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Why Fitzgerald's? We aim to bring you the BEST VALUE properties in Paphos and now they are even better value... * A Safe Investment * No VAT charge to pay * Fully equipped * You can move in NOW Most of our properties either have the Title Deed issued, available or are in the final stages of Land Registry approval. Fitzgerald Marketing only list properties that are safe to buy and have a full record of any encumbrances on each property.

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Charming 2 storied villa stikes a perfect balance between a super comfortable contemporary home and an outdoor living environment that’s a treasure you’ll love. Reference: 1358 (See page 8) We continue to advertise our world class website on the famous British property website ‘Rightmove’, the Cyprus Mail, Essential Paphos magazine and the Russian magazine ‘My Island’ (Moi Ostrov) attracting sellers as well as buyers. We are seeing consolidation of prices at current realistic levels. As more people wake up to the fact that this is a wonderful opportunity to buy villas, prices will increase however prices for apartments will continue to be soft because there is a big oversupply of these types of properties.

Property Tide Turning? The sun is shining and the tourists are busy and smiling. Traffic jams around the major attractions, whilst a tad inconvenient, promise a positive impact on the local economy and after a dismal winter, it’s a welcome boost to Paphos collective psyche. Paphos is slowly turning the property tide into the positive territory, not so much from the developer activity but from private property sales. Russian tourism is on the up and so is the demand for properties from this market segment. Daryl Fitzgerald

The English, whilst many English property owners are selling, more come to take the opportunity of the lowest property prices on record. Judging from the flow of property inquiries there is a keen interest in Cyprus property from the ‘northern belt’ from Russia, UK and across to Canada. Undoubtedly many that were keen to investing in Egypt or the Gulf for example, now focus their interest on Cyprus, notwithstanding the problems Cyprus faces with regards to Greece and its ‘Greek’ exposure. With the developer activity nearly at a standstill the property prices are edging upwards especially in key demand areas such as Kato Paphos and the coastal strip from Geroskipou to St Georges. Most in demand are properties with the Title Deeds as most buyers will only consider investing in properties that can be transferred to their names on completion of sale. This is a serious problems facing the developer activity and the Cyprus property market. Too long the buyers have been put at a disadvantage by ‘questionable’ practices from the developers, agents, the legal profession and the shifting sands of Cyprus law. However the problems are easy if the government shows willingness to address the problems. The summer is promising to be busy for us with a record number of flights to Paphos by many airlines including the new addition Ryanair and Russian airlines. The direct weekly flights between Paphos and Kiev and have already started the strength of demand is very encouraging indeed. Also, the ailing Cyprus Airways has attracted the Canadian conglomerate

Triple Five, who are interested in acquiring a majority stake in Cyprus Airways and its impressive portfolio of destinations. The Canadian corporation has extensive business interests ranging from malls and real estate and hotel chains and no stranger to winning in competitive market. So the summer promises to be busy for Fitzgerald’s and for Paphos. Come and see us

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee With British Forces being based in Cyprus, it’s natural that some events are being held around the Jubilee weekend. All the British bases at Episkpoi, Akrotiri and Dhekelia are holding celebrations. In Paphos itself, some of the restaurants and bars are holding parties around Jubilee time when they will try to recreate the typical British street party, (though being here in Cyprus, we don’t expect any rain)! Plenty of flag waving and British food for the day with entertainment based on the early Rock ‘n Roll era. For those without TV access, some venues are showing the UK celebrations on big screens during the day. Fortunately, the 4th June is a Public Holiday in Cyprus as well as in the UK, though nothing to do with the Jubilee, its Kataklismos time.

Kataklysmos Monday the 4th June is Kataklysmos in the Greek Orthodox Calendar which equates to Whitsuntide in the Western Christian Church calendar. Events will be staged mostly around coastal areas, starting on Saturday, and will continue through to Monday, which is a public Bank Holiday in Cyprus for Pentecost (the 50th day after easter). Lining the promenade in Paphos will be stalls selling everything from hot dumplings and Cyprus nuts to children’s toys and artists’ paintings. The Festivities always take place on or near water, as the meaning of ‘Kataklysmos’ is flood. There may be various other events taking place near lakes or even

swimming pools, but in Paphos, the most popular place to go and join in the Festival of Flood celebrations is the harbour area. It’s free to attend and is organised by the municipalities and will have free traditional singing and dancing, as well as ‘Tchattista’, where locals compete to sing improvised verses. Be prepared to get wet, as the most common custom of this event is to throw water at one another to symbolise the purification of the body and soul. Celebrations will also include various games, folk dances, swimming competitions and boat races. The greasy pole competition is very popular with the local males – it’s a “man pride” thing! The competitions normally take place in Paphos on the Monday.

