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SENSUAL / VIRTUAL The first annual theme at the Fitz Sensual/Virtual is the Fitz’s first annual museum theme, starting with the 2019-20 academic year, and explored through our exhibitions, displays, research projects, lectures, website features, and public programmes. ‘Sensual’ contains all the pleasures our senses give us: sound of music; scent of roses; touch of silk, smooth bronze, or another person; taste of a well-cooked dinner and sight of something beautiful - a picture or pot, landscape, face or sky. Innocent or wicked, we might think our sensual responses rely on the roses, the dinner, the pot or person being physically there with us. But art relies on the idea that, with the help of an artist, we can imagine or evoke a sensation when nothing real is present. Virtual today means something simulated by computer. If this use of the word is new, the concept is as old as art itself, embracing anything not quite what it claims to be. It can be the convincing replication of what already exists, or an artificially-produced experience persuading us that imagined is real. The creation of the virtual started as soon 2

as artists copied what we can see, and set down what they’d like us to see. Virtual reality. Nowadays, all sorts of physical sensation can be replicated. The concepts converge now that we can create sensory pleasures that rely on what we do experience and compensate for what we cannot. It’s a dangerous, exciting new world. During this year we will explore the sensual allure of Rembrandt’s nudes in his prints, see how the appeal of food is captured - or not! in pictures of fruit, pies and puddings, think about our compulsion to touch works of art even when there are signs saying why we shouldn’t, and ponder the possibilities for replication that the digital revolution has unleashed. Sensual. Virtual. Words for our times. What can the art of the past teach us about the moral and artistic choices we face?

Luke Syson Director


Gallery 3 is getting a new look The Fitzwilliam’s grandest gallery, at the centre of the historic Founder’s building, re-opens in October 2019, restored to its majestic splendour after a refurbishment project lasting nearly two years. Designed by the architect George Basevi (1794-1845), it is widely considered to be one of the finest museum interiors in the world. The copper roof covering and lead guttering have been replaced, and the timber windows and decorative glazing repaired, allowing controlled daylight to illuminate the gallery through the clerestory windows and glazed roof domes. The lofty ceiling with its ornate plasterwork and casts of the Parthenon Frieze at lower level have been cleaned, restored and repainted

revealing the crisp decorative detail. Gallery walls, clad in a distinctive bright red fabric since the 1970s, have been re-covered with a sumptuous new wall covering that echoes the colour of the magnificent Founder’s Entrance. This provides a sympathetic backdrop which, together with a new system of artificial lighting, will allow visitors to enjoy the Fitzwilliam’s extraordinary collection as never before. The gallery has been rehung with a stunning selection of British paintings, sculpture and furniture from the 16th to the 19th century, complemented by displays of literary manuscripts and medals that reflect the depth and richness of the Fitzwilliam’s collections.


A highlight of the new hang is a magnificent group of full-length portraits by Daniel Mytens (c. 1590-1647/48) and Anthony van Dyck (15991641), the dominant painters at the English court in the first decades of the 17th century. Generously lent by a private collector, these will remain on display until Spring 2020, each brilliantly speaking to the Sensual/Virtual annual theme. The Fitzwilliam is delighted that these superb portraits, which are rarely on public display, will help celebrate the opening of our newly restored gallery.


TICKETING Within this brochure there are a mixture of chargeable and free events, with booking information on pages. Where concessionary prices are listed, these are available to Friends of the Fitzwilliam Museum, 65+, students and those in receipt of benefit.

This year’s Business Partners are: TTP and Brewin Dolphin. Their support has gone towards a creative and thought-provoking programme including outreach in the community, visitor engagement, creative learning events and our major exhibitions.

Lates 5 Exhibitions 6 Life drawing 11 Talks 12 Adults 14 Tours 16 Blind and Partially Sighted 17 Music 18 Families 19 Children’s workshops 21 Young people 22 Displays 24 Fans 26 Conference 28 University of Cambridge Museums & Botanic Garden 29 Support the Fitzwilliam 30 Visitor information 31 L O C AT I O N K E Y

3 British art

13 Temporary exhibition

35 Seminar Room

7 Italian art

14 Temporary exhibition

36 Studio

10 Temporary exhibition

16 Temporary exhibition

11 Temporary exhibition

27 European Pottery

12 Temporary exhibition

34 Fan Gallery

A floor plan showing all locations is available from both entrances and on our website. KEEP IN TOUCH The Fitzwilliam Museum


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Special after-hours events BOOKING ESSENTIAL for film screenings visit: or tel: 01223 357851 Entrance to the Museum is FREE

The Greatest Showman Thursday 26 September Exhibitions and galleries open to view: 18.00 – 19.00 Film screening in Courtyard: 19.00 – 21.00 for ticket holders only Entry via Courtyard Entrance Book for a special viewing of The Greatest Showman (PG). Live music precedes the film, with popcorn and hot dogs available to buy. The screening complements our new exhibition about Giovanni Belzoni - 19th century explorer and circus strongman - also open to view in Gallery 10 before the screening.

