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Rebranding AVON with a new generation of brand identity

By a 10 year brand strategy roadmap, and reorganizing AVON product lines with a package system that unifies brand visual language,and a retail experience designed to conveys brand messages and conncets consumer emotionally.


History and sturggles facing of the brand

Avon is by far the biggest direct-selling beauty care enterprise globally with various product lines including makeup, bath&body, skincare, jewelry,fashion, home, fragrance and kids. The highly competitive market with other top beauty business giants have set them fallen behind their competitors within the recent years both financially and in the eyes of their audience. AVON suffers from a lack of identity within the highly competitive market as well as lacking customer contacts of its direct-selling business model.


Muted Sophistication

There is luxury that is with loud emphasis or beauty thatis overly defined by many, which states what should be done as a confident and attractive individual. While AVON believes beauty is a lifestyle shines from inside out, that is muted and sophisticated.


balanced living i realize beauty is a lifestyle

emotionally inspiring

witty innovation

i see the beauty in every me

it makes me curious and creative

socially caring

distinctive experience it is impressive, it surprises me

it is trustworthy and socially engaging

premium skincare



6 weeks of intensive research and discovery phase yielded a 10 year strategy roadmap and the 6 branding attributes to act as a guideline. Multiple research methods (ie. STEEPX trends, SWOT analysis, positioning matrix, consumer insights etc.) were executed to analyze the brand and finally encompass key branding touchpoints such as brand image, brand promise, customer experience, marketing and sales channel strategies.



Started with conducting STEEPX Trends Research to analyze current and future macro-environmental factors on a diverse range to explore prospective opportunities for innovation. (STEEPX refers to social, technological, economical, environmental, political and market sectors trends)



Demographics Lifestyles Consumer Advertising

Mass Migration

Aging Wolrd

Growing Popula

The world is smaller – and geographical borders are more porous – than ever that brings the “Open Arms trend” in which Consumers look to brands to help them welcome new arrivals. -Trend Watching

From 2010 to 2050 is projected to be to tilt strongly to the oldest age groups. The growing number of older people is a problem varies dramatically around the world. -PEW

The growth has be by increasing num surviving to reprod has been accomp changes in fertility urbanization and migration. -PEW

Longevity and Provenance

Embrace Technology

Slow Pace Lifes

Longevity and Provenance of Product.Consumers are buying better – looking for longevity and provenance in the products they invest in for the home.-Trend Bible

Consumers embrace a positive view of technology and rely on it as the antidote to overloaded lives. -Trend Bible

A desire to slow do life influences a focu things’. -Trend Bible




een driven largely mbers of people ductive age, and panied by major rates, increasing d accelerating

Consumer’s voracious appetite for information will only grow. -Trend Watching

(G)LOCAL: global trend x local context.Brands adapt the trend to address controversial local issues. -Trend Watching


Multitask Madness

New Normal

own the pace of us on ‘the simple e

Everyday objects embedded with innovative new functions. Eg. SP Brewery Beer case, Asiri Group of Hospitals (Sri Lanka) bus tickets promote hand-washing habits using sopa-infused paper. -Trend Watching

Celebrating diversity. Consumers look to brands to celebrate and e m p o w e r d i v e r s i t y. ( m a r r i a g e , sexuality, gender role etc.) -Trend Watching


Provide product equipped with a heart warming message, and 100% of the profits made from selling the product goes towards an amazing cause. Eg. Lush Hand of freindship soap: With an increasing number of refugees arriving in North America on a daily basis, Lush raise awareness of the plight of these families, and to generate the financial means by which to provide the relief.

DIY: playfulness & personalization

Create DIY beauty experience for “playsumer�, consumer with playful mind, incorporates fun and personalization elements. For example, homemade blending for personalized aroma of body lotion or blending your own nail-polish color. At the same time bringing in slow-pace and simple lifestyle of enjoying the living moment.

New Women: cele

Look, behave and be like a woma should, not the socie diversities, shape of body, s long/short hair, female/Tom etc.

New Anti-Aging

As the percentage of aging demand for anti-aging prod that make customer look he minimizing sign of aging on aging with active and possi

ebrating diversity

a woman that you think a ety. Celebrates the beauty of skin color, short/tall, mboy pesonality, slim/strong

g consumers increases, the ducts rise. Providing products ealthier and younger but with n packaging. Approaching itive attitude.

Multitask: multi-function

Combination of skincare and cosmetics; multi-brushes, multi funciton in one packaeg eg. a box.



Communication Entertainment Transport Healthcare R&D

Smaller, Smarter, Cheaper

All on Messaging

Rise of Virtual R

technology will get smaller, smarter and cheaper. In fact, it will get so small, smart and cheap that we’ll be able to put computers and sensors into almost anything – fridges will tell us when we’ve run out of milk, bins will tell the council when they’re full, 4K televisions will notice when we’ve stopped watching and turn themselves off to save power.soap -Trend Watching

Messaging apps become featurepacked remote controls for daily life. -Trend Watching

At the end of 201 billion mobile phon our planet, howeve is the next hot tren that 3.8 billion dolla will be generated while technology mo now is more capab feel to the experien games but also med psychologist uses i or anxiety order.-EC

Cross-Platform Integration

Self-Monitoring Biosensors

Innovative Elect

As we spend more time looking at our screens, companies are looking to improve the way our devices communicate to each other. -Entrepreneur

Prevention will become the focus as we gain greater control of our health information.Being forewarned, patients will be able to take action early, changing lifestyle habits or taking designer drugs tailored to their individual DNA.-Grey is the new black

We’re heading into improved batter will enable bette personal flying mac transportation sy space tourism and services.



