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SUNDAY Schedule Sunday, April 7 • Prayer breakfast for Homeless persons - 6:30 am, Fifield Hall • Communion Service 8:15 am, Winship Chapel • The Mustard Seed Bookstore Open 9:00 - 1:00 • Worship Service 9:00 am, Sanctuary

• Cherub Choir - 9:30 am • Sunday School for All Ages - 10:05 am • Fellowship Hour - 11:00 am Fifield Hall • Worship Service 11:15 am, Sanctuary • Fellowship Hour - 12:15 pm, Reception Room • Five @ First - 5:00 pm, Reception Room

Sunday, April 14 • Prayer breakfast for Homeless persons - 6:30 am, Fifield Hall • Communion Service 8:15 am, Winship Chapel • The Mustard Seed Bookstore 9:00 am - 1:00 pm • Worship Service - 9:00 am, Sanctuary

• Cherub Choir - 9:30


• Sunday School for All Ages - 10:05 am • Fellowship Hour - 11:00 am Fifield Hall • Worship Service - 11:15 am, Sanctuary • Fellowship Hour - 12:15 pm, Reception Room • Five @ First - 5:00 pm, Reception Room • Officer Training - 6 pm, Rm 323

April 7 & 14, 2013 Christ at the Center


n Sunday, April 7th we will be commissioning Jim Brown at the 9:00 a.m. service as a Stephen Ministry Leader. At the 11:15 a.m. service Juliet Jones, April 7 - Kathleen Lewis and Chris Moore-Keish to preach Karen Pope will be commissioned as Stephen Ministers to serve our congregation. Each of these newly commissioned Stephen Ministers have heard the call to serve and I am thankful for their many gifts for providing a caring ministry. The strength of our Stephen Ministry program here at First Presbyterian Church are the members of our congregation who have gone through the 5 month training program and then are prepared to provide one-to-one Christian care to the bereaved, hospitalized, terminally ill, separated, divorced, unemployed, relocated, and others facing a crisis or life challenge. I am thankful for the insights and compassion that Dotty Pritchett and Margret Talmadge provide in training by preparing Stephen Ministers to serve. I am equally grateful for the commitment and support that First Presbyterian has a long tradition of being a caring congregation and through the efforts of our Stephen Ministers we are able to provide a quality caring ministry for members and non members alike. As a congregation our care does not begin nor end with our Stephen Ministers because all of us are called by God to care for one another. On Sunday, April 7th join use for our commissioning services but also to hear how Jesus is on the move among us, calling each one of us to show compassion and care for one another.



e are looking forward, with great anticipation, to welcoming the Rev. Dr. Craig Barnes back to our pulpit on Sunday morning, April 14 at 9:00 and 11:15am in the sanctuary. Dr. Barnes is the seventh April 14 Craig Barnes to preach president of Princeton Theological Seminary, and he has just begun his work there since January 2013. Previously, he was a chaired professor at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and pastor of the Shadyside Presbyterian Church. Other pastorates include the National Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. and the First Prestbyterian Church of Madison, Wisconsin. Craig Barnes graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary and holds his PhD from the University of Chicago. He has written more than ten books, including “When God Interrupts” which has been our Lenten Study Group selection during February and March. He is a much sought after speaker and is one of the outstanding preachers in the Presbyterian Church, USA. Dr. Barnes is married to Dawne and together they have two sons and a daughter. We look forward to welcoming Craig and Dawne to FPC on April 14 with open hearts and open arms! In addition, Princeton Seminary is sponsoring a special seminar here during the following three days- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 15-17, featuring four of the top professors from the faculty. This will be an opportunity for many of us to engage in theological reflection and I encourage you to join us. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday, and please invite your family and friends to come on along! Faithfully yours,

Chris Moore-Keish

• Confirmation Worship - 7:00 pm,

George B. Wirth

The Chimes PROGRAMS & Events

Prayers for THOSE IN MILITARY SERVICE This is a list of known servicemen/women in our Church family. To add names, please call 404.228.7719.

