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CHOOSE YOUR WELNESS TYPE for health, beauty, and vitality / for men only /

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for health, beauty, and vitality / for women only /

revitalising, anti-age

new and powerful weight-control formula

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Cocktail of vitamins, minerals and vitamins, and nutritive substances to stay fit Health. Vitality. Energy. Beauty. Harmony. Relaxation. Happiness. All these elements make Wellness magic, unique and unforgettable. It feels good to spend a few days in such ambiance that provides all these possibilities. Sometimes, you need to drift off into some other world, away from everyday job and stress, and enjoy in those precious moments provided by Wellness. However, that is not always possible. Life does not always give us the opportunity to run away from everything and find our small piece of paradise on Earth. There are days when we feel bad, when all things go wrong, and we desperately need extra energy to move on; when we have a problem and we can’t find a solution, when we lack time to run away from reality. And then, we simply continue with our lives and jobs, hoping one day our dreams will come true.

Finally, the things have changed. Now, we can all enjoy in Wellness, anytime and anywhere. Owing to the new health initiative, Wellness take-away offers health, vitality, energy, beauty, harmony, happiness and relaxation. At work or at home, in the car or in the airplane, one treatment package can turn your bad day into a fantastic adventure, recharge your energy, relax and revitalise you and improve your health. In the recent years, „Wellness“ has evolved into a life style throughout the world. The principal role of Wellness is taking care of health, focused on four main aspects: healthy ad natural nutrition, relaxation, mental and physical activities. Wellness is the way we eat, sleep, work, think and age beautifully. Wellness is a life style.

Phyto - Orthomolecular therapy, covered by Wellness, includes the healthy and natural nutrition and plays a very important role in prevention of diseases and protection from thereof. The balanced intake of vitamins, minerals and phyto-substances is necessary to maintain a good health and to help in curing the illnesses. „ Orthomolecular therapy helps in preserving health and impacts the illnesses by changing the concentration of substances that are predominantly present in the human body and are essential for the health of every human being.“ (Quote Linus Pauling, Double Nobel Prize winner)

At work at home, in the airplane, I always carry MANNOFIT in my pocket. I feel healthier, and safer with MANNOFIT, and everybody tells me that I look younger! (Ivan M.)

From now on, I will always carry Donnafit in my purse! All my problems have gone away with Donnafit. I am more cheerful, and I feel healthier, stronger and younger. Donnafit provides solution to all my problems!(Vera G.)

natural formula for health, beauty, vitality and longevity of a man. MANNOFIT is the combination of traditional medicine, which has been using medicinal herbs for centuries, and contemporary scientific researches and achievements. MANNOFIT revitalises the entire body a man, owing to synergistic combination of medicinal herbs, vitamins and minerals (12 components. It helps in addressing enlarged prostate and ureter problems, as well as poor circulation and potency problems.

natural formula for health, beauty, vitality and longevity


DONNAFIT is a unique therapy rich in natural medicinal herbs, vitamins and minerals regulating production of hormones and maintenance of hormone balance in the organism in natural manner. Owing to its composition, rich in natural components, DONNAFIT is used to regenerate the body. Donnafit is a natural formula for good health and strength of a woman during her entire life, from the puberty to advanced years. PMS MENOPAUSE STERILITY OSTEOPOROSIS URINARY INFECTIONS ENDOMETRIOSIS

Neo2fit is something that really helps and you can see the results of it. (Alessandra F.)

New and powerful weight-control formula -eliminates over 27% of fat intake, -reduces blood cholesterol and triglyceride level, -regulates blood glucose level, -reduces caloric intake, -reduces appetite.


Owing to Kardiofit, I run faster, I see better, I breathe easier and I age slower. (Boris A.)

In EROKS lays the secret if my vitality. Eroks is a natural energizer that brings my potential to a maximum. (Sasha N.)


revitalising, anti-age brings you a unique natural combination of: - vitamins C, E, B5, B6, B2, B1 - minerals (magnesium, coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine) - phyto-compounds derived from medicinal herbs (dried extract derived from grape seeds, OPC, Bistorta (snakeweed), resveratrol) that are effective in protection of heart


the path to permanent vitality EROKS may be used by people of any age who wish to maintain or to regain the perfect level of mental and physical fitness. It is especially recommended to: -people who experience increased physical and mental exertion, -people of advanced age, when experiencing lack of energy, -students. POWERFULNESS ENERGY CIRCULATION VITALITY SEXUALITY

Wellness package provides you an opportunity to try 5 leading natural products at promotional rate.

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