Wearable Technology

16, there’ll be 8 ne conncetion on er, vertial reality nd. It’s predicted ar annual avenue by VR devices, oves forward and le to provide real nce. Not only for dical use such as it to trea phobias CONOMIST

defined everything. Softwaredefined means the control plane is abstracted from the hardware.

will make a bigger impact in the workforce.-Entrepreneur

tric Transport

3D Print and Customization

o a future where ry technology r electric cars, chines, Hyperloop ystems, private d drone delivery

personalised medicines and 3D-printed replacement organs


Jewelry like necklace, earings, or bracelet etc. with perfume inserted.

Wearable Skincare Products

Skincare products in the form of wearable skincare. Opportunities in office working environmen tor at home.

Message Avon: customer service

Designed app with aesthetic interface and emojis that brings service warm and closer to customer. Got questions? Feedback? Access AVON by simply “message� Avon.

Virtual Makeover

Partner with Virtual Maker products before ordering, down many options and e

With the Virtual Makeover picture of themselves and polish colors to mascara a

Skincare Biosens

Self-monitoring biosensor mask which autimatically gives suggestion on produ


r Studio

r Studio for customer to try out helping consumers narrow experiment with colors.

r Studio, shoppers can upload a d try on everything from nail and eyeshadow colors from their


r on wearables or even face records skincare data and uct use accordingly.


Options of colors customization.



Jobs Availability Industry Entrepreneurship Commodity Price Inflation


Crowdfunding Entrepreneur

GM: genetically

The divisions between producer, consumer, brands and customers will continue to blur.

will be the new angel investing. Entrepreneurs looking to raise money to launch or grow their startup have a new pipeline of capital available.

GM: genetically mod genetically modified synthetic meat will the growing need efficiency as popula grow. -Grey is the ne -ECONOMIST

Stable Commodity Price

Food and Water Shortage

Headline inflation will be weighted towards national labour market pressures and as a result, inflation should rise only modestly over the next two years. -UBS

Caused by failed crops in global extreme weather.

y modified

Automation Job Redundant

New Jobs

dified crops d (GM) crops and be responses to for greater food ations continue to ew black

Automation and Job Redundant. What it could be like: Rather than humans working with machines, automation is likely to make some jobs redundant: taxi drivers replaced by self-driving Uber cars; receptionists replaced by robots; doctors outclassed by algorithms that can plug into vast medical databases; and travel agents wiped out by trip-planning, flight-booking web services. --Grey is the new black

Obviously, there will also be new jobs created: the computer engineer/ mechanic who fixes the self-driving Uber taxis; programmers; genome mappers and bioengineers; space tour guides; and vertical farmers. Technology will continue to disrupt businesses and eliminate jobs, creating new professions we can’t yet envisage.-Grey is the new black


Customers engage in the producing process.

GM Ingredients for Products

Using genetically modified (GM) or and synthetic crops for greater food efficiency for growing pupulation.

Support Crowdfunding

Finacially support crowdfuning female entrepreneur.




El NiĂąo Pollution Water and Food Shortage Sustainability Value

Extreme Weather: El NiĂąo

Ocean Pollution

Sustainable Livi

El Nino Effect around the globe from Asia to Pacific. Extreme weather is predicted to last for months which will bring food and water shortage as crops fail in Central America. African city, Malawk will be the worst effective with drought problem.

Devastating plastic trash in the ocean causes death of sea birds and fish, also making food chain toxic for human which leads to more infertility, birth defect or cancer. The Ocean Cleanup project is being launched in Netherlands with an artificial coastline floating to catch plastic.

Growing consum sustainable living. changing their re chemicals, cleanlin and are demandi products in all aspe -BEAUTY STAT


mer interest in Consumers are elationship with ness and health ng eco-friendly ects of their lives.

No Chemical Cleanliness

Products are positioned more as “enhanced natural� rather than timereversing. Chemical cleanliness is no longer taken for granted as a goal. Consumers now take a critical perspective on water use, from both a health and environmental perspective. -EY


Having event of recycling the package like cosmetics jar or encouraging fufilling the content using old jar

Ocean Cleanup Project

Support ocean cleanup project.


Products are positioned more as “enhanced natural” rather than time-reversing.




Olymptic US Presidential Election Islamic World

2016 Summer Olymptic Brazil

U.S. Presidential Election

Uncertainty, Ris

The 2016 Summer Olympics, commonly known as Rio 2016, is a major international multi-sport event in the tradition of the Olympic Games due to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 5 to 21 August 2016.

U.S. President Election ( issues: gun control, immigration, taxes, climate change, Syrian Refugees, healthcare, abortion, death penalty, same sex marriage etc.)

Islamic World: Unc Decline. Mashhad Capital of Islamic world aimed at boo among Muslim coun activities of Muslim Muslim countries unity, promoting Is and interfaith dialog

se or Decline

certainty, Rise or d, 2017 Cultural c World. Islamic osting interactions ntries, enhancing countries in non, strengthening slamic proximity gue.�


Having advertising video that engages in current issues like same sex marriage, abortion, immigration, US presidential race etc. Avon is a kind of woman who isn’t afraid to speak out.


Cautiously taking the beautiful cultural elements from various religions, to enhance understanding beauty of each religion; and therefore further increase appreciation and at the same time reduce conflicts and misunderstandings.



Beauty Care In Broader Senses DIY Formulation Go Greener Biotech

New Era Beauty Care

DIY Formulation

Natural & Organ

Beauty industry is no longer only selling cosmetics and skincare products, but usually selling a lifestyle or promoting beliefs that connect consumer emotionally. Beauty is now at a broader sense, it can be enjoying an afternoon tea me time, jogging, experiment makeups or have no makeups; it can be defined in vairous kinds, conventional and unconventional.

