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Welcome to the 2013 Racer X Motocross Fitness Handbook. With the help of many top trainers and doctors, we’ve put together a wealth of tips and insight on topics, ranging from exercise to injuries, that any motocross rider can use to their advantage.


Elements of a Training Program

Trainer to the stars Aldon Baker dissects the elements of an effective fitness regimen.


The Evolution of Fitness Training in Motocross

Motocross training methods have evolved, but some of the classics remain.


Common Motocross Injuries

Asterisk Mobile Medical Center head athletic trainer Eddie Casillas on common injuries and their treatments.


Racer X Virtual Trainer

The ins and outs of the popular training website.


Why is Ryan Villopoto so Fast?

Ryan Hughes has five very good reasons.


Product Spotlight

Products recommended by the top trainers in moto.


Mountain Biking as Training

Mountain biking has become a popular form of motocross prep.


Chiropractic Care for the Motocrosser

Doctor G on what a “body mechanic” can do for you.


Medical Insurance for the Motocrosser

Insurance is key to keeping racers on the track and out of debt.







By Aldon Baker

understand how a professional rider or fast local

racer can benefit from training, but the same thing applies to someone who’s admittedly out of shape, races every other weekend, and only rides for fun. Training— even modest amounts of it—will translate into a more enjoyable experience at the racetrack. Even being in slightly better condition than the previous year will lead to fewer mistakes, better results, a higher likelihood of bouncing back after a hard fall (especially for the older guys), and shorter recovery time.

and cardio fitness, and it’s something

workouts two or three days per week

Carmichael, Stewart, and Villopoto

you can do nearly anywhere and on

and strength training one to two times

are arguably three of the fastest men

a limited time schedule. It’s also easy

per week.

to ever ride a motorcycle, but their

to track both time and intensity, and

training programs, while unique to

it has its two-wheeled similarities to

Strength Training

each man, aren’t much different than

MX, especially mountain biking.

Strength training is just as important

what you can set up for yourself.

as cardio, playing a large role in your

Through resources like the Racer X

How long should workouts be?

athletic development. Take Cianciarulo

Virtual Trainer website and this hand-

As a general rule, four times the

and Villopoto, for example. AC’s pro-

book, we hope to give you enough

length of your race. For my profes-

gram is set up to help him gain strength

knowledge to set up a program that

sional athletes with a race time of for-

as he matures, while RV’s is focused

will take you to the top of your class.

ty minutes, that equates to base train-

more on maintaining strength while

ing rides around two to three hours.

building muscular endurance. However,

distinct elements of fitness, and in this

If your races are fifteen-minutes, that

they both benefit tremendously from

feature I’ll take you through each one.

equates to a ride of one hour.

strength training. The same benefits ap-

Cardio Training

How many times per week

an even more important role in their

When it comes to cardio training for

should you cycle?

success and safety. Below are the five

motocross, the importance is obvi-

I recommend doing long aerobic

exercises I believe should be a part of

ous. Road cycling and mountain bik-

workouts three times per week in

your training program.

ing dominate as the go-to mode for

conjunction with strength training

most trainers in the sport, and I use

at least two to three times per week

1. Pull-Ups: These work your entire

the road bike for most of my athletes.

during the off-season. During the

upper body, especially the muscles of

It’s a great low-impact training tool

race season, I recommend shifting

your back, as well as your abs and bi-

for boosting leg strength, stamina,

to shorter, more intense anaerobic

ceps. They’re also a great test to show

My programs are all built around five

ply to weekend warriors and may play



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Ab wheel rollouts

your relative strength and physical

4. Push-Ups: Another great exercise


condition. Pull-ups require very little

I use with all of my riders, push-ups

Adequate recovery often separates a

equipment, and the variations that can

have stood the test of time and can

good plan from a bad one. Recovery

be added are endless.

be used in every part of a training

is important because this is when the

program, from warm-up to cool-down.

body adapts to the stress of riding

2. V-Ups: Core strength is one of the

They’re great for developing overall

and training and where the real train-

most important aspects of strength for

upper-body strength and are easily

ing effect takes place. Most riders

a rider. The V-up is a great abdominal

scaled by changing arm and foot posi-

will say they know the importance

exercise that targets the entire chain of

tion. There are as many variations to

of recovery, but these are often the

core muscles, especially the lower abs.

the push-up as one cares to imagine,

same guys who feel guilty when they

This exercise is versatile and easy to

so it never gets boring.

take a day off. While this work ethic is

scale simply by holding a weighted ball.






admirable, going hard every day will 5. Burpees: Also known as squat

actually lead to a decline in fitness.

3. Ab Wheel Rollouts: You’ve all seen

thrusts, this exercise makes my list

Without proper recovery, the damag-

this piece of equipment on late-night

because they combine strength,

ing effects of training accumulate

television, and it’s actually one of the

endurance, balance, and flexibility in

and can lead to burnout, overtraining,

ones that work! An ab wheel is a piece

a full-body movement. They’re done

illness, and overuse injuries. High-

of equipment every rider should have.

without equipment, so there is never

quality rest and recovery must be a

It’s small, cheap, and very effective in

an excuse not to do them. Burpees

part of your plan.

developing the entire core. To get the

can be done anywhere and at any

most out of it, move slowly and keep

time, and like the exercises above,

the short and long term. Short-term

your abs tight at all times. (Note: This

they have several variations and are

or active recovery occurs within hours

exercise is not recommended for people

scalable to fit the physical limitations

of a high-intensity training session or

with lower-back problems or hernias.

