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Eat right, stay brilliant. GREAT TASTE 2013-14


This year’s Great Taste uncovered a wealth of fine food and drink from across the British Isles and further afield. The 2013-14 edition of this annual guide to award-winning products is broken down into regions for ease of reference. You’ll also find features on this year’s regional winners at the beginning of each section. These regions represent a product’s origin rather than its availability so make sure you check out all of the fantastic food that’s being made up and down the UK, in Ireland or further afield.

How Great Taste is judged 4-5 Supreme Champion 2013 6-7 East Anglia & Midlands 8-15 Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Worcestershire London & South East 16-38 London, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex North of England 40-47 Cumbria, East Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, North Yorkshire, Tyne & Wear, West Yorkshire


South West 48-57 Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire NORTH OF ENGLAND


Scotland 62-69 Aberdeenshire, Angus, Caithness, East Lothian, Fife, Inverness-shire, Isle of Lewis, Isle of Orkney, Midlothian, Outer Hebrides



Wales 58-61 Anglesey, Caerphilly, Ceredigion, Conwy, Gwynedd, Monmouthshire, Pembrokeshire



Editor: Michael Lane Writers: Clarissa Hyman, Lynda Searby & Carina Simon Editorial Production: Tortie Farrand Art Direction: Mark Windsor Layout: John Loasby Photography: Richard Faulks Advertising: Sally Coley, Becky Stacey & Ruth Debnam Advertising Production: Julie Coates Publisher & Managing Director: John Farrand Published by Great Taste Publications Ltd & The Guild of Fine Food Ltd, Guild House, 23b Kingsmead Business Park, Shaftesbury Road, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5FB t: 01747 825200 f: 01747 824065

Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland 70-83 Antrim, Armagh, Belfast, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, Tyrone, Clare, Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Kildare, Laois, Limerick, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Wexford World Flavours 84-90 China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Fiji, Greece, Hungary, Ibiza, India, Mexico, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland

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How Great Taste is judged

John David Harmon, Whole Foods Market Karen Ba delicious. rnes, editor, magazine

Andrew ‘Koj’ Kojima, Masterchef 2012 finalist

A long road to greatness It’s been another year of record-breaking entries and astounding food. When it comes to delivering some crowd-pleasing numbers, Great Taste always obliges.


Xanthe Clay, chef and food writer


Jane Curr food ed an, Woman itor, & Home


reat Taste’s 19th instalment was graced with a mammoth amount of entries. In fact, this year’s total of 9,738 was considerably higher than 2012’s tally of 8,800 or any other year before it. Across 50 days, no less than 405 chefs, cookery writers, food critics, restaurateurs and fine food retailers blind-tasted their way through this mountain of food and drink. That’s more time and more people than have ever been involved before. While these numbers are a testament to the health of Britain’s fine food industry, Great Taste is not about data, targets or volume. Its aim is, and always has been, discovering the best food and drink available in the UK. With that in mind, organiser the Guild of Fine Food has made a number of upgrades to the judging process, which now runs from May to July. The majority of sessions took place in a purpose-built area at the Guild’s new HQ in Dorset. For the first time, Joanna Blythman, there was also a week of judging in food Ireland and three days at the Royal journalist Garden Hotel in London as well as sessions at specialist test centres for tea, filter coffee, espresso and olive oil. Even though the number of entries has gone up, the process has become more rigourous with the addition of trained table coordinators and secondchance reviews for every product that doesn’t get an award on first tasting. Every single entry got a fair hearing, resulting in 2,524 one-star and 645 two-star awards. Those that won three stars (just 125) had to gain unanimous support from Sam Rosen Nash, an entire room of 40 or so judges and, even Fortnum & then, they were reassessed by the Mason Great Taste Supreme Panel, who , ion mp Charles Ca d writer whittled them down to this year’s food critic an handful of regional winners. Next time you see a product bearing the coveted black and gold logo, rest assured it is, at very least, “virtually flawless” (one-star) if not “outstanding” (two-star) or “exquisite” (three-star). Glynn Christian, food writer



Nigel Barden, Supreme Panel chairman & broadcaster


Supreme Champion and Best Speciality from East Anglia and the Midlands | Greek-style


aites Simple’ or ‘Keep it Simple’ is a motto that should be inscribed on every chef and food producer’s T-shirt. If you’re seeking proof that complexity and novelty-seeking can be unnecssary, then Marybelle’s Greek-style yoghurt is the pudding for you. Katherine Manning and her brother James Strachan were amazed – to put it mildly – when the yoghurt was crowned Supreme Champion at this year’s Golden Fork Awards dinner. It certainly raised a few eyebrows that something so simple, ordinary even, could take top spot but this is the triumph of simple quality over fickle fashion. The judges were in no doubt. “Beautiful colour and creamy consistency,” they said, “and a lovely acidic aroma that makes you want to dive in.” The Strachan family have been dairy farmers


Yoghurt | Marybelle Dairy


It might be the one of the simplest products in the whole of Great Taste but that’s what makes Marybelle’s yoghurt so special

in Suffolk for five generations but the fall in milk prices a decade ago led to a tough decision: either buy more cows, sell up or diversify. The family decided they wanted to keep the farm going and the latter was the best option. Eight years ago, they started making yoghurt to a recipe they found in their mother’s old agricultural college notebook. Marybelle’s milk – named after two of the most distinguished cows to have graced the herd – is sourced from their own pampered Holsteins as well as herds from other selected farms in the region. They also use some Jersey milk in the yoghurt, Katherine says, as it’s good to have a mix for the right fat and protein balance. “Mass-produced yoghurt often needs additives of some sort to thicken it, but our


“Mass-produced yoghurt often needs additives of some sort to thicken it, but our milk is so good it is just naturally thick.” milk is so good it is just naturally thick”, she adds. The commercial need for lengthy shelf life also leads to over-treatment when yoghurt is made on a large scale. Among the other components of Marybelle’s yoghurt formula are batch production, the short distance the milk travels (avoiding ‘bruising’), and the use of a pump, rather than gravity, to move it. Winning the Supreme Champion title has helped Marybelle improve the branding of its range of yoghurts and crème fraîche, amongst other things, with a new label that is bright and eye-catching. But what’s inside those pots is still the same and the key message remains: keep it simple, but do it well.


Yoghurt the love



Cambridgeshire & English e g a s u a S k r Po ps ★ Mustard Cris Corkers Crisps

After three months in development, ctor managing dire am nh ar G d Ro truly describes the e st ta y eag us sa as of these crisps er fin r ou of ne “o ”. He achievements our ve lo e “W : ds ad and es ag us British sa te ea cr to d te an w out something with s ur vo fla l cia tifi ar enjoy.” ns could also that vegetaria k www.corker Salt Crisps ★ a Se : ds ar Other Aw s★ ck Pepper Crisp Sea Salt & Bla

Raspberry, Limoncello, Mint & Basil Macaroon ★ The Fabulous Food Company

The unusual combination of flavours evolved just because “I thought, ‘ooh I fancy that’ – it’s sharp, fresh and summery”, explains founder Frankie de Vorms. Plain shells have two fillings: a tangy, sharp, raspberry coulis jelly, paired with a not-so-sweet limoncello cream, with a hint of basil and mint. Other Awards: Baileys & Macadamia Nut Macaroon ★ Dark Chocolate Macaroon with Orange & Hazelnut ★ Passion Fruit & Saffron Macaroon ★

Norfolk Organic Lemongrass and Ginger ★★ Organic LIFE / Rainforest Growers

Grown in a tough Sri Lankan climate, which makes the lemongrass more astringent, this tea has “a strong, potent taste and medicinal qualities – it’s a great detox“. ”It gives energy in the morning and restores after a hard day’s work,” explains organic farmer Durka Chellaram. Other Award: Organic Pure Ceylon Pekoe ★

Sample and buy food and drink judged by the experts The Great Taste and Artisan Food Market is coming to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show July 7-13 2014




Alder Tree

d Locally source m damsons, crea r ga su d an make for a fantastically e deep purple ic ys sa g, in dd pu Alder Tree's Stephany Hardingham, who enjoys ine poached it with red-w sons are carpone. “Dam slightly pear and mas e th t bu n, gi m or es common in ja rfectly balanc pe ge ed ic tart and tann sweetness.” this cream ice www.alder : ds ar Aw Other Cream Ice ★★ Blackcurrant Cream Ice ★★ Summer Fruits eam Ice ★★ & Rhubarb Cr Stem Ginger

urry Authentic C Masala ★ Badu’s Indian Feast

Fresh herbs, dried roasted spices, onion and tomato are blended to create a versatile e masala. At d colouring-fre preservative an mixes hers Badu Thobhani home, owner uses it as a or es d vegetabl so easy and with lentils an t chicken. “It’s as ro r fo e ad marin says. delicious,” she om

Cuvée Chevallier ★★

Aspall Cyder Hous e Products

Partner Henry Ch evallierGuild resurrected this 1700s recipe for doublefermented cyder four years ago. It can be en joyed as an alternative to cava or prosecco. He says: “We use high acidity Bram ley apples and, in tastings, if we don’t say it’s cyder, peop le think it’s an interesting spark ling wine.” www. Other Award: Or ganic Cyder Vineg

ar ★

Crunchy Bites ★ Munchy Seeds

Low in saturated fat and high in protein, larger apricot kernels lend a distinctive almond flavour to these savoury roasted seeds, says founder Lucinda Clay. Try them “for snacking on, as a sprinkle, in a stirfry and on carrots dipped in hummus”.

indianfeast.c d★ www.badus conut & Almon Masala with Co d: Other Awar



am Ice Damson Cre ★★★



Herefordshire Lobster, Chilli & Garlic Seasoned Potato Crisps ★ Tyrrells Potato Crisps

These crisps tick all the boxes for foodies, according to Tyrrells’ Cath White. “They’re innovative, all the ingredients are natural and they’re made from Herefordshire-grown potatoes. The taste is really memorable with a combination of bold seasonings making them a real talking point at, say, dinner parties.”

British Raspberries ★ Windmill Hill Fruits

Grower Antony Snell attributes the great taste of these Herefordshire raspberries to the fact “they’re picked at the optimum time, chilled soon after picking and frozen within 24 hours”. He thinks they’re super with ice cream or puddings, and particularly good with muesli or stirred into porridge. Other Award: British Blackcurrants ★ Other Awards: Swanky Veg ★ Rather Hot English Chillis Tortyrrells Tortilla ★ Sea Salt & Vinegar Furrows ★

Leicestershire Blue Stilton ★★★

Arla Foods/Tuxford & Tebbutt Producers of English Stilton since 1780, Tuxford & Tebbutt proudly retains most of its traditional processes, many of which are carried out by hand, and to its traditional recipe. Production manager Pete Hughes says: “We’ve perfected this Stilton over the years and strive to maintain and improve on the well-rounded, creamy flavours and textures.” Other Award: Shropshire Blue ★

mato & Sundried To rough ★ Basil Stir Th ge Seeds of Chan s from Puglia, basil, oe Organic tomat oes and at m to d ie sun-dr are the ar eg balsamic vin edients gr in n lia Ita classic ly se in this “inten e that is flavoured sauc through ed perfect stirr sta”. pa ed ok co hot, sy lives, bu “People lead t high an w ill st ey th but s nt ie ed quality ingr ickest qu e th en ev from d an br meal,” says Youren. manager Gary

fchange. www.seedso lle Pasta ★ : Spinach Troto ds ar Aw r Othe ★ i heat Tortiligion Semi Wholew au Rice ★ Pil yle St Indian



EAST ANGLIA & MIDLANDS Choose from our specialist collection of over 150 lovingly-sourced hampers for all budgets, including our Gourmet, Premium, Specialty Brands, and Exportable ranges. Order at the Food Orders Desk, Food Halls, Ground Floor, or online at or call 020 7893 8093






Wartnaby Steak in Rich Red Wine Sauce Pie ★

Garlic & Mushroom Pâté ★

Something Nice is a family-run business that wants to stand out from the crowd. It believes that using good quality local meats and produce makes all the difference to this award-winning pie. “It’s all about taste, we strive to make delicious handmade pies with a rich tasty filling and beautiful buttery pastry,” says founder Katharine Walmsley.

Chef Uwe Siwy set out to create this “classic product” to a higher standard than his competitors. He says: “We don’t cut back on ingredients and only use fresh, not reconstituted mushrooms and butter and no additives or preservatives. It’s 100% natural.”

Something Nice

Albion Artisan Foods

Lincolnshire Burrow Hill Cider & Sea Salt Crisps ★ Pipers Crisps

The biggest seller in the range uses real flavours from real producers and locally sourced potatoes, as do all Pipers’ crisps, explains director Alex Albone. In this case, the vinegar comes from Julian Temperley’s Burrow Hill cider farm. “They taste good,” says Albone, simply.


n Leek, The Moulto tato Pie Stilton & Po ★★ Company

Pie The Moulton assic cheese and onion

cl A take on the s is “one e for all season pi is th , bo orks really com w at th e ings in lif of the few th rd co ing to its and cold”, ac well both hot dually strong vi di In Stevens. creator, Mark together to edients work flavoured ingr erpowering ov t ust but no create a “rob all-rounder”. ok: www.facebo Pie n lto ou M The Company Other Awards: Anglesey Sea Salt Crisps ★ No Salt Crisps ★



Nottinghamshire Alassala

d ground st argan oil an Made from ju originates e ds, this past roasted almon occo and or M of er area aftertaste. from the Berb no flavour with e at lic de a s ha enjoys it “on arab Elalaoui Founder Azzel ing sauce pp kfast, as a di toast for brea ”. ry st puff pa and to make


Dutch Mistress ★★★

Brock Hall Farm Da iry

All of the dairy’s ch eeses have art-th emed names and owne r Sarah Hampton says there is always a laugh to be had wh en male customers as k for this semi-hard , continental style goats’ cheese base d on a gouda recipe. She describes Dutch M istress as a “full flavoured rindwashed chee se that is rich, with whisk ey notes, not as sh arp as a cheddar but as satisfying.”

www.brockhall Other Awards: Joi e de Chevre ★★ Pablo Cabrito Fen nel ★★

Shropshire Shropshire Granola Deluxe ★ Shropshire Granola

Originally a family recipe, Alexandra Anderson created this combination of locally sourced Shropshire honey, Pimhill jumbo rolled oats, Great Ness rapeseed oil, seeds, dried fruit and nuts for her children’s breakfast. Sister and business partner Jeni Hoar says: “It’s healthy, incredibly delicious and not too sweet.”


Paprika Chicken MeatBalls ★

The Smoke & Pickle Co of Shropshire

Children and adults love the texture and flavour of these juicy meatballs, says owner Sara Curtis. “Chicken can be a bit bland, but we add Spanish smoky pimentón, herbs, crème fraîche and red peppers in a creamy tomato sauce. They’re lovely with tagliatelle, noodles or crusty bread.”


e★ Amlou Past




Staffordshire Chef’s Homemade Steak & Cut Throat Ale Pie ★ Aston Marina

“The people of North Staffordshire like to eat pie so we thought we’d better give them a good one,” says general manager Helen Webb. The cows are reared 1.5 miles away, butchered in-house and then hung for 28 days and the ale is local too. Other Award:  Chef’s Homemade Triple Chocolate Brownie ★

★★ Chilli Soup Mexican ht Cottage Delig ix fills a gap in the market m This dry soup lutions”, met supper so ur go ck for “qui or Galia at in ting co-ord explains marke ed ok ys sm Davies. She sa rts an earthy, pa im a ik pr pa d aroma, rich flavour an d long an s kidney bean xture and te d ad e grain ric s a warm ve gi r chilli powde this authentic undertone to . Mexican soup gedelight.c www.cotta : ds Other Awar ★ dar Oat Bites Mature Ched ★ its cu Bis English Toffee Jam ★ Blueberry Extra

Sea salt Pork Crackling ★ Cottage Delight

Cottage Delight says this hand-cooked crackling differs from the much-maligned scratching. “The rind is slow-cooked to produce a crunchy, light crackling that is crispy but not greasy,” says marketing coordinator Galia Davies “Plus we only use the best bits – not the scraps. We use 300g of rind to make 100g of crackling.”

