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American Baptist Homes of the Midwest Creating healthy Christian communities that empower people.

Community Benefit Summary 2014

Dear Friend of ABHM, The mission of American Baptist Homes of the Midwest began 85 years ago

people to live life to the fullest and in the

as, "charitable, educational and religious for the

mental, emotional, spiritual or financial

physical and spiritual care of those persons

condition. That integrated continuum includes a

who, by reason of age, physical or mental

menu of options for independent senior living,

condition, financial condition or dependency,

short term rehabilitative services, longer term

experience difficulty in adequately providing for

memory support, assisted living and skilled

their own well being." Today, American Baptist

nursing care, group homes and supportive living

Homes of the Midwest (ABHM) has grown and

services for the develop-mentally disabled, and

developed into a vital, dynamic ministry serving

low income housing for families and seniors.

1,407 people and employing 1,444 people in 7 retirement communities, 45 group homes and 1 subsidized housing community located in WI, MN, IA, NE, SD, and CO.

manner they choose despite their physical,

Every day we provide health care, housing and supportive services to people of many ages, cultures and conditions, but our Christian heritage calls us to reach out in ways that also

The vitality of ABHM is reflected in the following

benefit the greater communities in which we live

strategic initiatives that are currently underway:

and work. This Community Benefit Report

• Renovation and expansion of seven ABHM communities in WI, MN, SD, IA, NE and CO @$61MM. Construction began in 2014 and is scheduled for completion in 2015. • A 2014 mission re-statement and recommitment to “Create healthy Christian communities that empower older adults, families and people with disabilities. Provide choices for housing, services and technology that enrich body, mind and spirit.” • A 2014 re-affirmation of our six core values (Christian foundation, truth, respect and dignity, quality, stewardship and diversity). • A rebranding initiative to meet the changing needs and expectations of our customers that

documents how we have fulfilled those responsibilities and responded to community need in ways that are not self-sustaining and must be financed through philanthropic contributions, volunteer efforts and other programmatic subsidies. It is all of those interdependent relationships that create healthy Christian communities. I encourage you to learn more about that good work by reviewing this report and visiting our website at for a virtual tour of our communities. I also encourage you to contact us or visit an ABHM community to learn more about how we may serve you or someone that you know, or how you may help us to create healthy Christian communities that empower people.

includes new logos, marketing strategies, and programmatic opportunities.


ABHM’s empowerment model is based on a holistic approach to wellness that offers choices to people as their needs may change over time. From a programmatic standpoint that means

Dave Zwickey

providing an integrated continuum of housing,

ABHM President and CEO

service and technology options that enable

ABHM By the Numbers: ABHM provided approximately $3,139,000 in community benefits during 2014. Those benefits primarily reflect direct benevolence and discounts below the cost of care and services provided to the indigent members of our communities. However, ABHM also gave back to the greater community by supporting research, education, nutrition, preventative health and wellness, religious services, the arts, and many other initiatives and events. All of that work reflects our core value to base not only our beliefs but also our decisions and actions upon a strong foundation of Christian principles.

Social Accountability Totals: Maple Crest

Community at Franklin Park

Elm Crest

Thorne Crest

Tudor Oaks

Mountain Vista

Trail Ridge











Number of People Served By Location*



People Served By Line of Business*

250 200


150 100 119





Skilled Nursing Care




Cr es Th t orn eC res t Elm Cr es t Tra il R idg Fra e nk lin Pa rk Tu do rO Mo ak s un tai nV ist Cr a es tS erv ice s


Ma ple

Home Community Based Services for the Developmentally Disabled

Employees By State Nebraska (159) South Dakota (159)

Iowa (399)

Minnesota (213)

Colorado (332)

Wisconsin (233)


Independent Living


Assisted Living


HUD Housing


Memory Support


*Excludes managed communities


merican Baptist Homes of the Midwest’s mission is to

create healthy Christian communities that empower older adults. We provide choices for housing, services, and technology that enrich body, mind and spirit.

The ABHM Family of Communities: Elm Crest Senior Living Community • Harlan, IA The Community at Franklin Park • Denver, CO Maple Crest Health Center • Omaha, NE Mountain Vista Senior Living Community • Wheat Ridge, CO Thorne Crest Senior Living Community • Albert Lea, MN Trail Ridge Senior Living Community • Sioux Falls, SD Tudor Oaks Senior Living Community • Muskego, WI Crest Services • Iowa & Minnesota

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ABHM Community Benefit Summary 2014  
ABHM Community Benefit Summary 2014  

ABHM Community Benefit Summary 2014