of just about every rider. Of all the

after riding. Active recovery refers to

This advanced move requires attention

exercises listed, burpees should be

doing some form of low-intensity exer-

to detail to avoid straining the back.)

on your list.

cise (a light spin on a stationary bike,

Recovery can be looked at in both




MOTOCROSS FITNESS HANDBOOK ELEMENTS OF A TRAINING PROGRAM | for example) during both the cooldown and the days following the hard effort. Post-workout nutrition, hydration, massage, stretching, and quality sleep are all part of a good short-term recovery protocol. Long-term recovery refers to what you do year-to-year and is built into a year-round training schedule. A well-designed training plan will include scheduled recovery days and or even weeks. Periodization—splitting a program into “periods,” with each building on the last—is essential to the long-term recovery process and applies to both the strength and cardio portions of training. Rest and recovery is critical for both both physiological and psycho-

hydration and fuel, it is very difficult to

logical reasons. Rest is physically

catch up. I recommend at least a light

you can follow, and no one diet works

necessary so that the muscles can

breakfast of a nutritional sports drink,

for all people. Whatever diet you choose,

repair, rebuild, and strengthen. For the

energy bar, or whole fruit. These foods

it has to work for the long term and not

weekend warrior, rest days can help

will provide your body with the energy

only benefit you athletically but in your

maintain a better balance between

needed to stay ahead of the curve. If

general health as well. I recommend

home, work, and training goals. Recov-

you’re not used to eating in the morn-

choosing foods that have little or no

ery should be a part of the entire train-

ing, take thirty days and force yourself

refined sugar or saturated fats. A good

ing process, not just something you do

to. It may take some time for your

rule of thumb is to shop the perimeter

when you’re feeling tired or sore from

stomach to adjust, so start small and

of a grocery store, where all the non-

a workout. And for you older riders,

add more food gradually. At the end of

processed foods like meat, fruits, and

recovery is even more important!

the thirty days, I guarantee you won’t

vegetables are located. The key is to

have to force yourself to eat.

monitor your body and the way you feel


in order to balance your nutritional intake.

Ask ten riders if they think nutrition

out the day is important, and even

is important and ten heads will nod

more important is refueling after train-

for fluids is about 16-24 oz. for every

yes. Ask those same ten riders if they

ing to resupply the body with nutri-

pound of sweat lost. Therefore, moni-

have a daily nutrition plan and those

ents. Glycogen (muscle sugars) must

toring weight pre- and post-training is

ten nods will be reduced to five. This

be replaced for the body to rebuild

important, as is checking urine color.

is a shame, because a solid nutrition

and be ready for the next training

Pale yellow is normal, while dark is

program is essential to healthy living

session. Good nutrition is important

not a good sign. Taking a good daily

and peak athletic performance. And

for healthy tendons and ligaments, as

multivitamin and mineral supplement

it does not have to be complicated if

well as keeping the immune system

is important to help cover your bases.

you follow a few simple rules.

strong and electrolytes in balance.

When rehydrating, a standard rule

Many athletes have said that their

Recovery fuel consists of fluids and

breakthrough in riding performance

important meal of the day. This is

solid foods that are prepared and bal-

occurred when they stopped eating

where you “break” the last night’s

anced for the intensity and duration

“whatever” and began to eat to per-

“fast.” Yet I hear of many riders who

of a workout. I prefer a balanced diet

form. You may not be the fastest rider

still skip breakfast. The lesson to learn

consisting of carbohydrates, protein,

in your class, but if your nutrition is on

is that once the body gets behind in

and good fats.

point, I guarantee better results.

We all know breakfast is the most


Maintaining a healthy diet through-

There are literally hundreds of diets



On-The-Bike Training The most important element of a complete motocross training program is actual practice on the bike. Most people think practice is just going to the track and riding for a couple of hours. That certainly can’t hurt, but unless you have time to burn, going to the practice track without a plan is a waste of time. This is especially impor-

Setting up a complete train-

tant for weekend warriors with limited

ing program for motocross

riding time. An effective practice ses-

may seem overwhelming, but

sion should consist of more than just

it doesn’t have to be. With a

pounding out lap after lap.

little guidance from the vast

Here are six quick bullet points to

resources available at Racer X

help you plan your next practice session:

Virtual Trainer, each and every rider who reads this should be

1. Evaluate your results from the previ-

well on his or her way to a bet-

ous week’s race and determine what

ter training program. Cheers!

held you back. Work to improve that first. Trainer Aldon Baker has worked 2. If you practice at a public track,

with motocrossers includ-

be flexible with your plan. Certain

ing Ricky Carmichael, James

track conditions may dictate that you

Stewart, Ryan Villopoto, Jake

practice one skill over another, and if

Weimer, Tyla Rattray, Blake

the track is crowded, that will certainly

Baggett, and Adam Cianciarulo.

affect your plan. 3. Always warm up before you hit the track—don’t burn precious laps and time getting warmed up. 4. Avoid the temptation to immediately start doing motos. Work on sections like turns and whoops, then start linking those sections together before taking a break and finally putting in your motos. 5. Practice the skills that limit your speed. Improving these skills will improve your results. 6. Learn about bike setup. This may be the single biggest advantage you can gain over your competitors, so become a student of clickers, jetting, ratios, sag, and pressures. 12




great taste + performance = PODIUMS





sk just about anyone who’s been

By Aaron Hansel

around pro motocross for a while and they’ll tell you that fitness and training have evolved to an entirely

new realm. It’s not that the heroes of the past weren’t putting in long, hard hours off the bike— the difference lies in new methods and technology. Out are the days of powerlifting with Jeff Ward, in is the era of heart-rate monitoring and Lactate Threshold testing at modern, purposebuilt motocross training facilities. (Of course, not everything has changed—running and cycling remain cornerstones of the modern athlete’s fitness regimen.) One of the most notable changes is the

