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First Lutheran Church Albert Lea, MN

August Messenger Pastor July 27, 2017 V O Sean’s L U M ENew L XBook V I I With + NSocial O . 8Media Instructions After Each Service

First Lutheran Church + F.L.C. + For the Love of Christ

Our six-week summer emphasis late July and August. Pastor Sean’s new booklet,

First Summer, Jesus is With Us Wherever We Go, Jesus is with us wherever we go! 1. #flcadventure 2. #flcactivity 3. #flcnewfriend

4. #flcmeal 5. #flcrelaxes 6. #flcencourages

Sunday School Registration form inside.

Inside this issue: Pastoral Team’s Letter


First Lutheran Church Women 3 Library Corner


Community Interests


August Calendar


Crossword Puzzle


Memorials, Honors and Special Gifts


Special Outreach Cause


Musical Notes


Worship Schedule Changes for Sunday, August 6, 2017 8 am (only) Service of Holy Communion at church. The 10 am service will not be held at church. The Freeborn County Fair is offering a community church service at 10 am at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds Grandstand Speaker Pastor Sean Forde Great opportunity for people of all faiths & religions to come together  Enjoy fair food and church  FREE Admission before 10 am  



Rejoice in the Lord!

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Special thanks to everyone for all the love, support, and enthusiasm you’ve shown for the book, First Summer. You have received the unfinished, unpublished version, so the changes and corrections will be made before the final, published version is released. Thank you all for being part of the process. Great things are happening and there are great things still to come. In August, we are in the planning stages for upcoming FLC Legacy Seminars to encourage members to include First Lutheran Church in their wills, trusts, and estate planning. Although these fall dates are not yet set, we would like for you to start thinking about the possibility of making a difference in the future of our church. We encourage you to prayerfully consider the opportunity and begin speaking now with your family members and loved ones about leaving a legacy that will help serve the next generation in their Christian faith. In September, Pastors John and Sean, with our leadership team will introduce the vision for Long Range Planning, which will include our First Lutheran Church Centennial in 2019. Several groups are forming to ensure that 2019 is a jubilant celebration of our 100 years of Christian ministry and outreach. We plan on having several celebratory events throughout the year, including our Anniversary Day of September 19, 2019. Wow, how great is our God! We should all feel proud and look forward with great anticipation to this awesome milestone in our church history. We are giving thanks for our past, encouraged by our present, and forward thinking in our approach to the next 100 years in the life of First Lutheran Church. Thank you for making FLC a great place to encounter Christ, share in the Gospel, and serve our community and the world. The Lord Bless You, Your Pastoral Team, John and Sean

June 2017 Financial Reports — Year-to-date FLC General Fund (G.F.) Offerings Other Income Total Income Expenses Surplus (Deficit) January 1, 2017 June 30, 2017 Radio Income Expense Net gain (loss)

Actual Budget Over/(Under) $ 322,158 $349,000 $(26,842) 53,603 53,900 $(297) $ 375,761 $402,900 $(27,139) $ 377,523 $402,900 25,377 $(1,762) -0$(1,762) $ 111,264 G.F. ‘Fund Balance’ $ 109,502 G.F. ‘Fund Balance’ FLC Broadcast Ministries Peace & Power Actual $ 5,561 Income $23,103 5,544 Expense 21,318 $17 Net gain (loss) $1,785


Pastoral Records Baptisms Princeton James Acha, July 2, 2017 Lillian Aileen Bailey, July 16, 2017 Weddings Aruna Evenson and Nathan Jones, July 8, 2017 Funerals Brad Shoff, June 30, 2017 Tamara Turvold, July 14, 2017

FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH WOMEN (FLCW) CARING AND SHARING— August 2017 Co-Chairs: Helen Lovik, 373-2296 and Arlis Smith 373-7970 Workers Vicki Anderson


