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Park West Gallery Celebrates 40 Years

(back row) Harrison Ellenshaw, Hua Chen, Peter Nixon, Alexander Chen, Yuval Wolfson, Jean-Claude Picot, Lisa Grubb, Nano Lopez, Fanch Ledan, Alice Riordan, James Coleman, Charles Lee, Yolanda Glenn, Marcus Glenn, Dick Duerrstein, Andrew Bone, Tom Murray, Howard Behrens (middle row) Kevin Miles, Wendy Schaefer, Anatole Krasnyansky, Holland Berkley, Albert Scaglione, Itzchak Tarkay, Morris Shapiro, Csaba Markus, Noah, Toby Bluth (front row) Simon Bull, Jay Lefkowitz, Mark Kanovich, Victor Spahn, David Najar, Alfred Gockel, Marko Mavrovich and Dominic Pangborn

Ruby — the 40th Anniversary Gemstone — possesses an eternal inner flame A symbol that the passion is still very alive and strong after Four Decades


lbert Scaglione infused his enthusThis offered the art enthusiast space to By JAMIE ELLIN FORBES iasm as a collector, connoisseur, art comprehensively view each artist’s body of lover, and accomplished businessWalls containing a retrospective of works and work while this impressive collective of artists man at the 40th year anniversary of Park the current images of the artists in attendance exchanged creative vision freely, making for West Gallery in an exciting three-day event were displayed in a salon-like environment. quite the rarefied atmosphere. this past summer in its hometown of Among those on hand for the Southfield, Michigan. A mixture of revelries were Agam, Peter Max, seasoned dealers, well known, accomItzchak Tarkay, Thomas Kinkade, Csaba plished artists, and collectors hailing Markus, Linda Le Kinff, Alfred Gockel, from all over the globe attended the Marcel Mouly, Scott Jacobs, Howard festivities, boosting the high-energy Behrens, Fanch Ledan and many, many level of Park West Gallery’s festive others. The celebration was driven by a event. A fever of excitement hung in blend of Albert Scaglione’s enthusiasm the air as the opportunity to meet, and the dynamic energies offered by greet, and mingle with all forty artists, these international artists during the film makers, book writers, publishgracious three-day festivities. ers, and art specialists was present to In his opening remarks, the Park those in attendance. The 63,000 sq. West Gallery CEO commented, “Peter ft. space was filled with a retrospective Max’s work is recognized the world presentation in a league with internaover and Yaacov Agam arguably has tional showcase expositions and was created more monumental works than viewed by a vibrant group of movers any other artist in history. Agam,” added and shakers. Mr. Scaglione, “came here directly from Good food, enter tainment, installing a 75’ x 33’ sculpture in front of discussion and art presentations were the new Olympic Stadium in Taiwan. laced throughout the well-planned Simon Bull has been working for the event. On display was a full spectrum past year-and-a-half on more than of each artist — past and present — in 100 original paintings of Muhammad a vetted palette of imagery displayed. Yaacov Agam and CEO Albert Scaglione at Park West Gallery’s 40th Anniversary Ali, four of which were selected by the Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2009 • 49

Hua Chen (back) with Itzchak Tarkay and Anatole Krasnyansky


One of the most daunting experiences of my three plus decades writing about the creative spirit of artists took place in 1997 when I was assigned to interview Itzchak Tarkay for a monograph, Profile of An Artist. At the time, Tarkay was one of the hottest sellers in the art business and his originals and limited edition serigraphs were flying off gallery walls. As he was in Israel and I was in Ronkonkoma (NY), the interview took place via fax, at the artist’s suggestion. I was to send him a series of questions and in short order he would reply. Oh, how I wracked my brain to come up with some queries of quality and depth. Weeks later, I practically ripped the roll out of the fax machine as his replies came in. Much to my chagrin, the were mostly monosyllabic responses, as in “Yes,” “No” and a “Been there, done that, have the T-shirt.” But then I saw the genius in this man — his capacity to break everything down into basics. As I was typesetting the pages, I realized that the interview was much like his paintings: a dash of red here, a hat, a figure, the same woman. The repetition was like a mantra and the beauty and brilliance of this man was summed up in his concluding statement, which I repeat here verbatim:

“Life is good.”


