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One of the largest mutual aid responses in recent Delaware history occured at the Friends School near Wilmington. Damages are estimated at $2 Million. See story on page 27. -DFSN photo by Lou Angeli

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Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 3

In this issue... From Truck To Townhouse Engine 12 gets a little more than they anticipated when they responded to this truck fire. See story page 9

Harrington Handles Large Barn Fire Harrington responds to this fire, aided by the Felton, Greensboro, Houston and Farmington Companies See story page 10

Delaware State Fire School Training Coverage of May 23rd training event. See story page 11

Motor Vehicle Extrication Harrington firefighters and EMTs along with Kent County EMS and the Harrington Police respond to rollover. See story page 22

Crane Operator Has Medical Emergency NCCo Paramedics and Wilmington FD Special Operations Task Force respond to a medical emergency on a crane. See story page 26

Former City Fire Chief James Ford Passes Chief Ford who served the citizens of Wilmington for 30 years recently lost a long battle with cancer. See story page 41

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Summer 2012

From the Editor’s Desk Dennis Whittam, Editor

They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait*

There are two days of recognition that take place in the springtime. I will get to those days after I ask you a few questions. What motivated you to become a first responder? I recently looked around the morning coffee table at my firehouse and realized that everyone sitting there had very similar stories as to why they joined the fire-rescue and emergency services. Recently, I had the privilege of listening to a chief from the FDNY tell an audience that he knew he always wanted to be a firefighter. His story was similar to mine and the stories of so many others. What makes us have the passion to walk into burning buildings, care for an injured or sick person or simply want to spread the word to the youth of America about fire safety? Whatever your reason is to serve, your dedication and commitment to the community does not go unnoticed by the people who are near and dear to you. When you leave your home to respond to a call or leave for your shift at the firehouse, do you think about the people that you are leaving? Have you left your children's school concert or game because a call came in that you discreetly listened to on your pager and just could not bear to miss? Let's face it, all of you have done this for at least one call. Many of the firefighters who responded on 9/11 did so because of their commitment to the brotherhood that is so

strong in the fire service. Frank, Barbara, Fin, Brendan, Joe, Joey, John, Ed, Edy, Bill, Charlie, Danielle, Tiffany and Tom are just names. But they are the names of people who leave their families to help others. I am sure the names are similar to those in your department. All of you respond because being a first responder is in your blood. How it got there, I have no idea. But I do know one thing: all of you respond with the support of your families. You respond and leave your wife, husband, children and parents at home and probably rarely think of them until you return from the call. Remember those two days of recognition I spoke about earlier? Mother's Day and Father's Day have now passed. On these two days, we recognize the people who are dear to us and support us. We say thank you to the people who have been in our shadows secretly rooting us on. Promise me that after you read this article, you will go home and hug your family members and say thank you for the support they give you when you respond to calls, train, drill or simply go to the firehouse for coffee and wait for the next call. Without the support of your loved ones, it would be difficult to fulfill the desire that flows through your veins. * On His Blindness, by John Milton (1608-1674) -Dennis

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Chief Jim Ford R.I.P. by Steve Austin One of Delaware’s greatest fire chiefs is gone after a courageous battle with cancer. Jim Ford was the consummate fire service leader. The chief of the only full career fire department in the state enjoys a different status than the volunteer who stands for election by their peers. Wilmington is a big city with big city politics and a very different road to becoming and remaining fire chief. Jim Ford travelled that very difficult path to become the most influential fire service leader the state has seen in decades if not a lifetime. The tenure of the chief at WFD is subject to the will of the mayor. Many volunteer chiefs serve longer. Wilmington fire chiefs know their time is limited from the day they are appointed. They are under incredible pressure from city hall to move the administration’s agenda forward. That agenda often includes budget cuts that can lead to station closing, layoffs and deferred apparatus purchases. Chief Ford like those before and since faced those challenges as well as a host of others including working effectively with the Wilmington Fire Fighters Association the official bargaining unit, and the volunteer fire service that the city must rely upon to provide mutual aid. He approached these challenges with confidence and an open manner that was his hallmark. All of this was with a fierce dedication to the citizens of the city. He and his senior officers attended and participated in fire service events up and down the state to gain the confidence of volunteers some who have held less than positive opinions on how the city interacted with their neighbors in the past. During Jim’s tenure the relationship between the career and volunteer firefighters rose to the highest level of cooperation many had ever experienced. He was involved in the business of the fire service. He proposed that the Wilmington Fire Department be afforded full membership in the DVFA. The request increased dues for the city from $500 to $4000 per year and required a DVFA By-Law change. During that process it was suggested not by Wilmington but by others that the word Volunteer be dropped from the association’s moniker. Chief Ford was totally opposed to this idea stating that the WFD was seeking membership in the recognized state association to make the Delaware fire service more

cohesive not to change the name. The fact that from 1775 until 1921 Wilmington was a volunteer fire department was not lost upon him. He understood the rich tradition of the Delaware fire service that is part of the fabric of the state. At the county level he and his senior staff were fully engaged in the Chief’s Association. He provided valuable leadership in helping to forge operational issues that impacted the entire county. All the while he treated his fellow Chiefs with respect. Jim was never afraid to stand for his principles. He provided wise counsel and encouragement as a team member (that included this writer) in penning an opinion piece that appeared in the Sunday News Journal recommending changes in how the NCC Fire Service might better serve county residents in the future. Perhaps his most notable achievement on behalf of WFD was the retiring of an aging fleet of apparatus. He won support of many volunteers in the county for his efforts. This led directly to county government providing some funding direct to the city for apparatus replacement. Only a man of the stature of Chief Ford could have ramrodded that deal. While he was not a volunteer firefighter he was completely committed to youth sports as a basketball official. He was fully engaged in the Wilmington community as a city resident. Seldom does a man like Jim Ford come along. In a 2002 column for this newspaper entitled “A Fire Service Christmas Wish List” I opined the following: For Chief Jim Ford to remain the fire chief of the City of Wilmington for life. I regret that my wish didn't come true and that Chief Ford could have lived a much longer life. Rest in Peace my friend.

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Summer 2012

Serving Delaware’s First Responders Since 1921 FACEBOOK! The DVFAFacebook account is up and running. We have posted numerous pictures from FDIC and CFSI. Please join in, go to Delaware Volunteer Firefighter's Facebook page and become part of the experience. We will be periodically updating the page with current events. Communications: We have been using Constant Contact as our communications contact tool. It allows us the flexibility to manage our messages and gauge their effect. It also gives the tools to add graphics and pictures. If you have Constant Contact blocked you will not receive our email messages. If you are not receiving our emails please send us you email address and we will add you to the list. Send it to Legislative Session: The current legislative session is quickly coming to an end. Please, when you see our State Legislators make sure they are supporting our issues. The issues are increase in Grant in Aids, increase in our Revolving Loan Fund, the extra funds added to the Fire Prevention money, the Recruitment and Retention Legislation and the Firefighter Job Protection Legislation.

DVFA Office

Conference 2012: The planning for Conference 2012 if just about done. All Conference Forms are on the website. Again, as in the past, education will be primary part of our conference. EMS Training is back and bigger and better than before. Also a new item in EMS is the EMS GAMES! The games pit team performance for EMS awards. Jointly run by DSFS and the DEMSA, it should be a highlight of the EMS world as well as offering CEU to any participants in the games. Good luck to all who compete. HOTS Firefighter Training offers FDIC type training like non-other. Welcome to the "Forcible Entry Academy." This class will offer two full days off intense hands on training. FIREHOUSE Cooking: Talk about intense hands on training, Firehouse cooking will give you just that. Chef Ralph Freeman will focus on how to cook healthier foods, how to preserve foods, how to display foods and how to make some of the foods we cook today better for all of us. There should be some hands

on training and a lot of fun for those that participate LEGAL Issues and DVFA Round Table: Also new are two administrative items. One is Legal Issues. Attorneys Barry Willoughby and Margaret DiBianca will discuss wages, FLSA, unions, contract negotiations, disciplinary issues, employee issues, policies and handbooks. This is a must seminar for those who have career staff. The DVFA Round table will have on hand all of the folks in the DVFA who provide service to you. The President, the Treasurer, the Attorney, the Public Relations Expert and the Executive Manager will be on hand to discuss items from this year and answer your questions. Many, many, more events are planned for you. Go to the DVFA website to download the agenda and the forms. If we can be of service to you, in any way, please contact the DVFA Office. Warren F. Jones, Executive Manager and Melissa Kiser, Officer Manager

DVFA President by Charles Frampton Jr., President, DVFA Since my last article a lot of things have happened. First the passing of two great dedicated fire service leaders: Wilmington's Past Chief James Ford and Greenwood's Past Chief and President Robert Lee Collins. I had the opportunity to attend both services and they were tributes to those two fine men. In April I attended the FDIC with the mission to find items and resources to help the Delaware Fire Service. I believe we were successful and should soon have an announcement to make on one of the companies we interviewed. April was also the CFSI Annual Dinner and I thank all of you for attending. Again the Delaware Fire Service was the leading state in attendance. I wanted to personally thank Governor Markell for traveling from Delaware to join us in Washington. I also wanted thank Senator Carper, Senator Coons and Congressman Carney for taking the time out of their busy schedules to stop by to see the folks from Delaware.

