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Serving Fire, Rescue & EMS Heroes Since 1973 MARCH 2014

Please turn to page 31 for the full story. - Fire News photo by Ken LaBelle

Boston Mourns the Loss of 2 Firefighters See pages 42 & 43

-Southern New England Edition-

Fire News, March 2014, Page 3

In this issue... Providence Gas-Fueled Fire A fast moving fire fueled by gasoline quickly grew to two alarms on Hope Street on Providence’s east side. See story page 6

Fire Tears Through Charlton Farmhouse On-duty members of the Charlton Fire Department were alerted to a house fire on J. Hammond Road. See story page 14

Newton Responds to 3-Alarmer Companies arrived to find fire on the first and second floors of a threestory Victorian-style wood frame dwelling. See story page 20

5-Alarm Blaze in Lawrence Paper Mill On arrival of Ladder 4, heavy smoke was showing from the abandoned Merrimack Paper Mill. See story page 24

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Yantic MVA with Pinned Driver E-33 arrived to find a four-door Jeep with heavy damage to the front end and a person with severe injuries. See story page 34

Winter Takes It’s Toll

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Lynn (MA) firefighters rescued a elderly male from his vehicle after it became trapped in high flood waters. See story page 37

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Page 4, Fire News, March 2014


From the Editor’s Desk Dennis Whittam, Editor

‘No Building is Worth a Firefighters Life’ It is no secret that building construction has a direct impact on firefighters. For years, Frank Brannigan and Vincent Dunn have written books and talked about the direct correlation of lightweight truss construction, fire and collapse. All firefighters should pick up a copy of their many books on the subject and read them. Oh, you read it? Then re-read it to refresh yourself on a topic about which many have become complacent. Share what you know, visit construction sites to familiarize yourself with the ever changing construction techniques that are used to lower the cost of construction and then ask your local politician their viewpoint on the Safe Buildings Codes Incentive Act. For the past few years, the Congressional Fire Services Institute has been asking Congress to take action. Visit CFSI’s website and read what they are trying to do about building codes. There is a piece of legislation pending in both the House and the Senate titled the Safe Building Code Incentive Act (HR 1878 and S. 924) that will offer an incentive to states for adopting and enforcing model building codes. The operative word in this measure is “incentive.” This is not big government forcing its will on states and local communities; instead, this measure creates an incentive for states to adopt model building codes. It does not penalize states, but instead, rewards them for good policy. These states would become eligible for an additional four percent in post-disaster FEMA grants. The Congressional Fire Services Institute is part of an advocacy group called the BuildStrong Coalition. This group is composed of experts from every aspect of the construction field who have one goal in mind: to make buildings safer for everyone, especially firefighters. This is a no brainer. What is stopping it? The cost of building a safe structure. Sound dumb? I think it is. The House and the Senate need to encourage jurisdictions to clear bills that the members of Congress can support. Remind them of the disasters that have wiped out communities. If the leaders in government hear from Public Safety, I am sure they will support the Safe Building Code Incentive act. Visit www.Build and to fully understand what you can do to make a difference in changing the laws that directly affect you, the firefighter. Try to attend the CFSI Annual Dinner and Seminars in Washington DC on April 30 and May 1, 2014. Remember what Chief Vincent Dunn has said, “No building is worth a firefighter’s life.” -Dennis

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NFFF SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD FOR RIFCA When the Rhode Island legislators passed a bill exempting emergency vehicle drivers from wearing seatbelts, the Rhode Island Fire Chiefs Association (RIFCA) stood up for safety. The association sent Governor Lincoln Chaffee a clear message that the state’s fire chiefs believed those in public safety should be setting an example for the citizens. In addition, the chiefs told the governor the bill would make driving an emergency vehicle much more dangerous for firefighters, EMS workers and police. RIFCA’s efforts convinced the governor to veto the bill. In recognition of their work, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation presented the association with the Seal of Excellence Award at their business meeting on December 19, 2013. “For upholding the spirit of the Everyone Goes Home program, drawing attention to the importance of safe practices at all times, and setting an outstanding example for other service organizations and citizens, we are pleased to present the Rhode Island Fire Chiefs Association with the Seal of Excellence Award,” said Chief Ronald Siarnicki, executive director of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. “Seatbelts save lives,” said Governor Chaffee when he vetoed the bill. “While I recognize the necessity for critical personnel to act quickly in the event of an emergency, I am concerned that what we may gain in response time may be lost in increased injuries to Rhode Island's emergency responders.” (From left, below): Chief Ronald J. Siarnicki, executive director, NFFF; Chief Richard Susi, executive director, RIFCA; Chief Brian Jackvony, president, RIFCA; Victor Stagnaro, director of Fire Service Programs, NFFF; and Rick Mason, training and education coordinator, NFFF.

MCVFA PROVIDES COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS AS A RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION TOOL Recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters and EMTs has been and continues to be a nationwide problem. The changing work environment of small and rural communities where farms and factories have disappeared have forced the traditional pool of potential volunteers to seek work in other communities. That, coupled with what seems to be the ever-increasing pull of other commitments, have put our volunteer fire departments, at times, severely understaffed. The Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters’ Association (MCVFA) applied for and received a four year, $1.74 million FEMA SAFER Grant in 2011 to run a statewide recruitment and retention program. There were two major components to the program, a media campaign including public service announcements on television and radio and a print component in selected areas of the state and a college scholarship program offering up to $4,500 per academic year but requiring six months of service with a volunteer fire or EMS department for every semester in which a scholarship was received. continued on page 37

Correction In the January 2014 issue we mistakenly ran the wrong story with the photos that appeared on page 14. We are re-running the photos with the correct story on page 33. Fire News regrets the error.

