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Monday, December 19, 2011

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What recourse is there for property owners? By K aren R eisner

Lynn Mensink gratefully accepts the first 200 pounds of ground pork for the food shelf in Preston, delivered by Bruce Dornink on December 9. Photo by Jade Wangen

Fillmore County Pork Producers donate to food shelf By Jade Wangen

In the spirit of the holiday season, the Fillmore County Pork Producers are giving back to the community and to people in need. Bruce Dornink of Preston is the treasurer of the Pork Board, and for the second year in a row, he will be delivering pork to the Fillmore County food shelves. Only this year the size of the gift has doubled. Over the holiday season and throughout, they will be giving enough ground pork for 10,000 servings. Lynn Mensink, who works at the SEMCAC food shelf in Preston, said the need for food is always the greatest during the

winter, especially around the holidays. This year, the farmers said they had a good year and wanted to share some of that with others. There are food shelves in Preston, Rushford, Mabel, and Spring Valley. Dornink said their goal is to give to all of them. “It’s a great way to promote the product and give back to the community at the same time,” said Dornink’s wife, Barb. The pork comes ground and in one-pound packages. Dornink delivered the first 200 pounds to the Preston food shelf on December 9. “We will deliver more every two weeks or so, as they need it,” said Dornink. 3 Course Dinner with glass of wine 4-9pm

109 S. Parkway, Lanesboro, MN 55949 •

Oak Meadow Meats in Harmony processed the pork. Dornink said it’s important for them to purchase the meat from local lockers, and they try to spread it around, doing business in all parts of the county instead of just one area. In 2010, the pork producers had a good year, and they knew the economy was not doing so well. In trying to think of how they could help, someone came up with the idea to donate pork to local food shelves. “We have such tremendous support during our events every year,” said Dornink. He said the pork producers themselves do all the work at the pork wagon See FOOD SHELF Page 10 

At the Chatfield City Council’s December 12 meeting, Sue Hollermann asked what recourse is available for businesses that have been hit with an unacceptable twenty percent property tax hike. Hollermann spoke during the Truth in Taxation public hearing. Mayor Don Hainlen was absent. City Clerk Joel Young gave a presentation detailing the city’s expenses and revenues. During a Committee of the Whole meeting the week of December 5, councilors made it clear that they wanted the preliminary levy which was set with an increase of 8.13 percent, to be reduced to about five percent or less. Young reviewed a revised proposal with a 4.8 percent increase from 2011. The difference in the two proposals is about $42,000. Young explained capital performance goals which include regular maintenance and replacement of the city’s infrastructure. Included is



See CHATFIELD Page 2 

Commissioners hear property tax complaints Brown explained the county reduced its staff in 2011, ing more efficient. The board has County coordinator Karen chosen to seek grants as much as Brown reviewed 2011 county possible to meet the narrowband operations and plans for 2012 mandate for 2013, rather than along with the proposed county levying to obtain needed equipbudget and levy at an evening ment. This has saved county dolpublic hearing on December 13. lars. Road construction has been Counties and cities are required put on a three-year rotation. to have a public hearing, truth A survey for 2011 performance in taxation. It was noted that measures had citizens rating the the state does not have such a requirement for itself. See COUNTY Page 20  By K aren R eisner

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everything from streets, sidewalks, and equipment to a well, water tower, sewer mains and manholes. Service goals include 24/7 staffing of police, EMTs, and firefighters. Other services include but are not limited to planning and community development, the library, CCTV, skating rink, skate board park, park land maintenance, swimming pool, and the Center for the Arts. There are other capital improvement programs that are not yet in place and may need to be implemented in the future including catch basin and fire hydrant replacements, four inch water main replacements, clay sanitary sewer replacement and storm water management. There no longer will be aid from the Market Value Homestead Credit Aid Program from the state, which was $66,000 in 2009. The new Homestead Market Value Exclusion Program lowers the property taxes for some lower to medium valued homes

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by excluding some of the market value from taxation, which may lower the property taxes for these properties for 2012 as compared with 2011. This exclusion has caused a tax shift, which puts a greater burden on commercial and industrial properties for 2012. The exclusion program has decreased the overall tax capacity for the city of Chatfield by 10.95 percent. The Chatfield school district will have a 4.2 percent decrease in tax capacity. Fillmore County will have a three percent decrease in tax capacity while Olmsted County will have a 5.8 percent decrease. Revenue for the city comes from property taxes, Local Government Aid, water, sanitary sewer and garbage fees, and licensing and permit fees. Young closed saying the city strives to use tax payer money as prudently as possible. Discussion Hollermann insisted a 20 percent property tax increase is unacceptable. Councilor Paul Novotny suggested the bulk of the increase is due to the changes made by the state legislature last summer. In answer to her question as to what recourse property owners have that have seen a large increase, Novotny said it is up to all of us to speak up. He believes the program change was

Monday, December 19, 2011

not totally thought through as to the effect it would have on commercial and industrial properties. Novotny said most property taxes would have gone up even if the city did nothing. Young suggested the city’s efforts to lower the tax levy will be less noticeable due to the exclusion program. Councilor Ken Jacobson maintained that even with the reduction to a levy increase of 4.8 percent, Chatfield property owners may still not see a decrease from their preliminary statements based on the 8.13 percent increase. City Attorney Fred Suhler noted there is a lag time for changes in property valuations, as January 2012 property valuations are the valuations used for 2013 property taxes. Hollermann maintained that even with a declining market value, they are seeing an astronomical increase in tax. Jacobson suggested she and other property owners should talk with their state representatives and let them know you are not happy with the tax shift. Novotny said maybe the legislators will try to fix the exclusion program, maybe not. Young noted the state wanted to maintain the homestead program, which gives a break to most home owners while also eliminating the burden for the state. Councilor Josh Thompson argued that the city could live with a zero percent increase in the levy, that it wouldn’t effect the city in the long run. He noted the city

holds 60 percent of its operating budget in reserve and it is recommended to hold 40 to 60 percent. Thompson said, however, the city does have to be prepared if something unexpected happens. Councilor Dave Frank stated we don’t know what we will run into in the next year. Jacobson added we have to look to the future and we are just treading water. He mentioned the city’s clay sewer lines and the televising project to check the condition of those lines. Those reports have yet to come in. Councilor Russ Smith added it would be great to have a zero percent increase, but he wouldn’t be comfortable going backwards. The council approved a resolution to adopt the final 2012 budget and tax levy, setting the final levy at an increase of 4.8 percent from 2011. The total levy for 2012 is $1,202,366. Other Business In Brief •After some discussion, a resolution to set the pay grid for the city for 2012 was approved. The entire pay grid will be adjusted upwards by three percent effective January 1, 2012. City employees saw no pay increase in 2010 and a one percent increase in 2011. The three percent increase was slightly lower than the Chained Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, which was 3.4 percent increase in prices. Thompson argued in favor of a lower increase to further reduce the budget and levy. •A resolution to establish the

Fire Fund as a Special Revenue Fund was approved. •The second consideration for the public nuisance ordinance and its publication were approved. Young said the changes would streamline the process. •A resolution was approved to give an appropriate share of the income brought into the city for the services provided at the Foun-

g u p c o mti sn even THursDaYs

Bingo Jackpot $1,000

tain Wastewater Treatment Plant to the operators that provide the services. The wastewater staff will be compensated with 10 percent of the revenue generated from the agreement, paid to the operator on an hourly basis. If Fountain pays Chatfield $36 per hour, the operator will be paid $3.60 per hour in addition to his regular compensation.

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Happy Birthday Paul and Shawna on December 26th.

Fillmore County Kids Letters to Santa

Dear Santa, How are you doing? I have been trying to be good. I would really like a remote control snowmobile, a nerf vulcan, some hex bugs and legos for Christmas. Would you please give my Mom in heaven a kiss for me. And please bring Spike and Harley a new chew toy and a dog Christmas cookie. I hope you like the milk and cookies I will leave out for you. Thank you, William, age 10 Rushford Dear Santa, I would like a Barbie, a microphone and a cash register. Avah, age 5 Rushford

Dear Santa, I would like a car that goes really fast, a snowmobile, a new sled, a candy necklace, some blocks, a big blue ball and a DS. Devin, age 5 Rushford

Dear Santa, I would like a candy cane and a truck. Wyatt, age 2 Rushford Dear Santa, I’ve tried to be as good of a boy as I possibly can and promise to work hard listening to what I’m supposed to do. So, for Christmas can you bring me cars, trucks, and tractors? I also really like my puzzles and could always use more. Love, Jax from Harmony P.S. I told my mom to leave you extra cookies this year! Dear Santa, I would like a Rock star mickey mouse. Evelyn, age 4 Rushford

Dear Santa, I changed my mind, I guess I do have room for more toys this year. I want a tractor with lights on and I want it to say “Preston Police” on it. And I need a box of rocks to make a gravel road so I can use the grader you made last year. And I want a box of snow. Thanks Santa. Love, Cowan, age 4 Spring Valley

Dear Santa, My brother says I want a monkey race car for Christmas. Sounds like fun but I really want my own cellphone and remote because the adults always take theirs away from me! Thanks!

Dear Santa, There are a couple things I would like for Christmas. After all, it is my very 1st Christmas! I would like my 2nd front tooth to hurry up and cut in, so mama stops singing, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.” Most of all, I would like to tear apart that BIG box in front of the Christmas tree. I’ve tried several times only to be told “no, no, no.” Mama and dada will leave you some milk, but please don’t use the stuff in the blue container; that’s mine.

Love, Carter, age 1 Spring Valley

Brooklyn, (aka no, no, no), 10 months old Preston

Dear Santa, I would like a puppy, one candy necklace, a ball and a DS.

Dear Santa, I would like barbie movies, a horse stable and princesses. I have been very good this year.

Hunter age 3, Rushford

Love Kayleigh, age 4, Preston

Dear Santa, I would like a baby doll, a candy necklace, and a yellow ball.

Dear Santa, I want trucks, airplanes, cars, Cars 2 movie and Mater.

Dear Santa, I have been a very good boy and pretty soon I will be a big brother! I would like you to bring me some toys and a new Alvin DVD, can you also bring some presents to Great Grandma Barbs and my other Grandpa and Grandmas in Spring Valley. Please bring something for my new baby too! I will leave a treat out for you at my house. Merry Christmas

Love Treyton, age 2, Preston

Chase Laqua

Adrian, age 2, Rushford

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Monday, December 19, 2011

C ommentary Is the ship sinking? By John Goutcher According to a poll by Hill Newspapers, 69 percent of Americans are willing to state that America is in decline. An estimated 83 percent indicate that they are concerned about the future of America. If we were to look over our shoulder to the past, or if we learned any- John Goutcher thing about history from school, parents or grandparents, we would discover that our country was designed and built on our efforts. As a nation we all worked together, taking pride in our accomplishments and our ingenuity. Together we built up our country with state and federal governments staying out of the way as “we the people” established homes, cities, and developed a large business enterprise. When our country was young, if you failed in a business, be it farming or commercial, you lost everything. There was no government agency waiting in the wings to help you pay off your debt or to re-finance you with a large bankroll. We shouldered the blame and moved on. We survived because we as a country fought through hardship, sacrificed, and scraped by in order to move forward. It seemed that the entire country was on the same wavelength. We were willing to join hands and work for the common good of the nation. As a result, the world’s strongest and greatest democracy was built. It was built not by politicians, but by citizens who through blood, sweat, and tears were willing to sacrifice for the benefit of all. The rules of behavior were honored by citizens and religious freedom was Editorial Cartoon

deeply imbedded in the hearts and souls of all citizens. Time, however has changed our thinking; cracks in the foundation began to appear in the 1960s. The Vietnam era brought the horrors of war into the living rooms of all citizens. Those pictures we watched spurred the questions of the day to the younger generations. “Why is America involved in Southeast Asia, and why are we being drafted to fight in a conflict we cannot understand?” As the war in Vietnam raged, Americans at home became suspicious of government intent. Respect for authority and established laws fell by the wayside to be replaced by drugs and free love. For the first time, many Americans now classified their view of America as an oppressor and the once proud “American Way” began to crumble. The values, beliefs and traditions which had helped to establish our country’s greatness turned to dust. Citizens began to “do their own thing” and laws were to be broken. While the war in Vietnam dragged on in a seemingly endless flow, on the home front the nation was busy marching to the tune of the “Great Society.” This program was one of the many offered by President Lyndon Johnson to end poverty in America. This massive program now brought upon American citizens a double drain on finances. We as a nation discovered we could not produce both war effort and provide government assistance to the less fortunate. The plan of the “Great Society” brought about the increased role of the Federal Government to step in and offer additional financial support for fractured families and single parents. By doing so, the nation dropped further into debt. I believe that many Americans feel that if their government gives

In defense of ethanol

people adequate medical insurance, food and shelter, then government has done a good thing. By Eunice Biel But people are not pets, and by Our Dad always told us that government making decisions there is nothing worse than FOR people, government strips someone who “thinks they know freedom FROM people. These s o m e t h i n g , programs have led the Federal but doesn’t Government to believe it had a know anymoral responsibility to provide a thing.” These higher level of living for all Amer- words kept icans. This new mind set by the returning to Federal Government has caused me all week expenditures to exceed income. after I read the The philosophy established in response to Eunice Biel the 1960s by the Federal Gov- my commenernment and currently embraced tary about the by President Obama has led to importance of the Renewable massive debt, a business climate Fuel Standards to our country. which is in chaos, and a country I was going to sit down and divided on the role and direction go through all of the charges the Federal Government needs and respond, when I realized to play in the life of its citizens. that nothing was credible, no Our economic base, which was documentation was given, and the foundation and backbone of most charges appeared to stem our nation, has crumbled. This from outdated and inaccurate reduces public confidence in our information. nation’s ability to find answers to It was a bit low to be pereconomic recovery. sonally charged with polluting Perhaps it is time for the Amer- the Gulf of Mexico. We have ican people to return to a smaller a dairy farm, which means we government which is able to live also raise a lot of hay and a lot within its means. Maybe neigh- of our land is pasture. We rotate bors coming to the aid of neigh- our crops; hay, barley/peas, corn bors might not really be a bad and soybeans. On our cropland idea? What would happen if, as a nation, this country re-established Letter in response to Biel’s our “One Nation under God” commentary concept? How can any free nation To the Editor, survive when the majority of its citizens are dependent on federal I look forward to reading commentary in the Journal and, as and state government services? We cannot reverse the march always, found Eunice Biel’s letter of time, nor should we stick regarding the benefits of ethanol our head in the sand like an informative and interesting. It ostrich, and hope this all goes left me feeling positive about away. We can, as citizens of this finding solutions to our energy great nation, join hands and work dilemma. The documentary, together for the common good of “Troubled Waters,” unfortunately the land that we love. Perhaps the did very little to bring factual only way to reverse the trend of information to the public. The decline is for its citizens to, once Gulf dead zone which is often again, depend upon our initiative referred to by critics of ethanol, has more to do with dredging and ingenuity. of the Mississippi and Missouri Think About It. Rivers that is constant and ongoComment on this column at ing. The report on dredging and its effects on the Gulf was

Government this week •Monday, December 19,

Preston City Council, Council Chamber, 6:00 p.m. • Monday, December 19, Kingsland School Board, 7:00 p.m. • Monday, December 19, Rushford-Peterson School Board, Rushford Computer Room, 6:30 p.m. • Tuesday, December 20, Rushford Village City Council, Rushford Village Community Center, 7:00 p.m. • Tuesday, December 20, Mabel-Canton School Board, 7:00 p.m. • Tuesday, December 20, Houston School Board, 7:00 p.m. Schedule subject to change.

we use waterways and contour strips. Many who are not familiar with agriculture are not aware that most farmers use the assistance of an agronomist to take soil samples in each of their fields so that they do not have to buy more fertilizer than they need. Of course no mention was made of the oil industry, which has continued to destroy the environment, not only in the Gulf of Mexico but across the world. The RFS is the only energy policy we have in this country that will make America more energy independent through the increased use of biofuels. By making next generation ethanol as commercially viable as first generation ethanol, we have the capacity in this country to produce enough ethanol to nearly eliminate our need to import foreign oil – keeping our money here in the U.S., putting it to work on our economy, and reducing the impact that foreign nations have on our country’s overall security.

ied and never saw the light of day! Evidently the producers of “Troubled Waters” did not rush down to the Gulf to document the worst environmental oil spill in history and its effects on the Gulf. So much of what is in the news is put there to sway public opinion for whatever reason. Big Oil understands this. It is up to us to dissect this information and engage in public policy decisions that benefit us all. Al Hein Mabel, MN

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Harmony City Council discusses property taxes By Jade Wangen It was a full house for the Harmony City Council meeting on December 13, as they held a Truth in Taxation hearing to discuss property values and taxes, as well as some changes from the legislature. Ron Vikre was there from the County Assessor’s office to explain some of these changes and talk about the valuation process. He said they would not talk about a person’s individual values, but discuss the process in general. He explained the state has taken away the Homestead Market Credit the city used to get and replaced it with the Homestead Market Exclusion. Homestead properties get an exclusion taken off their values, and then are taxed on the remaining. Since they are paying less of a tax rate, the tax burden then shifts to non-homestead and commercial properties, which end up paying more. In 2011, the overall tax rate for Harmony was 154.54. With the budget proposed this fall, there would be an increase of 28.41 points. However, Vikre explained the budget has been trimmed since then. Vikre said they do a sales study every year to be sure that homes are valued within 90-105 percent of what they are selling for. There is a lag time between this study and when the values go into effect. There is a big decrease in what the city will get this next year, which means that even if they don’t raise the levy at all, property taxes will still go up. Vikre said it would take a tremendous decrease in the levy and budget to stay even. A resident asked what they should do if they do not agree with the value of their property. Brian Hoff, who does assessments in Harmony, said anyone can ask for an assessment at any time if they feel it is incorrect, or if things have changed on the prop-

erty. They reassess properties every five years, but sometimes people are not home when they come around. Later on in the meeting, the council approved the 2012 budget and levy with a 15.9 percent decrease from 2011. Public Street Resolution City Attorney Richard Nethercut explained the situation with 3rd Ave SE, and how the city could pass a resolution declaring a portion of it a public road. Right now, the road is only platted up to where the pavement ends. The rest of the road is gravel, and the property belongs to Corey Scrabeck. Nethercut explained that in order for the city to declare it a public road, it must meet certain criteria. It has to have been maintained by the city for at least six years, it must be open to the public, and it must be used by the public. The council feels the city has been maintaining the street since it has been there, which is since 2004. This would make it more than six years. Scrabeck’s attorney, Jed Hammel, spoke to the council on behalf of Scrabeck. He stated that if the city passes the resolution, Scrabeck would be seeking a lawsuit. He also said that according to the history he has, the street has only been maintained by the city for maybe four years. Council member Gerald Shuck said that he knows it has been maintained for six years, as he lives nearby. Right now, Scrabeck has blocked off the road so it cannot be used and so the city does not maintain it any longer. There was some concern about emergency vehicles getting through to the homes on that street. “I’m sure we can work something out,” said Hammel. Phil Burkholder, a resident on the street, asked Scrabeck why he closed the road. Scrabeck said that recently, Mary Lou Zombory had

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been to the city council meeting and complained about the Dobie Days location and how the property looks. He said he has repeatedly asked her not to walk her dog on his property and she has not complied. He added that she should have talked to him if she had any problems instead of going to the city council. “I’m doing what I have to do as a landowner,” said Scrabeck. He said he had to shut the road down, and now pay money out of his own pocket to defend what is his. He pays insurance for that land and he is liable for whatever happens there. Nethercut suggested the council form a committee to look into the history of the road. “The council has to be comfortable that the criteria have been met,” he said. Council member Jim Bakken commented that it is unfortunate the situation has come to this. “I am not in favor of taking someone’s property,” he said. “I don’t like it at all.” A committee was formed consisting of Bakken, council member Dan Tieffenbacher, and Jerome Illg. Personnel Committee The council was presented with the suggestions from the personnel committee on changes to pay and benefits for city employees. Tieffenbacher asked why they were looking at this now, when it was tabled for a year last January. Illg said the changes would not take effect until January. One of the changes recommended to cut the budget was decreasing the amount of overtime pay the maintenance employees receive. Illg calculated that the three employees average 87.5 hours of overtime a month. The recommendation was to cut that down to 25 hours a month, with eight hours overtime total for the weekends, with the overtime acquired during the week being turned into comp time instead. Maintenance employee Chris Johnson said he had talked to some local towns, and some of them had a union. “If Harmony was union and you tried to cut our overtime, it wouldn’t work,” he said. He added it was kind of a bitter pill to swallow, as he and the others would be losing some income. “You can’t buy groceries with comp time,” he said. Bakken recommended a gradual step down, as it was a big cut in their income all at once. He added they should have started earlier in the year so they had more time to hash this out before December. Johnson said they don’t have a lot of choice to work overtime, as some of the things they do need to be done before or after hours, when there is nobody around. They also have things they need to do on the weekends. After some discussion, the review process was approved, as well as the two percent cost of living increase. The step changes will be discussed in January. It was agreed the employees would get eight hours overtime on their weekends, and fourteen more hours during the month for a total of 50 hours. Ambulance Requests Eileen Schansberg requested to put $720 a year into the ambulance workers’ PERA retirement fund


instead of the previous $600. The council approved the request. It was also approved to pay $100 each for the 24 hours of training they need to attend every two years. Another change is that a new ambulance recruit will be paid $500 after a year of being certified as an incentive to finish training. Garbage Removal James Branch said he would like to remove the garbage behind the waste-

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water treatment plant. There is a lot of scrap metal there where the dump used to be, and he would remove it for free. He said he will be taking the metal that is in the water to LeRoy, and donating 30 percent of what he gets to the school, and 20 percent to the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. The council approved pending a certificate of liability. There was some See HARMONY Page 19  Online Directory Visit these businesses online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Animals Canoe Ridge Kennel ....................................................................... Pet Urns by HTW Root River Veterinary Clinic .............................................................. Assisted Living Heritage Grove of Automotive Blue Ridge Truck Parts and Mini Storage …………………………… Torgerson Auto Sales Construction Cravath Homes Duane Gilbertson Foster Construction North States Tri-State Insulated Concrete Forms ............................................................. Entertainment House of Bounce Jem Theatre.................................................................................................. Karaoke DJ Joe ........................................................................................ Bloodline Outdoor TV Faith Christ Lutheran .............................................................................. Greenfield Lutheran Church ............................................................. New Life Victory Church……………………………………………………… Health Accessibility Solutions …………… & Harmony Community Healthcare ……………………………… Heartwise Medicine …………………………………………………… Safe From Radon …………………………………………………………… Witts Pharmacy ……………………………………………………………… Home Improvement Hangman Blinds …………………………………………………………… Imperial Design Cabinetry ……………………………………… TR Flooring ……………………………………………………………………… Two Guys Drywall and Painting .......................................... Inspirational Surviving the Impossible ………………………………………… Knowledge How To Cut Hair ……………………………………………………………… Lawyer Corson Law Office ……………………………………………………………… Springer & Gumbel PA ........................................................................ Lodging Amish Country B&B …………………………………………………… Country Trails Inn ………………………………………………………… Wabasha Motel & RV..................................................................... Organization City of Ostrander …………………………………………………………… National Trout Center ………………………… ............................…… Preston Chamber & Tourism ………………………………………… Preston Servicemen’s Club …………………………………………… Rushford Community Foundation………………………… Rushford Chamber ……………………………………………………… Visit Bluff Country ………………………………………………………… Personal Renaissance Post ………………………………………………………… Photography Peterson Creative, Lanesboro, MN Studio-A-Photography, Preston, MN Publication Olmsted County Journal …………………………………………… Realty Fowler Realty .............................................................................................. Restraurant A & W Drive In JW Silver Grille Los Gables .................................................................................................... The Branding Iron ................................................................................ The Crown Restaurant & Lounge …………………………… Retail Ephrems Bottle Works .................................................................. I Love Antiques .......................................................................................... Preston Apple & Berry Farm Rushford Foods ...................................................................................... Uncommon Charm ……………………………………………………… Service All-Star Basements BV Marketing Fillmore County DAC ........................................................................ Kelly Printing and Signs Madison Area Rehabilitation Centers Maple Leaf Services Perfect Project Fit Families .................................... Riley Funeral Homes ……… & SMG Computer Solutions ......................................................... SMG Web Design ................................................................................. Stortz Satellite ......................................................................................... Superior Financial TNT Lawn Service Wintergreen Lawn .............................................................................. Wholesale Drapery Services ...............................................................................

