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Serving Fire, Rescue & EMS Heroes In NY State JANUARY 2014

On December 1, 2013, firefighters from the City of New York responded to a Metro North train crash. The accident killed four people and injured 63 passengers. Complete story on page 16. -Fire News photo by Edmund J. Coppa

Fire News Wishes All a Happy & Safe New Year! – New York State Edition –

Fire News, January 2014, Page 3

In this issue... Going to Work in Schenectady

Firefighters responded to a call of smoke and flames coming from a vacant building on Albany Street. See story on page 7

Fire KO’ed in Athens

Fire broke out in a two-story residence in Athens. The blaze was contained by an aggressive attack. See story on page 10

Four Alarm Blaze Battled in the Bronx

Bronx firefighters battled a spectacular four-alarm fire that involved three private dwellings. See story on page 13

Red Cross Assists Albany Residents

A fire in a three-story apartment building on South Pearl Street in Albany Sends residents fleeing. See story on page 17

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Two Cars Collide in Winona Lake

The Winona Lake Fire Department was called out to an MVA in front of Adams Fairacre Farms. See story on page 20

Hope for the Warriors

A fundraiser was held to help enhance the quality of life for post 9/11 service members. The organization reaches out to the families of service men and women.


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Page 4, Fire News, January 2014

From the Editor’s Desk Dennis Whittam, Editor

What is your New Year’s Resolution? Can you imagine that 2014 is only a few weeks away? Every January 1, when the ball drops, all of us make promises to ourselves that we are going to improve our health and wellness through losing weight, eating better, beginning an exercise program, or stopping smoking. I am sure you can think of a few more healthy suggestions like changing that high carb diet you might eat at the firehouse. The USFA (United States Fire Administration) points out that every year the leading cause of fatalities to firefighters is heart attack. Effective health and wellness programs can reduce this number one cause of firefighter deaths. We all need to embrace health and wellness. As a firefighter, there are some things you can do. Start by being serious about taking physicals on a regular basis, quit smoking (Do people still smoke?), exercise daily and eat healthy. On a side note, portion control does work. Yes, our health is important, but there are other New Year’s resolutions you should consider. The fire service has become more complicated as a result of necessary mandates that make us aware of the dangers that lurk in the background at every scene. Do you sit at your Haz-Mat refresher class looking at the clock or reading the paper? Hey, pay attention, this training is no joke! I know that

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every class I take I walk away with at least one new piece of information that could save my life or prevent a long term illness from developing because I was careless at a past scene. For the senior guys; talk to the probationary firefighter and share your experiences with them. But also listen to what the newbie has to learn before he or she can pass the Firefighter 1 test. Challenge yourself to answer the questions they have to answer to become firefighters and EMTs. When you walk into your firehouse or EMS Station, stop and look at the shiny apparatus that sits in your quarters. Before you continue to the ready room for coffee and fine conversation, open a door or compartment to your truck. Refresh yourself on the placement of equipment that you may have not used in sometime. Refresh yourself on the operation of the CO meter. Do you know what your department's procedure is for using this instrument? What is considered a high carbon monoxide reading? Let’s make 2014 a safe year. But also let 2014 be the year you refresh your commitment to the fire-rescue and emergency services. Relearn the basics and stay safe. Happy New Year, Dennis

Fire News, January 2014, Page 5

ANNOUNCEMENTS GOVERNOR SIGNS GLUCOMETRY TESTING FEE EXEMPTION BILL INTO LAW FASNY is pleased to announce that the bill to exempt volunteer fire department ambulance services from the requirement to pay a $200 fee to obtain a certificate of registration for blood glucose testing was signed yesterday by Governor Cuomo.The bill was sponsored by Senator Kemp Hannon and Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther and its passage and signature by the Governor was the result of some very hard work by FASNY’s government affairs team. “We are very grateful that Governor Cuomo has recognized our position that volunteer fire department-based ambulance services should be exempt from this biennial fee,” said FASNY President James Burns. “Especially in smaller and rural fire departments, unfunded mandates of this nature eat away at limited annual budget dollars. On behalf of all of our state’s volunteer firefighters, I would like to thank Assemblywoman Gunther and Senator Hannon for their leadership in carrying this bill in their respective chambers.” Currently, NYS Public Health Law requires that all EMS agencies testing blood glucose — whether by electronic glucometer or chem-strip — be required to possess a limited service laboratory registration. There is a biennial $200 fee imposed on Volunteer EMS responders for this license. The legislation does not change the requirements to possess the appropriate license, nor change the requirement to provide appropriate quality assurance as currently required under Public Health Law; it only removes the financial obligation from these volunteer fire departmentbased ambulance services. For FASNY’s legislative updates, please visit the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York’s website:

MAHOPAC TO CELEBRATE 100TH ANNIVERSARY The Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department in Mahopac, New York, will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2014. The members of the department are planning several celebration events in the hopes that



their fellow firefighters from other departments as well as their many community friends, supporters and residents will join with them in recognition of 100 years of service. The Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department was officially organized on October 6, 1914, at a meeting in the old Town Hall on McAlpin Avenue. George Long acted as chairman as 40 Mahopac men agreed to form the department and signed the roster with Long being elected as the first Chief Engineer. The Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department was the third department to organize in Putnam County after Brewster and Cold Spring and the first to organize in the Town of Carmel. The Carmel Volunteer Fire Department organized a year later in 1915 and Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1937. The Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department marked 85 years of ambulance service in 2013, which is claimed to be one of the oldest in Hudson Valley region. After a near drowning in Lake Mahopac in 1928, a Buick ambulance was donated to the department, which was later given to Somers Volunteer Fire Department after 20 years of service. Over the years the department has had hundreds of volunteers serve and build it into the organization it is today with 160 members, three fire stations and 10 vehicles, including two ambulances. The department protects the most populous area of the Town of Carmel, covering 26 square miles, and responds to an average of 1200 emergency calls annually. The Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department is extending an invitation to the Mahopac residents and its many friends and supporters from other areas to join in the celebration. The feature event will be 100th Anniversary Firemen’s Dress Parade on August 23, 2014.Other events include an open house, a golf outing, softball tournament and Centennial Firemen’s Ball. The department’s website www.maho will post information. The 100th Anniversary Committee of the Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department is accepting any old news articles, artifacts, documents and photographs of the department and may be contacted at anniversary@ or 845-628-3160. The Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department 100th Anniversary Committee PO Box 267, Mahopac, NY 10541

“Shining a New Light on Service”


FDSOA - Lake Buena Vista, FL


Lt. Andy Fredericks Memorial Seminar - Tarrytown, NY


LI Fire & EMS Mega Show - Uniondale, NY EMS Today - Washington, DC

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FDIC - Indianapolis, IN West Patterson Fire Show - Paterson, NJ CFSI Annual Dinner, DC

JUNE Issue

Harrisburg Fire Expo - Harrisburg, PA

JULY Issue

NYS Fire Chiefs - Turning Stone, NY Maryland State Firemen’s Convention - Ocean City, MD Delaware Fire Chiefs Expo New England Fire Chiefs - Springfield, MA

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Page 6, Fire News, January 2014

Beware of Winter Ice

12 Hours Later‌.

On November 24, 2013, a fire broke out on Hardy Place in northwest Yonkers. It took two alarms to bring the blaze under control. Numerous calls came in to 911 reporting a house fire, which occurred just before 2230. Units arrived to find heavy fire showing from the first and second floor rear of a private dwelling. Fifty-five firefighters responded on one of the first frigid nights of the year. Three firefighters were injured by slipping and falling on the icy street. Two adults and two children were displaced by the fire -Fire News photo by Mike Messar

Just 12 hours after Yonkers previous second alarm fire, another job came in as an unknown type of fire in the rear of Ashburton Place. The first-due truck arrived to find fire showing from the rear of the two-story building that was attached to two similar exposures. Workers had been using torches at the roof line and possibly started the fire. A second alarm was quickly struck due to the proximity of exposures and water problems. The fire spread to two attached houses, displacing 17 residents. Sixty-five firefighters had the fire under control in less than two hours. -Fire News photo by Mike Messar