Champ and are now hanging in his new home in Louisville, Kentucky. I am truly energized by all of these creative, artistic talents converging in one place at one time.” Scaglione’s discerning eye for artistic line, enhanced through his engineering degrees, love of art and an informed art history background, is instilled into the overall Park West approach toward art collecting. The Gallery has a rich history of exhibitions. Picasso, Durer, Chagall, Dali, Goya, Miro, Rembrandt and Lautrec have all been exhibited. Park West Gallery’s owner and his staff consider the individual artists’ contemporary works in this collective for artistic style and statement of lasting value. Scaglione’s years traveling the world is evident in his knowledge and experience as a dedicated collector, dealer and gallerist and are applied as a guideline in his company’s understanding of a traditonal fine art line. The collection thus represents an over-all standard for classic composition and cohesion in image and style. 50 • Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2009

Itzchak Tarkay, Lakeside Cafe (Summertime), circa 1995 20’’ x 20’’ Serigraph in color on wove paper. Signed in pencil and numbered

The Park West Gallery approach to collecting, archiving, and seeing to the provenance of these works, developed over 40 years of participation in the art business, was outlined by Scaglione at the event. Each artist represented in the collection has a lengthy bibliography of accomplishments. Herein lies Scaglione’s success. It is a polished cognizance for recognizing talent of the individual artists and offering their imagery to the seasoned collector or novice buyer at the national and international sales level. Scaglione’s past success in collecting master works and understanding the role of art in contemporary culture informs his decision-making process when signing new artists. It is based on a polished cognizance for line — a detailed, thorough and in-depth approach based on his company’s commitment to quality, his personal belief in maintaining artistic integrity and discernment in selecting contemporary art. The 63,000 sq. ft exhibition space was filled with art and people, making this a unique crossover display between museum and showcase venues such as Art Miami and this summer’s recent art fair in East Hampton NY, as a review of current master market trends. Walls containing a retrospective of works and the current images of the contemporary group of artists in attendance offered the viewer space to enjoy a well-curated collection of each artist’s body of work. An energetic exchange of artistic visions and personal histories and ideas among the artists made for an atmosphere sparkling with creativity. The opportunity to meet, greet, and mingle with such a diverse group added to the spice in the air. Second generation art dealer Mitchell Meisner reminisced and likened the excitement of the event to the enthusiasm of the original Art Expos where Warhol, Vasarely, Erté, Agam, Neiman, Agudelo-Botero and so many others ushered in the modern era of collecting art multiples. Meisner noted Scaglione’s personal investment of interest was the key element. In art shows, energy, momentum and excitement equate to success. Andy Warhol called for the defining fifteen minutes of fame. This was more than fifteen minutes — well articulated.

Upon entering, the front wall of the gallery displayed the master works. Renoir, Dali, Picasso, and Chagall images all greeted the eye. The space opened to the top left balcony gallery, and in the lower gallery to the right was the day I met Mr. Albert a hall of Simon Bull and Peter Max works. Scaglione. You don’t need many art Further to the right, a vast room opened to dealers. You need the best. The trick multiple display halls of all the artists’ works. is to find him amongst the Hospitality was offered everywhere, akin to others. There are not great artists European events. A free- flow exchange of without great dealers, because, ideas instilled the ambiance of excitement in while one is creativity, the other is the air upon entering. This positive high energy accompanied every phase of the event. its revelation;…they can only In speaking to Simon Bull about this new exist in recognizing each other and portrait series on Muhammad Ali (Park West working with each other. Gallery has sponsored a project of painting The triumph of the artist will be the life of Muhammad Ali with Simon Bull that of the dealer, but the artist will and also is the exclusive representative for all never have any limelight or recogsigned objects and photographs of Muhammad nition if his dealer doesn’t bring Ali on cruise ships worldwide), he emphasized it about. The only way for an artist his enthusiasm about the new direction of his to exist is to be seen by others. paintings, his admiration for Ali as a person The art dealer offers this to him.” and the opportunity to capture a bit of history. The tempo of Bull’s style, form and use of color — Linda Le Kinff creates an effect, that, along with a studied knowledge of light as accent, enhanced the his Rain Forest preservation efforts always make him shine. Britto Champ’s portraits. Bull captured the force of the “floats like a butterfly spoke of his upcoming show at the Louvre where he will be the and stings like a bee” Ali. Well-regarded for landscapes, unfolding youngest artist in a group exhibit this fall. Britto’s Pop style, influenced flowers and musical motifs, Bull includes in his work a reverence for by Braque and Picasso, is well-recognized and continually growing the mysterious in life, employing a great sense of color and gesture. in stature with every new body of work. Comparisons to his Absolut Hungarian-born Csaba Markus delighted those in attendance ad-mates — Warhol, Haring, Ron English and Scharf — are obvious as he spoke of his rapport with Albert Scaglione. Markus found a and Britto is still a very young man, a maturing artistic voice of supporter of his dedication to beauty in the Park West Gallery importance. His works enhance many public places where founder. His masterful, old world, Renaissance style his installations serve to lift people’s spirits with bright is offered to everyday collectors, as the works of color and wonderful energy, while maintaining a Rembrandt were offered to the burger-meisters of connection to his signature forms. his day. Csaba went on to explain that in today’s Since its establishment, Park West Gallery marketplace — where the trend may lean has provided fine artwork with a high level toward art less than beautiful — he has the of dynamic creativity and quality to more opportunity to express his love of the ethereal than 1.2 million clients in over 70 countries, via his stylistic representation. Markus’ helped launch the careers of scores of artists images of mythic influences and Old World and has grown to become the world’s largest traditions comprise a pure seriousness of dealer of fine art. composition depicting his love of feminine With his great success, Scaglione gives beauty with his unique line of form. back to the Detroit community via the Park Israeli artist Itzchak Tarkay, so wellWest Foundation. Mitsie Scaglione brought her known for his renditions of ladies bathed in awareness of a need to begin an outreach program splashes of color, stylistically post-Impressionistic, for young women at risk to her husband’s attention. displayed some intense works in the form of In 2005, the Scagliones founded a not-for-profit powerful landscapes. One, a solitary tree grounded in organization to provide much needed help to youth. moody color, carried the grit and emotion of the Tree of One of its many beneficiaries, New Directions for Youth, Life. Another was bright in color with more complexity, conveying provides a support system to ease the difficult transition from foster the same vibratory life force of energy as the first. Tarkay’s divergence care to a fulfilling life for young adults about to “age-out” of the statethematically offered insight into the depth of his psyche, accenting sponsored support system. the collected works for which he is famous. Today, seventy young women who may otherwise have been Romero Britto, who arrived in this country from his native Brazil forgotten are given personal, professional guidance and unfailing and became an international phenomenon in his twenties as one of accessibility to the Scaglione’s day and night, 24/7. “We’re confident the mainstays of the incredibly popular Absolut Vodka advertising we will achieve our goal of providing a safe environment for those campaign, is an artist widely noted for his many contributions to most vulnerable in our community,” says Scaglione, “and provide charitable causes. His personal interest in working with children and

