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In the end it all comes down to Great Taste

It’s written in the stars... 2018 is here and we are delighted to win a further four Great Taste 3-star awards, along with three 2-star awards and nine 1-star awards! Salt Aged Lamb Strip Loin Lamb Bacon Rib, brisket & chuck burger (seasoned) Rib, brisket & chuck burger (unseasoned)

Supreme Champion 2012 & 2016 Five times Golden Fork Winners



INTRODUCTION It says something for the rigour of Great Taste that just 1.5% of entries were deemed to merit the top 3-star award

Mick Whitworth Editorial director

IT TOOK 500 expert foodies more than 10 weeks of judging at venues in London and the South West to bring you the amazing selection of products in 2018’s Great Taste 3-Star Guide. Acknowledged as the world’s biggest and most credible food awards scheme, Great Taste – organised by the UK’s Guild of Fine Food – got even bigger this year, with a massive 12,634 products entered across every conceivable food and drink category. A vast team of independent chefs, food writers, retailers, artisan producers and other specialists tasted and re-tasted every one of them before deciding which we were worthy of a Great Taste star and which just didn’t make the grade. This year, some 3,254 entries achieved a 1-star award – the benchmark for great tasting food and drink in UK specialist food outlets – while a further 1,207 took a 2-star award, marking them out as outstanding. But it says something for the rigour of Great Taste that only 192 products – just 1.5% of the total entries – were deemed to have that extra, hard-to-define “wow” factor that merits the top 3-star award. From the pure simplicity of South Downs butter to the tastebudpopping complexity of fermented green Kampot peppercorns, you’ll find every one of the elite 192 listed in this biggest-ever 3-star guide – along with some inspirational images taken for us by photographer Patricia Niven and styled by Sal Henley. For more about the Guild, Fine Food Digest and Great Taste, just visit

INSIDE Beers, wines & spirits 7 Bread, cakes & biscuits 11 Chocolate & confectionery 12 Coffee 12 Cooks’ ingredients 19 Dairy 20 Honey 25 Ice cream & sorbets 26 Jams & preserves 33 Meat, poultry & game 36 Oils & vinegars 42 Olives 45 Savoury pies 45 Savoury preserves & relishes 45 Savoury snacks 48 Seafood 48 Soft drinks 53 Soup 53 Table sauces 53 Tea & infusions 53

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Blackmore, Dorset





Meet the stars of 2018 Tickle your customers’ tastebuds with this stunning line-up of food and drink from the best producers in Britain and beyond. Spanning the exotic and the everyday, from the “queen of Hungarian fruit brandies” to humble potted shrimps from Southport, you’ll find 3-star winners to suit all pockets and all palates.

Govinda Organic Plumage Archer IPA The Cheshire Brewhouse Among a handful of beers brewed from heritage Plumage Archer barley, this 6.3% Burton-style IPA has tropical fruit aromas and notes of citrus, peaches and pears with peppery spice.,

Crafty Brewing Company Irish lager Lidl Ireland Clean, crisp and deliciously bitter, with real character and length, this distinctive, grown-up lager gets its prominent hoppiness and citrus aroma from Tettnanger and Hersbrucker hops.

56 Isles Aegean Wit beer Alexandrou Pavlakis Produced on Paros, the heart of the ‘56 Isles’ of the Cyclades, this 4.7% ABV witbeer (or wheat beer) was hailed by Great Taste judges as a refreshing alternative to cider and an ideal summer tipple.

Abdominal Stoneman pale ale Lymestone Brewery Three powerful US hops dominate this monster of an American pale ale from Staffordshire. At 7% ABV, it’s strongly flavoured, with citrus notes including a grapefruit pithiness.

Utopian Stout Lacada Brewery Beautifully balanced chocolate and coffee notes are underpinned by a rich, rounded alcohol smoothness in this 8% ABV full-bodied, mediumdry bottle-conditioned stout.

AM:PM IPA Thornbridge Brewery A 4.5% ABV easy drinking session beer, AM:PM has a tropical fruit nose that delivers on the palate too, with guava, papaya and passionfruit shining through.


@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards


Class in a glass 3



2 5




1 Red Oak premium cider Fletchers Cider

4 Keeved cider Seidr y Mynydd

7 Dabinett medium cider Apple County Cider Co

2 Lilley’s Bee Sting perry Lilley’s Cider

5 Premium semi-dry Normandie cidre 6Somewhere

8 The Crafty Brewing Co Irish lager Lidl Ireland

6 Utopian stout Lacada Brewery

9 Forgotten Orchard 2016 vintage perry The Purbeck Cider Co

3 Pant Du cider – medium dry Pant-Du

10 Govinda Organic Plumage Archer IPA The Cheshire Brewhouse 11 56 Isles Aegean Wit beer Alexandrou Pavlakis

14 Abdominal Stoneman Lymestone Brewery 15 Pistachios of Megara PDO Megaris Goods

12 AM:PM session IPA Thornbridge Brewery

16 Pea Green Boat cheese sablés- original Shortbread House of Edinburgh

13 Salted Marcona almonds (grade 16) Brindisa

17 Dark Secret oatmeal stout Monty’s Brewery











Dabinett medium cider Apple County Cider Co Redolent with scents of the orchard, this refreshing, lightly sparkling cider is made by cold-fermenting single variety Dabinett bittersweet cider apples with winemakers’ yeast.

Medium-dry cider Seidr Pant Du A mix of traditional cider apples and rare native Welsh varieties goes into this refreshing, easy-drinking 5.2% ABV craft cider, which displays a lovely fruity nose and a light sparkle.

Red Oak premium cider Fletchers Cider Ripe apple aromas are followed by a clean, crisp and fresh apple flavour with gentle carbonation in this very quaffable 6% ABV oak-aged craft cider.

Premium semi-dry Normandie cidre 6Somewhere Noel des Champs and Binet Rouge apples are at the heart of this 4% ABV French cider, brought to the UK by 6Somewhere. Balanced, crisp and clean with a very ‘natural’ character.

Lilley’s Bee Sting perry Lilley’s Cider Sweet on the nose and pleasantly light and refreshing, this 7.5% ABV sparkling medium-sweet perry has a subtle pear aroma and is packed with striking flavours.

Keeved cider Seidr y Mynydd A traditional keeving method – stopping fermentation early to retain sugars – delivers this rich, complex cider, with apricot and vanilla on the nose, floral, fruity notes and good sweetness. @seidrymynydd

Dark Secret Monty’s Brewery A 5.6% ABV full-bodied oatmeal stout with hints of chocolate and coffee, Dark Secret is bottleconditioned and crafted to remove gluten.

Botanical gin British Polo Gin Quadruple distilled and bottled by hand in batches of 150, this 42.7% ABV spirit is spicy and smooth with a strong cardamom character, making it great for Martinis.

British Cassis British Cassis Conjuring up a taste of the British hedgerow, this aperitif struck Great Taste judges with its “wonderful staircase of flavours – sweet berry at first, followed by a sharpness from the stunning blackcurrant”.

Premium Irsai Oliver grape palinka Szicsek Palinka A traditional, double-distilled fruit brandy from Central Europe, made from Hungarian Irsai Oliver grapes. With Muscat-like floral aromas, it packs a real punch on the palate.

Cold-brew coffee liqueur Conker Spirit A blend of speciality Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees each bring their own characteristics to this liqueur, in combination with distilled British wheat spirit and a touch of demerara sugar.

Kilnasaggart Mead O’Hagan’s Meadery Produced in Armagh, this 14% medium-sweet mead presents honey on the nose followed by rich honey notes on the palate.

Coxy’s elderflower & honey liqueur Mighty Fine Things This vodka-based liqueur, made with elderflower and Kentish honey, boasts a delicate elderflower nose and palate. Best served very cold.


Forgotten Orchard 2016 vintage perry The Purbeck Cider Co A grown-up botanical pear cider with distinct tannins, this mediumdry 6.5% ABV perry is aged for a minimum of one year to develop rich, wine-like depth. Light, elegant with a lovely dryness.


Monsoon Estates is Stratford’s very own speciality A family run business consisting of Anne, Chris and son Will with a small team, work from a converted long barn on The Alscot Estate about 3 miles out of town.