Fire News, January 2014, Page 7

Going to Work in Schenectady

Schenectady firefighters responded to a call of smoke and flames coming from a vacant building on Albany Street. When the deputy chief arrived on scene, he reported smoke visible from the second floor of the 2-1/2 story, wood frame structure. The fire was brought under control quickly and the cause is under investigation. Four new probationary firefighters joined the department at 0800 that morning and experienced their first fire. -Fire News photos by Peter Barber

Page 8, Fire News, January 2014

Fatal Fire Battled in Queens

On October 20, 2013, the Queens Communications Office received numerous calls for a fire in a private dwelling on Springfield Boulevard near Linden Bouevard. When units arrived to box 5572, they found fire blowing out of a side door and extending up the side of the house. Firefighters began a quick aggressive attack to halt the flames. While conducting primary searches the officer of Ladder 165, Lt. O’Neil, found a victim in the attic. With the help of other members of Ladder 165 and a member of Ladder 162, they removed the victim and turned the victim over to an FDNY EMS unit. The victim did not survive. -Fire News photos by Brian Grogan

Fire News, January 2014, Page 9

Schenectady Battles Two-Alarm Fire

Schenectady firefighters battled a two-alarm fire in a garage on power tools was lost. Two other vehicles parked outside the strucSumner Avenue. First-due Engine 4 reported seeing flames above ture were also destroyed by the fire. The cause of the blaze is suspi-Fire News photo by Peter Barber the tree tops as they approached the scene. The two stall garage con- cious. taining a car, a motorcycle and various other landscaping and


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Page 10, Fire News, January 2014

Fire KO’ed in Athens

On November 6, 2013, a fire occurred in a two-story residence in Athens. The blaze was contained by an aggressive attack. The fire, which began a little after 1700 on N. Warren Street, was contained mostly to the first floor of the structure. Nobody was home at the time and Athens Fire Chief Jim Robinson said officials were trying

to locate the occupants. The cause of the fire was not immediately known. The fire was knocked down before it managed to spread into the second floor. The Athens Volunteer Fire Department, West Athens Limestreet Fire Department and Catskill Fire Department responded to the scene. -Fire News photo by John C. Miller

Fire News, January 2014, Page 11

Page 12, Fire News, January 2014

Electrical Fault Sparks Blaze in Rotterdam

Rotterdam District 2 firefighters battled a two-alarm fire in a home located on Elizabeth Street. Flames broke out in the late afternoon andgutted the home, which had to be demolished after the fire. The cause of the blaze was listed as electrical in nature. -Fire News photo by Peter Barber

Fire News, January 2014, Page 13

Flames Halted in Amsterdam

Four Alarm Blaze Battled in the Bronx

On November 18, 2013, the Amsterdam Fire Department responded to William Street. Upon arrival, firefighters encountered heavy fire coming from a downstairs apartment and extending to the second floor. The officer in charge struck a second alarm followed by a third for manpower. The fire was marked under control in less than 30 minutes. Numerous pets were removed from the apartments and about 10 people were displaced. -Fire News photo by Mark Perfetti

On October 27, 2013, firefighters stationed in the Bronx battled a spectacular four-alarm fire that involved three private dwellings. The fire was on Valentine Avenue in the Bronx. -Fire News photo by “FDNY Legend� Herb Eysser

Page 14, Fire News, January 2014

Governor Cuomo Announces


Up to $17 Million in Federal Sandy Relief Funding Will Assist Downstate Gas Stations Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the launch of “Fuel NY,” an initiative to improve access to gasoline during a severe storm or other major weather event. Announced by the Governor in the 2013 State of the State address, Fuel NY was developed as a direct response to gas shortages that occurred during Superstorm Sandy, and includes the nation's strongest back-up power requirements for gas stations in strategic locations. As one step in a comprehensive initiative to protect the fuel supply chain in an emergency, Fuel NY will make up to $17 million in funding available to help retail gas stations improve their back-up power capacity so they can remain open during major storms. As part of the initiative, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will administer a grant program to enable gas stations to install the wiring necessary so they can connect portable emergency generators in the event of an extended power outage due to an energy or fuel supply emergency or to install a permanently affixed backup power generator. Additionally, a new website, nysandyhelp, has been created to provide information for both gas station owners and motorists identifying which gas stations are required to participate in the program. Approximately half of all gas stations in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland counties are now required to have back-up power in the event of an emergency, including: Stations within a half-mile of a highway exit or hurricane evacuation route in these downstate areas will need to be wired with a transfer switch by April 1, 2014. They must deploy and install a generator within 24 hours of losing power in an emergency. In addition, 30 percent of all retail outlets that are part of a chain further than half-mile from highway exits and evacuation routes in these downstate areas will be required to install a transfer switch by August 1, 2015. They must deploy and install a generator within 48 hours of losing power. All newly constructed gas stations for which a building permit is issued on or after April 1, 2014 will be required to have wiring to deploy a generator or have a back-up generator