Donna Henrikson Beth Ordalen

Dee Ann Bergland Judy Kropp

Mary Peterson

Kathy Attig

Jayne Iverson

Kim McArdle

Susan Blenka

Pam Jerdee

Susan Morris

Mary Carstens

Marge LaFrance Hazel Senske

Delphine Drommerhausen Carol A. Johnson Beverly Nelson

Helen Edwin

Marilyn Moe

Julia Tonder

Carol Hedelan

Marcia Habben

Cheryl Moran

Judy Worth

Fran Heilman

Brenda Malepsy

Julie Schewe Sharon Wakefield

Wednesday, September 13 1:15 p.m. in Bethany Hall

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 7:00 p.m. in Bethany Hall Program: Addiction By: Deb Rossittieri Hymn: Devotions: Cheryl Moran Offering Prayer: Cheryl Moran

Pioneer Day/Past Presidents Program: Where Are We in God’s Garden? By: Jan Jerdee Hymn: Devotions: TBA Offering Prayer: TBA

August Program All Women Are Welcome!!

All Women Are Welcome!!

Hy-Vee & M arket Place Gift Cards now available $25 - $50 - $100 Support Local and Global M ission Work BUY SCRI P GI FT CARDS A ugust Special: Kwik Trip Car Wash Gift Cards 1 card $ 2 5 or 2 cards for $ 4 0


WHAT’S HAPPENING AT FLC? We rejoice in receiving our newest members into First Lutheran Church: Latisha Thomas Mary Ellen Johnson Audrey Sorenson Jeffery and Angie Hutchins Ron and Brittany Eriksmoen, Ethan, Kolby, Tucker, Labrea Chad and Sara Sutter, Isaac, Andrew, Ava Brandon and Melissa ValHal Max and Lexie

We have had another great VBS week at First Lutheran Church. Once again a fabulous team of counselors came to us from Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp. We spent our week ROOTED!! I would like to thank the following people for helping to make VBS such a huge success: The FLC Education Commission, Norm & Joyce Fredin, Pastor Sean & Susan Forde, Jan Overgaard, Belinda Kryson, Joe LaFrance, and of course our wonderful day campers!! Thank you all ~ Jenny


Library Corner WIDE-OPEN WORLD by John Marshall If you’re thinking about an adventuresome worldwide family vacation, this book is one to read. The book chronicles the 6 months spent traveling around the world by the Marshalls from the state of Maine. The family needed a change as their 20 year marriage was unraveling, their 17-year-old son was soon to leave for college, and their 14-year- old daughter was hooked on cyberspace. The need to reconnect as a family was the primary force, but also the family didn’t have the financial means to stay in resorts or do luxury tours, but the author had an idea that would make affordable the world travel and also be very meaningful. John and Traca quit their jobs, pulled their children out of school, and began a journey that took them far off the beaten path by volunteering their time and energy in serving others. The author calls it “voluntourism” and he thinks it could be a future trend in travel! You will follow the family from Central America to East Asia on their life-changing adventure. 4

In Costa Rica they lived with free-range spider monkeys, in New Zealand they did farm labor, in India they worked in an orphanage, and endured a violent uprising in Bangkok to teach English to a Thai community. This vacation didn’t allow the family much rest or relaxation plus lots of uncertainties. However, the Marshalls experienced a valuable once-in-a-lifetime chance to conquer personal fears, strengthen their family bonds, and find their own true selves by assisting the very needy. In the end, the world changed them; they did not change the world. “Wide-Open World” is very powerful and bittersweet, but also humorous and honest with the changes that occurred in this American family taking a leap-of-faith family vacation. P.S. I was introduced to this book by the author’s aunt, who was my Love Bible Study leader in Wells.

COMMUNITY INTERESTS Evelyn (Nelsen) Ferber was born August 2, 1917. That is an amazing 100 years ago.

Come Celebrate • Evelyn (Nelsen) Ferber • 100 Years Young Sunday, August 6, 2017 • 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. There will be refreshments and food and cake!

Thorne Crest Senior Living Community 1201 Garfield Avenue, Albert Lea, Minnesota Please enter at the Garfield Avenue door. She will be celebrating in the multi-purpose room in the apartment center. The only gift you should consider bringing is yourself. As you know, Evelyn loves her very extended family . .. and to have you celebrate with her would be the greatest gift ever. However, feel free to bring your memories to share and I’m sure she would love to see your old photos too. Please share with other family members and friends of Evelyn . . .

