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OCTOBER 2012 | Volume 17 | Issue 9


The BAZAAR is coming up Saturday, Nov. 3, 9 am-2 pm. Details on pages 2 & 5

Veterans Day Concert Nov. 11—see page 4


Announcing the Winner We had the most captions submitted for last month's photo! The winner of our contest, based on the number of likes from Facebook users, is Josh Hayashi! He wins a $10-gift certificate to Ko'olau Kitchen! Congratulations! Here's Josh's winning caption: "If this ends up on the website, you will be sleeping on the couch." Other good ones: "This is my daughter, in whom I am well pleased." - Sarah Lau "Is that the Holy Spirit I feel?" - Robin Winterlin "A bird in the bush is worth 2 on the Pam." - David Kusumoto "I have so many Twitter followers that they've gone to my head." - Marianne Schultz "You say I have bed hair?" - Ellery Lum "Not one poop out of you!" - Paula Caracol "I am gonna kill Dan Chun for taking this picture." - Yolanda Miller "Cooking is for the birds! Let's go eat at Koolau Kitchen instead!" - Marsha Coscina "Bird hair day." - Michael Shishido "I said bird on the brain, not birdbrain!" Adrienne Sentell "The day Dan Chun decided Pam's nesting instinct had gone too far." - Pam Chun Keep them coming, folks! Your captions have us all rolling on the floor laughing (ROTFL)! Thanks to those who are such good sports about having their photo be the subject of these loving caption jokes (Dan, Lauren, Karen, Pam, Ron, Rosella)!



The Bazaar Needs YOU Saturday, Nov. 3, 9 am-2 pm, Sanctuary Fall is approaching, and we are eagerly looking forward to setting up and receiving your donations for the Nov. 3rd Annual Bazaar. Bring your items to church ON SUNDAY MORNINGS ONLY and put them into the PODS in the third aisle of the parking lot. One POD will be for clothing and the other for silent auction items. Donated items will be accepted until Oct. 28th. SILENT AUCTION: We welcome your clean and gently used/re-useable items, and even those new but never used gift items. If you are sharing glassware, please wrap them in newspaper or brown paper bags so they do not break. NO ELECTRONICS, TV’S, TAPE PLAYERS, CD PLAYERS, COMPUTERS OR COMPUTER PARTS. NO FURNITURE, OR EXERCISE EQUIPMENT. We are not accepting books, CD’s, or DVD’s.  If you have questions for what we might be able to resell, please call Caroline Kim at 988-3349, Thanks so much for your contributions.  Our team has often fallen in love with many of your delightful gifts.  CHIC BOUTIQUE: We will have this section where we'll have "a few good clothes: clothes that have been outgrown (or dieted out of), recognized early as a fashion faux pas, worn a time or two with no response from those who should have been impressed—you get the idea! We are not a rummage sale, and we welcome clean, wearable clothes for work and social occasions, shoes, purses, and other accessories in the same category—men’s too. Anything we don’t feel will sell well


in our department will be donated to a worthy charity. Thanks for your wonderful response in the past, and for joining in the fun this year! Contact Robbie Brandt at 953-2078, KO‘OLAU MARKET: We need plants of any kind that are healthy and in saleable condition—herbs, cactus etc., cut flowers, fruit or vegetables from your garden, or eggs from your chickens. These things can be dropped off on the Friday (November 2) before the Bazaar. There will be tables in the entryway outside of the sanctuary side of the church. Contact Sandi Chun at 947-6468, BAKED GOODS: It’s not too soon to start thinking about what you can contribute for the bake sale. Homemade pies, cakes, breads, cookies, and candy will be eagerly snapped up by Bazaar shoppers. Signups start on Sept. 30. Your goodies can be dropped off the morning of the sale, starting at 8 am. Contact Terry Takara at 342-0202, VOLUNTEER SIGNUPS: Sign up at the Women’s Ministry table for a shift at the Bazaar. We need all kinds of help, no experience necessary. Expect to have fun and meet new people! Please let us know if you have experience with cooking malasadas.