installed. Gas stations selling less than 75,000 gallons of fuel per month are exempt. Gas station owners/operators can apply for up to $10,000 per station to help install a transfer switch that will accept a portable emergency generator and up to $13,000 per station if they elect to install a transfer switch and a permanent back-up generator. Stations that are part of a chain as defined in the program and that are not located within a half-mile of highway exits and evacuation routes can only receive up to $10,000. Funding will be paid only for actual eligible expenses upon receipt by NYSERDA of proper documentation that the installation is complete. NYSERDA is also developing a program whereby it will manage a pool of portable emergency generators that will be available for these downstate stations when an energy or fuel supply emergency has been declared. In addition, as part of "Fuel NY," NYSERDA is conducting a survey of resiliency measures at pipelines and terminals, and is assembling information from experts and the industry on the potential development of a Strategic Fuel Reserve.

FDNY Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano Captivates Audience

Haz-Mat Team in Schenectady

FDNY Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano, delivers his presentation - “Adapting to the Changing Times” to an audience of Fire Chiefs and Commissioners from around the United States and World at the 2013 International Conference of Fire and Rescue Executives, which was recently held in Boston, MA. -Fire News photo by Frank Trotta

The Schenectady Fire Department Haz-Mat team was activated after a tractor-trailer truck and its cargo of sulfuric acid became stuck on a grassy hill at the State Street entrance ramp to the Cross Town Connection. Firefighters suited up in Level 1 PPE as a precaution as the trailer was righted by a tow truck. -Fire News photo by Peter Barber

Fire News, January 2014, Page 15

Early Morning Blaze Beat in Albany

Fire Prevention in Amsterdam

On November 28, 2013, a fire broke out in a second-floor multiunit apartment building on Quail Street, in the city’s Pine Hills neighborhood. The incident occurred shortly before 0847. There was concern for the tenant of the apartment, as he could not be found. He was later located and was safe. A dog and cat perished in the fire. Chief Nolan stated that his firefighters were able to contain the blaze to the apartment, which was heavily damaged, and the apartment above, which sustained less damage. Nolan further stated that the blaze did not appear suspicious and an investigation was continuing. -Fire News photo by Tom Heffernan

Students from the Marie Curie Institute of Engineering and Communications recently got a tour of the Amsterdam Fire Department. Firefighter Rob Shang showed the children the ladder truck. They also learned about fire safety and everyday life at the firehouse. -Fire News photo by Mark Perfetti

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Page 16, Fire News, January 2014

Fatal Train Crash in the Bronx On December 1, 2013, firefighters from the City of New York responded to a Metro North train crash. The train that was bound for New York City, when it derailed along the Hudson River near the Spuyten Duyvil station in the Bronx. The accident killed four people and injured 63 passengers. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, FDNY Commissioner Sal Cassano, and FDNY Chief of Department all responded to the scene. "It's obviously a very tragic situation," Cuomo said. "The first order of business is to care for the people on the train." The derailment occurred at approximately 0720. Five of the train's seven cars derailed. Fortunately, no cars went into the nearby water. Three of the four people who died were found outside of the train. Scuba divers were dispatched to search the river near the derailed train. "If this was a workday, it was fully occupied, it would've been a tremendous disaster," Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano told reporters. It should be noted that two members of the Cronomer Valley Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary were on the train that derailed in the Bronx, Linda and her sister Donna Smith. Linda was treated and released from the hospital. Donna has passed away. Our hearts and prayers are with Linda and her family and the Cronomer Valley Fire Department. -Fire News photos by Edmund J. Coppa and