Page 6, Fire News, March 2014

A fast moving fire fueled by gasoline quickly grew to two alarms on Hope Street in Providence’s east side around noon on January 31, 2014. The fire was sparked by mechanics that dropped a droplight while working on a fuel tank. The sparks of the breaking bulb and fuel vapors created a violent fireball which consumed the work bay area as the first-due companies arrived on scene. Several handlines

and a tower ladder had the fire knocked down in about an hour. Extensive overhauling was needed as the building appeared to have been renovated several times over the years creating void spaces for a smoldering fire to hide. No injuries were reported. - Fire News photos by Ken LaBelle

3-Story a 2-Alarmer in Northbridge

On January 28, 2104, occupants fled a heavy fire that erupted from the front porches of a three-story duplex apartment on Arcade Street in Northbridge (MA). The fire HQ is located less than two miles away from the scene, and companies could see the blaze as they turned out. Command struck the second alarm as he responded. Heavy fire was taking control of side-A as the first-due crew arrived. A blitz attack knocked down the fire but it was already eating away at the inside of the old ballooned framed structure. There were flames showing from the first and second floor windows about

15 minutes into the fire. Mutual aid companies arrived and assisted with exterior handlines on all sides of the large home. The house chugged heavy smoke as firefighters poured water into it and eventually burned upwards through the knee walls and the attic space. Once the fire was knocked down, command allowed companies to return inside to open and overhaul. The fire was brought under control in a few hours. - Fire News photos by Ken LaBelle and Alan Brackett

Fire News, March 2014, Page 7

Glastonbury 2-Alarmer

On December 30, 2013, firefighters responded to a two alarm in involved. Mutual aid from Manchester Engine 4 and Car 21 assistGlastonbury (CT). On arrival they foiund a three-car garage fully ed at the scene. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

Page 8, Fire News, March 2014

2-Alarm in Marlborough

New Haven 2-Alarmer

On January 4, 2014, firefigthers responded to a second alarm on West Road in Marlborough (CT). Mutual aid came from Colchester, Glastonbury and East Hampton at the scene for tankers and RIT. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

Recently, multiple calls were received by New Haven FCC reporting a house fire. Engine 11 arrived and found a two-story wood frame, occupied dwelling with heavy fire showing. A second alarm was transmitted on the box. No one was injured and the cause of the fire is believed to be a Christmas tree. - Fire News photo by Glenn Duda

Fire News, March 2014, Page 9

Quick Work in Lebanon

On December 30, 2013, Lebanon Fire was dispatched to Norwich handline and a ladder in operation as the tankers set up water supAvenue for a possible house fire. First-due firefighters, found a one- ply. The bulk of the fire was knocked down in about 20 minutes. - Fire News photos by Robert Ladd story occupied private dwelling with heavy fire showing. Command and Marie Brennan ordered a defensive attack. Crews placed a BlitzFire, a 2-1/2 inch

Page 10, Fire News, March 2014

7-Alarmer in Boston’s Back Bay

On February 1, 2014, the Boston Fire Department responded to a building fire on Massachusetts Avenue. Ladder-15 arrived to find fire showing from the fifth and sixth floors of a six-story occupied dwelling. Shortly thereafter a second alarm was struck. Interior crews found heavy fire on the fifth floor, and reported no standpipes in the building. A third alarm was then struck bringing multiple companies to the scene. Crews accessed narrow alleyways on the D side and in the building’s rear. Interior crews made an aggressive attack and battled heavy fire conditions on the fifth floor. Once a ladder was positioned at the rear of the building, a handline was carried up and firefighters battled the fire from the exterior, knocking down heavy fire. Around 1445 hours a fourth alarm was struck by Deputy Chief Flemming. After the fourth alarm, Engine-3

reported that they were having trouble evacuating off the sixth floor on the C side of the building. They requested a “big line” to knock down the heavy fire in their way. All companies were able to evacuate the building without incident. The fire ultimately went to seven alarms. At the height of the fire the front of the building had four ladders, and one tower stretched to the top of the building. The rear of the building had one ladder stretched to the fifth floor. The fire displaced 40-residents and injured three firefighters. The Boston Fire Department reported that the cause of the fire was careless disposal of smoking materials on the fifth floor. The building was completely uninhabitable following the blaze. - Fire News photos by Pat Travers, Bill Noonan and Tim Gorman

Fire News, March 2014, Page 11

Page 12, Fire News, March 2014

Voluntown Duplex Fire

On December 2, 2013, Voluntown firefighters were dispatched to Beachdale Avenue for a house fire. Crews found fire showing from the front window of a duplex. They placed a 1-他 inch line into operation. The fire started in the basement and extended to the attic. Crews worked the void spaces for about an hour to bring the fire under control. A tanker shuttle was established for water supply. - Fire News photo by Robert Ladd

Fire in Vernon

On December 4, 2013, a fire broke out at a house on Franklin Street in Vernon (CT). The fire burned the rear of the house. - Fire News photo by by Patrick Dooley

182-Year-Old Church Destroyed in Pomfret

On December 7, 2013, the First Congregational Church in Pomfret (CT) became the scene of a fast moving three-alarm fire. The fire destroyed the historic church, built in 1832. The building originally housed the Pomfret Meeting House and was listed as one of the oldest church buildings in town. The fire tore through the front of the complex and the steeple eventually collapsed into the center of the building. The front hall and sanctuary were destroyed. Fire companies had to relay pump from a draft site 2500-feet away. Several handlines and ladder pipes had the fire under control in about two hours. No injuries were reported. - Fire News photo by Ken LaBelle

Fire News, March 2014, Page 13

Willington Fire

Willington (CT) departments responded to Moose Meadow Road on January 31, 2014, for numerous calls reporting a barn fire with extension to the house. Mutual aid from Mansfield, UCONN, Tolland and Ashford assisted at the scene with other departments covering the stations. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