Wanted for the Creative Tech Team by David Chang Here’s a new ministry opportunity for you! We’re forming the Creative Tech Team, a brand-new team that will provide the sound, lighting, computer, and other technical support for First Prez events and activities. You just might be among those who want to be part of this team that:

team will support other church events and weekly Sunday worship services. Former technical experience is not required, but here’s what we’re looking for in our volunteers: • Interest in music, theater, or technology • A steady commitment If you still aren’t sure if this will work for you, addressing these concerns may help:

• Does something critically important for God: We realize that excellent technology, sound, and lighting enhances the worship experience and the preaching of God’s message. • Has fun serving together: Our goal is to do a great job in a fun way, growing together in the Lord. We want to be smarter so we can get the most out of the equipment. We want to grow stronger physically so we can move equipment safely and efficiently. We want to grow tighter as a team so we can help each other follow God more closely. Most of all, we want to grow closer to the Lord so we can become more like Him. • Works with cool technology: Our goal is to use the best equipment. We will be dealing with digital audio, solid-state lighting, and advanced control consoles. • Has vision to do great things: We realize that great teams of people have great passion to do what is needed no matter how difficult it may be.

• I don’t have the skills/experience. We will have jobs that span the whole spectrum from first-timer to veteran. If you can run a Yamaha M7CL digital mixing console, we want you. If you can plug an extension cord into the wall, we want you. • I’m afraid to make mistakes. We’ll set you up to succeed by providing training and practice. We’ll work as a team to help each other. • I’ll get burned out. Our top priority is to help you follow Christ closely, so we will provide a schedule that will allow you to take breaks and recharge. Our goal is to have a team large enough so that we can rotate people off and on regularly. • I may find that I don’t like it after all. If it turns out that this ministry is not for you, we’ll help you find an alternative ministry that’s a better fit for your gifts and talents, even if it means leaving this team.

Up until now, an external vendor has done the set-up, operation, and takedown of our sound and lighting equipment. Going forward, this vendor will be supporting us only in our major events, like Easter and Christmas services. Our new creative tech

Now that you’ve read all that and we’ve somehow piqued your interest, we invite you to our orientation meeting. We’ll tell you the time and the place when you contact us at or 532-1111.


Many churches do. A pledge system asks everyone what they intend to give in the coming year, and bases the budget on the anticipated income from members and attenders.  When Pastor Dan was called to be our Senior Pastor, he instituted what is called a “faith budget.” In this budgeting approach, ministry teams are asked to prayerfully determine what God is calling them to do in their area, and (in faith) proceed in the belief that God will resource that level of ministry.


It can be!   But we believe that if we answer God’s call AND are good stewards, He will resource HIS ministries.   And that has been our experience for the last 18 years.  Taken as a whole, our income over that time has exceeded our operational expenses.

Upon This Rock Update Our "Upon This Rock" capital campaign is on the right track. Here's the "temperature reading" so far:

As of August 31, 2012

• Campaign Goal = $7M • Actual Pledges received = $3,473,517 • Actual collection to date = $1,651,043

$7M $6M $5M $4M $3M $2M $1M 0





Ushers And Greeters Training With Pastor Dan

Saturday, Oct. 27, 8 am– 12:30 pm, New Hope West Oahu at Waikele Shopping Center

True or False: Ushers hand out worship bulletins and collect the offering. Greeters ask visitors to sign the visitor log. If you answered “true,” you’re partially right, but ushers and greeters do much more than that! Ushering and greeting are such important functions that here at First Prez we require ushers and greeters to take a training course before they can serve. Pastor Dan will be giving a LIVE training for Ushers and Greeters on Oct. 27. The training is open to all interested in becoming an usher or a greeter, as well as those who have already been serving and would like a refresher course. There’s a registration fee, but this will be waived for those attending from First Prez. To register, contact Rosella Shishido at 532-1113 or If you are interested in becoming an usher but are not able to attend, please contact our usher coordinator, Adele Chong, at