New Driving Penalties Within the first two weeks of June, new tougher penalties are being introduced for serious speeding and drink-driving offences. These will be on-the-spot fines and aim to combat the 2 leading causes of death in Cyprus. They will also keep the courts from being clogged-up with road offence cases. The Government are hoping that being given an immediate fine and, in some cases, penalty points will deter drivers from repeating the offence. Until the actual law comes into effect, I cannot tell you whether it will also include driving through traffic lights at red – (those of you who have driven in Cyprus will know exactly what I mean)! However, anything that helps to reduce the number of accidents and road deaths is most certainly welcome.

Счастье жить на Кипре Очень приятно наблюдать столько энтузиазма у потенциальных покупателей, и подтверждение тому – все большее количество заявок на недвижимость с началом этого года. «Это было самое оживленное начало нового года за последние 9 лет!» - заявил Дерил Фитцджеральд. Покупатели из разных стран начинают осознавать, что нынешние цены на кипрскую недвижимость на порядок ниже, и именно сейчас они могут совершить весьма выгодную покупку. Консервативная позиция Кипрских банков относительно финансовых инноваций, столь популярной в европейских странах, смогла спасти банки от катастрофы.


Тогда как приобретение недвижимости для многих людей было несбыточной мечтой, относительный крах рынка недвижимости предоставил этим людям возможность осуществить свою мечту. Судя по количеству заявок на недвижимость, получаемых компанией Fitzgerald Marketing, многие из них весьма заинтересованы в использовании этого шанса. Чем же так привлекателен Кипр? Многие потенциальные покупатели, желающие инвестировать в недвижимость острова, буквально влюбляются в Кипрский спокойный и размеренный образ жизни, а также в дружелюбие и открытость местного населения. Романтика Средиземноморья, равно как и идеальные климатические условия, несомненно играют свою роль. Но возможно именно свобода от жестких формальностей делает Кипр таким желанным. Превосходные таверны, романтические хижины на пляже, шашлыки (или сувла, как их здесь называют), готовящиеся во дворе ресторанов, словоохотливые хозяева со свойственным им очаровательным дружелюбием – это то, что добавляет изюминку в Вашу жизнь на острове. Сравнительная экономия средств во время покупки недвижимости вкупе с желанным стилем жизни – разве можно это упустить?!

Wine Festivals in Cyprus Cyprus since antiquity has been famed as an Island of wines, it still produces a fine crop each year and the quality of the wines has continued to improve with the implementation of modern methods. One thing that has not changed is the fervour that goes into the annual wine festivals on the island, throughout the late summer. You will find these festivals dotted around the island, the most prominent though in Limassol. The wine festival has been one of the featured events in Limassol, Cyprus’s wine capital, since 1961. The festival is held yearly for 12 days from the end of August to the beginning of September . The Limassol Wine Festival was inspired by the ancient festivals dedicated to the God of wine Dionysus and honours the long island’s tradition of winemaking. The giant statue of a Cypriot wine-maker welcomes visitors at the entrance. Culture event that praise the glory of the Cypriot wine take place in the festival that entertains about 15000 visitors. The main events of the festival are Greek music and dancing. They are carried out by the local singers that belong to the folklore club of Limassol. Guest artists from overseas join them. Other kinds of events are: magic shows, comedy shows and concerts of the Municipality Philharmonic Orchestra that perform at some venues. Folkloric dances, songs, theatrical performances from local and international artistic groups are also included in the program of the festival. In order to emphasize the connection between the dancing and the music the festival offers to watch the process of grape treading. At the festival, guests, both locals and foreigners, get the chance to try different local wines and traditional Cypriot food. Although there is a small entrance fee, the wines produced by the island’s wineries are offered free of charge in unlimited quantities. Well worth making a note in your diaries!

Featured Property

Kamares Prestige Villa The high value residential precinct in prestigious Kamares.If you want to live in a grandiose setting that offers picturesque landscape, quality lifestyle and a high level of service then Kamares Village will be on your list. Kamares Prestige VillaThis charming 2 storied villa was built to very high standards and strikes a perfect balance between a super comfortable contemporary home and an outdoor living environment that’s a treasure you’ll love. The 800m plot cascades gently down the hillside cleverly exploiting the slope to create a fascinating multi-layered home design that is both super functional and fantastically comfortable. The plot is strategically positioned on a hairpin bend giving you picture perfect, unobstructed, 180 degree, panoramic views stretching from Coral Bay to Kato Paphos and beyond.Kamares Prestige VillaYou have private parking for two cars on street level with natural stone stairs leading down to the terraced garden courtyard. Solid wood, the main door opens to a mid level landing

