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Editor Lucy Pitts puts her best foot forward and has a go at Nordic Walking as part of our hobby series.

Spoil Mum this year with these delicious, gluten-free elderflower and lemon mini loaf cakes - with no hidden nasties!



Wedding and events planner extraordinaire, Tim Hanbury, shares his experience of how to plan a wedding that is unique, profoundly personal and very stylish.

Travel Counsellor Katrina Smith suggests some exotic and romantic locations for overseas weddings and honeymoons.



Wedding photographer Jeff Woodall explains how to make sure your wedding photos capture your day beautifully.

If you’re looking for something new, head to the Surrey Hills for a taste of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Open Water Wild Swimming, Bushcraft, Archery and a whole lot more.

18 THE BRIDE DIET As you get ready for your big day, Nutritionist Suzanne Sawyer explains what to eat to make sure you walk down the aisle with a radiant glow.

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30 THE STARS OF SUSSEX Local historian Peter Benner has a look through the ages at Sussex’s thespian stars!



Sussex based artist Lesley Styche explains the inspiration and process behind her stunning landscape work.

It may be cold outside but we’ve found lots of interesting events to enjoy from the cultural, to the active!



This month we discover the many delights and reasons to visit the historic market town of Dorking.

Fine motoring journalist, Ade Holder, takes the new Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer for a spin and gives us the low down.



Feng Shui expert and Fine contributor Janine Lowe explains the characteristics of the Chinese signs of the tiger and the rabbit.

After a hearty walk, why not head to The Chequers at Rowhook for some local lamb and hand-picked mushrooms or even an afternoon of jazz!

58 FRIENDSHIP IN THE WORKPLACE Regular contributor Carolyn Burchell looks at the significance and importance of being friends with the people you work with.

74 A NEW APPROACH TO AUTISM This month’s pioneering chosen charity is determined to change attitudes about autism and improve lives.

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elcome to the latest edition of Fine Sussex and Surrey. I hope the winter is being kind to you and that you’re now enjoying the lighter evenings and the first glimpses of spring. Following on from the romance of Christmas, lots of you are thinking about or planning a wedding at this time of year which is the focus of this month’s edition. We were lucky enough to catch up with Tim Hanbury of Apollo Events Consultants who having helped organise both a royal wedding and Diana Ross’ wedding, has some great advice on what really does make the perfect day. We’ve also got some photography advice from wedding photographer Jeff Woodall and some exciting ideas for overseas weddings and honeymoons from Travel Counsellor Katrina Smith. Away from wedding planning, if you’re thinking about getting active, do check out our usual hobbies feature, which this month involved me trying my hand (or rather my feet) at Nordic Walking. But if that sounds too active, new contributor Karen Stanton from My Active Life has got some great tips for getting motivated and making sure you manage the recommended 10,000 steps a day. This month’s spotlight is on the historic Surrey town of Dorking which is always worth a visit whether you’re looking for art, antiques, outdoor adventure or just good cake! And regular contributor Peter Benner looks back at life in Sussex and some of the many famous thespians the county has produced.

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EDITOR Lucy Pitts



As always, don’t forget to check in with our What’s On feature which has some great ideas for Mother’s Day and Easter treats as well as all sort of ways to keep you busy in the coming months. Or you could head to the Chequers at Rowhook for an afternoon of live jazz or the Three Crowns at Wisborough Green to sample some of their finest gins. And do have a look at our very talented, featured artist, Lesley Styche, and her stunning landscapes on page 34. All in all, it’s a packed edition this month. We also now (finally) have a Facebook and Instagram page – hurrah! So, feel free to follow us online and to share your photographs of our beautiful region and its many highlights. So, keep calm, keep busy and enjoy! See you next time. Lucy Pitts EDITOR

On the front... Pippa MacKenzie Photography captured this wonderful shot of Zoe and JP’s wedding organised by Tim Hanbury. It really captures the essence of Tim’s advice about making sure you have those little details which really reflect the couple’s story and interests. You can read the full interview with Tim on page 10.

Karen Stanton Peter Benner Katrina Smith Janine Lowe Carolyn Burchell Suzanne Sawyer Ade Holder



DIRECTOR Jennifer Oliver

The views and opinions expressed in the articles herein are those of the authors concerned and are not endorsed by the publisher. Whilst every care has been taken during the production process, the publisher does not accept any liability for errors that may have occurred or for the views expressed. Fine Sussex & Surrey 2019 Volume I This publication is protected by copyright. ©2019 Printed in the UK by Foundry Press

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Nordic Walking!

A form of exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise! Frankly, who doesn’t like the sound of that! Which is why I signed up for a free Nordic Walking taster session – 45 mins of walking, talking and fresh air but with poles. 8 | fine


here is a choice of Nordic Walking groups in Sussex, all chosen to take full advantage of the stunning local landscape. Numbers vary but mine was a pleasantly small group. Before we started, we had a warm up session and an explanation of how to use our poles and position our bodies. Then we set off, learning as we walked. A fun and relaxing walk The pace was comfortable. The atmosphere was relaxed, and we talked as we walked. And if I was apprehensive about my ability to be sufficiently coordinated not to injure someone with a flaying pole, I should not have been. There was a little “tick tocking” (what it’s called when your poles get in a muddle and click into each other) and there’s clearly a level of skill involved but it’s not hard and it wasn’t a problem. Throughout the session our instructor Denise gently corrected our position and handling of the poles, encouraged and congratulated us. A number of health benefits Here in the south Nordic Walking certainly seems to be increasingly popular and I can see why. According to our instructor, with the use of the poles and your upper body, it uses 90% of the body’s muscles as compared to ordinary walking which only uses 70%. A Nordic Walking session can also almost imperceptibly include a whole range of other activities and is surprisingly anaerobic. In fact, doctors are starting to recommend it as an effective way to

rehabilitate (for example, if you’ve had a stroke or hip or knee replacement) and stay active if you’re waiting for that op and are struggling with pain.

increasing number of organised events which include the Chichester Half Marathon, the Beachy Head Marathon as well as a variety of 10km and relay events.

Suitable for all abilities I was curious to find out how a session could cater for different abilities, and our instructor explained stronger walkers are encouraged to go on ahead and do more. “We’ll play games. I’ll tell them to turn left when we’re actually going right, so they then have to catch us up. They’ll go up and down a hill twice instead of just once.”

A chance to form lasting friendships According to Denise, although most people initially join for health reasons what quickly becomes apparent is that they keep coming back not just because of the startingly impressive improvements in their fitness but also because of the friends they make. There’s something refreshingly intimate and powerful about being out in the fresh air and most of the walks finish with a visit to a local café. Some groups have even formed their own social committees.

There are also different types of walks you can choose from such as the Wellbeing Walks which include exercises along the way to help with flexibility, balance and strength. And there’s the fast-paced Workout Walks for when you’re a more experienced walker and these are designed to help you to accelerate your fitness levels and include drills along the way. A step up for the more competitive There are even different “gears” of walking. In our taster session, we stuck mainly to gear one, but I had a go at gear two which has a longer stronger stride and increased cadence, and it was certainly a challenge. Even though I’m reasonably fit, I certainly wasn’t ready for gear three which you do in short sharp bursts! And Nordic Walking doesn’t stop at a weekly session. For those with a competitive streak or who relish a challenge, you can take part in an

Nordic Walking is something that caters for all abilities and all levels of fitness (and coordination). Friendly and supportive, you’re made to feel instantly welcome. It’s an ideal way to start getting active if you have a sedentary lifestyle or are generally looking to increase your fitness levels but it’s also a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors that we’re blessed with here in the south. In Sussex, you can find groups in Arundel, Amberley, Pulborough, Barham, Littlehampton, Chichester, Haywards Heath and Crawley. Denise Page is the Training Director for the NWUK Training Academy and all walks are led by a trained instructor. You can find details of walks in your area by visiting Nordic Walking UK and Nordic Walking Coast and Country at

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Your perfect “The perfect wedding is not about having the latest designer dress or most elaborate change of clothes for the day. Nor is it about having the glitziest venue and biggest budget.� says Tim Hanbury of Apollo Event Consultants. And he should know, having been involved in some of the most beautiful weddings in the south east of the last decade which include a royal wedding in the grounds of Kensington Palace!

Pippa MacKenzie Photography



n fact, Tim’s experience of creating dazzling but personal events extends far beyond weddings and includes Mick Jagger’s 40th birthday and Diana Ross’s wedding, as well as the historic 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede with 4,500 high profile guests! Tim’s events could, and probably have, been described as everything from the flamboyant to the extraordinary. But when it comes to weddings, what is overwhelmingly apparent and striking is that an Apollo wedding is unique, profoundly personal and sublimely stylish. From place holders made out of rifle cartridges for the groom with a love of shooting and miniature pots of jam for each guest made by the bride, to a fleet of vintage London buses or a lovingly restored Morris Minor, when you browse Tim’s portfolio, you’re struck by the sense that you know something of the bride and groom’s story. That their day really was all about them. And the photos reflect an intimate glimpse into their lives. So, if it’s not the perfect dress or venue, what is Tim’s formula for creating the perfect wedding. “The real secret, if it is one, starts with the bride and groom and getting to know them really well. It’s about finding out what matters to them and for the bride, what she’s always dreamt of. Then it’s about creating a day that is a reflection of them in every single tiny detail, ensuring that it all aligns with their personalities, values and story.

