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Enchanted Narnia Tea ★ BLUEBIRD TEA CO.

What is it? Blended by Bluebird’s experts, this Turkish Delight-themed tea features aromatic whole rosebuds and cacao. What can I do with it? Brew with boiling water for a beautiful, floral, relaxing herbal infusion. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Internationally, Nationally, Regionally, Locally, Online Other GREAT TASTE Awards (2016): Lapsang Souchong Black Tea ★★ Cherry Bakewell White Tea ★ Rooibos Matcha Tea ★

Vegan Chocolate Brownie Gelato★ GELATO GUSTO

What is it? A rich creamy chocolate gelato blended with chunks of homemade vegan chocolate brownies. What can I do with it? Serve with a dark cherry compote, melt over a warm citrus sponge or simply spoon into a bowl and relax. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Nationally Other GREAT TASTE Awards (2016): Goats’ Cheese Gelato Rippled with Roasted Figs in Raw Honey ★ Orange & Mint Sorbetto ★

Pistachio Macaron ★★ JULIEN PLUMART

What is it? This is a handmade pistachio macaron, produced with premium almond powder and 100% pistachio paste. What can I do with it? These macarons pair with desserts and cocktails alike. They are perfect for weddings, birthday celebrations, business events or in a box for retail. WHERE IS IT AVAILABLE? Nationally Other GREAT TASTE Awards (2016): Black Forest Macaron ★★ GREAT TASTE 2016-17


Great Taste Book 2016-17  
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