Pray for: Major Charles Ayers PVT Forrest “Woody” Bass Maj. Jamison Bowman, Chaplain ABE3 Gregory Bridges Sgt. Isaiah Bridges LCPL Austin W.P. Eskew Staff Sgt. Kenneth Lee Captain Alexandria Victoria Miller Captain John Warren Robey Captain Gabriel Rulewicz Brig. General Russell Sanborn Lt. JG David B. Sibley Commander Ryan Tewell Col. Roderick G. Turner III

Pastoral Care Report (As of March 28, 2013)

Hospitalized: Richard Austin Rehab: Rena Grizzell Recuperating: Betty Young, Sue Anthony Deaths: We extend our deepest sympathy and lift up in prayer: Laura Angel & family following the death of her mother, Jeanne Jarvis Williams, on March 18th.


o f

Fine Arts Committee presents

COME-ON-ALONG TO the Monastery


(followed by lunch at the Blue Willow Restaurant)

“housing” John and Sue Wieland’s extensive collection of

DATE: Thursday, April 18, 2013 TIME: Leave 2nd Ponce de Leon Baptist Church at 9:30 a.m. COST: $20.00 per person/all inclusive

April 25, 2013, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Join us for a morning at the Monastery’s new history center, gift shop and garden shop, as well as all the spiritual highlights of this trip: ducks on the lake, the noon prayer service and much more. Then enjoy lunch at the Blue Willow Restaurant! Call Pat Kimbrell (404.228.7719) to make your reservation.

a tour of the warehouse CONTEMPORARY ART

Please sign up following worship services on April 14 and 21 Questions – contact Kate Breytspraak @


Monastery i t t h e H o ly S p i r

April 7 & 14

of the Holy Spirit

The Chimes PROGRAMS & events

Legacy Giving Corner


Sunday, April 28th, is Legacy Giving Sunday at First Presbyterian Church, a day we’ve set aside to encourage


our members to remember and include the Church in their estate plans. Members of the Legacy Giving Com-


mittee will be visiting Sunday School classes as well as

AND FAMILY Loads of food, fellowship

speaking during our services.


& fun, all completely free!

Legacy gifts enable donors to continue support-

ing First Presbyterian far beyond their lifetimes. Unless

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

otherwise specified by the donor, legacy donations are

Sunday, may 5TH

placed into the Church’s endowment, a permanent fund

budget, providing significant support for the various

Immediately following the 11:15 am annual meeting which starts right after Dr. Wirth finishes preaching at the only service of the day which starts at 10:15 am

programs of our Church: Care, Community, Christian


that is professionally managed. Income from the endowment accounts for about 10% of the Church’s annual


Education, Worship, Missions, Music, and Property Maintenance. Legacy giving can also result in




individuals or couples who named the Church as a beneficiary in their wills and/or assigned the Church as a beneficiary of retirement funds, life insurance, gift annuities, 401Ks or IRAs. Please watch for the next issue of The Chimes; as part of Legacy Giving Sunday, we’ll be announcing the distinctive new way in which we’ll be Givin honoring and thanking our First Legacy Partners. g cy






M e e ting

he Annual Meeting of the Congregation has been called by the Session for Sunday, May 5, 2013 at approximately 11:15 a.m., immediately following the 10:15 a.m. worship service. The business to be conducted at the meeting will include: election of the Nominating Committee class of 2015, dissolution of the call of Rev. Dr. George B. Wirth as Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, and election of Rev. Connie Lee to be installed as Associate Pastor for Community Ministries. WE NEED AT LEAST 25% OF OUR MEMBERS TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS VOTE, so plan to join us for worship and stay for our brief Annual Meeting and festive retirement celebration for the Wirths. See you May 5!


