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August Fitzgerald Estates (Cyprus)

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Why Fitzgerald's?

We aim to bring you the BEST VALUE properties in Paphos and now they are even better value... * A Safe Investment * No VAT charge to pay * Fully equipped * You can move in NOW Most of our properties either have the Title Deed issued, available or are in the final stages of Land Registry approval. Fitzgerald Estates only list properties that are safe to buy and have a full record of any encumbrances on each property.

Featured Property

Lighthouse Beach Villa The perfect choice for those who value easy practical living, quality and a premier beach location. This attractive villa is flanked by wide terraces and pretty courtyards. To find out more just quote the reference number 1197 See page 7 We continue to advertise our world class website on the famous British property website ‘Rightmove’, the Cyprus Mail, Essential Paphos magazine and the Russian magazine ‘My Island’ (Moi Ostrov) attracting sellers as well as buyers. We are seeing consolidation of prices at current realistic levels. As more people wake up to the fact that this is a wonderful opportunity to buy villas, prices will increase however prices for apartments will continue to be soft because there is a big oversupply of these types of properties.

traditionally has many cultural links with it. The fact that the laws are based on British law gives it a degree of familiarity and having most Cypriots speak English was a very desirable aspect way back then. Today it plays a major role still in the island’s ‘appeal’ factor.

Wonderful Cyprus Looking back over the last 24 years we have been in Cyprus, all in all, we consider ourselves lucky to have been here. Our children grew up in this safe and children-friendly environment and Cyprus is very much our home.

Today many more Europeans are also choosing the island’s way of life and are making their homes and businesses here, helped by the EU open-door policy, low Government taxes, the comparatively low cost of buying property and low income and capital gains taxes. The banking system here in Cyprus is based on deposit accounts, and the banks are very conservative, which has put them currently in a better state than some of the banks in other countries.

There have been many positive changes over the last 2 decades covering the whole spectrum of the social and economic ‘health’ of the island. The economic growth, major improvements in infrastructure and changes in governance have transformed the island beyond all measure. Fundamental to this progress, was Cyprus’s entry into the EU, which heralded a major change and seismic shift in Cypriot mentality from a narrow ‘island’ focus to a European one. Despite some cultural differences with Western Europe, Cyprus overall is a well organised and well run, separate, European Union country, not part of, or dependent on Greece, though it

The development of a good road infrastructure connecting the major cities and the substantial improvement in suburban roads has made an enormous impact on road safety and lifestyle. The recent addition of new inter-city and inner-city bus networks has positively impacted on tourists and

locals alike and has substantially reduced travel costs. Substantial improvements of Cyprus’s airports are also very welcome. Growth in Commerce has been impressive too. For the consumer, the vibrant commercial activity has brought a much wider spectrum of services and goods and increased competition has delivered much better value, coupled with heightened protection of consumer rights. Increased competition has a substantial impact on the weekly shopping basket and, with relatively low fuel prices and property taxes the household budget is adequately manageable.

For all the news about excess property developments, Cyprus still has a low population and low building density and absolutely fascinating countryside and beaches. The Cypriots are a friendly and hospitable people, proud of their unique and fascinating crosscontinental history and culture and it is wonderful to be a part of it.

log of work for the Land Registry Departments caused by the property boom of 2000-2008 but this is being systematically addressed by the government. Even though many developers made mileage out of the lax supervision and government slowness to issue Title Deeds, on the whole, most developers have behaved responsibly and sooner or later cooperated with the government to issue the Title Deeds for their projects. Government, private individuals, not to mention the EU calls to comply with its laws, have exerted pressure on the developers and they are responding. Unfortunately there have been several cases that have adversely highlighted the Title Deed saga, but overall they are very small in number compared with the 250,000 properties that have been sold by developers in the last 20 years. The recent changes to the Title Deeds Law as mentioned last month and the increased scrutiny of the legal profession in Cyprus are also a big step in the right direction to reduce the 'red tape' and protect buyers of immovable property.

Title Deeds The fact that Cyprus has a Title Deed System laid down by the British over 100 years ago is a very big plus for property buyers and sellers here in Cyprus. Naturally there has been a huge back

This is precisely why Fitzgerald's only sells property that we know all about and which either has the Title Deed, or is very close to it.

Electricity Following the unfortunate accident at the Mari Naval Base at Zygi which put Vassiliko the Islands largest power station out of action we have all been beset by power cuts. The accident has resulted in Cyprus losing approximately 60% of it's power generating ability, a situation which would bring many countries to their knees. Here in Cyprus though it is business as usual around the inevitable power cuts. There has of course been the expected rounds of Why? How? and Who? with some obvious politicising of the events. But to the ordinary people in Cyprus whilst there is great sadness at the loss of life surrounding the event they just want to get on with their lives and the one thing that is affecting most people are the power cuts. Of course the power cuts are not the same all over the island, initially there seemed to be a rolling schedule of power cuts and some areas suffered less than others.

