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But while entries have rocketed, one thing has remained consistent: the number achieving the highest-level three-star award has never topped 200.

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This year, just 165 products attained that “perfect in every way” verdict, compared with just over 1,000 gaining two-star awards and 3,171 achieving the Great Taste one-star level.

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That’s a sure sign that the judging process remains as rigorous as ever. It also shows that, while many producers turn out great tasting products, food and drink with the ultimate ‘wow’ factor is still something rare, to be sought out and enjoyed.



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A staggering 12,366 products were put forward for assessment by independent experts this year, with over 500 chefs, restaurateurs, retail buyers, producers, food critics and cookery writers involved during five months of judging.

In this special supplement to Fine Food Digest – the monthly business magazine of the UK speciality food sector – we’re showcasing every single one of this year’s three-star winners. If you’re looking to stock the very best in your shop, café or restaurant, there’s no better starting point.

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SPIRITS & LIQUEURS Curio Spirits Company Cardamom vodka With a “strong cardamom and citrus aroma”, Curio Spirits Company’s cardamom vodka is a four-times distilled spirit. Spicy, citrusy and warming, it is made by infusing organic cardamom seeds with Cornish spring water.

Cornish Charcuterie Kalkar coffee liqueur A new product from Cornish Charcuterie’s growing Artisan Food Village near Bude, this 25% ABV cold-brew coffee liqueur is made with Cornish rum. It has clear, golden brown colour, fresh sophisticated coffee aroma and layers of bitterness and sweetness with a hint of caramel citrus underneath.

Salcombe Distilling Company Start Point gin Distilled using a traditional one-shot method and following the London Dry standard, this bright, clean, smooth 44% ABV gin is a blend of 13 botanicals, delivering floral, grapefruit and lime peel aromas and a “multi-layered” experience on the palate.

From fine spirits to fresh pasta, your guide to every three-star food and drink in Great Taste 2017 starts here. BEERS The Chiltern Brewery Bodger’s barley wine Hoppy, balanced and fruity on the palate, this bottle-conditioned, golden chestnut barley wine slipped down easily around the judging table. A cloudy ale, suitable for vegans, it tastes less strong than it is and boasts a long-lasting caramel finish.

Keith Brewery Stout Keith Keith Brewery’s 5% ABV Stout Keith, a rich stout with coldbrewed espresso added late in the process, has a good head and big roasted malt and chocolate notes.

Thornbridge Brewery Huck double IPA This assertive and well balanced 7.4% ABV Double IPA, brewed with Mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo hops, won the Great Taste judges over with its aromas of sweet tropical fruit and resinous pine, finished with a hoppy bitterness.


Monty’s Brewery Monty’s Dark Secret stout With a great head, lovely fruity, almost charcoal nose and perfect fizz, Monty’s Dark Secret is a highly drinkable 5.6% ABV, fullbodied oatmeal stout. Carefully crafted to remove gluten to less than 20PPM, it is also certified by Coeliac UK. montysbrewery.


Thornbridge Brewery Cocoa Wonderland chocolate porter The rich, intense but balanced Coca Wonderland is a cleverly made 6.8% ABV chocolate Porter, that reminded our judges of an espresso martini, with its deep malt, coffee and chocolate notes.

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Masons Yorkshire Gin Dry Yorkshire gin With citrus, juniper and a wealth of botanicals, Masons’ 42% dry Yorkshire gin has a “mind-blowing aroma, like a firework up the nose and an incredible mouthfeel”, according to our judges, making it “the perfect sipping gin” on the rocks. masonsyorkshiregincom

The Echlinville Distillery Echlinville single estate Irish pot still gin With a base spirit distilled from malted barley and using local botanicals, including sweet kelp and gorse petals, this Northern Irish gin offers an intriguing aroma with sweet malt and liquorice notes on the palate.

Sabores Santa Clara Ginginha de Marvão A Portuguese liqueur made with sour cherries from the Natural Park of São Mamede, Ginginha de Marvão has a “lovely nose, good acidity and a sweet flavour”, the Great Taste judges said.

Spyropoulos Family Aged Tsipouro Grape marc is slowly boiled in mountain spring water to extract pure alcohol for this 40% ABV spirit, which is aged in oak barrels to deliver a strong fruit hit along with great warmth and depth of flavour. An ideal after-dinner drink.

Spyropoulos Family Tsipouro “Wonderfully complex and full flavoured” is how the Great Taste judges described this 40% ABV Tsipouro, which has good balance and a fruity Muscat aroma.

CIDERS Tempted Cider Company Elderflower Irish cider Judges described this light, fruity, medium-sweet 4% ABV tipple as “proper cider”, with a good balance of distinct elderflower tones and delicate floral notes.

Sandford Orchards St Louis dry hopped cider “Kerpow! This is a next-level cider and a great alternative to Champagne” was among the judges’ comments about this 5.5% ABV cider. Made with the juice of Devon cider apples and infused with Ella and Willamette hops, judges descibed it as perfectly balanced, bright, fruity and beautifully crisp.

Pilton Cider Pilton cider With a powerful, rustic farmyard aroma and great colour, this 5% ABV unsweetened and unpasteurised Somerset keeved cider is made from only cider apple varieties. It’s dry, crisp and lightly carbonated and not too sweet on the palate. piltoncider. com

Pips Cider Medium cider Beautifully made from a blend of seven apple varieties found on Pips’ farm, this 7.5% ABV medium cider has a zingy nose, balanced honey sweetness and a long finish. It has a complex aroma, featuring fruit and caramel notes, and really tastes of the orchard.

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TEA Pure Tisanes Camomile tisane Delicate, fresh camomile flowers, hand-picked in Sussex, give this tisane an aroma of sweet apple blossom. Enticing judges with a vivid yellow colour and beautiful flowers, it was described as wellrounded with a gentle aroma and vibrant, fresh flavours.

S&T Wholesale Spiller & Tait ceremonial grade organic matcha Bright and vibrant, this matcha is a blend of the best, topmost shadegrown leaves from the Kyoto and Kagoshima region in Japan. Harvested in spring and produced using a ball mill grinding process, it has a “strong vegetal nose and flavour”, the Great Taste judges said.

Silver Lantern Tea Rose buds The Great Taste panel fell for this “elegant, clean and pure” tea, drawn in by the pretty appearance of the lilac coloured buds. Boasting a powerful aroma, it also delivered on the palate with a natural and crisp taste.

Curious Tea Dian Hong Jin Luo Golden Snail Dian Hong Jin Luo Golden Snail comes from the Yunnan Province of China and is produced by hand-rolling tea buds into small golden coils or snail shapes. The beautifully rolled buds make for a golden coloured and delicate tea with a pleasing softness.

Curious Tea Wen Shan Bao Zhong (Pouchong) Described by our judges as “astonishingly clean”, “refreshing” and “totally delicious”, this beautiful floral green oolong (pouchong) hails from the Wen Shan District of New Taipei City in Taiwan. With an almost buttery floral aroma, each sip offers creaminess without any hint of bitterness or tannic tang.