Tuesday, August 1 6:30-8 pm Trinity Lutheran Church Owatonna, MN

Please join us for an evening of fellowship and gratitude as we welcome Rev. Wal Reat back to the Southeastern Minnesota Synod! Rev. Reat serves as a missionary for the ELCA in the Gambella region bordering South Sudan. He will be visiting southeastern Minnesota this summer to share stories about the way the Holy Spirit is at work in that region of the world.

FLC YOUTH ANNOUNCEMENTS The Garden Project - Update

Thank you to everyone who supported our youth on their trip to the Boundary Waters in June!

We have spent most of our time de-weeding the garden since the last update. We have had more youth participate in the last month. We are up to 13 youth who have spent time in the garden. We are just about ready for our first harvest (broccoli). Next month we will hopefully harvest more produce!





Our Continued Prayers are requested for healing and wholeness for: Alan J. Christensen, Mary Ann Christian, Larry Fjelstad, Alyssa Gilderhus, Millard Hamborg, Breckyn Heinemann, Karen Houge, Fred (Fritz) Moran, Michael Olson, Colleen Politz, Betty Stolaas and…safety for people serving in the Armed Forces, and their families.


8 am-Traditional w/Comm.-S 10 am-Community Worship- Freeborn County Fairgrounds


8- am-Traditional-S 10 am-Praise & Worship-S


8 am-Traditional w/Comm.-S 10 am-Praise & Worship w/Comm.-S Christian Solos 2-4 pm-Open House for Bonnie Schneider’s 75th Birthday-BH

27 8 am-Traditional-S

10 am-Praise & Worship-S


1 8 am-Quilters-MPR 9:30 am-Staff meeting-P

3 pm-Thorne Crest-Ascension

2 8 am-Praye

8:30 pm-FLCW B No Bible Study

6 pm-Welcome Committee meets 6:30 pm-Commissions meet-BH 7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-MPR 7 pm-Spirit Express Band Rehearsal 7:15 pm-Spirit Express Band & Singers Rehearsal

10:30 am-Good Deer Creek Valle 3 pm-Oak Park P

7 9 am Holidays Ahead Crafting-BH


8 am-Quilters-MPR 9:30 am-Staff meeting-P 1 pm-St. John’s on Fountain Lake w/Comm.-ECF 2:30 pm-Senior Towers-Bethlehem & Deer Creek Valley


6 pm-Girl Scouts-MPR 7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-RR

7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-MPR 7 pm-Spirit Express Band Rehearsal 7:15 pm-Spirit Express Band & Singers Rehearsal

7 pm-FLCW Prog 7 pm-Eikon-YR

14 9 am Holidays Ahead Crafting-BH



8 am-Quilters-MPR 9:30 am-Staff meeting-P 11 am-Library Board meets-L

7 pm-Eikon-YR

8 am-Prayer G 9:30 am-Bible St

8 am-Prayer Gro 9:30 am-Bible St

7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-RR

7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-MPR 7 pm-Spirit Express Band Rehearsal 7:15 pm-Spirit Express Band & Singers Rehearsal

1:30 pm-MC # 1 1:30 pm-MC #3

21 9 am Holidays Ahead Crafting-BH

22 8 am-Quilters-MPR

23 8 am-Pra

9:30 am-Staff meeting-P

7 pm-Eikon-YR

9:30 am-Bible St

12:30-3:30-Mess 7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-RR

7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-MPR 7 pm-Spirit Express Band Rehearsal 7:15 pm-Spirit Express Band & Singers Rehearsal

7 pm-Eikon-YR




6:30 pm-Church Council meets-P

Mount Carmel Elderversity

Mount Carmel Elderversity 8 am-Quilters-MPR 9:30 am-Staff meeting-P 5:30 pm-Sweet Hour of Prayer-C 7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-MPR 7 pm-Spirit Express Band Rehearsal 7:15 pm-Spirit Express Band & Singers Rehearsal

