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WE a With so much to explore, you can m



yo ur d reams come true – even the ones you never knew you had.

DISCOVER who we are and what we can be

If you like choices and opportunities, you’ll love Fitchburg State. Discover 40+ degree programs in everything from Nursing and Business Administration to Political Science and Computer Information Systems. You’ll also find internships, work-study and study abroad programs, plus exciting clubs, activities, and campus events. With so much to explore, you can make your dreams come true—even the ones you never knew you had.



degree programs


WE CREATE and learn by doing

Practice makes perfect. That's why Fitchburg State places students in real learning environments. Students studying to become teachers do practicums as part of our Education program, including at the McKay Arts Academy, a public elementary school located on campus. Others interested in the effects of a changing environment on public health regularly go into the field to study people, places, plants and animals. Our political science students, or those interested in enhancing communications skills, have taken top awards for the last 25 years in the annual American Moot Court Association tournament. And our Engineering Technology and Business students regularly intern at local manufacturing companies that keep our region and country humming.


But that’s not all. 4

Fitchburg State students can explore their own unique interests by moving through and across seven Academic Clusters. If you’re an aspiring videographer who envisions owning your own business, you’ll take most of your courses in the Communications Media Department, but you’ll cultivate management and administrative skills with classes in Business Administration. If you're an environmentalist with a passion for history, you’ll spend time in the Environmental and Earth Science program as well as the History and Political Science program. Those working towards a career in physical therapy, in the Exercise and Sports Science Department, can choose from concentrations in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Strength and Conditioning, or Fitness Management, and could even add a minor in Spanish to better serve growing Latinx populations. Whatever your career goals are, Fitchburg State can help you get there. You'll gain skills and knowledge specific to your future profession, plus the critical thinking and problem solving skills that hiring managers are looking for.


ACADEMIC CLUSTERS: A Multidisciplinary Exploration

In today’s interconnected world, there are many paths to realizing your calling. Those with a desire to work in a helping profession can choose from majors in health sciences, psychological science, human services, education, or business, for example. Since all majors are found in more than one of these seven Academic Clusters, the clusters are a pathway for students to use their passions and interests to identify a major and minor that will help them succeed in life.

Health, Health Care & Human Development Arts, Humanities and the Digital World Communication, Media, Art & Design Security and the Justice System Business Economics & Analytics Science, Technology, Research & Discovery Education, Government & Global Studies 6





...AND A HOME AWAY FROM HOME Fitchburg State is proud to be a welcoming community, where you’re free to be you and pursue your goals.

After all, we’re unique, too. We’re a state school, but we offer just about everything you’ll find at private colleges at a fraction of the cost. Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) provide opportunities for you to live in our residence halls with others in your major, or with those who share your interests or passions. Got an idea for a new one of these Residence Learning Communities? Just let us know. We’re small (just 3,400 students) so we are more flexible than large institutions and more open to trying new things. This openness is everywhere you look at Fitchburg State. Students, faculty and staff regularly influence the menus at our food court, called the North Street Bistro, while many prefer a home cooked meal at Holmes Dining Commons. Need some extra cash? Apply for Federal Work Study Program assistance or part time jobs on campus. Student workers pretty much run our Hammond Hall, opening and closing the building and monitoring the facilities. There are also weekly campus events such as pizza parties, movies, musicians and comedians at the Falcon Hub, and a slew of clubs with their own activities.. The Improv Club, Outdoor Adventure Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, Filmmakers Society and other student-run clubs meet regularly to socialize and make a difference, and academic clubs such as the Math Club, the Education Club, the Exercise & Sports Science Club help members achieve success.