That involves creativity and balance. You have to think of each part of the day as a scene in a play. The bride and groom are at the centre of each act but in particular it is the bride who should be at the centre of every scene. The set has to be perfect and evoke a hushed sense of wow from the guests but the bride has to be the finishing piece. Guests arrive and are first hit by the beauty of the church, marquee or reception room but then as the bride walks in, there’s a second wave of wow as she perfectly completes the picture. You also want to bring out little details of the bride and groom’s story. For example, with Zoe and JP’s wedding we wanted to highlight their love of shooting. We included pheasants’ tail feathers in the floral displays, the table place cards used shooting language and were illustrated with birds and the bride arrived side saddle on a horse as a nod to her love of horses. But the secret to this is both in the attention to tiny details like these but also, not to get so carried away with the detail that it becomes a distraction. Get the balance right and you have something profoundly personal, very beautiful and elegant. Get it wrong and you have a cluttered feel which distracts from the bride. The second aspect to creating a perfect day has to be the more practical side and ensuring meticulous attention to detail and planning. This is where a wedding planner really earns his oats. For the bride and her family, the six months in the run up to the wedding should be a time of great

happiness and fun! Not stress and worry. A wedding planner’s role is to take that worry from them and box it up. From my point of view that means creating a very detailed and extensive brief and ensuring everything is organised with military precision. I check everything: every booking, every delivery, every item and every detail so that on the day (and in the days running up to it) the atmosphere is calm and everything runs seamlessly. If things go wrong, the bride and groom and their family and guests don’t need to know or worry about it. Knowing the bride and groom well also means I can anticipate what they might want as we plan and organise the day, so when the bride says to the florist, “I want 150 individual flowers for the table places.” the florist can reply, “I know, Tim’s already organised it.” I also believe, you have to keep weddings grounded. Even though I have organised some truly extraordinary events, I’m an ordinary married man with children. However large (or small) your budget, I believe it should always be spent wisely. That doesn’t mean cutting corners. It means identifying what is really important and what is less so, so that you can achieve what you want within budget. That keeps everyone happy! If I think a certain expenditure isn’t worth it, or that there’s a more economical route, I’ll advise it. One example of this might be the flowers. It is possible to spend a small fortune on flowers. But with clever planning, some of the flowers from the church can be

Weddings | 11

whipped away after the service and used to decorate somewhere else. This creates the impression of an abundance of flowers without the abundance of expenditure. The money saved then might go towards something more extravagant or more important to the bride and groom. Being grounded also means that if I think there’s a practical step that needs to be taken care of (laying tracks for vehicles to get in and out of a field for example), I’ll anticipate and organise it. Because the last thing you want on your wedding day is the father of the bride in his wellies in a field

of mud trying to push the guests’ cars out! One of the benefits of my many years’ organising large events is that I have a very good nose for how things work (from the electrics and generators to the marquees) which also means I have a very good nose for what could go wrong and making sure it doesn’t. I suppose the last piece of the puzzle is the suppliers you use. This comes back to planning and making the experience for the bride and her family a pleasure from the moment they come to see me. That means the suppliers have to understand

and believe in the experience we’re trying to create. I always ensure the marquee is set up at least a day before it needs to be, so that no one is stressed on the day, and I work to ensure there’s a sense of fun and camaraderie. If you have guests staying the night before the wedding, the last thing you want on the morning of the big day is banging, shouting and a sense of panic coming from the tradesmen. You want the waiters, the photographer, your housekeeper, your gardener and everyone else to feel involved and to feel like they’re contributing to the success of the day. Finally, and above all else, the perfect wedding is reflected in the faces and photographs of the day. The perfect wedding is when the bride and groom and their families look blissfully happy and you know that they’re going to look back on this day with that same sense of pride and happiness for many decades. If you can achieve that, you’ve achieved the perfect wedding!” So what is Tim’s feeling about what will be popular this year?

Pippa MacKenzie Photography

“2019 will be about keeping things simple. Recent royal wedding dresses have had an elegance in their simplicity. There’s also a trend towards bringing the outside in and taking the inside out, with clever use of foliage and marquees. But what I hope for most this year is that brides ensure that their day is a unique reflection of them and the wonderful man they’re going to marry!” So, what about Tim himself? When you meet him, you’re instantly struck by the fact that despite his extraordinary imagination and vision, here is a man who is down to earth, charming and passionate about what he does. He’s all the things you’d want from someone in whom you’re going to place enormous trust and who you’re going to be spending quite a lot of time with. His clients clearly think of him as a trusted friend and you can’t help but leave Tim’s company with an overwhelming urge to organise a wedding.

Pippa MacKenzie Photography

12 | fine

Pippa MacKenzie Photography

You can find out more about Tim Hanbury at or contact him by phone at 01428 658 624.

Capturing the

moment Je Woodall explains how to make sure your wedding photos capture your day beautifully

our wedding should be a whirlwind of happy emotions, from the moment he or she proposes, until the final goodbye when you leave for your honeymoon. Along the way, there will probably be hundreds of special moments that you want to remember forever, particularly on the day itself.


a very evocative collection. In fact, traditional photos where shots are posed, and everyone is pretty much facing the camera lens, or some portraiture shots (particularly lone shots of the bride) are often a must for the family, so it’s a good idea to combine these with some photos that are more relaxed.

But how do you make sure your photographer catches the mood, the moment, the perfect memory? Sussex wedding photographer Jeff Woodall shares his experience and advice:

That means you need a photographer who can capture all those shots of multi generations with just the right amount of style. Your photographer should be thinking about background, lighting, weather and how to fit everyone in without making them look like a set of cardboard cut outs!

“The starting point has to be talking to your photographer well in advance and sharing details of your wedding, particularly any theme or style. They need to understand you, what matters to you, what kind of people you are and why you’ve chosen a particular venue or detail. That way, your photographer can work with you, advising you about different styles and techniques you might want to consider and what they think will work well. Don’t forget at this stage to ask them for some examples to illustrate what they mean and to give you a feel for their particular style.

Photography styles Wedding photographic styles vary, but the reportage feel is increasingly popular. Those candid shots, unobtrusively capturing un-posed natural emotion. Or of small but important details of the day that you might otherwise forget. Reportage can be done with stunning results or look very ordinary. But what separates a ‘snap’ which any wedding guest might take and a 'keeper’ is an awareness of the quality and direction of light, the background and the depth of field. It’s those details that can really capture a mood. There still is a place for formal photography, of course, and combined with some reportage, this can create

You might also consider some more artistic shots, where particular attention is paid to the framing of the shot, sometimes with a more abstract result. This may mean the subject is actually out of focus for artistic effect.

Clever techniques Other styles to consider include black and white photography which can add that certain timeless quality to an image or sepia toning for that vintage feel. Again, combining several of the stronger images in black and white, with some coloured photos can make a really impressive collection. Colour ‘popping’ where a black and white image has certain elements coloured to emphasise and draw attention to that area are popular too. But a word of caution, you should not opt for too many photos in this style. One or two perhaps may be fine, but more than that and it can start to look a bit gimmicky. Your photographer will tend to use these post processing techniques based on their gut feeling for artistic effect, but ultimately the beauty of digital photography is that you can ask that the original colour version be used untouched.

These days a collection of images from a typical wedding will probably feature most of these styles, rather than limit the day to only one or two styles.

Vetting your photographer Understanding styles and techniques may be the first step but don’t forget to vet your photographer and make sure they have all the right equipment! It might sound trite advice, but anything can happen on the big day and you may need contingency lighting or be told no flash photography during the ceremony! And personality matters too. For me, the most important part of wedding photography is that it has to be all about you, the bride and groom, not me. Unfortunately, some photographers can be a little overpowering (for the right reasons of course, but they forget that the day is not about the photographer or photography). There is a balance to be struck to ensure you’re really pleased with the results. Ultimately, the success of the day is all about the planning and the ability to anticipate - to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time, and that comes with experience. If you’d like to see some more examples of my wedding photography or find out more about how I work, please contact me at, or or by phone 07759 277916.

Weddings | 15

The story behind the exclusive

Certified Diamonds


Find the perfect gift for somebody special in your life Discover more gifts online at





£295 £600

£55 5

49 West Street Horsham RH12 1PP 01403 258582


63 Churchill Square Brighton BN1 2TB 01273 710357

55 High Street Alton, Hampshire GU34 1AB 01420 82043

The bride diet plan Preparing for your wedding should not be a time for fad diets or quick fix plans as they will cause stress when you don’t lose your target weight in the prescribed time. nstead meet your daily calorific needs with clean foods: fresh fruit & vegetables, oily fish, organic chicken, low fat dairy, whole grains and a limited amount of healthy fats. This will help you to stay healthy and radiant for your special day.


That doesn’t mean going to the gym every day; a brisk walk or short jog are good. Join a Pilates or Zumba class – if you already do them, add an extra one to your schedule to encourage your body to burn any extra fat.

The Bride Diet Plan should:

Enjoy healthy snacks, eat raw vegetables with dips e.g. celery with hummus or low fat cream cheese. Drink plenty of water but sip it slowly, especially before a meal as it will fill you up and you should eat a smaller portion. Don’t worry if you have a cheat meal, just adjust your intake for the next one.

• Avoid processed food • Limit or eliminate foods with added sugar • Avoid sweetened or artificially sweetened drinks • Give up refined and starchy carbohydrates like white bread or pasta • Drink plenty of water • Restrict or eliminate alcohol (less than 7 units a week) Above all, keep it simple. It can be helpful to keep a food diary for the first week to make sure you are eating the right amount and staying on track. Combine the Bride Diet Plan with increased physical activity for best results.

18 | fine

Above all, try not to get stressed. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life so don’t take risks with celebrity endorsed routines or very low calorie diets. Listen to your body, eat well and stay healthy so you can walk down the aisle with a confident radiant glow.

Suzanne Sawyer Nutritional Therapist Healthwyze

Plenty of us have spent some of the happiest moments of our lives in pubs. They are places where it’s easy to relax, to be with friends, to forget the world for a while. Those three qualities should figure quite high on your list of wants for a place to hold your reception.

A Sussex Pub Wedding

The Three Crowns Inn in Wisborough Green is a 15th century grade II listed Inn offering excellent service with an in-house events coordinator on hand to help you through your whole wedding planning process. The Three Crowns perfectly combines the friendly atmosphere of a traditional pub with all the sophistication of a refined dining room. Seasonal menus can be tailored to all dietary requirements with simple, hearty and flavoursome food on offer using the freshest local ingredients. Select from a variety of dishes and complement them with the finest wines from our extensive wine list. Whether you want a traditional wedding breakfast, Afternoon tea or a more relaxed BBQ or Hog roast, The Three Crowns is the perfect pub venue for the couple who are looking for flexibility. You and your guests will enjoy high quality catering and picture-perfect surroundings too at your wedding. There are immaculately tended gardens surrounding the pretty building as well as the quintessential village green and adjacent duck pond that will look striking in your wedding photographs. Inside the pub offers rustic oak beamed spaces with stunning eclectic dĂŠcor. The dining room can seat up to 50 guests or for larger weddings the gardens are an amazing spot for summer celebrations in a marquee or tipi. If you are looking for a beautiful quirky venue then let us welcome you to The Three Crowns at Wisborough Green. We love to talk Weddings, see our website for more details of how we can bring our attention to detail and friendly service to create your special day.

