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March Fitzgerald Estates (Cyprus)

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Why Fitzgerald's? We aim to bring you the BEST VALUE properties in Paphos and now they are even better value... * A Safe Investment * No VAT charge to pay * Fully equipped * You can move in NOW Most of our properties either have the Title Deed issued, available or are in the final stages of Land Registry approval. Fitzgerald Estates only list properties that are safe to buy and have a full record of any encumbrances on each property.

Featured Property

This exquisite villa is perched on the side of a hill, on the edge of the ancient Nata Village, which is transforming itself from a ‘forgotten’ village to the destination of choice for nature lovers. Reference:1333 (See page 7) We continue to advertise our world class website on the famous British property website ‘Rightmove’, the Cyprus Mail, Essential Paphos magazine and the Russian magazine ‘My Island’ (Moi Ostrov) attracting sellers as well as buyers. We are seeing consolidation of prices at current realistic levels. As more people wake up to the fact that this is a wonderful opportunity to buy villas, prices will increase however prices for apartments will continue to be soft because there is a big oversupply of these types of properties.

It is refreshing to see so much enthusiasm from property investors with Fitzgerald’s achieving many more inquiries and marketing successes since the beginning of the New Year. “In fact it was the busiest start to any of our 9 years!” says Daryl Fitzgerald. People from many different countries are realising that the current low property prices in Cyprus are fabulously good value. For many new investors the collapse of the property bubble is a welcome ‘correction’ allowing many to secure property here.

Daryl Fitzgerald

The Cyprus banks conservative stance vis a vis financial ‘innovations' popular elsewhere in Europe have shielded the banks from disaster. However, the property developer ‘master class’ had enough influence and vested interests in Cyprus banks to ensure lending was free and easy, thus causing the property bubble to become more bloated by the day. However, what for many people was only a dream of owning a property in Cyprus, the relative collapse of the property market has provided an ‘opportunity’ to realise their dream. Judging by the number of enquiries Fitzgerald’s are receiving, it’s an opportunity many are keen to explore. What makes Cyprus so appealing? It is good to reflect that most people who choose to invest in Cyprus property fall in love with the Cypriot friendly relaxed lifestyle and the welcoming and easy manner of the Cypriot people. The romance of the Mediterranean and the idyllic weather play a part of course, but perhaps it’s freedom from rigid social and business formality which makes Cyprus lifestyle so engaging. It’s quaint tavernas, shacks by the beach, souvlas roasting by the side of the restaurants, loquacious hosts and their charming friendly individuality that adds the ‘extra sparkle’ to your lifestyle in Cyprus. Bank managers are firmly locked in their vaults in the UK, but in Cyprus you can actually talk to one face to face! If you want advice or have a problem, there is always a ‘friend of a friend’ that can help you. Not so much ‘expert’ advice perhaps, but advice that’s free and friendly. Lets face it, you may want to live on an island, but no one is an ‘island’ and we all need friends about us. It makes life so much brighter! With the marked increase in the number of enquiries and the relative savings on a property purchase wrapped up in the prospect of a desirable lifestyle, these are opportunities the astute buyer cannot afford to miss.

Cyprus is becoming a “Russian Island� According to the Cyprus Tourism Organization, over the last 10 months of this year the island welcomed about 320 000 visitors from Russia. In comparison with the same time period in 2009 the tourist traffic showed 130% increase. The biggest number of tourists arriving to Cyprus are still British citizens, but Russians have confidently taken the second place followed by tourists from Germany. In total the island was visited by 2,234,006 tourists from all over the world, which is 10.6% more than 10 months of last year and by 12.5% - compared with 2009. Traditionally, the most popular destinations in Cyprus are Paphos, Limassol and Ayia Napa. Russia has shown strong growth of interest in Cyprus for a long time. While the total increase in the number of tourists from January to July 2011 was the same 12.6% -the growth in Russian tourist arrivals reached 60%. In October, the total number of Russians who visited Cyprus, was 32,995 against 22,637 the previous year. Of course, the fact that Russian tourists can obtain their visas easier and faster now via internet has played its grand role.

The Fitzgerald Office Being a family business we have one office centrally situated in Kato paphos close to and in walking distance of both the Harbour and the Tomb of the kings Road. The office hours are from 9am to 5.30pm 6 days a week with no break for lunch. So if you are working and only have your lunch break to come and see us, you are welcome!