Consumers are looking for more beyond functionality, but as well as the sense of DIY, customization, and playfulness throughout beauty care experience. Products like perfume blending, customized eye shadows are some of the new stars.

Consumers are loo beauty products, na are new conside consuming while issues are more awa



oking for greener atural and organic erations when environmental ared.

Biotech is still hot for R&D, developing more derma products focusing on anti-aging and etc.


Beauty Care In Broader Senses.DIY Formulation.Go Green

Organice Products Pro-Aging Products DIY Blending at Home Sustainability in products and package




Using SWOT analysis as an in-depth framework to understand how AVON compares with competitors within the beauty industry by identifying the core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the brands.

According to user experience, I categorized the branding touchpoints into 4 phases : Before Purchase, After Purchase, During Purchase and All The Time.



Community Involvement

Advertising, PR,discount,coupons, events,celebrity,sales channel


Brand Image

social media, ratings and review,G(L)OCAL engage,support causes, party and events



Visual Identity


website, logo, package, color&material,commercial video

BP Before Purchase


order, billing,website, online help center,follow ups, thank card,promotion,catalog,email, beauty counselling

brand messages/beliefs, stories, personality, visual language, slogan,events,causes support




After Purchase


order, billing,website, online help center,follow ups, promotion,catalog, email, beauty counselling

DP During Purchase


All The Time



Interviewing real people to get inspiration for rebranding AVON. Asking opinions from both women and men, as well as different age groups, on perception of beauty and confidence or the usage of beauty products.

1.What do you enjoy doing? Why? I like gardening and cooking of satisfaction from making something and being really focus. Before getting married 2 years ago, I was more career-driven and love traveling comparing to now, I'm more home-driven and enjoy creating everyday thing at home. I love to do more outdoors activities like hiking, at this age I'm more aware of exercising is good for body shape (I didn't have to work for good shape when I was younger). I like visiting museum for inspiration and just for fun.

Stella Kalinina professional photographer Age: 35 Gender: female Location: from Russia, lives in CA

2. Your favorite color? Why? I used to like saturated colors before I came to ArtCenter. Now, I like less saturated colors more. It feels more natural. 3. Your favorite kinds of music? jazz, instrumental, acoustic, alternative 4. One person that inpires you the most? An ArtCenter teacher who is a accomplished w o m a n w i t h c a r i n g p e r s o n a l i t y. S h e ' s comfortable of what she is with happy mindset as a career woman, professor, a mother of two boys. I love her natural look and beautiful long hair. 5. "When you were a girl" stories... When I was young, I felt I'll be judged by how I look. Now I care less about it, however, looking back, I appreciate all those I've been through when I was younger. I guess it's also relevant to Russian's beauty value that women don't leave home without makeups. I used to wear more makeups in my teenage and early 20s, now I feel more confident without makeups; and realized goodlooking is meaningless, it doesn't change you life, it is passion, people, career and family that matter more.

6. What do you think is beauty? As a photographer, I prefer more natural beauty instead of artificial beauty. I like the effortless imperfect beauty of french women, it comes really natural, and it's about both external and internal beauty. Also, I once shoot for a woman with breast cancer, she shines with her caring heart and positive attitude towards life. 7. What do you think that shapes a person's personalities? Education, traveling, parents, friends, relationship, work, religion 8. What products do you use? Now I'm more conscious on preserving in skincare. Natural oil free moisturizer with light sunscreen(juicebeauty); eyecream(juicebeauty); moisturizer(aqua); foundation(Dr. Hauscha,very natural); mascara(differnt brands-Wholefood/Amazon); facewashing; blush (brings colors); lipstick (different brands) 9.How do you feel about makeups? I like makeups that make a slightly better version of me which is very natural and still keep the real me. For example, Shestock is women-focus photography that emphasizes on natural standpoint of showing real women and appreciation to motherhood. That's beautiful for me.

I like makeups that make a slightly better version of me which is very natural and still keep the real me.


1.What do you enjoy doing? Why? Cooking and baking are ways to relax by happiness of making something editble. Browing fashion blogs and magazines, I like trying out new combinations of clothes and styles. 2. Your favorite color? Why? Depends on mood. But I really like different shades of blue, on clothing, it easily goes with anything and with denim texture is even better! 3. Your favorite kinds of music? indie and folk, I like happy music Michelle Affandy student Age: 19 Gender: female Location: from Indonesia, lives in CA

4. What's your style? I'm still experimenting to see what's best for me. 5. Have you perception to beauty changed? When I was 16, I like smoky and rocker kind of makeup looks, like all black and brown, then after trying I realized it's not suitable for me, it makes my eyes look smaller. Now I prefer more simple makeup with eye shadows of brwon, grey and silver colors. Colors like red, pink or blue are like performer's makeup for me. Also, I choose makeup colors based on what I wear,too.

6. What do you think is beauty? Looks appealing, nice features match well together, people comfortably carry themselves with confidence. 7. What is confidence? ability to be comfortable with your own skin, and to stand up to wha you believe. eg. Alexa Chung, Emma Watson 8. What products do you use? eyeshadow(NAKED), eyeliner/ eyebrow(Channel), mascara roller lash(benefit), lipvalm(Nars,L'occitane) 9.How do you feel about makeups? exciting, happy of me putting effort to look nice, the makeup process is enjoyable like painting. I always like looking up for youtube tutorials like "jen frmheadtotoe "and try out new look. 10.What do you think that shapes a person's personality? culture, value, personality

When I was 16, I like smoky and rocker kind of makeup looks, like all black and brown, then after trying I realized it's not suitable for me


1.What do you enjoy doing? Why? Gardening(sense of accomplishment, that you I can see the actual growth of my green onion, chili, ginger and other vegetables), cooking, stay at home, sleep 2. Your favorite color? Why? I used to like baby pink, I feel it's younger version of pink. Now I like hot pink a lot because it is sexy and mature. 3. Your favorite kinds of music? pop, saxphone, bossa nova

Christine Meng public relations Age: 27 Gender: female Location: from Taiwan, lives in Texas

4. One person that inpires you the most? My mom, she teaches me everything like relationship with people and my personalities. 5. Have you perception to beauty changed through ages? Yes, when I was teenager, beauty is more external for me and also trends-following. But now I feel beauty comes more from inside of a person, a beautiful heart and confidence is the key.

