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Fine Lifestyles The Magazine 2016 Volume 4 Issue 1 Publisher Marc London

One of the coolest parts of the publishing business is the opportunity to feature the best aspects of Cleveland. Besides promoting local businesses, we also get to promote local non-profit organizations. This issue is especially gratifying because our cover story is about EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute - a non-profit which benefits both individuals looking for careers and businesses in northeast Ohio in need of talented and skilled employees. One of the most precious resources of our city is our human resources. Developing that resource so that Cleveland continues to prosper and improve should be our community’s highest priority. Our education system, cultural arts organizations and vocational training agencies all contribute to the development of Cleveland’s human capital. Where is our next celebrity chef coming from? Who will bring national recognition to Cleveland for being the next Lin-Manuel Miranda? (See our piece on Literary Cleveland.) Every citizen of Greater Cleveland has the potential for success. It will ultimately make Cleveland an even better place to live if we support those institutions which provide opportunities to everyone with the drive to follow their passion. When the next John D. Rockefeller comes along he’ll need education and a few opportunities, and we’ll reap the benefits of another hard-working hometown kid’s prosperity. As you scan the pages of this issue, you’ll see many talented Clevelanders, following their passions and making this city a great place to live. Whether their passion is food or fitness, landscape design or renovating garages, we profit from their entrepreneurial spirit and the employment opportunities they create for others. Toast to spring with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese at EDWINS. Once you’ve read about Brandon Chrostowski’s mission, you’ll want to do what you can to support his efforts and the efforts of his students. So make that two glasses of wine. EDWINS stands for Education Wins. In our view, the entire community wins thanks to the spirit of entrepreneurship.


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By Patti London Photos Fine Lifestyles Magazine


y grandmother put a pair of knitting needles in my hands when I was eight years old. My first project was a cape for my Madame Alexander doll. Okay, it became a cape because I kept dropping a few stitches from each row I knitted. My grandmother put a yarn clasp and a button on the ends of the top row and I put it around my doll’s neck. It’s still there. My grandmother has been gone for more than ten years now, but just last week I wore the brown cardigan she made for me when I was in high school. Generally, you can buy a sweater for considerably less than the cost of making one with quality yarn. But you’ll never be emotionally attached in the same way


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

as you are to something you’ve made yourself or someone special has made for you. Whether you learned long ago or you’ve never tried knitting, there are many reasons to pick up a pair of needles and start a project. A recent article in the Well section of the New York Times extolled the health benefits of knitting, comparing it to the therapeutic practices of meditation and yoga. Jane Brody points out in the article that after the initial learning phase, the repetitive action of knitting can induce a relaxed state which lowers blood pressure and heart rate and reduces the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the blood stream. Other health benefits mentioned include using knitting to stop smoking

and control weight. Eating and smoking present unique challenges when your hands are tied up in a knitting project. Beyond the inherent satisfaction of making the sweater of your dreams with your own hands, knitting for others can be incredibly rewarding. Gifting a handmade cap for a baby shower is much more fun than giving a store bought one, for both the giver and the recipient. Once the knitting bug takes hold, one of the most fulfilling aspects of the craft is making knitted items for Cleveland’s neediest. The Cleveland Public Library has a large group of dedicated knitters who drop off completed items at any of the branches or the main library downtown. Items like knit caps, scarves, baby hats and blankets then go to organizations like Providence House and area women’s shelters, as well as affiliates of the homeless shelter, the City Mission. Besides benefitting your physical and moral health, knitting can increase the size of your social circle. As mentioned in the Times article, a third of women

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


aged 25-35 now knit, and the numbers of men and children who’ve taken up the craft are growing. Add the number of knitters over the age of 35, and that’s a large community. There are 17 separate groups listed on the Northcoast Knitting Guild site under “Knitting Venues in Cleveland” which meet throughout the month, days and nights, in knitting shops and libraries, coffee shops and even the Wine Spot in Cleveland Heights. If you’re a novice, attending a knitting night is a good way to get some assistance. If you already know what you’re doing, it’s a relaxing way to socialize. Purchasing yarn and supplies online is an option, but it’s really nice to be able to touch before you buy. Some wonderful yarn shops in Cleveland include: The Artful Yarn, 100 North Main St, Suite 230 in Chagrin Falls; Fine Points, 12620 Larchmere Blvd, Cleveland; Susan Yarns, 2166 S. Taylor, Cleveland Heights; and River Colors Studio, 1387 Sloane Ave, Lakewood. A good site for free patterns online is

Knitting remains a way for me to connect to my grandmother. Now that I have a grandchild of my own to knit for, that skill has new meaning for me. Lily is so brilliant, I’m sure I’ll be able to teach her the basics as soon as she’s old enough to know not to stab the dog with the needles. Even though years may pass between knitting projects, it’s funny how the things we learn when young aren’t that hard to retrieve again. It’s what I did with my reading glasses that escapes me.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

For Agent Kim Kaczorowski “It’s Personal” Kim Kaczorowski 32875 Solon Rd, Solon 440-781-0111

Ready for Romance? There’s a Solution for That By Janine Purcell Photos Aaron Leyser and Courtesy of Cleveland Singles


re you ready for a committed relationship but have concerns about those online dating sites and you’re already over the bar scene? There’s a safe and effective resource for you and others just like you. Cleveland Singles has spent more than twenty-five years helping local area singles find their life partners. When you utilize a professional dating service like Cleveland Singles, you are surrounding yourself with other singles who are serious about commitment and willing to take the steps necessary to achieve it. This fact alone significantly increases your chances of finding that “special someone,” without wasting precious time and resources on the ones who are not. Cleveland singles has an online presence, however, they also have a local office


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

where members can stop in and receive personalized service. Cleveland Singles does not offer memberships to just anyone. A screening process is utilized to ensure the program is right for you and that you are right for Cleveland Singles. A comprehensive background check is also completed as member safety is of primary importance. Once a prospect is qualified for membership and makes the decision to join, a professional photography and video session is scheduled and a Member Profile is created. Upon completion of the orientation, members can start selecting other members. The service works best for people who are committed to the process and willing to put forth effort, energy and time. In addition, Cleveland Singles members are emotionally ready to make a change and

also willing to make an investment to increase the chances of finding the right one. “There is nothing more important in life than who you choose to spend it with,” says Tracy Sorboro, Regional Director of Cleveland Singles. Tracy adds, “If people are serious about this part of their life and want it to happen, they must apply the same principles as one does for anything else in their life that is an investment for the long term, such as an education, career, or buying a home.” Cleveland Singles members have the opportunity to meet not only by using the database but also in person at any of the hosted events. Cleveland Singles offers a wide range of events where members can mix and mingle – including happy hours, theme parties and singles cruises, just to name a few.

Cleveland Singles is “matchmaking with a twist,” Tracy explains. “We make recommendations, but ultimately it is the member who makes the final decision about who is right for them.” Cleveland Singles is open seven days a week making it quite convenient for busy professionals to stop by the office and peruse the members-only database, or they may do so online from home. When you are interested in someone an e-mail is sent to that person through Cleveland Singles. That member then logs into the database and will respond with a “Yes” or a “No, thank you.” Phone numbers and last names are only exchanged when there is “mutual consent” from both parties. From there, contact is made and a date arranged. Several features of the Cleveland Singles approach create a level of safety and security which distinguishes this service from the online dating sites. Members never need to question whether a photograph is real or not when joining Cleveland Singles. All photography and video sessions are conducted by a professional photographer at the local office. What you see, is what you get. If this secure and effective approach to dating resonates with you, get in touch with Cleveland Singles at 216.642.8855. They will put you on the right course to finding that special someone.

Cleveland Singles 4511 Rockside Rd. #210 Independence 216.642.8855

Bill & Terri

Ralph & Susan

Tracy, Regional Director Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Wedding Flowers are Blooming at Lowe’s Greenhouse


By Meg Pauken Photos Courtesy of Lowe’s Greenhouse and Aaron Leyser

edding planning, while exciting, can seem daunting. There are so many services to arrange, from venue, to caterer, to photographer, to florist. Make Lowe’s Greenhouse and Gift Shop in Bainbridge your first stop for flowers. Lowe’s (no affiliation with big-box Lowe’s Home Centers) recently received the prestigious 2016 Best of Weddings award from The Knot, a national bridal magazine. The award was based upon actual reviews provided by real couples, their families and guests.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

“We do a significant bridal business in our floral shop,” says Jeff Griff, president, “and most of it comes from word of mouth referrals – from people who are happy with our floral designs and enjoyed working with us.” Bridal flowers are a specialty niche in floral design. Unlike a bouquet that brightens someone’s spirits for a short time, bridal flowers surround the couple, their families and friends for hours and then last forever in pictures of the special day. Many brides have very specific ideas,

others seek guidance. Often the venues where the ceremony and reception are held determine what type of floral décor is permitted or appropriate. Additionally, trends in bridal flowers change over time. It is critical that couples feel comfortable with the florist they choose, so that their wishes and budget are clearly understood and implemented. The team at Lowe’s, led by the head of the floral department, Mary Giamo, loves to work with engaged couples. “Every wedding is different, which makes

our job fun and exciting. Some brides want a formal, traditional look, while many want a rustic or casual feel,” she says. “Our first meeting is usually to discuss the overall theme, venue and budget. We love it when brides bring pictures and ideas, so we can see just what their preferences are,” she adds. Because Lowe’s is both a florist and a grower, the team brings a unique look to their designs. “We have experience with most every venue in the area,” offers Mary, “which allows us to guide the bride and groom as far as what might work well in a particular setting. It also helps us on the wedding day, to deliver and set up without any surprises.” Lowe’s, family-owned and operated, works with budgets large and small. Some florists are reluctant to work with brides who have modest budgets, Jeff notes, but Lowe’s provides the same quality and service to all of its clients. Lowe’s floral department designs and delivers arrangements for a variety of occasions, in addition to weddings. “We do table arrangements for all kinds of parties and other events, as well as arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries and funerals,” Jeff says. Stop in or make an appointment to meet with a member of the floral team to discuss flowers for your wedding or next special event. Lowe’s Greenhouse and Gift Shop is located at 16540 Chillicothe Road in Bainbridge, Ohio. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 until 6 and Sunday from 10 until 5. Call 440.543.5123 or visit the website for more information.