Fire News, January 2014, Page 17

Red Cross Assists Albany Residents

On December 1, 2013, a fire was reported around 1200, on South Pearl Street in Albany. The fire was in a three-story apartment building. According to Battalion Chief Daniel Coleman heavy fire was shooting out of the third floor windows upon arrival. Chief

Coleman stated that smoke detectors alerted the residents of the fire, and they all escaped without injury. Albany Fire is investigating the cause of the fire. The Red Cross assisted the 10 residents who were displaced by the fire -Fire News photos by Tom Heffernan

Page 18, Fire News, January 2014

Fire News, January 2014, Page 19

Arvin Hart Airboat Assists at YMCA Fire On October 28, 2013, a fire damaged the Saratoga YMCA branch in Wilton. The fire at the Old Gick Road complex was reported at around 2230. The staff evacuated several reluctant patrons who were in the building. The main workout building suffered smoke damage and will be closed indefinitely. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Greenfield Fire Chief John Lant reported that the fire appeared to have started in a ladies locker room on the second floor of the original YMCA building. The first arriving unit from Greenfield reported that smoke was showing. Several fire companies were called to the scene of the expansive building, including all of the Greenfield Fire Companies; Maple Avenue, Porters Corners, Greenfield Center, and Middle Grove. Units were also summoned from several other departments: the City of Saratoga, Rock City Falls, Schuylerville, Corinth and Ballston Spa. The airboat from the Arvin Hart Fire Company in Stillwater was requested to the scene to aid with ventilation. Arvin Hart responded with U-113 with (marine-rescue) MR-108 and two chiefs and a crew of four firefighters. The airboat was positioned at a large opening and used as an oversized positive pressure ventilation fan to clear smoke from the building, which consists of several tennis and handball courts, as well as locker rooms and other athletic functional spaces. -Fire News photos by Tom Rinaldi

Page 20, Fire News, January 2014

Six Injured at MVA Firefighters from Niskayuna District 2 and District 1, with the assistance of Mohawk Ambulance personnel, tended to six people injured in a head-on collision that occurred across the street from the District 2 firehouse on Troy-Schenectady Road. The driver of one of the vehicles had to be extricated with hydraulic tools. All six were taken to area hospitals for treatment. -Fire News photo by Peter Barber

Two Cars Collide in Winona Lake The Winona Lake Fire Department was called out to a motor vehicle accident in front of Adams Fairacre Farms. The two-car accident injured one person who was treated for injuries. -Fire News photo by Vinnie Dominick

FIRE RESEARCH CORPORATION (FRC) ACQUIRES FOAMPRO NESCONSET, NY / NEW BRIGHTON, MN (December 11, 2013) - Fire Research Corporation (FRC), a Safe Fleet company, is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of FoamPro of New Brighton, MN - a business unit of Pentair Ltd. FRC President Toh Meng and FoamPro Sales Manager Mike Dupay announced the news to employees at both locations today. “The FoamPro acquisition will enhance FRC’s product leadership in the emergency market and leverage our strengths in engineering, electronics, and sales to provide better products and enhanced service to fire departments worldwide,” Meng said. FRC has purchased all FoamPro products and accessories and intends to move manufacturing to its facility in Nesconset, NY. Many of the FoamPro employees are expected to make the transition. This includes the sales manager, customer service/technical support team and regional managers. In addition, FRC intends to retain FoamPro’s worldwide network of independent representation. “Customers will still be able to interact with the same FoamPro personnel they have worked with for years. Our primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and make this as

smooth a transition as possible,” Meng said. “Existing FoamPro lead and delivery times, terms, discounts, and pricing will be maintained through the transition,” said Dupay. “The FoamPro brand will also remain unchanged.”

The FoamPro acquisition is the first for the newly created Safe Fleet which was formed in September when ROM Corporation and SMI Corporation merged. Within the fire and EMS markets Safe Fleet most notably owns: ROM, FRC and the Bustin brands. “The corporate vision of Safe Fleet is to provide safety solutions for fleet vehicles of all types,” said Jeff Hupke, President of Safe Fleet. “By adding FoamPro to the portfolio, we greatly enhance the number of product solutions a fire department can choose from.” Financial terms of the purchase are not being disclosed.