6. What is confidence? freedom? Confidence is belief in yourself, knowing what you're doing and why you're doing. Freedom is doing what you want to do but doesn't against moral value. 7. What products do you use? skincare (Biotherm,L'Oreal,KOSE), foundation(Dior), eyebrow(M.A.C, KATE), eyeshadows(whatever), toner, cleanwash, eyeliner(Dior,KATE), Dr.Wu 8.What do you think that shapes a person's personality? family, experience, peole, events, accidence 9.Differences between girls and women? Girls are still finding themselves while women are with more experiences on work or relationship.

when I was teenager, beauty is more external for me and also trendsfollowing. But now I feel beauty comes more from inside of a person, a beautiful heart and confidence is the key.


1.What do you enjoy doing? Why? I like physical activities such as running and hiking, I like freshair and it gives me better mental and physical state, to skin, too. 2. Your favorite color? Why? Turquiose. Aqau and ocean feeling, I love swimming. In terms of wearing, black and grey are my favorite because they don't clash with other things. 3. Your favorite kinds of music? everything except for country and classical

Emily Harrington student Age: 21 Gender: female Location: from Boston, lives in CA

4. "When you were a girl" stories... I used to only wear A&F, American Eagles and Holister when I was teenager. 5. Differences of girls and women? Girls are still finding themselves while women already found their style but still changing,too. 6. Have your perception to beauty changed though ages? From barbie fake looking to natural look with little makeup.

7. What is confidence? comfortable with yourself, belief in universal acceptance to yourself. belief in your ability to do evrything you want. 8. What products do you use? foundation, powder, primer, contour powder, highlight powder, eyebrow, eyeliner, gel/ pencil (Kate Von D, Aritaun, Mar Jacob, Nars, Clinique, Smash Box, Urband Decade, too face, hourglass, milk 9.How do you feel about makeups? makes me more confident 10.What do you think that shapes a person's personality? nurture, family style, financial

Girls are still finding themselves while women already found their style but still changing,too.


1.What do you enjoy doing? Why? making and creativng things like cards DIY and sewing, my brain never stops working all the time. hiking (reminds me of my childhood in U.K. country side). shpping for art supplies and clothes. reading books and magazine or online news 2. Your favorite color? Why? I like dark grass green, that gives me fressh. nature. happy and clean feelings that remind me of my childhood in U.K. country side.

Naz student & work in fashion industry Age: 29 Gender: female Location: Half Iranian half British,mostly grew up and now lives in CA.

I grew up with a cultural-strong point of view of makeups that my grandma sees beauty as power

3. "When you were a girl" stories... (tomboy girl to makeup) When I was younger in my teenage years while I was studying high school in U.S., I was a tomboy girl, I was in girl basketball team. I didn't care and wear much makeups until my dad sent me to stay in Iran for several months. (Iranian politics and social perception to beauty) Fro women in Iran, wearing makeups or any action related to beauty, even plastic surgery is considered a huge identity tool that shows your rebellion to the political oppression to women's appearance; it's more about the opinion expression. From 1979 to 1989, there was a revolution, it has been a long time that beauty of women has been restircted a lot by society and politics, for example, makeups were not allowed for during a period of time. After a long-year struggling, women in Iran now can wear makeups, wears the scarf they like except for their head and body still has to be covered/ However, no face covering, Iranian women hate face covering. Face is the biggest area that is not covered by Chador, so women spend time on facial makeup, that they used to have an artistic kind of eybrow drawings in the past for unmarried women which i ofund very special. There are various kinds of Chador. (me in teenage) My personality has been changing to I guess 3 stages during my teenage years, freshman, junior, and senior year. My whole family moved to U.S. from U.K. when I was 10, I had a strong feeling that I wasn't belong here ,I hate everyone around and i hate American culture. My classmates called me terrorist. When I was around 14 years old, I was very aggressive, masculine and opinionated. I always fighted with people and got into troubles. At that age, people think getting into troubles is a sign of being "cool", I have some friends of bad influences at the time. I played in basketball team and didn't wear makeup. And turning into softmore year, I had more friends and somehow realized that getting into troubles isn't a cool thing. I dropped off sports like basketball team because some girls told me that'd make me being considered as lesbian. Then, I started to wear a little makeups during senior year; I was studying in Iran at the time, when lots of girls would think my classmate who wear heavy makeups is "slutty" whic I didn't think so. I feel at that time, all of us coudn't wait to graduate and get out of high school, that was a time I wanted to leave, and a time with huge peer pressure. After that, I got into my first college in Chapman University and had my first boyfriend, I started to dress more girly and care more about my appearance.