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Obituaries Florence Bowen Florence Eva Bowen, 93, of Cresco and formerly of Lime Springs and Waterloo, was born on January 29, 1918, in Fillmore County, MN. She was the daughter of Emerson and Mary Kingery Broadwater. She married Glenn A. Bowen on May 2, 1948, Florence Bowen and he preceded her in death on July 6, 1994. Florence was a homemaker. She cared for her family by cooking, sewing, gardening and canning. To Florence, family was her life. She was a faithful attendee at various family reunions and instilled in her children the importance of family. Florence also was a longterm member of Walnut Ridge Baptist Church. Florence died on Sunday, December 11, 2011, while a resident at the Evans Memorial Home in Cresco of natural causes. She was preceded in death by her parents, husband, sisters Ethel Kiehne and Marvel Underbakke, and brothers Raymond and Elvin Broadwater. She is survived by two sons, Paul (Vicki) Bowen of Lime Springs, IA and Mark (Pamela) Bowen of Rolla, MO; two daughters, Eloise (Larry) Black of Cedar Rapids and Mary (Dan Brady) Jacobson of Melbourne; 10 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. Funeral services for Florence were held on Friday, December 16, 2011, at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church with burial following at Garden of Memories Cemetery in Waterloo. As a show of sympathy, the family suggests memorial contributions be directed to the missions fund at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church. Adelaide E. Halvorson Adelaide E. Halvorson, 91, of Rushford, Minn. died on Thursday, December 8, 2011, at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Home in Rushford. Adelaide was born on October 1, 1920, in St. Charles, Minn. to William and Alma (Kueneke) Marker. She was raised in Rushford. In 1938, Adelaide married George D. Hovland. George was killed while serving in the

Monday, December 19, 2011

military during WWII. She married Arthur E. Halvorson in 1949. Arthur died in 1988. She was a member of Rushford Lutheran Church. Adelaide was a private, quiet person who worked as a homemaker all of her life. She enjoyed her annual fishing trips to northern Minnesota. Adelaide is survived by four children: Gerald “Smokey” Hovland of Rushford; Marjo (Maynard) Johnson of Rushford; David Hovland of Le Seuer, Minn., and George (Barb) Hovland of Rushford; ten grandchildren and many great- and great-greatgrandchildren; and by a brother William Marker of Portland, Oregon. In addition to her husbands preceding her in death, she was also preceded in death by two sisters, Elaine Hovland and Lorna Lynch; grandson, Arthur; and great-granddaughter, Jamie. There was a memorial service for Adelaide on Tuesday, December 13, at Hoff Funeral and Cremation Service in Rushford with the Rev. Roger Michaelson officiating. Burial was in the Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis. Alice Krahn Alice Emma Krahn, 92, of Spring Valley, died Thursday, December 8, 2011, at Spring Valley Senior Living where she had resided for the past three years. Alice was born on October 8, 1919, in rural Spring Valley, the daughter of William and Emma (Theiss) Moeller. She was baptized November 2, 1919, and confirmed May 28, 1933, at St. Johns Lutheran Church in Wykoff. She attended country school until the 6th grade, and then 7th and 8th grade at St. Johns Parochial School in Wykoff. Alice married Russell Frank Krahn on March 5, 1946, at First English Lutheran Church in Spring Valley. The couple were lifelong residents of the Spring Valley area. Alice was a homemaker who enjoyed gardening, raising flowers, crocheting, and embroidery. She enjoyed spending time with her children and grandchildren. Russell and Alice were members of First English Church in Spring Valley. Alice, her parents, and siblings were all charter members of First English Lutheran Church. Alice is survived by three daughters, Donna Herriott of Rochester; Diane (Roger) Hamer of Salem, MO; and Rhonda (Richard) Degand of Victoria, TX; two

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sons, Gary (Cindy) of Wykoff and Duane (Susan) of Wykoff; seven grandchildren, and a sister Avis Riehl of Rochester. She was preceded in death by her husband and two brothers. Funeral services were held Monday, December 12, 2011, at First English Church in Spring Valley with Rev. Loel Wessel officiating. Burial was in Spring Valley Cemetery. Gale D. Lamrouex Gale D. Lamrouex, age 72, of Wykoff died Friday December 9, 2011, at Seasons Hospice in Rochester. He was born January 2, 1939, in Owasso, Michigan to Clyde and Lilly (Baker) Lamrouex. Gale was united in marriage to Marlene Rath on April 18, 1959, in Phoenix, AZ. Gale worked as a diesel mechanic for the majority of his life and was a member of The First Baptist Church in Spring Valley, where he also served as trustee. He enjoyed woodworking, fishing, and tinkering with his boat. He is survived by his wife Marlene of Wykoff, MN; one son, Dan of Wykoff; three daughters, Cindy (Matt) Bentson of Fountain, MN; Barb (Fahy) Schleusner of Wykoff; and Angela (Tim) Cullen of Fairbanks, Alaska; 13 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Gale was preceded in death by his parents, a daughter; Anita O’Byrne, one brother and six sisters. Private family services for Gale D. Lamrouex were held Monday December 12, 2011, at the First Baptist Church in Spring Valley with the Pastor Joe Haynes officiating. Burial was in the Wykoff Cemetery. Evelyn Olson Evelyn Irene Davidson, age 78, of Hettinger, was born April 27, 1933, at LaCrosse, WI to Edwin O. and Irene (Erickson) Davidson of Whalan, Minn. She attended Whalan Public School and was confirmed at the Whalan Lutheran Church. She was united in marriage to Clifford O. Olson of Bucyrus, ND at the Highland Lutheran Church of rural Whalan, Minn. on June 2, 1962, where she was a member. Following their marriage, she moved Evelyn Olson to the Olson Family farm near Bucyrus, ND. They raised Hereford cattle there until she and Clifford retired and moved into Hettinger in the fall of 1979. She and Clifford were longtime members of Richland Lutheran Church. Her husband passed away on February 10, 2004. She continued to live in her home in Hettinger until entering Western Horizons Care Center in Hettinger. Evelyn passed away there on Saturday, November 26, 2011. Survivors include two nephews; Marvin (Connie) Olson, of See OBITUARIES Page 9 

Fillmore County Church Directory A rendahl Lutheran Church ………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am Highway 30, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 875-2477 Assembly Of God Church …………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 00am 610 Territorial Rd, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2101 Assumption Catholic Church ………………… Fri. - 8 : 30am & Sat. - 5 : 00pm 207 N May St, Canton, MN 55922 (507) 743-8320 Bethlehem Lutheran Church ………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 200 Kenilworth Ave S, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3344 Calvary Baptist Church ………………………… Sundays - 10 : 45am & 6 : 00pm 910 Winona St SE, Chatf ield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4686 Canton-Scotland Church ……………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 104 W Fillmore Ave, Canton, MN 55922 (507) 743-2260 Chatf ield Lutheran Church …………………… Sundays - 8 : 00am & 10 : 00am 304 Fillmore St SE, Chatf ield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4721 Chatf ield United Methodist Christ ………………………… Sundays - 9 : 30am 124 Winona St SE, Chatf ield, MN 55923 (507) 867-3529 Cherry Grove United Methodist …………………………… Sundays - 10 : 00am 18183 160th St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (Cherry Grove) (507) 937-3177 Christ Lutheran Church ……………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 509 Kansas St N W, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-2161 Christian Science Ser vices …………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2251 Elstad Lutheran Church ……………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am 37784 Dogwood Rd, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3769 Emmanuel Episcopal Church ………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 00am 217 W Jessie St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2164 Faith United Methodist Church ……………… Sat. - 5 : 00pm & Sun. - 9 : 00am 617 Maple Ln, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2830 Fillmore Free Methodist Church ……………… Sundays - 8 : 30am & 10 : 30am 19127 County 8, Wykof f, MN 55990 (Fillmore) (507) 352-5450 First Baptist Church …………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am & 6 : 00pm 701 Kasten Drive, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2840 First Baptist Church-Preston …………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am & 7: 00pm 108 Chatf ield Ave N W, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765- 4960 First English Lutheran Church …………………………… Sundays - 10 : 00am 217 W Grant St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-2793 First Lutheran Church of Highland ………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am 22423 391st Ave, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3318 First Presby terian Church …………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 30am 110 S Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2854 Fountain Lutheran …………………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am Main Street, Fountain, MN 55939 (507) 268- 4413 Fountain United Methodist Church ………………………… Sundays - 8 : 30am Co. Rd. 8 and Cedar St., Fountain, MN 55939 (507) 268- 4456 Garness Trinity Lutheran …………………………………… Sundays - 11: 00am PO Box 88, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5905 Grace Lutheran Church ……………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 365 Park St, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 875-2218 Greenf ield Lutheran Church ………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am & 10 : 30am 235 Main Ave S, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-3272 Greenleaf ton Reformed Church …………………………… Sundays - 10 : 00am Highway 9, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-2546 Harmony United Methodist Church ………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am 60 Main Ave S, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886- 6851 Henry town Lutheran Church ……………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am PO Box 103, Harmony, MN 55939 (Henrytown) (507) 886-2425 Highland Prairie Church …………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 43265 Bowl Dr, Peterson, MN 55962 (507) 864-2731 Historic Lenora United Methodist Church ……………… Special Occassions Lenora, MN (Rural Canton) (507) 545-2641 Immanuel Lutheran Church ………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 30am 254 Main St S, Wykof f, MN 55990 (507) 352-2801 Lanesboro United Methodist Church ……………………… Sundays - 8 : 30am 507 Parkway Ave S, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2646 Mabel First Lutheran Church ………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 202 N. Oak, P.O. Box 395, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5293 Mabel United Methodist Church …………………………… Sundays - 9 : 30am 111 W Newburg St, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5296 Nativity Catholic Church … Sun. (1st & 2nd) - 8 : 45am & (3rd & 4th) - 10 :30am 640 1st Ave SW, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-2393 New Life Victory Church ……………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 30am 440 2nd Ave SE, Harmony, MN 55939 (507) 886-3525 Newburg United Methodist Church ……………………………………………… 3.1 miles N. of Mabel on Hwy. 43 ; 2.2 miles W. on Co. Rd. 24 North Prairie Lutheran ……………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am 35957 Highway 30, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 875-2460 Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church ……………… Sundays - 8 : 00am & 10 : 30am 805 S Broadway St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-7251 Pilot Mound Lutheran Church ……………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 8 miles N. of Lanesboro on 250 then 4 miles W. on Hwy 30 (507) 875-2460 Pioneer Presby terian Church ………………………………… Sundays - 8 : 30am 206 Fillmore St NE, Chatf ield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4037 Preston United Methodist Church …………………………… Sundays - 8 : 30am 212 Saint Anthony St N, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-2503 R iver Of Life Regional Church …………………………………………………… 220 N Money Creek St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2853 Root Prairie Lutheran Church ……………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am County Rd 11, Fountain, MN 55939 (507) 268- 4455 Root R iver Church of the Brethren ………………………… Sundays - 10 : 00am 23553 County Rd 20, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765- 4772 Root R iver Community Church ……………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am 503 Nannestad Lane, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7074 Rushford Lutheran Church …………………… Sat. - 5 : 30pm & Sun. - 9 : 00am 101 S Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7152 Satersdahl Lutheran Church ………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 21447 Co. Rd. 30, Rural Harmony, MN Scheie Lutheran Church ……………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 30am PO Box 88, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5680 St Columban Church …………………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 30am 408 Preston St N W # 2, Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765-3886 St Ignatius Catholic Church ………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am 213 W Franklin St, Spring Valley, MN 55975 (507) 346-7565 St John’s Lutheran Church …………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 241 Line St S, Wykof f, MN 55990 (507) 352-2296 St John’s Lutheran Church …………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 00am 31497 Highway 43, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2585 St Joseph’s Catholic Church ………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 00am 103 N Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-2257 St Mark ’s Lutheran Church ………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 104 E North St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7111 St Marys Catholic Church ………………… Sat. - 5 : 00pm & Sun. - 11: 00am 405 Twiford St SW, Chatf ield, MN 55923 (507) 867-3148 St Matthews Episcopal Church ……………………………… Sundays - 9 : 30am 100 Fillmore St SE, Chatf ield, MN 55923-1219 (507) 867-3707 St Matthew’s Lutheran Church ……………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am Harmony, MN 55939 (Granger) (507) 772- 4474 St Olaf Catholic Church … Sun. (1st & 2nd) - 10 :30am & (3rd & 4th) - 8 : 45am 114 N Locust, Mabel, MN 55954 (507) 493-5268 St Patrick ’s Church Hall ……………………………………… Sundays - 8 : 00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-2480 St Paul Lutheran Church ………………… Sun. - 10 : 00am & Wed. - 7: 00pm 128 Fillmore St SE, Chatf ield, MN 55923 (507) 867- 4604 St Paul’s Lutheran Church ………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am Harmony, MN 55939 (Big Springs) (507) 886-8175 Sumner Center United Methodist Church ………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am 9 miles N. of Spring Valley on Co. Rd. 1 (507) 378- 4801 The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints ………… Sundays - 10 : 00am 21257 US Hwy 52 South Preston, MN 55965 (507) 765- 4551 Trinity Fellowship ELCA …………………………………… Sundays - 11: 00am 110 S Mill St, Rushford, MN 55971 (507) 864-7211 Trinity Lutheran Church ……………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am 204 South St, Ostrander, MN 55961 (507) 657-2203 Union Prairie Lutheran ……………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am Hwy 16, Lanesboro, MN 55949 (507) 467-3363 United Methodist Church …………………………………… Sundays - 10 : 30am 236 Gold St S, Wykof f, MN 55990 (507) 352- 4136 W halan Lutheran Church …………………………………… Sundays - 9 : 00am Lanesboro, MN 55949 (Whalan) (507) 467-2398

Faith &Worship A Diocese of Winona Parish

St. Columban’s Catholic Church 408 Preston St. NW, Preston, MN • 507-765-3886 Mass every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

St.Columban’s Beginnings

The name of the early Church was St. Joseph’s and wasn’t changed to St. Columban’s until 1882. The first Catholic Masses in the Preston area were celebrated in about 1857, with St. Joseph being a mission church of about 40 members. Visiting priests would arrive by rail, then driven by horse and buggy to visit the sick and to say Mass. The ladies would provide dinner and the priest would be taken to the depot for his return home. In 1864, Bishop Thomas Grace of St.Paul purchased a 120’x120’ lot in the Village of Preston at the corner of Preston and Franklin streets in the John Kaercher’s addition. This was where the first church was built. From that time until October of 1879, when the church was completed, visiting priests from Rochester, Caledonia and Lanesboro served Preston area Catholics. The present church and rectory were built under the supervision of Father Michael Doyle. He first built the rectory in 1924 followed by the church in 1928 at a cost of $30,000. Father Doyle was pastor here for 26 years. In 1857, a group of Catholic settlers in the Greenleafton and Carimona area built a church just west of the Jim and Ann O’Conner farm on County Rd. 14. According to Fillmore County history, the parish was called St. John’s. The church has since been torn down but the cemetery remains today, and is called St.Ligouri’s. St.Ligouri’s and Calvary cemetery, located north of Preston on County Rd 17, are joined as one and known as Calvary Cemetery Association. Today, St. Columban’s is a thriving and vibrant community with 125 families. We are clustered with St. Patrick’s in Lanesboro, and St. Mary’s in Chatfield. Our current pastor, serving all three parishes, is Father Patrick Arens ,whose home town in Kellog, MN. We are also blessed to have a retired priest, Monsignor Father Francis Galles, who celebrates daily Mass two mornings a week. The Mass schedule for our Tri-Parishes is: Saturdays 5:00p.m. in Chatfield; Sundays 8:00a.m. at Lanesboro, 9:30a.m. at Preston and 11:00a.m. in Chatfield.

Christmas Masses:

Christmas Eve: 4:00PM at St. Mary’s (with children’s Liturgy of the Word) 6:00PM at St.Columban’s 8:00PM at St. Patrick’s Christmas Day: 9:30AM at St. Mary’s

“A Light will shine on us today: the Lord is born for us”!

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Notice of filiNg amherst towNship

Notice of filiNg fillmore towNship

Notice of filiNg Norway towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Hugh F. Fendry II, Clerk • Amherst Township

Bonnie Heidtke, Clerk • Fillmore Township

Paul Halvorson, Clerk • Norway Township

Notice of filiNg areNdahl towNship

Notice of filiNg forestville towNship

Notice of filiNg pilot mouNd towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Keith Brown, Clerk • Arendahl Township

Connie Morger, Clerk • Forestville Township

William Sullivan, Clerk • Pilot Mound Township

Notice of filiNg Bristol towNship

Notice of filiNg fouNtaiN towNship

Notice of filiNg preBle towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Eunice Biel, Clerk • Bristol Township

Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00. Daniel L. Graskamp, Clerk • Fountain Township

David Larson, Clerk • Preble Township

Notice of filiNg caNtoN towNship

Notice of filiNg harmoNy towNship

Notice of filiNg prestoN towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00. Kathy Whalen, Clerk • Harmony Township

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice of filiNg carimoNa towNship

Notice of filiNg holt towNship

Notice of filiNg sumNer towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Faye Garness, Clerk • Canton Township

Linda Marzolf, Clerk • Carimona Township

Chris Gudmundson, Clerk • Holt Township

Notice of filiNg carroltoN towNship

Notice of filiNg NewBurg towNship

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00.

Luanne Storelee, Clerk • Carrolton Township

Genette Halverson, Clerk • Newburg Township

Curtis Bisek, Clerk • Preston Township

Marianne Hockema, Clerk • Sumner Township

Notice of filiNg yucataN towNship Notice is hereby given that filing for the annual township election to be held on March 13, 2012 will be open on January 3, 2012 to January 17, 2012. Officers to be elected: One Supervisor, 3 year term. One Clerk, 2 year term. Qualified persons interested in filing may do so with the clerk. All filings must be at the office of the clerk by 5:00pm, January 17, 2012. Filing fee is $2.00. Linda Griggs • Clerk, Yucatan Township

Monday, December 19, 2011


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Naploeon, ND; and Lester Olson of Dickinson, ND; and numerous relatives and friends. She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, and three brothers-in-law, Morris, Truman, and Lawrence Olson. The funeral service for Evelyn was held Friday, December 2, 2011, at the Hettinger Lutheran Church. Pastor Gary Weems and Pastor Ron Nelson officated, with burial at Hettinger Cemetery. Special music was provided by Linda Nudell and Corey Van Wick. Cheryl Jane Raustad Cheryl Jane Raustad, 64, of Harmony, MN, passed away Wednesday, December 14, 2011, at Sunrise Cottages of Rochester, MN after a courageous, eight year

battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Cheryl was born on January 29, 1947, in Lanesboro, MN, the youngest daughter of Howard and Gertrude (Lindelien) Olstad. She graduated from Lanesboro High School Cheryl Jane in 1965. Rustad Cheryl was united in marriage to Edward Raustad in Lanesboro, MN, on October 21, 1967. She worked for St. Marys Hospital in Rochester until moving to Racine in 1971 and was employed by Mayo Systems for fifteen years prior to her illness. Cheryl was a member of Pleasant Valley Lutheran Church in Racine, MN.

Rushford man accused of illegally taking trophy buck By Kirsten Zoellner The Houston County Sheriff’s Department, acting on a report of a stolen trophy Whitetail buck from a deer farm in rural Houston, is proceeding with a formal investigation of a 19-year old Rushford man. The 19-year-old is suspected of illegally entering a deer pen at 2:30 am last Thursday, December 8, and shooting the buck with a bow and arrow. He allegedly then cut a hole in the game

farm’s fence and dragged the large buck out before returning to his parent’s house and apparently registering it with the DNR. Local law enforcement conducted interviews at the suspect’s residence following evidence. The 21-point trophy buck is near world record size and had a Boone & Crockett green score of 212. The buck was just behind the current worldrecord buck at 213 5/8.



