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Carl Tooney Publisher / President of Film Fest International Adam Tinnion Festival Director Kaoru Kajitani Asia Pacific Representative/Sales Roy Abbot Screening Manager Shauna Abbot Administrator Liam Smith Video Director - Klaxon Creative Chris Joy Marketing Director - Klaxon Creative

Dear Filmmakers Welcome! In these changing times where the Coronavirus has affected so many lives, I felt it important to do our best to honour the independent Filmmakers from around the world who pour so much love and attention into their work. My team and I hope the honoured recipients of the awards may be able to use the winning laurel for promotion of their films and scripts. We have worked extremely hard to bring our “real world” events to an online format. We hope you enjoy everything we have to offer this week. We have pre-recorded masterclass videos from film professionals in various sectors. We have Mark Doree offering advice for first aid on a film set - something that is extremely apt given the rigorous COVID testing that must now take place. We also have a conversation with Brad Blain & Neil McEwan. With decades of experience in the film industry between them, their conversation should be able to offer you some nuggets you can use on your next project. We have professionals from countries around the world you are all skilled filmmakers and I wanted to give as many opportunities as possible for you to find out about the markets open to you once you have made your film and for Script authors, I wanted to give you opportunities to meet filmmakers that may be looking for scripts to produce, or find partners to produce your script yourself. Keep safe and we hope to see you soon in person very soon. Carl Tooney President Madrid International Film Festival

Daniel Miller Graphic Designer - Klaxon Creative




The Songs that Bring You Into the World of Dreams... INTO THE DREAMS / HORROR EXPERIENCE

Introduction Dream is a spiritual experience all of us have. What can your dreams tell about you? Based on the actual readings of mysterious dreams and psychic phenomena by a spiritual master, Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, this movie unveils the hidden messages behind nightmares, sleep paralysis and horror experiences. The spiritual experiences in this film are so real, yet beyond your imagination.

"Which is more scary: the dream or the reality?" These songs are about the truths of dreams, which most of us ponder at one point or another. They will take us to the mysterious world of dreams and the spirit world.


The image song of the film. You may not be able to see it, but it's there. With a light and heart-warming yet a bit sorrowful melody, this heartful song sings about the heart of angels who watch over us from an invisible world.

Synopsis Aoi Ueno is a university student. One day, she attends a special lecture “What is a Dream?” by psychological counselor Keiji Kamiyama. During the lecture, another student, Kaede Yamauchi starts talking about her dream in which she stabbed a man with a Japanese sword. Keiji starts reading her dream and sees her past life as a samurai making a raid. Witnessing Keiji’s dream reading, Aoi sees a flashback image of the samurai. Aoi decides to visit Keiji’s counseling office after experiencing sleep paralysis. There, she finds herself drawn to the truths behind the psychic phenomena and offers to become Keiji’s assistant. As his assistant, Aoi witnesses Keiji’s supernatural readings of various terrifying and mysterious phenomena. These include a man who repeatedly dreams about the same woman in a white kimono; a high school girl who takes a ghost photo and loses her hearing; a child ghost who appears at a high school built on the site of a hospital…Some of them were triggered by their past memories or karma from a previous life, while others are painful signs from the lost spirits who remain in this world, not realizing that they are already dead…

Stabbing Someone in a Dream

An Ogress and a Thug

A college student stubs someone in her dream. It is so real that she feels uneasy. With Keiji’s “Dream Reading” during his lecture, she finds out an unexpected truth about her past.

One day, a thug comes to Keiji’s counseling office. A thug says he’s met a scary ogress, but actually it is…

What's Wrong with an Extra Hand?

A Girl Who Chases You

College students take a ghost photograph at a summer festival at a shrine. When one of the students gets scared and deletes the photo, she gets cursed.

A high school student sees a young girl at night in her school. A girl chases the student with very high speed. The truth behind the girl is…

A Woman in White Kimono A young man meets a woman in white kimono in his dream. He remembers he has had the same nightmare repeatedly since he was a small boy. Through Keiji’s couseling, he finds out an unbelievable fact.