Lowe’s Greenhouse 16540 Chillicothe Rd, Chagrin Falls 440.543.5123

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Professional Dry Cleaning Delivered to Your Door By Dylan Yépez Photos by Aaron Leyser


cratch “pick up dry cleaning” off your to-do list, permanently. London Cleaners, Northeast Ohio’s premier door-to-door drycleaning service, picks up your clothes, cleans them using state-of-the-art processes and equipment, and delivers them conveniently back to your home. Whether you’re looking to clean a pair of slacks or preserve a one-of-a-kind wedding gown, London Cleaners can handle the job. Alex Shvartshteyn, owner of London Cleaners, is a third-generation custom tailor who spent years making and altering garments. With a thorough understanding of clothing and fabrics, Alex decided to add a new dimension to his practice: preserving garments. Thirty years ago, Alex purchased London Cleaners and transformed it into an exclusively door-


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

to-door dry-cleaning service. London Cleaners can handle any type of garment care and has been recognized and certified by America’s Best Cleaners for the past decade. As Ohio’s only certified couture-level dry cleaner, London Cleaners is the company that high-end retailers trust with the cleaning, preservation, and restoration of their own garments. “It’s the understanding of the garments and the understanding of the fabrics,” Alex explains. “I know how the garments are constructed and how the fabrics are made.” Alex has taken every opportunity to learn more about garment care. He has traveled to Italy to tour the factories of Zegna and Brioni, and to Irvine, California, to explore St. John Knits. Through experiences such as these, Alex has gleaned firsthand

knowledge of the construction and care of designer clothes. He applied this conscientiousness, which is unmatched by any other Cleveland-area dry cleaner, to develop London Cleaners’ Signature Service for all specialty garments that require extra care during the cleaning process. These custom and designer clothes receive the same level of diligence in their cleaning as they did in their tailoring. What many might consider extraordinary measures are standard steps in the Signature process. All garments are precisely measured prior to cleaning. Buttons, beading, and other embellishments that might otherwise be damaged during the cleaning process are carefully removed. Hemlines are opened and thoroughly cleaned. Each specialty garment is cleaned and finished individually, and comes out completely free of seam impressions, thanks to London Cleaners’ special European up air equipment. Then, they arrive at your front door, individually packaged on wooden hangers in breathable bags. “Our standards are very high,” Alex says. “I’m proud of what we do.” Terri Brown, London Cleaners’ plant manager, is certified in bridal gown cleaning and preservation. She inspects all specialty garments and wedding gowns upon their receipt and encourages customers to share any concerns and/or special requests with her. She ensures that no detail is excluded from London Cleaners’ certified museum-quality wedding gown preservation process, during which sterile gloves are used to package the gown into a specially designed preservation case. Then detailed instructions for storage are provided to the customer. “We’ll take it from here” is the London Cleaners’ motto. From cleaning to preservation and storage, let the experts at London Cleaners take the guesswork out of garment care. Visit to explore the services offered, and call 800.832.1222 to get started today.

London Cleaners 440-283-0200 800.832.1222

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Health and Wellness

GET YOUR GROOVE ON By Meg Pauken Photos Vincent Pearson Photography



Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


osimo and Anjua Maximo know fitness and they know how to have fun. Put them together and you have GrooveRyde, the most upbeat new workout studio in town, and the perfect spot to challenge yourself while having a great time. GrooveRyde recently opened in Woodmere, with a menu of classes that include danceable music, innovative workout routines and motivational instructors. Husband and wife, Zosimo and Anjua, put a lot of thought into their strategy, long before the doors opened. “The first thing we did was create our values and mission statements,” Anjua says. “GrooveRyde is more than just a place to work out. We wanted to create a positive, supportive fitness community.” Anjua, a former actress, has a fitness and life-coaching background, while Zosimo brings DJing, TV production and

sports performance training into the mix. Together they have created a boutique fitness studio that is edgy enough for New York or L.A., but with Midwestern friendliness. “We want our clients to have fun while they’re here. Every class is positive focused on creating energy and motivation as a group, while supporting each individual,” Anjua explains. There are three separate studios at GrooveRyde, each geared toward a different style of workout. 32 stationary bikes provide the backbone of the GrooveRyde experience, with two different variations, Deep Groove & Groove Cycle, that include spinning, intervals, hills, weights and upper body moves. A second studio called Eastside Row contains indoor rowers and TRX, where unique classes that fuse elements of rowing, suspension training, kettlebells and core exercises are done in circuits. The third studio is home

to GrooveRyde’s signature Pure Mvmnt classes. Pure Mvmnt is only for women. Each 75-minute class includes mat and pole work, bringing the students into harmony with their bodies and femininity as they build strength and confidence. Anjua teaches the Pure Mvmnt classes herself, and finds it especially rewarding. “I see such a transformation in the women I teach, as they grow more comfortable in their bodies and physically stronger. Their confidence shows in the way they stand and move after taking the classes.” GrooveRyde offers upbeat, energetic fitness classes, but it provides something more, as well. “As a boutique fitness studio, we offer a more personal approach than big-box gyms. We know our clients’ names and we can modify workouts to make them accessible to everyone. That may not always be the case when you’re trying to

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


manage 75 people in a boot camp class,” Zosimo says. “All of our team members are aligned with our philosophy: we want to challenge our clients to push themselves, but we won’t let anyone be left behind.” GrooveRyde offers reasonable drop in rates for classes, with discounts for multiclass purchases. Because class sizes are limited, reservations are requested. Zosimo and Anjua invite visitors to stop by the studio and let them show you around. GrooveRyde is located at 27970 Chagrin Boulevard, in Woodmere. For a full description and schedule of all of the classes offered, visit the website: or call 216.765.0969. GrooveRyde 27970 Chagrin Blvd, Woodmere 216.765.0969 SAMMY FRIEDMAN, INSTRUCTOR


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

EXPERTAdvice Safely Alleviate Sciatic Nerve Pain

• spinal disc herniation, in which the outer layers of the disc fray or tear and result in a protrusion of the intradiscal material with pressure on the sciatic nerve roots;

Dr. John Livingston Livingston Chiropractic Center 25111 Miles Road, Suite D 440.528.0005


e address many health concerns in my office but one of the most common problems that I see daily is sciatica — an acutely painful condition that results from the inflammation or irritation of the sciatic nerve that runs down the back of the leg into the calf, ankle and foot, often causing severe cramping or numbness of the toes, and spasms in the lower back and buttock. Not only is sciatica painful, but it can also be very complex and derive from a number of causes:

• tight piriformis muscles of the buttock which compress the sciatic nerve at its emanation from the sciatic notch of the pelvis; • spinal stenosis, a congenital or acquired, degenerative narrowing of the spinal canal which physically compresses the sciatic nerve roots; • spinal degenerative disc disease/ osteoarthritis, (also known as degenerative arthritis of the spine) that results in bone spur formation that can rub against the sciatic nerve roots as they leave the spine; • postural changes related to pregnancy, which results in laxity of the ligaments of the pelvis and sacroiliac joint that can refer pain along the sciatic nerve; • along with a number of others. The good news is that in many of these cases, I have had great success at alleviating the condition of sciatic nerve irritation with entirely conservative approaches — chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, myofascial release, and nutrition — and saved patients tens of thousands of dollars

on costly and invasive injections and surgeries. The key to the treatment is the evaluation of the condition at its earliest onset, before there are chronic or permanent manifestations of nerve root damage. Once a spinal nerve root has become compressed or irritated, it can quickly deteriorate and degenerate within a matter of only a few weeks to cause severe, unrelenting pain from the nerve root damage itself; muscle spasms; muscular atrophy and loss of muscle mass; and resultant weakness in the leg, leading to noticeable gait changes, and instability in walking. At its advanced stages, sciatic pain can be debilitating and cause the patient to require use of a cane, walker or wheelchair to get around, since the nerve becomes damaged beyond the body’s ability to repair it; it can even result in signs of loss of bowel or bladder control. For more than 20 years, I have treated the condition of sciatica safely and effectively in my office through conservative management, and have helped to restore health to thousands of patients who thought that they had no other options. Give us a call at Livingston Chiropractic Center today at 440.528.0005 to see if this treatment can help you!

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Jan Kraft, Alice Silverstein, Dr. Livingston, Colleen LaFlame

Decompression Therapy: A Non-invasive Alternative to Spinal Surgery By Dylan YĂŠpez Photos Vincent Gorman


f you experience pain, numbness or weakness in a limb, this may indicate a problem that can be addressed through non-invasive spinal decompression therapy. When you suffer from spinal conditions such as disc protrusions, pinched nerves or sciatica, surgery is a double whammy: it costs tens of thousands of dollars, and often fails to correct the ailment. Spinal decompression therapy is a nonsurgical alternative treatment that is effective and painless — and it costs about one-tenth the price of surgery. Nearly a decade ago, Dr. John Livingston began using spinal decompression therapy for his patients with spinal disc problems. The treatment was so successful that, almost 10 years later, Dr. Livingston continues to use it to treat a variety of spinal issues in the back and neck, such as disc protrusions, herniations, and bulges,


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

as well as conditions including pinched nerves and sciatica. In fact, research places the effectiveness of this painless therapy between 86 and 93 percent; surgery, on the other hand, yields an estimated success rate of between 20 and 50 percent. Dr. Livingston is a third-generation chiropractic physician who has been in practice for 20 years. He and his partners at Livingston Chiropractic Center take a holistic approach to health care to identify and address the causes of pain, rather than masking the symptoms. Beyond cost and efficacy, decompression therapy provides a plethora of benefits over the surgical alternatives, which would be trimming the affected disc or cutting open the spine to remove the disc. Decompression therapy is simple,

easy and even relaxing for patients. All they have to do is lie horizontally on the table-like decompression machine, which provides gentle, intermittent, angled traction to the area of the spine where the nerve is pinched. This force separates the vertebrae around the protruded disc, creating a vacuum-like effect that draws the disc away from the spinal nerve and back where it belongs. “It’s quick and easy,” Dr. Livingston says. “A lot of people actually fall asleep during it.” This therapy is noninvasive, painless and gradual in nature. It incrementally moves the disc back into place over four to eight weeks of treatment, depending on how significant the protrusion is. “Much like orthodontics moves the teeth slowly into place with time and pressure,” Dr. Livingston explains, “decompression therapy moves the discs slowly with time and pressure.”

Because spinal decompression therapy is painless, it doesn’t involve cortisone injections or any other dangerous or addictive medications. Patients also experience significantly shorter recovery times than those following surgery. Dr. Livingston follows up decompression therapy with adjunctive treatments, which help to keep the disc in the right place, and nutritional counseling to promote recovery and overall health. He stresses health and wellness, and actively incorporates them in his treatments to ensure his patients’ bodies have the nutrients necessary to heal their injuries. “That’s almost as important as the treatment itself,” Dr. Livingston explains.

located at 25111 Miles Road, Suite D, right by the intersection of Miles and Richmond roads in Warrensville Heights.