Community Health Services Advisory Committee


Community Corrections Task Force (3-2 yr. terms)


Economic Development Authority Board (6 year term)


Economic Dev. Authority Board, Ex-Officio (6 year term)


University of MN Extension Services (3 year term)


Zumbro Valley Mental Health (3 year term)

At large

For more information, please contact Karen Brown, Coordinator at 507-765-4566. It would be helpful if you could respond by December 31, 2011. The Board thanks you for your consideration.

City of Rushford Village

An Open House will be held from 4:00 – 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 in the Rushford Village Hall-Community Center at 43038 State Hwy 30, Rushford Village, MN 55971

To recognize and thank Howard Otis for 12 years of service to Rushford Village as Zoning Administrator. All are welcome. Joyce Iverson, Clerk ~ City of Rushford Village

attention Preston townshiP

The township clerk will not be running for re-election. Anyone interested in filing, please contact

Curtis Bisek at 507-272-4784

Cheryl is survived by her husband Edward Raustad of Harmony, MN; daughter, Kimberly (Bradley) Fromm of Eagan, MN; son, Todd (Victoria) Raustad of Rochester, MN; son, Troy Raustad (Lynn) of Cresco, IA; four grandchildren; sister, Carol (Manford) Lange of Harmony; brother, Curtis (Pat) Olstad of Rochester; along with numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. She was preceded in death by her father Howard Olstad and mother Gertrude Olstad. Funeral services were held Monday, December 19, 2011, at Pleasant Valley Lutheran Church in Racine, MN. Burial took place in Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Racine. Lindstrom Funeral Home in Harmony assisted the family with arrangements. According to an interview of the game farm owner, conducted by WCCO-TV, Channel 4, the 3-year old buck was the result of selective genetics and breeding. Two other deer, from the pen of 24, are also missing. The public is encouraged to contact the Houston County Sheriff’s Department if they have any information on the missing deer, which have yellow ear tags. The case is still under investigation and there are currently no formal charges against Jackson. Charges could be filed as early as today. The suspect could be charged with violating Minnesota’s Outdoor Recreation Trespass Laws through theft and destruction of private property, rather than poaching because the buck was in a penned facility. Civil penalties for the case would be $50 since it is a first-time violation. A subsequent second violation within a three-year period receives a $200 fine and a third violation a $500 fine and loss of license and every registration. Criminal penalties are at least a misdemeanor for violation of the law. It becomes a gross misdemeanor to knowingly disregard trespass signs. Anyone convicted of a gross misdemeanor violation will have the applicable license and registration revoked and will have all hunting privileges suspended for two years.

Notice Due to the holiday, the Sumner Township Supervisors’ December Meeting will be held Wednesday, December 28, at 7:30 p.m. at the Sumner Town Hall.


Season’s Greetings from all of us!

As another holiday season comes skating in, we want to give our best to you and your kin. It has been a pleasure serving you - Thank You!

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To our valued customers we extend our sincere gratitude and best wishes for a season that’s filled with good health, good fortune and good friends.

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the support from the people of Fillmore County has made it possible for them to give back in this way. “I’m very grateful we can do this,” said Dornink. According to Mensink, people love the fresh pork, and it


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during events like the Fillmore County Fair, Trail Days, the FlyIn Breakfast, golf tournament, and other events during the summer months. Dornink said

Merry C

Monday, December 19, 2011

hristmas From Everyone at the

root river Saloon

Christmas Day open at 2 pm All DAy HAppy Hour

Root River Saloon • 112 Coffee St • Lanesboro, MN • 507-467-3355

goes fast. Last year, SEMCAC had stimulus money, and the shelves were stocked full of food. Mensink feels the recession has hit this area in the last year. Prices have gone up in grocery stores, and with it, food shelf usage has gone up. Families that qualify receive 15 pounds of food per person each month. The Preston location alone has 280 families that use it regularly. And lately, some of those families have been using it more often than in previous years. There are other organizations in the area that donate to the food shelf each year, and it makes a big difference for people in need. “I can’t say enough about all of the organizations that provide food and money to us,” said Mensink. “There are great people in Fillmore County.” Even with the budget cuts, it looks like the SEMCAC food shelves are holding their own, thanks to the generosity of so many.

Season’s Greetings from all of us! Hope your Holiday is covered in Blessings! May the Christmas season bring you and yours happiness and good fortune in great measure. Thanks for your support and friendship. We look forward to serving you.

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…and a New Year of health, happiness and prosperity.

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Warmest wishes for a Christmas that’s a cut above the rest. Thanks for your loyal support.

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Monday, December 19, 2011


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Fillmore County Sports Preston: Hub of boy’s b-ball activity By Paul Trende The first full week of the BBB season had Fillmore County teams descending upon the house of Falcon. On Tuesday, the Kingsland Knights (0-1) visited Fillmore Central (0-0). They kicked the front door in, jumping out 14-2 and taking a 34-19 advantage into halftime. Early in the second, FC finally found an answer to Kingsland’s half-court wing trap. But even after scoring on five of six trips (four FG’s by Mitch Johnson), the Falcons still trailed 43-32. The answer for the trap went as quick as it came. Over FC’s next nine possessions, they shot 0 for 2 with seven TO’s. The Knights, meanwhile, were incredibly efficient. On nine parallel possessions, they made 8 of 11 FG’s with zero TO’s. The 16-nil run essentially amounted to the Knights kicking the backdoor out, as they left (victorious). The final was 64-37. Tanner Lange and Sam Eberle led the charge, tallying 22 (8 of 16 shooting) and 18 points (8 of 12 shooting) respectively. Johnson led FC with 8. It was the Falcons’ first game, Kingsland’s first win. Two nights later (Thursday), it was Fillmore County’s version of DukeNC (the close-quarters rivalry part). Lanesboro (1-0) made the eight-mile trip up Highway 16. They commenced bombarding the hoop with three-pointers. At one point, Burro shooters hoisted up 16 consecutive trifectas without a 2-point attempt. They shot 28 total long-rangers in the first half. It was successful in as much as Lanesboro held a 25-22 halftime edge. The game slowed down considerably in the second stanza, Lanesboro more patient with their dribble-weave (less locked-and-loaded from deep), FC forced to be patient against the Burro zone-defense. Leading 43-42 with 2:16 to go, all Lanesboro did was dribble-weave. Far from being in the bonus (and confident in their multiple ball-handlers), the orange and black’s attempt was to run out the clock. But an inbounds pass went up for grabs, with Falcon hands ultimately securing it. With 19 seconds left, FC in-bounded looking for the win. As the clock ticked down, they frantically looked for a good shot. Andy Todd’s baseline jumper went begging with five seconds, but Ryan Baker was there for the offensive rebound. Fading away, he tossed the ball up from about six feet away in the lane. High off the backboard it banked, down through the net it went with about a second to go. The final instant ticked off; 44-43 Fillmore Central prevailed! They returned the buzzer-beating favor, as Braden Hanson (the Burros leading

Pet of the Week

scorer on the night with 20) ended last season’s regular season affair in similarly dramatic fashion. Erik Peterson added 15 for the Burros, all on three-pointers (5 of 9). FC’s six-four, 220-pound Isaac Sveen was big down low, scoring 13 and grabbing at least as many rebounds. Tyler Eickhoff added 12. Neither team went to the line much (FC 1-6, Lanes 2-2). FC had more TO’s (13 to 7). Lanesboro attempted 34 shots in the first half (9 makes), but only 19 in the second (7 makes). FC was consistent with 29 and 25 attempts, 10 conversions, each half. FC held an offensive rebounding edge (14 to 9) and a second-chance-points edge (16 to 3). On Friday, Chatfield (1-2) came to P-town. The action pretty much picked up where it left off a night before. It was back-and-forth competitive basketball for a half (35-33 Falcons), before things slowed a little in the second stanza. A 16-4 Gopher run, which flipped the scoreboard from 39-35 FC, to 51-43 Chat, was countered by three straight Falcon possessions that ended with andone’s. FC only converted one of the three FT’s, but the 7-0 run brought the Gopher lead down to one (5150) around the 7-minute mark. But from there on in, Chatfield outscored the Falcons 16-6, including hitting 8 of 12 FT’s down the stretch. They evened their record at 2-2 (2-0 in conference) with a hard-fought 67-56 victory. Nate Skare’s outside shooting was a main impetus behind the ‘W’. The 6’1” sophomore guard netted 20 points. Jesse Julian provided a boost off the bench with 11. Jake Peterson also reached double-digits with 10. FC’s Tyler Eickhoff matched Skare for game-high with 20. FC falls to 1-2 overall (0-2 in conference). Smith, Hanson, Strom Fill It Up Usually, it takes a couple games to get the rust off the old jump shot (or even lay-up). For Braden Hanson, Cory Strom, and Steven Smith, they don’t know no stinking rust. Each saw more than their fair of shots fall (and their stat sheets got filled) in the season-opening battle between Lanesboro and MabelCanton.The two squads combined to score 118. The Hanson/Strom/ Smith trio accounted for 80 of those points. M-C’s Smith led all scorers (and rebounders) with 31 and 18, typical of the big-man. Burro teammates Hanson and Strom dueled with Smith, both came up short, and each other, Hanson narrowly edged his backcourt mate. Braden’s 25 and Cory’s 24 negated Smith’s big night, as Lanesboro only trailed twice (2-0 & 17-15). At around the 6-minute mark, it was a six point game (45-

Domestic meDium hair mix

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Paws & Claws dog and cat shelter is located at: 602 7th St. NW, Rochester, MN 55901


Viewing Hours for our animals: • Monday: 12:30pm - 4:30pm • Tuesday: 2:00pm - 7:00pm • Wednesday: 12:30pm - 4:30pm • Thursday: 2:00pm - 7:00pm • Friday: 12:30pm - 4:30pm • Saturday 12:30pm - 4:30pm (PleaSe arrive 15 MinuTeS Prior To cloSing To vieW caTS and dogS available For adoPTion.)

39), but the Burros outscored the Coug’s 23-11 the rest of the way for a 68-50 victory. It was a contrast in styles, M-C going inside to Smith, Lanesboro using a perimeter-attack. The Burros made 11 3-pointers to the Cougars zero. BBB 12-6 •Chatfield 51, Dover-Eyota 50 (C: Jake Peterson 12; Nate Skare 8; Josh Bernard 8. D-E: Bryan Halvorson 16; Tyler Mandler 12; Nate Vang 11 pts & 18 rebs. Gophers made 15 FT’s to D-E’s 5) •#10 in AA Plainview-Elgin-Millville 86, #8 in A Rushford-Peterson 59 (R-P: Nick Thompson 23 pts (five threes); Trent Vix 10. PEM: Cory Speer 22 (four three’s); Beau Nelson 16; Chase Montgomery 15; Sam Ruth 14. Score was 40-39 PEM at halftime) 12-8 •R-P 74, St. Charles 55 (R-P: N. Thompson 31; T. Vix 13. SC: Will Swiggum 20; Aaron Leistikow 15. Trojans are 1-1 overall & in Three Rivers) 12-9 •Caledonia 38, Kingsland 74 (K: T. Lange 26; S. Eberle 16; Devin Pokorney 13. Knights went 29 of 38 at FT line. Win moves their record to 2-1, 2-0 in Three Rivers play. Thru three games, Lange is averaging 20.3 per) •Lanesboro 64, Grand Meadow 47 (L: B. Hanson 22 pts, 6 rebs, 4 ass; E. Peterson 16 pts, 5 rebs, 5 ass, 4 stls; Kole Ruud 13 pts on 4 of 4 from deep. GM: Andrew Riedemann 12. Burros jumped out 12-2, led by 25 at half, & hit 14 three’s. Record is 2-1, 2-0 in SEC. Thru three games; Braden Hanson is averaging 22.3 per) •LeRoy-Ostrander 35, MabelCanton 58 (M-C: S. Smith 22. L-O: Mitch Scaglione 12. Coug’s pick up win #1) 12-10 •St. Charles 63, M-C 41 (M-C: S. Smith 19. SC: W. Swiggum 18; A. Leistikow 15. Coug’s are 1-1 in conference 1-2 overall. Smith is averaging 24 points per game through 3 games) GBB 12-6 •D-E 43, Chatfield 52 (C: Sidney Irish 15 pts & 4 stls; MaKenzie Miller 15 pts & 6 rebs; Sarah Costello 7 pts, 11 rebs. D-E: Brandi Blattner 11. Gophers led throughout and by as many as 11 (43-32) in second half. At just under the 5-minute mark, the lead was three (46-43). Chat made 6 of 8 FT’s down the stretch while the Eagles were held scoreless. Goph’s survived despite surrendering 27 OR’s and committing 27 TO’s. Record is 3-2, 2-0 in 3-Rivers) •R-P 41, PEM 45 (R-P: Amy Todd 19 pts (9-11 from the line) & 8 rebs; Cody Manfull 10. PEM: Taylor Aakre 13 pts & 13 rebs. R-P led 40-34 with 2:14 left but were then out-scored 11-1. Trojans won free throw battle 22 of 30 to 11 of 21, but PEM held a 23-12 offensive rebounding edge) 12-9 •Kingsland 54, #4 in AA Caledonia

57 (K: Lindsay Tart 17; Nicole Swanson 13 pts & 12 rebs. C: Taylor Winjim 28. Knights went 18 of 34 from FT stripe. Record stands at 3-2, 1-1 in Three Rivers) •Lanesboro 50, Grand Meadow 42 (L: Bryn Harmon 17; Paige Hungerholt 15. GM: Audra Durham 12. After starting season 0-3, Burros have rallied for three straight victories and are 3-0 in SEC play) •LeRoy-Ostrander 33, M-C 25 (M-C: Carly McCabe 7 pts & 8 rebs; Christy Welscher 4 pts & 13 rebs. L-O: Krista Bunne 14 pts including 4 three-pointers. L-O hit six three’s to M-C’s one. Coug’s are 0-2 overall & in SEC play) •R-P 60, St. Charles 54 (R-P: Kenzie Lind 20 pts & 7 rebs; A. Todd 18 pts on 8-11 shooting, 9 rebs; C. Manfull 13. SC: Leah Putzier 24. Shooting %: R-P 48.6, SC 28.3. Trojans grab win #1, move record to 1-3 overall/Three Rivers) Wrestling 12-8 •GMLOK Triangular (GMLOK defeated Southland 63-15, lost to Dover-Eyota 37-39; D-E downed Southland 58-12. Bulldog dual record is 1-2) 12-9 •LARP 58, FCLMC 12 (LARP got pins from Josh Doerr (106), Nick Hoff (182), & Evan Bain (285).

They got decision victories from Jackson Riebel (138), Gabe Daley (145), & Chris Boehmke (152). FCLMC’s got a pin from Niko Anderson (160), and decision victories from Chris Collett (113) & Gabe Decker (132). FCLMC forfeited 120, 126, 170, 196, & 220) 12-10 •Cottage Grove Park Wolfpack Duals (Chatfield took 2nd. Defeated Goodhue 40-32 in round 1, St. Francis 36-27 in round 2, and Paynesville 45-33 in round 3 before losing to Blue Earth Area 41-33 in 1st place match. Gopher dual record is 7-3) •Southland Quadrangular (LARP defeated Southland 71-12, St. Clair/ Mankato-Loyola 58-6, & Triton 39-33. Screamin’ Eagle dual record is 4-1) •La Crosse Logan Invite (FCLMC finished 7th of 9 with 7 wrestlers. Individually, Niko Anderson (160) won his first varsity tournament (8-1 on season). Chris Collett (113), Gabe Decker (132), Andy Love (138), & Monty Holm (152) all finished 4th. •State Ranked County Wrestlers (Dec 9th Poll): Justin Doerr (LARP) is 6th in AA at 126, Jordan Theede (LARP) is 4th in AA at 145, Lucas Roe (GMLOK) is 6th in AA at 152, Greg Johnson (LARP) is 9th in AA at 182, & Cody Wrubel (Chatfield) is 7th in A at 285.

Season’s Greetings from all of us! A SAfe & WArm SeASon

May you and yours share much Merry Christmas, happiness throughout the holidays and far into the future. We sincerely Everyone! appreciate your trust in us. Wishing you and yours an abundance of glad tidings at this special time of year.

AmericAn FAmily insurAnce Preston - 765-2372

Delivering Our Best Wishes! Happy Holiday’s from the

136 St. Anthony Street, Preston, Mn • 507-765-2151

Harrington Enterprises 507-561-2282 11 miles South of Spring Valley, MN

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Monday, December 19, 2011

County receives MCIT Award By Karen Reisner A new plaque recently awarded to Fillmore County was on display at the board’s December 13 meeting. On December 5 during the Minnesota Counties Intergoverment Trust (MCIT) annual membership meeting, the county was awarded the distinguished MCIT “County of the Year Award.” Each year a county is honored for excellence in risk management and loss control. The criteria used by MCIT to select the annual recipient includes “risk management, loss control, customer service, property/casualty claims and workers’ compensation claims.” MCIT provides county governments and organizations with property, casualty and workers’ compensation coverage. MCIT is a joint risk-sharing entity. AMC Fillmore County commissioners attended the annual conference of the Association for Minnesota Counties December 5-7 in Minneapolis. Commissioner Duane Bakke, who served the statewide organization as president during 2011, spoke to the

membership. He lead an effort over the year to increase commissioner involvement and streamline the legislative decision-making process. He worked to allow every county to have membership on every policy committee immediately. AMC produced the Minnesota Government Accountability, Innovation and Collaboration Act (MAGIC Act) and tried, but failed to get the state legislature to pass it into law in 2011. However, it did have bipartisan support. Bakke said they are close to reaching the goal of getting it into law, asking members to give it one final push of support. If it becomes law in 2012, it will provide counties with flexibility, and state support to identify and pursue opportunities and innovation that will make a difference in local communities. Bakke will serve on the Board of Directors as past president in 2012. The 2012 president is Carver county commissioner Randy Maluchnik. Sheriff’s Department A 2011 Emergency Management Performance grant was approved in the amount of $19,032. Sheriff Daryl

Back row from left to right: Fillmore County commissioners Chuck Amunrud, Marc Prestby, Duane Bakke, Tom Kaase, and Randy Dahl. Front row from left to right: County auditor/treasurer Shirl Boelter and County coordinator Karen Brown Photo submitted

We will do your shoveling…… Winter is here so, if you would like to take the worry out of winter home upkeep and leave the outside maintenance to us? Then there is no better time to move into your new apartment at

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Besides the outside maintenance these are some of the other amenities we offer: * Daily Noon Meal with a selective menu and salad bar three days a week * Secured Entrance * Parking * On Site Laundry * Scheduled Activities * Emergency Call System * Water, Sewer and Garbage Fees Included * All Units Ground Level

To set up a tour or for more information please contact Suzette at 867-3416

Chosen Valley Care Center, InC. A Senior Living Community

Jensen said it was similar to 2011 and is a 50 percent reimbursement grant. A border interoperability grant with the state, Department of Emergency Communications, was approved. Jensen noted the money will be put toward control stations and radios for bordering counties in a neighboring state (Howard county, Iowa). Commissioner Tom Kaase called it a step toward interoperability for the tri-state area. Payment was approved for two replacement 2012 squad cars which will be purchased from Perkins, Inc. for a total of $39,501.60. The price was approved on March 8 and will be paid out of 2011 funds. The 2012 cars are being purchased at the 2011 price. Approval was given for an application for a Public Safety Interoperable Communications grant for equipment and training. Jensen expects it will be somewhere between $15,000 and $40,000 requiring a 20 percent match for equipment. He hopes it can provide a new radio for every fire truck in the county. Other Business In Brief •Approval was given for a 2012 snow plow truck (2013 International 7600 SFA) at the low quote, after trade totaling $90,539.88 from Boyer Truck, Rogers, Minnesota. County Engineer John Grindeland said it was recommended by the Highway committee for the truck and equipment replacement. •The board approved the purchase of a used asphalt zipper from the city of Spring Valley. Grindeland commented that the county has used this machine about as much as the current owner. •The 2012 Natural Resources block grant agreement was approved. It combines five different programs and totals about $121,800. The amounts were very close to last year except a doubling of the MPCA subsurface sewage treatment portion from $9,931 to $18,941. •The board approved a 1.5 percent increase in the non-union pay plans for 2012. A 1.5 percent increase in the Merit Pay Plan was approved as recommended by the state. There has been a zero percent increase over the last two years. •A resolution was adopted approving the 2012 renewal of the Medical Examiner agreement with Regina Medical Center. Dr. Lindsey Thomas was re-appointed as the Fillmore County Medical Examiner. •An agreement with Southeastern Libraries Cooperating and Southeast Library System (SELCO) was approved for 2012-2014. The county agrees to provide funding at the level of $206,447 for 2012 and an amount that reflects about a one percent increase each year through 2014. •Auditor/treasurer Shirl Boelter reviewed the fund balance report. The tax capacity for the county is over $700,000 less for 2012 as compared to 2011. That is over a three percent decrease in overall tax capacity. •Borings and cultural digs have been done on the proposed site for the Veterans Cemetery on the county farm. Commissioner Chuck Amunrud said they ran into some bedrock, but can work around it. There is to be a meeting with MnDot soon about the frontage to Hwy 52.

Season’s Greetings from all of us! Thank you so much for the gift of your friendship.

Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas We thank our neighbors, customers and friends for the privilege of your business. May you be blessed this holiday season and throughout the new year.