The Three Crowns Wisborough Green RH14 0DX | 01403 700239

Say it with Cake from Belvoir Fruit Farms

This Mother’s Day (Sunday 31 March 2019) show your mum how much you care by investing time in creating something special to tantalise the taste buds.


ime is such a precious commodity these days, so Belvoir Fruit Farms have developed a raft of delicious cake recipes to help you share some good times and a slice of heaven with that wonderful woman to whom you owe so much!

Featuring one of Belvoir’s fabulous Cordials made with fresh ingredients using natural fruit juices and flowers, and which contain no artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or preservatives, here’s our top choice!

Mini Elderflower and lemon loaf cakes (gluten free)

To make the loaf cakes: 1.

These are utterly delicious and very moist little cakes which are gluten free, so everyone can join the celebrations. You will need 6 mini cardboard loaf cases (8x4x4cm) available online, or from kitchen supply shops or large supermarkets. Alternatively bake 8 little cakes in muffin cases.

For the elderflower loaf cakes: rep: 15mins Cook: 30-35mins Makes 10 •

10 individual non-stick loaf cases

40g pistachios, roughly chopped, plus a few extra to decorate

160g ground almonds

40g rice flour

1½ teaspoon gluten free baking powder

½ teaspoon fine salt

175g unsalted butter, softened

175g caster sugar

Finely grated zest of 2 lemons and juice of 1

3 large eggs, lightly beaten

Pre-heat the oven to 180ºC/fan 160ºC/350ºF/gas mark 4.

2. Place the individual loaf cases on a rectangular tray which will hold them all in one tight layer. 3. Lightly roast the pistachios for 5 minutes on a baking tray. Place the ground almonds, rice flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl. 4. In an electric mixer, or using a bowl and electric whisk, cream together the butter, sugar and lemon zest until pale and fluffy. Gradually add the eggs and almond mixture alternately, beating well between each addition. 5. Drizzle in the lemon juice and finally fold in the pistachios. Divide the mixture evenly between the cases. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes or until risen and the centres bounce back when lightly touched.

To make the syrup: Whilst the cakes are baking, in a small bowl mix 1 tablespoon of icing sugar together with the lemon juice and elderflower cordial. On removal from the oven, immediately prick the surface of the cakes with a cocktail stick and spoon over half of the syrup. Allow the loaves to cool down completely.

To make the glacé icing:

For the syrup and glacé icing: •

150g icing sugar, sifted

Juice of ½ a lemon

2 tablespoons of Belvoir Elderflower Cordial (you may need a little extra)

Gradually add the remaining syrup I teaspoon at a time to the rest of the icing sugar until it is the consistency of pourable double cream. Add a little extra elderflower cordial if the icing is too thick. Drizzle the icing over the cooled cakes and scatter with the remaining pistachios. Allow the icing to set before serving.

Food | 21

copyright @andreasarlo

Magical setting, inspirational food

Sussex Business Awards Food and Drink Destination of the Year Tucked away in the leafy heart of Sussex is a gorgeous Victorian walled garden, where orchard, lawns, herbaceous borders and vine-hung walkway are backdrop to our wedding marquee and a light and airy room for ceremonies. This was one of The Times’ ten most romantic restaurants in Britain. In the Sussex Business Awards Jeremy’s was judged Food and Drink Destination 2018. Our events manager Joanne is on hand to help you plan, and to see that every tiny detail is perfect on the day, while our team provide the warmest of welcomes and the most delicious food. Come soon and visit us!

Borde Hill, Balcombe Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 1XP | Telephone: 01444 441102 Email: | Twitter: @Jeremysrest | Facebook: Jeremy’s Restaurant | Instagram: jeremysbordehill/

Surrey Hills Enterprises

Members PRISM AG Prism Ag can assist clients nationwide, whether you have 2 acres, or a landed country estate. Specialising in advice for rural planning, applications & adding value to rural buildings, preparing Agricultural / Rural / Mixed-Use Statements for Planning purposes & SDLT Reclaims. Prism Ag has worked with Local Planning Authorities, Law Firms, Architects, Planning Consultants & the private sector. Have you considered a sustainable heritage Orchard? With 3,600 native UK varieties, we can assist with soil analysis, planning & planting on your behalf. Min of 2 acres or 800 trees is considered commercial. / 07805 843332 / 0800 135 7450

SHERE KITCHENS Bespoke Luxury. Every Shere Kitchen is Unique Be inspired - commissioning a kitchen with us is a joy, from start to finish. We work with you to create a kitchen design that is both practical & inspirational. Then at our workshop in the beautiful village of Shere near Guildford, we handcraft your cabinetry to your exacting requirements. To meet the makers please call us to arrange an appointment. 01483 202 143 07506 699 887 Follow us on Instagram for kitchen design inspiration

NICOLA ANSTEY Nicola specialises in creatively restoring and reupholstering vintage and antique furniture. Old but still treasured items of furniture are transformed by hand into distinctive and highly desirable one-off pieces. Nicola combines her passion and training in traditional upholstery techniques with her love of restoration. Alongside her current furniture collection, Nicola also takes commissions. To find out more contact: 07711 183283 mobile 01306 731328 landline

Surrey Hills Enterprise | 23

Explore Surrey Hills For business, for pleasure For Being Active

Surrey Hills Challenge – Ironside Images

North Downs Way National Trail

Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty covers over a quarter of Surrey and is a fantastic setting for outdoor activities and adventures. The landscape of rolling hills, woodlands, heathlands and rivers are an inspiring setting for outdoor activities that build physical and mental well-being. Whether it is enjoying a quiet riverside stroll or a fast-paced bike trail through woodlands, it is a great way to unwind and spend time with family and friends. 24 | fine


key to this programme and activities are run on both weekdays and weekends for all ages.

The Surrey Hills Adventure Company are an Outdoor Adventure Company offering year-round activities for all ages from Stand Up Paddle-Boarding to Open Water Wild Swimming, Mountain Biking or Bushcraft. It makes a great family day out, birthday party or corporate event with qualified and experienced instructors and all the equipment you need to get started or to develop your skills.

Dates for your Diary The Surrey Hills Challenge, organised by Rutland Management Ltd is inspiring people of all ages and abilities to run or walk the Surrey Hills. The Challenge will be held on Sunday 22nd September 2019 and is suitable for all ages and abilities with 6 different lengths to choose from including a 1km, a 5km, 10km, 21km, 42km or the Ultra run at 60km. Crossing the Surrey Hills on the Greensand Way it offers spectacular scenery with routes well signposted and ‘refreshment & support stations’ along the way.

urrey Hills are proud to have an exciting range of businesses, who have been awarded the Trade Mark Surrey Hills and who offer outdoor activities, experiences and courses from introductory sessions to training and building skills and confidence.

Try their ‘Skills in the Hills’ programme introducing riders to the trails in the Surrey Hills or their ‘Friends & Family’ stand up paddle boarding river safaris. They also run children’s Holiday Adventure days based on Forest School principles offering fun and engaging activities whilst also building children’s confidence, motivation and communication skills. Surrey Hills Yurts are set on a 15 acre working farm in beautiful countryside. Surrounded by a network of footpaths, cycle routes and horse rides they offer a perfect base to explore the Surrey Hills whilst enjoying the luxury eco-friendly glamping accommodation. The range of courses and activities include fishing trips, yoga retreats, archery lessons and guided wildlife walks. They are within walking distance of Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking and Albury Organic Vineyard, 2 of the 5 Award winning Vineyards of the Surrey Hills and offering tours and wine tasting. Set within a stunning landscape, Albury Estate Fisheries have 4 tranquil fishing lakes fed by springs and the Tillingbourne River. They provide high quality fly fishing and offer tuition and ‘Teach In’ days for those that would like to learn or improve their skills. Hedges & Hurdles teach traditional countryside skills & crafts for all ages in outdoor locations in the Surrey Hills, including wood craft workshops, hedge laying courses, hurdle making for fences or arches for the garden.

Surrey Hills Wood Fair on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October is a great family day out set in woodlands and fields with lots of activities for all ages. From woodland walks to archery, tree climbing, zip wires, woodland crafts and a delicious range of local food, there is something for everyone and a great way to enjoy our woodland heritage. Find out more – discover the best of the Surrey Hills and the businesses awarded The Trade Mark Surrey Hills www.

Surrey Hills Adventure Company

Find out more about the events,trails, walks, runs and cycle routes •

Visit our directory

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The Trade Mark Surrey Hills is a new accreditation and a Mark of local provenance and quality. The Award promotes the best of what Surrey has to offer and celebrates those businesses of high quality that reflect and support the distinct and special nature of the Surrey Hills.

Ruth Wheeler offers outdoor workshops including wood sculpting, pyrography and working with other natural materials. Ruth also runs yoga classes and courses for all ages from children to teenagers and adults including outdoor yoga and yoga retreats in the Surrey Hills. Being a volunteer for the Wey & Arun Canal Trust is a great way to stay active, learn new skills and help a local charity. The Trust is restoring sections of the Canal and have achieved outstanding results improving the canal for recreation, wildlife and our heritage. Volunteers are

inspiring piring setting ffor oor activities activitie that outdoor build physical and mental well-being

Surrey Hills Adventure Company

Ruth Wheeler outdoor yoga & mindfulness workshops

Surrey Hills Enterprises is a Community Interest Company working with local businesses to support the rural economy and promote, protect and enhance the Surrey Hills.

