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Upon his arrival to Key West on January 22, 1912, He citizens celebrating the comple

enry Flagler (circled) was greeted by more than 10,000 etion of the Over-Sea Railroad.

The Mission of the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum is to restore and preserve Whitehall and its collections, and to research and interpret materials related to the life of Henry Flagler, as unique and important elements of Florida’s history and America’s Gilded Age.

Board of Trustees President

George G. Matthews

Vice President

G. F. Robert Hanke


William M. Matthews


Thomas S. Kenan, III


Alexander W. Dreyfoos


Kelly M. Hopkins


John B. Rogers

President’s President’s Letter Dear Members, Contributors, Sponsors, and Grantors: On behalf of all the Museum’s Trustees and Staff, thank you very much for your support throughout 2012. We hope you enjoy reading this summary of all that was made possible during 2012 through your generous support. Two thousand twelve marked the centennial year of the completion of the Over-Sea Railroad, the most ambitious engineering feat ever undertaken by a private citizen. As a consequence, the Museum’s programs throughout the year were designed not only to bring attention, throughout Florida and the Nation, to that monumental event, but also to help make sense of that achievement within the context of its time. Paid attendance grew by 14% in 2012 as visitors from around the world came to tour Whitehall, see three exceptional exhibitions and enjoy the variety of programs offered throughout the year. While attendance grew, support from sources across the board rose to new levels, making 2012 in many ways the best year the Museum has had. While the Trustees and Staff of the Museum are extremely pleased with the many accomplishments and broad support received in 2012, with your continued support there is so much more that we hope to accomplish in the coming years. We remain committed to making the Flagler Museum better each year and insuring that it continues to be one of the very best house museums in America. Thank you for your support, which has been, and will continue to be, so critical to the Museum’s success. Sincerely,

George G. Matthews, President Flagler Museum Board of Trustees

Exhibitions Exhibitions In honor of the impending centennial of the completion of the Over-Sea Railroad, in the fall of 2011 the Museum opened an exhibition titled “First Train to Paradise,” which remained open at the Museum into January of 2012 and was then moved to the South Florida Fair, where the exhibition brought the centennial of the Over-Sea Railroad to the attention of hundreds of thousands of Fair visitors. Also in conjunction with the OSRR centennial, the Museum published a special Centennial Edition of “Last Train to Paradise” that is illustrated with about 150 historic images from the Museum’s archives. And, a special Library Edition of the book was distributed to nearly 3,000 libraries from Jacksonville to Key West.

The Museum’s winter exhibition, “A New Light on Tiffany,” shed light on the many women who played a crucial role in the design and creation of Tiffany Studios’ masterpieces. The exhibition included more than 50 objects: Tiffany lamps, windows, mosaics, enamels, ceramics, and recently discovered correspondence written by head designer Clara Driscoll.

Organized by the New-York Historical Society, the exhibition previously traveled to the Netherlands, Germany, and Albuquerque, New Mexico. This exhibition was especially popular, attracting more visitors than any previous exhibition at the Museum.

With the America’s Cup Race coming up in 2013, the fall of 2012 seemed the perfect time to curate an exhibition on the history of yacht racing.“Capturing the Cup” presented the fascinating stories of the donors of the prestigious trophies, the champions, and their yachts, and featured a number of important yacht racing trophies, including: a perfect replica of the America’s Cup, the Goelet Prize for Sloops, the Drexel Cup, the Brokaw Trophy, the Ogden Goelet and James Gordon Bennett Cup, two King’s Cups, presented by Edward VII and George V, and the Lipton Cup. The Lipton Cup was commissioned by the New York Yacht Club from Tiffany & Company as a gift to Sir Thomas Lipton, who campaigned for the America’s Cup five consecutive times. Prior to this exhibition, the Lipton Cup had

only been back in the US during the past century briefly twice in the 1980s. In addition to the exhibitions here in Palm Beach, the Museum also participated in a fall exhibition at the Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris on the work of Canaletto and Guardi. The Museum loaned from its collection Canaletto’s earliest painting of the Piazza San Marco. The Exhibition was so popular that its run was extended to accommodate nearly a quarter million visitors, and it was nominated for a Globes de Cristal award as the best exhibition of the year. In a review of the Exhibition for The Burlington Magazine the Museum’s Canaletto was the only painting from the Exhibition illustrated and was described as, “a stupendous work and certainly one of the highlights of the show.”