Ryo Aoki

as Keiji Kamiyama

Ryo was born in Japan. Appeared widely in movies, dramas, stages, commercials, etc. In the movie "Twiceborn" (2020), he played a friend of the main character, Satoru. His movie credits include “Immortal Hero“ (2019) and “Beautiful Lure - A Modern Tale of ‘Painted Skin’”. His stage credit includes "Shakespeare 'The Winter's Tale" (2018).

Mei Yamagishi

as Aoi Ueno

Born in Saitama, Japan. Debuted in 2019 with a stage production. In the film "The Real Exorcist" (2020), which won #1 on the weekend box-office for 5 consecutive weeks, she played the role of a high school girl. This year, she also appeared in the movie "Beautiful Lure - A Modern Tale of ‘Painted Skin’” (2021).

“This film is based on spiritual experiences that actually happened. I talked to the five people who actually experienced it, and worked on the production while thinking ‘How can we genuinely portray their real experiences as the truth?’ I hope many people will enjoy it.” - Director Taka Octz







This is not a success story. But it's a story of hope. It's a story about resuming life. Everyone lives by repeating failures and regrets. Some people cannot recover from the mistakes of the past. But life can be resumed from any situation. Our only option is to live without giving up in any situation. Losing something does not mean the end. It just changes the starting point for the next. A small hope beyond despair. That is the "reality" that Kyoji Kamui thinks. In the movie, they never give up the courage to move on. While losing something important. They start walking. This is a realistic and hopeful story.

Out of Sync

Director & Screenwriter: Sasuke Sayama Starring: Shu Harada, Yudai Uchida, Nanako Kasuga, Yuki Higashi Mahiro, Ryou, Asashi and Yuya were high school classmates. The story begins with the invitation to an Online Drinking Party from Mahiro. Behind the online party, Mahiro is planning the revenge of Asashi who betrayed Mahiro before. Mahiro uses all the technological capabilities and functions of video communication applications to punish Asahi in public in a surprising way. They enjoy the online party...

SMOKY&BITTER Directed and produced by Kyoji Kamui



starring Shunsaku Kudo Chiaki Hiratsuka Miko Nakagawa Mitsunari Sakamoto Hiroyuki Hagita Sayoko Hagiwara Hideaki Hachiya Miho Tamaki Takumi Tsutsui Kyoji Kamui

“Out of Sync” is a thriller film based on Online Drinking Parties which started to become popular in Japan from 2020. Film Director Sasuke Sayama was born in Nagano 1978. He studied oil painting at Kanazawa College of Art. After he graduate, he worked as the director of TV programmes. When the Corona virus pandemic happened in 2020, people avoided going out and stayed at home. Sayama completed his script during the pandemic. He attempted to make a new style of film without meeting anyone when he stayed at his home. “Out of Sync” is Sayama’s first work and it has been reviewed all over the world. “Out of Sync” was also officially selected at Porto International Film Festival which is the one of biggest “Fantastic” film festivals.



A Shomshuklla Film

Music Ankur Mukherjee

Sampada Pawar Iti Pawar





Dates: 23rd - 27th August 2021 Contact us at for more information





The Great Suppression We’re pleased to present THE GREAT SUPPRESSION feature documentary film, via the Madrid International Film Festival. This film reveals a “peak behind the curtain” to some of the most controversial stories to arise during the American Covid-19 lockdown. These events reached national US headlines and featured the catastrophic impact that the Pennsylvania Governor and Health Secretary’s decisions, in response to the COVID pandemic, had on people’s lives and livelihoods.

Debbie Wright is a Pennsylvania filmmaker specializing in hard-hitting, precise documentary films that challenge and engage audiences around the world. She applies her business, consulting and journalism background, at her award-winning production company Do What’s Wright Media, to produce films that tackle complex issues with the goal of producing change, launching social movements and creating the means for intelligent dialogue across cultural and societal divides.