3. Have your perception to beauty/good-looking changed through ages? I grew up with a cultural-strong point of view of makeups that my grandma sees beauty as power; However, for me, I do feel more powerful and confident when I wear makeupps but I also feel 100% confident without makeup. For me, makeups may change my appearance, but just a little better version of me. I'm kind of the person that don't feel weak, I feel more powerful and confident most of the time. 4. What is confidence? What is freedom? Confidence is, I don't care people that don't matter and I do what makes me feel comfortable. Freedom for me is a valuable thing, that I grew up with restrictions and have seen women's rights in middle east being taken away. I believe freedom is the will and ability to physically move yourself, like as simple as leaving your own house. And of course, freedom is about clothing, expression and lifestyle,too. Basically wear what you like, express your opinions, and the lifestyle you're happy with. 5.Differences between girls and women? Girls see beauty from more external based on first impression while women see beauty in depper level, more internal and sometimes even with flaws. Girls have more to learn, are naive, open to experiences, and seek for acceptance from others. Women are more expereinced in life and are more confident. I think age isn't always relative, it depends on experience and culture. Some young people can have experienced a lot an being mature while some don't. For me, at this age, I still feel like a girl, not woman, like I still try fun stuffs and don't take things too seriously.

6.What skincare product do you use? Mine are really simple. I have face scrupt, moisturizer from Avida as daily care, I like this brand because it's plant base and good for sensitive skin like me. I always prefer products that are mositurizing like Clinique, just because my skin is dry, I'm not a brand-specific person. I usually buy a lot of products just because I think I have to, it's good for my skin but ended up not using them. I feel I don't really need it, eventhough my mom bought me eyewrinkle cream. I guess I still have that little tomboy me kept inside, that I don't really care about skincare. I only use face mask every 2 weeks. Face mask for me is to relax and have reward for myself. 7.What makeup products do you use? I don't like M.A.C, it's too qrtifical and dry, I don't like how it feels on my skin. I prefer lightweight makeup, like foundation from Tooface "born this way" series. My eyebrow pencil and lipstick is from elf, I like it's cheap and it works well. I always lose my lipsick, it's too small to be always left or dropped at somewhere, so I usally buy cheap lipstick. For lipstick colors, I like dark red, pink, orange and purple for special event. Black for me is too young and trendy, kind of inappropriate for me. 8.What do you think that shapes a person's personality? culture, family, education, friends, work. Work can plays a big role in beauty,too. For example, my sisters are sicentists, they tend to put less makeups at work so people think they're more serious at science and prefessional. Here's interesting discussion on how women balance their choice of beauty between own will and social perception from either genaral society or their own profession criteria. For me, I believe my works speak louder than my look, so I'd dress even more female when I presenting my design works. One of my friend in school from prodcut design once told me that she doesn't dress up too much because she doen't want to look fuckable. I believe this is so wrong, that our dress has to do with emphasis on sexuality not freedom of choice. I've experienced being judged when I dressed too male and now dressed very girly, I don't really care now.


Tomo Ogino Freelance graphic designer Age: 37 Gender: female Location: from Japan, lives in CA Other: Mom of a 5-month-old baby boy Hiroto, have been together with her husband Jeremy for 6 years and married for 4 years.

1.What do you enjoy doing? Why? I enjoy travelling, for getting new ideas and excitement as a lot of my time spent now is at home with my baby, I only go out for meeting clients and friends. I've been to many places of Japan, lieke Kyoto and Kanazawa to explore the history of my culture. And also other places like Mexico, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Norway and so on. I learned a lot about how to really live life from North European people, and also appreciate their respect to neutral gender and bother genders. Other than travelling, I like organizing people, bringing people together and also the time with my baby. It's fascinating to see how he grows so fast, I'm now more appreciated to my family, culture background and also feel a strong responsibility to pass the good to next generation. 2. Your favorite color? Why? As a designer, I almost like all kinds of colors. But if I had to choose, blue for sure, dark blue, it's very calm and professional. 2. What kind of music do you like? I'm not a music person, only listen classical music when driving. Most of the time I prefer quiet environment, maybe with a little bit sounds from nature like birds singing is enough for me. Music distracts me especially when I'm working. I prefer serene and Zen. 3. One person that inspires you the most? Charles & Eames, they're my hero. I like their attitude of experimenting various things and the playfulness in their works.

4. "When you were a girl" stories... and differences of girls and women? For me, from a girl to a woman it's hard to seperate in just two stages, it's more like a long process of tranforming. I have been trhoough 3 phases(under 18, 18 to 23, 23 to 27, now): under 18 was my pure girl stage. I was born in country side of Japan, I was naive and pure. Only until my 18, I moved to Tokyo then started to care more about fashion trends. From 18 to 23, I started to care more about my life, like education and career. During 23 to 27, when I had a job in marketing company, that itme was about exploring my styles on appearance(which now I consider as shallow beauty) and seek for career growth. Now after 27, I'm more settled, being more serious about life decision. I have an amazing husband and a lovely baby, I'm satisfied, it's not about just me like before anymore. 6. Have your perception to beauty changed though ages? I used to spend lots of time and effort on my appearance, either face makeups or hair. I spent almost 200 dollars each month just for hair when I was younger. But now, I don't care too much about external beauty now, even wrinkles, I don't care. I am wise and more confident of being who I am now. 7. What is confidence? For me confidence comes from inner side for sure, it comes from efforts and time you spent on. I failed a lot, that makes me understand the olrd and people more. And I believe all the failures I've been through make me more confident. Either it is for profession or relationship, that were failures taugh me what is right and wrong. 8. What is beauty? Beauty for me is, in Japanese we say "Wabisabi", it means imperfectly perfect, it's rough with uneveness and flaws. Like these vases and plates Jeremy and I have been collecting for long from places we travelled to, they're not perfect with flaws but have a natural beauty inside.

9.What skincare prodcuts do you use? MUJI(organic, from retail stores), Fresh (natural ingredients, always my first prority), ThinkBaby body lotion (I use baby products for Hiroto, sometimes he would lick my arms or other parts of body, so I'd use products that are non-toxic even if he swallows. For skincare products, I keep them as simple as I can, after 30 years old, I don't spend more than 50 dollars on these products. I usually know a brand or product from friends. I don't buy products from super store, I only purchase them directly from the retail store of the brand or online, I feel it's more fresh that way. Also, I don't really try brands I don't know well. 10.How do you think of AVON? I think they should have more touchpoints or contacts to customers, I don't know much about them. I only saw their samples in hotels sometimes, that's it.

