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GREAT TASTE 2012-13 This year’s finest food and drink as judged by the experts

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How to use this guide Great Taste 2012-13 serves up to you the finest food and drink from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, as well as an additional selection from further-flung regions of the globe. Each product entry is coded with the star(s) it was awarded by the judges, and a listing of the Top 50 Foods in Britain & Ireland can be found on p16. You’ll also find an interesting profile in each region of its leading speciality producer, as voted by the judges. And in pride of place over the page, you’ll find a tribute to this year’s Supreme Champion.


Contents Meet the Supreme Champion How Great Taste is judged Top 50 foods in Britain and Ireland

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London & South East England London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex

South West


Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire

East Anglia & Midlands


Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire

North of England


Cheshire, Cumbria, Isle of Man, Lancashire, Northumberland, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire



Aberdeenshire, Angus, Argyllshire, Caithness, Clackmannanshire, Dumfrieshire, Fife, Inverness-shire, Lanarkshire, Midlothian, Morayshire, Orkney, Perthshire, Renfrewshire, Shetland, Stirlingshire, West Lothian



Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Gwynedd, Mid Glamorgan, Monmouthshire, Pembrokeshire

Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland


Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Clare, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Kilkenny, Laois, Meath, Monaghan, Roscommon, Sligo, Wexford, Wicklow

World Flavours


Greece, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden

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Supreme Champion & Best Speciality from Northern Ireland Moyallon Guanciale | Hannan Meats

Truly, madly, meatly The Irishman who's beating the Italians at their own game



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Supreme Champion 2012


existing products in Moyallon's laboratory space, the first result of which was a win at a gourmet Italian sausage competition. 'All of a sudden we had Italian restaurants buying our sausage by the pallet,' says Hannan. 'Then one Italian restaurant approached us and asked if we could make guanciale. I said leave it with me.' Hannan worked with his two scientists to see if they could improve on the classic recipe, grinding whole spices and devising a unique herb mixture. 'I will keep one bit of the process secret, but we blend salt, sugar, herbs, peppers, chilli and black and white peppers for the dry cure. Red wine and garlic are important and you must tend to it regularly. The finished product keeps well and will actually taste better after six weeks.’ More award-winning products could be on the horizon too. Hannan Meats have recently installed a state of the art dry-aging, humiditycontrolled salt chamber. It is the first of its kind in Europe and Hannan is using it to age beef loins, ribs and rumps. 'The chamber is in a league of its own,' says Hannan. 'We bought 1,000 blocks of the purest salt known to man from the Punjab region of Pakistan. If you walk into a traditional dry-aging facility there will be moisture in the air and you’ll often get a kind of a fusty smell that some people would mistake for something turning slightly rancid. That’s just part of the aging process. If you walk into our salt chamber it’s like going for a walk on the beach. It’s crystal clear.’ The innovation doesn't stop there. Hannan Meats have also invested in En Place Foods which specialises in chutneys and flavoured oils. 'Our aspiration is to create a family of fine foods,' says Hannan. 'We're living the dream. It doesn’t feel like work at all.'

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Supreme Champion 2012

f anyone knows meat, it’s Peter Hannan. He's been supplying properly matured slabs of the stuff to some of the best restaurants and hotels in Ireland for more than two decades. And if you do something that well for that long, word is bound to get out. ’Because people who lived around here knew that we supplied some of the eminent steak houses, they would arrive at the back door of the factory asking for some steak,’ explains Hannan. He always did his best to oblige but soon found himself unable to handle the constant demand. The answer was to set up a retail outlet, The Meat Merchant, across from the factory in Moira, County Down, which he opened three years ago. 'It's just gone stone crackers,' says Hannan, who can count celebrity chef Mark Hix among his customers. 'Over just three days last week, for example, we had nearly 1,400 people in. It’s kind of taken us by storm.' Such has been its success that he opened a second Meat Merchant, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, in November 2011. And that’s not the only recent change. Around the time that the first Meat Merchant opened, Hannan Meats also acquired Moyallon Foods, an Irish company known for their range of speciality meats including wild boar, venison, duck, speciality sausages and dry-cured bacon. 'We had watched and admired them from a distance,' said Hannan. 'It was a natural bolt-on to our business because we didn’t do our own bacon.' It was an auspicious move, not least because it led to Hannan producing their acclaimed guanciale, the Italian delicacy of cured pork jowl that's often used as a base for carbonara. But before that happened, there was work to do on



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How Great Taste is judged

Nine thousand foods into 350 palates

...the culinary calculation that decides the best tasting food and drink in Britain


reat Taste is to delicious food and drink what Michelin stars are to fine dining. Now in their 18th year, the awards – which were launched and are run by the Guild of Fine Food – have become the most trusted guide to the best food and drink available from delicatessens, butchers, farm shops and supermarkets. For every food and drink producer achieving Gold, it stands as an independent accreditation they’re at the top of their game. Given Great Taste’s illustrious status, this accreditation is never easy to achieve. This year, the highly discerning taste buds of our 350 expert judges blind tasted nearly 9,000 products. Fewer than a third were pronounced deserving of the coveted one-star, two-star or three-star status and now proudly display the familiar black and gold Great Taste logo. It took 45 days of intensive sampling and discussion to arrive at this list of gold star foods, after which there was the even more exacting process of selecting the overall Top 50 from just 123 food and drink products considered so good, they were awarded three-stars James Wynter, Producer, Saturday Kitchen

(pages 16 & 17). So you can see why our chairman of judging Nigel Barden along with his 15 fellow supreme judges play such an important role, as he explains alongside. Our tasting is complete for another year and now it’s your turn, people with a passion for great food and drink to share this experience. And you really can be certain of one thing – every time you spot the black and gold logo on a jar or a pack, you’re in for an outstandingly delicious treat. Bon appetit! Masterchef t Follas, winner of James Wynter, Ma tor, Woman & Home Edi d Foo n, rra Jane Cu


José Pizarro, restaurateur

Xanthe Clay, chef and food writer

Lucas Hollweg, Sunday Times

Simon Burdess, on Fortnum & Mas n tia and Glynn Chris

Steve Munkle Executive Ch y, ef Royal Garde , n Hotel

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Meet the judges


Supreme Jury Chairman Nigel Barden gives his verdict on Great Taste 2012

from different businesses, with no connection apart from the bosses being good mates. George McCartney’s corned beef in 2011 was outstanding, as is his three-star gleaning pulled pork (shoulder and trotter) which was up there with this year’s best. However, this time it was Peter Hannan who ran off with the Supreme gong, lifting the trophy with his pig’s cheek bacon (guanciale), which had been produced to fulfil demands from exacting local Italian restaurateurs and enjoys three weeks’ anointing in red wine and garlic. Other magnificent ingredients making their way through to the Top 50 this year included duck gizzard that is turned into confit in Acton by a French chef who previously cooked for Hollywood celebrities; Monmouthshire Lamb Carpaccio from Trealy Farm, which was superb, as was Potted Wild Boar with Sherry and Thyme from Gloucestershire; and Lithuanian Scalded Rye Bread, made with European baking experience in Stratford, East London. The quality of those exalted 50 was sublime, as it should be. It was an honour to have them pass

my dentine. As a huge bonus, some of our three-star Great Taste awardwinners are being showcased at a long-term pop up restaurant at The Cadogan Hotel, Sloane Street, London, where head chef Oliver Lesnik has worked with some of our judges to put together a glorious series of menus. So it was that Beer Writer of the Year Pete Brown and restaurant critic and Masterchef judge Charles Campion birthed a number of ale-based dishes; Thomasina Miers, cook and food writer, joined up with Lucas Hollweg (of The Sunday Times); Fay Maschler teamed with chef Beth Coventry, their menu coinciding happily with the London Restaurant Festival; and I had the honour of working with Xanthe Clay of The Telegraph. A stellar line up, with food to match and marvellous value for Knightsbridge at £28 for three courses. It’ll be running for most of 2013, so do pop along.

Meet the judges

After 45 days of tasting nearly 9,000 products this year, it’s apparent there must be a culinary ley line running through County Antrim – there’s some incredibly good food coming out of this blessed piece of Northern Ireland. To produce a Supreme Champion one year is testimony indeed. But to serve up two in consecutive calendars is remarkable, particularly as they’re

This year’s Chairman of the Great Taste Supreme Jury, Nigel Barden, is BBC Radio 2’s food correspondent and ambassador for high-quality British food.

Scott Winston, Harrods

Gizzy Erskine, TV chef and food writer

Charles Campio n , Fo writer an od critic, d TV che f

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Best Speciality from London & South East England Duck Gizzards | 1 Chef 4U


ood has always been chef Thomas Maieli’s passion. But when the Frenchman arrived in the UK he faced a culinary dilemma: where could he find decent duck charcuterie? 'I started Mr Duck's Delicacies because I couldn't find the quality I wanted in the UK,' says Maieli, who established the company in 2009 selling mail order preserved and smoked products including duck confit, rillette and foie gras. Before then, Maieli had racked up quite a CV. He began his chef's training in 1988 and was soon studying patissiere, confiseur and ice cream making at Lenôtre School in Paris. He has worked in the world famous Fouquet’s restaurant on the Champs-Élysée and has been the personal chef to both the Paris Saint-Germain football team and actor Billy Connolly in Los Angeles. He also worked for the French Ambassador in London and Christopher Getty before opening his own restaurant Le Troquet on the King’s Road, London in December 2011. ‘Initially, I began the charcuterie business at home in my kitchen in Acton but I soon moved into my garage,’ says Maieli. He kitted the space out as a professional grade production facility and now employs two staff; just as well when you consider that in 2010 they prepared 3.5 tonnes of duck legs. ‘I think I was dreaming when I set up the business,’ says Maieli. ‘I had a day job so my only option was to work at night, making, packing, designing, printing and sticking the labels. I did it all. The product would have been too expensive otherwise.’ As for so many top food producers and chefs, the quality of the ingredients used in Maieli’s products is of paramount importance. He soon discovered the breasts on British reared duck were not plump

enough and the legs were too small for his recipes. So, instead, he sources mallard ducks from several small producers in the Vendée and Brittany regions of his homeland. Maieli is currently looking to add to his supplier list but it’s not an easy task as he insists on using only producers who take an environmentally friendly approach and who put animal welfare at the top of their agenda. The ducks Maieli uses are free range and are force fed by hand on a diet free of GM food and animal flour. Despite the recent furore surrounding foie gras, it remains one of Mr Duck’s Delicacies’ most popular products. ‘The foie gras we use is not like the kilogram lobes other producers source from Canada,’ explains Maieli. ‘Mr Duck’s are much smaller and are of a much better quality.’ Maieli is also keen to introduce the British consumer to some traditional French culinary delights they may be unaware of. Gizzards, the strong muscles in the stomach which crush the grain the ducks eat, are low in fat and delicious when cooked slowly in duck fat with Maieli's secret blend of herbs and spices. 'Gizzards are classed as offal but in fact they taste more like duck leg meat,' says Maieli. 'They're delicious roasted in the fat they come in and served warm in a salad.' Maieli began by supplying one shop in Chiswick and a handful of chefs. Now he has a long list that includes Budgens and many restaurants including, naturally, his own. 'I just want to keep expanding the business but maintain the quality,' says Maieli. Given his obvious drive, there's no doubt that Mr Duck’s Delicacies is in with a quacking good chance of succeeding in that aim.

Like a duck to water A Frenchman’s mission to bring duck charcuterie to the fore in Britain



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19/11/2012 17:01

London & South East England


London & South East England

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10 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

London Earl Stonham Farms Wagyu Sirloin Steak ★★★

Persian Pure Almond Flour Cake ★★

C. Lidgate

Claudia Camhi makes this treat inspired by the wheat-free Passover cakes and the delicate, aromatic ingredients of Persian cuisine using almonds, cardamom, rose water and pistachios. All the ingredients of her almond flour cake range are gluten-free and include the signature flavours of different countries. You can serve them as a dessert or with coffee or tea.




The only pure-bred Wagyu cattle in the UK graze on clover rich pasture in Suffolk. The animals are finished on a diet of locally grown maize, which produces tender, flavourful meat. ‘It has a beautiful melting buttery texture,‘ says butcher Danny Lidgate. ‘It caramelises quickly so the steak is crisp on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside.‘

Canellabakes Other awards: Lidgates Steak and Kidney Pie ★★ Lidgates Beef Bourguignon Pie ★★ Lidgates Steak Teriyaki ★

Vero Gelato Zabaione ★★ DiSotto Foods

Developed from an old recipe with nothing added, this ice cream version of the traditional egg and Marsala-rich Italian dessert - in the past given to children with no appetite - is great for boosting energy levels, says new product development manager Fabio Beninati. ‘It‘s particularly appreciated by customers in the winter, perhaps with some panettone or warm cake.‘ Other awards: Vero Gelato Vaniglia ★ Vero Gelato Cioccolato Fondente ★ Alphonso Mango Sorbet ★

Chocolate cake with passion fruit & dark chocolate ganache ★ Fab Fairies and Wicked Tarts

Like a cross between a brownie and a devil‘s food cake, this chocolatepacked delight is both fab and wickedly good. The sponge is made with rich cocoa powder and melted Belgian chocolate with a topping of more Belgian chocolate and fresh passion fruit to cut through all that richness. ‘Whenever you decide you want a chocolate cake, this will fill the spot for sure,‘ says cake maker Michelle. Other award: Carrot Cake ★

10-27 GT12.indd 10


19/11/2012 17:04


London Lily Fairy ★ ★★ Flora Te

Flour Power Ci

ry put love and st organic bake London‘s bigge vened bread. lea ly ral tu is na attention into th ast free Austrian rye flour, ye Handmade with and rye flour nted using white tic flavour it’s slowly ferme tas fan d e the brea ‘starters‘ that giv it cracks,‘ says e crust is so crisp and texture. ‘Th mends eating om llasis, who rec baker Yann Lega flavoured loaf with strong rethe dense, matu asted. to ply sim or se ee ch www.flourpo

www.florat Other awards : Jasmine with Love ★★ Charming Ca mel Jasmine Crow lia ★★ n ★★

London & South East England

a Company U K

For a bloomin g great cuppa, try tied individual green tea leave these balls of hands with dried lily jasmine flower s, which form and a captivating di heat resistant splay in a stem glass of boiling water. be better for yo It couldn‘t u either, helping to lower cholesterol, in crease metabolism an d promote restf ul sleep. The flower-blo oms could also be used as table decoratio ns.

evain ★ Hoxton Rytye L

100% St Lucian Bar ★ Hotel Chocolat

Produced by Hotel Chocolat with Rabot Estate in St Lucia, this surprisingly creamy tasting and mellow chocolate is like an espresso with a rich crema and an exceptionally long finish. There‘s no sugar, no milk, no vanilla, just the beans directly sourced from Hotel Chocolat‘s farmers in St Lucia, lovingly fermented and dried at the company‘s Rabot Estate. Other awards: 50% Rabot Estate Dash of Milk Praline ★ Salted Caramel Dark ★ Caramel Smudge ★


10-27 GT12.indd 11


19/11/2012 17:05

12 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

London Yogurt all‘Amarena (sour cherry rippled yogurt) ★★

Kam‘s Homemade Hot Pepper Sauce ★ Kam‘s South American Products

Il Gelato di Ariela

Scotch bonnet chillies, vinegar, salt and garlic - four simple ingredients that have been combined by five generations of Natasha Maharaj’s Guyanese family to make this uncooked South American sauce. ‘It‘s an amazing and unique flavour. When the heat kicks in people find themselves wanting more,‘ says Maharaj, who recommends the versatile sauce with everything from burgers to Italian dishes.

Owner Ariela Cesana was working in the shop one day when she had a craving for a cherry yogurt ice cream. She whipped up a batch for her own consumption but, as fate would have it, one of the girls who worked there put it on the counter by mistake and ‘it just flew off the shelves so I thought, I‘m onto something here.‘ Made of real yoghurt and fruit with no added nasties. Other awards: Sorbetto al Mango ★ ★ Gelato al Cioccolato ★ Gelato al Tiramisu ★

The Italian – Tapenade ★ Olive You

Director Christian Flynn has created tapenades with worldwide flavours and when it came to Italy he tried many combinations of ingredients before hitting on the award-winning formula. Combining sun-dried tomatoes, fresh British-grown herbs, parmesan, lemon juice and garlic, it quickly became a bestseller. ‘Everyone loves it the texture really makes it, being quite chunky rather than smooth.‘


10-27 GT12.indd 12


19/11/2012 17:15


London getarian

Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil ★

London & South East England

Way-on Ve Chilli Oil ★ ds SeeWoo Foo


ting SeeWoo marke cy Lu or ct re di e Mitchell says th is versatility of th it product makes or great to drizzle t as a condimen . es with other dish e She believes th wn do oil‘s success is of ty ali qu e th to e‘re ingredients. ‘W t ou very choosy ab s. our dried chilli e m They usually co e d ar from China an ots all roasted with sh rm and garlic to fo the at t en m di se a sesame oil.‘ vegetable and bottom of the

Founder Maria Constantinou says OrganicOrganic ‘s business ‘follows the age old traditions of olive oil production in Greece‘. Olives are hand-picked, cold-pressed in stone mills and bottled at source, giving greater purity and low acidity levels. Following the example of ancient Egyptians, 100% recyclable violet glass bottles protect the oil from sunlight, preserving the flavour and quality. Organic certified in USA and EU. Available at Harrods and Ocado.

.com www.seewoo

Suffolk White Whole Free Range Bird ★★

Sutton Hoo Free Range Chicken These Suffolk White chickens live a natural life, coming and going as they please from their wooden barns. The slow-growing breed live a few more weeks than commercially reared birds and so develop extra flavour. ‘They are as chicken used to taste,‘ says Belinda Nash. ‘The skin goes nice and crispy and they make an extraordinary stock.‘

Lung Ching Dragonwell ★★★ Tea Palace

This Chinese speciality green tea is named after the famous Dragon Well in Zhejiang, from where the tea originates. ‘The bright emerald leaf makes a very fresh clean tasting tea that‘s quite smooth and mellow,‘ says Tea Palace founder Tara Calcraft, who reckons the low caffeine brew is the ideal thing to boost your metabolism first thing in the morning. Other awards: Jasmine White Monkey ★★ Midsummer Mango ★ Royal London Blend ★

10-27 GT12.indd 13


19/11/2012 17:06

14 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

London The Bread Factory TAF O O IN D S I N D & IR EL A N



Sunflower Spelt ★★★ BR

liquorice & peppermint ★★★

The unusual pairing of liquorice root and fresh peppermint leaves has had the Twitter thumbs up from style icon Victoria Beckham. ‘You get the natural sweetness of the liquorice first, followed by the soothing coolness of the mint,‘ says teapigs founder Louise Allen. ‘It‘s good for your digestive and repertory systems, but really you should drink it because it tastes brilliant.‘

Despite the industrial-sounding name, there‘s nothing ‘manufactured‘ about craft baker of 20 years The Bread Factory‘s bread. Hand-made from scratch with premium ingredients and to a traditional method, this loaf is full of flavour and texture, from the crunch of the roasted sunflower seeds to the mild nutty taste of the spelt flour. Other awards: Pumpernickel Tin ★★ Boule de Meule ★ Apricot & Hazelnut Sourdough ★ Other awards: Peppermint ★★ Lemongrass ★★ Darjeeling earl grey ★

The Classic Christmas Cake ★ The Christmas Cakes Company

This traditionally iced rich flavoured but lighter textured dark and moist cake is filled with candied orange and lemon peel, raisins, sultanas, currants and cherries soaked in brandy combined with molasses sugar and West Indian spices. Matured and fed cognac, a natural preservative, the cake is traditionally topped with almond marzipan and fondant icing and will keep for up to a year.