MONSOON estates coffee company

Ethiopian Shalaitu Natural Ethiopian Hama Natural Ethiopian Sidamo Shakisso

shops, restaurants and hotels. They also sell to the general public either from the roastery, online webshop or from local Monsoon Estates also supply espresso machines, grinders etc for commercial customers. They also have a click and collect option on their webshop. You can now obtain


within the first month of roasting.

it’s just not fresh, now you have a company on your door step

The Studio Alscot Park, Atherstone on Stour Stratford upon-Avon CV37 8BL

T: 01789 459073 | M: 07951 351780

MONSOON estates coffee company


Cold Brew coffee liqueur from awardwinning distillers, right here in Dorset. Its time to forget everything you know about coffee liqueur. Conker Cold Brew uses Grade 1 forest-grown Speciality coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia to capture the true taste of espresso. No flavourings, additives or thickeners. Simply the best coffees we could lay our hands on.

“Fantastically true in aroma of freshly ground coffee with a great earthy quality and a rich savouriness” - Great Taste awards 2018 Judge’s notes Please adore Conker® responsibly


No gimmicks. No fuss. Conker Cold Brew doesn’t just taste like coffee, it is coffee. #thatsthespirit @guildoffinefood #greattasteawards


Spelt & honey sourdough loaf Peter Cooks Bread Made with a spelt levain, this sourdough is baked with a blend of white and wholewheat British spelt flour, Herefordshire honey and Malvern Hills spring water.

Traditional wheaten bannock Cookie Jar Made in a craft bakery in Newcastle, Co Down, run by the Herron family since 1965, this traditional lighttextured flatbread is produced with a blend of coarse wholemeal and white flour. @cookiejarbakerynewcastle

Pandolce all’Alpianae Baghi’s Di Pellizzari Fabio A leavened Italian cake, made with natural yeast, stoneground flour and fresh free-range eggs, enriched with Moscato sweet wine and candied oranges. Perfectly balanced, moist and light.

Oat & seed savoury biscuits Hillside Foods British flour, oats and butter are combined with toasted seeds in these mouth-watering, moreish and wonderfully crisp biscuits, enjoyable on their own or with cheese.

Whey butter fruit cake for cheese Berries Produced in the Isle of Man, this wholesome cake is packed with dried fruit, including dates, figs, walnuts and apple, giving it just the right sweetness to pair with cheese.

Tortas de Almendras Delicioso UK These handmade olive oil biscuits from Seville are a light and crisp sweet snack, topped with crunchy sugar, chopped almonds and toasted sesame and anise seeds

Pastel de nata Tuga Pastries Comforting and indulgent Portuguese-style custard tarts, with a light, crisp pastry encasing an egg custard centre. They can be warmed in the oven for a freshbaked experience.

Sticky gingerbread Bill King Artisan Baker With fabulously bright ginger spicing and sweetness, this spongy and gooey gingerbread is perfectly light but indulgent.

Lucas Hollweg Food writer and 3-star judge

3 3

Pe r c e n t a g e o f ca ke & b i s c u i t e n t r i e s receiving 1, 2 or 3 S T A R S

Everything is brilliant, but there are several where you think, ‘You have totally got that right’

Sourdough toasting loaf More? The Artisan Bakery Three sourdough cultures go into producing a loaf that is amazingly crisp on the crust yet soft and chewy inside. It takes toast to new heights.

Stem ginger flapjack Yorkshire Flapjack Made with both stem and ground ginger for the perfect punch of flavour, this award winner from Beckwithshaw-based Yorkshire Flapjack has a lovely chewy texture and just the right ginger heat. @yorkshireflapjack

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards



Blackcurrant Beauty Chococo A well-tempered chocolate case enrobes sweet and sharp blackcurrant pâtes de fruit, fresh cream and rich, smooth Madagascan dark chocolate ganache, infused with a dash of British cassis.

70% dark Madagascar Fjak Chocolate Smoky and sweet with a stunning aroma and complex, rich, sharp notes, this organic Madagascan single-estate chocolate fills the mouth with punchy berry and cherry flavours.

Ethiopian Duromina coffee Pure Roast Coffee Heirloom variety beans yield a medium-bodied brew with intense bergamot and apricot notes with sweetness and a hint of almond on the finish. A well-balanced coffee.

Kenia Gicherori AA Plus Cafe Dromedario Boasting great citrus notes, this medium-bodied, medium acidity Kenyan coffee delivers strong chocolate and clean, fruity aromas, with a perfect level of acidity and fruitiness.

Fortnum & Mason Panama Porton San Jose Geisha Bewley’s Sporting a dark chocolate aroma, this dark roast coffee from Hacienda La Esmeralda, Panama has notes of orange zest, bergamot, rosewater, hibiscus, peach, lemon verbena and clementine.

75% Trinitario cocoa & ‘wild’ Voatsiperifery pepper – Bejofo Estate, Madagascar Akesson’s Organic A complex combination of cocoa and spice creates intense floral aromas, brilliant melt and a contrasting texture of creaminess with crunchy fruity pepper.

Crystallised edible flowers Eat My Flowers Coated in pasteurised egg white and dusted in sugar, these faultlessly produced edible decorations are beautiful to look at and delicate and light on the palate.

Common Grounds barrelaged coffee (Bourbon edition) Dark Woods Coffee High-altitude single-estate Arabica beans are washed and sun-dried then aged in Bourbon oak barrels, before hand-roasting, to produce an espresso with a fresh and intense aroma and smooth medium-bodied flavour.

Roastology Aviator blend Cafeology Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Honduras Cosecha and Sumatra Gayo beans are blended and lightly roasted for this well balanced espresso, with a smooth, nutty aroma and fruity flavour.

Ethiopian Shalaitu Natural coffee Monsoon Estates Coffee Co Roasted in Stratford Upon Avon, this sweet and creamy Ethiopian espresso displays flavours of honey, caramel and red berry fruit.

43% White Chocolate – Bejofo Estate, Madagascar Akesson’s Organic Clean, creamy and warm, this novel single-estate white chocolate has less sugar than most and a higher level of cocoa butter, allowing chocolate aromas to glide through.

75% Forastero Cocoa – Fazenda Sempre Firme, Brazil Akesson’s Organic Rich, smooth and expressive, with many layers of flavour from fruity to earthy tobacco, this bar takes the palate on a journey, starting creamily and building to a bold strong finish.

Anthracite No2 Coaltown Coffee Roasters A fruit-driven dark roast espresso blend from Carmarthenshire-based Coaltown Coffee Roasters. With a slight acidity, it is perfect for those who love a dark roast.

Roaster’s Choice – Ethiopia Aricha Edido coffee The Coffee Factory An alluring smoky aroma with fruity notes reminiscent of blueberry and blackberry give real character to this coffee from smallholder farmers across Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia.




UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY Dunbia are proud of the successes achieved at this year’s Great Taste Awards and honoured to have received 3-stars for our Caledonia Crown Aberdeen Angus Matured Marbled Standing Rib.


Our Caledonia Crown Aberdeen Angus is sourced directly from a select group of Angus producers that rear their cattle using traditional farming methods which guarantees tenderness, succulence and an unrivalled taste each and every time.


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3 5

4 18

19 20




1 Anthracite No2 Coaltown Coffee Roasters

4 Crystallised edible flowers Eat My Flowers

2 Roastology Aviator blend coffee Cafeology

5 London honey Black Bee Honey

3 Common Grounds barrelaged coffee (Bourbon edition) Dark Woods Coffee

6 Pastel de nata (Portuguese egg custard tart) Tuga Pastries

7 Blackcurrant & damson jam The Hungry Guest 8 75% Trinitario cocoa and ‘wild’ Voatsiperifery pepper single plantation chocolate Akesson’s Organic

9 Chocolate Cloud flavoured rooibos tea Tea Shirt Tailored Refereshments 10 Pu Erh Royal Palace organic tea Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments

11 Kenia Gicherori AA Plus coffee Cafe Dromedario 12 Everyday Blend tea Thompson’s Teas 13 Tortas de Almendras Delicioso UK




11 9






14 Ethiopian Duromina coffee Pure Roast Coffee 15 Mount Mayon premium pili nuts with Ecuadorian cacao Subic Superfood 16 Blackcurrant jam MarmeLinda