Page 14, Fire News, March 2014

On January 8, 2014, on-duty members of the Charlton Fire Department were alerted to a house fire on J. Hammond Road, adjacent to the westbound lanes of the Massachusetts Turnpike. Two occupants of the 1830s-era farmhouse had discovered a fire in the attic, and had attempted to extinguish the fast spreading fire before calling the fire department. When Charlton firefighters arrived, they found heavy fire and billowing black smoke pushing from the dwelling. All of the building’s occupants were able to exit safely, but the fire spread through the balloon-frame construction to the entire structure. The first arriving Charlton firefighters attempted an aggressive interior attack, but were quickly thwarted. Charlton Fire Chief Charles E. Cloutier called for an exterior attack. Chief Cloutier subsequently struck four alarms to bring in additional equipment and manpower. With temperatures hovering around the single digits and a stiff wind out of the north, crews had

to be rotated frequently. The effects of the cold and water were immediately visible, as firefighters emerging could be seen wearing icicles as helmet ornaments. It took roughly two hours to bring the fire under control, but crews remained on scene to perform extensive overhaul through most of the afternoon. Two firefighters were treated at the scene, transported to a local hospital for evaluation and released. Firefighters from Charlton, Leicester, Spencer, Sturbridge, Auburn and Southbridge battled the blaze, while crews from the Dudley and Webster EMS covered the empty Charlton station. The Worcester Box 4 Special Services canteen provided hot beverages and warm food. Volunteers from the American Red Cross also responded. The fire was under investigation by the Charlton FD with the assistance of the State Fire Marshal’s Office. - Fire News photos by Alan Brackett and Ken LaBelle

Page 16, Fire News, March 2014

Fire in Lawrence

Recently, Lawrence firefighters were dispatched to a fire in a three- and made an aggressive attack. Mutual aid responded to the scene story wood frame house on Hall Street. The companies were notified from area departments. - Fire News photos by, while responding that calls were coming in reporting a fire on the Rick Nohl and Tim Gorman second floor. Engine 5, 6 and 7, Ladder 5 and Rescue 1 were on the box along with Car 21. On arrival firefighters had smoke showing

Fire News, March 2014, Page 17

4-Alarmer in Shelton, CT

On January 6, 2014, the Shelton Fire Department responded to what ended up being a four-alarm fire in a century-old four-story apartment building on Howe Avenue. The fire, which possibly started in the basement, quickly had firefighters racing to rescue droves of people from the upper floors of the building which housed businesses and restaurants on the first floor and rear. In all, approximately 27 people were left homeless and five were taken to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. Firefighting operations

included a tanker shuttle due to an earlier water main break and frozen hydrants. During the blaze, the upper floors of the apartment building collapsed into the stores on the first floor, damaging one of Shelton’s engines. Mutual aid was required from many local departments both at the scene and for station coverage. Over 100 firefighters operated at the scene at the height of the blaze. - Fire News photos by Keith Muratori and Kevin Czarzasty

Page 18, Fire News, March 2014

3-Alarmer in Burrillville

A three-alarm fire severely damaged an occupied 1-1/2 story wood frame single family residence on Douglas Pike in Burrillville (RI) on the evening of January 28, 2014. Two occupants were home on the second floor at the time of the fire and heard the smoke detectors sounding. They safely exited the dwelling as firefighters arrived. Firefighters from Station 3 arrived to find heavy fire conditions in the kitchen area side entry door on the B/C sides of the house. Command requested mutual aid to the scene, as there were no hydrants in the area. The fire extended up to the second floor above the kitchen. The house required extensive overhauling. - Fire News photos by Ken LaBelle

2-Alarmer in Cambridge

On January 29, 2014, the Cambridge Fire Department responded to a building fire at the intersection of Meacham Road and Locke Street, near the Somerville line. Companies arrived to find fire between the first and second floors of a three-story wood frame dwelling currently under construction. Crews opened up the ceiling and stretched a line to knock down the fire. A second alarm was struck, bringing additional companies to the scene. The fire may have started when construction workers were utilizing a propane heater to heat the floor they were working on. The fire was under investigation. No injuries were reported. - Fire News photos by Pat Travers and Tim Gorman

Fast Work at Vacant Building Fire

A vacant commercial building that once housed a Chinese restaurant on Front Street in Woonsocket (RI) was heavily damaged in a suspicious fire on December 27, 2013. Companies arrived to find heavy fire conditions in the rear of the one-story building. A working fire was called bringing in extra companies to the scene. Engine 1 led off with a 2-1/2 inch line, which quickly darkened the majority of the fire. The fire was called under control in 20 minutes. - Fire News photo by Ken LaBelle

Early Morning Fire Guts Oxford Home

On December 29, 2013, Oxford firefighters responded to a report of a house fire on Millbury Road in the town’s North End. Firstdue jakes arrived to a well involved two-story wood frame dwelling with one person seriously injured with burns and lacerations. The man was treated and transported to a Worcester Hospital by Webster EMS. Several other family members were able to escape uninjured. Cold temperatures and lack of a nearby water supply hampered firefighter’s efforts to quickly bring the blaze under control. A tanker shuttle was established. Firefighters from Auburn, Millbury and Charlton assisted Oxford jakes in dousing the fire. Crews from Dudley and Leicester covered empty Oxford firehouses. - Fire News photo by Alan Brackett

Fire News, March 2014, Page 19

Page 20, Fire News, March 2014

Newton Responds to 3-Alarmer

On January 4, 2014, Newton firefighters responded to Newtonville Avenue for what would be a three-alarm call. As companies arrived they found fire on the first and second floors of a three-story Victorian-style wood frame dwelling. A second and third alarm were quickly transmitted as the fire extended up all floors. Companies were ordered from the building as heavy fire vented from the top floor and a defensive posture was taken. Two ladder pipes, one tower ladder and several big lines went into operation for about an hour to darken down the fire before companies could reenter the building. - Fire News photos by Douglas Dow, Tim Gorman and Rick Nohl