William M. Earnest Clerk of Session



st Fir

Ch rch u




We currently have 73 First Legacy Partners,

• L eg


A nnua l

significant tax benefits for the donor.


i re r sb yte

April 7 & 14


The Chimes

“he’s cared for his parishioners, baptizing babies, performing weddings, visiting the sick, holding the hands of the dying, and comforting the bereaved.” Transition Team


r. George Bryant Wirth often recalls driving into Atlanta for the first time after accepting a call to be senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church. It was spring, a magical season in Georgia, and he soon fell under its spell. “This city is shining,” he thought. “This is a shining city on a hill.” Since that day some 23 years ago, he has become an integral part of the city’s religious and civic life. His last sermon before retiring will be May 5. He’s juggled his many roles with seemingly boundless energy and enthusiasm. As a preacher, George has proclaimed 4

April 7 & 14

After 23 years as senior pastor at FPC, on May 5, Dr. George Wirth will preach his last sermon before retiring.

the gospel while courageously tackling tough issues that threaten to split the denomination and the country. In almost every sermon he manages a reminder to radio and television audiences of the church’s location “at 16th and Peachtree.” As a pastor he’s cared for his parishioners, baptizing babies, performing weddings, visiting the sick, holding the hands of the dying, and comforting the bereaved. Many a member has received a phone call from George on the anniversary of a wedding or a death. As an administrator, he’s tried to keep a church of 2,600 members, its Session and staff moving along in the Presbyterian way—decently and in order. As a leader, he’s valued consensus and reconciliation over winning vs. losing. This has served the congregation well as he worked to ensure that people of divergent points of view feel welcome and wanted. As a colleague, mentor and friend, he’s encouraged those taking on new

challenges or in difficult circumstances—seminary interns, fellow pastors, church members and others, from an artist living in the fourth-floor women’s shelter to a death row inmate. As a citizen of Atlanta and the greater community he has served on numerous boards, forged relationships across religious and denominational lines, and organized and participated in interdenominational and interfaith functions. Always he has promoted tolerance and, more than that, understanding. “I am grateful that this church is at the center of the metropolis called Atlanta,” he told the author of the church’s history book, “A Church on Peachtree.” “There is a diversity here that God has created. The poor are here and so are the affluent. We have black and white, international and American, young and old. That is part of what God is doing in this wonderful place.” Along the way, George has made hundreds of friends and thousands of photographs, mailed out by his trusted assistant Martha Olson in pieces of manilla folders with well wishes from George scrawled on the cover. Copies line the shelves of his office and spill over to other flat surfaces. He values every one. He almost didn’t come. Realizing that a pastor search committee from Atlanta was interested in him, he wrote a letter saying he was happy where he was, in Sewickley, Pa. But Dr. William Pressly of the search committee wouldn’t be discouraged. “I feel sincerely that you have made your decision not to come before you gathered all the facts,” he wrote. “May God lead you to give us a chance.” George reconsidered. He preached his first sermon as senior pastor on Mother’s Day, 1990. On Mother’s Day of 2013, Dr. Joanna Adams will preach her first as interim minister after his retirement. Under George’s leadership the church has grown in membership and mission. With the ever-expanding demand on Community Ministries, he encouraged establishment of Hope for