Veterans Day Concert–Nov. 11, 5 pm Sunday, Nov. 11, 5 pm, Sanctuary We have a special concert coming up by the Oahu Civic Orchestra, conducted by First Prez member, Ron Hirai. Also featured in the program will be our own FPC Choir under the direction of Mary Hicks. As I’ve been working with Ron on the preparations, I’ve been learning a whole bunch of interesting stuff about him and the Oahu Civic Orchestra, and I thought you all might be interested in learning more about them, too! –Roz Roz: What gave you the idea of doing a Veteran’s Day Concert? Ron: After looking at the dates available, one of the dates was Nov. 11. We realized that was Veteran’s Day, and it was a perfect match. One thing led to the next, and it started with just adding a few patriotic numbers. And this led me to another idea. What if the First Prez choir got involved? I was a little hesitant to ask , but I went up to Mary anyway, expecting a “no”, but she said okay! I was so happy! Roz: Is there anything that you are especially excited about for this concert? Ron: Oh yes. We are doing the Battle Hymn of the Republic, A Salute to the Armed Forces, two orchestral numbers: Triumphal March by Elgar, and L’Arlesienne Suite No 2 by Bizet. And a new composition! “Thank You, Soldiers,” a beautiful piece, that expresses our deepest appreciation and thanks to the veterans and to those on active duty. There will be a lot of familiar tunes.


Roz: How long have you been playing clarinet, and how did you transition from that into leading such a huge orchestra? Ron: This transition has been a life long process. As early as 4-5 years old, I remember standing on a short stool and waving a chop stick to the “Lone Ranger” theme on radio. I started playing the clarinet at age 11 in school bands and later in the Hawaii Youth Symphony, UHM Band/Orchestra and the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra. Although teaching school bands for many years, my dream of conducting a full symphony orchestra was not realized until after I retired from the DOE in 2004. It was at this time that I was invited to join the Oahu Civic Orchestra as a clarinet player and soon after, invited to serve as a conductor to this day. My favorite conductors are Sir George Solti, Leonard Bernstein, Herbert von Karajan and Michael Tilson Thomas. Roz: How many people are in your orchestra? Ron: About 65 people. They are all adults, most of whom are working during the people, attorneys, doctors, college students and professors...a varied mix of professions. The love of music binds us all together. There is really SO much more behind the story and behind the man, so if you see Ron Hirai on a Sunday morning after church, ask him to tell you more, you won’t regret it!


Teddy Bear Clinic at Bazaar Last year’s debut of the Teddy Bear Clinic turned out to be a popular and successful section of the Annual Bazaar.


Alice Yoder visiting the Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya

The Annual Bazaar: A Labor of Love

So once again, Dr. Andy Oishi and his team of doctors will be on hand to render first aid to any and all stuffed animals who need help with lacerations, amputations, etc. They will perform this outreach free of charge and administer it with lots of love. In addition, there will be a team of ladies to help with more “delicate” repairs. Healthy animal examinations will be available and certificates given to the little parents of the animals.  We will also offer animals for adoption.

by Donna Matichuk Why do certain women at FPC work tirelessly throughout the year spending countless hours stitching quilts, making dozens of jars of jams and jellies, and carefully constructing intricate Christmas decorations? Simply put, they do it for love. That love translates into money made at the Annual Bazaar and sent thousands of miles away to give hope to babies and children in two very extraordinary places.

excitement at being present for the birth of a baby: “Witnessing the birth of Sarah Williams with a newborn at a healthy the Shalom Birthing Center Filipino baby boy was an amazing experience. The wonder of new life and the joy of this baby’s birth made me intimately aware of God’s grace as our Creator and Sustainer. God’s Word says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139) and this fact was magnified by the birth of baby Andre at the Shalom Birthing Center.”

Alice Yoder has a special place in her heart for the Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya, since she was born in that country. She has visited almost every year since 2005, personally distributing school supplies, delivering the money raised at the Bazaar, and bringing other donated materials for The Shalom Birthing Center provides a the orphans who live in the home. “They all safe and clean place for very poor women have the HIV/Aids virus,” Alice said. to give birth—these women cannot afford The money raised by the Women’s medical care and have no place to go. In Ministry originally went to buy bricks to 1992, the Center delivered eight babies in build a larger facility that houses up to their first month of operation. Now they 70 children. Now the funds help pay for average approximately 130 babies born medical treatment and other necessities. monthly and more than 400 mothers “It’s rewarding to see where the money receive critical prenatal and postnatal care each week. goes,” Alice said. Although these are only two of the Women’s Ministry Team member Sarah Williams recently visited the Shalom mission projects which benefit from the Birthing Center in the Philippines, another Bazaar, all moneys raised by the Annual recipient of Bazaar funds. She expressed her Bazaar at FPC go to support missions.


