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Celebrate Independence Day with us! Details on page 2.

Longest Slip-n-Slide! Story on page 7


Independence Day Celebration Sunday, July 1 at First Prez



It's a family-friendly event with lots of free snacks, crafts, games, and activities for everyone! Bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit on. The concerts and activities are free, but if you want to join us for the buffet lunch, buy your lunch tickets online at Ticket prices: Adults $8, kids 6 to 10 years old $5, and kids 5 years and under FREE. Invite your family and friends!

Caption Contest And the winner is …. Captions submitted to last month's First Press were really fun! The winner of our contest, based on the number of likes from Facebook users, is Scott Harada! He wins a $10-gift certificate to Ko'olau Kitchen! Congratulations! Here's Scott's winning caption: “Are you sure, Jay, that God needs this funnel to fill me with the Holy Spirit?... well, okay, as long as I don't look silly." Other captions submitted: “The Giant Chinese Kong Toy for Dogs.... Call now and get a great low price of $24.99!" - Candi Miller "Looks a lot like Marge Simpson." - Patricia Wrath "Hawaii Opera Theater will DEFINITELY want me now." - Leon Williams "I like to be a ham, I do like to, Dan-I-am!" - Chris Kanemura


JULY 2012


The Gate is Open. Come On In! WAKO (Wednesdays At Ko‘olau) is coming in August! by Sarah Lau “The Gate is Open. Come on in!” Get ready, Get set, Get GOING to WAKO during August at First Prez! You really won’t want to miss out on what we have in store this summer! We are very excited about gathering together once again on Wednesdays during the month of August (August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29) for fellowship, fun and informative classes, and of course, FOOD! We are working very hard at developing a great variety of Bible-based and special interest classes for you and your friends. WAKO is not only a great place to join your church friends for a time of food, fellowship, and learning midweek but it's also a GREAT tool for inviting friends who have never been here to come to our beautiful church campus.


• Golf Training

• Facing Your Financial Future Fearlessly! (retirement, healthcare management issues, saving strategies, identity theft issues, and more…) • Self-Defense Training • When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back In the Box (Ortberg) - a DVDbased Bible Study • Red Cross Disaster Training - (back by popular demand), to include CPR briefing and use of defibrillators • The Adoption Option - a class for anyone interested in child adoption • Stretch and Strength class


• Common Grace Mentoring - class by Jay Jarman • Pet Loss and Bereavement - issues for animal lovers • A Faith Foundations Class - “Church of the Living God, Pillar of Ground and Truth” that will cover sections of 1st and 2nd Corinthians, 1st and 2nd Timothy and Titus • Becoming Empowered in a Tech Savvy World - digital photography, iPhone and Android apps, and how to sift through all that’s out there from a tech standpoint! • Reel Belief - a class focusing on life and biblical lessons learned from characters in well-known movies. • Spiritual Warfare - What it is and how to deal with it • Ukulele for Absolute Beginners • Life Ready Woman - video Bible study by Shaunti Feldhahn • Moms in Prayer International training for anyone who loves children • Return of the Desperate Cook - our own Linda Verdugo is coming back to help us in becoming more effective in the kitchen! • AND possibly - Raising Spiritual Champions - Bible-based study for parents and grandparents taught by Karen Makishima, Director of Children’s Ministry at FPC and/or a crafts workshop utilizing recycled materials.



1. Strong Christ-centered friendships were built. 2. Our beloved VBS volunteer team. Without them there would be no VBS. 3. Over 170 Keiki discovered that nothing is impossible with God. 33% are non FPC kids. 4. It all came down to the heart of worship. 5. Denee Hamilton (the glue that holds us all together), Karen Makishima (our grace-filled leader) and Annie Vong (VBS volunteer).


Frequently Asked Questions 1



Tithing is a spiritual discipline that is mentioned a number of times in the Bible. Basically, it is the concept of setting aside the first fruit of the harvest for God, in recognition of the source of our provision. It is strictly defined as giving one-tenth, but we are not legalistic about how much. We suggest you not ask, “How can I afford to give 10% of what I earn?” but instead ask, “How can I not live on 90% of what I have been blessed with?”


Tithing is the spiritual discipline of setting aside a “first fruit” or regular portion (the word means 10%) of what God has provided for you. When we say “tithes and offerings,” an offering is over and above what you tithe. This could be a special offering, such as Easter or Christmas, or simply as a gesture of generosity or in response to a need. Tithes and offerings can also be in the form of our time or talent, the bounty of which also comes from our Creator.