Persian Nougat ★★★ The Exquisite Range

This Persian nougat has been produced by generations of the same family for over 100 years. ‘Laden with top quality Persian pistachios and delicately flavoured with rose water, this traditional Persian sweet is sure to delight.’ says Farshad Kazemian of the Exquisite Range. This soft nougat is best enjoyed with a strong coffee after dinner. Other award: Saffron Spice ★★★ BR



10-27 GT12.indd 14


19/11/2012 17:20


London English Muffins ★★★ Although this artisan bakery grew from the kitchen‘s of Jamie Oliver‘s Italian-flavoured Fifteen restaurant kitchen, they take a very English approach when it comes to muffins. Handmade with lots of milk and butter for texture and flavour, each muffin is skillet-baked in the traditional style. ‘It takes lots of people standing over a hot stove but we think it’s worth it,‘ says director Sophie Taylor. Other awards: Rosemary & Sea Salt Focaccia ★ Fruit Bread ★ Chelsea Buns ★

The Soulful

dish from ‘This authentic r the Malaba la region of Kere rn he ut so in India was developed with one of our Indian chefs,‘ says Simon Homer. ‘It‘s a mix of chunky veg including n ee cauliflower, gr rrots. ce of beans and ca s a great balan means there‘ d spice from an Slow cooking t nu co co of m the creaminess fro , garam masala and a hint er ground coriand chilli.‘ m www.soulfu Other award: table ★ icken & Vege Thai Red Ch

London & South East England

The Flour Station

labar Keralan Ma tew ★ S Vegetable ny o Fo d Compa

Superb Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Dip ★★★ Veg with Edge

A unique dip made with vitamin C rich sun-dried tomatoes, chunky sunflower seeds and flavoured with a hint of basil. It can be served as a traditional dip with pitta bread or tortilla chip, but unusually can also be heated and used as a pasta sauce or topping for bruschetta and baked potatoes.


10-27 GT12.indd 15


19/11/2012 17:06


Top 50 foods

Top 50 foods in Britain and Laid out before you are the Top 50 in this year’s Great Taste awards. Selected by our panel of distinguished gastronomical judges, these are la crème de la crème of this year’s judging, the 50 finest of the 123 three-star winners. And to help you discover more about these wonderful products and the dedicated people behind them, we’ve listed their web addresses too. Enjoy! LONDON & SOUTH EAST Lithuanian Scalded Rye Bread

Amber Foods Plus, Essex Dark rye scalded sour dough bread with caraway seeds

English Wagyu Sirloin Steak

C. Lidgate, London English Wagyu beef, with vivid marbling and a velvety, buttery consistency

Lime & Chilli Chutney

Geeta’s Foods, London An authentic Indian chutney made from Kagzi limes, green chillies and aromatic spices


Sophie's Baked Delights, Gloucestershire A North African Berber cake made from an almond sugar paste, flavoured with rosewater, orange and lemon zest, wrapped in brick pastry, coiled into a cake

Passion Fruit Curd – The Bay Tree Food Company, Somerset A passion fruit curd, made in small batches

EAST ANGLIA & MIDLANDS Concorde Pear Juice

Pershore College, Worcestershire A juice made from Concorde pears, but with 10% Bramley apples added to complement and balance the flavour applejuice

Creme Fraiche

cider apple varieties such as Dabinett, Kingston Black & Yarlington Mill French-Style Saucisson

1 Chef 4U, London From free-range mallards 100% natural, a perfect ingredient for salads

Barkham Blue

Potted Wild Boar with Smoked Ham Hock & Sherry

Duck Gizzards Confit

Two Hoots Cheese, Berkshire A soft, blue veined cheese

– The Potted Game Company, Gloucestershire A rich, dark meat with a gamey pork flavour

Imperial China – Demarquette

Fine Chocolates, London A ganache chocolate made with single origin cacao from Vietnam and infused with Jasmine White Monkey Tea

The Cotswold Curer, Gloucestershir. A fully cured artisan salami, handmade using a traditional French recipe and locally produced free range pork

Marybelle, Suffolk Made with milk and cream from local farms Jaipur IPA bottled beer

Thornbridge Brewery, Derbyshire An unpasteurised and unfiltered Indian Pale Ale

Capra Nouveau Goats’ Milk Cheese – Brock Hall Farm

Dairy, Shropshire A semi-soft, unpasteurised, artisan, rind-washed cheese using milk from their own free range herd of pedigree, PureSaanen goats

Strong Horseradish & Cream

The Tracklement Company, Wiltshire A powerful, fresh-grated horseradish root mixed with cream

Gooseberry and Elderflower Ice Cream

Jolly Nice, Gloucestershire Gooseberries & elderflowers mixed with a rich custard base and infused with a hint of orange and lemon

Lyme Bay Winery, Devon A 7.4% cider, fermented from freshly-pressed traditional

Amacha Tea

A rich yoghurt with a hint of honey

Tregothnan Honey Yoghurt Ice – Salcombe Dairy, Devon



Food Centre, Shropshire Made with pork from Ludlow Food Centre’s own herd, cured and smoked on site

Momo Cha Fine Teas, Essex Organically grown ‘Buddha tea’ comprising of only rolled and dried leaves of Japanese Hortensia

Jack Ratt Vintage Dry Cider

Gloucester Old Spot Smoked Middle Back Bacon – Ludlow

16-17 GT12.indd 64


19/11/2012 16:56



Top 50 foods

Ireland NORTH Sourdough Miches – More?

The Artisan Bakery, Cumbria. A three-flour sourdough bread fermented for 24-36 hours

NORTHERN IRELAND Dry-Aged Marrow Butter

Hot Smoked Salmon

Donaldsons of Orkney, Kirkwall Local fresh salmon, cured in brine and smoked over hickory


Knockraich Crowdie Soft Cheese – Katy

Alberts the Artisan Butcher Locally sourced lamb from the rolling hills of Lancashire

Raspberry Vinegar

Womersley Fruit & Herb Vinegars, Yorkshire A triple-filtered fruit vinegar

Rack of Wild Northumberland Roe Deer

Ridley's Fish & Game, Northumberland Local fully-traceable, freshly prepared venison

Silver Smoked Eel Fillet – Port

of Lancaster Smokehouse, Lancashire Brined in pure sea salt and subtly kiln-roasted over oak

Salted Butter – Winter Tarn

Cheese, Cumbria A salted butter made with organic cream and salt

SCOTLAND Jaffys Mallaig Kippers – J.

Lawrie & Sons, Inverness-shire Smoked in a traditional brick kiln over oak shavings from malt whisky casks

Rodger's, Stirlingshire A traditional, British Friesian cows’ milk crowdie, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

WALES Organic Shoulder of Pork

Slade Farm Organics, Vale of Glamorgan Organic Welsh pork bred from Gloucester Old Spots and sired by Duroc boars

Welsh Organic Shoulder of Lamb – Rhug, Denbighshire

Organic Welsh lamb grazed on the Rhug Estate

Lamb Carpacchio

Trealy Farm Charcuterie, Monmouth Top rump taken from a 12-24 month old lamb, cured with rosemary and air-dried

trealyfarm. com

O-Garden Wheat Beer

Hand-Made Corned Beef & Hand-Made Sweet Corned Pork – McCartney's of Moira,

County Antrim Dry-aged beef (heels of silverside) is slow cooked with pork trotters for 14 hours, then shredded, with all fat removed before pressing

Moyallon Guanciale

Belazu Preserved Lemons

The Fresh Olive Company, Middlesex Pickled in salt and their own juices, these lemons are an authentic ingredient in a wide range of Moroccan recipes

Thyme Honey

Melissourgion, Greece A natural thyme honey

Hannan Meats, Moira, County Antrim Italian delicacy of cured pork jowl. Used in traditional pasta dishes or on salads

Range, London An Iranian nougat

IRELAND Smoked Rack of Bacon

Oliver Carty, County Roscommon, A reduced-salt smoked rack of bacon

Yeats Country Spreadable Goats’ Cheese

Green Pastures, Donegal A full rich, creamy cheese made from fresh pasteurised goats' milk

G’s Gourmet Rhubarb & Ginger Jam – G's

Gourmet Jams, County Laois Rhubarb and ginger jam, handmade made using rhubarb, sugar and ginger

Original Smokies from Arbroath, Angus Fresh haddock, cleaned, tied and salted, then smoked in hardwood log fire within a whisky cask

Cortijo De Suerte Alta, Spain. An organic DOP oil from a traditional family-owned olive grove

Arbroath Smokies

Azada Organic, Spain A perfect ingredient for adding a rich hazelnut flavour to pasta, red meat and for use in baking

Otley Brewing Company, Mid Glamorgan A clear wheat beer spiced with roasted orange peel, coriander and cloves

Azada Hazelnut Oil

IMPORTED Cortijo De Suerte Alta Coupage Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Persian Nougat with 90% Pistachio – The Exquisite

Top 50 foods

Four Bone Rack of Heather Fed Lamb

Kettyle Irish Foods, County Fermanagh A butter with bone marrow, blended with a mix of sea salt and cracked black pepper


Liquorice & Peppermint Tea

Teapigs, Middlesex A naturally sweet and refreshing drink

Double Fillet of Smoked Salmon – Stefan Palsson,

Sweden Fresh Swedish salmon, smoked over a secret blend of wood chips

Jamon Iberico de Bellota

– Jamones Juan Pedro Domecq, Spain Iberico ham from naturally reared, acorn-fed pigs

Marinated Springbok Portioned Fillet

Kezie Foods, Borders A marinated and portioned fillet of wild free-range springbok



16-17 GT12.indd 65


20/11/2012 13:00

18 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Berkshire Seafood Sauce with Lemon Zest & Dill ★

Pear, Rhubarb & Coconut Water Juice Drink ★

Well-known classics with a modern twist characterise this range of sauces. Its vegetarian and gluten-free seafood sauce, made from freerange eggs, gets a flavour injection from zingy lemon zest and fresh dill. owner Nicola Young recommends it in a prawn cocktail, drizzled over crab avocado salad or as a new potato salad dressing.

Cracker‘s idea was to put taste first in a market pushing coconut water for its health benefits. ‘Coconut water doesn‘t taste great on its own‘, explains marketing manager Claire de Bezenac, ‘and our drinks are about fabulous taste combinations first and foremost.‘

Cracker Drinks Co.

Atkins and Potts

Coand Other awards: Mango and Passion Fruit ★ Pineapple, Guava and Lime ★

Berry Cherry ★ Kate‘s Kitchen

This delicious and healthy combination of cranberries, cherries and blueberries is subjected to a special high quality drying process that retains all the flavour. The 85g re-sealable packs are designed for snacking but the fruit is equally good as a cooking ingredient in homemade cakes and pastries. Other awards: Cherry Berry ★ Very Berry ★

Sample and buy food and drink judged by the experts The Great Taste and Artisan Food Market is coming to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show July 9-14 2013

10-27 GT12.indd 18


19/11/2012 17:22



Maha Partnership

This bona fide family recipe, passed down through at least three generations is special because it brings a real freshness to any dish, says founder Tahira Mian of the company‘s best selling product. ‘It‘s 100% natural, versatile and low in fat as there are no oils in it‘ explains Tahira. Other award: Fresh Carrot Chutney ★

Organico Realfoods

This deliciously , fresh balanced clean ith and crisp oil w es is ot peppery after-n a m cold pressed fro , rdial selection of Ve d Hojiblanca an s Manzanilla olive ura from Extramad in and Andalusia . Southern Spain ive An all-round ol oil, it‘s perfect for daily use in salad dressings with balsamic g vinegar, roastin d vegetables an shallow frying.

ico. www.organ k Rice ★★ : Nerone Blac Other awards Olive ★★ k Tomato & Blac

London & South East England

Fresh Coriander Chutney ★

Olive Oil ★

Buckinghamshire Lightly Salted Pistachios ★ WhyNut These pistachios, from the Antep region in the south east of Turkey, are smaller than other varieties, but full of flavour. ‘They‘re harvested at just the right time and then we import them fresh, roasted to perfection and very lightly salted,‘ says Cigdem Gogus. ‘Eat them as a healthy snack or cover them with chocolate for a salty sweet effect.‘

African Volcano Peri Peri Marinade Medium Strength ★★ African Volcano

Chef Grant Hawthorne picked up the recipe for this authentic Portuguese East African chilli marinade from a Mozambican cook in the late 80s. ‘I use three types of chilli - Scotch Bonnet for heat, African Birdseye for pepper and Facing Heaven for sweetness,‘ says Hawthorne, who slow roasts African Volcano-marinated pork in cola and orange juice to make his popular pulled pork in a bun. Other award: Peri Peri sauce medium strength ★

10-27 GT12.indd 19


19/11/2012 17:07

20 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!



Greek Style Yogurt with Blackcurrants ★

Apricot & Stem Ginger Chutney ★

‘Even people who don‘t like blackcurrant say they love this yogurt,‘ says marketing manager Sally Dorling. And what‘s not to love about creamy Greek-style yogurt made with British milk and cream and tangy blackcurrant compote by the Timotheou family with 60 years of experience behind them? It‘s bio-live too which means it‘s packed with unpronounceable but health-promoting active bacterium.

This recipe was developed back in the 80s with the help of the women from the local WI who critiqued hundreds of samples until the perfect recipe was found. The apricots are left whole for a chunky finish while stem ginger shavings steeped in sugar syrup give a hot but sweet flavour that works well with cheeses, meat platters and poultry or in sandwiches.

Tims Dairy

Dart Valley Foods Other awards: Lime Blossom Honey ★★ Stem Ginger Crunch Biscuits ★ Autumn Fruit Chutney ★

Oriental Duck Sausages ★ Owtons at Chalcroft Farm

Butcher Rob Owton and his team hand-make two tonnes of sausages every week for pubs and the farm shop. After some trial and error and taking out the plum sauce, shop manager John Harding says the sausages have gone down a storm. ‘Skin on English duck legs combines with the spices that Rob grinds every day, for a fantastic fusion of flavours.‘ Other award: Traditional Faggots ★

Chocolate Mini Bars ★ Summerdown Farms

Over the last 15 years, Summerdown has reintroduced this traditional Black Mitcham peppermint which they grow at their farm in the foothills of the Hampshire downs. Made with their distinctive, single-estate English peppermint oil, these chocolate mini-bars offer the same combination of cool, creamy fondant centre and rich dark chocolate as Summerdown‘s peppermint creams, but in a slim, bite-size oblong. Other awards: Chocolate Peppermint Creams ★ English Spearmint & Camomile Tea ★

10-27 GT12.indd 20


19/11/2012 17:19


Hampshire Pea Shoots & Baby Leaves ★ This mix of conservation-grade spring-water-washed pea shoots, baby spinach and baby chard are grown by Dr Steve Rothwell and his team. They tried 48 different varieties of pea shoots before they were satisfied they’d found just the right one. Add freshly shelled peas, roasted beetroot and goat‘s cheese and dress with a good fruity olive oil for a perfect salad.

Isle of Wight 30% Rye Sourdough ★★ The Island Bakers

The Island Bakers create their 30% Rye Sourdough using a combination of British wheat and rye flour, water and sea salt. It’s particularly popular with European customers, which head baker John Fahy finds rewarding – "they know their sourdough". The ancient slow method of fermenting the dough over 18-24 hours, results in a tangy, but not sour flavour, yielding a loaf that has all the flavour of a full bodied rye sourdough but the characteristics of a wheat sourdough.


e ★★ English Rs os Chef‘s Blend

ith as combine w inese black te is Ch d th an in lla an ni nk va Sri La and ange blossom ards explains that rose petals, or or Mark Edw ct re Di a. te unique d al and error an after much tri aster blender, m s hi the help of is winning he hit upon th l slightly unusua formula. ‘It‘s e th d an ce lan – I like the ba t flavour, plus light, fragran plements the fact it com sh fruit fre e lik ts desser tarts.‘ uk

London & South East England

Steve‘s Leaves www.chefs : Other awards Spice Rack ★ ★ Herb Garden ★ Chef‘s Perks Other award: Fudge Brownies ★

What’s your favourite food? We’d love to know… The Guild of Fine Food is the organisation behind Great Taste.. We’re totally committed to promoting excellence in speciality food & drink, and we’re always looking for new quality products to highlight. To help us find and publicise these top foods, we’d love to hear from you, the consumers. So please email us details of your favourite great tasting food or drink and the shop you buy it from, and we’ll spread the word. |

10-27 GT12.indd 21


19/11/2012 17:09

22 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!


Roasted Cobnut Oil ★★★

hani Murgh Muke ★ Curry Past Karimix UK

Hurstwood Farm

ly This delicious ee spicy gluten-fr is ste vegetarian pa sh made from fre a ingredients to oking traditional co layers method that ‘It‘s rs. ou av fl e th yge an or ly ve lo a creamy colour of r with the flavou ste pa coconut. The d is very full an dy so rounded alrea l ea the finished m to libut and ng won‘t take lo ica Chia. ‘It‘s great with ha on M ys sa ,‘ ok co and corn.‘ prawns or tofu

It takes a whole tre e‘s worth of hand-pi cked and roasted cobnuts to make one bottle of this nutty oil. This is a labour-in tensive product, with only a limited number of bo being produced ea ttles ch One judge describe year. d "an amazing aroma it as of roasted hazelnuts - one of the best oils I‘ve ever tasted". Great for drizzling on pasta or vegeta bles or as a dressing.

www.cobnutoil www.karim

Salted Caramel Sauce ★★ O‘er the Moon

This rich, buttery sauce is made with local cream and crème fraiche which, says confectioner Simon Knott, ‘helps give the sauce a tang, along with the sea salt flakes which give extra bite’. Although primarily a fudge company, a year ago Knott kept being asked for fashionable salted caramel products, so created a sauce to satisfy demand. www.oer-the-moon. Other awards: Roasted Peanut Butter Fudge ★★

10-27 GT12.indd 22

Cox & Bramley Apple Juice ★★

Owlet Fruit Juice

Colin Corfield uses loca lly grown tree-ripened frui t for extra flavour and sweetn ess and, after making this refreshing juice for 25 years, reckons he‘s got it spo t on. ‘We‘d like to think we make the best juice. We ‘ve won 25 Great Taste Aw ards since 2000 and 10 Nat ional Fruit Show awards incl uding outright winner twice.‘

www.owletfruitjuice Other awards: Apple & Elderflower Juice ★ Pear Juice ★


19/11/2012 17:07

17 Gold

Great Taste Award winners 2012

Whittard. Tea and Coffee Passion, since 1886 Tea and Coffee are two of life’s finer pleasures. We believe they’re worth investing a little time and effort on and we invite you to share our passion. Wherever you find us, you’ll discover a world of carefully selected products to explore, including over 130 varieties of tea, from time-honoured classics to some of the world’s rarest, and 20 varieties of freshly roasted coffee beans, we have something to surprise and delight everyone. With over 125 year’s experience we are the blending and tasting experts, offering something truly unique to connoisseurs and novices alike.

