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JP AUDRA, Save the Whale, 3’ x 6’

JP & Lana at Artexpo 2008.

Jean-Philippe Audra and friends have founded a group — “Knights of the Light” — called The Creativists. “We are fighting together against the darkness and I invite the artists of the entire world to join us for this travel toward the Light.”

VERITAS CREATIVISMO We are a group of international artists, and good friends!

We believe that our work of Creation creates Beauty. Beauty, in its turn, creates Positive Emotions. Positive Emotions purify the World.

We are “The Creativists”

Jean-Philippe Audra, Svetlana Lescova-Audra, Ignacio Basauri, Yves Downing, Nancy St-Onge • We respect that each member of the group has his own life experience and life philosophy. • We respect that while one develops in this group, each member continues in individual development. • “The Creativists” are currently developing the project of an interactive sculpture called “The Tree of Souls.” This sophisticated project is devoted to the Souls of our past master-artists, and still living master-artists. We invite everyone interested in our movement to visit our website •

Jean-Philippe Audra has always been engaged in the search for Light. “All my life, I have been moving toward It. Where is it hidden? In people, in books? Jean-Philippe Audra, Tree of Life, acrylic on canvas, 2’ x 3’ Somewhere in masterpiece works of Art? And then in my path I met my wife named “Light.” A gift of God for sure and a Neo-romantic love story in a time of Post-modernism. We built a nest, our home and it is here, in a house constructed from Light, where our Souls live. How much of all this it is real? I do not know... But I feel the warmth of “Divine Spiritual Light” is what supports our home’s walls. The travel towards my life’s guiding Light, among this ruling materialist modern world in a pop culture environment, is for sure the biggest challenge of my Soul’s existence. What is a life worth if I just walk towards this Light, alone? The answer is: Nothing!” Contact - Svetlana Lescova-Audra, Lady Flora, acylic on canvas, 3’ x 3’ 46 • Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2009

Ignacio Basauri considered an important representative of Magic Realism in Latin American, was born in Santiago, Chile in 1963. He first studied at Sergio Stitchkin´s Art Academy. His work has been exhibited in museums, art auctions, art galleries and international fairs in Europe, North America and Latin America. One of his paintings belongs to the Vatican’s art collection. He has participated in different art expositions, individually and in groups in Denmark, Holland, Spain, The United States of America, Chile, Nicaragua, China, Canada, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and Switzerland. He has been invited to participate in well-known auctions like “Juannio” at Carlos Merida Museum in Guatemala, at the MoLAA Museum of Latin American Art in California, and Arteamericas in Florida. Mr. Basauri has garnered several awards at the Miami Art Center and The Latin American Museum in Florida and is in many public and private collections. In 2006 his work was acquired by the Benetton and Phillips collections. His show

Ignacio Basauri.

Sun danse, oil on canvas, 38” x 36”

was selected by Blur Magazine as the second best art exhibit in El Salvador, and he was invited to the Florence Biennale of Art in Italy in 2009. To reach the artist contact

Yves Downing A self-taught artist originally from Montreal, Yves Downing is now living in St-Irénée, QC, Canada. He has developed his technique over the last forty years. His media are oil and acrylic, but his preference leans more and more toward the latter because of their flexibility. He loves to paint the Charlevoix region, his adopted country, where the Laurentians and rural scenes amaze him perpetually. “Living with nature is my greatest source of inspiration and happiness,” he says. Always looking for the best lighting, he particularly likes maritime scenes, living proof of his Acadian origins. The luminosity and the contrasting landscapes of blazing colors allows him to realize magnificent works. In each of the knocks of brushes or knives, he charms us by the sweetness and fluidity of forms and by the transparency and the fire of the colors. In these paintings the energy and warmth of his character is evident. Downing creates each of these works in a intuitive way. As he has never studied art, it is from his interior that he draws, organizes and mixes the most surprising colors, giving to his paintings so much sensibility and emotion.

Towards Light, Acrylic on canvas (knife) 40” x 40”

The Mask, oil on canvas, 4’x5’

Nancy St-Onge

“Even if my passion for art was put aside during several years, it was present in my mind all the time. “The experience gained during those years working with various materials and techniques are now reflected in my art and allow me to continuously experiment, seeking new horizons. Although I am very versatile in many media, abstract art remains what I cherish the most since it gives me a unique moment of total escape, free of boundaries and full of creativity.” -

Studio and Gallery Yves Downing 70 Principale, St-Irénée, Charlevoix, QC, Canada, G0T 1V0 Tel.: (819) 323-3434 – Email: The Gaetan’s Frustration, mixed media, 30” x 22”

Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2009 • 47

Fine Art Magazine, Spring 2009 - The Creativists  
Fine Art Magazine, Spring 2009 - The Creativists  

The Creativists