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Comfort food or dangerous addiction? We reveal where the lines are drawn

LOVE MATCH Sporty couples who make it work — and play

HIP TO IT Improve

your flexibility with classic yoga poses


Deliciously healthy nut butters you can’t help but crave

BALANCING ACT The right combo of vitamins, minerals, and hormones could help you age better

FRIENDLY COMPETITION How outdoing your partner in sports can undo your relationship

A beautif�l body, deser�es a beautif�l face.

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26 Playing for Keeps

Whether it’s on the water, in the studio, or on the dance floor, our featured area couples prove that romance and sports can be a winning combination.



Eating Your Feelings

REVIEW – Giro Empire Shoes

Emotional eating is a very real disorder — could you be affected, and what to do?

Matt McCain goes old school in his review for Giro’s newest lace-up shoe design.

10 GEAR - What’s in His Gym Bag? Local endurance cyclist Matt McCain shows us what essentials help him go the distance. 14 GEAR - Fit Tech Going unplugged – on a manual treadmill – could give you a better workout. We take a closer look.


16 FUEL - Try This We’re totally nuts for these deliciously healthful indie nut butter brands. 18 HEALTH - The Age of Balance Dr. Sal gives you a refresher course on vitamins, minerals, and hormones—and how these substances play a vital role in aging more gracefully. 22 You Compete Me Could you be trying to outdo your partner in sports? We examine the line between friendly competition and unhealthy one-upmanship.

32 38

38 TRAIN - Monthly Workout Pencil a little “om” into your training schedule with these hip- and shoulder-focused yoga poses. 40 FITB OO K Photos from Southwest Florida’s best races and events. 42 CALENDAR Races, rides, and more upcoming events.

ON THE COVER International salsa stars and owners of Elegant Rumba Giana Montoya and Nery Garcia are featured in this issue’s cover story on power couples. Full story on Page 26.



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They say it takes two to tango, and that’s never been more true—literally—than in this issue. Our featured athletic couples, all accomplish the impressive feat of working, living, and training with their other half, do so in the arenas of dance, acrobatic yoga performance, and water sports. For anyone who has ever shared a passion for a particular sport with their sweetie, you know that this can be the best thing in the world, but it can also be a challenge when your work = your sport = the foundation of your relationship. There’s no doubt that every relationship takes a lot of work. In putting together this issue, in fact, we all find ourselves extremely grateful for the energy, can-do attitudes, and smarts of our fellow Fit Nation contributors, co-workers, and friends who keep this ship sailing day in and day out. Trust is a key component in building anything meaningful together, and we are so lucky to have such brilliant, fun, delightfully goofy, but always seriously hard-working individuals making this magazine the best it can be. If you’re not involved with someone on a personal level who shares a passion for fitness, maybe you’re part of a team sport where everyone’s contribution is absolutely integral to your finish time, final score, or morale. Whatever the case may be, we hope you take some inspiration from the incredible symbiosis our featured couples share and put in some extra time lending a teammate a hand, encouraging your honey to sign up for that marathon, or helping out a fellow co-worker. Another key part of any successful relationship is admitting when you’re wrong, and here at Fit Nation, we’re the first to acknowledge that to our readers on last issue’s feature, “The Athlete’s Heart: A Conversation with Mary Carillo.” Because that piece’s contributor, the very estimable Kathy Feinstein, always dispenses with such sage, on-point advice for our readers, we gave her an accidental promotion: a PhD. Though this error was truly the most inadvertent compliment we could possibly give, her official credentials are actually LMHC / CC-AASP. Lastly, be grateful every day for important partnerships in your life, whether it’s your doubles partner, life partner, or business partner. In fact, go tell them how much they mean to you, because whether it’s sports, love, work, or some combination of all three, you only get back as much as you put in. ‘Till November,

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What’s in His Gym B ag ?

By Claire O. Murphy

matt mccain Matt McCain’s love of cycling began at age 12 when he developed an affinity for BMX bikes. That affinity soon grew to a passion, and by the time he was 16, he was an associate editor for BMX Plus! magazine. “Cycling is just something that’s always been there,” he recalls. After moving from LA to Naples in 2002 and purchasing his first road bike, this family man and founder of Everyone Rides, (a local, multi-event fundraiser benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lee County), discovered a new passion in road racing. Now an experienced endurance cyclist and expert on the gear that keeps riders going on frequent 100-mile rides, Matt maintains that Naples is “one of the best cycling communities” in the country.

SCOTT Arx Plus Helmet

After a terrible crash in which his helmet saved his life, McCain is excited to see MIPS technology in SCOTT helmets. “MIPS technology basically allows a little bit of movement inside the helmet, so it’s a cushion … [it also] has a low friction layer between the padding and the helmet to allow just a little bit of movement so it can absorb some of a blow [from a fall].”

For McCain and his wife (also a cyclist), balancing long, arduous rides with taking care of small children can sometimes prove challenging. “Our other friends are getting babysitters so they can go out to dinner. We’re trying to find babysitters that will show up at the house at 6:30 a.m.!” Outside of family time with his 4- and 6-year-old boys, McCain still loves taking off for six hours and, armed with the right gear, getting the most out of every ride.

Oakley Jawbreakers

For McCain, the Oakley Jawbreakers’ lens shape is key: “It’s a single lens that wraps around, so your peripheral vision is really good … when you’re cycling, you’re constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure there are no riders or cars coming up behind you, so increasing peripheral vision is really important.”

Rapha Jersey and Bibs

Super lightweight and incredibly thin, Rapha Jerseys are perfect for sultry and sticky Naples weather. “Having a jersey that’s really, really lightweight and breathable is very important … the material is just really sheer so you get the moisture away from your skin faster but keep some of it in. The material stays moist as you’re riding along, and that moist material helps you stay cool … you almost feel naked when you’re wearing them.”

Giro Empire ACC Shoes Isagenix Replenish

Compact and easy to carry in the back pocket on a ride, Replenish packages are a convenient source of quick nutrition. “I don’t eat as much when I’m on the bike, [so] it’s easier for me to drink my calories.” GEAR


Solestar Kontrol Road Insoles

Solestar Kontrol Road Insoles are some of the best insoles McCain has ever used, primarily because of their fantastic arch support. “During a ride, when your arch is supported, you’re being held consistently throughout your foot, so there’s equal pressure. [Solestar] supports are carbon, so they are really stiff and you’re able to take the power you’re generating and have as little loss of power as possible.”

McCain first tested these on a 130-mile ride and “they were terrific.” The shoes are “incredibly light, really stiff, [and] what’s unique about the shoes is they’re lace-up … the advantage of laces is, it’s more aerodynamic, [so] you can really custom tailor how they fit to your foot — plus they have a cool, old-school retro look, which is very slick.” Read Matt McCain’s full performance review of Giro Empire ACC Shoes on page 12.

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Giro Empire ACC Lace-Up Shoes Fact:

I haven’t owned a pair of cycling shoes with laces yet this century.








… Okay, so it’s only 2015. But this is the future, after all. I should have shoes that are remote-controlled, that magically leave the garage and find my feet when I clap my hands. Unfortunately, we’re not living the Jetsons’ lifestyle quite yet, but in the meantime, Giro’s new Empire ACC lace-up cycling shoes just might tide me over. A few years back, when Giro reintroduced a top-ofthe-line cycling shoe with laces, it led to an interesting conversation with the marketing guys in which we discussed the benefits of a product that was first patented in the year 1790. Talk about retro; the very idea of a design (with laces!) that’s over two centuries old seemed downright regressive. Despite these doubts, I was struck by how stylish an all-black shoe could be upon opening the box. The matte black finish is accented with a patent leather “Giro” logo on the outside of each shoe with the same accent material wrapped around the heel. I can tell I am not the only one who finds these kicks sexy, as I answer questions about them on every group ride. They’re more than juste style, though — if they don’t feel great, you’re not going to wear them for very long.


The standard insole is the Ultralight SuperNatural Fit Kit. It includes three different sizes of arch support that attach to the bottom of the insole. It’s probably the best attempt I’ve seen from a shoe manufacturer


to include a proper insole for any customer. That’s an important consideration, since if you don’t have enough arch support, you’ll put more pressure onto the ball of your foot, which usually results in either numbness or “hot foot.” Unfortunately for me, I have very tall arches (side note: let the record show that I have quite beautiful feet and excepting one gnarly hammer toe — I could have pursued the glamorous life of a foot model if I wanted to). So, as good as the supports were, I still needed to replace them. I also had to go up a half-size from what I wear in every other brand. Several other riders have noticed the same size difference. The outsole of the shoes is the wafer-thin Easton EC90 SLX2 sole. The bottom of the sole has a really well designed grid, making lining up the cleats (and matching them left and right) incredibly easy. The soles are stiff, but not at the cost of comfort. I have used these on 100+ mile rides without a single issue. The soles are also used on the top-of-the-line Empire SLX that Sir Bradley Wiggins wore when he set the hour record back in June, which also, consequently, makes them aero. The absence of buckles and Velcro gives them a very streamlined profile. Sleek aero design aside, I had a few initial fears about using laces from a practical riding standpoint: • I was afraid of needing to adjust on the fly as I do with BOAs, buckles, or Velcro


• I was afraid of them coming untied and forcing me to stop, or worse, getting caught in the cranks Neither materialized. The reason I usually end up fussing with other closures is that a typical shoe has two or three straps. Using a shoelace with seven eyelets on each side increases the number of adjustment points and allows for a much more comfortable fit, which eliminates the need to adjust them during a ride. I didn’t even have to double-knot the laces, because the elastic strap on the tongue of the shoe held them firmly in place. In fact, in the last couple of months alone, I have put over 1,500 miles on these puppies. In all that time, I’ve never had numbness, a need to adjust the fit while riding, or had a lace come loose. The Empire ACC is one of the lightest shoes on the market at 215 grams and ships with a nice shoe bag and three sizes of arch inserts. In addition, the heel pads are replaceable. Without buckles to replace, these shoes should last a very long time; at $275, they are at the low end for most top-quality riding shoe prices. And although they won’t still won’t magically fly onto my feet when I clap my hands, I like where the future is headed—laces and all.