Gallery Party Monday 7 October 19.30 – 21.00 Entry via Main Entrance Join us to celebrate the opening of our newly refurbished Gallery 3 and launch of our new season of programming on the theme of Sensual/Virtual. Speak with artist Nicolas Poussin and poet John Keats – virtually as good as the originals! They can be found next to their ingallery displays (see page 24). Explore the upper galleries to the sound of music, and see our recently opened exhibitions Rembrandt and the Nude and Seeing Sound. Treat yourself to a drink from our cash bar, and expect lots of surprises on the night!

A Feast for your Senses Thursday 28 November Exhibitions and galleries open to view: 17.00 – 21.00 Film screening in Gallery 3: 18.30 – 21.00 for ticket holders only Entry via Courtyard Entrance See our new Feast & Fast exhibition, join pop-up talks, learn more about Christmas food traditions and book for a special screening of Bright Star (PG) – a romantic drama about John Keats starring Ben Whishaw, programmed to complement our Keats display and accompanied by live music. Catch up on your Christmas shopping with cards, decorations and unique art inspired gifts and jewellery in the Courtyard Shop and relax with seasonal treats in the Courtyard Café.




The art of food in Europe, 1500 –1800 26 November 2019 – 26 April 2020 • FREE 11, 12 & 13

Godfried Schalcken (1643-1706), A lady holding a plate



Food defines us as individuals, communities, and nations: we are what we eat and, equally, what we don’t eat. When, where, why, how and with whom we eat are crucial to our identity. Feast & Fast presents novel approaches to understanding the history and culture of food and eating. This research‐led multi-sensory exhibition will showcase hidden and newly‐conserved treasures from the Fitzwilliam and other collections, and features four spectacular historical reconstructions with food at their centre, including a Jacobean sugar banquet, a European feasting table and a Georgian confectioner’s workshop. It will tease out many contemporary and controversial issues – such as the origins of food and food security, over consumption in times of austerity, and our relationship with animals and nature – thereby linking the past with our present, and encouraging visitors to question and rethink our relationship with food. 6


Early morning curators’ tour of the exhibition

A private guided tour of the Feast & Fast exhibition with curators Dr Victoria Avery and Dr Melissa Calaresu for individuals and groups, before the Museum opens at 10.00. You will be welcome to remain in the exhibition for as long as you wish or you could be the first in the queue for coffee and pastries in the Courtyard Café, with tour attendees entitled to a 20% discount from 10.00 to 12.00 and a 10% discount on the exhibition catalogue in the Courtyard Shop on production of their ticket.

Joseph Willems (1715-1766), Fruit seller, c.1755, Chelsea

Exhibition tour for people who love to move! Monday 2 December 9.30 – 11.00 & 14.00 – 15.30 £10 • BOOKING ESSENTIAL. Email: or tel: 01223 332904 Join curator Dr Victoria Avery and dance artist Filipa Pereira Stubbs for this tour with a difference – we will hear stories, share our responses, select soundtracks and then dance! Everyone is welcome, the dance practice is simple and designed for all to enjoy. 7

English Earthenware bowl, 1639

Tuesday 3 December Courtyard Entrance gates open at 9.00 for a 9.15 start £13.50 (£11.50 concessions) • BOOKING ESSENTIAL Visit: or tel: 01223 357851


Seeing Sound: Music, imagery and inspiration 8 October 2019 – 12 January 2020 • FREE 14

Can we listen to a painting? What does music look like? This exhibition brings together a remarkable range of works from the Museum’s collections to explore the ways in which artists and composers have engaged in a dialogue between sight and sound. Artistic and musical collaborations for the stage sit alongside works which employ music-making as a visual metaphor for love. Others reference music’s ability to trigger an emotional response without a visual cue. The tension between abstract and figurative, graphic and sonic, is alluded to through the display of musical scores alongside drawings and prints. The exhibition includes works by Watteau, Rossetti, Renoir and Picasso and musical manuscripts by Handel, Brahms, Stravinsky and the Founder of the Museum, Lord Fitzwilliam. Nicolas Lancret (1690 -1743), With a tender little song…, 1816 (detail)

Early morning curator’s tour of the exhibition Tuesday 15 October Courtyard Entrance gates open at 9.00 for a 9.15 start £13.50 (£11.50 concessions) • BOOKING ESSENTIAL Visit: or tel: 01223 357851 Join Dr Rebecca Virag, exhibition co-curator, on a private exhibition guided tour for individuals and groups, before the Museum opens at 10.00. You can remain in the exhibition for as long as you wish or you could be the first in the queue for coffee and pastries in the Courtyard Café, with tour attendees entitled to a 20% discount from 10.00 to 12.00 on production of their ticket.