Livingston Chiropractic Center 25111 Miles Road, Suite D 440.528.0005

Fo r m o re i n fo r m a t i o n , visit, call 440.528.0005, or email drjklii@hotmail. com. Livingston Chiropractic Center is

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Setting the “Barre” for Fitness By Meg Pauken Photos Brad Cohn


hen Barre Cleveland opened in Beachwood in June 2012, it was the first studio in Cleveland to offer the Barre workout. As with many trends, lookalikes pop up everywhere, but they are not all created equal. Yana Salwan opened Barre Cleveland because she wanted to create a femaleonly space where women could find a complete and personalized workout that would be sustainable for the long term. A seasoned fitness professional, Yana began researching Barre years earlier, driven in part by the effects of a lifetime of highimpact exercise upon her body. The low-impact program incorporates elements of classical ballet, yoga and Pilates to develop a strong core; to strengthen arms, legs and back; and to improve posture, flexibility and overall health. Slow, sustained motions immediately followed by stretches allow you to strengthen these muscles without bulking them up. Since opening the studio in 2012, Yana has seen a number of other barre-style studios come and go. “Some of these places are franchises that are opened by people with no experience in fitness or instruction,” she says. “They hire inexperienced teachers because it’s more profitable.” What sets Barre Cleveland apart is Yana’s experience and expertise coupled with the personal approach offered by the studio. Yana has been a lifelong athlete and fitness aficionado, running track throughout college and maintaining various fitness certifications since 1991. She has made fitness instruction her full-time career and teaches every class offered at the studio. Yana’s expertise enables her to guide clients of all fitness levels. “We accommodate every fitness level in every class,” Yana assures. “It’s very inviting — all the ladies know what it feels like to be in class for the first time.” Yana has been teaching group fitness for years and enjoys choreographing


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Yana Salwan

Celebrating 3 Years!

her classes, changing them weekly so neither she nor her students get bored nor complacent. She limits class size to 20 participants, so that she can give very personalized instruction.

know they can’t just drop in, they put it in their calendars and it increases their commitment to working out and ultimately improves their success,” Yana explains.

Barre Cleveland is located conveniently at I-271 & Chagrin Blvd. in Beachwood. Call the studio at 216.342.4229 or visit the website for more information:

“I want my clients to see progress and to stick with their workouts, so I mix it up and keep it fresh, while staying within the overall barre principles,” Yana says.

Go online to to read client success stories and for a limited time new students can treat themselves to one month of unlimited BarreFit classes at 60% off by using the discount code “LIFESTYLES”. Purchase and schedule all of your classes online or by using the Barre Cleveland app. 

Barre Cleveland 3737 Park East Drive, Suite 209 Beachwood, Ohio 44122 216.342.4229

Barre Cleveland has been so successful since it opened, that it has gone to a membership-only format with no dropins. “In order to keep class sizes small, we ask members to reserve a spot in the classes of their choice ahead of time. We have found that, because they

Raise the “barre” for yourself and try a class at Barre Cleveland.

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Find Your Fit at the JCC By Kristal Pettit Photos Aaron Leyser and Courtesy of The Mandel JCC


id-winter is the perfect time to check in on your New Year’s resolutions. Is your home de-cluttered, your filing cabinet organized and your fitness routine “routine”? If not, you are not alone. As everyone knows, establishing a fitness routine can be a challenge. The key to maintaining successful longterm fitness hinges on several things: variety, convenience, and a supportive atmosphere. Mandel JCC in Beachwood provides all three in a state-of-the art facility that has been voted Best Family Friendly Gym, Best Swim Lessons, and Best Fitness Center on the east side for four years running. You don’t have to be Jewish or live in Beachwood to take advantage of all The J offers.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Perhaps most striking is The J’s two-story sunlit fitness center which features topof-the-line cardio and strength training equipment. The J is one of the few centers in town that allows kids ten and older to work out in its fitness center. With a four court gym, racquetball courts, indoor running track and spa-inspired locker rooms with steam, saunas and whirlpools, The J is one of the area’s most comprehensive and architecturally attractive community centers. It’s easy to add variety to your workouts with more than 80 group fitness classes included in membership . The J’s four group exercise studios offer Yoga, Pilates, Spinning and other cutting-edge, highintensity workouts. Classes are generally small enough to allow for individual

attention, while providing the energy, challenge and camaraderie class-goers seek. There is simply no need to travel elsewhere or spend the money to find specialized, boutique studio classes when there are so many to choose from at The J.

experienced American Red Cross-certified instructors. The J also offers high- and low-impact water aerobics classes and aquatics personal training, ideal for those who have joint pain or are recovering from an injury.

Many people find motivation working one-on-one with a personal trainer. The J has experienced certified trainers to guide and motivate members on their fitness journeys. All new members are offered the free JumpStart program, which pairs them with a trainer for an initial assessment, orientation, and help setting fitness goals.

“The entire staff at The J strives to support members as they work toward achieving their goals,” said Kate Toohig, Director, Fitness, Wellness and Recreation. “There is a lot of personal attention here. We work to bring people into our family and help them feel welcome and supported.”

If you prefer the water, you’ll also find a comprehensive swimming programs with a variety of private, semi-private and small group swim lessons and classes for infants, children and adults, all taught by

The J is conveniently located at 26001 South Woodland, between Richmond and Brainard, in Beachwood. Call 216.831.0700 ext 0 or visit the website, fine for a complimentary one week guest pass and special offers for readers of Fine Lifestyles. Mandel Jewish Community Center 26001 South Woodland, Beachwood 216.831.0700

In addition to their extensive fitness programs, The J also offers award-winning preschool and childcare, day camps and Camp Wise overnight camp for children of all ages. Find your “fit” at the Mandel JCC! Stop in for a tour Sunday through Friday.

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Arts, Dining and Entertainment Cleveland International Film Festival: March 31st – April 10, 2016 By Janine Purcell Photos courtesy Fine Lifestyles


f you enjoy independent film, animation, family films or foreign films, documentaries, or movies that are “different,” consider attending a movie, or two or three, at the 40th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival (also referred to as CIFF40). If you want to experience the world, around 60 countries of it, the film festival might be for you. If you want the muscles of your heart stretched, or want to laugh, or learn something new, check it out. This year the Film Festival takes over Tower City Cinemas starting March 31st running through April 10th. Presented by Dollar Bank, it will also briefly visit select neighborhood screening locations which, as of last year, included the Capitol Theatre on Cleveland’s west side, Shaker Cinemas on Shaker Square, the Cedar Lee Theatre, the Akron Art Museum, the Akron-Summit County Public Library, and the Apollo Theatre in Oberlin. The film festival started in 1977 with eight films shown at the Cedar Lee Theater. This year at CIFF40, more than 500 screenings will be presented, and over 200 filmmakers from around the world will be on-hand for post-film Q & A’s. For some films, panel discussions called Film Forums will delve more deeply into the film and its subject. The audience votes at all film screenings, leading to the bestowal of a range of awards. When you watch the Oscars, are you curious about all those Short Films you’ve never seen that win awards? The CIFF is a “qualifying festival” for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for three categories - Animated Short and Live Action Short categories since 2009, and as of this January, for the Documentary Short Subject Award. Recipients of the CIFF Best film award in each of these categories will be eligible for consideration in the corresponding category of the Academy Awards ®, provided the films otherwise comply with the Academy rules. It turns out that the 35th CIFF award winner for Best Animated Short — The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore — won the Academy Award for its category in 2012. And the 36th


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CIFF award winner for Best Live Action Short — Curfew — won the Academy Award for its category in 2013. Bottom line, if you come to the film festival and vote for the Short Films you see, that film could become a contender for the Academy Award. Over the past 15 years, attendance has tripled at the CIFF. In 2015, 100,204 film fans showed up. Let’s take a second, and consider that statistic: 100,204 fans. These people came to downtown Cleveland. Some took the Rapid Transit. Some paid to park a car. Some flew to Cleveland on purpose for this film festival, and some of them came from other countries and continents. Some stayed overnight at hotels downtown or with folks they know who live here, so they could maximize their consumption of this cinema feast. The Cleveland International Film Festival is a Big Deal. For people who value this type of experience, it’s a bona fide cultural jewel of the City of Cleveland. The first year I attended the film festival on a weekend day, the hallway at Tower Cinema was so thick with people one could barely get by. And in that crowded hallway, there was palpable energy and excitement that I’d never felt outside of a rock concert or big sporting event. When I picked up on that energy and saw all those people, felt the buzz of their enthusiasm, I felt proud of Cleveland. Each year I revisit that sense of pride and remain in awe and appreciation of the 1,008 volunteers contributing 11,000 volunteer hours, 220 seasonal staff and 8 full-time staff who make the festival a reality. In addition to buying tickets to individual films, the Film Festival offers seven levels of membership, starting at the Film Student level for $25 and ranging up to the Movie Mogul at $1200. All Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


levels of Membership benefit from early access to the CIFF Program Guide, the opportunity to buy festival tickets one week before the general public, a $2 discount off each ticket, and several other perks. Naturally as one rises in the membership hierarchy, more benefits ensue. This year’s program will be announced March 4th. Tickets go on sale to CIFF Members on Friday, March 11th and on sale to the public on Friday, March 18th. I hope to meet you at this year’s Cleveland International Film Festival.

Cleveland International Film Festival March 31st – April 10, 2016 Tower City Cinemas and select local cinemas 216.623.3456


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Summoning Literary Types from All Genres By Patti London


his month we’re excited to share news of a new organization, Literary Cleveland, formed to promote the literary arts in Cleveland. It’s co-founder, Lee Chilcote, recognizing that a strong literary community makes for a better Cleveland, describes the group as a “high-impact grass roots organization.”

Literature of Northeast Ohio The Art of the Short Screenplay Songwriting: The Creative Process Winter Fictionfest: A Mini-Conference Structure and Beauty: A Short Fiction Workshop Finding the Spark: A Playwriting Workshop Pitch Perfect: Selling Your Non-Fiction Story

“We are a collective of writers, teachers and organizers that wants to grow communitybased writing programs in Cleveland,” he explains. Literary Cleveland is off to a strong start, packing their calendar with a wide range of programming for both writers and readers. A small sample of workshops and events illustrates the broad appeal of this burgeoning community:

Unbelievably, all of these events are being held during February and March. Nominal registration fees are requested for some of the workshops, but many are free. The venues also serve to bring writers and readers into the literary hot spots of Cleveland - not only the Main branch of the Cleveland Public Library, but also Mac’s Backs, Guide to Kulchur Bookstore, Loganberry Books, the Urban Community School, and even the Happy Dog.

