good bit” with the slower will add one commission vote to its board. schedule. Some commissioners, skeptical of the founda“Sometimes we cut off our noses to spite tion’s effectiveness, had earlier requested that our faces,” Maxwell added. three commissioners be added, but instead But ACC Solid Waste Director Jim Corley the EDF voted to add one non-voting commistold Flagpole that pickups are now meeting sioner: mayor pro-tem Andy Herod. The comschedules available in the newspaper, online, mission is now asking that Herod be allowed and by phone (at 706-613-3501). For now, to vote. even oversized piles will be picked up, he Mayor Nancy Denson, who also sits on the said, as crews catch up on the debris left by EDF board (and does vote), opposed what she early summer storms and the unexpected loss saw as earlier efforts to “pack” the board, but of several employees. Commissioners cut one said she supports the current position to save money, but request. “This compromise crews are back to Mayor Nancy Denson otherwise had to happen to get funds their normal (but minimal) released,” she told Flagpole. staffing, Corley said: two opposed what she “I believe jobs and tax base three-man crews with no are the more important saw as earlier efforts backup. issue.” The EDF’s board will The Aug. 16 committo “pack” the board. meet Wednesday, Aug. 10; tee meeting will be “more approval would presumably a listening session than lay the conflict to rest, but requires comproan action session” chair Harry Sims said. mise also from the EDF, which (lacking a speCommissioner Kelly Girtz offered one suggescific request from ACC commissioners) denied tion: don’t charge people for taking their own Herod a vote when they seated him earlier. yard waste to the dump. Commissioners apparently expected approval; And despite protestations from ACC “they are very anxious to put Commissioner Manager Alan Reddish that billing people 60 Herod to work,” Commissioner Kathy Hoard cents a month for recycling education might remarked. Denson also said she expected cost the county more than it collects, the approval. commission directed him to figure out how to Commissioners were at pains not to person- do it. Reddish had proposed adding the fee ally criticize EDF board members, calling them only to trash bills, but not everyone gets trash “good people.” They are also asking the EDF pickup, commissioners said, and everyone to provide a plan for how it will market ACC to should pay equally—even people who haul business prospects, and for raising additional their own trash to the dump. It’s not as simple operating funds from private businesses. as adding the fee to stormwater or water bills And hearing frequent complaints about either, Reddish said earlier, because not all late leaf-and-limb pickups (Commissioner citizens own land, and some have wells. George Maxwell said his own pickup was two Commissioners may also balk (on enviweeks late), commissioners assigned their ronmental grounds) at the recommendation

Mayor, Commish Vote for EDF Compromise




JP Alfonso


Provided by Virtue & Vice, Inc. Athens’ Own Randy Smyre & Bethra Szumski Association Professional Piercers Board Member

of staff that a creek crossing by the new Jennings Mill Road be made via a large culvert rather than a more expensive bridge. “I’m very much in favor of this road,” which should reduce traffic on the Atlanta Highway, Kinman said, but “I’m also interested in the larger ecosystem” of the pristine creek, and a bridge would have less environmental impact, she said. Reddish told commissioners that aquatic life wouldn’t be affected by a 185-foot concrete box culvert. Initially, the new road will be only two lanes wide, but plans propose eventually widening it to four lanes; and building a four-lane bridge would cost $400,000 more than a concrete culvert, Reddish said. But commissioners questioned whether four-laning will ever be needed, and asked Reddish to come back with cost estimates for a two-lane bridge.

Rotting trash produces methane gas and carbon dioxide—both “greenhouse gases” that promote global warming—but at ACC’s landfill, that methane will soon be burned to produce electricity. “They’re actually installing wells right now,” Solid Waste Director Jim Corley told Flagpole. Dozens of wells, drilled into now-closed areas of the landfill, will harvest methane for electricity that a private company will then sell into the power grid. “They’re putting up all the money, then they will pay us royalties,” Corley said—perhaps $500,000 a year on electricity and renewable energy credits that will also be sold. John Huie

John Huie



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Lawmakers will be back in Atlanta on Aug. 15 for a special session on redistricting, but before the fun begins, let’s catch up on a few developments in state politics. Last week we received confirmation— again—that Georgia taxpayers are getting snookered by some of their elected representatives. This one involves “Joshua’s Law,” a bill passed by the legislature several years ago that imposes a 5 percent surcharge on traffic fines. The proceeds from this surcharge are supposed to pay for high school driver education classes to help teenagers learn how to handle our roads and highways. A new report from state auditors, however, shows that less than 20 percent of the traffic fine surcharges collected under “Joshua’s Law” have actually been used for driver’s education. The money instead was used to plug holes in the budget. This is not the only time this has happened. For more than a decade, you have been paying a fee of $1 per tire each time you buy a new tire. The money is supposed to go to a solid waste trust fund to help pay for the cleanup of millions of discarded tires around the state. In reality, most of the tire-fee funds are diverted to pay for unrelated programs in the budget, instead of being used to get rid of old tires, which continue to pile up. In other news, Gov. Nathan Deal said the state is getting a $1 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fund some pilot programs that could help boost the percentage of college students who get a degree. “It really doesn’t do us a lot of good getting people into our universities and technical colleges if they don’t get a degree,” Deal said. Deal did not mention that one of the main roadblocks to getting a college degree is the high cost involved, especially for students from middle- and low-income families. The

Board of Regents has had to jack up tuition and fees in recent years because of budget cutbacks. Earlier this year, legislation was passed that will reduce the amount of money paid to students through HOPE scholarships, making it more difficult for many of them to stay in college and get that degree. The governor who signed that bill into law was Nathan Deal. Here’s a helpful hint to the governor: if you’ll stop cutting HOPE grants and reducing budget allocations for the University System, a college education might become a little more affordable. That will do more to increase college graduation rates than a puny foundation grant. Finally, the members of the state ethics commission announced they will implement a new plan to privatize a large portion of the agency’s watchdog responsibilities. This is a response to cutbacks in the commission’s budget that have resulted in the dismissal of most of the staff. Many of the commission’s functions will be farmed out to a private attorney who will be paid a maximum of $25,000 a year. If you pay a low-ball fee of $50 per hour for a private attorney’s services, that will amount to 500 hours of legal work. That’s a little more than 12 weeks of work, if you figure the attorney will be billing for a 40-hour week. In other words, the state would be able to enforce its campaign disclosure laws for about three months out of the year. Politicians would be able to ignore the law’s requirements the rest of the year, because the ethics commission probably wouldn’t have the resources to investigate violations. The ethics commission would become useless. Is there a way you can take a state agency outside and shoot it to put it out of its misery? Tom Crawford

athens rising What’s Up in New Development revealed. Some of the most iconic images I have of Athens are those gray winter scenes, with the spaghetti-draped industrial monuments, like the incinerator smokestack on College Avenue, or the eponymous Murmur Trestle. A brittle vine by itself is an inevitable fact of the season, but the way it shapes and reveals familiar elements can have an effect like one of the artist Christo’s wrapped structures. And of course, there are those twinkling Christmas lights on Clayton. Cycles don’t only happen yearly, though; there are also daily cycles, like the bugle calls that once echoed across the Navy School campus, or the ebb and flow of traffic on our snarled intersections. You might even hear an illicit cock crow in a “Pro-Chicken” enclave of Boulevard as a marker of the morning. Likewise the week and nightlife have their own cycle, with intensity swelling toward the weekend and lazy Sundays. Blue laws contribute to this pace, regardless of their Christian overtone, and when we do have that referendum, something about the flavor of downtown will change. There’s a certain vibe that only Sunday evenings have, when the bars are closed but the restaurants are open, and people might be out, but not too late. There’s also the cycle Overflowing fruit stands along 441 south of Bishop are a part of the local of paychecks for the poor landscape of summer. and working classes of Athens, with flush times It’s summer that really brings my awarecoming after the check is cut, and progresness of the rural hinterlands into clearest sively leaner times as the days and weeks focus. Swimming holes are to be found on progress until the next pay period. the South Fork Broad River, north of town in It’s worth wondering how a less than token Madison County. Peaches lie to the South, on awareness of the cyclical currents that define that stretch of US-441 between Bishop and our community could influence our sense of Madison. U.S. 441 is a major north-south creating progress and shaping the future. route in the region, and seems to carry a Viewing the lives of the city’s intergenerasignificant number of minivans from Ontario tional poor holistically certainly changes the to and from Florida. It’s climate and geology strategies, with the quality of life of parents that set the schedule for those summer foods affecting their children, their education and and activities we identify with, though, and their adult lives, which in turn affect their going for day trips in the country isn’t totally children and so on. Rather than treating disconnected from when summer breaks from symptoms of a broken cycle, how can we speschool were for going home to work on the cifically shape the cycle itself to produce more farm. equitable results? Football defines fall, of course, and inspires Another cycle might be that of our leadexuberant displays of patriotism for the ers’ and planners’ continual cat-and-mouse Bulldawg nation. But it also aligns well with game with developers, who are always finding the fall semester, when new students are just loopholes in the codes, prompting increasingly getting the feel of what UGA is about and Draconian reactionary rules, which in turn old students, whether they be sophomores create new loopholes. Suppose a more nimble or alumni, are coming back after being away and evolution-driven approach for regulating for a summer or for years. There’s definitely a our growth was devised, which recognized this cyclical sense of repetition to returning for cycle and attempted to change it? It would the annual football season, with victories certainly be better than declaring an issue to giving a title to be defended and losses servbe fixed and waiting for the next problem to ing as motivation to try harder on the next crop up (see Carr’s Hill moratoria). go-round. Sanford Stadium, looming as its Looking at both our problems and our presence is in the landscape of campus, is assets from unfamiliar angles reveals new silent most of the year. The structure can only information about why things are the way really be understood on those few Saturdays they are. It’s worth wondering how integratwhen the population of Athens doubles. A difing those perspectives can better generate ferent kind of community exists on those fall strategies for improving what works and game days, and it only exists briefly. addressing what doesn’t. Winter is a time when the kudzu shrivels back and all sorts of hidden things are Kevan Williams The packed pickups and rental trucks roaming around town like Conestoga wagons for college students around the first of August have got me thinking a bit differently. Often, this column keeps time in past, present and possible futures; however, so much of how we experience places is cyclical. Soon, the 2011–2012 school year will begin and the summer will end. Of course, summer will be back again soon, and school just left. Unfortunately, our vocabulary has so geared us to linear thinking that even the marking of events on cyclical calendars occurs within a linear language. Regardless, here’s a collection of impressions about the seasonality of our local landscape. It’s worth considering that the places we occupy are just as much defined by when we occupy them as by where or what they are. KEVAN WILLIAMS



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Athens Is a Dancing Machine: Almost every night of the week in Athens, you can find someplace different to wear your dancing shoes—and there are enough DJs to play something for everyone in town. Show off your moves to ‘80s music at 8e’s and ‘90s hits at 9d’s, or break it down at the Athens 2 Ibiza party every Tuesday at The Loft. One of my favorite DJs is Feral Youth, AKA Chris Howe, who frequents Bad Manor and The Loft and plays electronic house, dub and his own mashups and remixes of top-40 hits. His dance parties will make you feel like you’re out at a European night club. Feral Youth has been working on a music video, so if you go on the right night, maybe you’ll get a cameo. Then, there’s the popular DJ Mahogany, AKA Mark Weathersby, who’s always showing the love around town. Over the next couple of weeks, Mahogany will be spinning tracks Saturday, Aug. 13 at Little Kings and Saturday, Aug. 20 at Go Bar. Mahogany is an Athens staple who takes us back in time and describes the tunes he spins as “songs that can make people feel good and have a good time. Tunes that no matter how old you are or what walk of life you’re from, just make you wanna dance and feel good. I usually use CDs, 45s and cassingles.” Don’t forget to tune in to his new radio show on WUOG 90.5 FM, “Flowers in the Attic,” Saturday evenings from 6–8 p.m., when he spins tunes from his personal collection. It is the perfect show to put you in a fabulous mood for Saturday night.

together the AthFest Turtle Jam, with local bands Bodega Roja, Chromazone and Juice Box. The tour starts at 5:30 p.m., and live music begins at 6 p.m. For $12, you will be supporting AthFest’s music education programs in our schools and receive a Terrapin pint glass—and White Tiger will have a food cart set up, featuring its famous BBQ, hot dogs and tofu dogs for the vegetarians. At both events, you’ll receive eight tickets to try eight pours of the classic and seasonal beers Terrapin offers. For more on Terrapin, check out the brewery for yourself or go to Buzz at the Bee, Help Athens Literacy: The non-profit Athens-Clarke Literacy Council is holding its sixth Spirited Spelling Spectacular, a grown-up spelling bee, at Hotel Indigo’s Rialto Room on Sunday, Aug. 21 from 3–5 p.m. Tickets are available for $5 in advance at or $10 at the door. In addition to the spelling bee,

Gourmet, Vintage, Rock: The 40 Watt club is kicking off the school year with a blow-out Rock Block Party Saturday, Aug. 13, a free day-long event that will feature all kinds of Athens goodness. Starting at 1 p.m., there will be an extravaganza of gourmet food trucks: King of Pops popsicles, 1000 Faces coffee, Farm Cart and LaFonda Dogs. While munching on deliciousness, you can DJ Mahogany spins at Little Kings Aug. 13 and Go Bar Aug. 20. also do your back-to-school wardrobe shopping at the vintage tables set over 100 items will be up for sale in a silent up inside the 40 Watt from local businesses: auction, including artwork, UGA paraphernaAgora, Community, Dynamite, Southern Vision, lia and gift certificates to various spas and Low Yo Yo Stuff, Cillies and Ohh Boy! And if salons. Plus, the event will have a cash bar that’s not enough to prepare you for the influx and hors d’ouevres donated from local restauof students and back-to-coolness, then you rants. Doc Eldridge will be the “pronouncer” of can round out the day with a free show at 9 words—and the judges are the Athens judicial p.m. with Sunny 100, Twin Tigers, Tedo Stone system’s actual judges. and Monahan. Fifteen teams are signed up to spell; go online to check out the competitors, and Turtle School: Now that school’s back in sesdonate money to your favorite. The bee’s prosion, our favorite philanthropic, turtle-touting ceeds will aid the ACLC, whose mission is to Terrapin Brewery has quite a few happenpromote and support adult literacy and learnings—and if you haven’t been to the brewery ing opportunities in Athens. Among its many yet, this would be a great time to go. You services, it provides community volunteer can take a break from the Rock Block Party training for working with adult students to Saturday, Aug. 13 to go to Terrapin’s Back to prepare for the GRE and offers GED and postSchool Bash from 5:30–8:30 p.m., presented secondary scholarships to adults. For more by Pig Pen Studio and featuring the Eric Dodd info, call (706) 254-9877 or email info@athBand, Crane and Southside of the Tracks. The following Saturday, Aug. 20, AthFest and UGA’s Music Business Program have put Nicole Cashin



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he 2011–2012 Flagpole Guide to Athens has hit the streets for everybody who is moving to Athens or visiting or has been living here for a long time. The Guide is your handy reference to restaurants, bars, clubs, music, entertainment, parks, lodging, culture, history, maps, government and bug-swatting (handy size). You will find, after you pick up a copy of the Guide, that it is an indispensable reference that you’ll want to keep around the house, in your car and in your backpack. And the Guide is easy to find, because our intrepid distribution crew keeps it stocked all year long at over 300 locations around Athens, on the UGA campus and in the outlying areas. Should you find yourself without your copy of the Guide in hand, you can always consult it online at www.

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SALON, INC. 2440 West Broad Street 706-548-2188 The 2011–2012 Flagpole Guide sports a distinctive cover by Athens artist Jeff Owens, highlighted by an unmistakably Owens-y owl—which Jeff reminds us is associated with the goddess Athena, who lent our city her name, with academia— without which we would not have our city—and with nightlife, for which our city is so well known. There also happen to be lots of owls living in the wooded areas around our intown neighborhoods, not to mention our more rural reaches. The new Guide also spotlights several people who help make Athens what it is, lending a personal touch to all the information: ACC Commissioner Kelly Girtz, artist-designer Didi Dunphy, music venue owner (yeah, that one) Wilmot Greene, chefrestaurateur Hugh Acheson, restaurant owner Angelish Wilson and bar manager Terri Silva. In their own words, they give us an insider’s view of the elements that make Athens special and provide us with insight into what it takes to run a business or an art project or a government in a town like Athens. And, as usual, the Guide is chock full of information about Athens. It’s a fun read, but that’s just the beginning. It’s got websites, telephone numbers, street addresses, hours of operation, cost comparisons, maps, venues, where to go for a date, where to take your family, your dog, your wedding party, your soccer team. And, thanks to our Flagpole Guide to Athens advertisers, this whole, rich package is free. So, grab one now, and put it in your pack. But don’t despair if you’re caught somewhere without it. Wherever you go in Athens and its surroundings, you’ll find a Guide in easy reach, and you’ll find yourself reaching for the Guide. The Flagpole Guide to Athens: for those who want to know their way around.

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movie dope Some releases may not be showing locally this week. • indicates new review 30 MINUTES OR LESS (R) Two loser-ish criminals (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson) kidnap a delivery driver (Jesse Eisenberg) and force him to rob a bank by strapping a bomb to his chest. Director Ruben Fleischer had a surprise hit with his first film, Zombieland, and Ben Stiller is one of the comedy’s producers. With Michael Pena and Fred Ward. BEGINNERS (R) Family-dynamic drama about 75-year-old Hal (Christopher Plummer), who decides to confess two secrets to his grown son, Oliver (Ewan McGregor). First, Hal has terminal cancer. Second, he is gay and has a younger lover. Hal sounds like a plum role for Plummer, who is aging wonderfully. With Melanie Laurent and Goran Visnjic. BELLFLOWER (R) Two pals, Woodrow (writer-director Evan Glodell, who resembles a gearhead Paul Schneider) and Aiden (Tyler Dawson), bond over a doomsday scenario that has them preparing flamethrowers, weapons of mass destruction and Medusa, a muscle car that emits a smokescreen, blows flames and more. Things grow darker and even more violent after Woodrow falls for Milly (Jessie Wiseman). This official selection of the Sundance Film Festival, Glodell’s first film, looks distinctively cool, in its nouveau Grindhouse badassery. BRIDESMAIDS (R) Considering its competition, calling Bridesmaids the funniest movie of 2011 may be as much an insult as a compliment to this hilarious comedy, written by and starring Kristen Wiig (winner of the year’s It’s About Time Award). This female-driven flick needs to be judged and compared to its raunchy, hearty brothers, all raised under the banner of the House of Apatow. CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER (PG-13) Ninety-pound weakling Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wants to do his part in WWII, but army doctors keep 4Fing him until Dr. Abraham Erskine (the ever wonderful Stanley Tucci) approaches with his super soldier serum. Soon, Steve Rogers turns into a muscled up superhero called Captain America, who must stop rogue Nazi, the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving), from devastating the world. CARS 2 (G) Cars 2 is an above-average children’s cartoon. Unfortunately, an above-average children’s cartoon is way below Pixar’s capabilities. Any

other animation house can make a Cars or a Cars 2; Pixar should leave the kiddie entertainment to DreamWorks/ Sony and concentrate on singular masterpieces like WALL-E and Up. CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS (NR) 2010. A lot has been said and written about legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog’s documentary, filmed in France’s Chauvet Cave, where the oldest known pictorial representations of mankind can be found. Closed to the general public, Herzog had to receive special permission to film inside the cave. Along with footage inside the cave itself, Herzog interviewed expert scientists and historians and snapped pictures of the nearby Pont d’Arc natural bridge. • THE CHANGE-UP (R) As half-baked actor, Mitch, a pretty thoroughly unappealing dude trapped in the body of his straight-laced, father of three, lawyer pal, Dave, Jason Bateman makes this otherwise valueless comedy work. No longer the straight man, he’s allowed to roam raunchily free, and caged, Ryan Reynolds derives more sympathetic appeal. The Change-Up may not be good, but it is funny. Bateman’s delivery and timing is as impeccable as it is raunchy. Though likable, Reynolds can’t keep up with his costar. COWBOYS & ALIENS (PG-13) A fun mashup of Western and science fiction tropes that should satisfyingly cap the summer proper. A man with no memory (Daniel Craig) assists a wealthy Civil War vet (Harrison Ford) and the other townsfolk tracking the extraterrestrials who ran off with half of their dwindling mining town. Craig makes a dutiful, if uncharismatic gunslinger, but Ford, wonderfully aged and crotchety, still retains roguish charm to spare for his co-stars. Entertaining as Cowboys & Aliens is, nothing particularly jumps out to give the flick any staying power. CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE. (PG-13) Steve Carell stars as Cal Weaver, whose wife, Emily (Julianne Moore), suddenly bombs him with a divorce pronouncement that leads him to a local bar where Cal meets inveterate womanizer Jacob (Ryan Gosling). While Cal the nice guy is learning to objectify women, Jacob the man-whore is falling for law student Hannah (Emma Stone). This sweetly melancholic movie is an old-fashioned effort brightly lit by its stars, all of whom emit an entertainment wattage missing from many a romantic dramedy.

MOVIE L ISTI N GS Schedules often change after our deadline. Please call ahead.

