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WELCOME TO FINLAND AT EXPO 2020 DUBAI Finland is proud to be participating in Expo 2020 Dubai from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022. Together with over 100 Finnish partner companies, we will be presenting world-class solutions in areas such as natural resources and energy, ICT and digitalisation, smart cities, technology, education, health, design and tourism.

Severi Keinälä, Commissioner General, Finland at Expo Dubai 2020, Business Finland 1

The Finnish exhibition will share an in-depth story of Finland, providing visitors with experiences and information to showcase the foundations upon which Finland’s happiness is based. This will include: continuous development and innovation, sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions and extensive international cooperation.


THE VISITOR JOURNEY Under the central theme of ‘Sharing Future Happiness’ and sub-themes circular economy, sustainability and innovations, our Snow Cape pavilion will present the pillars of Finnish happiness by highlighting the symbiosis of people, pure nature and technology. Visitors will be taken on a journey through Finland’s key strengths: education & know-how, functionality and wellbeing, and nature and sustainability. The Snow Cape pavilion will serve as a unique platform for business and cultural connections between the UAE and Finland. Over the course of six months, the pavilion will host events by partner companies and industry leaders. Several thematic days,

VIP events and special celebrations, such as Finland’s National Day and Christmas with Santa Claus all the way from Lapland, will take place. Furthermore, we will be working with other Nordic pavilions to promote the international conversation surrounding circular economy solutions. We would like to welcome you to Finland’s Snow Cape pavilion, and we hope the journey through Finnish circular economy solutions, digital innovations and nature touches your heart, just as happiness touches the Finnish people. @FinlandExpo2020 @finlandatexpo2020



FINLAND IN THE UAE Expo 2020 Dubai is bringing the world together in hope and optimism for a better tomorrow. Finland and the host country, the UAE, have outstanding diplomatic and business relations. However, there is still scope for deepening them. We can achieve this through dialogue and learning from each other. Expo Dubai 2020 will act as a platform for this collaboration by bringing together various Emirati and Finnish stakeholders.

Marianne Nissilä, Finnish Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain 3

Finland and the UAE share a passion for happiness. We also have shared visions and goals across areas such as sustainability, digitalisation, innovation, quality education, health and wellbeing, and smart cities and mobility, to mention a few.


In the Finland pavilion, together with the UAE, we aim to co-create and innovate agile, sustainable and smart solutions for future business opportunities and societal development. Utilising the latest technology and digital expertise, we can work together even in challenging times. The UAE is Finland’s second-biggest export country in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia. Our participation in Expo 2020 Dubai provides a unique chance for Finnish companies to introduce their know-how and solutions. Visitors can expect to meet companies with a problem-solving, no nonsense approach that has led to the development of cutting-edge solutions.

Expo 2020 Dubai also offers an opportunity to remind visitors that Finland offers companies in the UAE a competitive, stable and predictable operating environment with good flight connections into Europe and beyond. We have every reason to believe the UAE sees Finland as an important trading partner and a lucrative investment destination. The next steps in developing economic cooperation and trade have already been designed – now it is time to move ahead. I look forward to the “World’s Greatest Show” starting in October and wish you a wonderful time at the Snow Cape pavilion and hope you enjoy the feel of Finland in Dubai. @FinlandEmbUAE



THE STORY OF THE SNOW CAPE PAVILION Finland’s Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion has been named Snow Cape or Lumi in Finnish, which means snow. The simple yet refined Finnish design reflects the fascinating tradition of Finnish architecture. Inspired by the white blanket of snow covering the Finnish landscape from autumn until spring, the Finland pavilion resembles a white, snow-covered Arabic tent, bringing together the country’s icy landscapes with the culture of Expo 2020 Dubai’s host nation. Finnish components and materials play an essential role in the design of the Snow Cape pavilion. Soft and light façade fabric provides contrast against the hard, brushed concrete of the entrance deck. The 5

deck, spanning the pavilion’s height, will be a cool, intermediate space to prepare the visitor for a focused exhibition visit. Hard, granite flooring will lead the visitor into the heart of the pavilion, where visitors will find the central Gorge, in which the warmth of the gently curved wooden surface will embrace the visitor. Hard, granite flooring will lead the visitor into the heart of the pavilion, where they will find the central Gorge, in which the warmth of the gently curved wooden surface will embrace them. THE CENTRAL GORGE Intending to replicate the natural gorges found across Finland’s natural habitat, the


pavilion’s Gorge offers a serene, natural space in contrast to the bustling Expo 2020 Dubai environment. It provides a shaded retreat for visitors looking to reconnect with the peaceful sounds of nature. Step inside the Gorge and feel Finland with all of your senses; take a deep breath and smell the fresh scent of wood. Bask in the natural light from above and enjoy the silence of the wooden refuge. SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION The pavilion design, execution and eventually dismantlement will all be executed under the principles of circular economy, and sustainable measures are

consistently observed throughout the project. The production process generates very little waste and, where possible, recycled and energy-efficient materials have been selected to construct the pavilion, produce pavilion uniforms and create pavilion memorabilia. The architectural design of Snow Cape was created by award-winning Finnish JKMM Architects, and construction was carried out by Expomobilia (Switzerland). JKMM Architects, which was also the architect of Finland’s pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010, has designed a simple yet functional structure, ensuring accessibility, openness and simple people flow remain at the core of the architectural concept. 6




RECIPES FOR HAPPINESS FROM FINLAND JKMM Architects is an integrated design practice of architecture, interior architecture, urban design, furniture design, graphic design and art, creating the next generation of Finnish design. JKMM architecture has social responsibility at its core. We design buildings, which can help to enhance a sense of solidarity and to increase happiness in society. For the fourth year in a row, Finland was ranked as the world’s happiest country according to World Happiness Report 2021 of United Nations. But what is the basis for this phenomenon? As we see it, a well-functioning society relies on advanced technology, a sound economy, and fairness amongst its people. The members of such a society thrive if they can also enjoy culture, knowledge,

and a sense of wellbeing. The most noble model for a sustainable society is a happy one. This can only be achieved if all the afore-mentioned factors are in place. Architects have a critical role to play in shaping a sustainable society. JKMM Architects has been working over 20 years in creating infrastructure for happier societies where the little person, a human, is in focus. Since 1998, the numerous architecture competitions wins have led to JKMM becoming an internationally recognised practice and Finland’s leading architecture studio employing nearly 100 designers with shared values and mission to save the world one building at a time.