Personal Essay Writing Workshop Poetry Writing Workshop Cleveland in Print: The History and

Chilcote brings some serious writing experience to the table, having formerly

acted as Managing Editor for Fresh Water Cleveland, a popular online Cleveland newsletter, and also having recently been published in Vanity Fair magazine. Lee and his fellow co-founders had early support from Lake Erie Ink and the Cleveland Public Library to get Literary Cleveland up and running. I attended a Lit Cleveland mixer this past fall at the Platform Beer Co. where I met writers of all stripes and enjoyed the readings of several talented Cleveland poets and essayists. If you feel the need for some creative energy, peruse the many events coming up on the group’s website,, or like the Literary Cleveland Facebook page for updates to their activities. Literary Cleveland

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Brandon Chrostowski

EDWINS: French Cuisine and Social Justice on the Same Plate By Patti London Photos Vincent Pearson Photography

“today we will win. we’ll study our mistakes and become stronger. we will win. each day. we will win.”


hese are the words inscribed over the doorway into the fully equipped culinary classroom at EDWINS Leadership &


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Restaurant Institute at Shaker Square. Positive, forward-looking and empowering words to inspire the program participants in their mission to overcome mistakes in the past and obstacles in the present, on their way to successful futures. Each year 4,000 individuals are released from prison and settle in the greater

Cleveland area. They face innumerable impediments to reintegrate into the community, including poverty, lack of housing and employment options, crime in their neighborhoods, and little in the way of support to overcome these obstacles. It’s not surprising that of these 4,000 people, 1 in 3 return to prison within 3 years. The personal costs to these individuals and

the cost to society of losing their potential contributions is immeasurable.

environment of security, stability and opportunity.

Brandon Chrostowski opened EDWINS Restaurant, serving upscale French cuisine, at the end of 2013 with a mission to change those statistics, to radically change the odds in favor of success instead of failure. EDWINS prepares formerly-incarcerated students with a passion for the hospitality industry for not only successful transitions from prison to the community, but roles as leaders within that community.

The restaurant’s name is an amalgam of Education Wins - EDWINS. The education component provides six months of intensive training in food preparation and service. The students receive a strong foundation in basic skills as well as the history of the food and hospitality industry and exposure to experienced professionals as teachers, mentors, and potential employers. Organic practices and lessons from the culinary garden located behind EDWINS are incorporated into the curriculum. An emphasis on fresh, seasonal, and local product is used throughout the weeks of training in sauces, cold food preparation, pastries, baking and lunch and dinner service.

The restaurant and hospitality industry is growing in northeast Ohio and skilled professionals are in high demand. EDWINS’ goal is to create a pipeline of talent into this growth industry by providing a structured educational program, housing for students, and an

Students work through a range of posts learning proper cooking techniques, station management, inventory control, and food cost while operating their individual stations. Students learn the art of garnishes and how to make fresh pasta. They sharpen their skills by making classic and contemporary dishes while using a broad repertoire of ingredients and cold food preparation techniques. Meat, poultry, wild game and seafood skills are taught including identification and butchering. Grilling, braising, stewing, smoking, poaching, pan-frying, baking, grilling, and en papillote are among a few of the techniques perfected by the students. The significance of dietary restrictions for vegans and vegetarians is included in the

Darwin Hailey Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


curriculum and desserts aren’t forgotten. Classic pastry, chocolate tempering and contemporary desserts are taught and practiced. The course ends with the practical components of classical table service, restaurant management and entrepreneurship. A three week apprenticeship in an approved restaurant is the final phase of study, where students are required to keep a detailed notebook of their experience which serves as their final exam. Throughout the six month program students meeting the set performance standards receive a modest stipend and most recently the opportunity to reside in dormitory housing just blocks away from the restaurant. If there are any doubts about the culinary results of these six months of intensive


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training, simply make a reservation. “Truly, the goal I’m out to accomplish is to change the process of reentry for those formerly incarcerated,” Brandon maintains. “But to accomplish this goal means running the best restaurant, from creation to execution. This requires a depth of training we’re completely prepared to perform.” Recognizing that stable and secure housing was an obstacle to graduation to many in EDWINS’ earlier classes, Brandon posited an impossible solution: provide housing. Through the efforts of many who donated funds and volunteered time and skills, a three building campus has been established on the corner of South Moreland and Buckeye Roads The EDWINS Second Chance Life Skills Center. The dormitory houses 21 students and work is currently being performed on the alumni house, providing a safe living

environment for recent graduates while they look for their own place. and a fitness center/culinary kitchen, to create the best learning environment to lead to success. A total of 102 graduates experienced success through EDWINS’ program in 2015, not one of whom has returned to prison. The in-depth culinary training received by these graduates led to a 98% employment rate within 30 days of graduation. EDWINS’ alumni are working in some of the finest establishments in Cleveland: The Butcher and the Brewer, Crop Kitchen, fire food and drink, Mitchell’s Ice Cream, Pier W, and Red, the Steakhouse. EDWINS’ graduates are in high-demand, with at least 35 different Cleveland restaurants on the wait list. The fifth and most recent class graduated on January 25th, and new classes begin every 8 weeks. With the completion of the alumni house and fitness center/culinary kitchen on the campus of the Second Chance Life Skills Center, 2016 is likely to produce a record number of success stories. So what can we do to help? Well, what about attending a Rhone cheese and wine tasting or a five-course French meal paired with live opera? These are just a few of the special events on EDWINS’ calendar recently. Frankly, any evening at EDWINS is an event. Even the New York Times has recognized EDWINS in its dining section. All Brandon asks is that we order some wine and enjoy exquisitely prepared French cuisine. Our patronage of the restaurant covers a significant portion of

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


the costs of operating the Institute and, at the same time, provides an opportunity for the students to practice their skills in the kitchen and at the table. Brandon Chrostowski’s efforts are being recognized nationally. He won the 2015 Manhattan Institute Social Entrepreneurship Award, presented in November in New York City. In that same month, Brandon traveled to D.C. to meet with and feed members of Congress in an effort to persuade them to reauthorize a bill that funds training and counseling programs for former inmates. He’s a frequent speaker on the challenges of re-entry and isn’t shy about telling his own story: how he once faced prison time but was given an opportunity to serve probation instead, and how he took advantage of that opportunity in his own life. EDWINS is a charming setting for happy hour specialty cocktails from 4 - 6:30. During the summer, oysters on the patio under the strings of lights makes the perfect date night. This evening Marc and I have reservations for EDWINS’ special Valentine’s Day Menu Rouge, a five course meal using only the finest aphrodisiacal ingredients. It’s great that Brandon is bringing such positive national attention to Cleveland for his social entrepreneurship. Celebrate his success and contribute to the success of EDWINS’ students with a Pyramide du chocolat. Bon appétite.

Andre Brown


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EDWINS Leadership & Restaurant Institute 13101 Shaker Square, Cleveland 216.921.3333

THROUGH MARCH 6 Orchid Mania Cleveland Botanical Garden




FEB 27 - JULY 24 The Power of Poison Cleveland Museum of Natural History

MARCH 6 Spring Wildflowers 101 North Chagrin Reservation Cleveland Metroparks MARCH 9 - 12 MAC Tournament Quicken Loans Arena

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A Passport Public Service Announcement (or How We Were Deported from Ecuador) By Patti London Photos Fine Lifestyles


nstead of writing about a recent vacation destination, as we usually like to do, we’re issuing a Pubic Service Announcement. Marc and I spent a lovely two weeks traveling in Ecuador over the holidays, but getting there wasn’t easy. We would like all of our readers to be aware of the passport validity requirements before planning an international trip - and avoid the annoying hassle of being deported, as we were. When we’ve told friends and family our story about how we were deported from Ecuador, we’ve been amazed at how few have been aware of the passport validity


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

requirements of various countries. We certainly did not know that Ecuador requires six months of passport validity before allowing a visitor to enter the country. We’d been planning this trip for months, reading travel blogs and scanning the travel guides. We checked our passports (more than once) to make sure they were valid for the duration of the trip. My passport was valid for three months and Marc’s passport was valid for two more months after our planned return to the states. We’ll just get new ones when we get back home, right? Wrong! Ecuador is one of many countries with the

rule that passports must be valid for at least six months beyond the dates of travel. Some countries measure the six months from the time one enters the country, but others measure the six months from the date of return. Depending on how long the trip is, that can make a difference. Not only were we unaware of the rule, but our airline allowed us to board an international flight without informing us of this. On the Department of State website, there’s an entertaining video on this subject but the dire warning contained in their message is that the airline or cruise line won’t let you travel with them

if your passport is not valid for a sufficient amount of time. If the airline had given us this information before we boarded, we could have traveled to Detroit and obtained expedited passports. Instead, we arrived in Ecuador at 2:30 a.m. on December 23rd, after traveling all day, only to learn that we were not allowed to pass through immigration. Our passports were confiscated and we were directed to wait in the airport lobby until the 8 a.m. flight back to Miami. Once we were aboard that flight, sleep deprived and super sad, they returned our passports. By the time we were back in the U.S. it was after noon on Thursday, Christmas Eve. The State Department in Miami wouldn’t be open until Monday and at that point we weren’t convinced we’d be able to get new passports in one day. We took a huge chance and bought return tickets to Guayaquil, Ecuador, for late Monday night and crossed our fingers. Luckily, we have friends in Miami and the

three days over the long weekend certainly weren’t wasted. It’s hard to feel like a deported refugee when you’re floating in a friend’s pool on Christmas Day or visiting Vizcaya and the incredible public art murals in the Wynwood District. But, because we don’t want your future trips jeopardized nor do we want you to spend eight hours plus expediting fees with the State Department to get new passports, we’re publishing this Public Service Announcement. If you are traveling to any of the 26 countries in Europe which have entered into an international travel agreement (the Schengen Borders Agreement) you can enter the countries as long as you have three months validity on your passport beyond the date of your planned departure from that country. All European Union countries, except Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom, are members of the Schengen Borders Agreement. In addition, Iceland,

Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein are also members, although they are not European Union members. Romania requires your passport to be valid on the day you enter the country, but good luck coming back home with an expired passport. Ireland and the United Kingdom require that your passport be valid for the duration of your stay in the country. It could expire the day after you return to the U.S., for all they care. Bulgaria and Cyprus are not part of the Schengen Borders Agreement but have the same three month validity rule. Croatia requires six months validity like Ecuador. Canada requires a valid passport at the time of entry but Mexico has a six month rule. Central American countries, like Belize and Nicaragua, require passport validity for the length of your stay, but Honduras and many South American countries, require six months of validity. The best way to ascertain what your

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


destination country’s rule is, is to check the Passports & International Travel heading on for that specific country. Ideally you will benefit from this Public Service Announcement and verify the amount of time left on your passport before traveling internationally. To be safe, just have at least six months’ additional validity beyond your return date. I recently read that 2016 is expected to be a particularly busy year for the issuance of passports. In 2007, a new law requiring a passport if flying to and from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, caused passport applications to nearly double. If you were one of the 18,382,798 U.S. citizens to get a passport in 2007, you should keep this in mind and get your application in early before your expiration date approaches. Now you know. Happy travels.