There must have been a conscious decision to prioritise certain areas for power to help sustain the economy and those people who live in tourist areas, near airports and hospitals are much

less likely to lose power whereas those of us out in the sticks have had to endure 3 or more power cuts a day. Whilst in this most technological of ages this may sound like an absolute nightmare, no TV, fans, air conditioning or computers; where we are forced to go out and sit on a sun lounger in a shady spot and relax in the beautiful weather that Cyprus provides. Yes the some what randomness of the power cuts has been an annoyance, will it go off just as you put the roast in the oven? The people who should get the sympathy are the people at the electricity board who in the aftermath of such an event must be pulling their hair out trying to balance the supplies and keep everyone as happy as possible, especially as the situation is not of their making. To the credit of the EAC (Electricity Authority of Cyprus) they have managed to keep the vast majority of power outages, at least in the Paphos area to the daylight hours making for more comfortable nights. The plan is, until the situation is resolved, to have 22 areas of the island each having one power cut each day of no more than two and a half hours between the the hours of 8am and 7pm with everyone

having power overnight. It is going to take time probably in the region of six months before we see power coming from the Vassiliko power plant again, in the meantime much is being done to alleviate the situation. The first shipment of generators from Greece is due to arrive which will give an additional 70 MW to the national grid, generators from Israel are already in operation supplying 10 MW and Bank of Cyprus have purchased generators with the capacity of 20 MW, 10 MW of which will be fed into the national grid “for free for as long as needed”. There is also power coming from the North of the island. So the next time the lights go out find a comfortable spot open a bottle of Cyprus wine and remember why we came to Cyprus in the first place. To do just that!

Digital TV Switchover CYPRUS’ entry into the digital world on 1st July went smoothly, with no major problems being reported. According to the head of the Communications Ministry’s Department of Electronic Communications, Stelios Chimonas, everything went well, while the necessary adjustments were made by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) and consortium Velister, to ensure the areas that don’t receive the digital signal yet, will receive the analogue one for another few months. Chimonas concluded that transition to the new digital environment was a

necessity, which will offer viewers better sound and viewing, as well as unlimited opportunities.

Apart from the current terrestrial stations - CyBC’s Rik 1 and 2, Ant1, Mega and Sigma - licensing for islandwide transmission has also been given to Fred TV, Larnaca channel Music TV, Limassol’s Capital TV and Extra TV. Since the beginning of the month, there have been a few hiccups which are slowly being sorted. To receive the channels you must have either a modern TV with built-in MPEG 4 compatibility, or an external set top decoder. The decoders can be bought at various supermarkets or electrical shops or DIY shop and start from just under €30, depending on make and from where purchased. One point to remember is that you still need an antenna to receive a signal. A lot of people are choosing to purchase brand new high definition (HD) digital televisions and so an expected 50,000 old TV sets are expected to be recycled in the next few months.

Featured Property

Lighthouse Beach Villa The perfect choice for those who value easy practical living, quality and a premier beach location. This attractive villa is flanked by wide terraces and pretty courtyards, encircled by a minimalistic palm-studded Mediterranean garden ‌a superb embodiment of Paphos’ indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Kato Paphos Sea Side Villa - Your new home is a mere 150m from the beach and the ever present sea breeze makes entertaining outdoors a superbly pleasurable experience by day and by night. The setting of the kidney shaped walk-in pool is picture perfect. Light coloured natural sandstone paving is cool even on the hottest day and there is space aplenty for sun loungers and the outdoor dining setting, ideal to entertain your guests in style. The ground floor of this charismatic home accommodates an open living area flowing out to the pool courtyard and an arch detailed dining terrace which extends seamlessly to an outdoor sitting area. The sitting area is under the woven pergola where you can relax in comfort protected from the midday sun.

Entry to your home is from the quiet private cul-de-sac with semi-enclosed galley kitchen to your left , straight ahead is the living room and to the right an attractive archway which leads to a small corridor with a double bedroom (which also connects to the shaded sitting area), separate laundry, a lovely full bathroom and a sweeping stairway. The master bedroom on the first floor (shower en-suite) is bright and sunny with windows to the west, south and south east. Patio doors lead to an expansive, full length of your home, balcony which is partially covered with pergola. An ideal place to relax and enjoy the views to the sea, the lighthouse and the pool below. Access to the roof terrace is also here, from where you have a 360째 view. The entire city, nestled as it were, between hills and sea is in view by day and of an evening , the mesmerising twinkling of the lights and the glow of the sunset over the sea makes for a truly memorable setting. Everything about this property leaves lasting impression of warmth and quality of lifestyle with a desirable inner city address in the most historic and coveted residential precinct of Paphos. This wonderful home offers the canny buyer the unprecedented opportunity to secure an attractive villa in an absolutely unique location. (For details quote Ref: 1197)

The Fitzgerald Office Being a family business we have one office centrally situated in Kato paphos close to and in walking distance of both the Harbour and the Tomb of the kings Road. The office hours are from 9am to 5.30pm 6 days a week with no break for lunch. So if you are working and only have your lunch break to come and see us, you are welcome! If you have a property of any kind to sell in the Paphos area with Title Deeds in your name please come and see us, we are always looking for new properties to market.