Fire News, March 2014, Page 21

2-Alarmer in Uxbridge

A fast moving two-alarm fire caused about $100,000 in damage to a two-story single family dwelling on Hartford Avenue West in Uxbridge (MA) on February 4, 2014. A woman and her dog were able to escape safely but did require treatment at UMass Worcester. Uxbridge Engine 2 arrived to find fire showing from the first floor on the B side and on the second floor side-A windows. The fire was quickly knocked down on the first floor but it had already extended into the sloped ceiling area and into the attic. Uxbridge Ladder 1 vented the roof on the B side over the fire floor and revealed heavy

fire curling in the attic space. Heavy fire was now showing through the roof. Command pulled all interior firefighters outside for a defensive attack. Three exterior lines darkened the fire down enough to allow interior operations to continue. Crews reentered the second floor to pull ceiling and expose the hot spots. The cause of the fire was determined to be careless smoking. - Fire News photos by Ken LaBelle and Peter Ostroskey Jr.

Page 22, Fire News, March 2014

2-Alarmer KO’d in Hartford On January 20, 2014, Hartford firefighters quickly contained a second alarm fire on Capen Street, in the city’s north end. - Fire News photo by Jim Peruta

Cranston Battles Chimney Fire On November 26, 2013, Cranston Engines 6 and 3, Ladder 3, Special Hazards 1, Rescue 3 and Car 3 responded to Regina Drive for a chimney fire. On arrival, Engine 6 reported fire showing from a wood-sided chimney attached to an occupied one-family dwelling. Lines were quickly stretched and the house was evacuated. Crews worked at the exterior fire while other companies checked the interior for extension. Unfortunately, the fire had extended to the interior walls and extensive overhaul had to be performed. No injuries were reported. - Fire News photo by Tom Carmody

Low Pressure at Hartford Blaze On January 6, 2014, the Hartford Fire Department responded to a working fire on Wethersfield Avenue in a commercial building. Members had heavy fire showing on arrival and low water pressure hampered their suppression efforts. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

Civilian Injured in Hull Blaze Hull (MA) firefighters responded to an early morning second alarm fire on January 26, 2014. The resident of the house attempted to put out the fire and was burned. He was found in the backyard and was airlifted to a Boston Hospital. Wind and cold made for difficult firefighting conditions. - Fire News photo by Bill Noonan

Quick Work Saves 3-Century Old House

Recently, a two-alarm fire in a 295-year-old house on Hebron Road in Bolton (CT) brought Bolton firefighters and mutual aid companies that made a quick stop of the blaze in the oldest house in town. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

Fire News, March 2014, Page 23

4-Alarmer in Westford

On December 20, 2013, a family of five lost everything they owned except for the clothes on their back. The afternoon fire began when no one was home. First-due Westford (MA) companies arrived with heavy fire showing from the front of the building. The blaze was intense enough to prevent entry. The fire quickly went to four alarms and mutual aide came from multiple communities. It took about 90 minutes to bring the fire under control. - Fire News photo by

Page 24, Fire News, March 2014

5-Alarm Blaze in Lawrence Paper Mill

On January 13, 2014, Lawrence firefighters were dispatched to the Merrimack Paper Mill at South Canal and Merrimack Streets. On arrival of Ladder 4, heavy smoke was showing from the abandoned mill. The deputy chief (Car 21) ordered the companies to stay out of the mill due to the possibility of hazardous materials inside. The third alarm was struck bringing in mutual aid from many area departments. With fire increasing very rapidly, the fourth and fifth alarms were sent. Over 100 firefighters fought this blaze well into the evening and a few companies remained on scene overnight. Worcester’s Box Special Services Canteen was called to the scene to provide rehab support to the firefighters working the blaze. - Fire News photos by and Jeffrey Hastings

Fire and Ice at N. Attleboro 4-Alarmer

Firefighters from several communities worked a four-alarm fire at a four-story, L-shaped complex on South Washington Street in North Attleboro (MA) during blizzard conditions on January 3, 2014. North Attleboro companies were called to investigate the building around midnight and found heavy smoke on the second floor of a commercial-over-apartments structure. Thermal cameras were used and crews found fire on the second floor stairwell rapidly extending upwards. Command pulled all firefighters out as conditions deteriorated. Heavy fire began to show from the Delta side exterior wall and roared through the upper floors from the Delta to Charlie sides and through the roof. Ladder trucks were placed on all for corners. Deck guns, portable blitz nozzles and large lines also

poured water into all floors to attempt to get a knock down. Firefighters, trucks, equipment, and the fireground turned into an icy wonderland. The Special Signal Association arrived with hot drinks and food and the Massachusetts Fire Services arrived with their warming trucks. The building was demolished the next day as the walls were leaning outwards towards the street. The fire forced the evacuation of an adjacent apartment building, and the residents there were relocated to the police station. The Red Cross also responded. - Fire News photo by Ken LaBelle

Fire News, March 2014, Page 25

Page 26, Fire News, March 2014

Auto Shop Fire in Worcester Firefighters responded to a fire in the attic space of an auto repair shop on Pleasant Street in Worcester (MA) on January 7, 2014. - Fire News photo by Paul Shea

Flue Fire in N. Smithfield North Smithfield (RI) firefighters arrived to find fire showing from a woodstove flue on a one-story addition of a two-story residence on Hanton Road during a snowstorm on the evening of February 2, 2014. Crews removed the flue cap and the metal flue pipe exposing the blockage. Heavy sparks flew into the air as dry chemical powder bags were dropped down the flue to snuff out the fire. There was no extension to the dwelling. - Fire News photo by Ken LaBelle

New Britain 2-Alarmer New Britain (CT) firefighters responded to a second alarm fire on January 30, 2014, on East Street. Mutual aid from Hartford and West Hartford responded to cover their stations. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

2-Alarmer Draws a Crowd On December 4, 2013, a second alarm fire in a Douglas Drive in Bellingham structure brought in companies from Norfolk, Milford, Franklin and Woonsocket, RI. - Fire News photo by Peter Ostroskey, Jr.