24 September 2019 – 23 February 2020 • FREE 16 Rembrandt made etchings of female nudes during two distinct periods of his career: in the 1630s, and another two decades later. He depicted his models naturalistically, naar ‘t leven (‘from life’), in informal poses, concentrating on the sensuousness of their flesh rather than on the idealised female body. From shortly after Rembrandt’s death up until the mid-20th century this unidealised treatment was fiercely attacked by critics, who used words such as ‘intolerable’, ‘ill-shaped’ and ‘monstrous’ to describe his departure from the classical norms of beauty. This exhibition challenges this view, drawing attention to the beauty and power of Rembrandt’s treatment of the female form.

Early morning curators’ tour of the exhibition Wednesday 2 October Courtyard Entrance gates open at 9.00 for a 9.15 start £13.50 (£11.50 concessions) BOOKING ESSENTIAL Visit: or tel: 01223 357851 A chance to look at paintings of nudes owned by the Founder and the Rembrandt and the Nude print exhibition with Hettie Ward and Elenor Ling, Assistant Keepers, Paintings, Drawings and Prints. The tour is for individuals and groups, before the Museum opens at 10.00. You can remain in the exhibition for as long as you wish or you could be the first in the queue for coffee and pastries in the Courtyard Café, with tour attendees entitled to a 20% discount from 10.00 to 12.00 on production of their ticket.

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (1606 -1669) Naked woman seated on a mound, c.1631



Rembrandt and the Nude


The Celebrated Mr Belzoni: A cultural gift to the Fitzwilliam Until 10 November • FREE 10 This in-focus exhibition is centred on a new acquisition: Jan Adam Kruseman’s posthumous portrait of the celebrated adventurer, Giovanni Battista Belzoni, known as ‘The Great Belzoni’. Painted in 1824, it was accepted under the Cultural Gifts Scheme by HM Government from Daniel Katz Ltd. and presented to the Museum in 2018 (in honour of ex‐Director, Tim Knox). The portrait is displayed alongside paintings and watercolours from the Fitzwilliam’s wider collections, which reflect the allure of Egypt and Egyptian antiquities to British artists of the 19th century. Part of the exhibition focuses on the remarkable character of Belzoni, his commercial interest in ancient Egypt, and his extraordinary gift to the Fitzwilliam in 1823 of the sarcophagus lid of Ramesses III. Jan Adam Kruseman (1804 –1862) The Great Belzoni, 1824 (detail)

Inspire 10 December 2019 – 22 March 2020 • FREE 10 This exhibition of art made by primary school children celebrates the creativity of local schools and teachers and champions the on‐going importance of cultural learning for young people at a time when the arts in schools are increasingly under threat. The project focuses on one painting, Cupid and Psyche by Jacopo del Sellaio, as a source of ideas and inspiration. In partnership with AccessArt. Jacopo del Sellaio (1441 -1493), The Story of Cupid and Psyche


L I F E D R AW I N G Walter Richard Sickert (1860 -1942) Drawings of a Venetian model, 1903 (detail)

Life drawing £15 per workshop (£10 concessions) BOOKING ESSENTIAL Tel: 01223 332904 or email: 12

To complement our exhibition Rembrandt and the Nude join us for two days of expressive drawing sessions, with expert guidance from our guest artists. All materials provided. Thursday 26 September 11.00 – 13.00 • One model 14.00 – 16.00 • Two models Experimental workshops with artist Issam Kourbaj. Saturday 28 September 11.00 – 13.00 14.00 – 16.00 Taking the poses of Rembrandt's models as inspiration, with illustrator Pam Smy. 11


A variety of free talks by members of staff and guest speakers Talks take place from 13.15 to 14.00 in the Seminar Room 35 (space is limited), unless otherwise stated. Admission is by token, one per person, available at the Courtyard Entrance desk on a first-come first-served basis 30 minutes before the talk. Assisted hearing sets are available.