Dr. Amanda Ferguson


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By Da na L e i g h S m i t h

Power Down Your Run C a n g o i n g u n p lu g g e d g i v e yo u a b e t t e r w o r ko u t ? W e ta k e a lo o k at m a n ua l t r e a d m i l l s a n d t h e i r p l ac e i n t h e f i t n e s s c o m m u n i t y.


o matter how you feel about the gardenvariety gym treadmill (sentiment often ranges all the way from abject loathing to abiding love), there’s no denying its popularity as one of the primary go-to machines for a cardio warm-up or workout. Perhaps its reliability is what makes it popular; since its introduction in the 1960s, the recreational, motorized treadmill’s basic design has remained nearly unchanged. Sure, there have been upgrades, fancy add-ons, and high-tech features, but the general concept has remained the same: plug it in and push “Go.” That is, until now. Treadmills without motors, otherwise known as manual treadmills, are arguably the most eco-friendly evolution of this traditional gym staple to hit the fitness scene in years. Why? They don’t need to be plugged in. Once an athlete steps on to the machine, it simply starts moving— using nothing more than momentum—to begin the workout. The curved, rubberized conveyor belt, which sits lower in the middle and higher on either end, utilizes gravity to accelerate and brake, eliminating the need for speed buttons.

“Treadmills without motors, otherwise known as manual treadmills, are arguably the most eco-friendly evolution of this traditional gym staple to hit the fitness scene in years. FIT TECH


These unplugged machines, which have been popping up everywhere from fitness clubs to the CrossFit Games, are rapidly gaining traction (pun intended), likely due to the claim that they provide a more effective workout than their conventional counterparts. Woodway, one company producing these treadmills, claims that the machines force users to more actively engage their glutes and hamstrings, thus increasing calorie burn by up to 30 percent. Though this is certainly an impressive claim (at the most recent

CrossFit Games, competitors reportedly found running on motorless treadmill to be grueling), A-list celebrity trainer Dan Roberts says the machines’ benefits may be a bit overstated. “Because manual treadmills lack a motor, the leg muscles have to work a bit harder, which can improve strength and fitness. However, there is no proper evidence that supports any specific figures in regards to calorie burn,” he explains. “In fact, because manual machines currently lack [the] ability provide an incline workout, exercisers who are trying to lose fat may be at a disadvantage.” On the other hand, road racers and running enthusiasts may find the machines beneficial. “Many athletes over-stride in an attempt to keep up with electric belts, which causes them to strike with their heel instead of their toe. This puts an enormous amount of force into the ground and up through the skeletal system,” explains Jay Cardiello, a former member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers strength and conditioning department. “Motorless treadmills, however, encourage forefoot striking, which generates very minimal force, reducing the risk of injury.” Roberts concurs and adds that motorless machines feel more like running outdoors, which can help competitive runners prepare for races more effectively than traditional treadmills. It remains to be seen whether manual treadmills will ever fully replace mainstream machines, but they are definitely here to stay, and quickly gaining momentum. Interested in taking one for a test run? There’s certainly no harm in that—just remember that whether or not it should replace a standard motorized treadmill workout depends largely on your personal fitness goals.

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Buttering You Up W h i c h n u t b u t t e r s a r e t h e h e a lt h i e s t a n d ta s t i e s t o u t t h e r e ? H e r e a r e s o m e w e ’ r e n u t s fo r . By Nichole Rheiner Peanut butter has long been a delicious, anytime-of-the-day staple—perhaps even since childhood and fond memories of mom’s specially made PB&J sandwich—for many of us here in the States. Today, we still can’t get enough of this protein-packed, deliciously chunky spread on apples, celery, mixed into protein shakes, and even (let’s be honest) licked directly off the spoon. However, as athletes increasingly look toward healthier fuel options, especially with food sensitivities and allergies on the rise, peanuts are no longer center stage. Instead, substitute nut butters have risen in popularity, and now you can find nut butters made from almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pecans when you go to most any health food store; the possibilities and flavor combinations are seemingly endless. And then there are the more adventurous and indulgent varieties, like cookie-dough-flavored almond butter, or cinnamon bun cashew butter. Um, is this a sweet shop or the nut butter aisle?

in 16-ounce jars or individual two-tablespoon packets, with 15 grams of fat, 8 grams carbohydrates, and 7 grams protein per two-tablespoon serving*. *Nutritional information for Gourmet Almond Butter; for information on other butters, see the seller’s website

C r ac k e d

With all these options at our (soon-to-be sticky) fingertips, which to choose? Which have the most real health benefits to suit your personal fitness and wellness regimen? Well, I bravely took one for the Fit Nation team and tried several delicious varieties; a few local, a few with national distribution. Here’s the delicious scoop: Self-proclaimed “paleo-friendly” Cracked nut butter boasts five heavenly flavors, including cinnamon roll, white chocolate raspberry, cookie dough, chocolate chip cookie dough, and brownie batter. Uh, yes please! Cracked nut butters are lightly sweetened with honey and are made with non-GMO, organic, sustainably sourced ingredients like whey protein from grass-fed cows, ghee, unsweetened coconut flakes, vanilla, and cinnamon, along with digestive enzymes for better absorption. Gluten-, soy-, lactose-, and peanut-free, these flavors are indeed incredibly delicious, although the cinnamon roll flavor does have a lingering aftertaste. If you’re looking for a post-workout refuel, choose the 3.2-ounce grab-n-go pouch; each two-tablespoon serving has 17 grams fat, 8 grams carbohydrates, and 8 grams protein*. You can also purchase online or at local GNC stores ($14.99 for each 12-ounce glass jar).

Betsy’s Best

*Nutritional information for Cinnamon Roll flavor; for information on other butters, see the seller’s website

tr y thi s A local nut and seed butter maker, Betsy’s Best comes in three varieties: peanut butter, almond butter, and sunflower seed butter. Each of these butters includes chia seeds, making for a grainy, almost “chunky” mouth feel. They are also sweetened with demerara sugar (unrefined cane sugar characterized by large, golden brown crystals, that is less sweet and more creamy than refined white sugar), along with stevia leaf extract and cinnamon, resulting in a butter that isn’t overly sweet. It comes


G Butter At the recent Fit Nation-sponsored Thunderdome event, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the G Butter crew. G Butter is a different level of nut butter altogether, tailored to the specific needs of the athlete. The product is made with cashews

and walnuts, and the makers of G Butter stress the importance of micronutrients paired with perfectly proportioned macros—only 6–10 grams of fat per serving along with 2–5 grams of carbohydrates and 7¬–10 grams of protein per two-tablespoon serving. Their non-GMO, gluten-free, natural ingredients include ultra-filtered whey protein, safflower oil, erythritol, stevia leaf extract, and vanilla or cocoa powder. All their flavors were ultra-sweet, and carried a bit of a stevia aftertaste. These 12.6-ounce jars sell for $12 each, and are available online or at Naples’ Total Nutrition store.

For over 75 years Wynn’s has been known for its fresh produce, the best beef, and the finest selection of gourmet items in Naples.

Nuttzo One completely organic, non-GMO, all-nut and -seed option I found particularly intriguing was Nuttzo. Made in San Diego, this was a more expensive option at $19.99 for each 16-ounce jar filled with organic peanuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and sea salt. The original version has 17 grams fat, 8 grams carbohydrates, and 7 grams protein per serving.

Active Wear For The Modern Woman

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B r a d ’ s Nat u r a l s O r g a n i c For those with more traditional palates, there are plenty of unflavored, unsweetened options as well. Brad’s Naturals Organic almond butter is available at Costco in 18-ounce glass jars for $13.67. Imported from Italy, Brad’s products are not subject to the pasteurization laws of the US; therefore, the enzymes and nutrition of the almonds have not been destroyed due to heat from steaming. This also contributes to the slightly bitter—rather than sweet—flavor.