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Cave of Forgotten Dreams (NR) 5:00 (W. 8/10 & Th. 8/11) The Double Hour (NR) 7:15, 9:30 (W. 8/10 & Th. 8/11) Grease (PG-13) 7:00 (F. 8/12), 4:30 (Sa. 8/13 & Su. 8/14) Beginners (R) 5:00, 7:15, 9:30 (no 9:30 show Su. 8/14), 2:15 (Sa. 8/13 & Su. 8/14) Ludlow (NR) 10:00 (F. 8/12) The Tree of Life (PG-13) 7:00, 9:45 (no 9:45 show Su. 8/14), 4:00 (W. 8/10 & Th. 8/11) Winnie the Pooh (G) 4:30, 2:30 (Sa. 8/13 & Su. 8/14)

Accurate movie times for the Carmike 12 (706-354-0016), Beechwood Stadium 11 (706-546-1011) and Georgia Square 5 (706-548-3426) cinemas are not available by press time. Visit for updated times.



THE DOUBLE HOUR (NR) Former cop Guido (Filippo Timmi) meets Sonia (Ksenia Rappoport), a Slovenian immigrant working as a chambermaid at a high-end hotel, at a speed-dating event. But Sonia’s past comes back to haunt her when Guido takes her on a romantic country getaway in this international mystery. GREASE (PG) 1978. Grease remains the word over 30 years later. One of the most popular musicals of all time, this revisionist slice of ‘50s nostalgia stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as the unlikely, golden-throated high schoolers, Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, belting out classic sing-alongs like “You’re The One That I Want,” “Summer Nights,” “Greased Lightning” and “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” FINAL DESTINATION 5 (R) Death returns to take the lives of more teenagers whom he feels cheated him after they escaped the collapse of a suspension bridge. Final Destination 5 might be one of the only movies I kind of want to see in 3D. The previous installments have all succeeded using the franchise’s formula of humor and highly inventive deathtraps. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (R) No, you didn’t like this movie better when it starred Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. Just act like No Strings Attached doesn’t exist, and enjoy the far superior genre stylings of Friends with Benefits. GLEE: THE 3D CONCERT MOVIE (NR) Fox’s musical hit, “Glee,” comes to the big screen in this documentary of the traveling Glee Live! In Concert! summer 2011 tour. THE HANGOVER PART II (R) Sequels to hit comedies mostly suck. The reasons sequels fail are numerous: failure to comprehend what was funny about the original; loss of the original stars; characters lose likability; sequel mines exact same jokes as the first movie; etc. The Hangover Part II sidesteps the landmines that blow away the humorous limbs from most comedy sequels. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2 (PG-13) It’s over. The final battle rages over and through the hallowed halls of Hogwarts as Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) attempt to end Voldemort’s (Ralph Fiennes) evil reign. The last few Horcruxes must be found and destroyed if Harry is ever to truly defeat You-Know-Who. HP7.2 is filled with blood, death and violence yet is still fit for the entire family (besides the littlest ones). THE HELP (PG-13) In 1960s Mississippi, writer Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan (the soon-to-be-great Emma Stone) returns home from college and befriends two African-American maids, Aibeleen Clarke (Viola Davis) and sassy Minny Jackson (Octavia Spencer). Their unlikely friendship leads to a secret book project about black maids working for white women. Real life events, like the murder of Medger Evers, pepper the story with period authenticity. HORRIBLE BOSSES (R) Nick (Jason Bateman) works for an evil corporate shark played perfectly by Kevin Spacey. Dale (Charlie Day) is getting seriously sexually harassed by his seriously hot dentist boss (Jennifer Aniston). Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) answers to a

cokehead douchebag that resembles a balding Colin Farrell (Farrell). With the help of a murder consultant with a very blue name (Jamie Foxx), these three friends decide the solution to their employment problems is to murder each other’s boss. KUNG FU PANDA 2 (PG) However much I dug the first Kung Fu Panda, the second adventure of Dragon Warrior Po (v. Jack Black) and the Furious Five—Master Tigress (v. Angelina Jolie), Master Crane (v. Cross), Master Viper (v. Lucy Liu), Master Mantis (v. Seth Rogen) and Master Monkey (v. Jackie Chan)—has more visual inventiveness than it does comic or narrative combined. LARRY CROWNE (PG-13) Tom Hanks steps back behind the camera— and stars in—this comedy about out-of-work Larry Crowne who enrolls at his local college, where he connects a group of outcasts and falls for Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts), one of his teachers. MAGIC TRIP (NR) This documentary chronicles One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest author Ken Kesey’s road trip across America, a trip previously described in Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. In 1964, Kesey and the Merry Prankster traveled from La Honda, CA to New York City for the World’s Fair. LUDLOW (NR) Indie horror at its creepiest. Alone in a cheap desert hotel, Krista (Shannon Lark) has only

booze and pills to keep her company as she awaits the arrival of her sister. What will happen in the meantime? MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS (PG) Tom Popper (Jim Carrey) is a ruthless real estate something-or-other, who’s a rather sorry husband (to Carla Gugino) and father (to Swing Vote’s wonderful Madeline Carroll and Maxwell Perry Cotton), that is, until he inherits six penguins from his late absentee father. Then Popper becomes the best poppa a penguin or progeny could pray for. Bland, inoffensive family films can come in worse packages… • RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (PG-13) The best Planet of the Apes movie in nearly 40 years, Rise of the Planet of the Apes tells the origin story for an entirely new Apes saga. In present day San Francisco, a researcher, Will Rodman (James Franco), is working on a cure for Alzheimer’s. When one of his test chimps goes nuts, Will’s project is shut down, but not before he gains a houseguest, a hyper-intelligent chimp he names Caesar, who goes on to lead the revolution that overthrows humanity and places the apes in charge. Rise is one of the smartest big fun sci-fi flicks I’ve seen in a while. SENNA (PG-13) The late Brazilian Formula One racer Ayrton Senna gets the documentary treatment in this film from BAFTA Award winner and Cannes Film Festival nominee Asif Kapadia (The Warrior and the short, The Sheep

Thief). The three-time F1 champion, revered as a saint in his native country, died like NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt, felled on live television by the sport he loved. THE SMURFS (PG) The live action/ CGI hybrid version of The Smurfs is not as bad as its atrocious trailers would imply. Intriguingly, the scripters throw in welcome nods to the Smurfs’ Belgian roots and creator Peyo, a cleverness undercut by their own poor gags and the blandly unattractive movie.. THOR (PG-13) After a raid on the Frost Giants goes awry, a petulant Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is put in timeout by his Allfather, Odin (Anthony Hopkins). Until he learns to use his godlike powers selflessly, he is forced to exist as one seriously cut, regular dude who gets to woo Natalie Portman as astrophysicist Jane Foster. TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON (PG-13) What exactly did Michael Bay think was wrong with the last Transformers movie? Whatever he fixed made Transformers 3 cringingly bad and the worst of the bunch. THE WHISTLEBLOWER (NR) Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz stars as Kathryn Bolkovac, the Nebraska cop who, during a one-year stint as Bosnian peacekeeper, outed the United Nations’ complicity in the cover up of cases of sex trafficking. WINNIE THE POOH (G) Disney brings Winnie the Pooh and all the other denizens of the Hundred Acre Wood back to the big screen in the hand-drawn animated tradition of old Walt himself. ZOOKEEPER (PG) Kevin James is a nice guy who nicely takes care of nice animals for a nice living. A pretty girl, Stephanie (Leslie Bibb), broke his nice heart because he’s a nice zookeeper. The animals can talk, thanks to Sly Stallone, Cher, Adam Sandler, etc. Drew Wheeler

theatre review Wit and Wisdom In my late teens I used to date a girl who Hickerson), masks an agile mind and deep was really into Dorothy Parker, the noted compassion, and he leaps in as confidant author known for her sharp writing, crushing to both Chilterns while working to save Sir depression, heroic drinking and caustic, quotRobert from Mrs. Chevely’s predations. able wit. “I’d rather have a bottle in front of Wilde’s play is sharp, intelligent and me than a frontal lobotomy” is Parker’s, as are resonant—how often do we see politicians “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear caught with their hypocrisy dangling today?— glasses” and “She runs the gamut of emotions and it makes great hay out of the way we from A to B.” The girl wanted to be Parker in are often trapped by others’ perceptions. Sir the same way many guys that age want to Robert’s dilemma is predicated on the idea be Kerouac, and she had developed a steady that a man cannot show his feet of clay, while stream of epigrams and bons mots for every Lord Goring finds his efforts at saving the day occasion, which wore thin very quickly. I hindered by his father’s constant attempts hadn’t signed on to date the Algonquin Round to make something out of him, unaware that Table, and while Dorothy Parker was magic his son has his destiny well in hand. There is with a zinger from the hip, even she didn’t much wisdom to be found in Wilde’s play once talk that way constantly. you wade through all the ephemeral banter. The poet and playwright Oscar Wilde is Director Marisa Castengera has cast this the same sort of animal. His celebrated wit is play well. Drawing-room dramas are hard to masterful when taken one drollery at a time, pull off, as too frequently the actors are overbut if he really spoke the way he is perceived whelmed by the manners and fancy-dress. This to, I’d set the clock is the case with a few at five minutes before of the minor players, one of his fellow party but the principals guests punched him accomplish it handbetween the eyes to somely. Buckley and shut him up. In realReynolds are solid ity, Wilde was canny as the compromised enough to know the Sir Robert and his difference between uncompromising wife. wittiness and true Williams is good as wit, between a cheap usual, fairly radiating cerebral parlor trick bitchy villainy as Mrs. and a wry observation Cheveley attempts to of human nature. His manipulate everyone mastery of both is the around her. Altman engine that drives his delivers a wonderfully 1893 play An Ideal nuanced performance, Husband, currently moving effortlessly being staged by the between Goring’s Town & Gown Players, personae of fop and a very fashionable hero like the Scarlet story of love, blackPimpernel. mail and the hell of The production others’ expectations. looks gorgeous. The The Town and Gown Players present Oscar Wilde’s The play opens illusion of fashionable An Ideal Husband, through Aug. 14. at a party thrown by Edwardian London Sir Robert Chiltern is well-executed in (Micah Buckley), a rising star in the British Harriet Timm Anderson’s costumes; there are government known for his rigid principles and many in this play, and they are authentic and unblemished character, and his adoring wife beautiful. The sets, two rooms in the Chilterns’ Gertrude (Hannah Beth Reynolds). The party is house and one in Goring’s, are warm, textured full of nonsense talk about how it’s nonsense and inviting. They’re also big, and there is to talk about anything but nonsense, but with much moving going on behind the curtain the arrival of Mrs. Laura Cheveley (Rebekah between acts, so be patient. Williams) the do gets serious. Mrs. Cheveley An Ideal Husband is a long play—that has been six years on the Continent going Oscar Wilde is wordy should surprise no full-blown Eurotrash, collecting two husbands one—and its four acts should really be three, and a lot of scandal, and she’s come with a especially as the fourth act drags a bit with dangerous proposition for Sir Robert. She has its many resolutions. This is the fault of Wilde, invested heavily in a construction scheme he not Castengera, who keeps her actors movis about to denounce in Parliament, and she ing and talking at a brisk pace. Audiences are needs him to go against his principles and advised not to eat snacks: one wrapper-crinkle endorse the project, or else she will release and you’ll miss valuable dialogue. a letter from his younger days in which he “Wit has truth in it; wisecracking is simply confesses to the insider trading that built his calisthenics with words.” Dorothy Parker wrote fortune and career. that, and it applies here. An Ideal Husband Mrs. Cheveley’s scheme strikes straight is often funny, and certainly witty, but it’s at at Sir Robert’s heart. Not only does he face its best when Wilde gets down to truth. This the end of his career and his good name, but Town & Gown production brings that truth the news of his financial indiscretions will home in fine style. devastate Gertrude, whose rock-solid belief in her husband’s goodness and propriety borders John G. Nettles on worship. In desperation Sir Robert turns to his friend Lord Goring (Nathan Altman), An Ideal Husband runs Thursday—Sunday, Aug. a foppish bachelor and occasional paramour 11–14. Showtimes are 8 p.m. Thursday—Saturday, 2 of Sir Robert’s sister Mabel (Asia Meana). p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $15 Friday and Saturday, $12 Goring’s public persona as an empty-headed Thursday and Sunday, $12 all days for students and gadfly, even to his conservative father (Alan seniors. Call (706) 208-TOWN (8696) for reservations.


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grub notes Summer Wrap-Up Hi, kids, and welcome (or welcome back) to Rock on Commerce Road, opened as well, and, Athens. If you’re one of our three-quarter-time along the same lines, Steak ‘n Shake is finally residents, you probably missed everything slated for the Athens area, somewhere on that happened in Athens food news over the Atlanta Highway (I’m guessing in the former summer, so consider this here your guide. Thai of Athens spot). Remember to check Flagpole’s website for Both Kabana (Jamaican and Indian food regular updates on the same in addition to the on Tallassee by Sr. Sol) and Viva Argentine biweekly print “Grub Notes” column. Cuisine (Barnett Shoals and College Station in Summers here are usually a time when resthe Taco Stand strip) charmed me thoroughly. taurants already struggling shut their doors, The former has added “kuntry breakfast” from due to the decrease in business, or when new 6 a.m., with biscuits, omelets and breakfast ventures seek to get off the ground, in order plates starting at $4.99, and a big stage in its to have time to work out the kinks before uncovered area; it continues to serve an amazcrowds arrive in the fall. We had fewer of ingly delicious lamb saag, too, but seems to the former this year and a ton of the latter, be struggling nonetheless. You owe it to yourwhich maybe bodes well for the local economy self to be adventurous and investigate. Viva or maybe just demonstrates the willingness is less weird but incredibly sweet, cooking of dreamers to keep pursuing their visions meat beautifully, being nice to everyone who against the odds. We said goodbye to the Iron comes in the door and selling mini cupcakes Grill on Mitchell Bridge Road, the Marble for dessert. Slab in Five Points, Falafel King on Baxter, El Honey B’s Deli opened on Prince at Satula, Patron and Whiplash Café on Broad Street, doing breakfast and a meat-and-three lunch downtown’s Landsdowne Road Irish Pub and, set-up. Bubba’s BBQ, a combination BBQ saddest of all, Uncle Jerry’s Biscuits and shack and auction operation, began servBurgers on Chase Street, a contributor to the ing and selling out in Nicholson, just past food truck movement no more. On the bright Winterville. Acapulco’s Mexican Grill opened side, the trailer that housed Uncle Jerry’s and in Watkinsville. Some of these places were was for sale is no longer on the lot, so maybe reviewed over the summer, but some needed we’ll have a new mobile eatery at some point. time to get their feet under them, and you Lots of restaurants can expect to find out more devoted to localism opened. …amazingly delicious details over the coming Heirloom Cafe and Fresh weeks. lamb saag… Market, which aims to have The National decided a market soon and is doing to stop serving brunch but breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch out of a expand its “dinner and a movie” deal with renovated gas station at the corner of Chase Ciné to Sunday nights as well as Monday and Boulevard, is into it. So is The Local Jam, and Tuesday. Doc Chey’s downtown closed, which moved into the space formerly known but not really, and is about ready to reopen as Five Points Deli on Lumpkin. It does deli under the same ownership as Chango’s Asian hours (breakfast, lunch, brunch), sandwiches, Kitchen, with only slight differences. Butt macaroni and cheese skillets and a marvelous Hutt Bar-B-Q added a location in Elberton breakfast burrito. Little Cuckoo Chocolates and aims to move down Baxter into the former got a retail location, in the Chase Street ware- Sudz Laundry, giving it more space. White houses, near the entrance to Mercury A.I.R., Tiger Gourmet is now open until 9 p.m. for out of which it also sells cute little sanddinner on Friday and Saturday nights, and wiches and a delicious, refreshing basil lemon- Porterhouse Grill on Broad now offers lunch. ade. Warning: it’s cash and check only. Here’s what’s on the horizon. The Volstead, Some signature Athens restaurants a bar and restaurant, has been renovating on branched out. Ted’s Most Best, a pizza place Clayton Street all summer and seems to be on Washington Street downtown, across from hiring at the moment, suggesting it’ll open Clocked!, comes to you from the folks behind soon, as will Al’s Beef. The Broad Street bar The Grit. The Blind Pig opened its second formerly known as 283 was sold to some of location, in hopes of franchising, on Atlanta the fine folks at Normal Bar, and will be called Highway, where McAlister’s Deli once was. The The Downtowner. Kumquat Mae, a bakery minds behind La Dolce Vita opened Etienne and café, is shooting to be open near downBrasserie, non-intimidating French food, right town Watkinsville soon. Athens Bagel Co. is below their original restaurant, in the former redoing the tanning salon on Jackson Street Cotton Club at the corner of Jackson and downtown, while Ideal Bagel will soon occupy Broad streets downtown. Ike and Jane opened the old Ideal Amusement space on Broad. Five a cart in the lobby of the Georgia Museum Points Bottle is opening a second growler of Art that sells sandwiches, salads, coffee, store by its original location. La Puerta del doughnuts and more from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sol, the “new” project of Bruno Rubio of Cali Tuesday through Saturday. And Ken Manring of ‘N Tito’s, seems to be getting going again White Tiger Gourmet opened a second eatery on Cedar Shoals Drive. The downtown deck is in the Georgia Theatre Restaurant that just close to opening, too, and will have several got going. Its menu is tiny (BBQ, grilled tofu restaurant tenants, all franchises: Fuzzy’s Taco “chicken salad,” pimento cheese and chicken Shop, Yoforia, Waffle House and Momma salad sandwiches, basically, plus a few sides), Goldberg’s Deli. Sr. Sol is renovating El but it aims to serve food all day long, includPatron to open a second location but won’t be ing when there aren’t shows going on and late done for a few months yet. The Big Easy Café, at night. from Watkinsville, is doing the same thing at The yogurt bubble continued to expand, the former Jimmy John’s between Domino’s with Menchie’s in Beechwood and a location and Wingster on Baxter. KEBA Spitfire Grill on the Eastside, and Polarberry on Timothy will have two new locations, one at Epps Road opening. Plus, Peachwave (at Thomas Bridge Road near Trader Joe’s and one in and Clayton) and something called Athens Watkinsville. So, venture beyond the dining Best Yogurt (at FTX on Baxter) are yet to halls and out of your comfort zone. Eat well. come. Dari Delite, a Mexican restaurant that also does shakes and burgers, near Country Hillary Brown

threats & promises Music News And Gossip Get Out the Gas Card: Athens indie rockers— as in influenced by Superchunk, Sebadoh and Guided by Voices—Eureka California will take off for a pretty big month-long tour toward the end of August. In the words of the band, the trip falls “just in time to skip half of football season,” and that’s pretty good planning, I would say. The three-piece will hit the entire West Coast, big chunks of the Midwest and Great Plains, a few dates in Texas and a few across the Southeast. They’ll play the real Eureka, CA on Sept. 5, and the intensity of that moment will likely cause the state to finally drop into the ocean. If you want to catch them before they leave town, then head down to the Caledonia Lounge on Wednesday, Aug. 17 for the HHBTM Beach Party. Other bands on the bill that night are Seattle’s Orca Team, Hug Abuse, Tunabunny and the notto-be missed Roberta & Charlene. Sample Eureka California’s wares over at Coming Around Again: Local dude Don Auber has released an EP recorded back in 2009 with his old band, Splinter Belly. The bluesy, sometimes boogie-ish five-track recording

Purim’s Shadows, and while the six-track release features all the expected elements (orchestral banjo, singing saw, etc.), it is significant in that it’s the first time someone other than Julian Koster has played the saw on a Music Tapes release. The honor this time goes to longtime Music Tapes collaborator Ian Ludders. For a limited time, and if I knew exactly how long I’d tell you, you can stream the EP over at If you pull your credit card out while listening, you can order a Music Tapes branded kazoo which also comes with a download code that includes a bonus track. Future plans for Music Tapes include an upcoming tour with Olivia Tremor Control this September and, further down the line, two new full-length albums. Things Change: The District Attorneys are working on demos for their debut full-length before hitting the studio with engineer Drew Vandenberg at Chase Park Transduction. Last week they sent the track “California Fire” over to Flagpole and, just like they mentioned, it’s very summer-y. Indeed, it’s a strummy, pedal steel-colored, whoa-oh-oh-chorused thing that is pretty different, but possibly a logical

The Music Tapes features Auber, Greg Kearney (Tent City), Jon Reed, Michael Gavrielides and Adam Poulin. The band formed circa 2007 and recorded these tracks a couple of years later. The tracks were recently dug up and polished a bit by Gavrielides at his Dreamlab Recording studio. Auber released his own album, Big Fish, earlier this year. For more information and streaming audio, please see Now Hear This: Local label Hello Sir Records has a new dedicated channel on YouTube. Although the “videos” are really just static images used as visual placeholders while the music plays, the 20 tracks up there so far are a good way to get a feel for the label that, in most ways, is a celebration of the guitar. Athens bands Maserati, Cinemechanica (featuring label-owner Bryant Williamson) and Bit Brigade mesh well with decidedly non-local bands So Many Dynamos, Tiger Bear Wolf and Bronzed Chorus, so you could really just play the channel as a continuous stream and treat it like Pandora or something like that. Click over to HelloSirRecords to listen in. Newest Tapes: Since it’s already been a pretty heavy month for Elephant 6 news, I figured we might as well pile on some more. The Music Tapes just released a new EP named


transition, from the band’s previously straightahead four-chord pop. Another new demo, “Worry About Your Health,” swims very close to stealing the vocal melody from The Moody Blues’ “Tuesday Afternoon,” while matching it with a tune that could be a heavy R.E.M. B-side. Each song gives the impression that the band is shifting away from its earlier work. You can listen to both of these, along with previously released tunes, over at www. Grab a Glass: The second annual Del Yeah Weekend will happen Friday, Sept. 2 at Terrapin Brewery. Headlined by the decadesold Del McCoury Band, the show will also feature Drew Emmitt, Danny Barnes, Cornmeal, The David Mayfield Parade, The Welfare Liners and more. The same show, with a slightly different lineup, will happen the next day in Black Mountain, NC. Organizers say the concept is to have the event in an arena where collaborations are easy and spur-of-themoment jam sessions are encouraged. This allages show starts at 5:30 p.m. and should run well into the night. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. For more information, please call Terrapin at (706) 549-3377 or see Gordon Lamb



