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recreational and amenity centers, condos and villas, patio

The Overture

home communities, row homes, town homes, luxury estates, Palazzo Station is the redevelopment of the existing Collin Creek Mall, to be a gathering place for retail shopping enthusiasts, concert goers, conference attendees, health and

towers, manufacturing facilities, industrial parks, houses of worship, retail centers, education facilities, hotels and resorts, restaurants, marinas and golf courses.

wellness aficionadas and residential dwellers. Palazzo Station will be a destination for those who want a place to relax as they escape the daily anxieties of life, while they become immersed in the village-like atmosphere in and around Palazzo Station.

Through his years of extensive world travel and research, Mr. Blackard has become an expert on the evolution process of a village. Over time, he developed a sense of awareness on how the Euclidean development patterns, typical in America,

With the growing demand for multi-use place dwelling, Palazzo Station brings together the new concept of a village like atmosphere surrounding a retail / recreational / residential setting that offers the best of all worlds. Palazzo Station brings together the lost art of timeless, European village craftsmanship

had actually segregated society and had torn it apart at the very fabric of communities. After spending several years traveling abroad and managing his interests in a Croatian resort, Mr. Blackard had an epiphany: “Our zoning constructs have taken society away from its natural evolution; the village.

with the modern day development needs cities have in terms of zoning and planning considerations with new or existing construction projects. This new type of development philosophy is called Neoretroism and the person who has been most responsible for pioneering this new development philosophy is

Mr. Blackard’s goal is to revolutionize the design and development world by applying successful historic community characteristics, which contributes to a sustainable and healthier world for future generations.

Mr. Jeffory D. Blackard. In his book entitled Neoretroism: Old World Culture in a Jeffory D. Blackard is an American businessman, real estate developer, world traveler, and visionary. He is the President and CEO of Blackard Global, Inc. as well as the Founding Partner of Building Villages, LLC.

Modern Day Development Environment, Mr. Blackard states “A community is far more successful in working together toward a common goal than anything ever achieved independently by an individual. The inhabitant's ownership and investment in their village is essential to create a legacy and carry that forward

Beginning his Real Estate career in Dallas-Fort Worth in 1981, Mr. Blackard has developed over 30 Master Planned Communities with over 15,000 single-family home sites. In addition




focus on




development, Mr. Blackard has covered the gamut of the real estate







including: commercial centers, office parks, multi-family flats,

through future generations.

Life is enhanced and turnover

becomes virtually extinct. In this environment, there is no need for vacancies. When the needs of a group, including essentials such as water, shelter and interaction are studied and met, the success of a village is discovered.” Neoretroism is basis of what how we will transform the existing mall into Palazzo Station.

The Keys

needs of residents and visitors. Stone structures speak of permanence. Unique boutiques and shops rich with activity and


within walking distance create perceptions of a place that Palazzo Station exists to empower the retail, residential,

existed long before we became slaves to our automobiles.

and recreation communities in which it serves to maximize the environmental and economic well-being of the property and its stakeholders.

Spiritual – In everything we do there is an unspoken reverence to our vision. Palazzo Station isn’t just another mall. It isn’t just a retail space. It isn’t even just a village. We believe it is

Palazzo Station will reverse the trend that has caused

a mission – in every sense of the term. It isn’t just about

many great buildings to go idle. It will create a place of

relaxation. It’s about finding peace. It isn’t a place to merely be

belonging that people are drawn to and one which they thrive

entertained. It’s a place to take joy in your surroundings and

in. At its best, Palazzo Station will bring together the best of the

your fellow man. It isn’t just a place to come to an event. It’s a

old world village with the best of the modern day development.

place to have a life changing experience.


Whimsical – Palazzo Station’s tone will embody some of

Palazzo Station is not just a place to shop, but it is a

the same elements of the wonder found at a Disney theme

place to relax, be entertained, and be part of the collective

park. Children will be fascinated, parents will be entertained,

experience that the community offers. To the people who desire

and virtually everyone will lose track of time as they wander

these benefits, Palazzo Station will offer the lost art of living well.

through the rail station themed mall, and walk along the winding walkways of the village as they walk from place to


place within the village.