City of beasts: The forgotten sights, sounds and smells of Georgian London

Caring for ancient Egyptian coffins in Cairo (Part 2): The ‘Pop-Up’ museum outreach project

Wednesday 18 September

Wednesday 2 October

Thomas Almeroth-Williams, author of City of Beasts: How Animals Shaped Georgian London

Helen Strudwick, Associate Curator & Dr Melanie Pitkin, Research Associate, Egyptian Antiquities

Giovanni Belzoni and the allure of Egypt

From the exotic to the everyday: Changing attitudes to the pineapple

Wednesday 25 September

Wednesday 16 October Dr Melissa Calaresu and Dr Emma Spary, Faculty of History, and Dr Kasia Boddy, Faculty of English

The inner coffin of Userhet, 1855 B.C. – 1790 B.C.

Pineapple teapot, c.1755-6 unidentified Staffordshire Pottery

Jane Munro, Keeper of Paintings, Drawing & Prints, Helen Strudwick, Associate Curator (Egyptian Antiquities) and Briony Llewellyn, independent Art Historian.


Wednesday 30 October David Horbury, Author

Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) (1489/90 -1576), Tarquin and Lucretia, c.1571 (detail)

Sex and death: Looking at Titian’s Tarquin and Lucretia in the age of #MeToo Wednesday 6 November Libby Howie, Independent Curator


Modes of listening: How what we see greatly impacts what we hear Wednesday 13 November Dr Mine Doğantan-Dack, Faculty of Music


Picturing what cannot be seen: Visualising sound within 19th-century acoustics Wednesday 20 November Dr David Trippett, Faculty of Music


Curators’ introduction to Feast & Fast Wednesday 27 November Dr Victoria Avery and Dr Melissa Calaresu, Exhibition Curators

Good enough to eat? Preparing ceramic fake food for the Feast & Fast exhibition Wednesday 4 December

Photo: Mike Thornton © StillVision Photography

Tim Matthews, Applied Arts Technician

The fragrance of lotus: Archaeology and sensorial experimentation in Afghanistan caves 1960s – 1980s Wednesday 11 December Professor Vimalin Rujivacharakul, Department of Art History, University of Delaware, Newark, USA

The food of Christmas past Wednesday 18 December Ivan Day, Feast & Fast Food Historian

Art speak Tuesdays 17 September, 15 October, 19 November & 17 December 13.15 • FREE • Drop-in Meet in Courtyard Entrance Spend half an hour looking at, and talking about, art. 13


The life and work of Emmanuel Cooper


A range of creative workshops for adults Canon George Frederick Weston (1819-1887), The Great Hall, Karnak, c.1846 (detail)

BOOKING ESSENTIAL for all events, unless otherwise stated. To register your interest please tel: 01223 332904 or email: Places will be confirmed on receipt of payment.

MUSE 10.15 – 12.00 £10 per session 36 Discover new ways of working at this artist-led workshop, inspired by Museum exhibitions and collections, with different themes each month.

Statement pieces

Re-imaging Egypt

Food glorious food

Friday 27 September

Friday 18 October

Friday 29 November

Take a look at the subtle ways designers have incorporated ideals into their work to spur on a cause. Join us for a Museum tour, then create your own design statement in the form of a mini lino print stamp.

Visit our Belzoni exhibition and think about the influence Egyptian antiquities had on Western artists and designers from the 1820s-1930s, then return to the Studio to make your own Egyptian-inspired work in mixed media.

Feast your eyes on fantastic table settings and Baroque banquets in our new Feast & Fast exhibition. Find inspiration and model your own contemporary take on Baroque tableware – there’s no such thing as over the top!

Extended MUSE workshop Winter lights Friday 13 December 10.15 – 13.00 £15 per person 36 Explore the beauty of winter in our collection - low sun in softly lit European landscapes and Japanese snow scenes. See a selection of these artworks on paper with a visit to the Study Room. Then return to the Studio for a morning creating your own winter-inspired prints and paintings to use as greeting cards or seasonal gifts. Taguchi Beisaku (1864-1903), Braving heavy snow (detail)


Saturday 19 October 14.00 – 16.00 FREE • Drop-in

Roman glass dish, c. AD1-100

Deterioration processes change or obscure the nature and appearance of things. Come and meet our conservators in the Courtyard of the Museum for a close-up look at objects that are not quite as or what they seem to be. Find out how we investigate change and look for the original in the transformation.

Portals to the World Thursdays 10 October – 28 November 14.00 – 16.00 FREE • BOOKING ESSENTIAL Please contact us before 7 September if you are interested in the course. Unfortunately, places are limited and allocated on a suitability and first-come first-served basis. Meet in the Courtyard Entrance An art appreciation course designed especially for people living at home with a dementia diagnosis and their care partners. Each week join us in one of the galleries for a short talk followed by a related hands on practical art activity or art handling. In partnership with Dementia Compass.