Beauty for me is, in Japanese we say "Wabisabi", it means imperfectly perfect, it's rough with uneveness and flaws.


1.What do you enjoy doing? Why? Concert, hang out with friends, video games, music, play piano, reading random news, daydreaming(be successful, do what you want, be a head of company) 2. Your favorite kinds of music? deep house, tech house, soul, jazz, indie, electronic, classical. I like how music is mixed with unusual, gives a sens of mix harmony.

Thomas Wibowo student Age: 28 Gender: male Location: from Indonesia, lives in CA

3. One person that inpires you the most? My mom, she's an entrepreneur, she is very analytical and critical when shopping. She would always has opinions on something, for example the material and manufacture of a purse. I guess this has a lot of impact on me. 4. "When you were a boy" stories... When I was younger (like teenage), my 2 sisters would buy me clothes and bring me to salon, told me what I should wear and how I style my hair; that was when I gradually start to care about my appearance more. Not only my sisters but also my parents are all critical when it comes to good-looking or clothing style, so that influences me a lot. 4. Have your perception to beauty/goodlooking changed through ages? Ye s , i t h a s c h a n g e d f r o m m o r e f o c u s on physical appearance to a person's personalities (confidence, humor, ambition). And I think this applies to both men and women. In terms of physical appearance, I used to like Kpop when I was around 1316 but now my preference to music,movie or fashion style beocmes more international. 6. What is confidence? knowing what you want to do, how you do it and why you do it; opend for opportunities and imputs from others. 6. What skincare products do you use? bodywash (Tom Ford), facewash (SK-II), lotion (SL-II), toner (SK-II), serum (Tom Ford), Sunscreen/acne treats (OBAGI), thickening hair (Nioxin), lipvalm

6. Do you use makeup products? No, I never. I think makeup is too much for men, I'm just lazy and don't see the need of it. But I like perfume, compare to skincare, is more enjoyable, sometimes I'll keep the bottle just because I like the package design. I do agree that perfume is like makeup to women for me, it adds extra plus to style. Perfume is like a constant aroma diffuser around me, so when I pick perfume, I care about my preference more than how would others think of me.

I do agree that perfume is like makeup to women for me, it adds extra plus to style.

I got Bijan dha when I was 18/ This one from Dolce 7 Gabban is too mainstream for me, and the smell is chemical and artifical which I don't like/ I like how Frederic is intended to be artificial, and smells good. 6. How do you feel about skincare? Skincare for me is more like problems shooting, I just don't want my skin to get worse, especially I do smoke. I don't really enjoy the process because it takes so much time. It there's a product that has "all-in-one" function, I'll love it. 7.What do you think that shapes a person's personality? I believe personalities change while characters don't. Personalities are more external like sense of humor, they change through nurture (events, people, how you're raised), through time (changing all the time). And characters are something deeper inside like for example how you react to things. 8.Differences between boys and men? Generally, way of perceiving the world and people is different. Boys don't care what's happening around the world. They wear clothes that intentionally make them look more tough, mature, masculine and powerful; or they where anything casual just to show the sense of freedom. While men are more mature with experiences in life and are more respectful to people with appropriate manners; also, they're comfortable of who they are and more responsible on what they're wearing .(no visual assaulting!)

Skincare for me is more like problems shooting


1.What do you enjoy doing? Why? visit new places, photography, traveling (fresh feeling, travelling is like a comma in life) hiking, video games 2. Your favorite color? Why? Blue. A lot of people think blue is a sad color but I don't think it is. I like it because it's flexible, it can be both formal and casual.

Brian Liu student Age: 19 Gender: male Location: from Taiwan, lives in CA

3. One person that inspires you the most? My dad. He made a lot of important decisions for my life while at the moment I might not have understood why he pushed me to do something that I don't like but as I grow older, I realized that he did the right thing, he looks at things in bigger picture. For example, he pushed me on English learning and transferred me to international school when I was in junior high. 4. "When you were a boy" stories... I think I never got really confused about my life, I always love drawing since I was little and I always know I'd do something related to arts in the future. Other than interests, I used to be fat when I was younger, I decided to go on a diet and exercise more when I got into new school, I'm now more outgoing than before due to my appearance change, I'm more confident when talking to people. 5. Differences of boys and men? For me, 18~20 is when boys turning to men. Boys don't care about a lot of things, they're still finding themselves, playing around and accepting new things; also value peers' opinions more. Men have rsponsibilitis to himeself, his career, school and appearance and have better taste on quality clothes.

6. Have your perception to beauty changed though ages? I always care about external beauty more, I don't believe in inner beauty. For me, external beauty like muscle and big eyes is 70% while inner beauty matters 30%. For clothing, I followed what's on trends when I was younger but now I prefer simple and minimal style. 7. What is confidence? freedom? belief in yourlef. no worries. 8. What skincare products do you use? only facewash and with no brand peferences, I don't really care 9.How do you feel about makeups? I don't use makeup products at all but I do use hair gel sometimes for formal occasion like presentation. However, I hate how it's so difficult to wash out, if it's easier to wash out, I think I'd use it more often.

I followed what's on trends when I was younger but now I prefer simple and minimal style.