Sunbutter For those with nut allergies, Sunbutter brand sunflower spread is the one for you. It’s made in a peanut and tree nut-free facility and is gluten-, soy-, dairy-, egg-, sesame-, and (of course) nut-free. The creamy variety tastes pretty similar to traditional peanut butter and is amazingly yummy by the spoonful. I must admit, even after trying many different and unique nut butters, I realized that I’m a fan of the more traditional brands for the spoonful/dipping approach. However, the flavored butters are fun for occasional use, and for the recipes posted on their respective websites. Take, for example, the protein pancakes with cinnamon bun-flavored G Butter— ahhh-mazing! And rolling Cracked Cookie Dough nut butter into little balls and refrigerating them makes for some truly delectable (yet healthy) kid-friendly summer snacks. One final note: since most of the brands listed here have fairly similar macronutrient profiles, and, at the end of the day, it really comes down to your personal preference, availability, and price point, I say go nuts (couldn’t resist) with your nut butter selection! Now, what to do with all these leftovers … where’s my spoon?

2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd Unit #148 239-631-6716

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By D r . S a l

Your Health, In Balance V i ta m i n s , m i n e r a l s , a n d h o r m o n e s a l l p l ay a n i m p o rta n t r o l e i n h e l p i n g at h l e t e s ac h i e v e o p t i m u m w e l l n e s s a n d p e r fo r m a n c e . D r . S a l , VP o f H e a lt h & W e l l n e s s fo r L e e M e m o r i a l H e a lt h S ys t e m , e x p l a i n s t h e s c i e n c e b e h i n d t h i s c o m p l e x b a l a n c i n g act.

VITAMINs By definition, a vitamin is an organic compound that participates in a chemical reaction within the cells that is necessary for proper nutrition and development in a living animal. Minerals are inorganic substances that also aid normal bodily function; human bodies need sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and many more, to give a few common examples. Hormones are chemical signals produced in one area of the body that take action in another distant area of the body. These three types of substances are all interconnected in the body, because

hormones cannot be produced without adequate levels of specific vitamins and minerals. The main goal of keeping vitamins, minerals, and hormones in balance is to manage the aging process. In fact, maintaining adequate levels of these substances can help you age more gracefully in several ways. Want a primer on your basic vitamins? This quick list will help you understand the function of a few essentials:


Vitamin A An antioxidant that helps protect the cells from cancers, vitamin A is essential for eye health and can be found in produce like carrots, sweet potatoes, and dark leafy greens.

Vitamin B2 Better known as riboflavin, vitamin B2 helps turn sugar, fat, and protein into energy.

Vitamin B3 Better known as niacin, this vitamin helps balance sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood. It also helps with energy production and brain function.

Vitamin B5 Also known as pantothenic acid, vitamin B5 is also involved in energy production and the metabolism of fats. It is essential for brain and nerve function, and helps in the production of steroid hormones. This essential vitamin is also a natural antidepressant and diuretic.

Vitamin B12 This well-known vitamin carries oxygen through the body and is essential for energy production, the synthesis of DNA, and proper nerve function. It plays a crucial role in metabolizing folic acid, which is important for the developing brain and nervous system, as well as for red blood cell formation.

Vitamin C Also called ascorbic acid, vitamin C strengthens the immune system. You probably learned in primary school that you can get plenty of this vital nutrient from citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit, but broccoli and bell peppers will also super-charge your vitamin C levels.

Vitamin D Vitamin D is much more that a vitamin. It functions more like a hormone and has hundreds of beneficial effects, like improving cardiovascular function and nervous system function, and it also helps maintain strong bones. It can even decrease the risk of autoimmune disease, cancer, and dementia. Vitamin D also helps the body optimize its use of oxygen and decreases the risk of the hardening of the arteries.

Vitamin K This vitamin is necessary for effective blood clotting, and it is also involved in keeping the bones healthy. It helps with immune function and improves response to vaccinations.


HORMONES When looking to treat hormone deficiencies, the goal should be to get them back to youthful levels. For example, we know that the female hormones estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA all decline with age, as does the male hormone, testosterone. All hormone production requires cholesterol, and when we look at the production of estrogen, we see that there are three main types, the levels of which change with age and can influence health and disease. Post-menopausal women have more type 1 estrogen, and this increases the risk for breast cancer. Progesterone helps balance estrogen and helps improve mood and anxiety levels. Testosterone This primarily male hormone has many functions in addition to the development of sexual characteristics. It has a major benefit on the cardiovascular system and also has positive effects on the brain and nervous system. Thyroid Hormone This hormone helps maintain the metabolic rate and also influences cholesterol levels, strengthens the heart, decreases blood pressure, and improves the function of the arteries. A thyroid imbalance can lead to excessive weight loss or gain. Cortisol Cortisol is the hormone most closely associated with acute stress. When chronically elevated, cortisol becomes very harmful, resulting in muscle wasting, a decline in cognitive function, an increased risk of osteoporosis, decreased immune function, and elevated glucose levels. If these levels remain elevated, adrenal fatigue can occur. Melatonin Melatonin is a tremendously interesting hormone, as it’s produced by almost every living species on the planet. It’s best known for helping regulate sleep, but it also has neuroprotective properties and a multitude of beneficial effects on blood pressure. It acts an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory agent, and supports the immune system by increasing the effectiveness of other antioxidants. Now, you’re probably wondering why I’ve gone into such great detail about the chemistry of vitamins, minerals, and hormones, so I’ll circle back to balance in your body and overall health: optimal levels of vitamins, minerals, and hormones are necessary to maximize your exercise potential. You cannot achieve success as an athlete without healthy levels of all these components. In addition to supplying the body with healthy macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), you also need to supply the body with essential vitamins, minerals, and hormones that utilize these macronutrients. Fats are necessary to produce hormones, but this cannot be done unless the body has optimal levels of vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates are used

as fuel for all cells, especially the brain. The hormone insulin is required for this process; without adequate levels of cholesterol and other micronutrients, the body is unable to perform these functions. It all comes down to your nutrition and daily intake, which is the key to maintaining balance within your body. Balanced nutrition provides you with all the essentials needed to make energy and motion possible. To achieve optimal health and excellent function, you should ask yourself: What can I do today to achieve better health than the day before? By putting healthy food in your body and getting adequate exercise daily, you build a strong foundation for a quality life and advanced longevity. As the “Blue Zones” project has shown, individuals can live to be 100 years old while still maintaining a quality life with a sharp mind and functional body.

“When we consider the i n t e r na l w o r k i n g s o f t h e b o dy— e s p e c i a l ly concerning hormones, v i ta m i n s , a n d m i n e r a l s — balance becomes even more vital, since each of these is interconnected and none can be m a i n tained at optimal levels w h e n a n ot h e r is out of balance.”

Finally, remember this helpful equation: “5–9 + 30.” This means eating 5–9 servings of (primarily) vegetables with a few fruits daily, plus (at least) 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise each day. Eat real food, minimize processed foods and unhealthy animal products, get 7–8 hours of quality sleep, do your best to minimize the stress in your life, practice gratitude and compassion, and make health your number-one priority every day. Stay well, my friends! Dr. Salvatore Lacagnina is the vice president of Health & Wellness for Lee Memorial Health System as well as medical director for Lee Memorial Health System Wellness Centers. His mission is to motivate, educate, and empower people to improve their health and wellness. He appears regularly on TV’s FOX4 Rising and writes a weekly health column in The News-Press. Questions? Email him at

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The relative measurement motivates me to try harder or to stop slacking off, or to realize that the day is hard for everyone. — Greg McDonough

B y K a t h y F e i n s t e i n , LMHC / CC - AASP

Play Nice

Yo u t r a i n t o g e t h e r , p l a y t o g e t h e r , a n d b u i l d a l i f e t o g e t h e r. B u t w h e n d o e s c o m p e t i t i o n s t o p b e i n g friendly and start becoming harmful to a relationship?


uccessful athletes can be described in many ways: fiercely determined, driven, competitive, smart, independent, and possessing an inherent love of winning. So what happens when two highly driven, world-class athletes fall in love and couple up? The possibilities are endless when both partners actively participate in sport lifestyles that bring out the best – and sometimes worst – in each other. On one hand, this can be a beautiful union: authentically encouraging and supporting your partner results in positive feelings and ultimately a deeper, more loving connection. In fact, research on competitive triathlete couples reveals that training together, sharing household chores, and cuddling all contributed to positive effects in the relationship, including athletic performance. One real life example of this winning dynamic is Greg and Monique McDonough, who both compete in Iron Man events, have full-time jobs and children. Their secret to domestic bliss? They don’t compete with each other in races, but instead, use each other to gauge speed and decide when to kick it up a notch. As Greg puts it, “The relative measurement motivates me to try harder or to stop slacking off, or to realize that the day is hard for everyone.” Monique concurs: “We have a built-in support system at home, and that’s hugely helpful for our training, accomplishing our goals, and continuing to strengthen our relationship.” On the other hand, there’s a dark side to even the friendliest competition between highly driven partners. The desire to be the best can ignite negative feelings that spill over into the relationship and can even affect performance. This isn’t just true for athletic pursuits; couples may compete in many arenas of life, whether it’s who makes more money or who is the better parent, and even who is more successful at work, or has more friends. Researchers from the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology suggest that the toll this competition


mindset takes on couples can lead to reduced or compromised self-esteem, and though oneupmanship can make one partner temporarily feel better about him or herself, the other partner is often left feeling inadequate. Worse, the need to one-up one’s partner is ultimately satisfied at the expense of the relationship itself. So how do you know if you might be trying too hard to outdo your better half? Here are some telltale signs: • You feel left out or resentful when friends compliment your partner • You always want to be the winner, even at the expense of your partner • You secretly hope your partner doesn’t do something well • You feel angry about your partner’s success • You find yourself trying to outdo your partner • You feel happy and superior when your partner fails