Xavier Garcia and Jonathan Garcia are Boston-based filmmakers known for their cerebral narrative storytelling and dynamic truth-seeking documentary films. They are co-founders and oft collaborators at the award-winning production company, Mount Harvest. Having spent the last seventeen years working in the Independent Film industry, the Garcia Brothers have dedicated themselves to creating media with purpose; Indelible stories that both entertain and foster lasting esteem.

Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir

The US state of Pennsylvania is historically known as a beacon of freedom, from the time of America’s formation, even to the time of legalized slavery of African Americans. And yet, during the COVID lockdowns, gubernatorial decisions were made that triggered a constitutional crisis and the uprising of citizens fearful of losing those bloodbought freedoms and rights in the name of safety. As one barber shop owner quoted Benjamin Franklin in the film, entreating other small-business owners to stand with him in the fight: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." This story of loss, grief, financial ruin, fear, death, and the unquenchable human fight for justice, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the human spirit, is one that has played-out beyond Pennsylvania across the United States; even in cities of countries around the world. Consequently, while THE GREAT SUPPRESSION takes place in Pennsylvania, in many ways, this is the universal story of one of the darkest times of our collective history. We must learn from what happened so that we do not make the same mistakes again. 12




She Is Mine Jess is a new Film school grad as an actor who tries to make a living in Los Angeles. While she is doing her film jobs, she is also working at a bar. However, she is a very clumsy person that causes her to get fired from all the jobs. Her friend Mary, who is also a newly grad from film school trying to make a living in LA as well. Jess gets fired from the bar, and Mary books a Production Assistant job on a film set. The next day, Mary gets sick, and she doesn’t want to lose the job opportunity, so she convinces Jess to go to that film set and introduce herself as Mary. Jess's going into that film set is not only the craziest thing she has ever done with all of her clumsiness but also the best thing she has ever done as she meets the love of her life on that set.

Interesting facts about She is Mine: I started my film career as a set PA (Production Assistant). While I was working on the set, Marc, the producer of the film project that I was working in, fell in love with me. I was so inexperienced and did not even know the meaning of a pancake on set. Even though I was so clumsy and running around like a dummy on the film set, that cute producer guy Marc fell in love with me against all the odds. He helped me learn a lot about filmmaking and all the terms on film sets that the filmmakers are using. We actually learned a lot from each other and had so much fun together. I invited him to the She is Mine film set, and he came. He watched how things are going within the film set, and we worked on a couple of scenes of She is Mine together. Things didn’t work out as lovers, but we remain friends and still get along very well. Now he is a good friend of mine and will always remain the same.





Patio of Illusion

Eventually, Yi-Cheung loses sight of what he was working for. He loses his courage to face his true self, and thus risks losing what he treasured the most: the love of his life, and the family they painstakingly built together. How does YiCheung find his path back to happiness? This is the arduous but rewarding journey the audience will witness in “Patio of Illusion”.

From Dreaming To Going Home “Family is important,” is a theme widely explored, yet a notion that is often put on the back burner, pushed to the back of the mind as we live our flourishing lives. And it’s no wonder--with one’s social and economic environment constantly changing, it is easy to lose sight of what we truly love, the ideals that we use to champion and sadly, the people in our lives that we thought we would always hold dear. “Patio of Illusion”, executively produced by Loi Man Keong, directed by Shangshi Chen and US produced and distributed by Sunny Xiang (Amazon films “I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone”, “To Kern”, “The Magic Door”, IQiYi reality TV show “The Rap of China, Los Angeles”).“Patio of Illusion” intimately explores the conflict between family and social environment through the story of an ordinary man living in modern Macau. “Patio of Illusion” intimately explores the conflict between family and social environment through the story of an ordinary man living in modern Macau. With a polished creative crew lead by Shangshi Chen, a script written by Mengmeng Chen provided with true-to-life character materials by Loi Man Keong, it is a captivating family drama that explores social and economic issues that arose for young individuals during the 2000s in Macau. It shows how the environment affects their understanding of family and what they must do to gain family happiness. In a quickly shifting social environment, our protagonist Ho Yi-Cheung, played with abandon by Eugene Tang (“Tian Tai Ai Qing”, “Xiong Di Ban”), loses himself and tries to blend in, tending to agree with things that he used to be against. He gives up his passion in art in order to provide for his family by working in the bustling casino world.