European – The closest image the average American can conjure of a working village is a memory of something

Deliberate – Nothing will be done, written or said

they’ve seen on TV or maybe on vacation in France or Italy.

unintentionally. Palazzo Station will stand out in a sea of

Other than the development in Adriatica, in McKinney Texas

sameness. If our goal is to change the way people think about

(developed by Mr. Blackard) there aren’t many, if any, modern

community, we will meticulously design our environment, and

American examples of this grand idea. The European sensibility

our communications, to be in contrast with the status quo.

of Palazzo Station should act as a disruption of the status quo,

Everything about Palazzo Station will make a statement that we

which exists in the current form of Collin Creak Mall. The

are deliberately thinking, speaking, and living differently.

European feel will help us change people’s mindsets away from a dying mall, towards a living, organic, and vibrant village.

Seekers People who will live, work, or relax in Palazzo Station are

Timeless – Palazzo Station is not a new concept but it

seeking a new kind of American dream. They want a place

isn’t old either. The shops and amenities will cater to the modern

where people talk to each other and know one another.

a design, be it a building or alleyway. Like people, individuality

The Prototype

and specificity is essential to longevity, ownership and survival. Neoretroism and its foundational model in McKinney, TX are not simply about architecture, although it recognizes that design can influence, draw and encourage interaction and interdependence.

Why Palazzo Station Makes Sense Much of today’s existing development in the US can be attributed







unconnected factors such as isolationist zoning, infrastructural In traditional architectural design, form and function are the repeated mantra. Yet what about the fourth dimension, time.

When considering purpose, design and evolution as

priorities in village development, this leads to environmentally friendly, Security and Safety, and Longevity. It is the difference

efficiency, and vehicular access – all at the expense of actually creating livable, memorable, and desirable places. This was not some evil plot or conspiracy. It was just a series of unfortunate and unintended consequences. The expansion of the suburbs was due in part to the desire to escape the problems of the city.

in common good and integration and the benefits and incentives of that instead of competition with each other and within oneself and an emphasis on strengths collectively, instead of individual weaknesses.

But when those problems followed us out to the suburbs – traffic, crime, air pollution, etc. – suburbs became less desirable destinations. The encouraging news is that these trends can be undone. Today, there is an increasing interest in

This becomes the identity of the uniqueness of the village manifested








urban living. People of all ages are electing to live in urban environments of all types.

topography and geographic location and local environment. Investment in oneself is investment in a village community and vice versa. Just as investment in a healthy Adriatica, leads to a healthy McKinney, and affects a healthy Dallas, Texas. Further East of Virginia Parkway the location of the Neoretroism model village of Adriatica, lies the historic downtown McKinney square.

For some, it is access to culture and art, for others it is a vibrant exciting environment. Some appreciate the ability to walk or use transit rather than relying on a car. Others like being closer to their office, with a commute time measured in a few minutes rather than an hour or more.

People challenged me that this proximity leads to competition with this part of town, and I am adamant that the two are not mutually exclusive.

Palazzo Station provides all of these assets and more. It may seem like a new approach, but it is based on a traditional form of development; a form that has served us for hundreds of

Again integration, not mastery of segregation is the key to the village way of life, and people, which carry more weight than an Amazonian hut versus a European style stone villa. Architectural style is irrelevant when the people are the priority and purpose. Yet, invest in the unique character and mystery of

years, a form that is instinctively desirable for most people, and a form that is replicated in our most desired vacation destinations from Tuscany to Disney World.

Contacts Blackard Global

Building Villages, LLC Primary Intermediaries Mr. Jeffory D. Blackard Mr. Michael Beatty Telecommunications: 214.914.1695


The Redevelopment of the Collin Creek Mall in Plano, TX

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