RECYCLING TV viewers in Cyprus are being urged to recycle their old TV sets in an eco-friendly way. Due to the Digital switchover on July 1, the Operations Manager of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Cyprus Ltd., George Fotiou, said 50,000 old TV sets were expected to be recycled in the next few months. The non-profit organisation set up under EU rules, has been operating in Cyprus for just over a year. It aims to tackle growing local waste resulting from obsolete and abandoned televisions, fridges, computers and most other household electronic appliances. “We have had many enquiries from the public over the correct way to recycle old TVs recently and we predict around 50,000 sets will be returned”. Fotiou explained that many hotels in Cyprus will be getting rid of their old TVs before the digital crossover occurred and said that he expected most households to get rid of at least one. “Retailers of electronic goods have an obligation under the WEEE regulations to ensure that each member of the public can return two old television sets free of charge, regardless of whether they are buying a new TV”. He added that there are currently more than 500 manufacturers and businesses in Cyprus that act as drop-off and collection points for expired appliances. In addition, there are 40 designated collection facilities, (recycling containers) around the Island where obsolete electronic items can be returned. For more information visit

Yeroskipou Regatta Recently, Yeroskipou held it’s Summer Regatta off the municipal beach by the Atlantida Restaurant. Taking part were 35 sailing dinghies and the weather was favourable for sailing over both days. Four races were held on the Saturday and Sunday saw the final three races. Various Nautical and Sailing clubs from around the Island entered the Regatta and the prizes were distributed by the Yeroskipou Mayor – Tassos Kouzoobos.

Geronisos Island When travelling towards Ayios Georgios and the Akamas Peninsular, have you ever noticed the small island not far off the coast of Ayios Georgios? Well, this is called Geronisos island and there are now new theories about First Century BC visitors to the ‘Holy Island’ after a four week dig by 176 archaeologists from New York University. Apparently, ancient pilgrims to the “symbolically charged” Geronisos island might have celebrated rites of passage with a diet rich in liquids, soups and strained foods, dancing and clay gifts to Apollo, according to the latest excavations. In early Byzantine times, a Christian basilica was built atop Geronisos, a partner to the three basilicas that sit just opposite on the mainland at Ayios Georgios tis Peyeias. Among the findings were stone tools, a large jar or pithos, a female figurine and a bead that was deliberately placed in a pit with ash during the early Chalcolithic period, around 3,800 B.C. According to chief excavator, Professor Joan Breton Connelly, findings from around the first century B.C. suggest families may have brought their sons out to Geronisos for special rites of maturation. A circular platform unearthed in recent seasons may represent a dance floor, used for bys choral dancing – an integral part of education in Greek antiquity. Other findings suggest that a school for boys may have been part of the sanctuary operations. Architect Richard Anderson continued his massive work of preparing a 3-D digital survey of all architectural remains on Geronisos using a total station laser theodolite. Wind and sea erosion of the cliff edges of Geronisos makes survey and mapping of the island’s remains all the more urgent.

Paphos Candidate for European Capital of Culture 2017 It appears that most of the cities in Cyprus are applying to become the European City of Culture for 2017, however with Fitzgeralds being based in Paphos, we are, of course, biased towards Paphos. Running under the slogan “Linking continents: bridging cultures”, the municipality hopes to win the prestigious award by drawing upon its archaeological heritage and location as Europe’s easternmost city. Coordinator for Paphos 2017 steering bid Phemis Filippides said: “We want to play with the position of Paphos as the easternmost European city –It provides the possibility to open the cultural horizons of the Middle East and North Africa.” The 2017 award will go to two different cities in Europe, one in Cyprus and one in Denmark, who will then have to prepare the annual programme of cultural events. According to the European Commission, the proposed programme must be “sustainable and an integral part of the long-term cultural and social development of the city”. The award selection panel will consist of seven EU-representatives and six members drawn from the Education and Culture Ministry. The panel will evaluate each candidate city’s programme’s potential for fostering a connectedness to the urban centre in both its residents as well as in its foreign visitors, as described by the European Commission’s guidelines. The deadline for the pre-selection phase has been extended from October to December this year, giving the EU one year to decide the winner, which will be announced in May 2013. Two websites have been built – and which will highlight cultural events and much more information. The latter site is still being developed and parts are incomplete, but will soon build into a large part of the application for the title.