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NORTHEAST OHIO’S PREMIER POOL MAINTENANCE COMPANY Swimming Pool Service and Repair Specialists • Year-Round Service • Maintenance Contracts • Parts/Service/Repair/Installation

Pool and Spa Installations • In-Ground Vinyl-Lined/Concrete Pools • In-Ground Swimming Pool Liners • Hot Tub & Spa Service and Repair

Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner for six years in a row!

216.355.7168 | |

A Resort for All Seasons courtesy Holiday Valley


oliday Valley Resort in Ellicottville, New York, is the region’s most-visited ski resort because of its wellgroomed slopes and great amenities, and it is only a quick three-hour drive from the Cleveland area. After the snow melts, Holiday Valley is the perfect destination for a family or group getaway, with a range of activities to suit young children, teenagers, and both adventurous and not-so-adventurous adults.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Jane Eshbaugh, marketing director at Holiday Valley, says the resort is a popular destination for families in the summer, often hosting family reunions. She elaborates, “Many families come here the same week, year after year, so they get to know each other over the years.” Other groups, such as bachelor and bachelorette parties, men’s and women’s golf outings and business groups, find the resort has the the perfect combination of activities, accommodations and amenities.

Western New York is a mecca for cycling enthusiasts, drawing both mountain bikers and road cyclists to the area. Holiday Valley boasts a 4-5 mile “race loop” for mountain bikers, plus access to logging trails and over 35 miles of trails in local state forests. The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) has rated the trails around Ellicottville as “epic.” Holiday Valley offers bike rentals and its trails are available free of charge to guests.

The winding country roads and rolling hills around Holiday Valley provide scenic rides for road cyclists throughout the spring, summer and fall. Riders of all levels will find routes to suit, from moderate to more challenging. This year’s annual Ellicottville Cycle Weekend will be June 3 through 5, 2016. Holiday Valley offers weekend packages that include lodging, meals and guided group rides, including a visit to Amish country. The local bicycle shop in Ellicottville is a great source for repairs, supplies and local route information. Holiday Valley’s Sky High Adventure Park appeals to thrill-seekers. Sky High Adventure Park includes an aerial park, a climbing forest and a mountain coaster. The aerial park is essentially a playground in the trees, where guests rely on strategy, balance and nerve to navigate a variety of challenges. The climbs and obstacles are arranged

into courses, color-coded for difficulty level, and range from tame to extreme. Integrated in the climbing courses are zip-lines of varying heights and lengths, that allow guests to fly through the tree-tops. Once a safety orientation is complete, climbers hook into a cable system, to safeguard against falling. Sky High aerial park provides a great bonding and team-building experience for families with children 7 and older, friends, teams or scout groups. The nearby climbing forest moves the climbing gym into the woods, so climbers enjoy the outdoors and the wooded scenery as they move from hold to hold. Climbing holds are color-coded for difficulty, so climbers from novice to expert can enjoy the experience. Again, safety is paramount, so climbers use a belay system and plenty of staff are on hand to supervise. The Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster is a

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


roller coaster in which each rider, with or without a companion, controls his own car, speeding up and around banked turns, corkscrews, hills and loops, all while enjoying breathtaking views. Holiday Valley’s golf course was recently redesigned to provide a challenging and picturesque 18-hole tract, situated in the valley and around the ski trails. At 6500 yards, it plays much longer, and offers a blend of mountainous and flat terrain. Depending upon the tees, the slope rating ranges from 126 to 118. Lessons and club rental are available. After cycling, climbing, and golf, a relaxing massage is in order! Falling Waters Spa is located in the Tamarack Club at Holiday Valley. It is a full service spa, offering a variety of massages, treatments and beauty services in a tranquil setting. Accommodations at Holiday Valley include the Inn, with its quiet, traditional rooms, and the Tamarack Club, condominium-style lodging with flexible accommodations for 2-10 people. Holiday Valley Rentals also offers townhouse, condominium and house rentals to comfortably suit any size group. All guests at Holiday Valley may enjoy the resort’s 3-pool swim complex and hot tubs. On-site restaurants include John Harvard’s Brew House, open daily, year round, for lunch and dinner and McCarty Café, open for breakfast and lunch, as well as a cabana bar near the pools. Book your next family get away at Holiday Valley and enjoy all that the resort and the surrounding area has to offer! Holiday Valley Resort’s website provides details about activities, accommodations and reservations, as well as driving directions: www. Or call 716.699.2345 for more information.

Holiday Valley Resort 6557 Holiday Valley Road Ellicottville, New York 716.699.2345


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Swim Year Round Inside or Outside Join the Swimming Revolution The Sleek European-Inspired styling of the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa by Master Spa is unlike any swim spa that has come before. Enjoy swimming, aquatic exercise, hydrotherapy and family fun any day of the year in your back yard.

House and Home

Add Design Style to Your Outdoor Living Space By Janine Purcell Photos courtesy Exscape Design


inter 2016 is giving way to Spring. Now is the perfect time to start planning a well thought out and durable landscape project to increase your enjoyment of your yard. In addition to enjoying the nature in your own backyard with family and friends, many sources say that a beautiful landscape can increase the value of your property 5 to 25 percent. The Society of Landscape Architects points out that well-conceived and executed landscape improvements return 100 to 200 percent of their cost when a house is sold. Exscape Designs, headquartered in Chesterland, Ohio, will work with you to create an outdoor oasis that suits your personal style and budget. It is a full service landscape company which boasts over 100+ years of combined experience with its staff of certified landscape


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

professionals. The company has beautified Northeast Ohio since 2004. President and Owner Bill Dysert “got the dirt disease” at the young age of 13 when he got a job down the road from his home that included working with dump trucks and bulldozers. His father ran a construction business building custom decks, barns and pole barns which gave him a model of entrepreneurship. At 17 he got involved in Auburn Career Center’s Horticulture program and built experience with a large contractor doing hardscape installation. Bill says his goal was to build a business to create “outdoor living spaces with design style.” In 2005 he hired one technician; now the team is 20 full-time staff that grows to 45 people during peak season running from April through the end of November. The business is presently 60 percent design and building of landscapes

and hardscapes, 40 percent maintenance and snow removal. They also provide a commercial snow removal service. The company uses a four-phase Design/ Build method to successfully partner with home owners, property managers, knowledgeable home builders and architects. Clients are provided with a landscape and/or hardscape project that includes a “well-designed and planned approach, executed thoughtfully by professionals with a warranty to back it up,” Bill says. Exscape Designs offers a broad range of capabilities. From a single outdoor feature to a combination of elements – decks, patios, walkways, waterscaping, outdoor lighting, a fire pit, spa or place to stow lawn and other outdoor equipment – feast your eyes on the gallery of examples at to seed your dreams.

The aim at Exscape Designs is to “enhance people’s lives through positive interaction.” The dozens of testimonials on the company website suggests they are achieving that aim. Their clients’ experiences reflect Exscape Design’s success in building relationships of trust and delivering more than what’s expected. Exscape Designs has won three “Best of Houzz” Service awards in recognition of their high standards and an unfailing commitment to their customers. Contact them by phone or through their website to begin a relationship that could increase the beauty and value of your home and enhance the quality of your life for many years to come. “Bill and his team did a great job renovating our entire backyard. They finished the project on time and on budget. They made sure to communicate with me on any potential issues. I received a weekly update, with photos of the progress made, and notes on what was coming up. I would highly recommend Exscape Designs.”

Bill Dysert, Owner

Exscape Designs 8228 Mayfield Road, Chesterland 440.729.0011

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Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Give your Specialty Roof Special Care


By Janine Purcell Photos courtesy Brad Smith Roofing

he appearance and condition of your roof plays a major role in creating a sense of well-being regarding your home. Coming home to a roof that looks trim and intact, and knowing it’s providing protection against the elements contributes mightily to homeowner peace of mind. If your roof is made of specialty materials such as clay tile, or slate shingles with copper flashing, Drew Smith, Vice President and Project Manager of Brad Smith Roofing, encourages routine inspection and maintenance to preserve the inherent beauty and resilience these materials can provide. A properly installed roof of these types can easily last 100 years when given routine attention. “It’s important to keep an eye on these roofs with an annual inspection. Weather or animals can cause tiles or shingles to move out of line, break or blow off,” Drew explains. “This damage can result in leaks. Temperature extremes and UV radiation can cause the underlayment to breakdown. Moss and algae growth can cause staining or black streaking.” Depending on the condition of the existing roof system, Brad Smith Roofing may be able to replace slate shingles, concrete or clay tile, or copper flashing that may extend the service life of your roof system. Moss or algae growth can be cleaned off using a specialized roof steaming system. Perhaps it is time to replace the slate roof entirely, or you want to upgrade the look of your home with something different and avoid the expense of real slate. In this case, Drew recommends the EcoStar brand Majestic Slate™. Brad Smith Roofing has worked with this product type for almost ten years and can expertly install it. The sustainable, environmentally friendly product is manufactured with 80 percent post-industrial recycled rubber and plastic. Also, the compound has very little vinyl that could emit vapors into the atmosphere.

material meets the Underwriters Lab Class 4 impact resistance standard, meaning that the shingles will not show ruptures or cracks visible on the front or back of the shingle immediately after large hail impact. The product weighs only as much as standard grade asphalt shingle, and doesn’t require the type of maintenance that genuine slate demands. There is little if any additional installation cost, in part because standard roof framing and underlayment provides the needed infrastructure. Brad Smith Roofing used this material to replace a man-made cement tile roof at Crocker Park’s Promenade of Westlake. You can see and appreciate the lasting results of this installation which has endured the weather for eight years now. If the appearance of your roof fails to give you a sense of well-being as a proud homeowner, call on Brad Smith Roofing to inspect your specialty roof system. They will produce a comprehensive report with options of repair versus replacement. With over 30 years of experience, they are dedicated to delivering projects with painstaking attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, all the while maintaining a professional demeanor. Brad Smith Roofing 24550 Sperry Drive Westlake 440.835.3377