10.What do you think that shapes a person's personality? f a m i l y, e x p e r i e n c e s , f r i e n d s , l i v i n g environment




The Creator

Per the name, the Creator tor. They believe in cultiv desire of their lives is to f art or die. Believers in da writer, painter, dancer, sc ures; most celebrities, Ge

Ambitious Entrepreneur

Age: 30-45 Living: Urban cities Income:90-110K Educaiton: MBA Work: Entrepreneur, producer, creative director Preferences: Always on the go, balance of career and family life, family is important, “me�time is crucial, spa, workout, new tech products


r is the artist, the imaginative thinker and innovavating talent, skill and visualization. The core feel their creating has meaning and purpose, make aydreaming and following their inner voice. The culpture are all creator archetypes. Famous figdetermined / daring / dauntless / eorgia O’Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Isadora Duncan. witty / delightful / independent / balanced

“To serve as a leader, live a balanced life and apply ethical principles to make a significatn difference.””

Modern Creative Age: 25-30 Living: Hometown and currently licing in urban city Income: 90-110K Educaiton: Colledge Work: Strategies manager, Innovator Preferences: Trying out new technology,love weekend jogging or weekday street running at night, art&design events,concerts, interested in people


willing to try new tech / creative / unique taste / active / open-minded

Elegant Sophistication Age: 40-55 Living: Hometown L.A. and currently licing in Paris Income: 90-100K Educaiton: Colledge Work: Color&Material Designer Preferences: enjoys reading, slow pace morning coffe, leather accessories, loves and be inspired by traveling, cultural elements, bathing with Prosecco, wine tasting


Elegant / sophisticated / be-you-tiful / value variety of women / wise / exotic

Witty Advocator Age: 25-55 Living: Hometown North European suburban currently living in urban cities Income: 30-100K Educaiton: Colledge Work: NGOs council chair Preferences: Environmental-related issues, live am organic lifestyle, enjoy cooking and handmaking soap, appreciate eveything natural,eco-friendly car, low-saturated colors

Early Adopters

sympathetic / humanitarian / advocate / care about social issue / organic lifestyle

Muse Fashionista Age: 25-35 Living: Hometown Paris and currently licing in New York Income: 60-120K Educaiton: Colledge Work: Public Relations Preferences: Fashion show, social party, interested in people, vacation on beach, luxurious lifestyle, swimming

Early Adopters

intelligent / sexy / charming / socialble / creative / fashion sense

Well-dressed Perfectionist Beauty care isn’t just need, it’s a lifestyle.

gender: male age: 28-35 age: hometown Italy now lives in New Y education: bachelor of fashion occupation: stylist income: 90-110k brief: He is especially meticulous about grooming and appearance, he would sp significant amount of time and money o shopping as part of this. interests: fashion, friends hang out, part wine tasting, skincare, hair styling, shop car, workout, home deco, explores nice must have: access to latest trends, stab income, time to workout, health supplem needs: skincare products, hairstyling pro ucts, trendy clothing, nice car, wine, gym membership,girfriend that accepts who pain points:

Early Adopters


detail-oriented / meticulous / fashionable / self-control / healthy living / sociable / sensitive / emotional

his pend a on

ties, pping,bars ble ments odm he is “You just can't walk past a Banana Republic store without making a purchase.�

Explorer Parents Adventure seeker

“We used to travelled on our own, now we travel with each other.”

gender: both location: hometown Malaysia and gapore age: 30-35 education: occupation: strategiest mom.busin income: 30-100k brief: both used to be adventurous Now they’re married, entering a ne commited relationshop and never travelling together with each other preferences/interests: children edu trip, travelling, reading, writing blog treme sports, outdoors, healthy life cal preservatives must have: stable income for fami needs: baby products, outdoors pr home accesories, connection to fa time, time for travelling, weekend f day-care pain points: balanced life, need mo hanging out with friends or night o a bar

“We enjoy being inspired by places we’ve traveled, now we hope it does to our little one,too.”

Early Majority

Spain,now Sin-

ness man dad

s backpackers. ew life phase of stop exploring, r and their baby. ucation, family g, outdoors, exe without chemi-

adventurous / open-minded / unstoppable / positive / laidback / balanced /home-oriented / wild

ily roduct, descent amily, personal family time, baby

ore time for out dating time to “I am enjoying my son’s admiration for me, while it lasts because people always say, "Once they grow up, they won't want to be with you!"”

Adveturous Wanderer

“No wave, no life. The wave is good. My life is good.” “It feels great to stretch, flex and just breathe.”

gender: female location: hometown Hongkong,now Taipei age: 28-35 education: business strategy occupation: digital advertising, writer, event planner (creative industry) income: 50-70k brief: She’s a creative worker with sophistica state of mind. She’s a woman with unique p of view, sympathetic mind and curious eyes. She travels a lot, travelling is her meditation She is adaptable as water. She can be pass ately hot as July sunshine and sophisticately calm like an October lake. preferences/interests: people, nature, travel yoga, surfing, meditation, vintage interior, vin tage car, vintage furniture, exotic textiles, ar events must have: stable income, leisure time, insp tion, friends, family, good books to read needs: a job with higher pay and fits her inte ests in people and culture, stable relationshi pain points:

Early Majority

ated point . n. siony

l, nrt



visionary / aspiring / thoughtful / artistic / energetic / compassionate / unique / goal-oriented / independant /spirited / creative /adaptable

Free-Spirit Rebel Exploring who am I.

gender: female age: 15-19 location: Los Angeles,US education: high school occupation: high school student income: 0 brief: She’s continuously changing the nition of who she is, while expereincing fashion. As teens, she seems to be pre dictory. She wants independence, yet support. She’s engrossed in each othe yet she is self-absorbed. She creates d desires inner peace. She cries to show sadness, yet she also cries in great ha interests: friends, be cool, boys, lip glo makeup, food, shoes, beauty care, mu cert, parties, new challenges must have: to be fit in with their peers, tance by peer group, self uniqueness needs: hair-styling products, beauty pr gloss, makeup, music, access to fashio nail-polish products, unique clothes pain points: body dissatisfaction, peer unsure about future, contradiction