Propane-Fed 3-Alarm in Abington

On December 4, 2013, the Abington Fire Department responded to a fire on Shaw Avenue. Companies arrived to find a propane-fed fire, with heavy fire showing and a propane delivery truck in the driveway. National Grid was requested for downed lines and a second and third alarm were struck bringing mutual aid companies from Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Hanson, Holbrook, Rockland, Weymouth and Whitman to the scene and an Avon engine company into Abington to cover. The dwelling was home to a family of seven, who were displaced and needed Red Cross assistance. The driver of the propane delivery truck was transported to the South Shore Hospital via a Norwell ambulance with minor injuries. - Fire News photo by Pat Travers

Fire News, March 2014, Page 27

Quick Thinking Civilian Saves Resident

On December 2, 2013, a two-alarm blaze broke out in a home on Bittersweet Hill in Wethersfield (CT). A neighbor noticed smoke coming from the garage and called 911, then was able to enter and help a 91-year-old resident out of the house. WFD Car 1 arrived to report heavy fire from the A and D sides. Mutual aid from Rocky Hill, Cromwell and Berlin assisted at the scene. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

Page 28, Fire News, March 2014

Fire Flattens Thompson Hill Home On January 24, 2014, the Thompson Hill (CT) Fire Department received a call for a structure fire on Quaddick Town Farm Road. Firefighters from Thompson's five fire departments as well as the East Putnam Fire Department and the Webster (MA) Fire Department responded to the scene. When first-due jakes arrived they found the house totally involved. Water supply hampered fire suppression efforts, and eventually the supply was established with tankers and a drafting site, which was set up near the burning home. Firefighters also had to the fire. The fire appears to have started in a faulty wood stove. contend with live electrical wires that had fallen. The occupants of There were no reported injuries. - Fire News photo by Alan Brackett the home were next door eating dinner with relatives at the time of

Gunsmith Fire in Duxbury On December 8, 2013, the Duxbury (MA) Fire Department responded to a reported basement fire. A working fire transmitted and a Pembroke Engine responded to the scene as Kingston covered station 1. The State Fire Marshal and B.C.I. assisted Duxbury PD in the investigation. The cause of the fire was ruled to be the homeowner working with permitted firearms and gun powder. - Fire News photo by Nick Stehn

House Fire in Milford On December 8, 2013, a fire broke out on East Main Street in Milford (MA). - Fire News photo by Doug Dow

Fire News, March 2014, Page 29

Somerville Canton 2nd Alarm Takes On Wheatland St. Workshop Fire

- Fire News photo by Tim Gorman

Canton (CT) was dispatched to a possible garage fire in the early hours on January 11, 2014. The first arriving police officer confirmed a working fire in a four-bay garage/workshop. Upon arrival crews encountered live wires and went with a master stream operation before hand-stretching lines to battle the blaze. The towns of New Hartford and Burlington were called to provide coverage and additional manpower for the town. - Fire News photo by Steve Hess

Page 30, Fire News, March 2014

Blaze Battled in Manchester A fire on December 20, 2013, in Manchester (CT). - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

Not So Happy New Year in Providence On the afternoon of January 1, 2014, Providence firefighters responded to a fire on Seamans Street. Engine 12 and Ladder 3, responding the few blocks from their Admiral Street house, arrived first and reported heavy smoke showing from the basement of a three-decker. Firefighters found heavy fire in Quadrant C of the basement with slight extension to the first floor. Four lines were stretched and operated and the fire was under control within 30 minutes. One firefighter was taken to a nearby hospital for an unknown injury. This was Providence’s second fire of the New Year. - Fire News photo by Tom Carmody

2-Alarm in Quincy At approximately 0400 on January 4, 2014, Quincy (MA) firefighters were dispatched to a two-alarm fire on West Squantum Road. - Fire News photo by Tim Gorman

Fire News, March 2014, Page 31

Cover Story

Water Supply Problems in Cumberland Blaze

An elderly couple just barely escaped a fast moving fire at their twostory colonial residence on Diamond Hill Road in Cumberland (RI) on December 16, 2013. The couple tried to escape through windows but were hampered by frozen sashes. They had to make their way through the downstairs with heavy fire threatening them. Firefighters arrived to find the house well involved from the garage and breezeway, rapidly spreading to the main section of the house. The house was set back off the main road on a long private drive

and was heavily treed, which hindered the use of deck guns and aerial devices. A second alarm was requested for water supply and manpower. Water supply was also an issue as frozen hydrants were found along Diamond Hill Road. Relay pumping was required to get adequate pressures up to the scene. Several handlines were used to bring this blaze under control in about two hours. The dwelling was a total loss and two dogs and a cat perished. - Fire News photo by Ken LaBelle

Page 32, Fire News, March 2014

8-Alarmer Damages South Boston Building On December 3, 2013, Boston Fire Alarm struck Box 711, Summer and A Street, for a fire on Summer Street. Tower Ladder 3 arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke showing from the fifth floor of a commercial building. As companies began to attack the fire, thermal imagers on the first floor were showing very high heat emanating from the basement. Extreme caution was used and before long, fire began to show from the rear of the building. Exposure 1 and 2 were streets, exposure 3 was a commercial building, separated by an alley and exposure 4 was a similar building. The front and rear of the building were also offset, with the first floor in the front being the second floor in the rear. Multiple alarms were quickly struck and crews were ordered out of the building shortly after the fourth alarm was struck. Numerous ladder pipes, deck guns and handlines were used to knock the overlapping fire down. Firefighters were able to use the standpipes in exposure 3 to play water into the fire building and were able to keep the fire confined to the building of origin. Boston firefighters remained on scene throughout the following day chasing hot spots. - Fire News photo by Tom Carmody