I had the opportunity to attend all of the County Ladies Memorial Services and I have to say what a great job each County Ladies Association did to honor those who passed away last year. The DVFA Conference is only a few months away and Chairman Mike McMichael and the entire conference committee has done an excellent job in making this upcoming conference a must attend event. Please go to the DVFAwebsite to view the conference schedule and the many of outstanding events planned for you. Make sure to check out all of the seminars and training classes available. There are many new and different educational events planned. At the end of May, I attended the SCIP (Statewide

Communications Interoperability Plan) day long seminar. The U. S. Emergency Communications division facilitated the seminar to update the Delaware SCIPand to lay the ground work for our future of communications. I do want to mention the Revolving Loan Fund. This fund is available to all fire companies for the purchase of ambulances, fire trucks, equipment and buildings. We have changed the requirements and the fees, to make them more accessible and beneficial to the fire companies. Please consider this fund on your next major purchase. I wish to congratulate Delmarva Firemen's Association immediate Past President Ted Walius for the great convention they held in Ellendale. Also, I wanted to offer a special congratulation to Reverend Robert Hudson (Pastor Bob) for being elected as 2nd Vice President of the Delmarva Association. I want to thank all of the fire companies, ladies auxiliaries, and associations for their hospitality while I attended their many events.


by Ann Marie Krystopolski I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. It's time to sink your toes into the warm sand at the beach or the shore if you are a Jersey Girl like me. Although Memorial Day is the official start to the summer season, more importantly it's the time to remember those brave men and women who have sacrificed everything to keep our country free. During the month of May the LADVFA also celebrated the lives of our sisters and brothers who have died during the past year. Each County Association hosts a Memorial Service to honor those who have gone before us. New Castle County held their Memorial Service at the Elsmere Fire Company on May 9th. Twenty three auxiliary sisters including Past President Joanne

Sweetman and Past President Carol Johnson were remembered. As each name was called an angel candle was lit to remind us that these women have become our guardian angels in heaven. Sussex County's Memorial Service was held at the Selbyville Fire Company on May 16th. Words of remembrance were offered and candles lit in memory of the six auxiliary sisters who had died. The song "Wind Beneath My Wings" was played reminding us that these ladies were indeed our heroes allowing us to soar. Kent County remembered their deceased members on May 22nd at the Houston Fire Company. They created a beautiful garden theme complete with a replica of the Fallen Firefighter's Monument located in Dover.

Candles were lit honoring sixteen auxiliary members including Past President Diane Severson. As we listened to a recording of Alan Jackson's "In the Garden" we were reminded of the beauty each sister brought into our lives. The three services were very inspirational and I would like to congratulate the committees for a job well done. Although each had a different theme, when I reflected back, the following came to mind - the angels represent our past, someone to look over us from above; the wind beneath our wings, the present because these ladies gave us the strength to endure; and the garden our future, the buds that will grow into stronger auxiliaries. I would like to wish everyone a sunny summer. Be safe and I will see you all in September.

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 7

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Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 9

Truck Fire Becomes Townhouse Fire

On 3/13/12 Engine 12 was alerted for a pickup truck on fire. As the to find a pickup truck on fire. Chief Reeder scaled back the assigncrew was leaving the station the run was upgraded to a box alarm ment to Engine 12 and 32. -DFSN photos by David Horack for a townhouse fire due to the pickup truck fire. Engine 12 arrived

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Serving Delaware’s Fire Service Community Since 1963, Rush Uniform has aimed to set the highest standards for family-owned businesses. • Fire • Career • Police • School • Clergy • Postal

Edward “Mike” Rush, Jr. Past President, DE State Fire Chiefs’ Assn. 101 Harrison Ave. Wilmington Manor • New Castle, DE 19720 Tel: 302-328-5444 • Fax: 302-328-2911 Email: Website:

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Summer 2012

Harrington Responds to Large Barn Fire

Harrington Fire Company firefighters responded to a large barn Volunteer Fire Company (Caroline County, MD), Houston fire on Fox Hunters Road, just west of Harrington, Del. on the Volunteer Fire Company, and Farmington Volunteer Fire afternoon of May 29, 2012. They were assisted at the scene by fire- Company. -DFSN photos by Brian Slattery fighters from Felton Community Fire Company, Greensboro

Dover Handles Apartment Fire

On April 26, 2012 at 1554, the Dover Fire Department was dispatched for an AFA at 130 Haman Drive, The Clearfield Apartments. The Duty Officer, Asst Chief Whitt, was in the area and responded in the Command car. While en route, dispatch began taking several calls for a possible working structure fire at that location. Command on scene confirmed the same and requested a second alarm for a 3-story apartment complex with heavy smoke showing from division 3. E6, arrived first on scene, established their water supply and advanced a 1-3/4" attack line up to the third floor. E4 arrived on scene and set up on the opposite side of the complex. Both Ladders arrived on scene and set up behind their respective engines. E41-1 arrived on scene and dropped a supply line for E4 and L1. E545 and E43-3 arrived on scene and assisted with fire ground operations. Ground ladders were thrown and both aerials were placed in service. Three 1-3/4" attack lines were placed in service. Interior crews made an aggressive stop on the fire in the apartment of origin. When the fire in the apartment had been extinguished, crews were pulled out so the master streams from the Ladders and deck guns could effectively extinguish the roof fire. The fire was confined to the apartment of origin and the roof above.

Several apartments did receive smoke/heat/water damage. 30 residents were displaced from the fire. All residents safely evacuated the complex when the fire alarms sounded, no firefighter injuries occurred. Units on Scene: Dover Engine: E3, E4 and E6, Dover L1 and L2, Camden-Wyoming VFC: E41-1 and E41-3, Little Creek VFC: E54-5 and E54-2 (Cover-up Station 1), Cheswold VFC: E43-3, Hartly VFC: E51-3 (Cover-up Station 2), Frederica VFC: L49 (Ladder Cover-up Station 1), Basic Life Support Ambulance: A-63, Advanced Life Support: KCPDS KM-5 and KM-7, Dover FMO: FM-1, FM-2 and FM-4, State FMO; FM-28, City of Dover Police, City of Dover Mayor: Carleton E. Carey, Sr. of Dover Public Affairs Coordinator: Mrs. Kate Dietz-Sass, City City of Dover Electric Dept., Chesapeake Utilities -Provided by Michael J. O'Connor Jr., Assistant Chief Dover Fire Department

Millville Volunteer Fire Company Marsh Fire Upgraded To Working Structure Fire At 3:48 p.m. on Friday, April 20, the Millville Volunteer Fire Company received an initial dispatch for a marsh fire in the Ellis Point development. A second call came in upgrading the response to a working structure fire, which resulted in the Bethany Beach and Dagsboro Volunteer Fire Companies being alerted. Equipment began responding within 3 minutes of the call. The firefighters arrived on the scene to a 3-story single family home with fire throughout the structure, with the second and third floors heavily involved and the roof beginning to collapse. Engine-6 was first on the scene with Engine-4 seconds behind. Engine-4 was placed at a hydrant to establish a water supply for Engine-6. The fire was declared under control at 7:05 p.m., at which time the electric meter was safely secured by the power company. The assessment of the structure indicated the 3rd floor had collapsed with the roof; Side D started to lean out becoming unstable; Side B also appeared unstable. Ladder operations continued to hit hot spots in the structure and on the marsh. By 6:12 p.m. units were beginning to be released from the scene, with the last Millville units returning to the station at 7:10 p.m. Rescue Captain Cody Lockwood turned the scene

over to the Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office for investigation. The Millville Volunteer Fire Company would also like to thank the Millsboro, Gumboro, Rehoboth Beach, Selbyville, Ocean City and Bishopville Volunteer Fire Companies for providing cover-ups at the stations that responded to the fire scene. -Submitted by Bob Powell, Public Information Officer

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 11

Training at Delaware State Fire School

On Wednesday evening, May 23rd crews took part in several training exercises held at the Delaware State Fire School N.C.D. Live fire evolutions for engine and ladder company operations were held in conjunction to simulate real life scenarios. Both crews operated hand in hand to contain the fire while searching for trapped victims. -Story by Chad Ingram, -DFSN photos by David Horack

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 13

Mobile Home Park Blaze


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On Sunday, April 29th, Station 40 along with Station 55 and 49, were dispatched to a working mobile home fire at 180 Holly Drive in High Point Mobile Home Park. Past Chief William Trowbridge, who was on his way to work, went to the scene to see if there was anyone at home at the residence. After surveying the scene he was able to tell that there were no occupants in the residence. He could tell that the bulk of the fire was contained to the rear of the structure. Past Chief Trowbridge had given an order to Engine 40 to deploy one 1 3/4" attack line to the front door and to work their way to the rear of the structure. Firefighter Bill Paskey Jr, Firefighter Jasyn Hopkins, and Marine Captain, Jordan Giuttari, aggressively moved toward the rear of the structure, extinguished the fire, started ventilation quickly, and were able to contain the fire to the rear of the structure only. A second line was pulled from Engine 40 as a precaution in case it was needed. Command was then handed to 4015. A supply line was pulled from Engine 40 to Tanker 55 which was located on Buffalo Road. Engine 49-1 went on location and his crew was asked to ladder the structure and begin ventilation. Engine 55-3 went on location and was instructed by Command to be ready for relief crews for salvage and overhaul. After a quick knock down crews began to perform salvage and overhaul. This call struck close to home as it was one of our members. Red Cross was notified for the family. Units that responded to this call were as follows: Chief 40, Engine 40, Rescue 40, Tanker 40, A40, Engine 49-1, Rescue 49, Engine 55-3, Engine 55-5, Tanker 55, and A 55. FM 28 responded as well as this mobile home fire is under investigation by the Delaware State Fire Marshall's Office. -Story by Chief Phil Pennington, Sr -DFSN photos by Stephanie Wales

Thank You To the Bowers Fire Company, Frederica Fire Company and Magnolia Fire Company for helping with our house fire. I would like to thank Willie Trowbridge and Jeff Dennison for getting our family pet out of the burning house. Also I would like to thank Jasyn Hopkins for trying to keep the fire from spreading throughout the house. Stephanie Wales

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Summer 2012

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Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 15

Trench Collapse Fatality

At 10:07 AM the Sussex County Technical Rescue Team (SCTRT) was dispatched to assist Bridgeville Fire Co with a subject trapped in a trench collapse. Kent County Technical Rescue Team (KCTRT) was also requested by the SCTRT to assist with manpower. When the team arrived on scene it was determined that the call had changed from a rescue to a recovery. Due to the complexity and unstableness of the trench it was not safe to use conventional methods to shore up the hole. Heavy equipment was called in and utilized to open the hole to make it an excavation site so that it would be safe for rescuers to enter. Once the trench was opened and secured Trench Rescue Technicians from the SCTRT AND KCTRT started to dig the subject out using hand shovels and vacuum trucks. The subject was extricated at 3:00 pm and was turned over to the State Medical Examiner. The scene was turned over to the Bridgeville PD and OSHA for further investigation. -DFSN photos by Wayne Barrall

DP Fire & Safety Inc. Supplying the fire service since 1984

Office: 302-994-8866 • Fax: 302-994-8229 Contact your salesman today: Delaware and Lower Eastern Shore Maryland, ask for Dave Pruitt or Ted Price. Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland, ask for Andrew Vattilana.