About Fire Research Corporation FRC, founded in 1968 and headquartered in Nesconset, NY, develops, manufactures and markets a full portfolio of fire safety equipment including foam proportioning systems, pressure governors and controls, instrument displays, LED and halogen scene lighting, and fire station accessories. The company's paddlewheel flow sensor technology is the most widely adopted in the fire industry. For more information on FRC please visit About Safe Fleet Headquartered in Belton, MO, Safe Fleet is the leading provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles. Safe Fleet manufactures products that enhance the safety and productivity of a variety of fleets including emergency vehicles, refrigerated trucks and trailers, utility vehicles, and school and transit bus fleets. Safe Fleet is a market leader in the majority of its end markets, helping its customers improve the safety and efficiency of their fleets, their operators, passengers and pedestrians. The Safe Fleet family of brands includes ROM, Bustin, Prime Design, FRC, Specialty Manufacturing (SMI), SpecFlor, Pretoria, Transpec and FoamPro.

Fire News, January 2014, Page 21

Car Rear Ended on the LIE On September 17, 2013, a motor vehicle accident occurred on the westbound Long Island Expressway at Exit 25. The car was hit in the rear by what appeared to be a large street sewer cleaning truck. FDNY units from Queens responded to handle the call. -Fire News photo Wayne Carrington

Driver Self Extricates in Winona Lake The Winona Lake Fire Department was called out to motor vehicle accident that involved a one car rollover on South Plank Road and Meadow Avenue. The driver self extricated and was not hurt in the accident. The accident appears to have occurred due to wet road conditions. -Fire News photo by Vinnie Dominick

Page 22, Fire News, January 2014

Air Assist Needed in Coeymans Hollow The Coeymans Hollow Fire Department was dispatched to a serious motorcycle crash on County Route 111 at Route 143 in Coeymans Hollow. The operator of the motorcycle was thrown a distance ending up on the side of the roadway. He apparently attempted to avoid a vehicle that was backing out of a driveway according to the Coeymans Police Department. The man was transported to the Coeymans firehouse by the Albany County Sheriff's EMS ambulance #820, to the waiting New York State Police Department helicopter. The patient was then flown to the Albany Medical Center Hospital in critical condition. Assisting the Coeymans Hollow Fire Department on the scene was the Ravena Rescue Squad and Albany County paramedics. -Fire News photo by Tom Heffernan

Hydraulic Tools Utilized at Queens MVA FDNY firefighters used hydraulic tools on September 17, 2013, to extricate the driver of an SUV that had overturned in an accident on Hillside Avenue and 266th Street. Ladder Company 162 put their tools to work, while engine companies stretched precautionary hand lines. EMS transported the injured driver to a nearby hospital. -Fire News photo by Lou Minutoli

Fire News, January 2014, Page 23

Selkirk Responders Handle Truck MVA

One Injured at Winona Lake MVA

On October 29, 2013, a serious crash occurred on Route 9W. The accident sent three Town of Bethlehem Highway Department workers to the hospital. Lt. Thomas Heffernan said the cause of the accident was under investigation. The impact of the collision sent a large truck with a leaf blower on the back across four lanes, through the guard rail, and down an embankment. Route 9W was either closed or had only one lane open for roughly two-and-a-halfhours. The Selkirk Fire Department, Albany County Paramedics, and two Town of Bethlehem Ambulances were on the scene. -Fire News photo by Tom Heffernan

Responders from Winona Lake were called out to a two-car motor vehicle accident on Meadow Hill Road near the local Stop and Shop. One person was treated for injuries and firefighters safely secured the scene. -Fire News photo by Vinnie Dominick

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NYS Fire District Candidate Prepares for Election The Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York will be holding elections at their Annual Meeting and Spring Workshops beginning May 1, 2014. This year’s meeting is being held in Syracuse at the Doubletree Inn at Carrier Circle. An announced candidate for 2nd Vice President is Stillwater Fire District Commissioner Tom Rinaldi who is currently President of the Capital Area Association of Fire Districts. Tom has an extensive fire service background that spans 45 years of service as both a career and volunteer firefighter. As a sitting commissioner, Tom is a member of the Arvin Hart Fire Company where you can usually find him driving the heavy rescue or pumper. He has held all line officer positions, was Chief for three years and has served on many fire company committees. In the Town of Stillwater he has also served as 911 Coordinator, Code Enforcement Officer, member of both the Planning and Zoning boards and currently serves as Chairman of the Town’s Emergency Management Planning group. Commissioner Rinaldi currently serves as a Regional Director for Region 1 of the Association of Fire Districts of New York State, serving on the Education, Membership and is the current Chair of the Law and Legislative Committee. He has also represented the association as a participant at the State Fire Service Counsel meetings. Retiring from state service in 2010 he served with the NYS Office of Emergency Management for 12 years, many of them as Deputy

