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FINERTIMES The Pocket and Railroad Watches of Your Choice

Elgin - 15j Elgin - ,15j pocket watches manual, adjusted [movement], near mint 14k pink gold, hunter case, size 18, no inscriptions [back] another view [view] another view [view]another view [view], near mint Original dial, subsidiary seconds. Outstanding Elgin "H.H.Taylor" in a stunning pink gold box hinged hunter case. Total weight of watch is 151 grams. Rare to find a pink gold case from this era. Very collectible

Elgin - 23j Elgin - 23j railroad watches, #730, adjusted 6 positions [movement], excellent+ yellow gold filled screw back case, 35mm[back] another view [view] another view [view] another view [view], excellent Original dial, subsidiary seconds.. Very good example of an Elgin “ B. W. Raymond" wristwatch approved for railroad use. One of the last American made watches , very collectible.!

Gruen Watch - 17j Gruen Watch - 17j pocket watches, adjusted, manual [movement], near mint 14k white gold with enamel trim, 42mm[back], excellent+ Silver dial, subsidiary seconds, blue steeled hands. Beautiful art deco watch in solid gold from Gruen.!


The pocket and railroad watches of your choice  
The pocket and railroad watches of your choice  

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