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From design to reality

5, Swan Lane, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4EQ • 01483 506111 www. 3 Smithbrook Kilns, Horsham Road, Cranleigh Surrey GU6 8JJ • 01483 273111

Each design invites you into Simon Pure’s world of indefinable beauty

5, Swan Lane, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4EQ • 01483 506111 www. 3 Smithbrook Kilns, Horsham Road, Cranleigh Surrey GU6 8JJ • 01483 273111

Tying the knot overseas Weddings overseas are becoming more and more popular. With beautiful locations, exceptional weather and prices kinder to your wallet than a UK wedding. Rendezvous Hotel, St Lucia

Olympic Lagoon Hotel Ayia Napa

Beachcomber Hotels Mauritius

Olympic Lagoon Hotel Ayia Napa

Beachcomber Hotels Mauritius

under a canopy on a secluded stretch of beach, or even on your own private island! Exotic Mauritius Many hotels will give you the guarantee of just one wedding per day, giving you an exclusive and special day. The Beachcomber Hotels in Mauritius offer this benefit. Mauritius has become hugely popular for weddings with a wealth of beautiful tropical settings, with a beachside wedding in the late afternoon proving to be the most popular. Rendezvous Hotel, St Lucia


lanning your wedding can be one of the most exciting times of your life – but it is also one of the most stressful. From grand arrangements to the finer details that make your wedding unique, there’s plenty to organise to ensure your wedding goes without a hitch. When planning a wedding overseas, a good travel agent will work alongside you to give you complete peace of mind. From ensuring legal documents are in order to working with staff in resort to make them aware of all your wants and needs, making for a wonderful wedding with none of the worries. Accessible Cyprus Back in 1997 I was given the task of putting together the first ‘Weddings’ brochure

for a large tour operator. I travelled around the globe attending weddings and sourcing unique locations for the special day. One of my favourite destinations close to home was Cyprus, and even back then this was a popular destination for weddings. Today Cyprus is even more popular. It is easily accessible from the UK and relatively inexpensive, which makes it possible for your family and friends to be with you on your special day. Caribbean sands Further afield the Caribbean is a very popular choice for a beautiful, relaxed wedding on the beach. I recently organised a wedding for some clients at the Rendezvous Hotel in St Lucia. The hotel is quite simply made for romance. Here you can choose to marry in a tropical garden,

If you decide to get married in the UK and honeymoon overseas there are some wonderful places to visit but do remember that although summer weddings are very popular here in the UK, many long-haul destinations may not be so warm, or you may be visiting during their rainy or hurricane season. It is always best to check with a reputable travel agent, who also may be able to offer honeymooners little extras, such as free upgraded rooms, bottles of wine, flowers or fruit on arrival in the room. I recently arranged for a complimentary romantic sunset cruise for honeymooner clients staying in Mauritius, and it’s something they will remember for ever. Katrina Smith, Travel Counsellor Best Independent Travel Agency’ at The British Travel Awards 2018

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Thespian Sussex As far as we know, none of Chaucer’s pilgrims strayed into our county (it was a bit difficult to stray back then due to the appalling state of the roads – where there were any). So, we had to produce our own entertainment, playrights, actors and managers. And we did!


o doubt in the intervening years our burgeoning thespians had to go to London to get on to the “right stage” but once the Prince Regent made his home and mark in Brighton in 1783, he brought a lot of the then “Bon Ton” (which roughly translates into “Top People”). This spurred the development of theatres, music halls and the Palais de Dance. Move forward a hundred years and Brighton had its Theatre Royal and Hippodrome. Worthing, too, later developed its Connaught Theatre and the Devonshire family promoted a cultural atmosphere for the Arts in Eastbourne.

30 | fine

Today there are theatres and other venues for the performing arts throughout Sussex, from the celebrated Festival Theatre Complex in Chichester to the internationally renowned Glyndebourne, with many smaller theatres in towns and villages such as Crawley, Horsham, Hurstpierpoint and Lewes. Indeed, Michael Caine first trod the boards in a small repertory theatre off the Carfax in Horsham (and “not a lot of people know that”). So while this culture developed, how did the actors fare in our county? After the coming of the railways in 1840 it was much easier for them to live in Sussex and Surrey and work on the London stage.

By the early part of the twentieth century, Ellen Terry lived on the border of East Sussex and Oscar Wilde had visited Worthing before naming one of his key characters after it and then having him found in the famous handbag in left luggage at Victoria station. Sir Laurence Olivier settled in Brighton and later in Ashurst, before becoming the Director of the Chichester Festival Theatre. He was also influential in trying to preserve the breakfast kippers in the Pullman cars of the Brighton Belle! Some of our greatest thespians were native born and bred. Sir Donald Sinden was born in Ditchling and Paul Schofield was born in Hurstpierpoint, went to school in Brighton and from the fifties, lived in Balcombe. Down the road, the Fox dynasty of actors grew up in Cuckfield where Spike Milligan was also a soldier (at Cuckfield Park) in WWII. Royal Shakespeare Company actor Alan Howard, and the less Shakespearian actor Terry Thomas, both went to school at Ardingly, as did Frank Williams, who played the vicar in Dad’s Army.

Whilst Valentine Dyall lived in Burgess Hill, Oliver Reed used to make regular and sometimes dramatic visits to licensed premises in the Horsham area. And in and around Crawley, for many years lived my good old friend Peter Vaughan, remembered for his role as Harry Grout in Porridge. He was still performing in Game of Thrones into his nineties. Peter’s co-star in Porridge, Ronnie Barker was very fond of his home in Littlehampton, whilst one of his co-stars, David Jason, lived in Crowborough for a while, perhaps in the shadow of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who lived there at the end of his life (and claimed to have seen fairies there). Last, but no means least, you used to be able to spy “She who must be obeyed” (the governing alter-ego of Rumpole of the Bailey), presiding over her antiques shop in Petworth. All in all, quite a few boards have been well trodden by both the natives of and migrants to Sussex and our lives have been richer for their presence. Local historian Peter Benner

At perhaps the other end of the dramatic scale, Brighton and district became popular with Max Miller and with various members of the “Crazy Gang”, who held sway in the forties and fifties at the Victoria Palace in London. On one occasion, on the last, and very popular train from Victoria to Brighton Bud Flanagan (the voice of “Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler”) kidnapped the guard (perhaps with others), tied him up in his van, pinched his hat and went through the train collecting tickets. When the weary travellers got to the barrier in Brighton, the real collector wouldn’t let them out. All was eventually forgiven when Bud came jogging up the platform with a bag full of tickets and a five pound note. Jimmy Edwards often used to be seen commuting to and from Haywards Heath, travelling to his home in Fletching, where Dirk Bogarde’s family also lived. Dirk in fact grew up near Alfriston and Chailey and made his stage debut with the Newick Players.

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Think you’re too busy to

get active? Think again

There are so many things like squats while the kettle boils

oday I have been thinking about fitness challenges and what little things we can fit in when we’re getting on with our day and trying to do a million other things. There are so many things like squats while the kettle boils… but it always strikes me that working out and motivating yourself to keep continually active completely on your own is really hard.


10, 000 steps every day is the ‘recommended’ minimum. It shouldn’t be that difficult. Just a dog walk or the daily commute through the station there and back, isn’t it? It’s one of those things that is as easy to do – as not to. But when someone else is watching and the stats count, you might just find it gets a whole lot easier!

Some people can simply never get their trainers on and make it out for a run or class without knowing a friend will be there – while it is true of course that for others the thought of actually doing the exercise with someone else fills them with an indescribable horror!

So here’s a daily challenge for you As you might expect, it’s about steps.

It’s ‘horses for courses’ … but what really seems to matter is the feeling that when you do get out and do something, it really counts and there is someone other than you who cares about the effort you’ve put in. Being part of a supportive community, whether through an actual or virtual platform, is often the thing.

If you don’t know then you need to find out. The Health App is a great place to start – and please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can help.

One of the things we do at MyActiveLife is try to figure out and establish the connections that can best help our clients get and stay on track for the long term – whether that be by connecting with other people, using Strava, online tracking, classes, clubs, Park Run or simply a ‘cheer’ on the FitBit app.

32 | fine

Do you know how far you travel each day? If you do – please make sure you get your 10,000 as a minimum today, tomorrow and for the rest of the working week.

Better still, if you have a FitBit and haven’t yet joined us – get in touch via the ‘Tell Me More’ at and we can add you to our next Step Challenge! If you’re planning to make some changes and would like support or advice Karen can be contacted on: Phone: 07766 260765 email: or visit the website for more details:

Transformation through education An independent boarding and day school focused on social diversity and mobility, for boys and girls aged 11-18. Offering more fee assisted places than other independent schools. T: 01403 246 555 E: Christ’s Hospital, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 0LJ Registered Charity No. 1120090

Interview with

an artist

Local artist Lesley Styche describes her work and her inspiration

34 | fine


ome art is food for the soul. The sort of work that you can look at time and time again and still lose yourself in or find something new. And that very much sums up the work of local artist Lesley Styche who is tucked away in a quiet corner of the Arundel countryside.

Turner is very much my idol and inspiration. when I was at school...

Working in oils, Lesley’s work captures big skies, seas and landscapes. The emphasis is on light, texture and mood and much like the scenes she captures, the light seems to change and move as you study them, making them vibrant and real. Lesley, who is entirely self-taught, started painting nearly a decade ago, and she said, once she started, she just couldn’t stop. Her process seems to be an emotional one. “I just sit in front of a blank canvass, pick up a brush and see what emerges. I just allow it to happen. At the beginning my work felt quite dark, which perhaps matched my mood at the time, but over the years, my work has evolved into something calmer and more reflective and serene. It’s a cathartic process.”

And what of Lesley’s muse? “Turner is very much my idol and inspiration. When I was at school, I had an amazing art teacher. He gave me a postcard picturing Turner’s painting of Tillington church at Petworth Park. I was fascinated but as a school girl in Yorkshire, little did I realise that in later life, I would live near that very church and take such inspiration from the surrounding countryside. I still have that postcard as it now holds great significance for me.” With a large body of work, the scenes don’t feel specific to Sussex, but many of them do have a distinctly “Turneresque” feel. In 2011 Lesley successfully exhibited at Petworth House and she is now planning some further exhibitions.

You can contact Lesley about her work at or on 01243 814221.

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Nurturing pupils through the transition Mike Lamb, Director of Staff and Pupil Wellbeing/Head of Year 9 at Hurst College tells Fine Sussex how good mental health and wellbeing for pupils is paramount at Hurst, especially around the key transition periods


ost people would agree that good mental health and wellbeing is the basis for a happy and successful life at school and beyond. At Hurst this is at the core of what we do and which we consider is especially important around the key transition times. Moving schools can be a challenging experience for pupils (and parents) and so it is important for schools to work closely together to ensure pupils can negotiate the transition successfully. At Hurst this begins well before a pupil joins us. To smooth the academic transition we invite key staff from our feeder prep

36 | fine

schools to the college to see how they teach the key subjects, which allows for sharing of ideas and best practice. We also work closely with the respective heads to discuss pupils and how we can best support them when they join us. Another initiative involves our pupils going back to their prep schools to talk about how they settled in, what they have enjoyed and what the challenges have been. Later this year, we will be launching our inaugural Wellbeing Conference when we will invite local schools to join us for presentations and discussion

on wellbeing and transition between schools. In the March before pupils join us in Year 9 we host our special ‘Sesame’ event. This takes place over two days, with an overnight for boarders, when pupils come in to the school to experience what life will be like when they join. It is a fantastic experience and helps pupils to familiarise themselves with their new school, make new friends and meet their teachers. They take part in a variety of activities and challenges, in different teams, in order to acquire a real taste for life at Hurst.