Strangers Coffee Company Fine City blend Roasted in Norwich – which styles itself “a fine city” – this light, bright and fruity coffee impressed with its big, red fruit flavour, acidity and long finish.

strangerscoffee. com

Chapter Coffee Roasters Golding Chapter Coffee’s speciality Golding Ethiopia Single Origin espresso, made from 100% Arabica beans, slipped down nicely with the Great Taste panel, who described it as “strong and smooth with chocolatey rich flavours”.

Anvil Coffee Roasters Anvil Blend 1 Made from a blend of Ethiopia heirloom and Colombia Caturra Arabica varietals, both grown at high altitude, judges thought this espresso was stunning, unusual and pleasingly bright. It delivers a gentle, soothing coffee flavour that lingers in the mouth.

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Curious Tea Gui Fei Oolong Grown on a high mountain range in Meishan, Taiwan, this rare, fine tea is said to get its distinctive wild honey taste from the action of leaf hoppers nibbling on its leaves. It combines vegetal, honeyed and even tropical fruit aromas with a stunning clarity and has a gentle, refreshing taste.

Curious Tea Khao Hom Fragrant Rice Oolong Smooth and nutty on the palate, with clean herby and vegetal notes, the Khao Hom Fragrant Rice Oolong delivers an exceptionally smooth and distinctive flavour in what our judges called a “seriously refreshing” cupful.

Curious Tea Nu Er Huan Jasmine Girl Rings Bright, earthy and fresh, with a delicate and delightfully refreshing flavour, this jasminescented green tea from the Fujian Province of China comes in the shape of small silver rings.


Yamaichien Co Mille Fleurs Attractive, pale and golden, this Japanese green tea displays vegetal notes, with a lovely grassy nose and flavour. Its punchy taste comes from the slight fermentation of the leaves before they are processed.

Flora Tea Group Camomile Clean, pure and bright, this soothing, high quality herbal tea, made from handpicked dried camomile blossoms, boasts an unlifting colour, fantastic aroma and delightful flavour.

COFFEE Grey Seal Coffee Costa Rica single origin This espresso from the upland Pedota Co-operative is lightly roasted to bring out its full flavour, and wowed judges with its incredible aroma and rich, nutty and almost citrusy flavour profile, together with punchy sour notes and even a salty back note. An unusual coffee, to be savoured.

Dark Woods Coffee Panama La Huella ‘Cafe de Panama’ (natural) Extremely earthy and complex, Panama La Huella ‘Cafe de Panama’ was dubbed “posh”, “fruity” and “clean” by the Great Taste judges. Hand selected at high altitude, the coffee cherries are naturally sun-dried and then artisan-roasted on a drum roaster.


Dark Woods Coffee Panama La Huella ‘Cafe de Panama’ 100% Gesha (natural) A deep nutty aroma is followed by a rich smooth chocolate flavour with citrus notes in a coffee with bold and intense flavour. There’s even an intriguing finish of “fennel and hay” to this 100% Gesha Arabica coffee, our judges said.

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65 stars and counting.

Welcoming Pomegranate Molasses to our 3 star family Bringing the best chefs and the best ingredients together

020 8838 1912



“SMOKED BLACK PUDDING” WHAT DO THE GREAT TASTE JUDGES SAY ABOUT IT? Why this simple breakfast product gained 3 Stars?

“Gorgeous texture to this black pudding that has a beautiful contrast from crisp exterior to smooth interior. Lovely rich blood flavours and the oatmeal is not too high. Nice pepperiness and the smoke level is just right. A gorgeous mouthful, the smoke is very well judged, it is there but not at all acrid or overpowering – the blood comes through, there is a rich almost buttery flavour and a lasting, lingering complexity on the palate. What a delicious pudding, packed with flavour and very moist, well seasoned and soft - fantastic. Attractive, good size and well presented. Great texture, soft and moist. A good distinction between the ingredients. Lovely soft smoke which was not too overpowering. The flavours were well executed. Well done “Hugh Maguire Butchers has been serving the community in Ireland for over 30 years. He is passionate about sausage and pudding production . His love of his craft has lead him to win numerous awards, nationally and internationally. In 2012 he won “Best Sausage in Europe” Contact Hugh for more information or look out for “the Smokin Butcher” by Hugh Maguire coming to the UK. · 0035 3868 939964


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TEA Shizuoka Tea Company Benifuhki This beautifully made, clean-tasting tea, produced from an exclusively developed Japanese cultivar grown on mountain farms, displays caramel on the nose and was said by our judges to taste like “the countryside in a cup”.

Gryphon Tea Company Monogram Jasmine Silk Pearls Judged to be “delicate, herby and clean” by our panel, these handcrafted Monogram Jasmine Silk Pearls are hand-crafted from a downy silvery-green tea from the Fujian province of China and have a smooth and complex flavour.

Tzekos Ioannis (Tzekos Organic Herbs) Bio Tisane Blend The attractive, handcrafted loose leaf blend of organic mountain tea, rosemary and thyme, has a lovely herb aroma as well as long, full flavours, good balance and sweetness. A calming tea.

Nuno Azeredo Unipessoal Fresh citrus tisane An attractive, clear, fresh and citrussy infusion, this tisane has a wonderful aroma and is both invigorating and relaxing.

COFFEE Bewley’s Grumpy Mule Guatemala Santa Paula Natural A natural, covered drying process, exclusive to Grumpy Mule, contributes to a 100% Arabica that delivers fruit on the nose and deep, rich flavours on the palate. It is blended from Guatemala Caturra, Catuai and San Francisco varietals.

Anassa Organics Organic mint A delicate infusion with a fresh, vibrant, deep mint flavour this Greek origin tea, from handpicked leaves, has a natural sweetness and a refreshing, authentic taste.

UCC Coffee White Label Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere coffee beans The aroma of this limited-edition coffee draws you in, to be followed by sweet spice on the front of the palate and then a wine element for balance. The flavours come together elegantly on the finish for a coffee with real length.

Dark Woods Coffee Common Grounds BarrelAged Coffee (Bourbon Barrel Edition) This Common Grounds Barrel-Aged Coffee really wowed the Great Taste judges, with its “dried fruit, almost Christmas cake, rich treacly flavour”. Full-bodied, robust and complex, this unique and expertly roasted Arabica single estate espresso is sourced at high altitude, washed and sun-dried, then barrel aged in Bourbon oak barrels, before it is handroasted on a traditional drum roaster.

HOT CHOCOLATE Handmade by Hadleys Jamaican Mocca hot chocolate Made with single origin Jamaican chocolate, conched from single estate coffee beans, and Montbeliarde cows’ milk, this chocolate seduced the Great Taste judges with its well balanced sweetness and “incredibly milk-rich, almost farmyard flavours”.

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CHOCOLATE & CONFECTIONERY Akesson’s Organic Madagascar Bejofo Estate 75% Criollo cocoa Layered and complex, with strong fruity notes and flavours of red berry, peach and caramel, this organic chocolate bowled our judges over with its “divine texture, good snap and lovely melt”.