FINLAND - SHARING FUTURE HAPPINESS Why is Finland one of the happiest countries in the world? What is it about Finland that makes it a great place to live and work? The meaning of Finnish happiness runs deeper than just pure joy. It is built upon trust and safety, a stable society, education and functionality. It is made possible by innovations in industry and society. Happiness is contentment and confidence in the future. 
 Finnish happiness springs from the symbiosis of people, nature and technology. This connection is the origin of the quality of everyday Finnish life, and the exhibition housed inside the Snow Cape pavilion communicates happiness through this two-way connection. Finland’s connection to nature and natural resources is deeply related to happiness 9

that stems from being endlessly fascinated by natural wonders and phenomena. Respect for nature and its resources, coupled with the understanding that living within a circular economy model in a sustainable way, is vital to the happiness of all Finns. 
 To form a profound story of Finland and the building blocks of our future wellbeing, ‘happiness’ is explored via six individual thematic groups that all come together to create one harmonious story; natural resources and energy, ICT and Digitalisation, smart cities, technology, education, health, design and tourism. The exhibition visitors act as main characters of the exhibition story, and they can experience the message of happiness while immersing themselves in the exhibition content.






CIRCULAR ECONOMY WHAT IS A CIRCULAR ECONOMY? The current climate crisis has highlighted our overconsumption of goods, wasteful use of natural resources and reliance on biodiversity. It is no longer enough for countries to simply stop producing goods. It is imperative we curb the rate of consumption and work towards a circular economy using a model that encourages us to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle. As the first country to produce a dedicated national roadmap to a circular economy, Finland is already in the process of reforming its economic model to enhance sustainability and transform the way citizens and businesses interact with our planet’s natural resources. THE ROAD MAP TO A CIRCULAR ECONOMY Written by The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra, Finland’s Roadmap to a Circular Economy 2016-2025 outlines ways key country stakeholders and citizens can make the successful transition to a circular economy by 2025. Shifting towards a circular econo-

my means production and consumption are no longer based on ownership but rather on services. This means reusing materials and creating added value to products, making it possible for everyone to benefit from a framework based on sharing, renting and recycling, as Finland transitions to a carbon-neutral society. This transition is only made possible due to the fundamental societal changes being made within each sector. These changes go beyond merely recycling goods. They also address the responsible use of recyclable raw materials, reforms to the way we trade, consumer goods and ensuring all Finns are educated and empowered to be part of the change. Finnish businesses are embracing the change and developing innovative, digital circular economy solutions to help us ease the strain on the earth’s carrying capacity and move towards a more sustainable future.





TOWARDS A FAIR, SUSTAINABLE AND INSPIRING FUTURE The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is an active fund for the future that studies and brings together partners from different sectors to develop tomorrow’s successful world. The Helsinki-based think and do tank probes the future and promotes qualitative and quantitative economic growth. As a change agent, Sitra’s work aims to make Finland succeed as a pioneer of sustainable wellbeing and become a preferred global partner. Sitra strives to inspire and help people, companies and decision-makers in all sectors to see the opportunities of the new low-carbon lifestyle and the business opportunities related to it. Our experts work together with partners globally to experiment and discover permanent, easyto-use, intelligent and clean sustainability

solutions. Sitra produces studies and foresight data in anticipation of future developments. We use a wide range of methods and tools for our future-oriented work and continuously test and develop new ones. Sitra was honoured as the world’s leading public sector driver of the circular economy in the Circulars Awards at the World Economic Forum in January 2018. Our current aim is to accelerate the transition to a fair and competitive circular economy. We provide information, tools, and solutions for implementing this transition, which will also aid the reconstruction following the COVID-19 crisis in Finland and Europe.



CONNECTION TO NATURE Nature has always formed the basis of the Finnish way of life and is one of the key elements of Finnish culture and mentality. Connecting with nature is visible throughout the Finnish lifestyle as one of Finns’ favourite ways to spend their time. It can also be seen in Finnish design, architecture, food and, most notably, tourism. 15

With more than 70 per cent of its area covered by trees, Finland is Europe’s most forested country. From Finnish scenery in the arctic north to the 187,888 lakes and unique natural phenomena, there are many reasons why visitors come to Finland.


DIGITAL INNOVATIONS Finnish companies have brought text messaging, SSH, 5G, and Linux to the world with a long technology legacy. You can even find Finnish sensors on Mars. Finland is an early adopter of innovative technologies that automate basic human tasks and augment human decisionmaking. Artificial intelligence has been

adopted across industries to create unique and cutting-edge products and services that are an essential part of the global economy. Digital solutions are at the heart of sector growth throughout Finland. With a vast technological infrastructure supported by the government, Finland is also known to be one of the safest places for data.





WHY FINLAND? To succeed in a continually changing world, we must change as well. Finland has reinvented itself in just one short century – and we are still at it. Finland ranks among the top countries for education, industry, stability and equality in the world according to several studies. Finland’s population makes up just 0.07 per cent of the world’s population and the world’s total area. However, even a small country can stand out and lead the way, and this is what Finland continues to do. In international country comparisons of positive things, Finland is often among

the top countries, along with other Nordic countries. Despite long winters, the residents of Finland and its Nordic neighbours are consistently happier than those living in other countries. All of the Nordic countries scored highly in categories including income, health, life expectancy, gender equality, social support, freedom to make life decisions, trust and generosity. Finland tops the charts, being ranked the most stable, least corrupt, safest, most socially progressive and among the most transparent countries in the world. 18






















EDUCATION AND KNOW HOW Finland’s world-class education system forms the foundation of the country’s success, feeding solutions to local and global challenges. Finland is frequently voted one of the best countries globally for education, making Finland viable for process simulation by other education-focused governments. THE HEART OF FINNISH SOCIETY Finnish people highly value education. The teaching profession is well-respected, and most people consider the comprehensive school to be one of the most significant factors in Finnish history. Finland’s 21

excellent learning outcomes are the result of research-based pedagogy and the country’s innovative approach to teaching and learning, delivered by highly qualified and trained teachers with professional freedom. The welfare of Finnish society is based on knowledge and expertise – citizens need equal learning opportunities in order to secure and improve their knowhow. Student performance in Finland is among the world’s best, and excellent learning outcomes are achieved with average expenditure.