with the master bedroom suite, the formal living areas on the lower level and the three double bedrooms above. The expansive lounge–dining room projects into the colourful garden, with nothing between you and the horizon, so grand is the outlook. Inside, the living area flows freely with a feature open fireplace at one end and an expansive archway at the other end spanning the high ceiling and effectively separating the lounge and the dining ‘room’. A soft canvas awning covers the secluded garden terrace between the dining room and the gourmet kitchen that is custom designed to make entertaining a pleasure. A more expansive outdoor entertainment setting spans the formal lounge.Kamares Prestige VillaThe master bedroom suite enjoys its own elevated garden area intricately landscaped to offer enhanced privacy and superior ambiance. The three bedrooms upstairs are bright and spacious and all have a favoured southerly orientation and brilliant panoramic scenery.100 Kamares Avenue is the address you will want to make it your home. Finished to perfection inside and out, it is a home that is simply brilliant. Kamares Village also offers great lifestyle benefits for its residents. The Kamares Clubhouse offers a vast variety of activities, including a community pool, tennis courts, a fabulous restaurant, a mini market, medical facilities, etc. So welcome… you’ll enjoy living here. Quote Reference No. 1358

Mount Everest The first Cypriot set foot on the summit of Mount Everest on 25th May 2012 at 9am, Cyprus time, flying the flag on the top of the 8848m peak. Giorgos Andreou, 39, has made the list of climbers – around 3,000 until now - to have succeeded in the treacherous journey to the top of the world’s highest mountain. “He’s the first Cypriot ever to set foot on the highest peak and we’re very proud,” said Pavlos Georgiades, head of the Cyprus Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation. He reached 7900m by 9pm Cyprus time the night before and then after 12 hours put his foot on the top, he added. Andreou, who is also deputy head of the Federation, began the journey almost two months ago, the expedition beginning from Kathmandu with an international team of ten people. He was the second of his team to set foot on the summit. Apparently in 2004 the Cypriot flag was placed on the top by a Greek team, which a Cypriot took part in but he did however not reach the top. Despite the joy and pride Georgiades feels at having a former student reach the highest point in the world, after two years of preparation, he said that the climb down is usually the more worrying part of the journey. “I feel more uneasy about the return as more accidents happen on the way down,” said Georgiades, explaining that this is the case usually because the climbers are tired and anything could happen, such as bad weather. They also need to pace themselves so as not to get altitude sickness. Apart from the return another very dangerous part of the journey is what is described as the ‘death zone’ which is the climb from about 8000m upwards (the last camp before the top). This is the point where temperatures can dip to very low levels, resulting in frostbite on any body part exposed to the outside air. Low oxygen is also a problem so climbers must be equipped with oxygen tanks. On the Facebook page Cyprus Everest Expedition 2012, Andreou describes Camp 4, death zone, as ‘literally an area covered in debris from 50 years of missions,

filled with oxygen tanks, food wrappers and even human remains.’ The effects on climbers in the death zone is so great that it usually takes them around 12 hours to walk 1.72 km. An injured person who cannot walk is in serious trouble as rescue by helicopter is generally impractical and carrying the person off the mountain is very risky. People who die during the climb are typically left behind. About 150 bodies have never been recovered. It is not uncommon to find corpses near the standard climbing routes. On a lighter note, according to Georgiades, Andreou should be back in Cyprus in about a week.

Cyprus v Greece Rugby Union THE Cyprus national rugby team showed little sympathy for their Hellenic brothers in crisis, when they annihilated them by 72-5 in Paphos on Saturday in their Division 2C clash. Team manager Theo Lenos stated: “The level of improvement in our team is clearly reflected in this game; last year the score was 31-13, today we are out of sight. We have one more game against Finland to complete our season and then we are promoted. The team spirit and camaraderie is like nothing else I have encountered in a lifetime in the game, each player is not only dedicated to their country but to each other. Next year will be very interesting.” A few sent to the sin bin and a couple of red cards didn’t stop the Cyprus team from scoring profusely. The watching crowd was swelled by the attendance of the Alpha Dometicos school from Dali that witnessed their first full scale international rugby match and were presented with a new match ball by Laurence Vassiliades, the Cyprus Rugby Federation president, which was accepted by the head-mistress. The entire match was filmed by LTV and witnessed by the news-team from the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation. Paul Shanks, the national coach, appeared drained at the end of the game but was emphatic in his praise for the team: "I know that the score-line suggests an easy

passage, but this is only achieved by dedicated hard work. The lads have done everything I asked of them and more. This is one of the most committed sides I have worked with and I look forward to the challenges arising from our promotion next season. We must remember that each division is harder than the last and nothing must be taken for granted. I know that there is speculation about the team, but we will take each game as it comes.” For his part, Vassiliades said: "This is the culmination of two years of hard work. I am so fortunate to be supported by a dedicated committee that make all this possible. “Do not forget it requires many, many hours of planning and total commitment to reach this level of success. “We are all so proud of our team and coaches that do so much with so little, in terms of financial support, yet go on winning game after game. Next season... who knows.”