Majestic Slate™ has the natural beauty of slate while providing superior resistance to Northeast Ohio weather conditions, including wind, driving rain and hail. The Stacey and Drew Smith Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Repair That Sanitary Line, Without Tearing Up Your Yard By Dylan Yépez Photos Vincent Gorman and courtesy Benjamin Franklin Plumbing


eavy rains through spring and early summer create wet situations in some of our basements. This can be the time when we find out that our sanitary lines are in need of repair. Tom Golian, the new General Manager at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, is supremely confident in the highly skilled, certified technicians who are dispatched to assist homeowners facing wet basement situations. Tom comes to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing with three decades of construction experience, many of those years spent in executive management Tom Golian, General Manager


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

positions. Prior to the years of his current career, Tom was a Navy SEAL. One can hear Tom’s military service background come through when he talks about the employees of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. “We place a great deal of trust in our technicians and staff at Benjamin Franklin,” Tom explains. “They are well trained and well versed in our policies and procedures so that we can empower them to provide excellent customer service. They are authorized to make on-the-job decisions which lead to the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

The technicians dispatched to service those cracked or root-filled sanitary lines require an advanced level of training and certification, given the sophisticated technology they are currently using. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is utilizing NuFlow technology to handle the problems which can lead to water in the basement. NuFlow technology can remove the foreign object or buildup of grease blocking the line. If old clay lines have separated or cracked, they can now be repaired, without digging a trench through your yard. NuFlow lining technologies are long-term, affordable and mean less time, less mess and less cost than repiping drain and sanitary lines.

breaks in the clay pipes, however, they would need to be repaired. Now there’s an option which does not require the demolition of your yard and garden. Repair of cracked or separated pipes is possible with the NuFlow technology employed by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing without digging a trench. NuFlow is an innovative green technology which rehabilitates the inner infrastructure of deteriorated or failing pipe systems using an array of cured-inplace epoxy pipe lining solutions. Once it hardens this lining creates a smooth, solid surface inside the pipe. The roots can not penetrate the lining and will go elsewhere looking for a moisture source.

If the pipes are still intact, but a foreign object or grease is blocking the line, Benjamin Franklin plumbers would jet the pipe clear with a 3000 psi pressurized water source. If there are separations or

The cost of the trenchless repair is roughly the same as a trench going through your yard, but without the driveway, sidewalk and patio replacement and landscaping

Roots and other blockage in the pipes

The NuFlow installation

repairs. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers a five year parts and labor warranty on the lining itself. Tom Golian says that he accepted the General Manager’s position with the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing family business because “their client loyalty has been built on honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction. These core principles are what drive me.” Call Tom with any questions you might have about the NuFlow technology. Have Benjamin Franklin Plumbing take a look at your sanitary sewer before you face a daunting mess in your basement. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing 12043 Mayfield Road, Chardon 440.543.1151

After NuFlo repairs on pipe

Dennis Kratochvil and Tom Golian Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


On the Cutting Edge: Custom Granite Designs


ranite and quartz are always elegant and practical choices for home décor, but when incorporated into customdesigned inlays, they create a spectacular focal point. Cabinets & Granite Direct specializes in the fabrication and installation of granite and quartz surfaces. Fannie Chen, Vice President and General Manager, recently added a specialized stone-cutting machine to the company’s workshop. The new device enables her stonecutters to design and cut intricate shapes, such as monogram letters and other designs, from stone slabs. The customization features of the machine


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

By Meg Pauken Photos Aaron Leyser

also allow her team to create inlaid designs or custom cut tiles to frame an unusual shape, using complementary or contrasting granite.

Cabinets & Granite Direct offers a wide variety of high quality cabinets, plus sinks and hardware, all at factory direct pricing, for one-stop shopping.

Granite prices at Cabinets & Granite Direct start at $29.99 per square foot, offering a significant value, because the shop provides direct-to-consumer pricing.

Ms. Chen is especially pleased to showcase two new lines of cabinets that compliment their previous offerings. The new lines, Milan and Valentino, are both contemporary and very on-trend, featuring high gloss finishes in a variety of colors and styles. “We’re the only cabinet retailer carrying these lines in Cleveland,” Ms. Chen says. As with the other cabinet lines, they are solid wood construction and feature soft-close doors and drawers, just as you generally find in high-end

“Our pricing is so affordable, our customers are installing our cabinets and granite countertops not just in their kitchens, but in laundry rooms, bars, and basement recreation rooms,” says Chen. “Granite and quartz also work well for fireplaces and showers,” she adds.

custom cabinetry. Other popular cabinetry lines include the Shaker-style Soho line, available in both white and espresso and the more detailed and traditional Cambridge line. There are a variety of other lines in a range of colors and styles to suit any design or décor. Coordinating knobs and pulls are also available, to complete a custom look. Cabinets & Granite Direct has an expansive, 9,000 square foot showroom, which includes complete kitchen and bath installations. Clients are encouraged to come in and examine the cabinets and countertops in a real-life setting to get a feel for the quality they offer. Ms. Chen notes, “Our professional sales staff is prepared to answer any question about the new lines or any of our products.” The company works with contractors and remodelers, but also offers installation services at very competitive prices, by company employees, not sub-contractors. Cabinetry may also be purchased “RTA,” or ready-to-assemble, for maximum value. Thanks to their close relationship with the cabinet manufacturers and granite fabricators, turnaround times are much shorter than typical in the industry. “No job is too big or too small,” Ms. Chen states. “We do very small residential projects as well as large commercial installations.” Visit Cabinets & Granite Direct to see for yourself the exciting new design options that are available. Stop in today for a consultation. Cabinets & Granite Direct is conveniently located at 4979 West 130th street in Cleveland, near I-480. Showroom hours are Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Call 216.898.9758 for more information.

Cabinets & Granite Direct 4979 West 130th Street 216.898.9758

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Chickens are Moving Off the Farm and Into the Suburbs By Patti London Photos Fine Lifestyles


his time last year we were studying the Meyer Hatchery catalog trying to decide on a few varieties of chicken to add to our growing urban farm. I’d wanted chickens for a few years but Marc was convinced only after seeing the cool chicken coop our Cleveland Heights relatives built for their small flock. We needed breeds which were friendly and cold-weather tolerant, for obvious reasons. We chose three different hens, all brown egg layers: a Barre Rock with


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

black and white speckles; a creamy yellow Buff Orpington; and a beautiful mahogany Buckeye, the only breed to be created by a woman, Nettie Metcalf, who began the breed in Warren, Ohio in 1896. They’re named Beatrice, Daphne and Phoebe, respectively. We ordered the chicks in early spring and were given a mid-May date to come down to the hatchery to pick them up. Postal delivery is also an option, as long as you contact your post office

and let them know that a live delivery is expected. Meyer Hatchery is only an hour away and we were in this project for the full experience, so we made the drive. We borrowed the brooding supplies, which consisted of a large plastic storage tote with part of the lid cut away and replaced with a screen, a feeder and watering trough for chicks, a heat lamp and thermometer. The chicks were only a day hatched when we picked them up

so they were a bit unstable, tottering around the plastic box on their little legs and learning about their world. They hung out in Marc’s office, away from the cat, and peeped loudly while he talked to customers on the phone. But that didn’t last too long. The chicks grew amazingly quickly and were ready for their coop in a few short weeks. Marc selected a chicken coop palace online which means we’ll have to raise chickens for the rest of our lives to recoup the cost in egg savings. When we set the coop up in the backyard, we attached an extra foot of chicken wire around the perimeter of the coop and buried it under an inch or two of soil so it isn’t visible but it’s effective to keep critters from digging into the coop. Coyotes and raccoons would love one of the birds for a snack, so it’s important to keep them safe. The hens need exercise so we let them roam the yard three to four times a week for an hour or two. They find lots of bugs to eat which also supports their health and contributes to the nutritional value of our eggs. They are extremely entertaining to watch explore the yard. They do not fly, so we don’t worry about them hopping the fence. The neighborhood kids will appear at the back fence occasionally to watch the chickens run around the garden. They didn’t hurt any of the vegetables we had growing last summer. In fact, they ate bugs off the tomatoes and peppers, so that was helpful. Hens don’t start laying eggs until they’ve matured. They surprised us when they started laying eggs at the end of December, though. We thought we’d have to wait until spring because chickens produce more eggs when the hours of daylight are longer in spring, summer and fall. We get about four eggs a week in the winter and we expect to see about 18-20 per week from three hens in the summer. The eggs have huge, bright orange yolks and taste like nothing you can buy at the grocery store. And we don’t have to worry about arriving early at the Shaker Square farmers’ market to be sure we get fresh eggs before they’re sold out. Several questions come up regularly when people find out we have chickens. Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


We’re often asked if we have to have a rooster. No, a rooster is only necessary if we wanted to raise more chickens from these eggs. The eggs we collect aren’t fertilized and will never hatch into chickens. We’ve been asked if our neighbors complain and can honestly answer that they don’t. The coop is very clean and the chickens only make noises when they notice the neighbor’s cat sitting on top of the fence watching them. We’re also asked what we do with them in the winter. They stay in their coop outside, just like all of the chickens on the farms. Although, we have a small heating unit resting inside their watering container so the water doesn’t freeze. Finally, we frequently field the question: what are you going to do when they stop laying eggs? We don’t have an answer to that one yet. We may never save any money on eggs through this adventure but our investment has already paid off in terms of entertainment and the quality of our Sunday morning breakfasts. Check with your municipality to see if it’s one of the suburbs zoned to allow a few feathery friends.


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Inside Out Construction

A Trusted Name in Exterior Home Repairs for Over 30 Years

Algae Removal

Gutter Repair

Complete Roofing Construction • Asphalt Shingles • Slate Shingles • Wood Shake


Daniel Horvat, Owner


Above: Hayley Cabinets

The Professional Garage Floor By Dylan Yépez Photos courtesy Garage Finisher


any people have tried to paint their garage floor with store-bought kits or hired a professional to install epoxy flooring only to have a peeling mess a couple years or even months later. After 20 years as an owner of a large painting company, Mario FX Salwan set out to find a better solution. He did just that, with technology invented by Bayer Material Sciences called Polyaspartic. “Polyaspartic is a higher-grade version of a Polyurea coating similar to what is used as a spray-on bedliner for pick-up trucks,” explains Mario. “The difference is Polyaspartic can be rolled on and has improved properties including being harder, non-yellowing and non-peeling due to hot tires from a car, truck or plane.”