Christmas recipes Tuesday 17 December Join Food Historian, Ivan Day, to learn all about historical Christmas food. For more information and booking details please visit our website.



Changing states: Transformation, mystification, misinterpretation


© Martin Bond

Guided tours

Bridging Binaries: LGBTQ+ Tours

Saturdays 14.30 £8 Meet in the Courtyard Entrance at least 10 minutes in advance of the tour. Take a one-hour introductory tour of the Museum with a Cambridge Badge Guide. Guided tours for private groups are also available through the Guided Tours Department at the Cambridge Tourist Information Centre, tel: 01223 791501 or email: For a self-guided tour of the Fitzwilliam Museum’s collection pick up a digital eGuide, available from both Museum entrances for free.

Join our volunteer guides to discover their personal selection of fascinating stories of non-normative gender and sexual identities through a range of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-related objects across the University of Cambridge Museum collections. Tours are free, for more information visit:

Nine lessons and images: Art for Christmas tour 10, 11, 13, 14 & 15 December 14.00 £10 + booking fee • BOOKING ESSENTIAL. Visit: or email: Meet in the Courtyard Entrance Join Robert Lloyd Parry for story-rich tours of the Fitzwilliam’s collection on a Christmas theme. Domenic Ghirlandaio (1449 – 1494), The Nativity, c.1492


B L I N D & P A R T I A L LY S I G H T E D

Tours for blind and partially sighted adults An afternoon of touch tours and audio descriptive sessions Guide dogs and companions are welcome to all sessions BOOKING ESSENTIAL To register your interest tel: 01223 332904 or email:

Marvellous Mesolithic finds Tuesday 17 September 14.00 – 16.00 FREE Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology

Fabulous fossils

Tuesday 19 November 10.30 – 12.00 FREE Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

Meet at Museum Entrance

Meet at Museum Entrance

Learn about the Mesolithic site Star Carr in North Yorkshire, and the stories behind some of the finds in this unique touch tour.

Touch and explore a wide variety of fabulous fossils in the galleries with Education Officer, Nicola Skipper.

Made by hand: British studio pottery Tuesday 29 October 14.00 – 16.00 FREE The Fitzwilliam Museum Meet in Courtyard Entrance Join Helen Ritchie, Applied Arts Research Assistant, for a touch tour and discussion on a range of beautiful handmade ceramics from 1920 to the present day.

Creative workshop: Portraits of human feeling Saturday 9 November 14.00 – 16.00 FREE The Fitzwilliam Museum Meet in Courtyard Entrance Create three-dimensional portraits with clay in this moulding workshop inspired by the Museum’s collection of Jacob Epstein busts, which vividly capture personality, form and expression.


Small Group visits With advance notice we can organise tailored tours, talks and handling sessions for small groups of blind and partially sighted people across a range of University of Cambridge Museums. Contact us to find out more.

Self-guided audio described tours Available free of charge on audio handsets for a tour of selected exhibits from the permanent collection. For large print, Braille information or further access enquiries, tel: 01223 332928 or email:


Lunchtime concerts 13.15 – 14.00 • FREE 3 A series of popular lunchtime concerts, with music performed by talented musicians in the beautiful surroundings of the newly refurbished Gallery 3. Admission is by token, 1 per person, available at the Main Entrance desk on a first-come first-served basis from 12.00 on the day of the concert. Space is limited - no standing room available. Voluntary collection after each concert. Programmes may be subject to change.

Works for piano by female composers

Mulberry Piano Trio

Sunday 13 October

Recital including Saint-Saens’ Trio Op. 18.

Diana Brekalo presents music by Lily Boulanger, Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann and Countess Dora Pejačević.

Music for harpsichord Sunday 20 October Final concert of the complete Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, recital No. 30, performed by Francis Knights.

Music for piano Sunday 27 October George Harliono (pictured above) performs Chopin's Sonata No.2 in B flat Minor. Performance will be filmed.

Piano and song Sunday 3 November Alison Daniels (mezzo soprano) and Mark Hounsell (tenor) perform Benjamin Britten’s Canticle II: Abraham and Isaac.

Sunday 10 November

Handel inspires Handel

Music for piano and cello

Friday 22 November 13.15 FREE

Sunday 17 November


With Morta Grigaliūnaitė (piano) and Hannah Innes (cello).