EQUALITY, TRUST & FLEXIBILITY With only 5.5 million Finns, we can’t afford to leave anyone behind. Finland’s education system offers all its citizens equal learning opportunities, irrespective of their domicile, gender, socio-economic status or linguistic, religious and cultural background. Education is free at all levels, from pre-primary to tertiary education. School meals are offered free of charge all the way from pre-primary to upper secondary level, and most education is publicly funded. To maximise the potential of every individual, learning and welfare

are extensively supported and tailored to individual needs. EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY New technologies are adopted inside and outside classrooms, and Edtech solutions form the basis of a modern classroom environment where learning is not only appealing and motivating but fun and inspirational too. @finnish-national-board-of-education @edu_EEF





NATURE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Finland has fresh air, pure water, green forests, smart energy and clean technology. Our Nordic nature, home to 180,000 lakes, inspires us to find creative and sustainable solutions. PIONEERS IN RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Today, Finland has the highest air quality and cleanest drinking water in the world, according to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI 2020). Finland is also a frontrunner in renewable energy technology. Almost 40 per cent of Finnish energy is produced using sustainable methods, and our expertise in smart electricity distribution grids keeps everyone supplied with power. The secret behind our innovative bioenergy technology lies within Finnish nature. Our pioneering know-how and experience in using natural materials, such as wood, has put us in a cutting-edge position on our way towards more sustainable energy production. Finnish innovators are always searching for ways to use our waste to create new life, take us to new places, keep us warm, and our high-end expertise in waste management chains, recycling, and

waste-to-energy and waste-based fuel comes in handy. Our smart production and use of energy save not only money but also the environment. CARBON-NEUTRAL CIRCULAR ECONOMY The way we live, travel, consume and do business is undergoing a radical change. A good life is no longer achieved by simply producing more and more goods. We must achieve it by working with the resources we already have, curbing the current rate of consumption and doing away with the throw-away culture to which we have become accustomed. Many world-class Finnish businesses have adopted the circular economy model. In Finland’s pulp and paper industry, almost all of the materials and side streams are being recycled and utilised to produce new products or to generate renewable energy. Various other solutions, such as waste management, sustainable future food and new material development, are in development, and Finnish firms have been rapidly developing new innovative biomaterials derived from wood.



FUNCTIONALITY AND WELLBEING Good governance, over 100 years of gender equality, social innovation and functional solutions in business, industry and people’s everyday lives have created Finland’s bright future and keep the country running smoothly. Finland provides businesses with impressive opportunities to innovate, grow and expand. According to several indexes and studies, Finland far surpasses other international countries and many of its Nordic neighbours in terms of the business environment, macroeconomic stability and financial systems. A SAFE & SECURE OPEN SOCIETY Finnish society has become an ideal business environment where everything works, from basic infrastructure to high ethical standards. Investment in education and an open, equal society have made Finns independent and creative problem-solvers who can boost productivity with exciting new ideas. 25

Equality is at the very heart of Finnish society. The Prime Minister of Finland is female, and female professors or executives in Finland are nothing exceptional. You will find women in all industries at all levels. A SMALL GIANT IN HEALTHCARE The world’s most efficient healthcare system is built on research, innovation and smart business. An outstanding universal healthcare system and daycare for children have also facilitated equality, sustainability, and Finnish society’s functionality. Families with children are exceptionally well taken care of by society. Their lives are made easier by the many types of support and benefits available, such as extended parental leave. Wellbeing for families means wellbeing for children, and our children are the future.






A JOURNEY THROUGH FINNISH EXPERTISE Finland’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is being driven by Business Finland, a government organisation aiming to accelerate Finnish companies’ global growth. Our strategy is two-fold: we enable companies to grow internationally and also create world-class business ecosystems and a competitive business environment for Finland. Expo 2020 Dubai is a key global platform for us to showcase Finland’s key sectors including natural resources and energy, ICT and digitalisation, smart cities, technology, education, health, design and tourism.

Visitors will be taken on a journey through each thematic group through the eyes of Finnish happiness, digital innovations and our deep connection to nature. From circular economy solutions and nature to technological excellence, Finland is a continuous innovation source with a global impact. Explore what Finnish key industries have to offer. @Business-Finland @BusinessFinland


NATURAL RESOURCES & ENERGY CYCLES The demand for energy is growing, and the world needs new ways to produce, store, distribute and consume energy in efficient and sustainable ways. With no coal or oil deposits within its borders, Finland has a history of developing renewable energy solutions and currently, 40% of Finnish energy comes from renewables. Today Finland is a leading country in smart energy. A combination of groundbreaking renewable energy technology, smart networks, and automation has made Finnish smart energy solutions among the world’s most advanced.