Correction to last month’s F&A article: the article was written by Suzie Pearce, not Debbie Carreira-Johnson. Sorry, Suzie!




JULY 2012


RAA! (Retired Active Adults) ,

Coconut Island Tour

Wednesday, July 25, 9:45 am, He‘eia Pier Put on some comfortable clothes, a hat, and a good pair of walking shoes for some fun in the sun on “Gilligan’s Island.” Oh, and don’t forget your water bottle. But where's Gilligan's Island? Well, it's actually Coconut Island, also dubbed as Gilligan's Island since it was the location used for the long shots of the island in the old TV series "Gilligan's Island. Coconut Island, otherwise known as Moku o Lo‘e, is a 28-acre island in Kaneohe Bay and is now owned by the State and has one of the only laboratories built on a coral reef. We will be met at the He‘eia Kea Pier and board a boat for a 30-minute ride (not a 3-hour cruise on the Skipper’s boat) to the island. Along the way, we may see some sea turtles! Children 10 years and older are welcome, but will be required to wear lifevests on the boat. On the island, a docent will take us on a 1-1/2–2-hour tour of some of the research taking place at the Hawaii Marine Institute, part of the University of Hawaii. We will not be entering the water during the walking tour. Some of the paths are rocky and uneven so please wear good walking shoes. After the tour, we will be picnicking on the island with our own brown bag lunches at a special picnic area. Please BE SURE to be at the pier no later than 9:45 am, as the boat pushes off at 10 am sharp. Bring your cameras, lunches and drinking water and join us for a great summer adventure and learning experience. We are limited to 40 persons, so be first to sign up on July 15 and 22, after the 8 and 9:30 am services. A Waiver Form must be signed and a fee of $8 (CASH ONLY, PLEASE) will be collected from each attendee.


JULY 2012


YA! July Events Please Join Us for One

June's Secret Island Tour was super fun, wish you all could have been there. We are hoping, though, that you can make it out to one of our upcoming events during what's left of the summer! This is your official invitation to CHECK US OUT! You will not be disappointed. At least we hope not! If you are looking for a way to connect, meet people and feel a part of things, please take the step to email us today ( or just show up at one of the following events that are bound to be just what you're looking for: • Saturday, July 7 – Second Worship, 7 pm in the Youth Room • Thursday, July 12 – Family Promise Outreach (feeding homeless families) • Saturday, July 21 – Second Worship, 7 pm in the Youth Room • Friday, July 27 – Beach Day Picnic & Friday Fireworks, 6 pm at Magic Island If you can't make it to any of these, just get on our mailing list by emailing We're also always at 11:11 service, and we have lunch afterwards right outside Ko‘olau Kitchen. So come up and say, "Hi!" – we'd love to meet you, too!



Bazaar Crafting Thanks to donations of all kinds of craft items, the First Prez Crafters are working small and large miracles of creativity in preparation for the Annual Bazaar in November. Starting with a January brainstorming session, they now spend every Friday morning turning ordinary things into decorative and useful items that will be snapped up by enthusiastic shoppers.


Patt Emminger and the final product: pepper jelly.

The Jelly Lady by Donna Matichuk Even though the Annual Bazaar is several months away, delicious and tantalizing odors were floating out the church kitchen door recently. The jelly and chutney making marathon has begun, with Patt Emminger directing the savory activities. Patt, who works in a yarn and needlecraft shop in her day-to-day life, has three years of experience with this labor-intensive segment of the Bazaar, but she’s also chaired or co-chaired the annual event for ten years.

fun of being with other women as we work together. “But,” she admitted, “last year we did it all in three weeks starting in October, which was fun, but this year we are starting early so we don’t kill ourselves!” Pouring the jelly into jars and sealing them is a sense of satisfaction, according to Patt.

Patt and her volunteers make quite a variety of items for sale. They will include mango jelly and chutney, lilikoi butter and jelly, pepper jelly, lemon and lime curd, pepper jelly and guava jelly and jam, and pumpkin butter. Other tasty preserves are Naturally, she has some stories to tell, possible depending on what fruit people like her first time making guava jelly. have to share. Inexplicably, the jelly refused to gel. Patt ended up taking the huge vat of it home, The Women’s Ministry would love to turn (picture that in your back seat), and your extra fruit into preserves. You may cooking it some more. Unfortunately, the drop off fruit at the church office. There guavas still didn’t cooperate. So, instead it will be future jelly making parties. No was sold as guava syrup! experience necessary. Watch the Sunday bulletin for announcements. As she fed lemons through a citrus squeezer, Patt chatted about the bazaar and its challenges. “The biggest challenge for us is storage,” she said. She laughed while admitting she’s used her own garage for years, and her neighbors suspect she may be a hoarder. One of the things to store prior to the sale will be the 20-25 dozen jars of jams and jellies.