Dudley Battles Chimney Fire On January 8, 2014, members of the Dudley Fire Department responded to a reported chimney fire on Korch Avenue. The Webster Fire Department was special called to respond with an aerial ladder due to the fact that Dudley’s Ladder 1 was awaiting replacement. Upon arrival, firefighters found a working chimney fire in the flue of a one-story wood frame ranch structure. Crews immediately began emptying the firebox of the woodstove while Captain Paul Konieczny checked the interior walls with a thermal imaging camera for extension. Luckily, the fire did not extend out of the chimney flue. Two multi-purpose dry chemical extinguishers and several dry chemical “bombs” were used to ultimately extin-

guish the fire. A chain was also dropped down the chimney to eliminate some of the loose creosote buildup on the walls of the flue. The chimney was heavily damaged, and the occupant was advised to use his oil heat until the chimney could be inspected and repaired. There were no injuries. Crews cleared the scene in about an hour’s time. - Fire News photo by Alan Brackett

4 Displaced in Bristol Blaze The Bristol Fire Department was dispatched to a garage fire on French Street on the night of January 10, 2014. Crews found a well involved fire upon arrival and quickly knocked it down. Four residents were displaced as a result of the fire. - Fire News photo by Steve Hess

Fast Job in Worcester Worcester (MA) firefighters responded to Orne Street on January 25, 2014, and extinguished a small fire in an occupied dwelling. - Fire News photo by Paul Shea

Fire News, March 2014, Page 33

Baltic Responds to Scotland Fire

Baltic Fire Engine Company # 1 was dispatched as a mutual aid assignment to the town of Scotland (CT) on Route 97 for a report of a house fire. A passerby had reported smoke coming from the windows of the home Tanker shuttles were used to provide water for fire suppression from a water source approx ž mile away. Scotland, Windham, Willimantic, Baltic and Canterbury responded, as well as several others assisting with stand-by assignments. Three employees from the Department of Corrections were driving by on their way home when they saw the flames and smoke and stopped to assist, offering man power to move the hoses and ladders for fire fighters. Scotland’s ladder truck was put into service on the rear of the home for venting. Scotland’s fire marshal was on scene to help

determine the cause of the house fire. The homeowner had recently purchased the home, which was built in the 1800s, and had recently put an addition on to the home; all was lost even with the aggressive fire fighting that that took place. - Fire News photos by Reginald Patchell

Page 34, Fire News, March 2014

Next Time Maybe the Brake? On January 7, 2014, just before noon, an elderly male driver began backing his car out of his garage on Linwood Street in Webster. For unknown reasons he continued across the street onto a neighbor’s embankment. Then the car sped forward, narrowly missing his own garage, plowing through a row of evergreen hedges and slamming into the back wall of a different neighbor’s garage, trapping the driver. Webster Police and Massachusetts State Troopers in the area were the first to respond, and attempted to tend to the driver. The Webster FD and Rescue, and Webster EMS arrived. EMS entered the car to assess and treat the driver, while fire crews cut the hedges out of the way and checked the stability of the vehicle. The door was popped, and the driver extricated, and transported to a local hospital. - Fire News photo by Alan Brackett

Yantic MVA with Pin On December 20, 2013, Yantic (CT) Fire was dispatched to Routes-2 and 32 at Exit 29E for a Jeep into the rocks, with the police department reporting that the driver was pinned. E-33 arrived to find a four-door Jeep with heavy damage to the front end and a person with severe injuries. Crews worked with hydraulic tools for several minutes to free the occupant. Yantic Fire and American Ambulance treated and transported the patient to Backus Hospital. - Fire News photo by Joe Shefer

Four Transported From Whitman Crash

On January 15, 2014, the Whitman (MA) Fire Department responded to the intersection of Franklin Street and South Avenue for a reported motor vehicle accident. Ambulance-247, Engine-2, and Car-3 responded. Companies arrived to find a two-vehicle accident, with one vehicle on its roof. One occupant was still in the vehicle and needed to be extricated to a long board. An additional ambulance was requested, and Ambulance-248 responded. One victim was transported to Brockton Hospital via Ambulance-247, while three others were transported to the South Shore Hospital via Ambulance-248 for evaluation. Two additional victims of the crash refused transport. - Fire News photo by Pat Travers

Car Smashes Through South Boston Building On February 1, 2014, the Boston Fire Department responded to the area of East Broadway and L Street in South Boston for a reported car into building. Companies arrived to find a car driven into the D side of a commercial building on East Broadway. The building, occupied by Jack Conway & Company Realtors, reportedly had one occupant at the time, but the person was not injured. Bystanders reported that the vehicle, driven by an elderly male, drove across East Broadway, into the parking lot of the Stop & Shop and collided into the building in reverse. The front end of the Mercury Grand Marquis could be seen protruding from the building. The driver was extricated from the vehicle and the building and

was transported by Boston EMS to the Massachusetts General Hospital. His injuries were reported to be minor. Boston Fire utilized a full technical rescue response for the accident. Crews utilized Paratech shoring devices to secure the building before the vehicle was removed. The cause of the accident was under investigation by the Boston Police Department. - Fire News photo by Pat Travers

Fire News, March 2014, Page 35

Manchester Extrication

On January 18, 2014, the Manchester Fire Department responded driver of the van requiring extrication. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley to an MVA at Center and Newman Streets. The two-vehicle accident was between a minivan and a tractor trailer and resulted in the