PROGRAMS Programs & Member Events

Each year the Museum is visited by tens of thousands of people from around the world who come to enjoy the Museum’s most popular program, the interpretation of Whitehall and its history via docent-led tours, audio tours, or printed self-guide tours in four languages. A French audio tour was added in 2012 to the English and Spanish tours already available. Three quarters of the Museum’s visitors each year are visiting for the first time. Two thirds of the visitors are from outside Palm Beach County, and the majority of visitors each year are from outside Florida. In addition to the year-’round tour program, the Museum’s programming included special programming for every age and interest: Valentines Day Tea, Grandparents Day, mentoring students’ creative writing skills, Mothers Day Tea, Crime Investigation Summer Camp, an annual Easter Egg Hunt, Independence Day Celebrations, an Annual Christmas Tree Lighting, Children’s Exhibit Activities, School Tours, Founder’s Day, a Bluegrass Concert, Holiday Evening Tours, lectures, gallery talks, chamber music concerts, and many more.

In its thirteenth season, the Flagler Museum Music Series featured concerts by the Adaskin String Trio, the Euclid Quartet, the Stradivari Quartet, the Moscow String Quartet, and Violinist Joanna Marie Frankel. The Series continued to garner critical acclaim and was again recognized for its quality when select performances were broadcast nationally on National Public Radio’s “Performance Today.” In order to provide some context for Flagler’s Over-Sea Railroad, which was the most ambitious engineering feat ever undertaken by a private citizen, the 27th year of the Whitehall Lecture Series focused on the great engineering feats of the Gilded Age, featuring six lectures on the construction of the Ferris Wheel, the OverSea Railroad, the Pennsylvania Railroad tunnel under the Hudson River, the Titanic, the Mulholland Aqueduct, and the Panama Canal. All lectures were webcast live and about 10% of those who attended the lectures did so via the Internet.

In addition to webcasting all of the Museum’s lectures, in 2012 the Museum created an Internet portal to a wide variety of videos about the Gilded Age, which it named the Gilded Age History Channel. Clicking on the GAHC icon on the Museum’s homepage will take web visitors to a program guide for nearly a hundred video programs about the Gilded Age, including the Museum’s lectures. The Museum is constantly adding new programs to the Gilded Age History Channel. Each year access to the information about the Museum and its programs via the Internet becomes more popular, with website visitation approaching 150,000 unique visitors per year. In 2012 online purchases accounted for about a third of all program ticket sales. In addition to accepting credit cards for online purchases, in 2012 the Museum added PayPal as an option for payment. Also added to the Museum’s website in 2012 was a library of digital versions of all current and past Museum publications,

including: issues of “Inside Whitehall,” Annual Reports, and Newspapers In Education Tabloids. Of course, the Museum will continue to publish hard copies of its publications for those who still enjoy the feel and experience of actual books and magazines. In spite of the fact that the digital world seems to be prevalent and popular, apparently there are still many who do enjoy the experience of holding and reading a real book, as evidenced by the fact that the Museum’s Store stocks more than 600 titles about the Gilded Age (the largest collection in the world of books about the Gilded Age available at a retail site) and they account for about a third of all sales in the Museum Store. In conjunction with the centennial of the completion of the Over-Sea Railroad, the Museum created an activity built around the book “Kidnapped in Key West,” a young readers book set during the building of the Over-Sea Railroad. That activity was taken to 10 schools in MiamiDade County, 10 schools in Palm Beach County, and seven schools in Monroe County. Nearly 2,000 students participated in the program. Each student received their own copy of “Kidnapped in Key West.”

conservation Conservation and Restoration

Caring for 125,000 square feet of building, eight and a half acres, and tens of thousands of objects, documents, and ephemera, all while remaining open to the public year ‘round and presenting dozens of programs throughout the year, is definitely a constant challenge. However, in addition to those responsibilities, each year the Museum manages to take on several important conservation projects.