Now, before you start thinking you’re a terrible person just because you have felt one or more of these things before, let’s be honest: it’s perfectly natural to feel competitive with your partner from time to time. For example, you may feel a twinge of disappointment when friends notice how your partner has gotten stronger and faster over the past few months, even though you’ve taken minutes off your workout and have really been killing it at the gym. This letdown, however, quickly fades, because ultimately, you’re happy for your partner’s success. But, when these feelings of disappointment, anger, or jealousy become stronger, don’t fade, and begin to negatively affect your relationship, it’s time to take a step back. Being overly critical, unsupportive, or even sabotaging your partner’s success are all behaviors indicating your competitive instincts are getting in the way of your relationship. So how you can turn those feelings around? First, creating a healthy, competitive environment is an “inside job,” meaning it starts in your own head. Acknowledge your feelings without selfjudgment; you are simply seeking to understand. Then, begin to explore the meaning you are ascribing to your partner’s success: What does this success say about you? What are you afraid will happen? With more clarity around your fear and self-doubt, you can commit to a new, healthier way of existing in the relationship. Developing keener self-awareness and being responsible for your feelings will put you on a path that will strengthen your relationship and help increase your self-esteem. And face it: your partner’s ability to perform and succeed was in large part what originally attracted you to him or her. So when you commit to mutually (and lovingly) encouraging each other’s further growth and success, it’s sure to not only create extraordinary possibilities for you individually, but also make your overall relationship strong enough to go the distance.


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By Erika Gilbrech | Photography: Samantha Duffy

Two of a Kind

For three South Florida couples, love and sports are seamlessly intertwined.


ost of us are familiar with the popular saying, “the couple that plays together, stays together.” In fact, it seems as if you can’t read an online or print article on relationships without seeing advice on trying out fun activities, hobbies, or sports with your partner to keep the sizzle and spark alive. And while this may hold true for those duos whose lives outside the one they share at home are completely disparate, some couples, particularly avid athletes who share a mutual passion for a sport, find their lifestyles invariably merging professionally and personally. Famously, some professional athletes’ love stories have been more long lasting than others. For every Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi, or Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece success story, there are conversely ill-fated, high profile breakups. Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors, or Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroy, for example, come to mind. But for every sporty couple gone splitsville – no matter the reason – getting together in the first place makes complete sense. As athletes, you understand the strain, pressure, and taxing schedule that comes with training and competing; you can empathize losses and cheer on successes like no nonathlete could and, at the end of the day, your mutual love of sports is fertile ground for endless conversation and companionship. Here, we feature three local couples who share a passion for the same sport and asked them what keeps their relationship going strong, how their partner inspires them, and how athletics has helped draw them even closer together.

{ G+N } Giana Montoya & Nery Garcia Salsa & Acro Yoga Performance Owners of Fort Myers-based Elegant Rumba Dance Company, specializing in unique LA-style salsa dance instruction (private, group, and events). International salsa stars (and YouTube dance sensations). Acro yoga practitioners.

I had a talent to be on stage and share it with other professionals. FN: How does being into salsa enhance your relationship?

Nery: I always joke that we’ve been together for 7 years, but it almost feels like 14 years compared to normal couples because we’re always together – creating, talking, getting to know each other. I don’t want to Giana: We met at the San Francisco Salsa Congress in hurt the person that’s closest to me, because with 2008. Basically, how salsa works is we have congresses dance and acro, we’re always focusing on connection. all over the world. He was there without a dance partner If she’s upset or I am, there’s no way I’m going to be just to have fun and dance. We were introduced by happy. The last thing students want to see is a stressed a mutual friend and encouraged to dance together. out partnership when they come to be unstressed. Our first dance is actually on YouTube! We had a great connection and he wanted to bring me to Fort Giana: I get to do what I love to do with the person Myers (I was living in Sacramento at the time) to help I love. I get to dance, I get to play, with my best friend. teach his students. By September of that year, I had And that’s what makes it fun and rewarding. Creatively, disbanded my company (Shiva Latina) and made a you have to be in a space of love or else you can’t huge risk to move here. perform or create. When we perform, we think the love shows, and that’s what inspires people. FN: How has your salsa dancing evolved since you met Giana? FN: How did you start incorporating acro yoga into salsa? Nery: I started teaching at a dance studio and created a career in dance in 2006-7 and went on to have about Giana: Nery surprised me and bought me an acro 50 students. In 2008, I met Giana and [got] more yoga class for my birthday. He was such a natural and direction [as to where] where the company was going was so intuitive as a base (doing the lifting). We just to go. Now, we are teaching worldwide and inspiring kept practicing, and going at it, and it was a really a lot of people! awesome way to connect before we danced. It’s a great way to feel each other’s way and counterbalance. In this business, you can do many things with dance, So, we started merging the two. Our merged piece, but for me, I like the aspect of social dancing, but Comma, has been all over the world and even went I never thought of myself as a performer. I had to to India. We were so honored and it was completely become a performer overnight, though, with the mind-altering amazing experience. dancing Giana and I do – and because of the YouTube hits I was getting, I had a crash course in performing. Our main biz is still Elegant Rumba – salsa. But [what] One of my biggest fears was putting myself out there we have been successful in is bringing acro yoga and on stage, but it was amazing and she showed me that partner yoga on to stage. Our mission is to deepen dancers’ idea and understanding of connection. FN: How did you meet and how long have you been together?

“ I get to dance, I get to play, with my best friend.”

“ As long as both of

us [can] look at each other at the end of the day and say, you good? You feel that? That ’s what matters.”


[University] and spent a lot of time coaching different things. Dance was a medium for me to communicate movement but I also liked the athletics. I was also a college cheerleader. I worked with a modern dance company out in California, [and] had been performing professionally in modern dance/jazz. Then, an opportunity to open a dance studio (Studio 10 in San Jose, California) 26 years ago happened, [and I] built a business on education, making person comfortable with themselves and focusing on the movement. Through the years, either people like what you have to say or they disappear, but they stuck around long enough to want to learn. With Lisa, we started to do a little more community outreach, so she completed me in the way we started to work with community and events. Keith: [I’ve] been dancing since I was 6 years old, and I grew up as a competitive dancer. [I was on the] high school dance team, then with a dance company that did a lot of community outreach. Lisa: At Keith’s studio, he was very much an elite coach, [whereas] I organized more cause-related events – cheer for cancer walks, etc. We used our dance studio to help the community [because] we’re all dancing thru life. We reached very different people – some were drawn to me, some drawn to him, some both. We are best friends with similar passions. FN: How did you start Movement 4 Life and what are its goals? Lisa: Going somewhere new, it was a testament to trust each other. We moved to Florida [almost a year ago] because a good friend had MS and I [had been] filming her life (Lisa is also a prolific documentarian). She’s wheelchair bound but she still dances and she’s basically our muse. She was an elite dancer and she’s still an elite person, and we realized there’s such a need for people who have injuries, are older, or have chronic illnesses to have movement and stretching in their life. There’s such a huge need here for the arts. We go into the community and teach impoverished communities. I feel like we’re trying to be reachable, being able to volunteer – we work with foster kids and people who would never be exposed to dance. It’s about energy and vibes and what you bring to life, what your body language does. In dance, there’s no real competition; we teach [you] to love yourself.

{ K+L } Keith & Lisa Banks Dance & Tai Chi Performance

Owners and founders of Movement 4 Life: Dance, Fitness & Wellness, focusing on dance fitness as a way to relax the mind and body, coaching students to focus on breathing, alignment, strength training, and flexibility, and giving back to the South Florida community. Parents to four energetic young boys.

Keith: In dance, we really don’t draw lines on it, and we meet people from many different backgrounds. We speak to people from all different backgrounds. The common thread is movement. You start drumming and people start moving, you turn on a beat and people will move to it. FN: How does dance enhance your relationship?