Jeff Stanton

number of riders who have hired personal trainers. it takes to show up properly prepared,” former



“Most riders are taking it seriously and doing what champ Jeff Emig says. “Having a trainer on your side guiding you through the process helps take some of the guesswork out of your program. But overall, hard work is hard work, no matter what decade you’re in, and that’s what it takes to win.” Rockwell Training Facility owner Johnny Louch agrees: “Trainers have really helped racers out a lot instead of just trying to guess by yourself. You used to see guys doing stuff like jogging in the heat with sweaters on and stuff like that. Well, that’s one of the stupidest things you can do. It doesn’t work like that.” Technology has also come a long way, espe-

Jeff Ward

Jeff Emig

cially in the last decade, with heart-rate monitorRACER X ARCHIVES

ing and VO2 testing (which monitors the body’s oxygen use) becoming common practice. “One simple thing we do now is to have the athlete take their resting heart rate in the morning,” Louch says. “If it’s higher than usual, you’re either getting sick or you’re overtraining. A lot of athletes think that they’re in shape, and it’s not that they aren’t in shape, it’s that a lot of them over-train. With modern equipment we can tell where an athlete is and where they need to be.” “One of the most significant changes I’ve seen is implementing periodization and quantitative testing to develop a thorough training program,” says Icon Sports Alliance trainer Charles Dao. “Periodization is a method of training that alternates training loads to produce peak 14

Jeff Emig leading the pack.

Eric Kehoe, and Johnny O’Mara.

definitely a time and place to pin it wide

We’d do thirty at a time then the

open, challenging both your physical

next guy would go. I ended up

limits as well as you mental barriers, but

winning with 250 push-ups. “The only thing I can see

physiological response and address your

that’s good for motocross is

recovery base days as well.”

suffering,” he adds. “You need to

“There’s no doubt that it’s more

suffer at some point while you’re

refined, but these kids go to these train-

training. If you don’t, you’re going

ing facilities at a young age, and they’re

to suffer a couple times on race

not taught self-motivation,” adds Jeff

day. That’s when your brain isn’t

Stanton, the former champ and current

there and you can’t cope with it.”

coach for Justin Barcia. “Those training

Stanton also subscribed

facilities are great, but the people that I

to that philosophy. “A few

see surrounding them, everything is on

times I was in California and I

a schedule and nothing is brought up

was pissed when I didn’t ride

about self-motivation. In my day, nobody

well,” he recalls. “I’d crank the

got me out of bed and made me run ev-

heater wide open and shut the

ery morning and ride every day. The guys

windows when it was, like, 90

that really succeed, like Ryan Dungey

degrees outside. I’d be sweat-

and Ryan Villopoto, have self-motivation.

ing like crazy going down the

“As far as what I have Justin doing, it’s really not that far off from what I was

Justin Barcia and Jeff Stanton BAIRD

I also believe it’s critical to listen to your


performance for a specific event. There’s

interstate to punish myself.”

Mountain biking has always been a popular form of training.

Emig had his own unique

doing,” he adds. “You have to do some

training plan consisting of time

Damon Bradshaw use it, so I tried it out,”

kind of circulation on Sunday when you

on the bike, strength training, cardio,

he says. “I loved the feeling of coming

get home to get all those aches and

golf, massage, and rest, with each ele-

home right after my run and putting the

pains out. Monday is a moto and circula-

ment holding as much value as the next.

gloves on and pounding the bag. I would

tion day. Then in the middle of the week

Like Ward in his powerlifting workouts,

always have a picture of a rival taped on

you’ve got to get that heart rate up and

Emig never strove for bulk, just raw

the wall for motivation. It was great men-

get your body to its max, to where you


tally, knowing that you just kicked some

know what it feels like. He’s also got a

“I’m not a very big guy, but in my day,

ass that week with your training [and] now

weight program, and Wednesday and

my strength-to-weight ratio was pretty

you were ready to go to the race and dish

Thursday are recovery days. Friday is a

impressive,” he says. “For cardio, I’d run

out an ass-kicking to your competitors.”

travel day, race Saturday.”

twenty minutes out then back as fast as

With modern dietary science and fa-

I could. With mountain biking it was the

cilities like Club MX and Millsaps Training

wasn’t something Jeff Ward struggled

same thing, and I would usually do a long

Facility equipped with exercise centers

with. “Being an athlete, I took vacations,

ride every week to get that deep fatigue

and trainers, there’s no question that

but I’d take my bicycle,” Ward says. “I

that only cycling seems to offer. Many

fitness in motocross isn’t what it used to

went to Hawaii for a week and we’d do

riders and trainers will tell you that cy-

be. But what hasn’t changed is its most

hundred-mile rides over there because it

cling of some sort is the most important

successful riders’ work ethic and charac-

was fun! That’s just the way I and a few

training tool for a motocross rider, and

ter—and a little motivation.

of the guys were. And those were the

this hasn’t changed. Strength training

guys that were winning championships. I

has evolved over the years where there

and Villopoto right now,” Ward says. “I

remember we used to fly home from a na-

is more of an emphasis on core training,

know what it takes to be at that level.

tional, and in those days you could walk

but cycling is still as important as ever.”