Akesson’s Organic Madagascar 75% Trinitario cocoa & black pepper chocolate A dark but not overly bitter organic product from Akesson’s own Ambolikapiky Plantation in Madagascar, this chocolate is rich, complex and fruity with intense pepper warmth.

Akesson’s Organic Madagascar 75% Trinitario cocoa & pink pepper A deep cacao aroma and a slow melt that releases bright, fruity acidity are characteristics of Madagascan Trinitario chocolate, which combines effectively with pink peppercorns.

Akesson’s Organic Brazil Sempre Firme 55% dark milk chocolate A smooth, satisfying singleplantation dark chocolate with a melting texture and a gentle sweetness on the palate.

Manx Fudge Factory Honey fudge Creamy, smooth and buttery, this attractive honey fudge is produced with locallysourced Manx honey, giving it a pronounced honey aroma.

chocoMe Raffinée Piemonte hazelnut covered in ground Ethiopian Harrar coffee & hazelnut flavoured milk chocolate “A sublime morsel of nutty joyfulness, enveloped in exquisite milk chocolate” was how Great Taste judges described this delicious milk chocolate dragee from Hungary’s chocoMe. With a good crunch and smooth coffee flavour, it is fabulously moreish.

Citrus Productions Chian Tangerine marzipan bites Fruity with full bursts of tangerine, these delicate, uniquely shaped marzipan bites were hailed as “an adult delight” by one Great Taste judge. Buttery yet refreshing with an enticing fragrance.

Cake Aspirations Salted caramel fudge Light and delicate with a salt crystal explosion on the palate, this fudge from Gloucestershire’s Cake Aspirations is buttery and slightly crumbly, with a lovely texture and just the right level of salt to balance the sweetness.


Torrons i Mel Alemany Almond marzipan burnt sugar turron Sweet and buttery with a nutty texture, this well-balanced marzipan turrón invited the Great Taste judges in with distinctive notes of roasted sugar on the nose.

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SWEET PRESERVES naked jam Blackcurrant extra jam Packed with flavour, this intensely fruity jam hit the high notes with the Great Taste judges, who applauded its “super acidity and fabulous set” as well as its complex perfume.

Artisan Kitchen Seville orange marmalade A classic, handmade old-style preserve, our judges described this as “the marmalade to bring marmalade back”. With a real zing, glossy appearance and a good balance of citrus, it covers a host of culinary possibilities in sweet and savoury dishes.

Artisan Kitchen Summer citrus marmalade & Italian orange bitters A mixed of sweet oranges, pink grapefruits, lemons, limes, finished with Aperol, provides a perfect balance between sweet and bitter and superb level of bite from the peel. A great way to start the day, spread generously on wholemeal toast.

Hillside Foods Passionfruit & lime curd With a well-judged sweetness, this traditional curd is made with passionfruit purée and lime zest has a light texture and a clean, fresh, natural taste of both fruits.

Giribizzi Gianduja spread Made to a centuries-old recipe using Piemonte hazelnuts, this spread has a gorgeous aroma, stunning, glossy texture and lovely hazelnut flavour.

Fruits of the Forage Sloe Seville marmalade A rough-cut marmalade with complex sour flavours from sloes and the trademark bitterness of Seville oranges.

Thursday Cottage National Trust sour cherry curd A “phenomenal and seriously sexy” curd, this was a hit with our judges, who couldn’t get enough of its Cherry Drops aroma and Cherry Bakewell flavour. A punchy flavour, mouth-watering acidity and great texture suggest many uses, from slathering on scones to glazing a pork chop.

The Proper Marmalade Company Gin & tonic marmalade Boasting a vibrant, lemony gin aroma, well judged alcohol balance and a gentle bitterness, this light lemon marmalade has added botanical notes topped up with Salcombe Gin. Perfect spread on toast or dolloped onto cheese.


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your new daily sweet! This high quality sweet is handmade. It contains almonds, sugar and is flavoured with Chian Tangerine (PGI product). It is a traditional Chian sweet which is usually served on special occasions. With this product, CITRUS, continues this tradition making this delicacy more widely known.

To discuss listing Inverawe’s unique range, call or email Caroline on 01866 822209

To order call +30 210 9229467 or email us at

3 Stars for Caracoli Kitchen’s London Porter Cake Caracoli, winner of 20 Great Taste Awards in nine years, has added to its tally this year winning the highest accolade of 3 stars for its delicious London Porter Cake. A rich chocolate cake laced with London Porter ale & topped with cream cheese frosting with rose petals & freeze dried raspberries, this multi-layered cake was described by judges as ‘rich, beautiful & sure to be a top seller!’ To try the London Porter Cake or any of the award winning Caracoli Kitchen products, visit one of our stores (open daily) or order directly from Caracoli Kitchen.

E: T: 01962 715333






Caracoli is an independent group of high-end Coffee Shops and Food Stores based in the south of England. With five outlets and a bustling kitchen producing all our own food and cakes, we are grounded in a passion for great coffee and delicious fresh food - the simple things in life made very well. For more information visit


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SWEET PRESERVES Fruits of the Forage Sloe Seville shred marmalade Made with shredded Seville orange zest suspended in a sloe jelly, this delicious marmalade boasts chewy rind, a lovely fruity bitterness and deep sloe flavour. A fine accompaniment to gammon?

Coedcanlas Coedcanlas Organic Welsh blackcurrant jam Inspired by a Russian recipe, this “moreish, well set and jewellike” jam captured the judges’ imagination with its high gloss, velvet appearance and rich aroma. Perfectly cooked blackcurrants give a great texture and intense, vibrant flavour as they pop in the mouth.

Erin Grove Preserves Blackcurrant preserve Made by hand in Co. Fermanagh to a 100-year-old recipe, this sharp and fruity Extra Jam is bursting with flavour. With a blast of blackcurrant and an unctuous texture, it was described by judges as “just like Grandma used to make”.

Rose Garden Figues & pears jam with white rum Packed with slow-baked pears and figs, with a shot of Cuban rum added towards the end of cooking, this wellmade jam has a great texture from the figs, a real rum hit and a pear finish.

IAMVI Spoon Sweet bergamot peels A traditional recipe using bergamot harvested and prepared in Achaia, Greece, this is a “really exciting and beautifully crafted product”, our judges said. Perfect for serving with yoghurt, the peels offer distinct citrus notes followed by the flowery bergamot flower flavour.


Meridian Sea Classic seaweed relish This brightly coloured relish is a blend of fresh, wild seaweeds from Brittany with extra virgin olive oil, delivering a fresh, vibrant whiff of the sea. Well balanced with excellent texture, it will work well with fish and vegetables.