Paphos 2012 Marathon THE 2012 Cyprus marathon, half marathon and 10 km road race is taking place in Paphos on Sunday March 11 for the 14th consecutive year. Close to 500 runners are expected to take part in the three events and already, participants from the UK, Germany, Belgium, Austria, South Africa and Canada have registered to enter. “Usually, most of the overseas runners are from the UK but we expect to also get participants from Italy, France and other EU countries,” said race organiser Savvas Kakourides. The full marathon will see entrants start at Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s rock) and finish at the ancient castle in Kato Paphos. The other two races will start and finish at the Castle square. Every year hundreds of runners and spectators gather in the town for the popular event. According to the race director, most are amateur runners taking part for fun or raising money for charity. “Alongside the amateur runners, there are a few runners who compete for the best time and who are very good,” he said. Last years winners included, Gabor Szabo, a Hungarian runner, who won the Marathon in a time of 2:44:07. Germany’s Silvia Schmied was first in the women category with a time of 3:26:00. Swiss runner Pierre Fournier won the half marathon with a time of 1:16:31.Bulgarian Emilia Hristova was first of the women to finish, with the time of 1:37:39. All participants in the 2012 races will receive a souvenir T-shirt and a finisher’s medal. Trophies will be awarded in 50 different age group categories. The event also has an entertainment programme, which will include ‘Greek music of the 20th century’, as well as performances of Greek and Cypriot folk dances. This year’s event sees the race headquarters based at the ‘En Plo’ Paphos Municipality Exhibition Hall, which is found close to Paphos castle. “Many of the overseas entrants come to Cyprus with their families and combine the races with a holiday, which is obviously good for the local economy,” Kakourides said. An entry fee is charged for each race; the full marathon is €35, the half marathon €29 and the 10km race €22.

Paphos Man Running to Help Childhood Hero A Paphos local businessman, Michael Antoniou, will run the Cyprus half marathon on March 11th to raise funds for legendary British motorcycle stuntman Eddie Kidd, who was left disabled after a 1996 stunt went horribly wrong. “I heard of Eddie’s plight and as he was my hero when I was growing up, I decided to run the half marathon to raise funds for his foundation”, said Michael. Eddie crashed performing a stunt when his bike suffered technical problems and he then remained in a coma for many months and suffered injury to his brain. Having been told that he would never walk again and exhausting all the avenues for physiotherapy, the Eddie Kidd Foundation became involved and supplied Eddie with a small device which stimulates his foot to move forward. This enabled him to take part in the 2011 London Marathon with the aid of a specially designed tricycle for support. He was raising funds for children with cancer and after 43 days, Eddie crossed the finishing line. Those who saw him taking part cannot fail to have been deeply moved at his courage Michael was initially intending to enter the 10k race in Paphos, but after seeing Eddie complete the London Marathon last year, he thought the least he could do was to enter the Paphos Half Marathon.

More Goats Needed Increased production of goat and sheep milk is urgently needed to ensure that the Halloumi cheese can remain a registered Cypriot prototype. The problem stems from the insufficient supply of the necessary milk. The production of the traditional Halloumi follows strict controls of the type and ratios of milk used in the making of the iconic cheese under the Protected Designation of Origin product regulations. Crisis talk started on the government level working jointly with the farmers on ways to establish a secure and sustainable production of the goat’s and sheep’s milk. The shortage of milk is largely attributed to the high cost of animal feed and the government is urgently preparing measures to support the industry.

Featured Property

Country Panorama Nata This exquisite villa is perched on the side of a hill, on the edge of the ancient Nata Village, which is transforming itself from a ‘forgotten’ village to the destination of choice for nature lovers. Imagine having a whole green valley at your feet and the spectacular Trodos Mountain Range stretching along the horizon, all shrouded in deep blue hues. Yet Nata is only 10minutes drive away from the sea, Paphos International Airport and two golf courses and a convenient 20 minutes to Paphos itself. The meandering narrow streets crisscross the two hills of Nata Village with many village houses restored and new prestigious villas built, mindful to preserve traditional character while offering the unsurpassed luxuries of modern living. Villa Morona is a fabulous example of the eclectic mix of modern chic alongside traditional functionality. The design follows the traditional style where all rooms open to the living area courtyards.