There’s so much involved and there’s

As with Stanton, self-motivation

around and do whatever you wanted on

Emig also liked to spend time on a

“I have so much respect for Dungey

so much hard work, it’s just crazy. The

the plane. We’d be doing stuff like having

speed bag, a practice he says isn’t com-

bottom line is that they love winning and

push-up contests. One time it was me,

mon. “I saw my old Yamaha teammate

they hate losing.” 15



By Eddie Casillas AT, CSCS

A concussion is a brain injury. Concussions are no longer graded, and

1. HEAD • Concussions • Fractures • Orbital • Jaw • Nose

loss of consciousness, although an important factor, is not a major


In the event of a crash, any numbness, loss of

• Fractures • Herniated disk • Bulging disk

strength in the extremities, or point tenderness to


The most important thing to understand is that the scapula is the

• Clavicle fractures • AC “shoulder” separation • Dislocations • Rotator-cuff tears

4. TORSO • Rib fractures • Punctured lung • Lacerated spleen/kidney • Heat injury


determining factor in returning to ride. The majority of athletes following the proper recovery protocol will recover in seven to ten days. A second concussion within seven to ten days will cause some form of permanent brain damage.


any part of the spine should be taken seriously and treated as an emergency.


“middleman” of the shoulder, sitting between the core, the body’s largest force developer, and the hand, the most common forcedelivery site. Improving stability in the scapula can increase rotator-cuff strength by 13-24 percent.


Tip: Improved shoulder strength and stability can also significantly reduce chances of arm pump. In hot environments, your time to exhaustion is inversely related to your starting core temperature and directly related to how quickly your body starts to store heat— ie. helmet, jersey, pants, socks, boots. Body pre-cooling in an ice bath fifteen minutes prior to competition has been shown to lower core body temperature, while cooling vests only lower skin temperatures.


Tip: Instead of using cotton knee sleeves and boot socks, try a runner’s ventilated legging and mountain-bike socks.

5. ELBOW/ WRIST/HAND • Arm pump • Distal radius/ ulna fracture • Scaphoid fracture • Gamekeepers thumb

6. KNEE • Patella fracture • Tibial plateau fracture • ACL, MCL • Meniscus

The majority of arm-pump cases are a result of weak rotator-cuff muscles and scapula instability, causing a rider to overuse their wrist muscles. True compartment syndrome can only be diagnosed by an M.D. or D.O. using intra-compartmental pressure tests. Tip: Pills and lotions have not been clinically proven to work. Riders would be better suited getting a functional movement screen and moto-specific load-bearing tests to determine faulty movement patterns and energy leaks. With advancements in the post-surgical management of ACL injuries and femur fractures, riders are returning to competition in approximately half the time they did ten years ago. With its ability to test force production and absorption, two key components in racing, passing the HOP & STOP test becomes paramount to any riders desire to return to competition.

Asterisk Mobile Medical Center head athletic trainer Eddie Casillas also runs a sports-medicine clinic in Murrieta, California ( 16



Imagine riding your motorcycle without suspension. These small damper assemblies are the heart of 6D’s revolutionary, patent pending ODS™ technology. No other motorcycle helmet in the world utilizes an active, in-helmet suspension system. ODS™ protects the brain over a much broader range of energy transfer, including critical angular acceleration and low velocity impact. Learn more at THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.




By Tim Crytser

reated in 2006, Virtual

Polar or a hundred different variations

ride and train. There are currently five

Trainer is the industry’s

of kettlebells; the choice is narrow

complete off-the-bike training plans

only website dedicated

by design, so you can be certain the

where rider skill level has been taken

specifically to improving

products listed are the ones we use

out of the equation.

fitness, training, and nutrition for the

and recommend.

teen years of training experience and

The Premium Training Community

Training plans are purchased monthly,

my passion for motocross to create

Professional trainer Coach Seiji has

eliminating the large upfront costs

a credible source of information for

teamed up with us to offer VT visitors

associated with bulk plans. Members

motocross athletes everywhere. The

an exclusive motocross community

have access to all training programs of-

site is updated weekly and contains

geared toward improving performance

fered in the community at the beginning

a collection of work from the best

on and off the track. The community

of each month. You pick the program

coaches, trainers, and doctors in the

offers motocross-specific training plans

that most resembles your situation and

sport, and its three primary sections

designed by one of the very best to

get started! If, at the end of the month,

will help you become a better moto-

help you achieve peak performance.

you decide the program is no longer

cross athlete.

This is literally a one-of-a-kind training

right for you, simply select another

and conditioning experience for moto-

program when you renew. No other

cross athletes.

motocross training program offers this

Weekly Features Our feature articles will teach you

The Premium Training section of-

level of convenience and flexibility. The

everything there is to know about

fers monthly periodized strength and

Premium Training plans are the ultimate

motocross fitness and training. This is

cardiovascular workouts based on the

low-cost solution for building an effec-

where Professor Gary Bailey provides

number of hours you have available to

tive training plan.

expert riding analysis in his feature, Trackside. Trainer Aldon Baker offers an insider glimpse to his championship ways in Aldon’s Access, while Andrew Short’s trainer, Seiji Ishii, shares his vast knowledge and provides the anchor for the site with his feature, Coach Seiji Says. The Virtual Trainer Online Store The Virtual Trainer Online Store was developed to be a motocrosser’s singular source for recommended training products and nutritional supplements. Hundreds if not thousands of online outlets sell fitness equipment, and it’s easy to get lost in the sea of products. Our store only carries the most highly recommended products—ones that we use ourselves. We don’t fill the store with every model of heart-rate monitor from 18