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Skiing at Mt. Wachusett



Apple Picking

The Corn Maze at Davis Farm

Fitchburg Art Museum



The City of Fitchburg & North Central Massachusetts One of the hilliest cities in the country, Fitchburg is home to shopping, restaurants and the Fitchburg Art Museum, while the greater North Central Massachusetts area is a treasure trove of recreational and cultural opportunities, and historical features. Head to Mt. Wachusett for skiing and hiking, spend a day kayaking on nearby rivers and lakes, go apple picking at local farms, or explore the popular corn maze at Davis Farm. Neighboring Leominster hosts the annual Johnny Appleseed Festival and Starburst Festival, and its proud manufacturing history includes the invention of the iconic plastic pink flamingo. 10

WE HAVE days like these... What's the biggest difference between high school and college? Here, you're your own boss. At Fitchburg State, you can create your own schedule and program of study (we’ll help) and try out extracurricular activities if you’re interested. You can also find a part-time job on- or off-campus or apply for internships with an exciting array of businesses and institutions (we'll help you with this, too). And, when you have down time, it’s up to you how you spend it. Explore campus, venture out for food, a movie or nightlife, or stay in and hang out in the dorm.

11 places like these


Abington Theatre Company (New York) Anderson Ranch (Snowmass, Colorado) Austin Film Society (Austin, Texas) BBC (London and New York) Boston Casting The Boston Bruins The Boston Celtics The Boston Red Sox Bridge 9 Records Circular Confusion Films (Los Angeles) CNN Disneyland Dr. Franklin Perkins School ESPN Explore Tikizia (Costa Rica) FableVision Studios Federal Probation/U.S. Courts Florentine Films GEICO Gloucester Stage Company Hasbro, Inc. Hill Holliday Advertising Indika Entertainment Advertising (New York)

International Fund for Animal Welfare Jabil Healthcare (formerly Nypro) Koda Creative Group Lois Greenfield Photography (New York) Lucky Strike Entertainment Madison Square Garden Mantoani Photography (San Diego) Mass. Dept. of Children and Families Mass. Dept. of Mental Health Mass. Office of Travel & Tourism MassPIRG Mass. State House Mass. State Police Michael Indresano Photography The Mill (New York) Mill Valley Film Group (Sausalito, California) Myriad Pictures National Geographic (TV) NBC New City Theater (New York) New England Aquarium NFL Films Nickerson PR

Panavision PARMA Recordings Portland Convention and Visitors Bureau (Portland, Maine) Princess Cruise Lines PUMA PURE Theatre (Charleston, SC) Radical Media (Los Angeles) Sesame Street Workshop (NYC) Seven Hills Silver Lining Entertainment (Los Angeles) Skydance Films SONY Music Sterilite Corporation Tricky Fast Studios Turner Broadcasting VOX Media Warner Bros. Games The Washington Center (Wash., DC) WCVB-TV Chronicle WGBH/PRI's The World WWLP-Springfield

Learn more about internship opportunities at


A DAY IN THE LIFE Kangsen M asango


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Kyle Colon '2 1

Coolest thin g about colle Major: ge in 10 word It's very rewa s or less: rding becaus Criminal Just e of what yo ice u learn and ac A typical da hieve! y for me incl Hometown: udes classes, studying, an eating with fri d my two pa Boston, Hyd ends, rt-time campu e Park, MA s jobs. 7:30 am Mul tiple alarms go off. I have small breakf time to get in ast. a 8:00 - 9:15 am The day star Criminal Just ts with crimin ice, and it's fu al law class. This is one of ll of in-depth 9:30 - 10:45 my required information am Intro to classes for about intere Human Serv requirements sting and exci ices course, . ting topics. which fulfills my other Be 11:00 - 12:45 havioral Scie pm It's time nce to hit the gy 1:00 - 1:45 pm m–if I have tim Lunchtime! e. I either eat in North Street Bistro for a qu the dining ha ll with some ick meal. 2:00 - 3:15 pm friends or he ad to the I'm usually le the Admissio ading campu ns office. s tours at th is tim e, as 3:30-5:30 pm part of my pa rt-time work This is a grea in studying craz t time to get some homew y late at nigh t. ork done, to 5:45-7:00 pm make sure I'm It’s time for not up dinner, and I’m Overnight back at the di 7:30 pm - 6: ning hall with 00 am Tonigh I’m respondi my friends. t, I'm on call ng to medical for St calls on the ce ntral parts of udent EMS. campus.