Set on a generous elevated plot, the front courtyard is brilliantly landscaped to offer privacy and room to park at least two cars. The entry is to a quaint sunny courtyard which in turn leads to the main living room and one of the bedroom suites, to the side. The expansive living room features wall to wall windows which offer fabulous panoramic country scenic views, brilliantly framed by the series of graceful arches of the pool terrace. Caught in the breeze, white gauze curtaining softens the outline of the arches and subtly transcends the indoor-outdoor divide, whilst adding to the aura of luxury and relaxation of your outdoor living environment. Here you have the sparkling pool, the garden BBQ area, the second bedroom suite and a small corridor taking you to a true country-style kitchen where everything is possible.Simply acres of workspace, including the centre aisle, under-the-counter freezers, dishwasher and elevated ovens: it’s a dream kitchen for a busy hostess. The grand staircase brings you to the master bedroom which is equally grandiose in size, style and the views. Villa Marona is an exceptional home where peace and tranquillity is both relaxing and inspiring. If you are looking for an inspirational country retreat this is it. Only an inspection will do this property justice. Contact us to arrange a viewing today.

Please Quote Ref:1333

Cultural Centre or Not? As of July 1st, Cyprus will host the EU presidency and there will be plenty to celebrate in Cyprus. Politicians are already in grooming mode for the forthcoming photo sessions. According to Mr Barrosso, Cyprus has made excellent progress with preparations for the EU Presidency. The EU Commission believes that Cyprus is well on target in fiscal consolidation to reach a deficit of 2.7% this year, in line with its recommendations. With all spotlights firmly focused on Cyprus, local dignitaries and VIPs are most aggrieved by the lack of a Cultural Centre in our capital, and feel this lack is a tragedy that affects the whole country. The construction of a Cultural Centre is in fact on the cards, however the ponderous bureaucratic machine has failed to reach any conclusions about its go-ahead. Projected cost of the project is €12million and according to the latest news from the House Finance Committee, 85% of the funds will be covered by EU funding. The former Finance Minister, Charolaos Stavrakis, strongly challenges this assertion saying that in effect the Cyprus taxpayer would be burdened with the entire cost of the Centre as well as the €4million plus, the ongoing annual running costs. Mr Stavrakis poses an important question for Cyprus. Would the presence of the grandiose Cultural Centre make Cyprus society more ‘cultured’? Certainly, cultural symbols would enrich the city landscape but what of ‘cultured’ society? Presently, Nicosia’s smaller theatres are struggling to attract enough audiences, Paphos Theatre has shut its doors long ago, and no doubt, Limassol cultural activities are not as vibrant as you would expect in a thriving national port city. Neither is there any evidence of a meaningful cultural curriculum in schools and only the change of government educational policy will address the imbalance in the curriculum mix. The cultural level within our society is indeed in crisis and tellingly explains why foreigners are so over-represented in the audiences of classical music concerts and other cultural events. However Cyprus is not altogether a lost cause when it comes to culture. There are many in our society who act on their private initiative to bring us music and arts.

The Pharos Arts Foundation, with very limited financial help from the State, has done wonders to encourage a love of music among the young, through organising educational concerts and master-classes. Music Open Paphos Festival has been launched on the initiative of Russia’s famous composer, Mr Alexander Morozov, who is also a figure behind the Paphos Cultural Capital 1217 bid. However the cultural ‘health’ of the nation is a pressing issue the government has to address and building a €12 million Cultural Centre is only a partial solution. Government needs to commit to long-term support for the arts to bring about an enduring change to the population. The €12 million fund dedicated to promotion of the arts across the nation sounds like a phenomenal opportunity to begin. I understand that it would be nice to show off a ‘state of the art’ building amidst the pomp of the inauguration ceremony for the EU Presidency, but I must agree with Mr Stavrakis, that the demand for ‘culture’ starts from the bottom up not the other way around. Without the popular support for the arts, instead of a vibrant centre for ‘culture’ we may all be left with a very costly white elephant.

Out & About A Flavour of Paphos in Pictures As we plod our way through what has has become the longest winter in living memory things around Paphos have been rather quiet as people stay huddled around their or other peoples fires. It has become noticeable that restaurants with open fires have become very popular of late, but now into March the return to warm rosy days cannot be far away. This is always a quiet time of the year in Paphos but there are things still going on around the area. The Health & Wellbeing Festival run by In Any Event of Paphos at the Akteon Village proved very popular with those interest in Healthy living.