Page 16, Delaware Fire Service News

Summer 2012

Millville Volunteer Fire Company Two-Vehicle MVC

Christiana Fire Company Extrication

On Wednesday, May 9 at 3:27 p.m., the Millville Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Irons Lane. The ambulance crew and firefighters arrived to a two-vehicle accident involving a small SUV and a 4-door sedan. No special extrication was necessary for the operator of either vehicle. Each driver received initial care at the scene by medical personnel and were then transported to Beebe Medical Center in Lewes via ambulances A & B-84 for additional evaluation. Deputy Chief Bob Magee declared the situation under control at 3:45 p.m. and turned the scene over to the Delaware State Police for investigation. For additional information please access the Millville Volunteer Fire Company website at -Submitted by Bob Powell, Public Information Officer

On May 13th at 1520 hours Christiana Fire Company was alerted to a MVC with people trapped on Airport Rd and W. Bellamy Dr. Engine 12 responded and Engine 23 and 32 were added to the response. Units arrived to find a serious crash with a person trapped. Rescue tools were used to extricate the patient from the wreckage. The occupant was taken to Christiana trauma center. Units cleared in 30 minutes. -DFSN photo by David Horack

Harrington and Kent Respond to Motorcycle MVC

Trapped Driver Freed by Townsend Fire Company

Harrington Fire Company firefighters and EMTs, with Kent County EMS Paramedics responded to this motorcycle MVC on S. duPont Highway (US 13), at the intersection with Winkler (Hopkins Cemetery) Road in the early evening of June 5, 2012. -DFSN photo by Brian Slattery

One person was flown to Christiana Hospital in serious condition after this accident on Dupont Parkway on May 6, 2012. Firefighters from Townsend Fire Company arrived to find one person trapped. -DFSN photo by Michele Ehart

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 17

Townsend Fire Company MCI School Bus Drill

-DFSN photo by Michele Ehart

Carlisle Dispatched To Four Vehicle MVC

On Thursday May 10, 2012 at 0710 hours the Carlisle Fire Company was dispatched to a MVC involving four vehicles at the intersection of Milford Harrington Hwy and North Dupont Blvd. While responding to the station Asst. Chief Wayne Ingram (42-19) came upon the accident and assumed Command 42 for the incident. Rescue 42 under the direction of Asst. Chief Charles Vanaman (4217) responded and was adivsed by Command 42 of entrapment to a single vehicle. Engines 42-5 and 42-4 arrived on scene and provided manpower for the extrication and patient care. An additional ambulance was provided by Harrington Fire Company, Sta. 50 and along with A and B 42 transported all injured occupants to MMH. Command 42 placed the incident under control at 0750 hours with all units returning. Units Reponding: Rescue 42, Engine 42-4, Engine 42-5, Ambulances 42, Ambulance 50, 42 Fire Police, Surrounding Fire Police, Medic 101, Milford Police Department -Submitted by Ryan Knowles, Public Information Officer

Page 18, Delaware Fire Service News

Summer 2012

Truck Into House

-DFSN photo by Stephanie Wales Frederica Volunteer Fire Company firefighters responded initially to this MVC where a vehicle went into a residence in the unit block of David Street in Frederica, Del. on the afternoon of April 17, 2012. The MVC caused serious damage to the structure and potentially compromised its integrity. Frederica Fire Chief Jerry Johnston requested the Kent County Technical Rescue Team to the scene to perform shoring operations. -Submitted by Brian Slattery

-DFSN photo by Brian Slattery

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Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 19

Multiple Companies and EMTs Respond to Farmington MVC

Stations 28 and 32 Dispatched to MVC

Farmington Volunteer Fire Company firefighters, Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company firefighters and EMTs, along with Harrington Fire Company EMTs and Kent County EMS paramedics work to extricate two occupants from a single vehicle MVC on S. DuPont Highway in Farmington, Del. on the afternoon of March 12, 2012. -DFSN photo by Brian Slattery

On May 8, 2012 at 16:59 Stations 28 & 32 were dispatched for a MVC in the area of old DSP #2 with pedestrian stuck. After investigation it was found no pedestrian was struck but two people were taken to the hospital from the MVC. Units: 28-6, 32-5, A32 and 28-32 Fire Police, Mutual Aid: A18 -DFSN photo by David Horack

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Page 20, Delaware Fire Service News

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Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 21

SUV Wedged Under Tractor Trailer Traps Driver

Three Vehicle MVC Requires Many Companies and EMS

Friday May 11th at 16:24 hrs., the Volunteer Hose Company of Middletown, NCC Paramedics and Trooper 4 were alerted for a vehicle accident with entrapment in the area of Mr. Mulch on Summit Bridge Road. Firefighters arrived to find a SUV partially underneath a tractor trailer with the driver trapped inside. Chief Bailey had command. -Submitted by Paul Watts - Deputy Chief Volunteer Hose Company of Middletown

Houston Volunteer Fire Company firefighters, Kent County EMS Paramedics, Sussex County EMS Paramedics, and EMS crews from Frederica Volunteer Fire Company, Harrington Fire Company, Greenwood Volunteer Fire Company, Carlisle Fire Company of Milford, and Ellendale Fire Company responded to this three vehicle MVC (five patients) at the intersection of Milford-Harrington Highway (DE Route 14) and Deep Grass Lane near Houston, Del. on the afternoon of March 29, 2012. -DFSN photo by Brian Slattery

Page 22, Delaware Fire Service News

Single Vehicle MVC with Entrapment

Harrington Fire Company firefighters and EMTs, along with Kent County EMS Paramedics and Harrington PD responded to this single vehicle rollover MVC with entrapment on Carpenter Bridge Road, just northeast of Harrington, Del. in the late afternoon of April 10, 2012. -DFSN photo by Brian Slattery

Summer 2012

Four Transported After Vehicle Loses Control

Ambulances from American Legion Ambulance, (64) Smyrna, Volunteer Hose Co. (27) Middletown and Townsend Fire Company (26) Transported 4 patients with minor injuries from this single vehicle collision that occurred on north bound DuPont parkway north of the weigh station on May 2 at approximately 3 P.M. Police are investigating this incident where this single vehicle lost control and hit the guardrail. -DFSN photo by Michele Ehart

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 23

Carlisle Alerted to MVC

Fire Safety and Membership Recruitment Day at Carlisle

On Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 12:15 hours Carlisle was alerted to a 2 vehicle MVC on Canterbury Road s/o Airport Road. Command 42 with (42-21 Captain Hinton) responded and advised by 42-19 (Assistant Chief Ingram) who was on the scene confirmed a two vehicle MVC with one patient at that time. Rescue 42 responded with (42-16 Deputy Chief Mriss) and was advised by Command upon arrival to block the roadway and split the crew by assisting the ambulance with patient care as well as begin cleaning off the roadway. A second ambulance was dispatched from Station 50 (Harrington) with B-50 making the response. Engine 42-5 responded with (42-18 Assistant Chief Griffith) and was also advised by Command to assist the crew from Rescue 42 with the identical assignments. Engine 42-4 responded with (Firefighter Gilewski) and staged on Canterbury Road. The single patient was packaged and transported to Bay Health Milford Memorial Hospital by A-42. Upon arrival B-50 was re-assigned to a second EMS emergency in the district. Command declared the scene under control at 12:36 with all units back in quarters at 12:43 hours. -Submitted by Ryan Knowles, Public Information Officer

On Saturday, May 19, 2012 Members of the Carlisle Fire Company and Ladies Auxiliary spent the day promoting Fire Safety as well as membership recruitment at the 2012 Annual Bay Health/Milford Memorial Hospital Fair. Engine 2 was on display as well as several CFC members on hand with recruitment materials and to answer any questions associated with joining Carlisle. Members of our Ladies Auxiliary were present promoting the message with continuing the practice of Fire Safety and Prevention. -Submitted by Ryan Knowles, Public Information Officer

“Mispillion Life Ring” Demonstrated at Annual Bug & Bud Festival

On Saturday, April 28, 2012 members of the Carlisle Fire Company and Ladies Auxiliary were on hand to promote Fire Prevention as well as a live demonstration with show casing the use of the “Mispillion Life Ring” during the Annual Bug & Bud Festival. Firefighter/Engineer, Ryan Knowles braved the cold waters of the Mispillion with the assistance of members from Carlisle as well as members from the Memorial Fire Company’s Marine Response Unit. Firefighter Knowles used one of the Marine Units cold water suits and was assisted into the water demonstrating to the many spectators along the river banks the proper deployment of the life ring in the event someone is in the water and in need of immediate assistance. In addition to displaying their water rescue unit, members from the Memorial Fire Company also provided fire truck rides to the many youngsters and their parents throughout the day from Bicentennial Park. -DFSN photos and story by Glenn Gillespie

Page 26, Delaware Fire Service News


Summer 2012

NCCo Paramedics Host Graduation & Appointment Ceremony

Pictured from left to right: Paramedics Yvonne T. Russell, Ashley M. Zamule, Richard P. Beverlin, David T. Franck, Brandon S. Bowyer, Bryan K. Stites, Patrick M. O'Boyle, and Julianne F. Santora. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division of the New Castle Paramedic Class of 2010-2011. Paramedics Richard P. Beverlin, County Department of Public Safety hosted their annual EMS Brandon S. Bowyer, David T. Franck, Julianne F. Santora, Bryan K. Graduation and Appointment Ceremony to recognize the county gradu- Stites and Ashley M. Zamule were recognized for their successful comates of the paramedic training program, and those paramedics that were pletion of the field evaluation process following their appointment to recruited from outside Delaware and appointed to the paramedic serv- the Emergency Medical Services Division. You have elected to join the ranks of your colleagues on the front ice. The ceremony was conducted at the county Department of Public lines of our public safety and public health system in New Castle Safety Headquarters in Minquadale. County Executive Paul G. Clark was present to recognize the newest County, Delaware," said Chief Lawrence E. Tan. "You were appointed New Castle County Paramedics. "Our New Castle County paramedics to the service because you proved that you have the ability to support are certified as some of the best in the country. If you are seriously ill or our mission of Excellence in Service." New Castle County EMS is a career paramedic service within the injured, these are the people you want to respond," said New Castle County Executive Paul Clark. "The addition of these eight new para- county Department of Public Safety. The agency has an authorized staff medics helps ensure that the County's Emergency Medical Services of 117 personnel, including 95 paramedics. The EMS Division conducts an annual Graduation and Appointment Ceremony as a part of their Division continues to deliver life-saving care that is second to none." Paramedics Patrick M. O'Boyle and Yvonne T. Russell were recog- observance of National Emergency Medical Services Week. -Submitted by New Castle County EMS nized as graduates of the Delaware Technical and Community College