e '20 Mikayla Rouett



Hometown: words or less: ! out college in 10 m dance parties Coolest thing ab s, laughs, rando rie mo me , ds en fri Late nights with with other to the hospital l Day! I’m heading -the-job training. ca ini Cl a is y Toda l on students for rea . Nursing program t of bed! re to pick me up forced to get ou I’m so , aning they’re he rm goes off “Uber is here,” me my at th 5:30 am My ala es sti nical be nment. text from my cli with the my nursing assig 6:00 am I get a ng, where I get assessments, all eti me l ica lin e-c handle special pr d r an , Ou ds am me 0 e 7:0 I take notes, giv For my patient, throwbacks er. 8:00 - 1:00 pm jam out to some al faculty memb nic cli d an ers nical besties. We cli my th wi us support of my pe back to camp It’s time to head 1:00 - 1:30 pm t hang out! ol. nap, read, or jus in the car. hy while in scho e dorm. Netflix, th in rge ha lf rec se fit and healt Relax and nt to keep your mmons rta Co po g im nin 2:30 - 4:30 pm Di It’s es m! lm the gy times I eat at Ho Get up and go to n food but some 4:30 - 5:30 pm ually cook my ow us I e! ts. tim un er co nn dis a few Di ts have student y. I usually send 5:30 - 6:30 pm class the next da ny local restauran Ma for . d ut are eo ep tak pr t t or ge brain. the books to ge 10 After dinner, I hit while the material is fresh on my s out for me by 6:30 - 8:30 pm tions es qu d then it’s light th an wi d s be or e ss for ofe be pr TV to s me ail so em nd down with again?! Yep! I wi 8:30 pm Netflix st!). lea at ek we e p.m. (during th

Monson, MA





Each of us learns differently and faces different challenges in college. Fitchburg State is here to help with a variety of specialized support services. The Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center provides free professional or peer tutoring in more than 80 courses, small group peer tutoring services, and walk-in help at the Writing Center. Fitchburg's Disability Services office encourages a community of support and inclusion in every course, residence hall, club, and activity. Plus, students who live in Residential Learning Centers enjoy on-site tutoring specific to their academic program. But education is only one part of the college experience. Students will access a broad array of health care services (medical, dental, optometry, behavioral health) through Fitchburg State's partnership with local provider Community Health Connections. In addition, our Counseling Services Office offers counseling either in person or via telehealth. And it doesn’t end there. The school’s Career Services and Advising Center provides inperson and online career and graduate school advising. Even alumni can access career services for up to five years after graduation.






Professors at Fitchburg State are here because they want to pass along knowledge to the next generation. They're experts in their fields and most hold the highest degree possible in their field, typically a Ph.D. Most classes are taught by our full-time professors with very few led by adjunct professors and none by teaching assistants. Plus, at a small school with small class sizes, students can get more personal attention and have greater access to their professors. For students who want to learn, Fitchburg State has teachers who want to teach.


Joann Nichols Ed.D. (Education):

Fitchburg State offers a variety of specialized teacher education area programs including Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle School Education, Special Education and Educational Studies.

Nirajan Mani Ph.D. (Engineering Technology):

Students in the department can concentrate in Architectural Technology, Construction Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Energy Management Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology or Technical Theatre.

Meledath Govindan Ph.D. (Chemistry):

Many students from our Biology and Chemistry department proceed to jobs in research labs or biotech firms, or continue to medical or dental school through our joint partnerships.

Katharine Covino Ed.D. (English Studies):

Liberal Arts and Sciences classes prepare students to work in professional writing, the creative arts, and teaching, or in jobs that require research and analysis.