Pork Shoulder ★★ Packington Free Range

Packington takes its welfare credentials seriously. It breeds healthy, happy pigs which are born and bred outside in large paddocks. The meat only comes from female pigs producing “a better texture and flavour – the fat sticks to the meat and marbles better,” explains co-owner Alec Mercer. Other Award: Packington Free-Range Pork Loin★ Other Awards: Onion Marmalade ★ Oriental Grilling Sauce ★ English Chilli Sauce ★★



West Midlands

Dark Chocolate Brownie ★★

Wheat Pastry L Samosa ★★★ amb

Taste of the Country

Using only a dark, 58% Belgian chocolate and no added cocoa powder means you get a superior brownie with “a lovely dense, soft texture to it”, says owner Jim Cherry. “It’s one of our biggest sellers – customers love it.”

Afia’s Samosa Shop

This mother and daughter team tw eaked a family recipe, losing the peas for more juicy lamb. They now sell these at Birmingham’s farmers’ markets. Afia Akram says: “We use high quality locally sour ced ingredients fo r maximum taste an d people love our light, handmade pastry which doesn’t so ak up much oil.” Other Awards: Wheat Pastry Spicy Mix Vegetable Sam osa ★★ Wheat Pastry Sco tch Bonnet Chilli Samosa ★

Worcestershire Giggy & Goo Pineapple & Chilli Chutney ★★ Asiri Foods

Asiri Hall created this versatile, handmade chutney taking inspiration from the flavours of her homeland, Sri Lanka. It is a contrast to other chutneys, using a blend of chilli to balance the sweet and tart flavour of the pineapple. “It tastes so good I went back for more, not once, but twice!” revealed a Great Taste judge.ste judge. Other Award: Dumiri Sauce ★

“Our job was to encourage, celebrate and marvel at the outstanding foods that we tried and to offer kind but constructive feedback to those that have the potential to shine.” Sam Rosen Nash, Fortnum & Mason and Lisa Osman, Provisio




Best Speciality from London & the South East | Acacia Honey, Rosemary & Orange Zest Gelato

“Our gelato doesn’t freeze the taste buds. It’s not kept at such a low temperature.”

What a scoop It’s made with organic Jersey milk and cream but this Italian-style ice cream is lower in fat than most. It tastes pretty good too.



| La Gelatiera

f imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Stephane Leyvraz and Antonio Parisi should feel highly praised. Since they launched La Gelatiera in London’s Covent Garden four years ago, the capital has seen a profusion of artisan ice cream outlets jumping on the gelato bandwagon. Imitators, however, don’t always get it right, and any competitor would be hard-pressed to better the outstanding, trophy-winning acacia honey, rosemary & orange zest gelato. Before they set up, Antonio spent six months travelling around Italy to learn about small-scale, artisan production while Stephane developed a viable business plan. Both were convinced there was a gap in the market and the time was right to launch the best gelateria in London. Made with organic Jersey milk and pouring cream, the gelato typifies the pair’s exacting standards, meticulous production and imaginative flavours. Part of the Slow Food movement, La Gelatiera works closely with the organisation to source many of the rare and exceptional ingredients it uses, from Ecuadorian cocoa beans to Calabrian bergamot. They even pasteurise the milk themselves. The gelato, which contains no eggs, preservatives, pre-mixes or pumped-in air, is produced daily. It’s lower in fat than Americanstyle ice cream, 6% compared to 18% on average, yet feels richer and softer in the mouth. Stephane adds: “Our gelato doesn’t freeze the taste buds, either. It’s not kept at such a low temperature. It’s ready to scoop and serve.” The list of flavours is constantly changing, but the pair won’t include anything they don’t personally like. Their inquiring taste buds are reflected in some fascinating flavours. While ingredients like black garlic may not be to everyone’s taste, they’ve found there’s a customer for every flavour. Although, some do prove more popular than others and they can’t be taken off the menu. “The acacia honey, rosemary & orange zest gelato was a signature dish before we won the trophy, along with the dairy-free dark chocolate sorbet,” says Stephane. “This was the first time we entered Great Taste, but it’s put us on the map. Of course we celebrated – with Prosecco and ice cream. What else?”






London White Chocolate, Ginger & Lemon Cheesecake ★

Agatheri Groves ★

Co-Founder & passionate dessert connoisseur Satpreet Chohan says this cheesecake recipe is inspired by her rich family heritage dating back to the palaces of 7th century Rajasthan, North India. It’s a light, freshly hand-crafted product, balancing the sweetness of Belgian white chocolate, cut through by lemon zest and exotic ginger.

Nothing like your average supermarket olive oil, this comes from Lesvos, Greece and is “goldencoloured and very light textured – it doesn’t clag up food”, says co-owner Natalie Wheen. “Most important, we bottle it within weeks of pressing to retain the benefits and flavour of fresh oil.”

Ajmere Dessert Concierge

Avlaki Superb Organic Olive Oils

De-Stress Vata Herbal Tea ★★★ Ayurveda Pura

A special blend of ginger powder, orange peel, fennel seeds and cloves results in a slightly sour, slightly sweet taste, says director Dr Deepa Apte. “It helps stress, gets rid of nervousness, clears the head at any time of day and helps you sleep.” Other Awards: Re-energise Herbal Tea ★★ Chyawanprash ★

Lemon Dairy Free Icecream ★★ Bessant & Drury

The creaminess of the coconut milk results in a dairylike texture which, coupled with the “zingy, lemon curd flavour”, makes this ice cream a popular choice with people who want to avoid dairy as well as those who need to, according to co-founder Stephen Bessant.




dell’ami Moden a Olive Mix ★

Bio-tiful Dairyssian

Ru An authentic back g tin da pe ci re ed in us is s centurie ltured cu c ni ga or is th s ha ch hi milk, w t ee sw tly gh sli a no ite sp taste de urings artificial flavo t’s “I . es tiv or addi light d an s ou iti tr nu , us rio xu lu with a , plus el fe t en lg du in tural it gives you na under fo energy,” says . es w Bo Natasha

Cheese Cellar

Crunchy green Be lla di Cerignola oli ves and black Gaeta olive s are traditionally brinefermented and ba lsamic vinegar an d basil are added. Cheese Cellar’s Graham Sto odley says: “It’s amazing how the fruity sw eetness of the balsamic vin egar lifts the olive s, the ingredients do sit together rather nicely.” .uk Other Awards: de ll’ami Balsamic Vinegar ★ dell’ami Semi Dried Cherry Tomatoes ★ dell’ami Semi Dried Tomatoes ★


Raw Chocolate Chip Cookies ★

nds & Corn Smoky Almo ★★ rise

terp Cranberry En mbination


co This distinctive m lots fro t ou ab e cam n and tio ta en of experim stomers, cu m fro d an dem anberry according to Cr Stroud. or ev Tr e’s ris Enterp is not that “Roasted corn e UK, it’s more common in th product, but an of a Europe try it with the when people lly action is usua re almonds the ys. ‘wow!’” he sa

rryenter www.cranbe d: ar Aw Other d Mango ★ Sliced Chunke


Not only are these cookies “absolutely delicious – they’re also really good for you,” explains founder Alexi von Eldik. Almond-based and containing coconut oil instead of butter, they’re grain-, dairy-, wheat- and gluten-free, but they do actually have the chewiness and sweetness of a normal chocolate chip cookie, she says. Other Award: Raw Cacao Macaroons ★


Riazhenka (fermented milk) ★



London Oolong Fleur D’Orient ★★ Daily Grind Imports

The fresh, floral flavours of green tea and the depth of black tea with a hint of nuttiness and creaminess come together in this loose leaf Oolong. Daily Grind’s Allan Pirret recommends it for afternoon tea. “It’s beautifully gentle and fantastic with desserts,” he says. Other Awards: Marrakesh Mint ★ Lovers Leap Flowering ★

Double Chocolate Brownie ★★ Dolce Vita Catering

Made of just a few high quality ingredients for “a perfect chocolate taste and a crisp crust with a really gooey centre”, these brownies are very decadent, says managing director Tracey Whewell. Her favourite way to eat them? “With vanilla ice cream and Pedro Ximenez poured over the top.” Other Awards: Carrot Cake ★★ Raspberry Bakwell Tart ★★

Almond Croissant ★ Debaere

Director Terry Morgan puts his almond croissant’s success down to its almond filling. “We make a fresh almond cream with a very good almond flavour in a twice-baked croissant with flaked almonds on top. It’s great for afternoon tea as well as in the morning.”

e Wild Gluten-fre Pecorino Mushroom & Arancini ★ Don Arancini e Sicily there ar

In pes of mainly two ty rmer fo t bu , arancini ong ey M o rn A ef ch ted has experimen t en er ff di ith w ing flavours, includ ced, an al l-b el w is th nutty combo. e His gluten-fre bm ru breadc coated wild otto balls d pecorino ris mushroom an mushrooms, ild and dried w flavoursome contain fresh to produce a ed ak en so e ar which e balls can th risotto rice. Th or k ac sn a stock for the as ied and eaten be baked or fr aperitivo. g.





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London Lemon Drizzle Cake ★

Heart’s Desire ★★

Cooked to a recipe handed down from owner Dominic Kamara’s gran to his mum, simplicity really is the key to success here. Dominic adds: “You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with our lemon cake, it’s not so sugary it swamps every other taste.”

For a blooming great cuppa, try these new heart shaped Flora Teas: hand-tied individual green tea leaves with dried rose and lily flowers, which explode into a captivating display when added to boiling water. This beautiful brew couldn’t be better for you either, as rose contains high levels of essential vitamins and green tea supports the digestive system.

Farm Collective

Flora Tea Other Awards: Lavender Dream ★★ Charming Camellia ★★ Jasmine Crown ★★

Hoxton White Levain ★ Flour Power City

“We wanted to create an earthy white loaf for bread lovers who want large generous slices,” says director Lisa Brook, explaining the rationale behind this 100% organic white sourdough with a touch of rye flour. Like many sourdoughs, the bread is proved in traditional French wicker baskets to allow it to breathe. The use of the bakery’s own ten-year aged white starter gives the loaf “a fantastic deep flavour and slightly tangy taste”. Other Award: Rye, Raisin & Caraway ★

Chai Xpress Refreshing Ginger Tea ★


There are two ma rked differences betwee n Chai Xpress teas and other blends, acco rding to creator Sheiles h Shah. “A lot of teas only co ntain 1-1.8g of tea per bag whereas ours cont ain 2.5g, which ma kes them more therapeutic, ” he says. “Our tea s are also free of artificial fla vourings, colourin gs and preservatives.” Th e company selects kibbled ginger root to prod uce this “warming , soothing and invigorating” herbal tea that do ubles up as a home remedy fo r indigestion, infl ammation and helps to boos t circulation and co mplexion. www.chaixpres GREAT TASTE 2013-14

Top 50 Foods recipe


Serves 8 Method

t hite crab mea 400g picked w ground nutmeg ly sh fre of h A large pinc 1. If you haven’t cooked and picked the crab e pepper pinch of cayenn ginger yourself, check through the meat with your A large grated root 1/2 tsp freshly fingertips for any shell and place into a butter 75g unsalted mixing bowl. 1 lemon  elt the butter in a pan over a medium 2. M rabi salt 1 head of kohl high heat and allow it to brown. When it pinches of sea ge le of nerous up co A reaches the point of beurre noisette, add a e vinegar 1 tbsp rice win uts) generous squeeze of lemon juice. r whole hazeln (o s 75g cobnut s rig sp 3. P our the butter over the crab meat and ne la rs pu a A handful of se orn & lime jam th ck bu add the nutmeg, cayenne and ginger. a se En Place Foods sp tb 3 Combine well with a spoon. Add a pinch of sea salt if required. 4. P eel the kohlrabi and cut into thin ribbons with a knife or a mandolin. Season the a truffle shaver. ribbons with sea salt, leave to stand for 6. To serve, spoon the crab meat onto the plate 10 minutes then add a splash of rice wine and add a few touches of the lightly pickled vinegar. kohlrabi. 5. Toast the cobnuts in a dry pan or in the 7. Garnish with the cobnuts, sea purslane and a oven for 6-7 minutes, then allow to cool. few dabs of the sea buckthorn & lime jam (best Cut into half or slice on the thick setting of applied using a disposable piping bag). GREAT TASTE 2013-14


Crab, Kohlrabi, Sea Purslane, Cobnuts and Sea Buckthorn & Lime Jam by Andrew Kojima




London Date & Tamarind Chutney ★

Gujarati Rasoi

From a family recipe passed down the maternal line, this chutney has “a wonderfully sweet taste with layers from the ground and whole cumin and tartness from the tamarind”. ”It adds a tangy kick of satisfaction to street food in India,” adds co-Founder Urvesh Parvais. Other Awards: Cooking Sauce for Fish ★ Cooking Sauce for Meat ★ Cooking Sauce for Vegetables ★

Lime & Mint Sorbet ★★ Il Gelato di Ariela

“It’s extremely refreshing, full of flavour, with a powerful sharpness and tastes just like a virgin Mojito,” proclaims managing director Ariela Cesana. “Some people do buy it and whizz it up with rum.” It’s also a great palate cleanser, she adds. Other Awards: Al Cioccolato Arancio ★ The Ambassador Praline ★

with Butternut hilli Dip ★ Coconut & eCBig Dipper Th Hawker Food/sty dips are

ta This range of lesome, ho w , al ur “nat d an d unprocesse ”. al season Roasted butternut this squash gives an p di y ur savo ur, autumnal flavo d an t nu co co lst whi Asian chilli add “an n twist and slant, a moder K a kick”. BigDipperU www.facebo : ds Other Awar yme ★ Almond & Th th wi a Pe ed Mint semary ★ Ro & Horseradish Beetroot with uts ★ aln W th wi a e Pe Smoky Blackey

Honey, rosemary & orange zest gelato ★★★ La Gelatiera

The contrast between fragrant sweetness from the honey and the herbiness of the rosemary comes together and is lifted by the candied orange. “It reminds me of a Mediterranean summer,” says co-owner Stephane Leyvraz. Now, he’s found this bestseller goes particularly well with fig confit. Other Awards: Sea Salted Caramel Gelato ★★★ Vegan Extra Dark Chilli Chocolate Sorbet ★★ Slowfood Cornish Blue & Caramelised Walnuts Gelato ★




Leighton Brown

Working “brilliantly with cold beer”, these South Americaninspired artisan crisps use all natural ingredients in a luxurious product, says cofounder Dominic Donnelly. “The cheddar cheese balances the heat of the jalapeno in the same way as sour cream does.”

Reine de Saba ★

Marnie Searchwel l Handmade Cake All Marnie's ca s

kes are made with gluten-free ingredients. She loved the sound of this Julia Child classic, and it was easy to adjust the recipe to glutenfree, thanks to its high almond content and “dee ply chocolatey, deeply rummy flavour”. She adds: “It’s great fo r dessert, and perfe ct for adult birthdays. It’s so satisfying and very popular.”

www.marnies Other Awards: Tun isian Orange & Alm ond Cake ★ Marzipan Fruit Ca ke ★


Josephine ★★ Maison Blanc

What is the secret to 20-plusyears of the Josephine’s success? “The exotic fruit mousse perfectly balances with the vanilla genoise,” says Maison Blanc’s Rebecca Rose. ”The unusual use of macaroon for the base also gives an unexpected dimension to the texture.” It’s wonderful with a cup of tea or, even better, a glass of Champagne. Other Awards: Coffee Éclair ★★ Chocolate and Chilli Tart ★ Colombier ★

Sun Dried Tomato Paste ★ Olive Branch

Using the best quality Greek tomatoes, which get a lot of sunshine, this paste has a rich, intense flavour. “It’s a lovely versatile product, good as a dip, on pasta or a pizza base and it’s 100% natural and gluten-free,” says Olive Branch co-founder Maria Koinaki. Other Awards: 0.3% Acidity Extra Virgin Olive Oil ★ Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil ★


Sweet Potato, Cheese & Jalapeno Crisps ★



London Apple Crisps ★

Nim’s Fruit Crisps

Pomegranate Houmous ★★

Orexis Fresh Foods

The premise of these air-dried apple crisps was to create a snack that tasted and looked great and had nutritional value, says entrepreneur Nimisha Raja. “There are plenty of health foods that claim to contain ‘no nasties’, but neglect to say ‘not much goodness in them either’.”

