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FROM OUR DESK Dear Readers With immense joy, The Corporate Communications Department brings to you the latest edition of Fortune Cookies. In this issue, the Student Editorial Board explored the corridors of FIIB and spoke to students and teachers on what keeps them busy. We bring to you highlights from the month of September- the first MBA Exams for the 1st years, the election of junior representatives for various clubs and gearing up for the China study tour.

The club activities were also kick started this month with Ranbhoomi 2012 and Finance Conclave. Read about these exciting events and much more, only in this edition On this note, Happy reading! Akshita Agrawal Chief Editor- Fortune Cookies

In This Issue.. Finance revisited Pg 2


FLP Presentations with the Academic Advisory Board: Pg 3 In the Spotlight: Junior Representatives Pg-4 Ranbhoomi 2012 Pg 6 FIIB Gems and more Campus News Pg 7 FIIB Blog Updates: Pg 8

The President Honor Roll… Shaoni Roy Chowdhury

Richa Singhania

Tania Ann Koshi

Ariba Hussain

Every Term, FIIB acknowledges students who come in Top 10% of their batch with the President’s Honor Roll…Applause for the 1st years who made it there! (in order of merit)

Sugandha Arora

Akshat Mishra

Plavon Bora

Manish Pawar

Jasmine Kaur Mudhar

Bhuwan Chopra

Monika Bansal

Anchal Bedi

Shefali Goel

Dhruv Mahajan

Sakshi Mehra

Sangam Lalsivaraju

Ankit Garg

President Honor Roll for 2nd years on Pg 9

Rohit Kumar Jaitly

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9

The Fortune Stock Exchange (FSE), Finance Student Club at FIIB hosted a day long seminar on 1st September 2012. A perfect start to another exciting month at FIIB. The annual Finance Conclave witnessed eminent speakers from the Industry. The speakers discussed contemporary topics like 'Opportunities and Challenges for Private Equity and MSME Financing in India'. Speakers at the conference included Mr. Nikhil Kaushik (VP, Citigroup Venture Capital International) and Mr. Rajiv Sood (Deputy General Manager, SIDBI) amongst many other eminent speakers.

Mr. Bharat Bakhshi “I was pleasantly surprised at the level and the depth of the questions asked because a lot of students haven’t even worked in a PE company, but they still seemed to have a very good understanding of everything that was discussed. Id like to suggest to all the aspiring managers here that they must follow their passion and do what they enjoy doing. They should take risks. It’s all about people in the end – how you’re able to connect with and work with and through people.” Mr. Prashant Mehra “I have a close association with Manish so when he called I decided I would go to FIIB to participate at the Finance Conclave. I’m leaving with a wonderful impression of FIIB because I was pleasantly surprised to see the level of questions asked and also how well the event was conducted. It was an enlightening experience. Today, there are so many distractions and so many career choices available to everyone. My advice is, be very clear about your goals and objectives, and keep checking to see how far you are in terms of your objectives. If you find you’ve deviated, you need to change your path to get back on track.” OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES FOR PRIVATE EQUITY IN INDIA Mr. Nikhil Kaushik, Vice President, Citigroup Venture Capital International Mr. Manish Kheterpal, Chairman, FIIB Mr Prashant Mehra, Partner, Grant Thorton Mr. Bharat Bakhshi, Partner, Jacob Ballas Private Equity

OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES FOR MSME SECTOR IN INDIA Mr.Rajive Sood, Deputy General Manager, SIDBI Mr. Ravi Kumar, Retired General Manager (Finance) & CFO, Bank Of India Dr Sudhanshu Mishra, Assistant General Manager, NABARD Mr. Dhirender Kumar, Branch Manager, NSIC

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9


Six FLP Fellows got a chance to bring to limelight their Leadership Challenge towards making FIIB a green campus by sharing their views with the Academic Advisory Board (AAB) of FIIB.