Only when a school knows their pupils can they identify the type of support that is required Our new Year 9 pupils start the new school year before any other year groups return. This allows us to focus on supporting their induction before the school is full again and helps them with orientation and feeling comfortable. After three days of induction the pupils are ready for the real start to term and the beginning of their Hurst journey. This is not - and should not - be the end of supporting the transition. Ensuring there are a number of teambuilding and ‘getting to know each other’ experiences in the first few days is key. Our pupils go on a bowling trip in the first week and a multiactivity day in week two when they bond with each other by taking part in activities such as abseiling, archery, zip wire, potholing and the ‘leap of faith’. We also believe that for a pupil to successfully settle into Year 9 a busy, challenging, engaging and rewarding day is vital. Our school day is packed with learning and activities. Three games

sessions a week ensures each pupil is provided with a great opportunity to exercise whether that is through team sports, such as rugby or netball, or alternatives such as climbing, gym or triathlon. All Year 9 pupils also take part in drama, dance and PE. There is also an array of activities on Tuesday afternoons ranging from football to shooting and enrichment activities later in the week that could see them dismantling a Dyson vacuum cleaner in engineering, developing their travel writing or learning Mandarin Chinese. Our recently developed Year 9 wellbeing programme has been designed to provide the pupils with a quieter moment in the middle of the week. On a carousel over the year each pupil has the opportunity to develop some mindfulness techniques, practice yoga and develop their own videos about kindness. We also ensure that each pupil spends time on our farm and learns

how to make fires and shelters in the surrounding woods. It is through this diverse and varied curriculum that we believe pupils will thrive and develop the life skills they need to achieve their personal bests. Combined with a robust tutorial programme this helps them develop other attributes such as effective study skills, an understanding of the world around them and good relationships with others. Our tutors see the pupils regularly to ensure they get to know them properly which is absolutely crucial in order to monitor and support them. Only when a school knows their pupils can they identify the type of support that is required. It also allows the school to work with the parents to help the pupils achieve their potential. Through these initiatives we strive to develop well rounded, world aware, independent, happy and kind young men and women that will make a success in their next transition beyond Hurst.

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Traditional craftsmanship producing the world’s largest selection of Cretan terracotta pots EXCLUSIVE • HAND THROWN • FROST RESISTANT +44 (0) 1342 714793

welcome to pots and pithoiâ„¢



Delivery Nationwide from £20 and can FIUYSXIHJSVHSSVXSHSSV anywhere in the world

+44 (0) 1342 714793

The Gift Shop

Supporting Cretan and UK businesses and offering gifts for everyone 6YKW¶/MXGLIR[EVI¶'VIXERLSRI]¶'VIXERSPMZISMP¶+EVHIRMRKEGGIWWSVMIW¶'IVEQMGW Our friendly staff are always on hand to help or advise you with a choice of pots, or simply come down to be inspired by our courtyard and gift shop and enjoy browsing amongst our handcrafted products. The Barns, East Street,Turners Hill, West Sussex RH10 4QA +44 (0) 1342 714793

Terracotta pots CONTEMPORARY












6SULQJ3URPRWLRQ now on up to 40% off selected products Old Barn, High Street, Bramley, Surrey GU5 0HS Free Parking front and rear Open: Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. Closed Sundays


15%discount on all coffee orders for

readers of Fine Magazine. Use the code 'FINE15' at checkout

Good ideas start with

Great Coffee Horsham Coffee Roasters began in the garage of Amelia and Bradley Steenkamp in 2012. Since then we’ve grown (though we’re still a small team of just 5 people) but what drives us stays the same. 44 | fine


ur goal is to source the best, ethically traded coffees in the world and through developing a highly methodical approach to roasting with the highest possible focus on quality control, bring them to our customers.

Coffees and Social Projects Alongside the philosophy that has informed our development over the years our core focus for sourcing has become our Relationship Coffees. These are coffees sourced by us through direct links with farmers and producers alongside our import partners. Currently we have established partnerships in Rwanda and Costa Rica. Well chosen importing partners are essential to match us with farmers and co-operatives that are dedicated to producing speciality grade (i.e. the highest possible quality) coffees. We are committed to purchasing ethically traded coffees with full traceability to its origins. We also endeavour to obtain full transparency of our coffee’s financial trail, giving us and our customers, peace of mind that each farmer has been well paid for the outstanding coffee they produce.

Our Coffee The coffees we stock will typically be exclusive, speciality lots that have been carefully scrutinised by us through our own cupping and quality control procedures. We roast all of our coffee on an advance Loring S35 eco roaster. This type of roaster uses air re circulation and has the lowest environmental impact of any equipment of this type Our roastery in Lower Beeding is open Monday- Friday 9.30-4pm and you are welcome to come in and have a coffee in our cafe area whilst watching the roasting in action. We also offer Barista and Roasting training, please see our website or email for more information.

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The Chinese


What it means to be a tiger or rabbit!


he Chinese Zodiac is based on a twelve-year cycle and each year represents an animal sign. The signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster dog and pig. Your sign will depend on the year of your birth. In last month’s issue I explained a little bit about the rat and ox, and this month it is the turn of the tiger and the rabbit.

Tigers rs like to have fun. Theyy are also fearless fea and daring, albeit a little stubborn.



Tiger You have a Tiger in your life chart (the date you were born in) if you were born in the years 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986 1998 or 2010. You also have a tiger in your chart if you were born in February or born in between the hours of 03.00-05.00.

Rabbit You have a Rabbit in your life chart (the date you were born in) if you were born in the years 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 or 2011. You also have a rabbit in your chart if you were born in March or between the hours of 05.00-07.00.

Tigers like to have fun. They are also fearless and daring, albeit a little stubborn. Tigers in relationships tend to mate for life and where there are bumps in the marriage road, they try to sort them out.

Rabbits are friendly, outgoing, kind and loving. However, they take things to heart very quickly and sometimes get the wrong end of the stick.

Careers Tigers prefer to be their own boss! The “element” of the tiger is wood, but they use water months to allow themselves to showcase their talents, which are November and December. Other good months for the tiger are February, March and June. Their clash month is August. Auspicious days for Tiger February are the 14th and 26th March are the 15th and 27th

In love when they find the right people, such as dog, horse or pig, they will feel very contented and bloom. Careers Rabbits are decision makers so Human Resources and recruitment are good careers for them. The “element” of the rabbit is wood and they may need some water months if they want to get stuff done such as November and December. Auspicious months for them are March, June, July, and November. The clash month for the rabbit is September. Auspicious days for Rabbit February are the 15th and 23rd March are the 3rd, 11th, 15th and 27th

If you’d like to know more about the Chinese zodiac, visit Janine at

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A Wonder Down

West Street


est Street in Dorking always seems to be a hive of activity. It’s Dorking’s oldest street with a mix match of architecture some of which dates back to the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries all muddled together. It’s home to a museum, a church and a whole range of quirky little boutiques, antique shops and coffee shops as well as the infamous Gillian Gladrag Fluff-a-Torium – a veritable treasure trove of wool, fabrics and yarns for the wool crafters amongst us. It feels like you could find almost anything here from Polish pottery, silky underwear, grand works of art and sumptuous antique furniture to quirky, household must haves and bric a brac. It’s an eclectic collection of shops, and when you’ve tired of browsing through mirrors and clocks, flowers and lamp shades you can unwind in the deli or treat yourself to some homemade cake. A visit here is not to be hurried. Make your way down one side of the street and rummage through shabby chic, then browse your way up the other side. Wares spill out on to the pavement, smells waft from Mullins Coffee Shop, and the people seem to have a bohemian approach to life. West Street is one of those great British streets which these days are few and far between, but always worth a detour to enjoy.

Dorking | 47

Spotlight on

Dorking D

orking, a pretty little market town sitting surrounded by the beautiful Surrey Hills and a bit of a national treasure. With the likes of Box Hill and Leith Hill literally a stone’s throw away, the active amongst us can don our walking boots or cycling shorts and explore the hills, while the more sedentary in our midst can head down to the boutiques and antique shops and revitalise with good coffee and home-made cake!

50 | fine

In The Guardian last year Dorking was described as “A nostalgic market-town jumble of bow-fronted antique shops and Georgian-style bollards” and that pretty much sums it up. Romans and conquerors The first visitors to Dorking were probably Roman as it sits on an old Roman road (Stane Street) from Chichester to London. Dorking also appears in the Domesday

Book in 1096 as the Manor of Dorchinges and was held by William the Conqueror. There’s certainly been a market in Dorking since the 13th century and the town gradually evolved into a busy market place, selling produce from the local mills and breweries. Grand houses and Knights Templar In 1755, the Horsham to Epsom turnpike brought more traffic and within 100 years

(and very much aided by the arrival of the railway) large and beautiful houses had sprung up in and around the town - many but not all of which can still be visited today. These include Denbies House (now home to the award winning Denbies Wine Estate), Pippbrook House, Leith Hill Place, Norbury Park, Polesdon Lacey, Wotton House and Deepdene (once a beautiful house rather than a stop on the Redhill to Reading line). And for a downright quirky architectural fact, the White Horse in the middle of town was built in the 18th

century on a site that had belonged to the Knights Templar! Chickens and cricket! Dorking also developed a name for its famous chickens sold in the market – the Dorking Chicken which has five claws not four. And that at least explains the large sculpture of a cockerel in the centre of a roundabout as you approach from north, south, east or west. And during the 18th century, the town gained a reputation for its cricket, particularly at Cotmandene and it’s not hard to imagine balmy summer evenings spent playing on the green with views across the town and the Downs. Antiques and Art Deco Today, perhaps Dorking is more renowned for its eclectic mix of antique and boutique shops in West Street and its slightly bohemian feel. Down every side turning is a view of the Downs and around every corner there seems to be a courtyard, an alley or historical gem. It’s home to the splendidly Art Deco Dorking Halls which is well known for its packed schedule of cultural events, comedy and music. And of course, there’s

also the much talked about Michelinstarred, award-winning Sorrel, AA’s Restaurant of the Year – England to enjoy. No market town could call itself complete of course, without a traditional market. It’s held every Friday and includes all the delights and local produce you’d expect. And the town even has its own museum as well as a set of caves next to the War Memorial on South Street - thought to have been dug in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Escape to the country If you head in almost any direction from Dorking, you’re almost immediately submerged in beautiful countryside and the North Downs. There are walks a plenty from the short to the long hike but bear in mind, many will involve a steep climb. Or you could just pick up the North Downs Way and keep going until you get to Guildford! Just north of Dorking, Box Hill is a National Trust site. It has a two-mile Natural Play Trail which includes trees and structures to climb or if you don’t fancy the views out over Surrey from the Salomon’s Memorial Viewpoint, then just meander along the banks of the River Mole and have lunch at one of the local pubs. You might even see if you can find the gravestone of Major Peter Labelliere on Box Hill which reads “An eccentric resident of Dorking was buried here head downwards 11th July 1800”! Head south of Dorking and you have Leith Hill (another National Trust site), where you can climb Leith Hill Tower or visit Leith Hill Place and enjoy some of the many events they host. And you can always lose yourself for many hours exploring the hills and woodland. I know, because I have. Whatever it is your looking for, from the arts to fine food or exercise, there’s a good chance you’ll find it in Dorking. For a small town it packs quite a punch and even if you don’t find what you're looking for, you’ll have a thoroughly enjoyable time looking!