This Middle-Eastern influenced product incorporates fashionable pomegranate molasses to lend a sweetness to the houmous without masking its other flavours, says operations and sales director George Katsaros. “We’ve played about with pairings and like it with red or green harissa – the spiciness complements the sweetness.” Other Awards: Broad Bean Houmous ★ Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade ★ Sparta Halloumi Cheese ★ Other Award: Nim’s Orange Crisps ★

Steak & Stilton Pie ★★★ Quality & Excellence

Founder Mark Scrace says the saltiness of the Stilton gives this pie an extra dimension. “I find Stilton too strong on its own but when paired with steak it loses its bitterness whilst retaining its flavour.” Other Award: Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie ★★

Rani’s Quality Mixture ★ Rani Mix

Gajan Umapathy says this authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian ‘mixture’ is a far cry from the fried noodle snack most people know as Bombay Mix. “Our noodles, which are made from gram and wheat flour to a secret recipe, are handcooked in sunflower oil, and the cashews and peanuts are oven-baked rather than fried. The result is a soft, crunchy, fresh tasting snack.”




Way-on XO Sauc e (Scallop) ★

Seewoo Foods

Rococo Chocolates

Managing d director Richar es rv se Larkin ob that “people are becoming increasingly out discerning ab ce of an en ov pr e th trend a , e” at chocol the to in s ay pl at th ich “r is th of hands drinking and intense” ade from adds: “It is m chocolate. He proportion od go d with a our house blen rio beans which gives inita of Grenada Tr fruit.” e rich notes of it its distinctiv .com chocolates www.rococo d: Other Awar a Salt Bar ★ Chocolate Se Organic Dark

Seewoo’s version of the spicy seafo od sauce that’s a ma instay in Hong Ko ng is a lighter sauce ma de to a secret rec ipe, according to marke ting director Lucy Mitchell. “Some are dense and viscous but ours is layere d so you can use different amounts of the component parts,” she says. m Other Award: Pearl River Bridge Extra Virgin Soy Sauce ★

Strawberry Sorbet ★★★

★ Rose BudsTe★ a

Silver LanternNaturally caffeine-free

with a buds from Iran ste, this ta l ra flo delicate as it od tea looks as go ht ug ho “t is d tastes an in”, sk e th r to be good fo r de un fo to g accordin “It can also Rebecca Paul. black or ith w d be blende le ed tea,” white silver ne she says. k .co.u

lanterntea www.silver : ds Other Awar ★ int m er Pepp amot ★★ Ceylon & Berg


Snowflake Luxury Gelato

With a fresh fruit content of 65% and grape sugar to give a smoother texture, this strawberry sorbet is “very refreshing, quite light and excellent on fruit salad”, according to managing director Asad Khan. British strawberries are used in season, moving to European fruit in the spring and autumn. Other Awards: Hazelnut Gelato ★★ Extra Dark Chocolate Dairy Free Gelato ★★ Pistachio Gelato ★★


ury Organic Luxocolate Drinking Ch ★★



London Camomile ★★★ Tea Studio

Hand-picked camomile blossoms from Croatia are gathered at their peak resulting in “big, honeyed flavours” in this naturally caffeine-free infusion, explains director David Balfour. “We tried camomile from different farms but the taste of this is just incredible.” Other Awards: Peppermint ★★ Earl Grey ★ Rooibos ★

Spectacular Sweet Thai Chilli Chunky Dip ★ Veg with Edge

This flexible product can be eaten hot (perhaps with pasta), as a cold marinade or as a dip with crisps and crackers. Healthy sunflower seeds add a crunchy texture. “There’s really nothing out there that’s so versatile,” says director George Katsaros. Other Award: Brilliant Babaganouj Aubergine Dip ★

Liquorice Angel Snaps ★★ The Real Baking Co

Inspired by biscuits available on the continent, these thin wafer biscuits, made in a waffle iron, are “crisp, crunchy, light and delicious with coffee, wine or ice cream”, says founder Siri Caplan. “They’re very beautiful with a deep embossed flower pattern on the surface.” Other Awards: Caramel Angel Snaps ★ Vanilla Angel Snaps ★ Chocolate Angel Snaps ★

sil & Wild Malvern Ba esto ★★★ Marjoram P

d Well Seasone is patriotic twist on an Italian

th asoned are In developing urs at Well Se ne re ep tr her en e pesto, th edients. “Rat for British ingr g fla e th g in fly classic basil than taking on ad, he pesto head-tocold we combined virgin atr ex d se es pr om rapeseed oil fr shire, a on pt am th or N mature, deeply nutty, called artisan cheese r and te es ch in Old W –a m wild marjora nt of le va ui eq British plains oregano,” ex ine director Joseph O’Hare. k

.u www.wells : ds sto ★★ Other Awar rshire Sage Pe sh & Worceste Butternut Squa ★ sto Pe m tnut Mushroo Kentish Ches sto ★ ot & Chive Pe ro et Be h itis Great Br







Buckinghamshire Tandoori Twist Chilli Paste ★ Devil’s Dynamite

This recipe has been in the family for generations, but it’s been modernised with natural tandoori powders for a spicy kick. Suitable for vegetarians, with no nasty additives, it’s great as a rub on chicken or lamb or in a stir-fry.

East Sussex Aniseed Balls ★★★ Bluebird Tea Co

These creative loose tea mixologists have combined liquorice, aniseed, stevia leaf, chilli and whole star anise for a naturally sweet tea that tastes uncannily like the perennial sweet shop favourite. “It hits all the senses and looks interesting as well as tasting great, which is important in all our teas,” says co-founder Krisi Smith. Other Awards: Apple Strudel ★★★ Morning Kick ★★ Earl Grey Creme ★

Spicy Apple Pickle (Medium) ★★★ Velsi’s

Traditional methods are used to draw water out of Granny Smith apples which are then cooked with ginger, garlic and spices, then left to mature for up to two months. “The versatile pickle goes beautifully with cheese or cold meats but is equally delicious in chicken curry or marinades,”says proprietor Sherry Almeida.

Plain 60% orga nic raw CHOCOLATE bar ★

Conscious Chocol ate

This delicious, handmade, hand wrapped, truffle-l ike chocolate bar is cre ated from ethically sour ced, premium quality, organic and raw ingredien ts. The whole range is vegan, vegetarian and organically certifie d and free from dairy, so ya, gluten and refine d sugars. It’s “rich, luxuriou s and heavenly”, says he althy chocolatier Emma Jackman.




East Sussex Pink Cabbage Catering

This pork & chorizo stew is “slow-cooked with roasted red peppers and smoked paprika for a winning dish”, says coowner Melissa Crane. “All of our dishes are carefully prepared, cooked in small batches and freshly frozen, to ensure a delicious timesaving treat.”

e Discovery Appl Juice ★★

Ringden Farmes, sunshine and pl “Discovery ap and attention” re ca of plenty gredients in are the only e a clean, crisp needed to mak rly season ea is th juice from rie va ty, says English apple ench. “The D is owner Chr of course, apples must, st the right ju at be picked sed when time and pres r best,” ei th they are at . ds he ad uk www.ringde : ds ar Aw r Othe Juice ★ Russet Apple Apple Juice ★ Cox/Bramley Other Award: Lamb Pastitsio ★

Shaved Salt Beef ★ Southover Food Co

Over the last 25 years, this Brighton company has perfected the art of sweet-curing, steam-cooking and shaving silverside joints to produce thinly sliced, tender sweet-salty beef. “The problem with coarser cuts of beef is that, although extremely flavoursome, they are not very tender. This way you get flavour, moisture and tenderness,” says managing director Steve Pearce. Other Award: Free Range Smoked Loin of Pork ★

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Pork & Chorizo Stew ★



Hampshire Raspberry Conserve ★ Charlotte Brown’s Handmade “Someone at a farmers’ market once said this conserve reminded them of a summer’s day,” says owner Charlotte Brown. “It has a very authentic, fresh taste because, as the term ‘conserve’ suggests, a short cooking time helps to retain the flavour of the raspberries rather than boiling it out.”

Corporal Jones Wartime Recipe Pork Sausages ★ Owtons Retail Butchers

Rather than the industry standard rusk and water, butcher Rob Owton uses milk and bread to add succulence to these pork sausages. “In days gone by, they used stale bread. It makes the sausages richer and moister,” he explains. Owtons donated £1 per kilo of sausages sold to Help for Heroes, raising £2,500 for the charity so far.

Hertfordshire Saint Lucia Island Growers 70% Milk Chocolate ★ Hotel Chocolat

“Our high cocoa milk chocolates have less sugar than other chocolate and really are delicious - a little piece will satisfy,” says Hotel Chocolat’s Megan Roberts. The company is also very proud of its Engaged Ethics program run in Saint Lucia – delivering real, sustainable benefits to cocoa communities and reconnecting the raw agriculture of cocoa growing with the luxurious end product. Other Award: Hazelnut Buche Dark & Nutty Chocolate ★ ★

Secret Preserve Coffee ★ Pleasant & Green

Dennis Aryee discovered this single origin Arabica on a visit to an Ethiopian producer recommended by a friend. He recalls: “We roasted it on a medium roast and the taste that came out was overwhelmingly different to anything else. Guatemalan in character with a fruity apricot flavour, this is a great afterdinner or all-day coffee when just brewed without milk or sugar.”



Isle of Wight

Blackberry Balsamic Dressing & Dip ★★


This bisque came out of the Isle of Wight producer’s the quest to use d an ab cr le ho w d pe lo ve was de with recipe support from former Savoy ef Hotel head ch nton A s ar ye 21 of e crab e roast off th Edelmann. “W w the lo al ng time to bones for a lo whole a s ke ta It lop. flavour to deve h,” says tc ba our weekly day to make . Hayley Elston

Wild Island

The flavour of loc ally grown blackberries is en hanced by the balsamic vineg ar in a product originally developed as an oil-free salad spritzer. However its othe r uses quickly became ev ident. “It is wonderful used to de-glaze pans, tenderise me ats or mix with your favourit e oil, as well as in desserts ,” explains owner Nuala Gran dcourt. ww

w.wildislandsto Other Award: Spiced Fig Balsami c Dressing & Dip ★



Kent er Salted Butt colate Caramel Chot ★★★ Ganache TBaakres Bruno’s French

Dark 70% chocolate on top and an t of-the-momen d lte sa e ns te in caramel come together in a crispy, buttery French pastry case in one of baker Bruno “It’s all about s. ke ture ba Breillet’s signa rimp on s, we don’t sc the ingredient rt’s success. ta e th of says anything,” he .co es m

sfrenchbak t Cake★ www.bruno Frosted Carro : Passion Fruit ds ar Other Aw


Mama Vasty’s Irresistibly Tasty Spice Blend ★ Coalpot Ventures

The recipe for Pamela Alao’s rub comes from her mother’s restaurant in Ghana, where people come from far and wide to eat fish and chicken marinaded in this aromatic blend of ingredients including nutmeg, garlic, rosemary and cinnamon. “It changes an otherwise bland meal into something much more exciting,” she says. Other Award: Mama Vasty’s Moist Ginger Cake ★


h Crab Proper Pos Bisque ★



Kent Red Onion Marmalade ★ Farmhouse Kitchen

“A lot of red onion marmalades are so bland but mine has got a real kick to it. I add a tiny bit of chilli and an awful lot of black pepper,” reveals owner Mo Joslin. It’s also good with cheese, sausages and burgers, she says.

nshine ★★ Taste ofySu

Plaxtol Bakers Reid wanted to create a

la uld eat for Director Nicho his children co at th , af lo y health ur, rolled oats he blended flo rup for a breakfast, so sy s and golden sunflower seed enjoy with homemade ey th you don’t bread which d wholesome, an e ns de t’s “I jam. ys. fill up,” he sa need much to ke olvillageba ★ www.plaxt Levain Blanc Au in Pa : ds Other Awar ★ Noir Pain Au Levain Other Award: Marmalade with Biddenden Cider ★

Sweet Lavender ★ Rosie Lea Tea

“Rather than just going for a perfumed flavour we opted for a vanilla base for this loose leaf tea so that it would appeal to both male and female palates,” explains Julie Cavey. “The vanilla gives caramel notes and gentle, natural sweetness, while the lavender is distinct in aroma and taste but not sickly or overpowering.” Other Award: Forest Fruit ★

Jeera Fresh Indian Cook-In Sauce ★★ Rustic Indian Food

Cumin - or ‘Jeera’ - gives this medium-hot curry sauce an “earthy, warm flavour”, explains Vini Aujla, who runs the company with husband Bal. The cumin is blended with green cardamom, cloves and bay leaves, according to an old family recipe, to form the base of this aromatic curry sauce. Other Award: Tharka Fresh Indian Cook-In Sauce ★



We have always known our cooking sauces, pasta, and rice & grains products taste great. After all, they are made with 100% organic ingredients. And with 5 gold stars in 2013, we are delighted to say the judges agree with us too. Make an organic choice for your next meal. Visit or follow @UKSeedsofChange for more information.






Middlesex Lemon Cordial ★ Morgan House Foods

“There’s no hiding from the taste of lemon in this cordial,” says chief executive Yemi Raiwe. Made from just organic lemon juice, zest and unrefined cane sugar, “it’s refreshing and doesn’t coat your teeth”. While children love it, adults can enjoy it in white spirit cocktails. Other Award: Lemon Curd ★

Yutaka Yuzu Seasoning Sauce ★★ Tazaki Foods

Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit, whose tart juice is widely used in Japan as a seasoning for dressings, marinades and dipping sauces. “Yuzu-infused dishes are available from top Japanese restaurants in London. However, yuzu seasoning availability is very limited and expensive,” explains Ken Furukawa. “In creating this sauce, a combination of yuzu juice, orange juice and rice vinegar, we wanted to develop an authentic Japanese product made accessible for home cooks.” Other Award: Yutaka Organic Miso Paste ★

Oxfordshire Light Rye Bread ★★ Marcopolo Bakery

“An introduction to sourdough” is how third generation baker Piotr Towpik describes this light rye loaf. “It has the same soft, light texture as a white bloomer, but it has much more flavour, smells beautiful and is crusty on the outside.” He says baking in an oven with a stone, rather than metal, base gives the bread its characteristic aroma and flavour.


Discover more about this year’s Great Taste Top 50 foods with our series of 60-second reviews from expert judges. Tune in at




Anji Bai Cha Loo se Tea ★★

Wessex Mill

y of this The popularit purely is ur flo d brea ste, ta down to its Paul er ill m s ve belie ea lik t’s Munsey. “I but ur flo af lo d te mal d of ea st in s using seed We’re . at he w d te mal a flavour giving people ere’s poppy Th y. jo en they eds coming se e and sesam it a nice through giving depth.”

Whittard of Chelse a

Perfect for afterno on drinking, this “sappy sweet green tea” from South East Ch ina is a highly-prized tra ditional artisan tea , says drinks buyer Beth an Thomas. Hand -picked in early spring before being gently wok-f ried, it is “exceptionally smooth, sweet an d very refreshing”.

www.whittard.c Other Awards: Ne pal Mist Valley Loo se Tea ★★ Dung Ting Oolon g Large Leaf Teaba gs ★ Darjeeling Happy Valley Loose Tea ★ www.wesse : ds Other Awar ur ★★ Flo za Piz & Pasta d Flour ★ ea Br Strong White ★ ur Flo ng isi Self-Ra


Kaffa Forest Estate ★★ Beanberry Coffee Company

t with “Every coffee deserves its own roas rent diffe ing bring n origi every season and requirements,” says founder Edward Grace. This year the certified organic Ethiopian beans, which are washed before being sun-dried, produced “a great taste combination of wild forest berries and chocolate”. Other Award: Yirgacheffe ★

Smooth Beer Mustard ★ Cusacks

This best-seller, great in cauliflower cheese or fish pie, incorporates chilli flakes, honey and real ale from Dorking brewery for a mustard “with a bit of a bite”, explains founder Jane Cusack. She developed the idea after enjoying a brewery ale chutney with a Ploughman’s pub lunch.



ad Flour Six Seed Bre ★★



West Sussex Goji Berry & Orange Raw Chocolate ★★ The Raw Chocolate Co

“We were keen to harness the health benefits and sweetsour taste of goji berries. Pairing with orange gives it ‘the wow factor!’” says the company’s Linus Gorpe. “With only three other ingredients we want it to taste as pure as cacao from the tree but with enhanced natural flavours.”