For his final recital as Honorary Keeper of Music, and on St Cecilia’s day, Gerald Gifford performs works from Handel’s own manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam’s collection, which demonstrate the composer’s art of arrangement and adaptation for keyboard. This recital complements the exhibition Seeing Sound: Music, imagery and inspiration.

Music for piano and violin Sunday 24 November Alex Reid (piano) and Andrew Lawrie (violin) perform works including Beethoven’s Spring Sonata Op 24.

Cambridge University Instrumental Award Holders Sunday 1 December A performance by the very best undergraduate chamber musicians.


Available anytime, at both entrances.

Gallery trails 5 – 12 yrs Choose from a selection of themed gallery trails including ancient Egypt and paintings.

Fitz Kits 5 – 10 yrs Discover our range of interactive activities that take you on a journey around the Museum, including our recently launched Explorer pack.

Baby play mat 0 – 2 yrs Sensory resources to help you and your baby explore themes and objects in the collection.

Story Starters 2 – 6 yrs Pick up a satchel containing a picture book and activities to help you explore the galleries.

Ages are a guide only. You are welcome to choose resources to suit your family. Contact us at to talk about what we can offer. Images © Martin Bond



Pick up a range of free activities to explore and learn together as a family.


Family First Saturdays 7 September, 5 October, 2 November & 7 December 14.00  – 16.00 FREE • Drop-in On the first Saturday of each month join our friendly team for fun activities and art-making for all the family based on one of the themes below.

Ancient Egypt 7 September

Harvest festival

Magic and mystery

5 October

2 November

Festive fun

7 December

Plus, you can take a free tour around the Museum or listen to a story based on the month’s theme. Family tour


14.00 – 14.30 & 15.00 – 15.30 • Ages 5+

14.30 – 15.00 & 15.30 – 16.00 • 2  – 5 yrs

Number restrictions apply for both, please collect a sticker from the Courtyard Entrance. 20

Access to a world-class collection of art provides inspiration for art-making 36 Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult throughout the duration of the workshop. For all events meet in the Courtyard Entrance. BOOKING ESSENTIAL, unless otherwise stated. To register your interest please tel: 01223 332904 or email: Places will be confirmed on receipt of payment.

Baby magic Tuesday 17 September & Wednesday 13 November 10.00 – 11.00 0 – 2 yrs £4 per child This gently structured session allows babies to discover aspects of our collection through sensory exploration of colour, shapes, texture, sounds and movement. Look at the galleries together and get creative in the Studio.

With an apple I will astonish…

Saturday 21 September 10.30 – 12.00 • 5 – 7 yrs 13.30 – 15.00 • 8 – 12 yrs £8 per child Join artist Caroline Wendling for an interactive session, focusing on apples in our Impressionist gallery. Paint your own apple art in the Studio.

Art rocks

Wednesday 16 October 10.00 – 11.30 2½ – 5 yrs FREE Multi-sensory story-telling for pre-schoolers exploring how rocks and stones in the Fitzwilliam have changed over time, by nature and by humans. Get creative with paints to transform a pebble yourself too! In collaboration with the Sedgwick Museum.

It’s magic Wednesday 18 September & Tuesday 13 November 10.00 – 11.30 2 – 5 yrs £4 per child

Ancient boats Tuesday 22 October 10.30 – 12.00 • 5  – 7 yrs 13.30 – 15.00 • 8  – 12 yrs £8 per child

Exploring art together can be magical. Hear stories about objects in our collection, and make art of your own to take home.

Join our curator Anastasia Christophilopoulou to learn about ancient migration around the Mediterranean. Make your own boat using clay and fabric in the Studio.



Creative workshops for children and families

BOOKING ESSENTIAL for all events, unless otherwise stated. To register your interest please tel: 01223 332904 or email: Places will be confirmed on receipt of payment.

ReSource 11.00 – 13.00 13 – 18 yrs £5 36 Enjoy art and want to develop your own ideas and art skills? Join us in the friendly environment of the Studio and get creative with our guest artists. Each month we offer an art workshop on a different theme designed to expand your painting and drawing skills.

The big balance theory

Fan club

A feast for your eyes

Saturday 28 September

Saturday 23 November

Saturday 14 December

Join sculptor Susie Olczak to see how tension or harmony, balance and imbalance is created through sculpture in the collection, then play with materials in the Studio to push balance to the extreme.

Love fashion and accessories? Fans really are a fashion must-have miniature design statement. Check out these beauties in our Fans Unfolded exhibition with artist and textile designer Lucy Mazur. Find out how they were made, then make your own contemporary fan designs.