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We wish you joy and God’s blessings in the new year. From all of us at Rushford * Houston St. Charles * Lewiston Goodview/Winona

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rushford deals with state shift By Kirsten Zoellner In an attempt to balance the state budget, and see $261 million saving, the Minnesota legislature has restructured the Homestead Market Value leaving many cities bearing the brunt of upset citizens facing higher taxes. Rushford is seeing the effects of this with its 87.96 tax rate, the highest since 2003. Unfortunately, this presents a “skewed” picture, according to city staff. “It’s the formula the state is using,” noted City Clerk Kathy Zacher. “It’s nothing the city is doing.” The city increased it’s levy only $34,695 from 2011. It is essentially operating at the same amount, with a 4.7% percent increase only for the purpose of debt service for long-term capital projects. Business owner Paul Brand questioned the council as to just how much tax the businesses can handle before they leave town. “Do you consider that good government?” Councilor Mark Honsey responded, “It looks like that because of what the state is doing.” The remainder of the council and city staff agreed.

Through the Market Value Exclusion, the state has shrunk the market value from approximately $91 million to $78 million, all while redistributing the burden from homeowners to the backs of commercial and industrial properties. Unfortunately, cities do not have the authority to contest this law and its shifting burden. The good news, for the city, is that the new law will eliminate unpredictable and inconsistent reimbursement of property tax distribution by the state. The bad news, however, is tax bases will shrink. With the lowest taxable market value in seven years, exclusion is intended to moderate the homeowner impact, but loss in tax base will cause tax rates and taxes on most properties to increase. Rushford’s tax base sits in the middle of that of neighboring municipalities, despite having numerous services offered within its borders that aren’t offered in other cities. The city has no choice but to move ahead with a scheduled MNDoT project targeting Highway 43/Mill Street. The “intri-

Spring Valley certifies tax levy By Gary Peterson Approval was given by the City Council to hire the auditing firm of Smith Schafer and Associates, Ltd of Minneapolis to conduct the cities auditing operations for 2012. The total cost will be $15,500, which is an increase of $400 from last year. The breakdown of the costs includes the audit of the financial statements, preparation of the statements, and accounting assistance with year-end closing entries. There will be preparation of workpapers to convert fund financial statements to government-wide financial statements, assistance with the preparation of the management discussion and analysis, and additional procedures. Council also approved a resolution certifying the 2011 final property tax levy (payable in 2012) and adopting the 2012 Budget. The total levy is $878,027 which is the amount

approved in September and holds the line with no increase from last year. The General Levy is $510,084. The Library is $109,736 and special levies amount to $258,207 bringing the total to $878,027. City Administrator Deb Zimmer said that property valuations dropped on the residential side and increased for commercial. This year there will be spending for a fire truck, utilities increases and an increase in the price of gasoline and diesel. Zimmer also indicated that the grass rig that the fire department purchased from DNR has been delivered and ready to go to work. She also said that Friday, December 30 will be a training day for city employees. The training will be conducted on line, and the City Hall will be closed on that day. Around the table there were no reports given by any of the council members.

BROTHERS IN THE WATER The Rushford Volunteer Fire Department and the Flood of 2007

Purchase Name Mailing Address City, State, Zip # Books Order

At $15.00 Each = $3.00 S/H Each + Total Due =

$ $ $

Make check payable to Rushford Fire Relief Association, PO Box 430, Rushford, MN 55971 or drop off form and payment at City Hall, 101 N. Mill St., Rushford, MN 55971 Questions call City Hall 507-864-2444

cate,” “extensive” project will run through the center of the city, from the north end Rush Creek Bridge to the Root River bridge on the city’s south end. The $3 million project, will have multiple funding streams, including assessed properties, the city, state, and hopefully FEMA. The project goal is to repair and upgrade water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer services, all concrete curb and gutter, street pavement, selected sidewalks, and entrance aprons. Citing new standards, MNDoT will decide which sidewalks will need to be replaced to meet codes. In addition, the north end of the project, specifically the two blocks north of the school, will be widened. It is expected that properties on the east side of that Highway 43, in that area only, would shift three feet further. The area is already in MNDoT rightof-way. The total project cost is $3,137,371 with MNDoT footing $1,495,736 of the bill. The city portion is $1,211,537 and the specially assessed portion is $430,098. FEMA funding is still pending. FEMA pending, the design portion is expected to take quite a Birthday wishes were given to Administrator Deb Zimmer as the Council moves into a new year.


bit of time, and construction is not expected to begin until April 2014, lasting through November of the same year. In other news, the council was asked for their support in encouraging responses to, “The Rushford Question.” It is a cooperative effort between the Rushford Area Branding Committee, the Rushford Area Chamber of Commerce, and Rushford resident Carolyn Dunham, Rushford Question project manager. The premise of the “Rushford Question” is to get the community looking at the positives of the area. “It’s an attempt to find something we can hang our hat on,” added Dunham. 500 questionnaire letters were

Page 13

mailed, by 95 percent random sample, within the community. “The idea,” noted Dunham, “Is to get the buzz going.” The effort also hopes for more positive community interaction and discussion. Dunham will report back to the organizations so they can determine how to move forward and implement a plan. “This is not at all political,” said Dunham. “I strongly encourage the council and staff to tell people to take it seriously… and if you get the question, don’t tell anyone else what it is!” The next regularly scheduled council meeting is Monday, December 26, at 6:30pm, at city hall. The public is encouraged to attend.

upcoming EvEnts

Friday December 23rd

Live Band the chubbs ~ 9pm - 1am

WANTED: We know that sometimes life deals us a bum rap, situations can occur that we have little or no control over financially. In today’s ever-changing economic cycle, job challenges arise that may have caused financial hardships or unexpected medical emergencies may have dealt an unfair blow. As much as we try, sometimes it is very difficult to rebound from unexpected or out-of-control finances without help or understanding from some outside source. We want that opportunity to help. Re-establishing credit can be as important as buying a car. We have lenders working right now to finalize loans. Let’s see how this program works: From the start, our customers are under no obligation to enter this program, they can say no at any time. This program is designed to re-establish their credit in as short a period of time as possible. Other dealerships offer “Buy Here - Pay Here” operations. Generally, you buy a vehicle they want to get rid of, and no credit is established since they do not report to the credit bureau (unless payments are not made) and there are no warranties or guarantees. If credit is established, it’s only with them so people are trapped inside their spiral of driving less than

saturday December 31st new Years Eve party KRoc ~ 9pm - 1am

Good PeoPle with Bad Credit

desirable vehicles and never improving their credit situation, which is the primary mission in this venture. At Zumbrota Ford, we offer all of our customers the opportunity to drive the vehicle that is right for them. We only use lenders that help re-establish your credit on 1998 and newer models, that meet the conditioning and mileage criteria of the lenders. Many of these vehicles have remaining factory warranties and are eligible for an extended service contract. After paying on this vehicle, credit will be re-established, provided payments have been maintained current on it and all your other credit obligations. Do you have: 1. A full-time job? 2. $1,300 gross monthly income? 3. Stable residence? 4. Down payment or trade? 5. Past credit problems with a drive to re-establsh credit? If so, we would like the opportunity to help you. Call 1-800757-3080, ask for Brent or Greg for a completely confidential interview and drive home in your next automobile or truck form Zumbrota Ford tomorrow.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

A View From The Woods By Loni Kemp ©SallyKeating2011

Frack Sand Mining comes to Lake Wobegone Sometimes I love how our home in the hills of southeast Minnesota seems like the land that time forgot, a quiet haven at the end of the road. Last week every step outdoors brought gasps of wonderment at the frosty snow encapsulating every twig and branch and fence post. By day a brilliant sun turned the forest into a glittering fantasy world, and by night a radiant full moon rose and slid across the sparkling skies. We do live in paradise, and are thankful at this, the darkest time of the year. Beautiful it is, but of course we are not disconnected from the rest of the industrial and urban world. We are part of it too. The latest reminder comes in the form of proposed frack sand mining in Fillmore County. Must we really become educated about yet another environmental threat? Yes, we must. I look at the big picture, as I am wont to do, to figure out the context. The context here is hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, for natural gas and oil—which is causing a huge ruckus in Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, North Dakota, Texas and other states where gas or oil

deposits lie underground. Explosive growth in natural gas production results from fracking technology which now enables the industry to exploit formerly inaccessible rock formations. By injecting silica sand, chemicals, and enormous quantities of water underground, companies fracture the rocks to let the natural gas escape into wells for recovery. A cascade of public outrage usually follows for neighbors who are left with polluted wells and ugly extraction sites. That is not what is happening here. Our role in this saga is a different one. We, along with other counties on either side of the Mississippi River, happen to have deposits of the high quality silica sand so essential to natural gas fracking. Frack sand is what the industry wants from Fillmore County. Two proposals to mine sand in Fillmore County are pending, while the proposers were told to prepare Environmental Assessment Worksheets. It is hard to comprehend the potential level of demand for this excellent sand. One landowner near Red Wing sold 155 acres at $17,000 an acre for a sand mine, according to MPR. Last week the Duluth harbor received its first oceangoing

vessel loaded with fracking sand, shipped all the way from Russia, possibly destined for North Dakota gas fracking or Canadian oil fields. Tens of thousands of fracking wells are under development, and they all need silica sand. Further putting pressure on Fillmore County is the fact that our neighboring counties to the east are enacting moratoriums on frack sand mining, realizing that they are not prepared to understand the effects or put the proper controls in place. Goodhue and Wabasha Counties suspended development, and Winona County plans to vote on a moratorium in the next few weeks. If Fillmore County is not prepared, we may see a flood of frack sand mining proposals from developers wanting to lock in mines here, before we get our act together. In one sense, sand and gravel mining are nothing new here. For over a century, local landowners have dug what was needed for local roads and construction projects. We have ordinances in place, and the ability to place requirements on conditional use permits, for the kind of small scale pits we are used to. But frack sand mining pushes us past our comfort zone. Will these mines be hundreds of acres in scope? Could there be many such mines? Would there be blasting and underground mining to reach silica sand in the deeper Jordan sandstone? Will there be industrial gravel washing with high water use and pollution from sand treat-

ment chemicals? Is there any way to reclaim huge pits, and if there is, how can we be sure responsible companies will stick around to fulfill their obligations? What about traffic and road degradation? What protections are there for neighbors who are damaged? Southeast Minnesota has a ripe opportunity to step back and carefully consider what role we want to play, if any, in the fracking industry.

I hope our county leaders assert themselves to pass a moratorium and give us the time to complete research, in order to get our ordinances and conditional use permit requirements up to date. Paradise doesn’t just happen; it takes courageous citizens who decide to actively defend our beautiful community.

3 sticks butter 3 cups flour 3/4 cups sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 2/3 cup blanched and ground almonds

Vanilla Sand Cookies

Work all ingredients with hands, or mix in food processor until smooth. Roll into balls and flatten with a glass. Bake at 325 degrees 25 minutes or until golden.

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Trout Fishing Map 88

Paralell Horse

Bike Trail Ma p

Horse trail being developed 2007

M in S e M innesota ~S ene iowa w w iscon s i n | 2 0 1 1 -2 0 1 2 | V i s i t or ’s G ui de | FR ee n es o~taS e ~ M n ien nio ew s oat a~ S w ~ n w is co n si e io n | 20 11 wa ~ -2 01 2 | V is it Sw o r’s G u wis id e | con FRee sin | 20 11-2 012 | Vi sito r ’s G uide

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Visitor’s ViVsitor’Guide isitosr Guide ’s Gu ide S e M in ne

S o ta ~ n e io Se M wa ~ S w w iS inn c o n S in eSo ta ~ n e io A G uide to H istoric Bluff w ca ountry ~ Sw wiS con A S

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nesota trout streams Southeastern Min

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a pu b l i c at i o n by a pu b l i c at The Fillmore County Journal Bluff Country ion a Visit by p i c at Thiseu bFBlillu V lmffoC io re n Thiseitit o V C u nobtr uynyty Jo FB

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| FR ee


BURRO NEWS High School News

Dec. 2011 - feb. 2012

Dec. 2011 - Feb. 2012

Looking Back….Looking Forward Pictured to the Left is Bryn Harmon and Kallie Johnson working on their ecosystems project.

Dec. 23 Jan. 3 Jan. 19 Jan. 20 Jan. 21 Jan. 28 Feb. 20

Pictured to the Right is Alexis Jorensen and Kelsey O’Koren performing at the recital concert.

As the year 2011 quickly draws to a close, the staff and students in Lanesboro have much to celebrate as well as a great deal to look forward to. One of the most recent events was the K-12 winter concert. The school gym was packed in tight

to see our young people perform. It was an event that brought the community support that we all enjoy to life. In November, the school had the privilege of hosting the community Veteran’s Day Program. With quarter one in the books and quarter two

The first quarter of the school year recently ended and wow, did it go by fast. We have started the new quarter and so far it has gone by smoothly. Along with all of the academics including reading, math, science, writing, and history, our students have been cooperating with community partner programs such as our local fire department and the Lanesboro Lions Club. Our local fire department had a Fire Poster Contest that all our first through fifth graders competed in. The fire department also provided each classroom with a tour of the fire hall and talked about fire safety. Our sixth graders worked on Peace Posters for our local chapter Lion’s Club. Our classrooms have been very busy working on different projects that cover many areas. In our kindergarten, Mrs. Rogers and the students have been working on creating an Alphabet Christmas Book and they have been practicing letter sounds with the their new Smart Board. They also recently finished a unit on community study and they visited the Lanesboro Bakery, Lanesboro Fire Department, the Police Office and the city’s library. In Mrs. Vickerman’s 1st grade room, the students have been busy writing letters to students and staff throughout the school, and they have been studying Christmas customs around the world. The first grade also wrote and published a book called Campfire Tales, Scary Stories From the

First Grade Class , and they are eager to get those back to show their parents. Mrs. Howard’s multi-aged 1st/2nd grade has been working on publishing stories and poetry, and they just recently finished working on dioramas that display different habitats found in our environment. They are also working on letter writing and the students have sent and received hundreds of letters within the school. In Mr. Rogers’ 2nd grade room, the students have been honing their math skills by working with the Smart Board. His class has also been working with a Mini-Minnesota Booklet that has led to many indepth conversations about Minnesota and its symbols and classifications. The 2nd grade is also working on wreathes, which has been taking place ever since Mr. Rogers came to Lanesboro 14 years ago. Mr. Klaehn’s 3rd grade room has been working on the study of the Native American culture and he integrated those lessons with different buffalo diagrams and activities on the Smart Board. They are also studying different cultures found throughout the world and he has many activities planned with those lessons on his Smart Board. In Ms. Zabel’s 3rd grade class, the students have been studying earth changes and have many activities planned with volcanoes, Earthquakes, and landforms found on the Earth. They are also working on writing letters and they recently finished making a quilt (from paper) after reading the novel,

Elementary News

Winter Vacation Begins at 11:30 School Resumes End of Quarter #2 No School – Teacher’s Workshop Lanesboro Boy’s Basketball @ Target Center Snow Ball Dance No School – President’s Day

quickly following, it is tough to figure out where the time goes. However, when you pause to think about all that the students have done since September, it becomes much more clear. Lanesboro students have had the opportunity to take in col-

lege fairs, career exploration days and many older students have taken advantage of college visits. There have been athletic events, knowledge bowl competitions, and music recitals and concerts. Whether it is homecoming or a field trip, our students have enjoyed opportunities to go, go, go. As this edition was being printed, our juniors and seniors were taking in a play at the Guthrie Theatre. The play they saw this year

was “The Christmas Carol”. With the promise that each new year brings, there will be a host of activities in our near future. With winter sports seasons in full swing, we also look forward to annual events such as the snowball dance in January. While this is just a snapshot of what our students are involved with, we welcome you to stay current with all things burros by going to www.

Pictured above are the Family Time students of the month for November. Family Time is a time when our elementary gets together each month to hear about individual accomplishments of each student. Students are rewarded for their monthly accomplishments with a free kid’s meal at Pedel Pushers in Lanesboro.

The Patchwork Quilt. In 4th grade, Mr. Hanson’s class has recently worked on a math activity using five containers with water to experiment the capacity that each holds. They also just finished researching the myth of Sasquatch on the Smart Board, which was related to a story in their reading book, and they have started to read the novel The Family Under the Bridge. Mrs. Ruen’s 5th grade class is busy with making mobiles that represent an evergreen tree. In Science, the class has seen 35 walking sticks hatch and they also made thermometers. They have just finished the Francis Tucket series by Gary Paulsen and they are starting to work on a keepsake All About Me poster. Mrs. Peterson’s 6th grade room has been full

Pictured above: Garrett Melander attempting to Jump the River, which was an activity the students engaged in as a reward for reaching individual goals with Lanesboro’s Elementary Accelerated Reading.

of activity and they are working on Poetry. They have started to work on the government section of their Minnesota Booklet. The 6th grade is also studying cultural habits of

how people around the world celebrate the holiday season. They are also studying biomes and each student will make their own biome book complete with illustrations.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Lanesboro School Board approves levy and budget By Jade Wangen The Lanesboro School Board approved the budget and levy for 2012 during their regular meeting on December 15. Superintendent Jeff Boggs went over the levy certification with the board and explained the different places the school’s funds come from. Boggs said most of the school’s money comes from the state, as they take property taxes from all over the state and distribute the money to schools. Another source is from state aid property tax credits, and a third source is

property tax levies. According to Boggs, the aid coming from the state has decreased every year. This year the aid coming in is $53,336.61, which is down $10,000 from last year. The total levy approved was $464,996.08, making the revenue total $518,332. The budget was approved with a deficit of $774,969.00. Boggs explained the district has reserves they can use if they need. This is also the first year with the operating referendum. Boggs said the percentage of schools in the state with a

referendum is very high, and Lanesboro and possibly Spring Grove are the only schools in Fillmore County without one. Board member Steve Snyder asked if they have to wait a certain amount of time before asking for another referendum. Boggs said they would have plenty of time to go to the voters if needed, but he thinks the reserves will help them out. The projected revenue in the 2012 budget is $3,627,363.00. Expenditures are set at $4,402,332.00. Boggs said he likes to estimate low on revenues and high on expenditures to be on the safe side. The revenues are $525,000 less than 2011. Part of the reason is fewer students, and some of that is less Special Ed. Money, although Boggs is not sure the reason for that. “There are many factors for the decrease,” said Boggs. The board also wanted to congratulate Greg Hanson for scoring 1,000 points in boys’ basketball.

2012 Journal calendar is coming Dec. 26

By Jason Sethre The Fillmore County Journal’s second annual glossy calendar will be inserted in the December 26, 2011 newspaper. There will be over 12,000 copies of this beautiful 2012 calendar distributed free to Journal readers compliments of all participating advertisers and local photographers depicting the natural beauty of our region. Additional copies of this calendar will be available at the Journal office in Preston for $3.00 each for any readers wanting extra copies to share with friends and family living outside of the Fillmore County distribution area.

Season’s Greetings from all of us! Best Wishes All Around!

Tuned up for

s a m

t s i h


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May all parts of your holiday be merry and bright! Thanks for being a loyal customer.

hanson tire Preston - 765-9871

Merry Christmas

Thank you for your support in 2011

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Relay for Life holding Festival of Tables event

Calling all creative minds! The American Cancer Society’s Fillmore County Relay for Life will be holding a Festival of Tables event on January 22 from 12:00 noon to 2:30pm at the ChristLutheran Church in Preston, Minnesota. We are looking for people to sign up to decorate a table with place settings, etc. There will be a fee to attend the event, but there is no fee for decorating a table for those interested. Tables are limited so get your name in early! If you’re interested in decorating a table, please contact Marilyn Schreier at 480202-3027 or Ann O’Connor at 507-429-0754.



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Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Crops Day returns to Caledonia day. Producers, farm managers, Ag consultants and sales people, or others interested in learning about economically favorable and environmentally sustainable practices for Ag production will benefit from attending on January 11. Jeff Vetsch, assistant scientist at the SROC, will begin the program at 9:00 a.m. with the crop year in review. He will summarize the weather data collected at Waseca and explain what role the 2011 weather had on crop production. How the record dry fall conditions may impact the 2012 crop will also be discussed. Many products are on the market for soybean growers promising con-

Jerrold Tesmer, Extension Educator for Fillmore/Houston Counties Ag Producers in southern Minnesota just finished a season that included a wet spring, a hot summer, and a dry fall. No one knows what is in store for the 2012 season, but crop management decisions are underway now, and that will Jerrold Tesmer be the focus of the University of Minnesota, Southern Research and Outreach Center (SROC) annual Winter Crops sota Se Minne

nsin ~ Sw wisco ~ ne iowa

2012 | 2011-

r’s | Visito


| FRee

onS ~ Sw wiSc ~ ne iowa eSota Se Minn



ui Visitor’s G A G uide


H istori c


Escape to...

c ountry

SE Minnestoa NE Iowa SW Wisconsin n by i c at i o a pu b l

al tryty Journ Coun Coun Bluffore The VisitFillm

bluf www.visit

.com fcountry

The Residents and Staff at

Park Lane Estates

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Park Lane Estates Assisted Living

111 Fillmore Place SE, Preston, MN (507)765-9986 • 507-259-3291

sistent yield benefits. Seth Naeve, Extension agronomist at the University of Minnesota, will report on soybean trials evaluating foliar fertilizers, fungicide, seed treatments, and inoculants. Alfalfa is an important crop for dairy farmers. Craig Sheaffer, professor in the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics, will discuss sustainable cropping systems, alfalfa management by variety selection, winter hardiness, and cutting management. Choosing the appropriate herbicide for your weed control needs can be a daunting task. Each year the University of Minnesota establishes field trials to evaluate herbicides for control of many weed species that pose problems to southern Minnesota corn and soybean producers. Tom Hoverstad, scientist at SROC, will present results from herbicide trials in addition to discussing a summary of fungicide applications. Corn producers are faced with ever-changing recommendations for the most efficient corn production management. Jeff Coulter, Extension agronomist, will summarize research trials that include planting date, row spacing, and plant populations for corn. Jeff will be joined by Kevin Kuehner, MDA, and Dawn Bernau, Fillmore SWCD, with interesting local data from local plots verifying U of M nitrogen recommendations. Jeff Vetsch will present research results on several topics related to nutrient management in corn. Some common farmer questions will be addressed. They include: What is the best nitrogen source and when should it be applied? When should I use a nitrification inhibitor? Are specialty fertilizers and fertilizer additives or enhancers worth the added cost? Research on the effects of adding the nitrification inhibitor Instinct to manure will be discussed. Cost for the event is $35 which will include morning refreshments, lunch, and handout materials. Continuing education credits have been applied for certified crop advisers. The program will be held on Wednesday, January 11 at the Good Times Restaurant in Caledonia. Registration begins at 8:30 and the program runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For speaker information, details can be found at the SROC website at or call the Houston County Extension Office at 507-725-5807 or the SROC at 507-835-3620.