PARTNER FOR POSITIVE CHANGE Metso Outotec was established through the merger of Metso Minerals and Outotec on June 30, 2020. We are a frontrunner in sustainable technologies, end-to-end solutions and services for the aggregates, minerals processing and metals refining industries globally. We are committed to limiting global warming to 1.5°C with Science Based Targets, and support our customers by providing solution that reduce emissions as well as energy and water consumption. Our extensive offering helps our customers improve their profitability, sustainability and safety, and lower their operating costs. We have strong R&D and innovation power and continuously look for new ways to introduce innovations for our customers’ benefit. Metso Outotec ranked 8th on the 2021 Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable companies. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Metso Outotec employs over 15,000 people in more than 50 countries, and sales for 2020 were approximately EU 3.9 billion. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki. 31




FOR A CLEANER WORLD Our purpose is to drive the change for a cleaner world. We are securing a fast and reliable transition to a carbon-neutral economy by providing customers and societies with clean energy and sustainable solutions. Fortum is a European energy company with activities in more than 40 countries. We provide our customers with electricity, gas, heating and cooling, and smart solutions to improve resource efficiency. We want to engage our customers and society to join the change for a cleaner world. Together with our subsidiary Uniper, we are the third-largest producer of CO2-free electricity in Europe. With approximately 19,000 professionals and a combined balance sheet of approximately EUR 69 billion, we have the scale, competence and resources to grow and drive the energy transition forward.



TECHNOLOGIES FROM FINLAND Finland has an excellent track record in applying multiple nuclear power technologies with world-class performance safely, sustainability and responsibly. Finnish companies and regulators have developed a remarkable variety of competencies required in the peaceful use of nuclear power, including safeguards, regulatory regime, public acceptance manners and practices, plant projects, plant life management, decommissioning and nuclear waste management. The Smart Nuclear Energy Solutions team, formed by STUK International, GTK, VTT, Fortum, Posiva, FinNuclear, AINS Group, DEKRA, Enersense and Platom, offers related nuclear energy services and solutions worldwide.





The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is an internationally oriented governmental geoscience research agency that provides expertise on nuclear waste disposal, site selection and long-term safety aspects for the nuclear power sector.

STUK International is an independent organisation owned by the State of Finland, which aims to bring the best experts in the field together to offer international services in radiation and nuclear safety to authorities and service providers outside of Finland.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland supports the nuclear industry and regulators internationally through its comprehensive and profound expertise, as well as unique experimental and computational infrastructure.

Fortum and Posiva offer outstanding expertise and innovative solutions for all phases of the nuclear plant life cycle: from the design and licensing of a new plant to the nuclear power plant’s safe operation to the decommissioning and final disposal of nuclear waste.


Platom specialises in mastering the nuclear industry’s requirements and AINS Group in nuclear waste management services and underground engineering. Enersense conveys know-how and ensures a quality outcome for projects. DEKRA suppliers AIO, pressure vessel, NDT and DT services for the nuclear industry. FinNuclear members provide expertise throughout the whole life cycle of the nuclear energy industry. AINS Group - - Enersense International Oyj - - FinNuclear Association - - Platom Oy - - DEKRA - Kai Ruotsalainen - -



SMART CITY SOLUTIONS A smart city enhances business and social functionality using digital solutions that make life easier and foster an environment for more innovations to be created. As an early adopter of digital innovations, Finland is home to some of the worlds functional cities and has developed a unified ecosystem between the government, businesses and citizens.



MAKING CITIES BETTER PLACES TO LIVE At KONE, our mission is to improve the flow of urban life. This means understanding urbanization and helping customers make cities better and more sustainable places to live. As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, KONE provides elevators, escalators, and automatic building doors, as well as solutions for maintenance and modernization to add value to buildings throughout their life cycle. From low-rise buildings to the world’s highest skyscrapers; from the demands of shopping malls, hotels, airports and transit hubs to cruise ships, stadiums and concert halls, KONE has always been dedicated to people flow. We are proud to serve some of the world’s most well-known building and urban complexes. Each day, we move over a billion people. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, KONE operates in more than 60 countries around the world, employ over 60,000 people and serve 550,000 customers. In 2020, KONE had annual sales of EUR 9.9 billion.





SMOOTH PEOPLE FLOW IN AND BETWEEN BUILDINGS Our vision is to create the best People Flow® experience by providing ease, effectiveness and experiences to users and customers over the full lifecycle of buildings. Our versatile product portfolio features a wide range of innovative solutions, including elevators, escalators, autowalks, automatic building doors, monitoring, access and destination control systems. Our solutions and services are designed with effectiveness at the forefront, not only to provide the best people flow in and around buildings but to have a lasting positive impact on building value and business performance. INNOVATING FOR SMART URBAN ENVIRONMENTS We make every effort to understand our customers’ needs and help them in their businesses over the full lifecycle of buildings: from planning through installation and maintenance to modernizsation. Together with our partners, we continually strengthen our position as an innovation leader in our industry. By understanding urbanisation – focusing on improvements for people and anticipating people’s needs and opportunities – we can develop innovations and breakthroughs that help improve buildings and make our cities better places to live. As new ecosystems emerge around smarter cities and smarter buildings, there is a huge potential to integrate building design with elevators, escalators, services, and other utilities in the most sustainable ways possible. 41

#SMARTCITYSOLUTIONS CONTRIBUTING TO CIRCULAR AND SUSTAINABLE CITIES At KONE, our contribution to a circular economy starts with our focus on reducing the materials, energy and other resources used in our solutions and operations. By providing customers with reliable and energy-efficient equipment that has a lifetime of over 25 years, we have an important role in keeping resources in valuable use for as long as possible. Digital service transformation is at the heart of circular business development, allowing our customers to benefit from transparent, on-time, quality service. Tailored maintenance, modernization and intelligent People Flow® services help ensure that elevators, escalators and automatic building doors run efficiently throughout their long lifetime.



MAKING LIFE ACCESSIBLE iLOQ is an innovator of battery-free digital and mobile access management for both residential and utility sectors. The new iLOQ 5 Series allows customers to combine and manage all of iLOQ’s product families – the iLOQ S5 digital key-based-solution, the iLOQ S50 mobile solution or, a combination of the two – with the same platform. The product is fully scalable according to the size and structure of premises both now and in the future. Administration for both the digital key-based solution and the mobile phone-based solution is handled by one flexible, modifiable, easy-to-use platform. iLOQ S50 is the world’s first NFC self-powered lock cylinder. It generates the energy needed for unlocking from a smartphone running the iLOQ S50 mobile app. This secure solution has been designed to unlock a world of possibilities for the utilities industry.