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A Tale of OneCity

How Athens Keeps the Hits Coming, 30 Years Going


depends on what kind of balance I want to have between career and quality of life. If I just decide to concentrate on quality of life, I think I’ll just stay here for a long time.” Asked today, nearly 25 years later, about that quote, Lachowski maintains this stance. “What happened with Pylon was: as soon as I finished college, that’s right around the time that the band started up,” he says. “And it wasn’t very long at all before we were able to start touring, and the very first cities that we played in after Athens were New York, Philadelphia, Boston and D.C. And it was a good while later before we even got around to playing in Atlanta. “We stayed together for three-and-a-half years, so we traveled a lot. And we went to all of these cities over and over again. And we went to cities like Ann Arbor and Bloomington, IN, but for the most part, we went to a lot of very big American cities. After doing that for three-and-a-half years, the band broke up, and by then it was like, well, we gotta live somewhere, and we’ve just seen all of these other places, and we’ve seen them

John Krzyzaniak

hen you come to live in Athens, you’re arriving someplace either very big or very small. For some incoming students (or otherwise recently arrived transplants), the idea that within a square halfmile one can go to at least a dozen places on a normal Friday night to hear live music is simply insane. That much compressed activity is overwhelming. To others, that half-mile squared might be a fraction of the city bustle they’re accustomed to—a tiny slice of city life nestled between a neatly pruned campus, charmingly dusty ranch homes and eerily same-y duplex housing. Two perspectives, one town. But from the beginning of the music scene until today, many constants have remained in the in-between that is Athens, most significantly: a participatory lattice of enthusiastic weirdos. Let’s investigate… “I moved here, like most people, to go to college,” says Michael Lachowski, photographer, artist and onetime bassist for Pylon, indisputably one of the most important, pioneering and fun bands to have congealed in Athens. In 1974, Lachowski “came out of an Atlanta suburbia background, and came here as an art student and went straight into the art world.” Alongside The B-52s and, later, fellow travelers R.E.M., Lachowski, with vocalist Vanessa Briscoe Hay, drummer Curtis Crowe and guitarist Randy Bewley, set about casually creating what wasn’t before. In the social context of the art school and house parties, a community was developing. Lachowski credits “a real high Michael Lachowski level of participation from a whole lot of really dedicated individuals” with the coalescence of what has become a widely renowned music scene. He adds, “It was a party; everything was a party, pretty much. There was always that aspect to it. And music was a really huge part of it, and [the] sharing of new music was just by bringing the music to a party at somebody’s house. Somebody would have some new records, and you were doing everybody a favor if you were able to bring this new music and share it in that context. There was no Internet, and there was no finding this kind of stuff on any radio station, so new music was shared through a social scene that was established through the art students, pretty much. That’s how it all kinda got going.” Let’s briefly cut to the 1987 documentary Athens, GA: Inside/Out, a must-see for anyone interested in Athens’ history, musical or otherwise. Juxtaposed with totally wild-looking live footage of his band, Lachowski (postPylon’s break-up) spoke glowingly (if laconically) of his adopted hometown. “Well,” he said in 1987, “I like it here a lot. And it just

sufficiently to know what they’re like. And after seeing so many other cities, all of us in the band felt like this is home now. And we also felt a sense of ownership because threeand-a-half years later, there was a music scene here. And since we had been instrumental in making that come into being, we felt like, well, we helped make all this, and this is our city, and we’ve seen every other city, and not every other city has everything that we want.”


route to Chicago to perform at the Lollapalooza Festival, Andrew McFarland, drummer for up-and-up-and-up-and-coming electropop quartet Reptar, recalls his introduction to Athens through a functional lens: here, he could actually go see live music legally. “It was cool because I hadn’t really been able to get into clubs for very long, having just turned 18,” he says. “Coming to Athens, there were a whole bunch of clubs that were ‘18 and up,’ where there were actually cool bands playing. Coming from Atlanta, a lot of the clubs there that actually have cool bands were all

‘21 and up,’ which was a huge bummer. And as far as meeting people, it was really great because the town is so small that people are going to recognize you pretty immediately when you start going to shows a lot.” Unlike Lachowski, McFarland and his bandmates—bassist Ryan Engleberger, vocalist Graham Ulincy and keyboardist William Kennedy—hit the ground running hard before they’d even fully arrived in Athens. (McFarland interned while still in high school with engineers Asa Leffer and Eric Friar at the now-defunct Downtown Athens Recording Company). Since forming in December of 2008, Reptar have left a path of sweaty house parties in their wake. They recently released their debut EP, Oblangle Fizz, Y’all!, with Vagrant Records, making them labelmates with acts such as PJ Harvey, The Hold Steady, and J Roddy Walston and the Business. While Athens, as a small place, can have an insular feel, McFarland argues against the prevailing jaded wisdom. “I didn’t really realize this, but people outside of Athens pay a lot of attention to what goes on in this town,” he says. “We had people in New York talking about Reptar before we had people in Atlanta talking about Reptar, which is really weird to us. I think people pay attention to things happening in Athens; I definitely did not know that that happened. I think it’s important to know: people definitely think that it’s a bubble that you never get out of, but I think it’s kind of the opposite. It’s a really great starting place.” While the pipeline between Athens and other places may exist, the music is still made here. And like Lachowski, McFarland credits the community with creating an atmosphere where that is possible. “It feels very homey to us,” he says. “Having played a lot of different places in town, we can go into a place and be on a first-name basis with a lot of the people who work there, and I would imagine it’s probably not like that in New York. It’s a really comfortable environment. You’re not thinking about all these superfluous things, just thinking about music.” As a means of advice, McFarland says, “I think just talking to people is really important, letting it be known that you’re interested in doing it. Because there are lots of people in this town who are interested in helping; there are so many people who are into promoting shows and going to shows and seeing what you’ve got.” Judging by the trend over the last few decades, even more people will be around to help in the future.


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How to Get Your Band in Flagpole

Tips for Beginners Friday



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(an all-star jam session with members of STOKESWOOD, ELASTIC SKYLINE, and FLAMINGO ROYALE) No cover!

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the spirit of our “Back to School” issue, this article is geared towards incoming freshmen and Athens’ future musicians, but I think even some more established artists might benefit from a quick refresher in PR 101. I get asked about this kind of stuff all the time: “How do I get my band in Flagpole? Why did you write about this band but not that band?” Well, there’s no magical password or sure-fire way to get a feature, but here are a few tips on increasing your chances, plus a little insight on what I look for in a potential story.

1. The Basic Press Kit

Alright, so you’ve got a band together and you feel like you’re ready for some media attention. At the very minimum, you should have these items available: a bio, a demo and a high-resolution photograph. How you present this information is up to you, but I personally prefer a solid, easy to find Facebook page or Bandcamp profile rather than a clunky folder full of card stock you pieced together at Kinko’s. Streamline your presentation and make sure to include contact information, so that if we want to talk to you, we can. The bio should at least include the full names of all bandmembers and the instruments they play, plus a point of reference as to what genre of music you’re working in. The demo can be a YouTube clip of a live show, streaming audio or a professionally produced CD, but we’ve got to be able to hear the music. If you don’t have some sort of audio sample available, most likely you’re not ready for exposure, anyway. And, finally, we never run a story without a photograph, and sometimes a photograph is all we have room to run. If we have time, Flagpole can certainly assign a photographer to get a photo of your band, but in a crunch, it’s immensely helpful to have an image on file that’s ready to go.

2. Be Proactive!

I know, sometimes selfpromotion feels dirty, and lots of artists absolutely hate it, but if you want exposure and you don’t have a publicist working for you, you have to take the initiative and put yourself out there. In a small town like Athens, it really doesn’t take much to get some attention from the local Your Band Here weekly (Hi!). Once you’ve got your press kit and web presence established, drop us a line and let us know it’s there. We really want to hear from you! News items and updates can be sent directly to Gordon Lamb at, show listings should be sent to and all other inquiries about all things music can be sent to me at Never assume that a venue, promoter or another band on a show bill will do the work for you! This is particularly true for Calendar listings. Sometimes all a venue will provide us is a name, and we have to rely on the whims of Google to track you down, so if you have a show coming up, take a second to get in touch. It’ll make things easier for everyone.

3. Respect the Deadline 706-548-1115

1037 Baxter Street, Suite A Open Monday through Saturday



Perhaps even more important than getting in touch is when you get in touch. Even the most innovative, charismatic, exciting band will get a pass if we get the info past deadline. Generally, the music section operates on a three-week lead time for features and a two-week lead time for news items. With the exception of holidays, Calendar listings must be in by

5 p.m. on Friday the week prior to publication. Basically, the earlier you get in touch, the more likely you’ll be considered for in-depth coverage. Also, keep our production schedules in mind. If you call on Monday when we’re trying to wrap up an issue, you won’t be able to get an editor on the phone.

4. Persistence Pays Off

There is a fine line between pestering and persistence, but as someone who worked as a publicist before coming to Flagpole, I know that it’s a line you have to learn to walk. As music editor, I get an average of about 200 emails a day— many are mass emails from national publicists that end up in the trash folder unopened, but unfortunately for you, dear local artist, that means a lot of clutter and competition. So, follow up and keeping following up until you get a response. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call or make an appointment for a visit. (That just goes for Flagpole, of course… many editors don’t take calls at all or only at certain times.)

5. The Art of the Pitch

So, you’ve got your press kit and you’ve got my attention, now what are you going to say to get a story? Well, first things first: the music speaks the loudest. The bottom line is always going to be the tunes. Of course, what an editor thinks is good or interesting is always going to be subjective, but I try to keep in mind the interests of our readers more than my own personal taste. When I hear a new band, I think: Is there an audience for this music in Athens? Is this something our readers will want to learn more about? Also keep in mind that on any given week, there are upwards of 100 other bands playing in town, and Flagpole only has room to highlight a handful. So, even among the most exciting acts coming to town, it’s competitive. We have to be selective. Priority is given to artists who are doing something newsworthy—for example: releasing an album, going on tour, changing up their lineup, putting on a particularly unique performance, etc. It is not effective to send an email that just says: “We would like you to write about us/ review our CD because we are playing a show.” Guess what, those other 100 bands are all playing shows, too, and they would also benefit from coverage. The thing a lot of young artists don’t understand about news media is that we are not your publicist. We cover shows; we don’t promote them. We write for our readers, not to further your agenda. So, if you send us a CD to review, we will be writing about it critically—it won’t necessarily be all positive, and, in fact, if it’s not up to snuff, we might very well pass on coverage all together. That should cover the basics, but do know there will always be exceptions. There will be plenty of bands that won’t follow any of these guidelines and they’ll still get coverage just because a writer or myself stumbled across their music and was excited by what we heard. There will also be bands that follow these suggestions by the letter and they still won’t get a feature because either the tunes just aren’t strong enough to warrant coverage or it was a busy week and other acts happened to take priority. Shoot for coverage but never expect it; a false sense of entitlement isn’t a good look on anybody. But if you want something—go after it. We want to hear from you! Michelle Gilzenrat

Danny Clinch

The Drive-By Truckers’ Two-Night Stand Q&A with Patterson Hood


he Georgia Theatre is back, and as we all should have expected, Drive-By Truckers are slated to do a two-night weekend stint in the newly renovated Athens landmark. These shows will provide the Theatre with a further christening, allowing the venue to explode back into life as she sheds her after(re)birth. Truckers vocalist and guitarist Patterson Hood was kind enough to share some thoughts and memories of the Theatre, while also getting us up-to-speed on the DBTs’ current ventures. Flagpole: Rough estimate: how many times do you think you’ve played the Georgia Theatre? Patterson Hood: A few times solo, maybe five or six times with DBT. FP: Of all those DBT Georgia Theatre shows, which ones stick out in your mind the most and why? PH: The one in fall of ‘03 (Decoration Day Tour) when Brad [Morgan] and Kimberly [Morgan] got married that day and we all celebrated onstage was a great one, and my favorites were the last two times, which was The Dirt Underneath Tour (spring ‘07), where we played acoustic. Those were extra-special. I also really have fond memories of a solo show I did there with Todd Snyder. Not sure what year, maybe ‘02 or ‘03. FP: Do you remember where you were and/ or what you were doing when you heard the news of the Georgia Theatre fire? How did you react? PH: I was in Louisville, KY playing a solo tour with The Screwtopians. My friend Jenn, who worked across the street, sent me a photo of the fire, and then my wife called crying. We were all really upset. When I got home a week later it was still smoking. I was scared that it was the end. FP: How would you describe the Theatre’s role in the Drive-By Truckers’ career so far? PH: It’s a wonderful room with a long, great history and such an important part of Athens life and culture—not to mention the architecture and its significance to the downtown infrastructure. FP: What are some of your fondest memories of shows you attended (not as a performer) at the Theatre? PH: Last night (Aug. 1) was by far my fondest memory of all. The Glands are my all-

time favorite band from Athens (their second album is my all-time favorite Athens album and one of my all-time faves period). I felt like I was witnessing two things that easily could have never happened ever again. The show was amazing, and the room is truly better than ever. It sounded perfect, and what a wonderful vibe.

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FP: What made you decide to release a cover, instead of an original song, as the first single from Go-Go Boots? PH: The band has nothing to do with things like that. That is all based on the label and the feedback they get from radio. I think they thought it had the best chance of getting radio play, and it actually did. I agreed with the decision, and it has been by far our most played song ever. Go-Go Boots is on its way to being our best-selling album. It’s one of my favorites. “Everybody Needs Love” is indeed a cover, but I knew Eddie Hinton (who wrote and first performed it). He was almost like part of my family, and I am very proud to be a part of more people finding out about him and his incredible music. FP: Can Truckers fans expect any wild surprises when you return to the Theatre? Has something been brewing these past two years that will likely melt a face or two? PH: Faces will be melted. That’s about all I can say. FP: When are you going to hang up this music thing, stop playing on “Letterman” and get jobs driving rigs? Do any of you even have a Class-A commercial driver’s license? PH: No, we just play them on TV. I think I will keep the job I have—if possible. FP: Is there anything else you’d like Truckers fans and/or newcomers to know? PH: I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of the grand re-opening celebration for the rebirth of the Georgia Theatre. We will be playing with our beloved friends Centro-matic, and it will be a stellar weekend. Kevin Craig

WHO: Drive-By Truckers WHERE: The Georgia Theatre WHEN: Friday, Aug. 12 & Saturday, Aug. 13 HOW MUCH: SOLD OUT!

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Béla Fleck

and The Flecktones A Continuing Musical Adventure


undreds of years ago, African slaves brought some early versions of the banjo to colonial America. The 19th and 20th centuries saw the instrument become a fundamental aspect of folk and bluegrass music, with virtuoso players giving rise to an instantly recognizable, mile-a-minute picking style that continues to entrance people all over the world. Béla Fleck both exemplifies and defies the archetype of the virtuoso banjoist. Unlike many traditional bluegrass musicians, Fleck acknowledges no musical boundaries. He has been nominated in more categories than any other artist in Grammy history, tackling bluegrass, classical, pop, jazz and several other genres with nothing more than his trusty banjo. “I don’t think I was trying to defy anyone,” says Fleck, “in that there was no anger involved. But I liked the idea of an adventure, musically. And some of the music I was really curious about had no banjo in it. So, as I tried to learn, I was conscious of the fact that I was often breaking new ground. And I liked the feeling.” The 2009 documentary (and album of the same name) Throw Down Your Heart shows Fleck breaking new ground as he travels to several African countries, using his modern, Americanized banjo to collaborate with traditional African musicians. “The trip to Africa was a truly broadening experience,” says Fleck. “I get to have these experiences with people from different cultures or musical backgrounds every year or so, and I try to allow as much influence as possible to happen, when I know I’m going to have this type of opportunity.” Throw Down Your Heart is the most recent of Fleck’s several solo albums, and now that he’s back on the road with The Flecktones, the artist is tastefully playing off of that African experience to influence the experimental, progressive jazz sound of his longtime band. “There is one song that was influenced by an African piece I learned, but it doesn’t sound African in [The Flecktones’] hands. I just really liked this one rhythm and built my own song around it called “Falani,” after the tune that inspired it. Sometimes I find places to inject some of the African feel into our tunes in unexpected places.” Fleck isn’t the only renowned, virtuoso musician in his band. In fact, The Flecktones are comprised entirely of world-class, genredefying artists. Victor Wooten has won five Grammys and has received Bass Player Magazine’s “Bassist of the Year” award three times. Recently, a Rolling Stone readers’ poll ranked him among the “10 Greatest Bass Players of All Time.” Wooten is widely

idolized—local promoter/bassist/all-around great guy Rich Mullinax (who claims that this upcoming concert will be his 43rd Flecktones show) says simply: “Victor Wooten: we bassists swoon at the very name!” Fleck is also joined by Roy “Future Man” Wooten on percussion, Victor’s brother and an innovative instrumentalist in his own right. In recent years, The Flecktones took some time off while the members pursued solo projects, only playing “holiday tours with the Flecktones every December” that “lasted a couple of weeks each” after the release of their 2008 holiday album, Jingle All the Way. “This is the first ‘Flecktone year’ in four years, and the first with Howard Levy in the band since 1992!” exclaims Fleck. “It’s like a totally different band with Howard’s incredible harmonica and piano playing, and it is a return to the ‘classic’ sound of The Flecktones from the first three records. The band is on fire.” Earlier this year, The Flecktones released Rocket Science, their first studio album since 2008. This most recent album is the first to feature the original Flecktones lineup since 1992’s UFO Tofu, much to Fleck’s satisfaction: “It was very familiar and yet exciting, like something new. We knew what to do, and that was very satisfying to discover. I had lots of tunes saved up, so there was plenty to pick from in terms of material.” This Flecktones show will be part of the Georgia Theatre’s grand re-opening, and Fleck is excited to be returning to the venue. “I used to enjoy the relaxed and informal feel of the Georgia Theatre,” he says. “We used to start our tours there to have an easy-going first show. Invariably, these would be great nights, ‘cause no one was uptight.” Fleck emphasizes that “there is much new for a Flecktone veteran from any version of the group,” conveying great enthusiasm about reaching old fans in new ways and new fans in familiar ways. “Folks who have seen us with Jeff [Coffin, Flecktones saxophonist from 1998–2010] will see a very different show. Folks who saw us in the early ‘90s with Howard will see a very different but familiar show. Folks who have never seen us will see some pretty amazing and unique dudes doing what they love.” Kevin Craig

WHO: Béla Fleck and The Flecktones WHERE: The Georgia Theatre WHEN: Wednesday, Aug. 10, 9 p.m. HOW MUCH: $30




― Wendy LoVoy

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Deadline for getting listed in the Calendar is every FRIDAY at 5 p.m. for the issue that comes out the following Wednesday. Email

Tuesday 9 EVENTS: Athens Farmers Market (Little Kings Shuffle Club) Check out the afternoon market in its convenient downtown location! Buy fresh, locally grown organic produce, locally crafted goods and freshly baked breads. 4–7 p.m. FREE! www. EVENTS: Drafts & Laughs (The Pub at Gameday) Five beers, five comics, five bucks. $5. 9:30 p.m. 706-353-2831 GAMES: Locos Trivia (Locos Grill & Pub) All three Athens locations of Locos Grill and Pub (Westside, Eastside and Harris St.) feature trivia night every Tuesday. 8:30 p.m. FREE!