“Patio of Illusion” is presented by Guangzhou 3C Toon co., produced and distributed by UTV Macau Media and Fusionart Pictures Inc. Shot with RED 8K Full Frame Ultra High-Definition technology combined with film-making artistry, the film presents the audience with a whole different viewing experience.




BLUEBERRY HALL PLOT: Ian, a college debater, wants to make a positive BLUEBERRY HALL PLOT: change in the world. Ian’s path to politics is to Ian, a college debater, wants to make a positive win the Debate National Championship his change in the world. Ian’s path to politics is--to golden ticket and full scholarship to Harvard win the Debate National Championship -- his Law School. After into study golden ticket and full stumbling scholarship to Harvard enhancing drugs, and his own prescription, he Law School. After stumbling into study learns of the school’s budget cuts from Coach enhancing drugs, and his own prescription, he Kip and hisschool’s parents’ toughcuts financial times. learns of the budget from Coach Coach Kiphis believes Ian,tough and his partnertimes. Dustin, Kip and parents’ financial have forand a prestigious future if Coachthe Kippotential believes Ian, his partner Dustin, they instructs to fundraise for havewin the and potential for athem prestigious future if tournaments. With thethem help of theyfor get they win and instructs toKam, fundraise tournaments. With the helpprescription of Kam, they drug get into the underground into the Aunderground drug business. simple plan forprescription money spirals into business. Adrugs simpleallplan fordebating money spirals into crime and while to change crime and drugs all while debating to change the world. the world.



II created created Blueberry Blueberry Hall to capture and Hall to capture and speak to the the temper temperof of speak to our times. My Mygoal goalwas was our times. to pull the the veil veilfrom from to pull the beautiful beautiful intellectual sportof of intellectual sport debate, showit itto toaa debate, show broader audience, broader audience,and and explore prescription explore prescription drug abuse drug abuse and andpolitics politics from the from the lens lensof of generational generational characters. characters.

Tyson Meade Performing with Smashing Pumpkins Tyson Meade Performing with Smashing Pumpkins




Producers Kesh Tyagi, Sean Patrick Eaton, Ty Dickson Co Producer, Amrish Sengupta Writer & Director Kesh Tyagi Kesh Tyagi, Sean Patrick Eaton, Ty Dickson Co Producer, Amrish Sengupta Writer & Director Kesh Tyagi Music Tyson Meade, J French, Moriah Bailey, Eli Wimmer Music Tyson Meade, J French, Moriah Bailey, Eli Wimmer CAST Matt Holmes Josh Bonzie, Chris Lam, Neil Newby, Kasey Weir, CAST Matt Holmes Josh Bonzie, Chris Lam, Neil Newby, Kasey Weir, Michael Rousselet, Lorrie Chilcoat, Savita Tyagi, Lance McDaniel,

Michael Rousselet, Lorrie Chilcoat, Savita Tyagi, Lance McDaniel, Kaleb Bruza Cinematography Samuel Calvin Editors, Michael Mazzola & Mark Sult Kaleb Bruza SamuelCostumes Calvin Editors,Burguiere Michael Mazzola & Mark Sult Casting Cinematography by Chris Freihofer Jenava Production Design J.D. Woods Casting by

Chris Freihofer Costumes Jenava Burguiere Production Design J.D. Woods

N o m i n at i o n s i n M a d r i d I n t e r n at i o n a l F i l m F e s t i va l 2 0 2 1 N o m i n at i o n s i n M a d r i d I n t e r n at i o n a l F i l m F e s t i va l 2 0 2 1 Best Director, English