Keith: It’s given us an opportunity to look each other FN: How did you meet and how long have you been in the eyes and feel a stronger connection through together? the experiences we ‘ve been sharing. Taking the same ideas we’ve been living with and taking that into society Lisa: We met at a park in Los Gatos, California, 15 has given us a chance to live those beliefs. [Dance] years ago, then we later ran into each other at a fashion is the medium that threads our lives together. Even show. [After that], we taught together at a dance though we’re improvisational, we work from the heart studio in San Jose – ballet, acro, jazz, body shaping. and we love that. FN: What was your background in dance? Keith: I got a dance degree from Kansas State

As long as both of us [can] look at each other at the end of the day and say, you good? You feel that? That’s what matters. September / October 2015


{ J+M } Jen Hayes & Mark Athanacio Paddleboard Her: Love Yoga Center Certified teacher and Certified Paddleboard Yoga Instructor; Collier County Special Olympics Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Coach; recreational paddleboarder Him: 30+ year independent Personal Trainer/ Strength Coach; Elite-level competitive paddleboarder FN: How did you meet and how long have you been together? Jen: About 5 years ago, I was visiting my sister, who lives in Naples. We went to the beach, and Mark was renting paddleboards for a store he was part of. I rented paddleboards from him. I’d never paddled before [and] he was promoting the first Naples paddleboarding race, [so] I decided to do that and he helped me out, gave me a lesson. Mark: She showed a lot of interest in paddling and in the race and our friendship went from there. FN: What do you love most about paddleboarding? Jen: I like to use it for exercise, and I also coach the Collier County Special Olympics Stand Up Paddle (SUP) team, [so] for me, I’m a little competitive but not intense; enough for me to have fun in a race. But I also like just going out and enjoying the outdoors with the board and the paddle in the water Mark: [Mainly] the fact that it gets me out on the water. [As for] race mode, I did it originally because I couldn’t surf here every day and that was just one way to get out on the water and feel that gliding effect, and it branched from there. To fish, explore, and race, of course. FN: What kind of athletic background do you have?

yoga teacher at Love Yoga Center in Naples. Grew up doing gymnastics, a little bit of soccer. Not one single sport but very active. Mark: I grew up surfing and ocean lifeguarding in the San Francisco Bay area and down in San Diego, then in Florida, I started kite boarding – so basically ocean sports. I also did traditional scholastic sports, [like] swimming, wrestling, and track. FN: Does being into the same sport enhance your relationship in any way? Jen: I would say it’s more work for Mark because he has to load up double the [paddleboard] equipment for races! Ha. It’s nice, because we both understand the sport, even though we approach it in different ways, [so] we can talk about it and break down [each] race. It’s not a team sport, but we can understand each other by doing the sport itself. FN: What is the key to a successful relationship like yours? Jen: The key to our relationship is individuality, but also having the support system [in place] and understanding that we have different goals. So when he’s in competitive mode, he’ll say, “On race day, you don’t wanna be around me,” and I don’t. So just understanding we are different and appreciating that and being able to support it. Mark: We work relatively together, do a lot of recreational activities together and [we also] live together, so we’re around each other a lot. But, the fact [is], we can not talk [and] not do anything when in close proximity and be [just as] comfortable.

Jen: Right now, I’m a personal trainer and variety

“The key to our relationship is individuality, but also having the support system [in place] and understanding that we have different goals.” 30

D o y o u l e t y o u r fe e l i n g s r u l e y o u r s t o m a c h o n a fr e q u e n t b a s i s? I t ’ s n o t w e a k n e s s —y o u c o u l d h av e a n e m o t i o n a l e at i n g d i s o r d e r. By Jess Novak

Sure, we’ve all done it before—snacking when we’re not truly hungry. See if any of these scenarios sound familiar: You’re at a fancy restaurant and order dessert even though you’re already stuffed; you overindulge during a holiday party out of sheer politeness; or you eat an entire tray of decidedly mediocre food on a flight just because you’re bored and have nothing else to do. For many people, this kind of indulgence isn’t just occasional, and the feeling that follows a decadent treat isn’t pleasure, but instead an intense mix of relief, anxiety, and guilt. We tend to associate salty, fatty, and sugary foods (ya know, all the “naughty” stuff) with reassurance—they were often our childhood rewards for good behavior, or tools parents used for comforting an upset kid. If you received an ice cream cone as a reward for straight As, or your mom made mac and cheese when you lost a game, chances are that these foods are still powerfully associated with mood regulation in adulthood. “When you experience ups and downs in adult life, you feel you deserve to be rewarded or comforted and turn to food to relive those warm feelings of childhood,” psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman tells us. However, if you find that those feelings rule your stomach more than seems normal, you might actually have an emotional eating disorder. Emotional Eating Defined “Emotional eaters have confusion about hunger,” Dr. Roger Gould, psychiatrist and author of Shrink Yourself: Break Free from Emotional Eating Forever, explains. “Emotional hunger comes on quickly, makes you eat even if you are already full, and has an imperative quality—it’s a rush to shut off or quiet your brain.”


So where did the phrase itself come from? Mary Anne Cohen, Director of The New York Center for Eating Disorders, actually coined the term “emotional eater” way back in 1982 to describe people who have a more complex relationship with food and body image than is considered average. “For the emotional eaters, food is like a drug that they turn to in order to soothe and calm various difficult emotions. They are hungry from the heart, not from the stomach,” she tells us. “The difference between normal eaters and emotional eaters is that the normal ones bounce back to their regular patterns after overindulging. They don't feel extreme guilt for having overeaten and don't put themselves on a rigid diet to compensate for having eaten extra food.” Emotional Triggers A situation that would be tolerable to other people can be overwhelming and intense for emotional eaters, Sarasota-based psychotherapist Karen Koenig explains how people who eat emotionally often have powerful memories associated with these otherwise mildly stressful situations. “Many of my clients are triggered by intense emotional memories such as feeling disappointed, devalued, or rejected,” she tells us. “It’s not the actual situation that is unbearable and pushes people toward emotional eating, but the feelings that are linked to similar intense memories.” While anxiety surrounding a particular situation is the most common trigger, there are many others, Cohen tells us. “Depression, anger, sexual conflict, rejection, jealousy, shame, guilt, feeling overwhelmed, grief, boredom, and loneliness. In other words, any feeling that is troublesome for the person and difficult to ‘digest’ can lead to emotional eating.”

Chemical Triggers While the psychology of emotional eating is critical to understanding its causes, there are physiological components as well. “When we eat, the sugars that get absorbed mimic the effects of serotonin and dopamine,” medical weight loss specialist Dr. Sue Decotiis explains. “So if we don’t produce enough of one or both of these chemicals, overeating can become habitual. When we eat that gallon of ice cream, we feel better, so we start just doing that.” However, overindulging isn’t the only thing that can increase our serotonin levels. Surprisingly, most of the serotonin in our bodies is produced by our guts, so one of the best ways to produce more serotonin is to establish a really healthy gut environment, Dr. Decotiis recommends. By eating a relatively well-balanced diet, our gut becomes healthier, and we produce more serotonin naturally. When our gut is healthy, we are actually less hungry, our cravings are more easily controlled, and our metabolism performs better. According to nutritional biochemist Dr. Shawn Talbott, emotional eating may also be driven in part by our primary stress hormone, cortisol. Exposure to cortisol can actually cause an increase in appetite, despite the fact that your body doesn’t really need any more food, and that can lead to weight gain. When you’re stressed out, do you crave salty stuff like fries, potato chips, cheddar popcorn, or fried chicken? That’s not your body being weak—the saltiness may actually positively impact your brain’s stress systems, lowering stress hormones like cortisol and raising oxytocin (the hormone associated with feeling good). In fact, a recent study conducted on rats, published

in The Journal of Neuroscience, demonstrated that subjects with high salt levels were less stressed than subjects with lower salt levels. That said, while your body may be telling you otherwise, a big plate of fries is probably not the answer—and if you’re a true emotional eater, it’ll just leave you feeling wracked with more guilt than relief. Strategies to Combat Emotional Eating If you think you’re prone to emotional eating, a good place to start is with a doctor who specializes in food issues. He or she can test for any potential external factors that you should be aware of—what you may be chalking up to emotional eating could be pre-diabetes or another condition that needs separate care. Once you’ve ascertained that your problem really is emotional eating, it’s important to identify what your personal triggers are.

these drugs would not necessarily be a fit for everyone who experiences emotional eating. Relatedly, Dr. Decotiis says that a drug called GLP-1 (a glucagon-like peptide-1) has recently been approved by the FDA to treat weight loss, and may help emotional eaters, too. This neurochemical, naturally produced by your gut, can help regulate your appetite. So if you make your gut healthier, it’ll produce more GLP-1 naturally, too. Finally, Dr. Lieberman offers a simple switch-up to help keep your diet on track: To prevent yourself from overindulging on the foods you crave, stock up instead on snacks that are similar, but with fewer calories. For instance, in lieu of potato chips, keep a stash of air-popped popcorn. Three whole cups of the crunchy stuff contain less than a hundred calories—a snack that will leave you feeling more healthy than guilty.