SMART PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Granlund Manager, a cloud-based property maintenance and energy management software solution, creates smarter ways of working, healthier buildings and happier people. We help you digitalise your property maintenance processes. Granlund Manager is a mobile-first software solution that takes property maintenance to the next level. As a modular maintenance management system, Granlund Manager can be scaled and configured to suit all businesses, properties and portfolios. It is used in over 30 countries and by thousands of end-user organisations. Granlund Manager makes property maintenance smoother. It allows users to plan preventive maintenance tasks well in advance and optimise resources. Property information and maintenance data can be accessed at all times. The mobile app enables users to assign, send and monitor all maintenance tasks on the go.



AIR QUALITY SOLUTIONS Halton Group enables wellbeing indoors. We provide Connected Solutions for safe, comfortable and productive indoor environments which are energy-efficient and comply with sustainable principles. Halton brings over 50 years of experience in enabling wellbeing in demanding indoor environments. The level of competence and expertise Halton provides through innovative ventilation solutions which require a high level of air quality and cleanliness, such as Operating theatres, Isolation rooms, and Laboratories, is unsurpassed. This knowledge and evolving research data provide the springboard for antiviral solutions to mitigate virus transmission. The impact of improved clean air delivery is critical as businesses contemplate a safe return to work strategy and support the safety of customers in restaurants, shops and public indoor spaces.



FINNISH WATER EXPERTISE In Finland, people can enjoy safe and clean water everywhere. Finnish Water Forum (FWF) represents through its members the whole variety of expertise in the Finnish water sector. As a collaborative network of the private and public water sectors, it serves as a platform for commercial enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organisations, scientific institutes, and water-related associations. Through FWF, all this expertise is compiled into efficient and comprehensive solutions for solving global water challenges. Our members have a long experience in all aspects of water: engineering and consulting services, institutional and administrative development, education and research, and high-quality product delivery. FWF serves as a contact point for any inquiries addressing the Finnish water know-how, whether related to the industry, technology, science, or management.




Clewer Ltd. has expertise in aquaculture and waste water treatment.

Econet Group has expertise in water, waste water treatment and sludge treatment.

Turku Region Water Ltd. has expertise in managed aquifer recharge.

Kaukointernational Ltd. is a trade-and project house with expertise in project compiling and management and turnkey solutions in environmental technologies.



Watermaster/Aquamec has expertise in amphibious multipurpose dredgers for cleaning and maintatining water bodies.

Bluet Ltd. has expertise in floating solutions, providing services and products for waterfront development and floating construction projects.

Marinetek is a leading designer and turnkey builder of yacht marinas and floating structures. Well-known for its strong concrete pontoons and ability to undertake wide-ranging projects worldwide, Marinetek has an impressive track record with over 2,000 references in 50 countries. Marinetek’s global network comprises experts around the world who are qualified to undertake demanding consulting tasks and are ready to help you with your local project. Come to us with any questions or concerns on about completing your marina project and we will have an answer.




Ecosystem and project coordination.

DIGITAL BACKBONE FOR SUSTAINABLE CITIES The LuxTurrim5G smart poles bring the digital backbone for a smart and sustainable city. Combining fast 5G connectivity, a wide sensor network, and a secure data platform with new data-driven services boosts safety, efficiency, healthy and smooth living.

Integrated public safety and information solutions & services.

Cabling, connections and integration.



Service design development.

Environmental and weather-related services.

Smart pole design and manufacturing.

Radio technology, positioning and connectivity platform development

Positioning technologies and services.

Smart energy subsystem technologies and battery backup systems.



ICT & DIGITALISATION PIONEERS Finland is becoming the digital hub of Northern Europe based on its know-how in artificial intelligence-based healthcare, next-generation wireless networks, industrial internet and autonomous maritime. Finland was a forerunner in rolling out 3G networks and still has a strong communications infrastructure. We also have some surprising infrastructure advantages, such as a stable rock foundation and cool weather – ideal when establishing data centres.



WE CREATE TECHNOLOGY THAT HELPS THE WORLD ACT TOGETHER As a trusted partner for critical networks, we are committed to innovation and technology leadership across mobile, fixed and cloud networks. We create value with intellectual property and long-term research, led by the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs. We make life better and safer with networks that help cities and nations defend, protect and thrive. Our ground-breaking innovations provide a gateway to a new age of industry where humans and machines will connect with more intelligence than ever before. Adhering to the highest standards of integrity and security, we help build the capabilities needed for a more productive, sustainable and inclusive world. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, we have the global and local presence to serve customers, people and societies through technology. We are at home throughout the world, with Nokia employees working in over 130 different countries. 53



VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS Collaprime provides immersive multiview solutions with customised configurations that bring greater value to Virtual Reality environments. Our cost-effective, life-size 3D VR systems support user-oriented design methods and facilitate collaboration and communication. 3D models turn into an unparalleled VR experience and speed design iterations through networked, interactive and at-scale experiences, allowing clients to sell their vision to stakeholders any changes, removing features in real-time. As a result, collaboration and understanding translate into a competitive advantage. Our products remove the boundaries between data and technical skills. It is an inclusive process. You generate savings, and even the most anti-digital, computer-scared users manage to navigate our VR environments easily.



CITY ON THE EDGE – HOME OF TECHNOLOGY With its 250,000 inhabitants, Oulu in northern Finland is the fastest-growing region in the Nordics and an international business city full of opportunities. The strong and diverse hi-tech industrial base is supported by 18,500 experts in ICT, life science and cleantech business sectors. A pioneering city for digitalisation, Oulu boasts 50 years of expertise in wireless technology. Every day, approximately 2.6 billion people globally use mobile technologies developed in Oulu. The city is at the forefront in 5G network development – and going fast towards 6G. The Oulu region is the second-largest hub of health technology in Finland. There are numerous companies in the health and life science sector, with many high technology companies included. They offer world-class expertise and expand to international markets.