As a part of the extensive Leadership Training, FLP Fellows were given an opportunity to work towards making FIIB more sustainable. They were given a variety of interesting topics to work on and the Fellows came up with interesting research and solutions to implement their plans. Read on what some of them had to say about their experience with AAB “As a student it was a great opportunity to represent in front of Academic Advisory Council. Out initiative the “Book Bank "is a leadership challenge that is assigned to Himanshu and myself. We were asked to present a short and crisp presentation for the Academic Advisory Board. Though it was a five minute presentation, I felt tensed and as it was my first presentation to a Board. I have given many presentations previously and I never felt so tensed. Perhaps it was effect of pressure of expectations. I must thank Akshita ma'am who was standing beside all of us to support and to help us prepare for this presentation. During the presentation questions were asked and we were able to reply to all of them and satisfied the Board members. Last but not least, it was an awesome and unforgettable experience to face a panel or I believe it's going to help a lot in my upcoming corporate life.” - Pankaj Mor “The chance to present in front of the advisory board was at the same time a nerve-wrecking experience as well as an exhilarating one. At one level it drove home the seriousness of what we are trying to achieve here though this project and also brought forward the kind of commitment this kind of a project requires from each of us. It has served to motivate us to work even more seriously on the our FLP project and we would like to thank FIIB and Ma'am Radhika for giving us this opportunity”.- Deepanshi & Prateek “This was my first presentation in front of an Advisory Council Committee. Also, it was my first formal presentation in front of dignitaries. I feel really proud that the green initiative idea of my partner and I got selected and we were given the opportunity to prove ourselves worth FLP-” Himanshu Jain In the coming months, FIIB Campus will be abuzz with activity as FLP Fellows kick start their Challenge and make FIIB more green. Lookout for their activities!!

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The Leaders Editorial Board member, Shaoni Roy Junior Representatives their vision and mission

“As the Bazaar Club Junior Representative, I have a huge responsibility of carrying on from where my seniors left. Marketing skills are required in any kind of business nowadays; therefore I would provide a platform to hone people's skills and also help them grow their personality. Industrial interactions, activities and quiz are some of the few things I would like to do to provide a better atmosphere for everyone. “ Plavon Bora “We would be working on making FIIB’s Fest more interesting by increasing the participation from outside our college, including variety of events with context to dance, music and creativity. Fun contests, musical evening will also be organized. In a snapshot we would say that get ready pals coming year will be full of fun, excitement and loads of treasured memories. “ Ariba Hussain and Manasvi Bansal “The activities proposed for the year include a Day for the Underprivileged Children, in which games, lunch, gift distribution are the main events that are to be held for the children and a Blood Donation Camp to be held in college in which students of our collage as well as students of other colleges would take part. “ Udit Mehta and Nitish Goel “The Placement Cell serves as an interface between the students and the Corporate. Apart from bringing a varied list of Recruiters to the campus the Placement Cell also organizes talks, internship opportunities and workshops for the collective student body. As an added feature skill building workshops such as workshops for Group Discussions, Personal Interviews and Personality Development have been introduced to help the students. We were also planning to call leaders from different fields and arrange pre-placement talks. The experience that students gain with these exercises will help them during their placement. All this effort will be invaluable in helping to make informed decisions about their future career path, as well as enhancing employment prospects upon completing the PGDM at FIIB. During the placement year they will develop their interpersonal skills along with the theory and knowledge that they have gained so far. Most of the students will find permanent jobs after post graduation in their preferred companies. Thus we will make sure that all the students get the best” Ajay Singh and Varun Kumar Riat

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9

In Making Choudhury speaks to the recently elected for the various student clubs to find out about for their respective clubs

“Without effective communication and networking, a manager cannot excel in his career. And that’s what the Corporate Interaction Committee would be aiming at, this year. Providing a diverse exposure to various well-known faces of the industry to enhance our knowledge and make our own identity would be the basic goal of this committee.” Shreesti Ghosh and Deepak Batra “As Junior Representatives of the Alumni committee we are planning a lot of exciting events for our esteemed alumni and also our current batchmates. The activities include annual Alumni meet and creation of platforms to encourage Student-Alumni Interaction.” Gaurav Mishra and Atul Kumar Singh “We plan to do lots of new stuff and also give a new dimension to sports here at FIIB. We want to add some new games on the basis of what students at FIIB want to play. In next few months, we wish to organize Table Tennis, Pool Master Tournament and Inter College Cricket Tournament. Looking forward to some real sports action from all FIIBians!” Rohit Kumar and Rahul Malhotra “Dominoes will help FIIBians develop their thinking process by doing different kind of activities. Our plan of action for the club include discussion sessions where students can enhance their study techniques, case study competitions so that students can refine their problem solving skills and activities like poker and counter-strike.” Ashish Kumar Sinha and Rakesh Roshan