9 am Holidays Ahead Crafting-BH

7 pm-Narcotics Anonymous-RR


Mount Carmel El

8 am-Prayer Gro No Bible Study

7 pm-Eikon-YR

st 2017 Wed

er Group-PR Board meets-P

Samaritan-Bethlehem & ey Place-Trinity

Group-PR tudy-MPR


oup-PR tudy-MPR

12-MPR 31-P

ayer Group-PR tudy-MPR

senger Crew-P









10:30 am-Alcoholics Anonymous-MPR 1 & 5:15 pm-Tops- LL 3 pm-Yoga Calm Class-RR

1 pm-Hardanger-MPR

5:30 pm-Al-Anon-P 5:30 pm-Al-Anon kids-N 6:30 pm-Chapel Service w/Comm.




GLS meeting-Crossroads 1 & 5:15 pm-Tops- LL 2:30 pm-St. John’s Communion-Bear Lake & Conger 3 pm-Yoga Calm Class-RR 5:30 pm-Al-Anon-P 5:30 pm-Al-Anon kids-N 6:30 pm-Chapel Service

GLS meeting-Crossroads

10:30 am-Alcoholics Anonymous-MPR

1 pm-Hardanger-MPR

1-4 pm-Open House Birthday Party for Carl Grandstrand-BH




10:30 am-Prairie Sr. Cottages Communion-FLC 1 & 5:15 pm-Tops- LL 3 pm-Yoga Calm Class-RR 5:30 pm-Al-Anon-P 5:30 pm-Al-Anon kids-N 6:30 pm-Chapel Service w/Comm.

1 pm-Hardanger-MPR



1 & 5:15 pm-Tops- LL 2-4 pm-Thrivent Seminar-MPR 3 pm-Yoga Calm Class-RR 5:30 pm-Al-Anon-P 5:30 pm-Al-Anon kids-N 6-8 pm-Thrivent Seminar-MPR 6:30 pm-Chapel Service

9:30 am-Circle #20-P 10:30 am-Alcoholics Anonymous-MPR

26 10:30 am-Alcoholics Anonymous-MPR

1 pm-Hardanger-MPR


Mount Carmel Elderversity

BH=Bethany Hall C= Chapel CR=Choir Room MC= Mission Circle MPR=Multi-Purpose Room N= Nursery P =Parlor PR= Prayer Room RR=Resource Room S=Sanctuary SL=South Lot YR=Youth Room w/Comm.=with Holy Communion

1 & 5:15 pm-Tops- LL 3 pm-Yoga Calm Class-RR 5:30 pm-Al-Anon-P 5:30 pm-Al-Anon kids-N 6:30 pm-Chapel Service 7

Across: 3. David's son 5. promise 8. prophetic book 9. tax collector 11. Nehemiah 12. offered strange fire 13. stoned to death 14. Babylonian false god 15. Cain's son 18. 15th O. T. book 20. father of harp 21. Samson killed

Down: 1. prophecy author 2. preserve corpse 4. Jesus 6. 1st "church" 7. Jeremiah's father 8. sin 10. created on 5th day 14. liquid measure 16. place of torment 17. O. T. king 19. Jacob's son


MEMORIALS, HONORS & SPECIAL GIFTS PEACE & POWER FUND In Memory Of: Mrs. Ardella Olson given by: Helen Johnson

In Honor Of: Our wedding anniversary on July 16th given by: Larry & Janice Lestrud

Fern Edwin given by: John & Patricia Hareid

Gifts Given By: First Lutheran Church Women of Albert Lea, MN, John & Robin Kelly, Donald & Jeanne Tomlinson