PROFESSIONAL SOUND SOLUTIONS Founded in Finland by childhood friends Ilpo Martikainen and Topi Partanen, Genelec’s first loudspeaker, the S30, instantly became the blueprint for Genelec’s future direction. Its active design, with the power amplifier stages contained within the speaker cabinet itself, delivered consistent performance, total reliability, and the ability to adapt to the acoustic environment it was operating in. From this heritage of designing loudspeakers for the most demanding of customers in music recording and broadcast, Genelec now also supplies the worlds of AV Installation and Home Audio with a range of aesthetically beautiful loudspeakers that all offer exceptional sound quality and bulletproof reliability. Although the applications may vary, one thing remains the same - the desire to have the best possible sound reproduction. Designed and manufactured in Iisalmi, Finland, every Genelec loudspeaker is built to the highest environmental standards and will provide decades of reliable performance.



Liana Technologies has 15 years of experience in providing cloud-based marketing and communications services. Our clients are professionals in marketing and communications. Our mission is to offer them the best software services covering all digital needs and local customer service and support.

Flexbright Oy is a Finnish hightech startup company designing and manufacturing flexible, thin and light-weight LEDFOILs for large-area displays, media-walls and smart antibacterial lighting. Roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing process enables the production of continuous LEDFOILs up to hundreds of meters long.



TECHNOLOGY SUPER POWER Finland is a true forerunner in developing digital technologies. Finnish tech companies build cutting-edge innovations around 6G, 5G, AI, cybersecurity, and other game-changing industries of the future. Our expertise in developing state-of-the-art communication technologies is the combined product of world-class research and a long tradition of working with digital innovation. The development of digital technologies is intersectional by nature, and the sector combines players from different fields, creating holistic ecosystems and new perspectives.



ENABLING SUSTAINABLE SOCIETIES WITH SMART TECHNOLOGY Wärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. Our offering shapes the marine and energy industries, accelerating the adoption of new technologies, defining new business models and creating opportunities and long-term value. By emphasising sustainable innovation, total efficiency and data analytics, Wärtsilä maximises the environmental and economic performance of the vessels and power plants of our customers. Our purpose is to enable sustainable societies with smart technology. The demand for clean and flexible energy and the need for efficient and safe transportation are increasingly affecting how customers operate. In 2020, Wärtsilä’s net sales totalled EUR 4.6 billion, with approximately 18,000 employees. The company has operations in over 200 locations in more than 70 countries around the world. Wärtsilä is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.



REGIONAL REACH Wärtsilä in the UAE covers eleven countries for Energy and Marine sales and services and has local offices in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and Jordan. We have approximately 300 highly trained professionals, having a field service team of more than 120 specialists committed to being the most valued business partner of marine and energy customers in the region. Wärtsilä in the UAE has an installed base of 7,623 MW with 434 MW operating under Wärtsilä Agreements. In Dubai, Wärtsilä has a state-of-the-art workshop and an Expertise Centre. The Centre guarantees top technical assistance through the Wärtsilä remote monitoring and Operator’s Interface systems, which provide prompt support on predictive services, operational services and emergency services to energy and marine customers. It provides real-time support, ensuring reliable operations, increased revenue potential, and transparency.



QUALITY AT THE CORE Konecranes is a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, serving a broad range of customers, including the manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Konecranes provides productivity-enhancing lifting solutions and services for lifting equipment of all makes. We are dedicated to improving the efficiency and performance of businesses in all types of industries, and we do this by providing lifting equipment and services that people can trust. Our aim is to sustainably create value for our various stakeholders by acting in a responsible way towards our people, societies and the environment. Underpinning all of this is a strong commitment to our shared company values: Trust in People, Total Service Commitment and Sustained Profitability. Konecranes is a truly global company, with sales exceeding 3 billion euros, with some 17,000 employees in 50 countries. Our shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Our roots go back to 1910 with the manufacturing of electric motors and machinery in Helsinki as a subsidiary of a local electromechanical company.


#TECHNOLOGY CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY Our crane technology is designed to improve safety and productivity, as well as enhance efficiency and the user experience. Utilising our experience and know-how, we have developed some of the most advanced cranes on the market today. With an extensive range of intelligent features and sophisticated user interfaces, our equipment embodies modern crane technology. We have operated in the Middle East since our founding as an independent company in 1994. Konecranes has subsidiaries in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia (Jubail, Jeddah, Riyadh and Yanbu) and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. We also have an extensive network of dealers, joint ventures and crane service and building partners located throughout the region. Customer references include Saudi Aramco, Abu Dhabi Terminals and DP World, and our operations cover sectors including container handling, petroleum and gas, and waste to energy and biomass.



220 YEARS OF INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet’s vision is to become the global champion in serving its customers. Our 14,000 professionals worldwide work closely with our customers and are committed to moving our customers’ performance forward – every day. Valmet’s services cover everything from maintenance outsourcing to mill and plant improvements and spare parts. The strong technology offering includes pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, and power plants for bio-energy production. Valmet’s advanced automation solutions range from single measurements to comprehensive turnkey automation projects and Industrial Internet solutions.



CHANGING THE FUTURE - ONE TIRE AT A TIME Black Donuts provides turnkey technological solutions for the tire industry: everything from cutting-edge premium tires to the most advanced greenfield tire plants. We design the world’s smartest and most sustainable tire factories by combining new technologies and automation with our strong industrial know-how. We can provide advanced optimisation for the existing tire plants, enabling them to take giant leaps towards smart-factory effectiveness. Black Donuts is committed to perfecting the tire industry. We lead by example and inspire others to follow our vision – innovate together for a greener and cleaner future.



REINVENTING RELIABILITY Neles is a global leader in mission-critical flow control solutions and services for various process industries. We design and manufacture valves and valve controls that are essential in keeping plants and factories running and materials flowing safely from one part of the process to another. Our customers operate in the oil and gas refining, pulp, paper and bioproducts industries, chemicals and other process industries. Our valves and valve automation technologies are known for quality, reliability and the highest safety. With our global team of experts and innovative solutions, we help our customers to improve their process performance and ensure the safe flow of materials in more than 100 countries.



