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COMPOST PATCH The Biovessel turns your kitchen into a mini urban waste-recycling plant. Manufactured by Taiwanese company Bionicraft, the gadget works its magic on discarded food waste and turns it into rich, odorless compost. All that’s required is some sawdust and earthworms placed into the stylishly designed device, and a little bit of patience.

Biovessel is designed to sit and look pretty on your kitchen counter!

3D Modelling

GET YOUR HANDS GRIBBY Finland-based Grib makes short work of 3D modelling via an intuitive Augmented Reality app (Android and iOS) a reality! Models are created by drawing a sketch on paper which the Grib app then converts into 3D shapes on your device. Business developer Joh Orengo says, “We’re taking away the limitations to your imagination.”

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Blue Wings Pause issue January 2019  

Blue Wings Pause issue January 2019