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First Lutheran Church Albert Lea, MN www.flcal.org



Shinefest Pancake Breakfast First Lutheran Church, Albert Lea Bethany Hall Saturday, February 8, 2020 7:00-11:00 a.m.

First Lutheran Church + F.L.C. + For the Love of Christ

February 26, 2020 11:30 a.m.-Soup & Sandwich in Bethany Hall Chicken Wild Rice Soup Cost $5 5:30 p.m.-Evening Meal in Bethany Hall Lasagna Cost $5 We will offer two worship services 12:30 and 6:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary Includes Imposition of Ashes and Holy Communion


Pastor’s Page


Caring & Sharing


Lenten Lunches

What’s Happening at FLC


11:30 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. in Bethany Hall Cost $5

Youth Ministry


Lenten Evening Meals

February 2020 Calendar


Glorious Goodness of Our God


FLC Miscellaneous Information


5 :30 – 6:15 p.m. in Bethany Hall

Cost $5 Proceeds support our Youth Camperships

Lenten Worship Services 12:30 and 6:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary 1

+ Rejoice in the Lord! + Dear Friends in Christ, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.“ (John 3:16) “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.“ (Romans 5:8) “This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.“ (1 John 4:10) The basic thing that we all need to know about God is that He loves us. He is the source of all love and the Bible teaches that “God is love.“ (1 John 4:8). For some, the month of February can be hard in that the winter drags on and people can feel cooped up. For others, it is a fun month of hockey, snowmobiling, skiing, basketball, wrestling, skating,… Winter is a fun time of year, no matter how you are feeling. Right in the middle of the month comes Valentine’s Day. It’s a day we focus on love - romantic love, family love, and even God's love. This year in February we will continue to focus on God‘s love as Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 26th. It is also Leap Year when we have an extra day in February to focus on love. Jesus humbled Himself in order to love us. We can learn to do the same anytime of year, but in Lent we have the opportunity to especially focus on His sacrifice for us. Read Philippians 2:1-11. From Jesus we can learn to live the transformed life. He brings us from pride to humility; from selfishness to selflessness; from stinginess to generosity; from timidity to boldness; from loneliness to community; from emptiness to fulfillment; from darkness to light; from sadness to joy; from turmoil to peace; from hate to love; from death to life. That is the journey of Lent to Resurrection Sunday. I hope you will embrace, and be embraced by this walk together, as you leap forward in your spiritual life. May God bless us all in this season of love. +



A couple of things about our institutional progress together as a congregation: • The pastoral call team has been meeting, getting organized, and will be working on our ministry site profile to share with the Synod. 

To help the church council and pastoral call team in their work, a transition team is being formed to look at the overall work of our church and see the way forward. Pastor Jan Crissinger is giving able leadership to this effort for which we are so thankful.

• We are looking forward to some special things this month: first communion instruction, the beginning of Lent with Wednesday evening services using the Holden evening prayer liturgy along with first person dramatic portrayals of biblical characters, and, of course, worship together every Sunday. May we have a wonderful God blessed February together, living, growing and being transformed… ... in the light of His love, Pastor John



LouJean Nelson Janice Tukua

763-333-4697 507-383-0411, 507-369-5930

Workers Vergie Asper Becky Boelter (Fri. Only) Janice Hammer Eunice Hatleli

Paula Juveland Nancy Kyllo Stephanie Passingham (Sat. Only) Ginny Thompson

Cakes Amy Belshan Carol Carr Tiffney Chapek Barb Collins Katie Davis

Deb Drescher Brooke Jacobson Karen Joachim Paula Juveland

Deb Koenigs Jennifer Rhiner Sue Runden Brenda Van Fossen Amber Yost

Upcoming FLCW Programs First Lutheran Church Women February Program

First Lutheran Church Women March Program

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 1:15 p.m. in Bethany Hall Program: Healthcare Resources in Albert Lea By: Linda Lares-SEMCAC and Jackie Hillman-SENIOR RESOURCES Music: Music of the Season Devotions: Joan Holt Offering Prayer: Joan Holt

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 1:15 p.m. in Bethany Hall Program: Fellowship of Christian Athletes By: Jake Larson Music: Group Sing Along Devotions: Joyce Fredin Offering Prayer: Joyce Fredin


WHAT’S HAPPENING AT FLC? Lenten services begin on Ash Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ash Wednesday Observances

Lenten Observances

Soup & Sandwich lunch-Chicken Wild Rice 11:30 am in Bethany Hall

Soup & Sandwich Lunches 11:30 am in Bethany Hall

Evening meal-Lasagna 5:30 pm in Bethany Hall

Evening Meals 5:30 pm in Bethany Hall

We will offer two worship services 12:30 and 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary

Lenten Worship 12:30 and 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary

Includes Imposition of Ashes and Holy Communion

Meals are $5 per person

Supports our Youth Confirmation Camps.

