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The Mockito (Lime, Garden Mint & Yuzu)★ ROCKTAILS

What is it? An alcohol-free hand-blended botanical cocktail made with fresh lime, garden mint and yuzu. What can I do with it? Create experimental mocktails or cocktails at home in a fuss-free way. Just freeze, squeeze and serve. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Nationally

Organic Beef Sirloin Steak ★ THE WELL HUNG MEAT COMPANY

What is it? A tender steak cut from the loin, hung for longer for exceptional taste and texture. What can I do with it? Given its flavour you really don’t need to do anything too technical – just fry, grill or pop it on the barbecue. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Nationally Other GREAT TASTE Awards (2016): Organic Lamb Loin Joint - boned and rolled ★ Organic Pork Loin Joint - boned and rolled ★


Raspberry Sorbet★ BABOO GELATO

What is it? Raspberry sorbet, handmade in an artisanal lab, using autumn raspberries from Baboo’s overflowing fruit garden. What can I do with it? The sorbet contains 50% raspberries and its intense flavour makes for the perfect end to a sophisticated restaurant meal. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Locally Other GREAT TASTE Awards (2016): Pistachio Gelato ★



Great Taste Book 2016-17  
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