Miss Daisy’s Kitchen Mummy’s Carrottop chutney An aromatic, spicy and dry chutney packed with nigella seeds, turmeric and star anise, wowed Great Taste judges with its “firm carrot” strands, “slightly sticky texture” and “good level of heat”. With “plenty of spice and lovely aniseed notes”, this chutney is ideal for eating Joli with curries, papadums Black garlic and cold meat platters. London-based Joli’s “full of flavour” black garlic is made by heating whole bulbs of garlic over the course of several weeks, giving it a wonderful balsamic sweetness and flavour, with savoury notes.

Agro’Novae Confit de Figues A smooth and sweet chutney with a subtle fig texture, Agro’Novae’s Confit de Figues delivers a well-balanced flavour that makes it an ideal accompaniment on the cheeseboard. comtes-de-provence. com/fr

Kearns Foods GRAHAM’S horseradish sauce This piquant sauce made with 55% grated horseradish delivers amazing aroma, great texture and a fabulous hit of heat, with a slight sweetness to the finish.

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Cantini London Panforte Il Fico Boasting a rustic look, moist texture and a good peppering of nuts, this handmade panforte also delivers on the palate, with spice, ginger and citrus, making it a perfect match for cheese and wine.

Ma Baker Porridge bread London craft producer Ma Baker adds porridge to this bread to give it a lighter, slightly more chewy, almost crumpet-like consistency that makes it ideal for toast. Judges praised the bread’s “great open texture, good rise and execution”.

Karaway (Amber Foods Plus) Lithuanian scalded rye This rich, malty and fragrant Lithuanian-stye loaf with caraway seeds is baked on calamus leaves. Great Taste judges praised its even and light crumb, caramelised aroma and well-judged use of caraway.

More? The Artisan Bakery D’Amore Lyth Valley damson pie Wholesome and tasty, this pie is packed with sweet and succulent fruit soaked in More? The Artisan Bakery’s own damson gin. It’s encased in a crisp homemade sable pastry and topped with hazelnut frangipane.

GAIL’s Artisan Bakery Seeded crackers GAIL’s light and wellbalanced seeded crackers are baked in huge sheets and generously loaded with natural seeds that all bring something to the palate. With a tempting appearance and great snap, these buttermilk shards are perfect for dipping or eating on their own.

Berries Sea salted caramel sticky toffee pudding This indulgent, dense, but still fluffy pudding with a soft sponge and tasty pieces of date, all in a perfectly flavoured sauce, is a well-made delight.


Chefs & Bakers Goats’ cheese spinach & caramelised red onion quiche Great Taste judges were impressed by the light, crumbly pastry and generous filling of this good-looking quiche. It’s packed with a healthy helping of spinach, lots of sweet red onion marmalade, soft Irish cheese and a rich egg custard.

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Image by Pascal Leopold

Seaweed Tartare with Nori and Soy Sauce



Seaweed Tartare with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Herbs Seaweed Tartare with Lemon Confit

Dijon Mustard with Dulse and Sea Lettuce Seaweed Tartare with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Baby Gherkins





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Premium, handcrafted ice cream and sorbet An exciting range of flavours inspired by travels around East Asia Great Taste winners 5 years running Lovingly created using only the best ingredients Gluten free As seen on BBC’s Dragon’s Den Contact us: 0114 327 7949 @yeekwanicecream CAFÉ QUALITY FOOD AND DRINK




Yuzu Sorbet

Available now from Ocado & other fine retailers

flavours found in the wild

Sloe Seville Marmalade

English Blossom Jam

Sloe Seville Shred Marmalade

Hedgerow Harvest Jam

Mulled Plum Jam

Dandelion Flower Syrup

Dam Sloe Jam | 07956 091113


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Hogweed Curry Chutney

BAKED GOODS Think Mediterranean Fig orange cake Handcrafted with carefully selected Pajarero figs, almonds, natural orange zest, dried apricots and Deglet Noor dates, judges thought this cake “looked awesome”, commenting on its “great texture and lightness, despite the density of ingredients”. With a comforting homemade feel, the panel felt that the “flavours are many but balanced” and that the natural sweetness is spot on.

Inter Europol Sunflower seed bread A cracking artisanal loaf with a toasty crust and pleasing sourness, this open-textured bread delivers great mouthfeel with an added sourdough bite.

Caracoli London Porter cake This inviting, deeply flavoured cake made with London Porter dark beer and chocolate was a hit with the 2017 judges, who made particular note of its stunning presentation. With an even bake and satisfying level of beer, it delivered on the promise of its skilfully decorated cream cheese frosting.

Baghi’s Di Pellizzari Fabio Limoncello cake Sweet, moist and boozy, this light textured cake – “reminiscent of Greek sweet bread,” according to one Great Taste judge – packs a strong and enticing Limoncello punch.


Agrumia Carato Gran Cru “Like a kiss from Aphrodite” was how one judge described this rich yet light, pure acacia honey, which is aged in Kurni wine barrels. Balanced notes of dried fruit and sour cherry make this an ideal accompaniment for many aged cheeses.

Heather Hills Farm Tasmanian Leatherwood honey Great Taste judges were intrigued by the unique flavour and resinous, comb-like texture of this smooth and thick raw honey, described as having “complex, savoury notes”.

Aldi Stores Ireland Kilkree Gold Manuka MGO 100 Boasting a beautiful amber colour, this 100% New Zealand Manuka honey has an excellent sweetness to complement its potential health benefits.

The London Bee Co Summer honey Produced in and around London, this raw, filtered, unheated and unblended honey was applauded for its great clarity and viscosity. Enticing judges with an unexpected “meadow aroma”, it delivered on the palate with a touch of eucalyptus, slight smokiness and “wintergreen aftertaste”.

Apidae Honey Heather honey This pure, raw and unpasteurised honey is collected from Apidae’s hives on the North Yorkshire Moors. It has a great colour and rich floral aroma, bags of floral flavours and a superb, almost liquorice finish.

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Black Gold

S U P P LY I N G R E TA I L E R S A N D C AT E R E R S Try our 2017 3* Great Taste Smoked Mackerel Award winning smoked products made in Worcestershire Nationwide delivery now available 01299 253 764 Smoked Mackerel


Beechwood cold Smoked Salmon

Beechwood Hot Smoked Salmon

Herefordshire Cider and Apple cured salmon

Smoked Duck Breast

@guildoffinefood #greattasteawards



Eulogia of Sparta Heather honey Reminiscent of toffee spread and salted butter caramel, this raw heather honey has an amazing colour and texture with complex fennel, liquorice and leather notes that saw one Great Taste judge describe it as simply “divine”.

Mellin Premium organic Greek Honey Fir with thyme This simple, clean Greek honey was praised for its wonderful consistency and texture and its woody and herbal flavours, including clear thyme notes on the palate.

JEAM Super Mixes Matcha bread mix “A very cool idea,” said Great Taste judges, impressed by this nutrient-rich organic bread mix with coconut flour, coconut blossom nectar and matcha. With subtle coconut throughout, it’s an innovative mix that makes an interesting and healthy loaf.