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to our customers and friends for working with us this year. We look forward to serving you in 2012. Have a wonderful and safe holiday.

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We’re displaying our holiday cheer plus our thanks to you for stopping here! Merry Christmas!

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Monday, December 19, 2011


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question about interference with the shooting range. Illg, someone from the gun club, and Branch will walk around the area he will be working in to make sure there are no problems. Other Business Illg said the street light supply is getting low, and they need to order more. It is a lot more cost effective to

order multiple lights, and he wanted to know if they would like to switch to LED lights. Stuart Morem of Morem Electric said the LED lights cost $1,500 more per light. The council approved ordering six of the regular streetlights. The consent agenda was approved, which included the Administrator’s report, the schedule for utility rates, GASB-54 fund balance information, and a liquor license for Time Out Sports Bar pending paperwork.

A new mower bid was also approved. Only one bid was received, and that was from Kingsley Mercantile in Harmony for $4,982.14. A contract with ASCAP was approved, at the recommendation of City Attorney Richard Nethercut. The ASCAP contract is for government entities, and it covers the city so they cannot be sued for copyright infringement when pop music is played in the park or at other events. The cost was $309.

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Harmony completes 2011 charity drive The 60th Harmony Community Chest Drive has been competed. A total of $8,635 was collected via a solicitation mailing and a door-to-door campaign. Organizers gratefully thank the city for assisting with the mailing, the solicitors who went door-to-door, and the Harmony Community for its financial support. Contributions were distributed as follows: Harmony Ambulance, $2000; Harmony Library, $500; Harmony Girl Scouts, $150; Harmony-Preston Boy Scouts, $100; Gamehaven Boy Scouts Council, $100; MN and WI River Valley Girl Scouts, $100; DAC Fillmore County, $150; Maple Leaf Services, $100; Salvation Army, Fillmore County, $1000; Courage

Center, $400; United Cerebral Palsy of MN, $200; Juvenile Diabetes, $200; MS Society, MN Chapter, $200; Red Cross, SE MN Chapter, $1400; ARC, SE MN, $600; Heart Ass’n, Midwest, $400; Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, $$200; Arthritis Foundation, N. Central, $250; Cancer Society Midwest $300; Fillmore County Habitat for Humanity, $150. Officers of the Community Chest include Carroll Armstrong, Chairman, Carol Rhodes, Secretary, and Kay Himlie, Treasurer.

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Loans will be made between Nov. 1, 2011 and Dec. 30, 2011 (but can be used and accepted by businesses after this time as well) Monthly payment terms arranged • Payments will not start until after Jan. 1, 2012

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county as generally safe, road conditions as fair (limited funding), good solid waste management and recycling, veteran services as excellent, and county parks as good. A Public Health report had the county ranked in the upper 20 percent in most areas except for health factors where it is ranked 49 out of 85. Poor health behaviors or factors in the county include obesity, excessive smoking, risky binge drinking especially among young people, no hospital, and the level of poverty. The Minnesota Department of Human Services shows temporary assistance for needy families increased to an annual rate of 54.8 percent in 2011 from 36.6 percent in 2010. 2012 The county plans to continue in 2012 to provide more efficient and effective government. To improve efficiency the county is considering if it would be beneficial to share with another county a Community Services Director. Efforts will continue for a Fillmore County Veterans’ Cemetery. The county will continue necessary steps to be in compliance with the 2013 narrowband mandate. County expenditures will be reduced by 7.2 percent from 2011. The 2012 levy will be reduced by using $301,000 fund balance. Human resources costs increased less than one percent. The county now has seven appointed department heads, down from 10 in 2010. There are three division leaders under the umbrella of Community Services. Fillmore County expenditures for 2012 are to be slightly under 2006 levels. Intergovernmental revenues from the state of Minnesota and the federal government are down for 2012 by 19 per-

Monday, December 19, 2011

cent or -$2,149,040. The total revenue from all sources to the county for 2012 is $21,338,888, down from $23,001,417 in 2011 or about -7 percent. The Market Value Homestead Credit Aid which the state eliminated was $619,071 for the county in 2011. That aid coming from the state in 2012 will be zero. The program was replaced with the Market Value Exclusion which has effectively lowered the county’s tax capacity by excluding a portion of the market value from tax on homes valued up to $413,800. The decrease in tax capacity creates increases in taxes for some property tax payers or a shift of the burden. The proposed Fillmore County levy and disparity is $8,353,036. The increase in dollars from the 2011 levy for 2012 is $159,175 or 1.94 percent. The per capita cost is $400.32. The social services per capita cost is $52.15. Commissioner Chuck Amunrud noted the social service per capita cost is much less than in some other counties. Questions and Concerns Preliminary property tax statements that were mailed out prior to Thanksgiving gave some property owners less to be thankful for and others more. The changes by the state, eliminating the Market Value Credit and establishing the Market Value Exclusion for 2012, has reduced local government tax capacity and shifted the burden to higher valued homes, business, industry, and agricultural land. Unhappy property owners shared some of the major increases in property tax on some of their parcels. Merlin Ricklefs, property owner in Holt Township, wanted to know why he was paying 15 percent more when the county’s revenue is down. He insisted 15 percent is unrealistic and exorbitant. Brown explained the county only levies for its needs. County assessor Cindy

TORGERSON’S PAINT & FLOOR COVERING, INC. We Will be closed Saturday, Dec. 24 - Monday, Dec. 26 for Christmas

Have a Safe & Happy Holiday Season.

Harmony, mn 507-886-4257 • Caledonia, mn 507-725-3443

We would like to say a

BIG “THaNk You”

to all who generously donated, attended and contributed in anyway to Canton Santa Day 2011.

Special thanks to Santa & Mrs. Claus for stopping for a visit. Troy Soiney for the wagon rides and Marc Prestby for announcing. Last, but certainly not least, to all the Elves. From wrapping to baking to photos and all the good stuff in between. Everyone’s hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated.

Wishing you a Happy New Year! ~ Jane & Jackie

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Blagsvedt said she would have to look at his individual parcel. She explained that with the new exclusion law and the homestead reductions, the burden shifts to other properties. Commissioner Randy Dahl remarked that the county is at the state’s mercy, as they decide which class of property is going to be paying more or less. He said assessors can only correctly categorize the property. Dahl added the state doesn’t have any form of taxation hearing for itself. The state made changes to meet their shortfall this last summer. They eliminated the Market Value Credit which saved the state $292 million in pay outs to local governments. They replaced it with the Market Value Exclusion which lowers the tax capacity of local governments. The preponderance of home owners saw their property taxes go down. Dwayne Ostrem, Arendahl Township, said it appears a sector (homes valued under $413,800) is bearing less of the tax burden than they did last year. This has caused a shift in the burden to farmland, business, and commercial. He suggested few businesses will be able to keep their doors open doing that. Ostrem asked what control does he have as a tax payer? Amunrud suggested he has the ballot box. Ostrem complimented the county on their delivery of services. Amunrud explained the county is a delivery arm for state and federal services. State and federal governments are talking about cutting services and funding, but we are still mandated to provide services. Rules for the property tax structure are made in the legislature. Arlynn Hovey, Carimona Township, stated he had a 137.5 percent increase in tax on one of his parcels. The market value of the property almost doubled. Another parcel saw a lesser increase. He bemoaned that he was feeling persecuted. Chairman Marc Prestby suggested he go in and see the assessor about the change in valuation. Holly Kiese, Chatfield Township, said the market value of her property was about two and one half times what she paid for it. It was suggested she visit the assessor. Auditor/treasurer Shirl Boelter explained that once agricultural land reaches a market value of $1.2 million, it is bumped into a higher tax class rate of one percent. Commissioner Duane Bakke noted that a property owner’s second parcel in another township will loose its homestead status. He suggested everyone’s individual situation is different. If a property owner has a question on the market value, they need to go to the assessor’s office and get it checked. He said the federal government is not paying the state as much and the state is paying less to the counties, but the counties are still mandated to provide services. Bakke repeated that $2 million less is coming into the county in 2012 from state and federal sources.

Season’s Greetings from all of us! Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas

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Our very best wishes for a wondrous Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Monday, December 19, 2011


Jobless rate falls to 5.9 percent ~ employers cut 13,700 jobs in November ST. PAUL - The Minnesota unemployment rate fell by 0.5 percent in November to a seasonally adjusted 5.9 percent, according to figures released today by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). The unemployment rate was the lowest in Minnesota since October 2008 and well behind the U.S. rate of 8.6 percent in November. State employers eliminated 13,700 jobs in November, and October figures were revised to reflect an additional 1,200 jobs lost during that month. The state has lost 22,900 jobs over the past three months, even while the unemployment rate

was falling from 7.2 percent to 5.9 percent during that period. Several factors could account for the conflicting results, including sampling errors in the separate surveys that are used to tabulate the unemployment rate and employer hiring, more people becoming self-employed or contract workers, changes in Bureau of Labor Statistics methodology, and a declining labor force participation rate. “The mixed results make it difficult to draw clear conclusions about how well the labor market is doing,” said DEED Commissioner Mark Phillips. “I’m cautiously optimistic, however, that the economy is mov-

ing in the right direction.” Education and health services led all sectors in November, gaining 1,300 jobs. Logging and mining held steady. Job losses occurred in leisure and hospitality (down 4,400), government (down 4,000), construction (down 1,600), manufacturing (down 1,200), professional and business services (down 1,100), financial activities (down 800), trade, transportation and utilities (down 700), information (down 600) and other services (down 600). Over the past year, job gains have occurred in education and health services (up 9,000), professional and business services (up 5,000), leisure and hospitality (up 4,000), trade, transportation and utilities (up 2,200), manufacturing (up 1,800), financial activities (up 1,100), construction (up 400), and logging and mining (up 200). Government led year-over-year

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(down 1.1 percent) and the DuluthSuperior MSA (down 0.7 percent). DEED is the state’s principal economic development agency, promoting business recruitment, expansion and retention, workforce development, international trade and community development. For more details about the agency and our services, visit us at Follow us on Twitter at PositivelyMN.

job losses, down 12,800, followed by information (down 1,500) and other services (down 200). In the state Metropolitan Statistical Areas, job gains occurred in the past year in the Mankato MSA (up 3 percent), Rochester MSA (up 1.2 percent) and Minneapolis-St. Paul MSA (up 1 percent). Job losses occurred in the St. Cloud MSA

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Consignment S&A Petroleum is demonstrating its commitment to Fillmore Central and the local community through the BP Fueling Communities Program. Fueling Communities provides grants to local organizations that are nominated by BP Branded Marketers to support the communities in which they do business. S&A Petroleum nominated Fillmore Central through this program and was awarded $3,250.00 for its general fund. The monies have been earmarked for technology by Fillmore Central as they will be used to purchase ipads for the Elementary School. Shown in the photo is Rich Irish of S&A Petroleum presenting Superintendent of Fillmore Central, Mr. Keith with the check. Included in the photo is an ipad that will be purchased with the generous donation. Fillmore Central wishes to thank S&A Petroleum and BP for their generosity and for helping provide opportunities for our students at Fillmore Central. Photo submitted

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Hay Equipment Case IH RBX 562 Baler (2) Case IH 8465 Baler (2) JD 567 Baler JD 466 Baler JD 338 Baler JD 24T Baler Gehl 1500 Baler Case IH DCX 131 Mo Co JD 920 Mo Co JD 720 Mo Co JD 1209 Mo Co JD 216 Mower NH 411 Mo Co AVCO NI 279 NH 455 Sickle Bar Mower NH 166 Hay Inverter Combines Including NH 55 Rake Case IH 2388 - 98 Krone 1401 - 30’ Rake JD 9500 - 91 Gehl 418 Rake (2) JD 9600 Unverferth Bale Wrapper JD 8820 Patz Bale Grinder JD 6620 M&W Bale Unroller JD 4400 Diesel Gehl 72 Flail Chopper NH 38 Flail Chopper Corn Heads Vermeer 3 Pt Bale Lifter JD 612 - 12 Row Eitzen G.N. Bale Trailer 30” Chopping JD 1293 Miscellaneous Equipment JD 444 Knight 3070 TMR Harvest Tech 4112C Aswald 250 TMR 12 Row Chopping Knight Reel Augie 2375 Case IH 2208 Stationary TMR Case IH 1063 Automatic Roller Mill Case IH 1054 Meyers 2425 Spreader Case IH 1083 Balzer 450 Spreader Miller Pro 235 Spreader Flex Heads 2) JD 34 Spreaders JD 635 F Knight 8018 Spreader JD 930 Knight 8014 Spreader (2) JD 925 Knight 410 Spreader JD 200 Dummy Miller Pro 5200 Rear Case IH 1020 - 30’ Unload Chopper Box 2) JD 1075 Gears Skid Loaders w/ Flat Racks NH LS 140 -1 Owner Assortment of Gravity Boxes NH LS 160 IH 60 Stalk Chopper Case 450 CT Hiniker 4000 Stalk Chopper Mustang 2074 Lundell 8’ Snowblower CAT 252 McKee 720 Snowblower JCB 111O T Woods 8’ Snowblower Gehl 4835 Red Devil 6’ Large assortment of new Snowblower S.L. Mts skid loader attachments V Snow Plow w/ S.L. Mts Brush Broom w/ S.L. Mts Planters Riteway Rock Picker JD 7200 - 12 Row 30” Hardi 850 Sprayer Flex Front Fold - w/ Dry JD 7200 - 4 Row Wide w/ Dry DMC Grain Cleaner Oliver 73H Picker JD 7100 - 16 row 22” JD 7000 - 6 Row 30” w/ Dry Elson Gopher Machine 3 PT Blade JD 7100 16 Row 22” Case IH 900 - 4 Row w/ Dry Rotary Cutters Feeder Wagons w/ Dolly Hitch Rawson 6 Row 30” (2) New Feed Bunks Coulter Cart

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Drills beginning at approximately at 10:30am Great Plains 20’ Solid Stand JD 8300 - 13’ w/ GS - DD & Press Wheels JD 12’ ONLINE ONLy Melroe - 240 AuCTION ITEMS - 24x6” w/ GS MM 10’ December 27, 2011 IH 10’ First item selling at 10:00 am Vehicles go to 2006 Chevrolet 2500 HD Crew Cab 2000 Chevrolet 3500 Crew Cab - Dually Items at Grant County w/ Noise in Engine Implement, Milbank, SD 1994 Chevrolet Van 605-432-5523 w/ Cube Box 2001 Mack Single Axle JD 320 D Skid Loader Tractor - 2010 - C.A.H. 1997 Jet - 26’ - T.A. Gehl 4635 SX Skid Loader Hopper Bottom JD 566 Baler 1985 IH Single Axle JD 930 Flex - 98 Tractor JD 930 Flex - 97 1996 Helwood 22’ Case IH 8480 Baler Hopper Bottom JD 640 B Hay Head 1985 IH S1900 Straight - LIKE NEW Truck -Diesel w/ 20’ JD 1780 - 8/15 Row Planter Roll Back Bed Seed Star - 3 Bu. 1978 IH Twin Screw - No Till Trash Whips - Detroit w/ 20’ Box Summers 1000 Pull Sprayer 1984 Ford 8000 Cab/Chassis w/ 90’ Booms - 14.9x46 Felling & Towmaster Dagelman 12’ Dozer Blade Skid Loader Trailer -7810 Mts 2003 Artic Cat ZR 900 Snowmobile Items at Gehling 2008 - Can-Am 400XT - ATV Auction Co. 1-800-770-0347 Kent Franks Farm Line IH 70 Hydro Case 1494 w/ Loader JD 7810 MFWD - 9,965 Hrs Case IH 1063 - 91 JD 4230 PS Case IH 1063 - 90 - w/ Allied 595 Loader IH 963 - 83 JD 27 - Stalk Chopper Patz V420 LP TMR Item at Greg Leland Hagen Dorn 277 Spreader Bricelyn, MN Case IH - WRX 201 - 10 Wheel Rake 507-383-0829 JD 145 - 5x Plow MF 3 Pt - Sickle Bar Mower 1987 Mack DM w/ Mack 2006 Chevrolet HD 2500 6 Cyl - 6 Speed - Floater - 4x4 - Crew Cab Rubber w/ Mohrlang - 68,000 Miles XHD 21 Dry Box Spreader 2008 Featherlite 7 x 20 G.N. Livestock Trailer

For a complete listing and photos go to or call Gehling Auction Co. 1-800-770-0347 email: Terms: Loan/Lease financing through AG Star 1-866-577-1831 or 1-877-381-0906 All other items - cash or good check day of sale.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Fillmore County Court Report On Monday, December 12, 2011, Mark Anthony Heath, age 38 of Lanesboro, appeared before Judge James Fabian at the Fillmore County Court for sentencing. The prosecuting attorney was Brett Corson, and Samuel McCloud was the defense attorney. Heath was convicted of two counts of Assault in the 2nd Degree with a Dangerous Weapon stemming from an incident in June. At that time, Heath had allegedly fired a gun in his home and threatened more than one person. For the first charge, Heath was given 60 months at

the MN Correctional Facility in St. Cloud, with credit for 176 days already served. He was given the same sentence for the second charge. He must also submit a DNA sample and pay $90 in fines and fees. Ryan Allen Niday, age 24 of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, appeared before Judge Robert Benson on December 12 for sentencing. Niday was convicted of theft of movable property, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail and $10,000. All other charges were dismissed. The conviction came from an incident on January

30 in which Niday aided and abetted someone to steal some electronic equipment from a home. Niday was sentenced to the MN Correctional Facility in St. Cloud for 21 months, with credit given for 67 days already served. He must also pay $140 in fees. Joan Elizabeth Torgerson, 36 of Mabel, made a first appearance before Judge Benson on December 12. Torgerson was charged with one count of 5th Degree possession of drugs for allegedly possessing methamphetamines. This carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail, $10,000, or both. She was also charged with allegedly driving under the influence of a controlled substance, refusing to submit to a chemical test, and careless driving. Torgerson was pulled over by law enforcement on October 11 for crossing over the centerline. She failed the field sobriety tests, and police found a glass pipe with residue in the vehicle. Torgerson was released on her own recognizance with $10,000 unconditional bail. She will be sentenced on December 19, 2011.

Season’s Greetings from all of us! Holiday WisHes & NeW year’s GreetiNGs

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One and Done Fundraiser

FALCON NEWS DEC. 2011 ~ JAN. 2012

Dec. 2011 - Jan. 2012

The annual One and Done Fundraiser is complete for 5-8th graders. Once again this fundraiser was a huge success, generating $12,943.45 in profits that will help support field trips, band and choir programs, science materials, and student agendas. The finale is the celebration of the students’ hard work with those selling 35 or more items receiveing a limo ride and lunch, as well as the big blast party with inflatables, music, and dancing. Thanks again for your continued support and to the students for your hard work!

• Dec. 19 • Dec. 20 • Dec. 23 • Dec. 25 • Dec. 26- Jan. 3 • Dec. 31 • Jan. 1 • Jan. 4 • Jan. 8-9 • Jan. 14 • Jan. 14 • Jan. 16 • Jan. 16 • Jan. 21 • Jan. 23 • Jan. 24

Congratulations to our Fire Poster Winners & thank you to the Harmony and Preston Fire Department!

7-12 Holiday VocalConcert 7:30pm at Harmony School Board Meeting 6:30pm Early Dismissal 1:30pm Christmas Day No School - Holiday Break New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day School Resumes Luther Dorian Vocal Festival One-Act Conference @ W-K Meistersinger Honor Choir @ Wartburg Martin Luther King Jr. Day One-Act Public Performance after GBB Game One-Act Sub-Section @ R-P No School - Teacher Work Day School Board Meeting 6:30pm

Harmony Fire Poster Winners:Pictured Below (Left) Front L-R ~ Regan Hanson, Klaudia Biel, Coltan Dempewolf, Carson Kiehne, Addison Hershberger, Brody Vrieze. Back L-R ~ Kelsey Biel, Nick Brynjarsson, Morgan Wingert and Chief Bill Hanlon. Pictured Right ~ Brody Vrieze placed 2nd at the Tri-County level.

Breakfast with Books

Fillmore Central Title I parents were invited to have Breakfast with Books on Wednesday, December 7, 2011. After eating breakfast with their children, parents were given ideas of how to make reading at home with their child more effective. Then parents paired up with their child to read and discuss a leveled book before heading off to work for the day. Pictured above is Matthew Marzolf and his grandma Linda Marzolf. Pictured below (Left) is Dominic Hameister and his mother Tamara Daugherty, (Right) Riley Serfling with his mom Kate.

Preston Fire Poster Winners:Pictured Above (Right) Front L-R ~ Maddy Bergey, Esme Gastfield, Alyssa Britton, Kjerstiana Corson,Ashlyn Simon, Caleb Arndt. Back L-R ~ Kira Nelson, Kandace Sikkink, Paige Donlinger and Chad Finseth.

Local farmers and business people talk to 8th grade class about organic and conventional farming Before Thanksgiving, the Fillmore Central Elementary did a food drive that collected 339 pounds that was donated to the Preston Food Shelf. Shown in the picture are the 5th graders that delivered the food to the Food Shelf along with their teachers Mr. Tollefson and Mr. Rundquist.

Thank You Parents and Community Members for Your Support!

On Dec. 7th, Ms. Sackreiter’s 8th grade World of Agriculture class interviewed farmers and business people on their thoughts and opinions on conventional farming and organic farming. The students had been learning about the different methods of farming and the interviews were part of their final project of writing about each type.