When did you last visit our church library? We offer you a quiet and relaxing place to

select your books. We have books by local authors and also Tracie Peterson, Thomas Kinkade, Beverly Lewis and many others. I found the daily devotion books helpful and easy reading. They include a Bible verse, a short story pertaining to the verse and a special group or person to pray for that day. The “Christ in our Home” volume II by Peter Rogness is one of these books. There is a special area for children and many books to choose from. I have found the books by Beverly Lewis very easy reading and interesting. She was born in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. She recalls her growing up years. Due to her mother’s plain family heritage, many of her books are set in Lancaster County, an Amish Community. She is a former school teacher and now lives in Colorado with her husband. Happy Reading.


WHAT’S HAPPENING AT FLC? We want to welcome DeeAnn Berglund to the First Lutheran Church staff as our Financial and Membership Specialist!!! DeeAnn brings with her years of finance experience, an outstanding personality and love for Jesus!! We are beyond excited to have her on our team ! DeeAnn and her husband John live in Albert Lea and have two children, they both have been active in our community for many years. DeeAnn and John are members at First Lutheran and have volunteered here in many different areas! DeeAnn will be starting on January 28th. Please help us welcome her!

Music Theory 101 By Matt Gender

Learn the basics of music theory Keys and Scales to Rhythm and Melody, an Essential Primer on the Basics of Music Theory

Wednesdays at 4:00 pm in the Parlor

Starts February 5, 2020

The Special Outreach Cause offering for February is designated for Helping Families Fund. Special offering envelopes will be available from the ushers at church services. Please, make checks payable to FLC.

FRIENDS @ FIRST will not meet until after Lent.

To give NOW to the special cause you can text the word “Helping” and the amount to 507-788-8767. 5

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE High School Senior Scholarships & Current College Age Student Scholarships (All applications will be mailed to all FLC member high school seniors or online at Albert Lea High School Website except for Matching Scholarships and Evelyn D. Stadheim Memorial Nurses Scholarship)

High School Senior Scholarships FLC will be presenting scholarship awards to FLC member high school seniors at the High School Awards Program this Spring. The applicants will be selected based on involvement with church activities since Confirmation, community service and academic achievement.

Kimberly (Olson) Goddard Memorial Scholarship FLC has available the Kimberly (Olson) Goddard Memorial Scholarship. The recipient must be a member of FLC and preference is given to first year nursing (RN or LPN) students or first year students in any of the other medical fields.

Gordon D. Aas Memorial Theater/Fine Arts Scholarship FLC has available the Gordon D. Aas Memorial Theater/Fine Arts Scholarship. The recipient must be a member of FLC who is currently or who will be pursuing higher education in Theater or English, Music,Visual Arts, or another area of the Fine Arts.

Bill Hammer Memorial Scholarship FLC has available the Bill Hammer Memorial Scholarship. Qualifications: pursuing a four year education in business or accounting; active member in a Christian church; 3.0 grade point average; and involvement in at least one extracurricular activity throughout the high school years.

Matching Scholarships

The FLC Scholarship Committee may consider awarding scholarships to 2 nd, 3rd & 4th year college students from FLC who are eligible for matching funds from their college. If interested, please pick up an application from the church office. (Many ELCA related colleges provide this kind of program.) Please, contact your college financial aid office to determine if you qualify to receive matching funds.

Evelyn D. Stadheim Memorial Nurses Scholarship The Evelyn D. Stadheim Memorial Nurses Scholarship is available for students pursuing a career in nursing. Applications will be available from the Naeve Hospital Nurses Alumni Association.

Norm and Joyce Fredin Scholarship Any student having successfully completed one semester in a 4 year college is eligible to apply for a scholarship towards tuition and/or books to continue their education in a 4 year college. Recipients must be members of FLC Albert Lea for at least one year. Must be first degree applicants only. No second degree applicants. The scholarship will be awarded upon successfully completing one semester at a 4 year college. 6

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE (cont.) Keith & Deloris Fligge Family Scholarship Any student having successfully completed one semester in a 2 or 4 year Minnesota College, University or Technical College will be eligible to apply for a $800-$1000 scholarship towards tuition and/or books to continue their education. Recipients must be members of FLC Albert Lea. First degree applicants only. The scholarship will be awarded upon successfully completing one semester at a 2 or 4 year college.