Director of Operations where he managed several disasters and emergencies including the response to the 9/11 attack. Prior to OEM he was fire safety technician and code compliance officer at the University of Albany for 12 years. Upon leaving state service Tom was hired by Chazen Engineering to perform code compliance inspections at the GlobalFoundries semiconductor facility under construction in Malta, New York. Tom also spent several years as a sales representative for one of the major fire apparatus manufacturers. When he is not too busy, Tom has penned several articles for the State Chief's Association’s Size Up magazine. Tom lives in Stillwater with his wife Linda and son Tony who attends many of the Association’s functions. His son TJ, Jr., is a career firefighter in the City of Saratoga Springs and his brother Pete is a career firefighter in the City of Albany. When asked why he is running for this position Rinaldi said, “I believe I have the tools and background to assume an Officer’s position within the Association. We need to work together with all of the fire service organizations in the state to meet the challenges of today’s fire service. The organization needs to keep moving forward with fresh ideas, key to providing service to our 850 member fire districts. I believe I can assist the current leadership and together represent all of the districts in all regions of the state. We cannot sit still and be complacent.” Tom has received support from several of the regional associations in the state.

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Firefighters of the Year Honored On October 13, 2013 The Town of Colonie held its 2013 Firefighters of the Year Banquet. Over 350 people gathered at the Colonie Elks Club in Latham to help honor the recipients from the 12 departments. Recipients of this years honors went to: Frederick Randall from Boght Community Fire Company; Brian Curran from Colonie Village Fire Company; Dominic Ricciardi, Jr., from Fuller Road Fire Company; Michael Audino from Latham Fire Department; Nicholas P. Comproski from Maplewood Fire Department; Michael Steurer from Menands Fire Department; James Burnetter from Midway Fire Department; Todd Peters from Schuyler Heights Fire Department; Timothy Nerney from Shaker-Road Loudonville Fire Department; Thomas Fortune from Stanford Heights Fire Department; William Neiger from Verdoy Fire Department; and Victor Graves from West Albany Fire Department. Congratulations to all. -Fire News photo by Lori Washburn

Plattekill Holds Fundraisers for Injured Firefighters On November 2, 2013, the Plattekill Fire Department sustained one of the worst events the department ever had. The department will hold a fundraiser to assist the five firefighters who were injured when the apparatus they were in crashed and rolled over, while responding to an incident on the NYS Thruway. They have multiple fundraising items they will be hosting over the next few weeks/months. The first item available are bracelets that say “PFD STRONG.� These bracelets will be priced at $5 each plus $2 for US Mail shipping. $2 shipping covers as many bracelets as you order. ALL proceeds will go to the five firefighters involved in this horrific event. If you would like to order bracelets please send check or money order for $5 per bracelet and $2 shipping to: Plattekill Fire Department, PO Box 381 Plattekill, New York 12568, Att: Bracelet Committee. If you are local and would like to purchase, please contact members Jeff Ashdown or Maria DeGiorgio. Plattekill FD wishes to thank everyone who has contacted us and showed their support during this time. -Fire News story by John C. Miller

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Hope for the Warriors

On November 10, 2013, a fundraiser was held at the Constantino Brumidi Lodge #2211, Sons of Italy. Three hundred guests and local dignitaries attended the fundraiser. The mission of Hope for the Warriors is to enhance the quality of life for post 9/11 service members. The organization reaches out to the families and families of the fallen. They help those who have sustained physical and psychological wounds in the line of duty. The Hope for the Warriors program is dedicated to restoring a sense of self, restoring the family unit and restoring hope for our service members and our military families. -Fire News photos by Jim Dunn

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