K-6 Christmas COnCert

Pictured above is Inga Haugen talking to Drew N, Caitlyn W., and Theresa D. and pictured below is Jeff Gillespie talking to Kyle F., Makaila S., and Laura D.

The annual Book Fair has raised $3,408.15 in Scholastic dollars for our K-6 Library. Thank you to Mrs. Leslie Christensen for heading up this project and to the student volunteers that helped in staffing the Fair! Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

Multiple retirement accounts. Multiple charges. Multiple headaches.

Dec. 12th was the K-6 Holiday Concert. Pictured above are the Second Graders singing. To the left are Sixth Grader, Santa Brady Ristau, Reindeer Makaila Eickhoff and Liberty Onsager performing at the concert.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

CALENDAR OF EVENTS TUESDAY, DEC. 20 Semcac Bus to Rochester, bus picks up for shopping, 9:35am at Chic’s, Preston; 10:00 am at Fountain State Bank. Call 800-944-3874 to ride. Fillmore County Public Health Blood Pressure Clinic, 10-10:30am, Lakewood Building, Chatfield.

Knit it Together, 3:30-4:30pm, Preston Public Library. Knitting for all levels. For fundraiser info, call 507-867-3583.* Bluff Country Toastmasters meet, 5:30pm, Spring Valley Public Library.* AA Meeting, 7pm, Faith United Methodist Church, Spring Valley. “Living in the Solution.” Newcomers welcome.* Adult Children Anonymous (formerly known as Adult Children of Alcoholics) meeting, 7pm. Call Deb 507-765-5336 for info.* Chatfield AA meets, 7:30pm in the Pio­ neer Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St., Chatfield.* AA Closed Meeting, 8pm, Presbyterian. Church, Mill St, Rushford.* WEDNESDAY, DEC. 21 Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, 2-5pm. 1300 West Tracy Rd. Spring Valley.*

Lenora United Methodist Church special Christmas service, 5pm and 7:30pm. Bring non-perishable food for food shelves. THURSDAY, DEC. 22 Free Senior Coffee, 9am, Heritage Grove, Harmony.* Story time, Lanesboro Public Library, 9:30am. Storyhour, Harmony Public Library, 225 3rd Ave. SW, 11:00 – 11:45, Preschool ages, No School No Storyhour.* Canton Senior Citizens meet at 1pm for cards and visiting, Canton Community Center.* Preston AA Group, 7:30pm, United Methodist Church, Preston. For more info, call 507-951-6029.*

SATURDAY, DEC. 24 Lanesboro AA Group, 8:00pm, Bethlehem Lutbheran Church. For more info, call 507-251-1771 or 765-2518.* Christ Lutheran Church, Preston Candlelight Service, 4:30pm and 9:00pm. SUNDAY, DEC. 25 Christ Lutheran Church, Preston: Worship with Holy Communion, 9am. NA Meeting, 7:00pm, United Methodist Church, downstairs, Preston. Call Jay for info 507-765-4979. * Fountain AA Group closed meeting, 7:30pm. Fountain Lutheran Church, south Main St. and Highway 52.*

MONDAY, DEC. 26 Community Coffee, 9am, Park Lane Estates, Preston.* Fillmore County Public Health blood FRIDAY, Dec. 23 pressure clinic- 1-3pm, 902 Houston Spring Valley Area Foodshelf, Senior Street NW Preston. * Citizens Day, 9am-10am. 1300 West TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) Tracy Rd. Spring Valley, MN.* Meeting, Spring Valley Care Center Chatfield NA meeting, 7:30pm, Pioneer Activity Room. Weigh-in from 5:45Presbyterian Church, 206 Fillmore St. 6 p.m. Meeting from 6 to 6:45 p.m. Chatfield.* Questions contact Judy at 507-346Harmony AA meeting, 8pm, Harmony 2469.* Community Center, 3rd Ave SW, Meeting NA Meeting, 7:00pm, United Methodist Room 1. Call 507-886-3240 for info.* Church, downstairs, Preston. Call Jay for info 507-765-4979. *

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FARM Wanted: Corn silage. Call Jim @ 507875-2332. f12,19- x Haybuster bale shredders stretch forage and bedding supply. Used. #256 self loading starting at $4,995. Can deliver. 320-543-3523. f19,26- x 2 Tractors. 720 JD Gas, 730 JD diesel. Run good. 507-864-3458. f19,26- o

Ivan Vreeman harmony, mn 507-273-6928

Professional service Guide




servicemaster of Chatfield

Specializing in Roofing

Professional Cleaning ~

• Remodel • New Home Construction • Siding • Replacement Windows • Concrete Sidewalks • Flat Pours Licensed & Insured #20450126

Carpet, Furniture, Floors, Furnace Duct Cleaning, Fire & Water Damage, Janitorial Service.

The clean you expect Jeff Hebl, owner The service you deserve 507-467-4798 • Lanesboro, MN


and Cabinetry

• Custom Cabinets • Roofing • siding H:507-268-4949

Fountain, MN

• Remodeling • gaRages • sheds & moRe C:507-272-3624 Lic# 20474301

HungeRHolt caRpentRy

Mn contractors lic. #20382343


We Carry • Dryers • Grain Bins for Drying & Storage -Fans -Heaters -Roof Vents -Floors (And More!)

& Tear Down , Millwright, Grain Legs, Auger, and Conveyor Construction, Concrete Construction.

30 Ton, 136 ft Boom Truck Service

Schulte BuilderS

Dave’s Plumbing & Heating, Air Conditioning LLC

New Homes & Pole Barns Remodeling & New Additions

Appliance Sales & Service • New & Used New Construction & Remodeling • In-Floor Heat • Drain Cleaning Call Dave or Dempsey • Cell: 507-259-4238 or 507-259-4239

Mabel, MN •507-459-0401

20 Yrs Experience • Quality Craftmanship

126 St. Anthony Street, Preston, MN • Bus. 765-2173


507-493-5282 • Free Estimates

J.W. ElEctric • CommerCial • trenChing

Many Years of Experience • Marty HungerHolt, 507-467-2203 • randy HarMon, 507-467-2410 • ricHard nepstad, 507-765-3621


Plumbing & Heating

Let Me “PLug” you Into A better DeAL

For all your building and remodeling needs.

the First Bin DesiGneD For the 21st Century

norse valley construction

27042 Deep River Road • Lanesboro, MN 55949

• Decorative concrete Doug Johnson • (507) 450-9007 • Lanesboro • Post Frame & Cody Johnson • (507) 421-5913 • Chatfield Farm BuilDing rePair

adverTise your business

308 St. Anthony St., Preston • Furnace • Drain Cleaning

Calls welcomed any time!

Taylor ouTdoor Wood SToveS ~ radianT Floor HeaTing a-Maize-ing HeaT Corn FurnaCeS & BoilerS ~ gaS FurnaCeS & BoilerS air CondiTioning ~ SepTiC SySTeMS ~ neW ConSTruCTion ~ reModeling Free eSTiMaTeS ~ inSured


Plumbing & Heating

• New Homes • Remodeling • Air Conditioning

Tony Brumm • Mabel, MN 55954 Phone: (507)493-5507 • Cell:507-251-9212

Diamond Shelter Sales of Minnesota, LLC

25988 County 14 Preston, MN 55965 Ph/Fax 507-765-2537 Cell 507-951-0731

Al lArson & sons

Joel Walbridge Fountain, mn

• residential • Farm

(507) 268-4367 Cell (507) 273-0829

Dave Swenson Don Tollefsrud Matt Swenson lic. #008399pJ

JON WILLFORD MN. Plb. Lic. 4388 M

haRdWaRE Fast, Friendly, Honest service!!

kingSley Mercantile & rental

507-886-2323 • Toll Free 877-886-2323 PO BOx 214 • 2 Main ave. n., HarMOny, Mn 55939 Kerry & Jane Kingsley, Owners •

• Rodents • Ants • Cockroaches • Asian Beetles • Other Pests

Pest COntROl licensed Professional exterminator Commercial/Residential Charlotte Treat Free Estimates Call 507-251-0589 •

To adverTise your business

Call 507-765-2151 1-800-599-0481 or email ads@fillmoreCounTyjournal.Com


lic. #7046


Box 322 LANESBORO • 507-467-2240 HARmONy • 507-886-2008

pROpaNE gaS KRuegel gaS SeRvice ProPane service installation delivery

pEST CONTROl Charlotte’s Web

lic. #008744pJ


Maytag Amana Husqvarna

Appliances • Hardware • Small Engines • Furnace • Air Conditioning Commercial & Residential Repair

• Insured • Septic systems • New Construction • Remodeling



SaTEllITE SERVICES Craig Stortz #PL07718

Power Limited Licensed

Stortz Satellite

Nick Stortz #PL07719

Serving the Tri-State area Residential & Commercial Accounts for Direct TV & Dishnet. Cable - Phone - internet - Wiring Canton, MN

Toll Free 866-862-5397 Bus 507-743-8486 Cell 507-259-1454

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Monday, December 19, 2011


For sale: 1195 Ford F150. 106,000 miles, works well. $1900/obo. 507-7724472. a12,19,26- o Nice Chevy pickup- 1977 $3,700. Dependable 2000 Ford Windstar 132,000 mi. $1,500. Phone 507-498-3675. a9/20tfn- x DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR BOAT TO HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3 Day Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken Care Of. 888-472-9219 (MFPA) CASH FOR CARS: All Cars/Trucks Wanted. Running or Not! Top Dollar Paid. We Come To You! Any Make/Model. Call For Instant Offer: 1-800-871-9134 (MFPA) CASH FOR CARS: All cars/trucks wanted. Running or not! Top dollar paid. We come to you! Any make/model. Call for instant offer: 800/871-9145

BR WN TIRE, BATTERY & TRANSMISSION Hwy. 16 & 43, RUSHFORD, MN 507-864-2969 • 1-888-864-7049

YOUR COMPLETE FULL SERVICE SHOP • Auto, Truck & Farm Tires ER • Computerized Alignment P O CO • Custom Exhaust S TIRE • Full Brake Service • Full Line of Auto Repairs • Transmission Repairs Need to thank someone? Call the Journal at 507-765-2151 or 800599-0481 (507 area code) and we’ll take your message over the phone.

Is it time to trade? Find it in the classified ads.

PH: 507-765-2151 • 1-800-599-0481 (in the 507 area)

Email: Website:

THANK YOU THE FAMILY OF Wanda A. Koliha wishes to express sincere appreciation and gratitude for the sympathy shown to us at the time of our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother’s passing. Thank you for your cards, memorials, flowers, food, phone calls, words and acts of comfort and hugs. Special thanks to Father Donald Schmidt for his services, prayers, and visits; Jannell for her beautiful music; Lindstrom Funeral Home for their guidance and compassion making arrangements; pallbearers; honorary pallbearers; and the ladies of the Nativity Catholic Church for preparing and serving the lunch. We especially want to thank all the employees and caregivers of the Harmony Community Healthcare for the wonderful, loving and skillful care Mom received during the past years. To all the countless others who have touched our lives and helped in any way, we are grateful. May God bless you for your thoughtfulness in our time of need and keep you in his care always. Robyn & Sue Koliha and family Rodney & Lynda Koliha and family Rochelle & Julian Wick and family t19- o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The family of Chuck Ebner would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to everyone who remembered our family with love, kindness, and thoughtful gestures during this time of loss. We are grateful for the wonderful community of friends and family that we have. A special thank you to Pastor Dave Jore for his words of comfort and to the staff at Traditions in Preston for their tender loving care. May God bless all of you during this holiday season. Clarice Ebner Arne & Carol Ebner family Ron & Barb Ebner Jon & Deb Ebner family Joel & Val Ebner family Todd & Darla Ebner family t19- o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE FAMILY OF Kristin Easley wishes to thank everyone for all the kind expressions of sympathy. Your kindness meant more than words could ever say. She will always be remembered. The most sincere thank you from all the Easley Family t19- x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Reduce • Reuse Recycle

FOR RENT Nice 2BR apt. in Preston, $350/mo + util. Scott 765-3600. r8tfn- o

207 South Elm, Rushford, MN • 507-864-7711

Large lot in New Horizon Trailer Park in Preston. Available Immediately. 7652131 or 1-800-770-0347. r10/5tfn- o Need to store snowmobiles, a classic car, or a boat? Do you need storage while in the process of moving? Space is available for rent in a building located in Preston. Call 507-251-5297. r28tfn- x

Holiday MoveRs! 2004 BuICk lESaBrE ltD, heated seats, maroon, 69,008 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, p/seat, CD, air bags, $11,386 2004 OlDS alErO gl, gray, 98,349 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, CD, air bags, $7,666 2003 BuICk rEgal lS, white, 140,852 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, p/seat, CD, air bags $5,444 CARS 2010 Chev Impala lt, red, 37,720 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, p/seat, CD, air bags $14,988 2010 Hyundai Elantra GLS, gold metallic, 40,198 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, CD, air bags, $13,999 2007 Ford Focus SE, tan metallic, 63,852 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/ locks, CD, air bags, $10,336 2006 Honda Accord EX, black, 41,922 mi, $12,888, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/ locks, CD, air bags, $12,888 We Feature


Nice Large 2 bdrm apartment east of Harmony. 1st month free. Wash/dry hookups - $325 + dep. + lease. 507-459-2012. r9tfn- o KENILWORTH APARTMENTS of Lanesboro has 1 bedroom apts. for seniors 62+ or handicapped/disabled. Rent based on income. Onsite laundry, large communtiy room and patio for tenant use. Call 507-467-2222 EHO r4tfn- o Nice 2 bedroom apt. in Leroy. Includes heat,water,garbage and parking.Laundry & garden patio provided. Lease-no pets. 507937-3193. r28,5,12,19- x

AUCTION CALENDAR Tues., Dec. 27 - 9:30am, Year End Consignment Auction at Gehling Implement and Auction Co., Preston, MN. For more info. contact Gehling Auction, Inc. 507-7652131, Listing in the Journal. On-line AuctiOn infOrmAtiOn

2001 BuICk lESaBrE Custom, blue, 142,821 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, p/seat, CD, cassette, air bags $5,999 tRuCkS 2007 kia Sportage, green 61,322 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/ win, p/locks, CD, air bags $113,999 2005 Buick Rendezvous AWD, white, 125,322 mi, air, tilt, cruise, p/win, p/locks, CD, air bags, $9,888

Scenic View TownhomeS • Spacious 2 & 3 bedrooms • Attached garages included • Beautiful area • Starting at $505 Income restrictions apply. 507-864-7880 • Rushford, MN

you See e at thies Mov


SERVICES TRANSMISSION REBUILDING: Foreign and domestic, auto & light truck. 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Call for prices. Brown’s Tire, Battery, & Transmission. Rushford 507-864-2969 or 1-888-864-7049. v20tfn- o Norby Tree Service: Stump grinding, tree trimming and removal. Call Dave Norby at 507-259-3118. v8/2tfn- o

Call Verifto Moviy e

Tickets ~ $5 Adult • $4 Kids & Seniors

Fri. Dec. 23 ………… 7:30pm Sat. Dec. 24 . . ……… 7:30pm Sun. Dec. 25 . .……… 7:30pm mon. Dec. 26 . . .……… 7:30pm tueS. Dec. 27 . . ……… 7:30pm WeD. Dec. 28 . . ……… 7:30pm thur. Dec. 29 . . ……… 7:30pm

Bidding Ends Mon., Dec. 19 at 6 p.m. Selling Miscellaneous Items. Darr Auction Co. Bidding Starts Tues., Dec. 27 - Starting 10 a.m. Selling Farm Machinery. Gehling Auction Co. 1-800-770-0347 or On-Line Auctions -GM Auto Center, Complete Hardware Store, Complete Bowling Alley Bar & Grill, & Misc. - Call 612-701-8677 or www. Bid-2-Buy.Com

Run Time: 2 hrs. 6 mins. PG Bring your own bucket for popcorn and save! 507-886-show (7469)

Bring your own bucket for p

SERVICES A Perfect cut tree service - tree trimming and removal, hedge trimming, fenceline clearing. 15 years experience climbing and basket work. 507-743-TREE, Chad Wangen. Fully licensed and insured. Cell 507-272-0394. v7/20-7/30/12- x

e-mail it in!

We specialize in rebuilding alternator and starters for auto truck and farm implement. Same day service. We do MN DOT inspections. Hi Tech Rebuilders, Rushford, 508-864-7440 and 507-459-1504 v11/21-1/16- o We Repair windows and screens. Fast, friendly, honest service. Kingsley Mercantile. Harmony. 507-886-2323. v27eow- o

11753 State Hwy 43, Mabel, MN 55954 Craig Henry Shop 507.493.5399 • Mobile 507.450.5573


Call it in! 800-599-0481 (507 area code)



Custom Hay Mowing, Raking & Baling

Randy Haakenson • Commercial • Residential • Agricultural

Shamiah Womeldorf, Rural Lanesboro

326 Parkside Dr. SE Res 507-765-2297 Preston, MN 55965 Cell 507-251-5535



schroeder drywall ReSidential - CommeRCial

Drywall Hanging • Taping • Texturing Rusty Schroeder “Free estimates” 507-765-3648

Jason Mensink Construction

Harmony, MN 507-951-1210

•Siding •Windows •Roofing •Doors •Decks •Drywall •Custom Cabinets & Woodworking Free •All Carpentry Needs Estimates

For rent: 2 BD apt with garage in Fountain. 507-259-6961. r19tfn- o

LAKEWOOD SENIOR HOuSINg, 420 Bench St. Chatfield. Easy yard work, no shoveling! For those who are 62 and older, handicapped/disabled. 1-bedroom apts. Heat paid. On-site laundry. Rent based on income. Off-street parking. Call (507) 867-4791.

Main Ave. Harmony

TRAILER SALES & SERVICE, Inc. 507-886-4600

70 4th Street NW • Harmony MN 1 block West of Kwik Trip next to Solberg Welding

TNT Lawn Service

make arrangements now for your lawn care

• Mowing • Stump Grinding • Fall Clean-Up • Snow Plowing • Ice Management

• Aerating • Power Brooming • Insured • Light Backhoe Work Call: 507-268-4977 or Cellphone: 507-429-6755

(Free Estimates)

We are pleased to announce we now sell & service Boss & Snowdogg Snow Plows. We have a selection of new and used trailers and we are an authorized dealer for Wilson, Kiefer Industrial, Road King, Alum Line, and Pacesetter trailers. We also provide service work when your trailer needs a tune up.

See us for all your trailer sale and service needs!

Owned by Dennis Solberg of Solberg Welding 507-886-4602

Monday, December 19, 2011



ON-SITE Manager needed: Rushford Manor Apartments in Rushford is accepting applications for a site manager. Must have maintenance and administrative skills. Must live on-site. FREE rent + hourly wage. Employment application required and found on or by calling 507-451-8524, tdds 507-451-0704. EOE h12,19- o

CCTV Production Assistant: Chatfield Community Television (CCTV), a department of the City of Chatfield, is seeking a production contractor to aid the CCTV Administrator in the daily operations of CCTV-Channel 11 and its affiliated operations. The position will be paid as an independent contractor and be responsible for the set-up, taping and tear-down of certain CCTV events as well as other duties. The position requires flexible hours (averaging approximately 20 hours per month) and an ability to work evenings and occasional weekends based on the school and civic events calendar. This person will be required to learn most of the CCTV Administrator’s duties including event coverage preparation, scheduling events for playback (computerized), recruiting and scheduling volunteers, sponsorship sales, commercial production and management of production equipment. The contract will pay $300 per month. Send your resume with qualifications and references to Office of the City Clerk, 21 Southeast Second St., Chatfield, MN 55923 or jyoung@ h12,19- o

NOW HIRING: Companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home. No selling, any hours. $500.00 weekly potential. Info. 1-985-646-1700 DEPT. MN-485. h12,19,26- x Personal care attendant for man in home, some housekeeping, possible travel, no experience necessary! Will train exAmish. $13/hr. Spring Valley. 507-2512978. h19- x CDL-A Route Delivery Drivers. Mason City. Routes mostly 2-3 days, 4-5day work week. $56K avg 1st Year, $61K 2nd. Medical with Prescription Drug Plan. Company Paid Life Insurance. 401(k) Plan + much more. 1yr TT Exp. Apply: or 888880-5919. h19,26- x Top pay on excellent runs! Regional runs, steady miles, frequent hometime, new equipment. Automatic detention pay! CDL-A, 6 mos. Exp. req. 866-322-4039. EEOE/AAP. h19- x

$1,000 SIGN ON BONUS Midnite Express wants experienced OTR drivers & owner operators with Class A CDL. Lease purchase plan available. Call 800/726-8639. Apply online MCAN

Will trade my 5 Harley Davidsons for your house or land or choice for lowhour skidloader or 4X4 ATV. Email djdsr@ s19- x

Randy Barnes 507-251-3271

VeRy seCluded spot Lots of privacy. Twelve year old large modular home on 25 acres. Beautiful country setting. Hunter’s dream area. 40’ x 80’ pole shed of which 40’ is insulated shop. Could be handy man’s dream. Bring horses and four-wheelers, plenty of room and trails. 16165 351st Ave, Harmony. $165,000. Always call Randy Barnes for appointment, 507-251-3271. ReCently loweRed $10K Well kept older home on large lot in nice neighborhood, newer kitchen, stained glass window, open staircase, main floor living, newer roof, priced to move. 225 3rd Ave. SE, Harmony. $49,900. Always call Randy Barnes for appointment, 507-251-3271.

g din n e p

Richard Milne & Associates

Real Estate, LLC Preston

Darr realty lIStINGS!