If you do not receive one, please, contact Kara Heinemann in the church office. Applications will be due Thursday, March 19, 2020.



February 202 Sun





African-American History Month




11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open

3 pm-Thorne Crest Communion

8 am-Traditional w/Comm.-S 9 am-12 pm-Gift Shop Open

9:15 am-Worship w/Comm.-C 10:30 am-Praise & Worship w/Comm.


8 am-Traditional-S

6:30 am-Men’s book Discussion Group-MP 9 am-FLCW Board-P 10:30 am-Good Samaritan Communion 11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open Night to Shine Set up 3 pm-Oak Park Place Communion 4 pm-Music Theory 101-P

7:30 pm-Dartball-BH

6:30 pm-Ministry Teams meet-BH




2:30 pm-Sr. Towers Communion

4 pm-Music Theory 101-P



9 am-12 pm-Gift Shop Open

9:15 am-Worship-C 10:30 am-Praise & Worship-S


11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open

6:30 am-Men’s book Discussion Group11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open 1:15 pm-FLCW Program-BH

1:30 pm-BERC Grace Lutheran 5:30 pm-Finance meeting-P Fairmont, MN


8 am-Traditional w/Comm.-S

9 am-12 pm-Gift Shop Open


Presidents Day

11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open

6:30 am-Men’s book Discussion Group-M

9 am-MC #4-P

9:15 am-Worship w/Comm.-C 10:30 am-Praise & Worship w/Comm.

1 pm-Library Board-L

12 pm-Christian Solos meet (not at church)

6:30 pm-Church Council meets-P 7:30 pm-Dartball-BH



4 pm-Music Theory 101-P


Transfiguration of Our Lord 11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open

11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open 1:30 pm-MC #31-P


Ash Wednesday

6:30 am-Men’s book Discussion Group-MPR

Okoboji Speak at services

8 am-Traditional-S 9 am-12 pm-Gift Shop Open

9:15 am-Worship-C 10:30 am-Praise & Worship-S 6 pm-MC #6-P 8

11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open 11:30 am-Lenten Lunch-BH 12:30 pm-Lenten Service-S 1 pm-Messenger Crew-P 4 pm-Music Theory 101-P 5:30 pm-Lent Evening Meal-BH 5:30 pm-Handbell Choir-S 6:30 pm-Confirmation Worship 6:30 pm-Ash Wednesday Service w/Comm.-S










Night to Shine Set up

11am-1pm- Gift Shop Open Night to Shine Set up

6:30 pm-Chapel Service

Sunday Events

8 am-Traditional Service-S 9:15 am-Worship-C 9:15 am-Immersion-BH 9:15 am-Sunday School 9:15 am-The Donut Hour-YR 10:30 am-Praise & Worship-S




Monday Events

8 7-11 am-Shinefest Breakfast-BH

Pastor Jan’s Day Off 6:30 am-Men’s Book Discussion-MPR 7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-RR

Tuesday Events

8:00 am-Quilters-MPR 9:30 am-Staff Meeting-P 7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-MPR 7 pm-Spirit Express Band and Singers Rehearsal

4-9 pm-Night to Shine-BH

Wednesday Events



15 9:30 am-MC #20-P

6:30 pm-Chapel Service w/Comm.

11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open

Thursday Events



10:30 am-Prairie Senior Cottages Communion

11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open

1:30 pm-St. John’s Communion 3 pm-St. John’s Communion


8 am-Prayer Group-PR 9:30 am-Bible Study-MPR (No Bible Study on Feb. 26) 1 pm-Tops-RR 5:30 pm-Bell Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm-Confirmation 6:30 pm-FLC Choir Rehearsal 7:30 pm-Eikon-Youth Room 4:30 pm-Al-Anon-MPR 5:15 pm-Tops-RR 6:30 pm-Chapel Service