THEATRE: An Ideal Husband (Town and Gown Players) Sir Robert, a successful political figure and perfect gentleman, is well-off and living a perfect life until the charming Mrs. Cheveley appears with the intention of revealing a dark secret from his past. Aug. 11–13, 8 p.m. Aug. 14, 2 p.m. $12–15. LECTURES & LIT.: Computer Tutorials (ACC Library) Choose from a list of topics for personalized instruction. Call to register. 9 a.m. 706-613-3650

Friday 12

EVENTS: Canine Cocktail Hour (Hotel Indigo, Madison Bar & Bistro Courtyard) Drink and food specials for you and your (well-behaved, non-aggressive, vaccinated) dog! This week: salty dogs and greyhounds. Every Wednesday. 5-7 p.m. ART: Tour at Two (Georgia Museum of Art) Meet docents in the lobby for a tour of highlights from the permanent collection. 2 p.m. FREE! www. PERFORMANCE: Magical Talent Show (Go Bar) An old-school talent show with a healthy dose of new-school Athens weirdness. Sign up on the Facebook page (search “Magical Athens Talent Show”) for a chance at the prizes, or just go check it out. Proceeds benefit Nuçi’s Space. 9 p.m. gobar KIDSTUFF: Wildcard Wednesday for Teens (ACC Library) This week: Game Day! Play one of the library’s games or bring your favorite game from home to share. For ages 11– 18. 4–5 p.m. FREE! 706-613-3650 GAMES: Texas Hold ‘Em (Buffalo’s Southwest Café) Poker night every Wednesday. 18 and up. Sign in at 6:30 p.m. Dealing begins at 7:30 p.m. FREE! www.interstatepokerclub. com GAMES: Trivia (Blind Pig Tavern, Broad St.) Think you know it all? 8:30 p.m. 706-548-3442 GAMES: Trivia (Copper Creek Brewing Company) Test your trivia chops for prizes! Every Wednesday. 9 p.m. FREE! 706-546-1102

EVENTS: Athens Showgirl Cabaret Pride Party (Little Kings Shuffle Club) A drag show to help sponsor the performers’ trip to the Atlanta Pride Parade. Games, contests and free shots. 10:30 p.m. $5. EVENTS: Zumba After Dark (40 Watt Club) Zumba, the dance-aerobics craze that’s sweeping the nation, is too good to only be enjoyed in the daytime and sober. This event will rectify that great injustice. 7:30 p.m. $10. ART: Opening Reception (MadisonMorgan Cultural Center) “The Cow Show,” an annual bovine-inspired exhibition, includes new works based on the humble, yet majestic animal. 6–8 p.m. FREE! THEATRE: An Ideal Husband (Town and Gown Players) Sir Robert, a successful political figure and perfect gentleman, is well-off and living a perfect life until the charming Mrs. Cheveley appears with the intention of revealing a dark secret from his past. Aug. 11–13, 8 p.m. Aug. 14, 2 p.m. $12–15. THEATRE: There’s a Monster in My Closet (Athens Little Playhouse) Fantasy and reality collide in this eclectic musical romp. A young group of girls band together to capture a monster in a closet, only to discover that he means no harm. Aug. 12, 13, 19 & 20, 7:30 p.m. and Aug. 13, 14, 20 & 21, 2 p.m. $8–15. 706-542-4400, MEETINGS: Mindfulness Practice Group (Mind Body Institute) Beginners and experienced mindfulness practitioners welcome. Meets the second Friday of each month. 5:30 p.m. FREE! 706-475-7329,

Thursday 11

Saturday 13

ART: Drawing in the Galleries (Georgia Museum of Art) Open hours for visitors to sketch in the galleries using graphite or colored pencils. 5–8 p.m. FREE!

EVENTS: Athens Farmers Market (Bishop Park) Buy fresh, locally grown organic produce, locally crafted goods and freshly baked breads. Every Saturday. Today only: Mater Day! Includes tomato tastings,

Wednesday 10

an ugly tomato contest and kids’ activities. 8 a.m.–noon. FREE! www. EVENTS: Back to School Bash (Terrapin Beer Co.) Ring in the new academic year with the Eric Dodd Band, Crane and Southside of the Tracks. 5:30–8:30 p.m. $10. EVENTS: Oconee Farmers Market (Downtown Watkinsville) Visit the back lawn of the Eagle Tavern Museum for locally grown produce, meats, dairy and handcrafted goods. Every Saturday, 8 a.m.–1 p.m. www. EVENTS: Rock Block Party! (40 Watt Club) Enjoy food trucks in the parking lot (King of Pops, 1000 Faces, Farm Car, LaFonda Dogs) and vintage tables inside (Agora, Southern Vision, Low Yo Yo Stuff, Cillies, Dynamite, Community, Ohh Boy!). Live music starts indoors at 9 p.m. 1 p.m.–6 p.m. FREE! EVENTS: Teacher Re-use Store (ACC Solid Waste Department) Teachers, bring your school identification or letter on school letterhead for free classroom materials. Public, private and home schools all welcome. 9 a.m.–12 p.m. FREE! 706-613-3512 EVENTS: WMI Farms Produce Market (Mama’s Boy) Natural and locally grown organic produce fresh from the Winterville farm. Located at the lot next to Mama’s Boy. 10 a.m.–6 p.m. ART: Family Day: Abstract Adventures (Georgia Museum of Art) View some of the museum’s abstract paintings, then head to the first-floor classroom to make an abstract work of your own. 10 a.m.–12 p.m. THEATRE: An Ideal Husband (Town and Gown Players) Sir Robert, a successful political figure and perfect gentleman, is well-off and living a perfect life until the charming Mrs. Cheveley appears with the intention of revealing a dark secret from his past. Aug. 11–13, 8 p.m. Aug. 14, 2 p.m. $12–15. THEATRE: There’s a Monster in My Closet (Athens Little Playhouse) Fantasy and reality collide in this eclectic musical romp. A young group of girls band together to capture a monster in a closet, only to discover that he means no harm. Aug. 12, 13, 19 & 20, 7:30 p.m. and Aug. 13, 14, 20 & 21, 2 p.m. $8–15. 706-542-4400, KIDSTUFF: QuickStart Tennis Clinics (Various Locations) Introductory clinics for ages 10 & under. 11 a.m.–12 p.m. (Southeast Clarke Park) and 2–3 p.m. (Bishop Park). 706-613-3592, KIDSTUFF: Second Saturday Storytime (Sandy Creek Nature Center) Join the SCNC staff for sto-

Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings play the Georgia Theatre on Sunday, Aug. 14. ries about the woods and its resident creatures. 2:30 p.m. FREE! 706-6133615, LECTURES & LIT.: Annual Horse Owners Seminar (UGA Vet College) Horse enthusiasts of all levels and ages are invited to hear lectures from veterinary clinicians and residents on the equine gastrointestinal anatomy, colic, colotis and parasites. An afternoon wetlab provides a hands-on opportunity to learn about performing physical exams on horses. 8 a.m.–4 p.m. $25 (adv.), $50. Go/horse

Sunday 14 ART: Spotlight Tour (Georgia Museum of Art) Meet docents in the lobby for a tour of highlights from the permanent collection. 3 p.m. FREE! THEATRE: An Ideal Husband (Town and Gown Players) Sir Robert, a successful political figure and perfect gentleman, is well-off and living a perfect life until the charming Mrs. Cheveley appears with the intention of revealing a dark secret from his past. Aug. 11–13, 8 p.m. Aug. 14, 2 p.m. $12–15. THEATRE: There’s a Monster in My Closet (Athens Little Playhouse) Fantasy and reality collide in this eclectic musical romp. A young group of girls band together to capture a monster in a closet, only he means no harm. Aug. 12, 13, 19 & 20, 7:30 p.m. and Aug. 13, 14, 20 & 21, 2 p.m. $8–15. 706-542-4400, GAMES: Full-Contact Trivia (Allen’s Bar & Grill) Sports-themed rules with diverse categories. 6 p.m. FREE! GAMES: Live Trivia (Buffalo’s Southwest Café) Every Sunday! Great prizes and fun—teams of all

sizes welcome. 6:30 p.m. (sign-in), 7 p.m. (first question). 706-3546655

Eastside and Harris St.) feature trivia night every Tuesday. 8:30 p.m. FREE!

Monday 15

Wednesday 17

EVENTS: Screening: Thor (UGA Legion Field) The UGA Union presents an oudoor screening of Thor with free popcorn, funnel cakes and more! 9 p.m. FREE! (students), $7. ART: Opening Reception (Artini’s Art Lounge) For paintings by Christine Bush Roman. 6–9 p.m. FREE! GAMES: Adult Trivia (Jack’s Bar) Test your (carnal) knowledge. 9–11 p.m. 706-548-8510 GAMES: Team Trivia (Beef ‘O’ Brady’s) Every Monday night. Win house cash and prizes! 8:30 p.m. FREE! 706-850-1916

EVENTS: Canine Cocktail Hour (Hotel Indigo, Madison Bar & Bistro Courtyard) Drink and food specials for you and your (well-behaved, non-aggressive, vaccinated) dog! This week: salty dogs and greyhounds. Every Wednesday. 5-7 p.m. ART: Tour at Two (Georgia Museum of Art) Meet docents in the lobby for a tour of highlights from the permanent collection. 2 p.m. FREE! www. PERFORMANCE: Joel Atwill (40 Watt Club) Local stand-up comedian. 9 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18+). KIDSTUFF: Wildcard Wednesday for Teens (ACC Library) Up next: Decorating! Come add a little color to the walls of the Young Adult department. Ages 11-18. 4 p.m. FREE! 706-613-3650 LECTURES & LIT.: Talking about Books (ACC Library, Small Conference Room) This month’s title is The Year of Living Biblically: One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible by A.J. Jacobs. Newcomers welcome. 10:30 a.m. FREE! 706-613-3650 GAMES: Texas Hold ‘Em (Buffalo’s Southwest Café) Poker night every Wednesday. 18 and up. Sign in at 6:30 p.m. Dealing begins at 7:30 p.m. FREE! www.interstatepokerclub. com GAMES: Trivia (Blind Pig Tavern) 8:30 p.m. 706-548-3442 GAMES: Trivia (Copper Creek Brewing Company) Test your trivia chops for prizes! Every Wednesday. 9 p.m. FREE! 706-546-1102

Tuesday 16 EVENTS: Athens Farmers Market (Little Kings Shuffle Club) Check out the afternoon market in its convenient downtown location! Buy fresh, locally grown organic produce, locally crafted goods and freshly baked breads. Now accepting EBT cards. 4–7 p.m. FREE! PERFORMANCE: Bawling Comedy (Lit) Stand-up comedy show hosted by Harold Kizzapps. 9–11 p.m. $5. PERFORMANCE: Comedy Central Campus Tour (UGA Tate Center) Comedy Central comedians Nick Vatterott, Kumail Nanjiani and TJ Miller perform. 8 p.m. FREE! (students), $10. 706-542-6396, www. GAMES: Locos Trivia (Locos Grill & Pub) All three Athens locations of Locos Grill and Pub (Westside,

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Down the Line ART: Opening Reception 8/19 (Georgia Museum of Art) For “Lamar Dodd: Paintings and Drawings,” celebrating the work of the namesake of UGA’s Lamar Dodd School of Art. 5–8 p.m. FREE! EVENTS: Flea Market 8/20 (State Botanical Garden of Georgia) Find an assortment of treasures: garden decor and tools, linens, jewelry, books, furniture, toys and more. Call to donate items to help support the Garden. 8 a.m.–1 p.m. 706542-6014 EVENTS: Tri to Beat Cancer 8/21 (Sandy Creek Park) A triathlon to raise money for The Cancer Foundation of Northeast Georgia Financial Assistance Program. 7–10 a.m.

Tuesday 9

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Caledonia Lounge 9:30 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18+). www. ANDROCLES AND THE LION This local band plays airy indie rock with lots of warm acoustic guitar and folk undertones. The new EP, As Far As Blindness Could See, will be out Aug. 15! MR. FALCON High-energy, indie garage-rock influenced equally by The Kinks and Pixies. THE RIVER BREAKS Pop rock loaded with thick bass and synths, topped with slightly edgy Southern vocals. 8e’s Bar 9 p.m. FREE! TECROPOLIS Join your fellow citizens of Tecropolis, capital of the United States of Electronica, and hear your favorite techno, trance, house, drum & bass, dubstep and more. This week feat. DJs andyredrum, xb, D:RC and more. Georgia Theatre “Georgia Theatre Grand Re-Opening Celebration.” 9 p.m. $10. DON CHAMBERS + GOAT This local band plays rootsy, Southern gothic rock framed around Chambers’ wry storytelling. J. RODDY WALSTON AND THE BUSINESS This Baltimore band comes across like an off-kilter version of The Band in the late ‘60s, combining Southern rock, McCartney pop and scruffy piano blues. One of the most energetic live shows you’ll ever see. REPTAR Recently signed to Vagrant Records, this highly praised local synth-pop band offers fun, irreverent tunes with angular rhythms and danceable beats in the vein of Vampire Weekend and Talking Heads. Highwire Lounge 8–11 p.m. KENOSHA KID Every Tuesday! Centered around the instru-improv jazz compositions of guitarist Dan

Wednesday, Aug. 17 continued from p. 21

Nettles, Kenosha Kid also features Robby Handley (bass) and Marlon Patton (drums). The new originals spark like Booker T & the MGs mixed with 20th-century harmony; the new covers include musical twists of Willie Nelson, The Beach Boys and Radiohead. Little Kings Shuffle Club “Athens Farmers Market.” 4:30 p.m. FREE! THE DARNELL BOYS The three Darnell brothers play and sing country blues originals backed by upright bass, singing saw and junkyard percussion. The Loft Dance Lounge 9 p.m. 706-613-7771 ATHENS 2 IBIZA DJ BangRadio presides over a special Girls Night Out, for which he remixes current pop radio hits with fistpumping beach party beats. Every Tuesday. The Melting Point Terrapin Bluegrass Series. 7 p.m. $5. BLUEBILLY GRIT Live bluegrass. Performing originals and some surprising covers including The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Janis Joplin and even Alanis Morissette. No Where Bar 7–11:30 p.m. 706-546-4742 MARK DURFIELD & JON TONGE Mark Durfield & Jon Tonge (of The Bearfoot Hookers) will play an acoustic set early in the evening and will later be joined by friends.

Wednesday 10 Alibi 9 p.m. FREE! 706-549-1010 KARAOKE With the Singing Cowboy! Blue Sky 5–10 p.m. VINYL WEDNESDAY Bring your own vinyl and be a DJ for the night. Boar’s Head Lounge 9 p.m. 706-369-3040 OPEN MIC NIGHT Welcoming singer-songwriters every Wednesday. Farm 255 11 p.m. FREE! RYAN MOORE Solo set from local musician. Moore also plays bass in theatrical rock band Hans Darkbolt. 40 Watt Club 9 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18+). www.40watt. com CO CO RI CO Angular, guitar-driven rock that melodically meanders through post-rock soundscapes featuring technical drums, wandering bass and glockenspiel. DJ Z-DOG Zack “Z-Dog” Hosey spins dance classics, punk, ‘80s and more. GIFT HORSE Swirling reverb and dark psychedelic textures with an alternative rock edge. Tonight is the band’s first in a month-long 40 Watt residency. Catch them every Wednesday in August. See feature story on p. 15. HANK SULLIVANT Lead singer of rock band Kuroma plays a solo set, plus special guests! George’s Lowcountry Table 6 p.m. FREE! TONGUE & GROOVE The acoustic quartet of Henry Williams, Don Henderson, Jason Peckham and Amy Moon plays lively covers and originals.

Georgia Theatre “Georgia Theatre Grand Re-Opening Celebration” 9 p.m. $30.* BÉLA FLECK AND THE FLECKTONES A special show featuring the original lineup of virtuosos: Béla Fleck on banjo, Jeff Coffin on saxophone, Victor Wooten on bass and pirate percussionist Futureman. See story on p. 21. Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. FREE! www.hendershotscoffee. com GUITAR SUMMIT Local guitar wizards Allen Owens, Dan Nettles and Craig Lieske geek out on the guitar, joined each week by other Athens guitar talent for an evening of sixstring mayhem every Wednesday this month. This week features Kevin Sweeney (Hayride, Free Mountain) and AJ Adams (Big C and the Ringers, Granfaloons). Locos Grill & Pub 6 p.m. FREE! (Timothy Rd. Location) THE ATHENS BAND High-energy teen rockers with classic rock influences, big riffs and anthemic choruses. The Melting Point 7 p.m. FREE! www.meltingpointathens. com JOSH PERKINS EXPERIMENT IN SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY Longtime local songwriter Josh Perkins leads his group through original country, folk and Americana sounds. New Earth Music Hall 9 p.m. $5 CHROMOZONE “Electronic-infused funk rock” featuring several members of UGA’s Music Business Program and playing a mix of covers and originals. DJ STYLE MIND Spinning tracks between sets. SUMILAN Technically proficient musicians playing jam rock. The Office Lounge 9:30 p.m. FREE! 706-549-0840 KARAOKE With your host Lynn, the Queen of Karaoke! Every Wednesday. Porterhouse Grill 7 p.m. FREE! 706-369-0990 LIVE JAZZ Steve Key and Friends play jazz standards and Latin-flavored music with Carl Lindberg, Jason Peckham and other special guests.

Thursday 11 The Bad Manor “Sugar Rush Vol. 2.” 11 p.m. FREE! (21+), $5 (18+). www.thebadmanor. com DEADBEATDJS This DJ duo spins upbeat electro house. DECEPTICRON Spinning high-energy house music. Glow sticks recommended. DJ B-SNAX Dub-electronic and house music mixes including pop radio remixes and originals. Caledonia Lounge 10 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18+). MATT HUDGINS Performing sans his Shit-Hot Band, but still providing those sweet, oak barrel-aged, burns-so-sweet-on-the-way-down country tunes. SHAUN PIAZZA BAND Piazza plays in that grey area also inhabited by the Avett Brothers, the place where twang meets jangle, one part bouncy pop, one part good ol’ boy country shuffles.

and modern indie rock. Also playing tomorrow night at Georgia Bar. STARLITE DEVILLES Local band featuring Eric Gregory and Bear from Twain plus Brian Crane (drums) and Pat Pawlowski (bass) playing a mix of alt country and power-pop. Also playing tomorrow at Georgia Bar.

Thursday, August 11

Big Boi, Amun Ra, Triz Georgia Theatre Well, kids, the day has finally come. The Georgia Theatre has risen from the ashes to once again grace the corner of Lumpkin and Clayton with its luminous marquee lights and herald the dawn of a new era in the Big Boi Athens music scene. With all the time and effort exerted in repairing this storied venue to new heights of resplendence, our fair town would not be wrong to expect an even higher class of nationally touring artists to start showing up, and first up is Georgia’s own native son, Big Boi. One half of legendary Atlanta hip-hop duo Outkast, Big Boi became a household name unto himself last year upon the release of his epically funky solo debut, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, and he claims he already has 17 tracks in the can for his next release, tentatively titled Daddy Fat Sax: Soul Funk Crusader. From that title, we can only hope that Big Boi is doubling down on his quest to combine classic funk sounds with modern hip-hop and will put the framework of the new Georgia Theatre to the test with a foundation-rattling live band. Between the blaring swagger of his horn section and the hip-grinding bravado of his rhythm section, Big Boi will deliver his signature brand of vocal gymnastics while Athenians of every stripe gather together to “shake it like a tambourine” and/or “Polaroid picture”— a hip-hop tour de force that could only be more exciting if Andre 3000 himself decided to show up (fingers crossed). Furthermore, his return home to Georgia doesn’t just mark the rebirth of one of Athens’ most cherished institutions, or reset the bar for the caliber of performers that play there; it stands as an inauguration of a new, premiere performance space for the whole Southeast. There are a million reasons to be glad that the Theatre has returned, and Big Boi in Athens is just the first of many. To both, Flagpole says, “Welcome back.” [David Fitzgerald]

THE VISITATIONS Electronic folk featuring Davey Wrathgabar and a rotating cast of local musicians and a heavy touring schedule. DePalma’s Italian Cafe 6:30–8:30 p.m. FREE! 706-552-1237 (Timothy Rd. location) GREEN THRIFT GROCERY New band featuring Ryan Donegan, Chloe Tewksbury, Hana Hay and Dain Marx. Playing “noisy, hooky songs about dancing, science fiction and consumer culture.” Farm 255 11 p.m. FREE! ANTLERED ANTLORD Fuzz pop guitar/drums duo featuring featuring local producer and songwriter Jesse Stinnard. CATNAPS Philadelphia cutesy indiepop rock with gentle female vocals and brutally honest lyrics. YOUNGER SIBLINGS Featuring members of PS Eliot stradling the indie-pop-punk line. Flicker Theatre & Bar 8:30 p.m. $5. www.flickertheatreandbar. com ADAM KLEIN Local singer-songwriter and collaborators offer a blend of the finest elements of folk, Americana and country with poetic lyricism and striking imagery to create engaging, well-crafted songs. NUTRIA This rootsy local powerpop band features former members of The Eskimos and The Possibilities. Georgia Theatre “Georgia Theatre Grand Re-Opening Celebration.” 9 p.m. SOLD OUT! AMUN RA Athens-based hip-hop artist who has been a name to know on the underground circuit since getting tracks on WUOG in the ‘80s, and continues to put out solo and collab-

orative works that represent highly spiritual and emotional themes. BIG BOI Half of Atlanta-based hiphop rule breakers Outkast, Big Boi’s lighting-fast lyrical ability and curious sense of theatricism have helped him establish a strong reputation as a solo artist. See Calendar Pick on this page. TRIZ Celebrated local electro-turntablist will spin between sets. Go Bar 10 p.m. FREE! gobar DR. FRED’S KARAOKE Hosted by karaoke fanatic John “Dr. Fred” Bowers and featuring a large assortment of pop, rock, indie and more. Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. FREE! www.hendershotscoffee. com MAHARAJAH FLAMENCO TRIO High-energy and soulful world music specializing in “flamenco nuevo.” Hilltop Grille 7 p.m. FREE! 706-353-7667 MILLIGAN Acoustic duo reworks both classic rock and more recent hits from CSNY to Johnny Cash to Jack Johnson to Maroon 5. Hotel Indigo “Live After 5 on the Madison Patio.” 6–8 p.m. FREE! www.indigoathens. com CARL LINDBERG Jazz bassist Carl Lindberg (Grogus, Squat, Kenosha Kid, etc.) performs standards, originals and some surprising tunes from divergent styles. Little Kings Shuffle Club 10 p.m. FRANCO FUNICELLO This Athensby-way-of-Nashville trio purports

to hold the world record for most shows in the continental U.S. in 48 days (58 shows). The tunes are minimalist acoustic indie-rock. LA ARMADA Thrash punk from the Dominican Republic. LOS MEESFITS Cuban salsa Misfits cover band includes locals Geoff Terry and Selana. Translated by Eric H. SO IT GOES Socially conscious punk rock band that infuses elements of Spanish rock, folk and ska. Max 10 p.m. FREE! 706-254-3392 DJRX DJ-remixer Brian Gonzalez delivers original audio/video productions that focus on pop music of this generation, with forays into rock, old school, country and electronica. The hits are synced with videos projected on a big screen. Dance party on the patio! No Where Bar 10 p.m. $3. 706-546-4742 THE OTHER BROTHERS BAND Allman Brothers tribute act. The Office Lounge 8:30 p.m. FREE! 706-546-0840 BLUES NIGHT The Shadow Executives host an open, all-night blues jam, kicking it off with a set of originals. Sign up at 8 p.m. The Roadhouse 10 p.m. FREE! 706-613-2324 JB AND THE COMEBACK BOYS Managed by none other than JB the (semi-retired) Sausage King, these guys play a mix of R&B, soul and funk hits. Terrapin Beer Co. 5:30 p.m. $10 glass. www.terrapinbeer. com INNOCENT FLANNEL This Nashville band draws from both honky tonk