“We as junior representatives of the Cynergy club plan to contribute to each and every event and activity of FIIB and the club. With the help of our faculty and seniors we would also focus on human evelopment, and helping the aspiring leaders from FIIB to understand and internalize corporate culture within them because once we get the job it is our attitude, behaviour and personality that helps us stay, grow and succeed.” Ashish Manchanda and Monika Bansal

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9

RANBHOOMI 2012 Re-discovering the exciting moments of the sports meet for current students organised by the Sports Club. Bringing to you the highlights from the ground! The students engaged in endearing spirit of competitive matches of Chess, Carom and Table Tennis along with various other games during the week long celebrations of Ranbhoomi 2012. The highlights of the week included the occasional downpour which obstructed the Volley Ball game everyday and the knockout match that Mr. Manish engaged in at the inaugural ceremony! “It takes a lot of perseverance, determination and thinking on the feet when it comes to sports. Just like others, here I worked hard for this club last year and this year to continue with the tradition. I have a passion for sports and sportsmanship. The ability to beat constantly the best in me is a sign of a true sportsman. The main driving force for me is if I win, I win in style and if I lose I lose in style. I don’t pick a team but I make a team and yes, this is me.” - Harsh Bhargava, Sports Cohead “We are a part of the PGDM program where we always talk about Team work and Strategy. And Sports is the best medium where we can apply both.” - Ankit Phartiyal “Events like Ranbhoomi help students in keeping their competitive spirit alive. Winning a volley ball tournament strengthened my conviction that no matter wherever you apply it, hard work always pays.” Rohit Kumar Jaitley, winner, Volleyball Match “Sports inculcates valuable qualities in us like we learn how to cooperate with one another and to subordinate our selfish desires to the interests of the team.” - Utkarsh Garg

Read more about the event with details on the winners in the blog written by Ed Board Member Priyanka Singh at

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9

The FIIB Gems FIIBians participated at the Area Contest for Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contest for Toastmasters International with full vigor and confidence. The students were lauded for their commendable effort by everyone. Second year students Asim Agha and Abhik Shome also won laurels for the college. Asim Agha stood first runner up at Humor Contest and would now be competing at the State Level on 14th October. Abhik Shome stood third in the Evaluation Contest. Congratulations to all. “The only way to check your level of learning is to compete. Last year when I participated in the Area Contest, I could not move ahead because I had some errors in my speech. This year when I participated in the Area Contest, I just had one thought in mind "This time I want it", keeping this thought live in my heart and mind, I took a lot of time and prepared a speech which did not have content issues and gave my best shot. As a result I got through and got the position of '1st Runner Up'.” – Asim Agha

L toR: Asim Agha (First Runner up, Humor Contest), Abhik Shome (Second Runner UP, Evaluation Contest), Priyanka Singh, Shreesti Ghosh, Ariba Hussain, Subin Vargeese and Ankit Garg

“Toastmasters humorous & evaluation was my first experience towards facing public and Toastmasters held in our classes helped me a lot in conquering it easily.” – Subin Vargeese "It is always said and seen that the more you will challenge your strengths and fears the more you will master them. Toastmasters evaluation contest was an amazing experience for me that helped me in nurturing my speaking skills. Looking forward to more!!" - Ariba Hussain

The Cultural Committee organized a small gathering to celebrate the Teachers Day at FIIB Campus on 5th September. On the occasion, the students appreciated the efforts their mentors and teachers have put in their growth and advancement. It was a joyous moment for all the teachers. Happy Teachers Day!

Campus News: Teachers Day Celebrations

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9

Faculty Feats Dr. Sadia Samar Ali, Associate Professor & Area Chair: Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques, presented a paper at International Annual Conference of the German Operations Research Society on theme ”Energy, Markets and Mobility” which was held between Sept 4-7th 2012 at Leibniz University at Hannover, Germany In another feat, Prof Swanand Deodhar attended a conference held at Hammamet, Tunisia from 9th to 13th September 2012. The conference focused on emergence of Open Source Software (OSS). Prof Swanand presented a paper which was co-authored by Prof. K.B.C. Saxena and Prof. Mikko from University of Tampere. The paper discussed at length the patterns of implementing hybrid business models by combining OSS and proprietary approaches. The paper also highlighted some common challenges faced by the organizations in implementing such business models. In one and half month since its launch, the FIIB Blog is abuzz with activity. We received over 41 student blog entries and 13 were published. Read to know more… The 13 blogs published were on topics ranging from social awareness to relevance to MBA. These blogs gathered over 110 comments in the past month, with lots of comments coming from internal FIIB students and avid readers from outside FIIB Network.