The heart and soul of the Premium Membership are the daily workouts.

motocross athlete. I’ve brought my fif-




echnique is everything, and

By Ryan Hughes

Ryan Villopoto’s allows so


WHY IS RYAN VILLOPOTO SO FAST? | much speed, intensity, and flow that he can pass other

riders any time he wants, change lines at will, and save crashes that most others couldn’t. Technique allows a rider to be fast and smooth—it’s what sets the limits of speed and safety. Once your speed is too fast for your technique, you start making mistakes, riding tight, being hesitant, and eventually crashing. CUDBY

Villopoto’s speed can be attributed to the weight and drive he applies to the rear wheel. He is one with the bike by keeping his upper body relaxed and using his lower body to control the motorcycle. He has such flow with the bike because his upper body moves toward the front of the motorcycle and his lower body moves toward the rear. He also has good posture, which puts him in a strong, stable position right from the start. A rider who starts in a good position will end in a good position; start out in a bad position, end up in a bad position. Everything is in balance—never too much, and never too little. Let’s dissect the five parts that make Villopoto so effective.

Feet The first point of contact from bike to ground are the wheels and suspension. The first point of contact from body to bike in the standing position is the feet. RV grips with his feet, allowing him to control the bike at the lowest point from bike to ground. Riding on his toes allows him to feel the softness of what the track is giving the bike. By riding on his toes, RV is also able to apply weight to the rear end. Riding flat-footed transfers more weight to the front, which is the wrong way.

Knees RV’s knees are always moving toward the rear of the bike while his torso is moving forward—his upper body is al20

ways in unison with the front of the bike and thus moving forward. If a rider’s knees move in front of his shoulders, he’s now in one of the worst riding positions possible. When this happens, the highest point of the body is moving backward and away from the direction the bike is traveling. This limits a rider’s aggressiveness and speed.


posture allows for better strength, stability, coordination, and balance on the bike. Since RV starts in a good position, he ends up in a good position even when things go wrong. Having a straight back brings the core into action. The core is the origination of all movement for the arms and legs. So keep the back straight and avoid rounding at all times.

RV is sitting or squatting in a functional way by bending at his hips, not at his knees. When a rider squats at the hips, his lower body moves backward toward the rear of the bike and the upper body moves forward. The opposite happens when the rider squats at the knees. From the hips-out position, the rider can control the bike with his lower body, so whatever the bike does, the upper body is not affected and the rider becomes one with the motorcycle.



Ryan Hughes is an athletic trainer and owner of and

RV’s chest and back are straight whether standing or sitting. Good

A rider’s arms are basically only used to connect the upper body to the motorcycle. Villopoto’s upper body is fixed, straight, and balanced and the bike is doing all the movement from the hips to the feet. Villopoto’s technique allows his arms to remain loose while the bike can do what it needs to do in braking bumps, whoops, corners, and jumps.



$199 | raining with kettlebells is a great way to improve your strength training for motocross and general fitness applications. The KettleClamp is a simple, effective way to turn your dumbbells into kettlebells. Now you can have a full set of dumbbells and kettlebells without the cost of purchasing both. “I’m a big proponent of integrating kettlebell training into a rider’s fitness program. There are so many ways to utilize that piece of equipment that it makes a great addition to any regiment.” Racer X Virtual Trainer

T Freelap Timing System

$699 | ap timing is a tool used by every single successful rider in the sport. The stopwatch and a diligent mechanic used to be the standard, but the Freelap Timing System is changing all that. Now you can get your lap times, splits, and all the valuable information you need to improve sent right to your crossbar pad. Take your race prep to the next level with the Freelap Timing System. “Lap-timing systems are an integral part of a good riding/training program. Freelap is extremely portable and can be set up anywhere and at any track. If you are serious about racing motocross, this is a tool you need to have.” Racer X Virtual Trainer


Indo Board

$199.95 | r. Miyagi first taught Daniel-san how to paint the fence and wax the car. So you must first learn to balance on the Indo Board before you can master the dirt bike. But once you have the Indo Board figured out, you will be kicking butt on the track like the Karate Kid on those Cobra Kai goons. “With my athletes, I try to incorporate some sort of balance training into every workout. The Indo Board is not only perfect for working on balance, strength, and endurance, but it’s also a great tool for developing hand-eye coordination. A much overlooked component of training for motocross.” Johnny Louch


A3 Bar

$26.40 per box (12) | ometimes you just need a snack to keep you going, and the A3 Bar is perfect for that. It’s small, tastes great (especially the White Lightning Marshmallow), and contains healthy ingredients. “Generally speaking, I believe the best nutrition comes from whole foods, and so do the folks at A3. There are times when a snack is all that is needed to keep you at your best, and when that time comes you definitely want something that is convenient and healthy. When I choose a snack bar, I look for two things: quality of ingredients and taste. A3 has both nailed. The majority of the office staff preferred the Peanut Butter and Jelly, while I thought the Honey Graham S’mores was the best.” Racer X Virtual Trainer




The new slim and lightweight Polar RC3 GPS Bike listens to your body and tracks your speed, distance and route in one complete package. With integrated GPS and unique Polar Smart Coaching features, you can analyze every ride to guide your training to the next level. It’s a smarter all-in-one. Integrated GPS & Altitude Built-in GPS to track your altitude, speed, distance, and route in a slim, lightweight design