Page 36, Fire News, March 2014

Winter Takes It’s Toll Backhoe Rolls Over in Whitman

On January 3, 2014, the Whitman Fire Department responded to a the operator of the backhoe was extricated and transported with motor vehicle accident on Auburn Street. Companies arrived to find unknown injuries by co-workers prior to the department’s arrival. - Fire News photo by Pat Travers a backhoe had rolled off the road and was on its side. The area was searched, but no victims were located. It was later discovered that

Working the Winter in Duxbury

- Fire News photos by Rob Reardon

Car Beneath the Ice in Lynn On December 30, 2013, Lynn (MA) firefighters were assisted by dive teams from Beverly and Cambridge searching for a car that had gone into a frozen pond off Kernwood Street. The car was determined to be unoccupied after the search. - Fire News photo by Rick Nohl

Fire News, March 2014, Page 37

High Water Rescue in Lynn

On January 3, 2014, Lynn (MA) firefighters from Ladder Company 1 rescued a elderly male driver from his vehicle after it became trapped in high flood waters. Members from Ladder 1 drove their truck into the water and transferred the driver into their fire truck. transport of the man back to his house in Lynn. This rescue took place on Washington Street near Suffolk Street. - Fire News photos by Rick Nohl The driver was not injured and Lynn firefighters arranged for

ANNOUNCEMENTS continued from page 4 We are now 2 ½ years into our program. We have awarded approximately 100 scholarships totaling almost $425,000. The areas of studies for our recipients include fire science, criminal justice, emergency management, medicine, law, history, engineering, management, environmental science, culinary arts, and others. They have or are attending 42 different colleges and universities and are members of 55 volunteer fire and EMS departments in Massachusetts. Our recipients’ degree programs run the entire gamut: Associates, Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Law, Medicine, and Pharmacy. Overall, the scholarship program has worked but there are funds still available up to July 2015. Applications are received and reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the year and are available at We are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2014 semester. The rules of the program are simple:


be enrolled in or will be enrolled in a degree granting program maintain a 2.5 GPA agree to serve with a volunteer fire or EMS department for six months for every semester a scholarship is received • this is a reimbursable scholarship, the recipient must provide the college invoice, proof of payment (direct payment or by loans), and their grades for every semester they seek reimbursement for. An applicant does not have to be a member of the MCVFA to receive a scholarship but we strongly encourage them to join. For more information regarding the MCVFA/SAFER College Scholarship Program, go to www. or email your questions to Larry Holmberg Co-Chair, MCVFA/SAFER Scholarship Committee Treasurer and Past President Massachusetts Call/Volunteer Firefighters’ Association

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Page 38, Fire News, March 2014

Car Fire on Bulkeley Bridge On January 31, 2014, Hartford (CT) firefighters responded to a car fire in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 84 at the Bulkeley Bridge. - Fire News photo Patrick Dooley

Tanker Rollover in Barnstable Tanker rollover in Barnstable (MA) on January 31, 2014. - Fire News photo by Rob Reardon

Stoneham Auto Fire On February 4, 2014, Stoneham (MA) firefighters responded to a well-involved car fire on Route 93 South near the Forest Street overpass. Massachusetts State Police shut down the highway while crews extinguished the fire. - Fire News photo by Rick Nohl

Burning Up in Bolton Manchester (CT) Engine 4 and Car 5 were dispatched to an auto fire on Campmeeting Road in Bolton on February 6, 2014. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

Fire News, March 2014, Page 39

Duxbury FD Featured on Fox

Fox 25 meteorologist Shiri Spear stopped by Duxbury Fire Department, shot a great story, and rode with firefighters. - Fire News photos by Rob Reardon

American Lung Association’s “Fight For Air Climb”

On February 1, 2014, the American Lung Association held its annual “Fight For Air Climb” in Boston. This vertical road race was held at One Boston Place, 201 Washington Street, in Boston, a 41-story highrise. Fifteen hundred participants raised money and awareness for lung disease research, advocacy and education. This includes smoking cessation programs, COPD/asthma management and advocacy for stronger clean air standards. This year approximately 83 fire departments participated with teams and firefighters climbing the 41 stories with full turnout gear, some wearing their SCBA.

The Boston Fight For Air Climb was sponsored by ImmunoGen, Inc., DSCI, Lahey Health, Kindred Hospital Boston, and Whole Foods Market. The event is also made possible with the support of National Corporate Team Partner, Kindred Healthcare. Special thanks to staff of CB Richard Ellis, One Boston Place and Northeast Security. For more information on the American Lung Association, visit their website at: For more information, and how to donate to the Fight For Air Climb and the American Lung Association can be found at: - Fire News photos by Pat Travers

Page 40, Fire News, March 2014

Abington Marine Honored Quincy (MA) firefighters salute the return of Marine Sergeant Daniel M. Vasselian of Abington from the Bates Avenue Overpass in West Quincy on his route home from Logan Airport to Abington on December 31, 2013. Sgt. Vasselian, a 27-year-old Abington native, was killed in combat operations in Afghanistan during his third tour of duty. He was escorted from Logan Airport to Abington by a Marine escort. - Fire News photo by Liz Feitelberg

Breakfast with Santa Declan Ladd (with his mom Toby) meets Santa for the first time, at Breakfast with Santa, which was hosted by the Submarine Base Fire Department and Submarine Base Firefighter’s Local F-219. Declan is the son of Firefighter Robert Ladd. - Fire News photo by Robert Ladd

Wethersfield Firefighters Dedicate Memorial On November 10, 2013, Wethersfield (CT) firefighters dedicated their new memorial in honor of the two LODD that have occurred in the department’s history and to past and present firefighters. - Fire News photos by WVFD, submitted by Jim Peruta