JEAM Super Mixes Bee pollen bread mix A blend of coconut flour, cane juice crystals and bee pollen, this nutritious mix delivers extraordinary colour, crumpet-like texture and a yeasty aroma. The bee pollen adds great flavour and the texture makes the bread perfect for toasting.

Theta Foods Co Honey with roses This stunning natural honey takes the palate on a “wonderful journey”, our judges said. Boasting a gorgeous copper colour, its brilliant rose and Greek Delight notes are extracted from petals of rare red roses grown on Greek mountains.

Palta Valle Extra virgin avocado oil Pressed from the pulp of Hass avocados – 3.5kg per bottle, in fact – this cold pressed extra virgin avocado oil turned heads around the judging table with its unique texture and flavour profile.

Meleagros Honey Thyme honey This delicate honey, from virgin thyme plantations in western Greece, was said by our judges to have “a lovely initial flavour of rose, sherbet and almost quince with a gentle long finish”. A good honey to enjoy with yoghurt.

Honey Hasapis Wild thyme honey Each June, raw wild honey is collected from bees foraging in the Skandali area on Lemnos island to create this alluring honey, which enticed the Great Taste judges with its distinctive savoury notes.

The Raw Honey Shop Ramon’s raw carob honey A memorable and intriguing product with real complexity, this raw carob honey from the Pyrenees has multiple layers of flavour, with hints of ale and hops. Judges described the aroma of black treacle as “like an old wooden chest”.

Belazu Pomegranate molasses Sweet and sour on the nose and with deep rich colour, this condiment is made in small batches from semisour and sour pomegranate varieties to create a treaclerich molasses with a balance of sharp-andzingy and sweet-andcaramel notes.


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STORE CUPBOARD INGREDIENTS Akesson’s Organic Madagascar wild Voatsiperifery peppercorns Tiny, with a sweet, fruity and woody aroma, these peppercorns captivated the Great Taste judges. Their flavour is intensified upon crushing, releasing a complex and multilayered Szechuan-like heat.

Akesson’s Organic Giant Pagoda sea salt, Lombok Strait, Indonesia “A thing of beauty” is how judges described this coarse grain Balinese sea salt from the Lombok Strait in Indonesia. Each crystal releases clean oceanic notes on the palate, as well as complexity and sweetness.

The Nut Kitchen Pistachio paste Judges swooned over the “staggering complexity” of this paste, produced using 100% Sicilian pistachios. Boasting a wonderful olive-green colour, natural minerality, serious depth of flavour and a real umami hit, it inspired numerous uses in sweet and savoury dishes, from ice cream toppings to rubbing on lamb or wood-fired scallops.

Saveur du Maroc (The Moorish Trading Company) Organic harissa Packed with chilli, spice, preserved fruits and flower petals, Saveur du Maroc’s spicy organic harissa has a great balance of smokey chilli and sweet flavours.

The Little Herb Farm Tayberry & sage vinegar This sweet vinegar is perfect for drizzling over salads or serving with goats’ cheese thanks to its light and fruity notes with a hint of sage and its slight effervescence.

Wessex Mill Six Seed bread flour Blending seeds and malt in perfect harmony, this flour was described by judges as wellseasoned with a good seed balance. Milled using local wheat, it performs superbly to produce a loaf with excellent texture and flavour.

Nutmost Tamari flavoured almonds Co Kildare-based Nutmost’s tamari activated almonds are long-soaked, then dehydrated to give them their crisp, crunchy texture. Plump and flavoursome, they deliver an astonishing hit of tamari and a smokey-sharp balance on the palate.


Donum Terrae Pumpkin seed oil Warming, yet mild, this oil has a deep colour and wonderful nutty aroma. Viscous and glossy, it’s a refined product with praline notes and just the right level of toastiness.

Wessex Mill Wessex Cobber bread flour With a satisfying malted wheat aroma, this bread flour has a deep flavour and a distinctive nutty quality. Made with local wheat, it delighted the Great Taste panel with its appealing aromatics and lovely grain texture.

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At Cropwell Bishop Creamery we handcraft our Stilton and blue cheese the traditional way, using recipes passed down by three generations of the Skailes family.

High in antioxidants

Our award-winning Stilton is only ever made from English milk from carefully selected regional farms, making our Stilton the tastiest around. Contact us to find out more about our range of delicious cheese

High in Vitamins A,D,E and Omega 3 and 6

The healthier way to cook

telephone: +44 (0)115 989 2350 follow us on twitter @YummyStilton


Award-winning producer Private Label just for you

Tel: 44 (0)1621 814529

Preserving Excellence since 1963

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Made with fresh Sage and juicy Scottish Tayberries, this vinegar makes the perfect salad dressing. It can also be reduced down in the pan to make a lovely sauce for duck or chicken wings. As it is fat free and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, everyone can enjoy it. We were delighted to be awarded 3 stars this year – especially as this flavour is owner Lindsey’s favourite! Judges comments included ‘we love the beautiful clarity of the berry’ and ‘a divinely delicate vinegar’. Available direct from The Little Herb Farm or through distributors The Cress Company, Hider Foods and The Artisan Food Club. Check out our website for recipe ideas and to see our full range:

Award-Winning Ice Creams and Sorbets Get in touch for a tasting: | 01503 262499 Treleavens has been making award winning ice cream and sorbets in Cornwall for 20 years, using local milk and cream. We source the finest ingredients to make top quality products. We supply the best restaurants and hotels in Cornwall with our own products, bespoke collaborations and white label development to ensure we have the right product for the right market.

Three Stars for Bodger’s Barley Wine 8.5% vol, 330ml.

Testament to a total of 26 Great Taste Awards since 2011 for our range of Fine English Ales. GIVE YOUR S CUSTOMER A R T STE GREAT STA OW & ORDER N

T: 01296 613647 E:


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Lisa’s Larder (Simeon Morgan Farming) Shoulder of Keyhaven mutton Bursting with big, full, lamby flavour, this tender shoulder of mutton is produced from Zwartbles sheep, grazing rich, herby coastal pastures near the New Forest, it impressed judges with its good level of fat, slight sweetness and a hint of grassy notes.

Turner’s Pies Highland top rump & Stilton pie This generously filled pie won judges over with its well-balanced flavours, marrying Stilton and beef in satisfying harmony. It’s packed with chunks of topnotch rump steak but the panel agreed: “The pastry is the real star of the show.”

Pieminister Moodog Crisp pastry with a real crunch and a deep rich meaty smell had the judges falling head over heels for this well-constructed all-butter shortcrust pie with British beef steak, free-range bacon and craft ale.

Higher Hacknell Farm Organically reared cushion of lamb hogget Dry-aged for 14-21 days by Devon’s Higher Hacknell Farm, this herby, grassy and delicious hogget is sweet and succulent, with tender fat that melts in the mouth.

Pipers Farm Oak smoked streaky bacon This delicate and wellbalanced bacon is traditionally cured and air-dried before being smoked over freshly cut oak chips in a brick kiln for four days. The result: a lovely juicy texture, subtle woody smokiness and just the right saltiness.