BLOGGING: An addiction

To highlight a few encouraging commentsOn article by Subin Vergese (My Best Friend)- ‘Great blog I am impressed’- Hermes On article by Ashish Manchanda (What young India wants) - ‘Very inspiring article. I hope it creates the fire’- Michael On article by Ajay Singh (What young India demands)- ‘Ajay, I also feel there should be a revolution in the country’- Raja This quarter Communications Department acknowledges Shreesti Ghosh (Student Blogger) and Ajay Singh (Student Commenter) for their participation and the students would be felicitated at Sankalp 2012. Read more at

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9


Ajay Singh, 1st Year, takes us through the recipe of making a hit Bollywood Movie

Depression came, recession came. India is still struggling with the aftermath of the same. Growth rate is low and inflation rate is high. Government is struggling to control the same to overcome recession and the slow rate of growth. Even in this situation one industry is reaping profits in Crores and growing by leaps and bounds. This industry turns out to be India’s cash cows and it is not controlled by any MNC. This dynamic industry is known as, “BOLLYWOOD.” You may remember the dialogue of Vidya Balan in ‘The Dirty Picture’: The world wants only three things- “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment.” This holds true for India and Bollywood with the recent success of, ‘EK Tha Tiger’ whose earning was Rs 100 Crore within first week of its release. Bollywood is all about visual effect and visual marketing. Ek Tha Tiger was released on 3,300 screens and the average cost of single ticket was Rs. 146. We can break success of any bollywood film using the simple Ps of Marketing that we’ve learnt in 1st year. Product: Movie in Hindi language. Bollywood movie as a product has high emotional quotient (comedy or serious) and romantic songs. It can neither be touched nor can be tasted. Product can only be seen. Neuro marketing works well in this category. Price: Seller point: - Producers of big-budget films were able to recover 80% of the costs even before release by selling to distributors. 70% of earnings of an average Indian movie come from domestic box office. Price: Buyer point: - Average cost of ticket at multiplex is Rs.146. Average cost of single screen costs Rs.50. So, choices exist. Place: Movie is shown on screens in multiplexes like PVR and on single screens. Movie can also be watched through internet and satellite. Promotion: - Promote through T.V. with the help of songs and video clips of movie and attractive billboards at public places. Now days, radio is effective medium for movie promotion. Negative publicity is frequently used for promotion.


The President Honor Roll… President Honor Roll for Batch 2011-2012 in Term IV in order of merit goes to.. (With drumrolls!)

Ravi Kumar Abhik Shome Surbhitankur Kokil Pandey K.Sunita Devi Asim Agha

Emotional Comedy or Romantic or Serious Songs Roles Item Number

Happy Ending

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9


We caught students over tete-a-tea and spoke to them about their various interests at FIIB, what keeps them busy and their learnings in the past trimester.

"Organising the Finance Conclave was indeed a herculean task. It provided us with a first hand experience of the level of diligence, perseverance& patience required to organise an event of this magnitude. Success of this event has also motivated us to bring forth some more events which would provide a better insight into the field of FINANCE.“- Rohit Kumar Jaitely (Junior Rep- FSE) “As a President I learnt the skills required to manage the fellow classmates and how to structure the program and your needs accordingly. As a speaker my stage fear and fear of facing questions asked on the spot has improved through various activities like Table topics so it was a great experience and I will pursue it whole heartedly in future.”- Rahul Malhotra (President, Cue C2) “There are few moments in every one's life when words are not sufficient to express the feelings. Completing my CC after such a long time was one of those moments. I can still feel that pressure before delivering the speech and I can still enjoy the sound of applause that I earned after finishing my speech. Now, just waiting for certificate to come in my hands. Thanks a ton to Akshita Ma'am and fellow Toastmasters to motivate me to successfully complete my CC.”- Pankaj Mor(On completing CC) “I felt great as I was elected through elections and from that day I became more responsible as I have to head some group and I will be representing the whole club. Plan of action will include having more volunteers for street plays and other club activities.”- Savneet Kaur (Junior Rep - Dramatics) “Sports and competition promotes healthy competition, gives us a reason to forget our hectic study schedule and enjoy ourselves, winning is just an added advantage.”- Akshat Mishra “We want to explore the reasons behind success of Chinese economy in spite of huge population. We want to increase the knowledge about Chinese technology and cheap products. We’ll savor different cuisines of China an d learn some Mandarin words.”- Students gearing up for trip to China Entrepreneurship in its truest sense is like a passionate emotion that simply grows onto you. We share this thirst for knowledge and foresight that has fuelled entrepreneurs since forever. Our aim is to bring in this very passion and to ensure that Udaan comes out in its full glory. Our mission at present is to get FIIBians a world class Entrepreneurship-cell experience, that's focused on value addition to both the intellect and the entrepreneurial mind.” -Lijin and Shruti (Junior Rep, Udaan) “Given a chance I would never want to leave this position. It felt really good to be called as The VIce President, to keep the club in order and to represent the club members.” - Dhruv Mahajan (VP Education, Cue C1) “Definitely one of the highlights of my time at FIIB. The feeling of pride that I felt at the successful completion of the Conclave was a high I have never experienced before. A true test of persistence and patience, hard work and dedication and team work and the zeal to succeed.” - Deepanshi Arora (on completion of Finance Conclave)