New Castle County Paramedics Respond To Medical Emergency On Crane At 0736 hours, New Castle County Paramedics responded with the Wilmington Fire Department Special Operations Task Force for a reported medical emergency on a crane at the Port of Wilmington, located at 1600 Christiana Avenue in Wilmington. County paramedics and fire department rescue personnel arrived to find a 45 year old male experiencing chest pain in the control cab of the crane, which was located 130 feet above ground level. “County paramedics initiated their assessment and treatment of the patient in the control cab of the crane,” said Chief Lawrence E. Tan of the New Castle County Paramedics. “The county paramedics continued to render care while the Wilmington Fire Department prepared the technical rescue equipment needed to remove the patient from

the crane. This was a coordinated rescue operation that included the Wilmington Fire Department, New Castle County Paramedics and St. Francis Hospital Ambulance Service.” Wilmington Fire Department Battalion Chief Michael Donohue, who is also responsible for the department's Special Operations functions, was the incident commander. The Wilmington Fire Department Special Operations Task Force used ropes and rigging to lower the patient in a basket to the ground. The patient was transported to the Christiana Hospital Emergency Department by St. Francis Hospital Ambulance with the New Castle County Paramedics, and was in stable condition. -Submitted by New Castle County EMS

Summer 2012

Cover Story

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 27

Friends School Blaze Damage Estimated at $2 Million

A midday fire at the historic Friends School campus near Wilmington, DE prompted one of the largest mutual aid responses in recent Delaware history. The blaze started near the stage in the school's auditorium and quickly spread to the heavy timber roof. The fire, reported at about 12:35 p.m., reached three alarms and scores of firefighters battled the blaze for nearly 3 hours. Around 30 minutes into the blaze the 50-year old structure's heavy timber roof collapsed. Command ordered evacuation of the structure minutes earlier, with firefighters exiting the building minutes before the collapse. The heavy smoke could be seen for miles. Fire companies from Delaware and Pennsylvania responded to the

school campus, which is located in the Alapocas sub-division, which borders the City of Wilmington. Wilmington Fire Department, Delaware's only career fire-rescue agency, responded with a Ladder and Engine Company along with Deputy Chief of Operations. The fire was reported under control at 3:02 p.m. Two firefighters were taken to area hospitals for evaluation of non-life threatening injuries. All students were reported safe and accounted for following the arrival of first due companies. Investigators from the Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office have ruled the blaze to be arson. -DFSN photos by Lou Angeli

Page 28, Delaware Fire Service News


Chris Gregerson Welcomed to SCEMS

Summer 2012

Sussex County EMS Welcomes New Members

Sussex County Emergency Medical Services would like to welcome Chris Gregerson to SCEMS. He started his out of state process on Monday, April 9, 2012. Chris comes to Sussex County with 16 years of experience as a paramedic and has worked in numerous EMS systems in Northern New Jersey. Most of his time was with Monmouth Ocean Hospital Service Corporation (MONOC). Chris has relocated to Felton, Delaware. -Submitted by Sussex County EMS

Jason Booros Welcomed to SCEMS Sussex County Emergency Medical Services would like to welcome Jason Booros to SCEMS. He started Monday, May 14, as the new Information Systems Technician working with EMS Information Systems Administrator Matt Clark and the county Information Technologies Department. He comes to Sussex County after working as a LAN support technician for Dover Downs for the past five years. He currently resides in Lewes, Delaware. -Submitted by Sussex County EMS

(Left to Right in Picture) Ellie Mitchell: Ellie comes to SCEMS from Snoqualmie Pass, Washington and has been a Paramedic for 3 years. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Paramedicine from Central Washington University. She enjoys snowboarding (looking to learn surfing), rugby and music. She has relocated to Greenwood, Delaware Joseph "Jay" Pawelek: Jay is a 19 year Paramedic that comes to us from New Jersey. This is not Jay's first time in Delaware and he is a former Kent County Paramedic. Jay lives in Millsboro with his wife Colette and children Jacob and Caitlyn. Erik Schmidt: Erik is a 2011 graduate of the Center for Emergency Medicine in Pittsburg, Pa. Erik is coming to SCEMS after working in EMS in the Pittsburgh area and says he is excited for the opportunity. He lives in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Jason Hansen: Jason is a 2011 graduate of the Delaware Technical & Community College Paramedic program and lives in Smyrna, Delaware He has been in emergency services for 7 years and is Fire Lieutenant with the Citizen's Hose Company of Smyrna. He enjoys hunting, fishing and paintball. -Submitted by Sussex County EMS

Annual Sussex County EMS Banquet Every day, millions of men and women across the United States put their lives on the line in service to others. The story is no different in Sussex County, Delaware. Several Sussex County emergency responders were recently honored at this year's annual Sussex County EMS banquet, held at Independence Hall near Millsboro, to say 'thank you' for what they do to assist the residents of our community. The event was sponsored by the Sussex County Paramedic Association, Sussex County Volunteer Ambulance Association, and the Sussex County EMS. Retired Buffalo, N.Y., fire commissioner Mike Lombardo served as the guest speaker. Commissioner Lombardo shared his experiences and perspectives as a firefighter and commissioner of the Buffalo Fire Department. Specifically, Commissioner Lombardo spoke of the sacrifices made by first responders and an often forgotten group, their families. The banquet was hosted by local television personality Jimmy Hoppa of WBOC-TV with the following awards being presented: Emergency Medical Technician of the District: This award is given to eight (8) outstanding Emergency Medical Technicians throughout Sussex County, one (1) Emergency Medical Technician for each paramedic station's district. Medic 101 (Lincoln): Chris Clough, Carlisle Fire Company Medic 102 (Laurel): Leagh Burge, Laurel Fire Department Medic 103 (Millsboro): Robin Smith, Millsboro Fire Company Medic 104 (Lewes): John Hazzard, Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Company Medic 105 (Millville): Matt Sliwa, Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company Medic 106 (Long Neck): Holly Donoway, Mid-Sussex Rescue Squad Medic 107 (Bridgeville): Mario Street, Seaford Volunteer Fire Department Medic 108 (Georgetown): Deanna Loeb, Georgetown American Legion Ambulance

Emergency Medical Technician of the Year: Out of the eight (8) Emergency Medical Technicians, one was selected for Sussex County's Emergency Medical Technician of the year. This year's recipient is Deanna Loeb of the Georgetown American Legion Ambulance Emergency Medical Services Captain of the Year: This award is presented to a Sussex County ambulance captain or supervisor who promotes quality emergency medical treatments, provides leadership and a commitment to excellence. This year's recipient is Calvin Yelverton of the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department. Fire Chief of the Year: This award is presented to a Sussex County Fire Chief who promotes quality emergency medical treatments, provides leadership and a commitment to excellence. This year's recipient is Fire Chief Jeff Hill of the Laurel Fire Department Cliff Lee Award: This award recognizes a long history of extreme dedication to the emergency medical system and promoting the highest level of emergency medicine possible. This year's recipient is Robert "Bob" Jones of the Delmar Fire Department Emergency Communications Specialist of the Year: This award recognizes a dispatcher within Sussex County who consistently displays a high level of professionalism and dedication to excellence in emergency medical dispatch. This year's recipient is Dispatcher Joseph Pepper of the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center. EMS Nurse of the Year: This award is given to a nurse who shows a strong commitment to patient care that exemplifies the highest level of professionalism and dedication. This year's recipient is Theresa "Terry" Thorley of Christiana Care LifeNet Helicopter.

Summer 2012


Delaware Fire Service News, Page 29

Vehicle Rescue Awareness

Sussex County EMS (SCEMS) traveled to the Delaware State Fire School (DSFS) in May 2012, for “Vehicle Rescue Awareness� continuing education sessions. All four shifts went to the fire school in Dover for a morning of classroom presentations and an afternoon of practical evolutions. Senior Instructor for Rescue Programs Craig R. Stephens Sr. presented the morning sessions that included a review of the rescue cycle, scene safety & stabilization, vehicle construction and basic entry, disentanglement and extrication techniques. During the afternoon sessions SCEMS Paramedics in small

groups supervised by DSFS instructors reviewed airbag safety, stabilization and operations in overturned vehicles and patient care during rescue operations. Intubation / IO / IV simulators allowed ALS skills to be practiced concurrent with rescue operations. Immobilization and extrication skills were simulated to show the advantages of different techniques. SCEMS wishes to thank the DSFS and its instructors for an enjoyable learning experience for both new and experienced Paramedics. -Submitted by Sussex County EMS

EMS Physician of the Year: This physician's actions or activities show a strong support for emergency medical services through patient care initiatives, paramedic education, trauma services, and community activities. This year's recipient is Dr. Paul Cowan of Sussex Emergency Associates and Beebe Medical Center. Dr. Cowan is also Sussex County's Associate Medical Director.

tions, emergency scene management, and project management. This year's recipient is D - Shift West Supervisor Andy Wile.

Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Administrative Excellence: The Administrative Excellence Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated dedication and service to Sussex County Emergency Medical Services and the community through leadership, followthrough, and administrative support of Sussex County Emergency Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Shift Excellence: Each year, Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Shift Medical Services personnel. This year's recipient is EMS Office Supervisors select paramedics from their shift who have done an out- Manager Lynn Kleb. standing job over the course of the year. These are awarded at the conSussex County Emergency Medical Services tinuing education sessions in March. Caring People Award: Representing A Shift: Paramedic Rob Luksic This award recognizes a private citizen for a lifesaving act in which Representing B Shift: Paramedic/Field Training Officer quick thinking, fast action and heroism were demonstrated during an Keith Bennett emergency event. Chelsea Whittaker of Lewes, Del., was recognized for Representing C Shift: Paramedic/Field Training Officer her actions during a medical emergency and the assistance she providDave Hammerer ed for the patient's family after the incident. On a separate medical Representing D Shift: Paramedic Paul Stillman emergency, Steve Brown of Long Neck, Del., was recognized for providing assistance to emergency responders at his neighbor's residence. Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Paramedic of the Year: This award recognizes a Sussex County paramedic who exemplify- Special Incident Award: Sussex County Paramedics Eric Huovinen, Jordan Dattoli, Gabriella ing a professional attitude, clinical excellence and commitment to the Evans along with Millville Volunteer Fire Company Emergency highest standard in patient care. This paramedic maintains a performMedical Technicians Amber Gentry and Keith Baker Sr. were recogance level in patient care that serves as an example for others. This nized for their quick and aggressive actions during an emergency inciyear's recipient is Paramedic Lorri Bradley dent involving a near-drowning victim. On June 18, 2011, these paramedics and emergency medical technicians were instrumental in saving Sussex County Emergency Medical Services the life of a 3-year-old boy who was found at the bottom of a swimming Field Training Officer of the Year: A Field Training Officer of the Year is selected by his/her co-work- pool. The child was initially found not breathing and without a pulse. ers for exemplary performance in the training, evaluation, coaching and Thanks to the efforts of the bystanders and emergency personnel the mentoring of new employees, students, and veteran employees. This child survived, neurologically intact, and is able to spend many more summers with his family and friends. After the providers were recogyear's recipient is Paramedic/Field Training Officer Jill Wix nized by Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Director Robert Sussex County Emergency Medical Services Stuart, the patient's mother spoke of her family's experience and gave a District Supervisor of the Year: heartfelt thanks to the responders, her "Angels", and to all responders District Supervisor of the Year displays professionalism and leader- for the job they do each and every day. ship in the Supervision of other field medics to the highest standards of For more information, contact Public Information Officer excellence. Examples include exemplary performance in human rela- Eric L. Huovinen at (302) 854-5255.

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 31

Delaware Supports CFSI Dinner

Page 32, Delaware Fire Service News

Summer 2012

Up Close & Personal Five Points Trains And Handles 2 Alarms -Submitted by Chuck Hayes

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Volunteer Hose Company of Middletown Responds To House Fire In The Legends -Submitted by Paul Watts

Millville Volunteer Fire Company Works Fire

Loughlin Enterprises

have provided Fires Services with Safety Fire Beacons for 25 Years! Heat sensors alarm when temperatures reach 250 degrees with a flashing light. All Loughlin Fire Beacons Available with Blue or White LED

Door Hinge Hanger

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Station 40 at a working mobile home fire -Submitted by Stephanie Wales

Summer 2012

Poster & Essay Winners

Pictured above are the winners of the New Castle County Firefighters Assoc. poster and essay contest sponsored by the Delaware Volunteer Firefighter’s Assoc. The awards dinner was held in November and hosted by Five Points Fire Co. We would like to congratulate all the winners. -Submitted by Joe Mullen, -DFSN photo by Steve Watson

DVFCA May Meeting

The May meeting of the Delaware Valley Fire Chief's Assn. Executive Board was held at Michael's Restaurant near Christiana, Delaware. Those present are Chris Straub, Sandy Warrick, Bob Denney, Joe Locke, Joe Levan, Joe Mullen, Mike Rush, Bill Crystle, Fran Cahoon and President Frank Hand. Dean Simpson, Past President was present but not in the picture. -Submitted by Joe Mullen

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 33

Fireboat “Never Forget” Dedicated

Delaware City Fire Company No. 1 dedicated its new fireboat on Sunday May 6, 2012. The ceremony was officiated by the DVFA State Chaplain Robert Hudson who dedicated and christened the vessel "Never Forget". Keynote speaker was Congressman John Carney. Fireboat 15 "Never Forget" is a Metalcraft Marine "firestorm 30", high speed aluminum fireboat. Powered by twin 420 Hp Iveco engines and Hamilton 273 jets it can reach speeds up to 42 knots. With a draft of only 22 inches it can virtually go anywhere it is needed. Designed as a multipurpose vessel, it can function as a fire boat, a search and rescue boat, a patient transport, a command platform and has built in capabilities for CBRNE incidents. The Hale 1750 pump has been flow tested through the three monitors at 4300 GPM. It is equipped with fire fighting foam, forward looking infrared camera, side scan sonar, AIS system and Furuno Navnet 3-D Navigation system. Fireboat 15 fills a need that was first acknowledged over 60 years ago. Obtained through a 2008 Port Security grant this need has finally been met. On Easter Sunday April 8, 2012 Fireboat 15 was used to help the City of Wilmington with a large fire at the Port of Wilmington. Fireboat 15 pumped almost continuously for five hours. The addition of this vessel will help to protect the citizens of Delaware and its neighbors for the next 40 to 50 years. -Submitted by Ed Kalinowski

Page 34, Delaware Fire Service News

Sussex County Firefighters Association Receives a Donation for Smoke Alarms

1-800-Boardup are local emergency responders who provide experienced professionals to assist in disaster recovery to victims of fire, flood, weather emergencies or other damages a home owner may incur. 1-800-Boardup recently was very gracious in making a $1,000 donation to the Sussex County Volunteer Firefighters Association to be used for the installation of Smoke Alarms. The County Association is very active in continuing the successful Wake Up Delaware program that has taken place over the past ten years. Wake Up Sussex is very happy to have partners such as 1-800-Boardup. Pictured: Chaplain Charles Arnold and Vice-President Todd Reilly of the Sussex County Volunteer Firefighters Association with their check. -Submitted by Michael Lowe

Summer 2012

Ellendale Hosts Delmarva Firemen’s Association Convention

On the weekend of May 3, 4 and 5 the Ellendale Fire Company did an outstanding job hosting the Delmarva Volunteer Firemen's Association Mtg. The Association was organized in the 1920's to address problems of standardization of Fire Equipment across Statelines and even from Community to Community. The 2011/12 President of the Association was Ted Walius of Ellendale. The incoming second Vice-President is Pastor Bob Hudson of Millsboro. -Submitted by Michael Lowe

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 35

Page 36, Delaware Fire Service News

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service in Action

plped control s of 1930’s residence he ng ili ce d an lls wa ter as Pl th fire. spread of this April 30 illiams -DFSN photo by Matt W

d EMTs, along Company firefighters an cle, rollover. re Fi r ee nt lu Vo ica er Fred vehi S Paramedics at a single with Kent County EM y er att Sl -DFSN photo By Brian

ng with efighters and EMTs, alo ver. fir ny pa m Co re Fi on gt Harrin cle rollo medics at a single vehi Kent County EMS Para y Slatter -DFSN photo By Brian

Harrington Fire Compa ny firefighters and EMTs , along County EMS Paramedics responded to this motorc with Kent ycle MVC. -DFSN photo By Brian Sla ttery

Blades Fire Company at a two car accident wi th rollover. -DFSN photo By Wayne Barrall

Volunteer Hose Compa ny of Middletown, Aetn a Hose Hook & Ladder of Newark and Chesapeake City respon d to a house fire in the Bren nan Estates Community . -Submitted By Paul Watt s - Deputy Chief Voluntee r Hose Company of Midd letown

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 37

Delaware Fire Service in Action

succumbed a house fire. One victim at ny pa m Co re Fi sle Carli s inside. to the smoke condition on Officer owles, Public Informati -Submitted by Ryan Kn

Harrington Fire Company responded to this residential porch fire. -DFSN photo By Brian Slattery

Volunteer Hose Compa ny of Middletown, NC C Medic Trooper 4 respond to ve hicle accident with entra 5C and pment. -Submitted by Paul Watt s - Deputy Chief, Volunteer Hose Compan y of Middletown

Dover Fire Department at a working house fire at 193 Lexington Place. -Submitted by Michael J. O'Connor Jr., Assistant Chief Dover FD

Page 38, Delaware Fire Service News

Summer 2012

Antique Corner

by Bob Romig

This issue we return back to Kent County and the Houston Fire Company. Houston is the proud owner of a 1928 Model A Ford/Hale pumper. It was equipped with a 100gpm Hale rotary gear pump and carried 60 gallons of water on board. This rig was purchased for $3600 (quite a bit of money back then), but they got a $700 trade in allowance on an earlier year Model T. When purchased sometime around November of 1928 they also added 500 feet of 2 ½ inch fabric hose at a cost of $600 and shortly thereafter 200 feet of one inch chemical hose was added at a cost of $15. This rig was housed in a private garage for many years. This rig assisted Milford on many large fires and Carroll Jester remembers in the 1970's going to a fire and laying all 500 feet of the hose on board. They state that it could still pump water today if needed. It was restored in the late 1970's and has won many prizes at shows they entered it in. It cannot be sold under the present by-laws of

the fire company. This rig is often seen in the DVFA and Delmarva parades and most always driven by Carroll Jester. I believe that Carroll may have taken his drivers training on this rig. It is really great to see departments maintain this equipment to promote and preserve the history of the fire service in America. The problem being today is that the younger generation doesn't care about all the old rigs that we used to put out fires, they just want the big red, green, yellow or whatever color rigs with lots of lights and sirens on them! We need to get our younger generation interested in how we got to where we are today. My thanks to Carroll Jester and the info from the 75th Anniversary book to prepare this article. -DFSN photos by EFC

Gone But Not Forgotten This time we are going to Hockessin, Delaware and another one of their Autocar rigs; many of you know that HFC had lots of Autocars in their fleet at one time. One that has returned is the old Rescue 19, a 1977 Autocar with a Hamerly custom rescue body, VIN# WC14FGN079368. HFC purchased this rig in 1977 and it served them well until 2002. It has a 6V71 Detroit Diesel with a 10 speed Road Ranger transmission. I wonder how many of the younger generation out there could drive one of these monsters. I know that Drew Outten (current owner), Barry Beck and Lou Amabili drove it many times. This rig was considered a rescue/pumper as it had a 300gpm pump with 300 gallons of water and 50 gallons of foam. It also had a 20,000lb front mounted winch. In 2002 R19 was donated to the Crawford, Texas FD. Does that name sound familiar to anyone? It should, as it is where Past President Bush lives. In August 2008, Drew purchased this rig back from them. Drew flew down to Texas and then drove R19 for 26 hours straight through to Delaware and home again. This rig now resides in the Delaware Firefighter's Museum located in Minquadale, Delaware founded by Drew and several of his firefighter friends. He also owns HFC's old 1952 Dodge Power Wagon that some of you may have seen from time to time. His collection also includes several other rigs from Delaware: Another HFC rig, a 1941 Autocar, 19-1 which was HFC's first new truck; old 112, a 1947 Hahn from BHFC: a 1965 Hahn/GMC, ex-304 from Belvedere FC; a 1954 GMC, ex 16-2 from EFC; a 1963 Maxim, ex 17-4 from FPFC. He also has a 1954 B85 Mack that was the third one off the line that is owned by Richard Krett. There are several other rigs currently on inventory, but you need to stop over and visit the museum and get the history on those rigs from Drew and his crew. Some of these rigs are running but need cosmetic help and others are there for when Drew retires and has plenty of time to work on them. My thanks to Drew for this info and he would be glad to show anyone his museum. "Old fire trucks never die, they are just resting at the Delaware Firefighters Museum". Note: the Hahn rig is the old BHFC one.