Training Benefit Motivating feedback right after training

Endurance Programs Create personalized training sessions that adapt to your progress

Available at Racer X Vir tual Trainer Online Store



$1,895 | re you ready to climb the motocross ladder? If so, the VersaClimber is a great tool to get your fitness on point. If your cardio is off the mark, this piece of equipment will make you tremble. “The VersaClimber is definitely one of the most demanding training devices that completely taxes the entire body from muscular strength to cardio output. Mimicking the same high-intensity and mentally challenging conditions of riding but without the jarring on joints, the VersaClimber will undeniably fire up all pistons and condition every level of athlete to the next level of performance.” Charles Dao (BS, CSCS, NASM)

A Foundation Training

$34.99 | ou have to crawl before you can walk, and that applies to many things, including fitness and motocross. Foundation Training focuses on proper posture and body mechanics, which will allow you to further your athletic ability. “Foundation Training is the biggest tool any trainer or racer could add to their box. It teaches athletes how to activate and integrate muscle chains to move the way our bodies were designed. Its focus on posture and the posterior chain make it a program the serious motocross racer should not be without.” Peter Park (BS, CSCS)

Y ROLL Recovery

$119 | ou trained like a madman all day, rode motos, swam laps, and threw weight around in the gym. Now it’s time to focus on rest and recovery. Tight, short muscles are weak muscles, and without a comprehensive plan to lengthen them, you will find yourself with knots and trigger points. The ROLL Recovery is an amazing tool to add to your stretching routine at the end of the day. “Trigger points and tight muscles decrease a rider’s strength and endurance. The ROLL Recovery system does a great job of changing the consistency of the muscle tissue, making the connective tissue more pliable and receptive to isolated stretching. What makes the ROLL Recovery system so unique is that it can accommodate big muscle groups, like the quads down to small muscles like the lower leg and forearms.” Robb Beams (BS, LMT, USAT L2)


Braaap Bars

$31.80 per box | ike good race fuel, proper nutrition makes a big difference on race day. Braaap Bars are made with very few and very clean ingredients, all of which are designed to metabolize quickly, making it the perfect food for race day or during training. Ingredients like New Zealand whey protein isolate, organic basmati rice flour, almonds, raw organic honey, coconut oil, baking soda, and vanilla extract keep the Braaap Bar clean, delicious, gluten-free, soy-free, and all natural. “Athletes have to refuel when they are training or putting in long days at the track. Braaap Bars are the perfect food to fill gaps between meals when you need clean calories. They are hands-down the best-tasting bar in the business, and they do it with a much better ingredient list.” Charles Dao (BS, CSCS, NASM)

L 24



Price Varies |

irus offers a multitude of products featuring their patented Cool Jade technology for hot days as well as a line of warm clothing for surfing or days on the snow. “Virus is hands-down the most comfortable and form-fitting compression gear designed specifically for the extreme conditions and optimal function required in motocross. The nanotechnology invested within Virus gear is next-level apparel ideal for all level riders, giving my team the extra support their bodies need and shielding them during battle.” Charles Dao (BS, CSCS, NASM)

V Polar RC3

$349.95 | eart-rate monitoring is the most accurate way of measuring heart-rate levels during training. If you aren’t utilizing a monitor for your training, you’re rubbing sticks together to make fire. The Polar RC3 can change that. “To ensure my clients are training hard enough on hard days and easy enough on their easy days, I rely on the Polar heart-rate system. The rider has the ability to upload all of the workout data into an electronic dashboard that allows me to compare what I asked the rider to complete and what was actually accomplished—for example, duration and intensity levels. This information provides me critical data for making adjustments to the riders training program, both on and off of the motorcycle.” Robb Beams (BS, LMT, USAT L2)

H H2pro Hydrate

$9.10 | our body is made mostly of water, so it stands to reason you should consume a fair bit of the liquid. The folks at H2Pro have taken a slightly more scientific approach to hydration and preparation. ”Hydration has long been a problem in many sports including MX. Nowadays we all know to drink plenty of water, but you never hear anybody mention the importance of sodium— salt—and hydration in the same sentence. The truth is, salt is the most important, abundant, and commonly low electrolyte in most athletes. H2pro is the first company to develop an electrolyte-replacement tablet with different levels of sodium and a testing system to measure the athlete’s individual sweat sodium loss rate. Athletes may vary from 1000mg of salt per gallon, all the way up to 6000mg (Gatorade is a bit under 2000mg). Their quick and easy test measures the athlete’s sweat and allows an athlete to choose the proper concentration of electrolytes to add to their water.” Clint Friesen, MTF Fitness Director


MXD Moto App and Mount

$54.95 |

his is a great way to log all of your riding, store it, and share it. You used to only be able to tell stories about your accomplishments at the track—now you can show everyone via social media. “MXD Labs has taken race logging to a whole new level with an app created for the iPhone. Data is everything if you are serious about improving and this app logs lap times, average speeds, total laps, and more. The bulletproof case protects your phone and you don’t have to wait to get home to brag to your buddies how fast you were riding. You can upload all your data directly to Facebook for the entire world to see.” Racer X Virtual Trainer

T 26



$29-$529 | o you know what your allergies are? How about the deficiencies in your blood or traces of chemicals or mold or heavy metals? Elite-level athlete or couch potato, this is a good idea. “You can get your blood drawn by your family doctor, but let’s face it: he is only concerned if you are healthy, not if you are performing at the best of your ability. Getting a Wellness FX blood draw is like analytics for your body. As a motocross athlete it is imperative that you understand and optimize your personal results for performance, endurance, muscle gain, and recovery acceleration. A Wellness FX blood draw can help you with that.” Racer X Virtual Trainer