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9


Ed Board members Shreesti and Shaoni spoke to first year students and teachers who invigilated them on their experience of 1st MBA exams…

“I had a fear. I was nervous,excited,happy and enthusiastic.It was like a dream come true but at the same time depressing as I knew so less.”- Vikas Choudhary, Section A “We had our first set of exams and I was happy and excited but when the results were out and I saw my GPA, my happiness got converted into sadness as I was downgraded due to less attendance.But it was a good experience for me and I have already pulled up my socks for the next exams.”- Rohit Sinha, Section A “I was nervous and tensed while appearing for my first MBA exams, but at the same time it was a great learning experience with new subjects which made the journey interesting.”- Nupur Grover, Section A “I felt excited while going for my first MBA exams but when I saw the question paper, it was clear that no theory was required, school days are over and now it's time for some practical work.” -Vishal Kapoor, Section A “1st MBA exams or more of a rapid fire round. Two exams per day came to us as rapid bullets to our mind. Staying in college till 8pm, asking the librarian to open it for another hour was a crazy experience. Fun indeed!”- Sugandha Arora, Section C “To invigilate was a sleepy, boring and quite stressful experience but I must admit it was pretty entertaining at times!!!” Prof Vijayeta James Lall

“The idea of having an ‘FLP Cohort’ is very interesting and encouraging to the students. Even SHRM seems to be a nice initiative. FIIB does do a lot! “ -Shreya Thariani, Research Associate, S&P Capital IQ Fortune Cookies received some wonderful response from members outside FIIB Community. This issue of ‘Letters to Editor’ brings snippets from what others have to say


“The magazine can have a better graphic interphase for viewing. The current one looks a little immature.” -Parivardhan Dangi, Student, NID Gandhinagar

“This is fantastic stuff. I love the look and feel of this newsletter – the background images blend in seamlessly, each page has a different ‘texture’, the headings are very clear and the demarcation couldn’t be better….this newsletter is filled with color and happiness. Plus, the content is engaging. -Raj Ray, HR Consultant

Monthly- September 2012| Volume_7 Edition_9

Contest!: Since it was the literary week… Save the date

As a tribute to the International Book Week, here is line 5 from page 52s of all the Harry Potters. They are not in the right order. So guess which one is from which book and send us your answers. 1) Harry never wanted to set foot in number twelve, Grimmauld Place again. 2) 'How are we getting to King's Cross tomorrow, Dad?' asked Fred 3) He was asking that bloke from the Daily Prophet... 4) ...and the motorbike rolled over. Harry lost any sense of where they were 5) 'Youre an Auror?' said Harry, impressed.

Watch Out!

The Editorial Board and Communications Department will bring to you lots of stories from the campus

The update on campus activities including the much awaited China trip for second year students

6) staircase that zig-zagged through the house to the upper storeys 7) See that, Harry? Things these Muggles dream up, eh?

First to send all seven correct answers will win Landmark Vouchers! Also, Details on Sankalp 2012, FIIB-ians at NDTV Talk show look out for the next issue of Fortune and other club activities and other initiatives Cookies to get the answers.

Catching the 1st years gear up for their study tour

And a lot more from the Campus, students, staff and faculty!

Result for ‘2 min MBA quiz’ 1-a 3-c 2- b 4-a

Send your answers to the quiz, articles, photos and other submissions to We’ll make space for everything!

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