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Knights of Our Lady

“Shahbaz Bhatti” Circle (SBC) March 2016 The Pope’s prayer intentions for this month of March are clear, unmistakeable, greatly challenging for the whole Church. “May Christians, who are discriminated against, or persecuted for their faith, remain strong in tribulation, and faithful to the gospel because of the unceasing prayer of the whole Church.” This appeal has to resound in this Church in slumber, or weary of being Christian.” The echoes that reach us from countries where there is constant persecution or discrimination, are impressive: Christians from those geographical areas are strong in faith, as opposed to what we see in the so called free world, where examples of strength and firm convictions are scarce. Due to a fragile and weak faith, one still fails to feel the commitment from the Christian communities to pray for their brothers who suffer persecution and discrimination. This faintheartedness is regrettable. Our Circle, of prayer for the persecuted Christians, rejoices in this request from the Pope, a Pope particularly aware of those who suffer, as is the case of our contemporary martyrs. Therefore, it makes sense that we echo these words of appeal from the Holy Father. During this time of Lent, which takes place during the Holy Year of Mercy, may we always keep before us and in our hearts this calling by Pope Francis to pray for the persecuted Christians. Let us make the 7th of each month a special day of prayer for this intention, throughout the year.

Let us support FUNDAÇÃO PONTIFÍCIA AJUDA À IGREJA QUE SOFRE, which is in the field to give a hand to the needy ones, even the non-Christians: NIB: 0032.0109.00200029160.73 ________________________________________________

Círculo Shahbaz Bhatti - Flash n.º 55  
Círculo Shahbaz Bhatti - Flash n.º 55