Martins Meats Gloucester Old Spot dry smoked streaky bacon (rindless) “The bar has been raised,” was one Great Taste judge’s comment after sampling this perfectly balanced rare-breed bacon. Dry aged on the bone for 10 days in a salt chamber, it’s then dry cured in a salt and sugar mix for a further 10 days before smoking over applewood chips.

Martins Meats Longhorn 30-day dry-aged côte de boeuf A delicious flavour, sweet aroma and the creamy golden layers of fat on this Cotswold-reared beef grabbed the attention of the Great Taste judges, who described it as simply “stunning”

Pipers Farm Red Ruby beef picanha rump This Devon butcher’s Red Ruby picanha, otherwise known as a ‘rump cap’ or ‘fat-on rump’, delivers a delicious texture, pleasant gamey taste and sweetness and a perfect layer of fat. It also looks fabulous.

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Manx Fudge, Toffee & Chocolate – The Sweetness of the Isle of Man Over 21 different varieties of fudge and 10 different toffees all lovingly made by hand by our team who are dedicated to producing ‘Quality High End’ products using, where possible, locally sourced ingredients. These ingredients include our rich and golden Isle of Man butter arm just down the and cream fr road, so thick and rich it is delivered delivered to t us in ice cream scoop containers, and honey from their busy, busy bees.

VEGAN PISTACHIO GELATO & WASABI GELATO www.manxfudgefact Contact Peter on 01624 825858 or email:

Porridge Loaf “A fantastic bread. Toasted, it was even better” Ma Baker, an award winning micro baker and bread teacher, in the heart of London.


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The Old Barn Smokery Duckstrami “Tender, flavoursome and complex with a balance of sweet and salt”, is how judges described this pastramistyle duck breast. Freerange, naturally fed duck is cured for two days in a slightly spicy rub then gently cold-smoked before hot-smoking over cherry wood.

Lidgate Butchers Earl Stonham Wagyu fillet Lidgate’s Earl Stonham Wagyu beef fillet is an authentic Japanesestyle beef from cattle farmed on pastures in the east of England. Boasting great fat marbling, the fillet is supertender, easy to cut and has a subtle, grassy flavour.

Ludlow Food Centre Cutting pie A generous and carefully layered filling of local turkey, Gloucester Old Spot ham and redcurrant sauce gives this pie a stunning appearance. Wrapped in wellseasoned pastry, it’s also packed with flavour.

Redhill Farm Free Range Pork Free range shoulder of pork Succulent, tender and juicy with great crackling, this pork shoulder is produced from Redhill Farm’s slowly reared free-range Duroc-cross pigs, delivering a great texture and distinct porky flavour.

Dawn Meats Swaledale lamb rack – cap on Tender texture, gentle sweetness and glean grassy finish are features of this melt-in-the-mouth roasting joint from Dawn Meats, which displays a perfect proportion of fat to skin cover.

Ludlow Food Centre Chorizo Made from Gloucester Old Spot pork and air-dried for at least six-weeks, Ludlow Food Centre’s chorizo has a superb rustic look appearance and a pleasing sweetness from its well-judged fat content. Bold spicing delivers a hefty paprika hit on the tongue.

N S James Welsh faggot Best served with onion gravy, these faggots from Monmouthshire butcher N S James are made from Welsh pork and lamb combined with fresh herbs and spices to make a fine sausage meat.

Lishman’s of Ilkley Chorizo Yorkshire-based Lishman’s of Ilkley makes its meaty chorizo from outdoor-reared pork seasoned with just the right level of paprika and garlic.

Great Glen Charcuterie Green pepper venison salami Moist, succulent and complex, Great Glen Charcuterie’s green pepper venison salami, made with wild venison and spiced with green peppercorns, stands out for its soft texture and lovely spicy-tingle finish on the tongue.

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E R & I ME I L


T CHO · 01772 865335

spoon sweet - bergamot peels

Bergamot is one of the most traditional sweet spoons, for many it is the most aromatic and finest with a clear color. email: 30

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& L I ME












At Mrs Kirkham’s we have been making our award-winning Lancashire for 3 generations, using the same techniques and ingredients as the generations before. We use only the rich creamy milk from our own closed herd of Holstien Frieisan Cows, to create what we believe to be a true traditional Lancashire, which is an ivory yellow in colour and has a rich buttery crumble.


The last farm made raw milk Lancashire Cheese


Great British Cheese Awards 2016 Winner: Best Artisan Cheese Producer Great Taste 2017 3-Star award-winner

MEAT & MEAT PRODUCTS Welsh Venison Centre & Beacons Farm Shop Rack of Welsh lamb – four-boned Reared on the Brecon Beacons National Park, this super-juicy fourboned rack of lamb bowled the Great Taste judges over with its great texture and delicate, well-rounded flavour.

Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland SuperValu lamb leg with garlic & rosemary “Well balanced, aromatic and sweet” were among the positive comments from around the judging table about this natural flavoured lamb leg, which is enriched with melted garlic butter and a sprinkling of rosemary.

James Whelan Butchers Rack of lamb Dubbed the king of small roasts by James Whelan Butchers, this “attractive, tender and full of flavour” lamb rack was lapped up by Great Taste judges, who enjoyed the “tasty fat and sweet back-notes”. jameswhelanbutchers. com

Hugh Maguire Smoked black pudding “Why has no-one ever smoked black pudding before?” one judge asked, before declaring as “genius” this traditional blood pudding, which is gently smoked over beechwood chippings for 45 minutes. The process delivers a gentle pepper warmth and mouthwatering aroma, in harmony with the careful use of smoke.

James Whelan Butchers Pork lard Made from a slowly rendered blend of back fats, this much-praised lard has been likened to “liquid bacon” on the palate, delivering a long lasting and clean pork flavour without being greasy or overly fatty. jameswhelanbutchers. com

SEAFOOD Southport Potted Shrimps James Peets’ Southport potted shrimps From the west coast waters of northern England, these succulent shrimps are plump, sweet and delicately covered in spiced butter, which really allows the shrimps to shine.

Macknight Grants traditionally smoked rope-hung salmon With great texture and a rich smoke aroma, Grants rope-hung salmon is smoked for 36 hours over whiskey barrels then handsliced. Gentle on the palate, with a lovely flavour and balance.

Macneil’s Smokehouse Smoked mackerel Coated in Macneil’s ownrecipe pepper mix and smoked over beechwood in a vintage Norwegian smoker, this perfectly executed smoked fish is simple but spot-on: moist, juicy and sweet, with balanced salt and smokiness. macneilssmokehouse.

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Baronscourt Estate Wild Sika venison loin Juicy and delicious and not too gamey. Baronscourt Estate’s sika loin wowed the Great Taste judges with its incredible tenderness.

Hannan Meats Sweet cured bacon rack Sweet fat and skin that melts in the mouth, together with a perfect cure, make this an outstanding product – “salty, wonderful and magnificent,” according to our judges.