“Determine which people, places, and things set you up to binge,” Cohen advises. “Then you need to couple that awareness with a concrete plan of action.” She suggests talking to friends, writing your feelings down, taking a shower, or planning an alternative, healthier activity. For those working through personal issues, untangling them with a psychotherapist or a group can be helpful. Cohen says that psychotherapy for emotional eating helps people separate their food from their feelings and restore normal eating patterns. For some, emotional eating can be partially addressed through medicine. Dr. Seun Sowemimo, medical director of Prime Surgicare, suggests that some of the same medications that help people who suffer from addiction can help curb emotional eating, including Narcan and Contrave, although

“Emotional hunger comes on quickly, makes you eat even if you are already full, and has an imperative quality—it’s a rush to shut off or quiet your brain.” —Dr. Roger Gould

September / October 2015



FOODIE GUIDE S tay h e a lt h - c o n s c i o u s at t h e s e d e l e cta b l e lo c a l e at e r i e s . by Mary Ann Green

Patinella’s Chicken Grill

Whether you just finished a CrossFit WOD and need a post-workout refuel or want to take the family out for a healthy alternative to standard fast food, Patinella’s Chicken Grill is your one stop. With two locations in Fort Myers and Naples, Patinella’s boasts healthful, flavorful items at a fair price, including their famous lamb and beef gyros, as well as rice and chicken bowls. Got food sensitivities? No problem. In addition to offering a gluten-free menu, Patinella’s is both soy and MSG free; they only use olive oil in their cooking, and everything is baked or grilled (no fryers!). Produce is locally sourced, and their all-natural chicken is free range and antibiotic- and hormone-free. Soups, salads, and sides include everything from the standard Greek salad and chicken noodle soup to unique variations like sweet pot onions, garlic rice, and plantains. Got a sweet tooth? Try the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or baklava. According to Manager Michelle Medeiros, “What makes [Patinella’s] stand out is our exceptional customer service, ensuring that you feel welcomed from the moment you step in the door … and the fact that we have 15 different sauces to complement our chicken and rice bowls.” One of the reasons behind Patinella’s focus on customer service and crowd-pleasing fare is founder Shelly Patinella’s extensive experience in food service; he started out in the industry more than 25 years ago selling his renowned gyros out of a concession truck at traveling fairs and events. Over the years, he noted that his customers were changing their eating habits and becoming interested in quick, healthy, and tasty fare for a great price. From there, he developed his grilled chicken and rice bowls. The success of these menu items led to the restaurant concept that finally became Patinella’s Chicken Grill in 2006. In addition to being a great place to drop in for a quick meal, Patinella’s prides itself on serving customers in a hurry — you’ll have your take-out order ready in as little as 3–4 minutes. And for those chained to their desks during the workday, Patinella’s delivers, free of charge, on orders for 10 or more people — no tip expected. They also cater. Next time you and your tribe are looking for food — fast — stop by Patinella’s Chicken Grill at one of their three Southwest Florida locations: • 8595 College Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33917 • 6810 Shoppes at Plantation Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33912 • 1201 Pipers Blvd., Naples, FL 34110 Hours of operation, menu, and more are available at



Delicious Raw Juice Bar Delicious Raw Juice Bar seems to have found the perfect blend of optimal nutrients and yummy flavors, offering customers a relaxing yet chic destination for handcrafted raw juices, smoothies, shots, and bowls — all made to order. Founded in 2013, Delicious Raw Juice Bar offers healthful menu items tailored for “anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing and quality of life through targeted nutritional boosts during the day.” According to founder and owner Flemming Madsen, the unique “visible bar” concept allows customers to see for themselves that the drinks are unpasteurized, additive-free, preservative-free, and created using sophisticated commercial centrifugal and cold-press equipment. Quality always takes precedence when it comes to the ingredients on Delicious Raw Juice Bar’s menu, which its owners base on seasonal availability, cleanliness, sustainability, and local sourcing. Their fresh produce includes roots, leafy greens, and berries, all of which are certified organic. However, as Madsen explains, “We don’t blindly source by the mass market ‘organic’ labeling, which can be misleading and open to questionable definitions and practices. Our

passion is healthy, flavorful juices, [and] we prefer working with local, sustainable farmers we know.” This commitment to quality ensures items are nutrient-dense, helping to strengthen the immune system, facilitate weight management, detoxify cells and organs, and support digestion—not to mention the menu’s creativity, which boasts interesting ingredient combinations you won’t find anywhere else. Take, for example, the C-Boost (carrot, pineapple, grapefruit, and camu camu), Veggie-Maxx (avocado, tomato, carrot, peppers, parsley, cucumber, romaine, garlic, cayenne), or Pink Pleasure (beet, pineapple, strawberry, apple, ginger, orange) juices. Their refreshing smoothies are just as diverse—choose from unique blends like the Rise & Shine (banana, oats, flaxseed, yogurt, dates, orange, almond milk), Green Machine (avocado, kale, spinach, yogurt, coconut manna, coconut water, dates, lime), Super Stamina (mango, pineapple, banana, l.o.v.e protein, coconut water), and many more. With maximum nutrition and addictive flavors, Delicious Raw Juice Bar is sure to turn you into a regular—after all, they put “delicious” in their name for a reason.

Delicious Raw Juice Bar Naples’ locations include: • 821 5th Avenue South (downtown Naples) • 2338 Pine Ridge Road • Pavilion Shopping Center (corner of US-41 and Vanderbilt Beach Rd) - opening mid-September For more information, visit Delicious Raw Juice Bar makes centrifugal juices to order and cold-pressed bottled juices for grab-and-go, as well as made-to-order packages. In addition to their juice, shot, and smoothie menu, they also make: • Açaí bowls • Raw oatmeal bowls • Chia bowls • Yogurt bowls • Almond butters • Almond milks • Granola bars

September / October 2015




FOOD & THOUGHT A Naples staple since 2004, Food & Thought is known for offering only the highest-quality organic produce and groceries, fresh juices, real milkshakes, coffee, handmade baked goods, herbal supplements, sustainable beauty products and clothing, linens, and flora (all GMO- and pesticide-free, mind you). Produce such as lettuce, kale, spinach, beets, broccoli, heirloom tomatoes, cauliflower, and green beans, as well as tantalizing Chandler strawberries, are grown on their own organic farm in eastern Collier County. A testament to thoughtful sustainability, Oakes Farm focuses on growing in-season produce by utilizing crop rotation, as well as using their own organic vermiculture fertilizer. As the head of the family business Alfie Oakes explains, “We refuse to use any conventional methods, and we passionately seek to educate others on the dangers of conventionally grown produce.” This philosophy extends throughout the store as the friendly, well-informed staff often share their extensive knowledge about supplements, makeup, organic


wines and beers, clothing, jewelry, and linens with customers. In 2011, Food & Thought expanded to include Thoughtful Threads, offering a selection of organic clothing, sustainable home goods, jewelry, watches, swimwear, and accessories, all made without harming the earth. Products from well known and respected outdoor and green living companies such as Patagonia, Horny Toad, Go Gently Baby, and Coyuchi share shelf space with items crafted by local artisans. It’s clear that in their 11th year in business, Food & Thought stands for “something more.” This is further evidenced by the close-knit community of staff and customers who welcome travelers from all walks of life. The “friends as family” approach was instilled in Food & Thought through family tradition; Grandpa Oakes ran a farm stand that eventually led his son, Frank Oakes, to develop organic Oakes Farm and Food & Thought.

A generation later, Frank’s son Alfie has made his name in the wholesale side of the business; he took over when Frank passed away in 2013 and remains dedicated to his family’s legacy. In fact, Alfie plans to add farm field trips to the mix this year, allowing children to have a true farm experience: pulling carrots, cutting kale, and relaxing in a tree house while a chef cooks up a true farm-to-table meal. Whether attending an event, shopping, or relaxing in the natural beauty of the courtyard, locals will find much at Food & Thought to nourish not only their bodies, but their minds and spirits as well. For store hours, menu, and specials, visit or call (239) 213-2222. Food & Thought 2132 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34102



Buy 10 Sessions GET 2


Must present coupon to redeem. Exp. 12/31/15

We Have Trainers Specializing In: • Rehab & Post Recovery • Weight Loss

• Sports Conditioning • Strength Training

• Medical Wellness • Senior Wellness

Call Today! To Schedule Your First Session.


Naples Harbour

5450 YMCA Road | Naples, FL | 34109


along the historic Gordon River

Jason Ackerman CrossFit Level 4 Coach Yoga Instructor

Naples Harbour, named “Best Marina in SWFL” is a private establishment w/ marina, social & corporate memberships available. The public is welcome to visit our facility & receive a complimentary guest pass!

Naples Harbour 475 North Rd. Naples, FL 34104 (239)213 -1441

Improve your flexibility, strength & balance with 30 days of yoga for only $75!

Call 239-213-9276 Today! 2900 Tamiami Trl N, Naples, FL |





Get Hippy With It By Heather HoLland model: RACHEL SENSENY, RYT200

Downward-Facing Dog Adho Mukha Svanasana Benefit: Stretches the entire body. This is the pièce de résistance of yoga.

Even the most die-hard athletes could use a little “om” in their training regimens. Ruby & Pearls Yoga Studio co-owner Heather Holland outlines a few essential hip openers to help improve flexibility in any sport. Many popular sports and fitness regimens, such as CrossFit, running, and cycling, are full of linear movements. To get an accurate picture of what that means, imagine a football player running down a field, hips closed. Other commonplace strength training exercises like squats and dead lifts also keep the hips in just one position. But learning how to open up the hips and shoulders allows for more flexibility, strength, and ease in linear, repetitive movements that so many of us athletes practice every day on the field, on the court, or in the gym. These yoga asanas will not only help open the shoulders, hips, and chest, but more importantly, they’ll give you an overall stress reduction on your body. Hold each for a minimum of 90 seconds to allow the fascia (fiber-like tissue that surround the muscles) to release. Heather Holland is a 200-hour RYT and co-owner of Ruby & Pearls Yoga Studio in Fort Myers, Florida. She teaches all types of classes at the studio, with a focus on proper alignment. She is also the lead yoga instructor for the Minnesota Twins and the Cypress Lake High football team.

“Learning how to open up the hips and shoulders allows for more flexibility, strength, and ease in linear, repetitive movements that so many of us athletes practice every day on the field, on the court, or in the gym.