Friday 12 Alibi 9 p.m. FREE! 706-549-1010 THE OUTLAWS Good old-fashioned Southern rock. Amici Italian Café 11 p.m. FREE! 706-353-0000 CHROMAZONE “Electronic-infused funk rock” featuring several members of UGA’s Music Business Program playing a mix of covers and originals. The Bad Manor 9 p.m. FREE! (21+), $5 (18+, before 11 p.m.), $10 (18+, after 11 p.m.). www. FERAL YOUTH Banging electro house, dubstep, with a dash of top 40 remixes. Caledonia Lounge 9 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18+). EL CHUPASKABRA Driven Latino punk-ska. The vocals are Spanish, but the guitars are Orange County. HERMITS OF SUBURBIA Selfdescribed as “post-post modern semi-melodic folk-ska-musical humor-core.” NO SUCH NOISE Six dudes playing/ hollering/horn break-ing through some good humored pop-punk and ska tunes. ROOTS IN STEREO Philadelphia band mixes rap and rock with a strong background in reggae. TAJ MOTEL TRIO Horn-heavy punk that leans more towards grungy metal than ska. Farm 255 11 p.m. FREE! THE K-MACKS Danceable, highenergy country-fried punk rock. TUMBLEWEED STAMPEDE Acoustic set from the adventurous local folk-rock band. Flicker Theatre & Bar 8:30 p.m. $5. www.flickertheatreandbar. com MARK CUNNINGHAM AND THE NATIONALS Performing songs from Mark Cunningham’s (The Burning Angels) upcoming solo album The Dimestore Redemption. Soulful, heartfelt Americana featuring Daniel Marler on dobro and Coy Campbell King on upright bass. NIGHTINGALE NEWS Coy Campbell King (The Vestibules), plays tender, rootsy acoustic ballads. CECIL THOMPKINS Acoustic guitar and harmonica-playing solo artist from South Carolina and rooted in Americana. Georgia Bar 11 p.m. 706-546-9884 INNOCENT FLANNEL This Nashville band draws from both honky tonk and modern indie rock. STARLITE DEVILLES Local band featuring Eric Gregory and Bear from Twain plus Brian Crane (drums) and Pat Pawlowski (bass) playing a mix of alt country and power-pop. Georgia Theatre “Georgia Theatre Grand Re-Opening Celebration.” 9 p.m. SOLD OUT! CENTRO-MATIC Texas band with hefty Athens connections plays k continued on next page

Eat. Drink. Listen Closely. TUESDAY, AUGUST 9 Terrapin Bluegrass Series featuring


$5 Admission • $2 Terrapin Pints All Night!



with ADAM PAYNE and ADAM POULIN FREE SHOW! • Music 7-10pm



Tickets $12 adv. • $15 at the door


HOLMAN AUTRY BAND Tickets $7 adv. • $10 at the door



Tickets $5 adv. • $7 at the door Early Show from 7-10pm

THURSDAY, AUGUST 18 Grammy Award Winner


With Special Guest Tickets $10 adv • $13 at the door


ABBEY ROAD LIVE! Tickets $10 adv. • $12 at the door



with Tickets $15 adv • $18 at the door





with Tickets $5 adv • $8 at the door


THE BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA Tickets $30 adv • $35 at the door


9.8 9.9 9.16 9.20 9.23 9.25 9.27












Southern rock with a certain grungy sheen and poetically disjointed lyrics. DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS Local altcountry superstars. See story on p. 13.


Go Bar 10 p.m. EDDIE THE WHEEL Local act plays moody, melodic indie rock. FABULOUS BIRD Local troubadour Peter Alvanos plays bright, ‘60sinspired pop. TWIN POWERS DJ Dan Geller and friends spin late-night glam rock, new wave, Top 40, punk and Britpop. Dancing starts at 11:30 p.m.




Corner of Chase and Boulevard


come try a free sample of soup at lunch!


new salsa cart:


margaritas MONDAYS house $ $

3 types of salsa brought to your table

2.99 Glass or 11.99 Pitcher

tuesDAYS all bottled beer $1.99 wednesDAYS 12oz. domestic beers 99¢ $

or import draft beers 1.99

tHURsDAYS glass of sangria $3.99

Pitcher of golden margaritas $12.99 (Reg. $20.99)

friDAYS glass of texas margarita


1376 Prince Avenue • 706-543-1500 Thursday, August 11

Saturday, August 13 @






Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. $3. ABBY OWENS Acoustic folk rock with a twangy country feel. Max 9 p.m. 706-254-3392 ROCK BLOCK DANCE PARTY Dance your way back into the swing of the school year with Immuzikation and DJ Z-Dog, spinning rock, pop and electro. The Melting Point 9 p.m. $12 (adv.), $15 (door). www.* KINCHAFOONEE COWBOYS Georgia six-piece playing country and Southern rock that has kept mostly the same lineup since the members were in high school nearly 20 years ago. They’ve since been a favorite around the state and have shared bills with such well known acts as the Dave Matthews Band. New Earth Music Hall “Drive-By Truckers Afterpary!” 10 p.m. $7, $5 with DBT ticket stub. www. SHOVEL AND ROPE Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst play folk rock “sloppy tonk” with little but a junkyard drumkit, a guitar or two and their vocal chords. The Office Lounge 9 p.m. FREE! 706-546-0840 CARLA LEFEVER AND THE RAYS Playing old-school funk, sweet pop and sweaty rock covers and originals. The Rays feature Kenny “K.B.” Brawner, Dan Roth, Wade Newbury, Bobby Patrick and Benjamin Scott Whitener. The Roadhouse “Drive-By Truckers After Party.” 11 p.m $3 or free with DBT tickets. 706613-2324 SCOTT LOW AND THE ______’S Country punks, led by the Efren frontman and joined by an all-star cast of misfits and heathens. Terrapin Beer Co. 5:30 p.m. $10 glass. www.terrapinbeer. com DOCO Big rockin’ funk and blues incorporating elements of reggae. WUGA 91.7 FM 3 p.m. FREE! “IT’S FRIDAY” Jeremy Wells & Darrin Cook and Mary Sigalas will perform on the local radio station’s weekly program. Tune in at 91.7 FM or University Cable Channel 15.

Saturday 13 Alibi 9 p.m. FREE! 706-549-1010 KARAOKE With the Singing Cowboy!

Friday, Aug. 12 continued from p. 23

Amici Italian Café 11 p.m. FREE! 706-353-0000 SLICE PIE Slice Pie is an eight-piece with a horn section featuring members of Elastic Skyline, Stokeswood and Flamingo Royal. Formed at the Amici Italian Cafe in Milledgeville, GA, these guys play rock, funk and some R&B. The Bad Manor 9 p.m. FREE! (21+), $5 (18+, before 11 p.m.), $10 (18+, after 11 p.m.). www. DECEPTICRON This local DJ will be spinning high-energy house music. Glow sticks are highly recommended. Bishop Park “Athens Farmers Market.” 8 a.m.– noon. FREE! THE FOR PEACE BAND Todd Lister and his wife Dale Wechsler (String Theory, Garnet River Gals) playing rootsy Americana for the market crowd. (8 a.m.) SOME SWEET DAY Local duo Randal and Shannon Clark play sweet indie chamber folk with lush harmonies inspired by artists like Fleet Foxes, M. Ward, Iron and Wine and Brian Wilson. (10 a.m.)

Boar’s Head Lounge 9 p.m. FREE! 706-369-3040 LIARS AND LOVERS Local quintent offers Southern ‘70s-rock revival. Caledonia Lounge 10 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18+). GNARX Christopher Ingham (Christopher’s Liver, Liverty) and friends play bluesy bar room punk rock. KILL THE SCHOOL Local hard-rock band with a thrashy feel. MANGER Punk rock four-piece with screaming guitars and vocals. SHEHEHE This new Athens band offers ‘70s-style rock in the vein of The Ramones, The Clash and the Sex Pistols. Farm 255 11 p.m. FREE! BLUE HEELER Locally brewed folk rock bubbling with melancholy and reflection. DEAD DOG Local band delivers frenetic, spunky lo-fi punk with a pop smile. FAT SHADOW Vocalist Daun Fields coos operatically over off-kilter garage rock. GHASTLY CITY SLEEP Brooklyn rock act that falls somewhere between electro-goth-dance tunes and darkly melodic, non-traditional rock in the Radiohead vein.

GNARX Christopher Ingham (Christopher’s Liver, Liverty) and friends play bluesy bar punk. Flicker Theatre & Bar 8:30 p.m. $5. www.flickertheatreandbar. com CONNOR PLEDGER Singersongwriter from Conyers, GA who is currently studying at UGA. Pledger’s mostly acoustic sound is influenced by acts like Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Jack Johnson. ANSLEY RUSHING Local singer/ songwriter of the wistful farm-folk kind. SURFACE OF THE DEEP Local folkrock three-piece. 40 Watt Club “Rock Block Party.” 9 p.m. FREE! MONAHAN Ryan Monahan backed by Josh McMichael on bass and Lemuel Hayes on drums. Ryan has a gorgeous, expressive Jeff Buckleyesque voice that soars and sighs with equal grace. SUNNY 100 New band featuring the songwriting talents of Nate Nelson (White Violet) and Matt Nelson (A. Armada, White Violet). Brothers in song only… TEDO STONE Alt-country/indie/ psych rock that toys with minimalist elements, all layered on top of each other.

Saturday, August 13

Tiger! Tiger!, The Starter Kits, VG Minus Go Bar The plethora of hip-hop artists that fill Atlanta may define the city on a national level, but anyone plugged into underground or indie rock has probably noticed a raw brand of garagerock revival on the rise. The Black Lips have led this scene to prominence, but similar bands are emerging from the woodwork, and the quintet Tiger! Tiger!, sporting an infectious mix of poporiented directness and Tiger! Tiger! tense vitriol, is positioned as well as any Atlanta band to break big. That’s not to say Tiger! Tiger! is merely riding the Lips’ coattails. No, Tiger! Tiger! is its own animal entirely. Much of the band’s appeal comes from vocalist Buffi Aguero’s distinctive style and stage presence—classy enough to take to dinner with mom but vicious enough to make her cry after a few bottles of wine. The push-pull dynamic of Aguero’s chic yet gritty vocal style functions as such that it’s hard to label Tiger! Tiger!’s music as sweet or sour. Bittersweet, perhaps—like so much of life, as well as the private and interpersonal scenarios around which her lyrics are centered. Aguero’s vocals are front and center in the band’s sound, which is due in large part to the direct, streamlined nature of the music. Often rooted in simple I-IV-V pop structures, the group still takes plenty of detours to embrace the artier stylings of post-punk, marked by ringing guitar chords and clipped, propulsive basslines. But even beyond these characteristics, there’s a dash of passionate saxophone work courtesy of guitarist Shane Pringle. There are guitar layers that occasionally rise to blistering, distortion-laden crescendos, recalling the shoegaze-punk of local brethren Deerhunter. There’s the prominent wash of Sam Leyja’s organ, which sometimes warps the songs into twisted funhouse/carnival music territory. And bassist Susanne Gibboney’s vocals underpin Aguero’s melodies with an added dose of intensity. When these diverse components meld together onstage, the result is an energetic party atmosphere where danger is never far beneath the surface. [John Barrett]

TWIN TIGERS Loud and lush, this local rock band combines jarring guitar riffs with sweeping melodies and heavy percussion. Georgia Theatre “Georgia Theatre Grand Re-Opening Celebration.” 9 p.m. SOLD OUT! CENTRO-MATIC Texas band with hefty Athens connections plays Southern rock with a certain grungy sheen and poetic lyrics. DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS Local altcountry superstars. See story on p. 13. Go Bar 9 p.m. THE STARTER KITS This local band sounds a bit like a Southern Elvis Costello with a slight punk snarl. TIGER!TIGER! Four-piece co-ed rock and roll with a grungy, Clash-like edge. See Calenar Pick on p. 24. TWIN POWERS DJ Dan Geller (Gold Party, The Agenda) and friends spin late-night glam rock, new wave, Top 40, punk and Britpop. Dancing starts at 11:30 p.m. VG MINUS Kurt Wood plays drums in his new project. Expect deep punk and new wave covers. Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. $7. HOMEGROWN REVIVAL Sweet folk and bluegrass quartet from Dahlonega.

Sunday 14

Georgia Theatre “Georgia Theatre Grand Re-Opening Celebration.” 9 p.m. SOLD OUT! GILLIAN WELCH Nashville countryfolk artist touring as a two-piece with musical partner, guitarist Dave Rawlings. Their songs have been praised and performed by the likes of Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and Solomon Burke. Back after a hiatus with a new record, The Harrow & The Harvest.

Monday 15 Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. FREE!, $3 to play. 706-3533050. OPEN MIC Mondays! Hosted by local soulful singer Kyshona Armstrong.

The Melting Point 9 p.m. $7 (adv.), $10 (door). www.* HOLMAN AUTRY BAND Described as “a little bit of Hank, a little bit of Metallica and a healthy dose of Southern rock.” Fans of bands like the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd can’t go wrong here.

Tuesday 16

New Earth Music Hall “Terrapin Takeover Party.” 9 p.m. www. THE CONSTELLATIONS Freshly signed to Virgin Records, this Atlanta band plays a psychedelic blend of soul rock with hip-hop flourishes. The latest record, Southern Gothic, was produced by Grammy winner Ben H. Allen (Gnarls Barkley). More bands for the Terrapin Takeover Party will be announced this week. Midnight! ATHENS DUBSTOMP Late night dance party!

Caledonia Lounge 9:30 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18+). www. IFIHADAHIFI Dissonant heavy rock, almost math-like in precision and energy, but with a more straight-up grunge attitude. NEVER Psychedelic, swirling guitars care of Kris Deason and Ryan Vogle plus Peter Alvanos on drums and Chris McGarvey on bass. Melissa Colbert fronts the band with howling, cathartic vocals. TIMMY TUMBLE & THE TUMBLERS Tim Schreiber (Dark Meat, The Lickity-Splits) howls and spasms over garage rock-anthems and pop songs. His new backing band features members of Mouser, Bubbly Mommy Gun, All City Cannonballers and The Humms. ZEBRAS Milwaukee experimental punk, right on the edge of completely out of control while still maintaining a head-banging steadiness.

Sideways 9 p.m. FREE! 706-319-1919 DJRX DJ-remixer Brian Gonzalez delivers original audio/video productions that focus on pop music of this generation, with forays into rock, old school, country and electronica. The hits are synced with videos projected on a big screen. Wayfarer Music Hall 8 p.m. $7. 114 North Broad St. Monroe, GA COPIOUS JONES Earnest, melodic acoustic pop rock. Tonight’s performance includes a preview of tracks from his upcoming CD!



JOE ATWILL (Comedy set) doors open at 9pm 285 W. Washington St. Athens, GA • Call 706-549-7871 for Show Updates






Highwire Lounge 8–11 p.m. FREE! www.highwirelounge. com BROTHERS Classical-leaning side project from Soapbar’s Ryan Moore. THE VIKING PROGRESS Patrick Morales has a lovely, tender voice that sings gentle, indie/folk ballads about love, death and isolation inspired by his time at sea.

Little Kings Shuffle Club 10 p.m. FREE! littlekingsshuffleclub DJ MAHOGANY Freaky funk, sultry soul, righteous R&B and a whole lotta unexpected faves.

The Office Lounge 9:30 p.m. FREE! 706-546-0840 THE HOBOHEMIANS Local fourpiece playing a mix of proto-jazz, blues and folk music of the 1910s, ‘20s and ‘30s.


Farm 255 11 p.m. FREE! ALEX BLEEKER AND THE FREAKS Featuring members of Real Estate, Bleeker and Co. play an echo-y, jangly style of folk pop. FLOWER ORGY Hyper-DIY semimelodic folk, with a fair bit of noisy meandering.

Amici Italian Café “Back to School Jam.” 11 p.m. FREE! 706-353-0000 NEW SNEAKERS Five-piece Southern jam-rock fusion formerly known as The Blekers.

Flicker Theatre & Bar 8:30 p.m. $5. www.flickertheatreandbar. com NESEY GALLONS E6 collaborator whose mostly acoustic numbers feature whimsical lyrics sung with quavering sincerity over acoustic guitar and flourishes of xylophone and organ. THE NEAPOLITAN CHILDREN Asheville, NC band plays distraught indie pop, upbeat in tempo and melody but weighed down by reckless vocals and sharp guitar. k continued on next page

doors open at 9pm



AFTER DARK Doors open at 8pm SATURDAY, AUGUST 13



Vintage Sale & Food Trucks All Day! Rock Concert to end the night! FOOD TRUCKS: STARTING AT 1PM KING OF POPS • 1000 FACES FARM CART • LaFONDA DOGS







AthFest Wristband Required for Entry! BOMBS BOMBS BOMBS doors open at 9pm



SEPT. 10 MUTE MATH SEPT. 14 OKKERVIL RIVER / WYE OAK All Shows 18 and up • + $2 for Under 21 * Advance Tix Available at Schoolkids Records and Wuxtry Records ** Advance Tix Sold at

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1145 Mitchell Bridge Rd. Athens, Georgia 30606 Phone (706) 353-1519 • Mon.-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 12-5



Friendliest Bar in Athens!


The Outlaws Created for artists of all ages and skill levels 675 Pulaski St. • Leathers Building

Burlesque: The Textbook Tease


COME PLAY Pool! bar 50 GAINES SCHOOL ROAD 706-549-1010

All Summer $ 20 Tuesdays and $ 30 Thursdays


Free Game with Bucket $1 COORS PINTS, $4 COORS PITCHERS



WEDNESDAY Dart season starting soon!



$ $



Taloolah Love

Special Guests Fonda & Kellyn Flyer: Jessica Brigham Graphic Design Photo: Sharif Hassan for PinUpGirl Cosmetics Hair & Makeup: PinUpGirl Cosmetics

Saturday, August 20 1pm-6:30pm 1-2:30 pm:

Burlesque 101 History of Burlesque PLUS the Art of Pastie Making How to Achieve a Pin Up Look Burlesque Movies

3-4:30 pm: 5-6:30 pm:


At FloorSpace Dance, 160 Tracy St. Athens, Ga. 30601 Chase Warehouses (in between Canopy & ATHICA) Pre-reg by August 6th $25 per class, $60 for all 3 workshops After August 6th $30 per class, $75 for all 3 workshops


THE CALENDAR! VILLAGES Haunting, drone-heavy electronic soundscapes from Asheville, NC. Georgia Theatre “A Benefit for a Fallen Hero.” 7:30 p.m. $50, $150 (VIP).* COLT FORD AND FRIENDS Local chart-topping country artist will perform hits with Jason Aldean, Edwin McCain, James Otto, Rhett Atkins, Dallas Davidson, Mike Dekle and more to benefit the families of police officers Elmer “Buddy” Christian and Tony Howard. See Calendar Pick on p. 27. Highwire Lounge 8–11 p.m. KENOSHA KID Every Tuesday! Centered around the instru-improv jazz compositions of guitarist Dan Nettles, Kenosha Kid also features Robby Handley (bass) and Marlon Patton (drums). The new originals spark like Booker T & the MGs mixed with 20th-century harmony; the new covers include musical twists of Willie Nelson. Little Kings Shuffle Club “Athens Farmers Market.” 4:30 p.m. FREE! VINYL STRANGERS Catchy ‘60sstyle pop that’s filled with soaring harmonies and bright guitars. The Loft Dance Lounge 9 p.m. 706-613-7771 ATHENS 2 IBIZA DJ BangRadio presides over a special Girls Night Out, for which he remixes current pop radio hits with fistpumping beach party beats. Every Tuesday. The Melting Point “Terrapin Bluegrass Series.” 7 p.m. $5. CURLEY MAPLE Fiddler David Blackmon’s progressive old-time project. He’s joined by wife Noel and Christian Lopez on mandolin and guitar, and Chris Enghauser on bass.