In 2012 three major conservation projects undertaken included the restoration of Drawing Room and Music Room piano cases to their original color and appearance, as well as a matching pianola, music cabinet, and decorative screen from the Music Room. The beautiful Louis XVIstyle alabaster and bronze ormolu clock on display on the Drawing Room’s mantel was completely restored to working order,

The beautiful Louis XVI-style alabaster and bronze ormolu clock on display on the Drawing Room’s mantel was completely restored to working order.

enhancing the décor of the room. Numerous light fixtures original to the Whitehall Hotel were repaired and rewired, including the large chandelier in the center of the Museum’s West Room. Two original gauges, long missing from Whitehall’s Odell & Co. pipe organ, were researched, reproduced, and

installed. And, an extensive survey of the Museum’s furniture collection was completed in 2012, which will become the basis for setting priorities regarding furniture conservation going forward.

pPhysical h yPlant s i Projects cal Over the years, the Museum has made tremendous strides in restoring and improving every part of Whitehall’s physical plant. The operation of the Museum’s physical plant has transitioned from an effort to tackle a backlog of major projects to an effort primarily focused on routine and preventative maintenance, and identifying opportunities to improve efficiency. In 2012 a “smart” irrigation control system was installed throughout the Museum’s eight and half acres. The new system has reduced water consumption, improved the health of the lawns and shrubs, and lowered costs. Thanks to many hours of diligent routine maintenance and monitoring, after 13 years of operation the Museum’s sophisticated and complex climate control system still maintains the humidity and temperature throughout Whitehall within very narrow parameters that most other museums cannot match. The Museum’s climate control system is not only critical to the preservation of Whitehall, it has the added benefit of making the Museum very comfortable for visitors, no matter what the weather is like outdoors.

As new LED bulbs come on the market that have the correct color temperature and configuration, the Museum continues to convert exterior and interior lighting to this more efficient light source. The new LED lighting reduces the heat load on the building, reduces the labor dedicated to changing bulbs, and reduces the amount of electricity consumed, thus reducing the Museum expenses on three levels. One delightful example of how LED has benefitted the Museum is the lighting of the Grand Hall Christmas Tree. In 2012 the Christmas Tree was lit with about 1,000 LED bulbs that were indistinguishable from the traditional incandescent bulbs. However, though the bulbs looked exactly the same as they have for more than 100 years, the new LED lamps consumed only about 60 watts, compared to about 2,400 watts consumed by the traditional incandescent lamps in years past. As all of us who own homes here know well, South Florida’s subtropical climate certainly takes its toll on all kinds of exterior surfaces and materials. One way the toll the climate takes at the Museum can be measured is in the number of hours that have to be dedicated to maintaining or replacing exterior woodwork. During the summer of 2012 the Museum replaced the massive wood beams that form the lattice work atop the two pergolas on the south side of Whitehall. Fortunately, the new properly treated and sealed Cypress woodwork should survive, even in the demanding climate of South Florida, for many decades.

COLLECTIONS Collections Gifts and Acquisitions

The Museum was very pleased to add a number of wonderful objects to its collections in 2012, including: a painted plaster relief depicting Victory, ca. 1903 1907, by the foremost sculptor of America’s Gilded Age, Augustus Saint-Gaudens,; four drawings depicting Southeast Florida and the construction of the Over-Sea Railroad by William Aiken Walker; an oil painting depicting Henry Flagler’s schooner Columbia near Block Island, ca. 1881, by William G. Yorke; a collection of 76 drawings and photographs by architectural firm Carrère and Hastings, reproduced in American Architect and Building News at the end of the 19th century; an original design in gouache for the Palm Beach Theatre Ladies Lounge by Joseph Urban; and hundreds of documents, artifacts, and pieces of ephemera related to the Flagler System’s many holdings.

Left: Plaster relief of Victory by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, gift of Rita and Peter Heydon, Ann Arbor, Michigan Right: American Schooner Columbia Before Block Island, by William G. Yorke

LEADERSHIP Leadership and Recognition The Trustees and staff take great pride in the important role that the Museum continues to play in the Town of Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, the state of Florida and, as a National Historic Landmark, the Nation.

Annual Report”. “Last Train to Paradise” was also chosen for the “Read Together Palm Beach” program in 2012 and was likewise highlighted as the book to read in 2012 by many libraries and reading programs throughout Florida.

