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Customer Experience Management Key achievements and strategy analysis

# Project Description: We have fully implemented our IT platform for NPS and run education to the network to embed CEM into AIESEC operations at all levels of the organisation. Impact on team purpose: We are able to define and measure performance on quality and the impact of the experiences that we provide. By increasing the loyalty of our customers, more people join ELD due to our promoters’ recommendations… AIESEC is becoming a customer-centric organization.


NPS: Customer Gauge System Implementation Purpose: After signing a long-term contract with Customer Gauge, we ensure that every LC/MC have their correspondent login and our IT platform is running with no bugs or major technical difficulties. Progress: • A Global Fund was approved to ensure CEM implementation globally • A full platform revision was made including: (1) Bugs and mistakes (2) Report charts (3) Emails and surveys (4) Viewing rights from different users • Extra features were requested to be included in the system: (1) Notification emails every time a customer asks for support (2) Periodical short reports to users at all levels and (3) Connecting AIESEC and CG database for automatized and faster surveying process • Surveys for experiences delivered up to January 2013 were sent Next • Working with CustomerGauge to ensure the changes in the system are according to our requests. • Finalize negotiations and set-up for extra features • Creating log-ins for MC users and push so MCs create the correspondent LC logins

CEM implementation globally Purpose: We have provided the Global Network with the right set of indicators and tools: (1) MoS and KPIs for Quality (2) CEM is launched and incepted into operations at all levels and (3) Educating the network for proper implementation. With this, we are enabling AIESEC to become a customer-centric organization. Progress: • MoS and KPIs were defined and launched at IPM and XPROs • Customer feedback data was included in every session at IPM as well as in Global Planning • Customer Experience Management (CEM) programme was launched at IC and XPROs to show the role and actions that each level of the organization need to take Next • • •

Increasing network education by sharing GCPs, delivering trainings and coaching entities Creating education materials, guides and resources to facilitate implementation at all levels Adapt CEM to AI Operations (Reporting, Planning, Global Incentives, Annual Reports, etc)

Key general insights: • More and more we are moving from strategic and IT discussions to more practical and implementation ones: How to make it happen every day? Do we have GCPs? • Customer Experience is a hot and trending topic in AIESEC. This is a crucial and great environment for CEM operations to settle in. Now we need to nail it with simple and impactful operations. • Though is a hot topic, AIESEC is still digesting and processing how to DO things: How to translate customer feedback into ACTION • Still, usage is low (Of 707 users, 593 logged in 15 times or less and 148 haven’t even logged in)

3.2.1 Customer Experience Management  
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