Barbara Jensen given by: Carol Leschefske Patricia Peterson given by: Audrey Christensen Bradley (Brad) Shoff given by: Vern & Shirley Strand, Bob & Bernice Moreau, Doug & Kathy Heilman, Lois Larson, Hildy Vallevand, Ben & Phyllis Fredrickson, Caroline Neale Gwen Lee given by: Clarence & Barbara Heavner Lumen Sigurdson given by: John & JoAnne Gold Paul Gold given by: John & JoAnne Gold Eldon Senske given by: John & JoAnne Gold Virginia Miller given by: Rolly Twito & Paddy Hoium, Maxine Hanson, Hildy Vallevand Kathleen Poppe given by: Ben & Phyllis Fredrickson My cousin, Marvin Rebelein given by: Geraldine Sauke My cousin, Mary Ann (Katzung) Flaten given by: Marilyn Sasser Jim Larson given by: Bob & Helen Edwin Ryan Schroader given by: Selma Engebretson & family In Honor Of: Donald Smith for his 90th birthday given by: Audrey Christensen Our niece, Kathy (Sasser) Brink for her upcoming stem cell transplant at Mayo-Rochester given by: Bob & Marilyn Sasser Gifts Given By: Shirlie Brownlow, Jason & Fran Heilman, Ray & VaLane Tyler, First Lutheran Church Women of Albert Lea, MN, Robert & Theresa Hartke, Richard Hoium, Carol Olson, Kraig & Doris Smeby, Richard & Barbara Westurn, Kathryn Belieu, John & Lorraine Browman, Donna Loge, William Stieler, Ronald & Judy Hagen, Marlene Behle, James & Debra Pilgrim, Michael & Paula Bennett, Lyle Senholtz, Shirlie Brownlow, Leroy & Garnet Folie, Patricia Tallman, Gilbert Gilbertson, Charles & Janet Griebenow, Edward Miller RADIO FUND In Memory Of: Wayne Willand for his July 30th birthday given by: Bev Grotsun

CHORAL SCHOLARS FUND In Memory Of: Barbara Jensen given by: Thomas & Sandra Norby, Gerald & Carol Frydenlund, Lee & Joyce Skaar, Jack & Jan Waller, Karen Van Riper, Judy Jensen, Doris Callahan, Martha Shepard, Florence Brandt, Darleen Zimmerman, Robert & Margaret Knutson, L.E. & Rhonda Broberg, Thomas & Debra Baas, Joan Holland, Family & friends In Honor Of: Joyce Fredin & Cheryl Moran for Keeping the Kitchen Organized each week given by: The Spuds and Splits Committee KIMBERLY (OLSON) GODDARD SCHOLARSHIP In Memory Of: Bradley (Brad) Shoff given by: Judy Folven Dennis Brue given by: Carol Olson & family Roger Olson for his July 14th birthday given by: Carol Olson & family SEMINARY STUDENT FUND In Memory Of: Dennis Brue given by: Rodger & Karen Christenson CONFIRMATION CAMPERSHIPS & EVENT FUND In Memory Of: Barbara Jensen given by: Don & Neva Mathison ORGAN FUND In Honor Of: Gary & Ginny Thompson for their 50th wedding anniversary given by: Bob & Joni Rowe GENERAL FUND In Memory Of: Tamara Turvold given by: The Tamara Turvold family STAINED GLASS FUND In Memory Of: Bradley (Brad) Shoff given by: Joyce Johnson Otis & Olive Johnson given by: Jim & Sheila Hansen JESSICA LOKKEN SCHOOL OF MUSIC FUND In Memory Of: Avis Ordalen given by: Gordon & LouJean Nelson, Arnold Stadheim 9


Periodicals postage paid at

Published by First Lutheran Church (Monthly)

Albert Lea, Minnesota 56007

301 West Clark Street, Albert Lea, MN Subscription price $1.00 per year (Postmaster send address correction to 301 W. Clark St, Albert Lea, MN 56007)


eed a ride to church?


We are using the Albert Lea Taxi Service. Those who need a ride to church can call 383-3341 to schedule a ride to the service of their choice 8:00, or 10:00 am on Sundays, or Thursday evenings at 6:30. Just let the driver know to bill FLC.