Some of these talented ladies transform scraps of fabric into beautiful quilts— always a popular item at the sale. “These quilts are amazing,” said Sky Stewart. “You can’t help but learn something just by seeing how the quilters work their magic.” Recently the crafters were perplexed when they realized they had depleted almost all of their Christmas décor and had nothing to begin the wreaths and trees with that they had planned. But just in time, someone donated boxes and boxes of seasonal decorations, which will now be joyfully “repurposed.” If you would like to join the fun, everyone is welcome to come and participate. You may learn how to tie quilts. Perhaps you can crochet, or knit. Or you could build creches, or craft iris folding cards. Possibilities are unlimited, experienced or not. Meet in the Glass Classroom on Friday mornings from 9 am until noon.

“My favorite part of the project,” Patt Ivonne Litchkowski, Jackie Magnusson, and Sarah said, “is the fellowship we have and the Williams measure and chop ingredients for pepper jelly.



JULY 2012



Made to Praise Part 2, by Patti Marshall

Last month’s article began a journey of adoration praying through music, dance, drama, and the written word. It is a form of worship that acknowledges God’s nature and character and praises Him for who He is. It brings glory to Him. Let’s continue with day six of the 31 Scripture-based, paraphrased praise starters. 6. A God of Justice: “Lord, I magnify You, because You are just and You justify those who have faith in Jesus” Rom. 3:26. 7. A Faithful God: “Heavenly Father, I give you my adoration because You are a faithful God, keeping Your covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love You and keep Your commands” Deut. 7:9. 8. A Merciful God: “You are gracious and merciful God, and I praise You for Your great mercy” Neh. 9:31. 9. God, My Rock and My Refuge: “I praise You, Lord, for You are my mighty rock, my refuge” Ps. 62:7. 10. A Patient, Persevering God: “Father, I praise You because You are patient, not wanting anyone to perish, but wanting everyone to come to repentance. Thank you for your patience with me” 2 Pet. 3:9. 11. Eternal, Saving God: “I give praise to You, Father, the only God and Savior. To You be the glory, majesty, power, and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore” Jude. 25. 12. The Holy One: “Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come” Rev. 4:8. 13, A Personal God: “I praise You, God, because You are a personal God, who gives me the honor of knowing You, even inviting me to feast at your kingdom’s table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” Mt. 8:11.

People All the Good Things

What's the buzz with First Prez people by Marcia Wright “Let Freedom Ring” is the phrase for the month and the opening song for the First Sunday in July. We will be celebrating our nations independence with three wonderful services filled with glorious music on July 1st. You will probably be reading this article after the fact but you can still be grateful to God and our founding fathers and mothers for their sacrifice which gave us this free country! Thank those who continue to fight for freedom and who honor the principles of faith and hard work which built this nation. Honolulu Magazine has put out their “Doctors of the Year” issue again. Aurora Fruehling helped me find the names of these First Prez docs: John Boyer, Greg Chow, Darryl Kan, Frank Lim, Stella Matsuda, Andrew Oishi, Glenn Rediger, and Victoria Wang. (If you know of any more doctors, please send me an email.) Congratulations on jobs well done, friends! Bill Wood has finished his latest quilt. What a beautiful way to honor the Lord! Bill and Mel (Mary Ellen) are retiree snowbirds who volunteer in the office at FPC. Based on a 6th century Byzantine mosaic the quilt contains 5000 to 6000 pieces. What an artist you are, Bill! Mary Fisher's daughter, Ruth Jarman Shiraishi, recently published a book in Japanese, which has sold over 6000 copies. Ruth has been living in Japan for the last 25 years. Her book encourages Japanese nationals to be proud, to be happy, and to hold on to the wonderful aspects of their cultural heritage. Ruth illuminates 33 traits she feels particularly blessed by. We are waiting for the translation, Ruth! Ryan Stanfield, son of Barbara Pretty and Bob Stanfield, won the Outstanding Freshman Award for Theater at Loyola University Chicago. Congratulations, Ryan!

