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Natural living in the happy home Reveal your personality

Hello you! Get in the mood for spring/summer ’19 – a new collection of life, warmth, balance, simple living, and Nordic treats. It is founded around the roots of our design tradition by celebrating our overall promise of bringing happiness through change.

Please enjoy

Bamboo will sweep you off your feet, literally Welcome the outdoor season with a lifegiving, reclining, and greenery atmosphere everywhere. The new, astonishing SOLE bamboo furniture provides a perfect touch to the green setting, leaving the terrace with an exotic and cozy look. Matching styles from the Bloomingville MINI universe make up for a surprising add-on to the series.

Slow down. Get comfy. Fall in love. Bloomingville is getting back to basics in the well-known, pure, and Nordic spirit. Find the time and place for quiet contemplation with plenty of natural elements in a contrasting outdoor setting where raw, organic materials meet a downto-earth simplicity. The ideal spot for slow, comfortable living and peace of mind.

A grounded look for the urban garden

Lifting green life to a cozy and eye-catching perspective A true Bloomingville gettogether

This season, we celebrate true, Nordic coziness and simplicity. The clear, bright surroundings let the warm, organic styles stand out to impress with their fine, natural details. Create a personal living space with new deco items and favorite home accessories in a stunning still life. Plenty of greenery will bring



touch to every home.


Living the bright, Nordic life

Natural delights and exquisite eye-catchers

A true natural feeling awakens

We believe in //

Bringing happiness through change The Bloomingville design philosophy //

New culinary darlings In 2019 we pursue a personal style, with special attention to unique and imperfect items. The wooden kitchen utensils in teak, mango, or acacia reveal an exceptional structure of the cherished, natural material. The special, organic elements add a beautiful story to our homes.

Color range

Add a new feeling to your kitchen

With unique shapes and spectacular glazing, the new HAZEL and KENDRA kitchen series celebrate the






designs. They establish a down-to-earth style in the idyllic, rural kitchen, accompanied wonderfully by trending, organic elements.

Imperfect breathtaking dining

Feel and fall for MAYA The gorgeous new MAYA kitchen series offers a fresh take on the traditional, patterned Bloomingville tableware. MAYA has an extraordinary tactility, with dots put in relief, adding a nice feeling and touch to the tableware, while the various colorways and patterns match wonderfully with numerous types of accessories. Being 100% handmade, MAYA reveals a true tribute to the personalized story of your


Impress your guests Prepare for summer dining

Pure elegance Summer time equals long, warm nights and drinks on the terrace. The new glassware series from Bloomingville shows a fine elegance with its subtle, smoked hue and a refined, tactile, and striped pattern. Add a splash of golden lavishness and you get the perfect setting for socializing with friends on any joyous occasion.

A splash of color reveals an expressive personality

Kick back and enjoy the view

Let the light bring out your style

A wanted place for casual chats around the dinner table

Bloomingville Mini The Bloomingville MINI universe honors the traditional, Nordic design of the Bloomingville main collection with beloved wooden toys, small-sized adult-looking accessories, adventurous tableware, and marvelous storage solutions






Charming motifs and a subtle color scheme add up to a pleasing style for both small and grown-ups.





Bloomingville’s toys, storage options, and décor items are timeless classics of the MINI universe.



of organic items and soft, dreamy textiles will provide your children’s rooms with a the

stunning soothing

look. and

Enjoy pure

atmosphere of a light and neutral color scheme and use dusty rose, pale blue, and earthy tones to create a calm and cozy space for the small ones.

Mini darlings for dining, sleeping, and playing

The Bloomingville collections are Danish design combined with the Nordic trends of the moment. We design and create our collections – always keeping your ever changing home in mind.

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Bloomingville Catalogue 2019  

Bloomingville Catalogue 2019