Summer 2012

Delaware State Fire School

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 39

DSFS Senior Instructors Honored by State Sons of the American Revolution The Delaware Society of the Sons of the American Revolution held their annual Awards Luncheon on April 14th at Dover Downs Convention Center. Delaware State Fire School Senior Instructor Mike Lowe was honored by the Society for his contributions to Public Safety Education. Also, Training Administrator Bill Walton was honored for his contributions to Emergency Medical Services Training. Mr. Lowe has been employed by the Delaware State Fire School for fourteen years and is responsible for Public Fire Safety Education, as well as being active with Delaware Safe Kids, the Progressive Ag Safety Foundation and the National Fire Protection Association. Mr. Walton has been with the Fire School for five years responsible for Emergency Medical Services Training. He is a Past Fire Chief of the Cranston Heights Fire Company and active member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. Cpl. Troy Ralston of the Delaware State Police Troop 7, in Lewes, was honored as the Law Enforcement Recipients for his service to the citizens of Sussex County.

Welch Elementary 4th Grade Visits DSFS The Fire School again ran its Field Trip spring program. On Wednesday May 23rd, Welch Elementary 4th Grade visited the Kent County Division. Students did activities learning about Home Hazards, Emergency Calling, Fire Behavior and Home Escape. 78 students and seven chaperones were present for the event.

Fire School Conducts Law Enforcement Fire Survival Training On May 17th and 18th the Fire School conducted Law Enforcement Fire Survival Training for 48 Recruits. The Recruits studied Hazardous Materials Awareness with all 48 passing their 472 certification. They also did training in sprinkler operations, fire extinguishers, ladders and Fire Behavior.

Eagle Scout Project Benefits Delaware State Fire School Many months ago Fire School Director Robert Newnam was approached by Matt Goins, of Georgetown in relation to ideas that he could do for an Eagle Scout Project that would benefit the Delaware State Fire School. Discussion led to Mr. Goins deciding to build an outdoor classroom at the Sussex Division of the Fire School. He began the planning of the project, contacting potential contributors and designing the building. For the 2012 Spring Season the project was complete and is in use by the School for outside classes such as School Field Trips, Firefighter Survival and Rehab for Structural Classes. On April 21st Matt was awarded his Eagle Scout Rank at a ceremony at Wesley United Methodist Church in Georgetown. The building is dedicated in the memory of Matt's grandfather, William (John) Coulbourne, a longtime member of the Milton Fire Department. Pictured: Mike Lowe, Senior Instructor, Matt Goins and Craig Stephens, Senior Instructor with the sign dedicating the new classroom. -Submitted by Michael Lowe, DSFS

Page 40, Delaware Fire Service News

Summer 2012

Citizens’ Hose Company Celebrates 125th Anniversary Citizens Hose Company celebrated their 125th Anniversary with a Parade. The parade which was originally scheduled for October of last year, was cancelled because of bad weather and was rescheduled for the weekend of May 12th. -DFSN photo by Gene Shaner

Past Chiefs Parade

And the Winner is...

Past Chief James Mood (driver) and Art Ricker lead the parade dressed in their antique parade uniform riding on “Old Mom”. -DFSN photo by Gene Shaner

Chief Robbie Johnson and Kolbey Davis accepted the firefighter H Thomas Tucker Memorial Award for Best Overall Appearing Co. from Chief Isaac Wills and President Chris Hudson. This is the 30 year Anniversary of his tragedy. Clayton Fire Company had 47 members participate in the parade and brought home the following trophies; Best Appearing Fire Company Overall, Best Appearing Fire Company with Music, Best Appearing Rescue/Pumper, Best Appearing Hand Drawn Antique Apparatus, 2nd Best Appearing Color Guard, a Judges Award for the Chiefs Buggy, Best Appearing Miss Fire Prevention Linda Staats, Best Appearing Pre-Teen Fire Prevention Kaylee Davis, Best Appearing Little Miss Fire Prevention Mackenzie Pope. The Smyrna High School Band also won a Trophy for Best Appearing High School Band. -DFSN photo by Gene Shaner




(Jan 22-25)

Middletown Fire Expo Middletown, NY (TBD)

Lt. Andy Fredericks Memorial Seminar

FDIC Indianapolis, ID

FDSOA Orlando, FL

Tarrytown, NY (Feb 4)

(April 19-21)

LI Fire & EMS Mega Show Uniondale, NY

West Paterson Fire Show Paterson, NJ (Apr 29)

(Feb 25-26)

(May 2-3)

CFSI Annual Dinner, DC

EMS Today Baltimore, MD

Harrisburg Fire Expo Harrisburg, PA

(March 1-3)

(May 18-20)

SUMMER Issue NYS Fire Chiefs – Turning Stone, NY (June 14-16)

FALL Issue Delaware Volunteer Firefighter’s Conference, Dover DE (Sept 12-14)

MARYLAND STATE FIREMENS CONVENTION NJ State Firemen’s - Ocean City, MD Convention Wildwood, NJ (June 18-20)

(Sept 14-15)

Delaware FIRE Chiefs Expo - Slaughter Beach, DE

Vital Signs Syracuse, NY (TBD)

NYS Fire Districts Ellenville, NY New England Fire Chiefs – Springfield, MA (Nov 1-3) (June 21)

(June 23-25)

FireHouse Expo Baltimore, MD (July 19-21)

IAFC - Denver, CO (Aug 3-4)

FASNY - Liverpool, NY (Aug 14-17)

* Trade Show Calendar Subject to Change

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 41


Wilmington FD Mourns the Loss of Former Fire Chief James Ford It is with deep regret that Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker and Wilmington Fire Chief Willie Patrick announce the death of former Fire Chief James Ford, who passed away after a battle with cancer. Chief Ford served the citizens of Wilmington for 30 years; more than 24 years as a firefighter, and five and a half years as Wilmington’s Fire Chief. Following his retirement from the City in 2007, Chief Ford became the Safety and Security Manager for the Riverfront Development Corporation. The Mayor, Fire Chief Patrick, Wilmington City Council President Norman Griffiths, and Council Public Safety Committee Chair Loretta Walsh today offered the following comments on the passing of Chief Ford: “Chief Ford was the consummate City employeededicated, professional, and an all-around nice guy,” said Mayor Baker. “He was deeply respected by his colleagues and the public he served for 30 years. During my own 40 years of public service, I have been fortunate to meet some remarkable individuals who have impressed me with their winning personality, dedication to their work and concern for the citizens of Wilmington. Jim Ford was one of these individuals-a true class act. On behalf of all of our citizens, I express condolences to his wife Vera, his son Tom, his daughters Jessica and Jaime, and to the thousands of people who have known Jim Ford as a friend and mentor. I will remember him fondly.” “The Delaware Fire Service has lost a true champion,” said Chief Patrick. “Chief Ford served the citizens of Wilmington with a deep passion and dedication. He led with innovative ideas, and was respected throughout the fire service in Delaware as well as the region. On behalf of the Wilmington Fire Department family, I wish to express our sincere condolences to the Ford family. Jim Ford will surely be missed.” “Chief Ford was a gentleman, a leader, a family man and one who always had time for others,” said Council President Griffiths. “As the former Chief of the Wilmington Fire Department, he was always accessible and he motivated his department to do their best. I extend my prayers and deepest sympathy to the Ford family during this time of bereavement.” “Hearing about Jim Ford’s death was very sad,” said Council Member Walsh. “Wilmington has lost a true son. His dedication and love for our City was unending.” Mayor Baker directed that all City of Wilmington flags were to be flown at half staff to honor Chief Ford.

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1000 N. DuPont Parkway New Castle, DE 19720 302


121 W. Park Place Newark, DE 19711 302


214 Clinton Street Delaware City, DE 19706 302


Page 42, Delaware Fire Service News

Summer 2012

News from the

Office of Wilmington Fire Chief Willie J. Patrick, Jr./EFO Fire Department Announces Retirements And Promotions The Wilmington Fire Department announces the retirement of a senior Battalion Chief:

As a result of the retirement of Battalion Chief Farren, the Department is announcing the following promotions that were made effective Tuesday, May 29, 2012:

Battalion Chief Francis X. Farren is retiring after 40 years of service to the City of Wilmington. Battalion Chief Farren was appointed to the department on April 10, 1972 and submitted his letter of retirement to Chief Patrick on May 25, 2012.

Captain Anthony S. Goode has been promoted to the Rank and Grade of Battalion Chief. Battalion Chief Goode was appointed to the Fire Department on October 13, 1997. Battalion Chief Goode is assigned as Battalion 5, District #1 - “A” Platoon.

Lieutenant Kenneth E. Cavanaugh has been promoted to the Rank and Grade of Captain. Captain Cavanaugh was appointed to the Fire Department on March 18, 1985. Captain Cavanaugh will be assigned to the Floating Officer position on the “C” Platoon.

Firefighter Jeffrey M. Schaal has been promoted to the Rank and Grade of Lieutenant. Lieutenant Schaal was appointed to the Fire Department on September 16, 2002. Lieutenant Schaal will be assigned to the Floating Officer position on the “D” Platoon.

A Promotional Ceremony will be scheduled in the future. Details will be announced when they become available.

Kiwanis Firefighter Of The First Quarter 2012 Lieutenant Andre E. Cooper

Chief Willie Patrick is pleased to announce that the recipient for the Kiwanis Club of Wilmington’s Firefighter of the first quarter for 2012 is Lieutenant Andre E. Cooper. Lieutenant Cooper exemplified traits of self-sacrifice and resourcefulness by investing personal resources into the planning and coordinating of the First Annual Pink and Black Ball in which he successfully created a memoriam for Firefighter Terrence Johnson and Firefighter Dion Rossiter (deceased members of

the Wilmington Fire Department). The First Annual Pink and Black Ball was an event held to celebrate, encourage and inspire many lives through awareness provided by cancer survivors and all those affected by cancer. The goal of honoring deceased members of the Wilmington Fire Department was facilitated by Lieutenant Cooper. Lieutenant Cooper was honored at a luncheon held on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware.