Molecomb Blue ★ The Goodwood Estate Co

Using the organic milk from its 200-strong herd of Dairy Shorthorn cows, this creamy blue cheese is great on a cheeseboard, says farm general manager Tim Hassell. “It’s not overpowering and has a multitude of uses. It’s well suited to a Goodwood beef burger and in a steak sauce.” Other Award: Shoulder of Lamb ★★

Steak & Stilton Pie ★★★ Turner’s Pies

Highland rump steak slowly cooked until tender then delicately balanced with Stilton so that its flavour is not overpowered, some very special homemade short-crust pastry is key to this pie’s success, according to general manager Philip Turner senior. “It’s a relatively new product but it’s creeping up to become a best-seller.” Other Awards: Steak & Ale Pie ★★★ Steak & Kidney Pie ★

Splash Apple & Raspberry ★


Made from 100% pure juice from their ow n apples combined with loc al raspberry juice, th is is “really refreshing, you do n’t get too much acidity, the raspberries aren’t too overpowering an d the aroma is beautiful” , says founder Tom Steph ens.

www.wobbleg Other Awards: Splash Apple & Bla ckcurrant ★ Russet Pure Apple Juice ★




W W W. S H E P H E R D S P U R S E . C O . U K

Join us to share and spread great taste in cheese



Best Speciality from the North | Banana Habanero | Mr Vikki’s

Hot stuff Cumbria-based Adam Marks specialises in chilli sauces and pickles but it’s not all about blowing your head off



“We mostly use fresh chillies, not dried or flaked. It makes a massive difference in flavour.”

very morning, Adam Marks dollops one of his hot chilli condiments on buttered toast for breakfast. You can’t really say he’s addicted to chillies, but he would definitely miss them if forced to go without. After all, the owner of Mr Vikki’s is convinced of the health-giving properties of the fiery spice. “I’m sure it helps ward off winter bugs,” he says. “We have farmers in the north of England who regularly buy pots for that reason. I know one who always has a spoonful of chilli jam in his porridge every morning.” A former chef at a Lakeland country house hotel, Adam became interested in spices as a way of cutting through the ubiquitous rich food and sauces of fine dining. This was also the place where he met “Mr Vikki”, one of the hotel’s Asian porters. When he launched his own business making spicy sauces, Adam named the company in honour of his colleague. The national boom in chilli consumption has, in Adam’s words, “gone mental”. At chilli festivals, Mr Vikki’s has the reputation for being part of the “royalty of the chilli world”. “Some customers,” he says, “just want to blow their heads off, but many are into flavour balance and learning what goes with what. We have a lot of repeat trade, that’s something I’m really proud about.” Adam now produces an extensive range of products, helpfully described and graded for heat on the website. He devises all the original recipes, testing and tweaking them gradually until right. For the Banana Habanero – winner of the Golden Fork for Best Speciality from the North – the chillies go in at the last minute so as not to boil out the flavour. “We mostly use fresh chillies, not dried or flaked. It makes a massive difference in flavour,” he explains, “All our fresh chillies are UK-grown. Naga is the main dried one, and it comes from Assam. It’s got a great taste but is really powerful. “You’ve got to be careful how you handle it, although I reckon I’m pretty de-sensitised by now. I think if a cannibal ever ate me, I’d taste like chorizo, full of garlic and chilli.”






Cumbria Sticky Toffee Sauce ★★

Cumbrian Delights

This sweet sauce goes well with pancakes and ice cream, plus of course on sticky toffee pudding. “It’s a little indulgence, something you know you shouldn’t really be having,” admits owner Geoff Monkman. That said, there are no artificial additives, flavourings or colourings to feel guilty about. Other Awards: Orange Marmalade with Whiskey ★ Strawberry Jam ★ Rhubarb & Apple Jam ★

Windermere Pale ★★ Hawkshead Brewery

A lowish ABV of 4% plus a classic beer style with the added twist of modern American Citra hops adds to the appeal of this bottled version of the bestselling draught Windermere Pale. “It really packs in aroma and flavour,” says Hawkshead’s Gemma Greenbank.

Lakeland Treacle Bread with Walnuts & Raisins ★★★

More? The Artisan Bakery

Created by chef/owner Patrick Moore 20 years ago to go with a chicken liver parfait, this substantial 100% wholemeal loaf has a “crisp outside and unctuous middle” and is a perfect partner to blue cheeses. Its slower fermentation ensures the bread also keeps well. Other Awards: Lakeland Treacle Bread with Fennel, Raisins & Rosemary ★★★ Wild English White Sourdough ★★ Monty’s Revenge Bloomer ★★

nero ★★★ Banana Haba Mr Vikki’s

that he’s extremely proud Adam Marks is e tain th been able to re the yellow colour of t ho is th in s banana le. and sweet pick ve “Others who ha tried to copy it have ended up with black goo. It’s down to the ecific spices and a sp e. qu ni ch te g cookin The banana is sed, almost carameli ing creating a satisfy ur.” vo fla d an e textur www.mrvikki : ds ar Aw r Othe a Chutney ★★ Tomato & Nigell Emperor Naga ★ ★★ Chipotle Sauce




East Yorkshire

The Hawkshe

Director Mark ys Whitehead sa ied tr ad he Hawks an awful lot of beers before hitting on the e cask, handmad beer that goes into this jelly. “The taste of the jelly is phenomenal ed and unexpect of – the essence ts rs bu st ju beer .” in your mouth

Handmade Stea k Pie ★★


Drewton’s works with over 250 far mers and producers, bu t its own steak pie s, which are made fre sh every day on the estate from ha ndmade pastry an d Yorkshire beef, are the best-selling lin e of all. “They are pack ed full of steak wh ich is cooked for a co nsiderable length of time,” says proprie tor Katie Taylor. www.drew

com headrelish. ★ www.hawks n Vinegar ★★ so m Da : ds Other Awar lish ★ Hawkshead Re

East Yorkshire Wold Gold ★★★

Yorkshire Salami with Hot Fennel ★★

Wold Top Brewery

igs Three Little P get a

el Pork and fenn naga hot blast from is hung to m la sa in s illi ch ks, says dry for 3-4 wee tte lo ar co-founder Ch ts great se ho w , Clarkson efre store by their d pigs. range rare bree ally re “If you’ve got you rk po ity al good qu ed ur vo get a good fla . e” sausag

ittlepigsch c★ www.threel i with Triple Se Yorkshire Salam d: ar Other Aw


This Continental-style beer is loosely based on wheat beer, combining barley, wheat and caramalt, and is hopped with Goldings and Styrian hops. “This gives it a soft fruity flavour with a hint of spice,” explains Wold Top’s Kate Balchin. She says it is the brewery’s best-selling bottled beer and second best-selling cask beer. Other Awards: Angler’s Reward ★ Wold Top Bitter ★ Scarborough Fair IPA ★


e Pale Ale Windermer Jelly ★★ad★Relish Company



Greater Manchester

Chicken Tikka S cotch Egg ★

The Happy Belly

The Happy Belly’s Brendan Baury “wanted to create a Scotch egg to show off our vibrant mixing pot of cuisines in the UK”. He adds: “It’s a perfect marriage of ingredients with a soft yolk.” Brendan likes his with triple-cooked fat chips and a dollop of ma ngo chutney.


Onion Bhaji ★ Howdah

“In India, on the days when it rains so much you can’t go out, people have hot tea and onion bhajis at home,” says Falu Shah. Her aim, in developing her onion bhaji, was to translate this childhood memory into ambient bagged snack format, with authentic ingredients such as fresh onion paste, red chillis, mango nectar powder, turmeric and black salt.

Lancashire Lancashire Black Pudding & English Mustard Crisps ★

Three Fruit & Cinnamon MARMALADE ★

Originally a limited edition, these crisps look set to stay put, says John Fiddler. “They’re popular with old and young, anyone who wants something a bit different. The flavour is a warm mustard taste with a hint of black pudding. They’re doing particularly well in pubs.”

Fresh cinnamon sticks impart a “natural, gentle cinnamon flavour” to this orange, grapefruit and lemon toast marmalade, which founder Nikki Frith describes as “Christmas in a jar, all year round”. Other Award: Sea Salt & Crusted Black Pepper Crisps ★ Other Award: Orange, Lemon & Ginger Marmalade ★

Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps

Granny Marmalade


Top 50 Foods recipe



Parsnip timbales with Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue, Pear & Walnut Salad by Lisa Osman Serves 6 Method 1. Preheat oven to 180°C 2. B  utter six ramekins and dust with dried breadcrumbs, prepare a baking tray suitable to cook the timbales ‘au bain marie’. 3. C  ook the prepared parsnips by placing them in a pan without a lid, just covered with water and a pinch of salt and allow to boil until tender and most of the liquid has been evaporated. 4. D  rain the parsnips, reserving two tablespoons of the cooking water, and blitz all together along with a knob of butter in a food processor until you have a very smooth purée.  llow to cool and then beat in the egg yolks 5. A and seasoning to taste. 6. W  hisk the egg whites to soft peak stage, soften the parsnip mixture with a third of the egg whites and then fold the remaining mixture together with the whipped whites. 7. D  ivide the mixture between the prepared ramekins and cook for approximately 12 minutes until they are set and risen. 8. T he timbales can now be left to cool, remove from the ramekins and place on a lined baking sheet. If wrapped well, they can be frozen for up to two months and reheated. GREAT TASTE 2013-14


500g parsnips (unpeeled wei ght), peeled an cored, cut into d four Knob of butte r plus extra fo r preparing ramekin dishes Dried breadcru mbs (approx 2 tbsp) 2 large free ra nge eggs (sepa rated) 1 extra egg w hite Freshly ground pepper, sea sa lt and grated nutmeg

To serve

50g Colston Ba ssett Shropshi re Blue, grated 100ml double cream Dried breadcru mbs and chop ped parsley (1 tbsp of each ) or 1 tbsp of finely grated parmesan chee se

To garnish

Salad leaves, w

alnuts and pe


9. H  eat the oven to 200°C, line a baking sheet with parchment and place the timbales the right way up on to the baking sheet or tray. Sprinkle some grated parmesan or dried breadcrumbs and chopped herbs on the top and bake for 12 minutes until golden. 10. In the meantime, warm the cream and the grated Shropshire Blue together in a pan and serve alongside the hot timbales with a salad of fresh pear, walnuts and leaves.



North Yorkshire Ampleforth Abbey Beer ★★ Ampleforth Abbey

The recipe for this lightly sparkling beer originates from Benedictine monks and sees the brew doublefermented to achieve a heady 7%. The Abbey’s Peter Berry says: “It’s unique as the only Abbey beer in the country, with a distinct fruity and malty taste.”

Wildflower Honey ★

The Honey B Company

Scot Varley was inspired by the family beekeeping business to start The Honey B company and retail brand. Over 1,500 hives across wildflower and farmland in North Yorkshire and County Durham produce this unblended, raw honey with a “unique delicate flavour and smooth, soft set texture”.

Mango Madness ★

The Naked Ape

Besides providing paleo diet followers and gym goers with a sustained energy source and nutritionally perfect ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrate, this healthy fruit, dried meat and nut mix tastes pretty good, says co-founder Mark Davis. “Sweet dried mango and cranberries contrast with biltong, walnuts and pumpkin seeds in this fresh-tasting snack.” Other Award: Power Pack ★

Tyne & Wear Tangerine & Pernod Sorbet ★★★ Beckleberry’se

in Natural tanger ts ee m e ré pu Pernod in this ed vibrantly-colour ng, lo “a ith sorbet w ”, as ur vo fla ng ro st director Ian dreamt up by tangerines Craig. “I love intensifies od rn Pe and the another to it and takes it s you in op st ly al re level. It your tracks.”

eberrys.c m ★★ www.beckl agnac Ice Crea : Prune & Arm ds ar Aw r he Ot e ★★ Gianduja Truffl n Sorbet ★★ Su e th of its Fru



West Yorkshire

Chilli Fusion

Chilli Fusion is the vision of Kaneez Kishver, a Yorkshire mother who set about creating a new range of healthy, fresh, preservativefree chutneys. The result is her awardwinning yoghurt, garlic & green chilli, tempting you to “tantalise your tastebuds.”

Grumpy Mule

As well as tasting great, customers love that Grumpy Mule has such a great relationship with its producers in Panama, says coffee buyer Damian Blackburn. “It’s got sweetness and good acidity without being too unusual, so you can drink it on a day-today basis.” Other Awards: Landscape Espresso ★★ Ethiopia Nekisse ★★ Grumpy Mule & Source Climate Change Mexico La Sierra Cloud Forest ★

Pear & Almond Franzipan ★

Just Desserts Yorkshire

New to the range this spring, these individual tarts are made from the best possible ingredients with no compromises, says managing director James O’Dwyer. That means all-butter pastry and lots of ground almonds. “It seems to be hitting the spot,” he adds.

agne Marc de Champ★ Chocolatees★★

Lauden ChocolatChampagne for a smooth

de Using real Marc n Trigg says ocolatier Stephe ch , ste ta l ra tu na so it’s now e cip re al in e orig he’s tweaked th ocolate has a ch before. “The better than ever rent layers of aracter with diffe real depth of ch olate melts,” oc ch ging as the complexity, chan he explains. m www.lauden rry Chocolate ★★ be sp Ra : d ar Other Aw



Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda “Diamond Mountain” ★★

YogHurt, Garlic & Green Chilli ★


Best Speciality from the South West | 28-day Dry-Aged Côte de Boeuf | Martins Meats


o win three stars at Great Taste is a great achievement. To win a regional trophy the first time you enter is the stuff of dreams. Martins Meats specialise in beef, especially rare-breed Longhorn, and its 28-day dry-aged côte de boeuf wowed the judges with its beautiful marbling, juicy flavour and fat with “a wonderful sweetness”. Farmer-butcher Martin Gilder, however, is still battling the anti-fat brigade brainwashed by years of misinformation. It seems there are still plenty of people that think that too much fat equals poor quality meat. “It makes my blood boil, it’s just nonsense,” he says. “I want to go back to how meat used to be before intensive farming and continental crosses bred for more muscle, less fat and little flavour.” Martin ventured into the catering trade when he began supplying a friend’s pub with “decent” meat from his own cattle, sheep and pigs. Word spread, demand grew and he took the decision to train as a butcher in the evenings, while keeping up the day job as a farmer and cattle trader. A couple of hard years



Farmer and butcher Martin Gilder is on a mission to rear beef like it used to be

down the line and the plan started paying off. There is no retail outlet at the cutting plant, but customers can be served at the factory door. There’s also an internet option, although Martin says: “At the end of the day, people still like to be able to see and touch what they’re buying.” The beef is sourced from Martin’s own Longhorns, as well as Belted Galloways, Hereford and Angus from selected farms, and dry-aged on the bone. Longhorn is particularly popular. “It seems to be the way people want to go for flavour and fine grain,” says Martin. “It has good marbling, is tender and has depth of flavour. And, thankfully, there are enough people who understand quality and are prepared to pay a premium.” Breed, he believes, is crucial in order to provide the right fat content because not even 28 days ageing is going to disguise poor quality meat. For Martin, it is all about that fat. “You need a good covering to protect the ageing process and keep in the flavour while it’s cooking. You can’t beat it.”


“It has good marbling, is tender and has depth of flavour. And, thankfully, there are enough people who understand quality and are prepared to pay a premium.”


Fat’s the way he likes it





Moo Pie ★★

Duchy Organic Trevarrian Brie ★★


Bristol real ale, British beef steak and cracked black pepper, all ethically sourced, come together in “a fantastic pie full of meat, that tastes like a beef pie should taste”, says Pieminister’s Romany Simon. The pie is encased in two delicious pastries: a suet recipe for the lid and shortcrust for the base.