Wednesday 17 Alibi 9 p.m. FREE! 706-549-1010 KARAOKE With the Singing Cowboy! Blue Sky 5–10 p.m. VINYL WEDNESDAY Bring your own vinyl and be a DJ for the night.

with special guest

American Aquarium

Boar’s Head Lounge 9 p.m. 706-369-3040 OPEN MIC NIGHT Welcoming singer-songwriters every Wednesday.


Doors at



• Music promptly at 9pm • 18+ up show

TICKETS ON SALE NOW at or Box Office Open Daily at 11:30 am



21 advance 25 at the door $ 5 surcharge at door for under 21 $ $

Caledonia Lounge 9 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18+). EUREKA CALIFORNIA Melodic, guitar-driven indie rock influenced by bands like Guided by Voices. HUG ABUSE Simple, melodic instrumental indie-pop with some surf guitar flourishes featuring Mike Turner (HHBTM Records), Keenan Dowers and Brigette Herron (Tunabunny). ORCA TEAM Seattle/Portland area minimalist indie-rock with a beachy sound, assuming the beach is in the ever-overcast Seattle/Portland area. ROBERTA & CHARLENE Tonguein-cheek country vocals backed by synth beats. TUNABUNNY Local act featuring hazy and warped experimental psychedelia. Dual female guitarist/vocalists are backed by synthesized percussion and a wall of noise.

Tuesday, Aug. 16 continued from p. 25

Farm 255 Primals Night. 9 p.m. FREE! www. DIAL INDICATORS Background sounds for dinner and cocktails. This quiet jazz duo features Jeremy Roberts on guitar and George Davidson on tenor sax playing odd covers and improvising on familiar themes. Tonight bassist James Goodhand will sit in for Roberts. 40 Watt Club 9 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18+). www.40watt. com GIFT HORSE Swirling reverb and dark psychedelic textures with an alt-rock edge. See story on p. 15. PHILIP BRANTLEY Bassist/guitarist of Modern Skirts plays a solo set. WHITE VIOLET Long singer-songwriter Nate Nelson’s solid new band features the same sweet, heartfelt indie-pop melodies for which he is known. George’s Lowcountry Table 6–9 p.m. FREE! 706-548-3359 KEN WILL MORTON Athens’ own Ken Will Morton has been strumming and singing for over 20 years. With his gritty, soulful rasp, Morton trudges through Americana’s roots with rock and roll swagger and a folk singer’s heart. Solo acoustic set. Georgia Theatre 9 p.m. $15. FREE MOUNTAIN Local rock supergroup that made its debut at AthFest in 2010. Featuring guitarist Kevin Sweeney (Hayride), vocalist Jared Hasmuk (Dictatortots), bassist Bryan Howard (The HEAP) and drummer Mark Brill (Hayride) playing straightup, loud rock and roll! STOCKHOLM SYNDROME Rock band featuring an all-star cast including Dave Schools (Widespread Panic), Jerry Joseph (Jackmormons), Danny Louis (Gov’t Mule), Eric McFadden (Les Claypool) and Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow). UME Hailing from Austin, indie band Ume incorporates post-rock riffs and dream pop vocals into its haunting, minimalist sound. Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8–11 p.m. GUITAR SUMMIT Local guitar wizards Allen Owens, Dan Nettles and Craig Lieske geek out on the guitar, joined each week by other Athens guitar talent for an evening of sixstring mayhem every Wednesday this month. This week features Jace Bartet (Prizmatic Spray) and Ben Spraker (The Arcs, The Shutups). Locos Grill & Pub 6 p.m. FREE! (Timothy Rd. Location) RICK FOWLER BAND Local guitarist Rick Fowler (Lonely White Boys, Ralph Roddenbery, etc.) specializes in a classic sort of British blues rock. The Melting Point 7 p.m. $5 (adv.), $7 (door).* THE HANDS OF TIME Rock covers featuring Charles Burgess (The Common Peoples Band) on vocals and keys, Amy Pritchett (Forward Motion) on keys and vocals, JC Plant (Blue Flame) on guitar and vocals, Kenny Brawner (The Grains of Sand) on bass, Danny Anthony (The Grains of Sand) on sax, Jeff Hammond (The Soul Pleasers) on trombone, Bill Oglesby (The Soul

Pleasers) on sax and Larry Freeman (The Soul Pleasers) on drums. New Earth Music Hall “Stockholm Syndrome Afterparty!” 10 p.m. HAYRIDE This long-running Athens trio has maintained a steady output of melodic, prog- and metal-influenced rock. The Office Lounge 9:30 p.m. FREE! 706-549-0840 KARAOKE With your host Lynn, the Queen of Karaoke! Every Wednesday. Porterhouse Grill 7–10 p.m. 706-369-0990 JAZZ NIGHT Every Wednesday! Stop by for live jazz bands and drink specials. Terrapin Beer Co. 5:30 p.m. $10 glass. www.terrapinbeer. com MORIAH DOMBY Young Nashville singer-songwriter with a delicate and youthful voice that takes on big Americana-folk tunes. * Advance Tickets Available

Down the Line 8/18 Party Night (Alibi) 8/18 BangRadio / DJ DMN / DJ Kayez (The Bad Manor) 8/18 Cicada Rhythm / Ruby Kendrick / Monahan / Gabriel Miller Phillips (Caledonia Lounge) 8/18 Corduroy Road / Darnell Boys (Farm 255) 8/18 Mary Sigalas (Hendershot’s Coffee Bar) 8/18 Milligan (Hilltop Grille) 8/18 Redneck GReece (Hotel Indigo) 8/18 Big K.R.I.T. (New Earth Music Hall) 8/18 Mama’s Love (No Where Bar) 8/18 Keith Moody (Terrapin Beer Co.) 8/18 Jim Lauderdale / Lera Lynn (The Melting Point)* 8/18 Blues Night (The Office Lounge) 8/18 Live In the Lobby (WUOG 90.5FM) 8/19 Burlesque Beta (Go Bar) 8/19 Abandon the Earth Mission / Basshunter 64 / Bigfoot / Eddie the Wheel / Green Gerry and the Gellyphish / The Humms / New Madrid / Pretty Bird / Qurious / Woodfangs (40 Watt Club) 8/19 The Stumblin Toads (Amici Italian Café) 8/19 Elvis Live! (Buffalo’s Southwest Café) 8/19 Grape Soda / Nutritional Peace (Farm 255) 8/19 Old Smokey / Slaw and Order (Flicker Theatre & Bar) 8/19 Corey Smith (Georgia Theatre) 8/19 Kenosha Kid / Kyshona Armstrong (Hendershot’s Coffee Bar) 8/19 Catherine Kimbro (Terrapin Beer Co.) 8/19 Abbey Road LIVE! (The Melting Point)* 8/20 Karaoke (Alibi) 8/20 BombsBombsBombs / Deadbeat DJs / Velvet Runway (40 Watt Club) 8/20 Machismo (Amici Italian Café) 8/20 Old Time String Band / Michael Wegner (Bishop Park) 8/20 Love Tractor (Flicker Theatre & Bar) 8/20 Johnny Corndog / Those Darlins / The Whigs (Georgia Theatre)* 8/20 Hymn for Her (Hendershot’s Coffee Bar) 8/20 Efren / High Strung String Band (Little Kings Shuffle Club) 8/20 Randall Bramblett / Callaghan (The Melting Point)*

Tuesday, Aug. 16

Colt Ford and Friends Georgia Theatre Athens native Colt Ford has organized an impressive array of country music talent for this Tuesday’s benefit at the Georgia Theatre. The bill includes Rhett Akins, Jason Aldean, Dallas Davidson, Mike Dekle, Edwin McCain, James Otto and others. “They’re all good buddies of mine,” says Ford, “and when they’re willing to give up their time, it means a lot to you.” All proceeds from the event will go to help the family of slain officer Elmer “Buddy” Christian and for the recovery of Senior Officer Tony Howard, victims in a shooting last March. The evening will make use of the intimate space in the newly renovated Georgia Theatre. For the format of the performance, Ford chose what’s called a “writers in the round,” a familiar convention in country music. “Everybody will be onstage. We’ll pass the guitar around, tell some stories about each other, sing some songs about each other.” This informal approach creates a relaxed atmosphere and gives the songwriters the opportunity to engage the audience with their work. A reception and silent auction preceding the performance should contribute to the evening’s close-knit feel. The decision to hold the benefit comes from Ford’s sense of appreciation for the officers’ service, as well as his commitment to his hometown community. Pointing to R.E.M. as an example of such commitment, Ford also expresses gratitude to the Georgia Theatre’s owners for their enthusiasm in planning the event. “It’s really important for people to understand that if you’ve had some success in your life, you should give back,” he says, adding, matter-of-factly, “and if you don’t, there’s something wrong with you.” [Marshall Yarbrough]


240 W. Clayton St. • Downtown Athens 706-543-4348 or 706-(54-MUSIC)

Pitchers of Frozen Margaritas Fried Chicken Tacos Cheese Dip & Chips

8/21 Caroline Aiken (Hendershot’s Coffee Bar) 8/21 Major Love Event (Highwire Lounge) 8/22 Line Dance Lessons (Buffalo’s Southwest Café) 8/22 The Independents / Karbomb / Los Meesfits / The Queers (Caledonia Lounge) 8/22 Open Mic (Hendershot’s Coffee Bar) 8/22 Adam Klein / Whisper Kiss (The Melting Point)* 8/23 DMA / Sleeping Bag (Farm 255) 8/23 The Broadcast (No Where Bar) 8/23 Sunflower Music Series (State Botanical Garden of Georgia) 8/23 Von Grey (The Melting Point) 8/24 Vinyl Wednesday (Blue Sky) 8/24 Open Mic Night (Boar’s Head Lounge) 8/24 Ansley Rushing / David Barbe and the Quick Hooks / Eddie the Wheel / Gift Horse (40 Watt Club) 8/24 Clean Break / Forte Piano / Strange Torpedo / Sunlight Alchemists (Caledonia Lounge) 8/24 Dial Indicators (Farm 255) 8/24 Dank Sinatra / The Heavy Pets (Georgia Theatre)* 8/24 Kip Jones and Jay Ring (Locos Grill & Pub) 8/24 Jazz Night (Porterhouse Grill) 8/25 The John Sosebee Band (Amici Italian Café) 8/25 Canadian Rifle / The Plague / Shaved Christ (Farm 255) 8/25 Kishi Bashi / Kuroma / Thayer Sarrano (Georgia Theatre)* 8/25 Odd Trio (Hendershot’s Coffee Bar) 8/25 Carl Lindberg / Rob McMaken (Hotel Indigo) 8/25 JazzChronic / The Suex Effect (No Where Bar)

8/26 Excalibrah / Swamp Thang / Turquoise Jeep Records Showcase / uRbN tRbN (40 Watt Club) 8/26 Carla Le Fever and The Rays (Alibi) 8/26 Juice Box (Amici Italian Café) 8/26 Quiet Hooves (Farm 255) 8/26 Allgood / Indecision (Georgia Theatre)* 8/26 Exception to the Rule (Hendershot’s Coffee Bar) 8/26 Eliot Lipp (New Earth Music Hall)* 8/26 Blind Boys of Alabama (The Melting Point)* 8/27 The Heap / Kevn Kinney Band / Some Dark Holler (40 Watt Club) 8/27 Stokeswood (Amici Italian Café) 8/27 High Strung String Band (Bishop Park) 8/27 Brothers (Farm 255) 8/27 Dodd Ferrelle (Front Porch Bookstore) 8/27 REHAB / Rittz / Space Capone (Georgia Theatre) 8/27 The Fuzzlers / Kater Mass / Reeks of Failure / So It Goes (Go Bar) 8/27 Klezmer Local 42 (Hendershot’s Coffee Bar) 8/28 Monahan / These New Empires (Highwire Lounge) 8/28 The Burning Angels (Terrapin Beer Co.) 8/31 Alak (Farm 255) 9/1 Welfare Liners (Amici Italian Café) 9/1 Gold Party / of Montreal / Yip Deceiver (Georgia Theatre)* 9/1 Gimme Hendrix (No Where Bar) 9/2 The Chris Robinson Brotherhood (Georgia Theatre)* 9/2 Del Yeah Fest (Terrapin Beer Co.) 9/2 Carla Le Fever and The Rays (The Roadhouse)

9/3 Matrimony Play / Modern Skirts (40 Watt Club) 9/3 Calico Jig (Bishop Park) 9/3 The Corduroy Road (Georgia Theatre) 9/4 Grogus / Vieux Farka Toure (Georgia Theatre)* 9/5 Half Dozen Brass Band (Ashford Manor) 9/7 Michael Ian Black (40 Watt Club) 9/8 Bright Eyes / First Aid Kit (Georgia Theatre)* 9/8 Eddie and the Public Speakers (No Where Bar) 9/9 Bass Drum of Death / Toro y Moi / Unknown Mortal Orchestra (40 Watt Club) 9/9 Velveteen Pink (Farm 255) 9/9 Gary Clark Jr. / Futurebirds (Georgia Theatre)* 9/10 Heavy Petty (Farm 255) 9/14 Okkervil River (40 Watt Club) 9/14 Ponderosa / Robert Randolph and the Family Band (Georgia Theatre)* 9/15 American Aquarium / Corey Smith (Georgia Theatre)* 9/15 Atmosphere (New Earth Music Hall) 9/17 The Folk Society Band / The For Peace Band / Tre Powell (Bishop Park) 9/17 Matt Kearney (Georgia Theatre) 9/18 Bombs Bombs Bombs / The Knockouts (Highwire Lounge)

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Do You Want to Change Your Drinking Habits? • We are conducting a study on medication for treating alcohol problems. • Participation will include five in-person assessments, including four sessions of individual outpatient treatment for alcohol problems. • There is no cost for the treatment. • You will be asked to take a medication or placebo on two occasions. Call (706) 542-6881 for more information.

9/10 Braids / Pepper Rabbit (Drunken Unicorn) 9/20 Elbow (Center Stage) 9/20 Wild Beasts (Variety Playhouse) * Advance Tickets Available



Greg Strelecki

bulletin board DO SOMETHING; GET INVOLVED! Deadline for getting listed in Bulletin Board and Art Around Town is every THURSDAY at 12 p.m. Email Listings are printed based on available space; more listings are online.

AUDITIONS Season Auditions (SeneyStovall Chapel) Auditions for Rose of Athens Theatre’s productions of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn,

CLASSES Advanced Beekeeping (State Botanical Garden of Georgia) Perform a 24-hour varroa mite count and apply a variety of fall treatments for varroa and other pests. Completion of the Beekeeping for Beginners Series required. Register. Aug. 27, 1–3 p.m. $16. 706-542-6156. Classes at Floorspace (Floorspace) Contemporary lyrical dance, Capoeira Angola & Maculele,

performance theatre, hoop dance, Nia dance, creative movement and improv dance, bellydancing and yoga. Check website for schedule. Concrete Leaf-Casting (State Botanical Garden of Georgia) Learn how to use large leaves to cast concrete forms that can be used for bird baths or creative garden accents. Registration required. Aug. 11, 6–8 p.m. $27. 706-542-6156, www.uga. edu/botgarden Dance Classes (Dancefx) Ballet, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom, Latin, swing, karate, clogging and exercise classes like Pilates and body sculpting. Check website for schedule. 706-355-3078, Earth Skills Series: Friction Fire (State Botanical Garden of Georgia) Rekindle your ancestral relationship with nature by experiencing ancient Earth living/ camping skills. In this session, develop the skill to create fire from materials in the wild. Aug. 20, 9 a.m.–3 p.m. $66. 706-542-6156, botgarden

There are two great Boxers available. One is a quiet young female, and also the impressively big guy below who is more 45 Beaverdam Rd. • 706-613-3540 active. He’s confident and loves to play ball. Open every day except Wednesday 10am-4pm He was instantly smitten with Miss Poodle below but she wouldn’t give him the time Cute, small brown Young brown Doberman of day! Terrier mix with Pinscher mix is a very flop-over ears is very calm pup, trusting and This poor girl has friendly and submissive true. He has a soft coat been so neglected, her hair was nearly and happy for attention. and green eyes. one giant mat. She Only about a year old, is a sweet, gentle and one eye is miniature Poodle partly who loves to be held. blue.


7/28 - 8/3




ACC ANIMAL CONTROL 26 Dogs Received, 23 Dogs Placed 30 Cats Received, 10 Cats Placed ATHENS AREA HUMANE SOCIETY 1 Cat Received, 7 Cats Placed, 0 Healthy Adoptable Cats Euthanized

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Call for Reservations 706-353-6002 2525 Atlanta Highway Keepin’ It Clean and Green!



33491 more pets online at

Gary Hudson’s painting exhibition “Art Lives, Works from the ‘70s, California and New York” is on display at Town 220 in Madison through Oct. 30. Fall Art Classes (Lyndon House Arts Center) An array of beginner and advanced classes in a variety of disciplines for all ages. Register now. 706-613-3623, www.athens Fall Program Registration (Various Locations) The ACC Department of Leisure Services’ fall/winter programs include art classes, camps, fitness, sports, theatre, dance and more. Register now. Check website for details. The Famous Blogging Workshop (Stylized Portraiture) How to improve appearance, write better content, increase traffic, use social media as a promotional tool and make money through blogging. Aug. 14, 11 a.m.–5 p.m. $175. Free Tai Chi (Mind Body Institute) Spend a spring morning outside in the park on Talmadge Drive. Saturdays, 9:30–10:30 a.m. FREE! 706-475-7329, mbiprograms@ Gymnastics (Bishop Park) Registration begins July 30 for the fall and winter gymnastics program. Classes offered for children ages 12 months through adults. 706-6133589, bishop Jazz and Rock Studies (UGA School of Music) Lessons and classes offered for guitar, drums, bass, keyboard. Ages 13 & up. See

2011 AUG. 20 - SEPT. 18

website for details. Registration deadline Aug. 15 for classes beginning Aug. 26., Lyengar Yoga (StudiO) Certified Iyengar teacher leads a class focusing on strength, flexibility, stamina and balance. Every Tuesday, 5:30– 6:50 p.m. $10/class, $50/6 classes. Planning and Planting a Fall Vegetable Garden (State Botanical Garden of Georgia) Topics include plant selection, crop rotation, cover crops, planting beneficial natives, composting and drip irrigation set-up. Call to register. Aug. 18, 6–8 p.m. $22. 706-5426156, Plant Conservation (State Botanical Garden) This Certificate in Native Plants class will include demonstrations, hands-on activities, group discussions and a tour of the garden’s endangered species collection. Registration required. Oct. 23, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. $100. 706542-6156, Pottery Workshop (OCAF) Jose Luis Yamunaque and Kate Tremel lead students through the stages of the pre-Columbian paddle and anvil technique used in northern Peru. Aug. 27 & 28, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $135. Tai Chi for Seniors (Rocksprings Park) Increase strength and balance at your own pace! Every Thursday. 11 a.m. $3. 706-613-3603



Call for Artists (OCAF) OCAF’s 17th Annual Holiday Market (held Dec. 2–4) is seeking artists and crafters. Visit website for application. Deadline Aug. 22. 706-769-4565, Call for Artists (Farmington Depot Gallery) Seeking dedicated local artists interested in becoming members of the gallery. Contact Call for Artists The ACC Library and Lyndon House Arts Center are looking for an artist to design trophies for “The Mystique of the Automobile: A Festival of Cars, Art and Fashion.” 706-255-7039,,

James and the Giant Peach and A Comedy of Errors. Prepare two oneminute contrasting monologues or a monologue and a song. Open to ages 9 & up. Aug. 29, 6–9 p.m. 706340-9181,, Terpsicore Dance Company (Studio Dance Academy) Seeking dancers for 2011–2012 year. Audition consists of jazz and contemporary technique. Must have experience. Aug. 21, 4–6 p.m.