Best Director, English

Best Film

Best Film English


Outstanding Leading OutstandingActor, English Leading Actor, English

Best Supporting Best Actor, English Supporting Actor,



Best Comedy Best Comedy

Tyson Meade, “Godfather of Alternative Rock”, a Music Tyson Meade, “Godfather of Alternative Rock”, is aisMusic Legend. Tyson was a favorite inspiration of Nirvana’s Curt Legend. Tyson was a favorite inspiration of Nirvana’s Curt Kobain and Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan. Tyson’s Kobain and Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan. Tyson’s music was ahead of its time and helped pave the way for music was ahead of its time and helped pave the way for the breakthrough of Alternative Music with his bands the breakthrough of Alternative Music with his bands Defenestration and Chainsaw Kittens. Tyson’s seminal Defenestration and Chainsaw Kittens. Tyson’s seminal debut vinyl release, Defenestration EP, is a coveted vinyl debut vinyl release, Defenestration EP, is a coveted vinyl album amongst music collectors. On “Blueberry Hall” album amongst music collectors. On “Blueberry Hall” Tyson embraced today’s music technology and created Tysonfresh embraced today’s music technology and created music for contemporary generations. Tyson Meade’s freshlatest musicsolo foralbum contemporary generations. Tyson Meade’s is Robbing the Nuclear Family. latest solo album is Robbing the Nuclear Family.

J French is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. J French is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His latest album is “JAGG (Just Another Gift From God)”. J His latest album is “JAGG Another Gift From God)”. French brings precise raw(Just energy with poetic lyricism to J French brings precise raw energy with poetic lyricism his music. “It's only upbeat ... and high-frequency type ofto his music. “It'sbit only upbeat ... andhe high-frequency type of stuff. It's a little more explosive," said. stuff. It's Bailey, a little bit more he said. Moriah with herexplosive," majestic harp and peaceful voice, Moriah Bailey,that withevokes her majestic harp and peaceful voice, creates music memories. Moriah Bailey’s creates music“Sitting that evokes memories. Bailey’s latest album, with Sounds and Moriah Listening for latest “Sittingintimate with Sounds and Ghosts”,album, is a stunning collection of Listening storytellingfor Ghosts”, is a stunning intimate collection of storytelling and balladry. Eli Wimmer, and balladry. vocalist and guitarist in Helen Kelter Skelter, knows the environment of guitarist a scene and grants an aura of Eli Wimmer, vocalist and in Helen Kelter Skelter, experience his music.of An rhythm spins his of knows the with environment a eclectic scene and grants anin aura songs. Helenwith Kelter latest albumrhythm is “Melter”. experience hisSkelter’s music. An eclectic spins in his songs. Helen Kelter Skelter’s latest album is “Melter”.




The Cinema eVerité LLC project “Dale Johnson’s Twisted Tales of Inhuman Nature” is an incredible series of socially conscious yet entertaining short films. They are twisted, dark, powerful, meaningful, intensely creative, and shine a light on the human nature “sins” that plague our personal and group relationships within society. Imagined as a blend of the Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, each mini bite-sized five to twelve-minute Tale offers insights into a contemporary human issue affecting our ethical and moral behaviors and often society as a whole. The “Twisted Tales” have been accepted, nominated, or awarded at: Newark, Nashville, Milan, Nice, Madrid, Indie X, London Golden Nugget, Antwerp, DUMBO, South Europe, and East Europe International Film Festivals. More Tales are in development in 2020, including one twisted bite-sized tale on immigration and another on the misshapen events from the year 2019. The Series is looking for collaborators, representation, and distribution. Cinema eVerité also produced a feature length film written and directed by critically acclaimed OffOff Broadway veteran Dale Johnson which is a unique tour-de-force psychological thriller that delves into the feminine psyche and societal sexuality standards. Founded by veteran theater writer/producer Dale Johnson in 2010, joined by producer Alexandra Tebano in 2018, Cinema eVerité LLC has shot both full-length movies and shorts.





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