Friday Events

Pastor John’s Day Off 1 pm-Hardanger-MPR

12-6 pm-Red Cross Blood Drive-BH

Saturday Events

10 am-Alcoholics Anonymous-MPR



11am-1pm-Gift Shop Open


Leap Day

A prayer for Ash Wednesday Lord of the winds, I cry to thee, I that am dust, and blown about by every gust I fly to thee. Lord of the waters, unto thee I call. I that am weed upon the waters borne, and by the waters torn, tossed by the waters, at thy feet I fall. —Mary Coleridge (1861-1907)

No one is perfect. God is the missing piece. We can't always put the whole picture together. You need other people to give pieces and help complete the puzzle. Lent is not a shiny season; it is a season of grit and dependence. It requires us to lean into God while examining (and hopefully letting go of) what prevents us from growing in relationship with God and one another. This requires determination. Not determination to get it "right," but determination to hang in there, to persevere, to occupy the empty spaces, and to embrace the missing pieces and perhaps, in the process, regain our missing peace. As we enter into these 40 days of reflection, there is an invitation to be in it all with God. In an intentional way, we have the opportunity to engage deeply with the God who journeys through life with us, to be in the seemingly empty spaces of our lives and to share that space with God. May we be faithful to that call and to the One who meets us there, attentive to God's presence and finding fullness in the mysterious spaces where God abides.


Glorious Goodness of Our God! To the ones that made this Youth Room a reality: THANK YOU! THANK YOU for creating a space for youth to gather that feels like their own family room at home. The oversized beanbag chairs, the TV at one end, large screen and projector at the other end. Plus the kitchen that has everything needed to serve up a feast makes this room ideal. This room has its own heater/air conditioner. Definitely needed when you gather teenagers in a room! So many things to do and games to play with the space to roam. It is absolutely PERFECT! Also a special “Thank You� to Trisha Hansen for cohosting B.F.F. (Building Faith First) sleepovers with me. Her help gathering girls, providing lots of goodies/treats, special water bottles and seeing to it that the girls arrived safely home is so much appreciated. This is just the start of glorious good things that our God is doing. Stay Tuned! Blessings, DeeAnn Berglund


Memorials, Honors & Special Gifts PEACE & POWER FUND In Memory Of: Margaret Berge given by: Gen Montei Jill Buley given by: J er r y & Mar ilyn Chafee Donna Drescher given by: Br uce Dr escher Harlin Elseth given by: J eff & Denise Elseth Arthur Hedum given by: J ames & Sheila Hansen Terrance “Terry” Jensen given by: Helen Lovik, Audrey Christensen, Neva Mathison, Lorraine Hanson Roger Johnson given by: the Tufte Family, Gar y & Ginny Thompson Sharon Lombard given by: Bev Nelson, Bever ly Torgerson, Debra & Robert Thompson

Church of Lyle, MN, Grand Meadow Lutheran Church WELCA of Grand Meadow, MN, Pamela M. Doss Mark & Mary Jane Pierson, Trinity Lutheran Church WELCA of Hayfield MN, West St. Olaf Church of Hayfield, MN, Mary Martha Circle of First Lutheran Church Glenville, MN, Donald & Jennifer Grovdahl, Deloris Skalisky, Deer Creek Valley L.C. WELCA of Northwood IA, Round Prairie Lutheran Church Women of Glenville, MN, West Freeborn Mission of Hartland, MN, Carolyn Flesche, Emmons Lutheran Church Women of Emmons, MN, Harold & Lois Brandt, Emmons Lutheran Church, Douglas Spiotta, Bob & Bone Hoenk, Darlene Schmidt, Charles & Mary Sukup, Gilbert Gilbertson, Lesuer River ELCA of New Richland, MN, Our Saviors WELCA of Lyle, MN, Sion Lutheran Church Women, Patricia Tallman

Bill Maupin given by: Shar yn Hendr ickson Victor Nelson given by: J ames & Sheila Hansen Rosemary Oldfather given by: J ack & Or lene Woodside Gar Petersen given by: J ack & Or lene Woodside, Gary & Ginny Thompson Lois Schoeneman given by: Gen Montei, Sandy Narverud, Jerry & Marilyn Chafee, Jerry & Garnice Rasmusson