Hannan Meats Glenarm salt-aged lamb rump Produced from lambs organically reared and finished for six weeks on clover fields, Hannan Meats’ outstanding salt-aged lamb rump is dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days, giving it a brilliant flavour and texture.

Ispini Charcuterie Rosemary & thyme bresaola This tender bresaola is produced from the eye of the round cut of Angus crossbred cattle, aged for 7-8 weeks and cured in a blend of sea salt, rosemary and thyme. The herbal aromas are never overpowering, and the beef has a clean flavour with wellbalanced spicing.

Juan Pedro Domecq Presa de Bellota 100% Iberica Cured for at least four months, this premium cut of loin meat from Iberian acorn-fed Pata Negra pigs is a delicious well-marbled delight, with great flavour and mouthfeel and a rich, dark colour.

SEAFOOD Inverawe Smokehouses Smoked trout Iverawe’s stand-out smoked trout is naturally oak-smoked over slow-burning, handtended open fires, giving it a silky, creamy mouthfeel and great flavour – a “really elegant piece of fish”, according to the Great Taste judges.

Ballyhack Smokehouse Smoked salmon Ballyhack Smokehouse’s firm yet melt-in-the-mouth salmon is slowly smoked over beechwood chips in a 70-year-old smoker, giving it a tender, buttery and silky texture as well as a wonderful smokiness.

Lough Neagh Fishermen’s Co-operative Society Smoked Lough Neagh eel Lightly brined and hot-smoked over light oak and maple, this fresh and smooth smoked Lough Neagh eel, which has PGI status, wowed Great Taste judges with its “perfect luscious texture, creamy flavour and sweetness”.


Rooney Fish Pacific oysters Fresh from the pristine and nutrient-rich waters of Carlingford Lough, Rooney Fish’s oysters are plump, big and beefy with a briny minerality on the palate.

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Common Grounds Barrel-Aged Coffee (Bourbon Barrel Edition) Panama La Huella “Cafe de Panama” (Natural) Panama La Huella “Cafe de Panama” 100% Gesha (Natural)

Fifth generation artisan flour millers based in Oxfordshire. We mill our flour using wheat from local farms to produce top quality flour. Excellent for baking by hand or using in a bread maker.

Adventurous Coffee • Roasted by Hand

Three stars awarded for our Six Seed and Wessex Cobber Bread Flours.

Coffee Equipment • Barista Training • Retail

Holme Mills, Marsden, Yorkshire e: • t: 01484 843141

01235 768991 | |


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㌀     䜀漀氀搀 䄀眀愀爀搀 圀椀渀渀椀渀最

䴀愀渀砀 匀攀愀 匀愀氀琀攀搀 䌀愀爀愀洀攀氀 匀琀椀挀欀礀 吀漀û攀攀 倀甀搀搀椀渀最

two 3-star Great Taste awards again this year!

Specialising in 30-day + aged Longhorn beef and Gloucester Old Spot the vital processes required to produce the UK’s finest quality meats.

Meat reared in the Cotswolds

Blackcurrant Extra Jam

01242 621493

Strawberry Extra Jam

䌀爀攀愀琀漀爀猀 漀昀 䴀甀氀琀椀ⴀ䄀眀愀爀搀 圀椀渀渀椀渀最㨀 䌀栀爀椀猀琀洀愀猀 倀甀搀搀椀渀最猀   簀   䌀愀欀攀猀   簀   䄀爀琀椀猀愀渀愀氀 䌀栀漀挀漀氀愀琀攀猀 圀栀漀氀攀猀愀氀攀 䔀渀焀甀椀爀椀攀猀Ⰰ 倀氀攀愀猀攀 䌀漀渀琀愀挀琀㨀 椀渀昀漀䀀戀攀爀爀椀攀猀⸀挀漀⸀椀洀    簀    ㄀㘀㈀㐀 㠀㌀㠀㌀㠀㐀   簀   眀眀眀⸀戀攀爀爀椀攀猀⸀挀漀⸀椀洀

䠀愀渀搀挀爀愀昀琀攀搀 眀椀琀栀 琀栀攀 䘀椀渀攀猀琀Ⰰ  䘀爀攀猀栀 䴀愀渀砀 倀爀漀搀甀挀攀

St Louis Dry Hopped Craft Devon cider expertly infused with Ella and Willamette hops. An enticing floral and citrus aroma, leading to a light refreshing palate and a clean hoppy finish.

Discover us...

Artisan producer of award-winning jams and conserves 01590 683381


| Sales enquiries: 01363 777 822 or

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Hall Place Farms Charcott cheese Handmade with unpasteurised milk from the farm’s cows, and using a vegetarian rennet, Hall Place’s Charcott impressed the Great Taste judges both on the palate and in terms of mouthfeel. Matured for 10 months in muslin cloth, this traditional Cheddar-style cheese boasts a robust flavour with a mushroomy rind.

Cropwell Bishop Creamery Blue Stilton Made from fresh Peak District milk, this Stilton has attractive veining and a fabulous paste. Aged for 12 weeks, it really packs a punch, with a rich, buttery and deeply savoury flavour, excellent acidity and a well-rounded, almost nutty finish. cropwellbishopstilton.

Jess’s Ladies Organic Farm Milk Organic luxurious natural yoghurt Totally natural, this yoghurt is made using unhomogenised organic milk and live culture. Boasting citric notes, silky texture and a lovely mouthfeel, it has a lively flavour and a real lactic tang.

Harvey & Brockless Blanche goats’ cheese Displaying a wrinkly, almost alabaster coat and a gooey layer just below the rind, this goats’ cheese has a mousse-like paste that’s as white as snow. With a clean, citrusy flavour, Blanche intensifies as it matures. harveyandbrockless.

Lynher Dairies Cheese Company Cornish Kern Handmade to a traditional alpine recipe, Cornish Kern is a powerful, long maturing hard cheese in a breathable waxy rind. Well balanced, creamy and smooth, our judges said it would stand up well against a good Le Gruyère.

ICE CREAM & SORBETS Swoon Chocolate sorbetto Great Taste judges did indeed swoon over this superb chocolate sorbetto, produced by churning 85% extra bitter chocolate with water and natural sugars to produce a “rich, complex and intense” dessert. Dubbed the “perfect encapsulation of chocolate”, it has the fudgy creaminess of ice cream – despite no dairy content – and the freshness of a sorbet.

Treleavens Luxury Cornish ice cream Treleavens cider sorbet Made with Cornish cider, this 3% ABV sorbet combines smooth consistency, wellrounded apple flavour and a refreshing flavour in a really pleasant treat. With cider prominent on the nose, the sorbet gains a lovely warmth from the alcohol and a distinctive cider apple finish.

Jude’s Ice Cream Mango sorbet With a firm texture and scent of mango, this traditional sorbet made with Alphonso fruit is elegant in its simplicity. Fresh and inviting, it’s a smooth and silky sorbet that proved a big hit with this year’s judges.

