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RECOMMEND A FRIEND Earn £250 for full-time degree referrals

OVER A THIRD OF OUR STUDENTS DISCOVERED GSM LONDON THROUGH YOUR REFERRALS Help a friend to achieve their goals. Refer them to one of GSM London’s career-focused degrees and you’ll receive up to £250 as a thank you.

The Recommend a Friend scheme is a great opportunity to help your friends experience & receive knowledge through higher education. It isn’t just all about the reward. Maurice Agulanna Greenford Campus BSc (Hons) Oil and Gas Management

GSM London gives you lots of opportunities to be able to achieve your career goals. It was actually a great privilege to be recommended, I feel so proud and confident to recommend GSM. I knew passing on my experience to my friends would be beneficial to them. Deborah Olorunshola Greenwich Campus BSc (Hons) Business Management with Travel & Tourism

If you have any questions regarding completing the process please email us or call 0208 293 7309

HOW YOU RECOMMEND There are a few steps when recommending family, friends or colleagues to GSM London.

START You must be a prospective student, current student or an alumni of GSM London Before your friend speaks to us go to and fill in the Recommend a Friend form. Also, read our terms and conditions on the next page.


Throughout the process keep an eye out for status emails for each recommendation.

Check your email for your Recommend a Friend registration confirmation and forward the email to your friend. Please check your junk/spam folder.

What your friend must do • Click on the Recommend a Friend button within the email to get to the form. • Complete all details and make sure you put your friend’s name and student ID number before submitting. • Make sure your friend does this as soon as possible. Once received, we’ll do the rest. This includes getting in touch with them, confirming your registration and sending them a prospectus.

We will let you know if your recommendation is successful on week 3 of their 2nd semester


We will reward you for each successful recommendation on week 6 of their 2nd semester


? Questions? You can find most answers here

To make sure that every recommendation you make is successful, there are a few conditions you need to meet.

Terms and Conditions

The Recommended Student means any individual whose details were supplied by a Recommender (You) under the terms of this scheme. The Recommender (You) will be rewarded with a payment of £250 subject to the terms set out below. This payment will be referred to as the Reward. 1 Names and details of Recommended Student must be submitted by the Recommender (You) via the online recommendation form. Recommendations submitted in any other format will not be valid under the terms of this scheme and no Reward will be payable to the Recommender (You). It is the responsibility of the Recommender (You) to complete and submit the online recommendation form completely and accurately and at least one day prior to the Recommended Student getting in touch with GSM London. 2 The Recommender (You) must have the permission of the Recommended Student you are referring before submitting their details. This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Recommender (You) will indemnify GSM London for any loss or claim arising out of the Recommender’s (Your) failure to gain consent of the Recommended Student.

e Following the publication of results, midway through the second semester, for the Recommended Student’s first semester, GSM London will contact the Recommender (You) to arrange for payment of the Reward. 10 The Reward will not be payable for any Recommended Student with whom GSM London has had contact in accordance with the time limits above, either through making an enquiry or a request for a prospectus or speaking with an employee or representative of GSM London (including at any GSM London campus, GSM Open Day or similar event) or making an application or by any other means whatsoever. 11 The Reward is payable only in respect of undergraduate degree programmes (including undergraduate degree programmes with a Foundation Year) and postgraduate degree programmes at GSM London. 12 Recommended Students must not currently be studying at GSM London or be alumni of GSM London 13 Disputes regarding this recommendation scheme will be resolved by GSM London whose decision on the matter will be final.

3 The Recommender (You) upon submitting the Recommend a Friend form consents and permits GSM London to notify the Recommended Student that the Recommender (You) recommended them.

14 Where a Recommender (You) has outstanding fees or financial queries with GSM London, the Reward will automatically be credited to the Recommender’s (Your) outstanding tuition fee record at GSM London.

4 Only Students and Alumni can recommend a Prospective Student. Prospective Students who are currently applying for a course may recommend a fellow Prospective Student, but for the Reward to be payable the Recommender (You) must meet the same requirements as the Recommended Student as noted in point 9.

15 The Reward will only be paid in Pounds Sterling as an electronic bank transfer into the Recommender’s (Your) own bank account. Payment will not be made by cash, cheque, to another person’s bank account, as a deduction against another student’s outstanding tuition fees or any other method.

5 We will only accept Recommended Students on to programmes if they are eligible and complete the registration and enrolment process. We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend a Recommended Student at any time in line with our Academic Regulations. At the Reward payment date, the Recommender (You) and the Recommended Student need to be enrolled and be in good standing within GSM London’s regulatory requirements with no pending or ongoing investigation.

16 No Reward will be payable if the Recommender (You) has not provided valid details of their bank account within twelve months of the Recommended Student commencing their programme of study.

6 The Recommendation is not valid in those circumstances where an agent appointed by GSM London has a prior claim agreed by GSM London for commission related to the Recommended Student or for any student that has applied through the UCAS channel. 7 The recommendation is valid for twelve months following the initial receipt by GSM London of the details of the Recommended Student. 8 GSM London will contact the Recommender (You) to confirm whether or not the Recommender (You) is eligible for the Reward in relation to a Recommended Student. 9 The Reward will be payable once the Recommended Student: a has completed the registration and enrolment process to commence study at GSM London; b does not have any outstanding fees or financial queries; c has engaged with teaching and assessments relevant to their chosen programme of studies; and d has continued to engage in the second semester in accordance with the GSM London Attendance Policy.

17 GSM London reserves the right to accept or reject a Recommended Student at all times from the scheme. 18 T he relationship of the Recommender (You) to GSM London is that of an independent contractor and nothing in these terms shall render the Recommender (You) an employee or worker of GSM London and the Recommender (You) shall not hold himself out as such. 19 T he Recommender (You) shall be fully responsible for and shall indemnify GSM London and keep GSM London indemnified from and against all losses, liabilities, claims, expenses, damages and costs suffered or incurred by GSM London for and in respect of any income tax, national insurance and social security contributions and any other liability, deduction, contribution, assessment or claim arising and against any corresponding or related penalty, fine or interest incurred or payable by GSM London as a consequence of payment of the Reward. 20 Any promotional activity, other than recommending friends and colleagues, must not be undertaken without the prior written approval of GSM London. 21 GSM London reserves the right to use photographic images and personal details of Recommenders and Recommended Students in the GSM London’s promotional materials.

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GSM London Recommend a Friend scheme 2016  

An updated version of our leaflet for GSM London used an infographic to simply explain the process for recommending a friend.

GSM London Recommend a Friend scheme 2016  

An updated version of our leaflet for GSM London used an infographic to simply explain the process for recommending a friend.


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