Arla Foods – Trevarrian Creamery “This brie really packs a punch flavourwise – it’s strong, robust and complex,” rhapsodises the creamery’s Cheryl Donald. It’s produced using traditional techniques and, she says, is good with crackers, on a cheeseboard and after dinner “with a nice drop of red wine”. Other Awards: Extra Special Cornish Camembert ★ Gevrik Soft Goats’ Cheese ★ Endellion Mini ★★ Other Awards: Freeranger Pie ★ Heidi Pie ★ Kate & Sydney Pie ★

Cornwall Belgian Chocolate Truffle Torte ★ Cornwall Cakes

Former chef Ben Dayman started his business because he was fed up with being served frozen, mass-produced desserts every time he went out for dinner. In contrast, his torte, which comprises a biscuit base topped with a “rich, smooth, velvety and chocolatey” set mousse, is made from fresh cream, eggs and dark chocolate. Other Awards: Baked Cornish Cheesecake ★ Chocolate Fudge Cake ★

riginal’s copper pot o Salt Caramel Seae ★ Butter Fudnegry tio County Confecof

ts After trying lo in lts sa nt re diffe unty this recipe, Co ry ne tio ec nf Co arse settled on a co lt sa a se ish rn Co it a bit which “gives ”, says ce an en ov pr of ctor re di g managin ou “Y n. ia Br vid Da eet sw e th get both ste at ta y ur vo sa d an It’s the same time. lar.” pu po ry ve en be pperpotorig




Hands-on Coffee Roasters

Crème Fraîche

★ Helsett Farm Corn ish Ice Cream Director Sarah Ta

lbot-Ponsonby att ributes the success of He lsett Farm’s crème fraîch e to “our special culture and the lovely, sweet taste of the Ayrshire milk”. She recommends it with fruit purées, with dark brown sugar or in a salad dressing.

“It’s got everything you want from a good espresso – wellbalanced with bright acidity to start and a smooth chocolatey finish with hints of praline,” says roaster Jonathan Gregory. The beans, from Brazil, El Salvador and Sumatra, are skilfully monitored by smell and sight to achieve the consistent roast. Other Awards: Tubetime Polzeath Roast ★★ The Beast of Bodmin ★★

www.helsettfar Other Award: Bla ckcurrant Smoothi e★

Devon on Organic Dev Blush ★★★

r Ashridge Cide ers are popular

cid Fruit-flavoured out this one stands right now and n tio na bi m co ic ss thanks to a cla s and apple of blackberrie sugar for and just a little l-rounded el w , a balanced -30 25 cider. “We use apple for a of s pe ty different vo fla ur,” says real depth of n Mitchell. so Ja r proprieto uk www.ashrid : ds ar Other Aw e Cider ★ ag nt Vi nic ga Or ★ ng Apple Juice Organic Sparkli der ★ Ci e ag nt Vi kling Ashridge Spar


Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil ★★★ Bell & Loxton

Grown, pressed, filtered and bottled on a South Devon Farm, this rapeseed oil is batch-pressed on demand so it’s always fresh, with a shelf life of 18 months. Co-founder Rachel Bell describes the taste as “very nutty with a creamy aftertaste.”


Lusty Glaze Espresso ★★★



Devon Blood Orange Marmalade ★★★

Marmalade & Whiskey Bread Pudding ★★★

“Any marmalade is only as good as its oranges,” says founder Victoria Cranfield. This year the Sicilian oranges were “much less sweet and much bloodier than usual. The more bitter, the better in marmalade.” Also key is only using fresh fruit cooked in season, she says.

Fiona Brayton steeps granary multi-seeded and white bread baked by husband Paul in fine-cut orange marmalade and whiskey to make her boozy take on the traditional bread pudding. The addition of mixed fruit and zest give it a “homely feel” that “rekindles childhood memories”, while whiskey adds an “adult kick”.

Cranfields Foods

d’art Fine Food (@ 11’s Kingsbridge) Other Award: Gluten-Free Brownie ★★ Other Awards: Fennel & Sambuca Jelly★★ Seville Orange Marmalade★ Grapefruit & Mint Marmalade ★

Leg of Glouc Spot Pork ★ ester Old ★★

Lovaton Farm

“Most moder n pig breeds are intensively produced, our Gloucester Old Spot pigs are traditionally reared, allowing more flavour to develop,” ex plains farmer Jane Barber. “A stress-free, ou tdoor life resu lts in succulen flavoursome po t, rk and proper crackling.” www.traditi onal

“Great Taste guides the discerning food-buying general public to reach for quality. I am proud to be part of the judging team.” Jeremy Bowen, Paxton & Whitfield

lyrearedmea Other Awards : Dexter x Devo n T Bone Stea k ★★ Dexter x Devo n Rib of Beef ★★ Lleyn Leg of La mb ★★


Passionate foodies and local food producers unite! Dumfrieshire



 Food editor Jane Curran, a judge



*Very important for The Great Taste Awards, is a producers & suppliers passionate ambassador for small producers. Within woman&home and woman&home Feel Good Food magazines, Jane showcases the best producers for taste and in her VIPs (Very Important Morayshirequality Highlands Producers) feature.

Our favourite online and mail order food suppliers Sourcing good quality food has never been easier, thanks to the Internet, and most of these suppliers are just a phone call away, too


In each issue of Feel Good Food, we highlight those producers who go the extra mile to provide fabulous food. This year, we are once again sponsoring our own Golden Fork VIP Award in partnership with the Great Taste Awards, which recognise outstanding food and help support artisan producers. Their logo is a benchmark for quality. Our winner, voted for by you, will be featured in the next issue, on sale 31 October.

Irish Cheesemakers

Essex Jams & Preserves

PAM CORBIN, Thursday Cottage Jams & Preserves, Essex Thursday Cottage was started in 1963 in a cottage of the same name outside Spaxton, Somerset. Pam Corbin ran the business until 2002, when she sold it to a company in Tiptree, Essex. However, she is still heavily involved in new product development and in particular acts as the “recipe police”, ensuring they are constantly improving all the preserves.

The aim has never changed – to produce classic products that are widely available and as good, if not better, than homemade. Thursday Cottage is still a small production unit, where a variety of different preserves, curds and marmalades are made by hand. The ingredients, as well as the open-pan cooking and the distinctive taste, have changed little from the 60s. The fruit is grown close to their production kitchen and the products are still made in small batches. Even the jars are filled by hand because it keeps the fruit as whole as possible. What makes Thursday Cottage so special is its use of rather forgotten or unusual ingredients. In the 2010 Great Taste Awards, their Damson Coulis won the Midlands and East Anglian Speciality Product of the Year – one of only 15 regional winners countrywide from more than 5,000 entrants. In 2013, their National Trust Blackcurrant Curd won three stars and, in total, they scooped up nine awards, including two stars for a rather unusual and quite delicious blood orange marmalade. They also produce diabetic and lowsugar jams.

Organic Farmers TIM AND JO BUDDEN, Organic farmers, Umberleigh, North Devon Tim and Jo Budden arrived at Higher Hacknell Farm in 1985 with a determination to farm, but in a way that worked with nature and not against it. The farm is nestled between Dartmoor and Exmoor. It is a mixed farm with cattle, sheep, corn and cider orchards, where their chickens wander around the trees. From 1988, they started farming organically. Producing their own food, including vegetables from the garden, cider from the orchard and meat from their own animals, happened as a natural part of their farming life, and they now deliver their produce nationwide. Tim and Jo explain that, “On the better land, we grow corn, barley, wheat, oats and beans to feed the animals in winter, while the straw provides comfortable bedding, and is returned to the land in the

 THIS YEAR’S VIP AWARD WINNERS Catherine & Ben Mead of Cornish Yarg Cheese – were chosen by readers who are passionate about food. Dairy owners, Catherine and Ben Mead’s farming methods are based on the strong belief that healthy soil is the key to a healthy life. Originating in the early 1980s on a farm on Bodmin Moor, creator Alan Gray reversed his surname to give Yarg cheese its name. Nettle-wrapped Cornish Yarg won the Best English Cheese award at the 2012 International Cheese Show, and now Wild Garlic Yarg is made to the same recipe, but is wrapped in wild Cornish garlic leaves instead of nettle. As these garlic leaves contain more moisture, the moulds take longer to develop. This results in a cheese with a slightly firmer texture, and unlike bulb garlic cheeses, it is not harsh in taste, but fresh and gentle. GREAT TASTE 2013-14

form of farmyard manure.” Pasture on the farm is grazed in rotation with sheep – the traditional way, to prevent the build up of pests and to provide a clean and healthy system, which avoids the use of drugs and antibiotics. Their organic meat (which includes beef, lamb, pork and chicken, as well as Christmas turkeys) is well hung to provide maximum tenderness and flavour. This year Hacknell Organic Farm was rewarded with a three star Great Taste Award for their organic lamb and a two star for their beef. All the meat is reared either on their own farm or on a small group of local organic farmers’ land. The provenance is guaranteed.

JANE AND LOUIS GRUBB, Cheesemakers, County Tipperary Louis Grubb worked as an agricultural advisor in the West of Ireland, but following the death of his father in 1978, he returned to Beechmount, the family farm, to take over the running of it with his wife Jane and their daughter Sarah. At the time, Beechmount was a traditional mixed farm with some livestock and crops. But Louis decided to establish a dairy herd. After much experimentation, Jane, a former chef, created Cashel Blue in 1984. It has won many awards and this year won a coveted three star Great Taste Award. It’s a cows’ milk blue, which is fresh and creamy when young and then develops a more pronounced blue taste, while still retaining its creaminess as it ages. They now also produce a sheep’s milk blue called Crozier Blue, which is made from the milk from their nephew’s flock. It’s the only sheep’s milk blue made in Ireland. The company is still 100 per cent family owned but now includes 20 staff, who are all local, and they are occasionally helped out by the staff’s children, too!

 DONALD RUSSELL Great for top-notch beef and venison, welfare-kind fish and seafood. 01467-629666;  FISH FOR THOUGHT Fresh fish from Cornwall, as well as a range of frozen and smoked fish. 01208-262202;  THE FISH SOCIETY All freshly frozen, top quality organic fish and seafood, including smoked fish. 01428-687768;  FORMAN & FIELD Excellent smoked salmon and other fish, plus all sorts of food goodies, from pies to liqueurs, cheese to patisserie. (020) 3601 5464;  GRAIG FARM ORGANICS Graig Farm has won awards for its organic meat and poultry. It now offers groceries, baby food and ready meals. 01686-627979;  LANE FARM COUNTRY FOODS For fabulous, Freedom Food-standard pork, gammon, ham, bacon, sausages and salami. Owners Sue and Ian are happy to help with any cooking queries. 01379-384593;  GODFREYS For more than 100 years, this family butcher has been supplying superb free-range meat – and they’re now online, too. (020) 7226 2425;  THE WELL HUNG MEAT COMPANY Based in south Devon, this close-knit operation offers top-notch organic lamb, beef, pork and poultry. 0845-2303131;



woman&home and woman&home Feel Good Food are delighted to sponsor the new Golden Fork VIP Award at The Great Taste Awards to celebrate the small producers who really make us proud of British food and quality.



Devon Cool Ginger Beer ★★ Luscombe

d er is milled an Fresh root ging r ge in G ol is Co pressed for th n lemon juice beer and Sicilia long finish. is added for a ctor Gabriel re Managing di ou get the David says: “Y tes of root fresh citrus no a creamy en th d an ginger ’s yeast.” er ew feel from br www.luscom : Other Awards ade ★ Sicilian Lemon h★ Raspberry Crus ★ er Be er ng Hot Gi

Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar ★ Ostlers Cider Mill

With a rich, smooth apple flavour great in salads and sauces, this old-style cider vinegar is unpasteurised and unblended and contains ‘The Mother’ – a cloudy substance containing living bacteria, enzymes and minerals. Co-owner Rebekah Paterson says it’s great for “arthritis, gout and acid reflux.”

Ploughman’s Pie ★★ Okemoor Quality Foods

The appeal of this slow-cooked pork, cheddar cheese and chutney filled pie stems from its “localness and homemadeness” reckons the company’s founder Liza Lawrence. The pork and the cheese are sourced locally, the shortcrust pastry is made by hand and the “defining ingredient” – the chutney – is made by Liza herself and can be anything from bean to Bramley apple, depending what is in season. Other Award: Chocolate & Orange Meringue Roulade ★

Vintage Cheddar ★★★ Quickes Traditional

With a 450-year-old history in hand-making cheeses, Quickes’ vintage cheddar “has a tremendous depth of flavour”, says managing director Mary Quicke. It’s aged for more than 24-months and “buttery and caramel flavours come through giving the cheese an intense, complex taste”. Other Award: Raw Milk Cheddar ★




Roly’s Fudge Franchising

By far the company’s best-seller, this fudge has just the right amount of sweetness. “It’s traditional fudge, made in huge copper pans, that tastes just like your grandmother used to make. It’s creamy and crumbly and melts in your mouth,” explains managing director Carrie Jones.

Christmas Cak

e ★★ Rosanne Hollowel l Cakes

The eponymous Ro sanne says a few tweaks to the traditional cake recipe make her version, which co mes iced or topped with nuts, stand out. Gr ound almonds ma ke it lighter while the dried fruit includes dates, dried cranberries and prunes soaked in brandy, fresh oran ge and lemon jui ce. www.rosanneh Other Awards: Sea Salt Fudge ★ Peanut Butter Fudge ★ Lemon Meringue Fudge ★

Blackcurrant Sorbet ★★★ Salcombe Dairy

Made with 42% blackcurrants, this smooth, dark purple sorbet is “a cracking product with a really sharp blackcurrant flavour and pungent smell”. ”You can almost smell the blackcurrant bush,” says managing director Dan Bly. Taste and colour-wise, it goes perfectly with Devon cream, he adds. Other Awards: Fig & Sherry Frozen Yogurt ★★★ Velvet Toffee ★★ Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream ★


Discover more about this year’s Great Taste Top 50 foods with our series of 60-second reviews from expert judges. Tune in at GREAT TASTE 2013-14


Vanilla Clotted Cream Fudge ★



Devon Francesca’s Fresh Lemon Curd ★★ The Victorian Kitchen

Smooth with a glossy finish, this recipe has been tweaked to make it sharper, to contrast the buttery richness. “Using only the finest ingredients is key,” says cofounder Chris Hamilton. Sourcing Sicilian lemons, free-range eggs and quality butter is the secret to this great curd.

Pork Shoulder ★★★ Witheridge Farm Shop

“The best description of this pork shoulder came from a 95-year-old man who said ‘it tastes of pork’,” jokes Ted Bath. But he’s deadly serious about rearing his old breed pigs “like backyard pigs”, as it makes all the difference to the flavour of the meat. “Pork from an older breed has a rich flavour that is beyond comparison with bland, intensively grown pork.”

Dorset Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar ★★ Ashley Chase Estate

The atmospheric conditions of the underground caves lend “nutty and earthy notes” to this highly distinctive, unique cheese, says managing director Mike Pullin. “It’s a creamy, tangy West Country Farmhouse Cheddar with a smooth texture and occasional fractures.” Other Award: Dorset Red ★

Sample and buy food and drink judged by the experts The Great Taste Market is coming to the RHS Flower Show, Tatton Park July 23-27 2014




Dukkah ★★

Olives Et Al

Dorset County Foods

Made to a 20-year-old family recipe using traditional methods and free-range West Country pork, cured for a minimum of seven days, the result is a ham with “a lot of depth of flavour”, says general manager Gillan Cook. Other Awards: Organic Traditional Ham ★ Peppered Ham ★ Herb Ham ★

This store cupboa rd Middle Eastern aromatic spice mix, with va rying quantities of roasted nuts, seeds and spices, is used as a rub for meat, fish, bread and sprinkled over salad. Olives Et Al’s Leona McDonald says: “Ours isn’t too spicy, just very tasty. We want our dukkah to be palatable to everyone.”

www.oliveseta Other Awards: Pu tney Sauce ★ Wasabi Flaming Be ans ★

Gloucestershire f ★★★ Côte de Boeu

Martins Meatsare aged for at least

e Longhorn cattl ing, plenty of marbl g vin gi s ay 28-d e of meat ec pi er for a tend which makes wner O . tes the flavour on a bbq and concentra d ke oo “c likes his field Martin Gilder t fla a salad, big and served with s.” an be green mushrooms or m www.martin let ★★ : Longhorn Fil ds ar Other Aw ★ loin Ribeye ★★ Sir


Spicy Chorizo ★★

The Cotswold Curer

Peter Crumby, aka The Cotswold Curer, has added his own twist to the traditional Spanish sausage recipe by using free-range pork from rare breeds such as Gloucester Old Spot, lots of garlic, ginger and “really good pimentón” and a slosh of sweet sherry. “It’s unusual to add sherry to chorizo but we find it gives a floral note and interesting aftertaste. We also add chilli to give it a bit of bite,” he says. Other Award: Sweet Chorizo ★


Honey & Mustard Ham ★★


Best Welsh Speciality | Ginger & Fennel Truffle | Fredericks Chocolaterie

“Shelf life is not important to me, flavour is. And if there are any chocolates left over, I’ll eat them!”


he Welsh Trophy was won almost as an afterthought and the irony is not lost on chocolatier Emily Wright. “I only entered the ginger & fennel truffle a few hours before the deadline,” she recalls. “It wasn’t on my original list. I entered it simply because I liked it so much.” Well, what’s not to like? The judges certainly agreed that they were stand-out products in a very crowded market. They were clearly seduced by the Grenadian 60% truffle filling perfumed with Chinese stem ginger and the 40% Javan shell with organic fennel seeds and Venezuelan dark chocolate detail. “It’s unusual, but it’s all about balance,” says Emily. “For example, the Grenadian couverture has a lovely, delicate finish, not at all overpowering, that allows the other flavours to come through.” The judges were also won over by the truffles’ exquisite appearance. Emily admits she is a perfectionist. “I’m quite determined everything should look perfect, precise and pretty. Chocolate-making is something I’ve always been drawn to, even as a child.” Located in a small, Welsh farming town,

Emily has been overwhelmed by reaction to the win. “ As well as more internet trade, there are more people coming into the shop. I think it was seen as rather posh at first, but now it’s lovely to have kids coming in with their pocket money for one chocolate. I think kids can be very discerning!” Emily gets her flavour ideas from intensive reading of cookbooks and food blogs and is always working on new ideas. “I just make what I fancy each day, whether it’s with Welsh lavender or matcha tea that friends send me from Japan,” she says. “I go with the seasons as well, so there are more spicy, alcoholic varieties at Christmas and light, fruity flavours in spring and so on. And I always use local Welsh butter and cream. You can really taste the difference. “Shelf life is not important to me, flavour is. And if there are any chocolates left over, I’ll eat them!” And of all the varieties, 82% plain dark chocolate is Emily’s desert island chocolate. “I put nibs in my breakfast granola. It’s very good for you, quite fantastic.”