The Chimes

SAVE THE DATE the City, a separate not-for-profit entity that can help meet the extensive needs of the city’s homeless and working poor. He fostered a long-time relationship with The Temple, expanding it to include regular annual dialogues under the “Reclaiming the Center” program and a mutual mission trip to Cuba. He also oversaw the establishment of a unique partnership with Hillside Presbyterian Church in Decatur that includes extensive local ministries and an annual mission to Jamaica, one of FPC’s six international mission fields, all established during George’s tenure. Work began in Haiti in 1990, Kenya in 1995, Brazil in 1997 and an official partnership with a church in Perico, Cuba, was formed in 2013 as a result of the trip with The Temple. The youth of the church added Honduras to the list. George advocated for establishment of the Samaritan Counseling Center at First Presbyterian, and encouraged congregants to seek professional counseling when needed by sharing his own past experience with depression. In 2010 the Coloradobased Samaritan Institute presented him with its national award. Recognizing the potential of First Church’s location at the heart of Atlanta’s Midtown arts district, George pushed creation of a Fine Arts Ministry. In early 2013, the Session elevated the ministry to council status. Members and non-members enjoy performances and tours of museums and private collections under its sponsorship. Part of that ministry is the School of Fine Arts which offers classes for all ages, toddler to adult. George is also a big promoter and great customer of The Mustard Seed, the church’s bookstore. His pastorate has seen construction of the the Christian Community Center, known as the Smith Building, renovation of virtually all of the older facilities, creation of a memo-

rial garden, and acquisition of a parking deck. The staff has expanded to include a minister for young adults and worship, a director of international missions, a director of development and stewardship, and part-time leaders for “Five at First,” a casual worship service on Sunday afternoons. George has accomplished much with support from a great staff and a great family. He’s had the joy of seeing his children marry and become parents, and has baptized his four grandchildren at FPC’s font. His wife, Barbara, has played her own significant roles at FPC, faithfully teaching elementary Sunday School and volunteering in various capacities. It was Barb Wirth, a veteran of missions to Haiti, who managed communications when a contingent to Haiti was stranded there by the massive 2010 earthquake. She’s hosted many a dinner, sometimes on very short notice, always with grace and humor. And she’s ministered in her own way, offering congratulations, encouragement and consolation, also with great grace. On May 19, 1996, FPC rededicated its sanctuary after a massive renovation months in the works. In his sermon that day, George quoted the words of Princeton professor Charles Osgood: “Have you ever wandered into this church. . .when it is empty and silent and you are alone? . . . Have you ever thought of all that has taken place under this roof? Of the uncounted thousands who, generation after generation, have gathered ... for prayer and worship?” George and Barb, for 23 years you have served us and Jesus Christ in this special, sacred space. You will forever be an important part of its history and the lives of thousands of us who gather here for prayer and worship. We praise and thank God for calling you to the corner of 16th and Peachtree.

programs & events



AND FAMILY Loads of food, fellowship

& fun, all completely free!

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Sunday, may 5TH

Immediately following the 11:15 am annual meeting which starts right after Dr. Wirth finishes preaching at the only service of the day which starts at 10:15 am RETIREMENT CELEBRATION

April 7 & 14


The Chimes

sky miles NeedED The Annual Jamaica Scholarship Tea DATE: Sunday, April 28, 2013 TIME: 4:00 pm COST: $15.00 per person $10 for persons ages 12 and under Hillside Presbyterian Church 1879 Columbia Drive, Decatur





2013 M I



and B



Craddock Center, Cherry log, GA May 24th – 27th

All Elementary Families!

Brazil July 19th – 25th

Must be age 10 by July. Contact: Lauren Patrus


April 7 & 14

Childspring International is in urgent need of Frequent Flyer Miles on any domestic or international carrier. We prefer a minimum of 35,000 miles and need up to 125,000 miles for children to travel to the United States for

life-saving and life-changing medical treatment. Please contact Christina Porter at 404.228.7773 or by email at if you would like to donate.

The Chimes




April 10 & 17

W EDNESDAY T he M ustard S eed 9:00 am - 1:00 pm,

4:30 - 6:30 pm Books, gifts and cards for all ages.

D inner 5:00 - 6:30 pm

Adults and Youth :$8 Children 3-12: $4

P reschool 5:30 - 8:00 pm

Bible, crafts & fellowship. Childcare available.

E lementary A ctivities 5:00 - 7:30 pm

LOGOS program. Dinner, choir, rec., drama & art.

Y outh 5:30 - 7:30 pm B111

Youth Bible Study. Join us for food, fellowship and Bible Study.