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Using decades of installation experience, Mario worked with a chemist to formulate this resin into the perfect garage and commercial flooring system named the Forever Floor and installed by Garage Finisher around the Cleveland area. Garage Finisher also sells this revolutionary coating system to other professional flooring installers throughout the United States and Canada who are amazed at how great their floors now look, how easy they are to clean and how long they last. The Polyaspartic resin can be applied down to negative 30 degrees and dries in one hour. Due to this innovation, Garage Finisher can install floors year round in residential garages, car dealerships and commercial buildings. “The installation process involves hundreds of steps and a lot of equipment, but the floor of a normal

two car garage can be installed in one day and you can drive on the floor the next day,” says Mario. All the items in your garage are removed by Garage Finisher’s crew and put in a Garage Finisher storage trailer on your driveway while the work is being completed, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Then, Garage Finisher uses concrete grinding equipment connected to specialized vacuums to remove the top layer of your concrete, including any coatings, oil, dirt and contaminants. A two-part liquid Polyurea filler that dries in eight minutes is used to fill all the cracks, pitting and control joints, effectively providing a seamless floor so there is no place for dirt to hide. Garage Finisher applies five separate layers of flooring to your garage floor, each

layer drying in one hour. The result is a decorative, nonporous flooring system that is easy to clean and unfazed by hot tires, salt, oil, gasoline and household chemicals. Garage Finisher is so confident in its floor, that after they put away all your belongings, the company provides you with a Lifetime Warranty. All you need to do to maintain the Forever Floor is hose it down and dry it with the complimentary Garage Finisher squeegee, no additional sealing or expense is needed. Once the floor is looking perfect, you may want additional services for your garage like painting, cabinets, slatwall or accessories — all of which Garage Finisher can provide. Watch their Garage Makeover video online at and request a free estimate on their website or you can call their office at 216.831.4500.

Garage Finisher 216.831.4500 4530 Renaissance Parkway Cleveland, Ohio 44128

Mario Salwan Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


The Perrino Total Home Solution Brings Your Vision to Life By Meg Pauken Photos Vincent Pearson Photography and David Alan


o you have a vision of what your dream home looks like? Pat Perrino and and his team at Perrino Builders will turn it into reality. Their goal is to bring their customer’s vision to life in each home they design, build or remodel. With more than 30 years in the homebuilding industry, Pat has taken the time to build a team of professionals that work together seamlessly. “Most of my tradespeople have been with me


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

for at least 20 years,” he says. “They are professionals, not jack-of-all trades, and it shows in the quality of our work.” “Our goal is to provide a complete solution for our clients,” he says. He stays on top of industry trends, attending trade shows and markets all over the country. Pat invests in technology to improve communication, streamline processes and ultimately reduce build times. Most importantly, he provides quality service to all of his customers.

“A lot of people are surprised when they find out what all we can do for them,” Pat explains. “It all starts with the client’s vision.” Perhaps a client is looking for a new home, in a new community. Perrino is currently working in a number of developments in northeast Ohio, including the gated communities at Acacia, Sterling Lakes and Barrington. For these projects, clients select a lot, a floor plan, and then begin consulting with Perrino’s in-house

designers. About 5 years ago, Pat added ASID-certified interior designers to his team, and it has made a huge difference. “We wanted to provide an extra level of service to our customers and to help them through the homebuilding process,” Pat says, continuing, “It can be overwhelming for people to make all of the design decisions, from paint colors, to flooring, to trim and hardware. Having a designer right there to work with them not only helps with the process and keeps it moving, it improves the final product. Their home goes from beautiful to spectacular.” Perrino Furniture offers a convenient option for customers, but it’s much more than that. Perrino stocks furniture lines not found elsewhere in the area, in a design center that is accessible, not overwhelming. The store sells upholstered furniture, case goods and lighting, and

offers what may be the best selection of accessory and accent items in the area. “Our in-house designers will work with any customer, not just our homebuilding clients,” Pat notes. Perrino’s homebuilding clients also benefit from another innovation. A few years ago, the company adopted Builder Trend, an online tool that provides real-time updates via email or text message to clients and team members regarding the progress of their project. “Our clients love it, because they always know what is happening with their house – the roof is going on today, or the drywall went in. Because of the improved communication among the tradespeople, it has cut our build times almost in half, which makes everybody happy,” Pat relates. Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Not all of Perrino’s clients start with an empty lot in a new development. For some, the vision starts with an existing house. “We do a fair amount of tear-down and rebuild projects,” he says. Often clients want to be in a particular neighborhood, but there are no empty lots, so they buy a home and either tear it down completely and rebuild from the ground up, or do significant remodeling. “The tear-down itself isn’t as expensive as you might think. It’s a viable option for areas that are already completely built out,” Pat explains. “From then on, the process is much the same as with a new build: selecting a floor plan and working with our design team.” Perrino has an extensive remodeling business, as well. Oftentimes, clients love their homes and don’t really want to move, but they want to upgrade. “We can take a 2,500 square foot house and make it look like a million-dollar home,” Pat says. This might involve an addition, removing walls and opening up the floor plan, or adding luxe new features like wine cellars and media rooms. Bring your vision to Perrino Builders and watch them turn it into reality. The company website provides a list of developments where they are currently building and a photo gallery of completed projects: The Perrino Design Center is located at 6163 Mayfield Road in Mayfield Heights. Hours are 10-5 Mon - Weds & Fri - Sat, 10-9 on Thursday, and 12-5 on Sunday. Call 440.919.1000 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Perrino Builders 440.487.4021 Perrino Furniture Showroom 6163 Mayfield Road, Mayfield Heights 440.919.1000


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Since 1988

Hot Spots? Cold Rooms? Noisy System? Certified Technicians Have Your Solution

End Of Winter Special: Save Up To $500 On A New System Stewart Unsdorfer

216.731.9400 243 Richmond Rd. Richmond Hts, Ohio

Audition Your Next Entertainment System in a Home-like Setting By Kristal Pettit Photos Aaron Leyser


s much as we enjoy going out to the movies, it’s a lot of fun lounging in our pajamas and enjoying the big screen experience in our own home. The home theater experts at Sound & Vision can help make that happen. Whether you’re converting the former playroom into a man cave, or incorporating a multi-media room into your new construction, Sound & Vision has the equipment and the expertise.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Mike Woods began Sound & Vision 14 years ago in Cuyahoga Falls with the intention of bringing high quality electronics to the discerning consumer. He now has two more showroom locations, where customers can experience his audio and screening equipment in a home-like setting, one in Beachwood and, his newest, in Columbus. “It’s important to be able to experience the equipment in person,” Mike explains. “There’s no way to fully appreciate the

quality and make comparisons from a website.” Sound & Vision maintains a large inventory in stock so when you’ve decided on the system or equipment piece that meets your needs, you can walk out of the store with it. There’s no ordering and waiting weeks for delivery. Because Sound & Vision belongs to a large buying group of independent electronic retailers, the consumer benefits from its buying power. One might believe that the best prices are only available from the

big box stores, but that’s simply not true. The prices are extremely competitive with the large retailers, but the selection and expertise of the sales staff far exceed what you’d find at the large chain stores. And you won’t find installation experts at the large retailers, either. Sound & Vision’s full time installation staff is experienced in both older homes and new construction. “No matter what era your house is from, we can install cutting edge audio, video and smart home technology,” Mike assures us, referring to the natural extension of his business into the newest aspect of technology for the home. If working with a contractor, bring him or her with you into the showroom to personally experience the system and make certain all installation and specification questions are answered by the professional sales staff. As a member of the Home Builders Association, Sound & Vision is on the front line of home trends. Instead of opting for dedicated home theaters, many are incorporating multi-media rooms, and integrating them into the rest of the home with smart home connectivity. The 11,000 square foot showroom in Cuyahoga Falls now includes an impressive selection of furnishings specifically for multi-media interiors. After you select the right audio and video equipment, you can shop for the perfect sectional, lounge chairs, storage units and more, to complete the room. The only way to truly experience a quality turntable for your vinyl collection, or the Black Diamond viewing screen which allows perfect clarity even in a natural light filled room, is to visit one of Sound & Vision’s showrooms. Test the expertise of your sales associate with every question that comes to mind and feel confident that you’ve made the best buying decision for your family’s entertainment needs. Sound & Vision 750 Howe Avenue Cuyahoga Falls 330.923.5933 28700 Chagrin Boulevard Beachwood 216.292.0300 1216 East Powell Road Columbus 614.785.9700 Mike Woods and Jason Dietrick Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Feel Secure in Your Home in All Seasons By Janine Purcell Photos Fine Lifestyles


pring is nearly here and Clevelanders are anxious to let the fresh air into their homes. Of some concern is the security of your family and possessions when leaving windows unlocked and open. Vector Security has solutions to provide a deterrent to would-be intruders while still allowing homeowners to enjoy our well-deserved warm weather. Call Vector Security, Inc. to assess your home for a state of the art, intelligent security system tailored to your situation and budget.

residential video surveillance, mobile and home functions that are programmed to operate automatically, controlled property access, and fire and intrusion protection across North America, Canada and the Caribbean. They design, install and monitor complete security systems for hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and multi-site retail chains. Locally, Vector is represented by Regional Managers Christine Longley in Geneva, Ohio, and Gordon Zeiler in the Boardman office.

Vector Security, Inc. is one of the largest electronic security companies in the U.S. They provide commercial and

They can help you explore the new generation of home security solutions that provide convenient access to a


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

sophisticated array of tools. From your smart phone, computer and tablet, you can turn lights, radio and televisions on and off to create the impression that you are at home. You can control the door locks, which means you needn’t fret about forgetting to secure your home, and also can let in family members, visitors or trusted service technicians without providing them a key. For the warmer seasons, Vector Security systems can be adjusted to allow you to open your windows to a pre-determined setting. Once the security system is activated, the alarm will sound if the windows are raised beyond that height,

thereby protecting your home and family from unwelcome guests. Another setting will activate the alarm through the detection of movement in the home. If you are away but your pets are home, further adjustments can be made to instruct the motion detector to ignore, say, a fifty pound occupant trotting through the living room on the way to the dog dish in the kitchen. Video cameras can operate in live or cliprecording mode. While you’re at work, open a window on your computer and observe in real time how your kids are behaving with the nanny, and maybe get a glimpse of your beloved pet. To create peace of mind regarding older loved ones, you can install personal technology with wristband or pendant button activators to summon medical help if needed. Knowing that help can be summoned when needed provides a sense of safety and peace of mind. When it comes to responding to security alarms, Vector Security’s award-winning monitoring services start with experienced operators available around the clock to dispatch authorities to your location quickly when an alarm is triggered. They employ a nationally-recognized false alarm protocol to rule out false alarms and then immediately contact the appropriate emergency responder. Back-up cellular, radio or Internet service options can ensure continuous monitoring of your security system even if standard telephone service is interrupted. As warm weather arrives this spring, talk to Christine or Gordon at Vector Security to customize security solutions for your home or business. They are happy to discuss your unique needs because their primary concern is the safety of you and your family. Vector Security 50 E. Main Geneva, Ohio 440.466.7233 970 Windham Court, Suite 2 Boardman, Ohio 330.726.9841

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Preserving Safety and Cleanliness at Your Home or Business By Janine Purcell Photos Aaron Leyser and Courtesy Martinson-Nicholls


artinson-Nicholls is an industry leader in floor mat and anti-slip technologies. They can create a unique solution to any residential or commercial challenge where safety, comfort or the need to be clean crops up where people’s feet dare to go. Dan Ruminski acquired the business over 30 years ago from original founder Dave Martinson. Back in the day MartinsonNicholls had major brand recognition here in Cleveland in that pre-Internet world of commerce. Today the firm’s internet presence sails under the name Floormat. com.