One Injured in Fire at Port On May 1st at 14-49 hours, Wilmington firefighters on the A-Platoon were dispatched to the Port of Wilmington for a report of a building fire with a subject burned. Upon arriving, fire department units found smoke within a single story, maintenance building and a male subject with severe burns. The arriving fire suppression units immediately began fire extinguishment efforts while Emergency Medical units began patient care of the burned subject. The firefighting assignment found that a flash fire had occurred while an employee was working on a vehicle, severely burning the male on his upper torso.

EMS units transported the patient to Crozer-Chester Medical Center Burn Unit in Upland, PA. No further patient information is available at the time of this release. The incident was placed under control at 15:04 hours by the Incident Commander, Battalion Chief Edward Hojnicki. No additional injuries were reported. The Wilmington Fire Marshal's Office responded to investigate the cause of the fire/injury. The investigation confirmed that an employee was working on a vehicle, causing a flash fire and subsequent burns. No additional specifics about the incident are available at this time. The fire investigation is listed as closed/accidental.

Biography of Lieutenant Andre E. Cooper Lieutenant Andre E. Cooper was appointed to the Wilmington Fire Department on August 2, 1993 and promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant on January 1, 2006. Lieutenant Cooper is currently assigned to Engine Company #4 “A” Platoon. Lieutenant Cooper is a Nationally Recognized EMT-B and is currently pursuing a degree in Organizational Management from the Wilmington University.

Large Mulch Fire on Christiana Avenue On April 8th at 14:34 hours, Wilmington City firefighters on the B-Platoon were dispatched to 601 Christiana Avenue for a report of a large mulch pile on fire. Upon arriving at the property occupied by Port Contractors, fire department units were confronted with multiple large piles of mulch, pallets and other miscellaneous debris burning. Fire department units began to attack the fire which was growing rapidly due to the gusting winds.

Awater supply system was established by drafting water from the Christina River and multiple large diameter water streams were set up and began flowing water onto the flames. Units worked with front end loaders and other heavy equipment to break apart and extinguish the large piles. One firefighter sustained a non-life threatening injury and was treated and released from the hospital.

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 43

News from the

Office of Wilmington Fire Chief Willie J. Patrick, Jr./EFO Fire Department Announces Retirements And Promotions The Wilmington Fire Department announces the retirement of a senior Fire Captain:

As a result of the retirement of Captain Ayres, the Department is announcing the following promotions were made effective Monday, April 16, 2012:

Captain Ronald G. Ayres

Lieutenant Todd A. Reese

is retiring after 41 years of service to the City of Wilmington. Captain Ayres was appointed to the department on March 8, 1971 and retired on April 15, 2012.

will be promoted to the Rank and Grade of Captain. Captain Reese was appointed to the Fire Department on April 17, 1995. Captain Reese will be assigned to the Floating Officer position on the “C” Platoon.

Contact: Captain Richard S. Danner Public Information Officer Wilmington Fire Department 302-576-3658 (office) • 302-571-4039 (fax)

Firefighter Thomas G. Hayman Jr. will be promoted to the Rank and Grade of Lieutenant. Lieutenant Hayman was appointed to the Fire Department on August 2, 1993. Lieutenant Hayman will be assigned to the Floating Officer position on the “B” Platoon.

24th Executive Fire Officer Program Graduate Symposium Participation Chief Willie J. Patrick, Jr., of the Wilmington Fire Department recently participated in the 24th Executive Fire Officer Program Graduate Symposium on May 4-6, 2012, held at the U.S. Administration's (USFA) National Fire Academy (NFA) in Emmitsburg, Maryland. This annual event brought together over 190 senior fire officials from across the United States and Canada for three days to discuss various facets of fire service leadership. The theme and focus of this year's Symposium was the compelling need and justification for including residential sprinklers in every place of residence in the United States. Recent losses of life across the US were reviewed and a full "side by side" scale

burn demonstration (one home module with sprinklers; the other without) was featured. Another highlight of this year's program was a "Staff-Ride Visit" to the Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland. With the support of Western Maryland Interpretive Association, Symposium participants were provided information in advance concerning the Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg, and then performed a complete tour of the battlefield. Alumni were then debriefed by faculty and staff using the federal executive service core competency areas. The symposium also featured peer presentations of their Outstanding Applied Research Projects by the authors. At the Symposium Banquet on Saturday, May 5, the four 2011 Outstanding Applied Research Awards were presented by Superintendent Dr. Denis

Onieal, and alumni who completed the EFOP in the prior year were also recognized. The U.S. Fire Administration's NFA serves as the national focal point for advancing the professional development of fire service and rescue personnel through education and training programs. Chief Patrick graduated from NFA's Executive Fire Officer Program in August 2008. This prestigious academic program requires senior fire officials to meet stringent professional criteria for selection. The foursegment, advanced level program provides participants with a broad perspective on major aspects of fire administration. Participants also must complete Applied Research Projects in their local organization.

Two People Injured in Overnight House Fire On April 28th at 03:21 hours Wilmington firefighters on the A-Platoon were dispatched to 2811 North Tatnall Street for a report of a house fire with subjects trapped. Upon arriving, fire department units found heavy smoke coming from a two story, middle of the row dwelling. The arriving fire suppression companies quickly began a search of the dwelling for trapped occupants while simultaneously beginning an aggressive attack on the fire. One occupant was able to

escape to a porch roof and removed by firefighters; a second occupant was found by firefighters within the dwelling and removed. On scene EMS units treated both victims and transported them to Christiana Hospital. As of this press release, one patient is in stable condition and the other is in critical condition. The fire was placed under control at 04:10 hours by the Incident Commander, Acting Battalion Chief Jerome McCaffery. No firefighter

injuries were reported. The Wilmington Fire Marshal's Office responded to investigate the cause of the fire. Thirty six fire and EMS personnel responded to the fire. The following units responded: Squrt 4, Squad Engine 3, Engine 5, Squad Engine 1, Ladder 1, Battalion 1C, Battalion 5, Deputy 2, FM10, Ambulance PA2, Ambulance PA3, Ambulance PA4, NCC EMS, Wilmington License & Inspection and Demarva Power.

Page 44, Delaware Fire Service News

Summer 2012



Terry Farrell FireFighters Fund “Surplus Equipment Program” has assisted fire departments throughout upper New York State with much needed turnout gear, hoses, tools and even several vehicles. All of this is possible through the generous support of Long Island Fire Departments. We now need the help of volunteers to assist us with • Equipment deliveries • Drive our vehicles in parades • Man our booths at Fire Dept. tournaments, festivals & functions • Assist with the collection of gear from donating department No one is paid in our organization but the feeling of helping firefighters who receive our donations and assistance and the gratitude they show to us is payment enough. To Volunteer of for more information about our fund please go to our website Or email Thank You, Brian Farrell

Terry Farrell FireFighters Fund



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Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners purchases Municipal Emergency Services Cleaning and Care Center Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners is proud to announce the purchase of Municipal Emergency Services’ NFPA 1851 Cleaning and Care Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Minerva will continue to provide quality PPE cleaning and care for all MES customers and will add capacity and many new capabilities to the North Carolina center. Minerva is excited to support MES in this dynamic market and views this as positive move that will allow MES customers to obtain additional cleaning and care services that they currently don’t have access to. With the purchase of the Charlotte facility all of the fire departments east of the Mississippi will now be able to benefit from Minerva's quality service via 1-2 day ground shipping. About Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners Since its inception in 2004, Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners has been committed to providing the firefighting community with the finest possible maintenance and care program available. Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners is fully NFPA 1851 compliant and verified by Intertek, a leading third party verification service. Minerva is recognized by all of the major manufacturers and is authorized to do extensive repairs and alterations, as well as retrofits of all types from re-stitching to replacement of trim, hardware, etc.. Our tracking system allows departments to monitor the condition of their gear so that departments are better able to manage their inventory and budget. Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners is extremely sensitive to the needs of firefighters and is committed to delivering the best service possible. Minerva offers free return shipping and prides itself in offering superior service at an extremely fair price. Their factory trained technicians provide the fastest turn-around time in the industry. Minerva Bunker Gear Cleaners currently services more than 700 departments nationwide from small volunteer departments to large metropolitan departments. Minerva has also taken the lead in developing a complete line of detergents specifically for bunker gear. Fire Soaps has been designed to provide the departments that clean their own gear with a simple, effective, economical and gentle means of cleaning their gear. Fire Soaps has been independently tested and proven to clean effectively while being more gentle on all personal protective ensembles.

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Spartan has been dedicated to enhancing the safety of firefighters for nearly four decades, and the introduction of the Spartan Advanced Protection System (APS) is the next evolution of this commitment. “A pioneering blend of industry-first airbag and safety belt protections will make firefighters safer than ever before as we leapfrog the competition with the most advanced safety system in emergency response. APS is a multi-dimensional safety system.” said Dennis Schneider, president of Spartan. All Spartan cabs will come standard equipped with APS and will offer the following innovations in cab safety: steering wheel-mounted driver airbag, supersized front side and rear side full-curtain airbags, officer and driver knee airbags, advanced seat belts with pretensioning and load limiting, restraint control module and outboard sensors around the cab perimeter. The Spartan Advanced Protection System (APS) is an unequaled occupant restraint system developed specifically for Emergency Response Vehicles. A combination of: additional airbag positions, supersized side curtain airbags, active seat belts, an intelligent system driven by outboard sensors and a breakthrough restraint control module provide best in class protection against frontal impact, side impact, rollover, and occupant ejection.

Summer 2012

Delaware Fire Service News, Page 45


This month Delaware Fire Service News looks at



AC’s Handlelok is an adjustable mounting bracket that provides secure mounting for tools, axe handles, poles, and other equipment. Its grip range is from 1/8” to 1 ¾” and the Handleloks are available with a black strap or a high visible yellow strap. The Handlelok is NFPA 1901 certified at a rated load of 10lbs. For more information please visit our website


ire Soaps - Complete Detergent Program for Bunker Gear. All new process to effectively and safely clean your Bunker Gear. Fire Soaps offers a full line of products specifically designed for use with all PPE ensembles, i.e, Bunker, EMS, Wildland, Turnout … Fire Wash™ The detergent to use when cleaning any outer shell, thermal liner and moisture barrier combination. Fire Wash™ is packaged in a unique solid formula and is used with a dispenser with a lifetime guarantee. Installs on any front loading machine. Fire Spot™ Specially formulated to clean and to help remove all types of difficult stains i.e., grease, oil, soot, tar, petroleum, bodily fluids, etc. Haz Soak™ Our unique formula has a 98% success rate in decontaminating gear at our facility. All of our products are Eco-Friendly and surpass all NFPA 1851 requirements regarding cleaning detergents.