10-27 GT12.indd 23

To discover our range, visit one of our nationwide shops or or call 0800 015 4395 TASTE GOLD 2012-13

19/11/2012 17:07

24 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Middlesex One Loaf Wholemeal Bread Flour ★★ G R Wright and Sons ‘Our research showed that people don‘t like having half-opened bags of flour in the cupboard or carrying 1.5 kilo bags home,‘ says Richard Hawes. ‘So we came up with this 500g bag of strong East Anglian wholemeal flour that‘s just enough for one loaf. There‘s no weighing: just tip it out, add the yeast and water and away you go.‘ Other awards: Pumpkin Bread Mix ★ Sour Dough Bread Mix ★ Rich Brioche Bread Mix ★

auce ★ Tandoori S Mindi‘s


socia tter and oils as the heavy bu a r Mindi‘s shun fe of to es curri with takeaway tive na healthier alter that‘s free from preservatives and additives too. But you t don‘t lose ou on flavour there‘s garlic, ginger and green chillies as well as a secret blend of other spices to ct make the perfe ‘s at th ri oo tand gh just spicy enou . rn your mouth but won‘t bu www.mindi


Egusi Stew ★

Pepper and Stew

Racquel Mafura is married to a Ghanaian an d was taught the recipe for Egusi stew sauce from her parents-in-law. ‘It‘ s cooked in West African ho me using unrefined pa s lm which is a lovely ora oil nge colour with a distin ct she says. The egusi taste‘ , or melon seeds, thicke ns the sauce and imparts a smoky nutty flavour - de licious in the traditional veg eta spinach dish or ad rian ded to meat. www.pepperand

10-27 GT12.indd 24

Six Seed Bread Flour 1.5kg ★★★ Wessex Mill

Fourth generation miller Paul Munsey‘s family have made flour since 1900 and the process has changed little since then. Wheat from farms within a 30 miles radius of the Wantage mill is slowly roller-milled on 70-year-old machines to produce a multi-seed malted wheat flour. ‘You get the flavours of poppy and sesame coming through,‘ says Munsey. ‘But there are no large pieces which could get stuck in your teeth.‘ Other awards: Half and Half Bread Flour ★ Mixed Grain Bread Flour ★★ Sunflower Bread Flour ★★


19/11/2012 17:07


Oxfordshire Smoked Potted Shrimps ★★ Upton Smokery Ltd Other awards: Hot Smoked Trout Fillets ★★ Smoked Chicken Breast ★ Smoked Pigeon Breast ★

Surrey All Day Loose Leaf Oolong Tea Bag ★★ Teascent

You couldn‘t want for a more natural product. Grown in a field in the mountains of Ah Li Shan in Taiwan, 1,200 metres above sea level by third generation family farmers who use fresh spring water and natural fertilisers to cultivate this high quality Oolong. They pick just the tips of the young sprouts, which have a pronounced floral flavour.

ac ★★ Zesty SuJom rdan Terra Rossa

mac rries of the su nd from the be used in many ou gr d an ied Dr ient is rsatile ingred , baba shrub, this ve dishes including tabouleh ian ab Ar s quality sumac gh hi famou s hi ‘T h. d fatous mara. ghanoush an says Hanan Sa ace us in Jordan,‘ s the pl ke ta d is ground for an r ou right.‘ s, sour flav ‘It has a citru on isn‘t quite dish when lem of lemon in a www.terra- Herby Zaatar ★ : l★ ds ar aw r he Ot sil Infused Oi Heaven ★ Ba Manna from

London & South East England

‘We‘re a small family firm and this is a traditional recipe for potted shrimps with a twist,‘ says Chris Mills. ‘It’s the smoking of the shrimps which adds another dimension along with properly spiced butter and enough cayenne to give them a kick.‘ As with all smoked food, serve as simply as possible - in this case, straight onto hot toast. Other awards: Afternoon Loose Leaf Oolong Tea ★★

‘Not only is the judging process meticulous for Great Taste, it gives me a warm feeling to see how much an award can have such a positive impact on a small business. The public now really buy into the Awards and trust the quality of a product which has won stars, which is fantastic for all the small producers who enter and succeed.’ Jane Curran, Food Editor woman&home, Editor w&h Feel Good Food

10-27 GT12.indd 25


19/11/2012 17:08

26 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

East Sussex Banana & Honey Frozen Yogurt ★ Lick

‘There‘s a reason why our fat-free frozen yogurt is so refreshing’, says Ky Wright. ‘It‘s unique because we pioneered the technique of culturing our base mix for 16 hours before freezing. This means it is all yogurt and results in a lovely sharp taste that cleanses your palate. There‘s nothing else in it apart from banana puree and natural honey so it‘s ideal for kids.‘

Thunder Toffee Vodka ★

il Scream Reta

ctor Jon Managing dire to make ired sp in as w ly Lil e vodka Thunder toffe ket after ar m UK e for th in the French e tim ng spendi Isere, where D‘ l Va resort of as went dk vo flavoured . Pure cane down a storm to produce sugar is melted ixed with m a toffee syrup without a premium vodk additives. ary any unnecess rvod www.thunde

Late Summer Honey ★★ Verygoodfood

This golden honey is redolent of the chestnut trees and sunflowers that define the landscape of the Poitou-Charentes in the south west of France, where it‘s made in small quantities by an artisan producer. The raw honey is unheated and unfiltered and so still contains pollen and the healthy enzymes that would otherwise have been removed by processing.

West Sussex Beef, Beer & Bacon Pie ★★★ Cowdray Farm Shop

With a larder as rich as the 16,000 acre Cowdray Farm in the South Downs National Park, it‘s little wonder head chef Simon Wills wanted to create a pie using the best local ingredients. The beef is ox cheek and is slowly cooked in the farm shop‘s bread ovens with Langham‘s ale and home-made bacon. It’s then baked in pastry made using their own flour, from wheat grown on the estate, and fresh suet. Other awards: Apple and Cobnut Bread ★★★ Chocolate Truffle Fudge Cake ★ Pain De Campagne ★

10-27 GT12.indd 26


19/11/2012 17:09


West Sussex Reserve Mead ★★ Lurgashall Winery


west juice ‘This is our ne d we’re an by ba r ou s - it‘ it,‘ says really proud of ‘We use . ns he ep St Tom d of en bl et cr se a topple and pear varieties of ap be revealed. which cannot locally in n They‘re grow It‘s 100% West Sussex. it, press it juice - we pick absolutely It‘s it. e ttl bo d an pure.‘ .uk Other award: Walnut Liqueur ★★

Blend No. 43 ★★★ World Coffees

Jackie McGahan and Miranda Moolenaar originally created this distinctive blend of three Arabicas that can be used in all types of coffee maker for a local deli, but it subsequently caught the palette of the Great Taste judges who described it as ‘smooth with great balance, berry fruit on the nose, smoky notes, low acidity and long, pleasing almost chocolate finish‘. www.wobbl Discovery : Other awards ice ★★ Pure Apple Ju e& Splash Appl ★ Elderflower ley Pure Cox & Bram ★ Apple Juice

100% Real Fruit Ice Lolly - British Apple & Raspberry ★

Yummy Lollies

Brighton-based business women and mums Sarah Smith and Zoe Meredith launched Yummy Lollies in 2006 when they couldn‘t buy natu ral ice lollies for their children. Made from apple juice, grap e juice, raspberry purée and a splash of lemon juice with no added sugar, water, colourings or preservatives so you can ‘lick your way to five a day‘. Other award: 100% Real Fruit Ice Lolly

10-27 GT12.indd 27

London & South East England

Made from fermented honey, this wine has an intensely sweet aroma with a citrus note which gives it a lighter flavour belying its high alcohol content. The slight oak taste comes from the barrels the mead is matured in. Although the mead carries on an ancient tradition, it can be drunk in a thoroughly modern way over ice.

le Splash App & Pear ★★

- Lemon ★


19/11/2012 17:10


Best Speciality from the South West Passion Fruit Curd | The Bay Tree Food Company

Relishing success That’s the secret of The Bay Tree Food Company’s products.



28-29 GT12.indd 64


19/11/2012 17:10

South West


Company is the contemporary twist they often give to traditional products. For example, their piccalilli includes green beans and carrots but no onions and, crucially, no vinegar. ’Our piccalilli is much sweeter and aimed at people who don’t like commercial varieties, which can be incredibly strong and acidic,’ says Macdonald of the best selling line. In September 2011 the Bay Tree Food Company merged with Gavin Brooking’s Dorsetbased preserves manufacturer Forest Products. Although each company maintains its own brand identity, they share a production ethos in terms of taste as well as a manufacturing facility. ’It was a very good fit,’ explains Macdonald. ’Between us, we have a much bigger portfolio of customers. We focus on innovation, sales and product while manufacturing can concentrate on getting the right product out at the right time.’ One such innovation was on the fruit curd front. ’I was looking for new ideas and recipes,’ says Brooking. ’Lemons, limes and oranges had been done so I looked at other fruits that had the sharp flavour profile that’s required to cut through the butter, eggs and sugar - sweet fruit doesn’t work. ’Fruit curds are delicate and can burn and curdle very easily. They need to be cooked with love and care and take skill and time to get right. And there was quite a bit of work to do from the test kitchen to scale-up the recipe. We use a concentrated, sieved passion fruit purée for smoothness and clarity of flavour, which adds a touch of luxury.’ Now that the relationship between the two companies has been established, both Macdonald and Brooking are looking to the future. ’We’re aiming to utilise the range of products we have to offer a complete service. Customers can have our products under their own label completely and independent stores can have two or three lines they champion under their own name.’ Innovation, it seems, is an integral part of the Bay Tree Food Company’s recipe for success. And who wouldn’t relish that?

28-29 GT12.indd 65

South West

ot many people can say that they owe their success to a cucumber, but for the founder of The Bay Tree Food Company it’s true. More accurately, it was Emma Macdonald’s family recipe for sweet and sour cucumber relish that set the ball rolling on the business she set up with fellow food lover Lucie Lewis in 1994 and which now produces and supplies over 120 artisan chutneys, preserves and sauces to farm shops, delis and independent retailers. ’A mutual friend suggested that I should meet Lucie,’ says Macdonald. ’She’d been working in sales and marketing and I was a chef and we shared an interest in food. She came for lunch and was so impressed with the cucumber relish that she said we should go into business together.’ Lewis had contacts at Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols and it wasn’t long before both were stocking the newly christened Bay Tree Food Company’s products. Initially their range was small, but the cucumber relish was soon joined by caramelised apple compote with thyme, Aga-dried tomatoes, and marmalade made from whole oranges. ’It is an expensive way to make marmalade but you get a different flavour - richer and more buttery,’ says Macdonald. It’s the sort of attention to detail that marks out the Bay Tree Food Company’s products, and was influenced by her time working in a two-star Michelin restaurant in Bordeaux. ’If you learn how to make great-tasting products, it stays with you,’ she says. Macdonald began by producing small quantities using top-quality ingredients. But as the business grew she had to get to grips with the microbiological issues surrounding preserved foods in order to ensure the product would keep safely in the jar for up to 12 months. ’Taste and quality ingredients are top of the agenda so the key criterion was not to diminish the quality of the flavour by adding acid,’ says Macdonald. ’So we use pasturisation to ensure the products are microbiologically safe.’ Another defining aspect of the Bay Tree Food



20/11/2012 13:01

30 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!



Relax Tea ★ Pukka Herbs

Chamomile flowers, gotu kola leaf, fennel seed, ginger and cardamom all sustainably grown and certified organic are combined in this tea, which is designed to release tension and help digestion at the end of the day. Herbalist director Sebastian Pole says: ‘The aromatic essential oils have a beautiful effect on the nervous system and mood – we try to create a moment of bliss in a cup of tea‘. Other awards: Vanilla Chai ★ Lemon Green ★ Three Tulsi ★

Polgoon Original Cider ★ Polgoon Vineyard and Orchard Made from a special blend of four varieties of cider apples grown in a secluded five acre orchard in Penzance, this lightly sparkling cider is made in an old fashioned manual press. ‘Because it‘s apples and yeast and nothing else, it retains a pure apple freshness’, says Kim Coulson who runs Polgoon with husband John. ‘It‘s really good with Cornish cheeses.‘

Merlot Red Wine Vinegar ★★ Pomona Street

Part of a collection of five gourmet wine vinegars, the wine is sourced from France‘s Dordogne then bottled and labelled on the Cornish coast. A cool fermentation process using a Champagne culture and no added sugar is key. Customers prize its mellow, fruity, versatile nature. ‘It‘s quite unique and goes as well in summer fruit puddings as in pasta sauce‘ says co-owner Cassandra Manning. Other award: Semillon White Wine Vinegar ★★

30-37 GT12.indd 30

y Cured Smoked Dr ★★★ Back Bacon rd Primrose He

Using pedigree ire Gloucestersh d an ot Sp d Ol gs Large Black pi s means there‘ an appealing t balance of fa ch and lean whi n keeps the baco n succulent whe ve the lea cooked. ‘We oke the rind on and sm ntly over oak ge d s in lo d re cu dry crisps nicely an . btle flavour. It er Sally Lugg uc flakes for a su od pr ys sa oma,‘ has a lovely ar rd@tiscali.



19/11/2012 17:10



Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil ★

Bell and Loxton

Eversfield O

a familye with care on crossbacon is mad a m m iu fro em e pr ad is M Th n. sows that estate in Devo d large black run 850 acre hite boars an ard, the w ch ge or lar te ta of d es e bree apples from th tional homemade on d fe y rtl are pa a tradi e dry cured in d hung to boned loins ar ys before being soaked an da n ve mix for se flavour. for maximum dry naturally c. fieldorgani www.evers k ★★ Rib Eye Stea Other award:

South West

Uniquely package d in an aluminium bo ttle that prevents the oil from breaking do wn in natural light, this is a truly versatile pro duct. Rapeseed that‘s gro wn on a family run far m is cold pressed just once to ensure quality and flavour. The result ing has a high burning oil point so is as good for stir-fries as it is for mayos and dressings.

★★ Back Bacon Organic rg anic


Chilli Velvet Fudge ★ Hi-T‘s Fudge

It was never owner Tina Allwork‘s plan to jump on the chilli-flavouring bandwagon but ‘customers kept saying ‘why don‘t you make a chilli one?‘ So the demand was there and we think it works really well.‘ The crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth fudge starts off tasting of traditional fudge with the mild chilli (courtesy of a Dartmoor chilli farm) kicking in at the end.

Sample and buy food and drink judged by the experts The Great Taste Market is coming to the RHS Flower Show, Tatton Park July 25-28 2013

30-37 GT12.indd 31


19/11/2012 17:10

32 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!




Lyme Bay Winer y


Jack Ratt Vintage Dry Cider ★★★

Made from a single year‘s crop of about 40 differen t varieties of cider apple (including Da binett and Kingston Black) an d inoculated with Champagne yeast, this is a different class of cider. ‘It has more weight of flavour and crisper acidit y,‘ says cider maker James Lam bert. Cider production has de veloped and improved over the years with the wine making experience and knowledge pa ving the way for the highest qu ality ciders to be made.

n Pie ★★★ o t il t S & k a Ste uality Foods Okemoor Q

essful says the succ Liza Lawrence er so ag an ng m hi n yt Productio make ever is simple. ‘We st quality local chuck formula here the be g in us nd bers added ha carefully by are no E num stilton. There as well as steak and top t Country ingredients and es it here too,‘ W ve sh lo fre all e e th w s, to with customer being popular . ds ad she eesecake ★ www.okem Chocolate and Orange Ch ke ★ : Ca ds e ar at ol aw Other ch Choc Pork Pie ★ Ri Hand-Raised

www.lymebay Other awards: Ginger Wine ★★ Jack Ratt Scrum py Cider ★★ Christmas Mead ★

Red Ruby Devon Burger ★★ Red Ruby Devon Beef

This secret recipe starts off with some very good beef from home-grown, forage-fed cattle. ‘The well-marbled beef is hung on the bone for three to four weeks to get the right balance of tenderness and flavour‘ says owner Sarah May. This current incarnation of the burger follows months of tweaking to get it just right, she adds. Other awards: Red Ruby Devon Beef Dry-Aged Ribeye Steak ★★


30-37 GT12.indd 32


19/11/2012 17:14


Dorset Wookey Hole Cave-Aged Cheddar ★★ Ashley Chase Estate Ford Farm

Dorset No.1 Blend ★ The Dorset Coffee Company

‘When I put a blend together I name it after the number of times it takes to get it right.‘ says selftaught coffee roaster of 16 years, Nigel Green, who struck gold first time with this all-Arabica blend of Far Eastern, African and Central South American beans. ‘It‘s not roasted too dark but enough to give full flavour, body and strength without being bitter.‘

s ★★ Pistou Olive Olives Et Al

ed on recipe collect tally authentic tly as we found it‘ ‘to a to e ad M ac his d recreated ex htly proud of our travels an Henschel is rig extra virgin olive oil les Gi r de un co-fo s and of green olive one of the company‘s French recipe rlic. It‘s ga d an sil ba with fresh d is a firm bestsellers an as it ite family favour eldest turned Giles‘ the to on er ht ug da e olive. th of s ht lig de

South West

Director Mike Pullin had the idea of maturing this West Country Farmhouse Cloth-Bound Cheddar, made by hand in West Dorset with milk from local herds, in the historic Wookey Hole Caves. He says: ‘400 years ago cheesemakers were doing it so I thought I‘d give it a go.‘ The result is a complex mix of traditional farmhouse flavours, sweetness from some of the cultures and an earthy flavour from the caves.

etal.c www.olives : Other awards sing ★ es Pink Mojo Dr Al Dukkah ★ sing ★ es Hedgerow Dr

New Improved Serious Chocolate ★ Purbeck Ice Cream

For nearly a quarter of a century, Purbeck have been making all natural ice cream and striving to do it better than anyone else. They‘ve hit the nail on the head with this popular flavour, made with milk from the lush green hills of Purbeck, Dorset cream and ground Belgian chocolate with added chocolate flakes. Rich, smooth and intensely flavoured, it‘s something to get serious about. Other awards: Fig & Honey ★★ Quince Sorbet ★★ Stem Ginger ★

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Passionate foodies and local food producers unite! woman&home and woman&home Feel Good Food have sponsored the new Great Taste VIP Award at The Great Taste Awards 2012 to celebrate the small producers who really make us proud of British food and quality.  Food editor Jane Curran, a judge

for The Great Taste Awards, is a passionate ambassador for small producers. Within woman&home and woman&home Feel Good Food magazines, Jane showcases the best in taste and quality of producers in her VIP (Very Important Producers) feature.




*Very important producers

George’s grandfather, William Staples, founded Staples Vegetables and George has been expanding the business for the last 20 years with his brother Vernon and mother Janet. Today Staples grows almost 11,000 acres of vegetables over nine farm sites. George grows 12 varieties of purple sprouting over two growing seasons; from March to mid December it’s grown in Lincolnshire, and from December to the end of February, the Isle of Wight provides the ideal growing location, with its higher island winter temperatures. George says, “Purple sprouting broccoli has to be picked and packed by hand, so the harvesting operation is very labour intensive and therefore expensive.” It is also very sensitive to changing temperatures. It grows quickly in warm weather but very slowly when it is cold. This can make it difficult to balance the supply of the broccoli with the demand for it. “The broccoli itself makes it all worth it,” says George, “it is such a tender vegetable full of flavour. My favourite way to enjoy it is to blanch the broccoli in boiling water for 45 seconds, season it with salt and pepper and a little drizzle of olive oil, then roast for 10 minutes.”

At Feel Good Food, we think it’s important to support growers who care about ethical and sustainable practices. Here, we meet three such producers who keep their standards high

Traditionally farmed lamb MYRDDIN DAVIES, WELSH LAMB FARMER Myrddin Davies, 29, is a fourth-generation farmer from North Wales. The farm is 180 acres with 500 breeding sheep and cattle producing Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef. Myrddin is proud of the farm’s traditional practices – they farm sheep in the same way as their ancestors did, with acre after acre of lush green grass, fresh air and a wet climate – simple ingredients to produce a quality product. Welsh Lamb has now achieved Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status from the European Union, which protects and guarantees authenticity, traceability, and quality of regional products. Myrddin says, “I prefer to cook ‘quick cuts’ of Welsh lamb. Leg steaks grilled for a few minutes each side, or a lamb stir fry; simply cook lamb strips or cubes in a wok with seasonal veg, add a splash of soy sauce, and you have a meal in minutes! “What I enjoy most about being a Welsh lamb farmer is the seasons, which shape everything we do. We can’t hit a switch or turn a tap to produce more lamb, it relies on traditional methods Trimmed, lean lamb that have evolved over is only 8% fat, full generations. It’s more than being a farmer, it’s about of protein, B and D safeguarding and shaping vitamins, iron, zinc the landscape, heritage and selenium and culture of the area that my family live in.”