(Continued on page 7)


JULY 2012


Bill Wood

's amazin

g quilt

Dr. Laeton Pang has received a fellowship from the American College of Radiology. He was nominated by his peers and is the youngest to receive this fellowship. Mindy Chow, daughter of Greg and Robin Chow, is one of 12 seniors placed on the Hall of Honor List for the state. As a Punahou senior, she is a three-time wrestling champion and a four-time judo champion. She proudly follows in the footsteps of older brother Daniel and sister Chrissy who were also listed into the Hall of Honor. She is off to Westmont College in California next year. (Cited from Paul Honda in the Star Advertiser.) A full quarter page ad was in the Honolulu Star Advertiser wishing our dear friends Kraig and Pam Kennedy goodbye. Placed by friend Tim Guard, the ad spoke eloquently of the Kennedys' many friends and the fondness we all feel for them. You will be missed! Blessings on the road ahead! Karen Makishima recently graduated from Bethel Seminary with her masters in Children and Family Ministry. What a feat! Karen has been in the longdistance learning program through Bethel Seminary at the San Diego Campus for four years. She was required to attend the campus twice a year for two weeks of intensives. Woo hoo, Karen! If you like to sing but don’t have the time during the year for those Thursday night rehearsals, come join us for the last four Sundays in July. Just show up in the Makai room at 9 am to rehearse the anthem for the day. We will be singing accessible anthems with joy! Come join your voice with ours! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Please share HIS blessings with others and all the good things with me.


Upon This Rock Update The Upon This Rock Capital Campaign is off to a great start so the Finance & Admin. team wanted to start giving you regular updates to let you know exactly how things are going. Here is the monthly "temperature reading" for Upon This Rock.

As of 04-30-12

• Campaign Goal = $7M • Actual Pledges received = $3,473,517 • Actual collection to date = $1,304,600


Pray for Us! It was the talk of the summer last year and people have been asking if and when we're going to do it again. Yes we are! July 14 is the big day for the High School SlipN-Slide Day. Last year we went 250 feet down the driving range. Well, this year, can you say “250 yards?” That’s right, we’re going to try and go the entire length of the driving range. This is an event you don’t want to miss. Get your suit on, grab your boogie board and bring your friends for the greatest day of the summer. We will be slipping and sliding from noon to 4 pm. The cost is $10 which will help buy a lot of soap. It’s gonna be awesome!


We have 35 high school youth and leaders who are doing their last preparations before heading to Rancho El Milagro Orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico at the end of July. We will have the opportunity there to pour the love of Christ into the lives of the kids, work on construction and cleanup projects at the orphanage, and be involved in feeding and outreach programs in the community. It is a challenging week of hard work, limited showers, sleeping on the ground with lots of occasional blood, sweat and tears. It is also a life giving week as we get to be used by God in the lives of

$6M $5M $4M $3M $2M

by Drew Hulse




others, knowing full well we will be blessed beyond measure. Please keep all of us in your prayers that we might be used by God in mighty ways, be open to His leading, and that we would be changed in the process. Mexico stock can still be purchased if you have not had the opportunity at $25 a share. Here is a list of who is going so you can keep us in your prayers: Luke Auten Colin Banigan Robert Chesbro Ben Dutton Sam Fata Jennifer Hopley Lexie Hopley Madison Kwok Christie Lane Nathan Lee Tyler Lunow-Luke Rykley Lynch Nalani Meinken Casey Morrissey Helena Noordhoff Sarah Olderr Katelyn Pang Randon Serikawa Josh Shirley Nathan Stoker Jamie Sutton Quinn Szanyi

Mika Unebasami Maddie Wiggins Bryan Abledinger Jerry Bishop Fred Chesbro Cullen Chong Cheryl Chong Michelle Hee Drew Hulse Ben Lane Tim Lynch Karen Makishima Josh McFeeley Monica Stoker Adam Sutton Joanna Volavka


PRAYERLINES, CONTINUED 14. A Giving God: “All praise and honor be Yours, O God, because You are a generous God, who did not even stop short of giving Your own Son” Jn. 3:16. “ I was made to praise You. I was made to glorify Your name, In every circumstance, To find a chance to thank you.” “God, there is no excuse to not praise You with this list and there is more to come. Thank You, thank You. I bless Your name Oh, God, You are my God, and I will ever praise You. In Jesus’ name,” Amen. Hosteler, Bob. “Learning the Language of Praise”. Discipleship Journal. 2009.



JULY 2012



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