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“Discover All The Secrets To Gather Even More Enjoyment From Your Sewing, Unleash Profits You Never Thought Were Possible, And Learn How To Become A Masterful Sewing Professional, Even If You Simply Sew For Fun!” From the desk of 'Sew Dian':

Dear Sewing Enthusiast, Have you ever found yourself confused about how to sew a particular stitch successfully or design that one unique piece to show off to all your friends? Have you ever been stumped on how to convey a particular message to your students, but just couldn't articulate it? Have you tried to market your services or sell your work, but couldn't really get over that “hump” to make REAL money? For YOU and all the sewing enthusiasts, young and old, novice and professionals, we present you Here you can access a host of articles and resources with which you can take your hobby or profession to the next level. Our experienced writers will present you with 2|Page

Tips and Techniques that will make sewing much pleasurable for you. You will face fewer hassles and get better output.

Sewing is as old as the human population and dates back to prehistoric times. With the basic knowhow of sewing, innumerable items of daily use can be created. Clothes and furnishings make extensive application of sewing. Sewing is also used to fasten materials like canvas and leather. Not only clothing, sewing is also used to stitch up wounds after surgery. From this, you can gauge the importance sewing holds. Sewing has evolved over time and is applied to numerous unique uses. Today sewing is also used in not so flexible materials like wood too. Stitches and Patterns have become more complex and intricate giving rise to astonishing designs and styles never seen and experienced before. However it has been seen that sewing is not very popular in comparison to other hobbies. It is generally looked upon as a diversion pursued by housewives and ladies. However we have found in that there are a growing number of males who are also taking up sewing as a hobby. And let me tell you they are taking this very seriously. The guys have come up with fabulous work and managed to amaze people. We are not discrediting the ladies in any manner, just an advisory:

Watch Out! However at the same time, we have noticed that people get so engrossed with sewing that they overlook their health. This can be a major impediment in the long term. For the best interests of our users, we have written informative articles on how you can minimize these Health Implications. Simple things like choosing a Sewing Machine to choosing the Right Chair and maintaining the Correct Posture can significantly improve your health. Also for people who are always at a loss as to which Machine should they purchase, is just the right place. Here you can compare features across various brands and make the right decision. Be it for Personal or Industrial usage, our experts will always help you make the best choice. You will get a candid opinion from existing users and professionals. Our NEWSLETTER will carry a wide array of topics that will always offer something new.

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Our section on Success Stories will entice you to do better and take up sewing more seriously. Here you will see how people have used sewing to make a mark.

The success stories will motivate you to pursue your hobby further and make a calling. We also bring you articles on people who have extended the benefits of Sewing to the differently abled and also as a means of Corporate Social Responsibility. Sewing Profits is a one stop, free resource to take care of all your sewing related needs. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates so that you do not miss out. This is an effort by us to provide you all material on this niche area. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed, which will automatically alert you in your inbox when new information is posted on our site...

Don't is simple and easy. But that's not all. In an effort to be and stay on the cutting edge of technology, we are also very social. We're avid Tweeters and participate regularly on Facebook. So if you haven't already, be sure to get accounts set up and connect with or follow us. This way you can always be up to date with be IN THE KNOW! Sewing is a field which is open to discovery and has no limits. Aficionados of sewing use it extensively in their daily life. They do not depend on designers and boutiques to get their unique designs and garments. People experiment and come up with garments, they themselves could not envisage. Sewing has many wonders and people are generally beginning to realize that, and with us you are sure to cast your spell. More and more people are opting for sewing as a hobby. Having gained some expertise, they can also make great money by pursuing sewing. With newer and more advanced sewing machines available, sewing is an area which is open for one and all. All you need is creativity and the zest to make something new. Knowhow of the basics however is a must. Once a person is familiar with the technical details, you can unleash your potential in whatever way you want.

What about the Social Events? All of us want to look our best while going out for a PROM or a PARTY. We have plenty of options available in terms of purchasing from stores. But what if you could make your own evening gown adding all the touches you wanted to. You can use the best from all


the gowns and bring all the elements together in the end design. Not only will it will give you a sense of achievement but also attract many eyeballs. Want an OPINION on the new dress you made? Want advice for the PROM night dress you want to make?

Want to know more about STITCHES you could use to make your garment stand out? Join our FORUM where you can interact with sewing enthusiasts like you. Not only will people be willing to help you but you can also put up pictures of your newest work and ask people for their advice. Our panel of experts will provide you with simple tricks that will open a whole bunch of avenues for you. As you can see, we are VERY serious about our mission! And by being an exclusive member into the, family you'll also qualify to win prizes like sewing machines and other great items that we'll be giving away. Yes, that's right, FREE SEWING MACHINES! We've formed relationships with different manufacturers who have agreed to help us on our mission and YOU get to benefit...and if not you, then one of your sewing friends. The Bottom Line: we're here for you. Become a member's FREE! Warm Regards, “Sew� Dian

P.S- We have limited spots available for our FREE Newsletter after which it will become a paid one. P.P.S- You get all benefit and gifts with nothing in it for us. You improve your sewing skills, access rich resources and benefit for a lifetime. P.P.P.S- Our e-mails and newsletter will not inundate with you endless offers to buy products unlike others. Sign-Up Now to make the most of our NEWSLETTER Note: We do not share any information with 3rd parties. All data is kept confidential.


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