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NORTH OF ENGLAND West Yorkshire ➔ ➔

Organic Espresso Landscape ★★ GRUMPY MULE COFFEE

What is it? A seasonal espresso blend of coffees sourced from outstanding organic smallholder farmers. Available ground or as whole beans. What can I do with it? This ‘Swiss army knife’ of blends suits both espresso and milk drinks, and it’s a great filter brew too. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Nationally, Regionally, Locally, Online Other GREAT TASTE Awards (2016): Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ★★ Rwanda Musasa Cooperative ★ Organic Seasonal Decaf ★

Pear & Almond Franzipan ★★ JUST DESSERTS YORKSHIRE

What is it? Butter pastry with moist franzipan filing, pears and a glazed finish. What can I do with it? Can be enjoyed as it is or warmed, accompanied by a good vanilla ice cream or even custard. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Locally Other GREAT TASTE Awards (2016): Yorkshire Moggy Parkin ★


What is it? A rich Yorkshire Free Range pork pie, encapsulated in a traditional gelatine and hotwater pastry. What can I do with it? Best served cold for lunch with a choice of traditional pickles and chutneys. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Regionally, Locally, Online Other GREAT TASTE Awards (2016): Semi Cured Pork Loin ★



Great Taste Book 2016-17  
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