These chocs have the Wright stuff One Welsh chocolatier entered her truffles just because she quite liked them. It turns out that the judges agreed wholeheartedly. GREAT TASTE 2013-14





Halen Môn Umami Sea Salt ★★★

Classic Basil Pesto ★

The Anglesey Sea Salt Company

“Chefs love it, home cooks love it and it goes well in mushroom risotto, truffled mash and Bloody Mary-style cocktails” says the company’s co-founder Alison Lea-Wilson. “A combination of dried, ground shiitake mushrooms and seaweed give this salt a tremendously savoury depth of flavour,” she adds.

Capital Cuisine

Coarse and vibrant in colour, this pesto is good in dips, added to pasta or over roasted tomatoes. Director Colin Gray describes it as “a pungent combination of flavours”. “It’s not too cheesy or oily but is a really clean, fresh pesto, vibrant in colour and all the flavours come through,” he adds.



ramel Sea Salt Ca ut ★ with Hazeln

Village Dairy

on Chocolate FusiY.T. Chim admits she

y Co-owner Kitt n she e caramel whe didn’t even lik cipes due re ith w g tin en so many started experim e ad m mand. “I test to customer de to t my husband batches and go nverted myself. It’s not ly co them. I actual r already.” is a best-selle d an t ee too sw om .c on late-fusi www.choco te Bar Dark Chocola d: ar Aw r Othe Chilli ★ Infused with

Natural Yogurt ★★

Local Welsh milk goes into this probiotic yogurt, which has been made by The Village Dairy for 30 years. “It’s got a special taste and creaminess to it,” explains owner Falmai Roberts, who uses it instead of cream. “I make lovely cheesecakes with it and it’s delicious on porridge.” Other Award: Red Berry Layered Yogurt ★




B Purple Moose derflower lager el Inspired by an 0 years -2 15 d ye jo he en rence w La ago, director d to de ci de n to ng Washi ing his ak m at try his hand ps ho and own. Cascade ers provide ow dried elderfl vour and a “delicate fla ussy finish” tr ci distinctive, k with that could wor fish, he or t white mea . says emoose.c www.purpl d: ar Aw r Othe the Moose ★ Dark Side of


Lemon Curd ★★ ★

Welsh Lady Preserves

Developed by the Jones family in 1966, lemon curd has always been the biggest seller because “we don’t scrimp on good ingredients”, says Dio Jones. Plus it’s co oked traditionally by ha nd in open copperbottomed pans. “It ’s quite sharp and it just tastes great.”

www.welshlad Other Award: Th ree Fruit Marmala de ★

Pembrokeshire Ginger & Fennel ★★★

Relishious ★

Frederick’s Chocolaterie

Usk River

r Rhian It took founde develop to s ar ye t or Sh er pp her red pe eve relish and achi vour fla of its “depth ency”. ist ns co h ric d an “Peppers are cult sometimes diffi she ,” ith w to work % 60 A . ns ai pl ex t, and pepper conten ed” ok co ly nt ie at “p gella ni , in m garlic, cu versatile relish, illi, makes this ch tle lit a d an ur, well worth of intense flavo with its layers the wait. k ★ www.uskriv ★ Mango Raj : Proper Pickle ds ar Aw r he Ot Pear-Tree ★


Since scooping three gold stars, this divisive chocolate has become Emily Wright’s top seller. Each milk chocolate dome is filled with a ganache based on dark 60% Grenadian cocoa chocolate infused with candied ginger stem and fennel seeds that have been lightly toasted to bring out the toffee notes. “There’s a lot going on, but all the flavours are well-balanced, not overpowering one another,” she says. Other Award: Chilli, Orange & Cinnamon Ganache ★


en / Cwrw Ysgaw r Ale Elderflowe ★★ rewery


Best Speciality from Scotland | Stornoway Water Biscuits with Hebridean Seaweed | Stag Bakeries



A Hebridean bakery has decided to take water biscuits to a new level by adding some nautical nourishment

“Apart from seaweed, the only other option was salmon – and it’s hard to get a salmon into a biscuit!”


limey, I still can’t believe it!” says Colin Daniels. The Nottingham-born head baker at Stag Bakeries was still in shock weeks after its Stornoway water biscuits with Hebridean seaweed received the trophies for both the Best Speciality from Scotland and the Nigel Barden Heritage Award. It’s an innovative product for a traditional firm, and proof there’s more to the Isle of Lewis than just the Shipping Forecast. Stag Bakeries has a pedigree that goes back to the 19th century, and water biscuits are one of its flagship lines. “People tend to think of a certain well-known brand when it comes to water biscuits,” Colin explains, “but we make an almost totally different product, in terms of flavour and texture. They’re made with flour, water, fat and little sugar and you can eat them as regular biscuits. They don’t go claggy or dry in the mouth.” The bakery wanted to add some extra interest to its basic biscuit and decided to boost its local provenance. The options were limited as the island grows few crops, says Colin. “Then, a few years ago, the Hebridean Seaweed Company started production, mainly


for the pharmaceutical industry, so we thought we would have a go,” he adds. “Apart from seaweed, the only other option was salmon – and it’s hard to get a salmon into a biscuit!” There was a period of frustrating research and development until the bakery found the right blend of three healthy, dried seaweeds and Hebridean Sea Salt. “Sometimes the flavours baked out, sometimes the biscuits were too moist or the texture was too granular. Getting the salt balance was also tricky as some processed seaweeds retain more salt than others.”Perseverance, however, paid off, and the water biscuit is a brilliant match for cheese, patés and smoked fish. Colin also bakes seaweed oatcakes and shortbread. “The latter shouldn’t work, but it does,” he says. “Look at salted caramel. Whoever thought that would be so popular?” Gaining the trophy has been a major boost for Stag, but Colin says the win is as much for the island as the bakery itself. “There’s little industry here, so we try to help each other along. It’s all about jobs and sustainability, people and community.”


A taste of the sea



Aberdeenshire Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil ★★★

Mature Cheddar Cheese Oatcake Bites ★ The Kindness Bakery

Mackintosh of Glendaveny

The local climate and soil conditions might result in a rich colour and light, nutty flavour, but it is the sustainability story that is really giving this oil a clear competitive edge, says Gregor Mackintosh. “We’ve invested heavily in sustainability and use every aspect of the seed. Waste and by-product is used as cattle feed or fuel for a biomass burner that heats the factory and farmhouse.”

Made to a 70-year old recipe, these traditionally hand-crafted oatcakes are slowly baked. The bakery’s Gavin Lowe says: “They’re more like a biscuit – a lot thinner and crispier than other oatcakes. They’re delicious on their own, with any cheese or wide selection of savoury toppings.” Other Award: The Original Oatcake Bites ★ Other Award: Extra Virgin Jalapeno Chilli Infused ★

"A meticulous, lengthy and thorough judging process means that every product winning a Great Taste award fully deserves recognition. These are awards you can trust."

Mat Follas. BBC MasterChef Winner 2009

Hot Smoked Trout Pâté ★

The Smokehouse Aberdeenshire Scottish farmed Atlantic trout is cured in single malt whisky & molasses, then smoked in small batches over smouldering whisky cask & peat, carefully blended with horseradish and dill. It’s lovely on crostini or oatcakes and very moreish, says founder John Cooper. The whole process, from harvesting of the fish to the shop shelves, takes just three days. Other Awards:Glendronach Salmon ★ Smoked & Kiln-Roasted Almonds ★




made from rm conserve, This single fa , Perthshire, Muirton Farm on n ow gr t frui is a powerful r the ambassador fo urrant. kc ac Scottish bl en to ke e er w e “W e develop a rang e th g in ot prom age rich berry herit d an nd la ot Sc of umers ns co e introduc ts ui fr ft so e th to st of ea e th grown in ch are hi w , nd la ot Sc r being renowned fo best in the e th of e m so managing ys sa world,” Grant. director Martin


Smoked Butter ★★

Caithness Smokeh ouse

Smoker John Inglis says a consistent kiln temperature is ke y to developing th e flavour of this bu tter, which is coldsmoked for five hours using beec h and oak wood. “It must also be cold outside so that th e smoke entering the kiln doesn’t melt the butter. Given our location this isn’t usually a problem!” he adds . m Other Awards: Ho t Smoked Salmon ★ Smoked Duck Bre ast ★ Smoked Mu ssels ★


East Lothian Mezze Labneh ★ Duke Street

This “completely unique” product is “unfamiliar to Western palates”. The Levantine cream cheese is paired with traditional Middle Eastern spices of za’tar and sumac together with black pepper. This is then infused in award-winning cold pressed rapeseed oil with a hint of mint and garlic for a deliciously unusual taste, according to director Neil Johnson. Other Awards: Natural Labneh ★★ Spicy Labneh ★ Goaty Labneh ★

Looking for great tasting food & drink? search for your nearest deLi, farm shop or food haLL onLine GREAT TASTE 2013-14


Angus Scottish Single Farm nt Blackcurra★ Conserve ★



Fife Edinburgh Gin Infused with Elderflower ★★★ Spencerfield Spirit Co A classic cordial made from elderflowers, lemons, sugar and water added to multi-award-winning Edinburgh gin has proved a roaring success due to the modish nature of elderflowers says co-owner Jane Nicol “It’s very intense, well-balanced, not too sweet and is particularly good in a Kir with Cava”.

eese ★ Co Anster Ch se rmhouse Chee

St Andrews Fad on a Cheshire-style recipe,

se It might be ba pasteurised bles give the un ria va l but loca dation of un fo forms the cows’ milk that “unique characteristics” se this young chee ne Stewart. eese-maker Ja according to ch ngy and leaves crumbly and ta “The cheese is adding that , ys ste,” she sa a lemon afterta gives a “depth ditional culture the use of a tra freeze-dried a ith don’t get w of flavour you culture”. ewscheese. www.standr

Inverness-shire Green Pepper Venison Salami ★★★

Diver-Caught Scallops ★★★

“When we first started making wild venison salami over ten years ago there was no-one else doing it and making a purely venison salami without any pork is certainly unusual,” say co-founder Anja Baak. “Venison is low in fat and is a source of unsaturated fatty acids, and makes for a soft, tender product. The green pepper cuts right through the flavour of the meat,” she adds.

“Divers literally catch these scallops by hand,” enthuses brand ambassador Euan Ross. “This allows them to be selective and pick only mature scallops so the environment is not affected. We also blast-freeze the scallops as soon as they come out of the sea to lock in the taste.” The scallops come shucked and ready-prepared for ease.

Great Glen Game

Highland Bay Seafoods Other Award:Venison Chilli Chorizo ★


Top 50 Foods recipe


Pistachio Oil Madeleines by Xanthe Clay

5. Spoon the mixture into the oiled tins, filling them just over half full. 6. Bake for 10 -12 minutes, until risen and golden.

Makes about 24

7. Leave to cool for a minute, then turn out and dust with icing sugar. Eat straight away.

Method 1. Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas4 2. O  il a tray (or two) of madeleine moulds or bun tins. 3. W  ith an electric whisk, beat together the egg and sugar until thick and pale. 4. S ift over the flour, folding it in, then fold in the pistachio oil and chopped pistachios. GREAT TASTE 2013-14


Ingredients 1 large egg 50g caster suga r (4 level tbsp) 50g self raising flour (6 level tb sp) 3 tbsp Azada vir gin pistachio oi l 2 tbsp chopped pistachios




Isle of Lewis

Jaffys Mallaig Kippers ★★

Stornoway Water Biscuit with Hebridean Seaweed ★★★

J Lawrie & Sons

The kippers’ award-winning formula is simple, explains owner Jeff Lawrie: “We just keep to traditional methods, use high quality, high-fat herring and don’t cut corners.” The herrings are smoked in an old brick kiln with sea salt and smoke from malt whisky cask shavings. Other Awards: Oak-Smoked Organic Salmon ★ Hot Smoked Salmon with a Glayva Glaze★ Hot Smoked Cajun Salmon ★

Stag Bakeries

Where others have added seaweed to crackers for the sake of it, Stag spent two years getting the balance right so you can taste the dried flakes but they’re not overpowering says head of sales & marketing Jenny Burton. Popular pairings include “blue or soft cheese or seafood.” Other Award: Stornoway Water Biscuit ★

Isle of Orkney

Original Orkney Ice Cream ★★

ery Orkney Creamve

ha Few products to ht rig a of more le than the natural tit ed ice this unflavour relies ch cream, whi of the ity al qu e on th d milk an local cream my taste. ea cr h, ric came for its non-flavour – or – e were The flavour “W . ely by chance e w about complet n he w base recipe developing a was perfect it as it ur vo fla decided not to calls second generation re just as it was,” chan. Bi m ha ra G r owne .com

Mini Pepper Oatcakes ★ Stockan’s Oatcakes

“You think there’s no pepper in them, then you get a real pepper kick,” says sales and production manager Eddie Wight. Made from coarse oatmeal, these work very well “as a starter with pâté, with some cheese or soup or just as a snack. They’re very versatile”. Other Awards: Mini Cheese Oatcakes ★ Mini Garlic Oatcakes ★





Midlothian Thins ★★ Oat Crackser

Haggis-makers for over 60 years and three generations, Macsween sets great store by the consistency of its product. Joint managing director Jo Macsween says: “It’s elevated by using the best quality Scottish ingredients and has a lovely oaty, crumbly texture”.

at This new, vers says head flavour boxes nutritional and “It’s the first Lucy Holroyd. of marketing m oats, with fro lly made who er seeds cracker to be ow from the sunfl high in a lovely crunch n, ai gr le ho turally w on top. It’s na at-free.” fibre and whe

Macsween of Edinburgh Other Awards: 60 Second Traditional Haggis ★ 60 Second Vegetarian Haggis ★ Marks and Spencer Haggis, specially made by Macsween ★

Nairn’s Oatcake ks all the ile product tic



Outer Hebrides Smoked Salmon ★★★ Uig Lodge

Dry salt rather than brine as the cure and oak for smoking lend this product a classic simplicity, says owner Dickon Green. “We’re lucky because our location means access to wonderful fresh fish on a daily basis. We use only the finest ingredients and pay huge attention to detail.”