17 Arodama apricot marmalade Nikolaos Mamidakis & Co 18 70% dark Madagascar chocolate FjĂĽk Chocolate

19 Blackcurrant Beauty chocolates Chococo 20 Premium classic organic green tea – May harvest Matsesta Tea Factory

21 Oriental Beauty green tea Flora Tea 22 Stem ginger flapjack Yorkshire Flapjack

23 English heather comb honey The Sheffield Honey Co

Ibericos Montellano is a fully familyowned business, with the 3rd and 4th generation of the family working together to bring the highest quality of iberico products for the most demanding palates. Based in Mozarbez (Salamanca) in Spain, we follow the traditional and artisanal methods and recipes inherited from our grand-parents to preserve the values and quality for all of our offering. /

"Wonderfully crisp... Superb balance of flavours... Totally addictive... Cheese, cheese, cheese!" Great Taste Award Judges

T: 0131 555 5212 E:

Try our sablĂŠs at stand 1940A

Original 16


be on FF r 2 ’1 68 8 6

us e





Se d an st

E S T. 2 0 1 6

We have the UK’s largest selection of small-batch vinegars, made with love and care by some of the best European ar tisans + speciality oils, hand-harvested salts, rare spices, wild peppers & other exciting pantry items including 22 new Great Taste 2018 winners! For more information on our 3-star, 2-star and 1-star Great Taste 2018 award-winners & trade prices, contact us on 07854892065 or

Sales enquiries: 01369 705 286 |




Brazilian chilli & coconut sauce Capsicana Based on the Brazilian dish Moqueca, this fruity, fragrant and complex sauce is packed with Frutescens chillies and coconut – a punchy, versatile ingredient for meat or vegetable-based dishes.

Mushroom salt Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms Made by extracting and concentrating the natural salts from Irish-grown mushrooms, this unique umami-packed salt brings together woody, beefy and sweet-savoury, almost Marmite-like flavours.

ena ena thyme flowers from Andros Hellenic Fields Described as ‘thyme bombs’, these beautiful, hand-picked wild thyme flowers from the Greek island of Andros have visual impact as well as packing a huge punch of flavour.

Fermented green Kampot peppercorns Kadode Kampot Pepper UK A versatile ingredient with a heady, floral aroma, these young, dark green peppercorns have an intense flavour that builds to a numbing heat on the tip of the tongue.

Mixed Grain bread flour Wessex Mill Baking with this mixed grain flower produces a visually enticing loaf with long-lasting malty tones and bursts of seed flavours.

Fresh brown rice miso Tideford Organics Rich, deep flavours of cheese rind and marmite give this miso a lovely umami tone and a long but delicate finish. A great base for any soup or sauce, with smooth, rounded saltiness.

Sea salt smoked with beech wood Salt Odyssey An unmistakable beechwood aroma, sweet, almost toffee-like flavour and beautiful balance makes this intense smoked salt memorable. One to try sprinkled over scallops.

Wild capers Valsamo These plump and earthy wild caper buds are handpicked in Tinos, an island of the Greek Cyclades, before being cured in coarse sea salt.

Spelt flour – wholegrain Craggs & Co A high protein, high fibre and low-gluten flour, versatile and fine-grained, made with 100% British wholegrain spelt sustainably farmed and hammer-milled in the north-east of England.

Épices De Cru Sansho pepper Vinegar Shed Perfect with seafood, noodle and soup dishes, this Japanese sansho provides a strong, zesty aroma and seriously intense flavours that tingle like sherbet on the tongue.

Wessex cobber bread flour

Six Seed bread flour Wessex Mill Milled in Oxfordshire, Six Seed bread flour delivers a loaf with exemplary crust and texture and a malt background flavour with hints of sesame and poppy.


Number of judges who h e l pe d with G R E A T T A S T E 2 0 1 8

Captain’s Recipe herb blend Tzekos Organic Herbs An organic herb blend from Greece, combining anise, sage and lemon verbena for an aroma reminscent of ouzo. Great in marinades and infusions or in Mediterrean-style seafood dishes.

Wessex Mill

A delicately flavoured, malted bread flour made with roasted barley malt and malted wheat flakes, including wheat grown locally to the Munsey family’s Oxfordshire mill.

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards



Organic Jersey whole milk Ivy House Farm This full bodied, unhomogenised West Country milk is a true nostalgia trip, even displaying a layer of cream settled on the top. Creamy, rounded and sweet, with a clean, fresh taste.

Organic double cream Jess’s Ladies Organic Farm Milk With a lovely glossy shine, silky smooth texture and sweet, fresh, milky flavour, this unhomogenised double cream is made by hand within hours of the cows being milked.

Bontaleggio Taleggio DOP

South Down salted butter

Celtic Promise Caws Teifi Cheese A well-structured washed rind, raw milk cheese, Celtic Promise delivers a complex mix of fruit, floral and farmyard notes in a melt-in-themouth paste. Welsh artisan cheesemaking at its best.

Shropshire Blue Colston Bassett & District Dairy This buttery and creamy Shropshire Blue delivers a rounded but still punchy flavour with real depth and length – a textbook example from one of this cheese’s few producers.

Keltic Gold Whalesborough Cheese A pungent cider-washed cheese from north Cornwall, boasting an attractive rind, pleasant, creamysmooth texture and rounded, full sweet flavour.

Cornish Kern Lynher Dairies Cheese Co A long-matured hard Alpine-style cheese in a breathable waxy rind, Cornish Kern is seriously moreish, with rich, nutty and caramel notes that develop steadily on the palate.

Cabra del Tiétar semi cured goats’ cheese Brindisa This eye-catching pasteurised goats’ cheese from Avila in Spain boasts a crumbly yet firm texture, sweet, meadow-like aromas and hints of caramel, pepper and wild herbs.

Signature Tastes Gubbeen cheese Musgrave Retail Partners NI A rich, complex and earthy cheese, Gubbeen is so butter-soft and creamy it’s almost spreadable, while its nutty, mushroom-like flavour notes make it perfect with a glass of craft cider.

Doddington cheese Doddington Dairy Revealing elements of cheddar and Leicester, this dry, nutty, raw cows’ milk cheese from Northumberland is a real crowdpleaser, perfect for a platter accompanied by wine or beer.

Biotopos organic traditional sheep’s yoghurt

Kalamea Foods

A clean, lactic and refreshing yoghurt produced on Kalamea Foods’ farm in Greece’s central Peloponnese. Palate-cleansing yet creamy, it shows good acidity and gentle citrus notes.

Bookham Harrison Farms Creamy and rich with grassy notes, gentle salt and a perfect colour, this traditionally churned butter from the Surrey-Sussex border is like a taste of childhood.

Emilio Mauri A soft cheese with a reddish rind and a straw-white paste, cave-aged for at least 45 days. Creamy and complex, its flavour develops to end on a subtle but lingering farmyard note.

Excellence is important and this is one place you’ll find it

Charles Campion food writer, MasterChef critic and 3-star judge






Fill a Spritz glass with ice British Cassis® Prosecco Splash of lemon juice Top with soda water as required Lemon twist or slice to garnish (for an extra punch soak fresh or frozen blackcurrants in vodka)

Great Taste Judges on Table 1 said “ T H I S I S J U S T H E AV E N I N A GL ASS…SHEER BRILLIANCE” Made in Herefordshire












T (44) 07949 151277




@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards


Cream of the dairy







20 21 17 18

1 Piave DOP Vecchio Selezione Oro Lattebusche

5 Fig retseli Kumilio 6 Shropshire Blue Colston Bassett & District Dairy

2 Doddington cheese Doddington Dairy

7 Traditional wheaten bannock Cookie Jar

3 Boyne Valley Bán Boyne Valley Farmhouse Cheese

8 Celtic Promise Caws Teifi Cheese

4 Oat & seed savoury biscuits Hillside Foods

9 Organic Jersey whole milk Ivy House Farm

10 Payoyo cured goats’ cheese Brindisa

14 Keltic Gold Whalesborough Cheese 15 Whey butter fruit cake for cheese Berries

11 Clothbound goats’ milk cheese Quicke’s Traditional

16 South Down salted butter Bookham Harrison Farms

12 Double cream Jess’s Ladies Organic Farm 13 Bontaleggio Taleggio DOP Emilio Mauri


17 Cornish Kern Lynher Dairies Cheese Co

20 Signature Tastes Gubbeen Musgrave Retail Partners NI 21 Cabra del Tiétar semi-cured goats’ cheese Brindisa

18 Quince cheese Fruit Magpie




19 Biotopos organic traditional sheep’s yoghurt Kalamea Foods



12 8




We supply our exceptionally high quality spelt products for retail sale, wholesale and direct to the bakery and restaurant trade. White & Wholegrain Spelt Flour | Pearled Spelt | Flaked Spelt | Kibbled Spelt Sustainably farmed

BRC certified products

100% British

High in protein & fibre

Competitive & stable pricing

01740 629 529 | |






Goats’ milk clothbound cheese Quicke’s Traditional Clothbound and matured for six months, this delightfully different Devon goats’ cheese has a promising, almost horseradish aroma and delivers on the palate with a brightly acidic paste.