EXPRESS Perform in one of the many musical ensembles: Concert Band, Jazz Band, Choir, Chamber Choir, and Community Orchestra.

Work as an actor or crew in one of the student-performed and produced plays that are put on each year under the supervision of Theatre faculty.

Exhibit your own artwork in the annual student ARTeries show in Hammond Hall Art Gallery.

Go to the Fitchburg Art Museum for free with your student ID, and meet with artists and museum professionals.

Create a Capstone project that reflects your personal artistic vision and professional goals, in any media--print, digital, video or photography.


YOURSELF Be a wordsmith: Students with an interest in professional writing can take courses in English studies,

journalism, creative writing, and technical writing. These students, and any others, may submit independent work to the department’s literary journal, Rt. 2, or to the campus newspaper, The Point. Students can also join an ongoing peer writing group or work with a faculty member on a unique writing project.



MASSACHUSETTS TO MOROCCO You never know where college is going to take you. At Fitchburg State, the world is your classroom.

Our study abroad opportunities range from one week to full semesters. Our diverse campus is also enriched by international cultural exchanges where students can travel to China, Germany, Italy and Japan and students from other countries can study here.







AROUND THE WORLD AND BACK Japan Imani Hunter '20 Game Design with a Minor in Computer Science Imani always wanted to visit Japan and the experience changed her forever. "I can rely on myself a lot more. Experiencing the language barrier definitely matures you... It's humbling and you learn so much."

Denzel Weatherspoon '19 Game Design Denzel Weatherspoon enjoyed Japan so much that he's considering relocating there to pursue career opportunities. “You really do not know how big and varied the world is until you visit other places.”


Megan Steiger '20 Special Education/Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Mathematics for Education As a teacher at the Nambale Magnet School, a residential school for children orphaned or otherwise rendered vulnerable by AIDS, Steiger found inspiration and confidence. "I didn’t realize how much a kind gesture can mean until I did this."


FALCONS FALCON Stay in the Game or Stay in Shape


©Frank Poulin Photography


With 17 teams in NCAA competition, more than 21 intramural leagues and events to choose from, there’s an activity or sport for everyone. Plus, Fitchburg State’s NCAA athletes and Exercise and Sports Science students train and compete at the Carmelita Landry Arena, a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facility.





At the Recreation Center, students take free bootcamp, yoga and Insanity classes or do their own thing with cardio, weight training and free weight equipment. The Rec Center also houses a basketball court and an indoor track.






average high school GPA










full-time faculty


minutes to Mount Wachusett

average combined evidence-based reading and writing plus math SAT


student clubs and organizations



of faculty hold doctorates or the highest degree in their field


minutes to Boston by train

14:1 3.6K student to faculty ratio

18 8 % 45 % 64

average class size

residential housing options

graduate/ evening/ online

first generation college students of freshmen live on campus

Fitchburg State awards more than $43 million in financial aid yearly. 91% of first-time, full-time students receive aid. Learn more about financial aid eligibility and assistance at


SOARING Recent Fitchburg State alumni are everywhere you look and they’re doing great things. In a few years, this could be you.


Abigail Charland '18

Locations Production Assistant Abigail Charland already has two Netflix movies under her belt, Spenser Confidential and The Sleepover, and a regular gig with The Great Food Truck Race, which appears on Food Network. Abigail got her start in film and TV at Fitchburg State, where she produced student films and landed an internship with a professional production company. Experiences like these and the support of her Communications Media professors helped her succeed in a competitive, fast-paced industry.

"Each film set is extremely different and you have to be ready for anything, but my professors gave me the confidence to know that I could do it. They encouraged me to grow.” – Abigail Charland '18

Neuroscience Graduate Program, University of Connecticut

Robert Pijewski '15

Robert Pijewski had never thought about a career in science, until a psychology course freshman year awakened his passion. Fast forward several years and two degrees later, and he’s finishing his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Connecticut. Determined to help others, Robert is researching new treatments for multiple sclerosis. He also recently appeared before the Connecticut state legislature to help politicians understand the needs of MS patients, and was named volunteer of the month by the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The first of his family to attend college, Robert earned a double degree in Biology and Psychology and led the Biology and Psychology Clubs.