Bell Super All-Mountain Helmet

$125 |

few of the standout features on this new design are the GoggleGuide Adjustable Visor System that accommodates both goggles and sunglasses, an integrated GoPro-compatible camera mount that can be removed easily; Speed Dial Fit System to create a snug fit at the turn of a dial, and Overbrow Ventilation that creates air flow over the head to keep the rider cool. “All mountain trail/enduro mountain biking features XC-style climbs and steep, technical descents. This type of riding requires more coverage than a typical XC helmet offers, but not as much as a full face downhill helmet. The Bell Super meets those demands.” Racer X Virtual Trainer

A Redline Bikes

Price Varies | MX is a gateway sport to the glorious, euphoric world of motocross, and the two sports share more than just brightly colored gear. It takes balance, focus, timing, cardio, and aggression to be successful at both. In fact, the king of supercross, Jeremy McGrath, got started in BMX and credits much of his supercross ability to his bicycle roots. Redline has long been the gold standard in 20” and BMX cruiser bicycles. Their superior craftsmanship has spawned some of the most incredible bicycles in the sport. “The crossover benefits of BMX and even pump bikes can be used as a great form of crosstraining for moto. Both simulate high heart rates, will shred your legs, and make you a more skilled rider. I like to send my riders like Cole Seely to the pump track to keep things light and fun but at the same time making sure they get a nasty workout.” Charles Dao (BS, CSCS, NASM)


Motorex Dry Lube

$13 | eeping your chain lubed is essential to keeping your bike on the track, and it’s often overlooked. If you’re riding in dry environments, it’s that much more important, as dust and sand can easily get caught in chain pins and links. Motorex Dry Lube does not produce the sticky, bulky build-up that is associated with other wax-based chain lubes. “Part of being in shape and training is making sure your equipment is ready to use when you need it. Maintaining your road or mountain bike is just as important as your motorcycle. The chain and gear system on your bike is key to an effective workout. Nothing is more distracting and annoying than when you go to shift gears and the chain hops around on the cassette. That’s an easy problem to fix with the right chain lube.” Racer X Virtual Trainer




@a3bars GRAVITY IS A B@$CH!

Recover Faster With RoadRash





By David Langran

been used as a training tool for motocross, and in recent years it’s be-

come a go-to sport for top motocrossers when it comes to cross-training. The cardiovascular, endurance,

and recovery benefits of road cycling are obvious, and all play an important part in a riders’ training program. Mountain biking, however, taps into many more skill sets that are used on a motocross bike. Brian Lopes has won over 19 mountain bike titles during his career in various disciplines—ten of those World

Blake Baggett

Titles—and currently trains Troy Lee HOPPEN

Designs Honda’s Cole Seely, Christian Craig, and Jessy Nelson. “You’re riding a full-suspension bike, and it’s a lot like moto with regards to looking ahead, picking lines, braking, loading and unloading your suspension, weight distribution, and balance,” he says of the cross-discipline similarities. And there’s another, more obvious upside: “The cardio workout you get from mountain biking can be very extreme. I believe you gain more cardio from cycling than from riding moto, which hopefully means the rider’s cardio fitness is above his needs. You need more than just cardio fitness to be physically ready for two thirty-five-

John and Eli Tomac

plus-minute motos, but it’s definitely important to have that extra stamina

time you’re training your cardio when

hurting on your road bike, you don’t

when you’re pushing hard.”

you’re on a mountain bike. You don’t

have to worry about picking lines, ruts,

really get that on a road bike.”

rocks, jumps, loose corners—all these

John Tomac is another mountain bike legend who has a lot of knowledge


By the end of a motocross race,

little things that add to the focus factor.

of our sport, and he’s been instru-

when fatigue starts to set in, you still

Mountain biking will make you suffer

mental in his son Eli’s success. Tomac

need to be on top of your game and

while you still have to focus on the trail

implements mountain biking into Eli’s

be able to race the track the same way

and all the obstacles in front that are

training regimen on a regular basis.

you were on the first lap—hitting lines

coming up on you. Just like moto.”

“I think there’s a pretty big benefit in

and making split-second decisions.

With Villopoto, Reed, Wilson,

cross-country mountain bike riding for

Mountain biking requires the same

Baggett, Tomac, and many more now

motocrossers, versus just going out

focus. Explains Lopes, “The good thing

being sponsored by bicycle brands and

and riding a road bike,” he says. “It’s a

with mountain biking is that you can be

training with mountain bikes, the trend

way closer crossover. You can actually

suffering, but you still have to have all

looks sure to continue. And apart from

train your neuro system at the same

your skills functioning.... When you’re

anything else, it’s just straight-up fun!





ave you ever thought

By Dr. H. Rey Gubernick CUDBY

CHIROPRACTIC CARE FOR THE MOTOCROSSER | about how amazing it would be if you could have your own per-

sonal mechanic? Who would you pick? Maybe Mike Williamson? How about Tony Berluti? (I would choose Frankie Lathum.) They all do great jobs of keeping their riders’ bikes tuned, and they all have been trained and have numerous years of experience. I have had a chance to be around these mechanics and see their ability to keep the bikes from malfunctioning as well as fix anything that might happen after a crash. They are able to listen to a race bike and diagnose any problem it might have and then make the necessary adjustments to correct it. Chiropractors can offer this same service to you as a rider. Whether you are a racer or just the weekend warrior,

exercises, which will allow your body to

magnet therapy. When receiving this

all can benefit from routine chiroprac-

work more efficiently as you ride. Many

acute treatment, you will see your

tic care. Chiropractors are essentially

injuries can be diminished by being

doctor sometimes two to three times

mechanics for your body.