IMTEK Corporation, provider of skid/slip-in units for Fire, Emergency services and industry, recently launched its new website, The wholly redesigned and revised website includes navigation connecting visitors to information on KIMTEK’s range of products and services. The website design has a fresh new uncluttered look and format that lets users locate information simply and effectively. KIMTEK’s president Kimball Johnson says of the launch, “ Our new web site embodies KIMTEK’s commitment to meeting the changing needs, challenges, and digital expectations of our customers. In keeping with our goal of simplifying the business process, our new site provides flexibility to change and grow as our users’ needs do.” KIMTEK is the largest producer and marketer of ATV/UTV specific skid units for public safety agencies in the U.S. Kimtek’s FIRELITE™fire/rescue skid units and MEDLITE™medical skid units are now in service in 49 states, five provinces and three territories in Canada, all branches of the military, in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, the National Park Service, numerous NASCAR tracks and sporting complexes, and in several countries worldwide. KIMTEK Corporation was founded in 1984 as a research and development company dedicated to advances in life safety technology in the fire sciences. KIMTEK manufactures and markets FIRELITE™ and MEDLITE™Transport skid units for emergency service UTVs and pick-up trucks. For more information, contact KIMTEK at 888-546-8358 or visit the company Web site at


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he Matrix 5.5kW hydraulic generator plus 2 rescue tool circuits.

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aximize the effectiveness of your crews with TFT’s Hydrant Master remotely controlled hydrant valve. Integrating reliable 900 MHz communications, pre-programmed slow open and close operations, and a digital pressure display at the pumper, this valve is the perfect tool for any pump operator establishing a hydrant water flow operation with limited staffing. To learn more about how you can improve both effectiveness and safety during initial attack operations, contact your local TFT dealer today.

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Page 46, Delaware Fire Service News

Summer 2012

Fire Marshal’s Report Arson in Millsboro

Randall Lee, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal

The Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office investigated a mobile home and shed fire that occurred on Monday, April 30, 2012 at 5:41 pm on the 22000 block of Bethel Road in Millsboro, Delaware. The Gumboro Fire Department responded to the scene and was assisted by neighboring fire departments. Upon arrival they encountered a heavy involved mobile home and shed. The home was not equipped with working smoke detectors. No injuries were reported. Damages have been estimated at $40,000. Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office Investigators have determined that the fire was intentionally started.

Dagsboro FD Responds To Dwelling Fire

Randall Lee, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office investigated a dwelling fire that occurred on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 1:45 pm on the 30000 block of DuPont Blvd in Millsboro, Delaware The Dagsboro Fire Department responded to the scene and was assisted by the Millsboro and Frankford Fire Departments. Upon arrival they encountered fire showing from the front of the dwelling. The home was not equipped with working smoke detectors. No injuries were reported. Damages have been estimated at $75,000. Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office Investigators have determined that the fire originated in the kitchen.

Delaware State Fire Marshal Investigators have determined that the fire originated in a vehicle engine under repair and was accidental in nature.

Felton Man Arrested For Arson B. Scott Bullock, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office, Headquarters Division in Kent County, has arrested a 42 year old Felton man for intentionally setting fire to his own vehicle on April 7, 2012 and charged him with Arson 2nd, Conspiracy 2nd, Insurance Fraud, and Falsely Reporting an Alleged Incident to a Law Officer. The fire that Davis set was reported on April 7, 2012 shortly before 8:00 am, near the intersection of Edwardsville Rd and Burnite Mill Rd west of Felton, DE in Kent County. The Felton Fire Company responded to the call and arrived to find a 2004 Dodge Ram pick-up truck partially in a field, fully engulfed in flames. Investigators from the Office of the State Fire Marshal determined the fire to be intentionally set with the investigation leading back to the vehicle's owner.

Felton Fire In Canterville Development

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office investigated a dwelling fire that occurred on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 1:00 pm on the 18000 block of Pettyjohn Road in Milton, Delaware The Milton Fire Department responded to the scene and was assisted by the Georgetown and Lewes Fire Departments. Upon arrival they encountered fire on the back deck with extension into the home. The home was not equipped with working smoke detectors. No injuries were reported. Damages have been estimated at $50,000. Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office Investigators have determined that the fire originated on the back deck and was caused by an electrical malfunction.

B. Scott Bullock, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office has determined that a house fire that occurred this morning, Monday, 04/16/2012, in Felton, DE was the result of an electrical failure. The fire was reported by a neighbor at 07:21 a.m. in the 300 block of Yoemans Tale Lane, in the Canterville Development, north of Felton, DE in Kent County. The neighbor witnessed smoke and fire coming from the rear of the dwelling and called 911. The neighbor then forced entry into the home and removed three adults that were sleeping in the home. All occupants of the home were safely evacuated before the Felton and Frederica Fire Companies arrived on scene. The fire was quickly extinguished and a search by firefighters found a canine inside the home and rescued the dog. Several exotic birds were found deceased inside the home. No other injuries were reported. Investigators from the Office of the State Fire Marshal responded to the scene and determined the fire began at a rear kitchen doorway and was caused when an electrical failure occurred in the fixed branch circuitry. The home did not have operating smoke detectors and damages are estimated at $5000.

One Injured In Georgetown

Fatal Fire In Odessa

Dwelling Fire Caused By Electrical Malfunction

Harry Miller, Deputy State Fire Marshal

Randall Lee, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal

Michael G. Chionchio, Assistant State Fire Marshal

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office investigated a dwelling fire that occurred on Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 1:16 am on the 25000 block of Grace Road in Georgetown, Delaware The Georgetown Fire Department responded to the scene with assistance from surrounding fire departments. Upon arrival they encountered a mobile home heavily involved in fire. An occupant of the home was transported to Beebe Medical Center for evaluation. Damages have been estimated at $7,500. Delaware State Fire Marshal Investigators have determined that the fire originated in the living room.

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's office is investigating a May 8th fire near Odessa, Delaware. One person was found dead inside the burning house. The blaze, reported shortly after 7:00 pm occurred in the 900 block of Bayview Road east of DuPont Parkway. The Odessa Fire Company arrived on the scene with flames shooting from the one story home. Firefighters discovered one person inside the home. State fire investigated the fire's origin and cause. The victim was removed from the scene by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Heavy fire damage was estimated at $100,000.

Fire Causes $325,000 In Damage

Fire Causes $450,000 In Damage

Randall Lee, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office investigated a vehicle fire that occurred on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 11:58 am on the 28000 block of Nine Foot Road in Dagsboro, Delaware The Dagsboro Fire Department responded to the scene with assistance from surrounding fire departments. Upon arrival they encountered heavy fire in the garage extending to the home and several adjacent vehicles. No injuries were reported. Damages have been estimated at $325,000.

Michael G. Chionchio, Assistant State Fire Marshal

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's office is investigated an April 20th fire that heavily damaged a home in Millville, Delaware. The blaze, reported shortly before 4:00 pm, occurred in the 29000 block of Ellis Point Court, Ellis Point. Firefighters arrived with flames engulfing the 3 ½ story townhouse. There were no reported injuries. Heavy fire damage was estimated at $450,000.

Woman Arrested For New Castle Fire

Michael G. Chionchio, Assistant State Fire Marshal

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's office has arrested a woman in connection with an April 12th building fire in New Castle, Delaware. The blaze, reported shortly after noon, occurred in the 1500 block of Surry Court, Coachman's Manor Apartments near Moores Lane. The Good Will Fire Company of New Castle responded to the scene and extinguished the fire. State fire investigators were called to the scene. The fire was deliberately started inside the occupied apartment. A victim was taking a shower when the victim heard the smoke alarm sounding inside the apartment. The victim exited the shower and discovered the fire inside the apartment. Fire damage was estimated at $500. There were no reported injuries.

Arrest Made For Fire In Apartment Complex

Robert Fox, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office Deputies have arrested a Wilmington, DE man in connection with two Arson fires at a local apartment complex. The Arson occurred at two buildings in the 5500 block of Heritage Court Dr. in the Heritage Court Apartments. Damage to the buildings was estimated at approximately $1000 for both incidents. The defendant was arraigned at Justice of the Peace Court 2 and released on $25,000 unsecured bond.

Townhouse Fire Investigated

Robert Fox, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office investigated a May 29th townhouse fire in Newark, DE. The Mill Creek Fire Company was alerted to the fire shortly after noon in the 700 block of 6th street in the Brieghton Village Townhouse community. Fire apparatus arrived with heavy fire and smoke coming from the residence. Heavy fire and smoke damage is estimated at 500,000 dollars. No injuries were reported. There was no one home at the time of the fire. The residents of the townhome are staying with family. Two adjacent town homes were also damaged by the fire.

Newark Fire Deemed Accidental

Robert Fox, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's office has determined that a May 2nd building fire in Newark, DE., was accidental. The Aetna Hose Hook and Ladder Company of Newark was alerted to a fire in the 300 block of Thorn Lane in the Studio Green Apartments shortly before noon. Fire apparatus arrived with flames coming from a first floor apartment. State Fire Investigators were called to the scene and conducted an investigation. The fire originated in the bedroom of a basement apartment and was caused by an electrical malfunction. Heavy fire and smoke damage was estimated at 50,000 dollars. There were no injuries.

Claymont Fire Company Responds To Fire

Robert Fox, Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal

The Delaware State Fire Marshal's Office has determined that an April 6th house fire in Claymont, Delaware was accidental. The Claymont Fire Company was alerted to the fire shortly before 2:00 am in the unit block of Seminole Ave. Fire apparatus arrived with fire and smoke coming from the residence. State fire investigators were called to the scene and have determined that the fire originated on the deck in the rear of the residence and was caused by discarded smoking materials. Smoke detectors alerted the residents who were asleep at the time of the fire. No one was injured in the blaze. Damage is estimated at approximately $75,000.

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