Late Majority

e very defig with etty contrashe needs er’s lives, drama, yet w great appiness. oss, usic, con-

, accep-

roducts, lip on trends, pressure,

contradictory / whimsical / aspiring / curious / alive / experiencing / energetic / fretful / rebelious / courageous / young

Home Man Home is man’s castle.

gender: male age: 45-55 age: hometown Berlin now lives in L.A. education: bachelor of economics occupation: HR manager income: 110-150k brief: He’s an alpha male as diligent work tious decision maker, loving husband and gentle father of two teenagers. He enjoys places importance on having and spendin with his family. interests: time with family, comfort style c enjoys afternoon nap on weekends, swim night jogging, guitar, prefer a night in with board game than a night on the town, gol must have: stable income to support fami jogging with himself, being supportive em ly and physically to his family needs: home products, comfort style cloth guitar, golf supplies, running shoes pain points: Finding he has no idea what teenage son and daughter are talking abo stress from work


ker, cauda s and ng time

clothes, mming, ha lf ily, night motional-


his out,

family oriented / manliness strength/ gentle nurturance / communicativeness / emotionally response / honest / diligent /cautious



Using positioning matrices to see where and how AVON and its competitors fit to the market.


X: brand image Y: sales channel (marketing)

360 degree marketing campaign Dior Maybelline L'ANCOME DOVE Neutrogrna LUSH L'OREAL ESTEE LAUDER muted brand image

M.A.C Glossier


Body Shop

high brand image



single channel marketing campaign

OPPORTUNITY: One of the cruicial goal for AVON is to raise brand image and awareness, 360 degree integrated marketing is a key to increase customers contacts through various marketing touchpoints, such as print, digital, in-store or social media.


X: product (artificial-natural) Y: product (plain-interesting)


LUSH Body Shop

M.A.C Maybelline








OPPORTUNITY: A lot of scientific brauty products have more interesting or fun features such as blending eye shadows from M.A.C. Natural beauty prodcuts are with less fun features but just plain claim for natural ingredients or look the product provide; therefore, there is an opportunity to make natural products more fun, in order to not only attract customers who love nature but also other groups with playful and adventurrous mind, especially younger demographics.


X: product (boring/fun function) Y: Research&Development (tech)


NEW AVON boring (pure functional)

joyful/fun (emotional) (experience)


OPPORTUNITY: Technology never stops growing, and it a sign and a tool for innovation. Either it is bio or wearable technology, they're having more and more impact on beauty industry. Applying technology to enhance the fun or joyful part of prodcut experience is an opportunity whilewas many of current technology applied on beauty products focus the most on utility.


X: product(utility) Y: price

premium Dior M.A.C Body Shop Neutrogrna

high utility& performance



LUSH REVLON Maybelline


DOVE Glossier BEAUTYCOOUNTER pocket friendly

OPPORTUNITY: There is always room for R&D improvement.

low utility& performance


X: product (boring/fun function) Y: Research&Development (tech)

health BEAUTYCOOUNTER Neutrogrna Body Shop

Glossier sceintific


DOVE natural


M.A.C Dior Maybelline cosmetics

OPPORTUNITY: The desire to return to natural lifestyles is rising around the world. Living a healthy natural and organic lifestyle includes drinking and eating organic and natural foods, as well as using organic products on your skin. Natural cosmetics and healthcare/skincare products are definitely a big opportunity area.


X: personality Y: income

high income elegant sophistication wild parents

home man

witty advocator

modern creative alternative meditator

ambitious entrepreneur

conservative. settled


adventurous. curious

muse fashionista


well-dressed perfectionist

young seekers

low income

OPPORTUNITY: AVON has been empowering women for more than a hundred years, with strong brand tradition and history; However, the challenge of being an old brand is especially the declining brand awareness among youn demographics. Efforts on strengthening brand's personality is an opportunity to attract innovators customer such as young seekers, modern creative, wild parents, alternative meditator and etc.



CH 2.1 B R A N D I N G S T R AT E G Y

STRATEGY FOCUS Short-term Strategy (0~3 year) Raising Brand Image

Middle-term Strategy (3~5year) Integrated Marketing

Long-term Strategy (5~10 year) High-end, High-tech

Short-term Strategy (0~3 year)

Raising Brand Image First few years of brand development would focus on raising brand reputation and building a new brand image in consumer's mind, and attracting younger demographics. Visual brand language should be unified on media such as website and blogs ,as well as ads photography and package. To conncet with consumers more, expanding retail locations is needed for tangible brand experience contains fun and customized elements. In addition, printed and online magazine would be launched for more consumer contacts.

Middle-term Strategy (3~5year)

Integrated Marketing Promoting beauty care in a broader sense, beauty care is not only about cosmetics and skincare but is a lot more such as fitness and travel. Look for cooperation opportunities with hotels, spas, trainer, nutritionist, styler, designer, artists etc., aim for more integrated marketing and extended possibilities of product line. Hold events for professions and community to engage witht he brand.

Long-term Strategy (5~10 year)

High-end, High-tech Bringing the brand to high-end and high technology. Cooperating with luxurious fashion brands and incorporating new technology into products. Launching fashion events, AVON hotel and spa.








Laser cut


PROTOTYPE MAKING Solidworks 3D Modeling

3D print and finishing

Testing graphics and applying Chmatech printing













Morning Zen


Tranquil Bath Time Dreaming


Butter Milk

Afternoon Sun

Initimate Mood

Elegant Rhythm Bedtime Reading


Muted Modern



Wander Hunter Green

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