Piave DOP Vecchio Selezione Oro Lattebusche Crumbly and granular, this fullbodied Parmesan-like ‘old gold selection’ Piave DOP is made from pasteurised cows’ milk in Italy’s Dolomites National Park and aged for at least 12 months.

English heather comb honey The Sheffield Honey Co “Pure liquid gold” was how judges described the appearance of this rich raw heather comb honey, which captures the aromatic taste of the high Peak District moorland.

London honey Black Bee Honey A pure raw honey to get you up in the morning, with a sharp, clean almost grapefruit flavour, this is gathered from rooftop hives and gardens in central London.

Union Honey Exmoor wildflower

Boyne Valley Bán Boyne Valley Farmhouse Cheese Produced in Co Meath, this pasteurised, tomme style, semi-hard goats’ cheese has a fresh, lingering flavour with subtle farmyard notes. Crumbly, becoming creamier as it melts in the mouth.

Payoyo cured goats’ cheese, Brindisa Creamy and delicate with a buttery finish and light acidity, this semi-hard cheese is made with pasteurised milk from Spain’s indigenous Payoyo goats.

Organic Zambian forest honey

Pine & Smilax aspera honey Honey Miteloudi Near the Greek village of Agia Paraskevi, bees forage on honeydew from pine trees and the flowering vine Smilax aspera to produce this unique, sweet and spicy honey.

Heather & arbutus honey Evia Apiculture This raw honey from south Evia in the Greece isles is smooth and easy to enjoy despite huge complexity of flavour and an intriquing, woody aroma.

Hillside Honey forest honey The Apiary Produced by a social enterprise in the pristine natural forests of Rwanda, this pure honey has an astonishing smoky aroma, glorious treacly texture and well-balanced bitterness and sweetness.

Chestnut honey Eulogia of Sparta The protected chestnut forests of Mount Athos yield this intriguing chestnut honey, rich in trace elements, with a strong pepper taste and distinctive aroma.

BeeActiv raw ivy honey

Tropical Forest Products Harvested from bark hives in the Zambian forest, this smooth and richly flavoured organic honey has a wonderfully complex aroma evocative of walks in tropical woodlands.

Bermondsey Street Bees A remarkable, multi-floral, singlesource artisan honey from Exmoor National Park, offering complex sweet, earthy and citrus notes and a long, intense flavour.

26 Countries

represented a m o n g 3 - S T A R WINNERS

BeeActiv A creamy soft set, waxy comb and rich colour are characteristics of this especially natural-tasting raw honey from Irish bees that have foraged on ivy flowers in Co Limerick and Co Tipperary. CONTINUED ➔

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards




Organic chestnut honey Melitteas Greek Honey Rich and opulent with earthy liquorice notes, this Greek chestnut honey, sourced from the chestnutrich woodland around Tymfristos mountain in central Greece, is certified organic by BioHellas.

Pistachio gelato Bliss Gelato Rich, unctuous, balanced and brilliantly creamy, this sophisticated gelato is made from toasted Bronte pistachio nuts. Not too sweet, with an underlying saltiness, it’s all too moreish.

Pistachio sorbetto Swoon A generous helping of crushed Sicilian pistachios from the slopes of Mount Etna go into this smooth, creamy sorbetto. And it’s dairy-free, meaning it’s suitable for vegans.

Single-origin Sumatran coffee ice cream Rogue Artisan Ice Cream A perfect balance between coffee and cream and just a little bit of ‘chew’ to the texture makes this coffee ice cream slip down wickedly well.

Mascarpone & caramelised fig ice cream Forte’s Ice Cream Rippled with caramelised figs, which add a crunchy texture, this ice cream has stunning sweet notes followed by delicate sourness from the mascarpone.

Thyme honey Meloma Produced in the Samaria National Park in Crete, this thyme honey has punchy, complex flavours and a smooth soft texture that will appeal to a wide range of palates.

Coffee ice cream Winterspring Red Clay espresso beans steeped in cream contribute to the smooth, melting texture and complex character of this ice cream, which is sweet and creamy but has coffee at its base.

Salted almond ice cream Mauds Ice Creams “Glorious, rich and decadent” was how judges described this delicious mix of fresh whole milk, double cream and almond flavour, balanced by a perfect salt level, from Northern Ireland producer Mauds.

Wild cherry sorbetto Fabulous Ice Fires German sauerkirschen and wild Amarena cherries from Italy are among the mix of sweet and sour fruits in this lively sorbetto. Expect vibrant colour, creamy texture and a rich cherry nose.

Mango sorbet Bliss Gelato Alphonso mangos are the base for this smooth sorbet, beautifully textured, with a subtle bitterness that develops to give a full mango taste and citrus-like freshness.

12,634 Number


products Honey with Greek saffron Stayia Farm A pure wild forest, heather and herb honey, carefully flavoured with a touch of Greek saffron, with a pleasing texture and almost savoury aroma.


Sicilian Bronte pistachio ice cream Rogue Artisan Ice Cream Great Taste judges loved this “epic and insanely delicious” ice cream, made with roasted pistachios from Bronte in Sicily and just a hint of sea salt. Rich, smooth and moreish.

Blackcurrant sorbet Fire & Ice This stunning small-batch sorbet, made from blackcurrant purée, spring water and a squeeze of lemon, has a gorgeous texture, pleasing citrus notes and an intense berry flavour.


entered into G R E A T T A S T E 2




Fifth generation artisan flour millers based in Oxfordshire. We mill our flour using wheat from local farms to produce top quality flour. Excellent for baking by hand or using in a bread maker.

Three stars awarded for our Six Seed, Mixed Grain and Wessex Cobber Bread Flours.

Hugh Maguire - “The Smokin’ Butcher”, is a seasoned butcher with over 30 years’ experience and his 2017 Supreme Champion Winning Smoked Black Pudding is the perfect mix of traditional Irish and Mediterranean style charcuterie. This widely recognised and prestigious award has created a lot of excitement for The Smokin’ Butcher and it’s various smoked products, all smoked in Hugh’s own smoke house in Navan, Co. Meath. 2018 brought five new Great Taste Awards to the Smokin’ Butcher, with his new Dry Sweet Cured Smoked Collar Bacon receiving 3 stars and Hugh’s second Golden Fork nomination. “A beautifully burnished cured pork joint with a sticky glaze and a good aroma of smoked pork. The pork is juicy and sweet, the smoke is gentle but evident as beechwood, the texture is moist and it melts away on the palate.” - Great Taste Awards Judge

01235 768991 | |

Award winning relish Handcrafted in Cornwall

WHOLESALE • RETAIL • FOODSERVICE Deli Farm Charcuterie Delabole, Cornwall, PL33 9BZ 01840 214106

The Smokin’ Butcher range is available at Hugh’s flagship shop and selected retails in Ireland, Selfridges UK and soon in more speciality food stores across Europe.

For more visit

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards



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Priceless ices






1 Marscapone & caramelised fig ice cream Forte’s Ice Cream

3 Single origin Sumatran coffee ice cream Rogue Artisan Ice Cream

2 Sicilian Bronte pistachio ice cream Rogue Artisan Ice Cream

4 Salted almond ice cream Mauds Ice Cream

5 Blackcurrant sorbet Fire & Ice

7 Pistachio gelato Bliss Gelato

9 Wild cherry sorbet Fabulous Ice Fires

6 Coffee ice cream Winterspring

8 Mango sorbet Bliss Gelato

10 Pistachio sorbetto Swoon

SOUTHPORT POTTED SHRIMPS by JAMES PEET This award is presented to

Vasilissa Greek Honey Table 3: Classic golden honey in appearance with strands of deep coloured saffron floating in it give an interesting flavour , of a beautiful colour and a great consistency this honey only just falls short of perfection. Table 1: A beautiful appearance with its deep golden clarity and saffron strands. We liked the combination of sweet honey with the delicate saffron to balance it.