Textbook Teasing: Burlesque Workshops with Talloolah Love & Friends (Floorspace) Burlesque 101: History of Burlesque & the Art of Pastie Marking (1 p.m.), How to Achieve a Pin-Up Look (3 p.m.) and Burlesque Moves (5 p.m.). Aug. 20, 1–6:30 p.m. $30 (per class), $75 (for all three). events/burlesquetaloollah Yoga Classes (Total Training Gym & Yoga Center) Classes offered in tai chi, vinyasa flow, yoga for athletes, integral hatha yoga, power flow, power lunch Pilates and power lunch yoga. Check website for dates and times. On-going. 706-316-9000, Zumba at the Garden (State Botanical Garden of Georgia) Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves comprise this dynamic fitness program. Wednesdays, 5:30–6:30 p.m. $10/class, $80/session. www.uga. edu/botgarden

HELP OUT! ACCA Auxiliary Membership Wine & Cheese Hour (Athens Community Council on Aging) Learn about volunteer opportunities like assisting with office support, leading tours of the facility, Ms. Senior Athens Pageant and fundraising events such as The Holiday Tea,

Small works by Over 120 Signature Athens-area Artists, All Hung Anonymously Curators: The ATHICA Board and Committee

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 20 • 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. ‘First Dibs’ Hour: 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. with $10.00 donation Free Entry: 8:00 – 9:30 p.m. plastic, cash & checks all accepted!

bridge parties and Meals on Wheels 5K. Aug. 31, 5:15–6:15 p.m. FREE! 706-543-5016, American Red Cross (Red Cross Donor Center, 3525 Atlanta Hwy.) Seeking donors for all blood types. 706-546-0681, www.redcrossblood. org BikeAthens Bike Recycling (Chase Street Warehouses) Join BikeAthens volunteers as they clean and repair donated bicylces for local service agencies. Bike repair skills a plus but not necessary. BikeAthens is also seeking donations of used kids’ and adult bikes in any condition. Mondays & Wednesdays, 6–8 p.m. and Sundays, 2–4:30 p.m. CASA Volunteer Orientation (Children First Pope Street Cottage) Athens-Oconee Court-Appointed Special Advocates is holding orientation for those interested in advocating for abused and neglected children. Aug. 23, 6–7 p.m. 706613-1922, Meals on Wheels (Athens Community Council on Aging) Volunteers needed 1–1.5 hours per week. Must attend an orientation, pass a criminal background check, commit to six months and use own vehicle for delivery. 706-549-4850, Soccer Coaches Needed (Southeast Clarke Park) Volunteers needed to coach ages 4–11 for upcoming season. Call for information. 706-613-3871, www.athensclarke Trail Guide Training (Sandy Creek Nature Center) Help lead discovery hikes with small groups

of elementary school students. Only one morning session is required for training. Ages 18 & up. Registration required. Aug. 25–27, 9:30 a.m.– 2:30 p.m. 706-613-3620, leslie.

KIDSTUFF Classic City Tutoring (Classic City Tutoring) Summer programs with flexible scheduling for students pre K–12. 678-661-0600, Youth Soccer (Southeast Clarke Park) Co-ed recreational league for children 4–11 years old. Through Aug. 19 (Registration), Sept. 8–Oct. 20 (Games). $65. 706-613-3871,

SUPPORT Emotional Abuse Support Group (Call for location) Demeaning behavior can be just as harmful as punches and kicks. Childcare is provided. Call the Project Safe hotline: 706-543-3331. Wednesdays, 6:30–8 p.m. Emotions Anonymous (Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens) Informal and supportive 12step program open to anyone with a desire to become well emotionally. Sundays, 4–5 p.m. 706-202-7463, Project Safe An online support group for male survivors of domestic violence. Call the hotline for more information. Mondays, 8–9 p.m. 706-543-3331

ART AROUND TOWN Amici Italian Café (233 E. Clayton St.) Manda McKay paints still lives of assembled natural objects as satire of ideals of beauty and sexuality. Through August. Art on the Side Gallery and Gifts (1101B Industrial Blvd., Watkinsville) A gallery featuring works by various artists in media including ceramics, paintings, glass, jewelry and mosaic belt buckles. Artini’s Art Lounge (296 W. Broad St.) Paintings by Christine Bush Roman. Opening reception Aug. 15. Through September. • Paintings by Matt Bahr. Through Aug. 13. Athens Academy (1281 Spartan Dr.) “A Round Show” features works by Ana Anest, Lorretta Eby, Leigh Ellis, P.M. Goulding, Peter Loose, Bonnie Montogmery and Lawrence Stueck. • Photography by Bill Zorn and Alan Olansky. Through Oct. 7. Ben’s Bikes (670 W. Broad St.) Permanent mural by Ainhoa Bilbao Canup on the back wall of the building. Big City Bread Cafe (393 N. Finley St.) Midcentury-modern-style paintings by Lou Kregel. Through August. Espresso Royale Caffe (297 E. Broad St.) Paintings by Lea Purvis. Etienne Brasserie (311 E. Broad St.) “Across the Pond” is a collection of photographs taken in France and Italy by Ian McFarlane. Farmington Depot Gallery (1011 Salem Rd., Farmington) Owned and staffed by 16 artists, the gallery exhibits paintings, sculpture, folk art, ceramics, fine furniture and more. Permanent collection artists include Phillip Goulding, Leigh Ellis, Peter Loose, Susan Nees and more. Five Star Day Café (229 E. Broad St.) Paintings by Will Eskridge. Through August. Flicker Theatre & Bar (263 W. Washington St.) Artwork by James Greer and Chris Parry. Through August. Floorspace (160 Tracy St.) Quilts by Sarah Hubbard. Through August. Frontier (193 E. Clayton St.) “Up Front” features hand-blown glass ornaments, photography and canvas prints by the Bryam family. Georgia Center (1197 S. Lumpkin St.) An exhibit of photographs taken by students. Through Aug. 30. Georgia Museum of Art (90 Carlton St.) “Horizons” includes 12 androgynous, life-sized cast-iron figures by Icelandic artist Steinunn

Sapph.Fire Social, support and volunteer organization for lesbian and bisexual women in Athens and surrounding areas. Email for next meeting date. com, athens Survive and Revive (Call for location) Domestic violence support group. Dinner begins at 6 p.m. and group at 6:30 p.m. Children are welcome for supper and childcare is provided during group. Second and fourth Tuesday of the month in Clarke County. First and third Monday of the month in Madison County. 6–8 p.m. Project Safe: 706-543-3331

ON THE STREET Call for Film Submissions The 2012 EcoFocus Film Festival, being held Mar. 23–31, is now accepting submissions in Environmental Features, Short Environmental Films and Family Programming. Deadline Sept. 15, 2011. Lemonade Stand for Loan (Treehouse Kid and Craft) Treehouse Kid and Craft will open up their lemonade stand for your school, organization or individual fundraising needs. Reserve your dates today. 706-850-8226, treehousekidand Film Athens (No Location Specified) Filmmakers, crew members and production support services: Get listed in Film Athens’ new searchable Production Directory at f

Dorarinsdottir. Through August. • 100 paintings and drawings by Lamar Dodd. Reception Aug. 19. Through Aug. 28. Healing Arts Centre (834 Prince Ave.) “Life” includes paintings by artist Ainhoa Bilbao Canup. Through August. Hendershot’s Coffee Bar (1560 Oglethorpe Ave.) Paintings, assemblages and collages by Charley Seagraves. Through August. Highwire Lounge (269 N. Hull St.) Urban landscape paintings by Nash Hogan and mixed-media pieces by Charlie Key. Jittery Joe’s Coffee (1230 S. Milledge Ave.) “Birds!” is a new collection of 10 birds painted by fiber artist Rene Shoemaker. Through August. Just Pho…and More (1063 Baxter St.) Artwork by Michele Ladewig. Through September. Last Resort Grill (184 W. Clayton St.) New and recent works by Ainhoa Bilboa Canup. Through Aug. 20. Madison-Morgan Cultural Center (Madison) “The Cow Show,” a bovine-inspired exhibition includes new works based on the humble, yet majestic animal. Opening reception Aug. 12. Through Oct. 15. Mama’s Boy (197 Oak St.) Artwork by Mary Barton. Through August. Oconee County Library (1080 Experiment Station Rd.) Abstract oil paintings by Pam Congrove. Through August. State Botanical Garden of Georgia (2450 S. Milledge Ave.) “280 Seasons” is a collection of watermedia paintings by Judy Bolton Jarrett. Through Sept. 1. • “Forged from Nature” is an outdoor series of sculpted garden gates by artist Andrew T. Crawford. The Grit (199 Prince Ave.) New and recent mixed media by Noah McCarthy. Through Aug. 21. The Local Jam (1650 S. Lumpkin St.) Paintings, drawings and mixed-media works by Kate Lloyd. Town 220 (Madison) “Gary Hudson: Art Lives, Works from the ‘70s, California and New York.” Through Oct. 30. Trace Gallery (160 Trace St.) Paintings by Carol John and photographs by Carl Martin. Through August. Transmetropolitan (145 E. Clayton St.) Large, bedazzled, psychedelic spaceship stools and sofa paintings by Jaime Bull. Through August. White Tiger Gourmet Food & Chocolates (217 Hiawasee Ave.) New paintings by Bob Davis. Through August.


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reality check Matters Of The Heart And Loins I’ve been thinking about reaching out to an ex-boyfriend of mine. I probably shouldn’t; I am not really sure what I hope to get out of it since we’ve been broken up for about four years. He lives in a different state, and, honestly, I just wanna know what he is up to. I think (by way of Facebook) that he’s in a relationship now. I am also in a relationship. I definitely do not want to get back together with him. Our break-up was a little messy. I cheated on him and then basically left him for this other guy. I still feel ashamed. I never got to really express my regret to him, but I feel like that relationship and experience made me a better person in the end. I’ve been thinking a lot about him lately and I miss him, but I realize that even after four years he probably still hates me. Is this a completely bad idea or is there a way to gently nudge him and see… maybe not if he is ready to forgive and forget, but at least maybe catch up? Curious If you don’t really know what you hope to get out of it, then I’m not sure what to tell you. It sounds like you are looking for forgiveness, or at least a way to purge the guilt you feel for cheating and ruining your relationship. That in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the whole “I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately and I miss him” nonsense is kind of silly. You’re in a relationship. He’s in a relationship. You fucked him over, and he moved on, and you just have to live with it. I doubt very seriously that you are going to take this advice. Why? Because you already said that you know you probably shouldn’t, and you wrote to me looking for permission anyway. Well, I’m not going to give it to you. You did something shitty, and now you have to live with the consequences. Don’t compound it by contacting him and being all confusing just so you can make yourself feel better. You don’t get to just check in on him and have a little chat. How do you think that will make your current partner feel? If you are the better person that the relationship and experience made you, then you will leave the guy alone. Nothing good will come of contacting him. Is it normal for men to go bald on their face, and perhaps other body parts? Sincerely, Patches That is a question for a doctor, P. Consult one post-haste! My husband did something really stupid. He expressed some opinions in a very public manner recently that are not popular in our town, or even among our friends. This is not the first time he has done something like this, and the

last time it took a lot of apologizing and a long time before anybody would talk to us again. I don’t know how to make him stop this. He gets drunk and angry and goes off on these stupid tangents, and then I feel like I am alienated, too. We live in a small community where people generally try to be polite and friendly to one another, and after the last time I told him I wish he wouldn’t do that because it puts me in a bad position. I love him and I respect his right to free speech and I think everyone else does, too, but this is not helpful or productive. He feels a little sheepish, but he is too proud to admit it and he certainly won’t ever admit that what he did was just flat stupid and pig-headed. How can I distance myself from his tirade without distancing myself from him? I swear in every other way our relationship is good and healthy and normal, but this is going to drive me crazy. Married to the Mouth I have a friend who has his Internet set to disconnect every night at midnight. Why? “Because if it doesn’t, then I will stay up all night playing video games and my wife will divorce me.” You may want to look into this type of solution as well, MttM. Or better yet, the next time he starts getting tipsy just make sure you surreptitiously unplug the computer from the phone line or quietly kill the cable until he passes out. I assume (and correct me if I’m wrong and we’ll try another route) that the Internet is also the source of your husband’s soapbox? That’s the problem with technology. Our immediate (or drunk) thoughts and responses are not necessarily those that we would actually disseminate publicly if only it weren’t so easy. You have obviously talked to your husband about this already. Now you should just talk about it with your friends in the eye-rolling, embarrassed tone of a woman who is mortified but has no control (which is what you are), just so people know that you don’t share his views (or at very least that you don’t agree with his actions). As an alternative, you might buy one of those retro “I’m with Stupid” T-shirts to wear around town when you’re out together.

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Confidential to Hopelessly Confused: The woman is a lunatic and a Luddite. I can only imagine how panic-stricken she must be when she goes out into the real world and finds that everyone is doing exactly the same thing. The only thing you can do, since she is obviously paranoid and you can’t get any backup from anybody else, is try to avoid using the device in question in her presence. Since you will need something else to distract you when you are forced to be in that situation, I recommend that you get a good book, or maybe take up knitting. I know it isn’t easy and it isn’t necessarily fair, but sometimes the path of least resistance is the best way to go. Jyl Inov




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Real Estate Apartments for Rent Dearing Courtyard, 2BR/2.5BA. Spacious townhouse located in walking distance to UGA & Dwntn. On UGA bus line. HVAC, W/D, DW, ceiling fans & deck overlooking swimming pool. Rent $840/mo. incl. trash pick-up & ground maint. Avail. Aug. 1. Ref. & dep. req’d. Call (706) 548-8824. 1 room efficiency garage apartment. 1.5 blocks from 5 Pts. Water incl. $400/mo. emilycolson@

1st month rent free! Wa l k t o 5 P t s . O n b u s l i n e , next to Lake Herrick & do g p a r k . 2 B R / 2 . 5 B A , W / D , D W, F P, o u t s i d e p r i v a t e t e r r a c e , p o o l . L o t s o f p a r k i n g ! Wa l k to campus, oversized BRs & closets. Quiet, convenient. Pets OK. $675/mo. Best maintained, most affordable units at J a m e s t o w n ! C a l l Ve r n a z z a P ro p e r t i e s , ( 7 0 6 ) 3 3 8 - 9 0 1 8 .

2BR/1BA. Basement apartment for rent, lg. living area, private entrance, non-smokers only, quiet Eastside family n’hood, utils. incl. $550/mo. Avail. now. (706) 3698635.

2BR/1BA 2nd flr. apt., Eastside near shopping centers. Private entrance, outdoor motion lights, W/D, parking. $700/ mo. incl. all utils., lawn maint., garbage p/u. No pets. (706) 546-0737.

2BR/2BA, off College Station near UGA, $575/mo. Nice, spacious, updated unit w/ FP, deck. Ideal for students seeking quiet environment. Avail. now! Call Dan, (706) 248-7475.

3BR/2.5BA townhomes on Eastside. On bus route. Fireplace. W/D incl. Spacious & convenient. Avail. now & Fall. 4 at this price! Only $750/mo. Aaron, (706) 2072957. AtlasRealEstateAdvisors. com.

1BR/1BA. All electric. Nice apartment. Water provided. On busline. Single pref’d. Avail. now! (706) 543-4271. 1BR apartment for $475/mo. 2BR apartment starting at $700/ mo. 3BR apartment starting at $1000/mo. All close to campus! Howard Properties, (706) 5460300.

Baldwin Village, across s t re e t f ro m U G A . F re e parking, laundry on premises, on-call maint., on-site mgr. Microwave & DW. HWflrs. 1, 2, 3BRs. $500 to $1200/mo. Contact (706) 354-4261.

Apt. in Victorian home on Hill St. 3BR/2BA, $950/mo. 4 blocks from Dwntn. CHAC. Lease & dep. req’d. (678) 794-5414.

flagpole classifieds Reach Over 30,000 Readers Every Week! Business Services Real Estate Music For Sale BASIC

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PLACE AN AD • At, pay with credit card or PayPal account • Call our Classifieds Dept. (706) 549-0301 • Email us at

• Deadline to place ads is 11:00 a.m. every Monday for the following Wednesday issue • All ads must be prepaid • Set up an account to review your placement history or replace old ads at



2BR/1BA. Near UGA, LR, DR, den, HWflrs., all appl., fenced yd., garbage p/u, carport, electric A/C, gas heat, no pets. $550/mo. 117 Johnson Dr. Owner/Agent. Stan, (706) 543-5352.

2BR/2BA condo apt. Eastside, on bus line. Lg. rooms, W/D, swimming pool on grounds, no pets. $575/mo. + $250 dep. (706) 207-3427. Basement apt. 5 Pts./Glenwood. Kitchen, BA, lg. entr y hall, carpeted BR/sitting rm. w/ lg. closet. No pets. N/S. $470/mo. + dep. Utils. incl. (706) 543-8821. Downtown loft apartment. 144 E. Clayton St. 4BR/4BA, exposed brick wall in LR, avail. immediately. Won’t last! Call Staci, (706) 296-1863 or (706) 4254048. Eastside quadraplex, 2BR/2BA, $500/mo. & 2BR/1BA, $475/mo. Eastside duplex, 2BR/1BA & FP, $475/mo. 3BR/2BA & FP, $650/ mo. Call McWaters Realty, (706) 353-2700 or cell, (706) 540-1529.

6 Bedroom House with 2 Bedroom Cottage for rent on Milledge Ave. Available for August Move-In. Call Today for an Appointment to View.

C. Hamilton & Associates


Garage apartment, fenced back yd., pet friendly, on Oglethorpe Ave., across from UGA Health Science College. $450/mo. Call (770) 725-1555 for an appt. Half off rent 1st 2 mos. when you mention this ad! 2BR/2BA apts. a few blocks from Dwntn. off North Ave. Pet friendly & no pet fee! Dep. only $150. Rent from $625-675/mo. incl. trash. (706) 548-2522, www. Rent your properties in Flagpole Classifieds! Call (706) 549-0301! S. Milledge Duplex - Venita Dr.: 4BR/2BA, W/D, DW, fenced back yd.! Close to everything yet private. $950/mo. negotiable. (706) 310-0096, (404) 558-3218, or Electronic flyers avail. Studio & 1BR units. In-town, multiple locations, starting as low as $400/mo. Call Rent Athens, (706) 389-1700, or visit www.

Commercial Property Athens executive suites. Offices avail. in historic Dwntn. bldg. w/ on–site parking. All utils., internet & janitorial incl. Single or multiple offices avail. Call Stacy, (706) 425-4048 or (706) 2961863. Eastside offices, 1060 Gaines School Rd. Rent 1200 sf. $1200/ mo., 750 sf. $900/mo., 450 sf. $600/mo. (706) 546-1615 or Paint artist studios. Historic Boulevard area artist community. 160 Tracy St. Rent 300 sf. $150/ mo., 400 sf. $200/mo. (706) 5461615 or athenstownproperties. com. Retail, bar, or restaurant for lease at Homewood Shopping Center. 3000 sf. Call Bryan Austin at (706) 353-1039.




LUXURY DOWNTOWN LIVING Victorian Style Buildings with Hardwood Floors, Distinctive Architecture and Awesome Views. Absolutely No Pets!

(706) 546-6616

Call for Location and Availability.

Hamilton & Associates 706-613-9001



Some units include fireplaces and Washer & Dryers. $550-$600/mo. Call Today to view.

Hamilton & Associates 706-613-9001


Condos for Rent Cedar Bluff: 2BR/2.5BA townhouse, $630/mo. 1BR/1.5BA townhouse, $530/mo. Limited time leasing special. Lg. apts., sm. apt. community. Perfect for grad students, young professionals. Joiner Management, (706) 3536868. Shoal Creek: 2BR townhouses or flats, $655/mo. W/D, DW, ice-maker, pool. www. joiner, text “shoalcreek” to 41513, or call Joiner Management, (706) 8507727. Summit & Woodlands of Athens. Only a few remaining for Fall! As low as $400/BR. Luxury amenities, great location, on-site mgmt. Call Rent Athens for details, (706) 3891700. Who needs a car? Studio & 1BR apartments in Dwntn. high-rise, across the street from UGA! Ranging from $525-750/mo. depending on floor & size. Only a few left. Call Rent Athens, (706) 389-1700 or visit www.

Condos For Sale Dwntn. Athens Luxury Condo – The Georgian. 1BR/1BA only 2 blocks from UGA’s N. Campus. HWflrs., granite countertops, 10 ft. ceilings, stainless steel appls. Secure building, parking. $199,900. (706) 5401150. Just reduced! Investor’s Westside condo. 2BR/2BA, FP, 1500 sf., great investment, lease 12 mos. at $550/mo. Price in $40s. For more info, call McWaters Realty at (706) 353-2700 or (706) 540-1529.

Duplexes For Rent $625/mo. Blocks from UGA & Dwntn. 2BR/1BA, patio, kit. w/ DW, W/D. Lg. LR w/ FP, water & garbage incl. in rent, 167A Elizabeth St. Avail. now. Call Robin, (770) 265-6509. 1BR/1BA duplex, all appl. incl. plus W/D. Convenient Eastside location. $425/mo. Call Carol, Owner/Agent, (706) 540-0472. 1BR/1BA. Near campus & busline. Close to shopping & eating. No pets. Lg. rooms. Quiet area. Lease & deposit. $400/mo. (706) 2558277. East Athens. Great 2BR/1BA duplex. On city busline. Fresh paint, W/D, DW, range, fridge, trash & yd. service incl. Pets OK. Avail. now! $550/mo. Call Mike toll free: (877) 740-1514.



Call today Prices range from $ to view! 750-$1000

Hamilton & Associates

Hamilton & Associates

Call for Availability



Normaltown duplex. Convenient to everything. 2BR/1BA, water & garbage incl. in rent. Avail. now. $625/mo. Call Mindy, (706) 7130527. Westside duplex. Immaculate, friendly, convenient, wooded, 2BR, FP. W/D, $550/mo. (706) 207-9436.

Houses for Rent

Great little house near Dwntn. 3BR/1BA. LR, DR, study. HWflrs. Quiet n’hood. Eastside near Weaver D’s. $650/ mo. Call Dan, (678) 643-5851. 137 Virginia Ave. Boulevard area. 2BR/1BA house for rent. HWflrs., fireplace, A/C, W/D hook-ups, cats OK, no dogs. Grad students or professionals pref'd. $750/ mo. Avail. now. (706) 2029805. 1 or 2BR, recently renovated, private, quiet location near Publix. CHAC, new appls., W/D, DW, HWflrs. All elect., water & garbage paid. $650/mo.www.boulevard or (706) 548-9797. 2BR/2BA. Screened porch, deck, fenced-in yd., quiet n’hood on Eastside. $850/mo. if you do lawn maint., $900/mo. if I do lawn maint. Call Laura, (229) 672-0152. 2BR/1BA close to Dwntn./UGA, near Chicopee. HWflrs., sunny, CHAC, W/D, sec. sys., fenced yd. Great for pets. $600/mo. Rose, (706) 540-5979. 2BR/2.5BA townhouse across from UGA golf course. 9 ft. ceilings, HWflrs., $790/mo. Call (770) 7251555 for an appt.