VERTICAL FARMING Evergreen Farm Oy is an agricultural technology company that produces the most advanced and efficient climate-controlled vertical farming system, known as Grow360. The Grow360 system offers a reliable year-round output and the ability to produce indemand non-native vegetables at extremely affordable prices. Our Grow360 system is cost-effective, saves land area and manpower, and maximises production and improves produce quality.



A GIANT IN HEALTHCARE Finland is a true forerunner in developing digital technologies. Finnish tech companies build cutting-edge innovations around 6G, 5G, AI, cybersecurity, and other game-changing industries of the future. Our expertise in developing state-of-the-art communication technologies is the combined product of world-class research and a long tradition of working with digital innovation. The development of digital technologies is intersectional by nature, and the sector combines players from different fields, creating holistic ecosystems and new perspectives.



WORLD IDEAS IN HEALTH Health technology is a rapidly growing industry of today and the future both globally and in Finland. It is also one of the fastest-growing high-tech export sectors in Finland. In 2018 the value of health technology products exports exceeded 2,3 billion euros, and the trade surplus was more than a billion euros. The exports grew by 3.4 % over the previous year. In the past 20 years, exports by the sector have increased five-fold with a 12 billion euros trade surplus. The industry employs over 13 000 people in Finland. Various forms of measuring and imaging and other medical devices and IVD diagnostics and laboratory equipment used in therapy and rehabilitation are more conventional health care areas. Many companies also have digital services related to the above. International comparisons show that health tech companies engage in extensive research and development in Finland and manufacture most of their products here, too.






BeeHealthy was born inside Mehiläinen, the largest private healthcare provider in the Nordics, to make healthcare smarter for healthcare providers and patients. We bring our extensive healthcare experience and technological know-how to everyone’s reach through a modern digital platform that is customizable for all healthcare providers.

VideoVisit® is a Nordic health technology company developing Remote Care solutions for home care and healthcare sectors.

eLive Ecosystem has developed a one-of-a-kind holistic solution for preventative healthcare. The AI sensor technology and genetic testing-based health ecosystem offers new possibilities to prevent diseases individually.

Edevent specialises in making research-based obesity and nutrition expertise accessible to everybody through disruptive innovation and digital technologies. We help patients and customers manage their weight and make better lifestyle choices.



As part of the Finnish Smart Health ecosystem, VTT actively promotes the utilisation of Finland’s unique health data repositories to create innovations in data-driven precision medicine.

Labquality is an independent Finnish service company focused on quality assurance of medical laboratories and point of care testing.



ProWellness Health Solutions offers modern health ICT systems to prevent and care for long-term conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular and heart diseases, COPD and chronic respiratory diseases, and endocrine disorders.

IHMEC project connects professionals in planning, designing, building, and furnishing Indoor Hygiene spaces to form solutions breaking the infection chain on touchable surfaces, indoor air and drinking water.

Turku Business Region gathers together the Turku region businesses, universities, organisations and municipalities. The 22,000 companies, six universities, and an extensive cooperation network of different players in the region speed up the development of new products and services.

JedX develops and manufactures high-quality respirators for professional use without compromising safety. JedX comes from Finland, where the air is the cleanest globally. We are proud of our uncompromised ethos and well-functioning products that enable people to breathe safely.




HOME OF WORLD CLASS EDUCATION The Finnish school system has been built on the egalitarian principle of good quality inclusive and comprehensive universal education. The weakest and strongest pupils in Finnish schools’ learning gap are among the narrowest in the world. Highly competent and motivated teachers are the cornerstone of the Finnish education system. Teachers are experts in their own subject area and experts in teaching and learning. We emphasise the study of pedagogy: learning the art of teaching, tailored to how different people learn.




FINNISH EDUCATION SOLUTIONS Education Finland is a governmental cluster programme supporting the best education providers in their international market growth. The programme is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The programme accepts its member’s companies that offer a service or solution based on Finnish education expertise have a track record in successful implementation in international contexts, and commit to a shared code of conduct, placing the customer’s interest at the forefront. The programme is a hub of Finnish expertise and solutions that can help your organisation and your target groups succeed.






Soprano Group is the leading Nordic training company. Soprano’s six business schools with ISO 9001-quality standard have 70 years’ experience, 2400 customer organisations in 50+ countries and 1500 programs.

New Nordic School is transforming current systems of education. Our pre-K through grade 12 educational system empowers all students to explore their natural creativity, discover their true passions, and shape their own future.

The University of Turku is renowned for high-quality education and research. Our global educational services are based on the latest know-how and research conducted at the University.

The University of Eastern Finland, one of Finlandś leading research universities, combines the best knowledge and expertise to create learning solutions for degree students and professionals worldwide.



HY+ is a fully-owned company of the internationally esteemed University of Helsinki, the oldest, largest, and highest-ranked higher education institution in Finland.

FinnWayLearning is a consortium formed by the City of Turku and several educational institutions in the region, working together to offer their expertise and services in areas such as learning and pedagogy solutions and new methodology and content for schools and teachers.

Luovi Vocational College is the leading Finnish expert organisation in vocational education and training. We believe that each individual is unique and deserves equal rights and opportunities in society.



Versatile K-12 and professional education services to ensure everyone thrives in the changing world. Finnish Global Schools is an international K-12 school model merging Finnish education’s successful elements with best international practices and objectives.

Start North is a student-driven community and a network of top universities and companies, which is speeding up the learning and applications of the newest technologies for business and sustainable competitiveness.


Satakunta University of Applied Sciences – SAMK is one of Finland’s top universities of applied sciences, with modern campuses on the west coast of Finland, in the Satakunta region.


Oulu University Teacher Training School is an experienced researchbased teacher trainer provider offering in-service training for teachers, principals, education officers and teacher educators.

Seppo is an easy-to-use tool for all teachers and educators to create and share interactive educational games. Unlike many others, Seppo is not a single game but rather a platform that can be used to gamify different content in schools, universities, and companies.

Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP) is an ambassador of Finnish education and training solutions. We work with international public and private sector customers to create and deliver tangible solutions with impact and scalability.