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Specialist Antique Arms, Weapons & Armour in Dorking O ne of Surrey’s most interesting antique shops specializing in antique weapons for the collector and investor. Established over 35 years ago, our stock includes ďŹ rearms, swords, armour and militaria from as long ago as the Hundred Years war to Victorian revolvers. Our main specialties include Georgian weaponry, military pistols and muskets from the Battle of Waterloo, duelling pistols, Blunderbusses and swords. Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm See our web site West Street Antiques 63 West Street Dorking Surrey RH4 1BS T: 01306 883487 E:

52 | fine

01306 877592

Your local solicitors When the four partners at Surrey +LOOV6ROLFLWRUVIRXQGHGWKH¿UP two years ago, they wanted to be, and do, things a little differently, valuing their clients and treating staff properly. In a world where VPDOOHU¿UPVDQGWKHSHUVRQDO touch are fast disappearing, they wanted to buck that trend. Motivated by people “Being able to offer the expertise DQGH[SHULHQFHWKDWFRPHVZLWK being a partner, and the personal WRXFKRIEHLQJDVPDOOHU¿UP ZHUHZKDWPRWLYDWHGXVERWKWKHQ and now. People want to know the person they’re dealing with. People also want to know that their solicitor is local, with local knowledge and connections, and that the solicitor they speak to or PHHWZLOOEHWKHSHUVRQZKRZRUNV ZLWKWKHP´H[SODLQVSDUWQHU,DQ Davison.

A high level of expertise across the board $VD¿UP6XUUH\+LOOV6ROLFLWRUVRIIHUDQ LPSUHVVLYHUDQJHRIH[SHUWLVH,DQKDV well over 30 years’ experience of local JRYHUQPHQWPDWWHUV6DUDK&KULVWPDV LVWKH¿UP¶VFRQYH\DQFLQJDQGSURSHUW\ specialist (dealing with both residential DQGFRPPHUFLDO ZKLOVW.DWH-DFNVRQ GHDOVZLWKHPSOR\PHQWOLWLJDWLRQ dispute resolution including contract and landlord & tenant issues, as well as wills & probate. Last but not least, 5DFKDHO$QGHUVRQLVWKH¿UP¶VIDPLO\ ODZH[SHUWDQDFFUHGLWHGPHGLDWRUDQG PHPEHURI5HVROXWLRQ,W¶VDVOLJKWO\ HFOHFWLFPL[EXWZKDWLWGRHVPHDQLV that they can offer a partnership level VHUYLFHLQUHVSHFWRIPRVWFRPPRQ SUREOHPV A winning formula ³:HDLPWRRIIHUDYHU\SHUVRQDODQG FOLHQWIRFXVHGVHUYLFH7KDWPHDQV being both proactive and responsive,

Property & Conveyancing






Dispute Resolution


Wills, LPAs and Probate

Dorking Wanderers Football Academy Surrey Hills Solicitors are their proud VSRQVRUVJLYLQJSURPLVLQJ\RXQJ players a chance to achieve a recognised TXDOL¿FDWLRQ Dorking Lawn Tennis & Squash club Surrey Hills Solicitors are proud to sponsor the popular annual Audrey +XJKHV-XQLRU7HQQLV7RXUQDPHQW ,I\RXZRXOGOLNHWRNQRZPRUHDERXW Surrey Hills Solicitors please visit their ZHEVLWHRUJLYHWKHPDFDOO

For Organisations:

For Individuals: •

PDNLQJVXUHHYHU\FOLHQWJHWVWKHH[SHUW attention he or she deserves. We don’t have half a dozen assistants doing all the work because we believe the partners VKRXOGUHPDLQKDQGVRQ:HDOVREHOLHYH LQEHLQJSDUWRIRXUFRPPXQLW\EXLOGLQJ good relationships with other businesses and keeping in touch and involved with WKRVHZRUNLQJDQGOLYLQJDURXQGXV´

296 High Street Dorking RH4 1QT


Property & Conveyancing






Dispute Resolution



Juggling the demands of being a parent isn’t easy But at Slinfold Golf and Country Club we can help! 54 | fine

... we’ve got plenty on offerr to keep chil children happy, active and learning new skills


hether your children are at school, pre-school or still at home, keeping them active and still taking care of yourself isn’t easy. But at Slinfold Golf and Country Club we’ve got a fantastic range of facilities that helps you tick every box.

Teaching your child skills and keeping them busy From our fully staffed Sandpit Crèche (which welcomes babies aged from four weeks old up to children aged seven), right up to our Junior Health Club membership, we’ve got plenty on offer to keep children happy, active and learning new skills. Our sensory toys, baby gyms, mats, bouncers, rattles and more are a great hit with the tots, while our toddlers can play in our interactive ‘home corner', or get stuck into a host of art and craft activities. For older children who can’t wait to start using the gym, we run 'Teen Cardio' gym sessions, and there’s always our Fun Splash, swim lessons and sessions in the swimming pool. Or why not enrol your children in our Junior Golf Academy which runs weekly classes, roll ups and holiday camps.

Make time for some personal relaxation Everyone needs a little time for themselves and at Slinfold Golf and Country Club, we’ve got plenty of space and a whole host of treats to help you unwind. Relaxing in our stylish Spa Pool and Steam Room can help ease muscle tension following an energetic workout and reduce stress and anxiety. And once you’ve enjoyed some time in the Spa, why not treat yourself to some pampering at The Retreat. Our luxurious beauty and treatment rooms, are just a few steps from the Spa and offer a full range of face, body and beauty treatments, leaving you feeling rested, invigorated and looking your best. What better way to finish your “me time” than with a chilled glass of wine, a spot of lunch or a coffee, in our bar or better still, on our sun-soaked balcony with its stunning views over the lakes and greens. You’ll find Slinfold Golf and Country Club set in secluded grounds just outside Horsham. There’s ample free parking and we’re just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Down’s Link. We’d love to show you around, so why not give us a call on 01403 791154.

Enjoy getting active with our fantastic facilities and classes With your children occupied, staying fit and healthy has never been easier than at Slinfold. We’ve got a fully and newly equipped state of the art gym, a 20-metre heated pool and classes of every description.

We’re offering a free Guest Visit for Fine Magazine readers worth £15.00. Simply contact the Membership Team and quote ‘Fine Magazine’ to receive your Guest Visit.

From Body Pump, Zumba, Body Combat and aerobics to Yoga, Pilates and Body Balance, all the classes and disciplines you could need are on site, making it simple to stay in great shape or get healthy and fit. And you’re always greeted with a friendly welcome.

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The Timber Windows range includes a host of window & door options to improve your home. For most of our customers, the style of their property will inform the design choices they make, so whether you live in a period home or something more contemporary we can help enhance both appearance and performance.


We can also provide advice RQWKHĹ“QHGHWDLOVRIJOD]LQJ hardware and colour, helping you to make your property authentic to the area.



Stylish stainless steel hardware choices and an extensive colour palette echoing today’s preferences enable you to achieve the looks you want combined with exceptional timber performance.

In locations with more design freedom then we can help bring your ideas to life, balancing design and practicality to enhance your home, whilst still maintaining traditional looks. Timber has proven to be the perfect material for contemporary style windows and doors, characterised by FOHDQSURĹ“OHVDQGOLQHV When it comes to conservation areas we have proven experience in helping to restore the original character of a property through carefully selected windows & doors, always with an eye to any planning considerations.

Etched and patterned glass for front door panels, even incorporating your house number or name, can help add personality. And in locations where there is more latitude for creativity Timber Windows can help to combine elements of both our traditional and contemporary ranges in a single unique look perhaps by pairing beautiful sash windows with a contemporary front door.

Beautifully crafted

HAND-MADE timber windows & doors



Timber Windows of Horsham install the award-winning range of hand-made, engineered timber casement windows, sash windows and doors throughout Sussex and surrounding areas. Whether your home is a country cottage, a Victorian semi, a modern townhouse or a converted barn, we have a range of traditional and contemporary timber windows and doors that will complement it perfectly. Our beautiful timber products do not stick, warp or twist, require very little PDLQWHQDQFHRIIHUPRGHUQVWDQGDUGVRIVHFXULW\DQGVLJQLÅ“FDQWHQHUJ\VDYLQJV

visit our showroom: Unit 1, Blunts Yard, Newbuildings Place, Dragons Green Road, Dragons Green, Horsham RH13 8GQ

Tel: 01403 732822

Showrooms also in Wimbledon & Guildford

A work in


People working together may not be recognised by law or faith in the same way as a civil partnership or a marriage BUT some of us have longer (stronger?) working relationships with our business partners or co-workers than we have with our life partners. What’s more, many of us spend more time with our working partners than we do with our loved ones.