2 2 6 J o h n s o n D r. 2 B R completely remodeled, clean! bamboo flrs., concrete countertops, tile bath, super low bills, foam insulation, $800/mo. Pets OK, flexible lease/dep. (706) 340-5054. 2BR house, close to Dwntn./UGA. CHAC, W/D, fenced yd., N/S. $750/mo. Call (706) 353-6888. 2-3BR/1BA house for rent. 135 Honeysuckle Ln off Broad St. near King Ave. Convenient to everything. Recent renovation, huge fenced yd., pets OK! W/D, DW, central HVAC. Avail. 8/19. $625/mo. Lease, dep., references req’d. (706) 540-4752. 2BR/1BA house for rent. $500/mo. 870 Meigs St. $250 refundable dep. Call (706) 543-5475, 3BR/3BA house Dwntn. Great price! Walk to everything! New HWflrs., extra lg. BRs, covered porch. W/D incl. $1200/mo. Avail. now! Aaron, (706) 207-2957.

3BR/2BA house on culde-sac for rent. On Eastside off Barnett Shoals Rd. $900/mo. w/ yr. lease. Call (404) 392-8977 to see.

3BR/2BA, $995/mo., Oconee Co., McRee Mill Lane, bonus room. Call (706) 769-5957. 3BR/3BA house, huge LR & kitchen w/ bar area. 1 acre lot! Fenced back yd. Pets welcome! Lawn maint. & W/D incl. $900/mo., $450 deposit. Stephanie, (770) 633-8159. 3BR/2BA great house w/ lg. lot, 2 mins. to UGA Arch. Lg. studio/ bonus room, LR w/ vaulted ceilings, multiple closets, DW, W/D. Flrs./walls featured in DIY Magazine. Beautiful. 120 Northside Dr. $950/mo. + dep. Winston, (404) 822-5798. 3-4BR house, Carrs Hill n'hood, 1 mi. from Dwntn. & UGA. Organic garden on property next to Rwood studio. $1000/mo., avail. now. (706) 613-8525. 3BR/2BA remodeled house w/ bonus room. 320 Conrad Dr., DW, W/D, all electric, 1 mi. from Dwntn. Athens. $1000/mo. + dep. Avail. now. Contact Brian, (706) 6137242. 3BR/2BA: Nice house in Snapfinger Villas on Eastside. Vaulted ceilings, fresh paint, DW, FP, W/D, 1 car garage, sm. fenced area, some pets OK. Must see! $800/mo. + dep. (706) 338-0133. 3BR/2BA on Oglethorpe Ave. across from UGA Health Science College. Fenced-in back yd., pet friendly. $975/mo. Call (770) 7251555 for an appt. 45 Robinhood Ct. 3BR/2.5BA. CHAC, lg. fenced yd., pets OK, no pet fees! Tons of space, nice quiet area. $875/mo. Other homes avail. (706) 254-2569. 4BR/4BA house Dwntn. Just reduced! Walk to everything! Stainless, HWflrs., whole house audio, covered porch. W / D i n c l . $ 1 2 0 0 / m o . Av a i l . now. Aaron, (706) 207-2957. 4BR/2.5BA. Elegant home in Oak Grove subdivision. 2600 sf., carpet, tile, wood flrs. Beautiful fenced side yd. Stove, fridge, W/D incl. N/S. $1750/mo. (706) 248-7158. 4BR/2BA, 845 W Hancock, HWflrs., CHAC, avail. Aug. Pets OK! 4 blocks to Dwntn. $1150/ mo. Call (864) 784-3049. 4BR/4BA house. East Athens, Big Oak Subdivision. W/D, fridge, DW, new carpet & paint. Lawn service incl. $900/mo. + dep. Rob, (404) 421-4276, or Tim, (678) 431-1218. 6 B R / 3 . 5 B A o ff P r i n c e Av e . on King Ave. Avail. now, fully renovated, 2 custom kitchens w/ granite, custom BAs, 2 dens, huge yd.! $1800/mo., no dogs, cats OK. Chris: chris@, (706) 202-5156. Avail. now! 3BR/2BA house. All kitchen appl. incl., W/D conn. & security system. 1.2 mi. to campus & Dwntn. $1175/mo. Call (706) 788-7348. Area of Whitehead Rd. school. Quality 5BR/2BA, landline for cable/computer access. Short or long-term lease. $995/mo. (706) 353-0708. Call Nancy Flowers & Co. Real Estate, (706) 546-7946. Or visit for virtual tour of 2, 3, 4BR homes. You will love them! Cedar Creek: 4BR/2BA, lg. fenced yd., $950/mo. 5 Pts.: Off Baxter St., 4BR/2BA, $1200/mo. Call McWaters Realty, (706) 353-2700, (706) 540-1529.

Cherokee Rd. 2BR/1BA. HWflrs., ceramic tile in kitchen & bath, c u s t o m c a b i n e t s , s c re e n e d p o rc h . R e c e n t l y c o m p l e t e l y remodeled. $725/mo. Call Carol, Owner/Agent, (706) 540-0472. Cute 2BR/1BA cottage near UGA. Front porch, CHAC, stove & fridge. $700/mo. Avail. now. 227 Hillside. Approx. 1 mi. to UGA. Call (706) 354-1276.

For rent or sale: Forest Heights, 4BR/2.5BA, FP, LR, DR, eat-in kitchen, laundry. $150K or $1000/mo. (after monthly on-time discount). Chris Wagoner, (706) 207-7746. House for sale or lease by o w n e r. 3 B R b r i c k h o m e i n Green Acres subdivision. Convenient to shopping, schools, restaurants. Sale price $117,000, lease price $825/mo. (706) 248-7338. I heart Flagpole Classifieds! Looking for a last-minute deal for Fall? We’ve got numerous houses remaining & owners are making deals. Visit www. & search our inventory, or call (706) 389-1700 to find out where the best deals are.



$300/mo. + 1/3 util. for room in 3BR/2BA home 10 min. from campus, mall, grocery store. Fast internet, DISH network, W/D, HVAC, lg. yard. Call (706) 3512708.

Athens School of Music. Instruction in guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, brass, woodwinds, strings, banjo, mandolin, fiddle & more. From beginner to expert. Instrument repairs avail. Visit www., (706) 543-5800.

Roommate wanted. Needed 8/10/11. Eastside Athens duplex. BR w/ private ½BA. $300/mo. All utils. Contact Amanda, (706) 5407734 or

Rooms for Rent $350/mo. incl. utils. 3BR/2BA Eastside house. Share w/ owner & sweet dog. Close to stores, 5 min. to campus, 15 to Dwntn. DSL, W/D, fireplace. No cable. Dashiell Cottages. Move–in $85/ wk.! (706) 850-0491. Lg. room, all amenities, WiFi, unlimited long distance. Enjoy our river community, 5 blocks to UGA. Enjoy the wildlife observation. Furnished room, walk-in closet. 8 min. from UGA. Safe n’hood. Private BA, access to full kitchen, workout room. No smoking/pets. $400/mo. + 1/2 utils. (404) 8578777.

Residential or commercial: very lg. older home on 1.5 acres, 10 rooms, 2 kitchens, 2BAs, lg. porch & deck. On busline. $1300/mo. David, (706) 2471398.

Roommate to share lg. house. 2 possibilities: 3 room suite w/ private BA, $350/mo. Or 1BR, share a BA, $295/mo. Utils. & internet incl. No pets or children. 5 min. to Athens Tech, 15 min. to UGA. (706) 369-1659.

Ride your bike! Sell your auto w/ Flagpole Classifieds. Now w/ online pics! Go to www. today!

For Sale

Student special! Near bus line. 4BR/2BA, ample parking, fenced yd. w/ storage bldg., $800/mo. + $800 dep. Call Rose, (706) 255-0472, Prudential Blanton Properties.

All new pillow-top mattress set from $139. Sofa & love-seat, $499. 5-pc. bedroom set, $399. Pub table w/ chairs, $350. (706) 6128004.

Towny houses! 3BR/2BA: $900/mo., 2BR/1BA: $750/mo., 1BR/1BA: $550/mo. Call Paul, (706) 714-9607.

Houses for Sale Beautiful Cape Cod on 2 acres! 3BR/1.5BA. Fenced yd., 2 car garage, porch & deck, creek. $119,900. East Athens. (706) 2541634 or athenstownproperties. com. Manufactured homes. Rent to buy. 2BR/2BA, some 3BR. 5 mi. to UGA. Owner financing. Call Bob, (706) 543-4883 or (706) 2018051.

Land for Sale

Jefferson, Gabank ordered sale! 1.5 acres, $14,900. That’s just $108/mo.! Top-rated schools, beautifully wooded, private lake access, gated, pool, 100% complete, no time limit to build. 20% down, 6.99%, 15 yr./am. Wo n ’t l a s t ! C a l l D e b r a ! (855) 568-7200. www. S t e r l i n g L a k e a t J e ff e r s o n . com.

Parking & Storage Private parking, Thomas St. across from Tanner bldg. Easy walk to N. campus, main library, Tate Center. $200/semester, no game days. (706) 548-9137. UGA parking spaces. Across the street from campus, law & library. $25/mo. 6 mo. minimum. Contact Susan, (706) 354-4261.


Miscellaneous Bidders Buy Auction. New & used items, collectables, & antiques. Auctions every Fri. & Sat. 1459 Hargrove Lake Rd. in Winterville. Visit www.biddersbuyauctions. com or call (706) 742-2205 for more info. Go to A g o r a ! Awesome! Affordable! The ultimate store! Specializing in retro everything: antiques, furniture, clothes, bikes, records & players! 260 W. Clayton St., (706) 3160130. Leaving town? Don't know h o w t o g e t y o u r w k l y. Flagpole fix? Subscribe! Get Flagpole delivered to your mailbox! $40 for 6 mos., $70 for a yr.! Call (706) 549-9523.

Music Announcements Looking for a pianist, saxophone player, violinist? Looking for a band? Find your music mate w/ Flagpole Classifieds! Call (706) 549-0301.

Equipment Nuçi’s Space needs your old instruments & music gear! All donations are tax-deductible. Call (706) 227-1515 or come by Nuçi’s Space, 396 Oconee St. We buy musical instruments & equipment every day! Guitars, drums, pro-sound & more. (770) 931-9190, www. Huge on-line inventory. We love trades! Come visit Music Go Round soon...

Music Services Eady Custom Finishing offers everything from basic instrument set-ups & fret work to full restorations. Experience incl. working for Gibson Custom Shop. Appointment only. (615) 714-9722. Fret Shop. Professional guitar repairs & modifications, setups, electronics, precision fretwork. Previous clients incl. R.E.M., Widespread Panic, Cracker, Bob Mould, John Berry, Abbey Road Live!, Squat. (706) 549-1567. W e d d i n g b a n d s . Quality, professional bands. Weddings, parties. Rock, jazz, etc. Call Classic City Enter tainment. ( 7 0 6 ) 5 4 9 - 1 5 6 7 . w w w. Featuring The Magictones Athens’ premiere wedding & party band.

Musicians Wanted Singer/lyricist looking for guitarist to work on pop punk songs. (706) 945-2366.

Services Cleaning Move out cleaning help? Pick & choose what you want cleaned. J u s t t h e b a t h ro o m s , or only the kitchen! P e t f r i e n d l y, e a r t h friendly & very budget conscious. Local references on request. Text or call Nick: (706) 851-9087. Email: Nick@

Health Pregnant? Considering a d o p t i o n ? Ta l k w / c a r i n g agency specializing in matching birthmothers w/ families nationwide. Living expenses paid. Call 24/7 Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions. (866) 413-6293 (AAN CAN).

Massage Stressed? Let me help! Tina’s relaxing therapeutic body rub. Call (334) 648-6358 or (334) MIT-MELT. hollyandsage2011@

Misc. Services H.S. diploma! Graduate in just 4 wks.! Free brochure. Call now! (800) 532-6546, ext. 97. www. (AAN CAN).

Looking for work? Need advice & suppor t? Athens Career Coach is organizing a wkly. meeting group. Call Sean at Cook Coaching & Consulting. (706) 363-0539 or sean@

Help wanted. Extra income! A s s e m b l i n g C D c a s e s f ro m home! No exp. nec.! Call our live operators now! (800) 4 0 5 - 7 6 1 9 , e x t . 2 4 5 0 . w w w. (AAN CAN).


Mystery shoppers earn up to $100/day. Undercover shoppers needed to judge retail & dining establishments. No exp. req’d. (800) 743-8535.

Need cash, get it here. To p d o l l a r f o r s c r a p g o l d , f i re a r m s , & o t h e r i t e m s . G A Dawg Pawn, (706) 353-0799. 4 3 9 0 B A t l a n t a H w y, a c r o s s from Sam’s Club.

Pets Boulevard Animal Hospital August Specials: 1/2 price exam w/ vaccines w/ UGA ID. Advantage Multi: buy 6/ g e t 2 f re e ! O n P r i n c e Av e . across from Bottleworks. www. D o w n t o w n A t h e n s Ve t . c o m , (706) 425-5099.

Jobs Full-time Call center representative. Join established Athens company calling CEOs & CFOs of major corporations generating sales leads for tech companies. $9/hr. BOS Staffing,, (706) 3533030. Dos Palmas is seeking FT experienced, dependable hosts & s e r v e r s . Ap p l y i n p e r s o n between 2 & 5 p.m. Mon. through Thurs. No phone calls. Looking for licensed, experienced hair stylist to work 32-40 hrs./wk. Clientele a plus. Laid back, fun atmosphere. Email resume to rocketsalon@ Shenanigans Salon is now accepting applications for experienced hair stylists, clientele pref’d. Email resume to admin@shenaniganssalon. c o m o r p re s e n t i n p e r s o n . 1037A Baxter St. (706) 5481115. is hiring! We’re l o o k i n g f o r g re a t p e o p l e t o join our customer service & p ro d u c t i o n t e a m s . To a p p l y for customer service, email y o u r c o v e r l e t t e r & re s u m e to To apply for our production te a m, e ma i l y o u r re s u me to p ro d u c t i o n j o b s @ u b e r p r i n t s . com.

Opportunities Actors/movie extras needed immediately for upcoming roles. $150-300/day depending on job reqs. No exp., all looks. (800) 560-8672 A-109 for casting times/locations (AAN CAN).

Paid in advance! Make $1K/wk. mailing brochures from home! Guar. income! Free supplies! No exp. req’d. Start immediately! (AAN CAN).

Part-time G r a p h i c D e s i g n e r. M u s t b e proficient in Adobe Illustrator/ PhotoShop & possess strong drawing skills. Please send resume & por tfolio to: haywood@oldguardgraphics. com. New wellness center is searching for talented, qualified, free-spirited, energetic & easygoing massage therapists & yoga teachers. Please email resume to beth@ ASAP. PT help needed. A-OK Cafe. Apply inside at 154 College Ave. after 3 p.m. No phone calls. Do you want to use a logo, g r a p h i c o r b o rd e r i n y o u r c l a s s i f i e d a d ? Yo u c a n with Classified Display Advertising!!! Call 706-5490301 for more information.

Vehicles Autos Any car/truck. Running or not! Top $ paid. We come to you! Call for instant offer: (888) 4203808, (AAN CAN). AAAA* Donation. Donate your car, boat or real estate. IRS tax deductible. Free P/U, tow. Any model/condition. Help under privileged children outreach center. (800) 419-7474 (AAN CAN).

Notices Messages Yes, it's true! We have the lowest classified ad rate in town! Ask about our Run–til–Sold rate. 12 wks. for only $40! Call (706) 5490301 or place an ad at www. Merchandise only.

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Prelease Now for Fall

AUGUST RENT FREE on all 3 Bedrooms

SCOTT PROPERTIES 706-425-4048 • 706-296-1863

Parking & Amenities 3 Blocks to Campus & Downtown


1, 2, 3 BR Units Still Available!

4BD Cottages • Lakeside Dr. 4BD Apartments • FTX

***Security deposit waived with qualified credit***

Live ln-Town with

Retail Space Available 909 E. Broad Street, Athens, GA

(706) 227-6222







at Hotel Indigo 500 College Ave, Athens

Tickets $5 in advance / $10 at the door Includes admission to Spirited Spelling Spectacular, Silent Auction, Hors d’Oeuvres and Cash Bar

Call 706-254-9877 to get advanced tickets or email Visit to support your favorite team! Honey Bee Sponsors:



everyday people Kelli Bivins, Teacher Kelli Bivins describes herself as a student activist. She teaches English to Speakers of Other Languages at W.R. Coile Middle School, but her involvement with students extends outside of the classroom. She believes the key to learning is connecting the curriculum with her students’ lives, so she makes an effort to spend time with them in their own homes and neighborhoods. She has two boys of her own, but she feels that she is a mother to all her students. Flagpole: So, how long have you been a teacher? Kelli Bivins: This will be my 10th year in Athens. FP: Have you taught somewhere else? KB: Yeah, in France, actually. I taught at a pre-K right out of college in France. It was a Montessori pre-K. It was pretty cool. FP: What do you do on a daily basis as an ESOL teacher? KB: I have six classes, and during that time, I spend probably four classes assisting teachers in their classroom, teaching

215 North Lumpkin St. • Athens, GA

KB: There are two middle schools in Athens that have that high of numbers, us and Burney-Harris-Lyons. FP: So, what are some of the things that you learn from your students? KB: Oh, gosh, I learn so much. I had a student who showed me how to heal my plants—I love having plants in the classroom—because he was a farmer in Mexico, so he knew what was wrong with my banana tree. I learn so much about slowing down, because when you’re learning a language, you have to look at things more closely, and especially being a Southerner, I tend to—or we tend to—speak in such a way that might not be easy for second language learners. So, my students teach me to slow down, take it easy. We can conquer any curriculum we need to, we just might take a different approach.

Emily Patrick

FP: So, what originally drew you to learning languages? KB: I grew up in a little town—it’s not so little anymore. I grew up in Gainesville, but I didn’t know anybody who spoke a foreign language, and I remember hearing it in the grocery store when I was a little kid, and I was fascinated. So, I’ve always been attracted to languages. I was repulsed by racism growing up because there was a lot of it in my town, and one of the ways I thought I could escape it was to learn a foreign language and go abroad, and I assumed that there would be no racism. And, surely, there was. But just learning about other people and other cultures gave me the tools I needed to help educate others to sort of fight racism and fight ignorance. So, for me, it was a way to be an activist. Learning languages was a way to make my own life better, and the lives of others better. FP: Is there any particular incident of racism that you witnessed as a child that stands out to you? KB: Yeah, when I turned five, my best friend was an African-American girl, and I invited her to my birthday party, and she couldn’t come. I don’t know if it just happened to be a bad time for her family—she couldn’t make it—or if it was explicitly because we were different colors, but I remember that standing out in my mind, thinking, “That’s just not right.”

everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re ESOL or a general education student, and then, for two classes, we do what’s called sheltered instruction, so the ESOL students come to me, and we focus purely on language… And actually, my day starts with breakfast duty, which is the best. It’s the highlight of my day, because little kids, they give you hugs—because I used to teach elementary—but middle school kids, they need it, too. And so, I love to meet them in the cafeteria, and I usually get a high-five or a hand bump or sometimes a hug if somebody needs it. It’s actually the highlight of my day, because I get to see all grades: sixth, seventh and eighth. I get a feel for what’s going on, so that’s my favorite. FP: What percentage of your school needs ESOL instruction? KB: I would think we’re at about 20 percent right now. We are approximately 40 percent Latino, and not all of them are ESOL students… We serve—I have a colleague—and we serve probably 65 students. FP: Is that a typical percentage of ESOL students for a middle school?

FP: When did you first start going into your students’ homes? KB: Oh, goodness. Right from the start. I think that the best way to teach a student is to make connections between the home life and the curriculum… So, I started going in the homes; there’s such a loving community, and they welcome teachers, and they have a lofty opinion of teachers, which is sometimes nice because we don’t always think of teachers in the best light. And I’m called “la maestra,” the teacher. And as I drive down the streets in the trailer parks, I’ll hear little kids, “La maestra!” It’s so endearing. So, I’ll pull over and get hugs. One of the things that my colleague and I started doing is doing parent-teacher conferences in the J&J [Flea Market], because a lot of our families work, and it’s hard for them to come to the school for parent-teacher conferences, and there’s that whole mismatch between institution and person. And even if it goes well [at the school], it’s just very formal. You have to sign all these documents. So, we started renting a table for, like, $10 at the J&J and calling parents and saying, “Would you rather have it at the school or here?” And that way, we have a big table, lots of chairs, lots of families, little children playing, grandparents come; so, it’s more like a celebration. FP: What do you think it is about you that has made you so committed to your students? KB: Well, for one, I’m chronically nosy. I like to think of it as vigilant. When I meet a child, I like to think of that child as my own. I’m the mama at school, and academia is just one part of it. You have to have the whole child in mind.

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