OPENING DOORS TO FUTURE CAREERS Haaga-Helia is the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland, with more than 11,000 students. Haaga-Helia is one of the most strongly business-orientated universities of applied sciences in Northern Europe. Through education, research and development, we prepare professionals for business and services. We focus on cooperation, entrepreneurship, innovation and internationality. Our roots are deep in entrepreneurship and working life. We educate sales, service and entrepreneurship-oriented specialists for the needs of companies. Haaga-Helia is one of Finland’s most clearly profiled universities of applied sciences and a pioneer in education exports. Pioneering and innovation in networks have been the cornerstones of our operations from the very beginning. 85




DESIGN FOR EVERYDAY LIFE Designers, architects and artists across Finland use nature as their muse, respecting its form and recreating its functionality. We often solve practical problems by combining the latest technology with sustainable and nature-inspired design. Innovation and design are a major part of everyday life in Finland and can be found everywhere, from the modern architecture of public buildings to dinner tables’ glassware. Design is not a luxury – it is meant to be accessible to everyone.



MAKING THE EVERYDAY EXTRAORDINARY Fiskars Group’s purpose is to make the everyday extraordinary. With a family of loved lifestyle brands including Fiskars, Gerber, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Waterford, and Wedgwood, our vision is to create a positive, lasting impact on our quality of life. We are present in the garden, at the dinner table and at festivities, everyday activities, and rituals. Through our brands, we can transform the familiar into the extraordinary. Since our journey started in 1649, we have brought together different people and ways of thinking to learn, explore, and create together. We have a presence in 30 countries, and our products are available in more than 100 countries. Our shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki (FSKRS). 89




NORDIC DESIGN FOR YOUR LIFETIME JOURNEY ALWAYS RESPONSIBLE. As a Finnish know-how, quality, and industrial innovation leader, ISKU’s goal is to inspire and create experiences of success. ISKU design is inspired by Finnish forests, pure raw materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. All ISKU products comply with the strictest quality and safety requirements. ISKU solutions enable creating functional spaces for generations to come. Making businesses thrive by bringing health, happiness and creativity into daily life is one of our key objectives. As safety and well-being are the core pillars that future environments build on, ISKU has developed the world’s first antimicrobial furniture collection to be used in any interior. With ISKU+, we convey a firm signal of caring. ISKU+ antimicrobial solutions bring well-being to all spaces by effectively breaking the chain of infections and dramatically reducing sick leave. Therefore, all ISKU products are available with antimicrobial materials. 91




Naava is a Nordic health tech company making smart air-purifying furniture green walls. Naava is on a mission to reconnect humanity with nature in the built environment with a disruptive combination of nature, technology and design.

Lahqua is dedicated to inspire change with innovative, sustainably packaged natural spring water of the highest quality. Water is as vital for our body and soul as creativity is for humanity’s intellectual growth and evolution.


KIVI - Stone from Finland, founded in 1938, brings together producers of natural stones:


LOGONET WORKWEAR We design workwear individually to reflect the target company’s brand, work environment and the tasks at hand. We do not choose the easy way out as we design and produce each garment according to your unique requirements. Workwear designed with care will endure time and heavy use in addition to being an ecological choice.



REASONS TO VISIT FINLAND Finland offers pristine nature, room to roam and clean air. Living sustainably and in harmony with the environment is deep-rooted within Finnish culture and is also an essential element of responsible travel. The Finnish Lakeland is famous for being Europe’s largest lake district, and our coastline boasts the world’s largest archipelago. The best way to experience the region and slow down is to try the iconic Finnish triad of summer cabin, sauna and swimming in one of Finland’s many lakes.



SUSTAINABLE FINLAND Respect, treasure, enjoy and love. Use these words as your mantra when you are in Finland, and you will enrich your visit and help to preserve this beautiful country. Finland’s untouched and pristine nature is at the core of Finnish life, and its sanctity is paramount. Living sustainably and in harmony with the environment is deep-rooted in Finland and is an essential element of responsible travel. This includes not only a respect for nature and wildlife but also people and their age-old customs. Whether it is the ice melting, revealing the green, growing grass in the spring or the leaves changing colour in the forests and fells when the autumn arrives, Finns find themselves feeling united with nature. And during those never-ending, long-awaited, white summer nights, who wouldn’t?





Luxury Action is the pioneering and multi-award-winning private travel company (DMC) in the Arctic & Nordic region.

We offer a unique health and wellbeing focused travel concept in the happiest country in the world. Experience pure nature and silence of it, breathe fresh air, tip your toes into clear water and feel the spirit of the arctic, silent forest.

Tallink Silja is one of the leading providers of passenger transport and cargo transport services in the northern part of the Baltic Sea region. The company owns 15 vessels and operates a number of ferry routes on the Baltic Sea under the brand names of Tallink and Silja Line.





OFFICIAL HOMETOWN OF SANTA CLAUS Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus and the capital of the Lapland region. Located just on the geographical Arctic Circle line, Rovaniemi is your door into the wilderness. Here, nature starts from your doorstep. Rovaniemi is one of the best places in the world to experience the Northern Lights, and there are many unique glass-roofed accommodations excellent for watching the Aurora Borealis show. In Santa Claus Village, Santa Claus meets people around the world every day of the year. The city is a traditional meeting place where culture and nature combine.



LOOKING FOR GREAT CONNECTIONS? WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED With Finnair you fly between East and west with fast Connections. We fly to over 100 destinations in Finland, Europe, middle east, Asia and North America. As a member Of oneworld, together with Our partners we offer you a network of more than 1000 destinations. Finnair is one of the safest and longest-operating airlines in the world, offering a shorter Northern route via our hub in Helsinki. The Geographical location of Helsinki enables offering fast and efficient connections between Asia and Europe going over Helsinki. Specialised in both passenger and Cargo trac, Finnair’s fleet of over 80 aircraft is one of the most modern in Europe. Thanks to it we produce less emissions and can offer you even better travel comfort on our flights.