Kamares Festival The annual Kamares Festival took place on Saturday 26th May and raised almost twelve hundred Euros for local charities!! With over 40 stands including arts and crafts and local wineries as well as charity games and the Paphos Classic Vehicle Club exhibiting their collection of classic cars. It was a busy day with a Tennis Tournament, Aqua Zumba class and performances from the Paphos Zingers, Spotlight Dance Studio, classical vocalist Tina Chester and Bulgarian pop idol Ivan Angelove to entertain us. The event supported four local charities, St Michael’s Hospice, Cancer Patients Support, Inner Wheel and Margarita Liasidou Foundation

(Photo's by

Out & About A Flavour of Paphos in Pictures

Kamares Festival

May Ball

Despite the great move outdoors at this time of year, the May Ball at Kamares Club organised by Kamares Entertainments was a great success with the revelers.

What's On With Jezebel Big bands have been replaced by Chamber music as flavour of the month, but there are still lots of pop and rock acts about, and plenty of Elvises. New names to look out for are female vocal duo Crystal Clear and AJ Vickers - who gives a Swing type show all on his own. Reggae, metal, brass bands and gypsy jazz are also represented plus a whole host of Jubilee street parties and events, no doubt including the odd sing-along. Check out Stammy (ex-Coldshot)’s solo act and watch out for MidLifeCrisis! For full details and listings checkout LISTINGS page updated almost daily. Friday 1st June WSBA 'Party in the Park' in Happy Valley, Episkopi: Queen Alive, RAF College Band and 2Yorks Drums Platoon €20 Adults €10 children email: 12th International Pharos Chamber Mussic Festival with 17 world-renowned soloists 8.30pm at The Royal Manor House, Kouklia 22663871 Saturday 2nd June Crystal Clear: singing duo Heather and Louise 7.30pm at The Terebinth Tree Bistro, Mesa Xorio, €15 inc 3 course buffet 2665426 Reggae Echoes with Stefanatty 6pm at Paradise Place, Pomos €10 camping and food available 99583847 12th International Pharos Chamber Music Festival Open-air concert with 9 soloists 8.30pm at The Olive Grove, Delikipos 22663871 Sunday 3rd June Groovejet at Elias Inn for the bar’s 21st Birthday Party - all welcome. Latchi Harbour 8.30pm free entry 99831136 Monday 4th June Diamond Jubilee Concert from The Band of the Royal Air Force 6.30pm at Pissouri Amphitheatre in €10 aid of The Soldiers’ Charity 99934668 Tuesday 5th June Jubilee Concert with Polis Charalambous, Alla Breve and various artists 7.30pm at Palia Electriki, Pafos Town €13 in aid of Cancer Support inc buffet and local drinks 99880097 Friday 8th June Veterans of The Orchestra tribute with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra 8.30pm at Markedion Theatre 26932571

Saturday 9th June Royal Air Force College Band 7pm Pafos Castle €10 99199581 Monday 11th June Jezebel sings and hosts a disco night 8pm - midnight at Queen’s Bay Hotel, sea side TOK Road towards Coral Bay, Kissonerga 99831136 Tuesday 12th June AJ Vickers Vegas Show 10pm at Evis Pub, Kleous St (turn away from sea opp Yemen’s on harbour road) 99699320 Saturday 16th June Symbiosis rock band at Rose Pub, just off harbour, Kato Pafos 99089524 Sunday 17th June Black Cab rock band at Orpheus Tavern, Xlorakas 99711784 Wednesday 20th June Blue Jar gypsy jazz duo 7.30pm at Palio Monastiro Taverna - drive from Pafos on TOK Rd, beyond Coral Bay Strip turn off 26343815 Thursday 21st June Rock FM music day festival in Geroskipou square 6 - 8pm live link with Antonys Cocktail show Friday 22nd June Jezebel sings wartime, golden oldies and showsongs at Moonlight Bar, Aloe Hotel, harbour road, Kato Pafos 7.30pm - midnight free entry Saturday 23rd June MidLifeCrisis band at Latin Parish Hall 7pm raising funds for St Michael’s Hospice €7.50 inc food 99804161 Sunday 24th June Acoustic Jam Session 3 - 7pm at The Phoenix, Kato Pafos (previously Seahorse) 96554525 Chris King as Elvis in aid of Polis Group of Animal Lovers 7pm Faros, Latchi harbour 99010724 Thursday 28th June The Real Thing rock-blues band with Andrey at Rose Pub, just off Pafos harbour, Kato Pafos 99089524 Friday 29th June Stammy Manolelis plays the blues at Temple Pub, Pafos Town (take second left after CYTA) Saturday 30th June Garden party with live music in memory of Dave Robinson at NB Studios, 2 Agapinoros Street Tsada 11am - 4pm 99760796 Remember to tune in and listen to Jezebel every Saturday morning 10 - 12 on Rock FM 98.5

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