Brown shelled shrimps preserved in a unique blend of herbs, spices, butter and a hint of salt and pepper. Contact James Peet: 01704 229266 | 66 Station Road - Banks Village - Southport - Lancashire PR9 8BB


Taste the Doddington Magic in Every Mouthful





Strawberry Fields Award winning Shropshire lamb reared in the heart of the Shropshire countryside 07989 970840 @strawberry_fields_farm

We are delighted our ‘Boyne Valley Bán’ goats cheese has received 3 stars in the 2018 Great Taste Awards. It is a truly unique goats cheese based on a French Tomme style except also matured with blue cheeses. This ensures a very different flavour. Phone: Email: Web: Twitter: Instagram:

00353863844162 @boynevalleyblue @boynevalleycheese

Albion Farm Shop & Cafe Oldham Road Delph Saddleworth OL3 5RQ 01457 874366

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards


C H U R N I N G Q UA L I T Y I N G R E D I E N T S F O R T H AT TA S T E E X P E R I E N C E Pistachio gelato offers a a tantalising pistachio flavour from Bronte. Mango sorbet has a flavour that bursts of mango ripeness.

To buy this coffee visit If you are interested in stocking AVIATOR in your shop please feel free to get in touch with our sales team.

Roastology is the newest brand from Cafeology and we are proud to introduce a new range of coffees to suit all tastes. As an independent British coffee roaster based in Yorkshire, we are delighted to source some of the most exclusive coffees from around the world. We are excited to introduce you all to our outstanding, 3 Star award winning, AVIATOR BLEND. Tel: 0114 255 8007 Email:

W W W. B L I S S G E L ATO . C O M

+44 7449870164

We don’t do things by half We are artisan small batch producers supplying and the catering industry with exceptionally smoked products

Smoked Mackerel

Smoked Mackerel

01299 253764 |


1 Rose Cottage, Guildford Road, Shamley Green Guildford Surrey

independent retailers

Smoked Mackerel



Fig retseli

Quince cheese Fruit Magpie Tart, sophisticated, vibrant and beautifully textured, this quince cheese – perfect with a creamy cheddar – is made with garden fruit, oven-roasted, sieved and slowly cooked in an open pan.

Blackcurrant jam

Blackcurrant & damson jam The Hungry Guest Commended by judges for its ‘home-made’ feel, this chunky jam has a lovely sourness, a big hit of fruity tartness and great blackcurrant flavour.

Arodama apricot marmalade

Bullace butter Somerset Membrillo This smooth, rich and pleasantly acidic preserve showcases the bullace, a wild plum similar to a damson or sloe. Its fresh, tart character means that it pairs well with blue cheese.

Baba’s Rashi & Dibis with sesame seeds Terra Rossa A great marriage of sweet and savoury, with unctuous molasses and crunchy seeds, this halva-like spread has numerous uses, from spreading on toast to stirring through puddings or porridge.

Almond butter Slowlandia Slovakia is the home of this sophisticated spread. Made with 92% slow roasted almonds, Belgian cocoa butter and a pinch of sea salt for a smooth, deep peanut flavour, it’s also 100% vegan.

Tarocco blood orange marmalade Artisan Kitchen Described by one Great Taste judge as “a morning kiss of sunshine”, this medium-cut marmalade has soft, hand-cut peel, an excellent set and a rich, deep, orange flavour.

Blood orange marmalade & Vino Del Naranja Artisan Kitchen The addition of Vino Del Naranja, a Spanish fortified wine macerated with oranges, gives this classic blood orange marmalade a boozy but harmonious flavour.

Blood orange marmalade

Sweet orange & passion fruit marmalade Artisan Kitchen Brilliantly tangy with strong passionfruit character and zesty orange, this hand-cut preserve shows a great balance of sweetness and acidity and a hit of passionfruit on the finish.

Seville orange marmalade & Vino Del Naranja Artisan Kitchen A sophisticated hand cut orange marmalade is finished with Vino Del Naranja, a Spanish fortified wine that is itself macerated with oranges, for a grown-up preserve with a citrus zing.

Delton Martin’s Ontario maple syrup Coedcanlas Full flavoured, slightly fizzy and smoky, this natural, homely syrup is harvested by hand by members of a Mennonite community in Ontario, who evaporate the maple sap over wood fires.

Kumilio A sweet treat from Greece, this rich-scented preserve is made with sun-dried figs stuffed with walnut chunks, boiled and preserved in fig syrup. Delivers a deep flavour without being oversweet.

Thursday Cottage Blood oranges from the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily are the basis for this sweet, floral and citrussy marmalade from Essex-based Thursday Cottage, which is on the chunky side of medium cut.

marmeLinda Bang full of blackcurrant flavour with a lush balance of sweetness and acidity, this coarse-textured preserve from the Czech Republic has numerous potential uses from to coulis to summer puddings.

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards

Nikolaos Mamidakis & Co An all-natural Greek marmalade containing only fruit, sugar and fresh lemon juice. With 75% fruit content, it was applauded by Great Taste judges for its big, bold apricot flavour.



Take a butcher’s 5


4 1



1 Saddle of Colebrooke venison Burren Balsamics

3 Borders lamb shoulder joint Dunbia

2 West of Ireland 50-day dry-aged French-trimmed bone-in rib Dawn Meats

4 Signature Tastes smoked rack of bacon Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland

5 Caledonia Crown Aberdeen Angus matrued marbled standing rib Dunbia

8 Rib, brisket & chuck burger (seasoned) Hannan Meats

11 Temple Farm whole freerange white turkey SJ Frederick & Sons

6 Dry-aged veal rib steak Donald Russell

9 Free range whole Cornish duck The Cornish Duck Co

12 Organic hot dog Helen Browning’s Organic

7 Pork leg joint Uncle Henry’s

10 Salt-aged lamb striploin Hannan Meats

7 11

12 10 8


West of Ireland 50-day dry-aged French-trimmed bone-in rib Dawn Meats The lush pastures of County Waterford are the source of this tender cut of highly marbled beef, made from the long ribs and aged for 50 days with the thick fat cap still in place.

Borders lamb shoulder joint Dunbia Rich and succulent, this lamb shoulder joint has a buttery texture and is packed full of distinctive sweet and grassy flavours, with the crisp caramelised fat really making this cut stand out.

Rib, brisket & chuck burger (seasoned) Hannan Meats A seasoned version of Hannan’s special burger blend of beef rib, brisket and chuck steak – coarse but succulent, with a deep meaty flavour.

Caledonia Crown Aberdeen Angus matured, marbled standing rib

Salt-aged lamb striploin Hannan Meats Cut from lamb loins that have been dry-aged on the bone in a Himalayan salt chamber for at least two weeks, this striploin is juicy, sweet and tender.

Temple Farm free-range white turkey S J Frederick & Sons Dubbed “a fine bird” by Great Taste judges, S J Frederick and Sons’ fresh, white-feathered turkey delivers a meaty but moist texture, gamey brown meat and flavoursome white meat.

Organic hot dog Helen Browning’s Organic These quick-cook, lightly smoked organic hot dogs pop in the mouth to reveal spicy, juicy frankfurter flavours. Gluten- and filler-free, they are made from high welfare, free-range pork. helenbrowningsorganic.

Dry-aged veal rib steak Donald Russell Tender, juicy and light, this steak is dry-aged on the whole pistola for 21 days then hand-cut by Donald Russell’s head butcher.

Saddleback neck steak Pipers Farm Juicy and soft-eating pork steak from slow-reared pigs, hung on the bone for three weeks to produce a deep and delicious, almost gamey flavour profile.

Half leg of Herdwick hogget Yew Tree Farm Heritage Meats A classic roasting joint from Cumbria. Bone-in legs from native Herdwick sheep, reared on a diet of fell grasses and heather, are dry-aged for seven days for a tender, rich-flavoured meat.

Easy-carve carvery rib roast Donald Russell Dry-ageing this grass-fed beef for 35-days delivers a fine cut of meat with creamy-sweet fat and a fabulous depth of savoury flavour.

Rib, brisket & chuck burger (unseasoned)

Dry-aged pork belly Udale Speciality Foods Juicy, porky and boasting a crunchy crackling, this pork belly from Lancashire’s Udale gets its traditional full flavour from being dry-aged on the bone.

Signature Tastes smoked rack of bacon

Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland Traditionally smoked with beechwood, this French-trimmed rack of Irish Hampshire bacon offers well-balanced sweetness, salt and smokiness, together with a delicious melt-in-the-mouth fat.