"I owe it all to my faculty advisors and professors. I was a quiet kid but they took an interest in me and helped me reach my potential.” 31

– Robert Pijewski '15

FALCONS GuardSight, Inc.

Brendan Courtney '19

Cybersecurity Analyst Brendan Courtney went straight from graduation to a job at GuardSight, Inc., but that was no surprise; he landed an internship with the company sophomore year and never looked back. Today, he protects businesses from cybersecurity threats through active patrols, assessments, and responses. A Computer Information Systems major with a minor in Computer Science and a concentration in Cybersecurity, Brendan performed his GuardSight internship responsibilities remotely, right from campus. Meanwhile, part-time jobs as a Resident Assistant and Building Manager exposed him to diverse people and clubs.

"I don't think you'll find a better experience at any other college, because of all the good people at Fitchburg State. You leave the school with a sense of pride." – Brendan Courtney ‘19

Nashua, NH Police Department

Madison Medina '19

As a patrol officer in Nashua, NH, a city of nearly 100,000 residents, "you deal with pretty much everything," and that's just fine with Madison Medina. A graduate of Fitchburg State's groundbreaking Criminal Justice Police Certification 4+1 program, Madison and her classmates received a comprehensive education in police work, including defense and tactical procedures, from instructors and visiting specialists. By earning Bachelor's and Masters degrees, as well as police academy certification, graduates like Madison are ready to work right away. "It makes you more marketable."

"I loved that it was a smaller school. It's a very personal experience rather than just being a number sitting in class." – Madison Medina ‘19 32


Ready to check out our beautiful campus? Register for a Campus Visit, Saturday Information Session, or Undergraduate Evening Information Session by going to or call the Admissions Department at 800.705.9692. There are also Transfer Tuesdays for transfer students and events scheduled by individual academic departments.


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The Office of Financial Aid helps students apply for need-based scholarships, loans, grants, and work-study assistance, as well as merit-based financial aid. Fitchburg State is deeply committed to affordability and value. Ninety-one percent of the entering class of 2018 received an offer of financial assistance, and the average student loan debt for the graduating class of 2016 was well below the national average.


To learn more about financial aid opportunities or to apply, visit


A PRIVATE SCHOOL EDUCATION AT PUBLIC SCHOOL PRICES When considering the next phase of your education, consider this: you're preparing for not only the first few years after graduation, but for the rest of your life. While trade schools can provide excellent skills training to help you land your first job, a Fitchburg State education helps you build a career. That's because we teach the whole student. Critical thinking and problemsolving skills help graduates conquer unforeseen challenges and reinvent themselves as often as they want, or need. A 14:1 student-faculty ratio, thoughtfully designed support systems, and a small campus mean students get the attention they need. And a work-hard/play-hard mentality pervades campus, where cultural, athletic, and social opportunities help students blow off steam. In short, a Fitchburg State education is the best of both worlds -extraordinary and economical.

ONLINE, CONTINUING EDUCATION & GRADUATE SCHOOL PROGRAMS Fitchburg State offers perhaps the most robust graduate school programming of all Massachusetts' state schools, and much of it is available 100% online. Choose from 100% online graduate programs in applied communication, computer science, curriculum and teaching, educational leadership and management, history, MBA, and forensic nursing. On-campus programs in graduate studies include programs in counseling, criminal justice and education. In addition, all or part of many undergraduate and continuing education programs may be completed online, including an accelerated online RN to BS in Nursing degree, a bachelor’s of science degree in business administration, and a customizable interdisciplinary studies bachelor's degree. Graduate and undergraduate certificate programs and certificates of advanced graduate study are also available, many of which are offered in an online format. 34

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