Discover more about this year’s Great Taste Top 50 foods with our series of 60-second reviews from expert judges. Tune in at GREAT TASTE 2013-14


Traditional Haggis ★★★


Best Speciality from Northern Ireland | Salt-Aged Rack of Glenarm Shorthorn Beef | Hannan Meats

Rack to the future After last year’s allconquering guanciale bacon, 2012 Supreme Champion Peter Hannan has swept the board with his salt-aged beef


eter Hannan treats his cuts of meat as if they were gold bars and, in culinary terms, they are. Last year’s Supreme Champion Hannan Meats had to settle for just the seven three-star awards this year. Five of those also made the Great Taste Top 50 products. And while Peter continues to sweep the board, he hasn’t lost focus. “We’re very pleased to be winners but we are also good losers,” he says. “What we want is for people to come back to us and say ‘That was a really great piece of beef’.” One aspect of its success is Hannan’s strong emphasis on native breeds and local suppliers. “We support them as much as possible, and pay a supplement to make sure they are surviving,” he explains. “We like to get everyone in the supply chain together, and see ourselves as the pivot between chef



and farmer.” The other factor is the company’s ageing of this premium meat when it gets to them. According to Hannan, it was the luck of the draw that the salt-aged rack of Glenarm Shorthorn beef gained the Northern Irish Golden Fork. He reckons any of his four Top 50 winners could have hit the spot. “There’s always some subtle variation from one rib or sirloin to the next,” he says. “What matters is we have found a controlled ageing process that will raise a piece of quality beef – with good marbling and exterior fat – by several levels. It won’t transform poor quality steak but it will make it as good as it can be.” The salt in question comes in the form of bricks of hand-cut pink Himalayan rock salt. These are the building blocks for the salt chamber that Peter has constructed to prolong


meat-ageing without deterioration. After lengthy trial and error, plus epic logistical battles, he determined Himalayan salt was the best for the job. “The salt is not there to extract moisture; it’s about purification,” says Peter. “When you walk into the salt chambers there’s nothing but a dry, sweet, nutty smell, and, no, the beef doesn’t taste salty! “The process simply allows the beef to concentrate its own flavour and gives it the perfect environment in which to age. You also have to control temperature, humidity and light until the meat is ‘sealed’. “It’s a delicate balance and it’s taken us 18 months to get this far but we’re not finished yet. There’s lots more exciting things to do, it’s simply crackers!”


“The process simply allows the beef to concentrate its own flavour and gives it the perfect environment in which to age.”



County Antrim

County Armagh

AyurvediC Stress-Free Tea ★★

White Chocolate Caramel Slice with Cranberries & Pistachio ★

Suki Teahouse

Modelled on a traditional Indian herbal infusion, this caffeine-free blend is designed to bust stress through the “relaxation tendencies” of fennel. “It’s a soothing tea,” says Suki’s Esme Porter. “It has an aniseed taste and liquorice sweetness that lingers in your throat, and an aroma that reminds me of freshly baked carrot cake.”


“There’s nothing else on the market like it, the customer reaction has been phenomenal,” enthuses managing director Brian Chapman. Head chef William Henderson, who created the product, adds: “The cranberries and pistachios make it very attractive. It’s our number one best-seller.” Other Awards: Almond Flakemeal Biscuits ★ Deluxe Fresh Bramley Apple Tart with Butter Pastry ★ Chicken, Ham & Mushroom Pie ★ Other Awards: Green Tea Luponde ★ Wellness Green Tea Ginseng ★ Rooibos ★

Salt-Aged European Angus Fiorentina T-Bone ★★★

Hannan Meats

Supplying big-name restaurateurs like Mark Hix since installing his first Himalayan salt chamber two years ago, managing director Peter Hannan says the salt-aged beef it produces – aged for 34 days on average – is always “exceptional”. “It’s the purest salt known to man,” he adds. Other Awards: Salt-Aged Rack of Glenarm Shorthorn Beef ★★★ Salt-Aged Sirloin ★★★ Salt-Aged Euro Angus Cote de Boeuf ★★★

“Great Taste is about discovering wonderful things the world should know about.” Glynn Christian, Writer and Food Journalist


County Armagh

Toasted Oats A Cinnamon Crunpple & ch ★★

eats M&W Farm Meye on the bone adds

White’s Oats

Ageing this rib does the high nderness, as flavour and te her Clayton ys M&W butc fat content, sa ning two stars, sales win Moore. Since more geared “People were d. le eb tr have s become ha e ey but rib towards sirloin adds. shionable,” he much more fa


Texture is importa nt in the success of this product, says brand manager Danielle McBride. “It’s predominant ly oats but there are also wheat flakes and crispy rice pie ces giving it a softer mo uth feel.” The subtle hint of cinnamon works well in a tried and tested flavour combination.

www.whiteso Other Awards: Toat’ly Oat Easy Co ok Jumbo Oats ★ Organic Jumbo Oa ts ★ Toasted Oats Straw berry & Banana Cru nch ★

Traditionally Pale Smoked Cod ★★★ Ewings Seafoods

Although the old shed with its fire of wood chippings has been replaced by a purpose built kiln, Crawford Ewing says the same techniques his great grandfather practised are still employed to produce this “mellow, flaky, melt-in-themouth” smoked cod. “It’s in the preparation, the smoking and the quality and freshness of the fish,” he says. Other Awards: Ewings Glenarm Organic Smoked Salmon ★ Ewings Superior Scottish Smoked Salmon ★★


Discover more about this year’s Great Taste Top 50 foods with our series of 60-second reviews from expert judges. Tune in at GREAT TASTE 2013-14

Northern IRELAND

red Rib 28-Day Matu ★ Eye Steak ★



County Down Raspberry Ruffle Sorbet ★★ Glastry Farm Ice Cream

Will Taylor estimates that the fruit content of his company’s raspberry sorbet is at least 25% higher than other sorbets on the market. “This, and the use of fresh, local fruit in season, gives a zingy, sharp taste that raspberries deliver when they are eaten straight from the bush,” he says. Other Awards: White Chocolate & Wild Blackberry Ice Cream ★ Lavender & Raspberry Ice Cream ★ Lavender & Honey Ice Cream ★

Mashed Potato ★

Mash Direct

Potatoes grown on Martin and Tracy Hamilton’s family farm are gently steamcooked and mashed with butter, milk and a little salt and white pepper, resulting in a “hom emade texture, ma ximum flavour and fresh ness”. “We want ed to provide a totally na tural, quality mash ed potato for time-s trapped consumers ,” explains Tracy. www.mashdir Other Award: Ma sh Pot - Creamy Bu bble

& Squeak ★

Mushroom, Leek & Smoked Garlic Tart ★★★ McCartney’s of Moira

When one of his chefs came up with this veggie tart concept, George McCartney knew it was a winner. “The mushrooms don’t melt away. They’ve got good bite and because they are the portobello variety they have more flavour and texture. Add to that leeks in white sauce, rounded off with a lovely breadcrumb topping.” Other Awards: Merguez Sausage ★★ Seafood Chowder ★★ Breakfast Pork Sausage ★★

What’s your favourite food? We’d love to know… The Guild of Fine Food is the organisation behind Great Taste. We’re totally committed to promoting excellence in speciality food & drink, and we’re always looking for new quality products to highlight. To help us find and publicise these top foods, we’d love to hear from you, the consumers. So please email us details of your favourite great tasting food or drink and the shop you buy it from, and we’ll spread the word. |



County Fermanagh

Erin Grove Preserves

Dry-Aged Boneless Lamb Rack with Marrow Melt ★★★ Kettyle Irish Foods

“Jam, just like it should be, that’s Erin Grove!” says co-owner Mark Paget. “We only use fruit in our jam that is good enough to be eaten fresh as it has a higher pectin content and makes a better class of jam. It also means the only other ingredient we need to add is sugar.” Other Awards: Indian Spiced Pineapple Chutney ★ Mango Chutney with Chilli & Lime ★


Created after demand from local Michelinstarred chefs, lamb from Kettyle’s farm is dry-aged for 10 days so it’s “tender and very sweet – more like crackling and with a consistent flavour profile”, explains director Maurice Kettyle. “It’s got a mellow flavour, not at all muttony.” Other Awards: Dry Cured Bacon Collar Steaks ★★ 28 Day DA Tomahawk Steak with Truffle Infused Marrow ★★ Guinness Stincotta Osso Bucco ★

County Tyrone Boilíe Barrel Hand Rolled in Mustard Seeds ★★

Marmalade with Irish Whiskey & 23 carat gold ★

Fivemiletown Creamery

& The Good Food Wine Co ade,

mal This tangy mar d 23 carat sh whiskey an Iri g in at or rp se glitzy inco ho w t uc met prod as well. gold, is a gour n fu akes it a bit of appealed to appearance m ill st it re su to make ell as being w “We wanted as alade lovers m ar m l na tio tradi ctor Michelle ,” explains dire a little different Lestas. winecompa dfoodand www.thegoo : ds ar Aw r ★ Othe th Cinnamon ice Infused wi Pure Apple Ju ★ ice Ju ple Pure Pressed Ap


Mustard seeds add texture and a gentle heat to this “lovely snow white coloured cheese with a citrusy tang.” “They really complement the flavour,” adds Fivemiletown’s Peter Dunlop. It’s versatile too and works well crumbled over pizzas, melted on hot pasta and stuffed inside chicken breasts. Other Awards: Northern Irish Dulse ★ Strawberry & Balsamic Ripple Ice Cream ★

Northern IRELAND

Raspberry Preserve ★★


Best Speciality from Ireland | Medium Dry Cider | Stonewell Cider

How do you like them apples? Meet the man who’s putting the provenance and craft back into Irish cider


aniel Emerson’s aim is to re-establish craft cider as a refined, national drink. “Centuries ago, aristocrats drank cider, not wine. We can do that again,” he says. “At the end of the day, it’s an apple wine, and if we approach the task with the same level of sophistication, we can make extremely fine products.” A certain huge commercial producer has long dominated Irish cider and, as a result, many consumers still need to re-learn that real cider is more than sugar syrup with colouring. A former print and media professional, Corkbased Daniel was given a small mill and press by his French father-in-law to play around with, using apples from his small orchard. The hobby grew and a business opportunity presented itself a few years ago. “It’s been a steep learning curve,” he reflects. “You don’t know how much you don’t know and you only find out by trial and error. From the start, however, we got a really positive response. The important thing is to keep up with demand, stick to the integrity of the products and maintain our values as we grow.”

All the apples are sourced in Ireland to ensure that integrity in the supply chain as well as proper provenance. Working with Irish farmers, many of whom have previously been tied into long-term contracts, is a key part of Stonewell’s plan. “I hope now we can give them the confidence to grow more interesting varieties,” says Daniel. Once they arrive at the mill, the apples are sorted manually, milled, pressed and fermented separately before they are blended. Stonewell uses Dabinett and Michelin cider apples as well as Elstar and Falstaff varietals. Stonewell makes three ciders and two of them won three stars in Great Taste this year. Judges described the dry cider as boasting a “Prosecco-like effervescence”, while the Golden Fork-winning medium dry was praised as “light, refreshing, well balanced and delicious.” It is what Daniel describes as “an approachable craft cider”. “There will always be those who just want scrumpy but that’s not what I’m about.”





“There will always be those who just want scrumpy but that’s not what I’m about.”



County Clare

County Cork

Seaweed Marinated Smoked Irish Organic Salmon ★★★

Jaunty Jalfrezi (Cook-in) Sauce ★★

Burren Smokehouse

During their lives, these fish swim 24,000km in turbulent waters, which accounts for their “firm flesh and clean taste”, says the smokehouse’s Birgitta Hedin-Curtin. The salmon is then marinated in seaweed to add an “umami” dimension, and “enhanced with oak smoke”, before being despatched to customers including Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason. Other Awards: Honey Infused Smoked Irish Organic Salmon ★★★ Hot Smoked Irish Organic Salmon with Honey, Lemon & Dill ★★★ Hot Smoked Irish Organic Salmon ★★

Green Saffron Spices

Curry purists will know that strictly speaking, a Jalfrezi is a dry-fry curry. But to save home cooks the hassle of dry-frying multiple ingredients, Arun Kapil has translated this blend into a sauce that has “depth of flavour, a smoky perfume and subtle heat”. He sources spices direct from India and doesn’t use any preservatives, using natural preservative properties of the ingredients, which include jaggery, cider vinegar, garlic, onion, tomatoes and Kashmiri chillies. Other Award: Crimbletastic Christmas Pudding ★

Dublin County Cork

Irish Crab claws ★

Yawl Bay Seafood

Benefitting from a shelf life of 14-21 days, “this is the first pasteurised crab that doesn’t taste like it’s pasteurised”, claims general manager David Brown. Landed within a mile of the factory, it’s cooked the same day and is “beautiful simply in a salad or sandwiches”.

Cornish Salted Caramel Roulade ★★ Fusco Foods

Exploring options for new products, Fusco came up with this roulade with its “deliciously tangy meringue, best quality toffee and surprising aftertaste”, says Nicky Fusco. “Everything is hand-made using only the finest ingredients. We are very proud of the new roulade range, it’s as good as anything you’d make in a domestic kitchen and available at a reasonable price.” Other Award: Belgian Chocolate Ganache Cake ★





Keogh’s Crisp es eeled potato

Unp the straight from are rm fa Keogh’s d an t cu y kl thic fried in fresh in sunflower oil e these innovativ ch hi w s, isp cr incorporate authentic Irish n Shamrock grow rry. Ke y nt ou C in Director Tom Keogh enjoys Guinness.” down with a “washing them ds: Other Awar

Argentinian Sa usage ★★

Michael Byrne & So

n Craft Butchers The sausage was created in respons e to several Argentinian customers complai ning they couldn’t buy a good chorizo sa usage locally, explains bu tcher Raymond By rne. He adjusted a tra ditional recipe, ad ding fennel, oregano, garlic, pepper and chilli to pork and now his Irish customers are big fans too.

Facebook: Mich ael Byrne & Sons Craft Butchers Other Award: Pork with Tomato , Basil & Red Wine Sausage ★

Sea Salt ★ Irish Atlantic r Vinegar ★★ lt & Irish Cide Sa a Se tic lan At

ken Kiev ★ ic h C ic l r a G ds Gourmet Foo Rosie & Jim n whole chicke

A fillet stuffed re only with pu d Irish butter an in c rli ga d crushe ispy a light and cr crumb makes t for a differen om fr t uc prod ed mass-produc ev ki n chicke says coy owner Jimm “Our McLoughlin. d, to lied flash-frie pp su is n ke raw,” he chic om fr e ed first tim be fully cook adds.

Ham & Cabbage Pie ★ Rustic Foods

There are no evenly diced cubes of ham to be found in this pie. The Irish slow-cooked ham is pulled from the gammon and combined with lightly blanched cabbage in a herb and mustard sauce, says Rustic Foods’ Owen Gunn. Inspired by a traditional Irish Sunday dinner, it is “rustic, homemade and guaranteed Irish”, right down to the glazed puff pastry hat that sits on top. www.rosiea d: ar Aw er Oth ons ★ Chicken Gouj Southern Fried



Sour Shamrock &to Crisps Cream Pota ★★ s



Dublin White Pitta Bread ★ Safa Foods

There’s nothing fancy or mysterious about this pitta, it’s just made in the traditional way using the best flour, says Egyptian-born vet-turnedbaker Ahmed Roshdi. “We leave the dough to ferment for about an hour before baking it in a brick oven like they do in the Middle East. This results in a soft bread that opens easily without breaking.”

Seeded Farmho use ★

Thunders Home Ba kery

By using a combina tion of olive oil an d buttermilk and ad ding whole pump kin seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and poppy seeds, this home bakery has met demand for “a far mhouse soda with a healthkick for people wa nting a soupy brea d,” says Sinead Heffernan . The addition of olive oil also keeps the br ead moist, so there ’s no need to add butter.

www.thundersb Other Awards: Bro wn Soda Bread ★ Christmas Pudding ★ Lemon Madeira ★

Dublin Organic Tumbes 75% ★★★ Wilkie’s Organic Chocolate

Shana Wilkie characterises the taste of this “pure, organic chocolate”, as bright, fruity and citrusy but she appreciates that every palate is different. “Some people taste lime, orange and honey, while others have described nuts, coffee and caramel. I think it’s fair to say it’s complex, smooth and fruity.” Other Awards: Organic Amazonas 75% ★ Organic 75% with Cocoa Nibs ★★

County Kerry Lemon Curd ★

Bluirini Blasta Teo - The Little Dingle Food Co

Made to her grandmother’s recipe using local eggs and Irish butter, this lemon curd is made, labelled and delivered by hand, says founder Michelle O’Sullivan. “People eat it on ice cream and with pancakes, but it also makes a very good salad dressing with olive oil because it’s so sharp.” Other Award: Soft Set Raspberry Jam ★



County Laois

Key Limey Pie ★

Abbey Farm Gooseberry Preserve ★★★

Lily O’Briens

This zesty little number is the star performer in the Irish chocolatier’s best selling dessert collection, which was created to “translate some of the best dessert recipes into chocolates”, according to marketing manager Suzanne Walsh. A bittersweet twist on the popular American dessert, the lime-infused truffle is smothered in dark chocolate, leaving a real zing on your palate.