Hannan Meats Three cuts of beef specially selected for their flavour and succulence – rib, brisket and chuck steak – are mixed together to create this juicy, coarse-textured burger.

Dunbia A solidly excellent piece of meat with rich buttery fat, this is “beef at its best”, according to the Great Taste judges.





7 Unique Cornish Cheeses: Adventurous Coffee • Roasted by Hand Coffee Equipment • Barista Training • Retail

Panama La Huella “Cafe de Panama”

Panama La Huella “Cafe

Holme Mills, Marsden, Yorkshire de Panama” 100% Gesha e: • t: 01484 843141

Trelawny – a beautifully balanced traditional farmhouse cheese Miss Muffet – a washed curd supple textured creamy flavoured continental style cheese with lovely nutty undertones Keltic Gold – delicious, creamy & pungent, cider washed rind Cornish Crumbly – a lovely light textured young cheese bursting with zingy flavours Cornish Smuggler – delicious and beautiful with orange and white marbling - a stunning addition to any cheeseboard Miss Thymed – a washed curd using Cornish Sea Salt’s Lemon and Thyme blend, creamy with delicious garlic and citrus flavours - superb Marwenne – washed curd with green peppercorns that we crush ourselves to give the perfect texture and a real mouthful of flavour - yum

Miss Muffet

Cornish Crumbly

Keltic Gold

Also available from

Harvey and Brockless, London

01288 361317 07881 465985 200 years in the baking

Great Taste 2018 Judges said “ Wow!” - “Absolutely superb” - “Absolutely worthy of its 3 stars”

Naturally good and healthy 100% Italian Apple, aged for 1 year in barrique AGRICOLA DUE VITTORIE s.r.l. Via Canale, 35 • 41019 Soliera (Modena) Italia Tel. +39 059 563876 • Fax. +39 059 563602 •

Our multi-award-winning range of Russian Pies (piroshki) Over 12 varieties including savoury – vegetarian, meat and fish and sweet choices too. Originally made in my family’s bakery in St. Petersburg from 1810. Now baked in Sheffield. Try something different!

Available for the retail and foodservice sectors. The Russian Food Company Ltd Sales & Enquiries: email: mobile: 07854 160555

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards


A cut above 1 Lamb bacon Hannan Meats

3 Easy-carve carvery rib roast Donald Russell

5 Sugar Pit bacon rack William Grant & Co

7 Shropshire lamb shoulder Crows Agricultural

9 Dry-aged pork belly Udale Speciality Foods

2 Rib, brisket & chuck burger (unseasoned) Hannan Meats

4 Dry-aged veal rump cap Donald Russell

6 Leg of Herdwick hogget Yew Tree Farm Heritage Meats

8 Shoulder of Lleyn hogget, on bone Lovaton Farm

10 28-day dry-aged rib of beef on the bone Todenham Manor Farm









6 10

Bee Sting Perry Cider with a sting Sumptuous sparkling 7.5% medium sweet perry that has a cult status among many of its devotees. Oozing with striking flavours with a subtle pear aroma. Incredibly refreshing.

A game changing kimchi, ‘this converted a couple of judges who didn’t like kimchi before this!’ Exceptionally clean and bright with the perfect balance between texture, tang, salt, sweetness and heat which lasts and lingers in the most delicious way.

01373 466626


for samples, please email



Sugar pit bacon rack William Grant & Co “Sweet as honey with amazing caramelised toffee-like fat,” is how Great Taste judges described this tender, juicy and moist French-trimmed pork loin, which is matured in a sugar pit for seven days. @grantsbacon

Lamb bacon Hannan Meats Boneless lamb loin is dry-cured and lightly seasoned with rosemary, juniper and black pepper to create a bacon with a gorgeous aroma and strong lamb notes.

28-day dry-aged rib of beef on the bone Todenham Manor Farm A well-presented rib of beef: juicy, succulent and rich, with a deep meaty flavour and hints of offal on the finish.

Saddle of Colebrooke venison Burren Balsamics A strikingly flavoursome and tender saddle of venison from deer that have grazed on the heather and shrubland of Northern Ireland’s Colebrooke Park estate.

Pork leg joint Uncle Henry’s Produced in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, from home-reared Hampshire-cross pigs, this lean, tender joint boasts succulent fruity fat and a lovely deep porky flavour.

Free-range whole Cornish duck The Cornish Duck Co A unique breed of duck, honed over many years for perfect flavour and a great meat-to-fat ratio: succulent and buttery, with a richness that grows with each mouthful.

Sweet dry-cured smoked collar bacon The Smokin Butcher Pork neck fillet is cured in salt and sugar for eight weeks then smoked gently over beech wood chippings for a bacon with layers of flavour and a great balance of salt and sweet.

Dry-aged veal rump cap Donald Russell Tender and moist, with gentle but well-developed savoury flavour notes, this good-looking joint of milk veal is dry-aged on the bone for 21 days.

Shropshire lamb shoulder Crows Agricultural Great texture, a sweet, full-on lamb flavour throughout and a to-die-for coating of tasty fat, make for a delicious shoulder of lamb from Crows’ pedigree Shropshire sheep.

Shoulder of Lleyn hogget on the bone Lovaton Farm Raised on clover-rich pasture close to Dartmoor in Devon, this hogget is moist, tender and sweet, with grassy notes and balanced meatiness. traditionallyrearedmeat.

Iberico Bellota ham

Hartgrove Coppa The Real Cure Pork neck fillet is cured in crushed bay leaves, black pepper and salt then air-dried for three months to produce this sweet coppa from Dorset’s The Real Cure.

Manx chorizo Close Leece Farm Pasture-raised native Tamworth pork is mixed with Spanish pimenton to deliver a steady warmth in this traditional chorizo, slow-cured for at least eight weeks.

1.52 Percentage of


achieving 3 - S T A R

s t a t u s

Carnicas Ibericas Mozarbez “Nutty, sweet and salty” was the Great Taste judges desciption of this traditionally cured Iberico ham from acorn-fed pigs, applauding its deep flavour and melt-in-the-mouth fat.

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards



Vallée des Baux de Provence olive oil PDO – Grand Cru Noir La Lieutenante A Provençale oil, smooth and light but complex, with beautiful savoury notes of mushrooms and black olive on the nose.

Donum Terrae pumpkin seed oil Best of Hungary Lightly roasted pumpkin seeds give this oil a stunning aroma and a buttery, smooth and deliciously rich flavour profile.

Tokaj pear-lavender balsamic vinegar Best of Hungary Dubbed “stunning and exciting” by the Great Taste judges, this golden balsamic was likened to baked apple crumble, with sweet fruit flavours balanced by sharp acidity and great length.

Dark balsamic vinegar (crema) Fino Olive Oil Produced in Spain’s Montilla region from Pedro Ximenez grape must then aged for 25 years, this sweet balsamic is rich and treacly with sherry and deep caramel notes shining through.

Full Moon transparent balsamic vinegar Pago Baldios San Carlos Specially processed to achieve a crystal clarity, this 12-year-aged Spanish vinegar offers good viscosity and a sharp flavour without adding colour to a dish.

Raspberry vinegar Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars Beautiful in colour, with a jammy, syrupy texture and a delicate, natural raspberry flavour, this is a versatile vinegar, whether poured in prosecco, drizzled over ice cream or used in cooking.

Olive, hay & mint seasoning oil

Apple vinegar Agricola Due Vittorie A sweet, sharp and clean vinegar made from Italian apples. Aged in wine barrels, it delivers a honeyed apple flavour and sweet acidity on the length.

PX Spinola sherry vinegar Brindisa A sharp hit of acidity is followed by a long warm and intense sherry finish and dried fruit notes in this well-rounded, full-flavoured vinegar from one of Spain’s oldest sherry producers.

Organic apple cider vinegar Natural Umber Smoothness, syrupy viscosity, sweet apple character and balanced sharpness prove cider vinegar isn’t just for chutney and salad dressing. Try this for a grown-up and refreshing soft drink.

La Lieutenante A seasoning oil is extracted from La Lieutenante’s olives, fresh mint from Provence and, uniquely, Foin de Crau PDO hay, cut as cattle fodder from grasslands in Bouches-duRhône.

1 9 2 Num b e r


products Sushi ginger vinegar Vinegar Shed A sprightly and well-balanced vinegar is made from white aperitif Pineau des Charentes, fresh and confit ginger, lime zest and fleur de sel. Works brilliantly with sushi and sashimi.


