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bout U Founded in 1975, SunStorm evolved from “Long Island’s Newspaper of the Arts” into the award winning, internationally distributed, full color Fine Art Magazine. In keeping true to our roots, Fine Art Magazine today covers a wide variety of art with an eye toward featuring the works of up and coming as well as established artists from the USA and all over the world. Jamie Forbes, Harry Stendahl, Victor Forbes

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In art, the biggest marketing challenge is unfolding now. Fine Art Magazine is on the cutting edge of creating meaningful dialogues of fine art trends, influencing the value of art to both collector and appreciator, and showcasing the evolution of art in a rapidly changing global marketplace. Opportunities for sales at multiple points are growing. International markets have driven the collectable prices to previously unimaginable highs. More people make a living through the arts now than at any other time since the Renaissance. SunStorm Arts Publishing Co., Inc., dedicated to art coverage for three plus decades, has always had a vision for uniting the current and evolving generation of artists internationally. New times promise new opportunities. Fine Art Magazine offers our best in creating new venues for artists, galleries, museums and publishers. In alliance with major players in the art field, we have initiated history-making art forums in various locations around the world where the magazine comes to life, combining artists and relevant community leaders, collectors and schools.

When the Dancing Stops Š Connie Buffalo 2008

Motivated by a love of the arts and respect for the creative spirit SunStorm Fine Art continues to publish works of depth, beauty and meaning in a variety of media.

From its very first issue in 1975 which featured M.C. Escher and an interview with Bob Marley along with poetry, jazz, martial arts and theatre, SunStorm Fine Art has been dedicated to covering both the traditional and the cutting edge.

Jamie Ellin Forbes & Victor Bennett Forbes Have been honored to represent in the pages of their publications the greatest artists of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Jamie Ein Forbes, ublishe Jamie Ellin Forbes receives “Citizen of the World” award from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation program in 1977.

Ms. Forbes began her media career in broadcast radio at the State University of New York Stony Brook. She then co-founded the Oyster Bay Guardian Arts and Literature Supplement in 1975, followed shortly thereafter by SunStorm and then Fine Art Magazine, which she publishes to this day. She has served as Director of the Fine Art Museum of Long Island and on the Board of the National Museum of Catholic Art and History in New York City. She has curated a number of internationally renowned exhibitions including “Sacred Spaces” and “Artists for Peace and the Environment,” which served as the art show at Woodstock ’99.

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Interviewing ErtĂŠ, 1986

With Count Basie, 1975

Victor Bennett Forbes began his writing career in Junior High School and continued as Sports Editor of his High School Newspaper and the Riverdale Press, a Pulitzer Prize-winning weekly. In addition to editing SunStorm and Fine Art, Forbes has composed introductory essays for a broad collection of art books, among them monographs on Ken Keeley, Charles Schridde, Anne Bachelier, Alfred Van Loen, Itzak Tarkay, Howard Behrens, and many others. He and Jamie have also owned and managed art galleries and printing plants.

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eyond Trends & Boundarie We were the first to write about many gifted artists and gallerists, but not the last. When the Guerilla Girls launched their quest for equal rights, SunStorm was there; when Gracie Mansion opened for business in her bathroom in the East Village (St. Mark's Place) we were there; when Mary Boone and Laurie Anderson were the talk of the town, we were there; when CRASH blazed his way from the Bronx to Sidney Janis, it was in SunStorm. When a homeless artist from Armenia needed a break, an article appeared in SunStorm. That artist was Yuri Yuroz. When a contingent of repressed Soviet refusniks took New York by storm, we were there. And we were there for the Chinese artists painting for five dollars a canvas, who are now the darlings of the international auction world. When big art, program art, became en vogue, SunStorm/Fine Art was there for ErtĂŠ, Vasarely, Peter Max, Alexandra Nechita, Tarkay, Behrens, Ting, Jiang, Earle and so many more. We have enjoyed interviewing those whose claim to fame is not necessarily visual art: Speaking with Tony Curtis, Donna Summer, Buddy Ebsen, Ron Wood, Ace Frehley, Graham Nash, Carlos Santana and others, we have learned how creativity stretches across boundaries.

oca & Inrnaona overage & Recognio We have been honored with industry awards for our graphic design and by Nassau and Suffolk counties for our service to the Cultural Community; our articles have been shown on countless websites and our editorial work has appeared in many hardcover books. Through the years, SunStorm/Fine Art has: • Reflected the cultural tastes of the community as it evolved — always seeking original, uplifting, dynamic works of art by individuals who want to change the world for the better. • Developed contacts and relationships with artists, literally, from every continent. SunStorm/Fine Art is welcomed at art fairs from Paris to Tokyo; Las Vegas to Montreal; New York to Madrid.

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With the acquisition of our own printing equipment in 1987, SunStorm morphed into Fine Art, a true international glossy magazine and began to publish and print a series of classic art books and museum catalogues. Fine Art became known for its capacity to simultaneously cover many segments of a seriously fragmented art market.

Incorporating articles by museum curators and top notch art critics from Europe, Asia and American academia — with a healthy dose of celebrity art features — and in-depth looks at the various art movements of the times.

• Curatorial duties were a natural sideline as Publisher Jamie Ellin Forbes was selected to direct the Fine Art Museum of Long Island from 1991-1996. Featured artists curated by Ms. Forbes at the museum included Orlando Agudelo-Botero and Romero Britto. Her first touring exhibition, “Sacred Spaces”, was developed in the SunStorm/Fine Art offices and set the stage for a new breed of contemplative, theme driven museum exhibitions worldwide. • In 2008, the expertise of Jamie & Victor Forbes was called upon to organize Artexpo's 30th Anniversary Hall of Fame Exhibition and Catalogue, the website is

Steaming into the future, Onboard Collector.

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Fine Art History  

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