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Unlocking the Social Media Puzzle P R E S E N T E D BY D A N I E L L E TAY L O R


The different social media platforms and how to pick which are right for you

Today’s Session

Creating a social media strategy and plan including identifying what you want to achieve from social media, budget and resources.

Tips, tricks and hints on engaging with your audience, the basics of advertising and measuring success.

About the platforms - let’s start with facts! Platform

How to use it for business

Australian Statistics (% of Pop) *


Photos, videos, web links, offers, events and more!

15,000,000 Active Users (60%)


Video eg product reviews, instructional videos, etc

15,000,000 Visitors/mth (60%)


Photos, short videos (nb: no clickable links)

9,000,000 Active Users (36%)


Messaging Platform

7,000,000 Active Users (28%)


Photos (nb: time limit, mobile only, no clickable links)

6,400,000 Active Users (26%)


Blogs (now a content management system for websites)

5,800,000 (23%)


Professional – more formal, best for B2B

5,500,000 Active Users (22%)


Brand, Opinion, 280 characters of text,

5,300,000 Active Users (21%)


Microblogs, networking

3,700,000 (14.8%)


Dating site – no real business application

3,000,000 (12%)



2,900,000 Active Users (11.6%)



2,800,000 (11%)

Yelp (1.5M); Tik Tok (1.4M); Blogspot (1.2M), Flickr (450K), Pinterest (290K), Reddit (110K), MySpace & Ren Ren (70K) * Statistics by, source: Vivid Social - Social Media Agency, correct as of 31/10/19

Most common misconception – more young people are on Instagram…. Demographics in Australia

Facebook & Instagram demographics


Age Bracket



13 – 17 18 – 25 25 – 34 35 – 44 45 – 54 55 – 64 65+

624,600 3,001,550 5,497,750 3,192,400 2,498,400 1,873,800 1,544,150

551,532 2,299,608 3,103,536 1,663,944 1,000,236 476,748 261,744

• Each platform takes time to manage (and money if you are going to advertise) - you can’t do it all

How to Pick? Statistics and strategy ….

• Pick one that will work best for you and focus energy there (can always consider a 2nd or 3rd platform when you have got 1st working perfectly) • Numbers Game – Population use and your target market (NB: currently Facebook still wins on all demographics) • Top picks for business : Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tripadvisor • General rule – start with Facebook has the most users and best functionality • Match your choice to your social media strategy

• Define why you want to use social media eg Branding, marketing, sales, attract new customers, customer feedback, relationship building with customers. • What platform(s) will you use? Stats, competitor analysis, customer analysis and ideal customer

Social Media Strategy

• Resources – Skills required to use platform, marketing skills, copywriting/message writing, etc • Advertising – budget – how much to spend per month and/or campaign • Planning – goals, actions, KPIs • Measurements of success – growth, reach, engagement – analysis and application to future


• Broad reach • Ability to target particular groups • Free or Low-cost

Advantages & Risks

• Personal / relationship building • Fast distribution

• Easy (to a point) Risks: • Time & Money

• Speedy spread of wrong kind of information • Legal problems

1. Set up a Page (as well as a Profile) – a profile is private and personal but a page presents your business to the world. Hint: If you have friends it is a profile, if you have likes it is a page. 2. Complete your info - Your Facebook business page can often be the first place your visitors head to after a Google search. Make sure all of your information is up to date including your website, social links, contact information, the about section, Our Story, etc.

Top 15 Tips, tricks and hints - Facebook

3. Set up a Button – your button sits at the top right of your page and helps people connect with you – you can set it for bookings, to contact you (eg phone or website), learn more or shop. 4. Invite people to like your page – actively ask friends to like your page and when people like a post invite them to like the page. 5. Claim your Facebook vanity URL - Once your Page has 25 Likes, you can claim your vanity URL, meaning you can direct fans to a URL like “”. This helps visitors to find your page, and makes it easier for you to promote your page on other marketing materials. 6. Promote your Page - use your vanity URL in your email signature, business cards, letterhead, website, etc – help people find more out about you!

7. Experiment – try different things with your posts - use eye-catching images to go with your posts, test out various media types eg video, live video, photos, text length, etc.

8. Like Other Pages from your page and check your Pages Feed regularly. Tag other pages using their @vanityurl so they know you are tagging them. 9. Engage - Respond to comments, make comments in groups, like posts, reviews, check notifications regularly, etc 10. Share user generated content – check your Page Feed for inspiration, information, etc (don’t forget to like other pages by your page to fill this feed up with useful information)

Top 15 Tips, tricks and hints - Facebook

11. Use Events – create your own, share others that are relevant (eg if you are attending an event) or Add to Your Page (use the three dots at top of the event page – they look like this … ) & Groups - join them as Page & interact 12. Link your Instagram account – share from Instagram gets better reach but try not to double up on everything 13. Use hashtags that are relevant eg #visitnoosa but don’t overuse hashtags as it can be annoying to your readers i.e. #dontdothis #nobodylikesit #overuseisabuse #anywayitlooksugly 14. Promote your Page with Facebook Ads – from simple post boosts to Engagement ads that will grow your fan base to Lead Ads that can sell your products – there is so much available! It can be complicated but it is worth doing as it is a very affordable form of advertising!

15. Check Insights – stats and figures might seem geeky but it will give you an idea of your audience, see how you are going and show what works and what doesn’t (do more of what does) – look at your Page Likes, Post Likes, Page Reach, Post Reach, Audiences, etc – you want to see these at high levels and see improvement over time also.

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Unlocking the Social Media Puzzle Presentation  

Want to promote your business on Social Media but not really sure where to start? Or are you already on social media but not sure if it is...

Unlocking the Social Media Puzzle Presentation  

Want to promote your business on Social Media but not really sure where to start? Or are you already on social media but not sure if it is...