58 | fine

• Being responsible for the impact on those around you of what you say and do – you might feel better for letting off steam but not everyone feels the same way. • Welcoming diversity –this does not simply mean different kinds of people, it includes opinions, approaches and methods. Years of working with companies looking to measure and improve their corporate culture has given Matthew Burdock of ND Culture ( a unique insight into this issue: “Building a healthy working relationship is difficult – you need to meet the needs of each other AND meet the needs of the relationship – a bit like a three legged stool – you need to pay attention to yourself, the other and the relationship. A healthy working relationship will navigate this well, even when the needs of each other and the relationship are at odds.” Interestingly his advice is just as pertinent to professional relationships as it is to private ones:

...worrking ...working relationships are no ationships ar different to all our other interactions

So what makes for a happy working relationship? I have only experienced one truly unhappy relationship with a colleague throughout my working years. I have also been fortunate enough to work with people whose friendship I still value many years later. One of my best (and oldest!) friends is a fellow accountant whom I met on the train en route to our introductory bookkeeping course. Each year I send him a message to mark the day (it was our silver anniversary last year). I also met my husband at work but he’s not an accountant. Come on, I’m a thrill-seeker… he’s in IT. But work is, in fact, the second most common place to meet your future spouse; 15% of couples aged 18-64 met in this way (being introduced by mutual friends comes in first). And according to MindTools (, there are 5 characteristics of a healthy working relationship: • Open communication – this is the key element of every successful collaboration. • Trust – working relationships are no different to all our other interactions. It is exhausting to spend time worrying about everything that you say and do. Just think of the energy wasted ‘watching your back’ that could be put to better use.

Photo by Sophie Ward Photography

• Mutual respect – when you show that you value each other’s contributions, this allows you to be open and encourages problem-solving.

“All that seems personal is not personal – if your partner is angry at you, rather than take it personally, ask yourself: “I wonder why they are THIS angry?” By being curious rather than hurt, you can be open to and listen to the other’s anger, frustration, envy - you can help them work through this and you stay in the relationship! That is the key.” Should employers encourage friendships between their employees? Gallup research (The Engaged Workplace) has shown that strong friendships at work are actually beneficial for employers in essential ways. Employees who have a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be engaged in their job, while those who have at least three close friendships at work are 96% more likely to be happy with their overall lot in life. Research shows that engagement fosters innovation and creativity, it promotes the sharing of ideas, improves productivity and the quality of output. As customers, we can all appreciate the superiority of a purchasing experience when we meet someone who is blatantly happy doing what they do. Conversely, we have all encountered the agony of dealing with someone who would rather be doing anything, anywhere else, rather than helping us. This being the first issue of 2019, many of us will have made resolutions and, particularly as a new year begins, there are lots of gurus, life-coaches and ‘experts’ with nifty acronyms showing us how to improve our lives - including our relationships at home and at work. Having read up on quite a few, however, I believe that you can condense most of this advice into a couple of salient points: set aside some time, look for the positives, and listen more than you talk. After all, there’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth.

Your money, your business | 59

In the

diary GUILDFORD PANCAKE RACE, HIGH STREET, GUILDFORD, SURREY 5th March 2019 One not to miss! The annual pancake race with both sprint and relay races. Pre-registration is essential!

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY AT WATTS GALLERY ARTISTS’ VILLAGE, SURREY 8th March 2019 Join experts to discover more about women in the Watts’ circle and learn how local female artists continue to be inspired by the Artists’ Village, with talks, exhibitions and workshops.

60 | fine

SING FOR A CURE – CHEQUER MEAD, EAST GRINSTEAD, WEST SUSSEX 16th March 2019 Help raise money to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes with this musical extravaganza. Written, choreographed and performed entirely by local talent and entitled ‘This is me!’

THE BOLNEY WINE ESTATE SPRING FAYRE, BOLNEY, WEST SUSSEX 17th March 2019 An array of stalls selling local crafts and produce and a vineyard trail for families. Why not finish your visit at the Eighteen Acre café and restaurant with its views over the vineyards.

MOTHER’S DAY TREAT - BORDE HILL, CUCKFIELD, SUSSEX 31st March 2019 Enjoy an early springtime walk amongst the magnolias, camellias and early spring bulbs and then indulge in a delicious vintage afternoon tea which will be served inside the charming marquee and includes live music. Booking required for tea.

SUSSEX GUILD CONTEMPORARY CRAFT SHOW, PARKSIDE, HORSHAM, SUSSEX 6th April 2019 Part of the Horsham District year of Culture, the Sussex Guild Contemporary Craft Show will be displaying a spectacular variety of beautifully made crafts, which have been created in workshops and studios across Sussex and the adjoining counties including ceramics, furniture, jewellery, metalwork, printmaking, textiles and woodwork.

POLESDEN LACEY’S EASTER EGG TRAIL, NEAR DORKING, SURREY 6th April 2019 to 22nd April 2019 The animals of Polesden woods are spring cleaning and throwing out all their rubbish. But nothing is wasted in the woodland! One creature’s trash is another one’s treasure. Complete the trail to work out what gets recycled and upcycled in the woodland and win a chocolate prize.

VINTAGE CAR SHOW, AMBERLEY MUSEUM 7th April 2019 This annual vintage car show, originally known as the cobweb run, originates from the start of the car exhibition season when vehicles were taxed and out for their first show of the year. It includes beautifully restored and original condition vintage cars which are all pre-1956.

GARDEN TOUR AND AFTERNOON TEA AT SOUTH LODGE HOTEL 29th – 30th April South Lodge opens its gates, for a tour of their grounds. As part of the Horsham District Year of Culture 2019, Head Gardener, Paul Collins will guide you around the gardens sharing the fascinating history of South Lodge, followed by a full afternoon tea.

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The Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer

The words Sports and Tourer tend to conjure up images of driving down to the south of France but when it comes to cars, these days it sadly isn’t quite as romantic. That being said, a Sports Tourer isn’t that boring either; it is basically used to describe an estate car but one with some style and a bit of oomph.

... thee sports tourer toure has subtly been the go to for people who just don’t want a Chelsea tractor

Where the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) really went after the action market, the sports tourer has subtly been the go to for people who just don’t want a Chelsea tractor. And for good reason. The new Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer certainly deserves the name and you can even fit a mountain bike in the back without taking any of the wheels off! The Looks While Vauxhall is never going to be a premium brand they certainly haven’t rolled over and accepted that fact. In fact, over the last few years they have come out with some really good looking cars, and the Insignia is no exception. One neighbour actually walked over to the test car as it was parked outside my house and said, “That’s a nice looking Volvo”. The point I am making here is that the car looks premium, it looks really good and it really is something you would want on your driveway. The Drive It seems unfair but important to once again state that Vauxhall is not a premium

brand like BMW, but you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise with the Insignia. Whilst it doesn’t handle like a go kart it is a very pleasing drive. It deals with potholes fairly well and corners better than you might think for an estate car. However, it really seems to feel at home on long motorway runs. The road noise levels are good, and it just seems comfortable eating up the miles. The test car was a top spec turbo charged petrol engine, so it was fairly rapid; getting to 60 mph from 0 in around 7 seconds. The smaller engines may not be quite as exciting, but it is fair to assume once up to speed the motorway miles will drift past in an equally easy manner. Inside There is one thing that really needs noting about this car and that is the head up display. Regular readers may remember I have mentioned this before. There is a handy little gadget that projects information onto the windscreen in front of the driver. It is not intrusive, nor does it affect your view. What it does do is show

you speed limits and sat nav info without having to take your eye off the road and this is brilliant! The rest of the toys in the car are really well laid out and do what you need them to do. The materials used are solid and there isn’t even a whiff of anything really cheap. The seats are good, there is plenty of room and you feel like you are in a very nice place indeed. The Verdict While this car may not be a German premium mile muncher it looks like one. It almost drives like one and it feels like one inside! While the top spec model isn’t cheap, it is still considerably cheaper than rivals from brands like Mercedes. It may come to a choice…do you want to have a base model German estate, or do you want the top spec Vauxhall one? This decision really only comes down to your brand choice because the top spec Insignia has more to offer than the bottom of the line German equivalent, if you can live without the brand cache.

Motoring | 63

Spring walks, Mother’s Day & Easter At The Chequers at Rowhook


pring is finally within reach, the daffodils are pushing through and brightening up the countryside and The Chequers is welcoming walkers, families and friends to come and enjoy French inspired cuisine made from the very best local and seasonal ingredients. Woodland walks and daffodils With a network of footpaths running straight to The Chequers’ front door, it’s easy to build up an appetite exploring the countryside, before sitting down for a wholesome lunch. From The Chequers a stunning woodland walk takes you on a loop almost to Rudgwick and back but there are also footpaths from nearby Warnham, Slinfold and Broadbridge Heath. Fresh local produce, French inspired cuisine At this time of year our menu includes fresh local lamb, samphire and morel mushrooms picked by us on the South Downs, combined with all our familiar favourites. Every dish is freshly-prepared in our country kitchen and we offer a fine dining menu as well as lighter dishes served in our bar area. We also offer a selection of our fantastic wines. Wines on our list suit every budget and they're sourced from all over the globe, from vineyards in Sussex to France, Italy and the New World. In the bar, there's also a diverse range of local ales. Creating memories As the weather turns finer, we throw open the patio doors so you can eat on our terrace outside and enjoy a chilled glass of wine in the sunshine. But for those colder spring days, we’ll still have a log fire burning in the bar. With homemade chocolates for Mother’s Day, and Easter just around the corner, and an afternoon of live jazz in March (full details on our website), our philosophy is simple: to provide you with an unforgettable pub dining experience that will ensure you return to The Chequers again and again! A unique Sussex pub In a beautiful 15th century building, The Chequers is in the AA, Michelin and Master Chefs of Great Britain guides. We have two restaurants, plenty of seating and parking.

Call now to book:The Chequers Inn 01403 790480 Rowhook Road, Horsham, RH12 3PY

Food | 65



1 4



2 Copsale, West Sussex RH13 Launching in February - Set in the picturesque Sussex countryside, Wavensmere Homes present just six bespoke four bedroom detached oak framed new homes with double garage, substantial garden and spectacular panoramic views. • • •

Horsham Station 3.7 miles Gatwick Airport 17.8 miles Central London 44.7 miles
 01403 453179

Prices from

ÂŁ1,450,000 Connecting people & property, perfectly.

70 | fine


1 5





Colgate, West Sussex RH12 This substantial family home is situated in a tranquil and secluded rural location, benefiting from being located near to the popular market town of Horsham and having fabulous links to London and major airports. • • •

Horsham rail station 4.2 miles Three Bridges rail station 6.1 miles Central London 36.2 miles 01403 453179

Guide price

ÂŁ2,000,000 Connecting people & property, perfectly.