Apple vinegar Belazu A fruity, golden vinegar with fresh apple and farmyard aromas and a gigantic kick of acidity on the palate. Made using the 19th century Schützenbach method to maintain and develop subtle flavours.

Apple Chai Shrubs Ballyhoura Apple Farm Produced in Co Limerick, this unique, sweet drinking vinegar blends apple chai juice with cider vinegar and honey. It can be taken as a shot or added to cocktails or sauces.


a w a r d e d 3 in

S TA R S 2018

Baba’s Rashi & Dibis Does it again!

2015 & 2018 Great Taste Award Winner

Tahini, Date Molasses & Spice Spread with Sesame Seeds To try me call 020 8661 9695 or email ww

WILD THYME FLOWERS from Andros Island, Greece “A beautiful and outstanding product with an unbelievable fragrance”

The latest addition to the Black Garlic family...

An “exquisite product” which lingers in the mouth with a delicious finish, so said the judges about “the most aromatic thyme’ they have encountered. They felt “the flavour and aroma take you to Andros, sun baked landscape and you want to stay there!. “We can think of so many uses for its wonderful intensity - it has set us dreaming...”


Our 100% natural, wildgrown, free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, additives or enhancers, Thyme Flowers are collected by hand one by one, ensuring the protection of the plant and the ecosystem of the region and are carefully dried by natural methods without undergoing any processing, retaining their intense, vibrant aroma and slightly spicy taste.

Contact or call us on +30 210 6847451 for more information about our Exceptional Greek Products

HAWKSHEADRELISH.COM @guildoffinefood #greattasteawards



Mascarpone and Fig

Making delicious ice cream Since 1926

Great Taste 2018 judges said “ A smooth and rich ice cream with figs round every corner! The ripple is rich with fig sweetness, the seeds pop throughout the mascarpone ice cream, together we were in fig heaven - the combination is rich, creamy, sweet and delicious with texture on top!”

Head Office: 01492 876739 Fax: 01492 876729 Email: www:

This vinegar is used by the best Michelin 3-Star chefs in the world - order yours today! Tel: +34 91 319 39 36

AWARD WINNING AMERICAN STYLE APA Abdominal Stoneman is a 7% American style pale ale. Brewed using English malts and three American hops this is a beast of a brew loved by the Great Taste Judges. Call or email and speak to Viv about our other amazing beers or to place an order.

PROUDLY INDEPENDENT EST 2008 Lymestone Brewery, The Old Brewery, Mount Rd, Stone, Staffs ST15 8LL 01785 817796


For any enquiries regarding the Full Yorkshire Flapjack Range please contact Katie Wilson:

Mobile 07779 023096 Email Check out our social media pages to find out more about our Yorkshire Flapjack! Yorkshire_flapjack



Yorkshire Flapjack




Black Kalamata olives with oregano Taste of Koroni Hand-picked and hand-cut olives with sustainably harvested wild oregano: glossy, plump and juicy, with a flavour that bursts onto the tongue.

Pork, chicken, ham & apricot pie The Unusual Pork Pie Co ‘A fantastic looking and well-made pie. Cutting reveals the crisp pastry reveals succulent meat, gorgeous jelly and sweet juicy apricots. theunusualporkpiecompany.

Russian pie with sea bass & cod The Russian Food Co Baked fish and a creamy leek sauce are encased in a soft and buttery brioche-like yeast dough for this attractive and comforting take on the traditional Russian piroshki or miner’s pie.

Black garlic pickle Hawkshead Relish Co A well spiced, even flavour, rustic texture and caramelised black garlic, which is aged and roasted for 40 days, characterise this pickle from Cumbria’s Hawkshead Relish. A “spicy and powerful” pickle, Great Taste judges said.

Honeyed fig relish with black garlic The Quirky Cook A rich, deep and intense sticky relish with a bright, explosive flavour that would enhance anything from toast and sandwiches to roasted roots or mature cheese.

Chunky steak pie with onion and balsamic The Unusual Pork Pie Co Crisp, buttery shortcrust pastry is hand-crimped to encase tender chuck steak, thick gravy, caramelised onions and just a hint of balsamic vinegar. theunusualporkpiecompany.

Cheese & onion pie Albion Farm Shop & Café With a molten, fondue-like centre of cheese and onion and a homemade shortcrust pastry, this simple pie from West Yorkshire’s Albion Farm Shop looks and tastes hearty and homemade.

Coriander & chilli chutney Raastawala “Alive and fresh” was how Great Taste judges described this spicy, aromatic accompaniment, from streetfood specialist Raastawala, combining rich, green coriander with a well-judged chilli kick. @Raastawala

Original kimchi (sesame) The Urban Fermentery Raw, vegan and gluten-free, this moreish, handcrafted kimchi has a superb texture and aroma and wellbalanced heat, with pleasing notes of roasted garlic.

It’s one of those days that leaves you really excited and inspired.

4,653 Products


a 1- S TA R , 2 - S TA R o r 3 - S T A R

Felicity Cloake Guardian food writer and 3-star judge

a w a r d

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards


The sea is calling




3 5


1 Beech wood smoked salmon Macneil’s Smokehouse

4 Captain’s Recipe herb blend Tzekos Organic Herbs

2 Smoked trout Inverawe Smokehouses

5 Cantabrian anchovy fillets in oil Conservas Montebuciero

3 Cornishman’s Relish Deli Farm Charcuterie

6 Kiln-roasted salmon The Argyll Smokery 7 Wild capers Valsamo 8 Traditionally smoked salmon Alfred Enderby

9 Épices De Cru Sansho pepper Vinegar Shed 10 Potted shrimps Southport Potted Shrimps

12 Smoked trout The Argyll Smokery 13 Simply Better handmade Irish smoked trout paté Dunnes Stores

11 Sourdough toasting loaf More? The Artisan Bakery




6 10





Salted Marcona almonds

Mount Mayon premium pili nuts with Ecuadorian cacao

Traditionally smoked salmon Alfred Enderby Dried, cured in pure salt and smoked for 24 hours in a 100-yearold listed Grimsby smokehouse, this is a true artisan product with pitchperfect smokiness and balanced richness.

Beech wood smoked salmon Macneil’s Smokehouse Cured, smoked in a vintage Norwegian smoker then sliced Scandinavian-style, this melt-in-themouth salmon “exudes finesse”, our judges declared.

Kiln-roasted smoked salmon The Argyll Smokery Produced from sea trout farmed in Loch Melford, Argyll, this melting and moreish salmon is gently smoked over oak then kiln roasted to seal in its outstanding aroma and texture.

Salted Pistachios of Megara PDO Megaris Goods Grown by the Karvelas family in Megara, Greece, and roasted with powdered salt, these memorable pistachios have an intense hit of salt and a creamy texture.

Smoked trout The Argyll Smokery Sea trout farmed in the West Highlands is cured and oak-smoked to perfection to create a creamy, gentle and balanced smoked fish.

Inverawe smoked trout Inverawe Smokehouses A melt-in-the-mouth oak-smoked Scottish trout characterised by a beautiful buttery texture, gentle smoke and great depth of flavour.

Potted shrimps Southport Potted Shrimps Sweet and salty brown shrimps from the north-west coast of England are prepared to a traditional recipe with spices, lemon juice and butter in this balanced and fresh-tasting treat.

Cantabrian anchovy fillets in oil Conservas Montebuciero Plum Cantabrian anchovies are matured for a minimum of 12 months to give a superb juicy but firm texture, perfect salt hit and long lingering flavour.

Cornishman’s Relish

Simply Better handmade Irish smoked trout paté Dunnes Stores Irish cold-smoked and hot-smoked trout meet cream cheese, crème fraîche, lemon and dill in a beautifully balanced paté with a thick, opulent texture, fresh aroma and delicious smoky flavour.

Brindisa Expertly produced in Barcelona, Brindisa’s plump, oil-rich, salted Marcona Spanish almonds (grade 16) impressed the judges with their delicate salt, crunch and super texture.

Cheese sablés – original Shortbread House of Edinburgh Made with Scottish cheddar, 24-month aged Parmesan and locally milled organic flour, these golden sablés have a full-on cheese flavour and an enjoyable crunch.

Subic Superfood The Great Taste judges were “nuts about these nuts”: super-filling, nutrient and mineral rich, with a toasty cereal flavour and incredible creaminess.