Design a feast that looks as good as it tastes with artist Caroline Wendling. Let your imagination run riot and create your own fanciful food displays that we can eat with our eyes, gaining design inspiration from the Baroque table displays in our Feast & Fast exhibition.

Designing protest Saturday 19 October Save the planet! Equal rights! Got to protest to get noticed? Join artist Iona McCuaig to make your own clever and quirky protest placards as original pieces of jewellery badges and pins.

Folding fan commemorating the marriage of George, Prince of Wales, and Caroline of Brunswick, 1795, English


Creative workshops for young people



Make! 14.00 – 16.00 11 – 13 yrs £5 36

Balancing Act Saturday 28 September Work as an art team to create a large-scale installation with sculptor Susie Olczak. Play with balance and asymmetry and adapt everyday materials to quickly change the space around you.

New Zensation


Creative wellbeing programme for university students

Saturday 19 October Create badges, patches and pins to make a statement about who you are with guest artist Iona McCuaig after visiting our Design Evolution display for inspiration.

FREE BOOKING ESSENTIAL for one or both of the day sessions Meet in Courtyard Entrance


Relax and enjoy some creative making, tinkering and doodling designed to lower stress and maximize your zentential over a cup of tea or coffee.

Saturday 23 November Are you a fan of fans? Find out how they were made and make your own contemporary designs after a visit to our Fans Unfolded exhibition, with artist and textile designer Lucy Mazur.

Wednesday 23 October 14.00 – 14.30 This mindfulness session takes a gentle reflective gaze at a few of the joyful works in the Museum’s collection.

Food glorious food Saturday 14 December Join our food colour lab and make your own art with natural dyes from the food we eat turmeric, chocolate, coffee, tea, berries, eggs, beetroot, spinach and red cabbage. Create a feast from these tasty colours with guest artist Caroline Wendling, and celebrate food with a visit to our Feast & Fast exhibition.

14.30 – 15.30 Experiment with a variety of free materials in this creative workshop, with in-house artist educators. Saturday 30 November 14.00 – 14.30 A ten-minute mindfulness meditation of our Feast & Fast exhibition. 14.30 – 15.30 Use edible dyes and pigments to make your own art with artist Caroline Wendling. 23

Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665), Extreme Unction, 1638-40, (detail)


Poussin’s virtual reality

John Keats: Presence and absence

October 2019 – June 2020

8 October 2019 – 5 January 2020 3 • Tablecases


Exploring the life and afterlives of one of Britain’s bestloved poets, this display features the rarely seen autograph manuscript of Keats’s masterpiece, Ode to a Nightingale. Visitors can also view the miniature portrait of Keats that he gave to his ‘bright star’ Fanny Brawne when he left for Rome, never to return.

The great French artist Nicolas Poussin (15941665) was meticulous in the preparation of his paintings. This was known to have involved the use of a device his contemporaries referred to as a ‘great machine’, a miniature stage set using small wax figurines which allowed him to ‘rehearse’ the perspectival setting and fall of light and shade in an imagined space. Following contemporary descriptions, sculptor Andrew Lacey and artist Siân Phillips have carefully recreated a replica of Poussin’s ‘machine’ based on the composition of Poussin’s masterpiece, Extreme Unction (1638-40), acquired by the Museum in 2012. The result is a fascinating insight into the working methods of one of the world’s greatest painters. See it for yourself in Gallery 7.

John Keats (1795 -1821), Ode to a Nightingale (detail)


Until 3 November 27 This collection, formed over many years, includes pieces by some of the finest artists to work in clay from the mid-20th century onwards.

Š The estate of Hans Coper

Design Evolution: Highlights from the Keatley Collection Until 30 November Mezzanine

Jane Short, Four Seasons Dish (2000) Š The artist

This display highlights some of the outstanding pieces of decorative art on loan to the Museum from the Keatley Trust which was founded in 1968 in order to purchase the best designed and most finely crafted art to lend to museums around the UK.

The Frua-Valsecchi Collection

Vase, favrile glass, Louis Comfort Tiffany

Ongoing Over the past fifty years, Francesca and Massimo Valsecchi have built up a remarkable collection of paintings, furniture, sculpture, glass and ceramics. This includes the renowned nude portrait of Patricia Preece by Stanley Spencer (Gallery 1), Art Nouveau Tiffany glass (Gallery 22) and an extremely rare Meissen porcelain vulture (Gallery 27). These artworks have been generously offered to the Fitzwilliam on long-term loan. They can be identified in the galleries by their dark purple labels.