Phone (507) 373-6424; E-mail:; Fax 373-6330 Mailing address—301 W. Clark St., Albert Lea, MN 56007 Office Hours—Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Friday 4:50 p.m.) Web site– PASTORAL STAFF e-mails and emergency telephone numbers: Pastor John Holt, (Cell–383-4750; Home–377-0046) Pastor Sean Forde (Cell 772-323-1778) Normal Hours for the FLC Building Sunday: 7:00 am–12:00 noon; Monday–Thursday: 7:00 am–9:00 pm Friday: 8:00 am – 4:50 pm; Saturday: 8:00 – 11:50 am Other times by appointment or as meetings/events are scheduled

SPECIAL OUTREACH CAUSE The Special Outreach Cause for August is: Snack Cart Scholarships for Albert Lea Elementary Schools. The goal of the snack cart scholarship is to provide enough snacks so no child goes without. Special offering envelopes are Available from the ushers at our worship services. Please, make checks payable to FLC.

Goal $500

THANK YOU To all of you who supported my participation in the Habitat 500 this year my deepest thanks. For 21 years your continued support of money, prayers, and love to a cause in which I believe fills me with joy, hope, and humility. This year I have once again raised almost $10,000 for our local Habitat affiliate with almost $3000 coming from FLC members. Thank you! May God continue to bless you all. Lilah Aas 10

MUSICAL NOTES It is so hard to believe that it is almost time for our new season of music and choirs to begin again. Where did the summer go? There are so many rich Scriptures that encourage us to sing together and make music! In Colossians 3:16 we hear, "Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts." In our choirs at First Lutheran Church, we are trying to do just that. We are trying to tell the Good News of Jesus Christ and the stories of faith, hope, and love through music. We are trying to celebrate the amazing grace of our Lord through music! We are using music to share the peace of God that passes all earthly understanding. Please consider joining one of our musical ensembles in the Fall. We have a great time at rehearsals, and we love sharing the Good News in our 8 AM and 9:15 AM and 10/10:30 AM Services each week. We will start the Advent /Christmas Season in September. That commitment is for mid-September through Christmas. Please give us try--even if for just one season! I guarantee the rewards will be worth it. You will feel like a part of the family that we are! There are Choral Scholarship positions that are still open for 2017-2018. Applications are available at the church office. We have lost a few people due to people moving away, changing jobs, and life events. We have openings in every "part"--Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass in the First Lutheran Church Choir. We especially need to rebuild from our losses in the Tenors and Basses. We also have positions open in the FLC Hand Bell Choir. We will be looking for you in September! Psalm 95:1--"Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our Salvation." Thanks for your prayers and support. Peace, Tim COMING IN SEPTEMBER— First Lutheran Church Choir--Open to ages youth through adult--Wednesday Rehearsals from 6:30 to 8 PM beginning on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. You don't have to read music! We will work with you! First Lutheran Church Hand Bell Choir--Open to ages youth through adult--Wednesday Rehearsals from 5:30 to 6:25 PM. We are looking for music readers for bells! We ring in the 8 AM Service once a month and occasionally at Special Services and Programs. Spirit Express Band and Singers--Open to ages youth through adult--Tuesday Rehearsals from 7:15 to 8:45 PM. We are always looking for singers and band players! We lead the worship music in the 10/10:30 AM Services each week. First Lutheran Church Youth Choir--This is a new version of an existing choir and we are going to try it and see how it goes! This choir is open to youth from 6th Grades and Higher. This choir, as the Youth Choir, will sing occasionally in Sunday Services. However, this choir will learn the music for the Adult Choir and will sing regularly with the Adult Choir in Sunday Services. Sounds of Joy Choir--This is a new version of an existing choir also. This choir is open to children and youth in the Sunday School Ages. This choir will share music in Sunday Services about once every 5-6 weeks. The music will be rehearsed in the Sunday School Opening Assembly each week.


Summer Worship Schedule

Two Services on Sunday 8 am — Traditional Service 10 am — Praise & Worship Service Thursday: 6:30 pm Worship Service in the Chapel * Holy Communion: First & Third Sundays of the month First & Third Thursdays of the month

First Lutheran Church 301 W Clark St. Albert Lea, MN 56007

Periodicals Postage Paid at Albert Lea, MN 56007

Sunday Worship Broadcasts 10:00 a.m. - Peace & Power-KAAL TV- Channel 6 (11:00 a.m. - KATE RADIO AM 1450

First Lutheran Church—F.L.C.—For the Love of Christ

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