“The luckiest day of my life

Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2009 • 51

Wendy Schaefer and Linda Le Kinff

Romero Britto and Charles Lee

Albert Scaglione, CEO, Park West Galleries

Scott Jacobs, Jean-Claude Picot, Dominic Pangborn and Peter Nixon Alfred Gockel, Linda Le Kinff and Simon Bull

Lisa Grubb, Howard Behrens, Csaba Markus, Judi Behrens, Simon Bull and Marko Mavrovich (kneeling in front of group)

Aldo Luongo with Judi & Howard Behrens

Kevin Miles, James Coleman, Simon Bull, Marcus Glenn, Alfred Gockel and Wendy Schaefer 52 • Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2009

Nano Lopez

Tim Yanke, Maggie Chen, Hua Chen, Nicky Yanke and Marcus Glenn

Dick Duerrstein and Scott Jacobs

Albert Scaglione addresses the crowd

Simon Bull, All I Need Is You, 1997, 23’’ x 23’’ Aquatint, hand-colored with acrylic inks, pastel and hand-applied gold foil on wove paper. Signed in pencil and numbered.

opportunities for these young people to attain a better life and a chance to experience the American Dream.” Scaglione’s dedication to the Detroit community is a fabric of the Park West Gallery’s corporate policy. Through its artists and affiliations with universities and organizations, Park West Gallery also supports young artists throughout the world. For more details, visit

Csaba Markus, Beau Eudoria, From the Beau Monde Suite, 2006, 8’’ x 5 3/4’’ Hand-embellished serigraph on wood panel. Signed in gold ink and numbered.


Yaacov Gipstein — AGAM values. This heritage remains — was born in 1928 to an at the core of much of Agorthodox family in Rishon am’s artistic philosophy. Lezion in the coastal plain Agam’s great opportunity south of Tel Aviv, then a came in 1953, when he exsmall, semi-rural settlement. hibited his new creations at His father, Rabbi Yehoshua the Galérie Craven, Paris, in Gipstein (who devoted his life his first one-man show. This to Jewish religious learning, was the first solo exhibition meditation and fasting) reever held totally dedicated fused to register his son in a to “Art in Movement” and school, because no place in a was described by Agam as religious school was available his “artistic birth.” He im(the excellent local secular mediately became a focus of school was, apparently, out of Yaacov Agam, Hidden Rainbow, c. 1985, 11 3/4’’ x 21 1/4’’ Serigraph in color public interest, and he soon on wove paper. Signed in pencil and numbered. the question). Consequently, became acknowledged as the boy grew up without any one of the pioneers of the formal education and almost without the company of othnew kinetic art and the greatest virtuoso of the group. Ever er children. At home, however, Agam absorbed the heritage since, Agam has created numerous works which can be seen of Jewish spiritual values and thought and was particularly in all parts of the world. Although they show a great variety attracted to Jewish mystic lore and Kabbalistic studies as pracof artistic content, form, style, technique and materials, all are ticed by his father, the learned rabbi. Agam considers himself marked by the same constant features, which are characteristic as his spiritual continuant in his devotion to the study of these of his creative mentality, joie de vivre and spiritual training. Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2009 • 53

Park West  

Ruby — the 40th AnniveRsARy Gemstone — possesses An eteRnAl inneR flAme A symbol thAt the pAssion is still veRy Alive And stRonG AfteR fouR...

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