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Article link: KWDS: relief of back pain How can you Get Relief of Back Pain Title:How Description:: Still groaning from that persistent back pain that just does not seem to go? Bear patience and explore the wide range of options for relief of back pain. Earlier back pain was considered as something that comes with old age. But, new medical discoveries have shown that today even younger people are susceptible to back pain. It affects both men and women who are usually of 20 to 40 years of age. Back pain is known to affect any of the 26 bones that constitute the spine. Its source could be muscles, nerves, ligaments, bones and joints in the spine. The intensity of the pain is seen to vary from individual to individual. It might be felt as a throbbing pain that at remains constant or could be a sudden surge out of nowhere. Back pain can be further divided into the following: neck pain, tail bone pain, middle back pain and lower back pain. Experts are of the opinion that of the pain persists beyond 12 weeks then iit is considered to be a serious and chronic situation which needs immediate medical attention. The Causative Factors Long working hours, poor posture, leading a non non-active active lifestyle and minimum exercises are the causes behind back pain most of the time. Ho However, wever, there are certain other factors as well. The possible reasons behind your chronic back pain could be: • • • • •

Strained muscles or ligaments due to heavy physical work and uplifting of heavy loads. Osteoarthritis which affects the lower back in women at old age. It leads to reduction of space around the spine. Ruptured spinal discs could also cause problem as they act as cushions between the bones of the spinal cord. Skeletal irregularities or fractures also can cause back pain. Osteoporosis oporosis is a form of com compression pression fracture of the spinal bones when the bones get porous and brittle.

How would you know that you are suffering from chronic back pain without knowing the warning signs? Yes, here is a list of the some of the common indications of chronic back pain.. If you are experiencing them you must visit your physician immediately for relief of back pain.


Chronic Pain Indicators • • • • • • • •

Sudden rise se in body temperature. Abnormal weight loss Extreme back pain that affects sleep and other daily activities. Difficulty in bowel and bladder movements. Pain spreads out to the legs below the knees. Numbness surrounding the genitals. Weakness or tingling ssensation felt in both the legs. Swelling or redness in the back.

Note down the symptoms you experience and show it to your doctor. It will help in making correct diagnosis of the situation. Therapists say that Transverse Abdominus and Multifidus form the core muscle group which has the power to lessen the stability of the back. The Transverse Abdominus is the deepest layer of muscle in the abdomen that endures the maximum weight of the spine. Straining these muscles will lead to o back pain. Therefore relief of back pain will comprise of exercises strengthening this primary group of muscles which will ultimately reduce the back pain. Back Pain Relief Back pain may take weeks or months to recover depending on how severe the back pain is and its underlying factors. Exercises Exercises can benefit any form of back pain and this is the healthiest option one can opt for. Stretching the soft tissues, muscl muscles es and ligaments at the back helps them to remain active and therefore support your spine more efficiently. If you are suffering from chronic back pain you can ask your doctor to advice you whether the following exercises can be conducted. • • • •

Neck & shoulder stretches like Flexion stretch and Lateral flexion helps in curing a stiff back and also a stiff neck. Back stretches such as ‘back flexion exercise’ and ‘knee to chest stretch’ helps back muscles to move smoothly and reduces pain. Hips and Gluteus stretch stretches es helps in empowering the muscles of the lower back. Hip stretch and piriformis muscle stretch increases spine stability. There are different types of hamstring stretches which helps in increasing the flexibility of hamstring and reduces stress on the low lower back.


There are various other back strengthening exercises which strengthe strengthens the core muscles at the back and thus protects the spinal column. Those can be done under the guidance of a physiotherapist. There are ‘low-impact impact aerobic exercises’ exercises’, for the back which increases the blood flow in the muscles, reduces stiffness and promotes h healing. ealing. Aerobic exercises has other additional benefits such as 30 or 40 minutes of aerobic session can help release endorphins which are natural pain killers produced by the body. It helps in reducing weight which in turn helps in reducing the pressure on the spine. Other low-impact impact exercises are walking and stationary bicycling and water therapy. Apart from exercises there various other ways in which you can cure your back pain or get rid of it. Some of those treatment options are listed below. • • • • • • •

Practicing good posture. There are non-steroidal steroidal drugs available over the counter for inflammation of back muscles and back infections. Maintaining a healthy diet rich in calcium and magnesium is extremely beneficial. Practicing yoga helps in reducing pain. Back massage ssage therapies can also benefit a lot. Avoiding heavy physical work. Application of cold or heat often works to soothe the swollen back muscles.

Back pain is curable and it can be treated with some simple precautions and exercises and a healthy lifestyle.


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