W ednesday N ight C hoirs

5:30 - 6:15 pm 6:15 - 6:45 pm 6:45 - 7:30 pm

Wednesday Night Studies & Worship

new name, same focus Edna Raine Wardlaw Coker Women’s Transition Center COMMUNITY MINISTRIES

We are so pleased to announce the name change of the Edna Raine Wardlaw Coker Women’s shelter. Since its founding in November of 1981, the shelter has been dedicated to caring for women who for various reasons are homeless. Today, more than 30 years later, that work continues. However, over the years, the mission of the shelter has changed to meet the needs of its guests. Concurrent with that mission shift, the new name is the Edna Raine Wardlaw Coker Women’s Transition Center.

Handbell Choir Carol Choir (Grade 1 -2) Archangel Choir (Grade 3 -5)

Wednesday Night, April 10

This new name better reflects the situation of our center guests. Most of our guests are working or are in school, are setting financial goals and establishing stability in their lives. Our center guests stay longer than people typically stay in a shelter, and they require different support services. The ERWC Women’s Transition Center is focused on providing directly, or offering access to the counseling, life skills training and financial training required to achieve that desired stability. Together, our continued support and nurturing of our center guests can help rebuild and re-establish lives in the most impactful, sustainable way. Please keep in mind, our center is open year round and center volunteers are required to provide dinner and to spend the night with

6:30 - 7:30 pm Winship Chapel Worship: Life and Film Argo Led by Kevin Knab Wednesday Night, April 17 6:30 - 7:30 pm Sanctuary Worship: Life and Drama Phantom of the Opera Led by Kevin Knab and Jens Korndörfer

6:30 - 7:15 pm Various rooms Renew Small Group Bible Study 7:30 - 8:30 pm Various Rooms Renew Small Groups Studies Led by Rev. Lindsay Armstrong, Jeff Irby and Morgan Moore

the center guests. It’s a wonderful volunteer opportunity, and our volunteers receive as much as they give when they become a part of the center community. Thank you for your continued support of this important community ministry! Please stay or get involved and please spread the work about the Edna Raine Wardlaw Coker Women’s Transition Center! April 7 & 14


The Chimes nursery/preschool & elementary


VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL June 3rd – 6th 9:00am -12noon* Ages 3 years old by 6/1/13 (and potty trained) through 5th Grade.

You don’t want to miss VBS 2013 at FPC. Joined by our leader and his friendly helper, Godwin Merrifeather, our children will dance, sing, and craft their way through a week of fun! Each day they will encounter ways to love and serve God and be a neighbor to the world. *Optional Elementary Bowling Outing June 6th, 12:00 – 2:30 pm. REGISTER ONLINE or in person on the Nursery-Preschool Hall

Elementary musical rehearsals have begun!!! Each Wednesday at LOGOS, 5:00 - 7:30, contact Lauren with any questions and to register! It’s not too late to join the cast of Elijah! Performances: April 21st at 3:30 and April 24th at 6:30 Save the Date! 5th grade retreat May 10th - 11th Be on the lookout for details! VBS! Everywhere Fun Fair! June 3rd - June 6th! Registration is open! Summer Mission Opportunities!!! Email Lauren with any questions ( Craddock Center! All elementary kids and families are invited to join us in North Georgia as we join with the Craddock Center and serve the surrounding communities. May 24th - May 27th. Info meetings: Sunday, Feb. 24th and Wednesday, March 13th at 7:00pm. Cost is $125 per person (scholarships available). And Brazil, July 19-25, 2013 for families with kids 10 and older be on the lookout for details! 8