In 2012 the Museum was honored with a number of awards, including; an Independent Publisher Book Award - 2012 South East Regional Best NonFiction Gold Award for the Centennial Edition of “Last Train to Paradise,” a Florida Publishers Association President’s Award 2012 – Gold Award, Florida Non-Fiction for Adults for the Centennial Edition of “Last Train to Paradise,” a Florida Publishers Association President’s Award 2012 – Silver Award, Coffee Table Book for the pop-up book “Our Town: An InDepth Pictorial History of Palm Beach.” A Southeastern Museums Conference Gold Award for “Last Train to Paradise,” Gold Award. And also a Southeastern Museums Conference Publications Competition, Silver Award for the “2011

The Museum continued to receive an impressive amount of local, national, and international media coverage throughout 2012 - on television, in newspapers, on the radio, and via the Internet. Media coverage included: America Journal (German language magazine), Le Soleil de la Floride (French language newspaper), a sixpage photo spread, plus the cover, in Where Guestbook (a publication placed in upscale hotel rooms) Florida Travel + Life, TravelHost magazine, Florida Travel and Lifestyles, Undiscovered Florida (a special insert in National Geographic Traveler), and Florida Weekly newspaper. In addition, the Museum was featured in a television documentary about the Over-Sea Railroad.

The Museum continually strives to improve and add value to the visitor experience and therefore it is very gratifying to find that regardless of which online review program one subscribes to, in 2012 Flagler Museum visitors ranked their visit among the very best museum visitor experiences in the Nation.

It has long been the Museum’s privilege to host the Palm Beach Civic Association’s Annual Meeting and the Mayor’s Annual State of the Town Address. In addition, in 2012 the Museum and Civic Association co-hosted a State of the State presentation by Jeff Atwater, Chief Financial Officer of the Florida Senate.

RRevenue e v en ue $5,211,000 Admissions & Programs $947,000 (18%) Endowment Support $2,120,000 (41%) Membership Dues & Fees $718,000 (14%)

Sponsorships $54,000 (1%)

Store & CafĂŠ $439,000 (8%) Contributions & Grants $933,000 (18%)

Generous support from the nearly two dozen grantors listed later in this Report, and increase in paid attendance of 14%, income from planned gifts, contributions, and memberships, all helped to make 2012 the best fiscal year the Museum has ever had.

E x p enExpenses se s $5,211,000 Debt Service $445,000 (9%) Administration $693,000 (13%)

Membership $392,000 (8%) Museum Store & CafĂŠ $447,000 (9%) Security $270,000 (5%)

Development $182,000 (3%) Marketing $212,000 (4%) Physical Plant $363,000 (7%) Exhibitions & Collection Care $842,000 (16%) Surplus for Capital Improvements $456,000 (9%)

Programs $909,000 (17%)

SUPPORT 2012 Annual Support

Contributors, Sponsors, & Grantors $200,000 and above Estate of Mr. Norman E. Mack, II

$100,000 and above Palm Beach County Tourist Development Council

$50,000 and above Institute of Museum & Library Services Relgalf Charitable Foundation

$25,000 and above Florida Division of Cultural Affairs Fortin Foundation of Florida Col. & Mrs. G. F. Robert Hanke JPMorgan Chase Foundation Mr. Thomas S. Kenan, III Mr. George G. Matthews Mr. & Mrs. William M. Matthews Northern Trust Mrs. Lesly S. Smith Stockman Family Foundation Trust

$10,000 and above Anonymous Brooks Brothers

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander W. Dreyfoos Flagler System Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. Hopkins, III Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Ms. Paige Rense Noland Mr. Lewis B. Pollard & Mr. Lewis S. Wiley Palm Beach Daily News † PNC Bank PNC Foundation Randleigh Foundation Trust Mr. & Mrs. John B. Rogers Mr. Jack C. Taylor The Palm Beach Post † Wise Foundation

$5,000 and above Mrs. Helen Harting Abell Abraham & Beverly Sommer Foundation Bank of America Charitable Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John M. Blades Mrs. Cecile M. Draime Dr. & Mrs. James T. Duncan † Mrs. Patricia Dunnington Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Henry Dr. & Mrs. Peter N. Heydon † Jean S. & Frederic A. Sharf Fund Mrs. Sterling Kenan