• Start on hands and knees (hands lined up under shoulders, hips and knees in-line) • Curl toes under, bend knees generously, press feet into the floor, and raise the hips up. Press towards the back of the room • Keep a bend in the knees for tight hamstrings • Spread fingers out wide, keeping hands shoulder-width apart and feet hip-width or wider • Let head hang loose and continue to press through the hands to take pressure off the upper torso and balance out the weight in the pose • Hold for 30 seconds (goal: build up to 90 seconds), taking deep inhales and exhales through the nose • Body should be in the shape of a wide upside-down “V” • Back to hands and knees to recover; repeat

Lizard Pose Utthan Pristhasana Benefit: Opens and increases hip flexibility; stretches hamstrings and thighs; relieves fatigue, anxiety, and tension.

• From Downward Dog, move right foot forward and place next to your right hand • Slowly lower left knee to mat and tuck the tailbone • On a big inhale, lower elbows towards the mat while keeping the right shoulder and right knee tucked next to each other • Stay for 5 breaths • Press back slowly to Downward Dog

Simply Natural One-Legged King Pigeon Pose Eka Pada Rajakapotasana


B en e f i t :

Hip opener. Beware — you will have a love/hate relationship with this pose!

• On all fours, slide right knee forward towards right hand and drop in a right angle on the mat • Curl left toes under and straighten the leg back as far as your hips will allow, then uncurl toes • Square the hips. If this is not possible for your particular mobility, place a rolled-up towel under your right hip • Keep torso upright with hands/arms in a Downward Dog position, or lower elbows to the mat. Cross forearms and make a pillow for your forehead • Try to relax and soften. Hold for a minimum of 90 seconds to allow fascia to release • Transition back to all fours and repeat with left leg

Cow Face Pose Gomukhasana Benefit: Stretches arms and shoulders, and internally rotates hips. Also opens up the chest and extends your latissimus dorsi. Can help aid chronic knee pain and decompress the spine.

• From a seated position, place a bent right knee on top of a bent left knee • Make sure hips are resting on the floor. If they cannot due to limited mobility, place a rolled towel under the tight hip • Stretch your torso, straighten your back, and extend your left arm up to the ceiling • Bend the left elbow and bring the left palm to rest on your upper back • Bring your right arm out to your side and bend at the elbow, moving your right hand to the back of your neck • Clasp right fingers with left. Modification: grab your shirt or use a towel instead • Keep the left elbow lifting up and close to the left side of your head. Keep the right elbow pulling towards the floor and closer to the body. Be sure to sit up straight • Breathe, breathe, and breathe! • Hold 1 to 5 minutes


fitbook 2015 2 0 1 5 M o e ' s F i r e c r a c k e r 5 K - J u l y 4 - N a p l e s , FL See more photos from this and other fitness events around Southwest Florida at Tag yourself while you're there.


“Best Lake Views in Bonita.”

“Best Lake Views in Bonita.” • Spectacular Lake View • Casual, Open-Air Environment • Nightly Happy Hour • Full Sandwich and Light Fare Menu • Simple Elegance at Friendly Prices Located at the Trianon Hotel near the Promenade 239.948.4400

RIDES +RACES September

5 John Clay/Pilot Club 5K - 7:30am 239.404.7007 Start your Labor Day weekend off right with a great 5K starting at Lowdermilk Park in beautiful Naples, Florida! The race benefits the Pilot Club of Naples! Brought to you by Gulf Coast Runners.

October 3, 2015 A twist on the Amazing Race, The Scavenger Dash is part trivia and part challenges! Teams of 4 must solve clues to find checkpoints throughout downtown Naples. $250 per team of 4 includes: breakfast & speaker scavenger dash and after party

To register visit:


All proceeds benefit: Girls on The Run of Collier County

12 Family Fun Glow Run 5K - 7:30pm Enjoy an evening run in Southwest Cape Coral while glowing through the dark. This 5K is unique in nature and will surely be fun for the entire family. The course will begin and end at Ida Baker High School and will be run on neighboring roads. Ida Baker HS, 3500 Agualinda Blvd, Cape Coral. Packet Pickup will take place from 6:00-7:00 PM on race day at Ida Baker HS. 12 + 13 2015 Galloway Captiva Triathlon - SOLD OUT Enjoy a great weekend of fitness, family and fun under the Captive sun! 19 + 20 Gus Macker 3-on-3

Basketball Tournament 2925 Titan Way, Naples, Fla. 34116 Gus Macker 3-on3 Basketball has been thinking about trips to Naples for years. Not to retire, but to enjoy what appears to be the prettiest, cleanest and best place almost ever for a tournament. Macker Basketball, now in its 42nd year spans three generations of 3-on-3 basketball players finding enjoyment, exercise, competition and community closeness at above-the-rim levels. It’s still crazy fun after all these years. All proceeds will go to help children of Immokalee and those served by the YMCA of Naples. Get involved as a volunteer to help, or better yet, get a team together and play.

19 + 27 Pro Watercross Tour 4284 Avalon Drive, Naples, Fla. 34112 The Pro Watercross Tour is the leading personal watercraft racing series in the United States of America and consists of an elite group of both professional and amateur athletes competing at its events throughout the summer.

25 Bocca Lupo Howl at the

Moon 5K IV - 8:00pm Port Charlotte, Fla. LupoHowlattheMoon5KIV Come out and howl at the moon at Port Charlotte's most exciting evening 5K event! After the event, stay and hang out with us at the Post Race Party. At the post race party enjoy Bocca Lupo Coal Fired Pizza and beer as you and your friends and family bask in the autumn moonlight.

26 United Way of Collier County Annual Walk for the Way 5K - 8:00am 15000 Livingston Rd, Naples, FL 34109 In it’s 10th year, this 2.5-mile, family-friendly walk raises community awareness about the United Way and its important work, which helps over 100,000 residents annually in Collier County. The Walk attracted 2,000 walkers and 200 5k participants.

24 Path2Freedom Golf Tournament Vineyards Country Club 400 Vineyards Blvd., Naples, Fla. 34119 7:30 a.m. registration, 8:30 a.m. shotgun start 24

Gulf-to-Gulf 80 Mile Relay 6:00am Naples, Fla. Starting and ending at Cambier Park in beautiful downtown Naples, Florida, this 80 mile relay race will wind through the tropical streets of Naples continuing north to Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers Beach with a turnaround at the Sanibel Causeway. Up to 30 - 6 person teams will be allowed to register for this event.

31 Distance Run - 6:00am

Lowdermilk Park Pavilion, 1301 Gulf Shore, Naples, Fla. Come join Gulf Coast Runners for our weekly long run. Most runners will cover a distance of 7-10 miles although you can make the run as long or short as you want! All levels and abilities are encouraged to join. There is group at most pace levels so you don't have to run alone. There is water available at mile 3.5 (turn around for most) and various places along the course. This is an out and back run. Walkers are also welcome.

31 Run Wild 5K - 7:30am Price: $25.00 239.404.7007 Naples, Fla.

Benefiting the Conservancy of Southwest Florida and Naples Zoo, this 5K race will begin at the Goodlette Frank entrance to the Gordon River Greenway Park and wind through the new tropical greenway overlooking Gordon River and the lush mangroves below. Immediately following the race we will have awards and a costume competition with refreshments. Everyone is encouraged to wear your favorite Halloween costume and “Run Wild!”


3 Every Saturday, Wellfit Naples Paddleboard Fitness and Yoga 8:30am Beach 2nd Ave North, Naples, FL 34102 Inspire your day and awaken your yoga practice with the energy of nature. This 75 minute Paddleboard Board Yoga Class begins with a paddle boarding warm up and mini-stroke clinic for new paddlers. This is yoga for the adventurer in everyone! $35 includes board rental and $15 bring your own board – even if you have your own board you must register and receive a confirmation text to participate. You may want to also bring the following: towel, change of clothes, water and sunscreen. Also please include your phone number so we can notify you of any class changes. 4 The Marco Island Triathlon 8:00am The Marco Island Marriott Resort and Spa, 400 South Collier Blvd. 1/4 Mile swim, 15 mile bike, 3.1 Mile run.


The Moe’s Corporate Run 6:15pm Moe's Southwest Grill, 1016 Immokalee Road, Naples, Fla. , 34110 Come participate in Naples only Corporate Run/ Walk! The Moe’s Corporate Run is a 3 mile run/walk open to all employees and family of local corporations, businesses, government offices, and institutions. Each company may enter an unlimited number of participants. All levels of runners and walkers are encouraged to participate. The goal of the Corporate Run is to encourage people to be physically active. This race is NOT chip timed. Race benefits the Shelter for Abused Women. First 50 Men and First 50 Women receive a commemorative Moe’s Corporate Run Beer Mug!

10 2015 Busey Bank Run for

Prevention - 8:30am The Busey Bank 5K Run for Prevention supports Drug House Odyssey and Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Lee County. Beautiful Florida Gulf Coast University is the site of this year's event. A competitive 5K with an opportunity for families to run, walk and roller skate together will follow the initial start. The first 300 registrants will receive T-Shirts and a “goodie bag”. You also will have the opportunity to create a team, or start your personal fundraising page to support the Coalition.