April 7 & 14

YOUTH FELLOWSHIP - APRIL 7, 2013 LUNCH AND PUTT PUTT All Youth will gather after worship at 12:15 PM to grab lunch and go play Putt Putt! Bring clothes to change and money. We will eat lunch at the Varsity and go to Pirates Cove. Cost of 27-holes of Putt Putt is $9.50 plus lunch money. Bring $18.00. We will return to church at 4:00 PM. Sign up by emailing Allison and Bradley. YOUTH FELLOWSHIP - APRIL 14, 2013 LUNCH AND SKYZONE All our youth have been wanting to go to SkyZone. Here is your chance. Bring money for lunch and SkyZone. Bring $25. We will leave the church at 12:15 and return at 4:00 PM. Email Allison or Bradley to sign up. 2013 YOUTH MISSION TRIPS Please pray for our youth and leaders as they prepare for our summer mission trips. We will have two Orientation Sessions - April 28 and May 19. College Mission Trip to Cuba- May 26-June 2, 2013 Sr. High Mission Trip to the Navajo Reservation - June 9-15, 2013 Jr. High Mission Trip to the Navajo Reservation - June 16-22, 2013 Youth Family Mission Trip to Honduras - July 20-27, 2013 WELCOME MT. KENYA STUDENTS ON APRIL 21, 2013 Our Youth will host students and teachers from Mt. Kenya Academy on April 21. We will serve at the Homeless Breakfast, have Breakfast after the Homeless Breakfast, attend Sunday School and worship, go to lunch and then go play WhirlyBall together. Please make plans to join us for this fun event. Cost will be $25 for lunch and WhirlyBall.

The Chimes adult sunday school

A gora Room 322

In New Testament Greek, the name means “meeting place,” and we are a vibrant, conversational class that discusses a variety of topics, including Bible, theology, current events, and arts. Most of us are thirty something, and many have young children. All of us are friendly and eager for new people to join us as we learn, laugh, drink coffee, and build friendships together. Visitors welcome.

Berean Bible Class Reception Room

The Berean Bible class, joined by the Forum, will continue exploring the Nature of the Church -- the theme chosen for the year. We hope you can join us for the three consecutive Sundays, April 7, 14, and 21, as George Yacoubian speaks: April 7, on The Emergence and Empowerment of the early Church, April 14, on The Expansion and the Ecumenicity of the Church, and April 21, on The Evangelistic and Ethical mission as well as the Eschatological hope of the Church. We will be joined by the Forum in the Berean Room. All are welcome.

Community Bible Study Room B415

With our new Associate Pastor for Community Ministries at the helm, join us as Rev. Connie Lee leads community Bible study and fellowship.

Covenant Class Room 230

On April 7 John Webster and Katherine Davey share photos and experiences from the recent FPC trip to the Holy Land. On April 14, we welcome back Miriam Rosenbaum from The Epstein School. Please join us.

Discovering God’s Word Room 317

Our class is studying Marcus Borg’s book, Reading the Bible Again for the First Time. On April 7, we will discuss Chapter 7: “Reading Israel’s Wisdom Again: Job” (p. 170-179), and on April 14, Chapter 8: “Reading the Gospels Again” (p. 185-205). Please join us!

Emmaus Class Room 227

On April 7th, the Emmaus Class will be led by Meg Granum with a lesson focused on the 23rd Psalm. On April 14th, Rick Bold will begin a three week series on the Book of James. All are welcome.

Faith and Life Room 218

April 7th - George Wirth will teach the class this Sunday. Come get a cup of coffee at 10:05 a.m. and enjoy hearing our beloved Pastor speak. Visitors are always welcome! April 14th - Dr. Margaret Blackmon will review and discuss David Brooks’ book “The Social Animal.” This book, a New York Times best seller, will provide interesting class discussion.

First Foundations Room 323

A laid-back, discussion-oriented class of couples, many in our thirties with young families. We try to maintain diversity in our topics with a combination of Bible study, modern day religious and societal trends, parenting and family issues, movie and video lessons, guest speakers, etc. Our class enjoys good discussion but also likes to keep the conversation light-hearted. This is a great place to build relationships and have interesting dialogue on a number of subjects.