Mrs. John C. LaMonte Milton and Tamar Maltz Family Foundation Mrs. Betsy K. Matthews Mosaic Foundation (of R. & P. Heydon) Mr. Alan Moss † Ralph B. Rogers Foundation Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation Ms. Susan S. Stautberg

$2,500 and above Mr. & Mrs. John W. Annan Atwater Kent Foundation BMO Private Bank Daphne Seybolt Culpeper Memorial Foundation David Minkin Foundation Ms. Linda Dunhill Enterprise Holdings Foundation Mr. Tim Eaton † Judge Rodney S. Eielson Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kay Richard S. Johnson Family Foundation Dr. & Mrs. H. J. Roberts † Sharkey Family Charitable Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Leo A. Vecellio, Jr.

† Denotes a full or partial in-kind contribution

Contributors, Sponsors, & Grantors (Continued)

Corporate Members

$1,000 and above

$500 and above

Chairman ($10,000)

Ashton Foundation Caterpillar Foundation Donald M. Ephraim Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Ferguson Mrs. George E. Ford Graham-Eckes Palm Beach Academy Foundation Mrs. Eleanora Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Kinney Mr. Robert Laskey † Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lawrence Sir Geoffrey & Lady Leigh Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lester Mr. John Loring † Mr. George M. Moffett, II Mr. Dennis Palmgren Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation Mr. Stefan B. Richter Mr. & Mrs. John J. Rinker Sallie B. Phillips Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Hervey S. Stockman, Jr. Rodman Foundation Shana Alexander Charitable Foundation Mr. & Rev. Mrs. E. Rodman Titcomb, Jr. Town of Palm Beach United Way Mrs. Lillian Turner Whitehall Foundation Wrightson-Ramsing Foundation

Ms. Isabelle Haskell de Tomaso Mr. & Mrs. Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr. Herndon Foundation McNulty Charitable Foundation Quinnipac University Dr. & Mrs. William T. Seed Mr. Harold Byron Smith Mr. & Mrs. Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. Ms. Heather M. Wyser- Pratte

Palm Beach Illustrated †

Executive ($3,000) Bank of America Gruber Consulting Engineers Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America Rosewood Management Corporation

$250 and above Mr. & Mrs. James M. Clark Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Cone Rev. & Mrs. Richard M. Cromie, D.D. Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. Elhilow Mr. George T. Elmore Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Flucke Kanders Foundation Mr. Jefferson R. Kirkpatrick Linton Foundation Mrs. Kathleen R. Pacetti Mr. & Mrs. James A. de Peyster Mr. Donald E. Runge Dr. & Mrs. William T. Seed Mr. David P. Silverman Mr. & Mrs. Eliot I. Snider Mr. William A. Torrey Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Vander Plaat, Jr.

† Denotes a full or partial in-kind contribution

Annual Members Flagler Associate Members ($5,000) Mr. Michael C. Anderson Anonymous Mr. Michael Belisle & Ms. Linda A. Gary Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Butler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Clarke Mr. & Mrs. Stanley M. Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Guy Cosmo Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Diforio Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Dunnan Mr. & Mrs. Jose Enos Mr. Allen Forrest Mr. & Mrs. Tom Glanfield Dr. & Mrs. Marc J. Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Grimaldi Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hackett Mr. & Mrs. Jon Hagstrom Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Henderson Mr. & Mrs. Matt Kendrall Mr. & Mrs. Bilal Khan Mrs. John C. LaMonte Mr. Robert P. Leidy Mr. & Mrs. Ari Litan Dr. Alan Litwin & Dr. Anita Ankola Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert C. Maurer Mr. & Mrs. William J. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Chris Nelms Palm Beach Symphony Paradise Fund Mr. & Mrs. Ellis J. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Romano Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Shaner

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Shapiro Mr. & Mrs. Steven Sultan Mr. Harold Byron Smith Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Ward, III Mr. & Mrs. David Wetherell Ms. Penny C. Wingo Dr. & Mrs. Warren Zwecker

Benefactor Members ($2,500) Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Gendelman Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kay Mr. & Mrs. Berton E. Korman Mr. & Mrs. William G. Pannill Mrs. Alexander R. Raywood Mr. & Mrs. Frederic A. Sharf Mrs. Lesly S. Smith