Gelato Gusto Pink grapefruit sorbetto Refreshing, tart and tangy, and not too sweet, the judges couldn’t find fault with this intense, yet light pink grapefruit sorbetto – calling it “very pretty” and “very grownup”.

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Our 3-Star Salted Caramel Fudge is our best seller, selling as part of our pick ‘n’ mix range alongside twenty distinctive flavours. Also available in retail packs.

Salted Caramel

SOUTHPORT POTTED SHRIMPS by JAMES PEET Are brown shelled shrimps preserved in a unique blend of herbs, spices, butter and a hint of salt and pepper.

Maple & Pecan

Contact James Peet: 01704 229266 | 66 Station Road - Banks Village - Southport - Lancashire PR9 8BB

Truly Artisan | Traditional Irish Smokehouse Discover the True Taste of Heritage

Joy on a plate. For generations now, our family has been making a real commitment to taste and excellence, hoping to help you add a bit of magic to every mealtime.

Artisan Beech Smoked Salmon Wild Irish Smoked Salmon Smoked Irish Organic Salmon

Slow Smoked Salmon Good Taste Takes Time |

36 | | 00353 860284283

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DAIRY Ribblesdale Cheese Owd Ewe sheep’s cheese A matured natural-rind sheep’s milk cheese, Owd Ewe has a solid, smooth texture and a pleasantly strong, almost Roquefort aroma. On the palate it’s citrussy, lactic and subtly blue, leaving a tingle on the tip of the tongue. It looks good too. ribblesdalecheese.

Ribblesdale Cheese Matured goats’ cheese With a sweet and grassy aroma, firm but crumbly texture and nutty flavours on the palate, this mature, naturalrind cheese had our judges going back for second helpings. The middle of the paste is clean, fresh and has a slightly caramelised milk flavour, while closer to the rind it becomes more “goaty” – but always balanced. ribblesdalecheese.

Green Pastures Donegal Yeats Country sour cream Lactic and acidic, this full fat sour cream from Donegal, Ireland, has a lovely silky texture and a good length of flavour. greenpasturesdonegal. com

Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese Traditionally made using raw cows’ milk, Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire has a texture, moistness, acidity and smooth, well-rounded flavour that is characteristic of the very best of this style of cheese. mrskirkhamscheese.

Isle of Man Creamery Whey butter Creamy, rich and perfectly salted, this is an expertly balanced butter, enjoyable on its own or as the perfect “cement between the bricks” in a sandwich.

ICE CREAM & SORBETS Swoon Neapolitan coffee gelato “Masterfully executed”, this knock-out gelato reminded judges of an affogato, the espresso-drowned ice cream dessert. Made by slowly churning gelato and adding shots of Neapolitan coffee, it offers a light and smooth mouthfeel for an authentic and grown-up treat.

Swoon Hazelnut gelato This simple and pure hazelnut gelato is made using the best hazelnuts from fourth-generation farmers in Piemonte. These give a hazelnut roundness to a gelato with sweet yet savoury flavour, rich velvety texture and a milky edge. Swoon Pistachio gelato Warming pistachios grown on the fertile volcanic slopes of Mount Etna at Bronte in Sicily are the basis of this creamy, slowly-churned gelato. Boasting a good colour, fabulous texture and wonderful long flavour from the pistachios, it’s rounded and enjoyable.

Forte’s ice cream Sicilian pistachio gelato This authentic Sicilian pistachio gelato has a pure pistachio flavour and an intense nuttiness likened by our judges to “licking the inside of pistachio shell”. The salt level provides a perfect balance to the natural sweetness.

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DAIRY Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland SuperValu crème fraîche Produced using milk from local farms, this crème fraîche has a glossy, lovely softdrop texture and bright lactic aroma, with a gentle acidity. Judges dubbed it “very downable”.

Diaccialone Società Agricola Fiore di Capalbio A fresh, flowery-crusted buffalo milk cheese with a delicate, mild flavour and simple, clean finish, Fiore di Capalbio is matured for 15-20 days. Perfect as a simple partner to salt, rosemary and tomato.

Dunnes Stores Simply Better French Epoisse cheese AOC “Balanced, smooth and velvety”, was how Great Taste judges summed up this full fat, cows’ milk washed-rind Epoisse. Washed with Marc de Bourgogne brandy, it has an “incredible flavour, marvellous aroma and fabulous complexity”.

Die Trueffelmanufaktur Truffle Tartelet A high truffle content in this hard cheese contributes to an intense truffle aroma and a delicate acidity on the palate.

Artzai Gazta Elkartea La Leze Artzai Gazta Idiazabal smoked cheese An artisan variety made from the raw milk of Laxta sheep from the Basque Country, this Idiazabal cheese caught the judges’ interest immediately with its enticing smoky aroma. Firm textured, lightly acidic and wellbalanced, this cheese is “woody and well judged” with a “long warm finish”.



Equi’s Ice Cream Alphonso mango sorbet Made with fresh alphonso mangos, Equi’s sweet, creamy and refreshing sorbet is full of strong, rich mango flavour, with additional citrus fruit notes.

Handmade by Hadleys Elderflower & lime ice cream “Zingy, fresh and balanced” was how Great Taste judges described this ice cream, which is made with fresh elderflower heads infused in a custard base along with freshly squeezed limes. Judges enjoyed the creamy texture and almost “refreshing sorbet” quality.


Yee Kwan Yuzu sorbet Yea Kwan’s bright and refreshing yuzu sorbet is made using the juice and zest of fresh Japanese yuzu fruit. Delicious and simple with a mandarinlike finish, it makes a perfect palate cleanser.

La Tua Pasta Handmade Tortellini (Burrata e Black Truffle) Great Taste judges heaped praise upon La Tua Pasta’s “beautifully simple” handshaped Tortellini (Burrata e Black Truffle), dubbing them “perfect parcels of flavour”, with delicate, rich egg pasta, masterful use of truffle and a spot-on ratio of pasta to filling.

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Shoulder of Mutton

Rack of Lamb

Barnsley Lamb Chops

Leg of Hogget

3-2-1... All stars for Lamb from Lisa’s Larder at this year’s Great Taste awards Zwartbles sheep from the coastal fields of the New Forest National Park To find out more please email

Fresh food, freshly smoked We offer a wide product range including smoked fish, meat such as Duckstrami, We also offer a large range of smoked cheeses cow, goats and buffalo as well as pantry items such as smoked olives, smoked oils, smoked flour etc. | 01277 840009

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Unrivalled Taste, Superior Quality

Dawn Meats are proud of the successes achieved at this year’s Great Taste Awards and honoured to have received 3-stars for our Swaledale Lamb Rack. Our Swaledale lamb is sourced directly from a select group of producers that farm their animals in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Grazing the natural grasses and heathers on the fells, our Swaledale lambs are reared using traditional farming methods which guarantees tenderness, succulence and an unrivalled taste each and every time.

Profile for Guild of Fine Food

Great Taste 3 Star 2017 18  

Great Taste 3 Star 2017 18