 Did you know?

Vitamin-A enriched carrots WILLIAM HUNTER SUPER A CARROTS, HUNTAPAC PRODUCE Grown in Shropshire, the Super A Carrot is grown exclusively for M&S by Huntapac Produce Ltd, which has been in operation since 1942 – a fourth-generation business. Huntapac is a a family business, which is run by William Hunter, the chairman, and his sons Warren (managing director), Jason (who manages market accounts), and Will (currently working within the maintenance department as part of his introduction to the family business). Huntapac Produce have worked

closely with a seed house to breed the Super A carrot (which is bred to have substantially higher Beta Carotene levels – the plant form of vitamin A – than standard carrots) exclusively for Marks & Spencer. The Super A is slender, with a deep vibrant-orange colour throughout the root, and an intensely sweet flavour. The Hunter family’s top tip for growing their extra healthy carrots? “We honey glaze them. Just blanch 3 sliced carrots for 3 to 4minutes, then drain. Heat a good knob of butter in a frying pan, add the carrots and 1tbsp runny honey and sauté for 2 to 3 minutes until they are glazed.”


 THIS YEAR’S VIP AWARD WINNER Paul Kelly of Kelly Turkeys – was chosen by readers who are passionate about food. With its meaty, slightly gamey flavour and tender texture, the KellyBronze® turkey is bred to provide that special moment on Christmas Day. Adopting the best of traditional farming methods, the turkeys roam freely in pastures, stubble fields and woodland. At night, the turkeys have the shelter of open-sided pole barns, with plenty of fresh air. Their feed is based on locally grown cereals and vegetable protein without additives, drugs or growth promoters. Visit www.

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Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade AA ★★★ Wan Ling Tea House

maretto Cherry & A Jam ★ en Foods Kitchen Gard

serv ngardenpre


South West

it‘s specially the Day hit when A Valentine‘s lled as ‘Ma Cherie Amour, bi d be an n ca ed ag pack this jam e you adore‘, erving jam for the on round. Made in open pres ar ye all r and a ga su s, enjoyed rie er le sour ch , it‘s pans with who flavoured Amaretto liqueur d dash of almon as a cheesecake topping or me equally at ho toast. filler as it is on sponge cake

This super premium Jasmine tea comes from the famous Fujian province on the south east coast of mainland China. The flowers are hand rolled into pearls with top quality green tea to make a soothing, relaxing drink. ‘Some people add rose buds and chrysanthemums to add to the floral flavour,‘ says importer James Grayland. Other awards: CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang ‘Competition Grade‘ Tie Guan Yin King ★★★ Aged White Tea Bai Mu Dan ★

M‘Hencha ★★★ BR



Sophie‘s Baked Delights - Home of the M‘Hencha Company If you haven‘t heard of M‘Hencha, you‘re in for a real treat. This North African style coiled-brick pastry cake is redolent with the flavours of Morocco. Rich with almond paste, rosewater, orange and lemon zest and pistachio, its unusual shape makes it a great centrepiece for festive occasions, but is equally good served warm with a shot of coffee for breakfast.


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36 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!


Apple & Ginger Organic Juice ★★ Godminster ★ Jersey BrVie intage

Bradley‘s Juice Company

Pressed on the fam ily‘ farm in rural Some s rse this gently pasteuri t, sed juice is made from fresh handpicked apple s an raw root ginger. ‘Th d e sweetness of the apple and the warmth of the ginger creates a un ique drink that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. The juice is not carbo nated as we feel that would mask the fantastic flavo urs,‘ says Miles Bradley.


s of rich grassland d, milk from the rin ith te w hi e w ad a m is Hand y brie organic Jerse our and Somerset, this a delicate mushroom flav ith and runny soft cheese w hen it’s mature, it’s lovely mber‘W . Ki rd golden cu ager Jessica ys general man t the flavour is so and oozy,‘ sa bu can bake it, it.‘ Holloway. ‘You n‘t need to do anything to do u yo us io lic de .com ★ mary inster www.godm Water Biscuits with Rose : ds ★ s ar rn aw co r er Othe pepp ey brie with Organic Jers

www.bradleysju ice. Other awards: Apple & Rhubarb ★ Cox & Bramley Apple ★

Wiltshire Marinated Anchovies in Oil ★ Select Europe

Cheddar Cheese Straws ★ The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company

After a two year quest, John Spencer came up with the perfect recipe for a full flavoured puff pastry cheese straw. ‘Many straws on the market don‘t have much cheese and are fairly dry. The highest ingredient in ours is our own vintage cheddar that‘s traditionally matured in cloth then butter. They‘re great with a glass of wine and even better warmed up.‘

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Select Europe use their links around the Mediterranean to support local fisherman who catch, prepare and marinate these anchovies by hand in the traditional manner to protect the integrity of the delicate fish. Rich in calcium, vitamin D and Omega3 they are ideal for starters and perfect for tapas and appeal to consumers keen to find natural, healthy and nutritious food. Other awards: Seafood Tapas ★ Semi-Dried Tomatoes ★ Premium Seafood Medley ★


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Great Taste Recipe


Rhug Lamb Tagine Oliver Lesnik, executive head chef of Great Taste at The Cadogan hotel

TS INGREDIEN mb shanks 10 small la t paprika 4 tspn swee ant) very import y it al qu t es (b s ed el se 2 tspn fenn amon 3 sticks cinn ic er 8 tspn turm pods om am rd ca 0 1 10 cloves der seeds 1 tspn corian ise 5 star an 6 bay leaf nely ng onions (fi 5 large stro chopped) ) es (chopped 6 garlic clov opped) ch ly ne (fi s 2 red chillie & grated) nger (peeled 50g fresh gi or b m la emade 3 litre hom k oc chicken st oil Salt & olive

• Return the lamb shanks to the pan with any juices and turn them over until completely encased in the onion and spices. • Arrange in the pan so all the bones are upright, ensuring the largest part of the shanks are on the bottom of the pan. • Cover in chicken stock, bring to boil, cover and place in oven at 160°C for 3-4 hours or until tender (meat is coming away from the bone). • At this point, remove the shanks, cover in foil to stop them drying out and reduce the sauce to desired consistency. • Serve with cous-cous or bulgur wheat, Great Taste winning Belazu preserved lemons, coriander and mint leaves.

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METHOD • Bring a large pan up to temperature and cover the base of the pan with olive oil. • Season the lamb shanks with salt and place carefully in the pan. Turn the shanks every two minutes or so until you have achieved an even golden brown colour all over. • Remove from pan and add the chopped onions. Reduce heat and cook onions, constantly stirring until translucent but with minimum colour. • Add all spices to the pan, return to heat and stir constantly to avoid the spices catching on the bottom of the pan. If the mix becomes too dry add a little more oil. • Cook the spices until they start to release their oils. At this point add the garlic, ginger and chopped chillies.


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Best Speciality from the East Anglia & Midlands Jaipur IPA | Thornbridge Brewery

Mighty micro Peak District craft brewer on a mission to grab the attention of the discerning drinker



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East Anglia & Midlands


38-39 GT12.indd 65

like them to brew but I wouldn't be able to write a recipe.' Harrison set his brewers the challenge to create a beer that would grab the attention of the British craft beer market place. The result was Jaipur, a 5.9% light-coloured IPA with the pronounced flavour of American hops. 'The Americans have created some amazing IPAs which are reinventions of old British beers, so we've copied the Americans who copied us,' says Harrison, who has recently collaborated with Colorado-based brewery Doug Odell to make Pond Hopper, a 9% double IPA. But Harrison didn't just rely on a great recipe to get his beers noticed. 'There's an interesting competition space organised by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, which does lots of beer festivals and one of its biggest is our local one at Sheffield. We thought, early doors, that we should enter Jaipur to get it to a wider audience and it won. We got huge amounts of local press and it made us realise that using competitions to broaden your market base was a great thing to do. So we entered loads, and won 200 plus, often with Jaipur.' The IPA heads up a list of cask, keg and bottled beers that demands the use of the word 'eclectic' one more time. From the wonderfully named Kill Your Darlings, a Viennese-style red lager, to Saint Petersburg, an Imperial Russian Stout, Thornbridge has all the bases covered. But Harrison isn't standing still. As well as running eight pubs in the Sheffield area, Thornbridge are expanding the brewery, growing their export market and constantly developing new products including a smoked Bavarian-style beer. 'Innovation, passion, knowledge - that’s our mantra’, says Harrison. ‘I'm not in business just to make money.'

East Anglia & Midlands

f one word sums up Thornbridge Brewery's managing director Jim Harrison it's 'eclectic'. The serial entrepreneur started out in engineering, moved into making pickles and then sold singleestate coffee before setting up Thornbridge Brewery in 2005. Although it’s hard to imagine a more random career path, for Harrison there's one uniting factor. 'You always have to be passionate about what you do,' he says. 'Even though my past life was about something as superficially dull as gaskets, I loved that business and all the intricacy of how you get products to the supplier with the minimum of fuss and paperwork.' The engineering background came in handy when Harrison set about converting Thornbridge Hall ('a derelict barn of a place') in the Peak District national park into a classic 10-barrel brewery. 'I understood the world of manufacturing and processing from my time in the petrochemical industry,' he explains. The decision to go into brewing didn't come out of nowhere. Harrison had been a keen home brewer and had developed what he describes as an 'eclectic' (there's that word again) taste in beer. 'I've travelled quite a bit in the US, Europe and the Far East and I've always looked for what the locals drink,' says Harrison. 'Some of my favourites are Belgian but I also got into American beers from Brooklyn Brewery and Stone Brewing Company, two brewers that have led the way in the craft beer markets.' Incredibly, Jaipur IPA, Thornbridge's most popular beer, was the third beer the company ever brewed. It now constitutes 60% of their production. Harrison attributes the success to his team of six brewers, headed up by Rob Lovett, formerly of Meantime Brewery in London. 'From day one, it was always about employing people I thought could do a better job than me,' says Harrison. 'I discuss with the brewers what I'd



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40 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Cambridgeshire Gog Magog Scotch Egg ★

Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop

‘They‘ve got a cult following around Cambridgeshire,‘ says managing director Charles Bradford of the Scotch egg they‘ve been making for 20 years. And no wonder - inside the crisp breadcrumb coating, mace, coriander and nutmeg spices up the traditional sausage meat made from free range Suffolk pork leg and shoulder that encases a local free range woodland hen’s egg. Other awards: Gog Magog Black Ham ★ The Royal Cambridge Sausage ★ Monty‘s Cheese Scone ★

Ombar Probiotic Coconut Chocolate ★ Mood Foods

Launched at the same time as the company some five years ago, this combination of Organic Ecuadorian raw cacao beans infused with coconut cream and probiotics is ‘the most popular bar in the range‘, says co-founder Richard Turner. Richard attributes its success to the magic combination of coconut cream and coconut sugar. The addition of probiotics gives the bar an extra healthy twist.

40-47 GT12.indd 40

Working closely with their blenders in Sri Lanka, where the climate produces tea high in anti-oxidants, Kandula packages these whole leaf teas in its trademark pink elephant design. Co-founder Jane Myhill thinks the breakfast tea is really special. ‘We use a very good quality Orange Pekoe blend from the Western slopes which gives a bold and bright flavour.‘


e Scalded Ry n ia n a u h it L Bread ★★★ Karaway

urdough This unique so nds out bread really sta It‘s made d. ow cr e th m fro l Lithuanian to a traditiona ed rye ald sc ith w e recip nctive flour for a disti Baked r. ou av fl mellow ves of lea ied on the dr tic calamus the semi aqua stantly in plant, it has an ant fragr recognisable enhances aroma which ter of the ac ar ch alt m the nriched -e ed se ay w cara gluten in er w lo gest. loaf. It’s it easier to di es ak m ch too whi .com

aybakery www.karaw Russian 100% Rye ★ : Other awards Grains ★ with Seeds & Malted Rye Raisins ★ & ts Nu ith Dark Rye w



Kandula Tea Company

BR Other awards: Ombar Probiotic Dark 72% ★ Ombar Goji Berry ★

Ceylon English Breakfast Tea ★


19/11/2012 17:19



www.novus te Other awards : Egyptian Min t ★★ Organic Jasm ine ★ ★ Sapphire Ea rl Grey ★

panese This organic Ja tea sweet herbal the is made from riety va a of s ve lea flower of Hortensia t 200 ou ab e ar that than r te ee sw times e sugar. Caffein e th free and with rice, flavour of liquo y, ne aniseed and ho ed us the tea can be te as a concentra r he to sweeten ot k as drinks or drun a an infusion in is It diluted form. for also suitable gar in substituting su cooking.

Cherry Tea ★★★

Momo Cha Fine Teas This high quality organic tea is made from specially planted cherry trees in the Shiuoka prefecture in central Japan. ‘It‘s an amazingly floral infusion with a flavour like cherry blossom rather than that of the fruit,‘ says Mojca Henigman of Momo Cha. ‘You can get up to four or five infusions from the same leaves and it tastes great hot or cold‘.


East Anglia & Midlands

Allan Pirret is de quality of the lighted with the current Dragonwell gr een tea he imports from Ha crop is particu ngzhou in China. ‘This ye ar‘s larly spectacular, th e is so clean an tea d so sharp,‘ says Al lan Pirret. ‘The pl ucked tea is pushed round a wok to turn it a needle. This to se fermenting pr mioc draws out the ess apricot note you get with the tea.‘

Momo Cha


nd Imports

★★ AmachaFi★ e n Teas


Novus Drag Green Tea onwell ★★ Daily Gri ochafinetea ★ High Mountain Oolong : Other awards

Steak & Ale P ie ★

Quality & Excelle nce

This handmade pie company truly is a family affair with MD Sarah-Ja ne coming up wi th the recipes and son Michael creating them. Sa rah-Jane likens the award-winning steak & ale pie to ‘childhood memories of what your grandma use d to make‘. ‘We use local Ess ex beef and locally produced flour along with the exc ellent Hobgoblin Ale.‘ www.qualityan

.uk Other awards: Aged Oolong ★★ Happy Sencha ★ Mountain Black Tea ★

40-47 GT12.indd 41


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42 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!



Passionfruit Curd ★★ Thursday Cottage

Handmade in small batches of 200 jars, Thursday Cottage aims to make products that are as good as, if not better than homemade and they’ve succeeded with this tangy curd. Made with passion fruit purée, sugar, fresh pasteurised free-range eggs and pure country butter, this traditionally made curd is full of punchy, untraditionally exotic flavour.

Garden Mint Cordial ★

Ebenezer Cottage The recipe for this unusual cordial has been handed down through three generations of Liz Joint’s family. It‘s made with mint from her own garden and lemon juice to draw out the flavour of the refreshing summery herb. ‘It keeps for four weeks in the fridge but it’s usually all gone before then. It’s best diluted with sparkling water or in a Pimms-based cocktail,‘ says Liz. Other awards: Gooseberry and Elderflower ★ Blackcurrant Curd ★ and Lemon Curd ★

Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Truffles ★★ Booja-Booja

Booja-Booja specialise in dairy free, gluten free, vegan, organic and utterly delicious chocolate truffles. These divine chocolates are handmade using sweet roasted hazelnuts and dusted in cocoa powder to make this wonderfully decadent treat. Other flavours in the range include Champagne, Banoffee Toffee, Stem Ginger, Around Midnight Espresso and Rum Sozzled Sultana. Other award: Stem Ginger Chocolate Truffles ★

Suffolk Raspberry Cream Ice ★★★ Alder Tree

No, ‘cream ice’ isn‘t a mistake. ‘I don‘t use any eggs and there‘s not enough milk protein to call it ice cream,‘ says Stephany Hardingham. Instead, there‘s cream, sugar and a whole lot of raspberries from the family farm (a whopping 38% of the mix). The unusual recipe, courtesy of Hardingham‘s grandmother, is halfway between ice cream and sorbet but all the way to delicious. Other awards: Gooseberry & Elderflower ★★ Toffee Apple ★★ Damson ★★

40-47 GT12.indd 42


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Suffolk Pork Liver Terrine ★ Sancroft Foods Other award: Ham Hock Terrine ★

Blueberry & Lavender Jam ★★ The Blueberry Co.

There‘s a simple secret to why this soft set jam tastes so good and it’s not just the original combination of Suffolk blueberries and dried Norfolk lavender, or the traditional open pan cooking method. ‘Because they‘re homegrown, we can wait until the blueberries are fully ripened before picking them so the natural sugars and flavours develop,‘ says the jam‘s maker Amelia Bright. Other award: Blueberry Vinegar ★

Herefordshire Glastonbury Cheddar & Caramelised Onion TorTyrells Tortillas ★ Tyrrells Potato Crisps

Tyrrells have transformed a traditional Mexican snack into something quintessentially English. The ‘masa‘ corn flour base is enhanced with chives for colour and depth of flavour and seasoned with rich, mature Glastonbury cheddar and caramelised British onions. ‘Tortillas are usually uniform, but ours have an artisan shape and texture with curl and character,‘ says Tyrrells senior marketing manager Cath White.

East Anglia & Midlands

Using a traditional French recipe, this is about as far away from mass-produced as you can get. Pork from free-range Blythburgh pigs, 15 miles away, is hand-minced together with other top quality ingredients. Chef Stephen Duffield explains: ‘If you put good stuff in you should get good stuff out‘. The punters digging in at the Somerleyton tearooms and local farmers’ markets certainly agree.

Leicestershire Medium Melton Mowbray Pork Pie ★ ★ Dickinson & Morris

‘There‘s pies, pork pies and then there‘s Melton Mowbray Pork Pies,‘ says Dickinson & Morris MD Stephen Hallam of this iconic, artisan hot water crust gift from the gods. Once you‘ve tasted the holy trinity of rich, crisp dark golden pastry, coarsely minced British pork that‘s piquant with white pepper and flavoursome bone stock jelly, you‘ll be singing its praises too. Other award: Dickinson & Morris Large Melton Mowbray Pork Pie ★ Other awards: Tyrrells Sea Salt & Vinegar Furrows ★★ Tyrrells Naked Potato Crisps ★ Tortyrrells TortillasRather Hot English Chillies ★

40-47 GT12.indd 43


19/11/2012 17:17

What’s the secret of our 8 Gold Great Taste Awards? Beautiful aroma - you can tell it’s made in a copper pan Rich beautiful colour, lovely brightness Very well set lovely soft fruit Perfect balance of sugar and fruit ...Summer Berries Jam

We were thrilled by the judges’ comments when we won eight more Gold Great Taste Awards in 2012. Made in Britain and hand prepared in small batches, all eight of our award winners are testament to our commitment to creating the finest food with a unique home-made taste. Visit us to discover more and to find your local stockist.

A family company passionate about good food. 40-47 GT12.indd 44

19/11/2012 17:16


Northamptonshire Dry Cured Traditionally Smoked Bacon ★★ Castle Ashby Smokehouse

East Anglia & Midlands

‘We produce award-winning bacon using quality pork from Blythburgh free range pigs,‘ says David Cook, master smoker. Using carefully selected pork middles with good ‘marbling‘ and a degree of fat, the joints are dry cured before being smoked over oak chips from redundant whisky barrels. ‘Gorgeous flavour to the fat and good depth of flavour to the bacon‘ said the Great Taste judges.