Niles & Orrie Shoff given by: Gr eg & Sally Shoff Duane Skophammer given by: Tom & Diane Stockwell, Luverne Godtland, family & friends Donald Smith given by: Depar tment of Rehabilitation Therapies at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinic of Iowa City, IA, Carlyle & Jeanne Lageson, Jean Grube, Dale & Dorothy Baldwin, Leroy & Mary Noel, family & friends, Diane Dahl-McCoy and James McCoy, Paul & Sara Smith, Elaine Panzer Galen Spain given by: Ben & Phyllis Fr edr ickson Betty Stolaas given by: Bonnie Schneider , Gor don & LouJean Nelson and Glenn & LeAnn Juveland Dick & Jeanne Ulve given by: J anet Ulve In Honor of : All the Shut-Ins given by: Rose Per teet Julie Schewe, Thank you for 18 years of service to FLC given by: Cir cle #12, Shar on Wakefield, Mar ge Moine, Lorraine Bakken

RADIO FUND In Memory Of: Jill Buley given by J er r y & Mar ilyn Chafee Joy Christian given by Bonnie Schneider Lois Schoeneman given by J er r y & Mar ilyn Chafee Gifts Given by: Mark & Mary Jane Pierson KEITH & DELORIS FLIGGE FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Memory Of: Betty Cashin given by: Bar b & J ohn Cliff Gar Peterson given by: Bar b & J ohn Cliff Lois Schoeneman given by: Delor is Fligge FOOD FOR SCHOOL BACKPACKS PROGRAM FUND In Memory Of: Terrance “Terry” Jensen given by: Fr ed & Cher yl Moran In Honor Of: Julie Schewe given by: Ken & Diane Damer ow, Bonnie Schneider Gifts given by: Lilah Aas, MN Tops 153 of Albert Lea, MN, Pam Stern, Mae Twito, Bev Cordes

GENERAL FUND In Memory Of: Gifts Given by: Lyle Hanson given by: Ann Hanson Jason & Fran Heilman, Oakland Lutheran Church of Glenville, MN, North Blue Earth Lutheran Church of In Honor Of: Bricelyn, MN, Ila Breck, Red Oak Grove Lutheran Pastor John Holt given by: St. Paul, MN Foundation Church WELCA of Austin, MN, Our Savior’s Lutheran 12 Stadheim Family

Memorials, Honors & Special Gifts (cont.) BILL HAMMER SCHOLARSHIP In Memory of: Lois Schoeneman given by: Bar b & J ohn Cliff

Jean Carstens Edstrom given by: Mar y Car stens PRAYER SHAWL FUND In Memory Of: Davis Gilbertson given by: J ulie Gilber tson & family My Cousin, Marilyn (Stadheim) Renne, Edina, formerly of FLC given by: J ane Maiden

HAPPINESS IS A BLANKET In Memory Of: Jill Buley given by: Pam Ster n Terrance “Terry” Jensen given by: Bonnie Schneider , Marge Moine, Pam Stern, Sandy & Steven Nesse Betty Stolaas given by Fr ed & Cher yl Mor an In Honor Of: Helen Lovik given by: Car ol Olson Gifts given by: Dawn Thompson

STAINED GLASS FUND In Memory Of: Donald Smith given by: Steve & Shar on Over gaard TIM O’SHIELD S INTERN FUND Gift given by: Jerry & Marilyn Chafee

HELPING FAMILIES FUND In Memory Of: Art Ludtke given by: Donna Ludtke & family Lois Schoeneman given by: Bob & J oni Rowe Gifts given by: Phil & Sharon Koppelman, Al & Nancy Stoa

WORLD HUNGER FUND In Memory of: Donald Smith given by: Millar d & Phyllis Hamborg

KIMBERLY (OLSON) GODDARD SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Memory Of: Kimberly (Olson) Goddard given by: Car ol Olson & family Roger Olson given by: Car ol Olson and family ORGAN MAINTENANCE FUND In memory of: Paul Cooper, husband of Deb Cooper given by: the Bell Choir

SANCTUARY LIGHTING FUND In Memory Of: Larry Alvey given by: Al & Sue Blenka Terrance “Terry” Jensen given by: Donna Henrikson, Bonnie Trampel PARISH NURSE FUND In Memory Of:


Pastoral Records: Baptisms, Weddings, Deaths, Funerals, Memorial Services

Sharon Lombard, December 21, 2019 Lowell Baker, December 27, 2019 Terrance Jensen, January 2, 2020 Betty Stolaas, January 13, 2020 Joy Christian, January 23, 2020 Patricia Hall, January 24, 2020 Lois Hansel, January 25, 2020 Bill Schulte, January 29, 2020

Baptisms Jack William Antpack, January 12, 2020 Nolan Jacob Moen, January 12, 2020 Josie Mae Broughton, January 26, 2020 13

Miscellaneous FLC Information Personal Visitation by the Pastors To support people at the time of illness or injury, pastors do make personal visits in hospitals, homes or Care Centers. Many hospitals, like the Mayo’s Methodist & St. Mary’s Hospitals in Rochester no longer give pastors access to lists of patients. So, if we happen to be there visiting someone, and we don’t know about someone else hospitalized, we have no way of discovering that person any more. Hospitals do NOT call pastors/churches to inform them of admissions, and have not for decades. So, please, call, if you want us to know.