RAA! (Retired Active Adults)


Friday, Oct. 12, 6 pm, Punahou School, Dillingham Hall Get ready for a finger-snapping, foot-tapping time in GODSPELL! The production is considered one of the biggest off-Broadway and Broadways successes of all time. Roslyn Catracchia is directing the music for this local production. Based on the Gospel according to Matthew and featuring a sparkling score, Godspell boasts a string of well-loved songs, led by the International hit, “Day by Day”. Other songs include “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord,” “Learn Your Lessons Well,” “All For the Best,” “All Good Gifts,” and “By My Side,” the parables of Jesus Christ come humanly and hearteningly alive. Godspell is a unique reflection on the life of Jesus, with a message of kindness, tolerance, and love. Our own Paul Palmore, Punahou’s Director of Theatre, helped us get 25 tickets, so join us on Oct. 12! Drop by the RAA table in the Fellowship Hall on Sundays for tickets and for more info.





What Our Pastors Wish We Knew by Patti Marshall

According to research, 40% of pastors and 47% of their spouses are suffering from burnout, frantic schedules, and/ or unrealistic expectations. If this is so, the numbers are heartbreaking and convicting. Here are some insights that pastors and their wives from all over the country have shared: Do the basics consistently – The greatest way to bless our pastors is be one of those faithful people who attends, serves, and gives consistently. This offers assurance to the pastors and their staff. Let go of unrealistic expectations – Instead of all of us inviting them over for dinner to spend time with our families, give them gift certificates so they can spend time with theirs. Or schedule a “drop-off” meal especially during those busy times like Easter and Christmas. Of course, they’ll have friends where a dinner with a family is completely comfortable and refreshing. Commit to giving them freedom to have close friends and not feel guilty. Bless them and their families with freedom. Love your pastors’ wives – Three pastors responded with, “Please give my wife face-to-face affirmation,” and “When my wife hears negative things about the church and me it crushes her” and “It’s hard when people say, ‘Do you remember me?’ Commit to our pastors’ wives (Pam, Mimi, Monica, and Cathy) the gift of kind words. Don’t assume other people are encouraging your pastors – Send notes of encouragement. Write an email telling them what difference a sermon made in your life. Commit to not just be someone who appreciates our pastors in their hearts. Bless them with kind words and actions too. Adapted from Lysa TerKeurst. Proverbs 31 Ministries. June 28, 2012.



People All the Good Things

What's the buzz with First Prez people by Marcia Wright The fall equinox has passed, and we are moving into earlier dusks and later dawns. Even in Hawaii we feel the slight crispness in the air and enjoy the cool after the hot summer. The Lord gives us and the earth respite from the heat and affords us time to prepare our hearts for the coming winter, or, as we know it here in Hawaii, the "rainy season." Praise God the "Give Aloha" campaign was again a great success this year. Thank you for giving to the Lord and His work. The Women’s Mixed Plate was a great day of fellowship, fun, and learning. Thank you to the leadership of the Women’s ministry for all your hard work. Katie Beth Hicks, daughter of Bill and Barbara Hicks, is now a full-fledged attorney after passing the bar in North Carolina. She now has a job with Social Security in Falls Church, Virginia. While still looking for an apartment, she is staying with Grammy (aka Martha Morrissey’s mother). Yay, Katie Beth! But wait! There’s more! The Hicks and Steve and Lynne Wiggins have both signed up to sponsor an exchange student for the year. Through the International Hospitality Center, they both have a high school girl from Germany. This is the Wiggins' first time to sponsor a child and the second time for the Hicks. What brave folks they are! If anyone out there is interested in sponsoring a child from a foreign country and sharing our America with them, Barbara would be happy to chat with you. A free Veteran's Day Concert presented by the Oahu Civic Orchestra (OCO) is set for Sunday, Nov. 11, 5 pm at our church. Also at the concert are First Prez member Ron Hirai, as conductor; Mary Hicks, as director, and the First Prez Choir. OCO is a volunteer community orchestra that enriches the quality of life and culture on Oahu by