Forum @ First Fifield Hall

What is church? What does “church” look like at its best? What has it been in the past and what might it look lik in the future? On April 7 and 14, welcome Dr. George Yacoubian, Professor of Biblical Studies and World Religions at Westminster Schools as he begins a three week series that explores the nature of the church. On April 7, Dr. Yacoubian will speak on the Emergence and Empowerment of the Early Church. On April 14, he is teaching on the expansion and universality of the church. We’re teaming up with the Berean Class for this series and will meet in the Berean/Reception Room. Please join us!

G alatians 3:28, Room 319

A new Bible Study class, we are open, inclusive, and discussion-oriented. A safe space to discuss a wide variety of issues, including sexuality, we are taught by Emory Ph.D. student Parker Diggory. Join us for historically informed, biblically grounded conversations about faith issues.

Ours for Today Room B308

Our class is designed for parents of kids pre-school~high school. We are an energetic group of 30–50 “somethings” who are seeking spiritual and practical guidance on our journey of faith. Throughout the year we host speakers who share their insight and perspective on parenting, marriage and the challenges facing the modern Christian family. Come join us!

Spiritual Living Room B202

Please join us on April 7th. Bob Kerr will lead the class on the spiritual aspects in several of Salvator Dali’s paintings. On April 14th Jeff Lewis will lead the class on a book review of James Joyce’s classic story “The Dead.” Visitors are ALWAYS welcome!!!

The Upper Room Room 332

Allison Cochran will lead the class in a 2 week discussion (April 7th and 21st) on the book, The Blessing of a B Minus by Wendy Mogul, PhD who also authored The Blessing of a Skinned Knee. Both books are about parenting and raising resilient children from the perspective of Jewish teachings. We, as Christian parents can glean much from these books and welcome all to join us as we dive into parenting discussions for these two weeks.

Sponsored by Forum@First and the Berean Sunday School Class

Internationals Room 327

The Internationals Class welcomes globallyminded individuals of all ages ~ both U.S. citizens and International students and residents. We delve pro-actively into the tapestry of diversity present in today’s world, and we strive to better understand God’s people by learning more about their history, ethnicity, culture, religious practices, and traditions. Together, we explore the problems and challenges of the world, in hopes of becoming better servants of God.

Meditation Group

This year, we are meeting exclusively as a small group, meeting on Thursday evenings at the home of Dottie Hitchcock. We’d love to have you if you’re interested. Please call Dottie at (404) 228-7709 for further information.

Open Door Room 156

On April 7 and 14, April Wayne Hyatt will speak to us on C S Lewis and Scripture-his views on the Bible.

Exploring the Nature of the Church Led by

Dr. George Yacoubian Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies and World Religions at The Westminster Schools

Sundays, April 7, 14, and 21 10:05 - 11:00 am Berean/Reception Room

April 7 & 14


“New name, new logo, same great teaching.”

For information about private music instruction and group music, dance, and art classes, please visit us on the web or call: Kate Breytspraak, Director (404) 228-7762

ar t s

Prelude Offertory Bene Resp Postlude

Choral (from the Symphonie Romane) - C.M. Widor Ain’ a that Good News - Dawson Three Fold Amen Victimae paschali - C. Tournemire


first presbyterian church of atlanta

Stop in for a cup of coffee and see our lovely assortment of greeting cards, jewelry, baby and hostess gifts as well as a wide array of books.

The Mustard Seed

Music for April 7

Wednesdays 9-1, 4:40 - 6:30 Sundays 9-1 (404) 201-6442

Stop by and ! say hi

Music for April 14 Prelude Choral (from the Symphonie Romane) - C.M. Widor Offertory Ain’ a that Good News - Dawson Bene Resp Three Fold Amen Postlude Victimae paschali - C. Tournemire

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eChimes for April 7-14  

eChimes for April 7-14