FLC Prayer Ministry Want prayer for yourself or others? Call Jo, 763-257-9018 or Julia, 373-9594. Prayers are kept confidential among prayer chain members.

We try to be available in emergencies. Do not hesitate to call the church (373-6424), if you have not seen a pastor and would like to request a visit. If you call the church office after hours and get the recording, keying option ❸will send your call directly to the pastor on call. No name is automatically put on a printed prayer list. We ask permission before we include a name on our printed prayer list. Please, let us know if you want to be on the prayer list or have a pastor visit. ~Your FLC Pastors

If you have moved or changed phone numbers, (including cell phone) please call the church office with your new information.


Our Prayers are requested for healing and wholeness for: Mary Beck and Paul Overgaard. Our Continued Prayers are requested for healing and wholeness for: Jody Bakken, Alan J. Christensen, Rodger Christenson, Mary Ann Christian, Dale Drescher, Casey Dusza, Millard Hamborg, Gregg Hatleli, Breckyn Heinemann, Glenn Helland, Sharon Johnson, Deb Koenigs, Phil Koppelman, Tom Loverink, Fred (Fritz) Moran, Elaine Panzer, Jean Stearns, Warren Van Riper, ... and their spouses, families & caregivers, and… safety for people serving in the Armed Forces, and their families.


Miscellaneous FLC Information


eed a ride to church?

We are using the Albert Lea Taxi Service. Those who need a ride to church can call 383-3341 to schedule a ride to the service of their choice on Sundays, or Thursday evenings. Just let the driver know to bill FLC.

Albert Lea

Please Note: In Case of Inclement Weather CANCELLATIONS & POSTPONEMENTS will be announced on: KAAL TV and KATE Radio [1450 AM]


Periodicals postage paid at

Published by First Lutheran Church (Monthly)

Albert Lea, Minnesota 56007

301 West Clark Street, Albert Lea, MN

Subscription price $1.00 per year

(Postmaster send address correction to 301 W. Clark St, Albert Lea, MN 56007)


Phone (507) 373-6424; E-mail: firstoffice@flcal.org; Fax 373-6330 Mailing address—301 W. Clark St., Albert Lea, MN 56007 Office Hours- Monday- Thursday: 8am-5pm; Friday: 8am-4:45pm Building Hours- Monday – Thursday: 7am-8:30pm; Friday: 8am-4:45pm Saturday: 8am-12pm; Sunday: 7am-12pm Other times by appointment or as meetings/events are scheduled

Web site–www.flcal.org

PASTORAL STAFF e-mails and emergency telephone numbers: Pastor John Holt, johnh@flcal.org (Cell–383-4750; Home–377-0046) Pastor Jan Crissinger, (Cell—(507) 621-1758

Have you included First Lutheran Church in your will?

Over the years, those First Lutheran Church members who have conscientiously included First Lutheran Church congregation in their estate planning have enabled some very important and powerful ministry to happen here. Please consider including First Lutheran Church, which has served you these many years, in your estate planning. You will enable this congregation to serve many, many more people in years and generations to come. 


Come Worship With Us Sunday: 8 am — Traditional Worship Service*

9:15 am- Sunday morning “Immersion”

9:15 am — Worship in the Chapel*

9:30 am- Wednesday morning Bible Study

10:30 am — Praise & Worship Service*

Thursday: 6:30 pm — Worship service in the Chapel*

Holy Communion is celebrated on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of each month, and the Thursdays preceding those Sundays.



First Lutheran Church 301 W Clark St. Albert Lea, MN 56007

Periodicals Postage Paid at Albert Lea, MN 56007

Sunday Worship Broadcasts 10:00 a.m. - Peace & Power-KAAL TV- Channel 6 (11:00 a.m. - KATE RADIO AM 1450

Fir st Luther an Church—F.L.C.—For the Love of

[Address label here]


Profile for First Lutheran Church Messenger

February 2020  

February 2020