Owner Dan Ruminski also makes the rounds as the Cleveland Storyteller. The true tales he can tell about his company’s successes expanded my horizons, and maybe they’ll have you viewing the world underfoot with new eyes. In the early days the primary product was floor matting and anti-slip pressure sensitive tape – think the anti-slip strips in a bathtub. The company created a range of commercial and residential applications that involved custom sizing or die cutting the material. Over the years the business has grown five-fold from its original size. It’s known as Dan Ruminski


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

a one-stop shop where Ruminski applies what he labels “pragmatic engineering” to conquer any size project. They tailor the characteristics of the product to the demands and needs of the customer environment. For example, 400 U.S. Army tanks world-wide are equipped with custom fit anti-slip mats that are resistant to fungus to fulfill the military acquisition specifications. The firm took a call from Bollingers of New Orleans, a world class ship builder. The U.S. Coast Guard had commissioned 50 new cutters from their shipyard. The entire deck required an anti-slip covering that could be maintained for inevitable wear and tear. Martinson-Nicholls’ staff took a swift trip down to New Orleans and created detailed computer drawings of the entire deck layout. They delivered complete ship sets that employ the most “aggressive” anti-slip tape. Ships also carry replacement pieces so repairs can be made at sea immediately when needed. A downtown Cleveland hotel consulted with Ruminski when the square weather mat they had purchased elsewhere created a tripping hazard when paired with their circular revolving door. had previously perfected an approach to trim mats to curved areas and then apply edges to them. An hour of onsite work to convert the mat to a circular shape, and the area was instantly safer for the high volume of foot traffic. The firm can create floor mats that keep salt, dirt and chemicals from being tracked into your home or business. The appropriate mat surface can vigorously scrape off particles. Martinson-Nicholls’ customers in the hotel and retail space can attest to their effectiveness in making entrances cleaner and safer, while significantly reducing cleaning costs. Consider how these mats can make your home safer and conveniently cleaner. An anti-slip mat creates a safe passage for humans and their furry friends, or converts a slippery slope like a wheelchair ramp into a secure pathway. To learn more call Martinson-Nicholls at 440.951.1312 or visit Martinson-Nicholls 440.951.1312 or 800.876.1312

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JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER: CLEVELAND’S OWN? By Dan Ruminski, the Cleveland Storyteller Photos courtesy Dan Ruminski


ften at my presentations about Cleveland’s famous Millionaire’s Row, I ask the audience what they know of John D. Rockefeller and his connection to Cleveland, Ohio. Surprisingly, most Clevelanders are unaware that Rockefeller’s home was in Cleveland and that his famous Standard Oil Company, The Standard, was formed in our once very famous city. With that being said, let

us examine John D. Rockefeller and some of the myths that many still believe about him today. John D. Rockefeller was born in upstate New York in 1839, well before the Civil War. His parents were as opposite as any two people could be. Mother Eliza Davidson was a strict Baptist in every sense of the word, with religious beliefs of honesty, frugality and charity. Smoking, JOHN D ROCKEFELLER


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland




drinking and attending almost any entertainment event were not allowed. One must actively participate in the church and each Sunday was filled with church activities. His mother’s teaching stuck with John D. all of his life. His father, William Avery Rockefeller, on the other hand, was anything but religious. Some say he was a horse thief. We know he was a fraudulent medicine man, calling himself Dr. Rockefeller and selling make believe cures for almost any ailment of the day. The senior Rockefeller was also a bigamist, which kept him away from home for long periods of time. William Avery Rockefeller also taught his son many things which John D. practiced during his lifetime, like the art of the deal and how to negotiate in

business. William taught his son how to borrow money when trying to accomplish big successes. Later in life, when John D. Rockefeller was starting his own business, his father lent him money as needed, always at 10% interest. His father would oftentimes call the loan early, surprising his son. When he became successful, John D. Rockefeller always had a lot of cash in his safe so that he was prepared for his father’s unannounced visits. This too, taught young John D. that business is not always predictable and that one must have plans to address any situation. The Rockefeller introduction to the greater ROCKEFELLER MONUMENT Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


Cleveland area started in Strongsville, where a sister of William lived. Eventually Rockefeller and his family migrated to Parma, and then to Cleveland. The Cleveland family home was located on Cheshire Street, East 12th St. today, and was built by John D. for his father when he was all of sixteen years of age. Being that his father was away for long periods of time hustling, his son John was put in charge of building this all brick home. John made the project a great success, bringing it in under budget to his father’s surprise. Again, William Avery was teaching his son about responsibility and budgets at an early age. I cannot image giving a sixteen year old the duty of building the family home today. Who knows what the end result would be. John D. Rockefeller entered business here in Cleveland as a bookkeeper at about the age of eighteen years. After a short period of time he started his own business, his life’s dream, with friend Maurice Clark. They bought and resold farm products of all types and made a fortune during the Civil War. Shortly after the war Rockefeller left Clark and formed a new company refining oil. Rockefeller partnered this time with a fellow by the name of Samuel Andrews, a brilliant chemist. This was really the start of what was to become Standard Oil. As Rockefeller began to buy up oil refineries throughout Cleveland he continually needed more and more money. Thus new partners were brought into the business, namely Stephen Harkness, Henry Flagler and brother William. These men, along with Rockefeller, were the creators of Standard Oil, circa 1870. The entity was to grow into the largest corporation in the world at that time. John D. Rockefeller bought a wonderful mansion on Euclid Avenue, Millionaire’s Row, in 1868 where he and his wife, Laura Spellman, raised their family of one son and three daughters. John eventually wanted to build a spacious country estate and thus began accumulating some seven hundred acres in East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights. Forest Hill became a working farm with all of the amenities of a great European estate. The Rockefellers, over their lifetime, owned many homes and properties but Forest Hill was their favorite. Some facts that may surprise you about John D. Rockefeller are not obvious. For


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland







example, he loved to play golf and had a wonderful nine hole golf course on his estate, Forest Hill. He played most days during Cleveland’s grand summers. He had a bet with his doctor, Hamilton Biggar, that he would live long enough to play golf on his 100th birthday. John D. died just shy of ninety-eight. Folklore suggests that John D. Rockefeller was eventually kicked out of Cleveland and as a result left for New York, never to return. Not true. Rockefeller did have a tax issue with the city, a tax he really did not owe, and was angered by the whole situation. Rockefeller’s departure to New York was really late in his life. John and Laura summered at Forest Hills until she died in 1915. The Rockefellers are buried at Lake View Cemetery, an institution John helped create. When son John D. Rockefeller II suggested that a Rockefeller plot in New York would be a better and more suitable place for burial, John told his son: “Mother and I will be buried in Cleveland, Ohio, our home.” The Rockefeller legacy that survives today is limited, but important. The Rockefeller Building on Public Square, Rockefeller Park, in Cleveland and a beautiful park in Cleveland Heights, part of his original estate, and the Rockefeller shopping area, also in Cleveland Heights. Rockefeller by no means was a perfect man, but we as Clevelanders should respect his great contributions to our city which made Cleveland a better place. He made many Clevelanders wealthy, wealth that is still evident today, continuing to support charities throughout the city. DAN RUMINSKI Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland


EXPERTAdvice Behavioral Investing: Overcoming Emotion in Investing The following provides a high-level description of some of the more prevalent ones: Loss-aversion: Psychologically, losses are significantly more powerful than gains. People strongly prefer avoiding losses as opposed to securing gains. The investor is likely to respond by continuing to hold the losing investments. The idea of actually losing money is so painful that the first reaction is to hold the investment until it breaks even. The investor is acting based on emotions.

Scott B. Kamenir, CFA Managing Principal Waypoint Intelligence 33 River Street Chagrin Falls 440.394.8067


he impact of an investor’s psychological makeup and behavior can have profoundly negative effects on performance results. Numerous studies to understand the investor mindset have been undertaken in recent years. Emotions are undesirable to investors feeling them, and although they may wish to control their responses to them, they often cannot.

Biases There are several emotional biases associated with investment management. These biases can cause investors to make suboptimal decisions. One major step in overcoming them is to be educated on what they are.


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Cleveland

Overconfidence: A bias in which people demonstrate unwarranted faith in their own intuitive reasoning, judgements, and/or cognitive abilities. This overconfidence may be the result of overestimating knowledge levels, abilities, and access to information. Self-control: A bias in which people fail to act in pursuit of their long-term, overarching goals because of a lack of self-discipline. There is an inherent conflict between short-term satisfaction and achievement of some long-term goals. Money is an area in which people are notorious for displaying a lack of self-control Status-quo: An emotional bias in which people do nothing (i.e. maintain the “status quo”) instead of making a change. People are generally more comfortable keeping things the same than with change and thus do not necessarily look for opportunities where change is beneficial.

Sound Methodology Although it is difficult to eliminate these emotional biases by sheer willpower, or magically “wishing” them away, a major step to overcoming them beyond basic awareness is to employ a logical and organized approach to portfolio management. Having a systematic game plan to making portfolio investments and ongoing adjustments can provide a great source of comfort when in situations of doubt or feeling overwhelmed with emotion. To borrow from sports, having a “playbook” that outlines appropriate and specific actions to be taken under any given market scenario or regime empowers the investor to mechanically respond to the evidence being borne out by the markets.

Conclusion Knowing your inherent psychological and behavioral weaknesses is a great first step to being a better investor. Having a sound process for evaluating and constructing your portfolio, as well as having the conviction to follow that process will help you to live with greater peace of mind, and should help to achieve more favorable investment results. If you happen to find yourself overwhelmed by the decision making process when clouded with emotional and behavioral obstacles, it would benefit you greatly to become aligned with an investment advisor that is both disciplined and unemotional, and employs a logical and organized approach to managing portfolios.

FineLifestyles Cleveland





27 N. Franklin Street Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022 c h e s t nu t h i l l ho m e . c o m


Fine Lifestyles Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 2016  

Fine Lifestyles Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 2016

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