flexible, as well as gaining strength.

a week. Listen and follow through with

I have been working as a personal

The second phase of chiropractic

all your treatment and rehabilitation in-

chiropractor to different racers for six-

care is acute injuries. If you ride a motor-

structions. It’s very common for a rider

teen years. I have been able to provide

cycle, it is only a matter of time before

to try to ride sooner then he should.

these racers with two different phases

you have a good “get-off.” Chiroprac-

This is only putting you in a position to

of chiropractic care.

tors are trained to first diagnose your

reinjure yourself.

The first is weekly maintenance.

injury and then treat that problem. Dur-

At the conclusion of your treatment,

Racers train rigorously during the

ing my time treating riders, I have seen

most chiropractors will give you a home

week. These riders will come to my

injuries of all kinds, the most common

stretching routine and exercises to

office and receive soft-tissue massage,

being sprains and strains. Regardless of

maintain your range of motion and build

sport-specific stretching, and chiro-

what your injury might be, it is important

strength. I often give patients specific

practic manipulation. This treatment is

to get immediate medical attention. I am

stretches that correspond to their weak

a tune-up during the week that allows

fortunate enough to work closely with

areas or the body part that has been

their body to recover. Even if you don’t

Doctor Bodnar and his Asterisk staff.

injured. My two favorite home therapies

race, you should have routine visits to

They do a great job of providing that

are foam-roller stretching and a home

your chiropractor for these “tune-ups.”

immediate trauma attention.

unit called the Marc Pro, which many

Maintenance to your body will vary for


When your injury is stabilized, a

riders currently use. It is easy to use

each rider. Obviously, the more you

chiropractor can provide the treatment

and helps with sore muscles and helps

ride, the more your body will need a

necessary to get back on the bike.

them recover.

tune-up. These routine visits can help in

This treatment can vary, from spinal

the prevention of athletic injuries, main-

manipulation to joint mobilization,

“body mechanic,” I encourage you to

tain your health, and sometimes extend

soft-tissue work, physical therapy,

find one and see one as frequently as

your career. Chiropractors can give

electrical stimulation, ultrasound, icing,

you need. Good luck to all you riders,

you daily stretching and strengthening

moist heat, cold laser, and sometimes

and stay healthy!

If you aren’t currently seeing a



riders. I’ve seen dozens of varying

perform at the same level as pre-inju-

inherently danger-

policies covering everything from

ry. The two riders were Jeff Emig after

ous sport. If you do

hospital bills to lost wages to perma-

his massive Glen Helen crash in 1999

not have medical

nent disabilities. Many factory riders

and Tim Ferry when he destroyed

insurance, we suggest that you do not

will have large amounts of money

his heel in 2009 at Daytona. Both

race today.” That sentence was uttered

tied up in these policies every year,

of these instances required multiple

at every riders’ meeting I’ve attended

both guaranteeing their income and

doctor’s visits, examinations, and both

for the past thirty years. While the

also protecting against a devastating,

went through the wringer with insur-

significance of this point might be lost

career-ending injury.

ance doctors and specialists. Others


in the repetitive nature of the meetings,

Why, you might ask, wouldn’t

have tried to collect, including Grant

everyone buy these policies? The

Langston. As you might suspect, with

answer is very simple: They’re very

millions of dollars on the line, this is

motocross for any period of time has

expensive. I’ve heard quotes from

a very intensive process. Most cases,

crashed. It’s simply unavoidable.

$20,000 up to $40,000 per year. I’m

like Grant’s, end with the insurers find-

While most push it to the back of

sure many of these policies are put

ing a way to disqualify them.

their mind while riding or racing, it’s

to use every year with replacing an

something we’ve all learned to deal

injured rider’s income. In most cases,

pense. It’s one of those bills I always

with and accept. Besides the pain of

this is still a profitable move for the

gripe about until I need it, and then

the injury, the pain of a medical bill

insurer. The extreme cases are where

I thank heaven it’s there. For most

can be tremendous—not only for you

it gets dicey. Only two (that I know of)

people it’s something they will rarely

but for your family and loved ones

riders have ever collected the perma-

use—it gives them a discount on

as well. With surgeries costing in the

nent-disability benefit. To qualify, a

their doctor’s checkups. For moto-

tens (if not hundreds) of thousands

rider has to prove that he sustained a

cross racers, it can be the difference

of dollars, medical insurance can

career-ending injury while on the job

between a bad day at the hospital

truly be a lifesaver and keep you out

and is physically no longer able to

and a lifetime of debt.

Anyone who has ever raced

of debt for years to come. My last knee surgery in 2011 came with a $60,000 price tag. Luckily for me, after insurance, my bill was only around $2,500—still nothing to sneeze at, but far better than the alternative. The ugly side of the insurance picture is for pro riders. Most medical plans will not cover you if you’re making a living racing and are injured while riding. There are, however, some high-end insurance policies built specifically for

Insurance is a necessary ex-


it’s still extremely good advice.


By Jason Thomas



RXI V16-09 Fitness Insert  

The 2013 Racer X Motocross Fitness Handbook

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