Nottinghamshire Choice Grade USDA Matured Sirloin ★ Westin Gourmet

Westin Gourmet has over 30 years’ experience supplying London‘s finest restaurants with the highest quality meat, and this USDA Choice Grade Sirloin Steak is no exception. Its lightly marbled texture ensures it stays tantalisingly tender and mouthwateringly juicy when grilled or fried. Plus, it‘s hand cut on the day of despatch, so you get the freshest, leanest cuts possible. Other award: Grain Fed Australian Sirloin ★

Shropshire Belton Farm Traditional Clothbound Red Leicester ★ Belton Cheese

Belton know all about tradition, having made cheese since the 1800s. This 12kg rinded Red Leicester is made to a recipe handed down for generations. Aged for 10-12 months it has a full, round and deep flavour. ‘It has a nice open fleck and snaps like a carrot with nutty savoury notes and a slight citrus flavour,‘ says sales manager Phil Jones.

Capra Nouveau ★★★

Brock Hall Farm Dairy

At Brock Hall Farm, they care so much their herd of 100 about pure Saanen goats that they all have names. Th ey deserve the cre dit for the milk that goes int Vacherin-style chee o this creamy, semi-soft se. cheese-maker Sarah To make it extra special, Hampton wraps a spruce around the band of ch spicy flavour durin eese that imparts a woody, g its six week ma turation. www.brockhall farm .com Other awards: Clothbound Double Gloucester ★ Clothbound Cheddar ★ BR



40-47 GT12.indd 45


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46 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Shropshire Game Pie ★

Curetons Fine Food Henry Cureton has taken his family‘s recipe and brought it into the 21st century by adding a mixture of dried fruits to the pie filling. The diced game meat is seasoned and marinaded before being added to the pastry. The short crust pie is finished with layers of pork meat and homemade jellied stock. Other award: Perfectly Potted Chicken Liver Pate with Pheasant and Calvados ★

Classic Beef Bolognese ★

The Smoke & Pickle Food Co. of Shropshire Over 50% of this classic sauce is made up of top quality, low fat British beef from the Albrighton Estate in Shropshire. Fresh vegetables, garlic and herbs add up to a rich and flavoursome product. ‘We wanted to produce something that tastes as if you‘d made it at home, for those who don‘t have time to cook.‘ says owner Sara Curtis. Other awards: Paneer & Pea Dansak ★ Fish Soup ★ Potted Roquefort, Pear & Walnut ★

Staffordshire Carrot & Cumin Chutney ★★ Mike‘s Homemade

Chef Mike Dentith makes this Indian-influenced spicy chutney with grated carrot, cumin seeds, whole coriander seeds, chilli and ginger. ‘It‘s cooked so it‘s still fresh and the carrot is fresh,‘ says Mike. ‘I‘ve been making it for three years and everyone loves it. Delicious in a sandwich or with cold meats or cheese and biscuits.‘

40-47 GT12.indd 46

ackington P e d a m e m Ho Pie ★ ★ Moor Pork Farm Shop & Café Packington


Packington from nearby e-range pork es into go at th n Made from fre io nt care and atte ial, says mething spec Farm, it‘s the at makes it so ed lots of different th e pi rk po tri this e Barnes. ‘We but now co-owner Grac tried buying in pie cases en y – the pie ev gg d so an t no recipes and it‘s crispy n ow r ou e we mak memade‘. uk tastes really ho ngtonmoor-f olate Brownie ★ www.packi oc Ultimate Ch Other award:


19/11/2012 17:16



ied Oak Smoked T ked Sun Dr o m S u ld rk o ey C ★ Adlington Tomatoes li★ Cambridgeshire ba ve rn-

www.adlington Other award: Ap plewood Ham ★

O The Smoked

tomatoes are secret dried Spanish a Naturally sun- er a period of 48 hours in ov deep, multi te ea cr reconstituted to s s and herb oked recipe of spice The tomatoes are then sm for r. ips layers of flavou k and beech hardwood ch oa at still over a mix of r of smoke th gering flavou eir magic. lin th t k ye or le w bt to su e a ac her flavours sp ot e th s ow all oked www.thesm

East Anglia & Midlands

reared turkey is the to this fuller flavo secret ured product. ‘Th e birds live in conditions open to the elements and have put on a natural layer of fat. older than most co They‘re four to five weeks mmercially reared turkeys,‘ says Rod Adlington, wh o brines the meat with juniper and smokes it ov er oak wood chips for 12 hours for a juicy result.

Worcestershire White chocolate, cinnamon & caramel slice ★ Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings

You‘ve never tried millionaire‘s shortbread quite like this. Catering manager Nick Constantine‘s culinary imagination went into overdrive when he came up with this startling original combination of layers of digestive biscuit base and caramel topped with white chocolate and cinnamon. ‘I like experimenting with flavours and this really works. The cinnamon isn‘t overpowering and blends really well with the white chocolate,‘ he says.

Spiced Walnut Salami ★★ Forest Pig Charcuterie

‘We call it “the dangerous salami”,‘ says Jeremy Levell, who makes this soft, lower fat salami with pork from the company’s forest-reared pigs. ‘The heat from the hot paprika and cayenne comes back once you‘ve swallowed it. The walnut adds a bit of extra interest. It’s best enjoyed with a glass of chilled white wine and goes beautifully with blue cheese, olives and crusty bread.‘ Other award: Rustic Salami ★★ Chorizo Salami ★ Forager Salami ★

40-47 GT12.indd 47


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Best Speciality from the North More? Sourdough Miche | More? The Artisan Bakery

Dough the right thing Cumbrian baker’s success is down to simple ingredients, lengthy preparation and one giant loaf



48-49 GT12.indd 64


19/11/2012 17:16

North of England


'It’s allowed our products to enter a market previously unavailable to us. If you've eaten at a high quality restaurant in this country you've probably eaten our bread,' he says with justifiable pride. And it’s not just restaurant customers who enjoy Moore's wares. The Staveley shop has become something of a place of pilgrimage for ultra-keen foodies. 'Every month, a lady from Singapore who visits the area on business takes eight quarters of miche back home in her suitcase with her,' says Moore who also has a cult following for his Muddees that were voted best chocolate brownie in taste tests in the Sunday Times Style magazine. In the early days, Moore would bake and sell everything himself, often surviving on just a few hours of sleep. Now, as the business has grown, his role has changed and he spends more time in the office on recipe development and general management. 'Our name is out there and we can capitalise on the cherries that just need picking. Sometimes there are too many opportunities and then it’s about telling the good from the bad.' Always up for the next challenge, Moore is currently looking at improving his food service distribution links and considering new premises for storage and warehousing. There are also plans to expand his retail offering. 'We're not necessarily looking at the high street. We're a destination bakery but we want to increase awareness with more shops, initially within Cumbria then further afield into Lancashire and then nationally within three years.' Born to an Irish mother and German father, Moore became used at an early age to waking up every morning to good bread. Given his ambitious plans, it might not be too long before much of the country can do the same.

48-49 GT12.indd 65

North of England

or former chef Patrick Moore, bread has become something of an obsession. Tiring of the modern 'bells and whistles' style of cuisine he was cooking, he turned to something more timeless that would get him excited about food again. 'As a chef, I got to a point where there was a lot of innovation in cookery but not much substance,' says Moore, who began his career as a pâtissier. ‘As you get older, you want to get back to basics and the most basic thing is bread. A loaf can be as simple as flour, water and a bit of salt. To get something great out of those three ingredients is a major challenge, and we've achieved it.' From humble beginnings seven years ago as a one man band who converted three rooms in his house into a bakery, Moore now employs 20 people at the More? production facility and retail outlet in Staveley just outside Kendal, and has a product list of over 200 items. Topping the list is his bestselling 2kg miche sourdough loaf. 'It’s a very simple yet very complicated loaf, inspired by the traditional sourdoughs of Europe. It’s made using a combination of rye wholemeal and Canadian strong white flour, salt and water and nothing else,' says Moore. 'We have a firm starter that provides acidic tang and a massive amount of flavour and the great keeping qualities of the bread, and a liquid sour starter that provides the open texture and the lift. It's fermented for 24 hours so it’s a long slow rise and the flavours are allowed to fully mature. It has a lovely moist soft crumb.' Although Moore was able to build a strong customer base in the Cumbria area using contacts from his chef days and by selling at farmers’ markets and other events, a national distribution deal with Lancashire-based food service supply company Wellocks earlier this year has stepped the business up a gear.



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50 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Cheshire Moroccan Lamb & Cous Cous ★

Proper Porcini Mushroom Sauce ★★

Why shouldn‘t babies have a diet as exciting as adults? Now they can with this innovative organic range, launched in 2004 with a simple vision to produce the best baby food around. Tender organic lamb and seasonal veggies slow cooked in a delicate Moroccan-inspired sauce with fluffy couscous. This meal is just one of the 14 delicious handmade meals from the So Baby Organics range.

Elys Poppy‘s skills as a graphic designer came in handy when she created the slightly saucy, punk-inspired packaging for her range of delicious sauces. ‘This is 84 per cent cream so it has a luxurious, velvety texture. I use the soaking liquid from the dried porcini to add flavour. It‘s great poured over steak or any poultry and game and makes a really nice pasta sauce.‘

So Baby Organics

The Sauce Queen

Cumbria Cumberland Rum Nicky ★ Appleby Bakery

This rich rumscented date pastry owes its existence to the days of the East India trade route when Cumbrian sailors were paid a bonus of exotic items they had shipped to the UK including rum, dates, ginger and molasses. The rest of the ingredients include orange zest and grated apple, which history tells us were ‘nicked‘ from the ship‘s stores, hence the name. Serve warm with ice cream or just with a cuppa. Other award: Cranberry Sauce with Port ★

50-55 GT12.indd 50

inger Orange & G★★ Marmalaelidgehts/Friendly Food Cumbrian D and Drink

en From his kitch in Staveley, an Geoff Monkm produces hand s, ve er es pr e ad m chutneys and sauces that r are suitable fo diabetics and allergy suffers. , nt Equally importa us they‘re delicio ith too. Made w , lp pu ge an or llised eserve will crushed crysta on and sugar, the zingy pr croissant lem a , er on t ng gi as stem buds at breakf ste ta ur yo up wake mon. y glaze to gam or add a tang iandelig uce ★ www.cumbr Gooseberry and Mint Sa : ckle ★ Other awards n Jam ★ Sweet Garlic Pi Gi Damson and


19/11/2012 17:17


Cumbria Nettle Jelly ★★

The Hawkshead Relish Company



North of England

Hawkshead have literally grasped More? The A the (local) nettle g Miche (a fermented, 2k ‘s as big to make this This 24 hour d that ea br gh ou unusual and round soughd made with is delicious jelly. as your head) l and Canadian They‘ve taken rye, wholemea r. The loaf ou fl te hi w g the sting out of stron ex, tangy it too, and all by gets its compl , crust and open hand. ‘We already flavour, crisp use e th m fro b make a hedgerow moist crum ters‘ rather jelly and there‘s a of natural ‘star portion of da growing interest than yeast an uncooked in foraged unfermented, from a ed in ta re h ug foods, so this do h. tc ba us io was a natural prev progression,‘ www.morea : ds ar explains sales Other aw Muddee ★ ★ manager Kate Muddee ★★ Gluten Free Nicholson. The rustic nettle flavour is balanced by ta ★ at ab Ci Rustic apples picked from owner Mark Whitehead‘s garden.


Sourdough ★ Miche ★★ rtisan Bakery Other award: Wild Garlic Pickle ★

Oak-Smoked Goosnargh Duck Breast ★★ Riverside Smoked Foods

Managing director Russell Smith remembers a previous Christmas dinner where the Goosnargh goose was ‘the best thing I‘d ever eaten‘. These duck breasts are couriered over to arrive the day after slaughter. They‘re then mildly cured and carefully smoked so as not to overcook, resulting in lightly smoked, tender pink duck breasts. Other Awards: Oak-Smoked Cumbrian Trout ★

Isle of Man Vintage Manx Christmas Pudding ★★★ Aaron House (Cocoa Red)

If it‘s made on the Isle of Man, it‘s in this pudding. Laxey Glen Mills flour, Apple Orphanage cider, Isle of Man Creamery butter, Bushy‘s Ale and local organic eggs are all in the mix. Handmade (they even candy their own orange and lemon peel) before Easter and matured with VSOP cognac, this is a fruity pudding with a well developed, balanced flavour. Other awards: Manx Peggy ★★ Manx Coffee ★★ Traditional Christmas Pudding ★

50-55 GT12.indd 51


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52 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Lancashire Old Fashioned Dumpling Mix ★ Amko

There are two reasons why this is not just any old dumpling mix. First, there‘s award winning Canadian wheat flour from sixth generation millers Nelstrops. Then there‘s Amko‘s own suet made from Irish beef fat. ‘It‘s not bleached so it has a creamy colour which means it still retains all its flavour. A good, hearty, beefy product,‘ says owner Peter Martindale.

Lancashire Sauce Crisps ★ Fiddler‘s Lancashire Crisps

Take Lady Rosetta, Lady Claire and Hermes potatoes (ideal varieties with the right amount of dry matter and sugar to make perfect crisps); add a local spicy sauce made to a family recipe with curry powder, cumin, black pepper and coriander and you have something truly unique. ‘Because we‘re working with our own potatoes, we maintain a constant quality of crisp,‘ says John Fiddler.

Northumberland Red Onion & Tarset Valley Marmalade Sausage ★ Northumberland Sausage Co.

‘One of our customers said they enjoyed spreading orange marmalade on sausages before putting them in the oven so we combined that idea with our favourite red onion sausage‘ explains owner Claire WatsonLaney. The dark marmalade, made with black treacle by a lady up the road, results in a sweet, but not overly sweet flavour, she adds. Other Award: Smoked Cheese and Cracked Black Pepper Sausage ★

Sea Buckthorn Ice Cream ★★ Spurreli

Boat builder by trade, Nick Spurr has come up with a truly unique addition to his range of ice creams. He adds the juice from the aromatic berries of the sea buckthorn coastal shrub to a base mix of milk, cream and sugar, that also includes dextrose to balance the sweetness, and skimmed milk powder for structure. Other award: Arabica Coffee Ice Cream ★

50-55 GT12.indd 52


19/11/2012 17:17


East Yorkshire Short Rib Roast ★ Rosewood Farms

North of England

Farmers on this Yorkshire farm developed a 100 per cent grass feeding system based on American grazing techniques for its Dexter cattle over 16 years. As well as being healthier, it‘s also environmentally sound. Grazier Robert Rose is keen to encourage us to eat lesser known cuts of beef and advises: ‘The short rib roast is a slow roasting joint which is best not rushed.‘

Twice Smoked Duck ★★

Staal Smokehou se Ltd

Brined Gressingha m duck breast - so good they smoked it twice. Justin Staal first co ld-smokes the meat over oak saw dust to boost flavo ur. Then he slowly raises the tem perature in the kiln duck is cooked an so the d ready to eat bu t retains a moist pinkness. ‘I used to make it just for friends but they loved it and said I had to get it ou t there.‘ www.staalsmo ke

izo Spicy Chor ★★ Pigs Three Little

ided by The spice, prov n and to en Pim smoked es, is used habenero chilli quality meat to flavour high d Jonathan an from Charlotte n herd of freeow ‘s on ks ar Cl eed Berkshire range rare br are rather well at th gs pi k blac eral hey drink min ‘T r. te af looked e meat a th s ve gi ch hi , water w says Charlotte sweet flavour,‘ g the tin ea ds en m who recom e sliced -dried sausag four-week air e. in w k with a glass of ittlepigs www.threel : ds ar aw r he Ot ★★ yme Salami Oregano & Th n ★ co Ba d re Cu y Dr

‘When a food producer wins a Great Taste award, they can be very proud. Their product will have been rigorously judged, tasted and re-tasted blind by a panel of expert judges who debate, sometimes heatedly, its merits. In other words, this logo is the real deal, with an integrity and breadth that leave other awards for dust.’ Xanthe Clay, Food Writer

50-55 GT12.indd 53


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54 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

North Yorkshire Damson V ★★ Damson Tree Damson Tree owner Gemma Standeven uses the glut of Herefordshire damsons to make a liqueur much praised by family and friends. ‘As I grew up, I couldn‘t believe more people didn‘t know about damsons.‘ The fruit is hand-picked, steeped for over a year with cane sugar and quality vodka, filtered, then hand-bottled producing an intense smooth drink - not overly sweet.

Creamy Smoked Trout Chowder ★★

Kilnsey Estate and Trout Farm What really makes this creamy smoked fish chowder so special is its delicate seasoning including freshly chopped fennel and dill, says co-owner Jamie Roberts. That and the fact ‘we guarantee the best quality by using our own rainbow trout reared in pure Yorkshire Dales springwater, traditionally smoked by hand with no additives.‘ Other award: Smoked Trout Fillets ★

Yorkshire Blue

★★ Shepherd‘s Purs e Cheeses

This Continental-st yle handmade co w‘s milk blue cheese is matured for eight weeks. ‘We‘ve been making it since 19 94 and were one of the first in the UK to make a blu e cheese of this style,‘ says joi nt managing director, Katie Matten. ‘It‘s more soft, creamy and mellow than a Stilton, almost buttery and perfect with a nic e craft ale. It melts well so it‘s good for cook ing.‘

Swaledale Ewes’ Milk ★★ The Swaledale Cheese Company This seasonal (March to December) farmhouse-style semi hard cheese made with pasteurised sheep‘s milk achieved Protected Designation of Origin status in 1996. ‘That means it has to be made with local milk and to our recipe,‘ explains Louise Reed. ‘It has a soft moist open texture and is mild flavoured, smooth and with a slight tang. You can use it in dishes in place of goats’ cheese.‘ Other award: Swaledale Goats Milk ★

www.shepherd Other award: Bu ffalo Blue ★

50-55 GT12.indd 54


19/11/2012 17:18


West Yorkshire Pork & Stilton Pie ★ AJ Pies and Pastries Other award: Steak & Ale Pie ★

Garlic & Black Pepper ★ Chutnee’s Aubergine Pickle ★★ Is it a chutney? Is it a dip? Chilli Fusion

Is it a marinade? combination of ga In fact, the rlic, fresh lemons and black pepper is all three. Marin ate chicken, add to a stew, use it to pep up your bake d beans on toast or serve as a dip samosas. ‘It‘s an for East meets West fusion of flavours says producer Ka ,‘ neez Kishver. ww w.chillifusion.c

Curry Cuisine

Paresh Tejura took a classic Gujarati curry recipe and transformed it into a pickle. ‘We use aubergines grown in Yorkshire and they‘re in the jar within 48 hours of being picked to retain the freshness, structure and flavour,‘ he says. The layers of flavour come from slow cooking the veg with sugar, vinegar and whole and ground spices including fenugreek and cumin.