Out & About

Music Open Pafos festival which featured top young Russian Opera Singers. Works from Mike Gorman, Barbara Maddox, Jonathen Hollowell, Lisa Antell, Marcia Worth and other local artists were on display at Gustoso Restaurant on the Tomb of the Kings Road

Royal Ascot Ladies Day here in Cyprus at the Elea Golf Club brought out some fine designs. (Pictures Courtesy of In Any Event, Paphos)

Paphos International Rally The beginning of this month saw the inaugural Pafos International Rally which succeeded the longstanding and internationally acclaimed Troodos Rally.

Round 4 of the FIA Middle East Rally Championship (MERC) and an official round of this year’s Cyprus National Rally Championship, the new event saw competitors from across Cyprus and the region do battle on the island’s renowned special stages. The Troodos Rally and the annual Cyprus Rally have played key roles in the history of the Middle East Rally Championship and the organisers, the Cyprus Automobile Association (CAA), brought their considerable experience to bear to ensure that the all-new Pafos International Rally was an instant success. Relocating one of the island’s most significant and popular sporting events was no mean feat, but with the support of the local municipality and a memorable Service Park located close to Pafos’ lively harbour, the organisers were going all-out to ensure this ranked among the most memorable of the island’s many successful rallies. Qatar’s Nasser Al-Attiyah swept to an emphatic victory to move into first place, by winning 11 of the event’s 12 stages. He currently leads the standings with 75 points. The next battle moves to Lebanon which will take place in September. International Rallying will return to Cyprus later this year with the Cyprus Rally, one of the best known rallies on the international stage. Set for November 3-5, it will serve as the twelfth and final round of the 2011 Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) calendar.

Archaeology Centre Opens in Paphos The Cyprus Institute officially opened its local branch at a ceremony at the former District Officer’s residence in Paphos, aiming to serve scientific and archaeological research. It will support the activities of the Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Centre (STARC) as well as marine activities for archaeology and environment, based in the Paphos harbour. Moreover, the renovated building will also host various exhibitions, scientific symposia and conferences. The landmark premises were designed by Maltese architect William Caruana for the Department of Public Works between 1925 and 1931. Caruana combined elements of Cypriot traditional architecture with features of the Tudor revival architectural style. The residence occupies a prominent place in the topography of Paphos. Situated on a natural hill at the eastern end of the town, it once dominated the main road connecting Paphos to Limassol. The house is surrounded by a large mature herb garden which is home to indigenous and imported herbs. True to the objectives of the centre, the opening ceremony launched an exhibition devoted to a famous two- millennia old Antikythera mechanism, a device found in a shipwreck off the Greek coast which was capable of accurate astronomical calendar calculations. Described as an ancient analogue computer, the mechanism calculated the exact position of the sun, the phases of the moon, predicted eclipses and determined the dates of the ancient Crown Games. The exhibition will run from Monday until Friday from 9am until 5pm until August 15th, presented as part of the cycle events on “Science and Archaeology”. To find the residence take the road from the “Old Town” towards the “big” Debenhams and it’s on the left, just before the big statue of the head of Archbishop Makarios.

Entertainment In Paphos - with Jezebel Hi once again, as always there is a lot happening here in Paphos during the summer months. So here are some of the Highlights of the coming months entertainment in Paphos. ( Wednesday 3rd August Night of Aphrodite at Ancient Odeon Kato Pafos www.cyprus-tickets 7000 9303 Friday 5th August The Frontline Band [formerly Zacsuss] at Tala Amphitheatre, top of Stephanie Hill. Doors 7pm, show 8pm. €5 payable on the door. Bring cushion, No food or drink allowed in auditorium. 26653132 or Tat-Tnabar, Kafeney Houseband, Quarteto Nuevo, Tony Lakatos & Charis Ioannou Quartet' as part of the Paradise Jazz Festival, Paradise Place, Pomos 99516932 Free live music at Polis Town Hall Square 9pm Saturday 6th August Tat-Tnabar, Kafeney Houseband, Quarteto Nuevo, Tony Lakatos & Charis Ioannou Quartet' as part of the Paradise Jazz Festival, Paradise Place, Pomos 99516932 Free live music at Polis Town Hall Square 9pm Saturday 19th August Free live music at Polis Town Hall Square 9pm Saturday 27th August AbbaphroditeFabulous The Musical at Tala Amphitheatre, top of Stephanie Hill. It's unique, it's musical, it's fun! Doors 7pm, show 8pm. Bring a cushion, No food or drink allowed in auditorium. Tickets €5 from Hearns Bookshop, Oliver’s Deli, Oscar’s Sandwich Bar, Kava Café or Music Gallery, or call 99831136 or 26653132 or email

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