Kamares Entertainments' Valentine's night on February 14 was attended by over 100 people; an excellent 3 course meal followed by coffee and chocolate hearts was served and entertainment was by the popular Neil James; the dance floor was packed all evening and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

What's On with Jezebel Usually at this point in the year I talk about Spring and things warming up, but without windscreen wipers on my contact lenses there's no way of telling....happy to report that the following venues all have roofs and four walls...actually that's not quite true, I was quite spectacularly drenched by a leaking pub whilst watching a certain guitarist with a famous brother, but I'm sure they've fixed it now... Friday 2nd March Neil James sings at The Frog & Toad, Coral Bay 26343876 Break in The Middle sax - keys duo 9pm at Vrisi Bar, Peiga Hill 26622455 Saturday 3rd March Break in The Middle at Hector's Bar, Coral Bay 9pm 26623034 - their last performance before leaving Cyprus for a cruise contract! Friday 9th March Bob Clarkson & Melanie sing at The Frog & Toad, Coral Bay 26343876 Thursday 15th March Groovejet duo at Kouinta KafeTheatre, next to Kamaroudi Tavern (previously Reserve Pub) Konia free entry 8pm 99831136 Saturday 17th March Mario Kombou as Elvis supported by Jezebel at Aloe Hotel €20 inc food and welcome drink. Sunday 18th March Bosom Buddies sing at a Fashion Show in aid of Leukaemia victim Kat Hadjipetrou 2.30pm Kefalos Beach Hotel, Tombs of the Kings Road Kato Pafos €15 inc Afternoon Tea 99389073 Thursday 22nd March ‘Rock n Roll n Jive’ 8 pm at Markedion Theatre for Cancer Patients Support €10. For more information and to book tickets Howard Moss at Elea Estates Golf Club Geroskipou 99417470 Friday 23rd March Andros Kalou and Darren Hayes 7pm at the Farm Yard Restaurant, Kathikas €15 inc buffet 70009696

Regular gigs: Mondays Frontline at Rose Pub, just off Pafos harbour, Kato Pafos 99089524 Stevie Dean 10pm at Atlantica Golden Beach Hotel, Tombs Road Paphos Zingers Show Choir meet and rehearse 7.30pm Old Kamaroudi Tavern, Konia 99147488 Tuesdays The Reggae Rockers 9pm at Theo Sunset Bay Hotel, TOK Road Kissonerga 99986473 Alla Breve singing group meet and rehearse at The Phoenix Club, Kato Pafos 79pm in Tala 97757180 Wednesdays Andros plays guitar & sings 9.30pm at Alexander the Great Hotel, 99335078 Thursdays Acoustic rock with Alexandros Tsaggaridis and Yiannis Chrysanthou 10pm - 1am at Viejo Bar, 99898075 Coldshot duo at Rose Pub, just off Pafos harbour, Kato Pafos 99089524 Andi Hobbs at Nereus Hotel, just off Bar Street Kato Pafos Fridays Alexander 9.30pm at Dark Legion MC Clubhouse 99088268 Jezebel at Moonlight Bar, Aloe Hotel, harbour road, Kato Pafos 7.30pm - midnight free entry Saturdays Matthew Edmondson at Ascos Coral Beach Hotel, 96322902 Roman & Aly Marsh / Ray & Stammy 9.30pm at Dark Legion MC Clubhouse 96343000 Stammy & Ray 9.30pm at Dark Legion MC Clubhouse opposite Papantoniou in town 99088268 Sundays Bob Clarkson 3pm at DTs Bar, Tombs of the Kings Road afos heading towards Coral Bay, off sea side Jukebox Rockers at Charlie’s Bar, Tombs of the Kings Road Andros plays guitar & sings alternate weeks 8.30pm at Akti Hotel, TOK Road Blue Jar at Trattoria La Vigna, start of the strip, Coral Bay For up-to-the-minute listings check out www.groovejetmedia,com and listen to the Saturday Matinee on Rock FM 98.5/106.7 Polis Saturdays 10am to midday

Fitzgerald Estates Paphos Digest  
Fitzgerald Estates Paphos Digest  

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