North of England

This is not your run of the mill pork pie. There‘s the layer of Tuxford & Tebbutt Stilton cheese for a start, not to mention the special seasoning blend made to a 25 year old recipe that flavours the filling made from British pork shoulder. Odourless Italian lard and strong white bread flour makes the hot water pastry crust super crisp. Other awards: Rhubarb and Mango Chutney ★ Indian Tomato Chutney ★


50-55 GT12.indd 55


19/11/2012 17:18


Best Scottish Speciality Hot Smoked Salmon | Donaldsons of Orkney



56-57 GT12.indd 64


19/11/2012 17:19



Smoke and mirrors The success of Donaldsons is no illusion


56-57 GT12.indd 65

Donaldson isn't saying. 'I don’t want to give away all our secrets, but it’s probably different to how most people do it. It’s not just a plain brine, there's something else, a secret ingredient,' says Donaldson, who uses hickory to smoke the fish. 'It’s something anyone can do - salt a fish and smoke it - but we've worked on this for a number of years now to get it as perfect as we can.' As well as bagging the 'Best Scottish Speciality' award for their salmon, Donaldsons have also clinched a Great Taste gold star award for their pork sausages with leek, cheddar cheese and pancetta (actually the remnants of their ham that's cured in a whisky brine and smoked over whisky chips). At heart, Donaldsons are a traditional butchery. The bulk of their sales comes from rare breed pork from the Highlands and the local beef that Donaldson says is 'some of the best in the world'. And they produce a very traditional haggis made with heart, lungs, liver, onions and oatmeal. But it's their willingness to try new things that sets them apart. 'We've been experimenting for over 10 years with air-dried hams and have just started supplying a few customers with them, and they’ve said the flavour is fantastic,' says Donaldson. 'The legs are two to three years’ old when we sell them, so it’s a long process. It's something we could develop if we wanted to, but I think we would need a lot bigger premises.' Currently about 25% percent of Donaldsons’ business comes from smoked products and it looks set to increase. They already supply some outlets in London and Selfridges has also requested samples. ‘We’re having to prove ourselves because we are still a small family business,’ says Donaldson. ‘But who knows where this award might take us?’


n the increasingly tough world of the high street butchery trade, Ewan Donaldson is a survivor. ‘When I left school 30 years ago there were nine butchers in the town; now we are the only one left,’ he laments. Launched by his grandfather George in 1955 in Kirkwall, the capital of Orkney, Donaldsons is now run by Ewan and his brother Erik. So what's the secret of their longevity? Ewan Donaldson believes it’s down to finding a niche market not served by the supermarkets. ‘I’ve always been interested in smoking stuff,’ says Donaldson, who began smoking meat as a hobby. ‘We've always cured pork and beef but I was just interested in taking it a bit further. About five years ago we developed the upper floor of our newly extended premises into a smoker.’ Donaldsons’ first smoked product was a fillet of beef cured in a marinade of red Orkney wine and spices and smoked over whisky chips. The range now extends to include smoked venison and hot smoked chicken. The products have drawn interest from Michelinstarred chefs including Martin Wishart, who serves Donaldsons’ smoked beef and whisky ham in his Edinburgh restaurants. But interestingly, it’s a nonmeat product that is causing the biggest stir for the butchers. ‘I saw the way hot smoked salmon was being produced and I didn’t like it,’ explains Donaldson. ‘A lot of people think that hot smoked salmon is just cold smoked salmon that’s been cooked. But that draws out all the moisture and you’re left with quite a dry texture. We hot smoke ours and people are amazed at how moist it is.’ He uses local salmon fresh from Orkney’s fast flowing tidal waters, which is filleted and then cured in a brine solution containing, well, exactly what,


19/11/2012 17:19

58 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Aberdeenshire Toffee Apple Indulgent Ice Cream ★

Sweet Cured & Kiln Roasted Salmon ★

Indulge in this cold treat from Aberdeenshire with a clear conscience. They‘ve cut down the food miles by using milk from the family‘s own herd of Jerseys and Friesians and they even fabricate their own tubs with wind turbine-powered injection moulding equipment. Smooth, creamy and rippled with toffee sauce and apple pieces, it‘s guaranteed to bring back childhood memories of glorious sticky toffee apples.

Self-taught smoker John Cooper has come up with a distinctively delicious way of smoking top quality Scottish salmon. ‘I cure the fish with salt, molasses, juniper berries and Ardmore whisky, then roast and smoke it over burning kindle that‘s hand chopped from the Ardmore whisky barrels and a subtle amount of St Fergus peat. It‘s a real labour of love and a marriage of flavours.‘

Mackie‘s of Scotland


The Smokehouse Aberdeenshire Other award: Smoked Black Pudding with Port and Hazelnut ★


Chipotle, Bean & Chilli Chutney ★ Mrs Bridges

This family-run company is ahead of the curve in introducing the UK independent market to the hot, smoky flavours of chipotle. Managing director Martin Grant says: ‘Lots of consumers didn‘t know what chipotle was, but after trying it, we‘ve been told it‘s great as a base for pasta sauce or marinade or to go with barbecued meat.’

awns ★★ Smoked mPorkery The Argyll S

s tracked ll Smokery ha ater but The Argy w le m hi ar w a ‘W ok g. in It to ok icy prawn for sm , plump and ju e the down the best ge lar e ar d Thailan xter. ‘We brin Ba n prawns from re Ka ys our, ‘ sa er whisky with good flav en gently smoke them ov oked, th sm ns ely aw at shelled pr have a delic avings. They d them to ad or e ar barrel oak sh ey t them as th sweet taste. Ea s.‘ lad pastas and sa m www.argyl Smoked Trout Pate ★ : ds ar aw r Othe on Pate ★ ★ Smoked Salm Other awards: Dundee Orange Marmalade ★ Thick Cut Orange Marmalade ★ Horseradish Sauce ★

58-65 GT12.indd 58


19/11/2012 17:20




Raspberry Gin ★★

ocolate Belgium Ch Fudge ★★

Berry Good

Tilly ry Confectiona

Bursting with berrin ess. Fine Scottish gin is infused with Scottish Glen Am ple raspberries. ‘Using traditional infusion methods, it takes on average four month s to complete,‘ say s Jill Brown. ‘The fruit does all the hard work for us. The striking co lour is matched by the full flavour. Enjoy this over ice or with a mixer !‘

www.berry-go Other award: Straight Strawbe rry Vodka ★★


fudge This delicious is made using e at Belgian chocol r ou ith w in d ixe m award-winning a fudge to give t truly indulgen e experience. ‘W st ne only use the fi says ingredients,‘ rson, Elisabeth Pate sh ‘including fre sed milk, conden r tte bu d an milk iry. ths from a local da is product about six mon d th popular.‘ ry We introduce ve g in ov eady pr ago and it‘s alr e★ www.mrstil Orange Fudg Other award:

Dumfrieshire Passion Fruit Curd ★

Uncle Roy‘s Comestible Concoctions Uncle Roy‘s launched its Finest Preserves range, based on country-style recipes, due to customer demand. This tangy spread made with passion fruit pulp complete with seeds (‘For a touch of individuality,’ says Uncle Roy) is the most popular curd of the range and is great in a sandwich or on a scone, or as a filling for Victoria sponge or pavlova. Other award: Grapefruit Curd ★

Sample and buy food and drink judged by the experts The Great Taste Market is coming to the RHS Flower Show, Tatton Park July 25-28 2013

58-65 GT12.indd 59


19/11/2012 17:19

60 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!



Picnic Pie ★★ Puddledub Pork

A secret recipe combines shoulder pork, jelly and handmade pastry in these small or large pies. Barley-fed ‘happy‘ pigs are bred and reared on-site and the pork is then hung for ten days for the flavours to develop. Co-owner Tom Mitchell says: ‘A lot of thought goes into trying to get the ingredients just right – we really want the pie to be special‘. Other award: Dry-cured Smoked Middle ★

Orange Chocolate Cookies ★

Angelic Gluten Free ‘This is the only reduced-fat gluten, wheat and dairyfree cookie on the market, with around 30% less fat than other gluten-free cookies,‘ says Kirsty Gillies who was inspired to launch her gluten-free range due to her own gluten intolerance. The delicious, crunchy cookies are flavoured with a special dairy-free chocolate and natural orange extract.

keeps The producer to an els lev lt sa e th um im in m te lu abso making this ted slowly fermen red and lightly cu i venison salam e th healthier than sea salt alternatives. A organic spices mixed with rmentation of fe ix m w d slo ce le hi lan w ba acter and body ditional air drying ar ch up s ild bu ity. Ad r. required acid ifies the flavou achieves the uct and intens od pr e th up firms glengam www.great : Other awards izo ★ Venison Chor i Chorizo ★ Venison Chill

58-65 GT12.indd 60

J Lawrie and Sons



Great Glen Game

Jaffy‘s Mallaig Kippers ★★★


Mustard Seed Salami ★

Jeff Lawrie‘s family have been smoking and curing seafood for four generations and he now runs the last remaining traditional brick kiln smokehouse in Mallaig. Plump Scottish herring are cured and then smoked over malt whisky cask oak shavings. Their superb flavour has been enjoyed by royalty, the Pope and day trippers to Mallaig, who eat them in Lawrie‘s fish bar. Other awards: Smoked Haddock ★ Peat Smoked Salmon ★ Drambui Hot Smoked Salmon ★


19/11/2012 17:20


Lanarkshire Black Pudding ★★★ Ramsay of Carluke

‘There‘s no skimping in the quality of ingredients,‘ says Andrew Ramsay. ‘We set out to create as good a black pudding as we could - cost wasn‘t an issue.‘ In addition to a secret blend of seasoning, there‘s award-winning Ayrshire bacon and oatmeal in this traditionally smooth and creamy Scottish-style pudding. ‘Perfect texture and beautiful taste‘, declared the Great Taste judges.

Scotland Other awards: Smoked Ayshire Back ★★ Smoked Streaky ★ Ayrshire Middle ★

Beef Sausage with Caramelised Onion Gravy Pie ★★ Simple Simon‘s Perfect Pies Sausages made with local hill-bred beef are grilled, sliced and folded through a gravy made with sweet roasted onions and a touch of the sausage juices then laid over steamed shredded potatoes to make a satisfying meal. ‘It‘s a convenient way of serving great British produce,‘ says producer Christina Wild, who uses the finest and freshest ingredients to make traditional recipes with a twist. Other award: Fresh and Smoked Haddock with Creamy Leeks ★★

Midlothian Jasmine Pearls Green Tea ★★ eteaket Tea

This delicate green tea is picked in China in the spring, when it is stored carefully until the jasmine flowers bloom in August. The tea is then hand-scented by layering the jasmine flowers over it so the flavour comes through entirely naturally. Owner Erica Moore explains: ‘So much work goes into this beautiful tea and it can be re-infused many times‘. Other awards: Royal Earl Grey ★★ Big Red Rooibos ★★ Silver Needle ★

What’s your favourite food? We’d love to know… The Guild of Fine Food is the organisation behind Great Taste.. We’re totally committed to promoting excellence in speciality food & drink, and we’re always looking for new quality products to highlight. To help us find and publicise these top foods, we’d love to hear from you, the consumers. So please email us details of your favourite great tasting food or drink and the shop you buy it from, and we’ll spread the word. |

58-65 GT12.indd 61


19/11/2012 17:20

62 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!


raditional T n e e w s c a M Haggis ★ burgh f Edin Macsween o

- made thentic haggis cipe for this au hically sourced The family re et stainable and a with local, su ding lamb offal, beef fat, coriander clu in ng di ts clu ien in ed s gr ice in sp e otic blend of re ex th y r gl fo in d ris ge rp su chan sing - hasn‘t has. ‘Think and natural ca the way it can be served a, But it in mousakk generations. meat and use d ce in n. m y ee an sw Jo Mac of it like nachos,‘ says lasagne or with



Morayshire Simply Delicious Organic Mayonnaise ★ Baxters Food Group The 100% organic ingredients in this simple and delicious mayonnaise include free range eggs, sunflower oil and cider vinegar which delivers a milder and smoother taste than olive oil based mayonnaises. It boasts one of the highest percentages of sunflower oil (80%) and free range egg (11%) in the market place making it the next best thing to freshly made.

P Other awards: Organic Garlic Mayonnaise ★ Organic Horseradish Sauce ★ Organic Tartar Sauce ★

Orkney Hot Smoked Salmon ★★★ Donaldsons of Orkney


Made from local salmon fresh from Orkney‘s fast flowing tidal waters, this deliciously moist hot smoked fish is cured in a special brine solution with a secret ingredient and hot smoked over hickory for a deliciously moist result. ‘We‘ve worked on this for a number of years to get it as perfect as we can,‘ says Ewan Donaldson.


TAF O O IN D S I N D & IR EL A N Other award: Pork, Leek and Pancetta Sausages ★


58-65 GT12.indd 62


19/11/2012 17:20


Feel Good Food

Passionate about food for every season Here is a magazine that celebrates food and the people who produce it – from small and British growers to an array of celebrity chefs. Whether you, as a passionate foodie, want an easy but delicious midweek meal, or, as a novice cook, want an impressive entertaining menu – woman&home Feel Good Food magazine has the recipes, all with healthy twists and tips. PUBLISHED

FOUR TIMES A YEAR Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn

Find out more about woman&home Feel Good Food magazine including how to subscribe Just visit TASTE GOLD Follow us on Twitter @FeelGoodFoodUK and become our 2012-13 foodie fan on Facebook

58-65 GT12.indd 63

19/11/2012 17:20

64 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Perthshire Sticky Toffee Pudding ★ Achray Farm Baking

The traditional recipe for this indulgent dessert includes dates, brown sugar and Scottish flour. ‘It‘s a light, spongy pudding, not heavy but it is sweet,’ says Liz Maxwell. ‘We pour over a rich sauce made from butter, sugar, syrup and double cream to infuse. We sell extra sauce separately which people pour over ice cream and other puddings‘.

Highland Drovers Beef Mince ★★ Highland Drovers

Highland cattle grazed on grass and heather make for a ‘better quality, lean mince that we butcher to a high standard‘ says managing director Kenneth Headspeath. ‘The meat has more marbling than a continental breed, is lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein, which adds a tenderness and juiciness.‘ Other awards: Highland Drovers Ribeye Steak ★ Highland Drovers Stewing Steak ★

Lemon & Honey Dressing ★★

Summer Harvest Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil This dressing isn‘t just a blend of great ingredients, but of talents too. Mark Bush collaborated with chef Andy Hamer of Wilde Thyme catering company, which supplied the recipe, and Dalchonzie fruit farm which supplied their lemon vinegar, to make this cold pressed rapeseed oil and Scottish heather honey-based dressing. ‘It can be used to marinate chicken or drizzled over a salad,‘ says Mark.

The Venison ★ Wallace Pie any Comp The Wee Pie

ard oked for Rich illiam nature dish co Based on a sig ed after Scottish knight W order nam he-b d f-t an -o n rth so no an Br gton is beef Wellin of wild red venison, Wallace, this ks of haunch ust and un ch ith W cold water cr style. red wine, the d nison ve ice sp he d ‘T an is. herbs a layer of hagg ore like prime de hi lid y str puff pa r; it‘s m a gamey flavou Martin. doesn‘t have aker Rose m e pi ys sa beef fillet,‘ ny


www.thew Other award: Summer Harvest Raspberry Dressing ★

58-65 GT12.indd 64


19/11/2012 17:21


Renfrewshire Sizzling Sweet Chilli Sauce ★


aweed Shetland Se Lamb ★ ★ d Lamb an Briggs‘ Shetl

A family farm in Au stralia, Asia on her doors tep and a mother’s cooking all inspired Karen Collins to ma ke her own version of sw eet chilli sauce, now made in the UK with all natural ing redients and no added pre servatives. ‘The sultanas give a natural sweetness, which wo well with the heat rks from the chillies, and it also thi the sauce,‘ says Ka ckens ren. This versatile sauce is perfect on its own, as a marinad e or added to stir-fries and ste ws.




able once . It’s only avail seasonal treat e sheep that graze This is a truly th n ular with autumn whe a year in the etland penins size an isolated Sh lf the Ha . up d year round on de shore are roun a tender texture access to sea with e box r breeds and he ot t os m available by th of r, the meat is ou b. av fl t lam ee d re sw tche and s one whole bu k which contain



Stirlingshire Knockraich Crowdie ★★★ Katy Rodger‘s Artisan Dairy

‘It‘s a simple recipe, it‘s the milk that makes the difference,‘ says Katy Rodger of her traditional Scottish handmade soft cheese, made courtesy of a closed herd of free grazing British Friesians established in 1955 on the family farm in the beautiful Stirlingshire countryside. Made in small batches, the soft crumbly cheese is as good in cheesecake as it is spread on toast. Other awards: Crème Fraîche ★★ Natural Yogurt ★ Natural Yogurt with Fruit Compote ★★ BR



West Lothian

Duck Pâté with Apricots Poached in Cointreau ★ Findlaters Fine Foods

Chef Martin Findlater Henderson called his company after his more unusual middle name, a tribute to his mother Carole Findlater who had a huge influence on his cooking. ‘For this smooth parfait-style pâté I use high quality French duck livers with just the right fat content. The apricots work well as a carrier for the orange flavoured Cointreau which is a recognised classic combination with duck. It‘s very subtle and sumptuous,‘ says Henderson. Other awards: Wilted Spinach & Ricotta Dip ★ Coconut Satay Dip ★ Chicken Liver Pate with Thyme & Blackcurrant ★

58-65 GT12.indd 65


19/11/2012 17:21


Best Welsh Speciality Lamb Carpaccio | Trealy Farm


Meat on the ledge Time, science and a certain lack of tradition combine to make outstandingly original British charcuterie



here has never been a better time to eat British food than right now. But let’s face it, we just don’t have the strong culinary traditions of our European neighbours. For James Swift, co-founder of acclaimed British charcuterie company Trealy Farm, that’s something of a blessing in disguise. ‘It’s great because it means we can do what we want,’ says Swift with undisguised glee. ‘For us, it’s never been about copying. If we tried to make our stuff in France or Italy they would laugh us out of court. But we aren’t trying to do what they’re doing for the very good reason that it’s so regional - one town in Spain will make chorizo in a completely different way to another.’ Instead, Swift has ploughed his own course since setting up Trealy Farm in 2005 with former business partner Graham Waddington, who has since gone on to launch his own charcuterie concern Native Breeds. Always keen to push the boundaries of traditional charcuterie, the most recent addition to Trealy Farm’s product range is air-dried lamb carpaccio.

66-67 GT12.indd 64


19/11/2012 17:22

Wales an essential part of making an artisan product. The science is about going behind the production techniques and understanding the microbiology behind it and what the variables are.’ Trealy’s list of about 40 products ranges from air-dried game salami and air-dried sobrassada spreading chorizo through to pancetta, smoked sausage and old fashioned Bath chaps. All are made from free-range traditional breeds such as Saddleback pig, Welsh Black cattle and Welsh Mountain lamb from Swift’s own farm or other local farms he trusts. Preservatives are kept to an absolute minimum, only using low levels of nitrites when necessary for product safety. Trealy Farm has had a meteoric rise from something which Swift confesses started out as a hobby. Many well known chefs use his products including Matt Tebbutt and John Torode, as well as Pizza Express and Browns. So what’s in store for Trealy Farm in the future? ‘We took our lamb product to Italy last year and people absolutely loved it. We are going back to the Slow Food Festival in Turin this year. It would be great to get the air dried lamb on the Continent.’

66-67 GT12.indd 65


‘We haven’t come across anyone doing anything with lamb in terms of air drying,’ says Swift, who uses top rump taken from a lamb of 12 to 24 months old, known as a hogget, which is cured with rosemary and air dried to produce a small piece of meat weighing around half a kilo. ‘We wanted to create a product that you didn’t necessarily have to cut with a meat slicer. You can simply take a sharp knife, slice off a small chunk and enjoy it in front of the TV with a glass of wine. The only problem was what to call it. It’s got the texture of carpaccio but on the other hand it has a massive shelf life. We’ve tested it at 10 weeks and it’s still great in terms of taste and safety.’ Despite the innovative approach, there’s a solidly traditional foundation to Trealy Farm’s products. Being half French, Swift spent a lot of time on his grandmother’s farm in northern France. It was there that he first saw saucisson being made. Swift has subsequently travelled extensively around France, Spain, Italy and Germany in his quest to learn the traditional methods for making charcuterie. But there’s another piece of the charcuterie puzzle that’s equally important to Swift. ’I’ve always been interested in science,’ he says. ’I’m not talking about splitting the atom but I think it’s



19/11/2012 17:22

68 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Anglesey Free-Flight Quail Eggs ★ Anglesey Eggs

Anglesey Eggs are known for their top quality free range hens eggs. Now they‘ve added a flock of free-flight quails to their menagerie. Small, intense and delectable, quail‘s eggs have a high yolk to white ratio and a rich grainy flavour. Perfect lightly boiled and served in a salad.

hio ★★ Pure Pist–aTcaste of Anglesey Môn ar Lwy

the local d cream from using milk an d plenty an ty ali qu Handcrafted on over no scrimping ar Lwy. With farm, there‘s detail at Môn over the years, to n io nt te at of ped trips avours develo gular research 85 bespoke fl lland takes re Pure Pistachio I Ho len He r r the founde gelaterias. ‘Fo ess. Once people to Italy‘s finest nse, richn de , tty nu a firm at wanted th d it becomes they love it an have tasted it Helen. favourite‘ says ★ www.monar Vanilla and Honeycombe : ds ar aw r he Ot ★ er ch Ro ro Choccy Ferre

Halen Môn Sea Salt Smoked Over Welsh Oak ★ The Anglesey Sea Salt Company

The week-long artisan process of crystallising salt from sparkling clean Anglesey sea water by the application of heat hasn‘t changed since it was originally done 200 years ago. The flakes then spend up to four days in a traditional smoker before ending up in Michelinstarred restaurants or at Fran‘s in Seattle who sprinkle some on their caramel chocolates which are reputedly President Obama‘s favourites.