Fire News, March 2014, Page 41


Whitman Mourns Loss of Glen W. Coughlin

On January 26, 2014, retired Whitman (MA) Firefighter Glenn W. Coughlin passed away unexpectedly while vacationing in Winchester, Virginia. He was 70-years old. Whitman firefighters lined up outside of the Central Fire Station on Temple Street following his memorial service on February 3, 2014, during a peaceful snow fall. Retired firefighters Guy “Skip” Fletcher and Bruce Smith laid flower baskets at the memorial in front of the fire station. An announcement over the loud speaker was made, and the whistle sounded 2-2, for his last alarm. Coughlin’s ashes were carried in Whitman Engine 3 past the firehouse on Temple Street, and his home on Beulah Street. Glenn W. Coughlin was a lifelong resident of Whitman. He was the beloved husband of 51 years to Joyce (McIlvene) Coughlin. Coughlin was born in Brockton and raised in Whitman, and was the son of the late

Brooks and Mildred (Jones) Coughlin. Prior to his retirement, Glenn had been a respected firefighter for the town of Whitman for over 35 years, as well as a familiar face in the area as a driver for J. Saccone & Sons for the past 37 years. He had enjoyed camping and wintering in Fort Myers, Florida, with his wife Joyce. He was a devoted husband, father and grandfather and his greatest joy was the time spent surrounded by his “Girls.” In addition to his wife, Joyce, he is survived by his loving daughters Debra Crowell of East Bridgewater, Donna Saccone and her husband Michael of Whitman, Dalyce Coughlin of Whitman, and Lisa Waugh and her husband Raymond of Middleboro, and his sisters Norma Ramsey and Sandra Trainor both of Alabama. He is also survived by his grandchildren Michael, Courtney and Kristen Saccone and Robert Figgins III as well as several nieces and nephews. He was the brother of the late Richard Coughlin. Donations in his name may be made to the Whitman Fire Department Gift Fund, Box 168, Whitman, MA 02382. - Fire News photos by Pat Travers

Page 42, Fire News, March 2014


Joseph Mullen Passes Joseph Mullen was appointed to the Boston Fire Department Ladder Co. 8, on September 5, 1979, and transferred Engine Co. 8, on January 30, 1982. He passed away on January 21, 2014. - Fire News photos by Bill Noonan


“Frankie” Flynn Passes Francis “Frankie” X. Flynn was appointed to the Boston Fire Department on September 24, 1986, to Engine Co. 33. He passed away on January 22, 2014. - Fire News photos by Bill Noonan

Fire News, March 2014, Page 43

Page 44, Fire News, March 2014

10 Displaced at Hartford 2-Alarmer

On December 18, 2013, firefighters responded to a two-alarm fire were displaced by the blaze. on Edgewood Street in Hartford’s north end. At least 10 people

- Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

Fire News, March 2014, Page 45

HARRISON HYDRAULIC ADDS TIM ALLABAND WILL SERVICE NORTHEAST REGION Harrison is pleased to announce that Tim Allaband has been added to Harrison Hydraulic Solutions as the Northeastern Region Manager. In this position, Tim will be responsible for the forecasting, marketing, training and sales of Harrison products into all the business segments that Harrison serves in the Northeastern region. Tim will also be responsible for integration of Harrison Products and Services into new markets outside of the traditional fire and emergency segment. Tim most recently served as Vice President of Redstorm Fire & Rescue Apparatus, Gainesville, VA, from 2010 to 2013, where Tim was responsible for overall sales and service to five states; focusing on both career and volunteer fire departments. Tim spent 2004 to 2010 as the Vice President of Sales and Service, at Singer Associates Fire Equipment, the largest fire apparatus dealer in the U.S. From 2000 to 2004 Tim served as the District Manager for Pierce Manufacturing, Appleton, WI, where he was responsible for overall sales and dealership management in seven Mid-Atlantic States. Tim can be contacted at or at 281-897-3626.



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Page 46, Fire News, March 2014

Up Close & Personal

Cranston FD Special Hazards Lt. Mark Stevens. - Fire News photo by Tom Carmody

Hanson (MA) Firefighters Jared Murphy, Jim VanBibber, Kevin Mossman and Lieutenant Gary Smith. - Fire News photo by Pat Travers

Canton firefighters at the scene of a recent workshop fire. - Fire News photo by Steve Hess

Providence Ladder 5 firefighter. - Fire News photo by Amanda Carmody

Melrose FD Captain Kendall with two new members of the department - Barry Canavan and Jeremy Dungca, who began their first day with a working fire 20 minutes into their shift. - Fire News photo by Tim Gorman

Halifax Fire Department responding to a January 1, 2014, house fire on Clyde O’Bosworth Road, off of Route-106. - Fire News photo by Pat Travers

Fire News, March 2014, Page 47

Up Close & Personal

Weston firefighters at a three-alarm fire on Prospect Street. - Fire News photo by Tim Gorman

Firefighter Sweeney at Auburn Fire. - Fire News photo by Alan Brackett

North Smithfield captain and firefighter snuffing out a small chiminey fire on Main Street. - Fire News photo by Ken LaBelle

Ashland Fire Group 3. (Left ot right): Captain Scott Boothby, Lt Lyn Moraghan, FF Kyle Marcinkiewicz and FF Matt Boland. - Fire News photo by Doug Dow

Wethersfield Firefighters after a two-alarm house fire on Bittersweet Hill. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

Members of Worcester (MA) Ladder 7 assigned as RIT for a recent job. (Left to right): Captain Smith, FF Donahue, FF Belanger. - Fire News photo by Paul Shea

Manchester (CT) Engine 4 and Car 5 were dispatched to an auto fire on Campmeeting Road in Bolton on February 6, 2014. - Fire News photo by Patrick Dooley

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