17 Octoberfest - 4:00pm

Naples Cyclery, 813 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples, Fla., 34108, Come celebrate Oktoberfest with Gulf Coast Runners. You must be 21 or older to attend. All net proceeds from the event go to support the Gulf Coast Runners Youth Development Fund! Your admission price of $10 includes a free 20 ounce GCR Oktoberfest Beer Stein and entertainment! Filling the beer stein only costs $4. Authentic and vegetarian brats with chips plates will be available for only $5 each!

18 Rocktoberfest 10 Miler, 2x5 Mile Relay, & Virtual 10 Miler -7:00am North Collier Regional Park, Naples, Fla. This rare distance course is one of the only 10 milers in the entire state of Florida and the only one in Southwest Florida. The 2 person relay category is another fun option that will have 2 runners each racing a 5 mile section of the course. Post race festivities include the latest popular music, refreshments, and a variety of snacks. Don't miss your chance to get a PR and listen to some great Rock n' Roll Music while running.

24 Path2Freedom Golf Tournament Vineyards Country Club, 400 Vineyards Blvd., Naples, Fla. 34119 7:30 a.m. registration, 8:30 a.m. shotgun start. 24 Gulf-to-Gulf 80 Mile Relay 6:00am Naples, Fla. Starting and ending at Cambier Park in beautiful downtown Naples, Florida, this 80 mile relay race will wind through the tropical streets of Naples continuing north to Bonita Springs, Ft. Myers Beach with a turnaround at the Sanibel Causeway. Up to 30 - 6 person teams will be allowed to register for this event. 31 Distance Run - 6am

Lowdermilk Park Pavilion, 1301 Gulf Shore, Naples, Fla. Come join Gulf Coast Runners for our weekly long run. Most runners will cover a distance of 7-10 miles although you can make the run as long or short as you want! All levels and abilities are encouraged to join. There is group at most pace levels so you don’t have to run alone. There is water available at mile 3.5 (turn around for most) and various places along the course. This is an out and back run. Walkers are also welcome.

31 Run Wild 5K - 7:30am

(239) 404-7007 Naples, FL. Benefiting the Conservancy of Southwest Florida and Naples Zoo, this 5K race will begin at the Goodlette Frank entrance to the Gordon River Greenway Park and wind through the new tropical greenway overlooking Gordon River and the lush mangroves below. Immediately following the race we will have awards and a costume competition with refreshments. Everyone is encouraged to wear your favorite Halloween costume and “Run Wild!” Price: $25.00 Race.

September / October 2015


health. fitness. nutrition. life

Bala Vinyasa Yoga

BKS Yoga Studio

Bonita Springs YMCA

6200 Trail Blvd Naples, FL 239.598.1938

2900 Tamiami Trail N Naples, FL 239.213.9276

27200 Kent Road Bonita Springs, FL 239.221.7560

Collins Vision

Cee-Me 8591 Bonita Beach Rd. S.E. Ste 525 #422 Bonita Springs, FL 34135 239.877.4647

Delicious Raw

Century Link

Collier Podiatry

1520 Lee Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901 239.335.8330

1715 Heritage Trail #204 Naples, FL 239-775-0019

6900 International Center Blvd Ft. Myers, FL 860 111th Avenue North, Naples, FL 239.936.4706

2338 Pine Ridge Rd Naples, FL 34102 239.231.3060

Exhale Fitness Boutique 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Unit #148 Naples, FL 239.631.6716

Fit 2 Run 1810 Tamiami Trail North Naples, FL 239.263.3811

Greater Naples YMCA

Green Monkey

5450 YMCA Road Naples, FL 239.597.3148

6200 Trail Blvd, Naples, Fl 34108 239.598.1938

Flip Flop Shop

Florida Marina

1930 Tamiami Trail N Naples, FL 239.331.8277

3949 Evans Ave. #102 Fort Myers, FL 239.489.2969

Health Source Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab 619 8th Street S Naples, FL 239.919.3557

iChiropratic & Wellness 5500 Bryson Dr #303 Naples, FL 239.300.1756

w w w.B



Order Through Our App Happy Hour Monday-T hursday

.. << Gulf Dr Shore Dr Gulf Shore

4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

LIVE MUSIC!!! (T hursday - Sunday) FULL LIQUOR BAR


Va Vand nder erbi bilt lt Be Beac achh Rd Rd..

Vanderbilt Beach

Parking Parking Garage Garage

(Package License)


9020 Gulf Shore Dr. Naples, FL, 34108



Joint Replacement Institute


1485 Pine Ridge Road Unit 1 Naples, FL 239.449.8620

1250 Pine Ridge Road #203, Naples, FL 34108 239.261.2663

1431 Rail Head Blvd Suite 1 Naples, FL 239.398.0673


Ideal Image

KAF Counseling & Sport Performance 2180 Immokolee Rd. Naples, FL 239.594.0900

McLaughlin & Delsing Real Estate 1395 3rd St S. Naples, FL 239.641.1892

Organic Edge Salon 2950 Tamiami Trail N #7 Naples, FL 305.330.6644

Planet Smoothie 6420 Naples Blvd. #101 Naples, FL 239.513.1700

Salad Works

Lamoraga 3936 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103 239.331.3669

Naples Laser & Med Spa

Organic Skincare & Bodyworx 13240 Tamiami Trail N, Ste. 207 Naples, FL 239.514.4494

Pure Florida 2360 W. 1st Street Fort Myers, FL 33901 239.919.2965 [Marker 54 by Boat on the Caloosahatchee River]

898 5th Avenue South Ste. 204 Naples, FL 239.228.7491

Patinella's Chicken Grill 6810 Plantation Shoppes Dr. Ft. Myers, FL 33912

Ruby & Pearl’s 6420 Plantation Park Court Ste. 104 Fort Myers, FL 239.768.1021

2352 Pine Ridge Rd. Naples, FL 239.228.7815

Simply Natural 4330 Gulf Shore Blvd N #302 Naples, FL 34103 239.643.5571

6420 Plantation Park Court Ste. 102 Fort Myers, FL 239.489.4144


16980 Livingston Rd Naples, FL 239.449.5900

3401 Bay Commons Dr, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 239.948.4400

Whole Foods Market 9101 Strada Place Naples, FL 239.552.5100


Studio RK Salon

Talis Park


9123 Strada Place #7153 Naples, FL 239.598.0887

Miromar Outlets


Masa Restaurant 10801 Corkscrew Rd. Estero, FL 239.948.3766


TruGlo Medspa 1250 Pine Ridge Road Naples, FL 239.919.7009

Take part in race day fun! Costume contest, free pumpkin pies, and many other family oriented activities.


Wynn’s Healthy Oasis 5450 YMCA Rd Naples, FL 239.261.71578




t -­

Na'ples Le cr � and 7YledS �

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Na'ples cr 201 5 SEPTEMBER 1 2TH 1th 3TH, |� SEPTEMBER 12th7YledS &&13f2<¥ 11am-6am � and Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Hyatt Regency Coconut Point




SEPTEMBER 1 2TH & 1 3TH, 201 5 Meet withHyatt SWF�s most accomplished Regency Coconut Point Meet practices with SWFL’s most accomplished and medaccomplished spas. Meet withand SWF�s practices med most spas practices and med spas. show GetFREE, FREE, "quick consultations" Get “quick consultations,” specials and discounts Get FREE, "quick Show specials andconsultations" discounts On-site treatments anddiscounts makeovers specials and On siteShow treatments and makeovers

On site treatments and makeovers

Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry, Coolsculpting & Body Sculpting, Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, ENHANCEMENT Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry,Laser Coolsculpting & Bodysculpting, Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Injectables, LasikDentistry, Surgery, andHair More. ENHANCEMENT Facial Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Coolsculpting &Replacement Bodysculpting, Laser Removal, Tattoo Removal, lnjectables, Lasik EyeEye surgery, HairHair Replacement & Every Other Specialty. Removal, lnjectables, Lasik Eye surgery, Hair Replacement & Every Other Specialty.

EXPO EXPO Gulfshore Life



, MED,> GROue '" MED,> GROue '"

!k pre n d Iv 111 e Gulfshore Life !k pre n d Iv 111 e


STARTS: 9AM | SATURDAY 12TH HAMMOND STADIUM 14400 Ben C. Pratt / 6 Mile Cypress Pkwy. Fort Myers, FL




July/August 2015


Shift your business into high gear with speeds of up to 1 GIG.


1 Gb ps


CenturyLink® Fiber is here, and it’s ON. When your network doesn’t run at optimal speed, the results are disastrous. So put your business in the fast lane. On CenturyLink fiber, you’ll have access to a fully integrated voice, data, and Internet fiber solution with enough bandwidth to stream video conferences without interruption, and leverage managed and cloud services and applications. With the power of up to 1 Gig, your business will be ready for anything.

Visit to learn more For more information, please contact your regional sales representative:

Jim Lamb 239.213.7500 Up to 1 Gbps speed is available to business customers in select areas only. Broadband speeds will vary due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location and equipment, and are not guaranteed. Services not available everywhere. CenturyLink may change or cancel services or substitute similar services at its sole discretion without notice. © 2015 CenturyLink. All Rights Reserved.


September/October 2015