Conwy Monster Green Tea ★★★ Caffi Cristolbal

Picked from the first flushes of five-year-old trees in Jiandou town in Anxi County, Fujian on the south east coast of mainland China, this is a very particular Oolong tea. ‘It‘s very opulent and ripe and lively in the mouth,‘ says Caffi Cristolbal‘s Cris Martindale. ‘There‘s greenness, but because there‘s no astringency it‘s a very drinkable tea.‘ Other awards: Gentleman Tieguanyin ★★★ Darjeeling 1st Flush ★

68-71 GT12.indd 68


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Denbighshire Gwynedd Organic Lamb Shoulder ★★★ Dark Side e Rhug Organic Farm of the Moos Welsh lamb is world famous, but Rhug‘s is well ★★★ wery travelled too. Not only is it served in top British restaurants like Marcus Wareing and Le Manoir, but also in the finest Hong Kong and Singapore establishments. Feeding on the grass and herbs of the Berwyn Mountains of North Wales, the Texel Charolais lambs are particularly tender and perfect for slow roasting or braising.

se Bre Purple Moaocomical




Lemon Curd ★★★ Welsh Lady Preserves

Wales Other awards: Organic Whole Chicken ★ Organic Dry Cured Back Bacon ★ Organic Aberdeen Angus Rump Steak ★

It might have ly is is a serious name, but th rence w La . er be good as inspired Washington w rk ale da is th e to mak r beers like by his love fo ‘s got some Gales HSB. ‘It barley in ed darker malt deepens the grist which ds a d ad an ur lo co e th our which rich, malty flav in lighter nd fi ‘t on w you he says. s,‘ er be ed colour emoose www.purpl Ysgawen ★ Other award:

Mid Glamorgan O-Garden ★★★

Otley Brewing Company



This micro-brewery is dedicated to producing Welsh ale with a difference using fresh Breconshire water and the finest malts and hops. The smart modern label of this clear wheat beer hints at the innovative contents within the bottle. The pale gold 4.8% ABV beer is spiced with roasted orange peel, coriander and cloves and delivers great hop aromas with an appealing subtle bitterness.


Produced by Welsh Lady Preserves on the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales, using Dio Jones‘ original recipe, this curd is lovingly prepared and cooked in copper-bottomed open boiling pans. The high standard is maintained by the staff‘s weekly tasting panel, which ensures there is always the same lemony tang and consistency. ‘It‘s the proportions of each ingredient that makes the difference,‘ says general manager, John Jones. Other awards: O4-Columbo ★★ O6-Porter ★★ Other award: Rhubarb and Ginger Preserve ★

68-71 GT12.indd 69


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70 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Mid Glamorgan


Keralan Aubergine Pickle ★★

Blorenge Golden Ale ★★★

This chunky aubergine pickle made with fresh green chillies, garlic and ginger has a warm, sweet and spicy flavour and is based on a traditional family recipe from Kerala in Southern India. ‘It‘s versatile pickle, making an unusual cheese and pickle sandwich and adds a punch of flavour to a home-made or shop-bought curry,‘ says Cardiff-based producer Sokhy Sandhu.

Tudor Brewery


This family-run brewery use Warminster malts and Golding hops to make their exciting range of distinctive beers. This golden ale, named after a Monmouthshire hill, has a fresh citrus undertone that, served chilled, will appeal to lager and real ale drinkers alike. At 3.8% ABV it’s the ideal session ale, refreshing in the summertime and perfect with hot spicy foods.


Ty Gwyn Dabin Medium Cider ett ★★ Ty Gwyn Cider

Brothers Ben and Alex Culpin have been producing cider fro m 100% pure jui ce on their family farm in South Wales for five years. Their Dabin ett lightly sparkling cider enjoys a minimum of six months’ cold fermentation. The Dabinett variety of apple provides a fullbodied cider with a slightly dry aftertaste. It possesses a complexity of flavours that has led many top chefs to describe it as the perfect accompanim ent to cheese, roasts and the like .

Pembrokeshire Peru Peru ★★

Fredericks Chocolaterie Peru Peru, a single estate dark chocolate truffle so good they named it twice. Emily Wright uses Willie Harcourt-Cooze‘s Peruvian cacao mixed with local Welsh cream and unsalted butter to make the ganache centre, which she then hand-dips in more of the cacao. ‘It has a fruity undertone and a really strong chocolate flavour. I also aerate the ganache for a smooth mouthfeel,‘ says Emily.

W O pr sw be ta co st ho Other awards: Sea Salt Caramel ★ Arabian Night ★


68-71 GT12.indd 70

To vis


19/11/2012 17:24


Campaign financed with aid from the European Union and Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC)

Welsh Lamb. Prepared over centuries. Cooked in minutes. Welsh Lamb has taken hundreds of years to prepare. Our craggy slopes, glacial hillsides and unique climate produce deliciously sweet grass, which produces deliciously sweet Welsh Lamb – it’s just one of the reasons why we’ve been awarded PGI status. But whilst Welsh Lamb may have taken thousands of years to prepare, it takes far less time to cook. Juicy Welsh Lamb chops, delicious meatballs or sizzling stir-fry can all be prepared in just 20 minutes or less, but how long you take to enjoy them is entirely up to you.

To find out more about PGI, or for more news, recipes and information, visit It’s all about quality time

P15644 HCC_TasteGold_210x148.indd 1 68-71 GT12.indd 71

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Best Irish Speciality Smoked Rack of Bacon | Oliver Carty

Bringing home the bacon A simple rasher of bacon will never be the same again


hat began as a back-room business has grown into something of a monster. Its eponymous founder, Oliver Carty, began cooking hams at the back of his house in 1960 to supplement his income as a food company rep for Matterson’s of Limerick. That small cottage industry, now run by son Ted, currently slices over 2.5 million rashers a week (more than any other bacon company in Ireland), employs 150 people and has an annual revenue of over €45 million. 'The factory is about 100,000 square feet, but we've only moved about three miles up the road from Dad's place,' says Ted Carty, who sources the majority of his pork from Ireland, supplemented by organic pork from Denmark. The Irish meat comes from farmers who've signed up to the voluntary Welfare Friendly Pig Scheme where animals have greater freedom, higher fibre diets, longer weaning periods and stringent housing and hygiene criteria. It also means that Carty can trace all his products back to their farm of origin. The company's product range is divided equally between traditional cured products, like sliced bacon rashers, and speciality cures and cuts like the Great Taste 'Best Irish Speciality' award-winning smoked rack of bacon. ‘You can get a rack of lamb so I thought why not market a rack of pork?’ explains Carty. The rack is cured in a mixture of low sodium salt, spices, herbs and honey for three to four days. It's then dry smoked over oak chips. The result is a unique flavour which surprisingly doesn’t taste like bacon at all. But this hasn’t deterred his customers with Carty already

reporting significant sales of the unusual cut that contains up to 11 ribs but can also be divided into smaller portions. Budgens are planning to stock the product later this year. And it’s not Oliver Carty’s only new product. Their ‘proper’ lardons are made from dried, cured and smoked pork belly rather than reconstituted ends of bacon; there's a retro combination of gammon and pineapple packed together; bacon chops with flavoured butters, such as garlic and mustard; and a Breakfast for Two pack which includes two sausages, black pudding and bacon. ‘It’s about different ways of doing things,’ says Carty. ‘All these new products, whether they’re racks of bacon or gammon steaks, are generating fresh sales and helping the company grow. ‘The younger housewife doesn't want to know about boiling bacon in a pan of water so we've gone into convenience foods made from bacon and pork. They're user-friendly and ready to go into the oven.' But there are some products that Carty believes are best left to others. 'We used to make our own sausages and puddings but now we buy them in because we recognise that it is not our core business.' But that doesn't mean the company aren't trying to innovate in other areas. ‘We are currently looking at things which can add value to our existing product range,’ says Carty, ‘and this includes our own range of marinades and stuffings. It will mean developing new skills but we have to look further afield if we are going to keep moving the business forward.’



72-73 GT12.indd 64


19/11/2012 17:25





72-73 GT12.indd 65


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74 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

County Antrim Harvest Malt Fudge ★★

Blackthorn Foods

Poor Bear‘s Delight ★ Mauds Ice Cream

Blackthorn uses traditional fudgemaking methods to produce fudge in small batches. Co-owner Jenny Lowry says this year they made six new flavours to taste-test and Harvest Malt came out on top. ‘We add a barley malt extract to our traditional butter fudge to give a rich malty flavour.’ Other awards: Madagascar Vanilla Fudge ★ Irish Cream Liqueur and White Chocolate Fudge ★ Honeycomb and Dark Chocolate Fudge ★

Poor Bear‘s Delight vanilla ice cream, with chunks of honeycomb running through it, is the company‘s biggest seller accounting for over 30% of total sales. They produce the honeycomb themselves courtesy of a now 70-year old sugar boiler. There are ‘no good enoughs here‘, explains owner David Wilson.

County Armagh TAF O O IN D S I N D & IR EL A N


Hannan Meats


Moyallon Guanciale ★★★

This Irish company have beaten the Italians at their own game by producing their own version of this delicacy of cured pork jowl. Dry cured in salt, sugar, herbs, peppers, chilli and black and white pepper with a traditional base of spaghetti carbonara, it keeps very well and actually tastes better after six weeks, says Peter Hannan. Other awards: Smoked Butty Bacon ★ Butty Bacon ★ Collar Bacon Joint ★


74-83 GT12.indd 74


19/11/2012 17:26


County Armagh

★★ Toasted Oats Apple & Irish Wheaten Loaf r Cinnamon Crunch ★ Yellow Doo ding plain, White‘s

Northern Ireland

White‘s have been milling oats for over 170 years. Despite the march of time, they‘ve remained true to their original values. They believe working closely with local farmers allows them to produce the finest quality oats and the best possible tasting porridge productsproducts that are authentic, natural and promote well being.

inclu fferent flours e-pound It takes five di make this on to ed alt m on to d wholemeal an ual recipe that was passed hich us it w un in l an oi ‘s ‘It rn . co af t lo go d because it‘s ner Simon Dougan of me by a frien Irish,‘ says ow extra texture from l na tio di tra isn‘t lent y bread that‘s the soft, cake dge oats. rri po d ille m locally doordeli. www.yellow : Other awards ild Mushroom Soup ★★ W Rich Roasted ★ d Granary Brea d Salmon ★ shmills Cure Beetroot & Bu Other awards: Toat‘ly Oaty Original- Easi-Cook Jumbo Oats ★★ Organic Jumbo Oats ★★ Irish Oatmeal Old Fashioned Oats ★★

County Down Potato Cakes ★ Mash Direct

Created as a meat-free BBQ alternative, these popular potato cakes are now on the menu all year round. Co-owner Tracy Hamilton explains: ‘They‘re our most versatile product, good for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We‘re very fussy about the quality of our potatoes – we grow our own vegetables and people enjoy the cake‘s rustic taste. It‘s not smooth or processed.‘ Other awards: Green Cabbage ★ Colcannon/Bubble and Squeak ★

‘Great Taste is the pinnacle of all food awards in the UK. Every single product undergoes an unbiased and thorough tasting by chefs, producers, food technicians and other industry specialists. I would always choose a Great Taste product over any other.’ Mat Follas, Chef & Owner The Wild Garlic 2009 Master Chef Winner

74-83 GT12.indd 75


19/11/2012 17:26

76 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

County Down

County Fermanagh Bone Marrow Butter ★★★

Every morning, butcher George McCartney hand picks locally farmed heels of silverside beef that have been dry cured then slow cooked overnight with pigs trotters. He then removes any fat and sinew and carefully presses it with the natural juices from the cooking. The beautifully moist, perfectly seasoned result is a revelation. You will never look at the tinned alternative again.

Proprietor Maurice Kettyle is adamant ‘marrow is the backbone of life‘. Its unusual presentation in a baste allows diners to enjoy the fashionable ingredient and chefs to impart the flavour in a natural and convenient way, like when braising steaks or in casseroles.

TAF O O IN D S I N D & IR EL A N Other awards: Dry Age Wing of Beef ★★ Tesco Finest Northern Irish Smoked Dry-Cured Back Bacon Rashers ★ Tesco Finest Northern Irish Sweet Dry-Cured Back Bacon Rashes ★



I Other awards: Handmade Corned Pork ★★★ Steak & Kidney Pie ★★ Pork & leek Sausages ★

Kettyle Irish Foods


McCartney‘s of Moira


Handmade Corned Beef ★★★

County Tyrone Boilíe Cream Cheese Pearls with a Basil Pesto Filling ★★ Fivemiletown Creamery

Marketing manager Peter Dunlop believes there‘s nothing quite like this on the market ‘We‘ve been developing it for around a year and a half. It‘s very creamy and herby. The ingredients go really well together and it‘s kept in sunflower oil to conserve the pearls of soft cheese.‘ Other awards: Boilíe Cream Cheese Pearls with a Tomato and Herb Filling ★ Housewife‘s Choice Butter ★ USA Style Cream Cheese ★

Sample and buy food and drink judged by the experts The Great Taste and Artisan Food Market is coming to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show July 9-14 2013

74-83 GT12.indd 76


19/11/2012 17:27

Great Taste Recipe


Dark Chocolate Fondant Tom Woods, Head Chef at Dart Marina Hotel, Dartmouth has a fondness for fondant of the dark chocolate variety, especially when served with Salcombe Dairy Honey Frozen Yoghurt. • Place the mix into the ramekins and bake at 180°C for 8 – 12 minutes depending on the size of your ramekins (for example, a 4oz ramekin will take 12 minutes). • When ready, these can be carefully turned out and will be a chocolate pudding with a runny centre. Serve with Great Taste winning Salcombe Dairy Honey Frozen Yoghurt.


• Line four or six ramekins with butter and sugar. • Melt the chocolate and butter together over a pan of hot water, stirring to mix together. • Place the eggs, yolks and sugar together and whisk until twice its bulk. • Add the egg mix to the chocolate mix; stir lightly to mix together trying to keep it nice and light. • Fold in the flour, again trying to keep the air in the mix.

TS INGREDIEN chocolate rk da 125g salted butter 125g of un 2 whole eggs 2 egg yolks er sugar 70g of cast flour 30g of plain ozen ry Honey Fr ai Salcombe D Yoghur t

74-83 GT12.indd 77


19/11/2012 17:27

78 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

County Clare Orion ★★

Bluebell Falls Goat’s Cheese All the milk in this semi-hard cheese, with a sweet, nutty flavour, comes from the Bluebell Falls farm close to the Shannon estuary. ‘Everything starts with the high quality of the milk‘ explains managing director Paul Keane when thinking about Orion‘s success. ‘Then the ageing process gives it plenty of time to mature – it‘s straightforward really.‘

Sparkling Spring Water ★

Clare Spring Water Naturally filtered through 1,000ft high sandstone rocks, the resulting water contains practically no nitrates, plus the land overhanging the rocks is certified organic so there are no nasty fertilisers in there either, explains managing director Paul Connellan. ‘The rocks are rich in bicarbonates, which gives the water its taste, plus it’s soft water, which makes the best sparkling water.‘

County Cork Pea & Minty Soup ★★ Cully & Sully

Chef and co-owner Cullen Allen quickly discovered that he had to use ‘triple A-grade peas if we weren‘t to end up with water and bits‘ in this vivid green soup, which looks and tastes as if it must be doing you good. One for the ‘discerning customer‘ as Allen admits some might balk at the bright colour, this is a soup worth acquiring a taste for. Other award: Mushroom Soup ★

74-83 GT12.indd 78

ed Honey-Bake Bone ★★ Ham on litcahtessen Supplies Horgan‘s De

a low-salt are cured (in before ted pork legs ys lec se da e ly re ial th ec r Sp sed in brine fo er e. m az gl im y d ne an ) cure ith a ho and baked w here‘s being cooked or Michael Horgan says: ‘T ct oduct, Managing dire ct from the taste of the pr tra nothing to de ft to eat and 100% meat.‘ so it‘s very tasty,

Bone ★★ www.horga Lightly Smoked Ham on : ★ ★ ef Be Other awards d Angus Spice Certified Irish Baked Half Ham ★★ ney Boneless Ho


19/11/2012 17:27


County Cork

Hand-Crafted Free Fruit Cak Gluten e ★ Nibbles Fo od Emporium

On The Pigs

eaning Cork saying m pigs back‘ (a th and e oo th sm n ‘o h, ric be ll is th You‘ up) if you try e th on e ar things . delicious pâté an Isabelle Sherid applies her e French heritag ced to locally sour top quality chicken livers by marinating t them overnigh in brandy and en garlic. ‘I‘ve be dusing my gran e bit.‘ mother’s recip oving it bit by years and impr for nearly 20 oked Pâté with Sm www.onthe Chicken Liver d: ar aw r he Ot ★ Bacon & Port

County Donegal Rapeseed Oil ★★ Donegal Rapeseed Oil Company There‘s a real taste of Donegal in this cold pressed oil. Specially selected seed is grown by about 50 farmers in the microclimate of the north west of Ireland with its 400 miles of mountainous coastline. ‘Because the crops are grown in a harsher, yet healthier environment they have a better flavour,‘ says marketing manager Thomas Hughes, who says the earthy oil has a mangetout-like taste.

Republic of Ireland

When chef and ow ner Eleanor Leahy was diagnosed coeliac fou family recipe for fru r years ago she adapted her it cake by soaking in cider instead of the fruit Iris ‘It‘s the most palat h stout and using rice flour. able and natural alternative.‘ Apricots and pinea pp and nutritional val le lend ‘more funk, texture ue‘ and a good spl ash of whiskey post-cooking pre serves the cake. www.nib

er Pâté Chicken Liv & with Garlic Brandy ★ Back

Dublin Roast Beef & Irish Stout ★ Keogh‘s Crisps

‘We‘ve taken a different approach,‘ says Tom Keogh of these highly original crisps made from Irish potato varieties including Satanta grown on the family farm that‘s been in operation for 200 years. Instead of chemical flavourings, Keogh‘s spray dry Black Rock Irish Stout from the Dungarvan Brewing Company and freeze-dried local beef to give the crisps bags of taste. Other award: Keogh‘s Dubliner Cheese & Onion Crisps ★

74-83 GT12.indd 79


19/11/2012 17:27

80 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Dublin Ancient Oatgrain ★★ Ó hArtagáin Pure Bread Ireland

The handwritten recipe for this Ancient Oatgrain was gifted to owner Philip Ó hArtigáin‘s mother following a visit to Inis Meáin on the Aran Islands in the late 1960s. White soda bread was bulked up with rolled oats soaked overnight in buttermilk to sustain local fishermen all day long. Philip says, ‘it‘s highly nutritious and extremely versatile.‘ Other award: Original Wholegrain ★

Oishii Salad Bento ★★ Oishii Foods

Meaning tasty or delicious in Japanese, this bento features ‘the best of both worlds‘ according to Oishii managing director Ciara Troy. Raw salad of mung bean noodles, grated carrot and beetroot with cucumber pickled in-house complements salmon nigiri and maki. ‘We create fresh and healthy products using ingredients close to their natural state,‘ Ciara says. Other awards: Oishii Vegetarian Bento ★★ Teriyaki Sauce ★ Sakana Fish Sushi ★

Kilkenny Sarah‘s Zesty Honey with Ginger ★★ Mileeven Fine Foods

Sarah Gough and mum Eilis, have found sweet success with their family run business that started from a bee keeping hobby back in 1988. Starting with Pure Irish Honey, the company has now branched out into exciting new flavoured honeys including this version with minced crystallised ginger. ‘It‘s for people who don‘t usually like honey and for those that use it every day and want something new and different,‘ says Sarah.