Patron Members ($1,000)

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2012 Year in Review



Gallery Talk with A New Light on Tiffany co-curator Margaret K. Hofer



Fall Exhibition Closed - First Train to Paradise: The Railroad That Went to Sea


Music Series Concert - Adaskin Trio




Music Series Concert - Euclid Quartet Whitehall Lecture Series First Train to Paradise: The Building of the Over-Sea Railroad by Les Standiford

Whitehall Lecture Series - Panama Fever: The Battle to Build the Canal by Matthew Parker



4 6

Music Series Concert - Violinist Joanna Marie Frankel



Winter Exhibition opened - A New Light on Tiffany: Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany Girls


Town of Palm Beach Civic Association’s Annual Meeting and Mayor’s State of the Town Address


Director’s Annual Luncheon


Children’s Fall Exhibit Activity Capturing the Cup exhibition


Café des Beaux-Arts closed for the Season


Café des Beaux-Arts opened for the Season


Bluegrass in the Pavilion Concert


Winter Exhibition Closed A New Light on Tiffany

Children’s Exhibit Activity A New Light on Tiffany exhibition


Whitehall Lecture Series - Circles in the Sky: George Ferris’ Amazing Wheel by Richard Weingardt


Music Series Concert - Stradivari Quartet


Whitehall Lecture Series - Water and Power: Mulholland’s Phenomenal Aqueduct by Michael Hiltzik


Music Series Concert - Moscow String Quartet


Whitehall Lecture Series Lecture - Unsinkable: The RMS Titanic by Daniel Allen Butler

November 10


Whitehall Lecture Series - Conquering Gotham: Building a Railroad under the Hudson River by Jill Jonnes

Fall Exhibit opened - Capturing the Cup: Yacht Racing During the Gilded Age

Easter Egg Hunt



Grandparents Day Activity

Whitehall Society “Mixing it Up” Reception


11, 12 Valentine’s Day Tea & 14


Independence Day Celebration


Opening Reception - A New Light on Tiffany



December 2

Annual Christmas Tree Lighting


Christmas Lecture - Season’s Greetings from the White House by Mary Seeley

12 & 13 Mother’s Day Tea


Gallery Talk on Capturing the Cup with Chief Curator Tracy Kamerer



Trustees’ Annual Reception and Capturing the Cup Opening Reception


Special Lecture - Sir Thomas Lipton and his Race for the Cup by Michael D’Antonio



Founder’s Day

11 - 15 Summer Camp - Crime Investigation During the Gilded Age

18-23 Holiday Evening Tours

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Visitor Feedback We really enjoyed the beauty of the glass and the information about how influential women were in Tiffany’s work! Thank you for having this exhibit. Pat & Chuck Olsen Wausau, Wisconsin

The [Tiffany] lamps are amazingly amazing. If I could live here, I would be the happiest girl in the world!

Gabriella, Age 10

Remarkable! Your insight to bring it [the Tiffany Exhibit] to the Flagler is greatly appreciated.

A wonderful afternoon of nostalgia and grand decadence. What an amazing house. Steve Williams U.K.

What a beautiful house. Everything about it is amazing! I wish I could live here! Sarah, New Jersey, Age 11

Wonderful preserved history of the Flaglers and architecture and arts of the gilded age of America. Thank you for preserving all this and making it available to the public. Joseph and Judy Lenard Southern Pikes, NC

The Juintes Family Chile

I love the house! I wish it was mine!

Giavanna, Age 8

Thank you for the opportunity to experience the [Tiffany] glass aesthetic. Andrew, Age 10

Spectacular home - Enjoyed the tour very much. We shall tell our friends to come visit.

A true masterpiece throughout! Glad we came! Judy Laing Tampa, FL

Robert and Bibiane McFadden Canada

This is the most beautiful museum I’ve ever been to. I love the Ballroom.

Michelle, Age 11

h e n r y

m o r r i s o n

FLAGLER MUSEUM palm beach, florida

A National Historic Landmark One Whitehall Way Palm Beach, Florida 33480

This is amazing. I absolutely love it. The detail is terrific and the use of color is splendid. Great Work!

Evelyn, Age 14

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

Annual Report 2012  
Annual Report 2012