Property | 71

Horsham 35 Carfax, Horsham RH12 1EE 01403 886860 |

West Sussex | Rusper

Guide Price ÂŁ1,250,000

A stunning Grade II listed property with versatile accommodation, set in picturesque gardens and grounds. Entrance hall | Vaulted drawing room | Dining area | Kitchen/breakfast room | Utility | TV room/Snug | Cloakroom | 5 Bedrooms (1 en suite) | Family bathroom Garage | Greenhouse | Outbuilding (with planning permission to convert to a Studio Annexe). In just under 7 acres Horsham Ken Roberts | 01403 886860



60 Offices across England and Scotland, including Prime Central London

Horsham 35 Carfax, Horsham RH12 1EE 01403 886860 |

Surrey | Beare Green

Guide Price ÂŁ1,500,000

A stunning oak framed barn-style property with detached studio/annexe and equestrian facilities. Sitting/dining room | Kitchen/breakfast room | Utility | Study | Master bedroom with en suite shower room | Guest bedroom with en suite shower room 3 Further bedrooms | Family bathroom | Detached studio/annexe | 3 bay open car barn | 4 stables, open-fronted store and sand school | EPC: D In just under 6 acres Horsham Ken Roberts | 01403 886860



60 Offices across England and Scotland, including Prime Central London

ARUNDEL, WEST SUSSEX A PRESTIGIOUS DEVELOPMENT OF JUST FIVE BEAUTIFULLY APPOINTED THREE AND FOUR BEDROOM BARN CONVERSIONS, LOCATED IN A DEIGHTFUL RURAL SETTING ON THE SOUTHERLY OUTSKIRTS OF THE HISTORIC MARKET TOWN OF ARUNDEL. These stunning properties have been ďŹ nished to an exceptionally high standard and whilst retaining much of their charm and character, they include such beneďŹ ts as beautiful Neptune Shaker style kitchens with quartz worktops and integral Neff appliances, underoor heating via an air source heat pump and engineered oak ooring.



CHIDHAM, WEST SUSSEX WITH BREATHTAKING VIEWS OVER CHICHESTER HARBOUR TO THE SOUTH DOWNS AND ACROSS THE WATER TO BOSHAM CHURCH & QUAY MEADOW. A 1930’S WATERSIDE HOUSE WITH ENORMOUS POTENTIAL, HAVING JETTY & DIRECT FRONTAGE TO THE UPPER REACHES OF BOSHAM CHANNEL. Reception Hall Cloakroom, 3 Reception Rooms, Kitchen/Breakfast Room, Utility Room, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Self-Contained Annexe with Kitchen, Bathroom Sitting Room/Bedroom 4, Bedroom 4/Bedroom 5, Generous Garaging, Well-Established Gardens Direct Harbour Frontage on 2 Sides.

Guide Price ÂŁ1,850,000

EPC rating F

Chichester 01243 786316 Local & National reach through a network of London & Regional ofďŹ ces PROPERTY EXPERTS SINCE 1910

RUSPER, HORSHAM, WEST SUSSEX A DELIGHTFUL COUNTRY ESTATE OF SOME 34 ACRES IN A HIGHLY SECLUDED SETTING CLOSE TO THE SURREY/WEST SUSSEX BORDER. Reception hall, four reception rooms, kitchen/breakfast room, domestic rooms, master bedroom suite, guest bedroom suite, three further bedrooms, family bathroom, two bedroom annexe, indoor swimming pool, separate dwelling with four bedrooms, formal gardens, pasture land and mature woodland, extensive equestrian facilities and four bay barn.

Guide Price £2,300,000

EPC rating E & D

Dorking 01306 887560

REIGATE, SURREY A HANDSOME DETACHED EDWARDIAN RESIDENCE SET IN A HIGHLY REQUESTED PRIVATE ROAD. Entrance hall, sitting room, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, study, cloakroom, master bedroom with en-suite shower room, three further bedrooms, one with dressing room (bedroom 5), family bathroom, cellar, carriage driveway, patio area, 145ft lawned garden, south facing aspect. Planning consent granted for rear addition (Ref: 17/01103/PDE).

Guide Price £1,250,000

EPC rating F

Reigate 01737 222027 Local & National reach through a network of London & Regional offices PROPERTY EXPERTS SINCE 1910

Greyffria rs L a ne e, Storrring gton,, We estt Susse ex

£1,000,, 000 - Offfers consii d ered

One e of the e siix uniiq ue e forme e r Abb e y home e s att Stt J ose e ph’’s,, a sttroll l from t he e Viil l age e & D owns St Joseph’s is described as “an oasis of calm” and this practical 3,000 sq ft home has the feel of a London London home. Lovely rooms over 4 floors (easy living on 2 levels) with lots lots of light & space. Ideal as main home or escape from the bustle of city life. Own walled garden & garden room through to 5 acre communal parkland grounds & residents’ tennis court | Stone-mullioned windows & high ceilings | 4 main bedrooms bedrooms with 3 bathrooms (2 suites) | Imposing own hall hall & entrance | Elegant drawing room | Formal dining room | Study ( carpet option for living, dining room & study) | Appliance-fitted Appliance-fitted kitchen breakfast room opening to garden | Lower TV room and occasional bed 5 | Wine store & original “silver “silver safe” | Feature staircases | Top floor ideal as an “apartment “apartment suite” for home office, guest suite or uni age offspring offspring | Gas CH | Walled secret garden | 20 x10 garage with loft storage storage | Available as a no-chain sale |

Tud d orr Viil la ge, Storrring gton,, We estt Susse ex

Pri ce Guiid e £775,, 000

Tranq q uiil s e tting ne e ar farm and d wood dl and d a l ittl e ove e r a miil e from Sttorrii ngtton Viil l age e A traditional cottage style home originating from the the 1960’s, at the head of an exclusive little close | 1,722 sq ft interior plus double garage with utility utility room and additional garden/workroom | Lovely mature mature 0.5 acre gardens | Light, double aspect rooms | 3 double bedrooms with 2 refitted bathrooms | Generous living space, lots of light | Lobby & hall | Drawing room with ingle-nook | Large conservatory | Double aspect dining room | TV room/snug room/snug | Inner hall, ground floor cloakroom | Kitchen breakfast room | Double-aspect Double-aspect main bedroom suite | Large en-suite bath bath & shower room 2 further double bedrooms, one with study alcove | Scope for bedroom 4 by conversion | Gas heating (radiators) (radiators) | Matching double garage | Gated drive & parking | EPC EPC D (58) | Vendor suited - early sale required |

Village & Country Homes for sale & wanted in West Sussex

01903 74 12 12 Independent Estate Agents, Residential Sales & Lettings

Storrring gton,, We estt Susse ex

Pri ce Guiid e £800,, 000

Strik ing contte mp p orrary sp p l it - l e ve e l home e , p ri va ate l ane e a l it tl e ove e r a miil e f rom the e viil l a ge e Enjjoyiing a grre e n outtl ook k wii th e xtt e nsiive e wrrap - around d ga ar de ns Light living space and bedrooms are set above a useful useful semi-basement level floor | 2,583 sq ft interior including lower workrooms/office/bed 4 and double garage | 3 or 4 bedrooms bedrooms with 2 stylish bath & shower rooms, one en-suite | Gas heating system & architectural oak-style double glazing | Light Light principle rooms all enjoy garden or more distant distant views | Extensive south & west terraces | Large sitting room room | Dining Dining room | Study/bed 4 | Kitchen/breakfast room | Utility room | Central reception hall & new cloakroom | Hobbies/store Hobbies/store room on lower floor | Additional double carport | Lovely private Gardens | Timber summer house & playroom | External store room | Gated entrance & drive | EPC D 68 |

Storrri ng gton Viill a ge, We estt Susse ex

Price Guiid e £53 35,, 000

Perfect for downsizing, this 1960’s individual detached bungalow on the south side of the village Beautifully presented non-estate detached bungalow in lovely, mature landscaped gardens, just a short walk from the village & Downs | 1,167 Sq ft interior (108.4 sq m) plus garage & summerhouse | Interior decoration is good, all in light neutral shades with light tone fitted carpets | Large sitting Room | Conservatory/Sun room | Dining/Breakfast room | Smartly fitted kitchen | Three Bedrooms or 2 with a good study | Refitted bathroom/shower and cloakroom | Gas central heating | Modern double glazing (some windows triple-glazed) | Private driveway providing off road parking for 2-3 cars | Beautifully established South/East facing rear garden | Detached single garage | NO CHAIN | EPC D 62 |

Clarke & Charlesworth

01903 74 12 12 e:

Transforming Autism

There’s a new Autism charity around, and it is already making shockwaves within the world of Autism with its very unique approach. “What if the autistic condition, by its very nature, is not one of incapacity or disability, but simply one of profound sensitivity in the most positive sense. This, in the right environment, could lead to a flourishing and impressive life with a lot of great value to the rest of us”.

early specialist intervention has literally transformed the lives of all three boys, now thriving in their own ways. So, although the charity itself is a recent endeavour, the ideas upon which it was defined have been over ten years in the making.

Alongside this, they are working to establish an Intensive Early Intervention Centre for very young children based on Israel’s Mifne Centre. There are more details on the charity’s website.

This quote from co-founder and CEO Guy Shahar’s TED Talk “The Beautiful Reality of Autism” gives an idea of what the charity is about.

The charity is focusing on the crucial need for earliest possible detection of autism in order to allow parent-led intervention. They have a range of online materials, including an online questionnaire – the “Q-Chat” (recognised by GPs and paediatricians) developed with worldrenowned autism expert, Simon BaronCohen to help identify autism in young infants.

Spread the word – even just by sharing their content on social media

Join their team – they’re looking for a range of volunteers and trustees

Donate what you can – or do a fundraising challenge

Have a chat - about how else you might get involved

Launched by Guy and Gilles, two ‘Autism dads’, in May 2017, The Transforming Autism Project has the very ambitious mission to empower people with autism to live to their true and full potential. With their growing team of volunteers, they’re working to continually advance the understanding and treatment of Autism in young children. Both Guy’s son and Gilles’s two boys were diagnosed at an early age and

74 | fine

They are aiming to create a greatly needed online “Hub” – a one-stop resource for parents of autistic children for meaningful guidance, support, handson tools, research and more, on all conceivable aspects of bringing up an autistic child.

What you can do? transformingautismuk

Collingwood Batchellor y o u r

h o m e

R E V E T S E OUR B winter

e l a s

01293 224859


Horley - Horsham - Worthing - East Grinstead - Haslemere - Haywards Heath

43 HIGH ST, REIGATE, RH2 9AE | 01737 249357 49 WEST ST, HORSHAM, RH12 1PP | 01403 258582 63 CHURCHILL SQUARE, BRIGHTON, BN1 2TB | 01273 710357

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