Sample and buy food and drink judged by the experts The Great Taste Market is coming to the RHS Flower Show, Tatton Park July 25-28 2013

74-83 GT12.indd 80


19/11/2012 17:27


County Laois Rhubarb & Ginger Jam ★★★ G‘s Gourmet Jams

Irish Piemontese Rib Eye Steak ★ Irish Piemontese Beef

Michael Fennelly and John Commins have built up their own herds of pedigree Piemontese cattle to produce these lean and succulent steaks that are low in fat and cholesterol. ‘The eating quality of Piemontese meat is highly regarded making it a very attractive breed’ says Fennelly. ‘The meat cooks 20 to 30% faster because there are fewer fibres in the beef so it‘s very tender.‘ Other awards: Hot Pepper Dip ★★ Blackcurrant Jam ★ Strawberry Jam ★

County Meath Guinness Bar ★★ Lir Chocolates

‘We wanted to catch the Guinness flavour in chocolate,‘ says Connie Doody, who worked closely with the brewer‘s technical team to capture that distinctive roasted caramel and hop malt taste of the famous stout in a creamy ganache filling that‘s encased in a crispy 52% cocoa butter Belgian chocolate shell. Other award: Raspberry Royale Water-based Ganache ★

74-83 GT12.indd 81

Republic of Ireland

G‘s Gourmet Jams is a family affair. Helen Gee makes the jam from rhubarb grown by husband Cyril on the farm while sons Roy and Clive and daughter Sandra help with the business. ‘It‘s cooked like my mother would have done it 50 years ago,‘ says Helen, who makes the jam with ginger root and sugar using a traditional openpan boiling method.

County Monaghan ck & Crispy Du ith Hoisin Pancake w Sauce ★★ Silver Hill

se For a Chine lity ua restaurant-q nce rie eating expe rt of in the comfo e m ho n ow ur yo her. look no furt ill bird The Silver H ndis a special ha at‘s d th reared bree tural fed on a na sult is diet. The re cculent, su is marinated meat that‘s r. The duck full of flavou of Chinese spices then d an er nd te d flavour. a secret blen overnight in r an authentic Chinese fo ed ok co slow hillfoo www.silver


19/11/2012 17:28

82 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

County Roscommon

County Sligo

Smoked Rack of Bacon ★★★

Rose Scented Berry Tart ★★

Oliver Carty

Elizabeth Ann Desserts Collection ‘I enjoy experimenting with different flavours and I‘m into gardening,‘ says Ann Fox, explaining the genesis of this original and delicious tart. This one works particularly well for the summer. She marinates blackcurrants, blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants with rose petals then bakes them in a handmade butter pastry case with a frangipane filling made with free range local eggs.


‘You can get a TAF O O IN D S I N D rack of lamb so I & IR EL A N thought why not a rack of bacon?‘ says Ted Carty. The rack, which is formed using an 11 ribbed loin, is available as one piece and also in smaller sizes. It is cured in a mixture of low salt, spices and herbs for three to four days before being smoked over beechwood chips for a unique and delicious flavour. I Other awards: Supreme Dry Cure Smoked Cherrywood Rasher ★ Supreme Dry Cure Honey Roast Rasher ★ Oliver Carty Organic Back Joint with Citrus Pepper ★

County Wexford Organic Smoked Salmon ★ Duncannon Smokehouse

Farmed in the crystal waters of Ireland‘s western seaboard, then filleted, dry salted and oak smoked all by hand, this certified organic product is as natural and traditional as it gets. Nearly 40 years of smokehouse expertise shows in the smooth, lightly smoked taste. It‘s versatile too; serve it with pasta, in a frittata or just with brown bread. Other award: Organic Trout ★

County Wicklow Chicken Korma ★ Bombay Pantry

‘This is one of our most popular sellers in the last five years,‘ says Emma Sheehan. ‘Every part from the ginger and garlic marinade to the coconut, garam masala and black pepper sauce is hand made. We use ground cashew nuts which naturally thickens the gluten free sauce and adds flavour to the fresh Irish chicken.‘ Other awards: Bombay Pantry Chicken Tikka Masala ★ Bombay Pantry Curry Sauce ★

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They’ve made it. Trealy Farm, Best Welsh Speciality

Donaldsons, Best Scottish Speciality

Thornbridge Brewery, Best Speciality from East Anglia & the Midlands

1 Chef 4 U, Best Speciality from London & the South East

Hannan Meats, Supreme Champion 2012

More? The Artisan Bakery, Best Speciality from the North of England

Oliver Carty, Best Irish Speciality Jamones Juan Pedro Domecq, Best Imported Speciality

The Bay Tree, Best Speciality from the South West

So you can enjoy it. Food and drink producers take the Great Taste Awards seriously. They know it takes more than 350 foodies over 40 days of blind-judging each year to decide which products should carry the coveted Great Taste gold stars. This year’s experts included chef and restaurateur Mat Follas, TV presenter and chef Gizzi Erskine and top food buyers from Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges and Harrods. But there’s only one judge who really matters. And that’s you. |

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Best Imported Speciality Jamon Iberico de Bellota | Jamones Juan Pedro Domecq S.L.

Small is beautiful Petite pigs producing big flavoured hams



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World Flavours


weight in a year if they eat what they want, so this is key.‘ Although Adalucia is renowned for its warm weather, the rugged terrain of Huelva benefits from a cooler microclimate which is critical to the development of the ham’s flavour. 'The ham requires a very special climate to develop to its full potential,' explains Domecq. 'It’s a very rocky region and it’s high so it’s affected by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. There's a lot of rain, which makes it cooler. And it doesn’t have extreme changes in temperature; it’s a very calm climate.' A full ham, which weighs between 6.5 to 9 kilos, can take anywhere from 36 to 42 months to mature. The lighter shoulders (weighing 2 to 5.5 kilos) take 18 to 24 months. Domecq currently rears 2,500 pigs each year to supply expanding demand. 'We intend to keep to that number because it gives us the opportunity to keep on top of the process at every stage,' she says. Established in 2000, the company initially had two focuses. Firstly, it aimed to capitalise on the growth of the internet, which has subsequently become an important sales channel for the business. Secondly, it wanted to create dedicated Christmas campaigns that take advantage of the Spanish love of ham which increases significantly during the festive period. More recently the company has been developing international sales, which has helped it grow by 45 per cent in the past few years. 'My father passed away in 2011. This is a project that was dear to him so my sister and I have taken over and we are trying to build on his dream and go up a scale,' says Domecq. 'We are now exporting to Asia and to some parts of the Caribbean. Our focus is on sending our product all over the world.'

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World Flavours

roducing charcuterie is a craft with a history that stretches back thousands of years. But how many practitioners would go to the lengths that Isabel Domecq’s father Juan Pedro went to in order to produce the perfect ham? A professional engineer with an interest in genetics, he began breeding pigs during the 70s in the south western Spanish province of Huelva, studying several breeds before deciding which one would make the best ham. 'My father’s motto was always offer the consumer the best quality ham available in the market, and that’s what we are still doing,' says Domecq, who runs the company alongside her CEO sister Teresa Domecq Morenés The choice of the Lampiño breed of pig was an unusual one. The Iberico breed is smaller and more delicate than other pigs, with a higher mortality rate. But Juan Pedro's diligent research had identified characteristics within the breed as ideal for ham production. 'The pigs are smaller and they are more active,’ says Domecq. ‘That increases the penetration of fat in the muscles, which makes for a very good ham. It has a bit of a sweet taste but it melts in your mouth and has a very strong flavour, which is due to a combination of things - the breeding, the feeding, the time the pig spends in mountain air and the curing process.' Huelva is a mountainous region within Andalucia and the pigs spend their lives from the age of three to four months outside in the fresh mountain air eating whatever they can. A large part of their diet consists of acorns which are high in folic acid and give the ham its characteristic flavour. If a pig has not reached the desired weight when it is time to be slaughtered, it’s left on the mountain for a further year. ‘We don’t feed them with unnatural products,’ says Domecq. ‘They will gain 40-60 percent more



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86 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Greece Wild Honey ★★

18°C Organic EVOO ★★

Collected at over 1,200m above sea level in an ancient forest in the south of Greece, this wild honey is lent a very rich character and special flavour by the huge variety of local flora and fauna. Combining sweetness from the black pine trees, aromatic notes from wild thyme and lavender, and a hint of bitterness from chestnuts, it is a wonderful accompaniment for mature cheeses.


Karpos Company

Other awards: Winter Harvest Olive Juice ★ Roasted Greek Pistachios ★

This is olive oil the hard way. Using only baby olives from the first harvest, they‘re cold pressed at the unusually low temperature of 18°C. That means a whopping 12kgs are needed to make just one litre of oil. ‘Younger olives have more nutrients, more of which are retained at low temperature,‘ explains Marianna Kolokotroni who recommends using the grassy oil for dressings, drizzling and dipping. Other awards: 22oc Organic EVOO ★ Wild Thyme Greek Honey ★

Organic Kalamata Olives with Herbs ★★ Oliveology

Grown in an olive grove in Sparta then handpicked and cured in fresh water for up to nine months, these olives remain unpasteurised to retain flavour and healthgiving properties. Marination in organic extra virgin olive oil, homemade wine vinegar, marjoram, oregano, bay leaves rosemary, savoury and fennel seeds gives a further flavour boost. Other awards: First Harvest Organic Kalamata Olives (unripe) ★ Kalamata Olives with Balsamic & Herbs ★

86-91 GT12.indd 86

Elea Terra Extra Virgin Olive Oil ★ Symphonia

Protected e This exquisite Origin oil mad of n tio na sig De a eli no hi At d a an from Myrtoeli gh acidity but hi olives is low in d aromas an rs ou av fl in the s and citrus. It of green leave e village of th in ed is produc of ted at the foot Krokees, loca rn he ut so in us Mount Tayget the unique Greece, where uries - old nt ce d an e at m cli ltivating olive tradition of cu region‘s olive is th e ak m trees st in the be e th of oil one world. .gr



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ilian Specially Select Incanto Sic e d Parmigiano Re Extra Virgin g g ia n o ★ ★★ Olive Oil ★. il Co The Olive O

Aldi Stores

World Flavours

Aldi‘s Specially Se is made lected Parmigiano gh quality oil Reggiano is a This hi fully selected medium-fat hard re cheese made with milk, salt and from ca ed Biancolilla olives rennet from Caste lnovo di Sotto in handpick the province of Reggio Emilia ento area in in Northern Italy. grown in Agrig hich are cold It is a delicious, aromatic Italian ch w ily Sic rn eese, matured for he 24 months for sout a distinctive flavo a few hours of ur with pressed within a distinctive a wonderful, firm s ha ‘It t. and harves grainy texture. iven by the rich flavour (g green freshly ith w e) k microclim the right Other awards: ass notes and not too gr t cu Specially Selected is d an it balance of fru anco, Ethiopian Roast & says Danilo M e y,‘ er pp pe Ground Coffee th g in us ds en ★★ who recomm Diplomat Berry finishing or g in pp di r oil fo Fruits Tea Bags ★★ dishes. om .c

manco www.danilo : Other awards ★★ Sinfonia EVOO ★ OO Maremma EV ★ Basil EVOO

Caramel Toffee Italian Ice Cream ★

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ★

‘This is an Italian Dulche de Leche ice cream which is not quite caramel nor English toffee but is somewhere in between,‘ says Joe Delucci‘s co-founder Nigel Langstone. Dulche de leche is made by heating sweetened milk to just the right temperature. In true Italian style, the ice cream is made mostly with milk and so has a lower fat content than many British ice creams (8%).

Blended from handpicked Moraiolo, Leccino and Razzo olives grown in a grove on the Tuscan coast, this cold-pressed oil has IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) status. ‘The olives go to the crusher very quickly to ensure low acidity. Chefs really like it because it has a good structure with a lovely grassy, fruity flavour and no bitterness,‘ says Jacqueline Lane of La Bandiera.

Joe Delucci‘s Other award: Strawberry Sorbet ★

86-91 GT12.indd 87

La Bandiera


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88 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!



Manfredi Barbera Lorenzo No 5 Extra Virgin Olive Oil ★★ Lefktro Fine Foods

This family-run business has been producing olive oil since 1888. Nocellara del Belice olives from Sicily are picked by hand to avoid bruising (thereby reducing acidity) and pressed without the pit to make this golden, creamy and aromatic oil. ‘It has grassy, artichoke flavours but not a ridiculously peppery finish,‘ says importer James Tyler who recommends it on salads or with fish. Other awards: Il Borgo Tinello Red Label Balsamic ★ Mixed Pitted Olive Antipasti ★★ Leblanc Extra Virgin Olive Oil ★★


White Pearl Ba smati Rice ★

MAP Trading

Like good Burgund y an ages well. Especially d Sophia Loren, basmati rice if it‘s a single variet from West Punjab y harvested wh for 5,000 years. ‘It‘ ere they‘ve grown basmati s aged for 18 mo nths polished for maxim um aroma and flavo and lightly grains are fluffy wh ur. The slender ereas un-aged ric e is starchy and sticky,‘ says marke ting manager Gu rmail Singh Lal. www.whitepe

Mt. Fuji Tea Oriental Blend ★ Arai‘s Tea

This Japanese company has been producing quality green and black teas from their own field at the foot of Mount Fuji since 1888. ‘The black tea has a fruity aroma reminiscent of of lychee, fair briskness, and a good finish,‘ says director, chief blender and buyer Makoto Arai, who says the soil and climate of Mount Fuji are crucial to the tea‘s flavour. Other awards: Arai‘s Tea Citrus Ginger ★ Arai‘s Tea Gotemba Sencha ★

Portugal Queijo de Castelo Branco DOP Sabores da Idanha ★★

Cooperativa de Produtores de Queijos da Beira Baixal Idanha-aNova This Portuguese semi-soft rindwashed cured cheese is made with raw ewe‘s milk from the protected region of Castelo Branco and coagulated with a natural vegetable rennet from the cardoon thistle. Matured for a minimum of 40 days, the dark yellow rind hides a pale interior that has a tangy flavour with a spicy, sour finish.

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nd Cake Fig & Almol ★ e with Fenun rmet

Osmanthus Sencha ★★★

Micarmo Go www.micar Stuffed Figs ★ : Other awards Cheese ★ rra Queijo Da Se

Gryphon Tea Company Osmanthus flowers are more commonly used in oriental desserts in Singapore than in tea but, by pairing them with vanilla and green tea, you get a ‘very special sweet aroma and a creamy texture‘ explains business development manager Joey Mak. ‘Green tea can be a little bitter so this takes away the astringency and brings out the taste of the tea.‘ Other awards: Chamomile Dream ★★ Dan Cong Magnolia ★★ Pearl of the Orient ★

South Africa

World Flavours

and it’s r in this cake r, eggs or butte ganic There‘s no flou . Instead, the traditional or ed mily farm not even cook iality is made on a small fa ‘s own ec rm sp fa e e es th gu er rtu th Po ge by pressing to lly grown almonds e rv ga Al e th in loca , or it’s el along with figs and fenn it thinly sliced with cheese Figueiredo. ve e er dr ‘S . an er ex togeth ys importer Al sa ‘ n, ow its lovely on k


Springbok might just be the perfect protein. Roaming the ranges of the South African savannah and grazing on grass makes for lean, lightly gamey meat that‘s low in fat and cholesterol and high in iron. The delicious marinade means the chargrill flavour is already built in, but it‘s great for the barbeque too. Cook it medium rare and let it rest for an unforgettable steak Other awards: Wagyu Portioned Fillet ★★★






Kezie Foods

Coupage Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil ★★★ BR

Marinated Springbok Portioned Fillet ★★★

Cortijo De Suerte Alta

This organic oil is made from three varieties of olives grown in a 100-yearold grove in Spain that are harvested early for maximum flavour. ‘Each variety gives its own special taste,‘ says Miriam de Liniers. ‘It‘s sweet on the tip of your tongue, bitter on the sides and there‘s a peppery sensation as you swallow. It‘s a complex olive oil but very balanced.‘

86-91 GT12.indd 89


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90 ★ Close to perfect ★★ Faultless ★★★ Wow, you must taste this!

Spain Jamon Iberico puro de Bellota ★★★ Jamones Juan Pedro Domecq


Made from the small, free range Lampiño TAF O O pig that‘s IN D S I N D & IR EL A N bred in the mountainous Huelva region of Andalucia, the ham is cured for between 36-42 months for an exceptional slightly sweet flavour and melting texture. ‘A large part of their diet consists of acorns which are high in folic acid and give the ham its characteristic flavour,‘ says Isabel Domecq

Inena Extra Virgin Olive Oil ★


Oleosalar Cosecheros


This range of stylishly packaged Spanish olive oils is mechanically produced using fresh Pictual and Hojiblanca olives. The resulting oil is highly stable, pleasant tasting, and extremely smooth and soft on the palate. As well as tasting fruity, it also gives off a scent of freshly cut grass and apple.

Made from 100 per cent Arbequina olives picked at optimum ripeness from groves at Finca Villamejor south of Madrid, the fruit is partially cold pressed to extract the best flavoured oil. Scented, bodied and delicate, with aromas of green fruit, freshly mown grass and a touch of walnut, this complex oil is perfect for dressings or dipping.

Stefan Palsso


S IN IN & IR EL A N D When Stefan as w Palsson working as a chef, he developed a unique way of filleting salmon. ‘This double fillet looks like the whole fish without the t head or tail bu cut the it‘s completely and you can easy to serve at he smokes th on lm sa boneless. It‘s e th s,‘ he says of hand-built ce s sli hi st in ne s in ip th d ch blend of woo Elizabeth II et n cr ee se a Qu er of ov nal favourite rso pe A y. er smok of Sweden. and the King




Prado Rey Olive Oil ★

Sweden d t of Smoke Double Fille ★ Salmon ★n ★

npalsson ★ www.stefa t of Salmon Courde Fille Other award:

86-91 GT12.indd 90


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Experience a taste of luxury with Mövenpick Ice Creams and Sorbets, including Gold Star winning gourmet delights such as Caramelita, Swiss Chocolate, Maple Walnut and Passion Fruit & Mango Sorbet. Combining the finest naturally sourced ingredients the world has to offer with luxurious Swiss cream, each ice cream and sorbet has an unbeatably smooth and delicate texture. All products are made without artificial additives, flavours or colours – just nature delivering at its best.

THE FINEST INGREDIENTS  SWISS CREAM  PASSION FOR GASTRONOMY Available in 175ml, 900ml and catering tubs. To sample our flavours, contact our dedicated sales team on 01483 205500, or visit: GREAT TASTE 2012-13

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A kitchen is so much more than just a place to prepare food and a kitchen with a range cooker really is the heart of the home.

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Taste Gold Cover 2012-13 final.indd 2

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Great Taste Book 2012-13  

Great Taste magazine is the annual celebration of Great Taste winners. Within the pages readers can find out who the major winners are, read...

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