providing a nurturing environment for all musicians where they can perform classical, pop, and contemporary music. OCO celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. For more info about OCO, send an e-mail to Ron Hirai retired in 2004 after serving as the band/orchestra director of Moanalua Intermediate and High School and Mililani High School. He was also vice principal and principal of several schools in Central Oahu. During his school years, he was the principal clarinetist with the Hawaii Youth Symphony Orchestra, McKinley High School Band, and University of Hawaii Band and Orchestra. He was also a member of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra and recognized as the Musician of the Month by the Morning Music Club. In his career he was recognized as an Outstanding Educator by the Mililani Jaycees and took the Mililani High School Band to major national and international parades. Upon his retirement he was honored by the Hawaii State House and Senate for his outstanding service to public education. In addition to being a co-conductor and principal clarinetist with our orchestra, Ron is also the principal clarinetist with the Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra. Congratulations to Marsha Coscina whose daughter Anuhea Brady was married in September. We will be heading into fall now with our thoughts focused on Thanksgiving and Christmas. No matter where the earth moves in the heavens, we are always safely in our Father’s hand. These are good things to remember and share with all around you. When you see the goodness of God happening, drop me a line or give me a call and tell me about all the good things. Malama pono.



Small Groups: Food for Prayer

Children's Christmas Musical

by Shelley Germain Primary to any of us joining a small group is the need to fellowship with other Christians. Fellowship is establishing a relationship with each other. Even deeper than that is the idea that there is a need to develop and nuture our own relationship with Jesus. I belong to a women’s only small group that birthed from the church’s study a few years back of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. That study left us with a desire to want to know more about being a Christian just as the Alpha Course is doing today for many on our church. At first, the regularity of meeting together was finding the commonality we shared and it was not surprising that FOOD was the common denominator, and so we always start our meetings with tea time goodies. We share our live, our problems, and leave the outside world behind before focusing on Jesus and what He has to say to us. We then turn to our study, which may be a book of the Bible, a film on characters from the Old Testament, the past Sunday’s sermon, etc. and we open that part of our Small Group with prayer with each of us taking a weekly turn at prayer. As with many of us who are

not used to praying in front of a group or crowd, this was an intimidating task. We've all done the night-before scrambles to get the prayer on paper or the flipping through the Bible looking for appropriate phrases. However, it has become clear that prayer is a conversation with the Lord and not with others. When we remember that, the Holy Spirit leads us into that “secret” place with God. Today, many of us can spontaneously pray from that secret place even if others are within hearing. We will tell you that prayer has enriched our lives. A wonderful facet of prayer has been, as one of us shared recently, that when it aligns with God’s will for us, prayer is granted—something she had never noticed before. Prayer is just one aspect of being in a small group that will help your journey. Join one today, and find out what else the Lord has in store for you. Get more info from the FPC website under Ministries: Small Groups or email

1st Rehearsal: Sunday, Oct. 28, 11 am, Children's Ministry Area by Roslyn Catracchia Merry Christmas! We are getting ready for this year’s Children’s Christmas Musical, scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 9. All children between the ages of Kindergarten and 8th grade are welcome. First rehearsal will be Sunday, Oct. 28, 11 am. For more information, call Roslyn at 227-9568.


Men's Dinner Featuring Pastor Dan on “When Men Pray” Tuesday, Oct. 30, 6 pm, Fellowship Hall Most prayer warriors we know are women.   Why is that? Is prayer not a masculine thing? We’ll talk about that and much more at the October Men's Dinner led by Pastor Dan. Sign up at the Men’s Table on Sundays.  Pay $10 at the door.   Men are masculine but most are shy.   Extend this dinner invitation to at least one shy man. Usually, that’s all it takes.




Making of a



Tom and Anita Rhee Stirling are the featured couple at our Men’s Annual Coed Dinner on Tuesday, Dec. 4. It’s a great way to start off the Christmas month and the whole church is invited. Flip ahead about two months on your calendar and circle the date. Don’t miss Tom and Anita!






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