Salisbury Family Collection of Studio Ceramics

FAN S A folding fan advertising Cognac Richarpailloud, French, c.1930

Fans Unfolded: Conserving the Lennox-Boyd Collection Until 12 January 2020 34 Showcasing rare and exquisitely decorated fans from the collection of the Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd, allocated to the Museum by H.M. Government in lieu of inheritance tax in 2015, this display reveals the techniques behind the making, investigation and conservation of fans. The collection of over 600 objects ranges in date from the 18th to the 20th centuries and in type from bejewelled and hand-painted court and wedding fans, to printed mass-produced advertising fans, aide-memoire fans, mourning fans and children’s fans. A conservation project generously funded by the Marlay Group has allowed us to display a selection of these fragile but extraordinary objects for the first time. Please note: Stepped access to gallery. Unfortunately, no access for wheelchair users. A film of the exhibition is available to view in Gallery 33.


Friday 13 September A study day in two halves designed to illuminate and engage people with collecting, restoring and making fans.

Fan facts 10.30 – 13.00 FREE Lunch not included but tea and coffee will be provided BOOKING ESSENTIAL Email: or tel: 01223 332904 35 • Entry via Courtyard Entrance Join our speakers for a morning of engaging short talks.

An Insight into Printed Fans Anne-Marie Benson, The Worshipful Company of Fan Makers and Mary Kitson, The Fan Circle International

Fans Unfolded: Conserving the Lennox-Boyd Collection Flavia Ravaioli, Objects Conservator at The Fitzwilliam Museum

Collector’s Choice Mrs Hélène Alexander, Director and founder of The Fan Museum

Fan Mania: The Lennox-Boyd Collection Susan Mayor, formerly Director of Christie’s

A folding fan advertising Galeries Lafayette (detail), Paris. French, 1926

Fan making workshop 14.00 – 16.30 £40.00 (£35 concessions) Includes tea/coffee/biscuits, fan sticks and equipment BOOKING ESSENTIAL Email: or tel: 01223 332904 36 An opportunity to work with experienced tutor, Caroline Allington, who will not only provide expert guidance, but also a wealth of knowledge about the history and craft of fans. Each participant will make two fans: one of the traditional Chinese shape, the other of the Fontange shape – an early 20th century design. Please bring two different sheets of paper (A2 or larger). Gift wrap is suitable, but not too shiny or folded. 27




Leonardo da Vinci 1519–2019: Art, history, science

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) A rider on a rearing horse (detail)

Monday 4 November • 10.00 – 17.00 • Registration: 9.30 – 10.00 £45 (40 concessions) Includes coffee & tea on arrival, lunch and afternoon tea BOOKING ESSENTIAL Visit: or tel. 01223 357851 3 • Entry via Courtyard Entrance Marking the fifth centenary of Leonardo’s death, this interdisciplinary conference looks at a wide range of Leonardo’s artistic and scientific interests, framing the master’s genius within the historical context of his time. With contributions by: Peter Abrahams, University of Warwick Laura Aldovini,Musei Civici, Pavia Martin Clayton, Royal Collections, Windsor Castle Maya Corry, University of Oxford Iain Fenlon, University of Cambridge Ian Hutchings, University of Cambridge

Domenico Laurenza, Museo Galileo Florence Martin Kemp, University of Oxford Alexander Marr, University of Cambridge Luke Syson, The Fitzwilliam Museum Evelyn Welch, King’s College London Organiser: Lucia Tantardini, University of Cambridge 28

Operation Survival Saturdays 5 October – 14 December 10.00 – 12.30 £15 per person Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, The Polar Museum, Museum of Zoology Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Festival of Ideas

Take part in a high-energy game about survival across four Museums in Cambridge. With a live leaderboard and clue-hunting against the clock, gather your best team and join us for a fun and fast-paced morning.

14 – 27 October With hundreds of free events, enjoy debates, workshops, talks, exhibitions and performances, celebrating the arts, humanities and social sciences.

The Library Presents

University of Cambridge Museums: Explore and create Suitable for families with children 3+ £5 standard (£2.50 concessions) • BOOKING ESSENTIAL Visit:, tel: 01223 357851 or from the participating library Handle, explore and find out about amazing artworks and objects from the collections of the University of Cambridge Museums and use them as inspiration for art activities.

Knights & Armour with The Fitzwilliam Museum

Space with the Whipple Museum Saturday 23 November 10.30

Tuesday 22 October 14.00

St Neots Library

Littleport Library

Pacific Objects with the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Fantastic Fossils with the Sedgwick Museum

Saturday 14 December 14.00

Thursday 24 October 14.00

Burwell Library

Huntingdon Library


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