G’s Gourmet Jams (Abbey Farm Foods)

Top grade fruit and small batch sizes are the secrets of Clive Gee’s single fruit gooseberry jam. “Our gooseberries are grown on the farm and the only other ingredients are sugar and a drop of water. We don’t use pectin or setting agents and there are only 36 jars in a batch,” he says. Other Award: Death by Chocolate ★ Other Awards: Raspberry & Strawberry Preserve ★ Spiced Rhubarb & Apple Preserve ★ Seville Marmalade ★


County Mayo

ee ★★ Decaf Coff Roastery

Pónaire Coffeeurced from the same so This is always lier Brazilian supp , cy en ist ns for co g processed usin er at w iss Sw the no method with d an ls, ica chem se. roasted in-hou ste ta le op pe y Man t n’ this and do f, realise it’s deca r says co-founde t’s “I . an Ry r ife Jenn ed di rich, full-bo ith a and smooth w .” ish sweet fin www.ponai Coffee ★ Rich Sumatra Other Award:


Lamb Sausage with Redcurrant Jelly ★ Kelly’s of Newport Artisan Butchers

Using West Irish lamb, managing director Sean Kelly originally tried mixing it with mint but “it wasn’t until we tried it with redcurrant that it really took off”. Chefs like to team the sausage with Kelly’s rack of roast lamb on a tasting plate, he adds. Other Award : Dry Cured Bacon ★


County Kildare



County Meath

County Monaghan

Camelina Oil ★★★

Confit of Duck Legs ★★

“It’s an unusual, old world oil with great health benefits and a totally unique flavour, which people often say reminds them of something from childhood,” says managing director Jack Rogers. “It’s got nutty, earthy and truffley notes” and is good in pesto, or for pan-frying fish.

From breeding their own Silver Hill ducks to producing the confit, “we do everything ourselves to the highest standard”, explains managing director Stuart Steele. Marinated in garlic, black pepper and herbs before cooking for “many hours” the meat, “literally falls off the bone”.

Newgrange Gold Other Awards: Newgrange Gold Garden Herbs Rapeseed Oil ★

Silver Hill Foods Other Award: Maple & Mustard Supreme ★

County Roscommon

County Sligo

in Smoked SuperValu Tw on ★★ Rack of Bac

The Mmmm Tart ★★

Elizabeth Ann Dessert Collection

This dessert is, quite literally, two tarts in one. One half of the frangipane shortcrust butter pastry tart is topped with pear and lemon, whilst the other half is topped with blueberries, ca er liv .o alu w rV ww : Supe raspberries, blackberries Other Awards rywood Supreme Cher and strawberries. This might seem a strange ★ s er sh Smoked Ra concept, but Ann Fox insists it is one of her nic ga Oliver Carty Or best-sellers. “It is light, not overly sweet, ed ok Sm red Dry Cu and very popular with the weekend dessert ★ s Bacon Lardon market,” she says.

Oliver Carty

n that have o joints of baco d smoking Comprising tw spoke curing an tertwined, in undergone a be e ar s ne hose rib bo is process and w is unique. “It ly al re ck ra ed ok sm n in co tw this ne-in ba only prepack bo t,” explains presently the arke m sh Iri e th on joint available . “The pork is er Gary Conlon and carefully factory manag ced salt blend du re a ith w d cure beechwood.” smoked using Other Award: Rose Scented Berry Tart ★



County Tipperary Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers

Cashel Blue was created by Jane Grubb nearly 30 years ago. Her daughter Sarah Furno cheese maturer describes it as "a naturally rinded semisoft blue cheese”. She adds: “It’s subtle yet flavoursome with a gentle blue character that appeals to those intimidated by blue cheese as well as traditional blue cheese lovers”. Other Awards: Crozier Blue ★ Shepherd’s Store ★

County Wexford Oak Smoked Haddock ★★★ Duncannon Smokehouse

This “light, wild fish” has firm flesh and is prepared the old-fashioned way: filleted, salted, smoked and packed by hand. Some people like it with a poached egg on top or perhaps in a white sauce with prawns and salmon, adds Duncannon’s Lee Ronan. Other Awards: Oak Smoked Salmon ★ Oak Smoked Sea Trout ★

t& Blackcurran ★ Vanilla Jam ★ Crossogue Preserves

urrants Real Irish blackc lla ni va sh and fre star pod are the two is th in ts ien ingred erve. full-bodied pres give ds po lla ni va “The th oo sm an incredibly d an ste ta lla vani than make this more nt ra ur kc ac bl just an jam – they give and n sio en m di extra says ,” or ct a ‘wow’ fa olloy. M ca ni ro Ve r owne epreserv www.crossogu mon Curd ★ Le : ds ar Aw r Othe olate Jam ★ oc Ch Strawberry & d Jam ★ rno Pe & nt rra cu Black

Killowen Farm Greek-Style Yogurt with Wexford Blackcurrant ★★ Greenvalley Farms

Blackcurrants from a local farm are cooked on site, so the beauty of this yogurt is “we’re in full control of what goes into it”, explains Greenvalley’s Pauline Dunne. With live active cultures it’s gluten-free and 100% natural to boot, plus “the flavours are lovely together”. Other Awards : Killowen Farm Greek-Style Natural Yogurt ★ ★ Killowen Farm Greek-Style Yogurt with Wexford Rhubarb ★ Killowen Farm Greek-Style Yogurt with Lemon Curd ★



Cashel Blue ★★★


Best Imported Speciality | Virgin Pistachio Oil | Azada

Green is the colour It’s aesthetically pleasing and ethically sourced but, best of all, this nut oil packs a punch on a salad


irgin pistachio oil sounds like something straight out of the pages of 1,001 Nights but, in fact, it has been brought to these shores by a Catalan company. Azada, started by Kevin Russell in 2009, is typical of a new breed of young Spanish enterprises – a combination of quality, contemporary marketing, innovative design and environmental concern. Its range of speciality oils is sold from Germany to Japan, and once you taste its bright green pistachio oil on a beef salad, you’ll understand its global appeal and you’ll know why it’s a major winner. For decades, the Spanish knew they had great products but simply believed the purchasing world would come to them. Kevin, however, understood the connection between product, branding and targeted sales when he took over the small family farm. “Azada” is the name of the traditional hoe used to cultivate the region’s almond and hazelnut trees and it seemed just the right name for the firm. There are no production shortcuts: Kevin lightly roasts the nuts to bring out their flavour profile before they are coldpressed in a nearby mill for up to eight hours, then filtered. “Imagine squeezing a handful of nuts so hard, the oil simply oozes out,” he says, explaining the process.

All the nuts are sourced in Spain: hazelnuts from the family farm, almonds from Mallorca, organic pistachios from La Mancha. Every small supplier is supported with extra premiums and purchase guarantees – a policy that is fundamental to his philosophy, “In Mallorca, for example, many almond trees are being cut down for olive groves, but the quality is just wonderful,” explains Kevin. He places equal emphasis on presentation, “Everyone used brown or green bottles, but it seemed obvious a white bottle would both protect the oil and repel light. I also thought they would visually stand out.” The same level of care is also applied to Azada’s range of flavoured olive oils. “We don’t infuse the oil, otherwise it’s like leaving a teabag too long in the cup. Nor do we use essences,” he explains. “We just press the olives and the natural ingredients – lemon, basil, garlic, oranges and so on – together.” He also produces a few quirky items like coffee and ginger oils, on the basis they create a ‘wow’ factor that opens doors, but winning Great Taste accolades has had a similar effect. “Once you’re a winner, everyone starts calling.”




“Once you’re a winner, everyone starts calling.”




China Wild Green Tea ★ Choi Time Teas

Inspired by her Chinese grandmother who taught her the health benefits of green tea, owner Melissa Choi advocates drinking this throughout the day. “It’s particularly good after a meal as it’s good for the digestion,” she says. The tea tastes “delicate with grassy undertones, subtle, refreshing and not bitter”.

Colombia Mora Nectar ★★ Juna UK

This nectar is made of mora berry juice, water, natural fruit sugar and a twist of lime. Co-founder Christian Kaufholz says: “This Andean blackberry is high in antioxidants and its intensely refreshing taste gives you a real wake-up kick in the morning or any time during the day.”

AAA Grade Iron Buddha Oolong ★★★ Talisman Teas

Hand-picked in a small tea garden in China, before being hand-rolled, this has been one of China’s most celebrated teas since the 19th century. Talisman Tea’s founder Andrew Cunningham says: “It possesses a rich and intense floral aroma with a lingering sweet flavour that develops over multiple infusions.” Other Award: Organic Jasmine Pearls ★

“Many of the unique small producers, who we work in partnership with, have been introduced to us through Great Taste.” Bruce Langlands, Harrods Other Awards: Guanabana Nectar ★ Lulo Nectar ★★



Czech Republic

Naše Dobroty d Sicilian recipe, this

ol Inspired by an ing top hand-made us marmalade is ssion, says pa of ty en d pl can use quality fruit an ou “Y . Milfaitová lik owner Blanka ne e sweet and salty cuisi it with sweet nanas, ba d cream an pancakes, sour breast.” ey rk tu ed ill or gr roasted duck om a-milfait.c www.blank erry Jam ★★ Pure Sour Ch d: ar Aw r Othe

Greece ★ Chickpeas s mium Product Agrifarm Pre

tivate In a bid to “cul solutely ab e uc and prod nean rra natural, Medite e es th ”, products produced chickpeas are in rm fa on a family the t ou ith “w e Greec of fertilisers extensive use icides”, or potent pest Dimitri ’s m says Agrifar s. Ideal for ni an gi ylo Gkrem chickpeas e th , vegetarians ups, salads or are good in so falafel. www.agrifa Other Award: ive Oil ★ Extra Virgin Ol


Paneer Palak ★

Taste of India - Fo ods


ic Business developme nt manager Nick Ca rtmell is hoping this produ ct, which has “don e very well in Australia & NZ”, will enjoy sim ilar success in the UK. He adds: “I think it will appeal to students or individuals on th e go as it’s a great micro wave meal for one.” It’s all natural and part of a collection of eig ht vegetarian and dh al authentic Indian meals. www.foodspac ific.c

Other Award: Spice Perfection Pure Ginger Paste ★


Bee Good Pure Greek Honey with Hazelnut Paste ★★ Symphonia

Harnessing Greek nature has enabled Symphonia to develop a natural, nutritious yet delicious alternative to massproduced chocolate and hazelnut spreads. “We wanted to incorporate the benefits of honey into a playful product that would be enjoyable and appealing to younger people,” explains managing director Athanasios Kavoukas. Other Awards: Melion Pure Greek Honey with Chios Mastiha ★★ Melion Fir of Menalon Honey PDO ★ Elea Terra Extra Virgin Olive Oil Krokees Lakonias PDO ★


alade Lemon Marm ★★






Iónio ★

Cacao Criollo Madagascar ★★

Ionian Products Grown high-up on south-facing olive groves in Kefalonia with no need for chemical sprays, Iónio is a unique extra virgin olive oil. Sales director Bertie Thewes describes it as “complex, superbly rounded, very well balanced with a herbaceous taste and without a hint of bitterness”.

Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé

This 71% pure dark single origin chocolate bar is traditionally created using the best quality cocoa beans and organic cane sugar but no vanilla, the smooth and mild taste has “sweetness, some acidity and a lot of fruitiness and goes well with a nice crunchy slice of bread”, says chocolate maker Zsolt Szabad. Other Awards: Porcelana -71% pure dark bar ★★ Trincheras 70-70% pure dark single origin chocolate ★★



Oliada Extra Virgin Olive Oil ★

ings Mineral Spr ★ FTGFOP1 TEA

Ibiza’s Olive Association

Made in Ibiza from a mixture of cold-pressed olive oils from Arbequina, Picual and Ibiza’s Empeltre olives, this is a special product thanks to the adherence to the traditional agricultural methods on the island combined with the high quality of olives, says Mariano Tur Roig.


rden in India From a new ga -operative co revived by a ucers, this of small prod the first day om loose tea fr “tastes just of harvesting like freshly – ls like it smel ys owner cut grass”, sa t. “It’s light er hn Marion Le , a lovely and delicate” she adds. a, te afternoon www.equal : ds Other Awar ★★ s irie Fa e th With long ★ Tra To Quy Oo sh ★ Bollywood Flu





Maria Dolores Chicken Mole is Mexico’s national dish and the sauce recipe varies from family to family and region to region, explains María Dolores’ daughter Dominique Landolt. “Mole is a complex sauce of many ingredients. Ours tastes of nuts and chocolate but is not too sweet. It has a long, mild finish and is well-balanced.”

eitäo DOP QUEIJO DE Az ★★ möes Fernando & Si steurised sheeps’ milk,

pa se benefits Made from un d salt, this chee an er w flo le thist mate. The Portuguese cli from a unique an way and uced in an artis cheese is prod rved with se at re spicy. “G tastes slightly e,” says the in ead and red w br e ad em m ho é Neves. ’s Susana Tom cheese-maker om doesimoes.c

www.fernan Other Award: Frijoles (María Dolores) ★

Serbia Sour Cherry Whole Fruit Coulis ★★

Granny’s Secret UK

Founder Snezana Knowles has been in the UK for 25 years but really missed the flavours from her childhood so decided to import these products to the UK from Serbia. The coulis is made to an old Balkan recipe. “Firm morello cherries, delicious, with the right balance of sweet & sour,”commented the judges. It can be enjoyed on its own, as a dessert topping, in pies, or with pan-fried duck breasts. Other Awards: 100% Apricot Fruit Spread (no sugar) ★★ Ayvar- Roasted Red Pepper Spread ★ Apricot 100% Fruit Juice (no sugar) ★


Discover more about this year’s Great Taste Top 50 foods with our series of 60-second reviews from expert judges. Tune in at


Mole ★



Spain VIRA Chocolate Fig Bombons ★★

AZADA Virgin Pistachio Oil ★★★

This classic combination of figs and dark chocolate was created by a chocolatier in Barcelona and is particularly popular as a present, says Delicioso director Kate Shirley-Quirk. She says: “The chocolate ganache in the centre has a lovely brandy flavour and it’s a bit exotic.”

Using pistachios from Spain, this lovely green oil has a taste that is “100% pistachio”, says Organic Andalus director Daniel James. “We use it on salads, pasta, some red meat, veg and creamy cheeses.” Like the finest quality virgin olive oil, it’s best used for finishing and dressing dishes.

Delicioso Other Awards: Cantabrian Boquerones - Anchovies in Vinegar ★★ Salsa Brava ★ Arbequina Olive oil with white truffle ★

Organic Andalus Other Awards: Azada Virgin Hazelnut Oil ★★★ Azada Virgin Peanut Oil ★★★ Azada Virgin Almond Oil ★★★



los Oro San Car ★★ Carlos

Mövenpick Pear Sorbet ★★★

n Pago Baldios Sa olive oil has a

n This extra virgi vour thanks unique fruity fla e of the at to the microclim n in tio ca lo e’s olive grov , surrounded ar ét Ti l de lle Va d apple trees, by almond an director Ana says managing nda. “It’s ra G de Sánchez g or for in great for cook e of its us ca be g seasonin fruity aroma.” aldiosan www.pagob : ds ar Aw r he Ot Baldios San Full Moon Pago Carlos Evo ★

Mövenpick Ice Cream

With a high (43%) fruit content, this sorbet “tastes like a pear itself”, explains Mövenpick’s Julia Jones. Williams Pears are used for their succulent, refreshing taste and this sorbet is smooth and creamy with “firm but delicate” pieces of pear running through it. Other Awards: Raspberry Sorbet ★★ Macadamia Dulce de Leche Ice Cream ★ Espresso Croquant Ice Cream ★









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