3 bdrm, 3 bath, walkout rambler on 1+ acre, vaulted ceilings, master suite, MF laundry. 3 car detatched insulated, heated garage w/ workshop & 3/4 bath. 420 Parkside Dr. $279,900 MLS#4032983

Excellent 205 Maple St. S., Rushford New Listing: Classic home mainstreet downtown office space in with original woodwork, open Rushford, MN $19,900 staircase, New roof, windows, boiler, water heater and elect. Serv. 3 BR, 2 BA, impressive. 209 Elm St. Rushford 4 BR, 2 BA New roof, windows, $124,900 appliances, landscaping and 30251 Darr Lane, Rushford Price reduction: finished up and down! Private Beautiful 5 bedroom w/ setting close to school and expansive views of the city. downtown; low traffic. So much Custom hardwood cabinetry, to offer at $139,900 hardwood floors, fireplace & spacious fam. room. 3 car 116 Money Creek St. Rushford Price reduction: 2 heated garage. Plumbed for infloor heat! $209,900 690 Harrison St. BR, 2 BA; Mnfl. Laund.; Master suite; newer furnace & WH; Lewiston Charming $64,900 home completely remodeled from top to 408 W Stevens Ave. Rushford Charming 2 BR, 2 BA bottom both inside & out. home. New roof & furnace; Move right in for $99,000 Finished up and down. 2nd kit. Dwnstrs. Could be duplex. 201 Grove St E, Rushford, MN $74,900 New roof; Completely remodeled kitchen; new flooring; 3 BR, 2 BA, mainfl. laund.close to BUILDABLE LOT IN RUSHFORD: $29,900. Put up a school & shops. $95,000. single family or multi-unit.


Preston Great 1 1/2 story 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath and attached 3 season porch. One car detached garage and Flat Lot. $64,900 $59,900 MLS #4031651 Preston 3 bdrm, Rambler, MF Laundry, Large Garage, low maintenance exterior, Close to swimming pool park and trail $109,900 • MLS#4030099 New Listing Exceptional 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 2 story with tons

of wood flooring & panel walls, large kitchen with “L” shaped island and informal dining, hot tub room off master brdm. $179,000 MLS #4033170

Competitive wages, flexible schedules, Weekend and shift differentials training & Certification provided

RichaRd Milne

BRokeR, GRi, aBR

Stop by, call, or email for more info Contact: Ruth McGarvey, RN, DON 815 Main Ave. South Harmony, MN 55939 507-886-6544, ext. 104 rmcgarvey@

BUYERS WANT FARMS/Cropand/ Building Site/Hunting land. WI-MN Real Estate/Lucky’s Land Auctions 608-385-8080. e19- o

AlwAys CAll RAndy BARnes


NursiNg AssistANts

Home 507-765-2172 Cell: 507-951-3672 Fax: 507-765-5308 Email: daVid Milne 507-696-6730

Jeff Darr Cell # 715-495-6948

Rodney Darr Cell # 507-951-3843


For more inFormation go to







• 2 Bedrooms • Main floor living • New appliances • Newer furnace • Central air • Roof • Driveway • 6 Panel doors • Modernized kitchen • Water softener

E-mail: 272 Main St. North Chatfield MN 55923 Phone: 867-9100 Cell: 259-9110

160 Crop Acres For Sale in Fillmore County, York Township. Parcel 27.0258.000. Farmhouse and outbuildings, sold as is. Open House 12/10/11, 9am – 1pm. For further information email or call 507-2086037. Accepting offers through 12/31/11 by email. Seller reserves option to reject any/all offers. e21,28,5,12,19- x

410 N. Main, Harmony, MN • (Across from Kwik Trip)

Harmony Community Healthcare



50K YOUR FIRST YEAR 100% financial aid available. Transportation Center for Excellence can help you get your CDL in 3 weeks. Classes start weekly. 866/252-4823 MCAN

HELP WANTED!† Make $1000 a Week mailing brochures from home! Guaranteed Income! FREE Supplies! No experience required. Start Immediately! (VOID IN SD) (MFPA)

PArt time PositioN every other Weekend





• 3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Original woodwork • Leaded windows • Paneled doors • Hardwood floors • 2 Enclosed porches • Numerous improvements





• 2 Bedrooms • Den/office • New furnace and C/A





• 1 Bedroom • Main floor living • Garage • Permanent siding • Appliances • New roof • Convenient walk to downtown • 0.22 acre lot • Move-in condition • Immediate possession





• 4 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • 3,526 sq. ft. • Original woodwork • Hardwood floors • 2 Car attached garage and 1 car detached




• 4 Bedroom • 2 Car garage • 2 Lots • Modernized kitchen & bathroom • Vinyl siding • Updated windows • Quiet location • Close to river & trail REMARKABLE ORIGINAL WOODWORK




CHATFIELD – Fingerson & Donahoe First Subd. Covenant controlled neighborhood with lg cul-de-sac, walk-out lots w/private backyards. Lots starting at $29,900. NEW PRICING AND ADDITIONAL LOTS AVAILABLE! LANESBORO – 1.43 acre building site within city limits. Great views, walkout, city utilities, protective convenants apply. $44,900 #4031256 RACINE – Lyman’s Second Subdivision. Located in newer development on cul-de-sac street with city utilities, choice of builder and covenant controlled. Hurry only 3 lots available. Prices starting at $22,900.


Realty Co.







• 2 Bedrooms • 0.52 Acre lot • No backyard neighbors • Updated throughout • Hardwood floors • Gas stove • Permanent siding • New roof • Mature trees FULLY FINISHED 2005 WALKOUT

NEW PRICE $159,900 1149 LONE STONE CT SE, CHATFIELD #4031391

• 4 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Quality windows • Open layout • Mainfloor laundry • Deck • Heated garage • Nicely landscaped





• 2 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Wood/vaulted ceilings • 3 Car garage • No backyard neighbors







• 2 Bedrooms • 2 Full Baths • 2 Car Garage (24x28) • 2 City lots • Fireplace • Hardwood floors • Vinyl siding 1998 QUALITY BUILT RANCH


• 4 Bedrooms (3 on main) • 2 Baths (master) • Paneled doors • Vaulted ceilings • Quaility windows • Deck • Private backyard • 2,948 sq ft


5.0 ACES

28896 CTY 16, PRESTON

• 3 Bedrooms • 2 Baths • Great view • Main floor living • 2,040 sq. ft. • Large rooms • Pole shed (30’x45’) with work area



For more information on these listings and others visit...





• 4 Bedrooms • 3 Bath • 2 Car garage • New roof • Updated throughout • Original • Gorgeous French Second Empire cottage


CHATFIELD ORCHARD RIDGE LOTS –BANK OWNED Townhome lots with private backyards (4 walkout, 2 level). This upscale neighborhood is on a paved dead end road with city utilities. Only $20,000/each.



• 3+ Bedrooms on same level • 2 Baths • 2 Car garage • Numerous updates • Move-in condition UPDATED WITH CHARACTER ON 12.69 ACRES




• 5 Bedrooms • 3 Baths • 3,085 sq ft • Main floor living • Refinished hardwood floors • New septic • On blacktop • Several well-kept outbuildings • 2.5 miles from town






• Solid main floor building plus basement • Includes warehouse w/loading dock



• 2 Bedroom • 2004 Ranch • Full basement • Steel siding • Quality windows • 2 Car garage



• 3 Bedroom • 2 Bath • 3,952 sq ft • Granite countertops • Hardwood & ceramic floors • Wood fireplace • 30’x60’ Shed • Garage Directions: 3.5 miles South of Preston on Cty 17. Left on Cty 16, follow signs.




• 4 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Open layout • 3 Finished levels



• 2 Bedroom plus LL den • 2 Bath • 5 Lg bedrooms • Hardwood floors • Main floor living • LL Family room with wood stove • Lg lot w/no backyard neighbors • Updated roof & furnace • Oversized 2 car garage with access to LL





• Updated 1966 1.5 story • 3 Bedroom • 2 Bath • Numerous outbuildings • Fenced pasture w/pond • Paved road • New septic

Rushford, MN





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EMPLOYMENT SEEKING CLASS A CDL drivers to run 14 central states. 2 years over the road experience required. Excellent benefit package. Call 701/221-2465 or 877/472-9534. www. MCAN





• 18 Unit hotel/motel w/Community Room & Banquet Hall • 18,277 sq. ft. under one roof • Includes 3 bdrm, 2 bath home • 3.2 acres COMMERCIAL BUILDING DOWNTOWN




• Updated main floor w/1,320 sq ft & bath • 2-1 Bedroom apartment’s w/separated utilities

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Monday, December

windows, & shingles. Interior updated floors open and bright kitchen, dining & living are, deck with country views on edge of town. att garage $82,500 19, 2011

Select Properties

Roxanne Johnson, Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI

Email Reduced: 4 bdrm, 2 ½ bath home. LL familyrm, brick fireplace, masterbedrm, walk-in closets. 24 x 26 det garage. Deck & screen porch. Reduced $122,900 Reduced: Lovely ranch home. Large kitchen with tons of cabinets, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, stackable laundry. 26 x 32 insulated garage Harmony $119,900 Reduced: 2 bdrm, ranch home on corner lot. Open kitchen-dining with breakfast bar. 2 car att garage. A must see at Harmony$112,000 Reduced: Large 2 story home 4 bdrms, updated kitchen & baths. Familyroom, fireplace, deck, garage, gardens Mabel $108,900 sPacious sPlit: Many updates, 4 bdrm , 2 bath, 2 fireplaces. Att 2 car garage. Updated siding, shingles, and windows. Ideal location, Harmony $132,500 Just RiGht: 2 bedroom Ranch, nice layout, oak hardwood floors, many updates. Covered patio, and X lg 1 car Garage $72,500 wondeRFul location: This nice starter home is move in condition. 3 bedrooms, newer 2 car heated garage, Large lot Preston $68,900

Brenda Sheldon,

ABR, GRI 715 North Broadway (Home Federal Bldg.), Spring Valley, MN

May the happiness of this special season fill your home with many treasured memories. Wishing you holiday joy and peace in this Christmas Season!!

Each office is independently owned & operated

new listinG: Well kept 3 bedroom ranch. Spacious lower level, garage $82,500 Harmony

chuRchhill condos: A lifestyle to enjoy! Two bedroom, 2 bath condo, cherry wood cabinets, granite countertops, maple hardwood flooring 12ft ceilings with Mission stained glass light fixtures. Enjoy incredible views, easy access to trails, shopping, theater $150,000 Lanesboro

bRinG an oFFeR! 3 bdrm Split level home with 2 car garages on good sized lot. Canton $47,500

108 N. Washington Ave., spring Valley, $89,900 New Listing- Prepared to be wowed with this 4 bdrm 2 bath home. Numerous updates with newer kitchen with cherry cabinets, finished lower level with gas fireplace and wet bar, hardwood floors, original wood work, newer windows, updated 200 amp electrical, fenced back yard and convenient location near downtown. businesses, library and post office.

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lanesboRo - Charm and character describe this home with original Douglas fir floors. Main floor has high ceilings and archways for character. Lower level is partially sheetrocked. Newer 2 car garage and great location to state trails & park. $114,900 PReston - This large rambler sits on quiet street & had great views of deck. Home has been updated. Large open kitchen and dining room, living room, large master bedroom, and main floor laundry. Large lower level family room with w/out to covered patio. New siding, windows flooring and heated garage. was $139,900 now $129,900 PReston - townhome - Gorgeous views of countryside and golf course. 9’ ceilings, beautiful custom cabinets, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, main floor laundry and 2 car heated garage. Lower level family room is finished in tongue and groove pine and w/o to patio. was $149,900, now $139,900

408 s Broadway Ave., spring Valley $45,000 - Affordable 2 story home. 4-5 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, hardwood floors, eat in kitchen, dinette area, formal dining room, main floor laundry, main floor bedroom located on large corner lot. Property needs some updating - but great room size and plenty of room to grow. Own for less than rent!


Cell 507-259-5454

lots FoR sale - Chatfield - Fingerson & Donahoe - 1st Subdivison - Lots Starting At - $29,900

histoRic bRick home: Ideal location and picturesque setting. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, great yard, outbuildings. 24.7 top grade soil. Harmony. $212,000

new listinG: 3 bdrm ranch,oak hardwood floors, large open dining new listinG: Large 2 story, 4 bdrm, -family area, Master bedroom, walk 2 bath, home. Original features, built in closet, deck, 6 car att garage almost ins, hardwood floors, large pantry, home an acre available. $75,900 Additional office. Garage, steel shed, Harmony 3.7 acre farm land/lot: for sale $129,900 $20,350 40 secluded acRes: Good mixture of mostly woods with Reduced! 21+ acres offers room for livestock, horses, and hobbies! 2 story farm house with walk open ares, super hunting, camping, good access. Drake Rd, out basement has a charming layout Lanesboro and well maintained. 20x20 detached lanesboRo: buildable lot 1/3 of an acre, awesome view on garage plus 28x32 shop, 58x84 shed, edge of town city utilities $31,000 and a 24x60 barn with box stall, standing buildinG lots: Newest subdivision in Harmony -8 nice stalls. Good pasture & mature windbreak sized lots, some walk outs, starting at $14,900 & stream $179,900 new listinG: Commercial Lot Main St Canton $5900

307 11th aVe. ne, stewaRtVille, $109,900, Reduced new listinG - Great home, excellent location, awesome price! 3 bdrm ranch style home. Lower level ready for finishing touches. Nice eat in kitchen and newer stove. Neutral carpet in living room and m. bdrm. 2 car detached garage, cement drive and some updated landscaping in the front yard. The living room has a large picture window making it bright and cheery.

chatField - Older home on large lot located close Fountain - Ideal home to remodel and earn some equity. New vinyl sidto high school and pool. ing, roof, windows, furVinyl siding, enclosed nace and electrical. Wood porch, main floor laundry floors, living room, dining and wood floors. Would room, main floor laundry, also make a good rental 3 bedrooms and large lot. property. $54,900 chatField - 3+ bedroom rambler w/2 baths, newer Schools can be Chatfield, Lanesboro or Fillmore Central. windows, gas fireplace, 2 Great price at $46,900 lanesboRo - great locacar garage, vinyl siding. tion close to state bike trail Located close to parks and great views of the sceand downtown. All applinic bluffs. Small studio cottage is ideal for weekend ances will stay. $129,900 getaway. Room to expand. $119,900 chatField - Turn of the century home on large corner lot. Main floor master bedroom, main floor laundry, wood floors, 9’ ceilings, builtins, screened in porch and (28x32) garage/ shop. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, all brick exterior, storage shed, garden area, and combo heat (nat. gas and wood). $125,900 chatField - townhouse - Great price on this immaculate 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse. Formal dining room, living room, open kitchen with center island. Family room in lower level with w/o to patio and fenced yard. Deck is covered and ideal for relaxing. 2+ garage is insulated and sheetrocked. now $134,900 chatField - Spectacular walkout ranch, loaded with extras. Open floor plan offers 3 bedrooms on main floor, main floor laundry, hickory wood floors, 2 gas fireplaces, granite countertops, maple cabinets and trim. Master bedroom with private bath w/ ceramic walk-in shower and whirlpool tub, race track ceiling and w/in closet. Lower level family room walks out to patio with built in grill, rec room & 4th bedroom & bath. Reduced $249,900

2002 custom built 3 bdrm, 3 bath home. Open & bright main floor. LL fireplace, walk out. Deck spans south side. Breathtaking 5 mile views. $244,900 Lanesboro.


(507) 346-2060 Cell: 507-951-2071 Toll-Free: 888-835-8141

Todd Hadoff

Reduced! 5 acRe hobby FaRm: Large 4 bedroom, 2 story, 2 baths & main floor laundry. 28x28 garage new 2010, perm siding, shingles. Det. heated shop w/220, 60x45 pole shed, 3 acres tillable. Greenleafton area $124,900 PRetty as a PostcaRd: 30 acres with move in ready 6 bedroom home, large 2 car heated garage, 36 x 48 steel shed. Fenced pasture, creek $ 272,900

why Rent Efficient and well maintained home on good sized lot. Harmony $35,900

Just like new: Totally redone from top to bottom, this 3 bdrm 2 story,new kitchen, baths, Harmony $85,000

oRiGinal FeatuRes:3 bdrm 2 bath , 2 story home, original wood work, pillars. New windows, kitchen, bath. Lg 2 car garage with shop. Mabel Reduced $86,500

come to the countRy!!

HousE & sHop Nice one level living home with 3 bedrooms, mainfloor laundry includes 24 x 40 detached building with 12 x 40 attached garage. Greenleafton $64,900

bluFF toP Views: Modern living with the arts & crafts feel, this charming 2 bdrm home is move in ready. Lanesboro. $96,900

bRick home on corner lot. 3 bdrm, 2 bath,Oak wood floors, open staircase, wonderful enclosed & open porches. Garden & garage. $79,900

Office: (507) 886-4221 Toll Free: 888-839-2142

new listinG: What a delight! 2 bdroom ranch, renovated kitchen & Bath, 6 panel oak doors, updates also include plumbing, windows, furnace. 2 car det, deck $69,900 Harmony

new listinG: 3 bedroom ranch home, newer siding, windows, and shingles. Interior updated floors open and bright kitchen, dining & living area. Deck with country views on edge of town. att garage $82,500

141 penny Lane LeRoy selleR motiVated huGe PRice Reduction - bRinG us an oFFeR $109,000 3 bdrm 2 bath, split. Newer subdivision. Up-dated & remodeled, greenhouse/garden shed, garage & heated workshop area. Great place to call home with the large deck overlooking the back yard. Newer hoist w/10,000 lb. lift in garage.

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25 Center St. W, Harmony, MN 55939

RochesteR -townhome - Hard to find townhome in Salem Point. Enjoy the water view from the 4-season porch or private patio. Large living room w/fireplace, separate formal dining room, master bedroom w/full bath and w/in closet. Open kitchen w/ center island. 2nd level has 2 additional bdrms, full bath & family room. now $345,000 whalan - Remodeled rambler conveniently located next to state bike trail. 3 bedrooms on main floor, new flooring, hickory cabinets, new siding, large deck & new windows and roof. Ideal for weekend getaway or permanent home. now $99,900 FaRm/acReaGes chatField - 6.5 acRes Completely remodeled country home with all the charm and character. Additional house and 1.1 acres available. Schools - St.Charles or Chatfield. Kitchen w/ maple cabinets, tile flooring, large center island & updated appliances. Fir wood floors, 9’ ceilings, mud room, formal living room & dining room w/pocket doors, family room & main floor bath w/claw tub. 2nd level: 4 bedrooms, bath & walk-up attic. Lower level finished w/stucco walls, has family room, rec room & bar area. New furnace with wood/lp combo. Central vac, new windows, updated wiring & plumbing. Many outbuildings for animals & 5 car garage. $325,000

FaRm/acReaGes chatField - Great location for this 5 bedroom, 4 bath 2-story home on 1.7 acre lot backing up to woods. Main floor has open floor plan w/kitchen, kitchen dining, living room w/fireplace, 4-season porch, formal dining room & laundry. Lower level is finished with family room w/fireplace and w/o to patio, 2 additional bedrooms, kitchenette/wet bar, & 3/4 bath. 3-car insulated garage, 2 patios, private fenced yard, & 20x26 carriage house w/TV, phone & ethernet. $369,900 lanesboRo - 14 acre paradise just north of Lanesboro. 1 mile from Eagle Bluff, close to Root River & State Trail. Ideal for horses or cattle. Large open kitchen & formal dining room, newer living room with fireplace and knotty pine. Main floor laundry, 4-season porch, large deck with hot tub, sauna, putting green and more. Barn w/shop above and heated shop/ garage below. PReston - 15 acres - gorgeous setting for the 15 aces w/great hunting. House has been updated & remodeled. Vinyl siding, wrap around deck, new c/a & woodburner/ l/p combo for heat. Garage has 10’ door & is hooked-up for in-floor heat. Shop is heated & has air plus 1/2 bath. You’ll love the privacy & the setting. $209,900 $199,900


commeRcial - Business not closing, just for sale. Wykoff - Gold st. Restaurant - Established restaurant, turn key operation. Building completely renovated, equipment is newer and all inventory stays. Restaurant menu offers pizza, steak and fish specials, and more. Ideal for catering & deliveries. Additional dining area in lower level. $285,000

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carimona township residents Until further notice, Carimona Township monthly meetings will be held at 7:00pm on the first Monday of each month at the Preston Emergency Services Building. Linda Marzolf, Clerk Publish 12,19

STATE of Minnesota COUNTY OF FILLMORE IN DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT Court File No. 23-CV-11-944 Case Type: OT – Quiet Title Action MARK A. WEIDEMANN and MICHELLE L. WEIDEMANN, husband and wife, Plaintiffs, vs. JIMMY LOUIS NICHOLS and BETSEY NICHOLS, husband and wife; JASON L. VICKERMAN and SHANNON L. VICKERMAN, also known as SHANNON L. EHLER-VICKERMAN, husband and wife; KEVIN VANG, a single person; TODD EIKEN and BARBARA EIKEN, husband and wife; M & A DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, a Partnership; BANK OF THE WEST, its successors and assigns; MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC. (MERS); FIRST SOUTHEAST BANK, its successors and assigns; ASSOCIATED MORTGAGE, LLC; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, acting through the FARMERS HOME ADMINISTRATION, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, its successors and assigns, now known as the FARM SERVICE AGENCY; and OTHILDE J. GUNDERSON, deceased; also, the unknown heirs of any of the hereinbefore named defendants who may be deceased; also, all other persons or parties unknown, claiming any right, title, estate, interest or lien in the real estate described in the Complaint herein, Defendants. ) SUMMONS THIS SUMMONS IS DIRECTED O THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANTS. 1. YOU ARE BEING SUED. The Plaintiffs have started a lawsuit against the above named defendants. The original of Plaintiffs’ Complaint is on file in the office of the court administrator of the above named court. These are official papers that affect your rights. You must respond to this lawsuit even though it may not yet be filed with the Court and there may be no court file number on this Summons. 2. YOU MUST REPLY WITHIN 20 DAYS TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. You must give or mail to the person who signed this summons a written response called an Answer within 20 days of the date on which you received this Summons. You must send a copy of your Answer to the person who signed this Summons located at: David A. Joerg DAVID A. JOERG, P.A. P.O. Box 257 Preston, MN 55965 3. YOU MUST RESPOND TO EACH CLAIM. The Answer is your written response to the Plaintiffs’ Complaint. In your Answer you must state whether you agree or disagree with each paragraph of the Complaint. If you believe the Plaintiffs should not be given everything asked for in the Complaint, you must say so in your Answer. 4. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CASE IF YOU DO NOT SEND A WRITTEN RESPONSE TO THE COMPLAINT TO THE PERSON WHO SIGNED THIS SUMMONS. If you do not answer within 20 days, you will lose this case. You will not get to tell your side of the story, and the Court may decide against you and award the Plaintiffs everything asked for in the Complaint. If you do not want to contest the claims stated in the Complaint, you do not need to respond. A default judgment can then be entered against you for the relief requested in the Complaint. 5. LEGAL ASSISTANCE. You may wish to get legal help from a lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, the Court Administrator may have information about places where you can get legal assistance. Even if you cannot get legal help, you must still provide a written Answer to protect your rights or you may lose the case. 6. ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION. The parties may agree to or be ordered to participate in an alternative dispute resolution process under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice. You must still send your written response to the Complaint even if you expect to use alternative means of resolving this dispute. 7. THIS LAWSUIT MAY AFFECT OR BRING INTO QUESTION TITLE TO REAL PROPERTY located in Fillmore County, State of Minnesota, legally described as follows: ALL THAT PROPERTY STATED AND DESCRIBED ON EXHIBIT “A” ANNEXED HERETO AND MADE A PART HEREOF BY REFERENCE. The object of this action is to determine that the defendants have no right, title, estate, interest, or lien in or on the above described real estate. NOTICE OF NO PERSONAL CLAIM No personal claim is made against any of the defendants in the action above entitled. Dated: November 30, 2011 DAVID A. JOERG P.A. by:____/S/______________________ David A. Joerg Atty # 50404 Attorney for Plaintiffs 209 St. Paul Street S.W. P.O. Box 257 Preston, MN 55965 Phone: 507-765-3862 Fax: 507-765-3863