3 4%

rise in teas receiving 1, 2 or 3 S T A R S compared with 2017

Deli Farm Charcuterie Designed to be spread sparingly on toast, biscuits or bread, this rich and full flavoured relish is made from blended anchovies, butter and spices.




This delicious medium cut marmalade, made with Blood Oranges from the slopes of Mount Etna Sicily, has a sweet tangy flavour and is perfect on a warm croissant or when used as an ingredient when cooking with duck or pork.

“Even a judge who does not like marmalade loved this and went back for more.”

GREAT TASTE 2018 JUDGES SAID “A stunning mouthful of oyster - sweet, ozone rich, tender and clean - leaving the palate with a wonderful freshness as if swimming in the sea…”

Tel: 44 (0)1621 814529

00353 429373800

Succulent and Tasty Free-Range and Slow-Grown Turkeys Raised the old fashioned way by family-run Temple Farm for over 50 years!

“Our exceptional quality Christmas turkeys are the result of years of experience, raising birds in a traditional respectful way. The slow-growing breeds we choose and the way they are raised to full maturity provides a natural fat layer and marbling of the meat. This means your Temple Farm Turkey will be easy to cook, offering an enhanced flavour and succulence that surpasses supermarket birds. Our birds are dry plucked and then hung like a game bird for at least seven days to ensure a rich and natural flavour.” 01279 792460

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards




1 6 5


10 9 8 7




26 23



1 Mushroom salt Ballyhoura Mountain Mushrooms

4 Honeyed fig relish with black garlic The Quirky Cook

7 Baba’s rashi & dibis sesame seed paste Terra Rossa

10 Brazilian chilli & coconut sauce Capsicana

2 Eat The Bits chilli oil Tonkotsu

5 Bullace butter Somerset Membrillo

11 Apple vinegar Agricola Due Vittorie

14 Tokaj balsamic pear & lavender vinegar Best of Hungary

3 Sea salt smoked in beech wood Salt Odyssey

6 Black garlic pickle Hawkshead Relish Co

8 Union Honey Exmoor wildflower Bermondsey Street Bees

12 Organic apple cider vinegar Natural Umber

15 Raspberry vinegar Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars

9 Ena Ena thyme flowers from Andros Helenic Fields

13 Iberico Bellota ham Carnicas Ibericas Mozarbez

Fit for a feast 13






19 18



16 VallÊe des Baux de Provence PDO olive oil – Grand Cru noir La Lieutenante 17 Russian pie with sea bass & cod The Russian Food Co

18 Manx Chorizo Close Leece Farm 19 PX Spinola sherry vinegar Brindisa 20 Hartgrove coppa The Real Cure

21 Pork, chicken,ham & apricot pie The Unusual Pork Pie Co

23 Black Kalamata olives with oregano Taste of Koroni

25 Donum Terrae pumpkin seed oil Best of Hungary

22 Dark balsamic vinegar (crema) Fino Olive Oil

24 Fermented green Kampot peppercorns Kadode Kampot Pepper UK

26 Spelt & honey sourdough Peter Cooks Bread 27 Full Moon transparent balsamic vinegar Pago Baldios San Carlos

Irish Honey Wine A clean yet complex, medium-sweet pyment mead, made from raw honey in small batches close to Kilnasaggart or Church of the Priests; the site of an early monastery and Ireland’s oldest surviving Christian monument. ·

BEEACTIV® Premium Honey for Health and Well-being

The challenge is to find things Tonkotsu’s chilli oil doesn’t improve. Bacon? Check. Cheese? Check. Apple pie? Hell, why not. – Jay Rayner

BEEACTIV’s Raw Ivy Honey is “a complete delight for the senses”. “Just amazing. Exquisite, perfect.” GT Judges • Unpasteurised, Unfiltered & Unblended • Antibacterial tested to 10+ manuka • Both Irish and UK ivy honey available

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What an honour to taste so many amazing products. There are a few I’m already addicted to.

Carlingford Oysters Carlingford Oyster Co Fresh, creamy, salty and delicious, these oysters are grown in the clean, A-classified waters of Carlingford Lough, the inlet of the Irish Sea that divides Northern Ireland from the Republic.




Organic russet & Bramley apple juice Tinkers Bubble Certified organic apples from veteran trees are pressed using hand power (and bike power, reportedly) then pasteurised over a wood fire to make a juice with balanced acidity and a lingering sweetness.

Tofu & wild mushroom soup SOOP Roasted tofu joins with vegetables and spices in this vegan instant noodle soup from Manchester’s SOOP. Simple and colourful, with a good crunch from the veg.

Eat the Bits chilli oil Tonkotsu Soy, sesame, miso, Japanese shichimi chilli and garlic contribute to a fruity, aromatic and umamipacked oil, versatile enough to add heat to pizza, pasta or rice dishes.

65 Cornish turbot Martin’s Meats A perfect piece of fish: meaty and muscular texture, a thick flake and a rich, milky and creamy flavour with a sweet delicate finish.

Topaz & Evelina apple juice Cotchel Medium-sweet and cloudy, this crisp, fresh and well balanced juice is made from two unusual red apple varieties, Topaz and Evelina, used primarily as pollinators in Cotchel’s Essex orchards.

Judging days he l d in London, Dorset and D e v o n this year

Miranda Gore Brown Great British Bake-Off finalist, Kenwood development chef and 3-star judge

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Premium classic organic green tea, loose, May handharvest Matsesta Tea Factory Delivering deep flavours, full seaweed aromas and a dry finish, this organic green tea is grown in Sochi, Russia, and processed with steaming technology to preserve micronutrients.

Oriental Beauty Flora Tea Group Individually hand-tied by a specially trained tea master, these first flush green tea tips create drama in the tea pot as they ‘bloom’, yielding flavours of jasmine and maragold.

Windy Hollow black tea

Oriental citrus green tea Shizuoka Tea Company With finely cut leaves and a delicate aroma, this tea combines sencha loose leaves with the rind of Tachibana citrus fruit, Yuzu and cinnamon imported from Sri Lanka.

Toku-jo tuki-no-shizuku Issin-en Delicate and pleasant, with a bright colour and slight tobacco aroma, both meaty and floral, this organic pan-fired Kamairi green tea has an intense seaweed flavour with balanced dryness.

Pu Erh Royal Palace organic tea Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments Full-bodied, dark and full of promise on the nose, this tea is organically produced in MengLai Tea Garden, CangYuan. Earthy, malty aromas are followed by refreshing, floral and citrussy flavours.

Chocolate Cloud Tea Shirt Tailored Refreshments Cocoa shells and green rooibos combine to produce an attractive tea with a soft and enjoyably sweet nutty flavour and aromas of cocoa, fruit and milk.

Signature Blend tea

Mint 2.0 tea


Everyday Blend tea Thompson’s Family Teas Selected high-grown Kenyan teas are blended with July-production vacuum-packed Assams to produce a great breakfast tea. Bold tannins and great maltiness make it ideal for adding milk to.

Premium classic organic black tea, loose, May hand-harvest Matsesta Tea Factory Grown in Sochi, Russia, this is a delicate black tea to be savoured, delivering notes of caramel with an earthy aroma and long aftertaste.

Toku-sen tsuki-no-shizuku Issin-en An organic pan-fired Kamairi green tea, characterised by a pan-parched fresh flavour and rich taste. Pale and delicate, it would make a perfect after-dinner tea.


Windy Hollow Farm From tea plants grown organically in Perthshire, Scotland, Windy Hollow black tea delivers great colour and soft aroma from deep green leaves that have been hand rolled and traditionally processed.

Thompson’s Family Teas Full, rich and malty, bright on the nose and red/orange in colour, this is an earthy, dry weather Kenyan tea that ends on a tannic note for a good, deep-flavoured cuppa.

Norges Tehus A soothing Norwegian peppermint tea blended with enlivening basil and the sweetness of liquorice root, Mint 2.0 provides a strong but balanced mint flavour and pleasant, lingering finish.

Nilgiri Mao Feng

The Bellevue Tea Co This hand plucked green tea, made Chinese-style in small batches, perfectly balances earthy and sweet notes, blending soft, floral and grassy flavours with a hint of bitterness and a clean finish.


Flora Tea Group A soothing and pleasing rooibos from the Western Cape province of South Africa delivers a mild fragrance with subtle hints of fennel.

Maremono Japanese Tea Shop Shinryokuen A high grade tea from Miyazaki, Maremono offers subtlety, balance and delicate marine aromas reminiscent of seaweed on a beach.

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