Exhibit A That part of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NW /4 SE 1/4) of Section 27, Township 101 North, Range 8 West, City of Mabel, Fillmore County, Minnesota, described as follows: Commencing at the Northeast Corner of said NW 1/4 SE 1/4; thence South 00 degrees 54 minutes 45 seconds East (assumed bearing) along the East line of said NW 1/4 SE 1/4, 452.05 feets to the Southerly Right-of-Way line of C.S.A.H. No. 34; thence South 57 degrees 39 minutes 00 seconds West along said R.O.W. line, 158.00 feet to the point of beginning of the tract of land to be herein described; thence South 01 degree 49 minutes 16 seconds 16 seconds East Publish 5,12,19

STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF FILLMORE IN DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT Court File No. 23-CV-11-936 THE ESTATE OF ELIZABETH JANE CULVER, AKA BETTY CULVER, PEGGY BAKER, AS PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE, PLAINTIFF, VS. HOWARD C. HILL, RENA MAE HILL, KATIE MAY CULVER, KATIE M. CULVER, RUSSELL M. CULVER, R.M. CULVER, CHARLES M. CULVER, ALSO, ALL OTHER PERSONS UNKNOWN CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, TITLE, ESTATE, INTEREST, OR LIEN IN THE REAL ESTATE DESCRIBED IN THE COMPLAINT HEREIN, INCLUDING THE HEIRS AT LAW AND LEGATEES AND DEVISEES OF ANY OF THE FOREGOING DEFENDANTS WHO ARE DECEASED, DEFENDANTS. SUMMONS THIS SUMMONS IS DIRECTED TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANTS. 1. YOU ARE BEING SUED. The Plaintiff has started a lawsuit against you. The original Plaintiff’s Complaint is on file at the office of the Court Administrator of the above named Court. Do not throw these papers away. They are official papers that affect your rights. You must respond to this lawsuit even though it may not yet be filed with the Court and there may be no court file number on this Summons. 2. YOU MUST REPLY WITHIN 20 DAYS TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. You must give or mail to the person who signed this Summons a written response called an Answer within 20 days of the date on which you received this Summons. You must send a copy of your Answer to the person who signed this Summons located at the following address: Matthew J. Opat, P.A. Attorney at Law PO Box 455 22 SE Second Street Chatfield, MN 55923 3. YOU MUST RESPOND TO EACH CLAIM. The Answer is your written response to the Plaintiff’s Complaint. In your Answer you must state whether you agree or disagree with each paragraph of the Complaint. If you believe the Plaintiff should not be given everything asked for in the Complaint, you must say so in your Answer. 4. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CASE IF YOU DO NOT SEND A WRITTEN RESPONSE TO THE COMPLAINT TO THE PERSON WHO SIGNED THIS SUMMONS. If you do not answer within 20 days, you will lose this case. You will not get to tell your side of the story, and the Court may decide against you and award the Plaintiff everything asked for in the Complaint. If you do not want to contest the claims stated in the Complaint, you do not need to respond. A default judgment can then be entered against you for the relief requested in the Complaint. 5. LEGAL ASSISTANCE. You may wish to get legal help from a lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, the Court Administrator may have information about places where you can get legal assistance. Even if you cannot get legal help, you must still provide a written Answer to protect your rights or you may lose the case. 6. ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION. The parties may agree to or be ordered to participate in an alternative dispute resolution process under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice. You must still send your written response to the Complaint even if you expect to use alternative means of resolving this dispute. 7. THIS LAWSUIT MAY AFFECT OR BRING INTO QUESTION TITLE TO REAL PROPERTY located in Fillmore County, State of Minnesota, legally described as follows: See attached Legal Description. The object of this action is to determine that the defendants have no right, title, estate, interest, or lien in or on the above described real estate. NOTICE OF NO PERSONAL CLAIM. No personal claim is made against any

of the defendants in the action above entitled. Dated: November 21, 2011 MATTHEW J. OPAT, P.A. Matthew J. Opat Attorney for Plaintiff P.O. Box 455 Chatfield, MN 55923 Tel. No. 507-867-4080 Atty. Reg. No. 82636 LEGAL DESCRIPTION – 0.55 Acres Outlot 9 and that part of Outlot 10 in O.H. Case’s Plat of Outlots to the City of Chatfield, in that part of the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NE 1/4 SE 1/4) of Section 6, and that part of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SW 1/4 NW 1/4), and that part of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (NW 1/4 SW 1/4) of Section 5, all in Township 104 North, Range 11 West, Fillmore County, Minnesota, described as follows: Commencing at the Westerly Corner of Block 35, Original Town Plat to said City of Chatfield; thence South 45 degrees 25 minutes 17 seconds West (for purposes of this description the Northeasterly line of Outlots 7 through 13 of said O.H. Case’s Plat of Outlots is assumed to bear South 45 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds East), 80.00 feet to the Northerly Corner of said Outlot 7; thence South 45 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds East along said Northeasterly line of said Outlot 7 and Outlot 8 (the Southwesterly line of River Street), 380.00 feet to the Northerly Corner of said Outlot 9 and to the point of beginning of the tract of land to be herein described; thence continuing South 45 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds East along the Northeasterly line of said Outlot 9 and Outlot 10, 73.67 feet; thence South 45 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds West, 236.00 feet to the East line of said NE 1/4 SE 1/4; thence South 03 degrees 40 minutes 30 seconds East along said East line, 59.03 feet to the Southeasterly line of said Outlot 10; thence South 45 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds West along said Southeasterly line, 25.02 feet to the Southerly Corner of said Outlot 10; thence North 45 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds West along the Southwesterly line of said Outlot 10 and along the Southwesterly line of said Outlot 9, 118.00 feet to the Westerly Corner of said Outlot 9; thence North 45 degrees 00 minutes 00 seconds East along the Northwesterly line of said Outlot 9, 300.00 feet to the point of beginning and containing 0.55 acres, more or less. Subject to any easements of record. Publish 5, 12,19



Public notice The City of Rushford Village is requesting public comments on the potential environmental impacts of a proposed water supply well, interconnecting watermain and pumphouse addition project for the South Rushford Water District. Comments must be in writing and be received by January 19, 2012 to be considered. The project involves the construction of a 100 gpm potable water supply well for the South Rushford Water District in the City of Rushford Village. The well will be located 625 feet south of the existing supply well. The new 8” well will be 215 feet deep, cased to 108 feet and completed with a pitless wellhead. A 4” water supply pipeline will deliver the well discharge to existing pumphouse #1 in the City park on Plummer Street. A 12’-8” x 8’-0” addition will house the discharge piping where the supply will be metered and chlorine and fluoride will be added. The new supply will be connected to the water system immediately north of the existing pumphouse. The project is needed to provide a water supply that will meet safe drinking water standards for combined Radium 226 and 228. The City intends to finance the project with a low interest loan from the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority (PFA). Funds are being requested through the drinking water revolving fund which is administered by the PFA and the Minnesota Department of Health. To receive funds an environmental review must be conducted in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. Comments are to be sent to Joyce Iverson, City Clerk, 43038 State Hwy 30, Rushford Village, MN 55971. Publish 19 STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF FILLMORE IN DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT PROBATE COURT DIVISION Court File No. 23-PR-11-992 In Re: Estate of Diana Fitch Decedent NOTICE OF ORDER FOR HEARING ON PETITION FOR FORMAL PROBATE OF WILL AND APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS It is Ordered and Notice is given that on January 17, 2012 at 9:00 a.m., a hearing will be held in this court at Preston, Minnesota, on a petition for the formal probate of an instrument purporting to be the decedent’s Will dated February 1, 2006, and for the appointment of Barbara Kerns, whose address is 501 W. Prairie Avenue, Canton, Minesota 55922, as personal representative of the decedent’s estate in an unsupervised administration. Any objections to the petition must be raised at the hearing or filed with the Court prior to the hearing. If the petition is proper and no objections are filed or raised, the personal representative will be appointed with the full power to administer the decedent’s estate. Notice is further given that all creditors having claims against the said estate are required to present the same to said personal representative or to the Court Administrator within four months after the date of this notice or said claims will be barred. Dated: 12/12/11 /s/ James D. Attwood Registrar JAMES D. ATTWOOD Court Administrator Matthew J. Opat, P.A. Matthew J. Opat MN #82636 22 SE 2nd Street, PO Box 455 Chatfield, MN 55923 Telephone: 507-867-4080 Publish 19,26 .

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notice of mortgage foreclosure sale Date: 12/15/2011 You are notified that default has occurred in the conditions of the following described Mortgage: INFORMATION REGARDING MORTGAGE TO BE FORECLOSED 1. DATE OF MORTGAGE: 11/2/2009 2. MORTGAGOR: Lester A. Sackett, a single person 3. Mortgagee: Canton State Bank, 111 North Main Street, Canton, MN 55922, now First Southeast Bank. 4. Recording Information: Recorded on 11/09/2009, as Document Number 375903, in the Office of the County Recorder of Fillmore County, Minnesota. 5. Assignments of Mortgage, if any: None. INFORMATION REGARDING MORTGAGED PREMISES 6. Tax parcel identification number of the mortgaged premises: 09.0085.010 7. Legal description of the mortgaged premises: The West 43 feet of Lots 150 and 151, City of Canton, Fillmore County, Minnesota. 8. The physical street address, city, and zip code of the mortgaged premises: 300 North Ida Street, Canton, MN 55922. OTHER FORECLOSURE DATA 9. The person holding the mortgage is not a transaction agent, as defined by Minn. Stat. 58.02, Subd. 30. The name of the residential mortgage servicer and the lender or broker, as defined in Minn. Stat. 58.02, is mortgagee, Canton State Bank, 111 North Main Street, Canton, MN 55922, now First Southeast Bank. 10. If stated on the Mortgage, the name of the mortgage originator, as defined in Minn. Stat. 58.02, is Mortgagee, Canton State Bank. Information regarding foreclosure 11. The requisties of Minn. stat. 580.02 have been satisfied. 12. The original principal amount secured by the Mortgage was $3,300.00. 13. At the date of this notice the amount due on the Mortgage, including taxes paid by the holder of the Mortgage, is: $4,812.33. 14. Pursuant to the power of sale in the Mortgage, the Mortgage will be foreclosed, and the mortgaged premises will be sold by the Sheriff of Fillmore County, Minnesota, at public auction on February 2, 2012, at 10:00 a.m., at the Main Lobby of the Courthouse, Courthouse Square, Preston, MN 55965. 15. The time allowed by law for redemption by Mortgagor or Mortgagor’s personal representatives or assigns is 6 months after the date of sale. 16. Minn. Stat. 580.04(b) provides, “If the real estate is an owner-occupied, single-family dwelling, the notice must also specify the date on or before which the mortgagor must vacate the property if the mortgage is not reinstated under section 580.30 or the property redeemed under section 580.23.” If this statute applies, the time to vacate the property is 11:59 p.m. on August 3, 2012. THE TIME ALLOWED BY LAW FOR REDEMPTION BY THE MORTGAGOR, THE MORTGAGOR’S PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVES OR ASSIGNS, MAY BE REDUCED TO FIVE WEEKS IF A JUDICIAL ORDER IS ENTERED UNDER MINNESOTA STATUTES, SECTION 582.032, DETERMINING, AMONG OTHER THINGS, THAT THE MORTGAGED PREMISES ARE IMPROVED WITH A RESIDENTIAL DWELLING OF LESS THAN FIVE UNITS, ARE NOT PROPERTY USED IN AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTION, AND ARE ABANDONED. Dated: 12/15/2011 First southeast bank, formerly Canton sTate bank 111 North Main Street, Canton, MN 55922 Mortgagee Richard A. Nethercut, PA By: /s/ Richard Nethercut Richard A. Nethercut Attorney at Law (130072) 32 Main Avenue North | PO Box 657 Harmony, MN 55939-0657 T 507.886.6131 F 507.886.2711 Publish,19,26,2,9,16,23


The Fillmore County Journal


November 29, 2011 County board meeting The Fillmore County Board met in special session at the Courthouse in the City of Preston. All members were present. Also present were the Coordinator/Clerk, and other department heads and staff. The following resolutions were adopted by the Board: NONE The Board approved the following agenda items: • the amended agenda. • the following Consent Agenda: • November 22, 2011 minutes. • meeting was unanimously closed pursuant to M.S. 13D.03 for a 2012 Local #49 International Union of Operating Engineers Highway contract strategy session . • meeting was unanimously closed pursuant to M.S. 13D.03 for a 2012 Local #85 Law Enforcement Legal Services contract strategy session. The above represents a summary of the County Board actions on the listed date. Official County Board minutes are on file in the Fillmore County Courthouse and are available for review during regular business hours. County Board meetings are usually scheduled for Tuesday mornings at 9:00 in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse. Questions regarding the minutes or upcoming meetings can be directed to Karen Brown, Coordinator/Clerk of the County Board at 507/765-4566. Publish 19

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STATE OF MINNESOTA DISTRICT COURT COUNTY OF FILLMORE THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT Court File No. 23-CV-11-1018 Stanley Gudmundson, Plaintiff, SUMMONS -vsAslack Anderson; Peter Peterson Haslerud; Evan Olson; George P. Haslerud; Andrew P. Haslerud; Torger Olson; Gustave Sandvig a/k/a Gustave T. Sandvig; Stark G. Thompson; Stark T. Gernes; Seveth Ellengson a/k/a Sevath Ellingson; Roley Ellingson; Ole Boyum a/k/a Ole B. Boyum a/k/a O.B. Boyum; B.J. Boyum a/k/a Bernard J. Boyum; Arlene Bjorke and Nord Bjorke, her husband; Lorraine Boyce and Maynard Boyce, her husband; Sarah Boyum; Siebert Gudmundson and June Gudmundson, husband and wife; Ross Boyum and Sharon Boyum, his wife; Leroy J. Chadwick and Helen M. Chadwick, his wife; Leon W. Helleland and Beverly Helleland, his wife; J.B.’s Ranch, LLC; Jeffrey L. Ratzlaff a/k/a Jerry R. Ratzlaff; Herbert K. Highum and Ruby S. Highum as Trustees of the Herbert K. and Ruby S. Highum Living Trust; Steve A. Highum and Jody L. Highum, his wife; Eric Thorn and Tamara Thorn, his wife; Lorraine Boyce; all successors and assigns; also the unknown heirs of the aforesaid persons, and all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, estate, interest, or lien in the real estate described in the Complaint herein, subject to any easements of record, Defendants. THIS SUMMONS IS DIRECTED TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANTS: 1. YOU ARE BEING SUED. The Plaintiff has started a lawsuit against you. The Plaintiff’s Complaint against you is attached to this Summons. Do not throw these papers away. They are official papers that affect your rights. You must respond to this lawsuit even though it may not yet be filed with the Court and there may be no court file number on this Summons. 2. YOU MUST REPLY WITHIN 20 DAYS TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS. You must give or mail to the person who signed this Summons a written response, called an Answer, within 20 days of the date on which you received this Summons. You must send a copy of your Answer to the person who signed this Summons located at: Timothy A. Murphy RIPPE, HAMMELL & MURPHY, P.L.L.P. 110 East Main Street, P. O. Box 149 Caledonia, MN 55921-0149 3. YOU MUST RESPOND TO EACH CLAIM. The Answer is your written response to the Plaintiff’s Complaint. In your Answer you must state whether you agree or disagree with each paragraph of the Complaint. If you believe the Plaintiff should not be given everything asked for in the Complaint you must say so in your Answer. 4. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR CASE IF YOU DO NOT SEND A WRITTEN RESPONSE TO THE COMPLAINT TO THE PERSON WHO SIGNED THIS SUMMONS. If you do not answer within 20 days, you will lose this case. You will not get to tell your side of the story, and the Court may decide against you and award the Plaintiff everything asked for in the Complaint. If you do not want to contest the claims stated in the Complaint, you do not need to respond. A default judgment can then be entered against you for the relief requested in the Complaint. 5. LEGAL ASSISTANCE. You may wish to get legal help from a lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, the Court Administrator may have information about places where you can get legal assistance. Even if you cannot get legal help, you must still provide a written Answer to protect your rights or you may lose the case. 6. ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION. The parties may agree to or be ordered to participate in an alternative dispute resolution process under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice. You must still send your written response to the Complaint even if you expect to use alternative means of resolving this dispute. 7. THIS LAWSUIT MAY AFFECT OR BRING INTO QUESTION TITLE TO REAL PROPERTY located in Fillmore County, State of Minnesota, legally described as follows: That part of the West Half of the Southeast Quarter and that part the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 1, and that part of the West Half of the Northeast Quarter, that part of the East Half of the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter and that part of the East Half of the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 12, all in Township 104 North, Range 9 West, Fillmore County, Minnesota, described as follows: Beginning at the northwest corner of said West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1; thence on an assumed bearing of North 89°44’49” East 1315.25 feet to the northeast corner of said West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1; thence South 00°06’58” West 2644.25 feet to the southeast corner of said West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1; thence South 89°27’04” West along

the south line of said West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1, a distance of 1287.38 feet to a point 33.00 feet easterly of the southwest corner of said West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1; thence South 22°59’13” West 33.00 feet to a line that is 20.00 feet easterly of and parallel with the west line of said Northeast Quarter of Section 12; thence South 00°12’43” East along a line that is 20.00 feet easterly of and parallel with the west line of said Northeast Quarter of Section 12, a distance of 1345.99 feet to the centerline of Trunk Highway No. 30; thence South 62°23’03” West along said centerline of Trunk Highway No. 30, a distance of 168.46 feet; thence South 61°12’04” West along said centerline of Trunk Highway No. 30, a distance of 611.02 feet to the westerly line of said East Half of the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 12; thence North 00°01’59” West 1745.09 feet to the northwest corner of said East Half of the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 12; thence North 89°42’19” East along the north line of said East Half of the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 12, a distance of 644.14 feet to a point 16.50 feet westerly of the southwest corner of said West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1; thence North 14°13’51” East 68.18 feet to the west line of said West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1 and to a point 66.00 feet northerly of the southwest corner of said West Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 1; thence North 00°13’32” East 2585.10 feet to the point of beginning. The above described parcel contains 104.56 acres and is subject to any easements, covenants and restrictions of record. 8. The object of this action is to determine that the Defendants have no right, title, estate, interest or lien in the real estate above described. NOTICE OF NO PERSONAL CLAIM No personal claim is made against any of the Defendants in the action above entitled. Dated this 7th day of December, 2011. RIPPE, HAMMELL & MURPHY, P.L.L.P. By: ________________________________ Timothy A. Murphy (#76594) Attorney for Plaintiff 110 East Main Street, P. O. Box 149 Caledonia, MN 55921 (507) 725-3361 S:Gina/Quiet Title/Gudmundson. Summons Publish 19,26,2

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December 20th

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FillMore counTy

Dec. 19, 2011 Monday



Dec. 20, 2011

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MoStLy CLoudy




PartLy SuNNy


Dec. 23, 2011




Dec. 24


Jan. 1

Jan. 9


WinTer WeaTher arT neeDeD! all children 13 and under are welcome to submit Weather art. Send your picture to

Fillmore County Journal

P.o. Box 496, Preston, MN 55965 or email it to or drop it off at the

Fillmore County Journal 136 St. anthony St., Preston, MN

Be sure to include Child’s First and Last Name, age, town and title of art Work.

“First Snow” by Lydia Miller age 9, Spring Valley, MN

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29° 21°

aTTenTion kiDS


Jan. 16


Weather art

MoonriSe & MoonSet 1:40am 12:38pm 2:55am 1:13pm 4:10am 1:55pm 5:22am 2:46pm 6:30am 3:44pm 7:28am 4:50pm 8:17am 6:00pm





Moon PhaSeS ~ Dec. - Jan. new

Dec. 25, 2011


Sun & Moon Date: SunriSe & SunSet 12/19/11 7:37am 4:34pm 12/20/11 7:38am 4:34pm 12/21/11 7:38am 4:35pm 12/22/11 7:39am 4:35pm 12/23/11 7:39am 4:36pm 12/24/11 7:40am 4:36pm 12/25/11 7:40am 4:37pm

Dec. 24, 2011


MoStLy CLoudy

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Tuesday Night Bar Bingo @ 7pm

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Fillmore County Journal 12.19.11  

The 12.19.11 weekly edition of the Fillmore County Journal.

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